Trip with the Teacher (1975) - full transcript

A pretty young teacher and four of her pretty students take a minibus to some Navajo ruins, little suspecting another kind of ruin awaits. A trio of bikers begin to flirt with the gals, and when their bus breaks down, they helpfully tow the vehicle to a deserted shack. The chief biker, Al, chews up the scenery, kills folks, and rips off the teacher's clothes before raping her. The poor schoolgirls are also in for their share of abuse.

"Adobe labryth
of casa Grande,

"Spanish for big houses,

"Sprawled on a sun-washed
plane in chihuaha.

"Metropolis of
an Indian civilization

"That existed
between 1050 and 1340.

"The city covered
about 90 acres

"And housed perhaps
5,000 people.

"Highly urbanized,

"The casa grandeans

"Large temples,
wide plazas,

"And multi-story

"A network
of dams and ditches

"Control the meager
water supply,

some to the city

"And diverting the rest
to irrigate thousands

"Of square Miles
of arid land.

"Casa grandeans
also crafted

"Highly detailed

"Despite its
advanced culture,

"The city collapsed
into ruins

"Possibly from
invasion or revolt.

"Kivas. A structure
of 650 rooms,

"Tiered in places
to 4 levels.

"The city that
the Spanish named

"Beautiful village
provided housing

"For 1,000 people
at its zenith

"More than
900 years ago.

"Between the 10th
and 14th century,

of Indian communities

From cities like
case Grande..."

Ain't that
just my luck?

Get it all.
Let's get out of here.

Hey, need any help?

No, I just got
to yank this wheel

And take it
to a station.

Hey, wait a second.

I might be able

To save you
some hassle.

Hey, you know,
when you got a bike

As old as mine is,

You got to be
well prepared.

Got a hand pump
right here.

A hot patch kit.

I think we can probably
just pull a tube

Out through
that tire there.

Then you can pump enough
air into it with this.

Get you
to the nearest station.

You're all right.

Name's Jay.
What's yours?


This my brother Al.


Yeah, I just came out
of L.A. this morning.

Got 10 days off work.

Boy, it's really nice
country around here, huh?


Nice riding through
these parts.


Are there any Indians
still living there?

Why, of course.

Wow. Then we'll get
to see them, won't we?

We sure will. Won't
that be interesting?


That's good enough.
I can ride it like it is.

Great. All right.

Let me just
put this stuff away.

Ok, Al.

We're back in the race.


Hey, listen,
why don't I ride along

With you, huh?
Just to make sure

It stays around?

Oh, that's great.


What's he still doing here?

He's gonna ride along.
He's all right.

How long we gonna
be there, miss tenny?

Only 2 days, Tina.

We can see most
of it in that time.

Then we'll drive
to the grand canyon,

Get some pack
horses, and get

Right down into
the canyon itself.

Oh, we'll have
a great time.

It's gonna
be such fun.

You're gonna really
love it, girls.

We'll sleep out
in our sleeping bags

And cook all our meals
out in the open.

It's gonna be just
absolutely beautiful.

Now, listen to this...

"Navajo Indians
in the..."

This'll be our last
comfort stop, girls.

What'll it be, mister?

Fill her up and
check the oil.


Yeah, real nice.
Come on.

Come on. I'll get you
something to drink.

Have you been
driving long?


Ohh. Where
you coming from?

Back there.

Where you going?

That a way.

Yeah. Well, it's been
nice talking to you.


650 vigor, huh?

Oh, yeah.

Fun, aren't they?

Oh, yeah. They're
a lot of fun.


Sounds like you just might
know a little bit about bikes.


Julie here,
she's the good one.

She rides as well as
some of the boys do.

Well, how about that?

How about what?

Oh, nothing. I just
thought it was great

That you like bikes.

I hate them.

You hate them?

She just said that you
could ride real good.

You don't have to like
a thing to do it well.

Anyone can ride
a motorcycle. Even you.

Uh, yeah, well,
I mean, I just...

You know,
what she said.

Well, I mean, I just.

That's the trouble
with you guys

That ride motorcycles. All
you can talk about is bikes.

Well, I don't like them.

Besides, they're
noisy and dangerous.

Yeah. Well, I mean,
gee, I'm sorry.

I didn't... you know,
I didn't mean to...

Is that all you
can say, I'm sorry?

You better get back
to the bus, girls.

We're gonna
be shuffling off

In just a minute.


See ya.

Wow. That Julie's
really a pretty girl.

They all are.


How about a little
service out here?

Ok, ok. What'll it be?

I wanna fill them up.

Oh. Sure will.

What do you do around here
when you get a little horny?

Don't you get
a little horny, pop?

Hey, come on, come on.

That bus has put a lot of
distance between them and us.

We'll be on the road
as soon as speedy here

Gets us all filled up.

Well, you're sure
in a big hurry

For a bunch of guys

That's just
bumming around.

Must get awful bored out
here with this dumb job.

Only when loud-mothed
jerks like you come in.

Watch your mouth,
old man,

Before I put
my foot in it.

Boy, are you ever

Oh, sorry about that.

Well, maybe it'll help
clean your crummy bike off.

Wipe it off.

Here's a rag.
Wipe it off yourself.

That'll be $4.12
for the lot of you.


Got some.

It's inside.


Come here.

I'll take care of it.

He's just an old man.

It's all right.

Get your bike fired up.

I'll get you some candy.

I'll take $4.12.

Out of 5.


4.25, 75 is 5.00.

Want any candy?

No. I don't want
no candy.

Hey, pop?


Forgot my blue chips.



There you go.


Yes, ma'am?

How far are we
to the first campsite?

Oh, about another
50 Miles, I reckon,

But don't
you worry none.

I'll have you
there before long.

What seems to be
the problem, Marvin?

I can't say right off,

But something's
wrong somewhere.

Obviously, but it
isn't anything

Serious, is it?

Can't be the gas.
We ain't come that far,

And I just put
new spark plugs in it.

Danged if I know.

Now what?

Soembody's bound to come
along pretty soon.

I'll just flag him down
and get some help.

In this part
of the country?

This time of year?

Traffic is kind
of scarce this time of year.

But you wanted
to rough it anyway.

Now's as good a time
as any to start.

Besides, this ain't
a bad place for camping.

That's a very astute
observation, Marvin.

Thank you.

Think nothing of it,
ma'am. Glad to help.

It's awful hot
on the bus, miss tenny.

Is it all right
if we just walk around?

Sure it is.
Of course.

It's ok.

Is it gonna
take very long?

No. Marvin
will have it fixed

In just a little bit.
Won't you, Marvin?

Yes, ma'am.

Well, gang,
here we are.

Right smack dab
in the middle of nowhere.

At least
a whole day's walk

To the nearest boy.

If that's all you
think of, Bobbie,

Then why did you
come on this trip?

My mother insisted.

Hey, listen,
miss purity,

Don't tell me you never
think about boys.

Don't be absurd, Bobbie.
Of course I do.

Then you know
there is a difference

Between the boys
and the girls.

Just what are you
getting at, Bobbie?

The truth. Just tell it
like it is truth.

Nothing wrong
with that.

My, my. Sounds like
regular group therapy.

Oh, not at all.

At least I'm honest
about what I do.

You're hopeless, Bobbie.

Absolutely hopeless.

I think there's
another word for it.

What do you mean?

Well, if I have
to explain it,

It wouldn't
be worthwhile.

Come on. We've
all had it...

And loved it.

Not all, Bobbie.

of how square,

How natural,
how hip or critical,

Not all of us
have had it.

Do you mean
to tell me

That we actually
have a virgin among us?

There are probably more

Than you'd care
to know about.

You see,
some of us were raised

By parents who stressed
the teachings

Of the Bible.

Please. I can't take it.

Would you get off that crap?

Either you like it
or you don't.

It was meant to be used,
not to just sit on.

That's all
very understandable

If you're talking
about dogs.

Are you calling me...

A bitch?

That's right. You're
just a horny little bitch.

Miss tenny!


Stop it, girls!
Cut it out!

Cut it out!

Stop it!

Cut it out! Come on!


Hi there.


You guys just stop
to get a little exercise?

No. Just a little

Actually, we didn't
mean to stop at all,

But the bus sort
of chug-a-chugged

And up and quit on me.

Looks like you're going
to be here for a while.

Yeah, that's too bad.

Yeah. Lucky for us you guys
happened to come along.

I can't find the trouble
with this thing.

Hey, maybe one of you guys
could have a look at it, huh?

What do you think?

I don't know nothing
about busses.

Oh, come on. You can just
take a look at it for him.


For you,
I'll take a look.

So you'll fix
chug-a-chug, huh?

Hey, you reckon
he can fix it?

I don't know nothing
about busses.

Hey, you guys
have a good time.

I'll go over there
and talk to the ladies.

Hey, sport,
you got any tools?

Yeah, just a minute.
I'll get them for you.

Turn on the ignition, too.


Come here.



Come here. I want
to talk to you.

What are you
fighting about?

What are you
fighting about, hmm?

What are you guys doing

Out here in the
middle of the desert?

I hope you like
the sites you're seeing.

I've seen some works.

Ain't we all.

You're a pretty smart
little cookie, ain't you?

I've been around some.

I bet you have.

Hey, you really had me
going back there.

You know, I didn't know
what to say.

You did look
kinda funny.

I got one look
at Pam trying

To keep from laughing

And I just couldn't
hold it anymore.

Yeah. I guess I must have
looked sort of silly, huh?

I'm sorry. It was mean of me
to tease you like that.

Oh, no. No problem,
no problem.

See, you really
are nice.

Most guys would have
gotten angry.

Oh, no. I mean,
what the heck?

You were just having
a little fun.

But it was
at your expense.

Anyway, I'm glad
you understand.

Hey, where you from?

We're all out
of Los Angeles.

Oh. So some sort of school
group or something?

No. We're just friends.

Oh. Uh...

Well, what are you
doing out here?

Our folks decided
to pitch in

And send us on
a camping trip.

They probably just wanted

To get us out of
their hair for a while.

Where are you gonna go?

Oh, just a little
tour of the deserts.

You know, ghost towns,
Indian ruins,

Junk like that.

Well, how long are
you gonna be here?

Hey, wait a minute.

You're asking
all the questions.

How about answering
a few for me?

Oh, yeah,
sure, sure. Shoot.

Well, first off,
what's your name?

Jay what?

Jay Andrews.

Jay Andrews.
Jay Andrews.

That's a nice name.

How about your friends?

Oh, that's Al over there,

And that's Pete over there
working on the bus.

Have you been
friends long?

No, I just met them
down on the highway.

Pete was having some
trouble with his bike,

So I stopped
to give him a hand.

Hey, you know,
you're really pretty.

Well, thank you, Jay,

But I'm really a mess
riding in the bus

In all this heat and...

Oh, you'd never know it.
You're really pretty.

Well, I, uh...

Well, I, uh...

How do you like that?

A taste of your
own medicine, huh?



You either have
a clogged gas line

Or you blew
the fuel pump.

A fuel pump?
Oh, man.

That's all we need.

Now, what do I do?

Well, don't ask me.

I just told you what was
wrong with it, sport.

What you do from here
is all up to you.

I mean, could you at least
make a phone call

When you get back
to the next town

And send some help
out to us?

It's all right with me,

If it's
all right with Al.

Which one's Al?

That one.


Thank you.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You're Al,
aren't you?

That guy working
on the bus

Said I should talk
to you regarding favors.

Did he say that?

Well, it
seems as if...

The fuel pump
is broken

And Marvin doesn't
have the tools

To get it
working again.

So what?

Well, I was wondering
if you'd be kind enough

To make a phone call

When you get back
to the next town

And send us some help.

I don't think so.
I like it right here.

Are you just gonna
let us sit here

Until you make up
your mind?

No. You see, what I was
thinking about doing

Is I was thinking
about taking this girl

And putting her
on the back of my bike

And going out
in the desert with her.

Barbara, you'll do
no such thing.


But if she gets
on my bike,

We might just ride
into the next town

And send back
some help.

Otherwise, we're
just gonna ride off

In the other direction.

And you're gonna be stuck
out here all by yourself.

Don't try to intimidate
me like that.

I don't have to stand here
and listen to you.

I think it's time for you
and your friends to leave.

We'll manage without you.

We'll just have to wait

Until someone else
comes along

That's willing to help us.

Don't be a prude,
miss tenny.

I'll go with him.
I don't mind.

Looks like that's
the only way

We're going
to get out of here.

Whether I'm a prude
or not is irrelevant.

Now, what you plan on
doing with your life

Is your concern

But not while I'm
responsible for you.

Come on. Let's go.


You let her stay here.

This is none
of your business.

The well being
of these girls

Is exactly my business.

What's the hassle?

There wouldn't
be any hassle

If you and your friend

Would just go on your
way and leave us alone.

We'll manage somehow
without you. Let's go.

You're not
gonna get very far

With a busted fuel pump.

I happen to be

For these girls.

And I'm not letting
any one of them

Go off with
this ill-mannered...




What do you think, Al?

You think we ought
to give them a break?

I don't know.

Well, you want
to stay here?

You want to stay?

Well, you know
I want to stay.

Then we'll stay.

Do you think there's
any chance of fixing it?

Yeah, there's a chance

If we had some
decent tools.

Hey, why don't
we just pull

The pump out
and take it

To the gas

No, I don't want
to do that.

It's gonna take
too much time.

Al, remember
we were out here

A couple
of years ago,

Riding around,
there was a farmer

on that tractor?

That's around here

Why don't I go out
and check it out?

I don't want to do it.

It's going to take
too much time.

I want
to get out of here.

Hey, why
don't we just go

And take
the girls with us?

Who is this guy, man?

Hey, no, look...

We hook the bikes
up to the bus

And just tow it.

You think it'll work?

What do you think?

Oh, I think it sounds
like a real good idea.

Maybe we could get
ourselves some action.

What do you think, Marvin?

I don't know.

Well, if it's
all right with you,

Then it's
all right with me.

I'll check it out.

Is this it?

It is as far
as I'm concerned.

It's deserted!

Hey, what's going on?

I thought you guys
knew where you was going.

We do, dummy.
We're going on our way

And you can tell
the lady in the bus

That we say good-bye.

Hey, wait a minute.

You're not going to go
and leave us out here

In the middle
of nothing, are you?

That's exactly what
I'm going to do.

Am I to understand that
you plan to desert us

In this God-
forsaken place?

You've been
telling me

To get out
of here all day

So that's just what
I'm going to do.

Well, that was before when
we were back by the highway

And had a chance,

But now that you've brought
us all the way out here

I don't think it's fair
that you should abandon us.

Is that so?

Look, we don't
have much money,

But I can probably
give you about...

I don't want
your money.

Well, then what
do you want?

You'd be surprised
what a piece of ass

Would do
for my disposition.

Marvin: Hey!

Wait! Stop! Stop!

Not to a lady!

Come on, you big
gorilla! Come on!

Come on, you big dummy!
Come on, dummy!

You wanna fight, huh?

You wanna fight,
huh? Come on!

Come on!

Come on, huh?
You wanna fight?

Huh? You wanna fight?

Come on!

Look out, Marvin!

Hey! Hey!

Ahh. Ahh.

He's dead.

Hey, Al!

You broke his neck!

He's dead!

He's dead?

Hey, Marvin's dead.

And you killed him!

Shut up!

You killed Marvin!

Shut up!

You killed Marvin!

Shut up!

You killed Marvin!

Listen to me, man.

We got a find a way
out of here, Al.

Come on, Al.

We'll just
keep on going.

We'll go back
to Mexico.

We'll just
keep on going, Al.

We can just ride on
back to Mexico.


They're gonna
come after us.

Put us back in jail.

Al, no one's going
to put us in jail.

It was an accident.

It was no accident!

We didn't mean
to kill him, Al.

I saw you push him
in front of my bike.


And we killed him.

And if any
of those people

Get out of here
and tell anybody,

It's going
to be our ass.

It's all right,
it's all right.

What are you looking for?

I'm looking
for something to cover

That guy's body with
before he cooks in the sun.

Oh, what a horrible thought.

Yeah? Well, just be
glad it wasn't you.

What do you mean by that?

Oh, Judy, come sit down.

Don't you know
what's going on?

What do you mean?

Look, those two guys
just killed a man.

Now, they've got to do
something about it.

Now, they've got one
of two choices.

They can either
turn themselves in

Or they can run.
If they run,

We tell the police.

Now, if they capture
them, we identify them.

But if there's
no "we" to tell,

You understand?

You mean you think
he might try to kill us?

Well, what else
can he do?

We're witnesses.

But one witness is
as good as a hundred.

That's why one of us
has got to get away.

Then maybe he'll run.

Oh, my God, Jay, what
are we going to do?

We'll do nothing.

Let's just
play along with them.

That'll give us
some time to think.

It'll give him some time
to think, too.

I hope he runs.

Now, listen...

Don't tell anybody
about this, ok?

This is just between you
and me, all right?

Don't tell anyone.

No one, ok?

You got to be crazy.

It's the only way.

Well, I ain't
going for it.


Nobody comes out here
for months at a time.

By that time, we're going
to be long gone.

We got to look out
for one another, right?

You look after me,
I look after you.


You don't got
to do nothing

But make sure
they don't get away.

I'll take care
of the rest.

We're going to have
a good time.

All right?

All right?


If you weren't
my brother...

But I am.

Look at that Al.

He looks like
some kind of freak.

He scares me.

Me, too.

You'd have
to be stupid

Not to be

I want to get away
from here.

I wish I knew
what he was thinking.

Well, maybe you
wouldn't like it.

I don't know about
the rest of you,

But I'm going to give him
stuff to think about.

Like what?


I know all of you
think of me

As little Bobbie hard-ass,
but that's ok with me.

But as long as that dude's
thinking about my ass,

Our chances of us getting
out here are much better.

How are you going
to do that?

Usually on my back.


Now, listen,
what I'm going to do

Is for all of us.
You just remember that.

Bobbie, you come
back here.

She's a pretty
loud broad, ain't she?

She's just horny
and won't admit it.

What about you?

Always, but I don't
try to hide it.

I don't want
to do that,

Not in front
of everybody.

Why don't you take
your clothes off?

I don't want to.

Not with
an audience.

I want you to take
your clothes off.

I don't want to.

I want you to take
your clothes off!

You don't want me
to hurt you, do you?

Take off your clothes.

She looks pretty
good, don't she?

Take it off.

Come here.

Come here.

Get your hands off
of her!

Will you shut up?!

Hey, hey, hey!
Get back!

Oh, you want
to fight with me, huh?

Pretty brave.

You wanna fight?

Uhh! Uh!

Now it's your turn.

You've been a pain
in my ass off all day long.

What are you going
to say now, huh?

You got
something to say?

Tie him up!

Clear out.

Get in!

Big mouth, huh?!

I'm sorry.

For a big mouth!


You got
a big mouth?!

Huh?! What do you
have to say?! Huh?!

No, don't!

Huh?! What do you
have to say?!


Please, don't!

Please, don't!

Come here!


What do you got to say?!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!


Get over there!

Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

You don't look so bad.

Put your hands down, babe.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Let's see what
you look like.

Let's see what
you look like!

You kinda like it!

I'm good!

You fight me now,
I'll kill you.

Ha ha ha.

Can I have a sip?

Come on, Tina.

Come on. Come on!

Come on.

Want a drink?

Come on.

Pete: Relax.

Come on.

You look so nervous.

Come on.

It's just a drink.

Come on.

Come on.

There you are. Come on.

Don't let him get away!

You son
of a bitch, get him!

You son
of a bitch, get him!

Uh! Come on, baby.

Get him!
He's going to hang us!


Take it away!
Get him!

Get him!

Get him! Get him!

If you don't get him,
he's going to hang us!

Get him!

Get him!

Get him! Get him!

You son of a bitch!
Don't let him get away!

Get him!

Get him!

You son of a bitch!

God damn it!
You son of a bitch!

You son of a bitch!


Where you going?

I just want to go

See if miss tenny
is all right.

Is that ok?

Go on.

Sit down.

Miss tenny.

Miss tenny?

I'm all right.

Miss tenny.

It's all right.

There are other
things more important.

Look what he's
done to you.

Doesn't matter.

The only thing
that does...

Did you get him?

He got himself.

What do you mean?

He lost control,
went over a cliff.

He's not going to
tell anybody anything.

That wasn't so hard,
was it?

You done good.

You deserve a reward.

Come on.

Did you hear that?


Tina, you're
our last chance.

You have got to get out
of here and get help.

Me? How?

Just crawl
out the window

And go back across the
desert the way we came.

Will you come with me?

I can't.

I can't leave
the other girls.

It's all up
to you, baby.

You've got
to do it alone.

Now, when you get
to the highway,

Follow it back
toward the gas station.

Someone will find you.

I'm scared.

You girls made
a big mistake.

Your friend ain't
never coming back.

Take your pick.

Go ahead. You take
anyone you want.

Then call the police

And tell them
where we are.

I'm scared.

They'll take
care of you.

Now, go. Quick.

Before they come.

Come on. Hurry.

You have a good time.

My legs hurt.

Hey, Al.
Where's the other one?

Special one, huh?

Go on. Go!

She's in the other room.

Hey, Al?

She's not in here.

Watch them. I'll take
care of this one.



No! Please! Don't!

Please, stop it!


Where's Tina?

Did you find her?

Is she all right?

I don't know.

I couldn't find her.
I looked all around for her.

It was dark.

She'll come back
when she's scared.

Did you miss me?


Did you miss me?

Did you?

Get up!

Come on! Get up!

Get up!

Sit down.

What's the matter
with you, huh?


I steal all
these chicks for you.

You don't want them?

It's all right.

You'll watch, ok?

You'll learn something.

You'll watch.

Maybe you'll
learn something.

You watch, too.

This is step number one.

Step number 2.


And this is
step number 3.

Where you going?!

Sit down!

You ain't seen
step number 4 yet.

Sit down!


You're gonna
learn something.


Where do you think
you're going?

To the bathroom,
if you don't mind.

Go with her, Pete.

Well, really.

Get back!

Let's go inside.

Hey, miss tenny?

Looks like
I'm ready to go.

Listen, this won't
take too long.

I'll be right back
with some help.

Thank you, Jay.

Listen, you guys just
take it easy, huh?

going to be ok.

Bye, Jay,
and thanks.

Good-bye, Jay.

Please be careful
not to fall off.

Ha ha ha.