Trip (2021) - full transcript




In the year 1937...

this world encountered with
a massive natural disaster

During which India and territories
around it were hugely affected

One among them was the
South Sentinel island

The British government that
was ruling India back then

Realizing that the lives of the
tribes there must be in danger...

they sent the army with the
intention to rescue them

Few of the tribal, who were
struggling for their lives...

thought the army was there to finish of
them and their race, when they saw them

The started attacking them but...

the soldiers risked their life, rescued
and took the tribal back to their home

But a few of them alone escaped and
hid inside a cave in that forest

The series of natural disasters
finally came to an end

The tribal, who were hiding
inside the cave, stepped out

Witnessing the destruction caused
to their forest by the storm...

they shed tears wondering how
are they going to survive there

These tribal whose
staple food was meat...

went into starvation and one
by one they started fainting

As days passed by...

they started believing that they can
survive only if they turn into cannibals

As as result of the belief first,
one man killed another one

Though other were driven
furious by his act...

they too joined him and started
to eat the meat of the dead

As this went on and they killed
each one of them one by one...

until the last man stood alive!

After one point when he thought
he can't survive without meat...

he started eating his own flesh

Poison spread across all over his
body with all his flesh torn...

as his blood started clotting and he
wandered in the forest losing his energy...

he fell in front of a plant

And that was a wild plant called
Dionaea muscipula, which fed on meat!

As that plant hunted his flesh
and started feeding on it...

the last person of that
race died a gory death!

"Fun with friends is the
ultimate happiness"

"Lets make 'Tik-Tok'
videos and have fun"

"Virus fever, well all
that is outdated now!"

"Viral fever, well
that's the new one now!"

"Time to click loads of
photos and post it in Insta!"

"Time to become
famous and trend"

Move! You guys don't
know to dance!

Watch me dance now!

Follow me!

Please, it'll look good if
everyone dances. Let's dance!

"It's so cold that your lips
don't need cigarette to smoke"

"The whole journey with ups
and downs teaches us a lot"

"Even the cold waterfalls
kiss us like the ice cubes"

"The nature tells us to live
every moment to the fullest!"

"The wet breeze here has
an awesome fragrance"

"Let's take a tour of this
nature and feel the bliss"

"And when it gets too cold,
let's halt at the petty shop"

"The taste of the hot beverage in
this weather is a superb experience"

Dude, stop the car for a moment


Yes, tell me uncle

What is he up to?

What happened, Vikram?


I am asking you! What happened?

Aren't we all here
to have a good time?

But you look dull!
What's that all about?

Tell me!

Now, tell us!

Or else how'd we understand?

The writer uncle from police
station had called me

His daughter got married last week
and had been here for honeymoon

Kadaveri. This is most dangerous
reserved forest in Western Ghats

No messages or call from the
honeymoon couple after coming here

Since they're lost in forest the
police hasn't found a single clue


since we are all on our
way to Kodaikanal trip...

he wanted to know
if I could help him

So what do you suggest, Vikram?


straight road leads to Poombarai and
if we take right, it's Kadaveri

So, what now?

What do you mean "What now?"

Aren't you here to booze
and enjoy the trip?

Then what "What now?"
Just keep driving!

Look here

You guys take the straight road

I'll go to Kadaveri

What's that? Heroism?

There is no network at all around
here. How will you manage alone?

I don't know if I can
save them but...

I could help them fine a
small clue for this case

Calm down. Let's search them

Where do you want to go now?

To Kadaveri

-Take the road on the right
-I'm ready!

-Quite! Just come!
-You heard him. Come on

Stop showing off!

Now that you've decided to get
there, let's finish the party first

"Buddy the group is
splitting into love birds"

"At this height the heart does feel
like flying high and fall in love"

"Time to build tents
and have some fun"

"Let's live like tribals and
get closer to the nature"

"All places here rings a
good tune inside the heart"

"Let get lost in this
nature for a break"

"Let enjoy the music of
silence and dance to it"

"Let's kiss the nature and
journey into this new world"

"Time to click loads of
photos and post it in Insta!"

"Time to become
famous and trend"

James! Relax

Who are those fellows?

In the broad day light,
in such a dense forest...

with blood stains on them
yet they look so daring!

I feel there is some link between the
missing people and these fellows

Just shut up!

Believe me or not! This is what happened
in all the English movies I watched

Trust me guys

The director has spoken! Make
movies with your stories!

Buddy, half of the movies
are based on true stories

If my intuition is correct then we
don't have to go looking for them

They will come in search of us
and land right in front of us

Forget that! First, let's
halt somewhere for food

I'm starving!

-Master, two more Parottas

I'll go wash my hands and come


-Nice climate. Isn't it?

Imagine how'd it be
to have a smoke now?

Rizwan, come let's have a smoke

Yuck, the vessels look dirty!

-Brother, what do you got fresh and hot?
-Welcome, sir. There's Idly, Dosa, Poori and Vada

What would you like?

How about Parottas?

Yes, sir

Four parottas

-Didn't you get a better song?
-It's the radio, sir

What's up, Jeni?

Go and check what's there to eat

-Glutton! Food is all she thinks about!
-Evident, isn't it? Now, go!

Shut up and go!

I wanna make her stomach big but looks
likes only food gets to do that!

Hold that pose

This pose?

Pose properly! Look at you face!

Got soap?

Hey girl!

Why are you fleeing away?

Look! You forgot your phone!


Hello bro

Dude, those killers whom
we saw on the road!

-Come on!

Vikram, those guys
whom we saw are here!

What happened?

Azhaga, what happened?

Why did that girl run
away on seeing you?

Did you ask her something?

She was quietly ogling at me

I gave her a romantic look

That made her blush and run away

Not just that! She left her phone
so that she could talk to me later

-Talk to you?

-She left it?

You say that but you
look like a petty thief!


-First, return her phone

If I return it to her,
she won't take it back

You haven't seen my
romantic side, have you?

That'd be intolerable!

Watch me nail it!

Hello guys!

Where is that girl in white tee?

Buddy Shiva!

-Get inside, Meera!
-Come quickly!

-We must not spare these guys!
-Listen to me

Watch me break his head!

Look we got nothing to do with
you nor are we following you!

You doofus! Why would
you follow us?

Here's the cell phone...

-Let's leave! Drive!
-Brother, take this!

-Hey take your cell phone
-Why were they trying to attack you?

Did you do something stupid?

You fool! I was just
trying to return her phone

They imagined something,
hurled abuses and left!

"On my way here I saw
a bunch of flowers"

"Yet I didn't pluck
even a single flower"

Please shut up! Look,
a guard at the check post

-Stop! Stop!
-He looks like a chips vendor!

Who are you?

Who are you?

I am forest officer here

Which forest officer wears a casual
tee and loin cloth as uniform?

Go, fetch me officer
who is in uniform!


Call him!

Greeting, sir

When did tribal people
start becoming officers?

You think you look
like actor Ajith?

Shut up!

What is it? Who are you guys?

Where are you headed to?

Why, sir? Want us to
drop you on the way?

There's no rear seat. Can
you hang on the bar?

You guys look strange!

And on top, your answers
are very sarcastic!

Who are you?


we're on our way to pain
that Anglo Indian's house

Take out the vehicle documents?


Do one thing. Give him that money

To hell with you!

His face tells me
something's fishy!

Have this

Don't tell anyone we
bribed you so much, sir

Take it

Buy a beedi pack with it

Open the gate

You dinkus!

After all 10 rupees bribe!
You beggar!

And you accepted that!
What does that make you?

-Do you know who I am?
-Who are you?

Puli! Anjaapuli!

Didn't you let those girls go?
Let them go now!

See that?

Looks like he'll let girls
go without any hassle


I don't care if you're going to the
Anglo Indian's house to paint or booze!

That's your wish

But you must be inside
the house before dark!

Why is that, sir?

-Wanna know why?

This is a dangerous forest!

Very, very dangerous forest!

-Get that into your head!
-Okay, sir

Okay, sir. Thank you

Go now and be very careful


in this uniform you look like...

the famous movie character
Anbu Selvam IPS!

I know! Now, get lost!

That is why you're
posted at the forest!

Sir, happy talking! See you, sir!

Fine! Keep going!

If you're still alive at 6 'O
clock then come back

Lazy fellow! Already sleepy?

Wake up! We reached the house!

-The brake is loose

Is that the only thing loose?


he just build a beautiful house in
the centre of the forest and left!

Must be an artist! No?

Artist, my foot!

There's no human contact
in 20 km radius

He's just a forest
officer for name sake!

Took advantage of the forest
and built a house here...

but settled down abroad!

He wouldn't be able to built
such a house in the city

They'll chase him away and
make it a party office!

Fine, take things out. Let's
go in and start the work


Damn it! I said get the rum!

Amudha, this place
looks very strange

Yes, Azhaga

This place indeed looks strange

Let's finish the work
quickly and leave

Right! It's take a week
to paint the TV stand!

You think we can paint
this whole house quickly?

Why is the house unlocked?

Stop treating it like it's India
gate! Kick it! Come, let's get in!

He has left without
locking any of the doors!

Old CD Player


Come, let me show you
your future sister

Future sister?

How does she look?

Who is she?

Looks like young age Andrea!


She's Mrs. Azhagan Andrea!


-does you cell phone have a reminder?

Then set a reminder!

I'll turn this dirty house
in to a handsome house

Then I'll make that
beautiful girl my slave!

And in six months I'll
turn her into a mother

I will make that child call you
uncle! If this doesn't happen...

then I am not Azhagan!


Your name might mean "beauty"...

but doesn't mean you can wish for
anything out of your league!

You're just a carpenter

-And you?
-I'm a painter!

This house will be mine...

and so the girl!

She can instead commit suicide!

Get lost!

I'll inform you once I marry her...

you may come and lay
pipes in our bathroom!

Shut up!


see this?

All these are vintage items

Even the frames aren't dusted!

Will Vani Rani serial play in this?

Call Vani and Rani, they might
come here and play but not the serial

"Where are you?"



Saw this last when I sat down
with A R Rahman for composing

Old memories!

You mean the carpenter job
you went to do there?


Come to think of it, he has built
such a beautiful house in the forest...

but I really wonder
why he built this?

Why have they hung a huge
spike ball in the hall?

Spike ball?

Iron ball!

-This is an old technique to catch thieves
-Technique, my foot!

If you hadn't pulled me, my
face would've been deformed!

Fine, get up!

Fine, get up!

It's damn cold!

Thank God!

We got booze

Booze is all you talk about!

Why does he look upset?

Just let him be

Lidi, would you like some beer?

-I'll finish you off!
-Say 'No' if you don't want

I don't have a good feeling, Lidi

We saw both those guys today
morning in the forest

To stay here the night even after
knowing it's unsafe, I feel insecure

Don't be afraid, Meera

Everything will be fine

Aren't we all together

I'm out of beer


Begging with pride in tact?
No way!

Give me a cigarette

Come on!

Thank you

Look they are smoking!

Why is she staring at me?


-You doofus, James!
-Yes Mrs. Shiva

How many times have I
warned you not to smoke?

Don't you have sense?

Those tantrums are not hurled on me

It's aimed at you!

Husband smoking is
injurious to wife!

Damn it!


nature's call, I'll be back

Lidi, it's dark. Be careful

She can handle it

Look, Jeni!

She looks like an
angel, doesn't she?


In which angle?

From that angle? Right!

I must confess my love
before this trip is over

Give me some idea, please

Don't you call yourself a director!
Help him win his love over

Love? I've got a love script.
I'll tell you

What does she like?


What does she love?

Again, food!

Fine. Okay!

Forget what she likes.
Just go to her and...

kept your hand on the chest

On the chest?

On your chest!

-On my chest?
-Not that idea!

"You are my world. I
can't live without you"

-Sounds interesting
-Add few more sweet words and propose her

She'll fall for you

"You are my life..."

Do you say so?

-Most important thing!

Girls like boys who treat them
like a boy and not a girl

So talk to her like
you talk to a boy!

-Like a boy?
-Like a boy!


All the best my boy!


I wanna tell you something

Well... here...

It's hurts, Jeni!

This is why I warned you from
eating junk on the way here!

It's obviously gastric! I've got
pills for it. I'll give you later

Damn it!

Glutton is the perfect nickname
for her! Not that Jeni!

In this whole world...

you are the most beautiful

She's smiling! Must somehow
trick her and kiss!


guys mentioned something else to

Go ahead! Say it!

-Like a boy!

Yes, like a boy

Like a boy! Like a boy!


I love you like a boy!

What do you think of yourself?

How dare you talk like that?

Don't you know how
to talk to a girl?

Your love script
is an utter flop!


This is why I tell you not
to mingle with these guys!

-Well, what I meant was...
-Shut up!

Don't you ever
show me your face!


Isn't this what you
were showing off for?

Wear that coat

I'd like to meet the
gentleman who gave this idea

This was a unique world
class love scene!

Who told me to treat
her like a boy?

It was me!

You son of a...

I can see you can't
control your laughter!


it's been a while since she went.
Can you go and check on her?

Jeni, watch your steps.
There are lot of stones

Buddy, pass me a beer

If we don't set up camp
fire in the cold...

we can't survive the night

You already finished off the booze

That's a nice log!

I've ordered for Anagaputhur toddy.
It's on the way!

Who is that?

Someone has been eavesdropping!

Bring that log!




I said, stop!

He's sprinting!

Obvious from the looks! He's
a foreigner with a funk!



I'll strip you if I
catch hold of you!




it's a girl

-Look at her face!

It's the girl we saw at the Dhaba!

-See that?

She followed me all the way

Then why did she run?

That's what even I don't
know, so don't ask me!

Let's wake her up and ask

-Lift her
-Wake up, lady!

Wake up!



Look Amudha, she's taller than me

Looks like I'll have to wear
heels during our wedding

The jeep's over here

-Why are you going that way?
-Careful , Azhaga

Slowly, put her inside the jeep

I've been dancing
since school days!

You call this dance?


Remember those two
killers we saw at Dhaba?

They abducted Lidi!

-Come on, guys! Quick!
-Come on!

Why are you checking
the tyre pressure now?

Quick, let's go! Drive!

Wait! Let me get in


Why isn't she up yet?

Guess, the booze she had last
night hasn't worn out yet

That's why she's passed out

Before she wakes up,
I'll catch a fish...

the I'll fry the fish and
watch me impress her!

But damn, the fish
isn't taking the bait!


-She is up!
-So soon?



It's a pet name. Now, shut up!

Why is she sitting down?

Of course! She's showing me
respect! That's why she sat down!

What is it, Paapi?

Please don't harm me! Please!

-Please don't harm me?
-What do you think we'll do?

Please don't!

You got hurt and we rescued you!
Do we look like...

Please don't harm me. Please!

I'll break your jaws!

If we were to harm you, won't
we have done it last night?



You guys look like killers


I wanna go back to my friends.
Please let me go!

-Please, let me go!

You wanna go back to
your friends, right?

Get in the jeep. I'll take you

You heard your brother!
Get in the jeep!


Aren't you like her brother?
Now, go! Go!

I was fishing imagining a
lot of things! Now, go!

Get in!

They just set out to the
forest to booze together!


"You are my world hence my
limits are defined by you"

Jeep won't go beyond this. Stop!

Look at her attire! Guess she
thinks she's actress Vijayshanthi!

You said your friends would be
here. None of them are here

They were here last night

I wonder where they went now

Is it?

Remove the jacket

Remove the jacket

Why is he asking her
to remove her jacket?

She isn't his girlfriend yet


Guess he's all charged up!

Do you hit the gym regularly?

I asked because your
forearms look tight

Give it


Look here...

your friends will be doing 'Tik-tok'
videos and wandering around here

So if they come back
here, do one thing...

write down on the log that you
are safe with a hero like me

Only then your doofus
friends will know

Write it down

Paapi, I am your only saviour.
Got it?

Go, write it down


Need a scale? Just write it down!

Why is drawing?

Give it

I repeat...

Where are you looking at?

That's how he looks at every girl

But you must consider
him as your brother

Now, go

Get in the jeep, Paapi

This is unfair

Amudha, start the jeep

Your big, round eyes gives
you the wrong ideas!

"Oh my God, I'm
drowning in happiness"

There is he goes!


Over there...

Lidi... Lidi...

You said out strength was
that we're together!

The moment one of
us got isolated...

they smartly kidnapped her

We underestimated them

They are nothing
like what we thought

Thought they'd come in search of us but
now? They are making us search for them!

On top of that they left a
clue that Lidi is with them

I feel Lidi must be
in this same forest

What are you thinking, Vikram?


"Come to my home and
you'll start liking me"

"Get down and you'll
like everything around"

Come on

Do you like the house?

What are you looking at? Get in!

Whose house is this?

My mother-in-law's house


What what?

If she's yours then Andrea
in the photo inside is mine!

Yes, it's his mother-in-law's
house but no one's in there

She eloped with a guy because
she hated the father-in-law!

You get inside

Come on now

Amudha, she's here for the first
time. Do we have booze left?

What for?

She looks like a regular drinker

Come in

Come on

Get in auspiciously
by setting any foot

Come in

Amudha, what did you do?

I didn't do anything. She
screamed looking at that toy dog

That's a toy! You go
and move it somewhere

You come

Come on now

She got scared looking at a toy?

Girls get scared of toy dogs but
let real dogs sleep in their bed

And husband will sleep in the couch

That's their culture! Sit down!

Don't be shy. Sit down

-So Paapi, what would you like to eat?
-What would you like to eat?

She is getting scared of your and
the dog's face since both look same

Go, make tea for your sister


This is too much!

You heard me! Use the
brown sugar not the white


Just a second

I've charged it fully

What are you wondering?

You forgot it in Dhaba.
It's your cell phone

What is it?

The wallpaper with our photo?

Azhagan and Amudhan

We are best friends

But I am the smarter one


It was the cat

I know your mimicry talent very
well! Get the tea at once!


So, what do you guys do?


See that Anglo Indian grandma
in the photo behind?

Her son was a forest officer
working for the government

The government gave him permission to
build a house in middle of this forest

Look at his fate...

as soon as he built this
house, they made him retire

Devastated he settled down in
foreign along with his family

Looks like he's coming down with his
family next week. So, we were sent here...

I am a reputed... carpenter

And your brother here...

He's my asistant, just a painter

Due to storm, the tree
fell down in the backyard

Use the chainsaw and saw it

Trying to score?

Else it's tough to
survive in this industry

You have it

Wanna watch TV?

There, watch it

That's how even we are watching it.
Just empty screen!

Looks like someone came to
set up cable connection...

but looks like Cheetah got him!

Only your looks are very dangerous

But in reality you
are a comedy piece

A comedy piece?

I may look dangerous...

but I perform like a fire!

Like perform what?



Is he going to sing?

-You carry on!
-You too carry on singing

Good boy! Will do a neat job

Paapi, I practice singing at
early morning in the pond

He thinks he is singer Yesudas!

You must hear me sing!

You sing?

Now what kind of question was that?

Most of A R Rahman's
composition; he took it from me

Come, I'll prove it to you.
Get up and come

Come, sit down

This fellow!

First songs...

"I am smart and sensible yet
I fell in love with you"

You sound just like him!

-Sorry, he sounds like me!

Next songs

Why did you turn it off?

Did I now?


I reset it only then the
keys will work properly

Let me sing the next song

"I can't bear even a hair
of yours falling off"

I'm bored of that song

-Any other song?
-Bored of it?

Fine, poor music
director Vijay Antony

Let me sing the next song

Okay? Third song...

I shall sing a song that will
be a sentiment between us

To hell with you!

Buddy, that's their
gypsy over there

I think they must have held
Lidi captive inside this house

We don't know how many
of them are there inside

Before we all go inside, one must go
and find out what's going on there

Why don't you go?


I shall go

-Be careful
-Shut up! He knows!


Just go!

Run! Run!

"Who would I blame for this sin?"

"Oh my Love..."


This ain't a coffee shop to
listen to music and sleep!

Kill me if you want
but stop singing

I'll go and sleep. I'm very tired

Fine, go!

This is exactly how I left while
composing with A R Rahman

Hence my current plight!

I want and must sing the last
song that I composed with him

"Oh my shining moon..."

Why is Amudhan bathed in mud?


What happened?

Amudhan! I am asking you!
What happened?

Did he go mad listening
to his song?

Why is she laughing like that?

Are you guys trying to piss me off?

Azhaga, a word! Come out

Come out!

Paapi, keep quiet

Why are you bathed in mud?

Look here...

I smell some serious issue

Her friends came here

They took off when they saw me

-What are you saying?

And here you are singing
holy songs to her

Not holy songs but
A R Rahman's songs

I can't control!

Look, the way Paapi
laughs is so beautiful

She already got her doubts about us

All I'm saying is that if we tell her this,
she'll leave in search of her friends

First, go clean this
crap and then we'll talk

Listen to me! Go!


-Listen to me! Go!

Use paper to clean
if there is no water

What happened to him?

Well, looks like he fought with
a pig and fell in to a puddle


-Get me a towel

Let me get him a towel

Where did he go?


Where are you?



Where are you?



What happened, Jeni?



What happened?


where are you going?

To dig a hole

Wait, I'll join you

Well, digging a hole is
girls' forte. Come on!

What are you gonna do now?

The sewage is overflowing
so I'll dig a drainage

Give it to me. I'll also dig


did you think it is as
easy as applying nail polish?

It means to break open
the hard surface!

You do one thing...

see that Black Plum tree?

Lot of plums would have
fallen in the storm

Pick them, wash it, slice it,
add some salt and get me some

What are you gonna do?


They kidnapped Lidi!

We have no idea what
happened to her

And now? They murdered Rizwan and he
was lying dead right in front of us!

What's happening, Vikram?

They abducted and murdered him!

Next it'll be him, then him, them
me, then you; all of us will die!


I thought this was going
to a fun trip with booze!

But this trip is a disaster!
People are dying! God!

If I start running, I'll
reach home in two days!

If you guys wanna live, run!

-Stop, James!


This is why I didn't want you guys to
come with me! You just ignored me!

Before they take the next step...

we must somehow save Lidi!

Both of them are here

Paapi, can you please
tie my shoe lace?

They are digging a
hole to bury someone

What if...

they'd have already murdered Lidi?

Look, it's Lidi who
is digging the hole!

What if...

they are making her dig the
hole to bury her later?




Let's go and mop the house! Come on

Come on

So, Lidi is alive

If they haven't
murdered Lidi so far...

then I guess they are
planning something big

First, we must let
Lidi know we are here

If Lidi notices us...

they she'll escape from them


I shall go this time


Let's not go alone hereafter



you both stay here

But Vikram...


we three shall go inside

Whoever sees Lidi first...

inform her all of us are here



Be safe

I'll be back!

Come on


Don't worry


you haven't watched me
make Dosa, have you?

I'm watching it right now

You're too sarcastic!

That's because you're idle.
Here, hold this

I will pour the batter...

you pluck those
leaves and add them

What Dosa is this?

This is Neem leaves Dosa

Buddy, you go this way

You go that side





What happened?

Wake up!

Guys, run! Run!



I am preparing for you also!
What is it?

Shut up!

Are your friends nuts?

Back then one guy took
off when he saw me

Now, one guy is lying
dead in the porch!

What's going on?

My friends?

What are you saying?

What I said just now!

Come, let's go!



She keeps fainting often!

Fine, now lift her

Lift her!

Put her over there

You're pinching my hip not hers!

Ah! That's why it felt like rubber!

Paapi, lie down


There is some serious issue is here

Let's leave this place first!

What about Paapi?

-Look at her

How can we leave her and go?
Tell me!

A word, come aside

Why did you slap me now?

-You wanna leave this place, right?

Fine, we'll get out of here...

dispose that corpse

Put Paapi in the trunk

And then leave the forest!

-Sounds good?

Looks like he waited for the
axe to pierce his forehead!

-Lift him


He's as heavy as a corpse!

He is a corpse!

What now?

Let's drag his leg and
put him in the hole

Come on!


Sir, over here! That's them, sir!


Guess who is here?



Go ten bucks on you?

He took it the other day

Now watch what will
happen in this forest!

First, look at your friend!


It's indeed his friend


They murdered you too?

Why is he blabbing?

Sir, told you!

They are killers!

Sir, not at all!

-They killed him, sir
-It wasn't us, sir

Guys, where are you?

Sir, what are you wondering?

Shoot them down!

-Oh God!

I knew it when I saw your faces!

I knew you were criminals!

Your face too looks
like night watchman!

Don't shout, sir. My
towel's coming off

It's not like what you think. We
were just minding our own business

They show up out of the blue
and are dying one by one

-We're confused
-Yes, sir

A girl who came with them was
lying wounded and unconscious

We rescued her and
have kept her inside

If you have any
doubts, check inside

Yes, sir! Come and check!


-Don't go inside, sir!
-No, sir!

-Don't go inside!
-You heard them!

Just go in and check

Even a leaf in this forest
needs my permission to fall!

In that case please permit
banana leaves to fall

We don't have plates
inside to eat

-Shut up!
-Sorry, sir

Forget leaves! There's
a corpse right there!

You shut up!

Shut up? First go check
on the girl inside!

You heard your senior!
Come inside, sir!

-Senior? Then who am I?
-Come on, sir!

-Sir, don't go!
-Sir, no! Don't go!

Don't you listen to those
kids and doubt us!

-Look, sir


Tie that dog! It's so scary!

Sir, it's a toy!

What happened, sir?

I was just making fun of you two

Sir, have a look! It's the
girl I was telling you about

She's so fair!


Paapi is sleeping.
Don't disturb her

Don't take your hands near, the
smell of beedi might wake up Paapi

Is she breathing?

Believe us, she is alive

Believe us, sir!

Why is he looking around?

-Those guys first came to the forest...
-Yes, sir

Then you followed them, correct?

Yes, sir

Then this girl fainted

Yes, sir

You rescued her and got her here

Yes, sir

Her friends came here one
by one in search of her

Yes, sir


you killed those guys!

Yes, sir

-Sir! We didn't kill them
-No, sir!

-Fine, I believe you
-Thank you, sir


you both don't look trustworthy!


All three of us must
not talk about looks

That's okay!

Thank you, sir


no one can cheat me!

I know, sir

Do you know who I am?

Puli! Anjaapuli!

I have my eyes everywhere!

No one can cheat me!

Sir, don't rest on that! Sir!

Sir, now no one can save you!

Now take that and
fly out the window!

They attacked officer Puli!

Puli, sir!

Puli's game is over!

Come on!

Run! All of you run!


Puli,sir do you need some water?

Take the gun!

It's on your waist!

This is an old, rusted one!

-Take that gun!
-To hell with you!

-Stay right there! Don't near me or I'll shoot!
-Uh-oh! A gun!

Find out what happened to him

-Puli sir are you fine?
-Shoot them!

Sir, get up...

Stay right there or
else I'll shoot you!

Step back!

Take a step forward
and I'll shoot you!

Hands up!

Now, what's kind of gun is that?

You doofus!

Shoot them! Quick!

That kiddo is playing
with a gun...

Put the towel back on!

If you move, I'll shoot you!


-shake and I'll shoot you down!
-Just shoot them!

Fool! You can fire it only if you
unlock the trigger from the top!

Was that necessary?


This one!

Just shoot!

Uh-oh! He shot the baldie!

Officer Puli!

Murder! Murder!

Paapi is back to her senses!

Why did she faint now?

Eww! Put the towel back on!



Why is she not waking up?

Shut up

They think we are the ones
who killed their friends

I am totally confused.
What do we do now?

The bathroom has no door! Where
are you taking that window?

-Oh here?
-Fix it here

Take your hands off

Azhaga, nail carefully

You go and have a smoke

The axe fell off his forehead

Shall I hang it around my neck?


take care of Lidi until I'm back

They might come back and
anything can happen

I shall go and dispose the corpse

I have kept a shovel
for safer purpose

Forget shovel, don't you
go inside until I come

-Wait outside!


I know you very well

Go! Now, go!

You go first!

Do you hear the sound?



Come on!

Why are you beating me?

I ain't worth all that!

He's acting smart! Let
me break his jaws!

When did I act smart?

We must not kill him so easily

We need him!

His scream must bring
his friend here!

Just call him and he'll come

Only then we can get
in and save Lidi

You want him to scream, right?

It's a walk in the park!

Vikram, what is he doing?

Guess what tree is this?

What are you up to?

I've placed an atom bomb
in a sensitive area!

Just watch him scream now!


Is he loud enough?

What did you do?

While running from there,
I had to take a dump

I just used this
single wild leaf

I have put three leaves
inside his pants

Is it burning?

Turn away!

Amudhan said he'll be back soon
after disposing the corpse

Why isn't he home yet?


You friend, Ila is waiting here.
Come soon!


why are you sitting
all by yourself here?

Why are your friends troubling us?

There is a huge misunderstanding

My friends have
mistaken you both...

and in the attempt to
save me from you guys...

things are somehow going awry!

Everything will be
solved if I talk to them

Wonder where they came from?
They are torturing us everyday!

So, where's Amudhan?

Your friends' corpse are a
threat to us if we leave it here

So, I handed him a shovel and asked
him to bury them in the forest

He might be on his way back


Are you nuts?

-Why did you send him?

What if my friends see
him and harm him?

What do we do then?

Look here...

if your friends cause any
harm to my friend Amudhan...

I'll butcher your friends...

and set them ablaze
to beat the cold!

Got it?

What are you gonna do now?

I'm going to get Amudhan

In this forest?

At this hour?

Where will you look for him?

Wait, I'll come


you have only seen the soft
side of this Azhagan...

but you have not seen my
rough side, have you?

Watch me now!

I'll be back with Amudhan

There's Semolina inside.
Go and prepare Upma!


Get inside! Go!


There's onions in the third pot.
Use them

Close the door!




Come on

Our plan worked

I guess he left the house

Perfect chance to get back Lidi

-I'll go inside first

If I don't return within five
minutes then all four of you...

shall flee!

-Come inside!

Nice idea!

We gotta save Lidi!


Now, go!


I'll join you

Why is she volunteering?

Fine, come


You stay here

Come, Jeni

Uh-oh! Did they leave me
with these love birds?

I could have gone with them instead
of being stuck with this family!

Uh-oh! There is that stare

He's also looking at her


Come in

You got nothing to fear here

What are you doing here, Lidi?

I am fine

Where are our friends?

All of them are outside

Now, come on! Let's go

Let's go? To where?

Only if I make eye contact
you guys will talk to me


be casual and avoid eye contact!


Save yourself

I'll be back

Where are you going?

I'll tell you



Is he on the tree?

It's a monkey

Get lost you pig face!

Even the monkeys know me very well!



Azhaga, save me!

What are you looking for? Checking
if I'm in the right place?

God! Amudha!

Amudha, what are you doing here?

First, take it out!


I came to save you and
you wanna talk dirty?

You doofus! Untie me!


They've tied you with a soft creeper!
You could have broke it easily!

God! Ouch!


Why are you humping the tree?

Only I know how it burns!

If it burns then pour water on it!



Already we are exhausted
trying to save you from them

Our friends...

David and Rizwan are dead!

I know Vikram!

They are no killers
like you imagine!

They are innocents

Enough bathing like a hippopotamus!

-Come on now
-It feels so good!

It feels good?

Paapi is alone at home.
Come on, now

What? Paapi is alone at home?


Your sister and the
booze are alone at home

Now come on before
she finishes it off

-I said, come on!
-Paapi is back to senses?

That is why I'm worried! Come on!

Where were you?


He took Jeni inside. What
is doing there for so long?


give this to her

Is it really important now?

Today's our first
anniversary, dude




happy first anniversary

Time to change the torch batteries

These ones are dying

It's flickering

Azhaga, the corpse in
the jeep is missing

He must have turned
into a spirit and left

I have asked Paapi to prepare Upma.
It must be ready

Let's parcel it and head out
some place nice for dinner

Now, drive

You ate?

Amudha, when have I ever had
food without you? Now, drive!

You won't listen to me and wanna
support those two fellows?


Why are you pleading to her?

Looks like they are more
important to her than us!

Come, let's leave!

She'll learn her lesson
when she dies here!


I understand he is upset
and can't understand me

But not you!


do me a favour

Please stop singing

Why? It's a nice song!

Can't you watch
your step? Are you drunk?

Why is everyone fainting
right in front of us?

Turn her around

It's a girl!

Must be their friend

Leave her aside, let's go

She's alive

Then let's run over her and go!


Already many lives are lost

Listen to me Amudha! Save her
and we'll end up in a mess

Just throw her away in
the bush and let's go

-Now will you help me?
-You're unable to lift her, right?

Just leave her!

Amudha, listen to me!

No way! Get lost!

Is this a jeep or a mortuary van?

You keep loading
them with corpses!

I repeat, you're dragging
unnecessary trouble. Forget her!

Are you coming or walking home?

Drop me at home


Told you we'll drag unnecessary
trouble! Here it is


Rambo, hop you are also their friend.
There's a seat behind. Come and sit

Why are you talking to the dog?

You think I can't perform
better than you? Watch me!

Azhaga this seems to be a wild dog!

This is not a dog at all!
Run over it!

Chase it away!

Just drive! Drive!

A ghost in the backseat and a dog in
the front! God, we are stuck in hell!

Do you hear that?

It's a jeep sound

Buddy, it is the jeep

They both are back

Amudha, go wake up Paapi.
I'll bring this girl

-No need, Azhaga

-Vikram and Jeni are inside
-I know why wanna lift her

I shall lift her

I knew it

They are taking someone
out of the jeep


Paapi and your love
will workout today!

How do you say?

We saved Paapi's friend, right?

It's some girl!

They abducted some other girl!

Will you come with me or not?

Told you!

Your friends would come for you.
Did you serve him Upma?

Hope you guys ate but why did you leave
the tiffen carrier at the entrance?

You didn't listen to me, right?

See that? They have murdered someone
else and brought her corpse!

-You call them innocents?

-Amudha, what does he mean?

What did you guys do now?

-Who is this?
-What do you mean?

She is asking us!

-So, she is not your friend?

Then who is she?


It is because of them you
won't come with us, right?

Now watch me finish them off!

Get lost you dummy face!

You get in! Get her

Come on

Put her down


Amudha, he just hit me!

How dare you hit him?

Don't dare him to hit me again!


No! No!

-What do you want?
-Leave him, Vikram

I held him, can't you hit him?

Paapi came in between


Let's stop talking and go
check on them! Come on!

Paapi, leave me! I must
tear him into pieces!

He is hitting my friend!
Let go of me!

You look like actor Ponambalam
with wig! Move, I must hit him!

What are you playing with
her over there, Azhaga?

She has locked my hands!

Help me!

-No! No!
-Lidi, you keep quiet!


Shut up and sit down!

Fine. Get me some water

Don't hit him without
knowing what's the truth!

Can you please shut
up and be quiet!

Get them!

Come, I was waiting for you

How are you enjoying your trip
in this forest, you dummy face?

Watch me rub your
face and bruise it!

Who's that washing
clothes on my back?

Aren't you the VJ who shows up
early in the music channel?

Get lost you soap actress!

You, son of... wait!

Are you deceiving others and roaming
around having fun with her?

Wait now!

Watch me break your head!
Uh-oh, lady Ponambalam!

Move away!

Azhaga, what are you doing?
Don't hit him!


Wake up!

There is a war going on and
you wanna French kiss her?

Come on!

Here, take these weapons!
Finish them off!

Listen to me

-Come on, now!

Hail Bruce Lee!

Hail Dhanush!

Hail Sibiraj!

When did you go there?

Just slid through and escape!

Someone else is getting beaten up.
Come on!


Doofus, throw the knife away!

You just won't let me perform!

Come on!

Hit him!

Don't put your hand in my mouth!


Don't spare him!

Stop it!

Who was that?

I don't know you guys and
why you all are here


you people are going to die!

My astrologer, Shankar Narayanan
said I'd live till age of 87!

Don't you try to fool me!

You fool! The gas
cylinder is leaking!


Will be believe only if
Shankar Narayanan tells you?

Yes! Let's run! Run!


Come on, run!

Paapi, run! Run!

Uh-oh! The hero has
flung the gas cylinder!

Who are you?

Did the gas cylinder
explode on you?


See that guy there? He's
the one who flung it!

You flat face!

We ran outside because
the gas was leaking

And you took it and
threw it outside!

Thankfully I learnt stunts
watching actor Ramarajan!

Hence I could save everyone

Else imagine what
would have happened

You fraud!

Not you!

You fraud! We rescued you
and kept you safe, right?

Do we look like killers to you?


When I saw you both for the first
time, I thought you were killers

Shut up you milk pot!

Helped you because you
were fair and beautiful...

but you doubt us?

Why do these fair people
always doubt the dark guys?

-True boss!

-Shut up!

-You first, wear the top button
-Plays without knowing the situation!

-Who is this new girl?

Who are you?

Only we were there in this forest

Now a new girl has entered here


if anyone open their mouth to tell
a story or speak philosophies...

I am in the perfect position,
I'll kick on your face!

What was that, buddy?

-Shut up!

If they got nothing to
do with what happened...

then who are those guy who
tied us up in your place?

Late pick!

When did they come to our place?

They haven't come to your place!

It's you guys who
are in their place!

Their place?


who are you?

There was an undiscovered history
between nature and science

My bad for asking you

Dr. Dhirendhiran, India's
top most genetic researcher

My father. He was
missing since two years

Few days ago, when I was checking
his personal data in the drive...

My team and I, in order to carry
out research on some plants...

have arrived at the
South Sentinel island

Today, when we were studying about
few species on the field...

It's usually an insect eating plant

But the behaviour of the
plant we saw today...

was quite unusual!

Cut it! Cut it fast! Do it!

Nothing to worry! Nothing!

Take her away

Pavi, are you okay?

-Are you fine? Okay?
-Take her

We will take care of her

We collected few samples of that plant
in order to carry out research on it

Me and my students are at Kadaveri
forest for an unofficial project

We created a lab from scratch to
do all the necessary research

When I tested the samples of Dionaea muscipula,
that we got from South Sentinel island...

I observed that it had a quite
unusual DNA structure that usual

It was very different from
it's original characteristics



-Everything is fine, right?
-I am alright

Here, sir. Have some water

Sir, hope there is no problem

Nothing. You can leave

-Sir, are you sure?
-You can go

You can go and take rest

-Okay, sir

-Good night, sir -Good night

I developed that strange DNA...

and believed I could bring a new
revolution in the study of nature research

Unfortunately all that
belief was crushed!

Our sir has ordered
to drop the project

He dropped the project?

What's that all about?

Not just that, he asked
to leave to Chennai today

Let that be. Why is the lab closed?

He has prohibited us
from entering into it


It's beyond bio medical science

Why are we talking to her?

-Let's go in and check
-Don't you disobey sir's orders!

-Dude, are you coming or not?
-Don't do this Sarathy!

-Listen to me!
-We're going!

Why don't you guys listen?

-He said don't enter!

This looks new

Yes, what I saw in
that plant was...

a replicated human DNA

-Sir was here after I left yesterday

It wasn't here then


Can you be quiet for a while?

I didn't take it seriously when that
plant caught on to Pavithra's leg


only when I studied that plant's
DNA today, I found that...

it is...

craving for human blood!

There is something wrong with it!
Don't you understand?

-Don't touch it! Listen to me!
-Pavi, shut up!

The results could
be vary drastically

Pavi, shut up!


If we further continue here...

it could result in a disaster!

What happened to those guys?

They turned into cannibals and have
this forest under their control

The humans who visit
here are their food!

In order to find out what
happened to my dad...

I came here with my friends

They killed all my three friends

If we have to survive and live...

then we must escape from here

There is only one way out

What's that?

There's a huge animal that's
troubling everyone in this forest

If we drive it to the cannibals...

it'll take a week of
them to feed on it

In that interval, we
can reach our home!

Which animal are you talking about?

Don't you know?

Don't you see it?


Can't you see it?

No, I can't

See that, he says he can't see you

You pot boiler! Don't you mock
me with that crappy face!

One kick and your
lips will be swollen!

Are you gonna French kiss me?

-I'll slap you!
-Yeah right! Try your luck!

I wanna see you beat me!

Kindly adjust!

By the way...

where is Jeni?

Drats! Yeah!

Is she hiding inside the cupboard?
She won't fit in

Why are you blinking?

She was with all night!
Where is Jeni?

Good generation!

You killed her too?

Azhaga, these guys will
definitely kill us

We must escape from here somehow

Stop shaking me!

Why? Is the rod poking you?

It hurts!

Buddy, look! Jeni!



Let her go!

I'm such a reputed carpenter...

and how did I forget this?

Paapi free yourself

What are you doing?

You fool!

There are tools in
the bag in my hip!

Ask me and I'll free you

You fool! If you had thought of this
earlier, we could have save that girl

Bloody rascal!

Without realizing that we were tied up with
soft chains, you were narrating the flashback

Now are you feeling emotional?
Shut up!

Free them first

I'll do it because you touched me

Azhaga, untie me first!

-He behaves like her puppet!
-I'll come. Hold your trousers tight

Whose briefs are you wearing? Your dad's?

I have cut the chain now
leave her hands! Get up!

-Oh playing safe?

Else you'll cheat me!

What's up, dear?

Are you done with your work?

Go refresh yourself and...

Paapi has prepared Dosa.
Have it and do the dishes


If you don't eat,
you'll be punished!

He ruined the game!

Told you to go and eat! Why do you wanna
get beaten up by this silly fellow?

If you had ate, you
wouldn't have been punished!

Are you guys crazy or act like one?

-What else did you expect?
-Why'd you play when life is at risk?

Come, let's go!


Come on, Amudha!

Uh-oh! The lock broke!

Quick! Come fast!

Amudha, there's another guy!

Azhaga, let's run away

He's dead!

Amudha, Paapi!

Dude, let's run away!


Come, let's run away


We didn't come here to
die with them! Come on!

Will you come or not?

How can we leave them?

Then go and die!


Let go of me

Paapi, stay down!

Paapi, are you okay?

I am fine


Guys, come on!

Come on before they get up!
Come on!

Come on! Go! Go!


Buddy! Buddy!



Vikram, come let's go! Quick!

Come on! Come on!

Amudha! Stop! Wait!

Guys, get in!

-Come on, Vikram!


The dog's right behind us!

Go fast!

Amudha drive fast!

Don't yell! Shut up!


You sit down!

What are you doing?

He rammed into the log!

They are here I guess

Amudha that's James' leg!
Drive! Now!

That's James hand!

Amudha, he's approaching us! Drive!




Get down and push!

Quick! Go!

Come on, drive! Now!

Go! Go!

Go! Now!

Start the vehicle!

Oh my God!

Make it fast! Start!

Won't I drive it it starts?

I'm stuck behind all of them!

How do I escape?

Drive! Start the car!

It's not starting!

Amudha, start the car!

Guys, hold on he's trying!

He's throwing it like throwing a
piece of meat on the frying pan!

Lidi, doesn't look like the car
is gonna start. All of you get down!

Get down!

Guys! Girls! Help me get down!

Where are you guy off to leaving
me? Open the door for me

Dude, please! Open it for me!

Don't leave me! Help!

You guys leave



Open it! Open it!

What happened?

Azhaga the door
seems to be jammed

Come through the front door!

Fine, go! I'll come!


What is it?

Take the girls to safety!

I'm talking to you!
Take them and leave!

Quick! Let's go!


Now, come open the door.
I'm unable to open it

Don't worry

Careful! Careful!


Slow... Slow...

Come on...

Come on...

Nothing to worry, Meera

Don't cry. Don't cry!

Please bear the
pain for sometime


just close your eyes

No, don't

Meera, please! Bear
the pain for sometime

They have started chasing us

They won't rest until
all of us are dead


come let's go

Meera, come let's go

-Just a little far
-No! I can't

Just bear it for sometime.
We'll be out of here


it is not so easy to take
Meera in this situation

If we must escape
from this forest...

either police...

or the forest
department's must help us



you guys wait here

I shall go and get help

No Vikram

I shall go

If there's some trouble here...

they will need you


Don't worry, Vikram

I will come back for sure!

Wherever you are
in this forest...

I will find you and save you guys!

Lidi, careful!

Let's stay connected


Azhagan and Amudhan
are indeed innocents

In the process of saving us...

they got trapped!


you go!

Go and check on them

-How can we leave you both?
-Don't worry about us, buddy

I'll take care of my Meera

At least hereafter don't
fight and be together

Come, let's go



Come on



Samrin, what happened?

Tell me, what happened?

Answer me, Samrin!

What happened?

My friend!

It's okay


It'll be over soon, Meera

Vikram will be back
and we'll head home

I wanna live with you!



Where are you guys?

Look, there are skeletons!


I'm exhausted, can't breathe


we have been walking for hours,
wonder where this forest ends!

Let's keep going

Come on


let's rest for a while

Don't even ask me! Let's rest

Even in that tense situation...

why did Vikram have to
take that bag and run?

In that tense situation why
did you take his bag and run?

Just to check what's in it

You're right

What's this?

How great would it be if we
get a imported liquor here?

It'd be top notch!


Imported liquor!

Give me some

Remember fifth grade?

I do

Remember that egg incident?

I begged yet did you give me some?

No, I didn't

Give me little

I won't let you
have it if I can't!

Holy guacamole!

You just took revenge on
me for 30 year old spat?

Mr. Pop eyes! Look, I'm
still holding the stone!

I didn't break it

Don't lie!

Amudha, trust me!


He has got a bad aim! Let's escape!
Come on!

Amudha, get up and run!

Run! Run!

Oh dear Lord save me from the
satan that's chasing us!

That's why Lord has made trees.

We don't have the whereabouts
of Azhagan and Amudhan

But Lidi is on the mark

I'm sure we'll get help soon


give me that walkie talkie


where are you?

Are you safe, now?

Towards north. 3.5 kilometers

I think I'll reach
the road in sometime

Fine, be careful


What happened, Lidi? Say something!


Can you hear me Lidi?


Say something Lidi!


Can you hear me?


Come on, Lidi!

What happened to you?

Say something, Lidi!



What happened to you?


Say something, dude!

Can you hear me?

Guys say something!

Can you hear me?


Buddy, I am on my way!

Let go of my Meera, please!


I wanna live with you!

Buddy, Shiva!





Why are you hurt so bad?


Guess he got drunk and had a real
bad fall. His face is bruised!

He is drunk?

Slap him!

What's your problem with us?

You follow us there,
here and everywhere!

What do you want?

Why are you screaming now?

Does living in the
forest make you swag?

There! Like that!

Stop showing off!

Don't mess with me!

Uh-oh! He just lifted
Amudhan like a ceiling fan!

Let go of him!

Buddy, listen to me. Let's talk!

Look here! Let go of him!

So, are you dead?

You were showing off too
much when you were alive

Are you wearing
anything on your hand?


Isn't he your lover?

Well, it's better you died rather
than fall in love with him



The hero's here. I better join him

Catch him!

Stay put!

Don't circle!

We are the ones circling!

No! Please no!

Amudha, he's trying to French
kiss me! Quick! Help me!


Eww! Move!

Thanks, Anirudh


two of them are inside.
Still one missing

Can we throw him instead?


Get up!

-Get up!

What happened to you?

He's approaching us

Get up!

-Get up!
-I said, get up!

Samrin, get up!

Quick! Get up!

Let's run!

Listen to me, let's run!


Azhaga, the new cylinder
is empty so soon?

You fool!

This house is the reason
for all this mess!

Let burn down this house along with these
corpses and escape from this forest!

What will answer to
the house owner?

We'll say it was used for actor
Balakrishna's movie shoot and burnt down!

-Now, release this! Hold it!

Hail Balakrishna! Run! Run!


Vikram, they are all inside!

What do we do now?

Let's burn them down!

What are you gonna do?

Did we toil so hard so
that you can set it ablaze?

This house is our responsibility...

hence we'll set it on fire!

Action King!

You, Karuna! I was calling you!

My dear 'Thala!'

Game over!


From where did you find
a gun in this forest?

Puli! Anjaapuli!


Please, let us go

Please, don't!

Let us go!

-Please, don't!
-Don't kill us!

Please, let us go!
Don't kill us!