Tricky Business (1995) - full transcript

Lau Ching-Wan is the "King of Pranks" with high moral standards who must square off in a battle against the "Emperor of Pranks", the leader of an opposing prank faction who has no pity.

Let's see who tricks whom?

Please help me press 13th floor.

I'm blind, I can't see it.

You can't see it, OK.

Thank you, thank you.

I fart if I eat potatoes.

Kid, wait, I go to 13/F too.

Fine, be quick.


I wait for you?

Deceive an old woman.

Throw me away when your aim is fulfilled.

You'll get bad omen next time.

Wanna trick me? It's not easy!

You scared me.

Got a piece of glass to scare me.


This trick again.

Mind the paint.

Oh, my Giordano suit.

Open the door! Open the Door!

Who tricked me?

It's me.

The person responsible
for the Tricking Company Ltd.

I'm the Tricky King, Ko Hing.

What do you want me to do?

I don't want you to do anything.

I come to trick you.

I know.

I'm happy you are tricked.

Joe Yeung.

Joe Yeung is my name.

34 years old now.

A former member of the Special Force.

Good at anti-terrorist activities.

Especially good at attacking.

It's a pity that got fired
because of killing a colleague.

Then being unlucky for ten years.

It's only a fake Giordano suit.

Who told you to come?

Do you think you can trick me?

Go to hell, shit!

No more foul language.

I've forgot to tell you.

Now you're sitting on the
"Foul Language Arm-chair".

It shakes when it hears foul language.

It works well.

I think you should tell me.


Mr Shi Chung told me to come!

I'm just his subordinate, please forgive me.

That playboy Shi Chung?

We didn't make him angry, I think.

It's none of your business.
We've had fun with you.

So, go

Thanks, thanks.

I admire you!

Really, from the bottom of my heart.

We meet you when we're tricking you.

It's the way we make friends.

Come again when you're free.

Thank you.

Haven't had enough fun?

Joe Yeung, congratulations.

You're the 100th lucky person who got tricked.

We'll give you a precious gift.

A bucket of distilled water.


Shi Chung? I'm Tricky King, Ko Hing.

How do you know my number?

You sent a guy to test me. Do you need my help?

You deserve your fame.

I just want you to trick an asshole.

500 thousand dollars.

500 thousand?

It'll be $600 thousand if you disagree.

OK, do you think I'm begging you?

If you can trick me Shi Chung on the phone,

I'll give you $600 thousand.

Help yourself.

Mind your trousers.

Mr Shi, thank you.

You've got out-dated underwear.

You should wear the one with bird diagrams on it.

You're great!

I admire you.

Shi Chung family is so inhumane.

Trick the leader of those assholes.

Trick him! Trick him to death.

You can get what you want.


I won't do such inhumane thing.

The Instruction of Tricking states that

we can't trick good people.

We only trick those bad guys.

What's wrong with you?

Do you know whom you are speaking to?

No one can say "no" to me.

I won't give face to anyone.

I won't say yes if I've said no.
Money can't change my mind.

I've got plenty of money.

I can trick the guy whom I hate.

I'm gonna trick you!


Shi Chung is over there.

Go beat him.

Leave at once.

Boss, we have lost the gear shift.

I will take revenge.

Have he come?

Tell him come here once he's come.

Ko Hing.

Let me see how long you are happy.

Who tricked me?

It's me.

I've come.

Who are you?

I'm your guest.

I'm called "Handsome and Charming Tricky Emperor".

Lau Ka Ling?

No, Lau Ka Lin.

This nude girl photo book...

- I've saved a lot of money for it.
- Mine is better!

Its worth 8 grand.

I bought it in Central, it has sharp color.

Boss, sorry for being late.

- I go to buy clothes.
- Sorry.

Don't say I just know punishing you.

It's not easy money.

It's difficult to earn that much.

You just used it to buy
nude girl photos and clothes.

It's not spent properly.

You have to think about it.

This is Vivian Chow shiny card. She's in swimsuit.

It's the best shiny card.

It's lost for a long time.

Charming smile.

That kid said it worth's 5 grand.

I said no. After 2 hours,

I bought it for $4998.

I saved 2 dollars.

My money is spent properly.


- I go singing.
- OK.

The one that I loved...

We're so compatible.

We loved each other much.

We trusted each other.

We had our best time under moonlight.

Sir, sorry, this machine is out of order.

What's up?

Why did you play trick on me?

I'm just a little late. Don't be like that.

Tricked me?

Not me.

Maybe it's a plot.



I go to make a phone call.

You two be careful.

Forget it, let's eat.


A big lobster.

Look at mine.

Really great! Very cute.

A devil!

Sorry, let me first, thanks.

What's up with you?

Chinese don't beat Chinese.

You lobster wanna set me up?

Alien, help...

What's up.

Look after Lau Huet.

Your wife has come.

Even a lobster scares of his wife.

Deserves to die.

Human Body Sound-controlled Balloon?

Don't touch balloon.

Lie down.

Ko Hing.

It's a great meal, huh?

Lau Ka Lin.

You're my enemy.

But you shouldn't do that to the others.

You should fight with me openly.

I come from the "Plot and Setup Tricky Fraction".

I like plot and setup. Are you scared?

You're a fool.

You'd died if my dad didn't save you.

You have to pay me back.

You have to pay for your father's debt.


"Bear Missiles".

Simple tricks.

You can't scare me.

So careless?

It's just the beginning.

Wait a moment.


Miss, what's up with you?

Doctor, is she alright?

You're her relative?

No, I'm her friend.

I'll pay for her fees.

Is she hurt so seriously?

I can't tell you, call her family to come here.


You're Moon's friend.

But I haven't seen you before.

She's called Moon?

Are you really her friend?

You even don't know her name.

Moon is a regular here.

She's so pitiful.

She had a fever when she's a kid.
Her eyes got damaged.

But it's not the end.

She had bone cancer when she's 12.

She's okay after 3 years of treatment.

But it's still not the end of it.

Today, she's gonna have cornea
replacement surgery.

But she's got hurt in such a way.

That son of the bitch.

He hurt her at this time.

He's so heartless.

Is she seriously?


She's had brain scan.

She's not very serious.

She's shocked.

I want her to take two-day rest.

Take some Anti Biotic Qallisun.

If she can't sleep well,

take Volume Two.

No need to worry.

Thank you.

We can't take it.

Don't worry, you take care of her.

Where is it? Anyone here?

Don't be scared, it's the hospital.


I need a cornea replacement surgery.
Call Dr. Cheung.

It's damaged. I don't know if I can get it.

Who pushed me in fact?

Is that you?


Not me.

That guy ran away once he's pushed you.

I'm just a passer-by. I sent you to the hospital.

Thank you.

I'm so unlucky.

I can't take revenge.

He just ran away. I didn't scold him.

Okay, do you remember what he looks like?

Yes, I'll beat him if I see him again.

I'll tell him to roll downstairs 100 times.

Sir, please call Dr Cheung.



What's your name?

My name is Ko Hing.

It's a good name.

I'm Moon, thank you.

Never mind.


Doctor, I've waited you for a long time.

You can replace my cornea.

It's already used.

No way, can I have one?

Doctor, please, please.

Don't be like this.

Wait for next time.

That bitch! I can't have a surgery now.

Check that blind girl.

Hey! What are you doing here?

This is the file room,
you can't come in without permission.

Doctor, great to see you here.

You maybe Dr. Hau.

I've just been knocked the false eye dropped down

I can't find it, can you help me?

- Really?
- Yes, it's the kind back and white in colour.


Yes, where have you been? You're so naughty.

Thanks, Doctor

Let me put it back first.

Doctor, Thank you

Oh! Its correct and really comfortable.

Thank you very much, Dr. Hau



I haven't sterilized your dummy false eye yet?

You will be infected.

Let me sterilize it.

Stop! Doctor

What's up?

According to your investigation,

it's matches to what the lady said

The girl is pitiful.

You're back.

What's up with your ears?

Whose ears?

Your ears, what's up?

It looks good.

- Very nice!
- You two listen.

We should stay at home recently.

You mean we should aware of the man today.

No need to scare of him!

Be serious.

He is the Tricky Emperor.

Tricky Emperor.

Our forefather is Zhuge Liang
in the 3 Kingdoms Period.

And spliced into 2 factions in Ming dynasty

One is "Plot and Setup Faction"

Another one is "Straightforward Faction"

Although we just wanna make fun.

We don't hurt anybody, it's our ethics

We've done two marvellous jobs.

One is made the Plsa Tower tilted.

And we made joke with Superman, this scumbag

To wear his underwear at the front.

Lau Ka Lin is the master of the
"Plot and Setup Faction"

Their principle is contradictory to ours.

They use wicked means to achieve their arms

They hurt the innocent usually.

It's simple, let's get Lau.

He is very cunning, where can we get him?


So, I'm gonna tell you at this time.

I've got important clues.

I have found a memo in a shell.


It's their sign!

Do you know this paper...

is called horse stool grass paper.

It's made of horse stool grass.

Now, there's only country
still making this paper.

It's Malaysia.

In HK, there's only one shop selling that.

It's in Temple Street.

I've been there.

The boss told me,

no one bought it since 10 years ago.

No other clues then!

I've said it's not that easy to find him.


I won't give up.

I know he will appear at 8 o'clock tonight.

How do you know?

It's because it's mentioned on the memo.

Well done.

Tonight 9:00.


It's 8:00p.m.

9:00p.m., yes...

Sorry, I need recording TV programme at 8:00pm.

But there're other words. I can't read them.


Do you know them?

I'm feeling well.

Those are ancient words.

It says: Plot and Setup, Without Remorse.

He said he will come at 9:00p.m.,

we have to get ready.

Do we need weapons?


We just need to adopt
"Waiting and Cleaning Method".

What does it mean?


We needn't do anything, just wait for him to come.

Be careful!

Tricky King, how do you do?

What's up, Tricky Emperor?

You're so childish, although you stay at home,

my plot can't hurt you,

I can still hurt your best love.

Oh... My suits have got cut.

Look at this.

Chevigon is cut into Chevi, no "ON" at all.

Look at this, all of them have been cut.

Now they seem to be bought from hawkers.

I spent more than 10 grands on it!


Little mosaic were drawn on my nude girls' photos.

Who did it?

I have lost all my spiritual food.

I can't see the important parts now.

You're so cunning.

Thank you.

But I don't like nude girls and expensive suits.

What can you do to me?

Rm.4013, Sin Wo Hospital,
what's up with that blind girl?

I don't know her, you can play what you want.

I'll call my friends

Aids Shing and Rape Ming to have fun with her.

I'm warning you, don't do that.

Tricky King.


Be careful!

What's up?

What's up?

Pretend to be a woman.

I want you to pretend.

Pretend to be a woman? Beat!

You've made a mistake.

She's my cousin.

Bat Chi, don't hit, our friend!

Why don't you tell me?

Are you Okay?

I think you are quite good, have a nice rest.

Honey, why do you become this?


What's up, honey?

Let me introduce.

Both of them are my assistants,
Lau Huet and Bat Chi.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Lin.

Yes, yes.

Mr Ko has explained to me.

In fact, you're kind to me.

I don't mind.

The doctor said you can discharge.

I help you pack.


Let me help.

Thank you Mr Ko.

You're a good man. Nice to meet you.

Thank you.

Oh dear!

Our home is on fire!

A fire broke out at 78, Taipo,
Clear Water Bay Road.

It became serious when the firemen came.

What does it look like?

Has it finished?

Gas explosion was heard at the scene.

The fire department thinks it worth's suspecting.

The police are still investigating it.

I forgot to turn off the gas today.

What do you think?

We have lost all our things.

We've lost our family.


If you don't mind, you can move to my place.

I have vacant room.



I've given you much trouble.

I've lost all my things.

I have no money, I'm blind.

I don't want to be troublesome anymore.

You can't say that.

One of my assistants has temporarily blindness.

I want to find a guy

to look after him.

Your assistant is blind?

Yes, he's blind.


He's blind?

Why can he watch TV?

I've just blind for a short time.
I can't get used to it.

I forgot that I'm blind, where are you now?

Be careful.


But I'm busy in taking care of my cousin.

I think I have no time to take care of you.

It's good to my assistant Lau Huet.
He's got used to it.

He's a household assistant who helps busy people.

So, you look after her.

He can look after you.

Look after with each other.


Please help me.


They want my help.

Okay, I'll help him.



Here, be careful...

You have a big company!



Have a seat.


Are you alright?

Why is it like that?

It's out of order.

A knife.

Be careful.

Be careful? Why?

What's up?

What's up?

He told you to mind that sharp knife.

Yes, yes.

You'd better take away that knife and chair.


Can you hear me?


Sorry for troubling you again.

You can live in this room.

Thank you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

I think it's really problematic.

Now the main gate was shut down.

We'll be in danger.

They are girls.

It's not good if they touch them accidentally.

If both girls plot with Lau Ka Lin,

We'll die.

It's possible.

It's simple, from today,

you and I take shift, stay here.


Be careful.

What's the next step?

I'm gonna guard the ceiling.

I guard the ground.


Don't scare... I'm here.


Are you okay?

Yes, I am.

I've just sneezed.

You get up so early.

Yes, it's my habit.

Okay, why are you here?

Nothing, I just want to give you this!

No other things?

Nothing, give me?

Yes, I just wanna give you a surprise,

but you get up so early.

Is it good?

Look, thank you.

I think I should give you fresh flowers.

But I'm very poor now.

Take it.

Do you like fresh flowers?

Yes, I used to buy fresh flowers with my cousin.

Cheap and pretty.

We go at this time.

But my cousin is a lazy bone.

I just wanna someone go buying flowers with me.

Yes, your cousin is a lazy bone.

Otherwise, you have a girl go with you.

Forget it, you take a nap.


Pretty flowers.

Pretty? Smell good?

You're a good guy. You come with me.

I can't sleep instead.

Smell good?

It is the nicest place in my mind.

You're a good guy.

I take you to a bath.

Bath? I don't think so.

No, do you smell good after brushing with soap?

You can do this here.


Carnation, Red Palm.

Can you see it?

I use my nose. It's better than your eyes.

Ko Hing...

Smell good?

Does it smell good?

Is it better than taking a bath?

Smell me, do I smell good?

Do I smell good?

Smell good?


It smells as good as after a bath.

What's up? I haven't smell you yet.

Why do you stink?

Stink bean curd.

No one sells stink bean curd so early.

What's up? Is it illegal to do so?

Do you wanna buy? Or else get lost.

Don't block my way.

Let's eat bean curds as breakfast.

My bean curds do not stink.

You look ugly,

so I give you the one that doesn't stink.

Say it again!

Forget it, eat mine, it stinks.

Go, go, go...

You should give him a lesson.

Forget it, there must be a reason
that he sells so early.

Maybe he needs to do it for his family.

Are you happy every day?

Bro, I nearly die, you know.

I'm blind, I won't mind
with the things that I can't see.

Try to considerate.

Then you'll be happier.

I know sometimes we can't control ourselves.

I cried for my lost cornea yesterday.

But it's okay, I can wait.

I know I'll get it one day.

What's up? Ko Hing?

What's up?

We're tricked, we've lost four wheels.

That's great, we can go back on foot.

On foot?

Youngsters should do more exercises.

Let's go.

What is your occupation?

I... trick the others.

You're a toy-maker.

I make toys which trick the others.

So strange.


We can get it in time. We have to start.

Pour wine.


None of my business, he ordered me to do so.

You betray me.

- I didn't.
- You betray me!

When did I betray you?

You ordered me to do so?


Eat potato chips.

Where are my potato chips?

Where are my potato chips?

Where are my potato chips?

Have you forgotten
what I told you to do yesterday?

I told you to buy potato chips.

- No.
- I have to eat potato chips when I peep.

If there're no potato chips, I can see nothing.

Eat fish chips.

No, I want potato chips.

- No.
- My potato chips?

I think you should use papaya now.

No, I want potato chips.

Can't you live without potato chips?

I can see nothing.

You see!

Can't you see?

There's a curtain. I can see nothing.

I don't believe you will stay there forever!

What're you looking at?

Nothing special.

We're watching 3-D graphics.

But I don't know why I can't see anything.

You're blind. So you see nothing.

I'm specialist. Let me teach you.

- You can?
- Sure.

We don't know what we're looking at.

You look further.

Then narrow your sight.

- Then.
- Then.

Put your head here.

It seems to be a bathroom. Can you see?

Yes, I think so, it's 3-D graphic.

Yes, I can see it too.

This is a bathroom, yes.

- Can you see it?
- Yes.

Can this 3-D graphic stimulate your nerve?

Yes, probably.

- It may cure your eyes.
- Right...

Have a try. Try your best.

- Can you see it?
- Maybe I can.


But it's very hard to see.

Don't see if it's too hard. Don't block the others.

I think it's a bathroom or not.

Give way, let me have a look.


be quick...

I can see it.

That should be a bathroom.

Is it the bathtub?

- Yes, you can see it.
- I can.

The bathtub is over there.

This is the toilet.


Shampoo is over there.


I've tricked Ko Hing.

I've torn out his wheels.

Now his car has no wheels.

He lost money after his car has just been insured.

He'll be scared.

What's up with you?

I pay you so much

but you just give me some wheels!

You've to trick him with shit or urine.

Or push him into shit pit when he's shitting.

I think you can do so on your own.

I hate people look upon me.

If you wanna play with shit,
go to find "Wong Jing".

I want the people tricked
by me remember me forever.

I will tear out the hair

of an almost bald man.

I will tear them out one by one,

without prior notice.

I want Ko Hing to be afraid all the time.

He can't live or die neither.

- What's up?
- Are you scared?

What's up?

I wanna knit clothes for you,
so I want to measure your shoulders.

Knit clothes for me?


You went buying flowers with me yesterday.

I have nothing to do indeed.

It's a good gift. Thank you.

I don't like owing the others anything.

One time, a bad guy knew my temper,

and he went with me.

But he just wanted my clothes.

A clothes worth much money.

It worthy a grand.

He's so bad.

But I'm not that weak, I scolded him for a year.

You've got good memory. You scolded for a year.

But you needn't worry.

You haven't deceived me. I won't scold you.

If you think you owe me something,

play with me when you're free.

I have no time.

Forget it.

I can't threaten you with a gun.


I'm going to have a haircut.

It's important. That's okay.

What's up with you?

I just wanna measure your legs.

I wanna knit pants for you.

You needn't feel embarrassed.

I can't go to have fun instead.

I'm not going to have haircut.

Where do you wanna go?

You don't want a haircut?

You're really my best friend.

I'll knit you underpants.

It's meaningful to wear when it's cold.

Let me see whether you wear the triangular or not.

I don't wear underpants.

I'm blind, it's lucky.

It's not good to see such thing in the morning.

Do you go?

I'm waiting for you.

Where do you want to go?

Let me think.

You have thought for half day already.


Too boring.

I see,

I wanna play what I haven't play before.

It's exciting.

I haven't thought that driving is so exciting.
But it's windy.

How about my hair?

Not messy, looks great.

You may be tired.

No, I'm very happy, not tired.

I heard some sound.

Where does it come from?

That's the great place
for lovers in Tsim Sha Tsui.

You always take your girl here.

I have no girlfriend.

You have no girlfriend? Really?

You must be a bad-looking guy.

Yes, I am, I am very ugly.

But you have a nice name.

Is my name nice?

Yes, don't you think so?

Sir, what's your name?

I'm called Ko Hing, K-O Ko, H-N-G Hing.

I like simple name. It makes me happy.

But my name is bad.

I'm called Mui. It means bad luck.

You can change it.

It's fate. Don't think it's bad.

We're blind.

Getting unlucky, so I'm called Mui.

But you're very happy today.

Change your name to "Happy".

Happy? That's great.

Forget it.

I'm happy when I'm with you.

I'll have fun with you in the future.

I call you "Happy" when I'm with you.

Take it seriously.

What do you mean? Want me to be your girl?

I'm not an easy girl.

How can you be my girl?

Unless you give me your eyeball.

What a big eyeball! Give me.

I can exchange it with my virginity.

Virginity is valueless now.

Nonsense, second-handed one is valueless.

I'm brand new, I'm expensive.

Can I have a check?

Get lost, you sex mania.

Can you lower the price?

No, I won't.

Don't run that fast, be careful.

"Remote-controlled banner skin", be careful.

What's up?

Don't move.

What's up?

What's up? What's up?

What's up? Ko Hing.

Ko Hing, where're you?

Don't go.


You're not trustworthy.

What did I step on?

Why is it here?

You've stepped on a banana skin.

Someone is so indecent.

Water! Water! It's funny...

It's round.

It's not flat.

Two points on them.

Miss, you seem open minded.

don't think it's indecent.



You've made much progress.

You can see round things.


What's up?

I wanna tell you, you treat me well.

I don't know what I can do to pay you back.

Be honest, it's not only my contribution.

Lau Huet treats you well too.

Don't talk about Lau Huet.

- Why?
- He's an asshole!

You come closer when he's not here.

I wanna tell you something.


Lau Huet is a sex mania.

Don't think he's a good guy?

Stupid, do you know?

He's not that type.

Don't trust him.
He's a bad guy in fact, do you know?

Bat Chi.

What are you doing?

You're back.

We're talking about you when you come back.


What's up? Have you bought it?

Yes, look.

That's great.

All of them inside the box.

What have you bought?

We've told someone to buy you some good things.

Yes, have a look.

The is the

"Special Item for the Blind to See Again".

That things are for the blind to see again.

I needn't use it, I've almost recovered.

- I just need Lin.
- Stupid fool, you're stubborn.

It enables you to try harder
when you're nearly cured.

I don't need them, really.

What's up? Have you bought it?

We're as close as brothers.

I have to cure your eyes.

I can't let you feel hurt anymore, do you know?

What do you wanna do?

Why do you tie me up?

You'll feel hurt in the curing procedures.

We tie you up
because we're afraid you can't tolerate it.

Doctors told me I'm a good blind person.

You needn't help.


You've bought it, have a try.

Have a try, she's encouraging you to do so.

Have a try, come on... ready...

Cone on, start!

What's up? Why do you take out a long needle?

Can you see it?


I just feel the coldness which comes out
from the sharp blade.

It's being thrusted into my heart! Don't...

Keep silent...

Why do I hurt you?

It's for helping you.


It's used for the "See Again Candy".

What? "See Again Candy"...

This is sour candy to make the blind see again.

This is made from 490 lemons

and 2596 pickled fruits

and 20 gallons of acid.

The is the essence of the things noted above.

So it's the sourest thing in the world.

Don't touch it.

Don't smell it.

Come on, open your mouth.

No, I won't.

- Open.
- Eat it, it's good for you.

Eat it.

Look at him, he feels very comfortable.

It means it's good to him.

Let's start the second stage.

What's up?

What's up?

The is the "Ultimate Flash".

It can produce strong light of high degree.

It makes damaged iris work again.

Lin, stay back, don't see.

Stay behind me, don't see.

This is because this flash does harm
to normal iris.

Please let me go.

No more this.

What's up?

Do it to him, not her!

He's closed his eyes.

Open your eyes.

You'll know it's powerful.

Wait a moment.

It's useless to treat this guy

with a baseball bat.

Use a toothpick.

What do you see?

I see a wild beast with human face.

It's showing its teeth and palms.

Great! Very good.

It's good to have fantasies.

Do you think the flash is not strong enough?

Yes, you're right.

I've been ready for it.

Any bigger?

Lin, it's dangerous here, stay away.

Lin, not that way, it's this way, come here.

He's screaming! So pitiful!

Bat Chi!

Lin, don't go there.

You have to pay for recovery.

Don't be kind in this important situation.

We just need to bless him.

Wish him recover as soon as possible.

Yes, I think so too.

You didn't sleep?

I've slept.

But you woke me up.

You open your eyes when you're sleeping?

It's impossible.

We played together since we're kids.

I admire you.

You're smart and handsome.

A lot of babes like you.

Don't say that.

You're quite good.

A lot of men like you.

Be honest,

it's precious to meet a lovely girl

whom I love most.

Will you come to my wedding banquet?

Asshole, stop it.

I won't give you face
when we're talking about Lin.

Don't scramble her with me.

Lin said she loved me.

Lin said she loved me.

Leave you alone.

Get down, I won't sleep with you, get lost.

Get lost!


I though you're my bro.

Think about it.

I'll leave you alone.


Why did you slam the door?

Are you angry?

Stop the car.

Didn't you fall asleep?


I'm thinking what I haven't played before.

I know, I haven't watched the sunrise.

It's difficult, Happy.

It's 5 o'clock.

The sun is gonna rise.


We're here.

So quick?

Yes, it's great to watch a sunrise here.


Has it come out?

Can we see it?

Does it look good?

Where? Where?

Be careful!

What's up?

A cliff over there.

Don't move.

You'll fall down.

I'm afraid of heights.

Where're you?


I'm here.

I'm afraid of heights.

It's high. It's lucky that you can't see it.


You needn't be afraid. I'm here.

as the sun risen?


What's up?

It's come out.

Is it look good?

Yes, good-looking.

Can you describe it?


A red circle is going up slowly.

The blue sky is dyed to be yellow.

Waves become silver.

Sun, you're pretty.

Your description is fantastic.

Just like I was watching it.

But I don't know why the sunrise stinks?

It's not the sunrise business.

I've farted, sorry.

Forget it.

It's a good opportunity
to watch a sunrise which stinks.

End. Let's go back.

Get on the car.

Ko Hing, thank you.

What are you calling? It's dark.

Thank you, why no echo?

- Try again.
- Get on the car.

- Ko Hing...
- Don't cry, go.

We need sleep, disgusting.

Why are there so many people living in the Peak?

They stay here overnight for the sunrise.

No echo here.

It's not the Peak.

Why deceived me?

I hate it!

Leave me alone.

Why did you deceived me?



Forget it, you just want to make me happy.

Deserve forgiveness.

No more.

Go back, I'm tired.

I haven't been so happy for a long time.

I'm happy too.

I haven't been so happy for a long time.

I have waited you for half a day.

I'm gonna get you.

It's dark

No more screaming!

Go to the Peak!

Have breakfast.


What do you wanna to?

Let go of me.

I saw this fried oily stick first.

Nonsense, I saw it first.

There are much food on the table,
choose the others.

I only want this oily stick.

Stop it.

You know I like fried oily stick.

I saw it first, I'm telling you.

I saw it first.

Why do both of you want fried oily stick?

It's simple.

Get a half.


It's separated.

He's touched it. I don't want it.

What do you mean?

Are you showing your personify?


I don't want it.

Sit down.

Do you still remember my instructions?

We belong to the "Straight Forward Fraction".

We can't me moved by anything.

Look at yourselves.

You argued over a fried oily stick.

I really want to eat that fried oily stick.

Look at the table.

Fried noodles

and other oily stuff.

Egg and ham.

You can eat other things?


No matter what's happened,

you can't be moved by anything.

Otherwise, you're digging your own tomb.
Do you know?

Yes, I do.

Eat it.



I'm here, Happy, what's up?

I've finished the garment. Have a try.

Let me try.

It's great.

How about the color?

It's great, it suits me.

I thought it's a little small.

It suits me, it's not small, but a little long.

The sleeves?

Great, suit me.

I wanna here the others' opinions.

Lau Huet, Bat Chi.

They've come.

You know we're here.

You can here.

Is the garment pretty?

Which one?

This one.

My god.

You made this? Don't tell me you made this.

It's me!

- You made this?
- Yes.

Impossible, it's a good job.

It suits you, make you prettier.

I've seen this in Central...

Just like this one.

Lane Crawford?

It's the tailor shop for HK Governor.

That shop.

It's impossible. It's not made by you.

Yes, no brand, no brand.

It's a good job.


Stop it.

Candy, I want you to go to the hospital with me.

Okay, Happy.

Who is "Happy"?

She is, it's a name I call.

You are Candy. Aren't you?

Yes, a name I call.

Candy will marry Happy.

their sons will be called
"Congratulations" and "Wealthy".

Having good qualities.


I think Boss have been moved.

He'll be burned by the fire of love
when he wears that garment.

Basically, it's contradictory to our principle.

Don't you think so?

He'll fall if it continues.

Then he can't succeed anymore.

Don't say that.

We have to think up a way to help him.

Otherwise, it's troublesome.

- Yes.
- You're so close.

What's up with you?

What's up with you?


Don't think so.

What's up, she must be okay.

He's very happy these days.

It's discovered

bone cancer again

in ischium.


What does this mean?

You promised me she's okay.

You lied to me?

Why you lie?

Don't cry, go for a walk.

I'm alright.

I'm alright.

What food does she like?

Then, let her some more.

What game does she like?

Play with her,

Candy, I'm back.

What about the medical report?

Oh! It's good, you are pretty fine.

- Great, let go.
- OK

Have fun.

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

I don't want to see you hurt each other.

Lin, don't be like this.

Choose one from us.

How should I choose?

I'm feeling comfortable with Bat Chi.


But when I'm with Lau Huet,

we chat happily.

- It's difficult for me to choose.
- Lin, don't cry.

I wanna give my body to you.

I give you my soul, okay?

No, it's meaningless to have your soul

without your body. It's unfair.

I have an idea.

On Mon., Wed. and Fri.,
I take her body, you take her soul.

On Tue, Thur and Sat,
you take her soul, I take her body.

How about Sunday?

Don't scramble it me in Sunday.

Stop it!

Let me have a rest on Sunday.

Okay, you're tired.

Okay, let's do it if there's no objection.


It's late.

I wanna take a bath.

- Go to sleep.
- Have a rest.

Stop fighting, Okay?

Wait, what day is today?


Tuesday, I take her body, you take her soul!


You go out, thanks!

We see such programmer together all the time.

It's a show.

Will you go out?

Don't be like this, okay?

I'm asking you to go out.

What does it mean?

One word, out or not?

Do you want to fight?

I'm not your friend anymore.

I know it's great to listen to horror film today.

A lot of people laughed at you.

I feel happy when I'm with you,

no matter what I'm doing.

Of course, giving fun is my professional.

What are we gonna do?

What could we play?

Okay... "A Blind Guy Touching A Thief".

I'm the blind! Come!

Hide yourself up.

I'll count to 3.

1, 2, 3.

It's troublesome to be blind.

Don't tease the blind.


Let's go back, it's late.


Forget it, you don't mean it.

You're a fool.

Let me take you to a place. Follow me.

Where are you going?

I take you to see sunrise.

I've promised you this before.

Quick, we can go there in time.

No, it's slippery.

I can't go!

Come on, hold me

Are you okay?

I'm fine.



I can see nothing.

You needn't do so to me.

I'm alright.

I'm alright.

It's good to watch sunrise here.

You'll have different feelings.

Come... and feel.

Can you feel it?

Has the sun risen?

Not yet.

There're cloud now.

I think that...

sun will look much prettier
when there're cloud.


Of course.

It's coming.

We can't see sunrise in this weather.

Go and have a cup of coffee.

You can see sunrise in these days

but we are unlucky today.

That's okay, come here again next time.

We still have time.

Let's come again tomorrow.


Go to have breakfast.

Are you okay?

I'm hurt.

I've hurt you when I brought you here.

Let me help you. It's okay.

It's really okay, really.

Although I'm a little bit stupid,

I'm not a fool.

I'm pretty sure about myself.

I'm happy with you.

Really, very happy.

I have no regrets.

You're a good man.

I haven't met a man as good as you before.

You're not my relative, you know.

You don't owe me anything.

But I know it's fate.

It's God's decision.

I feel satisfied.

So it doesn't matter if I can't see again.

But I want you by my side.

I think it's really okay.

Are you okay?

I am sure that

you can see sunrise.

It's pretty... it's rising, it come out ...

it's rising...

What's up?

Nothing, very windy.

Let me protect you!

It's great if we can have hot soybeans milk.

It's terrific to eat fried oily food now!

Let's eat!


Ko Hing, I'm talking to you far far away.

You can't find me out.

Come out.


You've discovered me!


It's a bad guy!

A bad guy?

You deceived a person physically handicapped.

You're bad.

Shut up!

Are you scared?

Miss, he pushed you downstairs,

he ruined your surgery!

Don't trust him!

Is it true?


- Stay away.
- Moon.

- I...
- Get lost.


Mr Ko, have you make up your mind?

Moon can live one month more at most.

No need to say anymore.

Let me sign the agreement.

Nurse, prepare the cornea
replacement operation for him.

Mr Ko, we're going to inject you.

Then we will send you to the operation room.

Are you ready?

Relax, don't worry, right.

The Tricky King is only a simple person.

He's tricked by me.

Moon is my daughter.

She's not blind.

You're blind now!



Using emotions is the highest stage of tricking,

Emotions can do harm to you for your whole life.

The document you've signed,

not only make you lose your eyes,

but all of your property.

You lost your money, fame and your eyes.

I've wait for this for 20 years.

Hello, 999,

send me an ambulance.

I was hurt.

These 1 million dollars are yours.

Thank you.

I'm satisfied, thanks!

I'll give you a thing.

This key ring

is a part of the sign of the
Tricky Company Limited.

There's some blood on it.

Ko Hing's blood?

Why didn't you get more?

Stop it.

We're bald.

I'll do a thing for you, free of charge.

I treated your brother

"Flirting Cocktail".

These are photos showing him and some sailors.

I've enlarged one and give to your dad.

After this, your brother can't block your way.

You'll be in charge of your company.

You're so clever.

You deserved your fame.

We will have more opportunities to cooperate.

Boss, you've stood there for a long time.

Don't be like this.

You can't be like this, come here!

Boss, I don't understand.

Why didn't they cut your cornea...

but your cock skin?

Yes, it's unreasonable.

It's just minor stuff.

Go find a new boss.

Boss, don't say this.

We belong to the Ko family.

We won't do such disloyal thing!

Don't be like this. Be strong!

Uncle, please open the umbrella.

Great, he's tricked, go, great...

Don't run, freeze...

Don't run, freeze...

Don't run, little assholes.

Don't say that, those little bastards are smart.

It's good to be with them.

Why don't you get their numbers?

I've told them not to run!

Big Brother?

You go.

Look at me, I'm handicapped.

Great, phone me when you're free.

take care of yourself.

Big Brother.

Ko Hing, my sister come to see you.

Wanna see how unlucky I am?

Don't say that.

If my sister didn't help you,

your cornea has been damaged.

Should I thank you and Lin?

- Yes.
- Right?

My dad told me to do so.

We come to say sorry.

Say sorry? Is it useful?

What do you want me to do?

Don't be so angry.
Lin has thrown the umbrella away.

Yes, don't cry...

Come on... have a sit.

Will you forgive me?

You didn't do wrong.

It's my fault.

I tricked the others, so I will be tricked back.

I'll go to trick Shi Chung with you together.

Ko Hing, please forgive my sister!

Yes, we forgave her already.


Okay, let's go.


I've promised...

to buy you soybean milk.

I also remember to buy you fried oily food.

Forget your face, please!

You two are good companions.

Please stop fighting.

Yes, don't do that again.

Mr Shi, congratulations.

Congratulations for Mr. Shi's promotion.

Mr Shi, it's good today.

These are all assholes.

It should be, boss.

We prepared this cake for you!

Boss, cut the cake!

You guys tricked me together.

Who tricked me?

Who? Who?

Boss, there's a guy!

Why are you standing there?

Find out the guy wearing a mask.

Beat him up!


Are you a staff of my company?

Yes. Today is Mr Shi's promotion day, right?

All the colleagues wanna celebrate this.


I think...

You should go out and have fun.

Go out and play with those youngsters.

Let's have fun, okay?

I'm old, no more playing.

- Don't think so, you know.

Have you heard that if you think you're energetic,

everyone will think you're energetic.

Have you heard about this?

No, I'm telling you,

put on this mask,

then you'll look like us, being energetic again.


It's the world of youngsters.

Come on...

It's okay to wear it and play with the youngsters.

The one wearing a mask is here! Beat him...

You wanna be a pig?

I'm gonna kill pig today!

Dad, keep calm!

Keep Calm! Keep Calm...

You asshole!

I'll kill you!

Help, let me go.

No, forgive me.

Thanks, let me go.


Forgive me.

Please let me go.

Please forgive me.


From the Ming Dynasty,

both factions

are rivals. A fight is a must.

We lost and won.

But no matter who lose or won,

no one has happy ending.

Is it the results of what we did?

If your dad didn't take Siu-guen, your mom, away,

I'll let you go this time.

What? Why are you so stubborn?

Yes, I'm stubborn. What can you do to me?

No matter how,
I "Tricky Emperor" and you "Tricky King",

will have a fierce fight today.

Okay, please start.

It's a "Chasing Missile".
You face has been stored.

You can't get rid of it.

It won't let you go.

Stupid fool, what are you looking at?

It's over there.

Tricky things are just for fun.

But you adopt such fierce weaponry.

You deserve this, bald head.

Be careful.

My turn now.

"Nuclear Electricity-storing Pill".

Where's it?

Have you seen it?

It's tiny.

Help me please.

The experienced will win at last.

You're a kid, you can't defeat me.

Bald head, you're hurt this time.

You framed me.

This is very childish.

I won't give you any chance.

"Private Typhoon Number-Ten".

Ko Hing, you lose.

It's fate.

We'll die together.

I don't wanna die, do something!

I have to use it.


Help, help!

Anyone here?

Nearly died together.

Having fight without prior notice.

It's men's business, leave us alone.

Go back to sleep.

What are you doing?

One is my boyfriend, one is my dad.

What should I do if there's something happened?

Both of you trick me together?

- No.
- No.

- No.
- It's not true.


Do you like tricking people?

Come on, trick me.

Come on, trick me, come on!

You won't admit you fault.

I don't want to live anymore.

You needn't do so.

Yes, it's only a game.

You want to play this?

- It's hard to stop.
- Yes.

Get lost, I wanna die.

Okay, I give to my daughter face.

Okay, I give face to Moon.

Okay, then you shake hands.

Shake hands if it's okay.

Come on, shake hands, hurry up.

It's okay, it's okay.

Okay, for the sake of my daughter, forget it.

- Promise.
- Okay.

You're cunning, still trick me?

Ko Hing, it's strategy.

You lose.

Moon, let's go.

I won't follow you.

You break your promise.

Lau Ka Lin, you lose, look at your back.

You said the highest stage
of tricking is emotions.

You can kill a guy by love.

Now, even your daughter helps me.

Moon, you betray your dad.

You lose.

Don't say this much.

Kill him!

Do you wanna escape?

Glue was brushed on the chair.

You can't escape.

What do you want?

Don't be nonsense.

The killing technique

"Father-in-law, have tea".

Dad, it's good to forget the past.

Do you think it's good now?

I love Moon much.

Please say yes.

Okay, we belong to the same family
after you've drunk the tea.

Please forget all the things

which I did be to you.

Let Moon marry me.

He'll be good to you.

Drink it.

Life is like a dream, a game.

A daughter won't stay
by her father's side forever.

Do what you want.

You've promise us.

Thank you, dad.

Thank you.

Do you think the "Contraction Water" okay?

Do you think it's too much of you?

Stupid, don't think I'm like this.

If I can't take this, I'm not Tricky Emperor.


I admire you.

I admire you very much.

You marry your beloved daughter to me.

Don't worry.

I'll be good to her.

Don't lie to me.

Don't be silly.

I will wear the underpants you knitted

no matter how uncomfortable that it makes me,

I will not take it off.

I trust you.

Look, dad is very happy.

He should be.

- Bye.
- Enjoy your Honeymoon.

Remember to buy me French clothes.

Big Brother, wait, go back.

Stop it.

It's our gift.

Why are you so late? Where have you been?

We made a human-shaped cake for you as gift.

It's time-consuming to make it good.

We made you a tortoise-shaped chocolate cake.

- Have a try.
- Well done.

There are nuts inside.

Is it taste?

You don't let me see that human-shaped cake.

Do you think it looks like a human?

It's a good job, just like a human.

It's great.

Big Bro, take care.

I hope you like that cake.

Be careful. There must be a problem.

It's sharp egg shell.

You're fantastic.

It's hard to trick me - Tricky King.

No one can trick me

since your dad has retired.

I don't think so.

I'm here.

There will be another Tricky King.

It's you.


The one inside me.


I have to kiss you.

Damn it.

I'm on fire.

I'm alright.

I'm alright.

What's up?

It's come out.

Is it look good?

Yes, good-looking.

Can you describe it?


A red circle is going...

What's up?

It's come out.

Is it look good?

Yes, good-looking.

Can you describe it?


A circle is...

If there're no potato chips, I can see nothing.

Behave yourself.

- Eat this papaya instead.
- My potato chips?

I think you should eat papaya now.

Can't you live without potato chips?

I can see nothing.

You see!

- It's your fault.
- No, it's your fault.

- Damn you!
- You bastard.

Why they're still rolling?