Troma's Dead Inside (2016) - full transcript

Albert, Katrina, Jill, Danny and Officer Dearborn find themselves hiding out in a house during a zombie apocalypse brought upon by a blood-born disease. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[music playing]

OK, Johnny.

I'll tell her.

They're coming to
get you, Barbara.

Thanks, sugar.

See ya.

I'll see ya later.

Did you read the papers?

Bodies are piling up.

Everyone's a suspect.

I'll have the, uh, redrum.


I too shall have the redrum.

Coming right up.



That's some bad hat, Harry.

They're only noodles, Michael.

Coffee, sir?

Yes, please.

Here's a few creams for you.

So, Jo, um-- we need to talk.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

About what?

Well, we've been seeing
each other for a while,

and it's been great.

It has been, hasn't it?


Um-- I feel like
you've been paying too

much attention to me lately.

How can I be paying too
much attention to you?

All right, let's be honest.

You contact me nonstop.

I can't even take a
shower without you

calling me, asking me
where I'm at, who I'm with,

what are you doing.

You're smothering me, all right?

I-- I just can't
take it anymore.

I want to see other people.

You can't be serious?

It's over, Jo.

We're done.

Don't contact me.

Don't call me.


Chris, please!


I'm moving on.

You need to do the same.

We'll all be corpses soon.

[heavy breathing]

[guitar playing]

TV: Gang, we have work to do.

She's got blue diarrhea.


What the hell?

Stay here.

Who's there?


Close your eyes,
and count to 100.











Home sweet home.

Home sweet home.

Can you please hurry
up and open the door?

We'd have been home at least
15 minutes ago if you would

have fixed that stupid car.

Wonder how Danny's doing
with the new babysitter?

I'm sure everything's fine.

But you know how he is.

I have to pee like crazy.

You've got the bladder
of a teacup chihuahua.

Yeah, Gerry?
Well, you know what?

It's a long walk, and the
ladies' room in that restaurant

was absolutely disgusting.

You should see the mens' room.


My gosh.


I told Danny not to leave
his stuff laying around.


I don't know.

I don't know.

Something doesn't feel right.

I'm going upstairs.



To get my gun.


To get your what?

Forget the gun.

Let's just find Danny.

Well, you'd better
find a flashlight, too.

All right, I'm going
to look around upstairs.

You check out around down here.



Why would he come down here?



Are you down here?

This is absolutely ridiculous.

There it is.

Kat, is that you?

KAT: Yeah!

It's me!

Breakers were off.

GERRY: Did you get 'em all?

I think so!

Working on it.







Gerry, I need you!

What's wrong?

It's Beth.

It's Beth.

How is she?
How is she?

She's not breathing.

What do you mean,
she's not breathing?




Where's your gun?


Oh my god!

Where are you?

Oh my god!

[heavy breathing]






It's OK.

It's OK.

It's OK.

It's OK.

It's OK.



Please-- don't leave me.








Where are you, Danny?

[hard rock music]

Shit, I can't listen
to this shit anymore.

Me, neither.

You don't seem too
worried about Darren.

Isn't he still in the city?


And we broke up two weeks ago.

He moved to Florida before
all this shit happened.

I think he's still
light in his loafers.

He could probably fly there.

Yeah, see, I'm trying
to get the fuck outta

here, and get in some booze.

God fucking dammit!

Now what?

We walk.

Grab the gas can
out of the back.

Hopefully we'll have
some daylight left.

Man, I could really use a
fucking drink right about now.

Hey, man!

You got any gas?

My truck broke down.

You know, with all this
crazy shit going on.

Hey, you deaf?

You have any gas?

The fuck's this guy's problem?

Maybe he can't hear us?









Is anybody home?

Open up!


Open up!


Well, now.

Who are you?

And what is it you think you're
doing in my house, uninvited?


I'm Albert.

There are people outside,
but-- they're not people.


One of those things
attacked my dad.

He's dead.

He's dead.

Oh, god.

He's dead.

I just shot and killed
something, or someone

because it attacked my husband.

And ate him!

Like a ravenous animal.

I need to know what you know.



I'm unarmed.

Just-- just-- put the gun away.

And we can talk.


You stay on that couch.

And don't you open this door.

Come with me.


Oh my god.

This is your husband?

He was.

That's the thing
that killed him.

That's the babysitter.

Gerry, uh-- he had me go get
his gun when he got attacked,

and-- those eyes.

I-- all I can remember
are those eyes.

And then it snarled at me,
and I blew his head off.

I'm sorry.



What the fuck is going on?

It's-- it's like these things
have some kind of fucked

up rabies, or something.

You're kidding, right?

You saw the same thing I did.

That wasn't human.

It was-- that was
something different.

All I know is it killed my
husband, killed the babysitter,

and it would have killed me.

I just thank God that Danny
was able to go and hide.

Who's Danny?

We need to go upstairs.

So, I'm Albert.


You're Danny.


What's your name?

I'm Katrina.


How on earth did
you end up here?

My father and I were
driving out of the city

when we heard some
scary broadcasts.

Uh-- the CDC was going on about
some sort of strain of Ebola,

or rabies.

They kept saying it had
a bad effect on people.

I guess they were right.

That thing killed my father.

Look-- you're safe for now.

But I'm gonna be
perfectly honest with ya,

I don't know how long
we're gonna hold up here.

I saw some of those
things coming this way.

They were all over the woods.

Those things are nasty,
but they're stupid.

Maybe we can stay here until
we find somewhere safer?

Yes, of course you can.


WOMAN: Somebody please--

Hey, babe?

I'm home.

Since when do we leave our dirty
clothes lying on the floor?



Hey, is everything all right?



What's going on?

I don't know!

What the fuck
happened to your wrist?

A little girl-- a little girl--

What little girl?

A little girl next door.

She bit me.


We need to get
you to a hospital.


What the fuck was that?

It was probably just Benjamin.

It's OK.

Everything's gonna be fine.

I'm gonna put this
on your wrist.


We don't want this
to get infected.

OK, babe?



All right.

Everything's gonna be fine.


I think there's
someone in the house.

OK, babe.

Babe, it's-- it's OK.

It's OK.

Just keep pressure on this, OK?

Everything's gonna be fine.

I promise.

I'm gonna go check things out.

Just-- shh.



Is that you, Benjamin?

Here, kitty, kitty.

You fucking bastard!


What did he do to you?

Jill-- Jill?


Oh my god!


What is that thing?



Get off!

Get off!





Go, go, go, go!



Baby, help me!


Help me!

Help me!



Come on.






Please, somebody, help me!



Open it.

Calm down.

It's OK.

Come in.


What's your name?

I'm Jill.

Jill Solomon.

I'm Albert.

That's Danny, that's Katrina.

This is her house.


Is everything OK?

Everything's fine, sweetheart.

Please just get me
a drink of water.


Jill, so, why don't
you, uh, explain exactly

how you got to my house.

Well, you know how
people on the streets

started acting strange?

I don't know where I'm going, or
how I'm supposed to get there.

All I knew is that I had
to get as far as fuck

away from the city as I could.

Thank you.

Jill, I'd like you
to meet my son, Danny.

Nice to meet you, Jill.

It's nice to meet you, Danny.

Thanks for this.

You're welcome.

You still haven't told
us how you got here.


I started hitchhiking.

Then I started walking.

Last night, it got to
the point where I thought

I couldn't walk anymore.

So I broke into what I thought
was an abandoned garage.

I tried to sleep for the night.


[heavy breathing]



This infection, or whatever it
is-- it attacks their brains.

Possibly even destroys them.

All they want to do is eat,
and all they want to eat is us.


We should board
up these windows.

Son of a bitch.

My second day on the job,
and not one damn call.

Maybe if the precinct was
actually staffed right,

I'd have a partner.

But no!

RADIO: We have a [inaudible].

RADIO: Yeah, and [inaudible].

Looking out at the-- 10-4.

[radio chatter]

What the-- what--
what's going on?

[engine running]


DEARBORN: Open up!

Open up!


Open up!

All right.

All right.

Who are you, and what the
hell is going on out there?

We don't know.

We just sort of-- ended up here.

What the fuck does that mean?

Look, you want to
put the gun away?

I'll put it away when
I feel like it, son.

Officer, please--
we have enough

to concern ourselves with.

I said, I will put it
away when I feel like--


Put the gun away.

You're scaring my son to death.


I'm Albert, and like I said,
we don't know each other.

A little while
before I got here,

my father and I
were having some car

trouble until we were attacked
by some-- infected person.

I don't know, but it kind
of looked like a zombie.

You're seriously talking to
me about zombies right now?

I don't know.

All I know is what I saw.

Look-- I'm sorry, but my patrol
car's sitting at the bottom

of the hill right now
with busted tires,

and god knows what the
fuck else is wrong with it.

And on top of that, there's a
group of weirdos trying to kick

my ass, and you want to talk to
me about motherfucking zombies

right now?

What the fuck is wrong
with you, queer boy?

Do you not know what
I've been through?


I was sitting in my car,
taking a littlep nap,

and then when I woke up, I
had no idea what was going on.

Started up, the lights
came on, and there he was!

He just jumped on the hood, and
started clawing at the windows.

And then I had no idea
what the hell was going on.

So I took it, threw it in
reverse-- and then-- the tire

got stuck.

It just kept spinning.

It just kept spinning!

It was like-- from
a fucking movie!



Keep your voice down.

There's something
in the basement

that I think you should see.

Follow me.


This is Officer William
Dearborn, car number 052.

Officer in need of
emergency assistance

off of Huntington Road.

Do you copy?

This is Officer Dearborn.

Do you copy?



Officer in need of
emergency assistance.

Marty, where the fuck are you?


God dammit!

Will someone answer me?

I swear to god, he better
not be fucking with me right.

They're not going
to answer you.

Shut up, bitch.

No one asked you anything.

Do you copy?

There's no one there, Dearborn.

We've heard all the broadcasts.

Any police officers
are either dead

or protecting their families.

What makes you think that
they're going to stick

around just to save you?

Quit it with the
fucking crazy talk.

I'm not so quick to believe in
some kind of zombie apocalypse,

so I want all of you to stay
where you are until I get help!

Marty, where the fuck are you?

Whether you want to
believe this or not,

this is actually happening.

People are running,
hiding, dying!

If you go outside, they're
going to catch you.

They're going to kill you.

And then they're
going to eat you.

Shut the fuck up, you crazy--

Now get the fuck up.


Now go to the corner with
your face in the wall.

What are you doing?

You know what I'm doing.

It's for your own good.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I need to use the bathroom.

Where is it?

It's upstairs.

Second door on your left.

Thank you.


Hot in there, wasn't it?

Oh, you'd better believe it.

I was sweating my balls off.

Go on, get out.

I think I know that guy.


What's his name?

Steve Johnson?

Johnson, huh?

Where'd you meet him at?

High school?

I had gym class with him.

Should have seen that guy.

So did your dad ever
take you fishing?

My dad's dead.

Oh my god.

Danny-- I'm so sorry.

I didn't--

It's OK.

Sometimes I wish
I was dead, too.

Hey, guys.


So, do you have any plan
on getting out of here?


Not yet.

Well, it's time
you start thinking.

You know we can't
stay here forever.

Do you have any suggestions?

Well, for starters, I suggest
you get me out of these cuffs.

No fucking way.

My patrol car is at the
bottom of the hill right now.

It has a shotgun,
and an emergency kit

with a detailed pilot
map of the local town

and surrounding areas.

Al, what are you doing?

It's OK.

He's in the same
position as we are.

He's not going anywhere else.

And plus, I've got his gun.

Are you ready to play nice?


That's for faggots.

So, how do you want to do this?

Is there any
police scanner or TV

working in the house right now?

TV's down.

That's about it.


No, there isn't any landlines.

And our cell phones
have no service here.

All right, this is
what we need to do.

Some of you can come
with me down to my car.

One of you can stay
here and watch the kid,

and the other two can cover
my ass while I pull shit out,

and then we'll haul
ass back up here.


I'll go with you, then.

Anybody else?

Nobody is staying here
with Danny except me.

Jill, how about you?

You up for it?

I'll go.


Our guns stay here.


Are you nuts?

Listen, the last thing we need
is for a bunch of those things

to go apeshit on us
because we decided to go

Butch and Sundance outside.

If the guns aren't
coming with us,

what do we use to
protect ourselves?


I think I could do,
like, 120 push ups.


Oh, no!

Look out!

He's gonna get me.

He's gonna get me.

Hey, T-Bone.

Take a picture.


Get this off my fucking face!

Come get that out of my eye.
-Calm down.

Calm down.
-Does it--

Yo, don't-- yo,
close your eyes.

Keep your eyes closed.

Keep your eyes closed.


Here, here, here.
You're good.

You're good.
You're good.

You're good, man.

Give me that.

Be more careful next time.

What's wrong with you?

Are we ready to do this?



Guys, be careful.

ALBERT: We will.

Don't do anything stupid.

Don't do anything
that'll get me killed.

Yeah, yeah.

Just go, hatchet boy.

Come on.

Let's go.




Help me!


What happened?

Where's Al?

Where's Al?


Dearborn locked the door.

Dearborn locked
the fucking door!

What happened?

Dearborn locked
the fucking door!

What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?

I need a first aid kit!


Look at me.

Look at me.

You are going to be OK.


Uh-- uh-- I need that
first aid kit now!

KAT: I'm coming!

Here. here.


Dearborn, I need your help!

I don't know what
the fuck I'm doing!

That's not my fucking problem!

You're gonna get over
there, and you're

gonna fix her fucking leg!

Why should I do it?

She's the one that
fucked herself up!

You know what?

I might be gay, but you're being
a fucking faggot right now!

Oh, go fuck yourself!

Now fix her fucking leg!



Do you think I'm going to die?


Look, OK-- come here.

Listen, buddy.


I know I wasn't there
to protect your dad.

And I know I wasn't there
to protect your step-dad.

Or the babysitter.

But I am here to protect you,
right here, and right now.

And I will die before I
let anything happen to you.


Now go get that bag.

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.

You make me happy
when skies are gray.

When skies are gray.

You'll never know, dear,
how much I love you.

Please don't take
my sunshine away.

I love you.

Oh, baby, I love you.

[heavy breathing]

Mind if I come in?


I was about done, anyway.

My mom just wanted me to get
some stuff for Jill's leg.

Do you really
think she'll be OK?

Honestly-- I don't know.

All I keep thinking about
is of her becoming one

of those things, but-- for
all I know, she'll be fine,

and we'll be able to
get someplace safe.

But what if she really
does become one of them?

Look-- Danny, I-- I'm
so sorry that you had

to be involved in
all of this, after

everything that you've seen.

The most important thing
is that we stay calm,

and we stay together
Our lives depend on it.

Look-- what I mean
is I like you, Danny,

and I want you to promise me
that no matter what happens,

you will take care of yourself.

Your mom, and all of us-- we
can take care of ourselves,

but it's very, very important
that you look after yourself.

I'll do everything that I
can for you, but in the end,

you have to help yourself.


Promise me.


I promise.

In case you were
wondering, no, I

haven't picked anything up yet.

Both bands?

Both bands.

You can try and throw
me over the couch

again and find out for yourself,
if you don't believe me.

Keep your voice down.

We're in this
situation together,

whether you like it or
not-- so when don't you

try to be a little
bit more cordial

until we're under some
more favorable conditions?

There's an airfield 9
miles southwest of here.

It's small, but it should
be well enough equipped.

There's a helipad in
the northeast corner,

so I would assume there's
a chopper there, too.

It's almost morning, so I say
we take the day to get ready,

and we make our move at night.

The dark should be able to
help us keep our cover-- keep

our distance from those things.

With the guns we can make it.

Might even be able to use
the flares to distract them.

That's-- that's
actually not a bad idea.

My thoughts exactly.

If it's that small,
they, uh-- they might have

some kind of light aircraft.

I did some amateur
flying in college,

and I might be able to
get us off the ground.

That's cute, if
you weren't already

talking to a certified pilot.


As serious as cancer.

Used to be in the Air Force.

You know, working on
engines, test piloting.

I was discharged when I fucked
my hand up on a Herrier engine.

Figured I'd do something
simpler, like being a cop.

I see.

You're just full of
surprises, Dearborn.

I have my moments, boss.

Listen, it's pretty late.

We should probably go to bed.

I was thinking the
exact same thing.

Are you going to go to sleep?


I'm too wired.

But why don't you go lie down?

I'll-- I'll get you
up in a few hours.


I'll see you in
the morning, then.

See you in the morning.

Seal it off here,
here, and here.

I want you to double
the guard here,

because this is where
they got in last time.

On the left side,
or the right flank?

The right flank.

Consider it done, sir.

This is some real end
of the world shit, man.

What makes you say that?

It's the freaking apocalypse.

There's zombies
all over the place.

Zombies, Evans?


You believe in zombies?


I shot this one
thing, like, 12 times

in the chest the other day.

And that thing just kept
on walking towards me.

What kind of--

First of all, I know
your version of 12.

It was probably two.

Second of all, there's a
lot of mysteries things

in this world we don't get.

One thing I'd tell you is there
ain't no such thing as zombies.






Leave me alone!

Who are you?

Who are you?



What the fuck?

Get the fuck up, Al.


Now, I don't want to hear
a motherfucking peep out

of any of you.

Now, here's the deal.

Dearborn, what the
fuck are you doing?

I said, shut the fuck up.

I'm leaving.

If you, or anyone else
moves, I swear to god,

I'm gonna kill you
motherfucking all.

Motherfucking right.

Get it?

You crazy bastard!


I've got you at point
blank, motherfucker.




Thanks for, uh-- letting me
wear your husband's clothes.

Not a problem.

Is he OK?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Danny, why don't you, uh, help
your mom, and keep her company?


Come on.

Take care, all right?


How are you doing?

I'm perfect.

Can't you tell?

Everybody's doing
everything they can for you.

I know.

Is there anything
I can get you?

Can you grab my pills
out of my jacket pocket?


Make sure we get that
perimeter locked down.

We don't want those
things getting in here.

Yes, sir.

Consider it done.



9:00 we're going
to head southwest.

We'll keep a bunch
of flares handy,

just in case we get ganged
up, and we'll throw one,

and we'll run like hell.

But there's only two left,
so be smart with them.

Wait a minute.

What are we gonna do about Jill?

She can't walk.

And we sure can't carry her,
with everything else, and run.

I was thinking about that.

I, uh-- I thought
I saw a wheelbarrow

on the side of
your house when we

were running to Dearborn's car.

Yeah, I have one.

It's out by my water hose.

Well, that'll have to do.

We can put her in
the wheelbarrow,

and she can cover
us with the shotgun.

Danny, I think you
should take this.

I think you've
earned it, and you

should get familiar with it.

Just in case we get
into a tight situation,

you're going to need to
be as useful as you can.

You got it?

I got it.


Now, we're going to
need to stay tight.

That means staying sharp,
and keeping a close eye

on the surroundings.

Katrina, I want you
to hold the flares,

and just in case
we get ganged up,

I want you to light one and
throw it as far as you can,

and we'll run like hell.

Danny, you can just
follow behind me and Jill

until we haul ass
to the airport.

Did I forget anything?

You remember what that guy
was talking about back there?

Which guy?

The big fella.

The one with the lazy eye?

Naw, his friend.

Talking about the
diseased monkeys.

Now, what kinda
monkey has diseases?

That don't make no sense.





Reagan invented AIDS.

Everybody knows that.

You're right.


You got him.

You got him.


Hey, buddy.


You're being a
really good listener.

Thank you.

You need to stay out
here, and just read

your comic book, all right?


All right?

Jill's trying to
sleep right now,

so you gotta be really quiet.

Can you do that?



I love you.


Me and Al will be right in
the kitchen if you need me.



Hey there.

What are you doing in here?

I don't know.

Just curious?

I guess.

You're really good
to your mother.

You know that, right?

I try to be.

She hasn't been
very happy lately.

I'm really sorry
to hear that, Danny.

Sometimes life can be a bitch.

Do you have a dad?

I used to.

He left my family when
I was about your age.

Do you remember him?


This all reminds me
of my favorite movie.


What's that?

"Terminator 2."

The one with the
liquid terminator.

He's bad ass.

Of every movie ever
made, "Terminator 2"

is your favorite?

Well, I'm not big on musicals,
and I like to think "Terminator

2" wins above Star Wars.

And Star Wars wasn't as
good as Sergio Leone's

Man With No Name trilogy.

It's amazing.

Sounds like your
dad taught you a lot.

Well, it was either
movies or girls,

and girls tend to be
far less entertaining.


Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What do you remember about the
night that your father died?

There's not a whole
lot to remember.

It was about mid summer,
and me and my dad

were watching an old comedy.

The doorbell rang.

My dad went to go
see who it was.

And before I knew it, he
was lying on the ground,

covered in blood.

Did you see who did it?

Kind of.

It was a woman.

How do you know it was a woman?

I saw her.

Danny, I have
something to tell you.

It was me.

I'm sorry, Danny.

I've missed you, Danny.

You killed my dad?









What have you done?

I got her, Mom.

I got her.

What are you talking about?

She's the one who killed Dad.

I got her.


She knew everything about it.

It was her.

Danny, do you know
what you have done?

[glass shattering]

ALBERT: They're coming in.

We have to go.

Danny, grab your pistol
and be ready to shoot!

We have to go now!




Leave it!
Leave it!


Leave it!







-Come on!

We can't leave him!


Danny, no.


Shh, shh, shh.

It's gonna be fine.

It's gonna be fine,
and he's gonna be OK.

Got it?


That was my dad.


Weird day.








Danny, come here.

We gotta go.

Let's go!








You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.

You take care, now.

You take care.


Don't ever go away.



Don't let anything
happen to him.

Take care of him.

You run.

You go.

And don't look back.

Take him.

Promise me you won't let
anything happen to him!

I promise.

I promise!



I love you, Danny.

I love you, Danny!

Go with Al!


You be good to him!

[screaming] Danny!


[music playing]

SINGER: I know
not all the colors

inside, in the forest
I so did reside.

In the brightest place,
her body would give in.

But under my feet blows that
sweet, sweet August wind.

Hey, come on.

Albert, come on.


Get up.

SINGER: I would
climb these walls,

and now won't you let me in?

But under my feet blows that
sweet, sweet August wind.

Yeah, under my feet blows
that sweet, sweet August wind.


Oh, man.

Crazy Horse, did you see this?

He was a ring-a-ding-dinging,
and coming right at me.

The boy was licking his
lips, and everything.

I seen.

He was an ugly
bastard, too, huh?

I shot right in his face.

Let me just-- let's go on him.

Oh, man.

He got the disease real bad.

Monkey must have
just bit this one.

All right, let's check him.

Come on.

Let's see what he's got on him.

Fuckin' something here.

SINGER: But deep in my soul lies
that sweet, sweet August rush.

Yeah, deep in my soul lies
that sweet, sweet August rush.

Danny, come on.

We gotta keep going.

We've been walking for days.

And we gotta keep walking.

Come on.


I'm really sorry about your mom.

Me too.

She was a great woman.

I know.


You still got me.

I'm not going anywhere.

Have you ever
skipped rocks before?

Come on.

I don't think that you
know what you're missing.

Oh-- wanna try?

You want a rock
that's nice and flat.

Like this one.

All right?

And you want to
flick your wrist.

Like-- with the
water, all right?


Try it.

OK, second time is usually
when people get it.

Try it.

All right.

Third time's the
charm, if you ask me.

Try-- try this one.

That one looks awesome.


You got it a little bit.


Now, when you start
to get really good,

you can have a
competition, all right?

But any good rock skipper knows
that you gotta find the rock

that is just right for you.



Let's try it.

Go for it.

-You-- you go first.


You see that?

All right.

Now, it's time
for a competition.




We have to go.


I'm sorry I shot the gun.

Do you want a piggy back ride?

All right.

Hop on.

You want the gun?

All right.

Let's go.


The helicopter's heading north.


So we're goin' south, then.


No way, man.

He's just another mouth to feed.

He's a nine-year-old boy.

How much could he eat?


I said no, T-Bone.

Just drop it, man.


Hey, brother, normally
I would agree with you,

but if we don't take him with
us, he's gonna die for sure.

Then let him die, then.

We can't just rescue
every single fucking

person we come across out here.


Well, what?

I don't know.

We use him as
bait, or something.

Nobody uses my son as bait!



It's all right, Danny.

I gotcha, buddy.

Get that gun out my
brother's back, mister,

or I'll fucking end you!

I hate to disappoint you,
but this isn't the first time

I've had a gun pointed at me.

Gonna be your last,
you don't put it down!

Damn, damn, damn.

Give me the boy.

You first!



Oh, dammit!


Don't do anything stupid, boy!

Oh, this is
stupid, Crazy Horse.

They ain't do nothing wrong.

I'll put mine down if you do.

You first!

God dammit, Crazy Horse!

Get off me!

Get off me!

Get off me, dammit!


They're not the ones
we're looking for!

God dammit!

Stay to the tracks!

You'll last longer!

Come on, Albert.

Come on.

[car engine]

Good evening, gentlemen.

I think you oughta come with us.




Sir, that was intelligence.

They found the strain.

Patient zero is in Iowa.

Get General Ventry on the horn.

Have him lock down Iowa.

We move in Bravo
Team first light.

Yes, sir.



You son of a bitch!



[hard rock music]






Anybody here?

Is anybody home?

Jesus Christ!



Jesus Christ Almighty, tell
me you got a fucking phone.


Oh, shit.



Oh, good, you're a cop.


[hard rock music]

SINGER: He's got no heart.

He's got no soul.

1, 2, 3, go!



[hard rock music]

SINGER: He's got no heart.

He's got no soul.

1, 2, 3, go!