Tricky Old Dogs (2018) - full transcript

Three elderly men who have been friends since the 1960s bond over their lifetime of experiences together despite their differences.

Pass the matches.

What ?

The matches.

- Pass the matches.
- Yes, minute.

Oh ! You! Watch at the end of the street.
We should not be seen.

Hey ! What are you doing ?
Are you bandits?

But no.

Well if. You are trying to enter
in the bank.

But no. It's them, the bandits.

We do not try to enter, on the contrary.

We fudge allocations in locks
to block the doors.

What is an allocation?

Do you like superheroes?

We are like superheroes.
But old.

But why do you want
block the bank?

To seize the capitalist machine.

Like a grain of sand
in the neoliberal gear.

'Scuse me.

- Hello.
- Yeah, Pierrot?

- Mimile?
- What is this bullshit?

Antoine tells me that you do not come
at Lucette's funeral?

She did not want to see me anymore.

She told me quite clearly
thirty-five years ago.

I respect his will.

Good God ! Do not make yourself more con
that you are.

You're already overspeeded.

Antoine needs us.
He just lost his wife.

So you're interested
to bring back your old ass to the funeral.

... otherwise I swear to you ...
- I thought it was a cremation !?

What does not turn
not round at home?

Lucette is gone and Antoine needs
from U.S. It's our friend.

You remember only one period
of your life without Antoine?

I do not spend my time remembering.
I have other things to fuck!

You take me by the way?
It's on your way.

Anyway, I have no car.


So ?

You put it,
this match?

You know well
that I see that slab.

Little, do you want to help us?

But do not go, little one.
It's for you that we do that.

Hello ! Hello sir !
Hello Madam !

Hello Mimile!


The ceremony is at 3 pm

Dad !

Do you understand?

I will not find myself in
the same room as Ampère.

I am not a VIP stand.

It happens to you not to think of you
one minute ?

Play the victims. You do not come
at the funeral of your own mother ...

Oh shit ! Do what you want.
Anyway, you bother me.

Mr. Pichardier, that's fine.
Do not bother.

It's nothing at all.

I have to go, anyway.

It must be done well, anyway.
Like that, if it's raining ...

You made me a price
for the house, that's nice.

It's normal. I know
your grandfather forever.

And it's nice to see
young people who settle here.

Yes, finally ... A young girl!

With soon little ones
who frolic.

Finally, "little ones" ...
One, to start.

Yes, but after ...
Who can know?


Thank you.

You go on a weekend,
Mr. Mimile?

- Oh, I'm going to a funeral.
- And who?

I'm really afraid of it.

It's really lost, your room.
We are already an hour late.

"Meuricy", you speak of a name to the con
for a retirement home!

You can tell me why you are taking
slices of bread to a cremation?

Do you want to make toasts?

It's my complete bread, you moron!

It is this morning.
I will not let him lose.

- Where is your retro?
- In the glove box.

Hello uncle !

What's up with grandpa?

You see, he's mowing the lawn.

- Now, in a suit?
- In costume, yeah.

He thinks I do not have it
well done yesterday.

"We can not accommodate
the guests in these conditions ".

He says it'll be ashamed
in memory of Lucette.


It's still not complicated
to correctly pass the mower
for the funeral of his mother.

Yes dad, I'm really
an unworthy son.

About unworthy son,
you have news of your father?


- Is he coming at least?
- No.

Oh, the bastard!

Grandpa, you do not want to relax a little
with your lawn?

What's all this?
- It's your grandmother.

His business. It was everywhere
in the house, so I screwed it up.

It hurts me to fall on all that
as soon as I open a cupboard

At the same time, I can not throw, so ...

Throw? He would miss more than that!

There are all his first puppets.

His old shows!
- Yes, old things, what!

What a mess! What will the guests say
after the ceremony!?

In my opinion, there will not be many people
who will come in the shed to cry granny.

We should sort it out. I'm sure
that there are treasures.

You can take everything.
The earliest would be best.

But not now.
We go, I'll tell you.

Dad, get in front.

Where are you going ?
You do not go up with us?

You had not seen it since when,
the Lucette?

Ouhlà! And you ?

Not this Christmas, not the one before.
That of even before.

At Christmas ? Why Christmas?

Because they always invited me for Christmas,
Lucette and Antoine.

Why fuck, good god?

Ben, so I do not go
Christmas alone.

Oh, sweetie!

He did not want to go
his little christmas alone.

- You're stupid.
- He put his socks on his nail.

I stop talking to you.
It is useless.

He was born the divine child.
Sing oboe, resonate musette ...

Look what you do.
You do not care in the automatic queue.


What are you doing
with your zinzin?

My zinzin, as you say,
is a marvel of technology ...

tinkered by a militant friend
to escape the racket of highways.

Ah, and that's the job!

In the ass, the mafia bitumen!

You lose a devoted wife.

But we are losing
a great artist, a passionate ...

Look, it's Berthe.

What nerve !

Antoine, my friend, my brother!

you lose a devoted wife.

So passionate, so passionate!
A great artist!

He was a sentry.

We are smugglers
of culture in rural areas.

We must fight ...
- I know thanks.

Is he a musician?
What does he do as a kind of music?

I wish you
never to know it.


So, is there a chick, a little?

- Hi Pierrot! Hi Mimile!
- Sorry for the delay.

But we had a break.
Seek my pognes. It looks like Balkany.

Do not worry.
For you, at least, it goes with soap.

Antoine is gone
bring back guests.

It will not be long.
Come in, serve yourself.

it's not Sophie there?

It's Sophie, that? The cow !
It's his grandmother's double.

You discover it now!

Say, I did not spend
my christmas here.

I hope she did not
the same character as Lucette!?

Who is the big dork
who's brewing air next door? It's his Jules?

Hi the cons!

It's nice to be here, Pierrot.

I did not have a choice.

I received physical threats
extremely impressive of a senile old man.

Beware of the senile old man. He can still
to relax with one hand.

Without posing his glass.

How are you feeling ?

Like an amputee
both legs.

My feet scratch.

Damn, hide me!
- Antoine!


I wanted to greet you, even if
I know you'll find that stupid.

Janine, how nice
to be passed.

That's OK. I came
because I liked Lucette well.

It must have split your heart
to fire her at the time.

I was young HRD,
I had orders.

And then, you know very well that Lucette
did not want to stay in the box.

She had even negotiated her departure.

Obviously she negotiated,
seen that already at the time ...

the prestigious Garan-Servier laboratory
fooled himself with the code of work.

Oh, say!

When you make a fortune selling
antidepressants ...

inevitably, a world of shit,
what a dream.

It's still very nice
from Mr. Garan Servier ...

to have sent his little staff
to pay the last respects.

Finally, he could have moved
in person.

Lucette still worked for him
for eight years and me forty.

But you do not know?

Since the sons have removed him from business,
he is wasting away, old man.

Oh, poor little father!
- But serious.

And then the succession is not clear.
The account is not there.

There would be a hole of 100 million.

But then, there are only 6 billion left
and an island in the Pacific.

But what a misfortune!
Wait, I may have some change.

I do not have it!

Carry everything you want.
But it squeaks on the family council.

Impossible to know where the money is.
And the old man does not say anything.

They ended up sending it to their house
from Tuscany so much they wanted to strangle him.

- In Tuscany?

Oh, the bastard!


I admit it's good.

It's with farm eggs,
and everything and everything.

I take them at my neighbor's house
at the Ravines farm.

What? At Berthe's?

Yes. That's it, Berthe.

Ben papi!?

Can I talk to you for a second?

Do you take your eggs at Berthe's?

Are you sick or what?
Do you know who Berthe is in the area?

That's your idea of ​​life in the countryside:
to take her eggs at Berthe's?

I'm known here, I'll let you know.

It is out of the question
we say in the region ...

that my granddaughter
take her eggs at Berthe's!

And your grandmother?
Do you think a little?


You should come.

There is an unfortunate thing that is getting organized.

Finally, someone explains to me, there!

What is this delirium, again?

So, from what I know ...

Berthe would have fully plowed
the rugby field the day before an important match.

Nobody told me.
It was this week?

Not really, no.
In 1955.

- You're kidding ?
- Not at all !

It's not possible, it can not be that.
There are some unclear things in this village.

Pierrot did not want to come because of grandma.
My father, I know ...

If you want to keep a semblance of health
mental in this corner of the world ...

I do not recommend to interest you
old stories.

Oh no, not him!

Who left him?
to settle here?

A vibrant tribute ...

Get me out of here, guys, have pity!

Who gave him the hut,
like that, the kid?

Six months ago, when Lucette started
to be very sick ...

Sophie arrives from Paris.
She tells us that she has plated everything ...

communication, career ...

she bought the old farm of Charbiers
and takes the torch of the Wolf in underwear.

On it, paf! We notice
that she has a big one under the apron ...

and no spawner on the horizon.

Ha, it's good, that!

It's young
who shakes the pulp!

Yeah, she's coming to tell me
let her take her eggs at Berthe's.

Say so ...

your Bernard, his father ...

at the funeral, he did not come!

No really. It's not complicated.
I'm not in the mood.

It's not because Lucette left
that the rules have changed.

The next who pronounces
that name in front of me ...

I stick to him five puppets
in his carousel, and then it's tired!

You understand, now? Huh?

That's how life goes, well!

40 years to load the trucks
in this factory dirt!

Legal drugs
with full pallets.

I would have done better to bar myself
at 20, like you my Pierrot.

God, if I had known, I should have.

Thank you ! You mark your path,
point bar.

Right in front, comrade! The cap !

And the retro in the glove box.

What is he saying,
the whole bread?

Nothing, nothing, benefits!

Old cod!

And you leave my granddaughter alone!

And your rotten eggs!

When you're done,
I would like to return. I'm tired.

What are you tinkering with?

It's good, I stop.

I should have gone straight
and fuck it all in the fire.

You became addicted to cremation.

It will end up like viking,
with a big fire.

As we grow older, he makes us a return
of the middle ages, Father Antoine.

It's not true ! She pisses us off
with his flea market!

Papi, it's you and granny, right?

Oh, touch!

It was at the beginning, when she was practicing.
She had made us.

It's true that you had that mustache.

The mustache of the syndicalist.


But if. It was the mustache
from Lech Wałęsa yesterday,

Martinez today.
- Stalin, say the bad languages.

Black circumflex accent on the mouth
angry with the cégétiste.

They are stupid, these guys!
Did you see, yours, a mustache?

Nothing to see,
my dear friend.

The elegance of Clark Gable, and the signature
graphic of Don Diego de la Vega.

Zorro is never a rupin
who plays it defender of the poor.

Have you ever seen him work in an episode?

It's like the other, there,

Lucette had made a puppet,
him too.

Completely missed.
A horror !

There is not in the bazaar?
- Oh !

We can spend five minutes
without saying "Garan-Servier" in this bled?

From now on, every time
someone will say that word ...

he drinks a pear.

He is right.

There is nothing good to shoot
to search the boxes.

You laugh. I take it.

It will do very well
in the baby's room.

Well I'm leaving you. I'm exhausted.
Good night, the dreadful ones!

Good night, Sophie.

- Do not you want me to bring you back?
- No do not worry.

I will call you tomorrow.

There you go.

A life has passed.
What remains?

An old truck!?
A pile of boxes!?

I'll tell you one thing, guys ...

if I did not have my Sophie ...

I would take a good louche of candy
Garan-Servier with a liter of pear ...

and I would go find my Lucette.

What does it mean,
bullshit like that? Ho!

You still said "Garan-Servier".
Cheers !

And you just said "Garan-Servier".
So yours too.

- What did you say?
- Garan-Servier.

To yours too.

Shit, eleven o'clock.

Ah, all the same!

I've had enough
to play alone.

Where is Antoine?

I dunno.

In the village, surely.

When I got up, he had already
took the car. It will not be long.

Touch nothing. I will settle you
your account on a regular basis.


Why do not you come back
to settle in the corner?

It's still better than galer
in Paris with your minimum old age.

Yes, but I can not
give up my action group.

Your action group?

At our ages, there is hardly
than the system that can still be worked on.

My libido has been reported
on subversion.

And you intend to annoy the world
still a long time ?

We must fight well.
Do not you see how is the world going?

What else do you want to do?

Because the oppressors, the offenders,
predators, ...

- Play now.
- But you annoy me at the end!

Not bad for a mole.

The petanque, do you see, my big,
it is the projection of thought.

No need to see it.
The brain, the hand, and tac!

Look who's going there.

But tell me, he would roll us
 on the brush, this con!

Come over here.


Stop, Antoine.
- I have to go on a little trip.

But make yourself at home.
The keys are on the bread box.

What are you doing ?

Ah, do you want to play that!
It's going to fuck!

And shit, shit!

How does it happen ?

In your opinion ?
 Have you seen the face of my chest?

If you stopped throwing yourself
in auto lawsuits.

Hey ho, say!
It is Antoine who starts.

What's taking him?

I have a vague idea.


Hey, you talk about a dead person,

Hello sir.
Is he there, Antoine?

No why ?

He went to Brousse,
the notary, just-in-the-hour.

It did not go very well.

That is to say ?

Like what, he would have
swung a torgnole ...

to extract information from him

So, that makes Brousse
put down a handrail.

It's two handrails,
that I told Bush ...

with that of Antoine.

We know each other well with Brousse.
We hunt together.

Finally now, it would be necessary
that I am auditioning Antoine.

Yes, well, he's gone.
And we have to go.

If you meet Antoine, you tell him
to go to the gendarmerie.

And not to be stupid.


Michel, it's very nice,
but it's not worth it, really.

It is a pleasure.

I would like to enjoy the afternoon
to read quietly.

Exactly, that's why I'm busy
to mow, so you're quiet.

Yes, but it's also a question
of silence, huh?

Silence in the countryside?


Thank you.



Grandpa was fifty years ago.

Ah, I see you know.

You're the only one or everyone knew
that my wife slept with Garan-Servier?

She told me about it
there is a moment.

Listen, she was not sleeping with him ...

they had a real adventure
when it was bad between you.

An adventure ?
Getting shaken on the boss's desk ..

even listening to the load

it seems far away
from my conception of adventure.

Salis not everything, papi.
He wanted divorced for her ...

that's when she left
the company and set up the theater.

For you, papi. She loved you more
that everything, you know it.

You speak !

You were always in your meetings,
it was all that mattered in your union.

I was trying to defend
our rights.

Well, what are you calling for?

Because I am worried. Your friends say
that you left with a weapon.

That is to say, I would have preferred
kill him with a kick ...

but with my arthritis.

What's the point, your bullshit?
You're stupid !

He is a sick old man.

You will end up in jail.
- Good, I hang up.

No need to call back. I will not answer.
Anyway, I have more batteries.

M'enfin, it's insane!

We do not commit a crime of passion
fifty years after the facts.

In love, there is no prescription.

Who is this?


What are you doing, Michel?

I'm doing it wrong,
like that, it does not make any noise.

It's very nice,
but it's not worth it, really.

You have to call the police.

Because I'm passing the fake?

It's not a good idea.
Garan-Servier is known.

If it comes out in the press,
Papi will be humiliated.

So, you have to catch up with him.

We do not even know where he left.

We must not believe, but the false
is very effective. Tchac!

- Bush knows it.
- Who ?

He is right.

Before leaving, Antoine has passed
see Bush, the notary.

Because he must know
where is the old.

- Do not be surprised that he swayed, that one.
- Let's go.

What is needed is to be flexible of the pelvis ...

and make ample gestures.
See, flexible and ample.

And why do they
would give the info?

Why did he give it to Antoine?

Because he ate
a finger pie.

Well, he's going to eat another one.

Go up! He does not even
an hour in advance.

Oh no ! If it's you driving,
I do not go up.

He sees skin of zob.
It is a public danger.

But say so ! You just have to drive
if you're not happy with the delivery.

I can not with my treatment.
Sophie, take the wheel.

Say, I do not know if you noticed,
I am six months pregnant.

Sorry, but I'm not going I-not-know-where
to swing a torgnole to I-know-no-who

in this truck suppository
all shot with two old men.

Two seniors, sorry.

Oh shit.

But what is he doing?

He punctured the wheel, this con!

I made too big.

I dream, but I dream.

Just put the spare wheel
and then it's tired.

It was the spare wheel.

Good, come on.

You are frosty.

It will get you into trouble,
the notary.

Who ? Bush? Bah!

You did not have to slap him for real.
The threat was enough.

To slap someone is violent.

Slapping a notary,
it's not slapping anyone.

It's slapping a notary.

Mimile, you give me my bag,
please ?

Wait, I have my magic case.

Oh fuck ! He took it.

What is it ?

It's an unbearable zinzin.

A luxury tool against the racket
institutional, nuance!

We are already not early.

Yes, ben minute.
It's looking for

she makes me laugh, la Lucette.

She is beautiful,
the perfect woman !

Who said it was
the perfect woman ?

Ben everyone,
and she first.

Always to give lessons
courage, excellence and self-sacrifice.

And result: hop, under the desk, the Lucette!

Whatever !

" Under the desk ".
Ah, that's elegant. Really.

What do you call it?

I call that, being human.

Have flaws.

Ha! My ass!

you are not objective, both of you.

Well, I have my card, otherwise.

Never. You hear me ? Never.

Ha! Come on, go for it!

I wanted to ask you :
Do you know Berthe?

My neighbor.

The one with the farm of the Ravines.

Like that.

I see who it is.

What's wrong with her?

Papi made me an unlikely scene
because I told him I was taking eggs.

Do not you think that's excessive, seriously?

Hello? Hello.
Do not you think that's excessive?

No, it's not excessive at all ...

What's wrong with her?

It's still not this story
rugby match canceled 60 years ago!?

No, of course.


Finally, if a little.

It's old stories
without interest.

I'm going to take a nap, please.

Ben me too.
I am tired.

Good. Pee stop.

Ah, listen, it's like that.
Pregnant women, it pee often.

Hey, do you want to take that?
I'm crazy about Bounty.

I left without my wallet,
with all this bullshit.

Well yes, of course.

So tell me
the adventures of Berthe.

You're painful. We do not care.
It was a thousand years ago.

I do not want to talk about it.
- OK, no Bounty.

It's a joke or what?

No Berthe,
no Bounty.

But it's completely nil
to do that !

Do you realize how bad it is?

Well yes, it sucks.
But it's like that.

Good, the Garan-Servier laboratories
in the 80s, it worked very hard.

Still Garan-Servier?
What is the relationship with Berthe?

Hold on ! At the time, there was
that the factory grows bigger.

Garan-Servier decided
to double the production area ...

and create a thousand posts.

I do not tell you drunkenness in the village
for the job.

Your grandfather, with the union,
supported the project thoroughly.

But for that, Garan-Servier
had to buy the land around the factory ...

and guess who refused
to sell the adjoining fields?

- Berthe?
- Berthe!

This bitch of Berthe!

There was nothing to do.
A fortune, she refused.

Result: Garan-Servier
has given up on expanding.

He relocated:
Spain, Italy, Mexico.

Over 30 years,
that's 1200 job cuts.

She fired the area, Berthe.

And you take her eggs.

Well, this is it ?
Can we go now?

It's still not Berthe's fault
if Garan-Servier has a lab in Mexico!

Of course yes.

What was his argument
to refuse to sell?

The pleasure of pissing.
She has always shit the world.

Do not take me for a ball.

You went out of the factory at 20,
and you never played rugby.

So what do you blame him for
perso to Berthe?

I blame him
that it's because of her ...

that one of my two best friends
went to the other side of the world.

When she plowed the land,
this crazy madwoman, this hysterical,

the day before the semi-final of accession,

it was a cataclysm
in the village.

For a guy like Mimile,
Rugby was all his life.

Result: he did his backpack.
He went to play at the serious guys.

In the Southern Hemisphere:
Australia, South Africa, Fiji.

He had to stay a year.

He will spend his life in the Pacific.

Thank you Berthe.

Finally, too,
there is necessarily a reason.


You start to run on endive
to ask me questions about prehistory.

Are you a puppeteer or archaeologist?
That's crazy, that!

Are you asked
why are you going to bury yourself in the bush ...

with a mittel without a father?
Come on, we're wasting time.

Already he does not advance, your hut!

I'm coming, old swelling!

Good, grandpa.

Do you remember where we were?

Who is he?

It's Duclos, the deputy mayor?

No, it's René.

He had taken three suspension games
against Agen.

For a fork in the eyes ...
- Yes, no, but ...

I'm looking for his role in
your business, grandpa. Not to rugby.

So, look.

How is René?

Yes that's it. It's René.

Darrigade, right?

Otherwise, the last time,
you told me about Berthe.

Berthe Goitreux.

The one everyone
called the nutty.

Do you remember ?

- She was not naughty.
- Oh?

He had been repainted with eggs
no more.


She told me, after,
when we had seen each other.

But I...


Which report ? Is there something
that I do not understand.

You wanted his land, right?

What I wanted, especially, is ...

see the wolf ...

the wolf in underwear.

I already told you about it, the wolf?

The wolf in underwear?
- Yeah. Good. I am annoying you.

I'll let you rest.

Where are we ?

In Italy, my dear.
For a few hours already.

Why are we still arrested?

Because the truck Lucette has beautiful
to be robust, it must blow a little.

And because I have two calzones
four cheeses instead of feet.

If we stop all the time,
we will never catch it.

Come on! On the way !
- Yes, I am fine !

He must have stopped too, Antoine.

It's been three days
he did not sleep.

He always drove twice.
It's not Fast and furious either.

Standing, the dead!

These ladies are from Puy-de-Dôme.

They come back from Rome.

Hello !

Five minutes without old,
it's too much to ask!

Look at this !

- It's for when ?
- It is a boy or a girl ?

A little kid who will have
a wonderful life.

Or not.

What do you mean ?

I dunno.
You find the world so wonderful?

It's really old, that!

Finally, Sophie.

Well what, it's not true?

You, the old ones, are still there
to please you in front of the children.

"Oh, how cute he is"
You'd better apologize.

Look around you.
You leave us a rotten world.

You have made the house dirty and you are pointing
to wish "good luck" to the next tenant.

Ah, you miss air.

But what have we done to you?

What you did to me
my little lady?

But your generation is causing
of all the plagues of the modern world.

The ultra-liberalism.

Pollution, overexploitation,
intensive agriculture,

tax havens,
Communication ! All !

You are inconsistent, retrograde, bigots,
you vote right.

In 80 years, you have exhausted almost all
living species.

You have exhausted the resources,
eat all the fish.

There are 50 billion chickens raised in battery
every year and people are starving.

Historically, you ...

but you are the worst generation
of the history of humanity.

And a misfortune never coming alone ...

you live hyper-old!

I'm going to pee.

Oh, and my baby is telling you shit.

Yeah yeah.
You've messed up my whole planet.

Okay okay.

Shit, shit, shit and shit!

It's not possible
to be so stupid!

Look at her !
Stopped !

It's his box. He had to
take a small path.

Leave us there.
We'll see if we can catch him.

You are trying to find
the entrance of the barracks.

It's time for the accounts,

Jean-Marie Brémeux,
of the litigation department.

You are the last person
that I expected to meet in Switzerland.

Oh, Bremeux!
You want a madeleine?

Shut up !
Bremeux was a con and an informer.

It's true that you have this annoying habit
to leave letters in my locker.

You know that the staff
nicknamed you "the slug".

For forty years ...

I confronted you at union meetings,
eye to eye.

For forty years ...

I thought you and me,
we were fighting from man to man ...

on equal terms.

And all the while,
you had to think while looking at me ...

"My poor old man"

"You can move as much as you want"

"I chewed on your wife,
my little unionist ".

That's what you thought,
not true ?

Listen, Bremeux. I did not come
in Corsica to hear about unionism.

A little Christian charity.
No madeleine, really?

And shit!

He must have been there.

Thank you.

Lets' go.
Shit, this con!

Push, shoot!
- But I push.

I'll tell you something, Brémeux.

At the moment, I have an affair ...

with a cute accounting.

The little Lucette Perron.

His skin ... If you could
touch his skin.

the skin of her thighs.
And her breasts.

It looks like fresh rolls.
- Excuse me.

Can I know what you are doing here?

Ah, Charlotte. I present you Brémeux ...

of the litigation department.
Bremeux, Charlotte.

My great-granddaughter.

In fact, my name is Capucine.
I am his nurse.

It's privately owned here, sir.

Yes, that is, I am
on vacation in the area and ...

by the way, I walked in,
almost inadvertently ...

Yes, so I told him about my little girl
secretary, Lucette, and her thighs.

Do not imagine things.
He does not see any girl.

This is an ancient story
which comes back to him in memory, that's all.

I understood, yes.

He basins everyone with that.
Lucette here, Lucette there.

"The sweetness of her thighs,
her bewitching chest, her buttocks »

And I pass you the gritty details.

You're really nice.

It must have been a sacred
good woman, the Lucette ...

for igniting him like that,
this man.

And then after a while,
he begins to wander ...

to talk about a red truck,
a wolf in underpants and je-ne-sais-quoi.

- Safety for Capucine.
- Oh, excuse me.

Capucine, am I listening?
- I have a red truck at the door ...

with a girl who asks
Garan-Servier. She says it's urgent.

The family said "no visit".
You know well.

But on the truck, there's something like
a wolf in underwear.

I'll be back in a second.

Miss Garan-Servier?

And you, Bremeux?

Women, how are you doing?

Is it okay?
- Oh, I'm going to ...


Antoine, come back!

It is useless. He is too far away.
We are good to go back on the road.

But ... what is
Are you both there?

In your opinion ?
We visit the corner, fool!

Bring your ass to this side of the wall,
before you get caught.

But you have not managed to
climb the wall, right?

- Whatever !
- We did not try.

It is a private property.

Ah, the sleeves!
Ah, the sleeves!

Come say it here, if we are
sleeves. He is good, he, like!

The wolf in underwear?

The wolf in slip in real life?

- You know ?
- If I know!

It's a myth here.
An institution.

If it exists, you ... you ...

Ben no, you can not
to be Lucette!?

Oh no.

I can ?

I think I have a million
questions to ask you.

I believe me too.

You really are the king of trouble,

Look what state we are in.

We did not eat anything else
only con sandwiches on the highway.

You feel like it's
disgusting between two sponges.

We fell back
on disgusting Bounties.

While with my treatment,
it requires little sugar.

Result: he vomited everything.
I tore my liquette.

I threw my rifle
in a vase hole ...

I never found him, damn!

Oh, puree! The hut!

There are some who do not bother!

It disgusts me !

Look, Marie-Amelie.

Look at my dear Lucette.

And Brémeux, from the litigation department ...

which apparently
is like us on holiday in Switzerland.

The cow !
It's true that he made the antenna old.

At the same time, at 93 candles,
it ends up weighing on the cake.

Do not talk to me! Note, I do not complain.
The place is good.

Grazie thousand!


Thank you.

Miss Wormwood, do you realize?
I am going to be a dad.


What took you
to do all this road in your state?

You wanted me to do what?
You're going to kill people, like that, all the way down.

Do you imagine? If you had a problem?

Ben did not have any.

And if I'm here,
it's also thanks to them.

Oh, but Mimile!

Did you see that, grandpa?
He is tattooed everywhere.

What do you think ?

The Mimile is three
world tours by boat ...

he's a guy who made a fortune, then went bankrupt,
with a copper mine in Papua.

Excuse me.

It's amazing that you're here ...

because I actually work
on the memories of my grandfather ...

I would like to ask you
some questions...

as a former of Garan-Servier.

Yes but no.

We have ... The road is ... No!

Say, your records speak of the 50s?
The first relocation?

Yes, among others.

Every hour hurts us,
and the last one kills us.

- Bellissimo.
- Yeah, precisely. Bellissimo.

Will understand.

Do not worry that he knows how to swim.

Here it is,
workers' money.

You have it there, and there.


Years of deprivation,
social plans ...

partial unemployment,

And that's not enough for them.
They are still looking for 100 million.

I will stack.

So like that, you too have
worked in my grandfather's factory?

You must have full
memories to tell.

We would have loved it, but here
we really have to go.

We have already abused a lot.

- I have the ass of Garan-Servier.
- Yes, that, I understand. And I therefore.

Sorry. No way
that you take the road again tonight.

It's late. Sophie is tired.

We agreed.
You are our guests for this night.

- Huh? No, we have to go home.
- We do not want to disturb you.

Oh yes. To the good franquette.
Believe me.

A good Italian dinner
to evoke the good old days.

Good Tuscan wine,
a good night's sleep on it ...

Believe me, you will see life differently.
Come on Sophie, I'll show you your room.

We will not sleep here anyway!

You surprise me. Sleeping in the sheets
of big capital. Rather die!

We have values.
We have some in the rind.

You are especially very stupid.

- Sorry ?
- Gnagnagna, the bad boss.

"We are pure, paladins".
You are not fed up, sometimes?

You would not want to enjoy?

Antoine, if you think that Garan-Servier
paid for it all with the workers' money,

you have the right to one night. Still.
A minimum. What do you say ?

He is not wrong.

But I dream!

Two hours ago, you wanted to put him
two cartridges in the buffet.

Because I was in pain. Here.

I was victim of a ...
of an alteration ... how do they say?

- Discernment.
- That's it. An alteration of discernment.

It's not new.

There, must recognize that ten o'clock
of car in the other direction,

I do not have the strength.

We do not have the strength, guys!

There is no shame in admitting it.
Come on !

The signora Pivanoti
will serve us the aperitif.

That's it. Go for it !
Go fart in the silk.

Me, I sleep in the old
red truck of the proletariat.

Wait, Antoine,
I'm taking a picture

The former unionist who is lounging
in the wealthy property of his former boss.

- I'm lounging, maybe?
- Perfectly, you lie down.

Imbecile. I do not relax at all.

At the edge of a swimming pool.

This is propaganda
anarchist with two bullets.

It's completely
out of context.

The world will judge.
I tweet it.

It's a public danger, this guy!

He has not Twister.

It's a word he uses
because he read it in the press.

Come and have a drink.

I am very good here.

Eat at least something.

I still have Bounties.

That's the beginning.

The pharmacy, there.

And then the construction of the factory.

The first teams.

There may be pictures of you, Antoine.
Who knows ?

Do not dream, ma'am.
We did not invite the workers ...

for official photos.
And even less the union representatives.

What is crazy in his career ...

it's his sudden taste
for the international business ...

when he was so
invested in his region.

Because his factory,
it was his pride.

More than his children.

Over all.

He wanted to stay in the country
because that's where he wanted to be recognized.

It has upset everything in this village.
It was not industrialized at all.

At the time, there was only agriculture.

And rugby.

And rugby.

And the wolf.

I will do it.

Well, we'll go to bed.
Hey, Mr. Armand. Oh yes !

Good night.
- Good night, grandpa.

Good night.

This is the first
management team, with ...

papi, there ...

a certain René and ...

It's Lucette.
It's my grandmother.

It was his secretary, at first.

It's her, Lucette?

It's exactly you.

- I do not realize.
- Well if ! Look.

Since the time I hear about it,
she was right there before my eyes.

Lucette. Antoine, look.

Well, that's not all that,
but it's getting late.

How are the rooms made?

- Come, I'll show you.
- Here.

Good night everybody.
- Good night.

Wait, Antoine.
I come with you.

You have the shower and the bath.

I put you some towels there.

Psst. Lucette.

What are you doing here ?

You have wine pearls, too?


What is it ?

As tried to explain Capucine,
I'm not really Lucette.

Hold on.

It's here.
You'll see.

Where did I put it?

What are you looking for?


I'm here...

somewhere in this closet.

That's it. I got it.

You remember it ?

You started in the puppets,
at the time.

I have it
always kept ...

and now that it's better
for you in your theater ...

I would like you to take it back

to give him a role.

But not the bad boss.

She had made you ...

I made you ...
a very big head.

Oh yes, chaplain!

But not as big as this one.

It's me who gave him
a little stuffed skull.

Because me, now ...

I lose a little ball ...

but not him.


I was looking for you

Does that tell you something,
Berthe Coitreux?

Yes, I'm taking her eggs.

Come see.

Because you know, my grandfather
absolutely wanted to enlarge the original site.

I heard about that.
But that was not possible because of ...

Berthe Goitreux, precisely.

Yes. Who is a nutty,
a bother ...

All the testimonies of the time say that
but my grandfather does not agree.

Oh? He said what ?

He says she was a good woman,

I found a letter where he tells
that he did everything to convince her

but she never gave in.
Here, look. She's there.

And you know why ?

Because she hated all people
from the village since the post-war period.

If she sells, the factory gets bigger,
the region prospers and that, she refuses.

And my grandfather,
at the same time, it annoys him ...

and then he likes it.


because he has a kind of respect
for this woman who never gave up.

But finally, why does she hate
all the people of the village?

That's not very clear, precisely.
He says she was in a rage ...

because we painted him
his eggs and his cows.

Have you heard of that?


It's starting to swell me.
All these old crabs of the twentieth century!

I guarantee you that someone
will end up spitting the piece.

I call him.

Who ? Berthe?


Good evening Berthe. It's Sophie.
I do not wake you up? It's a little late.

What does she want ?

I need to know something.
It's not to go crazy.

What, in the end,
the problem with your eggs?

It does not concern you, good evening.

If you hang up, I'll call back.
All night, if necessary.

- Well, I'll unplug the phone.
- In that case, I'm coming.

I'm in front of you in five minutes
and I'll knock on the door

until you answer
to my question.

- You'll wake up my mother.
- I do not care.

It's because of your grandfather.

Your imbecile grandfather ...

and his clique of rascals.





Here. The alternative activist
which is on AC.

One shot, he militates.
One shot, he does not militate.

I went to pee.

Do not tire yourself.
I was in the room next door.

I had to get up to go see
who could snore so hard.

At my age, we can do one or two
obstacles to its principles.

It does not erase a life of combat.

Ah, totally agree.

Only you could have done the shackle
with us, it would have been more fun.

Oh !

Hi !

No !

What's the matter ?

Uh nothing.
Well, come on, let's go.

Hold on. We were made breakfast.

But what are you doing ?

I'm preparing a little show.
Come !

- Oh, but everyone is already here.
- Eh yes.

So, the incorruptible?
The night in the truck, how was it?


- And ...
- Oh, but she brought puppets back.

- Are you going to tell us a little story?
- Exactly.

- Oh, but I love little stories.
- All the better.

Me too, I love
the little stories

This one is very special.
Her name is "Pouleboche and the three donkeys".

The story is set in a small village in the Tarn
just after the war.

In this region, the war had not
is raging because it was the free zone.

But a division of SS
He had stayed there for some time.

Before the passage of the Germans, all
Children from the village got along very well.

But there.

Some families had collaborated
with the invader, and at liberation ...

they had to be accountable.

Even in the schoolyard,
the atmosphere deteriorated.

"Son of Collabo" cried some ...

"Your mother slept with the schleux"
replied the others.

A little girl in particular
was the victim of this deleterious atmosphere.

She was ten years old in 45.
Her name was Berthe.

But some children of the village
had renamed it Pouleboche.

Pouleboche, Pouleboche
Pouleboche, Pouleboche

Why this weird nickname
you ask yourself.

I will tell you.

Yes, no, but it's okay.

You sit down and listen to the end.

The old stories do not stand out
only when it suits you.

The father of little Berthe
had been sent to Germany very early ...

to compulsory work

and her mom was alone
at the farm.

Also, when the SS had taken up residence
in the corner,

she saw an opportunity there
to hear from her husband

and, why not, to make him return.

she did her best
to help the Germans ...

in pure loss.

Berthe's dad
never returned.

He sent a letter
and a little money five years later ...

explaining that he had fallen in love
of a German there ...

and that he had made a new life.

With this money, Berthe's mom
bought a tractor.

She was the first in the village
to own one,

which aroused a lot of jealousies.

Berthe does not finish going to school anymore

and stayed with his mother
at the farm.

That could have been enough
to assure him peace ...

but it was counting
without the three donkeys.

They were very creative
in malice.

There was first the episode of cows ...

and especially,
there was the story of the eggs.

Eggs a bit like this.

The three donkeys intoned
a song of their composition ...

on the hens of the boches.

The little Berthe left
the current market ...

while all the children of the village
were singing to him ...

the song of Pouleboche.

Does anyone know her?

Pouleboche, you're dirty and ugly.

You filled your pockets
with Boche money.

No ? Nobody ?

Good. Well, I leave you alone
finish lunch ...

talk about the good old days ...

Take the opportunity to ask again
why the Garan-Servier laboratory ...

never got bigger.

Especially you, papi.

Your union fight, your values ​​...

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Hello everyone !
Look who is the last survey!

- We'll go for a little stroll.
- No.

He stays.

So, there, Antoine. Really.
Thank you for all that.


How does "Antoine thank you"?

We're fooling ourselves with hundreds of terminals
in an old pile of scraps ...

to save you the loaves
and for any reward ...

we go into correctional
before the feminist inquisition ...

and we are stoned with eggs.
No really...

it's one of the best moments
of my life !

Because you have nothing to do with it?
You have clean hands, maybe?

Poule boche, did not you sing it with us?

Ah, one last thing, grandpa.

All cakes, all crepes ...

all the omelettes that you made
Grandma Lucette these last 40 years,

she did it to you with the eggs
from Berthe ...

because she remained his girlfriend, she.

She was going to see her with her truck
and she took him some eggs.

You've eaten Nazi eggs
your whole life, grandpa.

We can know why Mimile was not entitled
with egg shampoo.

It is true. Without wanting to denounce,
he was there too.

I leave him the care
to answer you.

Oh, Émile. Where are you going ?

Are not you trying to escape, by chance?

Are not you there, anyway?

Damn, but it's pathetic.

- Mimile, come back!
- Come on, oh!

But it's pathetic.

What are you doing now ?

Do you swim?

Do not you care about us?

We spoke to you, it seems to me?

You just ate.

You will hydrocute, big ass.
Get out of there. Talk to us !

What are you thinking about ?

I think I would like
go to the village party on Saturday.

Well, my faith, go ahead.
There is no reason for you to deprive yourself.

Do not fool yourself, Émile.

You know exactly what I mean.
I want you to take me there.

Ah, uh ... but Sunday is the semifinal
Accession. I have to be fit.

Well then. You've never missed once
the village festival.

- Berthe, do not take offense.
- You're ashamed. That's what there is.

You do not want to assume
how often do you feel about Pouleboche.

You do not love me.

Of course, if, I love you.

It's just that it's not the right moment.
Another semi-final.

It's good, do not get tired, go.

But wait !

OK, we'll go to the party together.

I will pick you up at 5 o'clock on Saturday.

Tonight mom.

So here is the pompon
on the cherry.

It's beyond words, it's ...

I never saw him again, Berthe.

After the party, never.

I left the area,
the country, the continent.

If I could go even further.

If I had been able to go on march ...

I would have gone.

That's right, damn, when you think about it at the time.
He left like an enema.

And we, my poor Antoine,
it was taken for an adventurer.

Nothing has been hindered in the story.

For us,
you were Marco Polo.


She was really angry, Sophie.

But shit, we were kid.

All the kids are bullshit.

Asked if she was tearing
the flies of the flies being young?

But here it was not fly legs.

It was out of category.

It was...
- You're right.

We behaved like big dicks.

Yes, well,
we did it, we will not undo it.

It's you who said it, Pierrot.

The cap.
No remorse or regret.

We arrive at the terms of the mandate.
We shredded three-quarters of our shit.

So it's not two pissers of 20 years
that will stick us remorse.

We will not spend our time
to look in the rearview mirror.

All this is Lucette's fault. Shit !

She was not allowed, damn!

She was not allowed to do that.
She was not allowed.

It's disgusting.

Do not do it again.
It was a little adventure.

I do not talk about that.

But what is disgusting, then?
Take eggs at Berthe's?

But no.

Ben explain yourself better.
She was not entitled to what?

To leave me.

Do not cry, cushy. Shit !

I want to go home.

Well, it's not a refusal.

I have a package for you.

Hello the most beautiful.

I came to get my car.

Go back to Paris
and I ship Mimile.

- I have mail, too.
- Here.

Still these horrors?

You're angry ?

I do not have time to be angry.
Invoice, invoice, invoice.

It does not stop.
I will never escape.

If you wanted to make a fortune
by manipulating rag dolls ...

needed to do the lobbyist in Brussels ...

not a puppeteer in the Tarn.

Oh shit !

I made too soft.
- Is he still there, the maniac?

He is already very nice
to repair my roof.

He changed your wheel, too. Did you see ?

He even repaired your retro.

I thought a little about all this
with Garan-Servier ...

I thought back to his story
with Lucette and ...

I wondered, like that,
if it had crossed your mind that ...

my father, the problem son whose
we must not say the name, either ...

the son of Garan-Servier?

It would explain a lot of things.

I do not know what to do with that,
and papi either, I'm sure.

Do not you want to talk to him about it?
- Me ?

Gamine, I know this guy
for 74 years.

Friendship is like the pinard.

If you want it to stay,
you do not need too much light.

But the right temperature.

Well, what do I do?


I'm going back to Paris.
My collective is waiting for me.

The struggle continues.

I'm done. I changed a lot of tiles.
It should hold.

I heard you all-in-the-hour
compared to money.

I can wait.
Do not worry about bile.

We'll take a fork.
It's certain !

An old fork all rusty.

I'll tell you: even if you get tetanus,
we will not have stolen it.