Trinity Is STILL My Name! (1971) - full transcript

A couple of two-bit thieving brothers try and keep a promise to their dying father: stick together and become successful outlaws. Bambino reluctantly agrees to show younger Trinity the ropes, but their gentle demeanors tend to diminish their haul by repeatedly helping the selfsame family they initially held up. Fun ensues in town and at the local Spanish mission where they are taken for federal agents, mistakenly so identified by Trinity's young love interest, daughter of the aforementioned family.

They call me Trinity

Bring beans faster.

If you have money, I give
a plate of beans.


Not hungry.

A and A...

Leave it here.

- Is there a fugitive
- We'll find it somehow.

Relax, Chico, so
I live know more..

At least until tomorrow.

Is there a way to find out...

You're starving.

After so umbl?tur? over
fields get starving.

So you have something and conscience?


And what have you on the conscience?

Look at him, he's super dirty.

Lucky you.

Just relax, Max, May
resident must're 12 hours.

I'll be dead useful.

I'll stand by tomorrow.

- I imagine you dangle the morning.
- Like a puppet.

Stay quiet, you're not hurting you.

You all humans, right?

Stay quiet, Max.

Vamos, hombre, on the road.

- What?
- Top.

Minimum on someone and it
who wants to die

is a cross with his name on it.

- So, what's your name?
- I say Trinity.


- He's..
- Right hand of the devil!

On the road!

- How much I owe you?
- None.

- It's on the house.
- Thank you.

However, the bean was not just good.


They say you're the fastest gun.

- It says that...
- Yes.


So Chico, say what happened.

A gringo wanted to
sleep with my wife, se?or...


But when I looked in his eyes
black were milled and then crashed.

I think I hit my head.

- Sure.
- Yes, and I think that, se?or.

- And saw someone else?
- No, just me.

Think about it!

- You want to tell my wife and knife
- And I...!

This gringo wanted to
sleep with my wife.

Yes, and you hit him with a very small knife.

Yes, se?or.

Get out and leave me alone.

- Left when I finished.
- You want scandal.

- I job much.
- And us.

- Then it's only one solution, Mel.
- Yes, the hardest.

Please leave.

- And sheriff
- gone.

Tomorrow at dawn you give
the way our friend.

We climbed into the bed of a woman.
She did not want to.

He left.

Should be judged.

The judge's wife fell into place.

And it would have remained there if
the man would not come.

- It was bound.
- Your friend chose the wrong bed.

The law is the law and even if you do not
understand, it must be respected.

You have one minute to exit the city.

This is your last warning.
Release him our friend.

Guys, it seems to be
to choose a new sheriff.

- Hey, you...

Yes, Paduchiosu.

I think he refers to them.

Drop sheath.

Now it's your turn, sheriff.
Drop it.

They'll die before I managed to retire EASC.

- What did I say?
- Madre mia, who is he?

The left hand of the devil.

- Who
- A fugitive.

Blame always falls on Mexicans.

- What and tell
- Self Defense.

- Send him home.
- I was nobody here.

Only this gringo.

- He wanted...

He wanted to sleep with my wife, se?or.


Ugly wound.

Lucky for him that the bullet did not hit the artery.

Help me less.

- Anaesthesia.
- Yes, se?or.

- It was a great knife
- No, very small.

Still a ?nghi?itur??

- How's Mom?
- Always something bad happens.

- Where the hell...?
- In New Orleans, is a brothel.

Speak of the bullet.

Here it

Put your finger inside.

You're always gringos
" nis hiijos the Putas."

Want to our e culca?i with the.

A good idea...

Sleep easy.

Tomorrow you can take him to
you to his beloved wife.

- Yet quickly retreat...
- Yes, thank you for"help".

- There were only three.
- Yes, this time.

But many more will come
in this town dirty.

Better to disappear before
the brothers" gunmen" to come.

- I do not want any trouble.
- Have you been involved in and something else?

This smells burnt.

- Who is he?
- My brother.

It's just in passing.
Leaving tomorrow.

So he smelled when he came.

I had three pieces
soap- up to clean it.

Would you shake hands with me,
you must first wash.

I do not want tetanus.

What does that mean?

- How'd you like that?
- I was tracked.

The one who holds the sheriff badge?

Two days after I escaped
from prison in Yuma...


He does not follow me,
have just the same way with me.

I never knew that, so that I shot.

Later I learned that he had to
replace the sheriff who had been shot.

He had sheriff badge in his pocket.
I took place.

- To me the wait people.
Go to California.

I plan to give it a break,
but to us you're starter.

I do not know how, but
to make sure.

This is not a prison but a crapper.

Reminds me of beats in the bar,
when you were gone.

Officers have beaten two peasants.

I am now able to eat only gray and

that those officers are lathe to the floor.

They were armed?

Peasants are certainly not
armed, and Sheriff.

Let us get your take a bath
before becoming a pig.

Wash and tomorrow you're gone.

- See you.
- No, see you later!

- You're really brothers?
- Yes.

We have the same mother.

I have seen so much dirt from
when Pecci flew by.

This is the last time!

It should be a great chaos in the city?

Are you thinking of course the people officers.

They break peasants hands and feet.

But peasants back.

- Why not fight?
- It's against their faith.

These people are freaks east.

They do nothing but pray and
to work, to pray and to work...

- What will my brother?
- None.

I've never seen a
sheriff so unlucky.

When something happens, there are
elsewhere and vice versa.

Always been unlucky.

If I knew that you take your zdren?ele
stuff, Did not I would have given the last soap.

- Good, And Sheriff.
- Shut up.

- What about him?
- As always.

- People the officer?
- Yes.

I want to go to bed.

We do not review, so as luck.

Officer, I start to get tired of your hooligans.

Let alone give the peasants,
either get the guns.

- Why did you do that?
- Yes, why not?

Be understanding, and Sheriff.

Cowboys who work hard have
need little fun Sunday.

Like peasants beat
deprived of defense?

Peasants must induce different
i become too lazy

That's normal.
Did not know?

Mind your own business and let me do it
and my people alone.

All right.

What did you say?

Hoth bumps.

There is only one way to act.

And to tell you frankly, I do not like.

Guys, listen.

What's wrong with you Jeff.

And sheriff starts to annoy me.

It's a bit stupid to understand the
what it takes us this town

So you must learn it through
the hardest way.

They work hard but
the officer does not care.

Wants to have around
valley for horses.

Forget it, you're not ? sheriff..

I know...

If the army comes cause much clutter.

Before my boys to reach.

- He must win.
- Why?

Outside the valley is the most beautiful and
and horses that I've seen.


If you ban the peasants of the valley and
and bring their horses who will care?

- That's helpful.
- Officer...?


It's easier said than done.

No one in town will not
the officer against people.

And I will not succeed this alone.

No, no.



- For a dollar a day?
- No.

And ammo..?

And accommodation and meals...?

And you're going to persuade the old man Jonathan
keep you.

An understanding...?


Yes get your carcass aside and let me alone.

It seems they want to so eze here.

We can make them change their minds.

Show them how to
builds a house cool.

Does not look...

We must work and play games

- Welcome, Major.
- I welcome?

- We do not lie.
- Just hide the truth.

If so miraculously disappear
in front of your eyes...

did not suffer at all.

We do not want such a miracle.

Only a sense of our poverty.

There is nothing more irritating
than a hypocrite.

I've come here with Caruth
with zdren?e and much hope.

A lot of faith, Major.

And after a few months they emerged
by chance he supposes and your brothers.

And then" faith" can build
a house to fit within an army...

Fold and fill with cheese.

That must be a
worthy poverty and profitable.

- God has Dacian wild cows.
- And that you fast then you have marked.

While I and my horses hit
feet of rocks...

your cows gain weight and so i
and that will be multiplied.

All we want is a piece of
land where we can live.

This" piece" is on
12000 tons of earth, my friend.

Only a small part.
's Enough for all.

Leave vo and three horses to graze here.
We have nothing against.


Get your things, people, gutters,
cows and get out of my valley.

- We traveled 3000 km.
- You can still do 3000 km longer.

- We have children...
- I hate children.

I tried to speak to the
highest sim??minte yours.

But I have to remind you that
we came first in the valley.

I believe that God said:

The last shall be first.

- And so why hurry?
- It's bad to be cynical.

- E practical.
- May God forgive you.

I hope, but do not think this would happen.

Let this be a reminder, old man.

Whether you leave the valley or bury you here.

You can choose one.

Get out, guys.

At work, guys.


- What's this?
- Mezcal and his band.

For stealing from us from time to time.

Very interesting.

- Welcome, brother.
- Thank you, brother.


You forget that you are guest.
Nod brother Tobias.

- Gracias.

Yes the poor brothers some food.

- Does not taste.
- There else.

You did it to not share with anyone.


Next time I want soup
garlic and mucho vino.


You know what would be said idiot Older
if it were us?

God works in mysterious ways.

And that's for sheriff.

- By the way, where is he?
- He left town on horseback.

I told your brother that you left today?

Day not finished yet.

I bet something will happen
in town now that he's not here?

I talk to you.

I told you not to get lost?

We need those things.

- Out!
- Wait.


I'll pay for it the day judec??ii.

Stay trezi?i.

Go home to the stables with cows.

- We have a new sheriff.
- Watch.

- How?
- Ask the officer.

Officer Harrison wants to Us
let's store bought.

- That's not fair.
- No.

Be right back.

- Who is he?
- Does ? sheriff badge.

Turns out.

Give him what he asked for.

- You're kidding me, right?
- No.

Uploaded Caruth...

This is not a gonna like the officer.

What was the officer?

Hey, you.


- We have an extra guy.
- No, we have an additional officer.

It would be good if you could tell people
Thy let the peasants to stay.

It's nice that against
Steps to people either.

If you proceed, vo and three people will suffer.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

Shop destroyed three heads
super melons cop?i broken as...

a man wounded and one gelding.
All in 2 hours!

- You asked me to help you.
- Not so, narrow minds.

You should have see her eyes.

- Looks like two frightened elves.
- Two elves frightened.

Sure prostitutes hunting customers.

- Where are you going?
- The elves.

No, you come home with me, do you
bring clothes and then leave.

- Thanks, and Sheriff.
- Thank you and I.

It was a peaceful town before you came.

- Disgusting but peaceful.
- I know that.

What will happen to his captives?
'll Be hanged or release?

I do not want to work for them.

Release them all

- Bambino...
- Do not tell me Bambino!

And let me tell sheriff?

Do not call me...
if you're just about to drown.

- Can not you give out of town.
- I'm the sheriff.

- It's best to get out the door softly i
- What do you mean?

You're not the sheriff but horse thief
and not even a good one.

Not so hard!

- So what?
- I remain.

And this to me
one dollar a day and food.

- This is blackmail.
- Yeah, that's

Okay but if you do a lot of noise
will be good to go.

Sheriff Deputy and sleeping in the office.

- Hey, You Sheriff.
- Shut up!

And Sheriff...

- Iara and quarrel you doing?
- I'm a peaceful man.

- Where are you going?
- At the bar to get a drink.

- And to think that...
- Come with me and I'll make one hell.

- Only one...
- More than looks.

Deputy Sheriff and remain on mats
tonight, or?

I shoot you on this,
son of a bitch old.

Forget it, it's faster than a snake.

I do not think that's so, but
your friend tells you: let him.

Let us come out.

No there's no fighting tonight.

- That I liked.
- What you said about my brother?

You want to start fights.

I asked you
say about my brother?

- You heard right.
- Say it again.

Fear of you...?

You have more humor than sense.

And Sheriff...!
Wake up.

And Sheriff, and Sheriff, wake up!

Open in the name of the law!

You must come to the bar quickly.

- What...
- Your brother is there.

- They killed
- It was still standing when I left.

But they will bolt if you do not hurry you are.

We're seven and you just
six cartridges in the revolver.

Are you with us?

Did you used up paying now,
you do not you and the debt.

Are you with us?

- Hurry up, and Sheriff
- Yeah, yeah.

- What is happening here?
- Broke the law.

- Do not...
- Yes.

They said there were a son
prostitutes grand...

This is bad...!
How fix this, guys?

Had it not been That one could have
to resolve this as among men.

Not going to get him out...?
They are just new.

Get weapons.

Close a door

Lock it!

Want to do it yourself?

I just woke up,
So I'll take your part.

That was not so clever, my friend.

Can I go to bed or you have other plans?

I came to drink.

I have to leave to tell my mother...

That's right

Yeah, so she's not old at all.

Do you have other plans?
Steal cows, deliver burglary...

Play cards...

I'm too busy doing nothing.

- Who are they?
- Peasants that officer wants to displace.

- Why are no guns?
- That's their religion.

They do not believe in violence...

- How do we incurred officer
- They pray and get in return kicks.

Welcome, brothers.

- Who told him that we are brothers?
- Not me.

- Lord sent you.
- I came only in passing.

Get your stay with us, brothers.

Come and your little odihni?i.

How nice of you to Come.

I owe you because you've helped
our sisters Sarah og Judith.

They were innocent, you're
Surrounded by evil.

But the Lord heard his prayer
yours and sent you on.

That's right

It's quiet here...

That's why it is not allowed
the officer to dirty place.


Do you want to share with you
New depleted our table?

Need to duplicate...?

- Your guns...
- What?

The Lord's table is without
no symbols violence.

Do not let them away from you.

Let us pray.


I thank you for these gifts...

that we give of your mercy.

And defend them on of our brothers who
are not at hand.



All the children and sisters to go.

Forgive them rude, are
that some children get ill educated.

Brother Tobias!

We were passing and I said:

Why not go visit my brother Tobias.

- You want to duplicate...
- No.

I do not want to abuse you
that room each day.

- You are always well comers.
- Yes, we will come.

Why do not you remember me
to hide my revolver?

You know brother Tobias not
like guns on the table.

- Now you know.
- Knife?

- Bring the wine.
- Yes, se?or.


I said wine, not water.
Where's the wine...?

- Excuse me, brother...
- Where's the wine?

Where's the wine...?

Put them in a row.

Not you, you idiot.

I will drink no wine, no...?

I do not drink wine, but
you what you like,...

- Wait, brother...
- You're not my brother.

- He likes it here probably...
- and the other side.

How dare you to give in one
of my brothers?

- Did Ask forgiveness
- forgive me.

Where are you going?

Come and get your cheek...!

I have not seen before

A and A...

Fish Love it!


Would not it be better to go?

Dude, I tried to tell you that
my our guests disagree.

They take an eye for an eye and the law
tooth for tooth seriously.

Forgive them even more and come another time.

Jur: Mezcal not forget.

I and I.

- Brother Tobias, I was so scared.
- They left really?

Now you can and you're doing yourself.

A bullet in the forehead
Mezcal and fish change their mind.

God is the one who gives and takes life.
Our weapons are faith and love.

Well said, brother Tobias.

Only love can defeat evil.

Says in the Bible.

Do you my body heat will warm blood.

Get your thirst quenched
nectar of my chest.

My lips will say only words
to praise our Lord.

- Thus spoke.
- And is so right.

- Your Guns, brothers.
- And your hat, Brother.

- If you need me...
- For us!

If you need us,
you know where to find us.

Not move up!

God is with us.

- Good night, Jonathan.
- Go to hell!

"He's leaving tomorrow,
He's just in passing."

He will remain throughout life...

What city ugly...
What horrible people!

We should and shooting a bullet in the head.

Here it

Mexicans are too drunk to
to be able to stand.

I was sick, so I I
gave a little whiskey.

- Nice of you.
- That I and I.

- But I'm always wrong esc.
- Oh, shut up.

Yes, yes, I eat everything!
It may last your table.

Why is that?

I saw two new guys in town

Everybody knew not promise anything good.

- What?
- To greet the newcomers.

I hope you doing not fight?

- I hate people sigh of relief.
- Let this and stay here with me!

What would people do without horses?

Great Caesar, Alexander the Great...

Great men of Spain...

It would have been great without horses?

What would have been formed nation
so without this noble animal...?

This debt could be paid
better than by giving them...

're green meadows where graze and
to grow in peace?

So I want that valley to
be mine at any cost.

And if you convince them
the peasants to leave...

I will reward you with a large amount o
allows you to Withdraw.

- Valley is already you, officer.
- Good.

But first you need to make busy
to ? sheriff and the deputy sheriff.

They disturb us the most.

- Can You very well appoint a new sheriff.
- I'll do that.

A glass of sherry?

It's coming...

No thank you, officer.
Do you work.

That's what I call service to have your take seriously.

Watch the deputy sheriff.
's Very fast.

You heard Mortimer...?
? Sheriff's Deputy rapidly.

- Where are you going?
- To see the surroundings.

It's one day quiet Tita...

Therein lies the
quick vice sheriff, Mortimer.

Can I help you with something and vice Sheriff?

Are you interested in something in particular...?


- What about the horses?
- No time.

He said 10 seconds.

You had nothing to do with this, right?

And Sheriff, the city was peaceful
before coming madness.

He can not shoot and hit that
the citizens of our...

you just because you
give the sheriff badge.

I want you and the sheriff deputy
to give your resignation.

Otherwise you will have to talk to
my friend the governor.

We can not let them get away out of this.

Cursed be the day you were born.

You're worse than pure evil.

What to do with Mexicans?

- Get them out.
- It can not stand.

Give him whiskey and Make him sleep.

- Issues...
- Nothing special.

We put a bounty on my head.

The new sheriff And I took the badge
not dead, leaving just lame.

And follow me now.

And now I ask for help...
that I may find myself.

$ 200...?

Are you thinking to denounce
on your own brother?

This is an insult...
Not for $ 200 pr?p?di?i.

- Come with me?
- Where?

You rely on the fact that I never
that I will not shoot, do not you?


Why do not you ever teach?
Go home mother in New Orleans.

Take with you a few girls
the Mothers and sons.

Get out now.

- Farewell.

If I felt like, I'd be stuck.

I think not.

Good to see you, brother.
What brings you here?


You were our angel guns.
God be with you.

But if you're decided to Stay
here, you're welcome.

Thanks, but I have to go.

It's a shame.

But how do tulle.

Before you go to Sarah and Judith
'd like to get your thank the.

I'm down at the water.

- I'll send someone after them.
- On going there anyway.

You'll enjoy.

- E Trinity.
- Welcome, brother.


Hot water.

And not your horse!

He can swim.
I do.


Oh, but...

What are you...?

From the first moment I saw you I
want you to stay with us.

I thought.

You could have your make a house here...

with devoted spouses who care for you.


You knew that to allow our faith
men to have multiple wives?

This becomes deeper.



If your invitation still stands,
there is still one day.

All we will share with you.

There is no way
to stop the officer?

He never cancel.
Vine, before you realize you.

Our destiny is in God's hands.

He has no weapons, so that
we are helpful.

God probably is not you
mind if you defend.

We can not kill people.

Bastards are worse than snakes.

You will not be able to return
always cheek.

We will see what the Lord wants.

I hope that he has a gun.

You could get rid of all the band.


We propose...

Who could it be?

Looks like you some bother tourists.

Or two fugitives without any law.

Lord and he walked the fields.

But he had no army on his tail.

Ask him what you want.

If something happens behind you.

Give to him who is thirsty
BEA says in the Bible.

There is the saying:
Give the starving food...?


You're R?yskatt, is not it?

And you're Flaumann...?
And you look on the Bambino?

You know where it is?

Yes, we are waiting for you.

What are you doing here?

Hey, boss.

I rotted there for several weeks.

I thought you were hanged.

I took her to gallop
because we pursued one.

We have retired and then I shot.

And that was a lame sheriff.

He is not chasing us.
I was just the same way.

- Did you kill him?
- Almost.

What's with that badge?

I hide behind the law.
Listen to me.

A pleasant work awaits us.
Like a ripe plum.



The most beautiful herd of stallions
we mark with iron red.

How you knew that I'm here?

I said.

Listen here, Bambino...

I do not want to listen.

I just want to say...

Get out!

You heard the boss...?

I have something very important to tell you.

I saw the officer on the way
towards bordering Mexico.

Means that it will stop at Mezcal.

Peasants did not have any chance.

Help me get rid of sheriff ? and
then get married.

- Get married.
- Who...?

Sarah and Judith.
I have not decided yet.

I'll lay here


Yes, forever.

I want to forget the past.

Our old mother swears by.

Whether it becomes a woman's honor,
if I lie.

This is an agreement between us.
I'll help you.

Whether our paths split...

I'll not be sorry.

As respects the officer, I thought...

- I'm the one who's thinking.
- That's what I thought and I.



It's nice that officer.

It has a lot of money.

- Stay here in the shade.
- Thank you.

How do we go our
large enemy mine?

Now I'm your best friend...!

Your people shot at us yesterday.

If you steal my horse I'll be
need to let them shoot you down.

But if you work for me, you have horses.


Mezcal will rob Texas
for 20 stallions.

There is a special way of
eradicate the worm's that?

That and you have to decide yourself.

- Just one thing...
- And that is?

Let me steal 20 horses
after work.

A work is humiliating.
Stealing is a pleasure.

Jeff, people have to steal
the Mezcal 20 horses.

Without Catur shot this time.

Collided on the 20 stallions.

- When we attack...
- When will the least expect it.

Send a spy to follow them
and then let me know.

'll Send Emiliano.

Is capable of approaching hats
men without them - and realizing.

Thought that they would come 20...
gunmen all together.

If you will not use the weapons you
fertilizers and the earth with your bodies.

Our faith forbids violence.

November 4 Just do not think we
could keep the officer chest.

You need to ask the Lord
a temporary solution.

Do you get that quick, man.

We have to decide now.
Otherwise we will have no hope.

We will only appear.
Do not want to kill.

And that's fine.

to begin.

When someone is heading by hand
straight to you what you do?

We gathered with the left and
then hit the right.


You enforce the left and knock the right.


Break with the left...

See what's happening...
It's a matter of precision.

What do you do if you throw one
a filler citizen you?

I do not know.

Watch and down...

- Understand?
- Yeah, man.


Look here to see what to do.

Look at me.



Experience is the best teacher.

If you are unable to
move the hands, should

you use legs...

Upstairs, it's your turn to try.

Throw it up and then down.

- A quick take on...
- No time to lose.

EASC'll succeed.

I thought...

If it's advice, keep it to yourself.

I just want to get your opinion heard.


Do you think it's someone we
spying under that sombrero?

- It's a serious chance.
- That's what I was thinking and I.

Come here.

Try each other.

Up there, in the sombrero is
certainly a spy.

Bring it.


- Problems
- nothing important.

There's a man up the cliff...
R?yskatt invite him up here.

Heaven to guard our friend.

And the spy.

If you're waiting for, you will talk.
Who sent you?

Emiliano not betray anyone.

Emiliano says it all.
U are one of the people of Mezcal.

Officer promised to Mezcal
20 stallions...

If we displace the peasants.

Not to go to that plan
good without me finally!

I know you too well.
You're like an open book.

Then let's see if I read it correctly.

You will take the place of Mexicans
'll steal the 20 horses..

And then you run with R?yskatt
Flaumann and the Frisco.

Esc wrong?

You read that correctly.

It's good to get your start your brain uses.

Would you do us a favor to repay you
for your life miserable?

- Of course.
- So should be.


Do not shoot!
E Emiliano.

Mezcal we sent you after horses.

Get them now running.

Take only those 20 horses and disp?re?i.

I'll take two whites.


- What you've done with peasants
- Good...


- You have killed a few
- everybody.

Children, women, old...
all are dead.

I've killed them all?

Yes, cats, dogs...

- What massacre
- Yes, a great massacre.

- 20...

Quiet otherwise beyond counting wrong.


Where's the sheriff?

- Who are you?
- Who's you...?

Jonathan Swift.
I care office.

And sheriff is outside.

When it?

If they catch you must
be back around...

To catch who?

Horse thieves.


- And Sheriff
-'s some resemblance.

They are indeed.

You know where they go?

They said...


Put display them out in front of the office.

If you catch them, we'll pay for it.

They drove to the bordering...
we solve this, and Sheriff.

All the children are in Caruth.

Take care of children.

Flaumann, go behind the house.

- Do you know where Tobias
- He went down into the river.

And the horses?
Where did you go


It sees something, brother sentinel?

No, and Sheriff, nothing.


Get ready positions..

E Jonathan.

Are you looking officer..

What does he want?

Let them justice.

Some of the horses were fura?i,
and you must bring them back.

I can not help him now.

Do not keep all the horses for you, I hope?

- What way?
- Horses the officer.

- You came to tell me that?
- Among other things...

A man came into town today

with mustache, sheriff badge and crutches.

A typical lame ? sheriff.

I seek out those due to
whom remained lame.

- I sent the bordering.
- Good.


Thank you.

Yeah, sure..

- I want my share.
- I have not thought about it.

Why did you take with you and him?

Could not remain in the city.
Be?ii When people say the whole truth.

Put Mexican and Caruth
Make sure you stay drunk.

Very good, mate.

Where the hell is Tobias?

Just coming.

- I thought you were gone.
- No, I worked hard.

I dig some graves, now that we have time?

I hope you do not want to Turn
place in a cemetery?

- How do we stop the officer?
- By faith.

Faith is an invincible fortress.

Officer will not shoot as women
children and defenseless.

Maybe he was right.

You shoot a gun
group of children and women?

Not in children.

If you do not do that, then
no officer will not shoot them.

What are you thinking now?

You're the one who thinks about...
and coming and with a good idea.

If it fails and you" trick faith"
whole valley will be red with the blood spilled.


Plays their last card.


I welcome your wishes, old man?

Your silence does not prevent me to get your
destroy your precious poverty.

- Why waste my time?
- Quiet!

It's one thing to do.

It will be a busy day for you.

But you earn money in an honest way.


Destroy the whole.
Start with the house.

But not too hard striga?i.
Hate noise.

Give c?ru?elor fire and tents
chased away those cows and dirty.

And then it's to the chase...
Mezcal and will handle the rest.

You speechless?

You lost the battle, ofi?erule

Opinions of others must be respected.

You're educated.



Start, guys.


- Come here.
- A second, guys.

A new plan..

We start with c?ru?ele and tents?

I do not think that.

To drive out the cows?

Do you mind your animals?

I do not come...
What to do?

Respec?i to your rules.
We're in your house.

Drop your weapons.

- What?
- Make your way you mean.

That'll make him brother
Tobias very happy.

Hates guns.

Hope you have a good reason

There's a good reason, my friend!

Your plan has functioned as a miracle.

And Sheriff...
That's really infact.

Look, you can make belief.

Yes, in a pipe of rifle.

It happened.

For now...
but it's not and you still end up.

- Do not...
- Yes, it ends here!

Must end here.

These words told the preacher,
son of David, king in Jerusalem:

Your hat...

It's a time to be born up, it's time
to die, to love and to hate.

It's time to...

Brothers, it is written that it's a time
a fight...

A win, brothers!

Excuse me, bro

No, man, let him.

Come back, brother...!
Skip to action!

- Thank you, brother.
- Get out.

Gather the horses and get out.

Valley is yours,
but give me horses are mine.

- Which Horse
- The ones I've stolen from me.

- Watch what you say.
- Are horse thieves.

Major never lie.

Have you been to Nebraska?

They say there's a variation
of your beautiful meadow.



- Thank you...
- forget it!

I thank God, brother.

Satan left on this earth.

Receives our thanks, Dad.

What does that mean?


- What's this?
- It is our sign, bro.

E Law holy plate.

Do not you know anything?

I just think that those people would
have to cover those dead as...

And I?

I'm not mad at t

I'm mad at my mom..

I should have you choke
or drown you at birth.

O you naughty son's insidious...

Do not be nervous, and Sheriff.
It was the hand of fate.


Get together with destiny
your sisters and your brothers.

And ancestors, cows, everybody.

Always unlucky!

Let us pray.

God, in your honor Wholesale
loving cups.

Receives these sheep...

over which the hateful
guns and threw a pity...

the purifying fire of your forgiveness.

Destroy the seed of evil that
soul sit handcuffed him.

Receives it in the light of your spirit.

He will work until you faint.

We cultivate these fields...

And to collect the work of

to cut down the forest, build
home and raise livestock.

And after fatigue of the day...

will return home with joy.

Together with his wife I'll be
thanks to you, O God...

because you drive through it
needs earthly life.

I thank you for your blessings.

And I hope to always be worthy
of your Charnelle love.

Where is our new brother?

Why do you want to come with you, Bambino...?

Lost, unless you want to be
shot while sleeping.

- I am your brother.
- I'm beginning to doubt it.

I'm going out west in California,
and you go to the east.

You see three fugitives?

Resembling some CALA you...?

- They are?
- Yes, I was robbed.

They wanted to take my boots, but you have
you saw and fled.

- In what direction did they go?
- Finally.

In California...!