Tricky Brains (1991) - full transcript

A trickster-for-hire, known as the Tricky Expert, is hired to ruin the lives of a father and son by making them think that he's a part of the family.


Pal, where is your boss?


The tricky Jing Koo.

Be smart next time.


What is going on?

Pull me up, please.

So troublesome, coming.


Hold it.

Fool me?

You are going to break my arm.



Go to hell!

To hell!



Who are you?

Don't get closs, I fight back.


I am the handsome tricky Jing Koo.

So it's you.

What a trap.

Of course, that's what I am good at.

I have to charge you from now.

$8.00 to start with.

That's nothing.

I can keep on till tomorrow.

I mean $80,000.

$80,000, what a rip off.

Yes, it is.

Don't waste the time.



You want a divorce but keep your property.

Not problem to make her mad.


Of course.


I'll charge you $300,000 for sure win.

$300,0007? I thought $30,000 to $50,000.

Calm down, have a drink.


You have mine & I have yours.

Feeling sick?

Yes, how do you know?

It has good dose.

You have it too.

Not now.

The toilet is over there.



Not yet, lock the door.

No, don't come in.

What about the charge of $500,0007?

We agreed $300,000.

Wrong, now $600,000.


Rip off?

I wanna show you my talent.

$700,000 not a problem.

What $700,0007

Let me out or I chop you up.

I'll chop you up.

$700,000 is not a great deal.

$70m. is not a problem neither
if you have to pay.

$70m? No argument, I'll pay, let me out.

Let me out, quick.

Thanks for your co-operation.

I only have to pull this switch.

All get up will back off.

Hay, what to do now?

I have to turn off the main switch.

Where is it?

In Yuen Long.

My God, let me out.



What ashame.


Kung Hay Fai Choi...


Mrs. Chu, if all goes right,

your husband will be sent to the
Mental Hospital in 15 mins.

It worths $800,000.

You deserve it.

Lucky that I was quick.

If not I could be the one to turn mad.

Not may be, but surely would be you.

You are an expert.


I am handsome Tricky Expert.

Can I have a kiss

for memory?

More than happy.

"Tricky Expert"


Don't mention it.


On the house.

Give me the file later.


What about the goods?

Get in!

Hay, what's going on?

A woman has lost a diamond ring.

The police has to search the department.

Get a drawer and queue.

Oh! Hold it!


Hay, you, come over.


Yes, come over.

Madam, what's matter?

Quiet, search.

Search girls here.

We have finished with the girls.

Hurry up, you asshole!


Are you man? Come on.

This way.

Don't move.

Watch out.

Here we are.

You are so strong.

- Thanks.
- Take off your shirt.


You have searched me, why?

You are so afraid of woman.



No, you ask funny questions.

You can take advantage.

Stand clear, or I shout.

Don't get close, or I yell.

Congratulations, Kit, you are promoted.


You all know about it.

Of course.

That's why we fooled you with the girl.

Why didn't you tell me?

Banana's idea.

I dared not to say or she'll not date with me.


She's not going out with you anyway.

Come, open the champagne.

It is great that he got promotion

So let's celebration

Who's that girl who searched me?

Whore, cost $3,000-

Banana is really tricky.

Banana is famous of this.

She's very pride.

She won't fool people once only.

Always more than once.

She such a devil.

You better watch out.

Her tricks keep coming.

But I'll be careful.

Are you Mr. Chi Man Kit?

Yes I am.

I am new from the Personnel Dept,
I want your info.

Right, I have to go into the room.

That's good. It's too noisy here.


Lock the door?

Good idea, too noisy outside.

Do I have to get naked?

What? Help yourself!

Stand by the wall.

No need.

Body search?


Why are you doing this here?

What for?

You are suitable for a lot of jobs.

Like China Town, Club Volvo, Metropolitan.

Why be a whore here?

Such a low class whore.

Why be a whore here and hit people?

Hit people? Tell me why you hit people?

What's wrong, Lucy?

You ask him.

- Insane.
- What's wrong?

You employ such kind of employee.

I employ her? Which one?


She's my old friend, just back from the States.

Our new colleague.

New colleague?

Who do you think she is?

My God!


I didn't mean it.

Are you alright?



I was trapped.
I didn't meant to present so rude.

I am not the type you think off.


I didn't have such an idea.

You have agreed?

Not yet.

Chi Man Kit, Lucy Ching, shake hands.




You wanna buy them all?

Not, quite, but you have known me for so long.

You have hidden something from me.

What are you talking about?

.U, , right?


I O you.


It really is I love you.

Women, trouble.

Lucy, your hair.

Glue it up.

Let go over there.

Are you in a hurry?

Yes, I have to call Julian at 6.

Which Julian?

My fien'ce in the States,
Lucy knows about him too.

You see each other only twice a year.

I take the maxicab there.

Fine! Bye!

- Bye!
- Bye!

Hay, get down.

We nearly broke it.

Let's go, quick.

How much longer you want to hide it from Kit?

I don't know. I can't project his reaction.

Who thinks of such an idea.

The boss' daughter works as a clerk
to know about the firm.

It's very old fashioned idea.

You decide on the contract.







Macky was talking about the Japan contract.

Take you time, I have to get change.

Lucy, you've changed after going to the States.

We are busy.

Lucy, I wanna talk to you.

What, Daddy?

Heard that you & Kit are going out.

Well, you are undercover to work in the firm

to have a clear picture, I don't mind.

But be careful with your love life.


You overheard us.

Sorry, I was going to say, but no chance.

Talk now.

Kit is not a good fellow.

Mind your word.

I know it's been a long time.

But a like fair chance.

I worry about you.

What do you know?

Kit has a bad background.

He joined triad since young.

And then back to school.

So he has turned good.

People can never change their character.

He is interested in your money.

He doesn't know my identity.

I will pretend not knowing too.

Mind you.

You are blinded by your love.

You'll soon see the real him.

" Am sick for love."”


Something wrong?

Remember before your wife died,

one day I told you I was pregnant.

Yeah, and I borrowed some money for you.

Told you to have the abortion.

I feel sorry now.

I had lied to you.

What? That's not my baby?

Of course it's your baby.

I didn't have the abortion.

I gave birth in China and
my sister takes care of him.

So I have a second son.

He has got a single entry visa.


He is really like you.

I take you to him.


He stays here?

How does he behaves like me?

He behaves exactly like when you are nervous.

Happy, when you want sex.




And he can take even hotter taste.

Hot like fire.

He's great.

That could be coincidence.

But something must be of genetic.


Remember Kit could not talk before 3.

Right, I worried

I thought he was dumb.

And the first thing he said was "Dad".


You still like this for years?

Yes, I always for this.

The first time he called you "Dad".


You were very mad.

Since then when he calls you Daddy.

You'll lose control of your body.

Right, so he calls me father.

He is the same.

So magical?

What is his name?

Chi Man Ching!

Chi Man...

He is back.

Hide yourself.

He likes rotten beancurd.

He can really talk hot stuff.

He wants to sexually assault beancurd?


No one.


You dare not to see your son?

Son, your Dad.

He's your...

- Father!
- Father!



- Father...
- Father...

Good father & son reunion.

My good son.


Say Dad.




My son...

Father will give you...

A gold chain?

No, a special string.

Put it on your head.

Smells nice, what's it made off?

My won hair.



I have nothing for you.

A rotten beancurd, that's all.

A gift for you.

You take it.

Dad, he's sincere.

- Good.
- Come on, let's eat.

Mom! Mom!

Come collect your money tomorrow.

Dad, are you alright?

Give me some water.







- Hay!
- What?

Come here...

- What?
- Come.

What is the matter?

Don't jump yet.

Is he my younger brother?

Of course he is.

But it's the first time you see him,

I feel strange.

What so strange, Dad is not rich.

If so he may be interested in our money.

No proof! If...


The old way to test blood.

Blood testing?

Not, it will hurt him.

You don't have to tell him.

We cut his finger accidentally.

And mix your blood with his

If they mix, then it proves.

What is the identity.

Dad, give a hand.

My son!


Your eyebrow has gold colour.

- Really?
- Yes, it mean longevity.

How does it mean?

It means you have to get rid of the colour.


I'll help you, don't move.



- What's matter?
- Nothing.

What's going on?

Dad, why put a stick there?

For decoration.

- Yeah?
- Yes.

Looks good.

Looks very good.

I do the same.

Dad, are you alright?

Brother, it's a good decoration.

You too.

- Come.
- You first.

You first.

Come on.


You first.

No, you first.

Make yourself at home.

It hurts.

Your nail is too long.

- Cut it off.
- I'll help you.



- Cut it.
- My God!

My God!


Not mine.

Not mine.

Not mine neither.

Mine, I just come in, why cut my finger?

Any bandage?

Who are you?

My friend.

You afraid of crockroach?


- Do you know what I am scare off?
- What?

Flies, here's one.

- Dad
- Chop up the fly.


The fly is here.

Over there.

Got you.

Let me.


You are bleeding.

- Yeah?
- Iwipe it off

- No wonder it hurts.
-for you.

Clean the towel.

Can't cut this time.

You go pissing.

They mix together.

See, I was right.

What ashame if he knows why we are doing.

I am sorry, what can I do now?

Be good to him.

Chiu, find a job for my brother.

I was prepared for the blood test.

This pack is type O.

Can mix with all types.



- Coming.
- Are you alright?

Fine, better with the bandage.


This is our Personnel Manager, Chiu.

He has a job for you.

Yes, come tomorrow.

Be a Manager?

Go to hell!

Good morning!

It's passed 9 already, where's your brother?

He had to dress well.


You look older.

I know you admire me today.

I can tell by your eyes.

- Morning!
- Why stare at me, pal.

Fatty, where's my seat?

"Don't sit Jing's personal seat,
otherwise, your family will be killed."

Go away!

Auntie, some good news & some bad news.

What do you want to know?

Good news.

A male spider on your desk.

It's not good news.

The male is not viperous.

What's the bad news?

The viperous female is under your arm.

Nothing there.

Let's go to the mid-night show tonight.

Look, the girls behave like this.

They are voluptuous.

The Gamble Knight.

I wanna piss.

Over there, the toilet.

Brother said the longer spelling means for man.

Shorter spelling for woman.


I show you the way.

You measure it yourself.

It's longer this side.

This side then.

Do you know who's inside?


What are you doing?

To the toilet.

This is the female toilet, I call the police.

I am gay.

So what? Still you can't
come in the female toilets.

Get out!

I go to the male & female toilets
ever since I was born.

No one told me not to.

Both toilets are all the same.

No, the male toilets have basins.

Don't lie, no basins in the male toilets.

Damn you gay, don't try to be foolish.

Of course basins in the male toilets.

What if no, you bastard.

Come with me, come in.

What are these?

Right, block by block.

- Why do you come in the male toilets?
- You bastard, fool me.

He said he doesn't know
what are the basins.

I show you the urine basins.

You tell him.

I have to piss.

What are you doing?

Show us how to piss.

I think she wants to have a glimpse.

You bastard.

What's matter?

Are you alright?


Good morning!

You have finished?

Very comfortable. Are you alright?

I had been kicked.

At where?

Why should I tell you?

Right here?

- How do you know?
- Just a guess.

"Shark" is in the toilet.

I ask him to go in again.

- I don't believe.
- I don't believe.

Let's bet. 2:1 if he stays for 15 seconds.

1:1 if 30 seconds, 1:2 if up to 45 seconds.

1:4 if he can stay for a minute.

00:30:36,832 --> 00:30:40,916
If he comes out unharmed, 1:100.

What's up?

I have no tissue for my cold,
get some from the toilet you went.

It's a female toilet that I went.

I know. But it's the only place to have tissue.

Where else can I get tissue, go get it for me.


Your brother told you to listen to me.

Go, quick.

No problem.

Hay, what do you want to bet?

- I bet on...
- Hay, what are you doing?


Bet on how long your son
can stay in the female toilet.

You make fun with my son.

Shut up! Bet or no bet?

- Place your stake...
- But be quick.

Shut up!

Bet on my son will be fine, $10.

What are you doing?

To the toilet.

Do you know it's the female toilet?

I'll call the police.

I am gay.

Do you know more than one hundred

sex maniaces are beaten to death
in the female toilets by me.

No more jokes, get up.

My God, dead already.

No impulses, my goodness!

You crashed your head with the wall.

I will pray for you.

Don't come back to get me.

No, I have to keep calm.

No one can know that I have killed.

What are you doing?

Did you see someone inside?

No, I saw no one.

Hay, nobody?

Did you see anyone?

No. Toilet paper.

Nothing happened?

It was smooth, but no toilet paper.

This one...

I took it up from the dunny & dried it.


Pay for the bet.

- How much?
- You have a look yourself.

It's $1,0007

Yes, it's $1,000 from the beginning.

I take the money first.

- Don't fool me.
- Not enough.

- Down there.
- Don't search...


Watch out.

Him again, damn!

You have fooled me already.

Take a seat.

Let me introduce.

My brother Chi Man Ching.

Office boy, first day.

Office boy!

We are colleagues.

I am Lucy, my friend Banana Fung!

Something smells.

Kit, I found a shirt suitable for you.

Let's go to have a look.


- We'll be back.
- Lucy!

What's your book?

Kung Fu!

A Kung Fu called AIDS?

Quiet, I don't have AIDS.

Mind your words.

Don't worry.

I am fine.

I don't have AIDS.

I really don't have.

Why are you crying?

Don't tell anybody please.

I won't.

I am gay, you know it.

And China No. 1001.

What 10017

The No. 1001 AIDS patient.

I tell you a secret.

I turned to be a gay because of AIDS.

It will get to people easily.

Even by air.

I got it from a stool.

A stool?

From an AIDS patient's stool.

Are you alright?

A cramped leg.

- Sit.
- You sit.

Have some water.

You are using my glass.

I beat you.


You are biased.

No, I'm not.

Look into my eyes.

Your voice biases me.

My voice is gentle.

You splash water.

I was careless, I wipe it dry for you.


- You know,
- That's alright.

You are among the girls.

The best I've ever seen.

When do we leave?



What are you looking at?

Sorry Miss, I wipe it up for you.

- What's matter?
- What had happened?

He has got AIDS.

Where did you hear it?

Are you iliterated?

He's No. 1001 AIDS patient.

Who told you?

He said so.

If I were, I wouldn't have told you.

He has got an AIDS book.

Yeah? Show me!

Do you mean it?

What you can't show?

Fine, take it.

You are too sensitive.

He kissed me too.

I'll rather have a banana.

Don't think that you are really a banana.

Clean up yourself.


I have to talk to you.


Up to you.

What do you want to say?

She broke the taps in the female's toilets.

It looks like a pool.

Do you need saving device?

Who's coming?



My Dad is a bull, my Mom a stove.

Mind you, I'll fix you up.


I am your Dad & you have plenty of Moms.

I admit that.

Not safe at home.

I was nearly killed.

I am so happy now.

And brother get change

& let's put on a show on bed.


You didn't behave in the restaurant.

Lucy's friend was upset.

Said you had bad manner.

Listen to me & have good relationship.


Of course.



Tell me what to do.


Buy a birthday gift for her tomorrow.

And let her punish you as she wishes.

I can't take it.

My God! You...

For you future "Sister-in-law", just do it.

No! No! No!

Damn! Go! Go! Go!

I am dizzy!


I have a football game, I go after that.

He speaks funny.

Nothing like me.

The voice does not match.

Not sure if he's insane or mad.

Why pick the food?

I didn't.

The dress costs me $109,700

If anyone says it's not pretty.

I'll squeeze his neck.

You want to hear the truth?

The truth.

Not bad.

- What about the lie?
- Very pretty.

Very good, no wonder my friend likes you.

So many roses, they are pretty.

128 roses.

My boy friend Julian bought for me.

He's funny & care about me.

He remembers your birthday
even though he's in New York.

He surprised me by coming back last year.

Must be Julian.

I give it to you later if you like.

Hi! Happy Birthday!


Ching, what's matter?

Did you ask him to come?

I ask him to apologize.

I have to settle with him.


What did you do?

I had finished my ball game

and fell into the water on the way.


Change your clothes.

Fine, I have to change.

He is sincare.

Hay, Julian?

Yes! Happy Birthday!


So late. Are you in Hong Kong?

I am in New York.

The white roses are nice.

What white roses?

I wanna talk to you.


We have been apart for so long.

I have another girl friend.


Keep calm. I wanna break up with you.

Good idea.

Julian, I really like you, I promise.

Are you alright?

I am happy.

What are you doing?

Come back soon.

No, I'll get married next month.

What if you come to New York.


You really come?

Someone said New York would have an earthquake.

Watch out for the cars.


Let me put on my make-up.

- Hay!
- Very happy...

New York would have an earthquake?

Don't worry about the men.

I don't care if you don't like me smoke.

I take two, nobody cares about me.

What are you doing?

I tried my best not to
disturb you from talking.

Are you alright?

Banana, what's matter?

What's matter?


- You touched her?
- Not yet.

- She touched you?
- Not yet.

That's good then.

What are you talking about?

Banana, what's going on?


Julian breaks up with me.

Did they deliver my flowers?

You bought me the roses?

Yes, today is Jan, 28.

So 128 roses.

I spent all my money

and had to walk back.

And fell into the water.


And sorry!

Don't cry!



Banana, Julian is stupid to break up with you.

Let's go to the disco after dinner.

Good idea.

Your shirt looks terrible.

This looks a lot better.

The shirt is sticky.

- Really?
- Sticky?

You must sweat a lot,

- What sticky?
-It should be O.K.

No, I feel not better, do you know it?

What you like to drink?

A sparkling.

No, champagne, I pay for it.

No, I pay for it, one champagne.


I called my Dad,

he'll pay for it.

Lucy, let's have a dance.

-0 XK.
- Let's go!

Let's dance too.

It's better chat here.

I feel bored, accompany with me.

0O.K., if you insist.

"Where do the camel travellers come from"

"Where do the camel..."

You dance well, let's go back.

But I feel like dancing.

No, I like to chat.

Fine, let's go back.

To dance well takes time.

I have been dancing for a long time.

A lot of practice and endurance.

And I have the result like now.

You noticed it.


Smile, enjoy yourself.

The bald head looks good.

He looks ugly and cruel.

No, I knock his head for 3 times.

And he'll not fight back.

Don't try it. He's not kind.

Will you smile if I succeed?


Watch it.


Why did you hit me?

Bald Wong, I found you at last.

I am not Bald Wong.

You are not?

You look as handsome as my friend.

I am sorry to have mistaken you.

I am sorry.

I am trouble sorry.

Look carefully next time.

I will, sorry.

Bald Wong!

I saw one looked exactly like you,

and I knocked on his head,

he said he's not you.

How embarrassing.

That's me.

Don't fool me, you can't be so quick.

I am telling you, I am not Bald Wong.

We don't know you.

- He's my boy friend.
- Did you hear?

I am sorry, pal.

Look carefully at me.

I will.

You are not Bald Wong, I can tell.

- Remember it.
- I am sorry,

my fault.

He must be insane.

Bald Wong, you date my wife, go to hell.

Hay, he's not Bald Wong.

He's Bald Wong, he seduces my wife.

- Don't draw your knife.
- I have to.

- Don't draw your knife.
- No chance to talk.

Look carefully if I am Bald Wong.

Listen carefully on the sound.

His head and Wong's head sound differently.

Not clear.

Did you hear?


Don't wear the helmet if you are not Bald Wong.

You are wrong...go.

Who's she?

My Auntie, she is insane.

She wears the beard.


Fine, I said not to recognize you as Bald Wong.


-0.K., no problem.
- Thanks.

Hit four times just then.

You are not considerate.

My Dad didn't behave.

He's insane, afraid of newspapers.

You mean I am insane?

You look really mentally.

I have no supporter.

Right, we have 3 men & 2 girls, so what?

You have a bigger group to insult me.

Why do you say so?

I don't know them, I am only sharing the table.

Right, we share the table only.


Mind the minority.

Beat him.

- Kit, are you alright?
- Brother!

Are you O.K. ?

It hurts.

Dad had beaten them.

Let's talk another day.

Call me if can't find him.


This way.

Stop, you too.

My God, fight like this.


What you see? Didn't see it?

Dad, why are you on your knees?

I got beaten.

Who did it, tell me.

I don't recognize him.

You have a rest.

I have to boil the soup at home.

So many people.

I am sorry, pal.

- Bastard!
- I am wrong.

- What do you want to do?
- I was fooling around,

I am innocent.

I won't do it again.

You bastard, don't cry.

I am bastard, I have thought it over.

I have hit you once more.

Beat him.


Get out.

- Daddy!
- Lucy, are you alright?

I am fine.

When Kit comes out.

Say you bail us.

They still don't know ll...

O.K...why end up like this?

I told you the three of them were bad.

Uncle Chi and Kit are of triad.

Mind your words.

He is not wrong.

But defaming.

I think the man from China did it.

Kit is considerate.


Boss, thanks for bailing me out.

Fine, have a rest.

Kit, you have tattooes?

Be quiet!

He shouldn't have it on his back.

I should keep quiet, Lucy may have mistaken.

Uncle Chi is very mature.

He will teach the two of them.


Who are you?

I am Yan Chi, boss!

What did you do to yourself?

I don't know.

A group of men painted on my face.

I don't know what's on here.

You can't see?

I have to close my eyes.

Good lad.

Boss, excuse me.

Forget it.

You are the most potential in the office.

Take care of yourself.

Be good from now on.

I will ask my friends in China to come down.

We have guns.

You know.

Boss, something wrong with him.

He doesn't know what he's talking about.

That's fine.


Where did you go?

A cat chased after a dog at the cinema.

So you watched for the whole night.

They chased for the whole night.

Look, no socks.

That's not bad.

Look at your hair, so long.

Save the time from cutting.

You walk like a cat.

So that I won't fight.

You talk like mad.

Like my Dad.

Jing, you have to change.

You can never succeed.

Put it back.

Do I have to be like you?

Your brother is of Manager rank.


I can do whatever brother can do.

But brother may not be able to copy me.


Try once.



Oh! No.

Oh! No.

Why your undies not torn off?

I didn't tear it.

I put the undies on my waist.

You trapped me.

We try again, this one doesn't count.

You change our places.

See who is the best stand in.

The loser has to obey the winner.


Where is Single-eye?

Fine, I am Single-eye too.

You are short-sighted.

I always blink my eyes.


A man came to look for Single-eye.

To buy Single-eye's stuff?

How do you know?

How voluptuous you look.

You don't behave.

- Good work.
- So do you.

I'll tell you the truth.

I come to buy the dose of voluptuary.

"Never can cure voluptuary".

I know.

Be quick then.

We don't have.

Why did you blink?

I know I was wrong.

Never mind.

But I won't do it again.

What about this?

Not bad.

"Never can cure voluptuary".


You have pastry in your throat.



See if it is genuine.

Quite alright.

Control yourself.

No, I wanna kiss you.


Go to hell.

Let me kiss you.

Good, fine.

"Super Itchy Powder"


You are me today.

So I give you my costume.

Put them on.

It's time to get itching.

Where's your watch?

No, what do you want?

No watch to come to the movies.

Times up!




No, not in the public.

Go to a corner.

Good idea, excuse me.

I said no use.

I said dinner only, but not to movies.

No movies?

Can I have a last wish?

I buy the tickets.

Brother, look over there.

I find a mirror.

I go to sell the mirror.



A mad man there, what a place here.

Let's go In.

Not itching now, let's go.

Slow, two nice ladies.

Two more tickets & we go together.

Don't, don't...

I have got one already.

You'll lose if you don't copy.


- You think about it.
- Don't...


There again?

Soft drink.




People are so open today.

Keep quiet, concentrate.


Man with man, look.

Mind your own business.

Damn it!

No more patience.

- You?
- Yes,

I follow you.

I know you come with him.

- Let me explain it.
- No need,

love causes me to lose myself.

Jealous makes me angry.

- But...
- I don't know what I am doing.

I only know that I love you.


Fix him.

Shut up.

You take my girl friend out.

What if I ask you to take care of my mom.

You seduce your sister-in-law.

- You are betrayer.
- No,

don't get me wrong.

How dare you.

Everybody, justice is always there.

I don't care anymore.

Let's go.


Don't go.

Say something.


Listen to me.

I introduced her to him.

You are to be blamed.

But I didn't know he didn't behave.

You bastard, get him.

How dare you? Hit me like this?

I didn't try my best to hit.

If they hit you,

you'll be beaten seriously.

You failed to trap Chi Man Kit.

The 3(8) Rule of Tricks.

Is to be quick when the other is prepared.

It's Chi Man Kit this time.

He's such an innocent person.

I really can't hurt him.

Mind you that you have to be cold blooded.

I have paid for you to fool him.

Of course. I have to act like him tomorrow.

I will really give him a lesson.

Brother, I can really act like you today,

I feel very happy.

Good, that's good.

Brother, I want...

What do you want?

"I have to try hard"

"and make everybody happy"

"Young man has to work hard"

"I have to be decisive"

"With my strength"

"To cure my sadness & be happy"

"Good friends, long last the friendship"

"Good friends will cheer up one another"

"Good friends are dependable"

- Wait, ready?
- Ready!

"Good friends are there to cheer me up"

I am on top of you.


Don't watch then.

The contract with Mr. Kut Chun is important.

I ask Mr. Ching to let you go as well.


Mr. Ching, my brother has come.

Is good to learn rather than fighting.

Kit, ask him to mind his words.

The contract is fatal to us.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

Let me.

Brother, have a drink.


Mr. Ching, Mr. Kut Chun has come.

Ask them to come in.

I feel sick.

Me too.

What a coincidence.

Me too.

Oh, the Japanese are coming.

Delay the Japanese from coming in.

I have to go to the toilet.

Me too.

Be smart.

Excuse me.

Where is Mr. Ching?

He told you to go down.

To get Kut Chun's files here.

O.K., thanks.

Help yourselves.

Be serious, sit down.

Where are you going?

Mr. Ching told me to get Kut Chun's files.

- He just went to toilet.
- Yeah?

He told me to meet Mr. Kut Chun.

Who's here?

Now, I wanna discuss the contract.

You have the right to keep silent.

But I won't listen to a single word you say.

Do you know how much the contract costs?

I know. $11.8 billion.

You let me know?

- Yes.
- Bring it here.

- Now?
- No, what do we discuss?


Sorry, you are...

Women do not disturb men.

I died in a hard way...

Freeze yourself for 8 hours.

One movement for one punch.

Where we just talking about?

Learn to be as powerful.

As the Hong Kong executives.

Didn't know that reside Japanese men.

Hong Kong men are mandom too.


That's nothing.

We wanna cut the contract to $11.1 billion.

And we expect from you that

beside the big business centre.

You with to build under no conditions

a staff welfare centre.

Welfare centre? A whore house?

Don't think that Chinese will

insult women for money?

I mean...

You want us to find girls for you?

Go to hell.

To punish your maniacity, $2 billion more.

I am not a sex maniac.

Why so many Ill movies?

I did not make them.

But you watch them.


$2 billion more.

Why intruded China?

Not me, my grandpa.

For you grandpa, $2 billion more.

Nam King's massacre?

I was not born.

Born so late, $2 billion more.

Mr. Kut Chun.

Why you Japanese invade our place?

I am not Japanese.

What are you?

My mom married a foreigner.

You are mixed?

Mix to discuss business?

$7 billion more.

- Congratulations.
- How's it?

The contract is done.

The Kut Chun Group agrees to give $150 billion

to build a commercial centre.

Two stories, doesn't matter
if not self-contained.

As long as it can stand up for 6 months.

The contract is here.

Mr. Kut Chun.

Mr. Ching, help.

What did you do?

I did it for the benefit of the firm.

You told me so.

I didn't ask you to fight.

I didn't.

Hay, did he hit you?


He beat you?

Say it again, did I hit you?

Let go of me.

- Why did you hit him?
- Mr. Kut Chun!

- Did you hear, he said no.
- Mr. Kut Chun!

Mr. Kut Chun!

Arrest the mad man.

Who is mad, I will arrest him.

Mr. Ching, sorry.

Sorry for what had happened.

You two are fired.

Mind your words.

I can't help, you all heard that.

What's matter?

What happened?

They annoyed the customers,
your dad called the police.

Don't discuss here.

Mr. Ching, I know I am responsible.

We will resign if not fired.

Sorry, let's go.

As the guards to watch them packing up.

Mr. Ching!

Chi, no need to say, you are senior here.

I won't blame you on this.

But, no need to say.

I know my kids are wrong.

But I have to say something.


- I resign.
- What?

Dad, you have 2 more months to retire.

You'll lose $200,000

I didn't expect this to happen.

Never mind, we are not short of $200,000-

I can't stay after the two are gone.

We try to spend less.

The most important is happiness.

Mr. Ching!

Mr. Ching!

It's done, let's go.

- Who's that?
- Dad!

Brother, dad!

Still awake?

Sleep already.

I am sorry for what had happened.

I am so sorry.

Have a rest.

It's very late.


My identity is revealed.

What would you do if you were them?

I will fix Jing Koo.


Be well prepared.

Freeze, pal.

"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to you."


How do you know it's my birthday?

I asked your mom about your birth proof.

She only knows it's your birthday today.

Why bite your lips?

You are so good to me.

Just like my real dad & brother.

We are real your dad & brother.


Come, make a wish.

And have a little wine.

You are very good people, if ever I am wrong.

Hope that you'll be alright.

And live forever.

And never meet another villain like me.


- Morning!
- Anna, I have to call inside,

-no phone calls for me.
- OK!

I Know Mr. Kam.

Banana, line 1.

Thanks, can I use your phone?

You succeeded to force Chi Man Kit to leave.

You deserve the name Tricks Expert.

Give me the money.

Sorry Banana, it should be line 2.


O.K., I'll send you a cheque.

6B, Fat Tat Bldg., right?

But I wanna teach him one more lesson.

So he can never recover.

No, I don't want to trap them any more.

You ask someone else.

No regret.

I will never regret.

The voice sounds like Chi Man Jing.

Is the Tricks Expert in?

Who's that?

Who are you?


It's me.

It's really you.

Why help Macky to fool the Chi's?

Tell me, go to hell.


Have a drink first.


Try the free fight.

Good, why do you do it?

People pay me for doing it.

I have to help.

It's a pity, they treat you so well.

They think that you are the younger son.

You are beast.

You can treat me like animal.

I'll never touch them again.

That's all I can do.

Think how good they have been to you.

They lost their job because of you.

What do you intend to do?

Deal with Macky and explain to them.

Not possible.


The 6(9) rule of tricks is.

Have to be tough and no regret.

How foolish?


You can change it.

But I had sworn,

If ever I break any of the rules,

I would be severely punished.

What punishment?

I can never date girls anymore.

You can date me.

What? You?

Yes, me.

What if you regret?

I swear if you can't date girls anymore,

and I don't go with you, I can never
go out with the boys.


- Deal.
- Deal.

But one more condition.

What condition?

Can you have plastic surgery?

Who's that?

Keep calm.

I am alright.

Don't get excited.


Do you have heart attack?


Take 2 steps back.



What are you doing?


I am coming. Don't push me.

Dad, kill me please.

I am so sorry.

My do not addict...


That kind?

No, not that kind.

Don't tell me you are of that kind.

No, not that kind.

Fine, what kind then?

We are father & son, talk openly.

I am not your son.


I lied to you. I didn't tell you the truth.

- Doesn't matter.
- You understand?

I understand.

I know you need dad's love.

But dad won't blame you.

Dad loves both girls & boys, my daughter.

I am not a girl, I don't mean this.

What do you mean then?

I...look over there.

Nothing. look so handsome.

My actual identity is the one
who improves social trend.

Promote youth manner,
an incentive to the pictures.

The great tricky Jing Koo.

My English name is Jing Koo.

You mean...

I am not your son.

My dad is Mean Koo & mom Ball Ng.

Macky hires me to fool you & your son.

To separate Lucy from you two.


Don't call...ll put on the show.

Take a look over there.

So fast this time, more time.



OK! Action!

You understand now?

Of course, I have been fooled.

No problem. It won't Kill.

You bastard, fool me.

What, you fool me.


Why do you hit my boy friend?

You hit my boy friend.

Are you alright?

I am fine.

Jing Koo regrets.

He didn't expect to be treated so good.

He won't help Macky.


I really hope Kit will forgive me.

I will help you to deal with Macky.

But Kit's neck has put on the "magic oil".

It is so stiff.

He believes you are his younger brother.

He'll lose control if you fool him.

"Magic oil" for the neck?

Of course. Where else?

Think of a way.

Dad, the thunder is coming.

What a world, I can't find my brother.

Jing was here.

He was here?

He told dad a secret.

What secret?

This is the whole story.

I was treated like a fool.

No, there is always a reason.

Forgive him.

I won't forgive him.

Kit, if he sincerely apologizes.

Give him a chance.

Fine, if he comes when I count 3

I forgive him.


You forgive me, how nice.

- Thanks.
- Yes...

Dad, you have been helping him.

No. Dad thought...Kit.

- Don't call me.
- Kit...Kit...

Kit...he's sincere.

How can I tell if he's sincere.

If I fool you again,
I'll get struck by thunder.

You see.

Kit, he's sincere.

He's struck by thunder, don't help him.

No, it was by mistake.

Be careful.

If I am going to fool you this time.

I'll be struck to death by continue thunder.



Don't make such bad oaths.

Strike you devil.

Are you alright?

No reason.

Must have mistaken me.

I shouldn't have been struck.

How come struck at the door way.

I have no time.



Don't have to say.

I forget about the past.

From this moment, I don't want to see you.

Leave, please leave.

Kit, don't!

Fine, he stays and I leave.

I found someone I can trust.

- Kit.
- Lucy,

don't lean on the car.

So boring, let's take a walk.

Miss, you want umbrella?


Call you Miss?

Kit, I have hidden something from you.

You lied to me too?

Fine, tell me.

I am Pluto Ching's daughter Selina.

You are big boss' daughter?

And you lied to me as a clerk.

You are Macky's fian'ce?


I have been fooled since I got promoted.

And no stops till today.

What do you want?

How can I make you happy?

Should I behave like a dog.

If you say sit, I will obey right here?

Don't say like that.
I am not cheating you on purpose.

And I reach out my hand if you say hand.

Or you'll beat me if I disobey.

My hands are here, come.


Kit, Kit.


Sorry, I am leaving.


Kit, Kit...

Go after him.

He won't give me a chance.

I am going.

You are really going?

Hay, Lucy!

You are hopeless, not an expert.

Not a manly tricky expert.

You have to solve it.

Let me think.

That's your home.

Spot on.

You sign is "The Ultimate Expert"?

Tricks Expert!

No, "The Ultimate Expert".

Where did you see this?


"The Ultimate Expert".

Must be my fans made it.

To celebrate me.

"The Ultimate Expert".

It really suits me.

You made it? Thanks!

Want my signature?

Colour or black and white?

No, I am the one to fit in the name.

We start business today.

We can negotiate.

No problem!

"Up up and away the shuttle."

It is a mini high voltage device
to make people sing.

The latest from the States.


My is Quickly Hand to take off pants.

Product of my dad 20 years ago.

A fruit basket.



The Ultimate Expert.

Be careful.

Not easy to trap me.

Where to get the grape?

The fruit basket.



Only if the nut is.

Lucky he didn't use chemical weapon.

We have to be careful.

Do I have to go to the hospital?

We are so close.

I have to go with you to the hospital.

No. 7 bus stop downstairs & travel 8 stops

to the O.P.D. of Kwong Wah Hospital.

You are so good to me.

I should.

Good business?

Macky, I have told you not to help.

I know, that's why I had asked
"The Ultimate Expert".

I didn't tell you?



Lucy will engage tonight.

So fast?

Macky want to do it quick.

Kit angered Lucy.

They are only angry with each other.

What shall we do?

Go to find Kit, quick.

And say sorry to Lucy, that will be O.K.

I will find him.

Can you deal with "The Ultimate Expert"?

Of course.

I have my strength.

I have one more secret weapon.

What weapon?


Don't ask.

- Oh!
- You are not young.

Kit is over there.

How do you know?

I recognize by his hair.

How could you.

"Chi Man Kit"



Lucy is engaging with Macky tonight.

Engage only, no problem.

But they can go to bed.

What go to bed?

It's a physical thing.

The man and woman get excited.

And after pre-play, the man will put his...

His what?

Loosen his belt.


the bride would take her...

Her what?

Take off her red handkerchief...

And what's next?

Start going to bed.

What did he say?

It's urgent, go to say sorry to Lucy.

Yeah! Yeah!

I don't believe you.

The masked man was dad.

He was hit twice by you.

We wanted to cheer you up,

but we did the wrong thing.



- True.
- Let's go.

But, never mind the girls.

No, they are important.

Marry her and then you can torture her.

And then make her to be a whore.

Don't give her up to somebody else.

Keep calm.

That's my "girl-friend" only.

Not by me?


Boss, things are O.K. in the garden.

Be careful.

Kill the three of them.

Boss, a group of lion dance coming.

2 for lion dance, one is the bait.

Can't see the face.

Yes, right.

Must be them.

Must be them.

Don't beat's's me.

My God!

Are you alright, Mr. Ching?

I am O.K., why did you hit?

- What's wrong with you?
- I am sorry...

They are my old friends.

We celebrate with the lion dance.

I am sorry, I don't expect this.

Sorry the two of you.

I help you.

Lucy, think carefully.

Love is not a child's game.

What can I do?

Kit will come if he loves me.

All these days we have been dating.

He never said "I love you".

Don't argue with love.

And no foolishness.

Of course Kit loves you.

What not tell me, not a waste of time.

I check if he's come.

Nobody, come.




Help yourself.

I will.

Help yourself.



Come over.

Chi Man Kit!

Right, I fix him up.

Be careful, a lot of guests today.

Can you?

I can manage.


Lucy, leave him.

Come over.

Have you finished?

Kit, left thigh.


Don't go.

Kit, this engaging ring for Lucy.

I handle them.

Kit, stop him from getting the ring.

You say so.

I told you to stay out.

Beat him.

Brother, the powder can't be washed away.

It can't stop me.

Keep calm, get him back
and I'll fix him slowly.

"Super Power Glue"

Damn, stucked will someone, come.


What's matter, brother?

I can't take my hand off my head.

You are kidding, right?

Damn you!

I go to ask the reason why.

Get me a towel to cover it.

Finish with the head first.



Why take me to the sitting room?

I said I would revenge.

Who are you?

The smart Tricks Expert.

Boss! Boss!

Go, quick!

Who's that?

The guests are there.

The new guard may be insane.

Mr. Ching, I heard a rumour.


Ridiculous, Mr. Kam & that guy are gay.


What did you say?

Oh, mom!


Lucy, where are you going?

To look for Kit.

Don't, he comes to make a mess here.

I have to look for him.

Don't, have a rest.

Come, go over.

I'll be back soon.


Be careful for the shirt
of The Ultimate Expert.

It's a Red Hot Tricky Shirt.

Get the stuff.


Secret weapon.

I could I know the secret weapon.

In the metal box in the boot.

- OXK...
- Wait!

Call the police.

Jing Koo, you two can't leave now.

What to do?

I take care of The Ultimate Expert
and the rest for you.

Just that?

And the shirt.


Bastard, come.

Oh, so many.

Bastard, over there.

Thanks, that side.

Bastard, that side.

I am not bastard.

You really look like a bastard.

Look at your reflection.

Really like a bastard.

You have to admit, that side.


Real bastard.

Time limit for you, before Jan. 15 next year,

I'll give you a chance if you retreat.

Don't waste time, come.

I count 3, then I will make my move.

1, 2.

I am capable.

Still standing.

- Still fine.
- Yeah.

"Voluptuary can't be moved", take him up.

- No.
- Open his mouth.

Try the dose.


Don't look, catch him.

Don't move, it's our own business.

Try my Blood Hat.

You know how powerful they are.

Creamy Blodd Hat

Spill out all over your face with a touch

It is one of the most powerful attack weapon


I am not scared.

Not fresh.


Don't have to be afraid if not fresh.

No one told you to be scared, you are scared.

Look at him.


I have to show the world.

The No. 1 Tricks Expert.

Go to hell.

Jing, catch it.

No Reason Tricky Tricks Box!

"No Reason Tricky Tricks Box"


Real banana.

Remote Electrical Banana

Get an electric shock after press a button

Very well-known weapon



Honest Bean Paste Bun!

Honest Bean Paste Bun

Speak very honestly
after 30 seconds with a bite

It is a advanced product in the year of ninty.

I am Jing Koo to help family at six.

To sell blood at 8 to cure my mom.

To have public exam at 10.

The talent youth at 15.

I feel that I am really handsome.

Chan Pak Cheung the best man on earth.

Our leader is the greatest on earth.

"Lying Bean Paste Bun"

What? Lying Bean Paste Bun?

Damn you!

Shamy Candy!

Shamy Candy

Very shamful of doing the bad stuff
in your lifetime after taste it

It is the most extreme powerful weapon.

I am wrong.

I am so ashame.

I was a peeping tom at 9.

And had V.D. at 13.

I treated my mom as a servant at 15.


I did every wrong things and be a gay.

Oh, I am so ashame.

You shouldn't be living.

- Right.
- Go to hell.

I deserve it.

I help you.


- Thanks.
- Cut it.

To Stiffen The Muscle!

Wanna run?

Super Glue!

You are in trouble now.

Can't fix him, he's so tough.

He is committing suicide.

Thunder Golden Punch!

One more leg in the middle.

Reddish Bomb!

You are still No. 1 Tricks Expert.


Who found the bank robbers?

This group raid my premises.

Arrest them.

So many red cloth robbers.

Come, arrest them.

0.K., go!


Don't chase me.

Lucy, help.


Don't let him get close.

Not my business, don't hit me.


Don't hit me.


Lucy, I did all this to come to see you.

It's O.K., we go to talk to dad.


This way.


Here we are.


Dad, I want to marry Kit.

Mr. Ching, can you promise me?

I can't say no.

A voluptuous pair.

How can you call Kit like this?

You say then.

What a seductive pair.


What do we do then?

What do you want to do then?

To get married.

I have to ask mom.

That's way!


This is...

Mandy, It's you?


Long time no see!

That windy rainy night 20 years ago...

Don't mention it no more, we are old now.

What happened to you after that night?

[...I had your baby.

Where is he now?

That's Jing!



I am really your...