Trigun: Badlands Rumble (2010) - full transcript

20 years after meddling into the bank heist of a notorious robber named Gasback, Vash the Stampede is heading towards Macca City. Rumors say that the legendary thief might appear there causing an enormous influx of bounty hunters in the area who want to collect the $300,000,000 prize for his head.

Emergency! Emergency!

We got a tipoff about a
bank robbery in Bocci City!

Huh? Well, good luck!
Let me know if you capture them.

This is no ordinary robber!
It's him! Gasback!


Send backup right away! We need
a squad... no, two squads at least!

I'll send in a platoon!

A struggle over resources! In the end,
life is a struggle over resources.

--Move it!


Moving things from there to here,
and from here to there.

Everyone's obsessed with
their share. Isn't that right?

That's not true! What we have here
is the result of everyone's hard work!

Same difference.

You just happen to have
enough resources in your town.

You just don't realize that you
took those things from other places.

Now, I'm not criticizing you.

I told you, didn't I?
Life is a struggle over resources.

Men, women, old timers and
little brats... Anyone can take part.

Caine, isn't it about time

you did something about your habit
of stealing in petty and sneaky ways?

Stealing all sneaky like that
is no good. It doesn't suit me.

Also, swindling is
out of the question, too.

That's not something humans should do.

That being said,
legit businesses are worse.

Why is that?

Because you can't see the faces
of those who you're stealing from.

I can't see their astonished faces
as they watch me walk off, right?!

It's not a struggle if we
aren't face to face like this.

Boss! We're ready to start!


This bank is finished... they say
that once Gasback's done breaking in,

the place doesn't have
so much as a weed left.

But it depends on
how you look at it, sir.

If we don't resist,
at least we can survive.

You, too. Cheer up.

See that? If this wasn't Gasback

but that Humanoid Typhoon,
Vash the Stampede, instead,

forget weeds, there wouldn't even
be a single hair from our heads by now.

Yeah, that's true.

I see... This is better than
being attacked by him, huh?

We're lucky that it was Gasback.
We're lucky that it was Gasback.

We're lucky that it was Gasback.
We're lucky that it was Gasback.

The last piece...

I really like the look
on your faces. I'm satisfied.

Hey, Caine! Aren't we ready yet?

This is the last one!

Looks like it's time to say farewell.
I hate to go, but we've gotta split.

We're leaving you here, Gasback.

It didn't go off by accident, did it?

That gunshot was a message that
this is the last job we do with you.


We're fed up with you!

All you do is go after
big prey like some idiot.

We go to a lot of trouble to steal money
and yet you put it into the next job.

You were just gonna do the same
thing this time too, weren't you?!

That's what a robber lives for, isn't it?

What's the point in being a robber
if you don't take it seriously?!

Give me a break! Why would I become
a robber if I want to work seriously?!

Th-That's right!

I see.

So you egged on those two airheads, huh?

We wanna live the good life while
doing as little work as possible.

As of today, you're no longer our boss!

Oh yeah? I've been getting
fed up with your petty nature, too.

Well, would you be a
little surprised if I told you

that the police have already been
tipped off about tonight's job?


Don't worry. We'll take the treasure, too.

We'll blow your corpse to smithereens!

If you think you've got what
it takes to take me down...

Oops. I thought you'd have noticed by now!

It's a piece of cake to kill
you when you're unarmed.

Goodbye, Gasback.

Humph. You're the one who'll be
finished when you pull that trigger.

You're bluffing.

Then, go right ahead.

You son of a...

Don't shoot, unless you
want to shoot your buddy!

There! I don't know what's going on,
but it looks like luck is on my side!

Ow! Ouch!

Stop it! Hey!

Stop it!

Calm down! Calm down! Hey!

"Calm down"? I am calm...

calm enough to be able to blow
your brains out with one shot, at least!



Please don't!

L-I was wrong! Please forgive me!

You did the worst possible
thing you could do to me.

You made a disgrace
of my robbery! My robbery!

Too bad... If I blow your brains out,
I won't be able to see your lifeless face!


My donut!

Hurry! Hurry up and
move your foot! Hurry!

My donut...

Hey! How cruel of you!

I saved the last piece and was looking
forward to eating it all this time!

Now that it's like this,
I can't eat it anymore!

You wanna die? Don't wander around!

You guys're the ones who
barged in and dragged me into this

when I was about to eat my donut!

You tied me up and left me
on the floor! This is terrible!

Did you hit your head or something?
Or are you always like that? Or are you...

In any case, give me back my donut.
Give it back!

Shut up! If you're gonna be in my way...

Give it back!

What the hell's your problem?!

Give it back!

--Give it back!
--Get off of me, you idiot!

Give it back!

--Give it back!

Can't be...

A grudge over food is a frightening
thing, according to the Zipanese.

Shut up. I'm thinking about
what I can steal from you right now.

That's Vash the Stampede!


Ahhh! Help!

Shut up!

If you keep talking nonsense,
you'll be the first to...

Give it back...

--Ahh! It's Vash!
--We're done for!

I don't wanna die!

Could it be that you're the
one who's been interrupting?

What the hell's your game?
You saved me, and then you saved them.

What do any of us have to do with you?

Because... well...

isn't it better if everyone's alive?

I can't believe I'm hearing that
from The Humanoid Typhoon.

Well, you know...

I don't think it's a good idea.
Even if it's just a single life,

giving something is
against the way of the world.

But you can't just take
it away now, can you?

That's right. Once the die's
been cast, there's no going back.


And you rolled someone else's die.

I hope you won't regret it.

Well then, see ya.


Isn't that overkill?

Huh?! Don't tell me you...

Hm?! "Don't tell me..."?
You mean the plant?!

Looks like it's okay.

More importantly, look.


This is a big problem!

See ya.



What?! I'm the mastermind?!

Clad in a red coat that
flutters with the burning sand...

he is the devil's messenger,
a man who reduces cities to ashes.

Vash the Stampede.

An outlaw with $$60 million on his head...

The man who was called
"The Humanoid Typhoon.“

Getting older hasn't changed him one bit.

He kept a low profile for a while,

but he's now an outlaw with
$$100 million on his head, huh?

It went up this morning.
It's now $$300 million.

$$300 million?!

Now I feel like I wanna go after him, too.

Sounds good.
Only your head will come back.

What? What about you? Can you do it?

I wouldn't even try in the first place.

Whoa... How gaudy.

Mr. Kepler reorganized
Macca City's plant 20 years ago.

He spent five years building it.

To think that he built his own bronze statue...

It sounds like he's someone
who's tough to deal with.

I'm sure we'll be fine...
since we got a gift for him.

Yeah. On top of that,
it's bigger than our usual ones.

Hey ladies. If you're not busy,
why don't you come join us for some tea...

with some alcohol in it?

No thank you! Plus, we are busy!

Hey, hey, hold on a sec. It couldn't
hurt to spend a little time with us, right?

Come with us. You too, tall lady.


Ahhhh! Ouch!

Oh my... I broke another sling.

Hey! What're you doing?!

Well, sorry about that. Looks like you
started off with a rough greeting, huh?

Why are the bounty hunters gathering here?

Haven't you seen this?

This is...

There's a rumor that Gasback is
planning to strike here, Macca City.

So Mr. Kepler is gathering
them in lieu of bodyguards.


I now know why headquarters told us
to go confirm the insurance contract.

The insurance payment for
that bronze statue is $$5 billion!

5 billion?!

We, the Bernardelli Insurance Society,
are on the verge of extinction!

You bastard! How dare you...!

Okay, you're done. I'm next.

That's 75 cess.

--Smoked thomas, pl--
--Hey, give me some smoked thomas.

Sir, please wait your turn.

Hurry up. We want 200 ounc of it.

Pay before you eat!

Give us some smoked thomas and sausages.

There sure are a lot of bad
mannered guys around today.

Gasback is just a worthless old robber.

$$300 million for him, dead or alive...
What a profitable outlaw for us.

Look who's talking.

If you let your guard down,
he'll turn the tables on you.

If you're scared, isn't it better
to get off the ship right here, right now?

Right, brother?


Are you... a woman?!

Let me see your face.

Don't touch me.

Whoa! I found me a
little birdy in a place like this!

Are you traveling by yourself?
Why don't you eat this with me?

Out of my way! Lady. Come over here.

Hey! I found her first!

Do you wanna travel with me?
I'm sure it'll be fun, princess!

Whoa... What a looker.

Don't touch me.


Don't touch me!

Huh? What did you say?

She doesn't like you! Sucks to be you!

Didn't you hear when
I said "Don't touch me"?

You're making a big to-do just because
I'm a woman. Are you guys virgins?


Boy, you're quite the lively chick, aren't you?

I love women like you.
I like forcing them to do what I wan--

To think you use sharp objects
on the ship... You've got bad manners.


It's too late to apologize now, you bitch!

He got kicked twice!

You bitch! Don't screw with me!

You want to be kicked some more?

I'll shut your mouth!

Your legs have a bad habit of kicking!

Go around over there. We'll pin her down.

Got it!

Excuse me, you were using...

a knife earlier, weren't you?
Didn't you drop it around here?

To tell you the truth,
I wanted to eat thomas meat,

but I forgot to bring a knife.

I was wondering if you'd let me use yours.

I've killed... tons of idiots like you!

Ah! There it is! I found it! This is the one.

That man dropped it earlier, right?
I just need it for a little while.

I just want to scrape the thomas
meat a little. Can I borrow it?

No, you can't!

What?! Oh no...!
Then I can't have my snack now?


Hey, idiot.


No... You're a super stupid idiot!


Oh, no!

I'm sorry. It was my fault! I apologize.

Shut up! Get off of me!

Don't be like that. Please?
Please? I apologize.

You bastard! Get off of me!

Please... Please settle down!

I got it already! Let me go!

What? Thank you!

Ahh! It's not nice to lie!

--How stupid...

--But he drew it.
--Yeah, he did.

Both of you... you're not
gonna get away with this...

especially you, bitch!

He fired it.

You gotta be kidding me!

That idiot!

If I remember correctly, you told us
not to touch you or something, right?

I'll make you regret it.

I'll put you through hell! I won't
let you off the hook even if you cry!

I'll make you cry and cry,
then I'll make you cry some more!

I'll teach you what it
means to make me angry!

It means that you're my slave now!

Kneel down.


Kneel down!

I changed my mind!

You shouldn't make such a racket, you know.

Besides, you shouldn't fire
your gun on the ship, right?

Oh, please stop clapping.
I don't know what to do.

Those guys fired shots, didn't they?!


Not firing on the ship is
one of the core rules, right?!

We must follow the rules, right?!

Well, please be tolerant here.

You can't oppose it, either.

We don't tolerate having guys like you on board!


Your stuff and guns!


We put food and water in them, too.
You'd better appreciate it!

Also... here's your souvenir!

If they feel like it,
the caravan will pick you up!

Well then, I'll be going now.

This shows he's quite the
overnight millionaire, doesn't it?

Yeah, even the dangerous aura
of his guards is extravagant.

Thanks for waiting. I'm Kepler.

Ah, yes. Thank you for meeting
with us when you're so busy.

I heard you're from an insurance company.

Yes, you're right, but first...

this isn't much, but...

What? Hey! What're you doing?!

No need to worry. It's not dangerous.

I see. Then, dismiss.

I'm sorry, but we're in
a state of high alert, so...

Ah... yeah...

I guess it's not ready yet.

Reviewing the contract? Why?

Ah, well... uhm...

I thought we decided on the amount

after spending enough time to
explain the contents to your company.

Do you doubt our report?

Ah, no, but it was still under
construction when we assessed its value.

Also, the numbers given before
and after don't quite seem to match, so...

It's a symbol of this town.

We can't put a price on it.

Y-Yes, it's incredible.

Then there shouldn't be a problem, right?!

By rights, I'd want insurance not just for
the bronze statue, but for the plant, too,

since everyone in town, myself
included, depends on it to live.

It's like you earn money
without doing anything, right?

I'm sorry, but it's not possible for the plant.

It's not something that can be
covered by property insurance!

Our company also cannot...

Yeah, I know.

But the insurance amount for the bronze
statue absolutely must remain the same!


Ma'am... Don't we have to assess its value?

Our company is the stingiest
of all in the insurance industry.

And yet they thought 5 billion was appropriate.

Us trying things now won't make any difference.

Is that so?

They didn't send us here to do the assessment.

They sent us as lookouts so that they
won't have to pay the insurance money.

I see...

But... wouldn't it be impossible
to steal such a big thing

with so many people around?

It's not only a matter
of it being stolen or not.

If Gasback appears
under these circumstances...

5 billion would be...

Milly! We absolutely have to protect it...

if we don't want to depend
on unemployment insurance.


Hey! Hey!

Hey... Let's chat.

We didn't talk on the ship at all.
I wanna know more about you, too.

No thanks. There's nothing to talk about.

What?! That's so cold.

Where'd you come from?

What's your name?
Is this your first time in this town?

I think I've already said
thank you for saving me.

Why are you following me?

Because I felt our meeting was fate.

Oh? You didn't feel it?

Stop pestering me.

I felt the thrill on my neck!

I bet you felt it, too. Like this...

Quit it already!

Please! Tell me your name! Snuggle, snuggle.

Are you okay?

It's an allergic reaction!
This happens when I touch idiots, like men!

What? Even a nice looking guy like me?

Nice looking? Who?! All men are the same!

Then maybe you shouldn't
have come to this town.

It's full of stupid bounty hunter guys.

Don't confuse me with guys like them.


This isn't inside a sand steamer.


I still really wanna at least know your name.

I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you!


Hm...? What's the matter, Ma'am?

I just saw something ominous.
No, it was an illusion... An illusion.


Idiot! I told you not to come
out without permission, didn't I?!

Is he coming here, too?

There's no way that just making
you lose everything would satisfy him.

L-I lost everything...

j-just when I was living a good life...

Will I be next? Or Mechio?

Shouldn't we run awa--?

And leave my current status?!

I've finally become this big.
I won't allow him to take it away from me!


Stop firing!

This is my job.



Money! Pay us the rest of the money!

Can we pay in installments?

You promised to pay on the spot!
We won't let you get away, Police!

You're an excellent bodyguard, buddy.

You're indeed a lucky find!

Wh... Why... can't I use... a bill?

Hey buddy, you're in our way.

If you wanna die, go to
the cemetery ahead of here.

P-Please... break this bill for me...



To think that I didn't take anything.

Moreover, that was the
second time I gave something.

That's generous of you.

Go ahead and feel even more indebted.
I've got more big jobs after this.

I'll return the favor for you saving me.

But like I told you at the start,
I'm not gonna be part of robberies.

No matter what, I'm just your bodyguard.

Hey, hey. You fire that incredible gun.

Don't tell me you've never
struggled over anything.

I may not look like one, but I'm a clergyman.

All I can be part of is people's living
and dying. That's why I fire a gun.

Ha! I've never heard
of a clergyman like that!

Going out for dinner?

How about we go together?

Hey lady! He)”

Hm? A chick?

No doubt about it. Humph!

That won't get her attention.

You again? Stop following me around.

What? We were on the same sand
steamer and came to the same town.

It's definitely some sort of fate!

We should cherish things like that.

Then don't you have more in
common with those guys than with me?

You came here to claim the
bounty for Gasback, didn't you?


You didn't?

I just realized... that I came
here to meet you, Miss Amelia!

How come you know my name?

I saw it in the inn's guest register earlier.


Don't tell me you're staying
in the same inn as mine.

Or, more like, the same room?

Ugh! It itches!

Amelia, my sweetie!


Let me try one more time.
You messed up my throw, didn't you?!

It's my turn. I'll take it all.

You're playing dirt)”

--How uncool!
--Shut up!

Now... out of my way!

Like I said, let me do it!

How about that? Isn't it clear
that I'm the one who'll take it all?


I'm quitting.

Hey, money! Fork over my money!

What're you talking about?

Two people?

No, just one.

Is it tough to get a quiet table?

Pm by myself!

Get us two seats in a row, please!

Just one seat!

Oh wow! What a cow-incidence!


Do you wanna join u--

This is quite a coincidence!
My acquaintances are here!

They happen to have two seats
available there. Let's go join th...

Hey, I'm by myself. Get me a seat.

Looks like they're the only available seats.


That was the eighth toast!

Then you're after Gasback,
too, Miss Amelia? That's amazing!

If you're thinking of getting
life insurance just in case,

we've got a simple plan.
Shall I explain it to you?

N-No thanks.

Don't even mention things like that.
It's bad luck. She's strong!


So, what about you?


Did you come to this town for the bounty, too?

No. I just happened
to come here for sightseeing.

Is that the honest truth?!


You're not gonna get yourself involved
in this Gasback business, correct?

Well... you know...

Don't give me "you know"!

Even if you aren't,
the bronze statue crisis is at its peak.

Moreover, The Humanoid Typhoon is--

In any case, would you mind leaving this town?

What?! You're asking me that
right after we just got reunited?

In your case, just your
being here attracts trouble.

Don't say such cold things.
I'm just here for boring old sightseeing.

I can't trust you.

Who knows.
You might've already gotten into trouble.

Don't tell me Gasback and you are already...!

Geez... I just got into town today.

And what're you two doing here?
I haven't seen you girls for a while.

Due to company orders, we've had
a change in our immediate priorities.

We're here on business.

She's as serious as ever.

Yes! She's very dependable!

I don't care what you say. Please leave!

It's not like I want to,
but after this work is over,

we'll have to follow you around again anyway!

What? So you insurance girls are stalkers, huh?

Stalkers?! Are we really such bad people?!

Ouch! Ow, ow, ow...
What're you doing?! Ow!

--I'm taking extreme measures.
--Hey! It hurts! Stop it!

--You're probably trying to play dumb and stay in town. But I
won't let you! “Ahhh! Ow, ow, ow... Ah! You're hurting me!

If you're gonna do it, I'll say it! I'll say it!

Ahh! Shut up! Shut up!



Vash the Sta--

You don't care if this town goes into a panic?

You wouldn't benefit from it at all, either!

Ouch! Ow!
How dare you treat Vash the Stampede like this!

You'll pay for this!

Vash? A pitiful guy like you?
Don't make me laugh!

No, he's pretty good!

You don't often see someone talking
nonsense like that. He's something else!

Are you babysitting him, lady?
That's a tough job.

He must be doing cosplay!
He's dressed like in the wanted poster.

Here comes... Vash the Stampede!

Okay, okay! You're the real Vash!

You don't look like him after all!

Come back after you've
worked on your impersonation!

Well, thank you, thank you.

Boy, that was a hit, Amelia.

Are you a bona fide idiot?

I'm a legendary outlaw
with a big bounty on his head!

Oh, I'm scared!

There's a limit to how reckless you can be.
Even Gasback is no match to him.

To think that no one believes it...
though everything turned out okay.

--But as things stand...
--That was just a joke.

Look at that. It's just asking me to steal it.

At least it's true that it's really gaudy.

Are you really going to
target something like that?

I have to pay its owner back.

It took me a while to find his whereabouts,

but I'd like to make this robbery
the best one in all my days as a robber.

Instead of picking fruit when it's green,

you should wait, wait, and wait until it ripens.

When they reach their peak, you pick them off!

Even though the action itself is
the same, they taste totally different.

Robbery is the same.

You take everything when your
target has risen to his highest point.

He'll experience a despair that
no one else has experienced.

There's no point in robbery if it
doesn't cause any pain. Isn't that right?

The world's greatest robbery is out there
somewhere. That's where I'm headed.

I hope you'll come with me all the way, buddy.

Our contract says that you'll come
with me all the way to his house.


I've become indebted to a
troublesome man, didn't I?

Hm? You're here again even
though you're a light drinker?

Don't tease me. I love the atmosphere here.

Then I guess I can't turn you away, huh?

Well, give me just one shot.

Like I said...!

That bronze statue is having troubles.

Gasback is the insurance money.
And our company is done for!

I see...

Humph! Gasback is... Gasback is...


See you later!



So, what were we talking about?

Like I said, that
bronze statue is having troubles.

Gasback is the insurance money. And...

Lady, what'd you just say?

Like I said... don't think that you
can get women and money by force.

I kinda think that I heard
something like "scum." Did I hear wrong?

Oh, that's a misunderstanding.

If it was hard to make out,
I'll say it clearly again for you.

Shit bag.

What'd you say?! You bitch!

Fig ht!

If you're having a fight, let me join you!



I'm gonna kill you!

Fig ht!

You have nothing to do with this! Stay away!

Fig ht!

Hey! Stop it!

Looks like there's some sort of trouble.


You're a marshal.
Don't be entertained by it! Stop them!

This is it! This is the saloon!

Hey! Where'd that bitch go?

Dammit! Take this!

You bitch!


Ouch! Ow!

Hey, everyone! Please calm down!

Guys! This is a fun
gathering place for everyone,

so let's be friends and have a drink!

All right!

You bitch! I won't let you get away this time!

Huh? Why?

The bullets... Where'd they go?


You bastard!

Those're mine!

Give me my bullets back!
Don't steal them, you jerk!

What'd you do that for?!

Give them back to me!

Well... our inn is this way, so...

Okay! See you later!

Good night!

It'd be $$5 billion,
our highest insurance payment!

It's tough to be insurance agents, huh?

Let me off. I'll walk.

Just pocket your pride.

Don't worry. I'm trying
not to touch you directly.

When I touch you, it'll be in bed.

Hey, did you know...

that Gasback was once
cornered and was almost captured...

Twenty years ago.

I see...

He was almost killed by his robber buddies,
but some idiot let him escape.

Seriously, it's beyond annoying.

If he had died then,

I wonder how many people could
have lived without feeling sorrow.

It's like that man was his accomplice.

That guy... I'm gonna...

Could it be... that he took
something precious from you?

I bet it must have been your first kiss.

--You bastard! You drank my alcohol!

--You bastard! You drank my alcohol!

--Like I said, I don't know
anything about it, you idiot!

--What did a guy like you come to this town for? --Like
I said, I don't know anything about it, you idiot!

Beats me.

It's like I'm chasing the die I cast... I guess.


In other words... you and me...
we fell into a love paradise.

You're such a...

What?! You're gonna throw up?!

Let me know before you throw up, okay? Okay?

I'm okay.

Really? Then, let's go back to our love nest!

Hey! Let me off! Stop! You idio...

Ahh! Hold on a sec!

Ah... Yikes...

Mom, what's that?

Hm? It's a precious secret.

A precious secret?

I'll tell you some day when you're grown up.

Mom...! Mom! Mom!

I'm sorry, Amelia.

I won't be able to be by
your side as you grow up.

The precious secret...
that I promised to tell you...

I'll tell you now...


Mom... Mom!




Hey, you guys!

You'd better go easy on drinking.
Or in our hour of peril,

you won't be able to do your job!

Look who's talking, you good-for-nothing.

Let's go back to your office.

I'll keep patrolling. I'm the marshal!

Are things going smoothly?

Oh, good evening.

Everything's in good shape.

For a town this size, it can probably provide
power for at least the next several hundred years.

That's amazing.

$$5 billion...

Let's go, guys!

It's Gasback!

Cannot confirm your ID.
Leave the premises immediately.

If you do not leave within two minutes,
you will be eliminated.

--Ahh, how annoying. --Also, if you have
weapons, you will be eliminated unconditionally.

--Shut up, you pieces of junk! --Also, if you have
weapons, you will be eliminated unconditionally.


That's my buddy.

You use a strange technique, don't you?

It'll fry you instantly.

In order to break through it,
you'll need at least ten lives.


What? Mechio's factory is?!

He's asking you to shelter him.

Okay. Let him in when he comes.

Hey! I heard that
Gasback attacked Denna City!



You... got... me!

All right! We brought down Gasback!

I was just pretending!
Now for my counterattack! Grrr!

Oh, Mr. Vash!

Good morning!

Oh? You look refreshed for
having drunk so much last night.

We've got some slightly good news, so...

We heard that Gasback attacked a
factory in Denna instead of striking here.


I bet he wasn't after this town.

I thought it was strange for him to
go after such a gaudy bronze statue.

Ma'am, isn't that a bit harsh?

At any rate, we have to contact
headquarters. Well then, excuse us.

Excuse us!

Geez... That stuff about him
targeting this town was false then?

We were manipulated, weren't we?


Hey, hey, where're you going?!

I'm going to a different
town to collect information.

Gasback targeting this town
might've just been a rumor,

or it could've been a false
lead that he, himself, circulated.

That's unlikl...

You're right. There's no way he'd
target a remote town like this, huh?

See ya. I hope I'll see you again somewhere.


You're a bad actor. You still think
that Gasback will strike here, don't you?


Do you know something?
And why are you trying to get rid of me?!

Well, not really...

It's just like him...
gathering a bunch of small fry.

But because of that, this
robbery will become quite a show!

It's Gasback!


Dammit! This early in the morning?!

I'll get him!

Old geezers sure get up early. What a pain!

Out of my way! Gasback is mine!

$$300 million! $$300 million!

I'm open for business!

--You aren't good enough.
--Gasback is at the front gate!

Dammit! My head hurts!

Ma'am. He's really here.
What should we do?

"What should we do?" you say?

We'll protect the bronze statue!

What? We're really gonna do it?

--You'll pay for this!

Stop it!


Everyone, listen!

We can't let him lay even
one finger on this bronze statue!

Who's that?

Beats me.

--He's here! He's here!
--I can't just sit here!

Hey, aren't we supposed to guard this spot?!

What about the contract?!


You're sure we're gonna be okay, right?!

I-Isn't it better if we get outta here?

Shut up!

Unlike your assets, mine aren't small!
I can't just leave them here and run!

Are you calling my assets small?!

How much money do you think
I invested in my cargo hovercraft?!

Shut up! Shut up!
He's coming to get revenge on us!

He's coming to get payback
for what we did twenty years ago!

He'll take... everything...
everything away from me!

My hands went numb!

So are you the one who's
been interfering little by little?

What? Little by little?
Did it look like that?


The road is closed here.

It's you...

Ow, ow, ow...

Are you trying to get involved again?

Huh? Huh?

I don't get it...
but I'm gonna pass through here.

If possible... would you mind leaving?

I've got business with someone inside.

By business, you mean killing, right?

You could put it that way, yeah.

No! Then I can't let you go through!

No, you'll have to let him through!


Wolf wood?

Needle-noggin... Give an inch here.

What? What? What?!

When did you change your religion to robbery?

Don't be silly! I'm doing this out of my
profound obligation as a man. Move!

H-Hey, I can't! I can't move! This isn't funny.

I'm serious.

Me, too.


I've completed my contract.


H-He's here!

You bastard...!

Gasback... Everything is their fault...

everything, including
the betrayal twenty years ago!

I punished them for you, so spare me, please!

Don't kill me... Please, please, please!

Caine... you were always irredeemable scum.

But growing older has only made you
worse and worse. You're beyond help.




Hold on a sec!



This is it. It's over for you!

Oh? What a high-spirited girl.

It's gotten quiet, hasn't it?

Don't tell me... it's over?

Then we were saved, right?!

Don't be so overly optimistic!
Don't let your guard down.

Yes, Ma'am.

Don't try it, lady. You'll get hur--

Don't move!

Your strange technique won't work on me.

Oh? You're quite confident,
but if you wanted to kill me,

you should've shot me from
behind without wasting your breath.

Without going that far, you can't kill me.

Time out.

He and I finally got to meet again,
so give us a little time.

Huh?! Hey! Let it go! Stop it!

Say, it's been twenty years,
right, Mr. Gasback?

I saw you outside earlier.

Oh... you're more detailed than I thought.

So you're still screwing around.

How come you also look the
same as you did twenty years ago?

Well, spirit, maybe?

Do you wanna get your finger blown off?

--No, I don't.
--Then, let go!

I won't do that, either,
'cause you're gonna shoot.

--Of course!
"That's why I won't!

Knock it off already!


Gasback'll get away, too! Let it go!


If you don't knock it off already,
I'm really gonna fire the gun!

Still no.

Hey, Vash.

Are you trying to save me
again like you did twenty years ago?


Geez... The Humanoid Typhoon?
You gotta be kidding.

Humanoid... Don't tell me you are...

Twenty years ago...

The legendary man...

Vash, didn't I tell you then...

that in this world built on struggles,

I don't think it's a good idea to give
something, even just a single life.

Does it look like the die you
cast will turn out to be lucky?

I don't know.

Well then, see ya.


He ran away, huh?

So you were the idiot from twenty years ago.

Why... Why did you do such a thing?

You were like that when I met
you the first time, too, and at the bar.

Why?! Is it some sort of religious thing?!

Well... they're alive now... It seems
kinda a shame to change that, right?

You might be satisfied by saving
people's lives lightheartedly like this,

but do you realize that there're
people who're crying because of that?!

If you hadn't saved him, there
were people who didn't have to die...

and who didn't have to suffer!

My mom... My mom, too!

I'll kill Gasback... for sure!

You're a pain in the neck, as always.

What can I do... it's my nature.

And I'm the one who threw the die, so...

You've got the worst throw.

There's no way that I'll
give it to that son of a bitch!

The fruit of my twenty years...!

We'll see about that.


Taking just your life

isn't enough to make up for what
you owe me from twenty years ago!

I have to take everything from you!

I'll show you... the world's greatest robbery!

By the plant?! Are you insane, Marshal?!

Boss sure made me do some tiresome things.


It was a short time, but I enjoyed it.

What'd you do?! What'd you do to my plant?!

Just shut up and watch!

Our plant is... Our town is...!



No way...

What the heck?!

It's rolling!

Ma'am... what should we do now?

Uhm, well... Of course, what else?! Run!

"While there's life, there's hope", right?!

That was close!

It's not broken, is it?

The $$5 billion...!

That's the face, Caine!

I wanted to see that look on your face!

You made a disgrace of my robbery.

This is the price you pay.


Let's beat it! Start the cargo craft!

Our plant is...

Does this possibly mean...

Our plant has been taken away.

No way...

So this is what that cargo craft was for.

It's all over for this town!


Hey, Needle-noggin!

Out of our way! I'm gonna run you over!

We won't let Gasback get away!

Hurry up and go!

Let me on, too!

We're definitely not gonna let him get away!

You suck at this! Drive better!

You know I'm a lousy driver, don't you?
I can't do any better than this!

Let me drive! Now!

No! Stop it!

Hey! Look ahead!

Wait! If you end up breaking
the plant, it'll be irreversible!

Letting Gasback get away is a
bigger problem! Out of the way!


Don't do it!

Whoa! Are you crazy?!

Wait! Wait a sec! Don't do it, Amelia!

Move, Vash!

You, too! Don't interfere!

Even if you say so...

Amelia! Cool your head!

Ah! Watch out!


Tie this to something!




Even though he was about to die,

how could he have that look on his face?


It looked as if he was saying
"what can you do," didn't it?

What's that supposed to mean? Is that all?!

He said not to kill anyone
but it's okay for him to die?!

That can't be right.

My mom died... because he saved Gasback.

It wasn't just my mom.

There're many other people who didn't
have to cry if he hadn't saved Gasback.

He saved someone he didn't
have to and he died just like that.

Seriously, I don't get it at all!

Is there any point in this?!

Is there any point in him dying?!

Pretty words... Ideals...

They're all over if you die!

Yeah... I feel let down, seriously.

Well... he might've been thinking that
if he struggled like that and cast a die,

there might be a point in there.

No... he might've wanted it to be there.

But like you said

if he dies, he can't cast the die anymore.

Ow, it's hot.

Nothing works without the plant!

All the electricity's gone!

Is the water gonna last?

Without the heater, the
old folks at my place will die!

Calm down! We've asked
the neighboring town for help.

We're considering renting a plant, too.

We're having trouble tonight! Tonight!

I know! But the water comes first!

We can't even get water
without a plant, can we?!

Say, please! Help us!

One of my children just had surgery
and his breathing machine has stopped.

My husband and the others
are working to keep it going,

but who knows how long they can last...

Big brother is...

Dammit! That damn Gasback!
I never thought he'd steal our plant!

As things stand, the town will collapse.

Wait! If you end up breaking
the plant, it'll be irreversible!

Letting Gasback get away
is a bigger problem! Out of the way!


no different...

from Gasback, am I?

That idiot...

Mom, what's that?

Hm? It's a precious secret.

A precious secret?

I'll tell you some day when you're grown up.

I'm sorry, Amelia.

I won't be able to be by
your side as you grow up.

The precious secret...
that I promised to tell you...

I'll tell you now...


Mom... Mom!

What is it? Mom, what is it?!




We have to report to headquarters
about the end of Vash the Stampede.

Let's hurry already!

Ah! Ma'am! Watch out!

You were Gasback's bodyguard, right?

My term expired.
I'm working as a free agent now.

Then... would you like
to be hired by me this time?

So you're really gonna do it, huh?

Do you have the same principle as Vash's?

Give me all the money you
have as an advance payment.

Also... add in breakfast.

It's against my principles to skip breakfast.



The bodyguard guy and that girl again?

Those two came by themselves? How amusing.


Duck to the left and run towards where I shoot.

Got it.

One... two... three!


Over there!



You're missing on purpose, aren't you?

Aren't you after my life?

But... if you keep it up, you're an eyesore!

I'm taking the plant back!


That's as far as you go.

In this world where you
take and have things taken...

you tried to steal from a robber.
You've sure got some guts.

Then, you won't have
a problem even if I take your life?

You made a disgrace of my robbery!

Glad to see you, buddy.

Don't move!

Sorry. This is it for you.

I'll take your life, too.

See ya, buddy.

Shane! Did you use a toy gun or something?!

No! This can't be...! I did shoot him!

Amelia, sweetie! Are you all right?!

Hey you... Aren't you doing a sloppy job?

What're you gonna do if
my sweet Amelia gets hurt?

More importantly, you died, didn't you?!

Well, I thought I was a goner,
too, but look at this.

Hard smoked thomas sure is good
to have while traveling in the desert, huh?

On top of that, the insurance
girls happened to pass by.

I almost died.

You son of a bitch...

I'll beat you up... later.

What?! Aren't you happy I'm alive?

Shall I beat you up right here and now?

No thank you.

So... how about we end this whole thing now?

It'll become real tough if we continue.



I wanna settle with you.

No, why don't we stop...

Shut up! I'll keep on moving...
after I take your life.

Why don't we find out if that
die you cast was good or bad?

Wolf wood...

I don't want you to interfere.

You're always trying to steal the show.


This isn't a duel or anything,
the signal is when this hits the ground.

You're a lot stronger than him, aren't you?

I now realize well that

the Humanoid Typhoon legend
isn't based only on devil's luck.

I'm sorry.

I owe you an apology, don't I?

Yeah. If you hadn't saved
Gasback twenty years ago,

my mom might've survived.

I'm really... sorry.

It's not...

I-It's not over yet.


I... will...

take your life!

What the...


that glove...

Where did you get that glove?

That... I made it... and gave it to...

My mom...

My mom... left it for me.!

That's right. She's the one whom
you gave this to twenty years ago...

Then you are...

After you left, my mom
gave birth to me by herself.

She went through hardships and worked hard.

Can't be...

I gave her enough to live
comfortably for the rest of her life.

Someone just like you took it away!
He took everything away!

No one would help
Gasback's wife and daughter.

Did she die?

Even the doctor wouldn't see her.

She gave it to you?

She didn't tell me the reason... and then she...

That's not it... That's not it, right'?

That's not what you wanted to say, right, mom'?

Maybe this means that I cast a die, too.

Guess I can't make fun of you, huh?


Don't think that you can
just get away like this!

I can't live as I please unless I kill you!

Tsk. So he's still alive.

Yikes. How tiresome. What does he want now?

Whoa! That design's something else...

Wolf wood, I'll leave the rest to you.

What?! Don't be silly!
Follow through until the end!

It's my thanks for you giving an inch earlier.

I don't need to deal with small fry like him!

I want everyone dead.
The worst will befall everyone but me!

Hey, Needle-noggin! Hey! Ugh!

Go home.


Hey! Are you okay?!

Hey! Here you go!

At any rate, she didn't have to donate
all the money to the town, you know.

She could've given me
a bonus or a contingency fee, right?

It's your own fault for not
putting it in the contract, right?

You too had a right to about
half of the bounty money, right?

Why'd you turn it down?

Going to the police will mean trouble, right?

Besides, don't rely on my wallet.

I still do...

after all, if I'm walking
with a chunk of $$60 billion,

there's more possibility that I may not
have to be an errand boy for a robber.

Give me a break! Don't walk so close!

Geez... How cold you are.

Excuse me, but we're going on ahead.

We have to return to headquarters ASAP.

It turns out that we don't have to pay the
insurance money for the bronze statue.

Oh really? That's good.

A criminal made the
contract under a false name.

So it's only natural.

We can now very proudly
report to headquarters.

How cheerful they are.

Come with me.

That'll protect you.

Thank you, but I can't go with a robber.

But I'll accept this...

because if I return it,
my connection to you will be cut, right?

And the next time we meet...

She beat me.

Say... did you know... that she's 19?

Well, I thought that she
was around that age at least.

In other words, if you hadn't saved
Gasback, she wouldn't have been born.

Well, that's it.


I guess this means you don't
always get bad rolls of the dice, huh?


Hey, where're you going?!
The neighboring town is straight that way.

Hey! Wait a sec! Show me that paper!

Ah! Hey!

The Dodongo brothers, who were given
a 270-year jail sentence, bust out of jail.


Don't tell me...

Did you have something to do...
with troublesome guys like them?

Did you or not?!

Hey, answer me! Did you or not?!
Did you have something to do with them?!

Didn't you? Hey, wait!