Trigger (2020) - full transcript

Collin escaped the hood and found his wife and fortune. His brother Trey is paroled from a murder charge and comes to stay with him. After a disastrous accident, Trey holds Collin and friends hostage vowing he is never going back to prison

- Hmm! Look at you. Good morning. Good morning.
- Good morning.

It's probably the office.

- Yep. Got to go.
- Me, too.

All right, our chef Frank
will be here at three p.m.

to help you out, babe.
He comes highly recommended.

Okay. Well,
I will be home by then.

But remember you have to call me Queen Vanessa.
And you have to play along.

Alright, then, Queen Vanessa,
then I want to be called, King Collin.

Working Collin, do not be
late for dinner. Eight o'clock.

So I told the guys if we're
going to start a polo club,

that we can keep
the horses here.

No! Baby, you're not riding

no damn horse with
a steak riding around.

- Why not?
- Do you not remember our first date?

What about our first date--

Okay, I already know where you
are going. Don't even say it.

- You know what happened.
- Oh, no, here you go.

Okay. Your hands...
- Mm-hmm.

...were shaking like a baby's
legs learning how to walk.

It was so embarrassing.

Why were you laughing
at me, huh?

- You were so scared.
- Well, yeah,

I was scared. You see the teeth on that horse?
I thought it was going to bite me.

And then, you know,
you had that ice cream cone.


Yeah, and the ice cream
was all over the horse's back.

I'm sure the horse appreciated that ice cream cone falling on his head.

It was a hot day. Okay. So...

Anyway speaking of food.


- Good evening, Mr. And Mrs. Mass.
- Evening, Frank.

- Hello.
- How are you?

Tonight I have prepared for you
Peking duck,

seared in a sesame seed oil.

Seasoned with not one,
but five Chinese spices, honey, brown sugar,

and a dark soy sauce as well as the hoisin sauce.
And as you can see

there on your plate,
there are cucumber and Mandarin pancakes to side with.

- Sounds so good.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, Frank. You are amazing.

Welcome, sir. I will be in
the kitchen preparing dessert.

- Enjoy your dinner.
- Thank you.

Thank you
for doing this.

- Doing what, dressing up?
- You're just, you're just the best.

It's probably the neighbors.

- All right, it smells good, right?
- So good.

- Did King Collin do well?
- You did well, King Collin.

Oh, that's what I'm talking
about. Sounds good to me.

Sir, sorry to interrupt,
uh, there's a man at the door

who says that he's your brother.

- Michael?
- No, sir. It wasn't Michael. He said his name was Trey.

Is this a joke?


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Just in case it's a robber,
go and grab the gun.

- We don't have a gun.
- Yes, we do.

That's a nail gun.
And we don't even use it.


- Trey?
- Collin.

Relax. They just
released me today.

Well, you said
in your last letter that

you will be
getting out soon, but...

I didn't know
it was going to be this soon.

I ain't the pizza delivery man.
Are you going to let me in?

Oh, yeah, yeah, come on in.


This is dope.

Come on, come on in.
Have a seat.

Ah. Hold on one second.
One second.

Yes, sir.
- Will you bring my brother a plate, please?


- Oh, hi.
- So, how can we help you?

Uh, baby. He, uh...

Trey here. He-- he...

just got out of prison.

We didn't know that
you were getting out tonight.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, why didn't you call?
I'd have came and picked you up.

Well, I mean. I wanted
to surprise you guys.


I'm going to get out of here,
I don't want to interrupt your dinner.

Have a seat-- Just-- We've got plenty of food here,
you know...

You like duck?

We have some Chinese sauce
and some dress--

I don't even know what it is.
Our chef Frank will explain.

- You want some?-I mean, I don't want to impose,

I just stopped by to say hi.

Don't be crazy, man.
Hold on a second.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome, sir.

Oh, you can call me Trey.

- Honestly, I'm shocked right now.
- You're shocked?

- I'm shocked.
- I mean, how, like, where--

How did you guys
get all this stuff?

You guys got a butler...
named Frank?

Well, he's a chef.

I work in high-stake
investments as a broker.

Vanessa is a dentist, we
did really well this last year.

And we just bought this homeand I just got a huge promotion.

Wow. I'm proud of you guys,
I'm happy for you. Honestly.

- Vanessa, you are beautiful.
- So, where are you staying?

Uh, I rented a room.
At a hotel.

- That's good.
- What? Hotel?

No, man. That's nonsense, man.

You can stay here,
we've got plenty of room.

We've got plenty of food.

No. I don't want to--
I don't want to impose.

Collin, let me talk to you
for a minute.

- Wow. This is different.
- Oh, this is different?

You just invited your brother tostay here on our special night.

- But he's my brother.
- I'm your wife!

- Babe, it's only one night.
- He's got a hotel.

No, he doesn't, all right?
He doesn't have any money.

He's probably staying
somewhere awful with

people he doesn't even know,
or need to be around.

And I'm not going to let him do that when we have all this space here.

Give him some money,

go, take him to a hotel,
but he cannot stay here.

He just got out of prison
for ten years.

- I don't care.-I'm not just going to-- I'm not

going to just kick him out.

I don't care.

He's my brother.

Come over here.

Come over here!

He stays one night
and then he's gone.

Morning riser, huh?

Yeah, prison will
do that to you.

They try to keep the inmates tired,
so they don't have the energy to lash out.


Well, how does it feel
being out? Finally free.

Feels like I can
finally breathe again.

Remember when we're young
and Michael took us fishing?

Yeah, that one time.

We caught that big-ass catfish,
and everyone was too afraid

to touch it
and take the hook out.

I still can't eat fish unless it looks nothing like a fish on my plate.

No skin, no bones,
and especially no face.

When I was locked up,
I felt like that fish.

Flapping around
on the ground suffocating.

But now that I'm free...

feels like I'm starting towork my way back into the water,

like I can
finally breathe again.

Did Michael ever talk to you?


Really? Wow.

He said the world has a way
of giving you what you deserve.

I'm glad
you did though.

Your letters really
helped me get through the time.

Yeah, I haven't seen
Mike in a long time either.

Get this. He works for the
police department. Negotiator.

Well, I'm happy for the both of you guys
for doing something with your lives.

Vanessa and I want to give you some
money so you can get back on your feet.

I'll be all right.

I got some money.Why are you being so nice to me?

Just because
we got the same mom?

We're blood.

So you think I'm innocent then?

- I'm going get out of your hair.
- Hey, let me just,

at least give you some money.

I didn't kill our mom.

- I want you to believe me.
- Trey.

Trey, I wasn't there.

So I don't know what to believe.

It doesn't even matter, man,
because I'm here now.

I know you have nowhere to go.

You want some air, so you
don't feel like you're choking.

Then take the money.

All right.

All right?

What day was today?
Uh, today's Sunday.

All right, look,
the banks are closed.

So, just stay one more night.

We head over in the morning.
We'll find you an apartment.

I don't want my brother
staying in a motel. Sound fair?

All right. I appreciate you.

What the hell is
he still doing here?

- It's 7 a.m.
- So he's leaving?

Well, I got him
to accept the money.

- And?
- And the banks are closed, it's Sunday.

Okay. So write him a check,

- go to the ATM--
- What's wrong with him being here one more night?

- What's the problem?
- What is the problem?

- Yeah. What's the problem?
- We are having people over tonight.

And to be honest with you,

I don't want
a criminal in our home.

Hey. They're not going to even
know he has a criminal past.

What did he do?
Why did he go to jail?

- That's his business.
- No, it's my business.

I'm your wife.

This is our house.
What did he go to prison for?

I went to prison for
the murder of our mother.

Is that true?

That part is definitely true.

- But--
- Look.

I'm just going to
get out of you guys' way.

Trey. Where are you going to go?

- Doesn't matter.
- Trey, face it, all right?

You-- you got no place to go, no place to stay.
We already talked about this.

Babe? He's already
staying in the guest room.

One more night
is not going to hurt.

He can look for an apartment,
keep to himself.

We'll handle all this
in the morning. Please, for me?

You're good with that?

Yeah, I'm good.

I'm going to go get
ready for tonight.

We have the wine delivery
in an hour.

Baby, they're here.


Damn. Damn. Damn.

Is that my wife? I believe that it is.

Ah! Do we have to
have people come over?

All right. Baby, come on.

- Go greet the guests.
- Hmm.

I'm just glad that
I'm wearing tight jeans.


Get out of here.

All right.

- How are you doing?
- Collin?

Oh, Carmen. You look great.

Girl, don't you have
that baby tonight.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Oh, no, no.

- We got another month now.
- Right.

Boys make you look
a little overly pregnant.

Okay. That's what I hear.

- Vanessa! Hello, gorgeous.
- Hi!

- How is my little boy?
- He's kicking away.

I can't wait. Hi, Lance.

So where is everybody?

Uh. The rest of them
couldn't make it, man.

Put the wrong date.
He put the wrong date.

- He put next Sunday.
- Next Sunday.

Yeah, I didn't realize it
until an hour ago,

- but you know...
- Oh, man. That's okay.

I guess that means more
games and fun for us, huh?

- Yeah, you're right.
- There you go.

So listen, why don't you guyshead on in, check out the place?

Frank here will make sure
you have everything you need.

- All right?
- All right. Let's have a party.

All right. Frank?

Now we were expecting about
ten more guests tonight

that aren't coming. So if you
want to cook less, be my guest.

And also, can you do me a favor
during the party tonight?

- Check in on my brother?
- Yeah, absolutely.

Appreciate it. All right.

So they're really not coming.

No, but I do have
someone else that is coming.

- Who?
- Harry.

The guy who calls himself
"Hype Man Harry?"

Yeah, I kind of sort of told himabout the party tonight at work.

- You hate that guy.
- I know, I know, but he's... now.

Uh, Frank. Could you get that?
Look, he's okay.

We just can't get him too drunk.All right? I'll be right back.

- Wait, where are you going?
- I'm going to go check on Trey,

and after that,
this evening, I'm all yours.

Go get him! Go get him! Go get him.
- Hey!

I hope you guys don't mind I parked my helicopter on the lawn.

I'm just messing with you, man.
Smile. It's a party. Damn.

- Hi! Yes.
- Vanessa, right?

Harry. This is my girlfriend, Layla.
- Hi!

- Hello.
- Damn, baby, you look good.

Can't wait
to get you home tonight!


Yeah, you can come in.

- What are you doing, man?
- Oh, man.

- Not too much, just handling some business.
- Write love letters?

No, man. You good?

You know, you ain't got to
keep checking on me.

I ain't going to rob the place.-

- You sure? All right.
- I'm positive.

You know,
I'd get you a job with me, but

they do
criminal background checks.

Tell you the truth,
I don't know how most of these guys get through.

They're the biggest
crooks of all.

Yeah. It's all good, man.
I'll handle it.

All right. Well, ring this bell.

And Frank will bring you
whatever you need.

And, uh... Oh,
help yourself to some wine.

I bought out a vineyard
for, like, four people.

It's all good, man. Water's
fine, man. And thank you.

All right?
Have a good time, all right?

You're sure, man?

Look, you know I just got out.
And it's been...

Nothing. Just go
have a good time.

Keep looking
for those apartments.

- All right.
- All right.

Oh, come on!

- Again?
- Oh!

Hey, hey, hey!
Don't feel that bad.

All this means that you guys
are not good liars.

So you're winning with, uh, youknow, life values, right, Lance?

I don't pay my mortgage
with life values, man.

Baby, your asthma's
acting up again.

I don't know
what it is.

- I'm tearing through these lately.
- I know.

You're just going to
go back to the doctor, baby.

- Wait, aren't you the doctor?
- I am a dentist.

I was just playing.

- Having fun, baby?
- Yes.

But don't you think you've had a little bit too much to drink tonight?

No. And I actually don't think
you've had enough.

- No, thank you, baby.
- Drink it.

Frankie. Uno mas, por favor.

Oh. Frank is down the hall
with my brother.

- Wait, there's somebody else here?
- Wait a second,

Michael's here? I didn't
even think you guys got along.

And why is--
why is he hiding?

What, is he investigating us
or something?

- Well, my other brother, Trey.
- Tell him to come join us.

- He's working.
- I mean, it'd be good if he joined us,

because then we can play a game where the
hype man here doesn't take all of our money.

Wait, wait, wait,
you that-- you never told me you had two brothers.

You told me about a cop.
What? Is he the robber?

Oh, he may come out later.
Frank! Hey.

You mind? So it's for everyone?

Yeah, you got it.
Shall I pour the Karuizawa?

- Yes.
- That's right. Yes. Absolutely.

Hey, That's the bottle.

Now this bottle is fantastic.

Yeah. You ever drink that?
All right, all right.

Here it comes, baby.
Yeah, Karuizawa!

Karuizawa. I don't even know
what that means.

- Yeah, you guys are going to love this.
- We are lucky.

A shot for everybody.

- Here you go, babe.
- Thank you, baby.

All right.
And then here you go, Lance.

All right, you guys.
Now, new lives.

Newfound success and friends.

Harry, listen to me. You've
had way too much to drink.

It's time to go. Layla.
Can you take him home?

Of course.
It wouldn't be the first time.

No, they've been drinking.
I'll call them an Uber.

No, it's okay. We're okay.

You know what? You jealous?


Calling you jealous?
You are jealous.

You are jealous of my success.
You're jealous of my money.

- You're jealous of my girl.
- Hey.

Harry. You're embarrassing me.
Let's just leave, baby.


No, no, no. We're not going anywhere,
we're staying right here.

You know?
Maybe we should all go.

Baby is tired.
We got work in the morning.

- Thank you.
- Hey, is everything all right in here?

- You're good, bro?
- We were just leaving.

We're good.
- Harry's just had too much to drink.

No, no, no.
That's "Hype Man Harry" to you!

You lost your whole damn mind?
You don't hold your finger in my wife's face!

You must be the secret brother.

- I bet you got a lot of secrets to tell.
- Shut it down, man.

Trey. We're good in here.

All right. I'm just going
to get a glass of water.

- I'll actually grab it for you.
- No, it's all right, I got it.

Get me one while you're at it.

Hey, man, calm down,
you're drunk.

It's time to go.
You got to go, man!

You have all of this because of me!
- Stop!

All of this! And you
kick me out of your house!

Hey, hey, hey! Stop!

- You want to kick me out of your house?
- Hey, hey, hey, man, relax!

Frank, get a towel!
Get a towel.

Baby, baby?

All right, I got a towel.

You guys, there's
a lot of blood.

Someone call 911!

- No!
- Hey!

Trey? Trey.

- Give me the bag.
We need to call 911.-No. He was about to attack you.

We don't need an explanation.
We need an ambulance!

No, I need you guys to understand that this was an accident.

- Give me the bag.
- No.

Shut up! Shut up.

- Shut up!
- Bro, bro! Hey! Listen to me.

Whatever this is, we can
talk about it without the gun.

Look at him.

He needs to go to a hospital.

I'm not stupid, Collin.
He's already dead.

Please, put the gun down, man.

My wife's pregnant.

Trey? Trey, if you thought
ten years was bad,

if you don't figure this out,
you're going to go to jail for life.

I'm not going to jail for life!

- We need to call 911.
- I already told you.

We're not calling the police.
I was just protecting my brother.

- I believe you.
- You believe mecause I got this gun in my hand?

Or you believe me cause
I'm actually telling the truth?

Hey, bro, listen.

Give me the gun, okay? You're not going to hurt anyone.

Shut up! Get up and sit down.

Okay, sit down!

- Trey. Trey, it's Trey, right?
- Yeah.

My husband has asthma.
His inhaler is empty.

I have another one
in the car, please.

Just let me go
and get his inhaler, please.

No, you're staying right here.

Listen to me, okay?
We saw what happened, but--

You don't need to
be doing all this.

How do you think
this is gonna go? Huh?

There's someone dead.
The police show up,

and they just
believe everything we say?

- That's not how it goes.
- Please, man, I can't breathe.

What are you gonna do?
Hold us hostage here forever?

Hostage? Hostages?
Now you guys are hostages?

- Please, I-- He has asthma.
- Sit down! Sit down!

Please, just let me go.
- No, shut up!

Shut up and sit down!

Alright, I'm sorry.

I am a good person.

But sometimes life isn't
good to good people.

Sometimes life puts people
in bad situations.

And they don't
put life on trial.

They put people on trial.

So we just need to
figure this out.

Where's the bag at? Where--

They've been listening the wholetime? Why would you call 911?

Why would you do that?

Look. I should have
never showed up here.

- I shouldn't even come here--
- Trey, why don't you drop the gun?

I've been told many times that people like us don't last long out here.
That's why.

What is it?
What's all the noise?

What are you doing, man?
Sit down. Sit down!

Is he trying to get me locked up again?
Man, I should shoot you.

Hey, man. Hey.

Take it easy.

Look, there's a change of plans.

I know everyone's scared.

But I don't want
anyone else to get hurt.

So I need everyone
to work with me.

And not against me.

Okay, I need Vanessa.
Vanessa, get up and close the blinds and the drapes now.

- Go, baby, go, go, go.
- Collin, I need you to get pillows, blankets,

so everyone's comfortable.

- Frank?
- Yes.

- Help him.
- Come with me.

Yeah, I'm gonna
stay right here.

Until I figure this out.

What am I going to do?

Not the police.


You're crossing a line here.

This is my territory,
look, this is my brother.

This is family business,
it's way above you.

- Get the teams in position and secure the perimeter. Now!
- Yes, sir.

Oh, my God! Please, please,
we got to get him an inhaler. He can go into shock.

Baby, come here, breathe.
Sit up, darling.

- Give him some water.
- Okay.

Oh, man, they're gearing up.
They're about to come in.

Trey, calm down.
Trey. Calm down.

We'll vouch for you.
It was an accident.

We all know that you
didn't mean to kill Harry.

Nigga you serious? What,
you going to vouch for me

like Michael did with Mom?

Huh? I tell you
I ain't do it.

But you don't listen.

Give me that camera
from the driveway,

and if you got one
on the right-- right here.

If your mother's death
was an accident,

then why did you go
to prison for murder?

Because that's what happens
when you come from

where we come from.
Ain't that right, Collin?

Being from the hood
ain't nothing to brag about.

Matter of fact, the farther awayyou get from the hood,
the better off you are.

And that's a fact.

If I was from a rich
or more decent part of town,

they would have used
those taxpayer dollars

to investigate
and find out the details.

But they don't use those
dollars on people like me.

They just need someone to blame
it on so they can move on.

So what happened?

I was 16, and, and Michael--


Yes, he is. Hold on.
It's for you.

- How long, Collin?
- Michael?


- Yeah.
- Listen.

How many people do you have
in there with you?

Eight. Including myself.

- What are you doing?
- I'm coming in there.

Yeah, I just need you to
hang in there for me. Okay?

We're fine. So they
sent you to handle this?

Let me help you, bro.

It's Trey. But, look, it's not what it looks like.

So it's not a hostage situation, and I can have the police
just storm right in there?

Yeah, I didn't think so.
Look, just hang tight and I'm going to get back at you.

Listen. I need eyes
on the inside.

It's Michael. He's coming in.

They think they're just
going to send them in here

going to sweet-talk me
to my own death?

You think
they're going to kill you?

What does it matter?

I'm never
going to get no justice.

- Please, please.
- Collin.

- Can we get some help?
- Relax, he's good.

There was this guy in prison
had horrible asthma.

Police used to ration his inhaler.
He used to sit and meditate

and drink hot coffee.
He said it opened up his airways for a couple of hours.

- Frank.
- Trey, man, listen. I will do whatever.

I'm not holding you here againstyour will because I have
anything against you.

- Come on, man. Please.
- All you guys are actually the only thing

I have to live for.

Without you I'm dead.

Frank, I need you to
make some coffee now.

How are things going here?

Obviously a hostage situation,
but we got everything under control.

That's good,
because I want to make sure that this goes away really quickly.

You know, before the news
gets ahold of it.

You got the entire city
on the line.

And quite frankly, I don't
give a damn who's in there.

I don't really think we need you or your team here right now.

So why don't you
just let me do my job?

Hm. You're up for
a promotion, aren't you?

I thought so. Now listen,
you handle this situation...

and I can push that
through for you. Huge pay.

Beautiful little home on a lake that you and your wife always wanted.

Do not screw this up.

Do you understand what I mean?

- You can count on me.
- Good.

Oh, and by the way,

I don't want
any valuable tax dollars...

wasted on saving
that murderer man.

Brother or not.

Do you know what I mean?

I understand, sir.

Good. I'll be in the tent,
and I'll be watching.

This way, sir.

We should cover the body.

Let's do it.

I'm going to go grab a blanket.

All right. Let's flip
him over on the count of three.

One, two, three.

Okay. One, two, three!

Oh, man.


Come on, man. Let's get you a...

Watch out, I got it.

Look, drink that coffee,
it'll help.

Just a little more time.
I'm trying to figure something out.


Okay, okay. You all right?

Yeah. The coffee is
not good for the baby.

I think he's kicking a little too hard.
- Sit back.

Collin! Trey!

Look, I don't wanna have to talk to you
guys over this and announce to everyone

what I would like to just
keep between you and I.

So, please, you need
to pick up the phone.

Somebody pick up the phone.

Please pick up the phone.


Hello, hello?

I heard the 911 call.
Someone is hurt in there.

I guess this is the only way
I can get to talk to you, huh?

This is definitely not a good way, Trey,
but I'm glad to hear your voice.

Can't be that good,
or you would've come up there to visit me and hear it.

Listen, the city doesn't want meto end this I a peaceful way,
so we can catch up later.

But what I need is for you to let us know
that this is all just a big misunderstanding.

Why are you
talking to me like this?

Like you don't know me.
If anyone knows me, you do.

Trey, I know you don't want to hurt anybody.
And I know you are a good person.

You just must have been too busy with
your life and getting things you dreamed of

- instead of
coming to visit me, huh?-Hey, man we can catch up later,

but let me tell you something.
Right now, believe it or not,

I'm the only one out here
who's on your side.

Why? When are we gonna talk
about it? In another 20 years

when I get out of prison again?

What do you want, man?

What do I want?

I want my life back.
That's what I want.

We need you to let us get that body out of the house.


Perimeter's secure.
Putting two snipers on the roof as we speak.

- Blueprints of the house.
- Yeah. This is my brother's place.

I already know the layout,
so I don't need that.

- I appreciate it.
- All right, whatever you need let me know.

All right. Thank you.

Sir. Sir, we've got a call.

- Collin.
- Michael.

Okay. Do me a favor,
put Vanessa on the phone.

Okay. All right.
All right. Here she is.

Okay. Come on, baby.


Hi, Vanessa.

Yeah, look, I know it's a lot going on,
but I want you to calm down, relax.

We're going to
get you out of there.

I need you to unlock the back
door. Can you do that for me?



- Yeah?
- Collin.

Put Trey back on the phone.

He's right here.

- No, I don't want to talk.
- Trey, take the phone

- Told you I don't wanna talk.
- He won't take it.

Okay. Everybody listen up.

Listen, I got some very rich people who
donated a lot of money to this city.

Now, that's not a good thing,
bro. Not for you, not for me.

They are very well known people.

And my hope is
to keep this quiet.

Yeah, you haven't told me yet
how you want this to end.

That's why I need you to let
me know, uh, what you need.

What you need to make you feel
safe. You still got hostages,

and I don't want this to get
any worse, so Trey,

how can I help you?

I'll call you back.


He hung up.

Trey! Trey! If you're trying to
change, why are carrying a gun?

Because of what people told you?

No, 'cause what
two people told me.

Why do you care
what people have to say to you?

'Cause one was my brother.

Trey, just let me go!

I'll tell the cops it was an
accident. He slipped, he fell!

Please, I just met him
two days ago.

He doesn't mean anything to me!

- Yeah.
- Yeah. might be contractions.

You have to breathe, OK?

Hey, hey, hey. Listen.
What's his name?

Orbis. It means world in Latin.

Have a clear shot now.

If you can't see
who's behind him,

do not take the shot!


Mike! Mike!

What the hell are you doing?

This process is
taking way too long!

Now if you had the shot,
why the hell didn't you take it?

We had everything under control.

I don't want some trigger-happy
sniper killing my brother.

And you asked me to
handle the situation, and that's what I'm doing.

So with all due respect, sir,
let me do.

With all due respect,
get it done!

Do you understand me?

You're interrupting
my dinner time, boy.

Trey, man, please,

we have to get her out of here.

She might be going into labor.

- She's in pain.
- Michael.

Put Trey on the phone now.


You got to give us
something, Trey.

I mean,
I'm under a lot of pressure to end this a different way,

and I don't want to shoot you.

Why would I hurt you?

You're my brother.

I just want you, Collin,
and everyone out safely.

You got to give us somebody.

Why, so you can
come up here and kill me?

You'll still have
people in there!

I don't even know what you need.We can't even trade here.

- Go get a towel, go.
- Okay.

- How far apart the contractions?-About two minutes apart.

Okay, she's going
into labor right now.

Hold on!

All right. All right.

Tell your men to stand down.

Hey. Hey, look, man.

I got to talk to you
for a minute.

Look, I've been
a psychiatrist for ten years.

I've talked to
a lot of crazy people.

I know the difference
between crazy

and people whose life
just went in the wrong way.

Okay? I know you're a good man.

I'll do my best to help you.

But please, please,
let me and my wife go

and have our baby
in a healthy manner.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

We got to get her to a hospital.Let's go.

Okay, Trey,
you're doing a good thing.

Then why you ain't come visit me

or come to see me after
everything I did for you?

Listen, Trey.

I really need you to trust meright now, little brother.

Okay? I'm going to
call you back.

We're looking pretty good
right now. It's clear.

I know, just give me a minute.
All right?


It's now or maybe never
we'll get the chance.

Not yet.

Hello? Hello?

- I'll keep my promise, man.

Everybody deserves
a second chance.

- All right, Frank, help them.
- Okay.

Can I go with them? Please,
can I please go with them?

No, sit down!
You ain't going nowhere!

- Thank you so much. Thank you.
- All right. Come on. Go.

Hey. Everybody stay on
the ground. On the ground!

- Clear the path! Clear the path.

Who took the shot?

I told you not
to take this shot! Who took the shot? Goddamn it.

Vanessa, get down! Trey!

Find out who took the shot.

Hey, hey!

Stay down, guys. Stay down.

Come on, bro.


Stay low. Get over here. Layla!

You're hit?

Ah, man.

I've never been shot before.

Listen, man. You were right.

Okay? I wasn't there.
For ten years, man. That's--

That's all I've thought about.
What could I have done, what could I have said.

I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.

But after everything that happened, man,
me and Mike were just devastated.

Lost Dad, did Mom. We promised
to never talk about it again.

You used to have Collin.
Told you to watch your back?

I'm trying to tell you,
Michael set me up.

And now he's trying to kill me.

Although he never talked about it,
every time I mentioned you

or asked him to
write to you in jail,

went to this angry, dark place,
it's what split us apart.

Trey, it took me a long time
to forgive what happened, man.

But you served the time
for what you did.

You're wrong, man.
I did my time, a lot of it.

I don't have
the life you guys have.

It was Michael
who gone and kill Mom.

That camera near the side,
I need more of that.

There's a lot you don't know.
There's a lot.

Michael was involved in drugs,
and he was giving them to Mom.

And she got strung up
because of him.

And I walked in on him giving
Mom a hit of something new.

Arrgh, and I got upset
and started fighting.

And that's when his gun
came out, it hit the ground.

That's when Mom got hit.
And we both panicked.

And he cleaned the gun off and told me to hide it.
That's when the police came,

and they went straight to where Michael
told me to put the gun with my prints on it.

I'm trying to tell you.
He set me up.

Why the hell did you
never say anything, man?

Man, cause that's what
you guys have stood in my head.

You don't ever rat. Especiallyon your family. You don't do it.

Oh, my God, Trey.

- They just pinned it on you.
- I've been trying to tell you guys,

they don't use taxpayer
dollars on people like me!

Trey. She doesn't have
anything to do with this.

It's family business.
Give me your phone.

Michael, I'm coming out!

Layla, get over here. Move!

Oh, my God. Thank you.
I hope everything works out.

Hold on!

Vanessa, I need you to get
something to stop the blood.

Thank you. Thank you.

Stay down.

I'm going out!

Everybody stand down.

We need to talk. Alone.

Collin, you couldn't get
Vanessa out?

What the hell is wrong with you?

You said nothing!

- Are you crazy?
- Collin, you better cool it.

Don't make me have to
pull this trigger.

Hayes, back off.

It's all good.
It's just family business.

You killed Mom!

You let Trey rot in prison,
and you said nothing!

- Listen to me.
- And then you try to have him shot!

I did not order that!

You do that one more time,
I'm going to put a bullet in your head. You hear me?

Collin. I'm
warning you one more time.

Hayes, back off, or I'm have
your ass written up. Back off!

I don't know how you lived
with yourself all these years.

You don't know,
you weren't there.

You gave Mom drugs?

You gave her drugs, man.
What were you thinking?

I was a kid myself, Collin.

You weren't there.

You set our brother up.

You knew he would listen to you.
He was only 16. He was your brother!

- Oh, so you think it's my fault?-Yeah.

Yeah, it was my gun.

But Trey knows he's the reason
why Mom is dead.

He should have never
got involved in my business,

or Mom would still be alive!

You let our little brother
take the fall for your mistake.

Because you're
too much of a coward!

I am warning you
for the last time.

Yeah, well, you better
hurry up and do it now,

because here's my only warning.

You better find a way to get Trey out of all of this,
and I mean, all of it.

Or I'm going to tell
everyone what happened.

Oh, do you think they would
give a damn about it?

You think they're going to overturn their ruling for some ghetto kids?

Let's see.

Trey got what
he deserved, brother.

So you shouldn't
think he's so innocent.

He should have
never got involved.

Fix it.

I have a wife.

I have kids.

Why would you want us to go down for
some gang BS that happened 11 years ago?

Trey's life is over!

And there is nothing
I can do about it.

Fix it.

Mike. What happened, man?

- Family feud.
- Family feud, huh?

Why did your brother.
Go back in the house?

It's his house.
I can't tell him he can't.

Do you think he can go
get everybody out of there?

We'll get it done, man.


- What the hell is going on?
- Nothing. We're just talking.

Okay, listen. Don't sound to me
like you're just talking.

Look, I don't give a damn about your
personal family feud between the two of you.

Your time is up.

We got most
of the hostages out, sir.

- I told you I had it under--
- And I told you

that I didn't want this thing
to escalate, didn't I?

Now as far as those hostages are concerned,
you know what they're doing?

They're threatening me.

They are threatening me to pull

millions of dollars of funding

if I don't back away
from this thing.

Millions of dollars
of funding that comes to us.

Now, I'm going to tell you
how this is going to go.

He's got 30 minutes to walk out
with his hands in the air,

or I'm going to end it!


I'll get it done.

You got 30 minutes.

30 minutes.

Get me the hell out of here.

Oh, you want me dead, huh?
That's why I had to do a ten year stint for your accident?

I know we didn't deserve what happened.
But you was my older brother,

- you're supposed to protect me, and not shoot me.
- Trey.

All I could do for the last
11 years was think about

what happened and how it all
could have been avoided.

Nigga, this is just as much
your fault as it was mine.

Why you ain't tell Collin the truth about what happened to Mom?

- What do you want?
- What do I want?

I want to have a wife,

and I want my wife to have kids
and my kids to have kids.

I want my life to matter.

And my life
to make a difference.

That's what I want, Michael.

Can you give me that? Huh?

That's my demands.

Trey, you there?


Collin, they're shooting
into the house.

We have no plan of getting out.

What if they
shoot us by mistake?

She's right.
I think it's time we end this.

Just wait a minute, hold on a second.
There's got to be another option.

I don't know. Maybe we can callthe TV news and
get them here soyou can tell them what happened.

What really happened.

Then what?
Then I do life in prison and you guys go on with yours?

Trey, don't give up, alright?
I mean hopefully Michael can work this out.

Yeah, right.
Mike just shot at us.

But we don't actually know
if he pulled the trigger.

So what?
His men are gonna shoot at us?

He ain't got no other options.
He has no choices.

Either I come out,
or they come I and kill me.

I'm just going to
make a run for it.

Don't be stupid, man.

They got the whole place
surrounded, and you go outside,

they'll shot you on sight.
You understand me?

Listen to me.

I don't want
nothing to happen to you.


I'm proud of you.

You hear me? I'm proud
of the wife you married.

I'm proud of the life
you created for yourself.

I just want you to know
I love you.

Trey, don't do it.

I'm not never going
back to prison again.

I love you, Collin.

- Hello?
- Collin.

It's Michael.


Trey, listen. I talked to the Lieutenant.
He spoke to the mayor

and they've agreed to give you an extremely reduced sentence,
little brother.

Prison's for criminals, Michael.And I ain't no criminal.

Are you listening to yourself?
Are you listening to me?

You got to do, like,
six months, and go free.

Nobody gets hurt.
And all of this is over, man.

You lied to me when you told me
to hide the gun.

You told me
everything was gonna be okay.

Now look at us, 11 years later

and still lying to me. How am
I supposed to trust you now?

Trey, I need you to
make a decision now.

I've done all I can do.

Baby, get down.


What are you doing?

Trey. You're making a mistake.

I'd rather die than go back to prison.
- Trey, stop!


I unlocked it earlier.
Michael made me.

Please, please, please.

- Easy, bro. Easy.
- No.

- It was a mistake.
- Hey, Trey.

The lights were the signal

for Collin and I to get down.

- Hey, look at me.
- I ain't going back.

Look at me, look at me.
Hey, look at me.

I have a shot.

I'm so sorry. So sorry.

- Do I take the shot?
- I heard you. Give me a second.

It's going to go away.
Do I take the shot now?

I said, give me a second.

- Easy.
- Please.

- Easy.
- I'm not going back.

Take the shot.

Easy, easy.

Get down!

- Collin!
- Damn!

The home owner
jumped in the way of the shot.

What? Who got hit?

Mike! The wife locked the back
door, we couldn't get in.

- She what?
- She locked the back door. We heard her do it.

You got to be kidding me.

Collin! Baby.

- Help me lift him.
- You're going to be all right.

- What were you thinking?
- I'm just doing what a brother's supposed to do.

Trey. I'm all
out of options, man.

I can't have
anyone else get hurt,

so I didn't you to
come out with your hands up

or we're coming in.
It's your choice.

You got ten minutes
to decide, starting now.

Baby, baby, baby.

They're about to come in.
We got to move him.

Trey, go get my bag!

It's all right, baby.

- I have to stitch him up, please go.
- Where's the bag?

It's in the second door
to the right. Please.

Please, please. I'm so sorry.

I have to apply the pressure
to stop the blood.

So look at me, look at me,
stay with me, please.

- Get the gas and the goggles out, we're going in.
- Yes, sir.

Please stay still.

Please, please. I'm almost done.

- Okay.
- We can't numb it?

No. I need you to
hold the muscles please.

- Breathe.
- Okay.

- Breathe. Breathe.
- Okay. All right.

- Good.
- Remember when Mom used to sneak us out of school

on her lunch break, and take
us swimming at the lake?

And we used to go underwater and hold our
breath and see who could do it the longest.

You always win.

And Michael's too afraid to go
swimming. So she only take us.

Then we used to come back to school with our hair soaking wet.

We told the teacher we had to
go to the bathroom really bad.

She probably thought
we fell in, huh?


Please stop making him laugh.

- You have to stay still, baby.
- Okay.

She said, it would
save your life one day.

I'm all done, baby.

Run, Trey!


We're getting
the house surrounded.

I want to warn you.

If you keep fighting,
you're dead.

So you better find us.

Oh, baby. You go.

No. Stay with me.

I did everything for you!


For the last 11 years...

I thought about that night,
how the gun went off.

And you thought it was my fault.

You got Mom involved.

You told her what I was involvedin and what my life was like,

and that's why she
started getting high.

I was trying to keep Mom clean.

But you only saw
what you wanted to see.

Not what was really going on.
And now she's dead, because of you.

Not me... you.

You should have
never got involved.

I did it for you.

Get an ambulance up here.

Cuff those two.
And get a bag for that.

I told Trey
I'd give him justice.

- I love you, babe.
- I love you.

No! No!

Sorry, Lieutenant.

All three brothers
are dead, sir.

What do you mean?