Trio (1950) - full transcript

Three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham, "The Verger", "Mr. Know-All", and "The Sanatorium" are introduced by the author.

by W. Somerset Maugham

Somerset Maugham described himself
as a simple storyteller.

He enjoyed counting them and
narrated many.

Who we help
to bring these three to the movies.

we are happy to honor such
a great writer.

He himself presents
this work to us.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

If I once again exercise this
unusual function for me,

the fault is yours.

If you did not like the
"Quartet" stories ,

we would not have dared
to offer three more.

Who knows if we will
succeed again.

You judge if our decision
was correct or not.

Three stories by S. Maugham

The sacristan.

One afternoon in May 1924,

a christening was to be held in
St. Peter's Neville Square,

a church much frequented
by the upper classes.

The sacristan, A. Foreman, was ironing
his second best garment.

During his 17 years of service he
had had several,

but he had never decided
to throw any.

She kept them wrapped in
a dresser drawer.

- He said he'd empty the drawer today.
- It is true.

- How long will you keep putting it off?
- I dont know.

I am sorry to throw away those garments.

- What do you want those old clothes for?
- I'll empty it tomorrow.

You better if you don't want me to make
rags with them.

- He'll be back at six, right?
- I dont know.

Ferguson always finished
35 minutes before time,

but with the new vicar
who knows.

- I'll have you tea at six.
- Okay, Mrs. Brown.

- Thank you.
- Nice ceremony.

Thank you, sacristan.
Nice ceremony.

Thanks a lot.

Five shillings.

And that is from a family
of lineage.

I don't know where
the aristocracy will end up .

- A long ceremony, right?
- Yes, he likes to go into detail.

What are you waiting for?

The vicar wants to talk
about the bells.

Ferguson left me that task.
Why does he want to get involved?

Because he likes to stick his nose
in everything.

- I'll take some getting used to it.
- Foreman.

Can you come to the sacristy?

- I have to talk to you.
- All right.

Nice christening.

How funny the baby was silent
when he took it.

It happens to me.

I have a lot of practice with them.

- Good afternoon, Your Honor.
- Good morning, Foreman.

- Sir, I didn't know you were coming today.
- Neither did I, but the vicar asked me.

We must say something
nasty to him.

He has been working here for years.

Your Honor and the General know that you are
doing your duty well.

Of course.

Thank you.

But the other day I learned
an incredible detail.

And I believed it was my duty to report him.

I was amazed to discover that he can
not read or write.

The former vicar knew.
Said it didn't matter.

He thought there was plenty of education
in the world.

Amazing. Have you worked here
17 years without knowing how to read or write?

I started working at 12 years old.

I served in a house and the cook
tried to teach me,

but I wasn't good at it.

And some things for others
I never had time.

Never want to write letters?

My landlady is very educated,

And if I want to write to someone,
she does.

I do not have anything to hide.

I have discussed the matter
with these gentlemen,

and we believe that the situation
cannot continue.

A church like this

he cannot have an
illiterate sacristan .

- Seriously?
- I have no complaints about you.

He does his duty and I appreciate
his goodness and intelligence.

But we cannot risk an
accident, due to his ignorance.

I understand.

It is a matter of prudence
and principles.

I never liked him.

It was a mistake that they gave him
that parish.

- Didn't the others say anything?
- No, he convinced them.

- But they were uncomfortable.
- I hope so.

He forced them to agree.

- Will you let them trample you without a fight?
- I dont know.

I am proud,
even if I can't read or write.

So what will you do?

Consult with the pillow.

Tomorrow I will decide.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

I bring you good news.

Mrs. Fitzwilliams will finish
the altar mat on Friday.

It was time.

He's been promising
since Christmas.

Now we will have it for Easter.

- It could have been worse.
- Yes sir.

Tell me, did you think about
what we talked about?

- Yes sir.
- And good?

Sorry, it's useless.

Come on, don't say that.

I am too old
to learn.

I have not been able to
read or write for many years ,

and, modesty aside,

I have always done my duty
just as God has done me.

And although now he managed to learn ...

I don't know if I would want to.

- Have you thought about it?
- Yes sir.

Then you will have to go.

I understand.

As soon as I have a replacement,
I will go.

Albert had never had
work worries.

The sacristans of St. Peter's,
by way.

He had saved, but it
was not enough for him to live without working.

He thought smoking would ease him,
but he had no cigarettes left.

He did not return home by the
usual route ,

and went down a street looking for
a tobacconist.

It was a long street, but
there wasn't even a tobacconist.

And he had to go without tobacco.

... sunbathing in Marseille.

Where fragrant orange trees
perfume the breeze,

in the sunshine of Marseille.
- What's going on?

Shut up!
Glad has been promised.

- I'm glad.
- Hello.

- Who's the lucky one?
- Ted, of course.

You finally caught it, huh?

- I knew it would fall.
- No, he was the one who chased me.

Yes, and we are celebrating.
Wants a beer?

- No thanks.
- Come on man.

- I go up to my room and down.
- Voucher.


How sorry I am.

I knew it as soon as he arrived.
It's for the vicar, right?

He has fired me.
After 17 years.

- What are you going to do?
- I don't know for sure.

But when I came I had
an idea.

Something funny happened, I wanted to
buy tobacco

and I had to walk almost 1 kilometer
to find a tobacconist.

- What's so funny about that?
- That it didn't just happen to me.

So maybe it could be
a good deal.

Sell ​​tobacco and candy.

I have some savings.

I thought about buying a place
and trying my luck.

- What ideas come to him.
- And it is not the only one.

I have another.

What will he do now that Glad
is getting married?

Ted is moving here, just have
to buy a double bed.

It will be a problem.

A young man does not like living
with his mother-in-law.

I should do one thing.

Get married again.

Who would want to marry
an old woman like me?

- Me.
- Don't be silly.

A bachelor and a widow.
Are you crazy?

No. And I can handle the tobacco
and you can handle the candy.

- I was stunned.
- Think about it, Mrs. Brown.

- My name is Emma.
- I like it.

Gives me a kiss?

They hadn't kissed me
since I was widowed.

Not many widows can tell.

Let's announce it.
Tomorrow we look for the place.

What a mess downstairs.
What will happen?

Stop the music!

I want to announce one thing.

I have offered my hand and my heart
to Mrs. Brown.

And what did he say?
That he accepted.



The next day they went for a walk
and by chance

they found the ideal place
for them.

The next day it was his,

and in less than a month Foreman
opened the business.

Everything very beautiful.

- We just need clients.
- Give them time, Emma.

The first day we won't earn

Look, a man in
the window.

He's just a peeper.

I told you.

I'm just as nervous as when
we got married, Mr. Foreman.

Don't call me like that.
We have been married for a month.

Use my first name,
which is Albert.

I know.

But after 11 years it's
hard to lose the habit.

I'll call him Mr. Foreman for my
whole life.

Okay, whatever you want.

But people will be surprised if
in the middle of the night they hear you say:

"Make room for me in bed,
Mr. Foreman, you're going to throw me away."

No one will come to our room
at night.

I don't know why you think that.

A penny of candy.

- Do you have the penny?
- Clear.

A penny of candy
for the lord.

Thank you.


- Six pence.
- Gift?

- Why?
- You are welcome.

For being the first customer.
Go tell your friends.

What a way to earn money.

Give me that penny.

It looks like a simple coin,
right? Well, no.

- And the hammer?
- What are you going to do?

Nail it to the counter.

And when we win
the first thousand,

I'll have it set
on a brooch for you.

And I thought I was marrying someone
quiet and respectable.

They are delayed.

- Who?
- Glad and Ted.

I told him they were coming to dinner.

They are there.

I will open.

Hi Glad.
Go ahead, Ted.

Hi dear.

- Hi Mom.
- Go ahead, Ted.

- Hi Mom.
- Sit down, dinner is ready.

Thank you, Lord,
for these foods.

Although there are things better than
cold lamb.

Your lordship has become
very fussy.

What's up, Glad?
You seem to have cried.

It is true.

- Did Ted hit you?
- No way.

- So what's up?
- She is pregnant.

I already know.
But it is not to cry.

Tell him, Ted.

I got fired.

- Oh, Ted!
- I'm pregnant and ...

without a salary. I don't know how
we will manage.

Don't cry and listen to me.

Business is not bad for us.
We have won a lot.

Since the store has been successful, yet
another one will too.

Won't it occur to you?
Are you crazy?

Nothing of that.

I'll open another store and put Ted
in charge of it.

- Really?
- And another thing.

When the baby is born, it will
be baptized in St Peter's.

You must take care of this baby

Bring it to the bishop
to confirm it,

As soon as you know the Creed,
the Lord's Prayer and the Commandments,

and instruct him in the Christian religion.

That the parents and godparents come
to the sacristy.

All good, right?

Thank you.

- You're Foreman, right?
- Yes sir.

I thought so.
I had a hard time admitting it.

I like to do things
with style.

- Are things going well?
- I dont complain.

As it is a great occasion,

Would you accept a handout
for the poor?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Fifty pounds.

The second store was also
a success.

He thought that if two were,
so would another six.

So he and Emma strolled
through London

and in every long street without a tobacco
shop and with some premises for rent,

they kept it.

In 10 years he opened 10 stores.

And he was making huge money.

I went through them all every Monday,

I collected the weekly earnings
and took them to the bank.

One day I was going to make
the usual income ...

Good morning, Mr. Foreman.
Always punctual.

So is.

I don't like to keep money
under the mattress.

It is looking for problems.

The director wants to speak with you.
I'll tell him you've arrived.

What's going on?

- Any problem?
- Of course not.

He just wants to talk to you.

- There are banks that fail.
- This not.

I think it's free now.
I'll see.

Sr. Foreman, pase.

Good morning, Mr. Foreman, I
was expecting you.

Always punctual.

- That's what the clerk told me.
- Sit down.

Thank you.

- A cigarette?
- No thanks.

I no longer smoke them, I sell them.

- And with great benefits.
- I dont complain.

I wanted to tell you about the money
you have here.

Do you know how much it is?

Not exactly, but
I have an idea.

Other than today it amounts to
about £ 30,000.

A large sum.

It would seem prudent for me
to invest it.

- I don't want risks.
- Is right.

We will give you a list
of safe investments.

They will give you more benefits
than us.

I have no idea of ​​investments.

We will take care of everything.

You will only need to sign
the transfers.

But how would
I know what I signed?

Reading it.

That's the problem, I don't know.

I know it's weird, but it's true.

I can only read and write
my name.

- It seems incredible to me.
- Well it's true.

I never had a chance to learn
until it was late

and then I didn't feel like it.

I am somewhat stubborn.

Have you built a big business

and amassed a good fortune
without knowing how to read or write?

Holy God!

Where would it be to be
an educated man?

I can tell you.

From sexton of
St. Peter's church .

I think "Don sabihondo" is
my creation,

but I couldn't swear it
for sure.

Quoting what
Dr. Johnson once said ,

if a story is good, it
may not be new,

and if it's new, it's not likely
to be good.

Actually the writers,

like the protagonist of
a famous poem,

We have arrived late to
an already ancient world.

Don sabihondo.

He was prepared to hate
Kelada even before he met him.

The war was over

and the maritime
passenger traffic was intense.

The squares were scarce,

And you had to accept what
the agents offered you.

There was only one single bed left
in a double cabin.

Does not matter. Thank you.
I know it is complicated.

- See you tomorrow.
- Goodbye.

- The next?
- Me.

- I'm next.
- Yes, after me.

Me Ilamo Kelada, KELADA.

Tengo reserva en
el "Queen of The Indies".

- I'm Ramsey.
- One by one.

- Kelada. British.
- He was before the gentleman.

- Is that so?
- Gentleman?

Given that courtesy, I must
give him the position. All yours.

My name is Ramsey.
Did the Colonial Office write you?

- Yes. He goes to Aden, right?
- Yes, with my wife.

- I'm going to get the tickets.
- Thank you.

- Big shot, I guess.
- No, I'm a civil servant.

Is your wife taken to Aden?

- Why not?
- Because of the weather.

She has already spent two years alone
in London.

You are your wife.

Are here.

- Cabin 102, Deck A.
- Thank you.

- Good Morning.
- See you on board.

Me Ilamo Kelada.

Reservé billete a Port Said en
el "Queen of the Indies".

I'll see if it's on the list.


- Want a cigar?
- I do not smoke.

You don't know what you lose.

They are made by the supplier
of the Aga Khan and Churchill.

We cannot ship it.

- Sure they can.
- No.

There has only been one cancellation, and
there are seven people before.

And your boss?

- You can't attend to him now.
- No? Is your office there?

- He is very busy.
- And I, but I dedicate 5 minutes.

Let's go.

Tráteme well ...

and I will reciprocate.

Thank you very much sir.

- Who is my partner?
- His name is Kelada.

- Foreign?
- No, Brit. Or so he says.

- Thank you.
- To you.

Damn it!

Visitors must go

They are going to remove the catwalks.


Nice day.

Hello Hello. I am Kelada.
I saw you yesterday at the agency.

- We share a cabin.
- Yes, what luck.

We British must make
good friends when traveling.

- Is he British?
- To the bone.

I was born in the heart
of the Empire.

- At Buckingham Palace?
- No, but close.

Just a stone's throw away.

The guard shifted on tiptoe
so as not to wake me up.

He was a delicate child.
What is your branch?

- How do you say?
- I trade gems and jewelry.

And I know
that business better than anyone .

The three over the four.

- What did you say was your bouquet?
- I didn't say, but I'm a civil servant.

- Peanuts?
- No.

I'm an economist.

They say that in Hong Kong
finances are bad.

- I guess he's going there for that.
- How do you know I'm going there?

Little thing escapes me.

- I'm going to the dining room to get a table.
- I've already reserved it for you.

I thought that by sharing a cabin
we should share a table.

- We drink something?
- No, I'm meeting someone.

Have something while you wait.

- They are there. Hi Ramsey. Goodbye.
- Not so fast.

Hello, do you remember me?

Kelada. We met yesterday
at the agency.

- Sorry, I don't remember.
- Nonsense, of course.

- Mrs. Ramsey?
- A pleasure.

- A glass?
- We're meeting Mr. Gray.

Now they can take it with me.
Invite the next. Sit down.


The journey will be long, the sooner
we meet, the better.

Do you like the boat?
It could be worse, right?

- It's quite comfortable.
- Few interesting people for the time.

We haven't met
anyone yet.

If you want to meet someone,
let me know and I'll introduce it to you.

- It won't be necessary.
- They go to Aden, right?

You won't like it, it's hot.
I know him well.

There is little that Mr. Kelada
does not know.

So is. Waiter!

- Hello.
- Hello.

Good Morning. And Kelada?

I'll end up killing him before he

- He's a bore, isn't he?

Here it comes.
C'mon darling.

Hey, friend!


Taking the cool?

- I got him a lottery ticket.
- I didn't want it.

Must play.
Maybe he wins.

- He owes me two bucks for the dance.
- How do you say?

10 shillings.
Everything is organized.

They didn't want to do a costume ball,
but I convinced them.

Bowley, I wrote it down for
the concert.

- I need to rehearse with a pianist.
- Of course, of course.

He is a singer.

- Plays the piano?
- A little.

- Can you play for him?
- No.

England is counting on
us all to do our duty.


I'll do card tricks.

- I hate them to death.
- You'll see mine.

I am an ace of the deck.

I even had to quit the game,
it wasn't fair to others.

- I'm too expert.
- A wise guy, huh?

How curious that everyone
calls me that.

But tell me,
what kind of trip would you take without me?

- Yes, he is the one who encourages the show.
- I know.

Modesty aside, I'm the most popular on
the ship, and I know it.

A drink before eating?

Very well.

- Have the two turkeys.
- Thank you.


Did you like it?
Well, they haven't seen anything.

Now, as a finishing touch,

a trick that only
four men know ,

and the other three
learned it from me.

I need two spectators.

As they do not care who they are,
I will choose them.

Mrs. Ramsey.
You can help me?

- And you, Mr. Fellows.
- No Please...

Come on, don't be shy.
You see that I am not.

A big applause.

I was wondering where it was.

- It's hot, I went out to get some fresh air.
- I also.

- Shall we go up to the other deck?
- Why?

It is cooler
and calmer.

We can chat.

I'm fine here.

- Nice gem.
- It's the engagement ring.

- Let me see it.
- It's not much.

He's only wearing a sapphire, but
I'm fond of him.

I have some very nice sapphires
in the cabin. Do you want to see them?

- I am not interested.
- How do you know without seeing them?

One of them would like.

I can't buy things
I don't want.

I don't want to sell it to you.
If you want, I'll give it to you.

- Are you getting on to me?
- Clear!

Not bad, right?

She is the most beautiful woman
I have seen in years.

My husband is very jealous.

If I tell you this, I'm sure ...

- You wouldn't like it.
- She won't tell you anything, she's discreet.

- Please leave me!
- Have I not offended her?

- If much.
- I do not understand why?

It's not my fault that
I like it.

And it's flattering that
men like it , isn't it?

- It depends on the man.
- I guess I'm not your type.

Well, don't blame me
for trying.

- Most tend to like it.
- I suppose some will give.

- About tastes there is nothing written.
- Isn't she angry?

- No way. Why?
- That's. Goodnight.

- Goodbye.
- See you tomorrow.


The captain invites you to a cocktail
today at 8:00

Tie me my tie, please.

Quiet, fool.

I can't help it.

I'm glad to be with you
after two years apart.

- During which you would be unfaithful to me.
- Nothing about that.

You are the only woman
in my life.

And you know it.

- You know it, do not you?
- Of course.

Fixed up. I'm right away.

- You missed me, right?
- If much.

It was hell for me.

I was afraid you would fall
in love with another.

What would you have done?

Kill him.

And you.

- Well, I'll be careful, right?
- You better.

- It's new, right?
- If you like?

It looks expensive.

I don't know how you manage,
with what I give you.

It was not very expensive.

- It cost me eight pounds.
- Seriously?

Yes, at a stall on
Oxford Street.

Well, nobody would say.

I'm glad.

Come on, we're late.


- Gray?
- I'm served.


Messrs. Ramsey.

Glad to see you.

- They know everyone, right?

- Sit down.
- Hello, Ramsey.

- What are you drinking?
- A martini.

- I another.
- What time will we arrive?

At 11 in the morning.

There is not much to see, but come
down if you want, there is time.

We don't set sail until 5:00.

The Ramseys and I wanted to
eat at the Grand,

and then Kelada invited us
to eat with him.

We couldn't get around it, so
we'll stay on board, right?

- Yes.
- Kelada lands there, right?

They sure don't regret
getting rid of it.

Of course not.

- A cigarette? And you?
- No thanks.

- Thank you.
- All in all, it has good details.

The prizes for the costumes
were paid by him.

The purser says
a peak was spent.

Generous yes it is.

You have to fight with him to
let you pay.

Still, no one can stand it.

It's a bore, no one
can put up with it.

You could kick him out of the house and slam
the door in his face

and he wouldn't grasp that he was

Since he disembarks tomorrow I
should have invited him.

But it was impossible, it
is very heavy.

Mr. Kelada.

Hello everyone.
I don't meddle, am I?

The waiter forgot
to give me his invitation.

- A pure?
- I'm smoking.

Very well.

I'm glad to see you.
What does it take?

Whiskey with soda.
I always drink the national liquor.



- Hello.
- Say how much you want.

That's enough.

So are you leaving us tomorrow?

Even great friends
must part.

I'm going to Cairo to see some pearls
that a pasha might sell me,

as long as they pay you well.

Not afraid of competition from
cultured pearls?

No. They will never affect the sales
of the natural ones.

And soon I will go to Japan to study
that market.

Those Japanese are
very smart.

They say that not even an expert would distinguish
natural from cultivated.

That is always said.

But the expert always notices it,
and I am.

You are very sure of yourself,

Why not?

I know the business, and I know
more than anyone about pearls.

There is no cultured pearl that
an expert like me does not recognize.

I assure you, Mrs. Ramsey,
that necklace will never lose value.

- Its nice is not it?
- Beautiful?

I noticed him as soon as I entered.

I noticed that those pearls were

I didn't buy it for him

But I'd like to know
how much you think it cost.

Wholesale, about 1,500 pounds,

but in a jewelry store
maybe 3,000.

- Three thousand, huh?
- That's right, and they're worth it.

Well, my wife bought it on
Oxford Street for eight pounds.

Don't make me laugh.

They are not only authentic, but
very regular in size.

- Do you want to bet?
- Bet?

Ten pounds that's a

I agree.

You can't bet on something
you know.

Why not?

If I can earn easy money, I
would be foolish to take advantage.

But how are you going to prove it?
It's my word against Kelada's.

Let me see the pearls,
I will tell you if they are imitation.

I can afford to lose
10 pounds.

Take off the necklace and let
the expert examine them.

I can't undo it.

There you go.

I was wrong.

They are imitation.

If not, I would have had
to speak to my wife.

Learn not to be so conceited,
don sage.

It doesn't matter, we all make

What's that noise?

For you.

For me?

The pearls were real.

If I had a pretty wife
like Mrs. Ramsey,

Would he leave her alone for two years
in London?

- Don sabihondo!
- Call me Max.

"El sanatorio" is a story based
on my experiences,

and if you want to see in the character
of Ashenden

as a flattering portrait
of the one who speaks to them,

I have no problem.

The sanatorium.

Ashenden suffered from

and since I had difficulty
traveling to Switzerland,

the doctor sent him to a sanatorium
in northern Scotland.

- It is his first time coming?

It didn't seem familiar to me.

He says it as if many were returning.

Some don't.

Scotland is a great place.

It has the best climate in the world.

And here we have the best
in Scotland.

He is in love with the region.

Of course.

I was once in America,
but I had to leave.

The weather is horrible there.

I was in a place where it had
n't rained in six months.

AIli is. At the top of the hill,
behind the fir trees.

- Yes, how great.
- A great mansion.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

- Mr. Ashenden?

I'm Miss Harding,
the housekeeper.

- Dr. Lennox is waiting for you.
- Good.


- He's attractive, right?
- He doesn't look 40.

He fulfilled them on September 9.

I could not read the entire file
but yes.

The Dr. should not leave
the files in view.

- Not well.
- He doesn't usually leave them.

But he had to leave when
I went to see him today

and the file was
on the table,

with x-rays and everything.
- How were his lungs?

I think only
the left one is bad ,

but he was not wearing
reading glasses .


- The best I've seen.
- My lungs?

No, the X-rays.

I'll ask who made them, they
are first rate.

Dr. Lennox...

I don't know your methods, but
I would like to know a thing or two.

Tell me.

What possibilities do I have?
And no hot cloths.

I won't, it is not necessary.

- It was caught in time.
- Can you help me then?

There are no guarantees, it
depends a lot on you.

But if you collaborate and obey us,

there is no reason why it should
not be completely cured.

How long will it take?

I don't know, maybe six months
or maybe a year.

Each case is different.

It looked healthy as an apple,
it didn't look consumptive.

It is not.
It is not hereditary.

His grandfather died of the heart
at 83.

And his father had a rhomboid.

- A rhomboid?

That is something that is used
in drawing classes.

Well, his father died of that.

Unless I had the wrong

I'll take him to his room.

- You must go to bed immediately.
- How do you say?

Since I was nine years old, I
have never stayed in bed.

Now you will make up for it by doing it for
six weeks.

- Six weeks!
- Not a day less.

- What am I going to do all day?
- Eat, sleep and read.

Nothing else?

- Not enough?
- I'll need more books.

We have a good library.

I'll bring you a few
to start.

- Very friendly.
- Absolutely.

I once read a story of his that
changed my life.

- Who's playing?
- Mr. Campbell.

- He's your neighbor.
- And I realize.

- You don't like music?
- With moderation.

He's just knocking on
Mr. McLeod upstairs.

- Looks like he succeeds.
- They are a case.

You will get used to it.

We all have.
It is done.


Philosophical Dissertations of
the Royal Society of London.

Even if it's the first day
you wake up, don't go out of your way.

Go easy
and don't force yourself.

- Can't I walk?
- Not even that.

I'll let you know when I can

You can go up to the terrace
nothing more.


I will introduce you to your companions.

They are ordinary people,

but with more lights and shadows,
you understand?

In what sense?

Illness brings out the best
and worst of all.

Accentuate their strengths
and weaknesses.

For example, those who are
playing chess.

They are among the oldest here.
The one on the right is McLeod.

He's been here 17 years.

The other one is Campbell, he's been
here 16.

They hate each other to death and they fight
like cat and dog,

but they are always together.

I don't think they could live
without each other.

This is Mr. Ashenden.
He got up today.

- Mr. McLeod and Mr. Campbell.
- It is a pleasure.

It's always nice to see
new faces.

I've been watching that one for 16 years.

- I don't want to interrupt you.
- Easy, I almost beat him.

A couple of movements and ...


- What do you say?
- Check.

Where did that bishop come from?

From here.

It wasn't there before.

- You call me a cheater?

He always does the same
when he loses.

- Play?
- Not much.

What a pity.

Mr. Ashenden is down.

Yes, one peso less for me.

How many books have you read.

You've been a librarian too long,
let someone take over.

No way.

I like to do it,
for normal readers.

But his reading ability
is incredible.

He has commissioned
rare books from London .

- How do you know?
- The governess told me.

Ah, I almost forgot.

Another man will arrive today.
A certain Major Templeton.

Isn't it George Templeton?

Do you know him?

I don't know if it will be the same.

I don't know if his name is George,
but he was in the Royal Guard.

It sure is George.

Relative of yours?

God save me! In my family
no one behaves like him.

Turns out ...

He caused serious problems for
a niece of mine.

- No!
- Yes, I'll tell you about it.

I will ask Dr.
whether it is I or not.

I will ask you not to admit it.

- Where is your room?
- On the first floor, number 15.

It is small.
I know everyone in the house.

Mine is 26.

- Campbell hates it.
- Why?

Is the best. He wants it, and he always
asks the doctor for it,

But I wo
n't give it up, not to someone like him.

Besides, I arrived six months
before him.

17 years is a long time.

Time goes by fast,
and I like this.

- Shall I show you the house?
- Thank you.

If I went back to normal life,
I wouldn't like it.

All my friends have gone
their way

we would no longer have anything in common.
- Let me.

After being here, the world
is stupid and noisy.

- What do you do all day?
- Do?

Tuberculosis occupies us
all the time.

They take my temperature
and then I weigh myself.

I don't rush to get dressed.

Breakfast, read the press
and go for a walk.

Then rest, lunch
and play bridge.

I rest again and have dinner.

I play bridge again
and go to bed.

Isn't it monotonous?

No. The library is good,
with all the news,

I don't have much
time to read though .

I like talking.

People of all kinds are here,
and they come and go.

Sometimes they leave thinking that they
are cured,

but many return again.

Sometimes they leave because they

I have seen many die, and
I hope to see many more.

Mr. McLeod always
so optimistic.

"With a smile on the lips
and tears in the heart."

- Burns.
- Scott.

Well, one of the two.

Miss Bishop, this is
Mr. Ashenden.

- Haunted.
- Same here.

She is English, but it is not
her fault.

- How long have you been here?
- Only two years.

The Dr. says I'll be fine in a
few months and I can go.

Don't be silly. Stay where you
are well cared for, listen to me.

- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

- Commander Templeton?
- So is.

Come with me.

- Dr., I was looking for you.
- Something wrong?

I won't know until
I ask him something.

Something personal.

- You better come in.
- Thank you.

- Don't take me for curiosity.
- Sit down.

No thanks.

I want to know if Commander
Templeton is coming today

is George Templeton.
- I think so. Why?

He is a man of ill repute.

A reprobate and a libertine.

He was guilty of the divorce
of my niece,

and he did not want to marry her.

They wouldn't have been happy,
but they were respectable.

I shouldn't let you
stay here.

Templeton morale
is not my thing,

nor from anyone in this sanatorium.

While you are here you will be
my patient,

And I'll do my best to heal it.


- Commander Templeton.
- Come in.

Who is the old woman?
His face is familiar to me.

One of the patients.

- Sit down.
- Thank you.

- I like to get there before everyone else.
- Where we sit?

- Are there assigned sites?

Don't expect to already have
the best table.

That is achieved over time.

- You will have a very good one.
- Yes, with Campbell.

¿Con Campbell?

It's better this way. He has a bad temper
and I am the only one who dominates it.

- Sit next to Ms. Bishop.
- A good site.

- This is Mr. Ashenden.
- We know each other.

- And Messrs. Chester.
- A pleasure.

- Did you enjoy the ride?
- I can't get too far away,

but the scenery was pretty.
- Lovely, right?

Today Henry and I made it
to the river. Truth?


Mrs. Chester is not a patient, she
has come to visit.

- Are you staying here?
- In the village.

I come every month from London
for a weekend.

- A long trip, huh?
- But I like to see Henry.

Every time I come he
is better.

Don't you think, Miss Bishop?

Yes much better.


- It's Templeton, isn't it?
- So is.

Charmed. I am Campbell.

He likes music?

- Much.
- Good! It is not often here.

Do you want me to touch something?

I'm not very good,
but I'm not bad either.

- I met the Dr. at three ...
- They will look for him. Come on.

- Sit there.
- Thank you.

I'll touch him something of mine.

But if you get bored, tell me.


Do not mind it.

Are you going to stop making noise?

If I tell Dr.

You know that I can play, except in
the quiet hours.

Touch yes, but don't make
that infernal noise.

And you...

I don't know who he is, but he encourages
him, gives him wings.

- I think he plays well.
- Do not tell me?

I wouldn't say the same after listening to
that tune for 15 years.

What? You can't tell one melody
from another. Ignorant.

If you don't like it, hold on
or move rooms.

That's why he does it.

He wants to kick me out of my room,
because he's the best and he wants it.

Ah, there he is, Templeton,
I was looking for you.

The Dr. awaits you.

I go.

Not so fast, I'm not
as strong as you.

Forgives. Do you want to rest?

- We have all day.
- You have a lifetime.

Right now we only have
the weekend.

Let's not spoil it by arguing.

I don't know why you're throwing money away,
we can't afford it.

Glad you mention
the money.

I wanted to talk about it.

- I knew you were up to something.
- Please...

- Forgives. Tell me.
- Sit down.

Do you remember the Austin?

- They went to India 3 years ago.
- Yes because?

They have returned and cannot find a place to

There are only two.

We could rent them
half the house.

They would pay good rent, and Tom
wouldn't have to help us.

I know it tastes bad.

- What do you think?
- Why are you asking me?

I thought we should comment on it.

The house always mattered a
lot to us .

- It's not my home anymore.
- Do not say that.

It remains as yours
as ever.

All your things are still there,
just as you left them.

Throw them away, give them away, I won't
use them again.

No, Henry.

You do well thinking about
your future and making plans,

But leave me out

You seem to enjoy
hurting me.

You shouldn't blame me for
that little pleasure.

I will die soon and you have years
ahead and to have fun.

You are not fair!

They are doing
everything possible for you .

And why don't they listen to me?

Why don't they flinch
when I have a fever?

Because they give me up for lost,
I have no remedy.

Don't torture yourself like that.

Why did this have to happen to me
, why?

It is cruel and unfair.

I would resign myself to having led
a dissipated life,

being a womanizer and night owl.
I deserve it.

But I have not been like that.

It's very cruel.

Here are worse cases than
yours. Much worse.

Come on, you're not
one to pity.

You are like the others.

Let's cheer it up, let's pretend it's
not too bad.

But I know the truth.

They can't fool me.

Dime, Henry...

Do I rent the house or not?
- As you want, don't bother me.

I want to be left

Funny how
the Chester's argue .

They say that he is waiting impatiently
for her visits.

But as soon as he arrives ...

Perhaps you are disappointed.

A cigarette?

- No, they have forbidden me.
- Me too.

Lennox says if I don't quit,
I'll be a basket case.

No one lives forever,
and I have enjoyed life.

- Is he in the military?
- No. You do, right?

It was.

I retired three years ago.
It prevented me from living.

- Afterwards I had a lot of fun.
- How?

In races, hunting ...

The south of France in summer.

- There are many girls there.
- So they say.

I like them pretty, it
is one of my weaknesses.

- Married?
- No.

Nor I.
And without wanting to be.

I like to be free.

- Good afternoon, Mr. Ashendon.
- Hello.

- Who?
- Miss Bishop.

- Very pretty.
- I would not try anything.


He knows how to take care of himself, he is not as innocent
as he seems.

How do you know?

I spoke to her after eating.

It takes eight years from sanatorium
to sanatorium.

Will you let someone comfort
and protect you?

I do not know.

Sr. Ashenden...

- Tell me.
- Seven o'clock, you must go to bed.

- So early?
- So late, you will say.

It should already be in bed.

Have you seen Commander

He went to the library
half an hour ago.

- I haven't seen him since.
- Thank you.

What do you advise me to read?

I don't know your tastes.

- How about Jane Austen?
- I don't know her.

- A somewhat sloppy education.
- Much.

- Could you improve it?
- I have better things to do.

- Which?
- Get into my business.

Here's a Sherlock Holmes,
why don't you read it?

- Is the conversation ending?
- Maybe.

Seven o'clock, Commander.

- And that?
- You must lie down.

How do you say?
I'm chatting with Ms.

- It should not be exhausted. Let's go.
- Very well.

I'll take my first ride tomorrow.

- Will you accompany me?
- Well...

I'm not very strong yet.

- Then I can't refuse.
- Very friendly.


Go down to town?

Get my luggage, then
I have to catch the train.

Shall I walk you to the gate?

- I can't go any further.
- Haunted.

- How long have you been visiting him?
- Two years.

About two years.

Henry got wet one night
working in the garden.

We had bought land
to plant gooseberries.

- He got cold and ended up like this.
- He is recovering.

You believe?

I am very concerned.

Don't worry, you need

I shouldn't talk about it,
but I can't help it.

I love Henry.

I would do anything for him.

I want to help him recover,
but he is cruel to me.

- It leaves me devastated.
- He's very patient with him.

It must be very hard.

It sure is just because
of the illness.

Thank you.

We were very happy,
we never got tired of talking.

But now we only spend
one weekend a month together

and gets mad at everything
I tell him.

- When he gets well ...
- How will he manage to be so unhappy?

The house was everything to him.
There is nothing here.

He does not like to read or play

and does not agree with those of here.

Just think about your illness.

Won't you catch a mania for
what I told you?

- Of course not.
- It was very good.

Until he got sick he was never
cruel or selfish.

Everything will be solved for sure.

I can't go any further.

When will he return?

Before Christmas.

- Friday the 23rd.
- It will be nice to see you again.

If you can talk to Henry
from time to time,

will you do me a favor.
- I will, calm down.

Thank you.

- Bye, until Christmas.
- Until Christmas.

'm sorry that Mrs. Hammond is n't here to see this.

- He enjoyed the tree so much.
- You will enjoy the one at home.

- Hello, Mr. Ashendon.
- Hello.

I think you had a good time
with the Dr. today.

- Nothing bad, I hope.
- No, just the monthly checkup.

- Satisfactory?
- Quite.

Hopefully I can leave
in the spring.

We will regret losing you.

We were commenting now that
the sanatorium is not what it was.

- It has lost category.
- Yes? Why?

Before, the Dr. did not allow
certain behaviors.

I don't know why he turns a blind eye
in this case.

Nobody is bothered by
innocent flirting .

Among decent young people
who are going to recover.

If you mean Miss Bishop and
Templeton, don't worry.

I know a lot about

Did you know they practically
kicked him out of the army

for seducing the
colonel's wife ?


Took my niece to Goodwood

lost a hundred pounds
in a race,

and asked her for half a crown
to tip the taxi driver.

He is an evil man.

It shouldn't be
in a sanatorium.

And it's indecent how you behave
with Miss Bishop.

The more I look at it, the
more I like it.

- She is very pretty.
- Thank you.

Many men have told you .

but they got nothing.

- It doesn't give me much encouragement.
- I didn't mean to.

I've been from a sanatorium
to a sanatorium for 8 years ,

and I know how to defend myself from
predatory males.

- You think I am?
- It looks all right.

It is very sincere.

We will probably be here a
long time

it is better to make things clear.

- Flirting bores me.
- Agree.

But nothing prevents us from being
friends, right?


- You don't like me?
- Not much.

- I improve when I am known.
- That will be seen.

Can I tell you that I
appreciate you very much?

I do not know why.

I never met anyone
like you.

- How many have you said that to?
- To many.

That is better now.

I think we'll get along fine.

The first kind word
he says to me.

I think it's bad.
Very bad.

Many women like
men like this.

I do not deny that it has
its appeal.

Would you let me kiss her?

I would not like anything.

Let's change the subject,
let's talk about something else.

Very well.

- Hello. Merry Christmas.
- Mr. Ashendon!

- Anyone waiting?
- To you.

To me? My husband always comes.

- Isn't it worse?
- Not well.

He is tired and is waiting for her
on the bench at the end of the road.

- I'll bring your luggage.
- Thank you.

It gave me a scare.

- Is it really okay?
- Yes, but this stretch tires him.

- Shall I bring you the basket?
- Do not let.

- What is he wearing?
- Something for Henry.

gooseberries he planted.

- What a treat.
- Yes, you must try them.

I got worried while
preparing them.

I used a new jar with
a different lid.

But they have turned out very well.
Henry will be delighted.

Come on, coachman.


- Hi dear.
- Hello Darling.

- You had good trip?
- Yes. I was sitting in a corner.

How are you

I see you better.
Right, Mr. Ashenden?

- Of course.
- Give me that.

It's for you, I'll give it to you now.

Best wishes
for a merry Christmas.

- What is it?
- Gooseberries from the garden.

I promised
to preserve them.

How can you bring them to me?

Can't I get enough without
you doing this to me?


What have I done to
you to torture me like this?

It didn't even occur to me.

That did not occur to you!

Well, it's time to think.

Stop making noise!

I can't even think.

Campbell, stop it!

Do you hear me?

That man can drive
anyone crazy .

What have you done now?

Mrs. Chester told
him that she liked that tune,

and for six weeks he has been
playing it non-stop.

I will not die of tuberculosis,
I will go crazy because of him.

Hi. Glad to see you
up again.

It was just a cold.
I'm fine now.

- Lets take a walk?
- Only to the forest.

- Doctor's order.
- Take it easy, it's better than nothing.

Mr. McLeod, can you finish
the game for me?

I almost beat him.

Will there be something between them?

They say he was a womanizer
before he got sick.

That girl knows how to take care of herself.

You never know.

Stranger things I saw
in my time.

She will be foolish
if she falls in love with him.

It can be cured.

- And he didn't?
- No.

As soon as I see someone I know
if they will be cured or not.

And if not, I can predict
how long it will last.

It would give Templeton
about two years.

Don't worry, you. it will heal.

If not, I wouldn't have told him anything.

I don't want Lennox to kick me out
for scaring patients.

- You're not tired, are you?
- I never get tired of you.

When they told me to come,
I didn't think I would adapt.

I thought it would bore me.

You have been my salvation.

I don't think I've ever been
so happy.

As long as you're here, I can
stay forever.

Don't be silly, it's just because
you feel better.

It's not just because of that.

I guess you know I
'm in love with you.

Do you accept some advice?

- Clear.
- Fall out of love.

Ask me for a necklace or jump
the moon, and I'll do it.

But don't ask me to stop
loving you.

I can't, and besides ...

I do not want.

- Bad business, huh?
- You feel nothing for me?

I would be a fool.

You told me you knew how to deal with


How many tried to
conquer you?


I'd like to twist
their necks.

Do you know I was about
to call you "honey"?

- Why didn't you do it?
- It wouldn't have been feeling it.

- You are so cruel.
- Yes, I have a very bad temper.


You are the sweetest,
kindest and most beautiful girl in the world.

- The nap bell.
- Forget it.

We will have problems
with Lennox.

Isn't it time you let me
kiss you?

I had not thought about it,
but if you feel like it,

just a kiss, and here.

Just one and ... there?

- Hello.
- Good afternoon.

Have you seen with what guilt
they let go of the hand?

And that she had her hair wild

- It would be the wind.
- No wind blows.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

- Can i sit?
- Of course.

Is it not true that they ensure
the good reputation of this sanatorium?


It's time for the
older residents to do something,

and decide once and for all,

whether this is a classy sanatorium
or a fairground barracks.

Yes, and I am glad that you are taking
the initiative.

I don't like meddling
in other people's hobbies.

- Do you call it hobby?
- I can think of another name.

And I, but let's be charitable.

We must force the Dr.
to take action.

- Shall we form a committee?
- I have a better idea.

Let's make a request.

Older residents to sign .

Wouldn't it be difficult to express such
a complaint in writing?

It is very simple.

I have it right here.

Straight to the point and straightforward.

"The undersigned,
older patients of this sanitarium,

We hereby demand
that you prevent Gordon Campbell from

drive us crazy playing
the violin.

We also demand

that if they see him playing
within a mile radius,

ask him to leave
the sanatorium. "

There you go.

- Sign, please.
- But...

What does
Mr. Campbell's violin have to do with it ?

- How do you say?
- It's the key.

We think you were referring to
Miss Bishop and Templeton.

They don't play the violin.

Have you noticed his
scandalous behavior ?

Does matters?

They don't keep us awake.

I don't care what they do,
as long as it's silent.

Well, I won't stop Campbell from
playing the violin.

I like it.
However those two ...

Do you know they spent the afternoon
together in the woods?

If you and Campbell spent
an afternoon together in the woods,

they would be busier.

I'll serve you tea.

Tomorrow is 31,
I must write to my mother.

- Why?
- It's his birthday.

Mr. Chester, your wife is
coming soon.

- You will be looking forward to seeing it.
- This month will not come.

What a pity. Why?

The Dr. thinks that it is better
for me that he does not come.

It seems somewhat drastic to me.

- Send the Dr. to hell.
- You know what you're doing.

Easy, maybe next month

So sorry.

You will miss
your visits very much.

I asked the Dr. to write him
so he wouldn't come.

- Why?
- Because I can't take it anymore.

spend the whole month waiting for him to come, and when the ...

I hate her.
- Come on man.

I hate being so sick
and seeing her so healthy.

It tortures me to see the pain
in her eyes.

- Total, what does it matter to you?
- Surely a lot.

They fake it, but are glad
they are not in your place.

Don't you think you will hurt her by
not letting her come?

It will have to endure.

I have enough with mine
without worrying about her.

It is very hard on her.

It's easy for you to be generous, you
will live, I won't, and I don't want to die.

Because I should?

It's not fair.

Chester, sorry.

- He does not assimilate his state.
- Because he feels sorry for himself.

They say that suffering ennobles,
but it is not true.

It tends to make us mean,
complaining, and selfish.

- You don't see much of that here.
- Clear.

In a sanatorium there is not
much suffering.

The slight fever that causes

exalts rather than depresses.

- When do I have to review?
- Come tomorrow.

Better in the afternoon.

And quiet, it's okay.

- Better than me.
- Why do you say it?

Hasn't bitten one
in two hours.

This was done on arrival.

Do you see this area damaged?

This is from last week.
Sees it?

- Fully cured.
- Good.

When will you kick me out then?

We will wait a month
and you can leave.

Unless you want to spend
the next 17 years here,

like Campbell and McLeod.

I owe a lot to both of you.

They have done more for my health
than their treatment.

Yes, they are a good comic number.

Come on.

Give me time to think.

You'd think all night,
if I let you

You have no shamrocks left.

- Leave the card, you've played it.
- Not until it's covered.

You picked it up when you saw my king.

My turn.

It's red hot and McLeod has
a great double slam.

- Roll, roll!
- Don't be upset, calm down.

¿What calms me?

I've wanted to slam
my whole life, and now I have it.

A great double slam and roll.
Unburden yourself with the violin.

You are a bad loser
and a bad winner.

No wonder, you're
a McLeod.

I don't care about your insults anymore.

It was my dream, and thank God
I have beaten a Campbell.

I've got it on hold, Templeton.
Help me, Ashenden.


I have brought you flowers.

Very friendly.

- Where did you find them here?
- I ordered them from London.

What a waste.

They smell good.

Would you be surprised if he asked you
in marriage?

I've been waiting for it for three months .

If you had told me,
I wouldn't have waited that long.

- Do you accept?
- No, it's absurd.


We are sick, we have come
to be cured, not to get married.

- Do you consider me an invalid?
- Of course not.

I am so in love with you.

I fell in love with you
as soon as I saw you.

Do you remember that day
you treated me so bad?

There you conquered me.

- Why haven't you married?
- It's easy to answer that.

Because until I met you
I had never fallen in love.

How absurd.

It would be crazy
for two sick people to get married.


Maybe I'm in
love with you.

I'd be glad you were.

I don't know how it feels to
be in love.

- Is it like being somewhat drunk?
- Better.

I don't know, I've never been drunk.

But if it is to feel radiant when seeing
a certain person,

So I think I'm in
love with you

My love!

- I've been so lonely these years.
- I also.

I was too stupid
to realize it.


Hi, Campbell.

He doesn't seem happy.

- I'm not.
- What's wrong with him?

I thought I had no problems anymore.
He has McLeod's room.


That is why I come to see you.

I was in it all morning,
but ...


I'd like to go back to the old one.

Whoops! He insisted years for me to
give him McLeod's room,

He asked me to kick him out,
and now he says he doesn't want it.

The self, I self.

Whoa, whoa!

How strange you are

Why don't you play the violin anymore?

He hasn't played since
McLeod's death .

I'm not excited anymore.

He played to make
McLeod mad

But now no one cares
what he plays or not

- I will never play again.
- Bullshit!

I used to say that I couldn't
live without playing.


- What a day.
- Great, right?

- At last spring came.
- Yes, there are bluebells in the forest.

- They say he's leaving.
- In two weeks.

Me too, very soon.

Do not tell me?

- Surprised?
- Not because?

It will when I tell you

I have
proposed to Evie Bishop.

What did you say?

Which was the most absurd thing I
had ever heard,

and also crazy.

- He'll admit he's right.

But he's still going to marry

He looks at me like those two old ladies.

Has the Dr. told
you it's okay?

I don't need him to tell me.

I've never felt better.

Clean air, quiet life and Evie.

What better to make
someone feel good ?

- Are you really in love?

It's strange at my age

fall in love with a
decent girl .

The last thing I would have expected.

Before, I thought
decent girls were boring.

But she is not.

No, it's lovely.

And pretty.
And very intelligent.

But it wasn't what
won me over.

Do you know what it was?

It's absurd that he conquered that,
an old fox like me.

The virtue.

What I never wanted
in a woman.

- I guess it surprises you.
- Absolutely.

He is not the first libertine to give in
to innocence.

It is the chochera of
middle age.

How scathing.

What does Lennox think?

I still don't know.

Evie wanted to get a checkup,
and I had one too.

He did a lot of tests
and X-rays.

He will give us the results
in the afternoon.

- When will you talk to the Dr?
- I think at four.

- It is the most scandalous.
- Worse still, it's a crime.

Someone should inform
your relatives.

- Dr. Lennox will stop it.
- Insurance.

Keep it.

- Have another tea.
- No thanks.

OK yes.

the Dr. is free now.

Good luck.

You're not nervous, are you?

- Nothing.
- Liar.

- I'm not more nervous than you.
- It stands to reason that it is.

This means a lot
to me.

Don't say that, you make me sad.

I love you so much that I don't think
of anything else.

You give me a kiss?



Let me see.

Yes, I could.

Yes, delighted.

Very kind inviting me.

Sit down, I won't be long.


Yes, I can get away for a few days.
My assistant is very good.

Yes, I'm very excited.



An acquaintance has invited me
to go fishing.

It has the best salmon
in Scotland.

Well, let's see ...

Here is everything.
Results, X-rays, everything.

Do you want me to explain it
to you in detail?

No, we understand little about
medical jargon.

We just want to know
if we can get married.

I am afraid it would be

Very little?

I'll give you the facts,
and then decide.

Miss can never lead
a normal life,

but living like these years ...
- In a sanatorium?

- Yes.
- I could very well live ...

if not until old age, yes until
which anyone would like to live.

The disease is inactive.

If you get married. If you try to lead
a common life,

the infection could be reactivated.

The result of this would be

What about me?

His is different.

It wouldn't be so brutal,
if he could help it.

But since you asked,
I must tell you.

If he marries, he
will die in six months.

If not?

You can tell me the truth.

Two years,

- Maybe three.
- Thank you.

It's all we wanted to know.

What I said.
Dr. Lennox has prevented it.

If not, they would have come
to announce it to us.

Poor things.

Where are they?

In the library upstairs,
I went to get a book earlier.

They were alone, so I went out
and didn't get in the way.

Was she crying?

No, he was smiling.

Here they come.

What happens to them? I see them happy
as a Easter.

Nothing, is that we are going to get married.

- No!

- When?
- As soon as we have the license.

- We want to get married here.
- In the village church?

Yes, my family would disapprove,
we won't tell them until later.

I will ask the Dr. to be
my sponsor.

I would like your wife to come,
do you think she will?

- Well ...
- Please ask him.

He's very nice inviting her.

I will write to you today.

Thank you.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

I have behaved badly with you.
Excuse me.

- I know it wasn't with intention.
- Yes it was.

I wanted you to suffer
because I suffered.

But not anymore.

Do not say anything.

- I understand.
- But I want to tell you.

I want you to live and be happy.

I will not be angry again,

because I love you.

¡Oh, Henry!