Trilogy of Terror (1975) - full transcript

Three stories interwoven together. The first, about a college student infatuated with his teacher. The second, a paranoid tale of two sisters - one good, the other evil, and the third about an African tribal doll that comes to life and terrorizes a woman in her apartment.

Hmm, whoa, the one in the dress.

Hi, how you doing?

Math class.

Oh there you go.

Oh, your coat's terrific.

The whole thing's terrific.

God, have you ever seen

so many dogs in one place?

Oh, the trouble with you Chad

is you're just spoiled.

Yeah, I know.

Good morning.

Now that's ugly.

I just got the weirdest idea.

Yeah, what?

I wonder what she looks like

under all those clothes.

Who, Eldridge?

Are you kidding?

No, I'm not kidding.

It's kind of like the idea

just jumped into my head.

Basic literary triangle.

Can anyone tell me

why Fitzgerald's
name is on the bottom?

Mr. Foster.

Because Fitzgerald's
liberated work of the 20's

beginning with
"This Side Of Paradise",

formed the base for
the extended realism

of both Hemingway and Faulkner.

Quite correct.

I would like to amplify this
aspect of the discussion,

but I see by the clock

that our time is up.

Your assignment due
for tomorrow's class

will be the final chapter of
"For Whom The Bell Tolls".

You are to summarize this
chapter with special emphasis

on the prognostic time
continuum thought processes

relating to his father's death

and his own
impending death in Spain.

Class is dismissed.

Thank you, Chad.

You're welcome.

You sure carry a lot of books.


Miss Aldridge, do you
go to the movies much?

Sometimes, not often.


I do.

A lot.

But then I tend
to think in pictures.


Yeah, you see my
hobby's photography.

Well that's very interesting.

Well I thought
that maybe we could...

It's very nice
talking with you Chad,

but I do have another class.


See you.

You're really serious
about that, aren't you?

Well if you've
got any funny ideas,

you'd better forget it.

Don't go messing
around with teachers.

Oh really?

Gee, I didn't know that.

Going out tonight?

No, I have too much to do.

You know, for the kind
of money they pay you,

you put in an
awful lot of hours.

That's true.


Steve has a friend.

He's a very nice guy.

But you can't just
stay home all the time.

You've got to go out some times.

I'm all right Ann.

Don't worry about me.

The problem with you is

you don't give
yourself half a chance.

If you'd work
at it just a little,

you'd really be attractive.

Ann, have a nice time tonight.


Good night.


That scene in "Sanctuary"

where Faulkner has

his character
Popeye rape the girl.

I prefer Fitzgerald.

He only suggests violence.

Faulkner was just
telling it like it is.

I guess some
people enjoy violence,

lead perverted lives.

And speaking of perversion,

there's a wonderful
little vampire picture

playing down at the
Village Drive-In this Friday.

It's all in French
with English subtitles.

It's a real classic.

How about going
to see it with me

for reasons of
cultural expansion?

Well I thank you Chad,

but you know,

teachers aren't
allowed to date students.

Or didn't you know that?

So, who'll find out?

My lips are sealed.

I won't tell.

You have your pick of all
these lovely coeds Chad.

Why would you want to date me?

Because I prefer
maturity in a woman.

All those others?

They're just a bunch of kids.

You look like
you could use a drink.

Yes I guess I could.

It's ridiculous,

but these kind of
things always upset me.

You want popcorn too?

Oh no, I couldn't eat anything.

But a drink would be
fine Chad, thank you.

All right.

What'll it be?

Two large root beers.

All right.

And easy on the ice.

Two large root beers,
easy on the ice.

How much is that?

A dollar.

There you go.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Here's your drink.

Thank you.

Taste's bitter.

Yeah, mine too.

I guess they're not putting
enough syrup in them.

What's the matter?

Don't you like the movie Chad?

Sure I like the movie.

It's just that
I like you better.

What's wrong?

I don't know.

Do you want to get
out and get some air?

Can I do something for you?

Yeah, I need
a room for the night.

Me and my wife.

The name's Harker.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Harker.

You got any bags?

Yeah I've got baggage.

It'll be fifteen
dollars in advance.

All right.

You need to fill out the card?

Thank you.


What time is it?

It's late.

We're home.

Boy you must have
really been tired.

How could I?

Did I really fall asleep?


I'm sorry.

I mean this has never
happened to me before.

I'm just sorry that I took
you to such a boring picture.

Well I...

I warned you at least.

I told you I wouldn't
be a very exciting date.

Forget it.

I decided to let you sleep.

I figured with
all the work you do,

you needed the rest.

Still I'm afraid
I spoiled your evening.


I had a fine time.

Chad, I'm really sorry.


I thought we agreed
to forget about that.

Yes, we did.

I had a very good
time, thank you.

Can I call you tomorrow?

I don't think so Chad.

Why not?

Because it was foolish
of us to go out tonight.

I could lose my job

and you could be expelled.

No board of trustees tells me

who to see and who not to see.

I do what I want.

Now Chad.

No, I really must
be firm about this.

We can't go out again.

We'll see.

Good night Julie.


It's me, Chad.

Chad, It's not
even eight o'clock.

I want to see you.

I told you last night

that I don't think we should.

Listen, you get dressed

because I'm coming
over there right now.

You and I are taking
a little drive together.

Absolutely not.

Now what's the matter with you?

I don't find this
at all amusing.

It's not meant to be.

Are you ready to tell me

why you're behaving this way?

We?, didn't I tell you?

My hobby's photography.

You drugged me
last night, didn't you?

How could you do
something this sick?

Well I think they came
out rather well, don't you?

Oh, and you can keep these,

because you see,

I have the negatives.

I'll call the police Chad.

No you won't.

First of all, you have no
proof that I drugged you.

I'II deny it,

and offer these photos as proof.

Tell them you seduced me.

That you've got
a thing for your students.

Now, I'm sure you
don't want the police

or anyone else to see these.

All right Chad.

What do you want from me?

The realism of Faulkner,



and even Hamot

opened the doors

to a new kind
of literary expression,

indigenous to the new
American frontier experience.

Here was a raw muscle prose

which completely
transformed the period

and formed a direct bridge

linking us all the way from...

from the aesthetic realism

of a Dreiser

to the rather disheveled...

Class is dismissed.

Class is dismissed.

What are you doing up?

Do you know what time it is?


Will you please tell
me what's going on?


I didn't stay up all night
to get that kind of answer.

I'm worried about you.

It's been like
this for a month now.

I know.

Julie, this isn't like you.

Please tell me what's happening.

I really can't
talk about it Ann.

Go to bed.

Hey, I want that on.

I want it off.

Since when does
what you want count?

Since now.


This second.

It's all over Chad.

It's over.

Nothing is over

until I say it is.

I don't think so.

You see, I'm bored.

And when I'm bored,

the game is over.



Not terrified, not shocked.

Just plain bored.

Who's idea did you think
this whole thing was?

What are you talking about?

What I am talking about Chad,

is that you are a singularly,

unimaginative young man.

Did you really think that

that dull little mind of yours

could possibly have conceived

any of the rather dramatic
experiences we've shared?

Do you remember the day

you watched me
walk up the steps?

Since that moment,

your mind has not been your own.

Why do you think you suddenly
had the overwhelming desire

to see what I looked like,

under all those clothes?

Don't feel bad.

I always get bored after awhile.

Although, there was
one boy in Denver

who did keep me amused
for almost nine weeks.

But then he was
wonderfully creative.

First you'll
experience dizziness.

Then mild paralysis

and then total cardiac arrest.

You've drugged me.

No clear, I've killed you.


I told you about
those chemicals Chad.

How dangerous they could be.

He was one of your
best students, wasn't he?

Yes, he was,

wonderfully bright

and a spirited boy.

You know, I warned him
about those chemicals,

how dangerous they could be.

Are you sure you're okay?

Julie, I can skip work
and stay here with you.

No, you go on.

I'll be fine.

Are you sure?

Yes Ann.

Miss Aldridge?


I'm Arthur Moore.

I saw your notice on the board.

And you need help?

Yeah, I um...

my lit grades are lousy.

Do you have time
for me Miss Eldridge?

Of course I do Arthur.

In fact if you like,

we can start right now.

Oh that'd be great.

I'd like that a lot.


I think we're going
to be friends Arthur.

Very good friends.

The funeral is over

and I'm alone in the house.

Therese is out cavorting
with one of her men

on this night when father

is barely cold in his casket.

Iran some old family films

to remind myself when it began.

Even then at twelve,

she was already
using her wiles on him.

Poor mother.

So weak, so innocent.

Never suspecting the
depth of evil in Therese.

My spoiled sister.

Her sweet little face

never fooled me for an instant.

I knew the darkness behind it.

I knew the fomenting
ugliness in her soul.

Mr. Anmar?


Please come in.

I know what you're thinking.

You're wondering how
sisters look so unalike.

I have never found it necessary

to affect the ways of Therese.

Please sit down.

Is she here?

Oh no.

She's gone to a party.

A party?

This afternoon at the funeral,

she seemed so distraught.

My sister is an
unusual girl, Mr. Anmar.

I doubt that you
truly understand her.

Which is why
I've called you here.

What do you mean?

I want you to look at something.

Here's Therese and father.

She was fifteen then.

I want you to notice

the way she's pressing
herself against him.

I, I don't understand.

Why are you telling me this?

My sister is evil, Mr. Anmar.

I think you should know that.

Even as a child,

she was vicious and cunning.

But father worshiped her,

and she him.

When she was sixteen,

she seduced him.

Now look,

I don't know what
you're trying to do,

but I don't want to
hear any more of this.

It was not long after that,

that mother died.

The doctor said
it was an accident.

That she had taken an
overdose of sleeping pills.

But it was no
accident, Mr. Anmar.

It was Therese.

She had put those
extra pills in her milk.

If this is true,

how could you live in the
same house while they...

Well you see,
I had no place else to go.

I had no money

and no way to earn any.

No escape.


I kept to myself

as much as possible,

and tried to avoid Therese,

to ignore what was happening

in this house.

You don't believe me, do you?

Miss Laura, I don't
know what to say.

These books show what she is.






These books aren't
just relics, Mr. Anmar.

She uses them to capture
the souls of others.

By her own admission,

Satan guides her.

You don't really expect me
to believe this, do you?

But you must
believe me, Mr. Anmar.

You see,

Therese's soul is damned.

I cannot help her.

But I can help you.

Miss Monroe,

I'm afraid you're the one

that really needs help.

How naive you are.

Do you really think
she cares for you?

She lies to you.

She laughs at you.

Sorry, but I really
must be going now.

I know all about
that night at Morley

and what happened there.

She told you about that?


She told me everything.


Bragged about how she
was able to corrupt you.

My sister enjoys
inflicting pain, Mr. Anmar.

And apparently she
somehow persuaded you

to share that perversion.

Now do you believe me?

Now you are saved, Mr. Anmar.

I have freed you from evil.

This afternoon while
I was out shopping,

Therese violated my room

in an insane act of revenge,

and upon my return, raged at me

using foul and obscene language,

cursing me for
having dared to reveal

the truth to Mr. Anmar.

Her behavior was
crude and astral.

She's becoming more
violent by the day.

It's as if father's death

has released
the demons within her

and I actually fear for my life.


Dr. Ramsey, it's Millie.

It's about Therese.

She's much worse.

Oh, I thought we
settled that matter.

You were going
to see about Therese.

But you can't imagine

the things she's
been saying about me.

About us.


She's jealous
of our relationship.

She's twisted it
into something lewd

and something sordid.

Look Millie.

I have a hospital call to
make in your area tomorrow.

I'II drop by and
we'll talk about this.

Thank you doctor.

Hi doc.

Come on in.

I've been expecting you.

You want a drink?

No thanks.

No, course not.

I suppose you're here
on your usual mission?

I know all about

what dear little Millicent
told you on the phone.

I was listening on the
extension in my room you see.

I see.

So, I guess this is just
a wasted visit doctor.

Because I know Millicent
won't talk about me

when I'm in the house

and here I am.

Did you destroy her room?

Yes I destroyed her room.

Why shouldn't I?

She deserved it.

I mean where does that
little twit get off

thinking she's got the right

to stick her nose
into my affairs.

Don't worry doc.

I'm sure she's got it
all straightened up by now

in her proper little
housekeeper's manner.

Therese, this hatred
has got to stop.

You'll destroy yourself.

Oh, I don't think so doc.

Besides, it's really
all Millicent has.

Her hatred of me
is the only passion

in her lonely,
pathetic little existence.

You know,

you're really a very
handsome man, doctor.

If you'd just
loosen up a little.

Oh, did that bother you?

Do I make you nervous, doctor?

I don't think we need
to carry this any further.

What's the matter doc?

You still a virgin?

Or um...

is it that you
just don't like girls?

I'll call again soon.

We don't need
you anymore Ramsey.

Why don't you just get
the hell out of our lives?

Don't phone us
and don't call on us.

Leave, and don't
ever come back here.

He's gone.

Dr. Ramsey's gone Millicent.

He won't be back.

What do you think of
that dear little sister?

Answer me you creep.

But I wouldn't answer her.

Nor would I allow her to enter.

I remained locked in my room,

silent while she
raged and swore at me.

Finally, she staggered
back into her own room

and fell into a drunken sleep.

How I loathe her.

I could no longer bear
to live in this house,

and watch evil prevail.

Something must be done.


Therese must die.

Tracy, what's wrong?

What's the matter?

My doll is broken.

Oh, let me look at it.

Oh my.

How did this happen dear?

Your sister broke it.


Therese did this?

But why, why did she do it?

I was just playing with my dolly

when all of a sudden

your sister came running out
of the house and yelled at me.

She said I was
making too much noise.

Then she grabbed my dolly

and threw it on the
ground and broke its head.

I hate her,
Miss Millicent, I hate her.

You poor thing.

Next time I'm in town,

I'm going to buy you
a brand new dolly.

You will?

Will that make you feel better?

Thank you Miss Millicent.

When I returned to the house,

I was still thinking
of Tracy's broken doll.

And it was then

that the solution
suddenly became quite clear.

At last, I had
found the ideal way.

How ironic.

I would use Therese's
own books to destroy her.

I began to collect
the necessary items.

Parings from Therese's
long painted nails.

Strands from her
lovely blonde hair.

The rhinestone buttons

from her most
Iedey seductive dress.

And then at last,

I had all that was required.

Therese's life, held
literally within my hands.


Hello Dr. Ramsey.

It's Millie.

I've been trying to
reach you since yesterday.

Millie, I'm terribly worried.

We must talk.

I appreciate the concern doctor,

but I no longer feel

there is any need to talk.

You see, things
are different now.

I've found a way
to deal with Therese.

I insist that we talk.

That is all I have to
say to you Dr. Ramsey.

Your advice is
no longer required.

Good bye.



Millie, are you in here?


This is Dr. Chester Ramsey,

470 Stetton Place.

I want to report a death,

female, age twenty six.

Cause of death...

Cause of death unknown.

Just a moment,

before you take her away.

I was the family physician.

I knew her quite well.

Her name was
Therese Millicent Larimore.

The most advanced case
of dual personality

I have ever seen.

He who kills.

Boy are you ugly.

That face.

Even your mother
wouldn't love you.

Very sharp.

Arthur's going to love it.

Well, better get it over with.

Hi mom.

I couldn't call earlier.

I just got home.


mother it's about tonight.

I know we always spend
Friday night together,

but I thought...

no, I feel all right.

It's not that.

Mother, I'm not sick.

Mother, there's a man.

His name is Arthur Breslau.

He's a teacher at City College.

It's his birthday and um,

well I sort of promised him

that we'd spend the night...

um, the evening together.

Mother, it has nothing
to do with preferring.

When do I break my word to you?

What do you mean when?

Give me a when,

when do I break my promises?

Well of course I love you.

Yes I do, yes I do dear.


Mother I'm not being cruel.

It's just...

it's his birthday, that's all.

I see you two or
three nights a week.

Mother please stop
treating me like a child.

I'm grown up.

I'm not yelling.

Because I like it here.

It's only a sub-lease.

They'll be back in six months.

I like having it...

for my own.

I like being alone.

I didn't mean it
that way, I'm sorry.

About a month.


I meant to tell you before.


he's a very nice man.

He's kind and gentle.

You'd like him.

It didn't happen that way.

I met him after
I rented the apartment.

Mother, you should see

what I'm getting
him for his birthday.

It's a genuine Zuni fetish doll.

I found it in a
curio shop on Third Avenue.

Arthur teaches Anthropology.

That's why I got it for him.

It's a Zuni hunting fetish.

It's really interesting.

There's supposed to be some.

Zuni hunter's spirit
inside of it and um,

there's a golden
chain wrapped around it

to keep the spirit from
making the do? come to life.

Come to life.

It says, should
this chain be removed,

spirit in do? will
become one living...

well, that's what it says.

On the scroll.

The scroll.

It comes with the
doll inside the box.

You should see his face mom.


Why is it always like this?

I will not get a headache.

I will not get a headache.

I am going to take a bath

and then I'm going
to meet my fellow.

And we're going
to have a lovely time.

A lovely time.


Hello, Arthur?


Well, I um...

you know me too well, don't you?

It is our one night on the town.

You know, every
Friday night, well...

you know, I've told you before.

I just don't want
to hurt her feelings.

My moving out was
hard enough on her.

Well, I know I had
every right to move out,

that's not the point.

I realize we planned to spend
the evening together, but...


it's only one day.

Couldn't we celebrate your
birthday tomorrow night?

I just don't want
to hurt her feelings.

She is my mother after all.

All right.


Hooray for Friday night.

What did you do,
fall off the table?

Where'd you go?

Where are you?



I guess I found you.

At least the tip of your spear.

But how you got that far back.

I'm getting warm.

Come out, come out
wherever you are.

Is that you little man?

He's got to be there.

What's going on?

Come on Amelia.

Now don't get
spooky on me Amelia.

Wooden dolls do not move about.

That bulb probably
just burnt out.

Oh, God.

Operator, operator,

please get the police.

I don't know where I'm located.

Just get the police.

It's an emergency.

There's a, there's a...

just get me the police please.

This can't be happening.

This is Amelia mom.

I'm sorry I acted the way I did.

I think we should
spend the evening together

just the way we planned.

It's kind of late though.

Why don't you come by my place

and we'll go from here.

No, I'm all right.