Trilogy of Lust (1995) - full transcript

A sensitive poor girl gets sold to a moronic fish dealer who wants to do some perverse sexual practices with her. However, she falls in love with a young gardener boy and both start having a passionate sex affair. After this guy kills the fish dealer and his mother they have to flee from the police.

First, a general checking

Lay all!

Out, it has AIDS!

High pressure!


Heart sick!



Be quiet!

Kidney stones.

Skin infection.

Mentally ill.


You're stupid!
Don't pretend to be a doctor.

You're just a stinky

Which sells fresh fish.

Your stethoscope nor deceives.

You're an idiot!

Leave me alone.


Hello. Why are you so late?

The train was full, you know?
Besides, I had to...

pay taxes for the TV.

It took me an eternity.

Could you solve everything,
dear nephew?

You are very responsible.

- I will show you your house.
- Yes, thanks.

This is wonderful!

- I couldn't live anywhere else.
- Yes, dear aunt.

You must change
the way you walk.

Wait, I will show you.

Apart the legs,
hands behind the back...

- and the head up.
- ?Why?

Because you'll look like a Lord.

- Arms, folded behind.
- Ah, well.

Everything is different now,
everything has changed...

You know? In China the lords
walk like this now.

Arms on your back and head up.

They call them capitalist in HK,

- believe me.
- Are you serious?

Why would I lie to you?

A capitalist is the same
than an aristocrat.

They're equal.

- What do you want?
- To buy.

- Light a Balrok first.
- What?

- Have you light any?
- No, not yet.

Then, do it now.

Show your respect
and you can continue.



You must pay to enter.

- Come on, give him something.
- How much?

- Are you from Hong Kong or Taiwan?
- Hong Kong.

100 Hong Kong dollars.

Just cash,
I don't accept credit cards.

Come on, give it to him.

Thank you very much.

Can we see the goods now?

Please, don't forget the condoms.

Stand up, stand up, come on,
stand up, come on, come on!

Come on, show your placards. That is ok.

Look at them.

- Look at them.
- Choose one!

They're high quality.

She is only 2500.

What's that?

It's a return from Singapore,
it's a bargain.

- A return?
- Yes, it's a factory default.

Look calmly.

This looks very appetizing,
eats little but is very strong.

Why is she priceless?

Yes! She is special.
She doesn't accept any buyer.

She only wants men from HK.

She is very intellectual,
knows many words.

Is she intelligent?

Would be perfect for you,
you are intelligent as well.

How can I take her to HK?

Don't worry about that,
just pay me!

You took so long!
I've been waiting for hours.

Hold on, we go.

Yes, good.

We have to go there.

- To these houses?
- Yes, right there.

We will arrive soon.

How can I call you?
Now that you belong me.

I don't care.

- Do you like Ah Chi?
- Alright.

Now that you're here, all will be different.
It's difficult to find a house in HK.

I could be rich and
live in an apartment...

but I cheated on the exam.

And couldn't be a doctor.
Everyone cheated.

But I had bad luck.

And I became a fisherman.

It's a disgusting life!

Fisherman's life
can be nice too.

Don't talk nonsense!

Life is unfair,
I was unlucky.

Don't be pessimistic.

We have arrived.

Get off.

Be careful.

Help me.

You're an illegal inmigrant,
don't dare to step outside.

- But...
- and don't look other men.

And now wash your face.

One moment!
Where can I place my belongings?

Wherever you want.
This is ours.

Put them in the corner,
there's place enough.



Ah Chi, he brought vegetables.

Open your mouth.

You need some teeth to be filled.

Let me see your tongue.

120/70 It's very good.



Breath harder!

Turn back.





Come here.


Tell me
Does it hurt there?

Are you sure?

Show me your breast.

Hand off!


Lay down.

Take away your panties.

I'm only checking. Don't be afraid.

Take off your panties!

Don't be afraid.

Hands off!

The old pine is in the centre, a
natural cave, a never ending sight...

over the mountains.

It's a Quan Chin poem.

Never heard of it.

First, I will take a look to the cave.

It must be hungry.

I told you it must had hungry.

- Are you going to sleep?
- Yes, I'm tired.

- I give your money back.
- ?What money?

- The money you paid for me.
- No, keep it. Save it.

Then I will keep it.

Anyway we are husband and wife.

How did your previous wife die?

She was dismembered.

- What happened to her body?
- It was eaten.

Are you serious?
How did they cook her?

The breast was roasted, hands and feet
were used for soup.

Is that true?

Of course not. It was just a lie.
Did you belive it?

I'm not a fisherman,
I'm a real doctor!

Everybody is unfair with me!

I'll kill them all!

Shut up!

What are you doing?

Take away that bloody fish!

Don't get closer!
- Are you afraid of it?

- It's just blood.
- No!

Eat it! Eat it!

Your parents were revolutionaries.

You must learn. Stop crying!

Eat the fish!

Get out!

Come here!

Let me go! Let me go!

You will pay for it, bitch!
?You'll pay when I get you!

Come on, I will help you.

- It is very heavy.
- It doesn't matter!

Give it to me!

- Where do I place it?
- That place.

Be careful.

I will.

I bring vegetables and other things,
I come on Thursday and Friday.

- If you need anything, just ask me.
- Really?

How much is it?

Nothing, I exchange vegetables
for you fishes.

Tell me your name.

My name is Ah Jen, and yours?

Mine is Ah Chi.

Ah Jen?

What do you do?

I am a farmer.

I work in the countryside with my granny...
my mother is dead.

It's boring and you don't earn many money.
It's a loss of time.

Don't say that.

We are happy, aren't we?

You look like my brother.


I love this.

I'm sorry if I scared you.

And I'm glad you fell into the water.

Come, we have arrived.

Who is she?

My wife, miss Chic.

Shut up!

It will be funny.
I brought her here so you can learn.

Learn what?

About what?

You come from the interior.
And you don't know about it.

complicated can be simple,
and simple can be complicated.


Lay down.

Look if you want to learn.

Take notes of everything.

- This is called, "Hit the cow".
- Yes.

Can you moan a little bit?


This position makes us crazy.

This position is called:
"Hit the bottle across the river".

This is known as:
"Old cow at the countryside".

This is
"Hanging drum over the dragon".

Did you look carefully?

The you can show
what you have learned. Come!

Get out! On you kness.

Come here!

- Doggy style.
- Yes.

Come on, turn around.

Hey, come on, crouching!

"The frog crosses the river."

Come on, try it,
you don't know what you're missing.

I'm sorry.

See you.

- What are you doing here?
- I was just bringing some vegetables.

- Then you can leave.
- I'm leaving. I'm leaving.

What is this photo doing here?

I don't know, nothing.

Your last wife was very beautiful.

Really beautiful!

Ah Chi?

Ah Chi!

It's you!

If you don't need me, I will leave.

Ah Jen! Come here and take a look.

Ah Jen!

Look at the eel's shape.

It's long and fat.

Don't stop!

See how beautiful is everything!

Precious, isn't it?
You don't have a place like that in the City.

But we can do everything here.
I plant and I take care of all this vegetables.

All this work is done by
both of us.

Ah Jen!

- What do you want?
- Come here, I want to show you something.

Be quick.

Ah Jen, I want to introduce you to
this young girl.

He is my grandson, Ah Jen.

- Chat for a while, he is lovely.
- Good afternoon.

What do you do?

Talk me about you.

Don't run , don't run.

Do you want to go out with me?

Why are you running backwards?

Don't you want to chat with me?

Come on, chat with me.
You heard my grandmother.

Where do you live?
Don't you want to chat with me?

Decide yourself.

You are crazy!

Leaving so early?

She didn't want to chat with me, granny.

What's happening?

Your brother is a revolutionary!

This is the result.
He deserved death!


- You're here at last.
- Ah Chi!

Be careful.
Wait, I will help you.

- Thanks, uncle N?23.
- You're welcome.

I came to visit you and to talk to my nephew.

- Esto est? resbaladizo.
- S?.

- Do you like your new life?
- Yes, aunt.

Stay for lunch.

What's that important for you to come personally?

I need his advice, you know?


That's enough.

- What do you want?
- I have opened a store...

and I need money.

- I was wondering if you can lend it to me.
- I don't have any money.

Come on, you must earn many money
with the fish farm.

The business is going bad, I don't have money,
I spent all when I bought her.

You can't do this to me, I'm your aunt.

- I need the money, it's urgent.
- That's not my problem.

I can't lend it to you. Enough!

Why were you born?

You don't have sense of responsibility!

- You can't talk to your aunt this way.
- It's not your business!

Why are you talking like this?

Lend her.

- It's a shame!
- That's enough!

Don't forget I bought you a TV.

With a 14 cm screen,
the others are bigger.

Are you serious?

- Don't you like it? Shut up!
- Calm down.


- But when you needed a woman...
- Please, stop it.

- you came for me, ?right?
- Please, aunt.

- Be ashamed, you bastard!
- He didn't want to offend you.

- Leave it.
- Eat and stop talking,

I'm paying this lunch.

?I'll never forgive you!

?Come on, continue eating!

The West is red...

sale el Sol.

El Oeste es rojo...

the sun shines.

What's wrong?

Then eat!

- What is this man doing here?
- Who?

- That one.
- He's a chinese ex-officer,

he is amused by his birds.

Why? Do you know him?

Or what?

Please, forgive him.
He wasn't serious.

No way! Not after last night.
You heard perfectly what he told me.

And he is not going to lend me the money.

He is that way.

I'm old!

I made a long journey
and he won't help me.

But when he needed something,
I always helped him.

He is a bad nephew!

Ah Chi!
I'm bringing vegetables!

- I'm coming.
- Ah Chi?

Leave me.

I missed you.

- Go away, my aunt is here.
- What? Your aunt?

Don't ask, go away!

But why?

Who is it?

Ah Jen, he brings us vegetables.

- My aunt.
- Oh, your aunt!

Well, I don't want to disturb,
I'll go back inside.

I'll rest for a while.

Do it, you'll feel better, aunt.

- I'll hang out the clothes...
- And I'll help you.

Did you finish with the clothes?

you know how to get fun.

?Why don't you lend me the money?

Instead of your husband.

Give me my clothes back.

Give me the money first!

Give me my clothes back!

- Do you hear me? Give it to me!
- Let me go.


- ?Where is the aunt...?
- She went home.

?Qu?... se ha marchado?

She said she would stay for diner!

I don't know, she left so early.

If I knew
I would't have bought so many food!

- Granny, Is Ah Jen here?
- Mary, I'm glad to see you.

Ah Jen is right there

Do you see him? He's there.

Hello, a guest has come.

- Leave that now.
- What? Yes.

Ah Jen, be hurry.

Do you want to continue with our chat?

stop it,
I prefer to go into the house.

Go inside.

Come on.

Come, we will leave them alone.

Can you lend me some money?

- I don't have any.
- You don't have any!

And now?

What do you want?

And now?

Come here, help yourself.

If you say that.

- What's that?
- They are beasts!

They are very passionate.

So you thought I was going to lend it to you?

come on, tell me!

come on, tell me!


- Really not? Are you sure?
- No, let me go!

I won't let you go!
You wanted to talk to me, right?

Now I'm talking with your nipples.

Let me go!
I don't want to talk with you!

Do you like it?

Maybe your pussy wants to talk to me?

Do you want me to get this inside?

No, don't do it.

Do you like it?

And now I will fumigate you.

Do you like this?

You're completely crazy!
Stop it, bastard!

Untie me!

Remember, I'm not lending money.

Fucking bastard!

You are a filthy bastard!

Excuse me, Does Ah Jen live here?

Who are you looking for?

I'm looking for Ah Jen.

Ah Jen is there with his girlfriend,

He is a fucking bastard!

Mary, stay for lunch.

I will ask Ah Jen
to cook something special.

Don't leave that way, Mary.

Whre is she?

Come here.

Do you like what I am wearing?


Look, I'm bringing fresh eggs.

Ah Chi, What's wrong with you?

Take it.

Who was that girl?

She was Mary, my granny introduced her.

I can't stand her.

I put two eggs.

- Did you lay them?
- No, no, of course not...

...they're of the hens from home,
I can't lay them.

Oh! It's so hard!

You are so...

I do anything for you
but you are ungrateful.

My grandson still hasn't a woman.

A man must be experienced.

Granny, stop saying nonsense.

I'm old enough,
I'll say whatever I want.

I'm always right.
I have more experience than you.

And I now what is good for you.

Granny, dom't worry.

I just wish you the best.

Ah Chi is not good for you,
She is married!

I know.

Ah Jen, when your father died...

...I raised you, as you know.

You're the only descendant
of Chang family.

- Can you be good?
- I am!

You're not!

Lat time you scared Mary!

You think that you know everything.

You are useless,
I can't understand why you were born!

I'm very angry with you!

I'm too old
Look for a woman!

- Show me your cards.
- I win! Today is my day!

- You see? I told you.
- Give me the money.

- Yao won,
- Who's the arrogant of you two?

This is many money.

- You are lucky. Continue.
- I was telling you.

- Come on, bet.
- Come on, lets continue.

I knew I was going to win today.

- Come on, ?What are you waiting for?
- Stop moving them!

- Do you play or not?
- Shit!

Look at that.

I won!

Not that fast!
I want to see them first.

Well, you can check if you don't belive it!

- I lost again!
- You are very bad at this game.

- Go home.
- Leave if you are a bad player!

You're cheating!

You're a bad looser!

You are just a fisherman
and not a well known doctor!

Pay your debts,
fucking fisherman!

- He thinks he is better than the others.
- Right.

You act haughty here while your wife is cheating you!

Your wife fucks with another man!

- What an idiot!
- Do you know what is she doing now?

You love me.

You don't love me.

You love me, You don't love me!
Don't dare not to love me!

- It's not true. Try again.
- Yes it's true.

You love Mary
more than me, Is that true?

You know it's not true.

You are the first woman I love.

I never loved before.

I'll believe that, when you prove it.

We can leave this place...

And start again.

We would live together,
Would you like it?

To leave?

I'm afraid I will never
get out of here.

Don't be silly.

I would go with you anywhere.

We will enjoy a good life.

What would we do?

What would we live of?
Tell me!

Don't be afraid, trust me.

It will be alright.

We will die together.

Are you serious?

I swear.

- Liar!
- Shit!

- Come on hit him! Give him a lesson!
- Hit him! Beat him!

Give a lesson to that arrogant!

Well done!

Do you have enough?

Well done!

I'll cut you into pieces if you don't pay!

Take this as a lesson,
Next time I'll kil lyou!



Fuck me.


Push more!

Ejaculate, come on ejaculate!

Oh yes, lick it all!

Lick it!


How you dare!

Fucking bitch!


Drop it!

If you don't disappear
I'll cut you into pieces!

I'll kill you!

Enough, enough!

Ah Jen, stop!
You are going to kill him!

Stop! Stop!

Get out of the water!

- The moon sets.
- Yes.

Ah Chi? What can we do now?

We can't hide forever.

We can go to land
and look for a safe place.

We will have a simple life
and nobody will know us.

Tell me something.

Are you worried?

- Do you remember what you promised?
- Yes.

Ah Chi, the police will arrive soon,
and I have no money.

But I do have.

We can use the boat.

- Is your foot ok?
- Perfectly.

- Can you walk?
- Yes.

Then we will leave in the morning.

Do you remember that you had to take
me in your arms?

I would take you wherever you want.

- The frontier is behind the mountain.
- I'm hungry.

Me too.

We will find something.

There will be no problem.

Look, there is a store.

- What do you want?
- We are hungry.

I have, Tea, sandwiches, paste, bread.

Whatever you want, no problem.

What about...

two cups of tea?

- Alright.
- Have a rest, I will bring you a towell.

Here is the tea.

- Serve yourself.
- This stuff is precious.

Yes, very beautiful.

- Whose is this?
- It belongs to a friend, it's for his wedding.

Something to eat?

- Fried rice.
- Ok.

- I would like to buy it, How much is it?
- It's sold!

I'll give you more money.

- More money?
- Yes.

Now we speak the same language.

How much is it?

4000 will be enough?

Too little!

Then 5000, ?Is that enough?

Please, take it.


It's false!

No, it's not possible,
It's authentic!

Trying to cheat me! Shame on you!

Clean your face.

I'll buy you a coke.

Take it.

Yes, yes...

What are you doing?
Calling the police!

Just a phone call,
not to the police!

- No!
- You were calling the police!

Fucking bastard!

What is happening?

- He called the police, Let's go!
- The police?

The frontier will be blocked.

- We have to look for another way.
- Yes, ok.

This is very high.

Stay here. I'll take a look.


You are dirty.

Are you worried?

I know that you regret.


- I'm not.
- Then put this on, please.

I want you to be my boyfriend.

You are very handsome.

Wait, I will help you.


Put this on.

And now, this.

I have seen Hong Kong at least.

Let's marry.

We will always remember this wedding.

The sky is our ceiling...

and the ground our bed.

My life belongs to you.

- Ah Chi...
- Wait, not yet.

From now on and forever
we are husband and wife.

Ah Jen, Did you cum?

I want more!

Give me more!
I'll help you!

Harden it!


Harden it!
Come on, do it!

Come on, do it now!

Harden it!

Harden it!

?Oh yes, introduce it!


I'm ejoying it!

Put it in more!
Move your hand!

?Introduce it completely!

All as you can!

Ah Chi...

I love you!