Triggered (2020) - full transcript

9 old high school "friends" have a 5 year reunion camping in a forest. They all have secrets. Their old science teacher straps a time-bomb to each of them. Killing another gives one their time. Last one lives.

This is all your fault.


What are you doing?

What are you doing?

- What the f...?
- There's a good boy.

No. No!

What are you... What are those?

What the fuck are those?



You left me no choice.

No, no, no, no...



Help me!

Somebody help me!

Somebody help me...

Oh, God.

Please don't do this.

They were fucking kids.

They're just fucking kids!

We love you, Bobby.

You're like a brother
to us, Bobby.

Okay, why do I sense
there's a "but" coming here?

But, this is the last time we let
you organize us accommodations.

What? You don't like nature,
huh? You don't like the woods?

I like electricity
and I like hot water.

Didn't have to be so far out,
man. There are closer camps.

Yeah, we're literally in
the middle of nowhere. dude.

Okay, look, every hotel within
a 30-mile radius was booked up.

I mean, everyone's in town
to watch the Hyenas

demolish the Beavers tomorrow.

Big game of football,
small town,

plus a little impromptu reunion
with the nine of us

means not a lot of options
to suit everyone's bank account.

- Okay?
- Great. Thanks.

Yeah, I don't know.

I'm pretty sure I can afford
two rooms at the Tiki Motel.

People go to the Tiki Motel to get
three things: bed bugs, crack, dead.

I'd rather share the woods with these
vermin than step foot in that shithole.

Okay, there's a lot of reasons
why this is more advantageous

than a hotel.

Who says "advantageous"?

Uh, she does, bro.

We can be as loud as we want.

The fire's awesome.

And we haven't all been together
in a while.

Jesus, bro.


- Still such an idiot.
- All right. All right.

Laugh it up, a-holes.

You don't use that shit,

you're all going to end up
with Zika, Ebola,

West Nile or herpes.

Uh, relatively certain you can't
contract herpes from a mosquito.

Yeah, you can.

Katie Krewson,
my girlfriend junior year,

she had it,
she gave it to me.

I asked her about it,
said she got it from a mosquito.

I don't think
that's how it works, dude.

Wait, that's cured now, right?



Oh, gross.

- Where are you going, babe?
- What, I can't take a piss in the woods?

Or do I have to get
your permission for that too?

Somebody put
hot sauce in her taco.

- What did you do, bro?
- More like, who'd you do?

You got a reputation, man.
That's all I'm saying.

Chalk this one up
to too many beers,

but the last person you want
to piss off is Cici, man.

That chick is vindictive.

You remember... What was that
history teacher's name?

Mr. Edmunds.

Mr. Edmunds, gave Cici detention
for texting in class one Friday.

So Monday, she comes back,
posts on the NAMBLA forums

- from his school P.C.

North American Man-Boy
Love Association.


Oh, poor Mr. Edmunds.

Guy gets arrested,

put on the sex offender
watch list.

Wait, seriously?

Shit, I wondered what happened
to that guy.

Fucking loved me.

Gave me straight A's
all the time.

Shea, you're up.

Yeah, we all did fucked-up shit
in high school.

No one here is innocent.

Well, you know what I say?
Fuck the past!

- Yeah, fuck it.
- Whoo!

I'm just happy
to be here right now.


Amber, you scared me.


So you know I can read you
like a book, right?

Okay, well, I don't read books,

but I can read you
like a celebrity gossip blog.

What did he do now?

Want to talk?

I think he's cheating on me.


Well, if he is,

then you need to be Amber Heard
to his Johnny Depp

and leave Ezra's sorry ass.

I know. I just...

I kind of like making him
fight for it.

Watching him squirm.

You are such a bitch.

No wonder we're besties.

Hey, Erin.

Oh, thanks.

You seem quieter than usual.

I'm fine.

Just seeing everyone
back together...

takes me back to high school.

Wasn't exactly
the happiest time for me.

I'm sorry.

No, I... I don't want
this weekend to be about Caleb.

I want it to be about
having fun.

Remember when we played
Truth or Dare,

and when it was her turn,
you dared her to go home.

Oh, shit.

I'm just glad to see
you're not acting weird

around Erin anymore.

High school was a long time ago.

My taste in woman
has changed...

...for the worse.


I like a girl I can argue with,

and then have explosive
makeup sex with later.

Besides, Erin's been mute
ever since, you know.

Well, with what
she's been through, Kato,

maybe you should just
cut her some slack.

I mean, she was
like that before.

Need any help here, bro?

No, thanks. I've seen too many
rock stars go down that road.

You remember my band, right?

Dick Cancer.

Cock Tumor.

We changed our name
after college.

Our sound had matured,

so it made sense that we
mature with it, you know?

Go by Butthole Equinox now.

Played Gato Loco last week,

Place was packed.

It was also half-off
frozen margarita night,

so it's tough to say
what the big pull was.

I sent you a link on Facebook
though, didn't I?

I can make sure
you're added to the list.

Don't bother, bro.
I blocked you.

Ow. Fuck.

To old times?



I did not think you'd come.

I mean, this isn't exactly
your kind of jam, roughing it.

Falling asleep
under the stars.

Oh, fuck the stars.

You should see the fairy lights
in my tent.

Normally I'm a "bros before hos"
kind of guy,

but this one time I got to cross
the party line and ask,

what the hell
do you see in that guy?

I mean, dead-end rock band.

Dopey smile.

You know, you were

Now you're graduating
from M.I.T.

I ain't no genius,
but that shit don't compute.

Weren't you, like,
a huge drug dealer in college?

I grew out of it.

I had the good sense to identify
a bad habit and drop it.

I need a refill.

Your drink's almost full.

No, it's not. Dickhead.

♪ I'm feeling lonely ♪

Something you want to say?

Good night, Oregon!

Hey, when are you opening
for Coldplay?

Fuck this.


Can't tell if they're fucking
or performing an exorcism.

No, I'm going to blow.
I'm going to blow.

Almost there, Bobby.

Almost there.

What the fuck, Bobby?

Come on, Cici.

I told you,
nothing happened.

Trust me, okay?

What's the point of us
being out here

if you're going to treat me
this way, huh?

Fine. Fuck. Whatever.

All right, rock star, are you
ready for something different?

- Those real?
- They're my dad's.

That is disgusting.
That is gross.

Oh, no. They're my dad's
department-issued cuffs.

- Oh.
- So they're legit.

Let's get kinky.

Ow, ow, ow ow.
Got caught on my skin.

Oh, I am sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Oh, ow.
- I'm sorry.

I was trying to be cool.

How many times
do I have to tell you,

I'm the cool one
in this relationship.

I'm the rock star.
You're the smart one.

Never forget that.

Now get over here.



Come on, say it.

You seem really happy.

I'm just really excited
for tomorrow.

Since when do you care
about football?

So how about by the time
we're 35, we get married.


Um, let's... Let's make it 40,

Done deal.

Hey, good work tonight.

Jesus, I... I got to go.
Hold on.

I'm fucking starving.

Fuck. Oh, shit.

Turn the fuck around, Erin.

Don't look at me.
Get down!

Don't you fucking look at me.

Are you alone?

- Speak up.
- Yes.

Is everyone sleeping, hmm?

I think so.

Has anybody seen me?


Okay, good.

That's good.


Turn around.

Please, let me go.

I haven't seen your face.

Shut your eyes.

You don't have to do this.

Close your eyes.

- Please.
- I'm so sorry.

Rian. Rian, wake up.


What's going on?

I don't know.

We were gassed.

What the hell are these?

I have no fucking idea.


Kato, are you...?

Oh, my fucking God!

What's going on here?

Our cars.

They're gone.

Just... Just calm down.

He won't wake up! Bobby!

Where the fuck are you?

Shut the fuck up.

What the fuck is going on?

Jesus, you're all so annoying.

Mr. Peterson?


It's so good to see you again,

though I do wish it was under
better circumstances.

- My head hurts.
- That's from the halothane.

What is that?

- Sleeping gas.
- Fuck.

It's been a long time
since I taught all of you.

Tonight's your final lesson.

- This isn't funny!
- Don't. Don't.

It's not supposed
to be funny.

Where the fuck is Bobby,
you fucking weirdo?

- Cut this shit off.
- Don't you worry about Bobby.

You'll hear from him
soon enough.


that's not coming off,
trust me.

That's industrial-grade cabling.
Save your energy.

You're going to need it
for later.

What the fuck is going on?

Get back! Get the fuck back!

All right!

All right,
just put it down.

We can talk, man.

Whatever's going on,
we can talk.

Please, man.

You've all gone on
with your lives.

Moved on as if nothing
ever happened.




Most definitely.


That's what all of you are.


...I'm so sorry
to drag you into this.

You were always
such a sweet girl.

But I can't leave
anyone out of this.

Is this about Caleb?


This is about all of you.

We all graduated high school,

We don't need your science class
problem-solving bullshit.

What the hell is this about?

Tonight, you're going
to find out

just how good of friends
you really are.

- What is that?
- What is that?

What the fuck?

What the fuck is this?

Is this like, laser tag?

I watched my son die.

And I watched my wife
dose herself into suicide.

He's crazy.

Time with my family was...

Was taken from me.


Only once it's been stolen
from you

can you truly appreciate what a
precious resource it really is.

So precious, in fact,

that only one of you will
leave these woods alive tonight.

- The one...
- What the fuck?

...with the most time.

What the fuck?


What the fuck?

Holy shit!

Oh! Fucking hard core!

Rian, what are you doing?
Get back.

You're going to get brains
all over yourself.

See this?

This is why I was never allowed
to sleep over at Caleb's house.

Why would he do that?

Why would he do that
in front of us?

He was always fucking weird.

- Just like his kid.
- Found our phones.

So call the fucking cops,

Good luck with that.

Fuck, the one time
I don't get insurance.


they're timers.

And they're set.

This sucks.

I don't like this.

Now I know I had
too much to drink,

because I'm in
the middle of a dream

where my high school
science teacher

stitched my ass
into a metal vest,

downloaded all the "Saw" movies,

bitched about millennials
for a hot second,

then blew his fucking
brains out.

Well, look, they're green.

Green's a positive,
happy color, right?

Hey, Shea's got a blue one.

I want a blue one.

Because she's got
the most time.

What the fuck does
that mean, Miss M.I.T.?

- We can figure this out.
- Will we, Erin?

What do you think happens
when that timer hits zero, Erin?

Generally speaking,

unless I'm fucking
watching a rocket launch

or heating up a burrito
in a fucking microwave,

countdown timers
are a bad fucking thing!

Get this thing off of me.

Peterson said
it was pointless.

I don't care,
just get it off.

Okay. Um...

I think I know a way how,

but I'd have to chop off your
arms and your head to do it.

- Shut up, PJ.
- No, he's fucking right.

These things are airtight.

Where the fuck is Bobby?

The last thing we need is Bobby.

And why the fuck not,
Miss Know-It-All?

Bobby sold us out.

He worked with Peterson
to get us here.


Think about it, Shea.

How does one man transport
all of our cars

out of the woods alone,
gas us all?

- He doesn't. Bobby helped him!
- No, Bobby would never do that.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm fucking sure.

It was mysteriously Bobby's idea
to come here in the first place.

Bobby knew a place
we could stay for free.

Bobby and Mr. Peterson
made a deal

to trap us out here
for whatever crazy,

messed-up game this is.

Where is he?

We don't need Bobby.

What we need is a car!

Fuck. Okay.
Okay, all right.

Mr. Peterson didn't drive
the last car out of here

and then walk back.

There has to be a car around
here somewhere.

We need to find it
and get back to civilization.

All right,
let's fucking move then.

Go. Go. Go!

Come, PJ.

Let's go up this way.

Amber, pass the flashlight.

Yo, Cici? Let's check back here.

I think I'm going
to go with my friends.

Let's go, Kato.

Just yell if you see anything!

No shit, Sherlock.

This is the worst reunion ever!


Something's not right.

The longer we wait,
the worse it's gonna get.

Has anyone seen anything?

They've got to be close, guys.

Shea, come on.


Oh, fucking come on.

There's nothing here.

Why would Peterson do this?

We all know why he's doing it.

Just don't exactly know
what he's done.

There's fuck-all out here!



Hey, guys, come here!

Over here!

This way! Guys, come quick!

We better get
some fucking answers.

Shea, come on.

Amber, hurry up.

Kato, wait.

- We're here!
- My God, Bobby, are you okay?

Get the fucking crowbar!
Break this fucking lock.

Why is there a fucking
crowbar there, Bobby?

Please, just hurry, okay?

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to get Bobby out.

What the fuck, Shea?

Bobby's obviously
working with Peterson.

He helped get us here.
Why would you let him out?

We just found him
chained to a tree

with the shit
kicked out of him, Rian.

That doesn't exactly
scream "accomplice" to me.

Help, please!

You're being crazy, Shea.

You need to think.

It's a very basic situation.

Bobby is not on our side.


Okay. Okay.
He made me do it!

He made me do it.

Just please, just-just-just
get me out of this

and I'll explain everything,

How exactly does someone
make another person

drag eight of their friends
out into the woods

to watch his suicide?

Like I said,
if I were to posit...

Posit? Fucking posit?

Words like that are why people
fucking hate you.

- People hate me?
- Yeah. I fucking hate you.

Yeah, go do algebra somewhere.

Whoa, let's take it easy, guys.

Shut the fuck up.

He was willingly helping
Mr. Peterson.

There is no other
feasible explanation.

So we just leave him
chained to a fucking tree?

Um... I'm gay.

- Are you serious?
- What?

Okay? I'm... I'm gay...

every now and again.

What do you mean, "You're gay
every now and then," Bobby?

Like, part-time gay?

I'm bi. I'm bisexual.

Thank God I didn't share
a fucking tent with him.

- Fuck you, Ezra!
- No, fuck you, Bobby!

Fuck you, man!

- No fucking thank you!
- Peterson knew!

I confided in him
in high school.

And now that sick fuck took
photos of me at some club

one month ago, and he...

He threatened to release
the pictures.

It would ruin my life.

Unless I dragged
all you guys out here.

Okay? And I did not know that
anything fucked up was going on

until he showed up with a gun.

He said that he wanted closure
for Caleb's death.

He wanted to reminisce about
old memories, or some bullshit.

He knocked me out
while he was gassing our tents.

He's the one who beat
the shit out of me, okay?

- What a fucking homophobe.
- Seriously, Kato?

My job is everything to me.

Okay? Like, the only reason

I'm doing so well at work
is because my boss,

Mrs. Rowe, she wants
to fuck me, okay?

- Gross, dude.
- She's not gonna want to fuck me now, so here we are.

And I'm sorry, but I didn't know
anyone was going to get hurt.

What happens when these timers
hit zero, huh?

- Just take it easy.
- What do you mean, "get hurt?"

Hold on, hold on, hold on,
hold on.

He didn't tell you the rules?

What rules, Bobby?

Let's just take it down, okay?

Just let me out
and I'll explain everything.

It's really simple, actually.

Come on, baby, yeah.
Come on, please, please, please.

- What the fuck?
- Come on, guys.

What are we supposed
to do here?

He's our friend.

Yeah, thank you, guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Okay, yeah.

- Watch your feet.
- In the back.

Oh, my God! Yeah!

Yes. Thank you.
Thank you.

At least some of you
have fucking souls.

He has something
behind his back.

Bobby, why have you got
a fucking knife?

What are you doing, Bobby?

He gave this to me, okay?

Because I've got
the least amount of time.

And now I am going to stab
that piece of shit right there.

Get over here, Kato! Aah!

- Whoa!
- What the fuck, Bobby?

We're your friends.
Why are you doing this?

Oh, please! Seriously.

Why do you think any of us
ever hang out, huh?

Huh? It's because of Caleb.

And he is gone.

So don't you tell me
that we are fucking friends.

We are not fucking friends!

Bobby, you're out of time.

Oh, fuck me in my asshole.

I'm sorry!

Amber, here, come on.


Oh, God.

- Here, take my hand.
- I don't want your help, Ezra.

No, no, guys, guys!

Guys, stop!

PJ, where are you?

Guys, you got to come back!


- Cici, wait up.
- Leave me alone, Ezra.

- Just talk to me.
- You want to talk? Let's talk.

She's here tonight,
isn't she?

- The girl you're sleeping with.
- I don't know what to tell you.

I didn't cheat on you.
I would never hurt you.

Come on, Cici, what do I have
to do to prove myself to you?

We're in the middle
of the fucking woods

with bombs strapped
to our fucking chests.

I am asking you to trust me.

You're a cheat!

You use women
and you discard them.

And when you're done with them,
that's all you ever say.

"Trust me. You can trust me."

People that you can
actually trust

don't have to convince you of it
all the time.

Okay, this night
is already so fucked up.

Can we just... just figure out
how to get out of here?

Then we can talk,
we can do whatever.

Let's just get out of here
first, please, babe.

You've got 30 minutes.
I've got 40.

Let's use this time
to figure this out.

Come on, babe, please.

I wish I had more time.

We all do.

So I can watch you die
in front of me.


Fuck me.

What the fuck do we do?

I don't know.

Doesn't look like we got
a lot of choice.

Peterson said the only one
to get out of here alive

is the one with the most
amount of time.

That's Shea. But why her?

Whose dick did she suck
to get more time?

Why the fuck would Bobby
act like that?

Guy was a closet gay.

Maybe he was just very,
very frustrated.

Look on the bright side.

At least now we know
what happens

when these timers hit zero.

Wait, that doesn't seem fair.

So the rest of us have got
to wait to blow up?

Kato, who's next?

Who's got the least
amount of time?

- Guys, where are you?
- Oh, shit.


Guys, where are you?

Stay green. Stay green.
Stay green!

Shit! Rian!

Oh, fucking Bobby.

That's not going to heal.

Oh, gross.

Come on.


Oh, shit.

Where are you guys?

Where the fuck
are you guys?

Rian? Rian?

Rian, I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do.

I'm about to blow up, babe.

I want the green lights
to come back.

What do I do?
Tell me what to do.

- I don't know! I don't know!
- You don't know?

You got to know what to do.
You always know what to do.

- Say something clever.
- I'm sorry, PJ.

I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry!

I don't want to die. Please.

Please, no, you got to get
away from me.

No, PJ, no.

No, I can't be around you.
No, get away from me!

I don't want you to be around me
when this thing goes off.

Hey, guys.

That's a lot of blood.

That wasn't an explosion.

Well, then, what happened?

Come on.

What the fuck have I done?

Oh, fuck.

She came out of nowhere.

- Rian, you got to believe me.
- No, no, no, no. Shea.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, no.

She's dead.

I didn't...

I didn't see her
come up behind me.

Don't do this to yourself.

- She's dead. Fucking dead.
- Stop right now. Hey!

Hey, PJ, we have to get
out of here.


- I can't fucking leave her.
- She's dead, PJ!

I can't leave her like that.

Come on, PJ,
we have to find the others.

Where are you?

- This way.
- What was that?

They're over there.

What the fuck is happening?

Holy shitballs,
what the fuck just happened?

- It's Shea.
- We heard a scream.

- Was that Shea?
- No, that was me.

- Are you okay? What happened?
- What's going on?

Why is there blood on your face,
PJ? You run into a tree?

- Hey, guys.
- Fuck! Even your footsteps are quiet.

- Sorry, where's Cici?
- What's going on here?

She told me to get fucked
and ran off.

Hey, drummer boy,
whose blood is that?

Where's Shea, PJ?

That's what I'm trying
to tell you.

Um, she...

Something happened to her.


What the fuck happened, PJ?

She's dead.

What the fuck did you do to her?

It was an accident, man.

She came up behind me,
I got a fright,

I spun around and I hit her

right in the head
with my flashlight.

I hit her so fucking hard, man.

- Jesus, dude.
- It happened so fast.

I'm so fucking sorry, guys.
I'm so fucking sorry.

Thought I was going to blow up.
I thought I was going to die.

I'm so sorry.

Why does he have
more time, now?

Oh, fuck, now PJ has
more time than me.

He's got more time
than everyone.

He's fucking blue.

- Who's got the least?
- Oh, shit.


Guys, we have to find our cars.

We don't have time for that.

We don't have time for anything.

Fuck, we're all going to die.

- I don't want to die.
- Guys, give me a second.

Shea had over 50 minutes left
when she died.

PJ somehow
inherited her time.

It makes sense, now.

This is what Peterson
was getting at,

why Bobby had the knife,
why he wanted to kill you, Kato.

What the fuck are you
talking about?

We can steal each other's time
to stay alive.

Shea had 53 minutes left
on her timer when she...

- When she was...
- What, murdered?

Man, take it easy.

Oh, come on.
Fucking say it like it is.

PJ inherited
her remaining time.

But how? Why'd PJ get the time?

There must be sensors in here
to read...

I don't know.

Heartbeats, body heat,
could be anything.

Closest person near someone
who dies must get the time.

Proximity sensors.

Okay, but why would Peterson
program the vests to do that?

To incentivize us.

To incentivize us to do what,

To kill each other

The only way to stay alive

is to take each other's time.

So the more you kill,
the more time you get.

Seems to be the high-level

Why would Peterson
do something so evil?

The fucker's obviously
off his rockers.

Thinks we had something to do
with his son fucking OD'ing.

We were all there that night.

That doesn't make
any fucking sense.

If he was so pissed that his son
was dead and we were all alive,

then why didn't he just kill us
and get it all over with?

That's fucking typical Peterson.

A convoluted,
over-the-top lesson

when a bullet to each
of our heads would've sufficed.

He's the same dickhead teacher
he was five years ago.

Joke's on him.
I mean, no one here is capable

of murdering anyone else,

No, no, no, no, no.

Don't try and fucking
manipulate me like that.

Don't fucking try.

No, I'm not going to wait around
here and be killed,

not after your fucking
boyfriend has gone

all Lord of the Fucking Flies
on one of our friends.

Back up, bro.
I said it was an accident.

And what happens when there's
another accident, bro?

Just put the crowbar down.

No, I think I'm going to hold on
to it, thanks.

We're dead if we let
our emotions rule us.

We're all dead,
no matter what.

Peterson said that only
one of us gets to survive.

That means whoever
has the most time.

I.e., your fucking
deadbeat boyfriend.

Hey, fuck you.

Come on, take it easy. We have to work together.

Ask Shea how
that worked out for her.

Shut the fuck up, Kato.

Look, we're either
all with each other or...

- No. It's every man for himself.
- And woman.

- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- No, shit.

You knew exactly
what I meant.

Now isn't the time
to be a bitch.

- We need to strategize.
- Strategize?

You're thinking strategy?

- Like, how to kill us all?
- I'm thinking how not to die.

Pretty soon, everyone here
is going to be doing

the exact same thing.

Some people are getting edgy,

trying to get a head start
on the game.

- Some people are collecting weapons.
- Weapons?

No, this is a fucking tool,
you tool.

This is to get this shit off.

PJ, we should get out of here.

- Okay.
- Oh, yeah, of course.

Of fucking course,
take your blue-vested boyfriend

and get the fuck
out of here.

Protect him from reality
like you did

back in fucking high school.

We can't just sit here
and wait this out, Ezra.

Time is a precious resource
right now,

and I'm not going to wait around
to try and convince you.

It's crazy.
We have to try and get help.

It's better if we...

Oh, for fuck's sake,
speak up.

- Better if we what?
- We're away from each other.

So that another...

No one else gets hurt.

You know, you kept your mouth
shut for so long,

I really thought you'd come up
with something better than that.

Hey, no, she's fucking right,

No one here knows
what they're gonna do

when they have 30 seconds left.

Dude, in horror movies,
when people split up,

that's right before they die.

Well, yeah,
but in horror movies,

the fucking bad guy isn't,
you know, all the good guys.

That's it. We all just go
our separate ways.

Whoa! Just run, Rian!

Fucking psycho!

Run, Amber!

This is not a
situation I'm used to, Kato.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Where the fuck are you guys?

Wait up, Kato.
This thing is heavy.

Down here.

Come on.

We have to get to Route 4
before anyone else does.

I think we're safe.

Right now,
you're the biggest target.

If anyone wants
to play the game,

they'll come after the person
with the most time.

- So no, PJ, we're not safe.
- I'm an endangered species.

Look at me.
We're not dying here tonight.

Not here in these woods
like this.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

It's not here.

Peterson's gun is missing.

What does...
What does that mean?

It means that someone out here
really wants to win already.

I don't know if I can do it, I...

I don't think I could
kill someone,

let alone my best friend.

Wake up, Amber.

You saw how we all scattered
like cockroaches

the second we faced
a flicker of adversity.

None of us are really
friends anymore.

We can't trust anyone.

We have to get out of here.

And go where?

Erin, is that you?

Hey, you okay?

Get back!

You should go and find Cici.
She needs you.

Cici thinks I cheated on her.

She wanted to kill me
long before she had a bomb

strapped to her chest.

No, come on. Wait, please.
No, come on, come back.


I don't know what's going
to happen tonight, okay?

But everyone else seems to have
their teammates, except us.

We were left out.

What are you saying?

I need you to look out for me?

No. I'm saying that you need
a partner and I need a partner.

You know, someone to...

Well, you know...

You just want to keep me around

because you think
I'm an easy kill.

Like life insurance
for when you've run out of time.

Don't think like that, please.

I'm not going to be able to do
anything when the time comes.

Hell, I can even eat gluten.

Trust me, I'm not going to be
able to kill anyone.

Why should I trust you?
Your girlfriend doesn't.

You don't even know
my last name.

Erin, come on.

We've been in the same group of
friends for over five years now,

and you know nothing
about me.

I think this is the longest
we've ever spoken.

I didn't cheat on Cici,
all right?

She's paranoid, all right?

Now no one can be around someone
who's happy to assume

the worst of others.

You get that, right?

I can't be around someone

who's looking for permission
to kill me.


I have more time than you.

So you're going to come after me
way before I come after you.

And it's Coleman.

Your last name is Coleman.


Fine, we're good?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Let's go.

Where, Ezra?

To the next camp.
Maybe they've got a car.

How many people did we pass
on the way here?

It's like Bobby said.

Everyone's in town
for the big game tomorrow.

We're the only idiots
camping out here,

and it's at least 30 miles
back to town.

We won't make it.

Well, maybe they got
a ranger station

or something out here, right?

We have to find someone
who can help us.

Let's just get to the road and
we'll figure it out from there.

Come on.

Come on, Erin.

We need to survive long
enough until help gets here.

How are we going to get help?

In an hour we're all
forest confetti,

and all of our phones are gone.

Do you think my dad would let me
be away from him

for a whole weekend in the deep,
dark woods

with just one cell phone?

I love your dad.

Ezra! I'm sorry!

I have no fucking idea
where to go, do you?

Something must have pushed
Peterson off the edge.

Did he say anything to you?

Did you speak to him
after the funeral?

Why is he fucking
with us now?

- Okay, where are we looking?
- One of the big ones.

Come on, baby.
Come on. Come on.

It's got to be here.

Are you sure you packed it?

I wouldn't make a
stupid mistake like that.

It must be here.

My dad even handed it to me.

He made sure it was charged
and everything.

- Keep looking, PJ.
- Yes.

I don't know,
maybe Peterson took it.

Dickhead thought
of everything else.

Make sure you check the bottoms.

Make sure you check
the whole bag.

- Here, PJ, try this one.
- Yeah, got it.

Yeah, come on. Come on.


I got nothing, babe.

Stop. Stop.

You hear that?

I don't want to die alone!

We should try
and help her, right?

Maybe unscrew the vest
with my knife.

Oh, we can't.

What? Rian, she's our friend.

- Do you really...?
- Shh.


Where are you?

Keep looking, PJ.


Where is it?

- Shit.
- Shh.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

What's this? No.


- Stop complaining.
- Fuck off.

Come on.

Fuck off!

Doesn't matter.

She's gone.

- Any service?
- Nada.

Okay, let's get out
of this valley.


Oh, PJ, come on!

Hold on a second.

- Oh, yeah.
- What the fuck are you doing?

If we have it,
no one else does, right?

Let's just go, please.

Were you always like this,

so closed off,

or is that something that
happened after Caleb died?

It was my party where he had
his heart attack.

I tried to revive him, but...

Seriously, you're not going
to respond to that?

Come on, you can't keep
all of that bottled up.

It's not good for you.

To you, Caleb was the quiet
smart kid

who you maybe copied off of.

Are you kidding me?

That guy was in
Advanced Placement classes.

I was, like,
one notch above Special Ed.

Caleb was my boyfriend, Ezra.

He was the first boy
I was ever with.

And the last.

So, yeah, it affected me.

You know, there's no shame
in talking about it.

Or admitting
that it changed you.

Because it changed me.

Watching someone
so smart and caring

with a future
that was so promising...

poof, gone in an instant.

It flipped a switch in me.

Made me realize
that there's no points

for doing the right thing.

People are shit, and they do
shitty things, okay?

If you're not a user,
you're probably being used.

You're just as pathetic as me.

This loner rebel bullshit
routine of yours,

so forced and fake.

Come on.

Erin would probably
be the easiest.

Wouldn't even
cry for help.

Yeah, but who
deserves it the most?

Oh, that goes without saying.

Oh, who?

I guess I've never
really trusted Kato, you know?

One time, I saw the guy
put ice in milk, Rian.

- Ice in milk.
- There's still no service.

We got to go higher.

Oh, fuck.

Your psychotic best friend's
been here.


You here, babe?

I don't like this.
Let's get out of here.

Hey, weirdo!

What are you doing?

Back off, Amber!

I don't want to hurt you.

But I've got to kill him.

This is not cool, Cici!

This is not how best friends
treat each other.


Why aren't you with Ezra, hmm?

It's complicated.

It's either you or Amber.

I don't want to kill
my best friend.

We can help you.

We can help you find Ezra

and help you get his time.

You should survive.
Not him.

No, she'll never
make it in time.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Amber.

- Rules are rules. I'm sorry.
- Wait!

- Wait, Ezra was cheating on you.
- No.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But he was cheating on you...

with Amber.

Oh, yeah. Plot twist.

- What?
- No!

He's... He's lying.

I would never
fuck your boyfriend, Cici.

It's true.

I went through her phone
the other day.

They were definitely fucking.

They've been texting
sweet nothings for weeks.

He even sent her a dick pic.
Average length.

Kind of curved to the left.

Terrible, terrible manscaping.

I don't know if it's still
going on.

- Slut.
- Last I saw, he accused her of giving him herpes.

That's insane!
I don't even have herpes!

Yeah you do.
You got it from me.

- Fuck you!
- And you gave it to Ezra.

And Ezra gave it to me,
you bitch!

I've been taking pills
for months to get rid of this.

It's a very,
very resilient disease.

Come on, you don't want
to kill me.

Yes, I do.

That's the herpes talking.

Please! Please! No!
I'm pregnant.


I'm pregnant, Cici.

I'm going to be a mom.

Bitch. No, you ain't.

- Yeah!
- Aah!

Oh, shit.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, my... Amber.

What have I done?

Amber, I'm so sorry.
What do I do?

Is it in the ovaries?

Are you...? I'm so sorry, Amber.

Amber, I'm so sorry!


Amber, I'm so...

That is really, really intense.


Any luck?

Yeah. I got two bars.


Whoa. Whoa.

- Oh.
- That's not a good sign, right?

Oh, fuck.

- Ezra.
- Shit.

Someone's dead.

I didn't hear an explosion,

People are playing the game.

Oh, fuck me.

Time to pop
my murder cherry.


Wait. What?

You killed her?

I did it.

I did it.

I-I killed my best friend.

I took all her time.

That is next-level savage.

I could actually
win this thing.

You know to win this,
you have to kill me, right?

We... We've got to do
what we can to survive.

That's what you did.

you left me alone with her
to get the ax.

You set Cici on me.

You... It's cool.

I know.

I don't blame you
for what you did. You...

you knew I could do it.

I just needed a push.

The biggest mistake
that people are going to make

is thinking
that they have to wait

until someone's in the red
to kill.

We can jump all of them.

We can get the most time.

And then we can figure a way
out of here.

Because there's way too many
nice people

ignoring the very horrible game
that we're being forced to play.

So, babe...

who do we kill next?

He's still not picking up.

- Well, try him again.
- Okay.

Ezra, wait.

Did you hear that?

- It's coming from here.
- It's nothing.

Yeah, you're probably right.


No, I'm not.

Grow a fucking backbone,
I think you're onto something.

- Let's go.
- Seriously?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Maybe he's just listening
to that Cock Tumor EP I gave him

for his birthday
three years ago,

and he just can't
hear the phone.

Maybe he's just
a really deep sleeper.

My dad sleeps with one eye open
and the ringer on full blast

three feet from his head.

Something's not right.
I'm going to track his phone.

Okay. Okay.


It's searching.

It's zoning in.

- PJ, let's go.
- What?

It says it's 400 yards away
over there.

Come on!

Erin. Erin, be careful.

Who's that?

Who the fuck is that?

Help me.

Help me, please.

- Holy shit.
- Mr. Miller?

It's me. It's Erin.

Are you okay?

Rian? Rian?

Is Rian okay?

Last we saw,
she was in one piece, yeah.

Jesus Christ.
He got all of you out here?

Help me out of this
fucking wire.

Please, Erin.
I don't have a lot of time.

Why has Peterson done this?
What did we do to him?

Peterson is convinced
his son's death wasn't natural.

That's crazy.

Everyone knows Caleb
had a heart condition.

That's what I told him.

So I closed the case.

I thought it was over.

I thought... I thought
we could go on with our lives.

But he kept digging.

Got his hookups at the
university to run more fuck...

Fucking blood tests.

They discovered that Caleb
had a lethal dose of speed

in his system, and that's what
caused the heart attack.

So, what, Caleb had a bum ticker

and accidentally did too much
molly at my party?

How does that justify
putting us in these things?

Oh, no, no, no,
you don't understand.

Caleb had five times
the lethal dose in his system.

Peterson is convinced somebody
was slipping it into his drink

the entire night.

So Caleb was poisoned
by someone at my party?

You're saying someone
in these woods

is a cold-blooded murderer?



- You good?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

You hear that?

Go. Quick, hide.

Who is it?

It's Kato.

Fuck. We've got to run.

Go, go, go, go.

Go, run. Go. Go. Go!



- Rian, move.
- I'm coming.

Guys, come on.

We're hurt real bad down here.

This is ridiculous.

I got to go talk to him.

No! Fuck, no.

Come on.
He's our friend.

He's not going to do
anything to us.

- And besides, he's hurt.
- No, no, no, no.

It's Kato.

He's fucking scared
of mosquitoes.

I got to try.

Babe, please!

Kato! I'm coming, bro!

I don't want any bullshit
trouble, okay?




- PJ, buddy, please.
- Kato, where are you guys?

We got to stick together, man.



Right here, drummer boy.

What the hell, man?

You're not even triggered.

You're green.

Don't hate the player,
hate the game.

It's perfectly acceptable
to hate the player

when the player's being
a total dick.

It doesn't matter what Peterson
wants us to do.

This nightmare that we've
woken up in,

we got to find a way out of here
and we need to do it quick.

Oh, it'll be over quick.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Son of a bitch!

No! No!

Man, I'm so sorry.
I didn't see the leg.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Fuck, man, you've gone
all Jason Bateman on me.

You mean Patrick Bateman,
you idiot.

From "American Psycho."

Well, then who's Jason Bateman?

He's from
"Arrested Development."

Jeez, you are an idiot,
aren't you?

Patrick Bateman...

Fuck this.

Is that all you got,
you hippie fuck?

What are you doing, Amber?

Leave us alone!

- There we go.
- Kato, please stop.


I've hated you since
fucking grade school, you bitch!


I'm going to kill you!

Hold still.

No, Kato, Kato, Kato.
No, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no. Aah!

Now that's what I call a drum solo.



Time to level up.

I knew you were a fucking psycho

when you didn't cry at the end
of "Terminator 2."

Almost there, almost there.

Mr. Miller, please. Please.

We have to get you back to camp.
There's a first aid kit there.

He's going to need more
than a first aid kit.

- Let me help you.
- Oh, fuck.

He's crashing harder
than Bitcoin.

This is funny.

When you kill someone
with any other weapon,

you're just a regular
old murderer.

But as soon as you use an ax,
you're an ax murderer.

Why is that, PJ?

Well, if I were to posit...

You son of a bitch!


Erin, you're wasting the time
you have left.

When is doing the right thing
a waste of time?

You're not gonna be much help to

if you're around him
in five minutes.

Mr. Miller, where's your phone?

- It's in there.
- I got it. I've got it.

I'll find help, okay?

Here piggy, piggy, piggy!



Oh, thank God.

My name's Erin Coleman.

No, I can't give you
my location.

Look, this is an emergency.
Please, I need help.

Oh, shit.

I'm sorry, man.


Get here quick, please.

There's blood.
Lots of blood. Hello?

Fuck. It's dead.

Do you know anything
about the vests?

How to disarm them?

The fucker had two controllers

or... or detonators,
one to tu...

One to turn the bombs on,
and one to...

To turn them off?

Yeah. Get those.

Find those. He had them on him
when he tied me up.

- Erin.
- Yes?

Tell Rian...

Tell Rian that I...


Oh, for fuck's sake.

What the fuck are you doing?

- Why'd you do that?
- He's a dead man.

His time was wasting away
with him.

So you just killed him
in cold blood,

take his minutes
for yourself?

You want to take my time too?

I didn't take his time.

I gave it to you.

I made sure you were standing
closest to the body.

Take it.

Take it.

It's almost fully loaded.

Hold on to it, and only use it
if you have to.

Do not give it to anyone.

Think about numero uno for once.

Stand up for yourself.

You have the most time now.

And a gun.

You can survive this.

I'm not playing this game, Ezra.

I'm going to find Rian.

She might be able
to save us all.

No more bloodshed.

Just stop with the wallflower
shtick, all right?

Make your voice heard.

When the time is right...

don't be afraid
to make a little noise.

Where the fuck
are you even going?

I think I know
who killed Caleb.


- Ri-Rian. Rian.
- Over here!

- Rian.
- Oh, babe!

- Oh, what happened?
- We gotta get out of here, okay?

- Okay. Where do we go?
- Anywhere. Anywhere is fine.

- Okay, okay.
- Let's find your dad.


Wait, where are we?

I don't know.

Didn't we just come from...
From here?

I-I-I don't know.
It all looks the same.

You said you... okay.

Okay, let's...

Oh, shit.

Hey, Erin.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, spoiler alert.

Kato and his girlfriend
are psychopaths

who want everyone dead.

- Are you?
- No.

What happened?

He came after us.

Went all crazy on PJ.

Amber tried to kill me too.

You okay?

For now. You got more time?

Yeah, um...

Did you, like, kill...?

No, no, of course not.

Okay. Thank God.

My dad, we were
tracking his phone,

but it's dead now.

We found him, but he wasn't
going to make it.


- Wait, what?
- Did-did someone kill him?

Where's my father, Erin?

Why-why-why is your dad here?
Why is he playing this game?

Rian, he was bleeding out.
He was stabbed, Rian.

- Who stabbed him?
- Ezra.

- Ezra killed my dad?
- No, Ezra was there with me.

Peterson did.

Peterson stabbed him and left
him in the woods to bleed out.

I was there when he died, Rian.
That's why I got his time.

I swear, we were trying
to help him.

I swear.

But he told us that Peterson
had a detonator

that controlled this vest.

I've tried it.
It doesn't work.

It doesn't work!

Your dad said he had
another one.

One that might deactivate them.

- That's good, right?
- Where is it, Erin?

And I think your dad said

it's on Peterson's body,
back at the camp.

Rian, I'm so sorry.


Ri, we can't give up now.

We can't.

I'm sorry.

It's... it's not giving up, PJ.

It's called accepting reality.

Maybe you should try
to join me for once

instead of living
in fantasyland all the time!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

No, it's okay.

It's okay. You're okay.

Do you want... do you want
to go see your dad?

No, Rian, please.
You don't.

Let's figure this out first,

and then I'll say goodbye
if there's time.

Yeah, he...

he'd expect that, you know,
for you to save everybody.

What's left of us.


You're not coming with?

If Kato's gone nuts,
I need to go help Ezra.

I'll meet you back at camp,

- Okay. Be careful, Erin.
- Let's go.

This place is going to start
sounding like a popcorn machine

if this doesn't work.

Fucking show yourself!


You fucking dickhead!

I'm coming for you,
you piece of shit.

I know you always hated Caleb.

PJ, this way.

Hold on. Fuck.

We got to keep moving.

We're running out of time, PJ.

- Just give me two seconds.
- Come on.

You know that I love you, right?

Oh, I love you, too.

Okay, I just needed you
to know that.

There was a time I thought I was
going to live forever,

and then Caleb died and it was

I just hope that I outlive
my parents.

And now... now I'm not even
going to outlive fax machines.

And, look, I really,
really wanted to do this

in a better time and place,

but it's going to be
game over soon,

so I might as well do it now.

I can't die without asking you
a very important question.

No, babe. Not now.

Let's get out of this,

and you can do everything
the way you planned, okay?

Okay. Just, can you please
hold on to this for me,

so that I don't lose it?

I will, just because I love it.

But when everything's
back to normal,

I want the going down on one
knee thing and everything, okay?



- Yeah?
- ...I was wrong.

My favorite thing about you
is how you dedicate your life

to what you believe in.

Your friends, your band, us.

Don't change.




'Sup, bro?

Got something you want to get
off your chest?

Like that vest?

Or maybe the fact that you
fucked my girlfriend

with that bushy
pencil dick of yours.

- Oh, shit, he knows.
- It's called manscaping, bro.

Read a "G.Q."
every once in a while.

I know what you did to Caleb.

- Fuck this.
- Oh, shit.

Who gives a fuck about Caleb?

His dad, for one.

So that's what this
is all about.

Peterson thinks one of us killed
Caleb, and you assume it was me!

If the glove fits.

You had a hard-on for Erin
back in high school,

but she was with Caleb.

I always did like
the quiet ones.

I wanted to make them scream.

You brought a metric shit-ton
of ecstasy to that party.

Then made me swear to not say
anything to the cops

when they came asking questions.

You poisoned his drinks,
didn't you?

That's quite the story, Ez.

Didn't you?

How am I supposed to have
a conversation with you

if you won't...?

...give me a minute
to spit some words out.

I'll give you four.

All right. Caleb, he just...

You said you'd let me talk.

I can't help it.

You've just got
such a punchable face.

Well, we can't all be vapid
little pretty boys, now can we?

You think you're better than me?





Amber, are you okay?

He made me do it.

He made me kill
my best friend.

Look at you, acting all

Don't act like you grew
a conscience, Ezra.

Whether I killed Caleb or not...

is irrelevant.

You want my time.

You're going to kill me no
matter what.

You're not the hero
of this story, Ezra.

What choice did I have?

Peterson made us all do things
we didn't want to do.

Look, let's go back to camp.
We can figure it out, okay?

Rian is figuring out a way

to disarm the vests.

- Get off me!
- Fuck you!

Sounds like Erin.

I have to kill you.

- I got to go save her.
- What the fuck, PJ? No.

You don't need me for this.

You got this, okay?

What's the point
in surviving tonight

if none of our friends do, okay?

She could be dead by the time
that we deactivate these things.

- No, I got to do this.
- No, babe.

Take this and stab Kato
in the fucking face

if he comes near you, okay?

Be careful.

You can end this.

You got this.

You fucking got this.

You know what, man?

Just kill me.

Just get it over with.


Fight back.

It's fucking weird
killing you

when you're surrendering.


Fucking mute!

Before you kill me,
I just want you to know,

I didn't kill Caleb.

I didn't poison his drinks.

I promise. I swear.

You bitch.

From the moment you got back,

all the punching

I knew something had changed.

You got weak.

Usually it takes months,
if not years,

for a girl to break a guy down
into a spineless,

emasculated puddle of a man.

Ah, but five minutes with Erin
and you got soft.

But I'm not soft.

I am as hard as a priest
in a playground.


Oh, my God!

Come on, Ezra.

You going to fucking die
or blow up?


Still the lowest. Fuck!

Even in death
you're a selfish dickhead.

Stay back, Amber!
Don't fucking move!

Drop the fucking knife!

Seriously? Is this a joke?

Put the knife down.

What, you're a fucking hero now?

Go back to Rian at the camp.
Now, run.

Yeah, run, you bitch!

What, are you going to shoot me,

Come on, just fucking do it.

- Don't fucking make me.
- Fucking do it!

Don't fucking make me.

Oh, shit, shit, shit.


Come on, you loser.
What are you waiting for?

You don't know how to shoot
a fucking gun, idiot?


Guys, look, we think
we found a way

that we can all
win this thing, okay?

We can all win, Kato.

Come on, man.
Rian's back at the camp now.

We think we found a remote
that can deactivate all of us.

All right? I need you guys
to come with me.

Come with me back to camp.

I don't want to shoot you, bro.

I really, really don't want
to shoot you, man.

Just, please,
you got to trust me.

You're my friend.

It's Rian, she can save us.

How sure is she?

I don't know, bro.

It's fucking Rian,
she knows this shit.

What are the odds?

Ninety-nine, ninety-nine


Come on, Kato.

Not good enough.


Kato, get off...
Son of a bitch, Kato!


Stop right now! Stop!

You're like a brother to me,

Why are you doing this?

Oh, what am I doing?

What am I doing?


No! Oh, you're right, PJ.

Oh, you're right.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

It's okay, man.

Let's go back to camp.

Yeah. I'd like that.


Fuck yes, babe!

We're going to win this.

That's more like it.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Erin's meeting Rian at the camp.

They won't be able to stop us,

What are you doing?

- You know...
- Kato?

...I've been meaning
to talk to you

about that whole
"you fucking Ezra" thing.

Now seems as good a time as any.

What the fuck are you doing?

Whatever I have to.

I tried to help you,
you fucking freak!

Help! Somebody help.

Thanks for the good time...


Oh. Oh.

Oh, come on,
come on, come on.

Please work.

Please work.


No fair.

No, no, Fuck, no!

Oh, shit.

Oh, you son of a bitch.

Erin, are you okay?
What's going on?

- We're both red.
- What the fuck?

PJ didn't find you?

Where's PJ?

He's with Amber.
He's got a gun.

He told me to come back for you.

- Did you find the remote?
- Yeah, but it didn't work.

I think everyone's timer
has been reset

to the lowest score
on the board: mine.

It was a trick.
Peterson thought of everything.

- No, you can try again.
- No. We can all die right now.

I'm sorry.

We have to go back for PJ.

Oh, shit.

Where's PJ?

I hope you weren't expecting

any more mixtapes.

Because PJ got a bad case

of a bullet
through the skull.

Surprisingly, more brains
came out than you'd think.

And I hope you weren't expecting
to fuck Ezra,

because he's dead too.

Does anybody have
an aspirin?

You fucking asshole.

Sorry, what's that, Erin?

You fucking asshole!

There it is.

You know, I always wanted
to make you scream.

You're enjoying this
a little too much, Kato.

Peterson made the rules.

He didn't say we had
to feel bad about it.

He was going to propose,
you fucking psycho!

Who, PJ?

At a football game?

How did you think both of you

were going to get out
of here alive?

You would have made
some fucking stupid kids.

- You want to see the ring, huh?
- No, not really.

Look at it,
you piece of shit!

Look at it!

That's all right
for a man of his income.

What's three months' salary

for a guy who makes
zero dollars?

Fuck you, Kato!

Come on, Erin!

We're running out of time!

Hurry up, Erin!

Rian, wait! Please!


Help me.


Come on. Haven't got all day.

Here, Rian, give it back.

What are you doing?

Even if Kato's completely
out of the picture...

there's not enough time
to change the rules now.

What are you doing?

Where the fuck are you two?

Only one of us can survive.

Wait, what the fuck
are you doing?

I was wondering how you got

all that extra time
on your vest, Erin.

Rian, please, I can explain.
Don't do this.

You have this, his gun,
and you told me he just died?

Did you kill my dad, Erin?

Rian, I swear it wasn't me.

I was there when he died.
He was bleeding out.

- Ezra was trying...
- Put him out of his misery? Huh?

He knew your dad
wasn't going to make it.

By giving me the extra time,

it was one friend that didn't
have to kill someone else.

I'm going to find you.

I'm sorry.

This whole thing's my fault.


I introduced you all to Caleb.

I brought him
into the circle.

It was me, Erin.


What the fuck's going on?

I killed Caleb.


He was trending
towards a G.P.A.

higher than mine, and...


Oh, please.

And I wanted to be valedictorian
at all costs.

I-I needed the scholarship.

M.I.T. on a cop's salary
not going to work.

Everyone was taking speed
at Ezra's party,

and I got my hands
on Kato's stash, and...

I never meant to kill him.

I just wanted enough
in his system

to show up on a drug test,

get him disqualified
from being valedictorian.

But I fucked up some
metric-to-imperial conversion,

wound up giving him
way too much.

I made a really stupid mistake,
and Caleb died.


What are you doing?

I let people cover it up.
I let my dad cover it up.

It wasn't hard to sell him
on the idea

that Caleb's death
was an accident.

And I will never
forgive myself.

I've had to live with that,
no one else knowing.

But I don't have
to live with it anymore.

You deserve to walk out of here
more than anyone.

You definitely deserve it
more than me.

Take this and do
what you need to do, Erin.

Don't say that.

Take it.

All right.

Found you!

Yeah! Fuck, yes.

I'm getting fucking
good at this.

Turning into John Wick.

Oh, yes!

Yes. No.

That's my kill.

You stay away from her,
you time-stealing bitch!

Fuck you! Fuck you.

Well, you may have
more time than me,

but you know you've only got
seconds left to live, right?

You don't have the balls
to play this game

the way it's meant
to be played.

Do you, Erin?
You charity case.

Fucking poor person!

Don't point that gun at me
like you're going to use it.

We both know you can't
pull that trigger.

You basic bitch!

Do it. Do it.
Pull the trigger, skank.

If it wasn't me tonight,

it would've been some other guy
some other time, guaranteed.

Why are we even talking?

You won't kill me.

You're a left swipe on Tinder.

You're a forgettable mute coward
who can't kill shit.

I don't have to kill you.

I've just got to outlast you.

Get back here!

Erin, you come back here now!

This is still killing someone
in cold blood!

You're a fucking murderer!

Fucking femme fatale!

I killed people!

I put an ax through
my girlfriend's skull.

I earned the win tonight,
not you.

Oh, fuck.


Fuck this.

I'm going out
on my own terms.


No! No.

Oh, no!

Please, help.

Somebody help me!

Help me, please.

Help me, sir, please.

Please, help me.

All my friends have been killed.

Fuck that.

Grow a pair,
you fucking coward.

You fucking fuck!

Fuck you!