Trigger Point (2015) - full transcript

Callie finds herself affected by big business politics and decides to join an activist group to do something about it.

♫ I saw a child ♫

♫ She made me better ♫

♫ I cheer her up ♫

♫ I saw a child ♫

♫ Up and bitter ♫

♫ I'm all down ♫

♫ She's better than us ♫

♫ She can survive ♫

♫ She's not afraid ♫

♫ She doesn't measure up
in the dark ♫

♫ Is it the way ♫

♫ The way we take? ♫

♫ Tell me what... ♫

Oh! Lucky save!

Luck had nothing
to do with it.

Really? How come
I'm up a game?

'Cause you've been lucky.

Ha! It's amazing
how often that happens!


♫ She's better than us ♫

♫ Better than us ♫

♫ Better than us... ♫♫

Have you talked to Ben lately?

No, and the last
link he sent to me

was this article

on the root causes
of income inequality.

That's a phase, Annette.

I mean, we were all rebellious

and resentful of our
parents at that age.

Well, I wasn't, and Sarah
seems to like you just fine.

She has her moments.

At least she doesn't
think you're the Antichrist.

Ben does not think
you're the Antichrist.

He sure acts like he does.

Look, freshman
year in college,

I accused my dad
of being a fascist.

Marisa, your father
was a fascist.

OK, there was that.

That was great. Thanks.

So same time next week?

Absolutely, yeah.

Hey, look, don't forget
Book Club, OK? Friday.

Only on Chapter 2!

See ya!

Annette? ANNETTE!


Mr. Prather?

Ben Prather?

Mr. Prather?

Dispatch, this is Miller.
I have a probable suicide.


See you tomorrow.


Hey, Rudy.

Yeah, um, I'm just
getting off work now.

I... I'll be there in a few.

♫♫ Stone walls on
a heavy ground ♫

♫ Paper legs will fold
without a sound ♫

♫ Sound ♫

Over there.

♫ At the neck
falls the water line ♫

♫ Don't wanna
let it get too high ♫


Dad, wake up.

♫ High ♫

♫ How do we get over ♫

It's time to go home, OK?


Good. Come on.

♫ How do we get over
this time? ♫

It's OK. Gotcha!

Is he all settled up?

We're good, but he's
gotta stop doing this.

I know. Sorry.
Thank you.

OK, come on.

♫ One foot in a sinking hole ♫

♫ While the other's
trying to get a hold ♫

OK? Be careful.

Watch the stairs,
watch the stairs!

♫ Hold ♫

♫ How do we get over? ♫

♫ How do we get over? ♫

♫ How do we get over
this time?♫♫

You collected me from Rudy's.



You should eat something.

I truly am.

You have to stop
being sorry, Dad.

It's getting really tiring.

I made you some soup.
I'll go heat it up.

Where were you last night?

I thought we were
gonna hang out.

I had Dad stuff to deal with.

And what was it this time?

Rudy's again.

I'm sorry.
That can't be fun.

Big time not fun.

Is he seeing anyone?
A therapist?


He won't.

Yeah, just like my aunt.

We finally had to do
an intervention.

Yeah, I remember.

It was brutal,

but she's been sober
3.5 years now, so...

Come on, Callie.
We're already late.

"Save the Cubberley House."

- Hi, how are you?
- Good!

It's a total waste of time.

How can you say that?

Because they can't
change anything.

He's right.
Big business owns the world.

Nothing's gonna change
if we do nothing.

Like marching around with
signs and shouting slogans?

Which is really annoying

when they're right
outside the library

and you're in there,
trying to study.

Do you even know
where the library is?


Well, I admire
what they're doing.

I think they're trying
to make a difference.

But they won't,
and then they'll graduate,

look at their student loans

and beg big business to hire them.

You guys are so cynical.

And "word," Darby, seriously?

Why is your girlfriend
always ragging on me?

- I gotta get to work.
- I'll call you later.


Thank you.


Um, is it OK if I put
something up there?

- Wherever you can find space.
- All right, thank you.

That's about the plan to
tear down Cubberley House?

Uh, yeah.

So that Sterling Exton
can build an office tower?

Exactly. But we're
gonna try and stop them.

Good for you.



Hey, kiddo!
How was work?

Same old, same old.

Thanks for making dinner.
I'm beat.

It's the least I can
do after yesterday.

I really am sorry.

I promise it'll
never happen again.

Smells good.
What are you making?

A couple of prime cuts
of Kobe beef. Hmm?

Dad, seriously?
No, we can't afford this!

Every once in a while, we can.

We can't. We're upside down
on our mortgage.

We're behind on payments.
We're barely hanging on.

You can't just... Relax.

I have some news.

What news?

I've got a job
interview tomorrow.

It's only assistant
account manager,

but it's a match for my
skill set, and it's full time.

Dad, that's incredible!

How did you even...
Remember Carl?

Yeah, of course!

He's working there.

He got me the interview.

Dad, that's amazing news!

That's so great!

So, let's indulge a bit, OK?

Well, it does
smell pretty good.

Yes, it does.


Did you call me?

Nah, I just came over.

Eat already?



Brought dessert.

I have classes
tomorrow morning.

Well, it's not tomorrow.

[♫ Five Minutes
by Scattered Trees ♫

I'm curious, Hugh.


Am I just a booty call to you?


Well, then, what am I?

You're... you're my girl!

What does that even mean?

I don't know.

It means we hang out.
We do things together.

We usually just do tequila
shots and then hook up.

We do more than that.

Not really.

OK, um...

♫♫ It took the pain
to remind me ♫

What do you wanna do?

You cut the limes.
I'll pour.

♫ I'm right here ♫


♫ Five minutes at a time
I'm gone... ♫


♫ I can't relate
to what I say ♫

♫ 'Cause I'm not myself ♫

♫ I'm not ♫

♫ Five minutes at a time ♫

♫ I'm gone♫♫

Yeah, Darby does
that sometimes, just shows up.

Doesn't it annoy you?

Not really.

I mean, Hugh only
came by for one reason.

Well, you know guys.
One-track minds.

And you did let him in.

Yeah, and I have
the hangover to prove it.

So maybe we're not all
that different from them.

God, I really hope we are.

I think we're late!

Yeah, I know we are.

"I went to the woods,

"because I wished
to live deliberately,

"to front only
the essential facts of life,

"and see if I could not
learn what it had to teach,

"and not, when I came to die,

"discover that
I had not lived..."

That must be
Prof. Miller's TA.

He's cute!

He's one of the guys
from Coalition.

Oh yeah!

"To live
so sturdily and Spartan-like

"as to put to rout
all that was not life,

"to drive life into a corner,

"and reduce it
to its lowest terms."

All right, so, who wrote that?

Uh, Thoreau in Walden.

Very good! So at least one
of us has done today's reading.

TA's pet.

OK, so, what is
Thoreau talking about

when he says he went to
the woods to live deliberately

and learned what
it had to teach?

Is he talking about a kind of
Rousseauian return to nature,

or is he seeking to connect
with the elusive spiritual?

Well, I think
he wanted all of that.

Catch up with you later.


Hi! I'm Callie,
Callie Banner.

Jared Church.

- You're with Coalition, right?
- Yeah, that's right.

I want to find out more about
your campaign to stop the tower.

Cool! We have a community
outreach meeting tonight.

Let me get you a flyer.

What time's your next class?

Uh, this afternoon.

I have a meeting
across campus.

Why don't you walk with me?
I'll bring you up to speed.

OK.- All right.

City College
has owned Cubberley House

for over 100 years.

I pass it on my way to work.

It's sad to see
what's happened to it.

It's a historic building.
They should be restoring it.

Instead, they're
gonna demolish it

so a corporation called Sterling
Exton can build an office tower.

Yeah, I know all
about Sterling Exton.

My dad worked for
Mannheim Distribution.

Which Sterling Exton
acquired in a hostile takeover.

Basically, everyone at
Mannheim lost their jobs,

including my dad.

I know. It was
a blood bath.

No notice, no severance.

My dad was forced to accept
a buyout of his pension

at 10% of its regular value

or get nothing.

See, that's what
Sterling Exton does.

They identify
vulnerable companies,

acquire them, gut them

and then sell off
whatever assets remain.

Corporate slogan should be:
"Screw the little guy."

Right. I don't want one
of their eyesore buildings

anywhere near this campus,

especially if it means
tearing down Cubberley House.

Well, this is me.

So I'll see you at
the meeting tonight?


All right. Cool!

Hey, you!

How'd the interview go?

Turns out there
was no interview.

Why not?

They gave the job to
someone else this morning.


Someone the boss knew,

friend of his
brother-in-law or something.

That is so not fair!

If there's anything
we've learned,

it's that life
isn't fair, right?

I felt bad for Carl.


He was real embarrassed!

He should've been mad.

I'm sure he was!

And you should be too!

What good would that do?

Dad, you have to
start pushing back.

You can't just keep
rolling over and taking it.

I'll tell you what.

When you're my age

and you've had your
career and your marriage

taken away from you,

then I'll listen to your advice.

Until then, just back off!

Have you eaten anything?

I'm fine.

Look, I'm supposed to
go to this meeting soon,

but maybe I can just stay in,

and we could watch
a movie or something.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Next Wednesday,
Sterling Exton is scheduled

to begin demolition
on Cubberley House,

but we'll be there first.

When they ask us to
leave, we'll refuse.

They'll call in the city
or campus police, but by then,

Ashley's team will have
begun the social-media blitz.

If you guys haven't joined our
Facebook and Twitter pages yet,

please do so,
and tell your friends.

We'll keep everyone
informed on what's happening.

Once the protest
is up and running,

our goal to is stay there.

We wanna be a magnet
for social change.

I'm sorry. Uh, when you say
"stay there," do you mean 24/7?

Yes. You've heard the
expression "money never sleeps"?

Well, neither do we.

We're gonna
run this in shifts.

Day, night, graveyard.

One of us is gonna
be there at all times,

so what we'd like from you is to
commit to some of those shifts.

We're not saying everyday.
Just whatever you can,

so that our shift leader
has enough people

on hand at all times
to help things run smoothly.

So, sign the sheet
on your way out.

Name, address, email, cell.

Once we've hammered
out a schedule,

we'll get it off to you,

along with everybody's
contact info, including our own.

Let's be the change
we wanna see.

All right!


Yeah, bring him upstairs!



So, I'll see you
next Wednesday?

Yeah, I wouldn't miss that.

If you guys need help
with anything, let me know.

I will. Thanks.

You know, I've been
angry for so long

about what Sterling
Exton did to my dad.

To be able to have a chance

to do something
about it, to fight back,

it's really an
incredible feeling.

It's amazing how good

doing the right thing
can make you feel.


Did you hear?

They closed the case
on Ben and his mother.

A murder-suicide.
I still can't believe it.

He was one of the gentlest
guys I'd ever known.

I didn't think so.

I mean, I know I only
met him that one time,

but he seemed pretty intense,
like really angry inside.

OK, well, he didn't get along
with his mom, that's for sure.

It's parents, man.

They have a way of tapping
into the dark side.

Yeah, but if he did do it,

I mean, where did he learn
to make a bomb like that?

It's not that hard.
You can look it up online.


You think they've
hooked up yet?

Don't do that.

Do what?

Play the jealousy card.

I'm not! I've got
no claim on Jared.

Next Wednesday?

Yeah. See you later.

- All right, bye.
- Bye!

What about your
classes and your job?

I'll work it around them.

You're overextended already.

You shouldn't take on
something like this.

Well, this is important.

Our country's in trouble.

The rich keep getting richer,

and the rest of us

just have to take it
in the neck.

Somebody has to...
Do something about it.

Yeah, yeah. I get it.

I guess I can't recruit you to
come to the protest Wednesday?

Nope! I don't care
how hot that TA is.

What TA is hot?

Callie's joining Coalition.

I'm not joining anything.
I'm just getting involved.

You didn't mention
anything about it.

She went to a meeting
the other night.

Seriously, Callie?
Those guys are losers.

No, they're not.

But this TA you were
talking about, he's part of it?

He's, like, the main guy.

How hot is he?

OK, you know what?
This isn't about that.

They're going after the
company that destroyed my dad,

and I wanna be a part of it.

He's super hot.

♫♫ What is love but
a constant struggle? ♫

♫ What's the heart
but the pounding? ♫

♫ What are we when
the tide is sinking... ♫



How'd you sleep?


You all packed?


When does your flight leave?

I don't have to leave
for another hour.

♫ What is hope?
I don't know it ♫

♫ I don't know it ♫

♫ I don't know it ♫

♫ I don't know it ♫

♫ What is love
but a constant lesson? ♫

♫ And nothing can survive ♫

♫ When it's starting
to spread♫♫

OK, these are all done.


Do you think it'll be enough?

It's hard to say.

If there isn't enough
to go around,

people can share.

Hey, guys.

Hey! Welcome back!
How was Houston?

Houston was Houston.
Mom says hi.

How are things here?

Yeah, we'll be ready.

Hey, did you have any trouble
getting out of Houston?


Oh. Sounded like
a hell of a storm.

Yeah, but everything's
cool now.

Anyway, I'm beat, and we have
a big day tomorrow, so...

All right. Good night!

Hey, uh, we really
appreciate all the help.

I'm glad to do it.

See you tomorrow.


Hey, Dylan!
How are you?

So, I wanted to
ask you about your father.

Um, was he ever able
to land back on his feet?

No. He's still
struggling big time,

and he drinks.

You know, my mom tried to get
him to stop, but she couldn't,

so, finally, she bailed.

God, I sound like a soap opera!

Your mom bailed,
but you didn't,

and you can't forgive
her for that.

You sure you're not
getting that PhD in psych?

Sorry. I, uh,
I've been there.

Your dad's an alcoholic too?

Was. He passed.

I'm so sorry.


So, uh, we'll see you tomorrow?

Yeah, see you tomorrow.



What's up?

It was Dylan who
called from Seattle.

You're not gonna believe this.

There are reports

Tracy Campbell and
her father were estranged,

but neighbours had no inkling

of what was going on
inside the house.

Neither Seattle police
nor the FBI

has confirmed anything
at this time,

but it is believed,
along with the suicide note,

explosives and other
incriminating evidence

were found inside
the young woman's home.

First Ben, now Tracy.

This is insane!
This is totally insane!

What the hell is going on?

All right.
All right, listen.

We gotta stay focused here.
Tomorrow's an important day.


Save Cubberley House!

Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

You're trespassing
on private property, guys.

We're gonna have to
ask you to leave.

What authority do you have
to ask us that?

I'm Thomas Calhoun.
I work for Chicago College.

We own this property.

We're students at the college,
so you work for us.

We're not going anywhere.

I understand you object

to the college's proposed
development of this site,

but there is an appropriate
way to register that objection.

This is not it.

No, Mr. Calhoun,
this is precisely it,

and if you want us to leave,

you're gonna have
to do so by force.

Isn't that right, guys?


We're not going anywhere!
We're not moving!

We're not giving in!
We're not staying silent!

Not as long as
that sign is still there.

Because we stand
for something bigger.

We stand for something
better, something true!

People, not profits!
Green, not greed!

Save Cubberley House!

Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley
House! Stop the tower!

Would you like us to call in
reinforcements to arrest them?

No! That's exactly
what they want us to do.

The smart move is to leave.

If we ignore them,

they'll get tired of this
whole thing and move on.

All right.
Your property, your call.

You're letting them stay?

It's out of my hands!

We don't get paid
unless we work.

This isn't right!

Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!


Whoo! Whoo! Yeah!

OK, we're on it.

It's started.



The protest has started.

The cops just left.

Oh, uh, great.
Thank you.

Are you OK?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm...

No, it's this whole thing
with Ben and Tracy.

I, um...


Do you think maybe
it was like a copycat thing,

where they planned it together?

I... I don't know what to think.

Yeah, it's really bizarre.

Yeah, um...


Well, I should get
back to the team.

Yeah. Thank you.

Let's go over there.
We can shoot that.

- Hey!
- Hey!

How's everything?

It's great!



Hey, buddy!

We need to talk.

Yeah, sure.
What's going on?

Uh, not here, not now.

After my shift.


And, um, not at the house.

All right. What's,
uh, what's happening?

You're kind of freaking
me out a little.

Um, it's about Ben and Tracy.

What about them?

I... I don't know.
I'm not sure.

OK, well, uh, I'll come back
at midnight after your shift.

We'll talk then.


I'll see you tomorrow.

Yeah, see you.

Is everything OK?

Uh, I don't know.
I'm just tired.


- See you in the morning.
- OK.

Good night!- Bye!


Yeah, it's great!

You think it's fun?

Yeah, it's a good night!

No matter
what the supporting army,

the basic element
in our success...

Hey! You're famous.

What are you talking about?

You were on TV.
The protest.

Oh, cool!

They interviewed that boy
you were standing beside,

Jared something or other.

Jared Church.

Seems like an
inspirational guy.

Yeah, he really is.

You know, Dad,
you should join us.

Nah, it's a
young person's game.

This is about Sterling Exton.
Don't you wanna fight back?

I think it's great that
you're getting involved,

but even if you succeed
in stopping this project,

you're not gonna
stop Sterling Exton.


Yeah, why bother to do anything

when you can just sit around

feeling sorry for
yourself, doing this.

Come on, ease up a little.

You wanna know something?

You used to be my inspiration.

You were...

You were my hero.

I want that man back so much,

and I see you killing
him day by day,

and that's killing me.



- Patrick seems upset.
- Yeah.

He says he wants to
talk to me about something.

He's been acting
weird all day.

How so?

I don't know.

I just get this feeling
like he's avoiding me.

That's weird.

And he's been on
his computer a lot.

Well, like more than usual?

Yeah, a lot more.

I wonder what's up.

Maybe he'll tell me tonight.

Hey!- Hey!

Gonna let me in?

- Not tonight.
- Not tonight?

Jeez! What are we,
like, married?

I still have studying to do,
and I have work tomorrow.

How'd it go today?

Do you really wanna know?

Were you with that hot TA?

OK, good night, Hugh.

Let me in, Callie.

No, and please
don't come back here.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- Figure it out.

- Hey!
- Go home!

Any of you get hit?

No, we're OK.

Some guys have been
hassling us.

I think they're
from the work crew.

You think it's
safe to stay here?

Yeah. It'll die down.

I hope so.

All right, guys.
We're gonna head out.

If anybody needs anything,
just let us know.

Thank you, everybody.
Have a good night.


See you, guys!
All right!

Girls, if you need
protection up here,

I am here!

No. No way.

So, what's going on, man?

Do you remember when
Ben's mom was killed

and they found Ben
in his garage?

Ashley said that she was
out of town that weekend.

Yeah, visiting
her mom in Houston.

But doesn't it
strike you at all weird

that she said
she was there again

when everything went down
with Tracy and her dad?

I mean, not really.
I didn't even notice.

OK, well, you know,
I thought it was weird.


I know that what I'm about
to say is gonna freak you out,

especially since you guys
hook up, but I feel like it's...

Hey, man, let's
just keep walking.

- What's wrong?
- Let's get out of here.

Go! Go! Go!


Patrick! Get off of him!

Hey! What's going on here?


Call 911!



Hey, Bri.

So, do you know the guy?

What guy?

Oh my God!
You haven't heard?

What are you talking about?

Last night, after the protest,

2 guys were mugged really badly.


Hi, uh, Carrie.

Callie.- Callie.

I heard about
Patrick. Is he OK?

Yeah. Well, he made
it through surgery,

but he's still unconscious.

But Jared wasn't hurt too bad.

They attacked Jared too?

Yeah, they were together.

He... he was hurt?

He just took a hit to the leg,

but Patrick, they really
did a number on him.

So you guys called
off the protest?

Yeah, we had to.

I mean, the whole point
of this coalition

is to affect change
through non-violence.

Coalition didn't
do anything violent.

But the media has linked
the assault to the protest.

We don't wanna be associated
with violence in any way.

It's just not who we are.

So you think Jared
and Patrick were attacked

because of the protest?

It wasn't a mugging.

The attackers didn't
take anything,

and they were disguised.

Who would do that?

There were some
displaced workers

hassling us last night.

Maybe it was Sterling Exton.

You know, they seem to be in
the business of hurting people.

Well, I suppose.

Is Jared at Coalition House?

No, he's at the
hospital with Patrick.

Well, I have some
time before work.

Do you think he'd
mind if I came by?

I'm sure that would be fine.

OK, thanks.


Hey! How is he?

They were able to ease most
of the pressure on his brain,

but he still hasn't woken up.

The doctors say he's
lucky to be alive.

His dad will be here soon.

Took him a while to get
from his farm upstate to JFK.

Do you need me to get
you anything? Coffee?

Yeah, I'd love a coffee.

Come on.
I'll go with you.

Patrick and I have been best
buds for a long time, you know,

ever since we were
classmates at Castleton.

The prep school?

Yeah, we met first day,

freshman year,
in the computer lab.

He's kind of a genius
at that stuff.

He got his master's
in computer science.

We hit it off immediately.

You know, he was the new kid.
I was the veteran.

I practically grew up
at the school.

What do you mean?

My dad was on the
maintenance crew.

Qualified kids of employees
could attend for free.

Noblesse oblige.

Lucky you!- Hmm!

Castleton's one of the
best schools in the country.

So it's recruiting
materials say.

What, it's not?

Well, it lives up to its rep,

but I always felt kind of
weird going there,

you know, being surrounded
by all those rich kids.

Patrick's not rich.

Sure, he is.

You said his dad
lives on a farm.

Yeah, a thoroughbred
farm outside Saratoga

when he's not at his townhouse
in the Upper East Side.

Poor Patrick.

That's Patrick's dad.

Sean. Hey!

Uh, no, no, no.
It's the other wing.

Just stay there.
I'll come get you.


He went to the wrong entrance.

I'm gonna go get him.

OK, I'll, um,
I'll stay with Patrick.



No, uh, I'm Callie!


He went to get your dad.

I'll go get him.


My computer.


Nurse! Nurse!


He woke up, but only for second.

I'm so sorry you weren't here.

It means he's gonna pull
through, doesn't it?

Did he say anything?

Um, well, he
thought I was Ashley,

and then he asked for you.


And then he said
a bunch of random stuff

and he was out again.

♫♫ It started ♫

♫ When they saw her eyes
had changed colour ♫

♫ They tried to fix her sight ♫

♫ But it's just got darker ♫

♫ There is no room for light ♫

♫ But they tried ♫

♫ And she tried ♫

♫ They came into her room
last night... ♫

Um, I need to get
something to eat.

You hungry?

No, I'm good.

I'm just gonna sit with Patrick.

OK, thanks.

♫ They counted her
nickels and dimes ♫

♫ Decided to wake her up
from sleep ♫

♫ With a scream... ♫

From the way you describe it,

Jared's lucky
he didn't get hurt worse.

Yeah, he's really lucky.

He's pretty torn up, though.

You know, him and Patrick,
they've been so tight

ever since they went
to Castleton together.


Those bomber guys
went to Castleton.

What bomber guys?

You know, those kids who
blew up their parents

and then killed themselves.

The other day in Seattle,
and that guy from Matinecock.

Matinecock. I thought
it was New York.

Yeah, Matinecock, Long Island.

I have cousins in Oyster Bay,

and I used to visit them every
summer when I was little.

You have to drive by
Matinecock to get there.

I always thought that
was such a funny word.



♫ They pointed
to her broken mirror ♫

♫ And explained ♫

♫ That's why people
won't come round here ♫

♫ And she watched their eyes
and their mouths ♫

♫ As they said: ♫

♫ "You're unstable
"Where are you going?" ♫

♫ 'Cause you're broken
and you're wretched ♫

Somebody help!

♫ You're unstable ♫

♫ Here we yell it ♫

♫ You're unstable ♫

♫ Unstable♫♫

You could stay at
the house if you want.

Ah, thanks, but, uh,

I don't think I could
handle it, you know?

The hotel's near the precinct.

Police told me they'll notify me

the minute there's a
break in the case, so...

They're gonna
find out who did this.

You're damn right they will.

I guess, at some point,

I'm gonna have to drop by

and deal with his stuff, huh?

Don't worry about that now.

Thanks for being such
a good friend to Patrick.

You meant the world
to him, Jared,

to me too.

You know, he was the
finest... finest person

I've ever known, you know?

With the purest of hearts.

I just can't imagine

what life's gonna be like
without him, you know?

- Hey!
- Hey!

How are you?

Hanging in there.

I got your text message.

Sorry I didn't respond.
I've just been...

No, it's OK.
I understand.

Have they made any progress
in the investigation?

Not yet.

I might be on to something.

What do you mean?

Remember when Patrick woke up,

he was saying that random stuff?


I'm not so sure it was random.

He was trying
to tell me something.

What did he say?


Oh, well, that makes sense.

You see, there was this guy...

Ben Prather, yeah.

You know about Ben?

Yeah, it was
all over the Internet.

Then you know Ben was a
classmate of ours at Castleton.

I knew he went there. I didn't
know he was in your class.

So was Tracy Campbell.

Yeah, I read about her too.

That's probably why

Matinecock was
on Patrick's mind.

He was obsessed
over Ben and Tracy.

Right. Why was
he telling me?

I don't know.

He was so emphatic, like it
was really important, you know?

Then he said something
about his computer.

Do you think there's
something on it

that he wanted me
or you to know about?

He couldn't believe Ben and
Tracy planted those bombs.

Ashley said he was on
his computer a lot that day.

Maybe he had discovered
something and...

And he was trying to tell me.

Yeah. I'm gonna scope
out his computer,

see if I can find anything.



Four, three,
two, one and liftoff!


The 25th space-shuttle mission,
and it's cleared...

♫♫ You turn yourself
into a hero ♫

♫ Then you turn yourself ♫

♫ Into a story ♫

♫ That's just how it works ♫

♫ And you give it to
your friends and family ♫

♫ Then they pass it down ♫

♫ To their children ♫

♫ And that's just
where you end♫♫

Where am I?

St. Madeleine.

St. Madeleine?

It's a rehab facility.

What are we...

You almost burned
down the house, Dad.

I what?

Right. You don't remember.
That's why you're here.

Nah, I don't wanna be here.

Yeah, I don't want you
to be here, either,

but you have to be.

No, I'm... I'm going to...

You have to be!

I don't wanna lose you.

You're not gonna lose me.

I will if you keep drinking.

How... how long do
I have to stay here?

Until you're better.

We... we can't afford this.

It's a charity.

Is that what I've
become, a charity case?


You're my dad, and I love you

and I want you to get healthy.

You, uh, you haven't answered
any of my calls or texts, so...

What do you want, Hugh?

I wanna talk.

I know I can be
a jerk sometimes...

- Please don't.
- And I'm sorry.

I'll try to do better.

I... I don't want us to break up.

You don't take me seriously.

Yes, I do.- No, you don't!

You don't take
anything seriously,

and I don't wanna be
with someone like that.

OK, well, give me a chance.

I can change.

You're a boy, Hugh.

I already have
one boy in my life,

and I just put him in rehab.

I don't need another.

It's not about that.

Screw you, Callie!

Sorry, I didn't mean to, uh...

It's OK.

How did you...

I got your address off
the Coalition call sheet.

Oh, right.

I wouldn't have
just dropped by,

but I didn't think
I should call or text you.

What is it?
What's wrong?

You were right.

Patrick was trying to warn you,

or, rather, he was
trying to warn me.

About what?

Ben and Tracy didn't
kill themselves.

They were murdered.

Patrick was starting
to figure it out and...

She might have murdered him too.



The week Ben's mom was killed,

Ashley wasn't in Houston
visiting her mom.

She was in New York.

And last week, when Tracy
and her Dad were killed,

Ashley said she was visiting
her mom again, but she wasn't.

She flew to Seattle.
Check it out.

Patrick was just starting
to tell me all of this

the night we were attacked.

How did he get
this information?

He hacked into her email.
Piece of cake for him.

She didn't bother
to cover her tracks?

Well, she didn't think
anyone was on her trail.

And there's one more thing.

The night of the attack,

Ashley left the house
at around 11:00 p.m.

She didn't come back all night.

Oh my God!

I called the FBI. There's
an agent on his way now.

You can just call the FBI?

We couldn't talk to him
at the Coalition House,

and I need you to tell him

what Patrick said
to you in the hospital.


Why would she do
something so horrifying?

What did she have
against Ben and Tracy?

Did she go to Castleton too?

No, but she had
met both of them,

and she has a real thing
about trust-fund kids

who play at being activists

and then sell out as soon
as it becomes convenient.

Did Ben and Tracy do that?

They never had the chance.

Neither did Patrick.

Patrick was a
trust-fund kid too.


But why would she kill them?

Miss Banner?

Mr. Church?

Kieran Conner, FBI.

Yeah, come in.

Well, this really
isn't evidence.

Circumstantial, at best.

But she lied about being
in New York and Seattle.

There are a lot of reasons
why people lie or keep secrets.

Maybe she has a boyfriend she
doesn't want you to know about.

What about Patrick's warning?

From how you described it,

"warning" is just an
interpretation of what he said.

So you're not gonna
do anything about this?

I didn't say that.

And I'll coordinate with our
agents in New York and Seattle.

Shouldn't you at
least bring her in

for questioning or something?

At this point,
that would be a bad idea,

especially if she's guilty.

But she killed my best friend!

If that turns out to be true,

it's all the more reason
to proceed carefully.

Unless, of course,

you suspect she's planning
to attack someone else.

I mean, how are we
supposed to know that?

Let me ask you this:

If what you suspect is true,

any idea who's working with her?

She couldn't have acted alone.

No idea.

Someone in Coalition?

All of us were at the house

the day that Tracy
and her dad died.

And when you and Patrick
were attacked?

Most of us were
at the protest site.

And where were you?

I... I was here, asleep.

Can anyone verify that?

N-no, I guess not.

Just making a point.

It's easy to be suspicious.

What we need is hard evidence.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

If you come up with
something more concrete,

call me immediately.

I guess it was crazy to think
they'd just go and arrest her,

but I don't know, this whole
being-in-limbo thing,

it just feels really weird.

"Keep your eyes
and ears open."

That means me. I live in
the same house as her.

Do you think she knows
you're on to her?

I don't think so.
I hope not.

I'm sure as hell
not looking forward

to going back to the house later
on tonight, that's for sure.

Then don't.
Stay here.

Hey, I'm sorry
I dragged you into this.

You didn't.

♫♫ I heard
you rode the lightening ♫

♫ Crashed like thunder ♫

♫ You tried to lift the world ♫

♫ Is it any wonder ♫

♫ The weight upon
your shoulders ♫

♫ Pulled you under? ♫

♫ Put your ear to the ground ♫

♫ Yes, I'm homeward bound ♫

♫ I won't be long ♫

♫ Put your ear to the ground ♫

♫ Far off in the distance ♫

♫ I'm running home to you♫♫

I'll see what
I can find back at the house.

I'm just gonna
have to be careful.

What can I do to help?

You've done more
than enough already.

Look, I don't have work today.

I just have one morning class,

and then, I have to drop
some stuff with my dad.

Where did you admit him?

St. Madeleine.

I hear that's a
really great program.

You know, Ashley
barely knows me.

She didn't even
remember my name.

She would never suspect me
of being on to her.

OK, so what are you saying?

Well, after I'm done with my
dad, I can stake out the house,

and if she goes somewhere or
sees someone, I can follow her.

No, absolutely not.
It's too dangerous.

You're going back there.

That's dangerous, too,
on all kinds of levels.

If I don't go back,
she'll think something's up.

It'll look suspicious.

Well, I'm not
just gonna stand by.

She does go out
just about everyday

to a Pilates class across town.

At least she says she does.

She always takes the same bus.

Oh, hey, sweetheart!

Hey! I brought you
some, uh, clothes

and toiletries and stuff.


How's it going?

A walk in the park.

It'll get better.

That's what they
keep telling me.

Something's worrying you.
What is it?

Oh, you know, the usual.

School, work, my crazy old man.

That boy, Hugh?

No. We broke up.

My idea.

Good! I never
liked him.

You're not supposed
to say that, you know?

What if we get back together?

Yeah, well, don't.

Actually, I'm, uh,
I'm kind of seeing someone new.

That guy from the protest.

Yeah, Jared Church.

Yeah, well, bring
him by my new digs,

introduce him to me.

Better yet, I'll bring him
by the house when you come home,

which is going to be soon.

Don't put too much faith
in your crazy old man.

Too late.
I already have.

Come on. Let's get your
stuff up to your room.

She just left.

This is lame, dude.

If she's gonna blow off your
calls and texts, go see her.

I did! She's
with that guy.

What guy?

Super-hot TA.

What do you
mean "with him?"

He was coming to
the house to see her.


Like you didn't know
they've been hooking up.

I don't know anything, Hugh.
Callie hasn't breathed a word.

I thought she told
you everything.

I thought so too.

- Catch you later, babe.
- Bye.

Hi, this is Callie.
Leave a message.

Has she been back?


Did you touch anything?

Uh, just the doorknob.

You can leave that here.


You wanted evidence.
You think this will do?

Oh yeah.

They think a cell phone
detonated the bomb

that killed Annette Prather.

We know it did.

It's a technique
terrorists developed.

Extremely easy to
rig up and pull off.

Well, it looks like
she's making a new bomb.

It sure does.

It's OK.

No bomb attached to this one.

Anderson, hi!

I'm there now.

More than enough.

It's pretty overwhelming.

OK, I'll wait here.

Forensics is on the way.

I gotta stop doing that.

It's Jared.


I got your voicemail.
You found evidence?

Yeah, a lot.
It's like her lair or something.

All right. Things are breaking
open fast. Sean called.

An eye-witness may be able

to ID the car Patrick's
attackers were driving.

That's great!

I'm headed downtown
to look at photos of suspects.

Can you meet us there?

They'll wanna hear
all about Ashley.

Yeah, of course.
Just text the address.

- OK.
- OK, bye.

Thank you, Miss Banner.

You put yourself at risk here,
and the Bureau appreciates it.

We'll need you
to make a statement

when the time is right.

Yeah, of course.
Just let me know.

Thank you.

Bye.- Bye.

Everything's loaded up,
ready to go.

This is your script.

I scavenged a house key.
This is a copy.

Why are you nervous?

I'm not.

Why are you nervous?

We're moving too fast.

She's on to us
just like Patrick was.

We have to take action now.

Yeah, but it's never you
who takes it, is it?

Are you gonna
run away from this?


I always do what you want.

Good, then do it now.




"By the time you read this,

"it will all be over.

"People will ask you
why I did it.

"They shouldn't.

"Sterling Exton
destroyed my father."

"It destroyed my family.

"When I admitted my dad
to St. Madeleine,

"I know I left him there to die.

"He could never be strong enough

"to face the demons
eating him alive from within."

"Sterling Exton
unleashed those demons,

"and Sterling Exton
had to pay."

"People will probably talk about

"my affiliation with
the activist group Coalition,

"as if somehow it was
responsible for what I did."

"They couldn't be more wrong."

"Members of Coalition believe
social change can be achieved

"through peaceful means.

"They're fools.

"Only acts of righteous,
violent vengeance

"against the criminals
who rule the world

"will change it.

"Today I have committed
such an act."

"May it inspire other
to do the same.

"Let the revolution begin.

"Callie Banner."


What's going on?
Callie here?

Hey, I know you. You're that
chick from the coalition.


Callie? Callie!

By the time you read this,

it will be all over.

People will ask you
why I did it.

Sterling Exton
destroyed my father.

Today, I've committed
such an act.

Let the revolution begin.

Callie Banner.


It's Dad! Um, you know that
boy you're seeing, Jared Church?

Well, someone,
I'm guessing is his brother,

just attacked me
in my room here.


He ambushed me,
put a pillowcase over my head!

I think he meant to kill me.

What are you talking about?
Have you been drinking?

No, not a drop!

Why would he do that?

Well, who?

Kieran. Kieran Church.

Everyone get back!
Get back! It's a bomb!

Callie! Callie!

Get back!

Get away!

Get back!
It's a bomb!

What? Aaah!


Oh, Callie!
You all right?

We got disconnected.

Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.


What did you do?

What the hell did you do,

you stupid, clueless
little child!

You said you wanted
to make a difference!

You're just a liar and a coward!

- Hey!
- You're a traitor!

- Let go!
- You're a traitor!

Traitor! Traitor!

We know what
you've done, Jared,

or what you've had
others do for you.

Ashley told us everything.

And you believe her?

You must have
a pretty powerful hold on her

for her to kill for you.

Come on, man,

whatever she's been
telling you, she's lying.

Well, your brother
corroborated it.

I doubt that.

But even if he has,

you won't find any
corroborating evidence.

We already have.

I don't believe that either.

Why did you do it, Jared?

Ben Prather and Tracy Campbell
were your friends.

Were they?

Well, you were in

the same political
action group in school.

True, but then they grew up
and left their activism behind

to follow in the footsteps
of their parents.

Is that why you
had 'em killed?

And their parents?
Traitors to the cause?

They killed themselves
and murdered their parents.

But don't you watch the news?

I don't know, maybe
they were right to,

because sooner or later,

they would've choked
to death on their own greed.

And how about Patrick Owens?

Did you kill him,

or rather, finish the job

that Ashley and your
brother started?

Because Callie Banner says
Patrick really was your friend.

He was.

- Loyal to the cause?
- Very.

It must've been hard seeing
him attacked like that,

and watching him die.

Maybe it was a blessing.

It was just a matter of time

before the call of all that
family money drew him away.

It always does.

I don't think that Patrick
wanted to live like that.


And what about Callie?



Well, Callie's different.

She's not like the rest of them.

Miss Banner,

you've kept an extremely
low profile since the incident.

Do you feel ready
to talk about it now?

Uh, no, especially in light

of the ongoing
criminal investigation.

You do know people
are calling you a hero?

I'm not a hero.

I'm just glad and really
lucky that no one got hurt.

So, you're not talking
about the incident,

but will you tell us
why you're here today?

Because the battle isn't over.

You consider yourself
the leader of this battle?

No. No, not at all.

I'm just an ordinary citizen
of a great country

that's lost its way,

and I just wanna help
make a difference.

If you'll excuse me...

We all wanna make a difference,
don't we, guys?


And we're not leaving here,
we're not moving,

we're not staying silent as long
as that sign is still here!

Stand for something bigger!

- Something better!
- Yeah!

People, not profits!

Green, not greed!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the tower!

Save Cubberley House!
Stop the Tower!