Trilogy of Terror II (1996) - full transcript

Three tales of terror: in "The Graveyard Rats" lovers murder the woman's older husband and encounter horror when they attempt to rob his grave; "Bobby" is the story of a woman who summons her son back from the dead; and in "He Who Kills" an African doll goes on a murderous rampage.

The answer is no.

I'm not going to reconsider my decision.

He's fired. Finished. Qut!

After the next board meeting,

your precious cousin
is going to be unemployed.

But why?

You're destroying his career.
What has he done?

What has he done?

He's done you, my dear.
That's what he's done.

Oh, please, Roger. It's just not true.


Enjoy the movie.

Oh, that's juicy.

Oh, god.

- Oh, god!
- Oh, that looks like fun.

What's the matter, my dear?
You don't enjoy the show?

You've gone too far this time.

- I'm leaving you.
- Oh, really?

Yes, really. I'm leaving you this time.

Well, I suppose that the tabloids

will have a wonderful time with these.

God, you are so sick!

Surprise, surprise.

You knew that, my dear,
when you upgraded to "wife."

Here. My will.

Go on, take it. It won't bite you.

Amazing, isn't it?

My dear wife,

still the sole heir to my entire fortune.

Give me that!

Now, you pay attention!

These are the new rules.
You are never to see Garrick again!

Until the day
I'm called to my final reward,

you are to remain
my loving and faithful wife.

Because if I find out
about one transgression,

one filthy little liaison,

well, then, you're out.

You'll be lucky to end up as a bag lady.

This is going to be fun...

Watching you attempt to cool off
those hot little panties of yours.


You think the squealer
can get away from me?

You know what I do to squealers?

I let 'em have it.

Get real, Ben. This is a serious problem.

Come on, Laura. It's my favorite picture.
It's kiss of death.

I've just got to watch this.
It's the best part.

No, no, I can't move! I'm sick!

No! No!

I love it when he does that.

Ben, we've got to talk about this.

- Why? I hated the damn job anyway.
- That's not what I mean.

It is this. It's got to stop.

He fired me, he didn't kill me.

Yeah, well, he's crazy, Ben,
and I am afraid of him.

Why don't you walk?
To hell with the money.

Oh, the money is the least of it.
I'd rather not see myself on hard copy.

He's really got you, doesn't he?

We could always kill him.


You know, we could.

Could what?

Kill him.

- Ben, are you out of...
- No, I mean it.

We could.

Are you ever alone with him in the house?

Ben, stop this!

Just answer the question.

Are you ever alone with him?

Tomorrow night.

He doesn't even like the servants,
so he clears the place out on Thursdays.

And the board meets Friday.

Ben, I can't hear any more.

Come on, babe. Think about it.

He's half dead anyway.
We'll be doing him a favor.

- Got any better ideas?
- Ben...


Listen to me.

It'll be easy.

All we have to do
is scare the hell out of him.

He'll drop dead of a heart attack.

And just think what we can do
with all that money, cousin.

And 10,000 shares of homilarithyn.

But not until
it's at six and seven-eighths!

Not until it's six and seven-eighths!
Now, get that straight!

Is everybody out? Good.

- Did you put the dummies in the gun?
- Ben, I...

Let's not go through this again,
okay, Laura?

- What the hell is that?
- Him.

Pounding on the floor.

Still want to change your mind?

Okay. Okay, let's go.

Tell Walden I want him at that meeting
in the morning!

And Watson. And Hopkins and Sanger.

If they can't get here,
they can get another job!

When I called them
yesterday morning, neither...

Well, it's about time!

Sorry. I scorched the milk.
I had to reheat it.

Can't even warm milk.

- I'm not much of a cook.
- You're not much of anything.

Go on, here. Put it down here.

- You burned me!
- I'm sorry.

Don't be stupid.

Get away! Back off!
You've done enough damage!

I said, back up!

- It's cardboard, and it's cold!
- I'm sorry.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

You're always sorry!

What was that?

I don't know.

Get out of the way.

There's somebody out there.

I'll call the police.

Hello? Yes.

This is Mrs. Ansford.

483 Cotara Drive.

I think we've got a burglar
in the house. Yes!

A few minutes ago, in the upstairs hall.

Please, please hurry.

Thank you, thank you.

Hurry. There's got to be
someone out there.

- What are you going to do with that?
- What if he comes in here?

Give that to me.
You'll shoot your stupid hand off.

What are you gonna do?

I'm going to protect my property.

Please wait till the police get here.

Isn't that sweet? That's brilliant!
Let them take the whole damn house?

Roger, please be careful.

Don't worry about my safety.

Garrick! Get your hands... let go of me!

Just like in the movie.

Thank you, Mrs. Ansford.

If only he hadn't always insisted
on doing everything himself.

It was a terrible accident, ma'am,
but it's not your fault.

- If there's anything else you need...
- I don't think so.

Drives a little better than my heap.

I'm still not sure about this, you know?
Us traveling up together.

Why? You're the only one who knows
he was going to fire me.

And as an important vice president
of ansford enterprises...

And a member of the family...

Why shouldn't I accompany
the bereaved widow?

By the way,
what did you do with those tapes?

I burned them.

That's too bad.

I would've liked to have seen them.

Don't breathe,
or we'll die from the quaints.

Well, like I was saying,

old Stubbs here does all right
for himself, don't he, Akers?

Sure does. He's got a real good thing
going out there at the boneyard.

Shut your holes. I'm just doing my job.

Yeah, sure you are, on them stiffs,
once they've been proper buried.

You know Arly. He collects things.

Like, I don't remember seeing this ring
last week.

And how about this fine suit jacket?

Don't exactly fit too well, does it, Arly?
Bet this never come from no store.

You got no right talking to me like that.

Oh, I'm sorry, Arly.
Didn't mean to insult you.

That's better.

Hey, looky there.

- May I take your order, sir?
- Yeah.

A couple of vodkas on the rocks, I guess.

It's another big night in old Salem, huh?

Real fine folks.
Bet they're from the city.

Yeah, probably here to bury
that ansford fella.

More business for Arly!

Hey, maybe something worth digging for,
eh, Arly?

The devil take the both of you.

Excuse me.

By any chance, would you be Mrs. Ansford?

- Yes, I am.
- Oh, good, good.

My name is Stubbs. Arly Stubbs.

Nice to meet you. Sir.

I'm the caretaker over at the graveyard.

I'll be putting your mister away tomorrow.

Oh, I see.

- Do you mind if I sit down?
- As a matter of fact, we do.

You city people are really something.

Now, look.

I don't want to seem pushy
or nothing like that,

but I think you ought to give Arly Stubbs
a listen-to.

About your mister, that is.

What about him?


I've been ordered to bury Mr. Ansford
in the old south yard.

But I wouldn't advise it.

- No, sir.
- Why not?

Well, that section
has been closed for years.

It's very dangerous. Ground's all ate out.

- I don't understand.
- It's them.

What are you talking about?

The rats. I'm talking about the rats.

Every cemetery has a few rats.

Oh, this isn't just a few rats.

There's thousands of them down there.
Big ones too.

Some as big as a dog.

- Why don't you get rid of them?
- Oh, I've tried. Believe me, I've tried.

I've fought them.
I've put poison all over the place.

But they're very smart.

And they've...
They've got other things to eat.

Look, mister...

- Stubbs.
- Look, Mr. Stubbs,

we can't do anything about it.

Yes. My husband felt very strongly
about being buried in his family plot.

He's exaggerating the situation.

No, I'm not. It's the gospel.

That little coffin of yours
won't last two minutes down there.

They'll chew right through it.

My god!

I don't mean to alarm you, young lady,

but if you listen to Arly,
I think you'll be wanting to put him

in one of our big all-steel jobs.

Now I've got it.
You tell us your rat-scare story,

and we're supposed to go out and buy
an expensive new coffin.

And where do we get that coffin,
Mr. Stubbs. From you?

- I'm just trying to be friendly.
- Good. Go back to the bar and be friendly.

All right, young fella. Anything you say.
See you tomorrow.

Thank you.

Thank you.


We'll be gone by tomorrow night.

"The lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want."

"He makes me to lie down in green pastures."

"He leads me beside the still waters."

"He restores my soul."

"He leads me into the paths
of righteousness"

"for his name's sake."

"Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,"

"I will fear no evil, for thou art with me."

"Thy rod and thy staff shall comfort me."

"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,"

"and I will walk
in sight of the lord forever."

"Thus we consign this fine man,
Roger Brockton Ansford,"

"to the earth from whence he sprang."

"Earth to earth, ashes to ashes,
dust to dust."

"Trusting in god's great mercy,"

"by which we are born anew to a living hope"

"through the resurrection of Jesus Christ
from the dead."


Are you all right, Laura?

Oh, yes, Taylor, thank you.

Roger's will is scheduled
to be read tomorrow,

10:00, my office.

Look, are you sure you're strong enough?

We could delay this.

No, I'd rather get it over with.

But, Taylor, I just want you to know
that I really appreciate your concern.

You've really been very kind.

Okay, then. Tomorrow, my office.


You know, I really can't stand that guy.

What's wrong?

Would you tell me
what the hell went on in there?

- He didn't change the will, did he?
- He didn't change the will.

- Then what's wrong?
- There's nothing left.

What do you mean, there's nothing left?

The company is a hollow shell.
He's been draining it for years.

That's impossible. What about the assets?

- The real estate is worth $700 million.
- He's converted everything.

Where's the cash?
He couldn't have spent it all.

In Zurich, in a series
of numbered and coded accounts.

So we get the codes.

Well, it seems that Roger microfilmed
the numbers and destroyed the books.

- Where is the microfilm?
- That is something we have to find out.

I just knew he would do
something like this.

That son of a bitch.

Every time I think of all that money

just sitting there
in some big, shiny Swiss bank,

stacked and waiting,
it makes me want to throw up.

How do you know you can trust
that shyster Jennings anyway?

You're not a lot of help over there
with that cue in your hand.

About the only place we haven't looked
is in his damned coffin.

- Oh, that's it.
- What?

It's in the coffin.

I don't know why
I didn't think of it before.

That's exactly what he would do...

Keep it on him so no one could get it.

That's a pretty wild idea.

No, not for him.

And it's in his watch.

- His watch?
- The only thing

he left specific instructions
to be buried with

was his antique gold watch.

- It has a secret compartment.
- How do you know that?

Oh, he left it on his desk one day.
I opened it.

You could easily keep
a strip of microfilm in there.

Where did you say
your mister kept the booze?

In the cabinet.

Because this certainly calls for a toast.

Bet he's got a couple of rings there.

A gold watch, chain.

Not a penny more, Mr. Ansford.

Old Arly knows what to do with them.

Yes, sir. Now to see
if we can open this grand bodice of yours.

What was that?

A hearty good evening to you, Mr. Stubbs.

Well, what? He's a grave robber.
He got what he deserved.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's dead.

Would you please give me a hand? Come on.

Oh, my god!

Is it there?

- I've got it!
- Open the back.

It's here.

You were right, baby!

Have a nice trip, Ben.

Oh, my god!

I got you.

Oh, my god!

God, no!

I command thee, Eurynomos,
to do whatever I desire,

for thou art conjured by the name

of the everlasting, living and true god.

Here I am. Come.

Fulfill my desires and persist
unto the end in accordance with my will.

I conjure thee by him
to whom all creatures are obedient.

By the ineffable name tetragrammation,

by which name the elements are overthrown!

The air is shaken, the seas turn black,

fire is quenched, the earth shatters,

and all the hosts of things of hell
do tremble and are confounded.

Eurynomos, prince of death,
I command thee!

Return my son Bobby,
who drowned by accident.

Return him to me now! I command thee!

Return him to me now!

Return my son to me.

My son, who drowned.

I ask...

I command thee.


Is someone there?

Is someone out there?



Mommy, it's me.



It's you!

It's really you!

You're alive!

Oh, Bobby!

Bobby, my love!

I was desolate without you.

Do you know how desolate I was?

I'm back now.

And, how, Bobby... sit down here, sweetie.

How... where... when... how...

Where were you?
Tell me, what happened to you, sweetie?

I woke up, and I remembered who I was.

I left their house,
and I walked here in the rain.

- Miles.
- But where, sweetie? What house?

Somewhere on the beach.

Their name was Green or Breen
or something. I don't remember.

- Please, mommy, I'm cold!
- I'm sorry, sweetie. Come on.

Let's get you out of these wet things.

I'm going to take good care of you, Bobby.

My Bobby! My Bobby's home!

I kept your room just the way you left it.

I didn't touch a thing.

Come on, sweetie.
Let's get these wet things off you.

There you go. I'll get you a towel.

Rub-a-dub-dub. Remember that one?

Let's do your hair. Here.

Okay. Now...

I want you to tell mommy what happened.

Well... I remember water. Cold water.

And, mommy, I couldn't breathe.

And then there were these people,
and they picked me up

- on the sand, and...
- On the beach?


Oh, Bobby.

You know...

We thought you had drowned
for the longest time.

But I knew in my heart
that you weren't dead. I just knew it.

- Dead?
- You are so alive.

You're so alive. My baby!

So alive.

- I'm so hungry.
- You can have whatever you like.

Precious boy. Sweet.

Now, in the morning, I'm going to take you
to see Dr. Crosley, okay?

- Why?
- To make sure you're okay.

Mommy, what's all that funny writing
on the floor?

Oh, that. I'll explain about that later.

Sweetie, what was the name
of those people you said?

Breen or Green or something?

I think so.

Well, I'm going to telephone them
first thing in the morning

and find out
why they didn't call the police.

- They did, mommy.
- No.

No, had they done that,
the police would have called us.

- "Us"?
- Your father and I.

- Where is he?
- Oh, he's on a business trip.

I can't wait for him to telephone.
Boy is he not going to believe me.

- Okay. Now, what do you want to eat?
- I don't know.

How about a sandwich, eh?

If your father could see us
eating tuna fish at this hour!


What, sweetie?

Was I always a good boy?


Was I always a good boy?

Well, of course you were.
What kind of question is that?

Did you love me?

Did I love you? I do love you, Bobby,
from the bottom of my heart.

And were you nice to me?

- Why all these questions?
- Were you nice to me?

Yes, of course I was nice to you, Bobby.

Why was I in the water?

Why did those people find me on a beach?

I don't know.
I guess you were playing out by the rocks.

Was I allowed to do that, mommy?

No. I told you not to go on the rocks.

So you told me never to play on the rocks?

Eat your sandwich like a good boy, Bobby.

I don't want it.

- But it's your favorite, and you said...
- I don't want it!

Okay, well, you make a suggestion,
and I will make you anything you want.

I want to play a game.

- A game?
- Hide and seek.

Okay. But it's late, sweetie,

so why don't we go to bed,
and we'll get up early...

I want to play now!


Ha, ha, mommy, you got to find me

Bobby, it's time for bed.

I want you in bed right now.

Bobby, where are you?


This is no time for games.

You're cold, mommy!


Bobby, will you stop this?

I want you to come here right now.


Bobby, for the last...

Oh, my god!


Bobby, what are you doing?


Aren't you glad the lights are out now,

Won't that make the game more fun?


You can hurt yourself in the dark.

Let's play hide-and-seek now, mommy.

All right, Bobby, that's it.

There will be no more games.

Oh, yes, there will be, mommy.

Bobby, will you stop this?

Oh, that's the way you used to talk to me,
isn't it, mommy?

Bobby, you're frightening me.

You could've hurt me before.
Don't you realize that?

You almost killed me!

♪ Ha, ha, mommy, you got to find me

♪ ha, ha, mommy, you got to find me

Help me! Help me!

Hello, it's John.

- John?
- My god! What is it?

He's back, John. Bobby's back.

He didn't drown.
Some people found him on the beach.

What are you talking about?

He's alive, John.

- Some people found him!
- What are you trying to tell me?

He didn't remember who he was
until tonight.

- Until tonight?
- Yeah, but, John, there's something...

What is it? What is it?

- I think he's losing his mind!
- His mind?

I don't even recognize him.
Do you know what he just did?

- You know the planter on the balcony?
- On the balcony?

- He just pushed it down on top of me.
- Pushed it down?

Yes! He just pushed it down on top of me!

And now he's just running
all over the house in the dark.

In the dark?

Yes. And he insists
on playing these games!

Playing some games?

Why are you repeating everything I say?

Repeating everything you say?

I fooled you, mommy, didn't I?

I fooled you!

You're not very good at hide-and-seek,
are you, mommy?

Okay. I've got an idea.

Let's switch places.

Now I'll find you.

Okay, mommy?

I'm starting to count.

One, two,

three, four,


Seven, eight...

Nine, ten!

Ready or not, here I come!

I'm coming, mommy. I'm coming.

Is this where you are, mommy?

Are you hiding in the kitchen?

Am I hot or cold?

Oh, well, look what I found.

A big, sharp knife.

But where is mommy?

Maybe she's in the pantry.

Yeah, that would be a good place to hide.

A pantry is a good place to hide.

Isn't it, mommy?

Isn't it?


I think I hear you upstairs.

You fooled me, mommy.

You made me think you were downstairs
when you were upstairs all the time.

Well, ready or not...

Here I come!

Hiding in the car, mommy,
isn't going to do you any good.

You shouldn't have hit Bobby.

Bobby didn't like that.

So now Bobby is going to punish you.

Well, what's this?

Just what I need.

Bobby's gonna get you, mommy.

Bobby's gonna get you!

Bobby's coming to get you, mommy.

Fooled you!

Get out of here.

Got to get out of here.

You lied, mommy.

Bobby didn't drown by accident.

You knew that.

Bobby drowned himself
to get away from you.

Bobby didn't want to come back, mommy.

Bobby hates you, mommy.

So he sent me instead.

So when I kept phoning
and I couldn't get her,

I called the operator, and she told me
that Amelia's phone was off the hook.

Anyway, I...
I got worried, so I came right over.

I got the manager to let me in,
and I found... I found both of them.

Come on over here.

Are you sure this is her mother?

Yeah. Yes, that's... it's her.

They were supposed
to have dinner together.

I need you to ID the daughter too.

What? No, I've already seen her.
I told you it's her.

I understand,
but I still need your on-scene ID.

Mr. Breslow, please?

Yeah, okay.

Come on.

Okay, okay. Now, take it easy.

Is that her?

I'm sorry. I...

Mr. Breslow,
why don't you go on along home.

I'll contact you later
for a signed statement.

Okay, okay.


What do you got?

Throat cut straight across,
plus numerous small body cuts.

Legs, ankles, feet.

We got ourselves a real hairpin out there.


Better take a look at this in the kitchen.

Pete, come over
and take this thing out for me, will you?

Some kind of wooden figure.

What was it doing in the oven?

Look at those teeth.
Nasty little bugger, isn't he?

Found these in the living room.

What is a Zuni fetish doll?

Your turn, boss.


Help you gentlemen?

- Police.
- Yes, sir?

- We're looking for a Dr. Simpson.
- Right. Come on in.

Elevator is around the corner.

Fourth floor. 416.


Door's open.

Dr. Simpson?

Leonard Spaulding.
I'm Dr. Simpson's assistant.

Gentlemen, I'm Dr. Simpson.

I believe my assistant told you
over the phone

that I won't be able to get to this
until tomorrow.

Lieutenant Jerry O'Farrell,
sergeant Rothstein.

And we're sorry about this, doctor,
but we'd really appreciate it

if you could get to work on it tonight.

It's that important, lieutenant?

Doctor, there's been
a very brutal double murder.

Two women are dead.

We think this thing
may be somehow connected.

We were told
you might be able to help us identify it.

There's not much left of it.
It's pretty badly burned up.

This thing came with it.

Says its name is "he who kills,"
and then there's some weird stuff

about a spirit of a Zuni hunter.

We figure it's probably tied
into some kind of ritual cult killing.

Lieutenant, since all you want me to do
is try and identify the doll,

I don't really see the urgency.

our experience with killings like this

is that they're rarely
a one-time kind of thing.

We can't wait until tomorrow.

Thank you, doctor.

I'll be at this number.

Call me as soon as you find anything.

I thought you were going out
with Dennis tonight.

Yeah, so did I.

Okay, well, you unwrap our little friend.
I'll go call him.

That's strange.

Seems like only the surface is burned.

It's almost perfect underneath.

Maybe it's restoring itself.

Did you see these?

According to this...

"The chain is supposed to be
wrapped around the doll

to keep the warrior spirit inside."

"Should the chain be removed,

doll and spirit will become
one living entity."

- The neck's right.
- And the balls.

Go home, Leonard.
I won't be needing you anymore tonight.

Say no more.

And I will see you, my dear,
in the morning.

- Good night.
- Bye-bye.

Restoring yourself indeed.

I love this stuff. Every day I used to
race home from school to see this thing.

Been a long day, eh, Mr. Winslow?

Oh, they're all long ones, Steve.

Want me to unlock the door for you?

No. No, I want to see Dr. Simpson first.

You know how long I've been standing here?

I don't suppose
I can talk you out of this, huh?

- Waiting forever for these tickets.
- I know, Dennis. I just...

I have to get some information
to the police tonight.

So what do I do with these?

Well, I suggest
that you go and see the show,

enjoy it, and come pick me up afterwards.

So he wins?

Afraid so.

I'm not happy.

Well, have a little Patience.

Then I'll make you happy.

- How?
- Oh, go on, get out of here.

I've got work to do.

All right. I'm going.

- Get started.
- Yes, sir.

I'll be back at 11:00. Sharp.

- Have fun.
- I'll try.

- Dr. Simpson.
- Come in, Lew.

Me and Steve are going to order pizza.
Wondered if you might like some.

Oh, it's a wonderful idea. I'm starving.

So this is what those cops brought you?

Ugly little creep, isn't he?

- That'd be a big mover at toys "r" us.
- Oh, don't be so sure.

Okay, I'll call you
when the pizza gets here.

Yeah, that's right,
and we also want a jumbo

with double pepperoni, double sausage,
double ham and double Canadian bacon.

Hey, give me that. Yo, Mr. Speedy.

Your best time was last month...
18 minutes, 32 seconds.

You think you can beat that?

He says for some incentive,
he can deliver it in 15 flat.

You do, and we add 25 percent.

You don't, we take it off. Okay? Deal?

It's exactly 7:35.

You're on the clock.

And as the scroll, says,
it's a Zuni warrior.

But it's not Indian, it's African.

I'd say the tribe's been extinct
for, oh, at least five centuries.


Let's see. They were particularly fierce,
and according to one source,

they ate human flesh.

I'm running some additional tests,

but it'll be at least an hour
before I have the results.

Is there anything you want me to look up?

Okay. Well...

Yes, of course I will.
No, you're most welcome.

Okay. Bye-bye.

- Pizza's here, doc.
- Oh, my goodness, that was fast.

Yeah, too fast. It cost us.
Old speedy just busted his record.

This one's on us, doc.
Your money's no good.

Oh, Lew, thank you so much.

- Want me to bring it up for you?
- Oh, no.

I've had enough of African warriors.
I'll come and eat with you guys.

All right.

Okay, who gets it?

- Who always gets it?
- It's all yours, Lew.

Well, gentlemen, that was very good,
but I have to get back to work.

I've got to start my rounds.
I'll walk you back.

Okay, but let's use the stairs.

You should taste my uncle Tony's pizza.
It's the greatest.

He's got a deli in little Italy.
I used to work there after school.

Yeah? How did you end up doing this?

I'm an actor, doc. Working nights,
I can still make the auditions.

- Really? How are you doing?
- So far, not so good.

Oh, well, you hang on in there, Lew.
I'm sure you'll make it.

Yeah. A lot of people say
I remind them of Stallone.

"Yo, Adrian."

Didn't I close this door?

I don't know. I think so.

What's the matter?

The doll is gone.

When we left,
there wasn't this much burned material.

- The doll is gone.
- That's weird.

- The knife's gone?
- Knife?

The knife I used to scrape
the burnt surface. It's gone.

Nothing down here.

This is impossible.

I know one thing. The doll didn't just
pick up the knife and walk out.

- You sure you left it on the table?
- You saw it when we left.

There's only one logical explanation:
Somebody took it.

Come on, doc. Who's gonna come in here
and cop a wooden doll?

I don't know.

- But I'm scared.
- Of what?

You know the reason
the police brought the doll here.

There's some killer, some psychopath,
who's already killed two women.

You're not saying
you think that's who took the doll?

I'm gonna call the police.

It's dead.

I don't know what's going on.

I'm going to see
what's happening with Steve.

Keep the door locked.
Don't open it no matter what.

- No, I'm coming with you.
- No. You'll be safer here.

I'm gonna take the stairs
and look around on the way down.

- Just be careful.
- Don't worry about me. I'll be back quick.

- Okay.
- Now, lock the door.

Just hold it!
Stop right where you are. I've got a gun.

There's only one way out,
and you're not gonna get past me.

So step into the light
where I can see you.

Where is he?

Oh, god.

My keys. Got to get my keys.

This can't be happening.
This can't be happening!

Keys! Keys.



Anybody here?