Trickster (2018) - full transcript

Jake, an ex-soldier struggling with PTSD finds himself in an oasis ghost town called Bombay Beach, where he meets a beautiful woman stuck in a dark and mysterious situation.

- Honey!
- Roll your windows up and lock the doors.

- But...
- Just do it for me. Would you please?

How you doing?

We're gonna be okay.

It can be a pain in the ass
changing those things.

Don't I know it.

I've got triple-A, so I haven't
done this since I was a kid.

Triple-A's a life saver.

What, did they
hang you out to dry?

Nah, no cell service
in this part of the world.


Good thing you're a man
who can take care of himself.

I haven't seen a car
on this dirt road for hours.


No one gonna save
you out here anyway.

Well, you never
know about people.

Now that's the truth.

Thanks for stopping.

I'm Demi Patts.

Sorry about that. Midnight in
the middle of the desert and all.

Hey, no harm, no foul.
I'd have done the same.

By the looks of you,
it wouldn't have done me any good anyway.

This here's Aimee. My wife.

Honey, roll your window down
and meet the young man.

Sorry! It's nice to meet you.


Not to tell your business
or nothing, but um,

it can be dangerous leaving a car
on a jack like that in the dirt.

I got a jack-stand in the van.


Be right back.

I can't thank you
enough for stopping.

Oh hell, it ain't nothing.

- You guys gonna drive the rest of the night?
- We are.

I want to get as far away
from here as possible.

I know the feeling.

I guess trying to find a restaurant
with good Yelp reviews out, huh?

That would be impossible
even if you could get the internet.

You're in the badlands, friend.


It's just a nick-name
I came up with.

Anything coming up that way?

Well, there's a little town.


Maybe you could find
something to your liking?

- Honey...
- But...

It's just that there ain't nothing
there, Jake. Nothing at all.

Town's dead.

Yeah, sure.

I don't need to stop.

I guess that would be best.

Um, if you keep going about four more hours,
there's a little city with anything you need.

That'll do.

It was nice meeting both of you.

Thanks again.

Good luck to you, Jake.

Shit, how bad could it be?

I could do with a burger.

Looks like I missed happy hour.

You still open for business?

That depends...


If we're in my dream,
then I want you to leave.

I think if anyone's
dreaming, it would be me.

Now that would be interesting.

How do you mean?

How do you do? I'm Liz.

Jake. My pleasure.

But I said, "How do you mean?"
Not, "How do you do?"

I guess the booze
here is pretty good.

Oops... My bad.


the booze is the only thing
in this town that's good.

So anyway, like I said,
I must be the one dreaming.

Girl like you
in a place like this.

You're sweet.

So, what gives? You lost?

That's exactly what
I've been asking myself for

I don't know how long now.

I know the feeling.

So, what's a guy got to do
to get a burger around here?

Thanks. I'm okay.

I'm a girl that can
hold her own liquor.

I can make you that burger.

You the only one working?

Oh, I don't work here.

Where's the bartender?

God only knows.

Mosley's his name, but
I haven't seen him in days.

Well, he just gives you
the run of the place?

Something like that.

Now let me go in that kitchen
where us women belong.

My mama's gonna love you.


Hey sweetheart, you still
like your burger well-done?

Mose, you know I can't stand the site of blood.
Why do you insist on asking me every time?

Good to know some
things haven't changed.

How long are you staying?

Unfortunately only the weekend.

Oh, that little old, Field
Museum Of Natural History

would probably fall apart in a
second without you, wouldn't it, Liz?

That's nice, Father.
But I think it would survive.

I do have to be back
at work on Monday though.

You do?

Maybe you could stay with Demi and I for
a few days? I'm sure Patty wouldn't mind.

Honey, leave the poor
girl alone, won't you?

She has a real job to get back to in the big
Windy City. Hey, Liz, how's ol' Wrigley doing?

Still there the last
time I checked, Dem.

Man, that's good news.

Hey sweetheart!

Do I have to burn it?

Oh, shit!

You all right back there?



I just drifted off for a minute.

I hope you like your
burger well-done.


I've seen enough
blood in my time.

So, what's next, weary traveler?

Back on the road I guess.

- It's after three in the morning.
- No shit.

Damn. Time really does
fly when you're having fun.

You know, there's not a hotel
open around for hundreds of miles.

That's okay. I can
sleep in the van.

Now that sounds creepy.

Not at all.

It's got all the
comforts of home.



You want to see it?

Are you asking me to get
in the back of your van?

Hey, I'm a gentleman,
I'll have you know.

I'm sure you are.

Well, where you gonna park it?

I don't think you
should park it in the lot.

Our Sheriff's got a deputy
that's a real stickler for rules.

He'll probably give
you a ticket.

That's okay. I'll find
somewhere along the highway.

Tell you what, why don't you just
park it on my Mom's property?

That is, if you don't mind
giving a girl a ride home.


Let's go.

Aren't you gonna lock it?

Oh, there's not need.

You're the boss.

Don't you forget it.

Now that looks like a home.

Yeah, it was once.

Come on.

You want me to come in?

Man, you're a little slow
sometimes, aren't you?

- Nice.
- Thanks.

- Is your Mom sleeping?
- She doesn't live here anymore.


That's yours.

That's okay. I can
sleep in the van.

Not on your life.
You're my guest.

Whatever you say.

I'm beat. I'm going
to run off to bed.

Sorry. I don't know
why I just did that.

Well, just make sure it doesn't
happen again, all right?

- Goodnight, soldier.
- Goodnight.

There's sheets and pillows and blankets
and stuff in the closet if you need it.

Is it okay if I run out to the
van and get my teddy bear?

Goodnight, Jake.

Goodnight, Jake. Jake.

Jake. Jake...


Listen. Do you think you could
come sleep in my bed with me?

Is that a trick question?

Come on.

- You sleep on this side.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Just sleep.
- Oh, yes, ma'am.


Hey, I don't kiss on the first
date anyway, all right?



Do you mind if we leave
that light on?


Listen, can I tell
you something?


I sometimes have bad dreams.

I know how that can be.

Real bad.


Yeah, so, if you hear me struggling,
do you think you could wake me up?



Sleep tight, Jake.

I did that one on purpose.

That's great.

How am I supposed to fall asleep
with you lying here next to me?



Thank you.

Looks like you got
that kiss after all.

I didn't know what to do.

It's fine. You'll figure it out.

Kind of early for
a visitor, isn't it?

Don't worry. I have a
pretty good idea who it is.

I should go with you.

Will you do me a favor
and just sit tight?

- But...
- Jake.

It's a small town.

A girl's got to look
after her reputation.

I'll be fine.


What a surprise.

Hey, Liz. I saw you were home.

I just thought I better
come check on you.

That was nice.
But I'm all right.

Did you know there's a strange van
parked on your property over there?

Oh, yeah, that's my friend's from Chicago.
He's just visiting for a few days.

- Really?
- Mm.

I thought I mentioned
he was coming?

No, ha. I don't remember that.

- Chicago, huh?
- Yep.

I mean, it's just kind of strange that
van's got Kentucky plates then, isn't it?

Oh, I think his family's
from Kentucky.


Liz, are you telling
me the truth?

Of course.

I only tell the truth.

I think you better let me
come inside and have a look.

I think you better come with me.

Liz! Liz!

Come on now, Liz,
don't fight it.





- Liz...
- Help me.

Help me.

Liz, come on. Wake up.

Help me.

Liz, come on. Snap out of it.


Help me!

- Liz, for God's sake.
- Help me!

- Liz! Liz!
- Help me!

Oh, thank you.

Oh, thank you, Jake.

Thank you.

Looks like you got
that kiss after all.

I'm really sorry about that.

I didn't know what to do.

It's fine.

You wanna talk about it?

Where to start?

You don't look so good.


That's not what I mean. You
know it. What just happened?

I'm not sure.

You looked like you
were gonna pass out.

Is it okay if we just
finish our coffee?

Then I promise I'll tell
you everything I know.


♪ The best part of waking up
Is Folgers in your cup ♪

You gonna tell me
where we're going?

I want you to meet someone.
Let her do a reading.

A reading?

Like a palm reading?

Something like that.

No car?

I guess I'm gonna get you
in the back of my van after all.

I like to walk in the
morning. Do you mind?

Hell, no.

One day walking I awaken
On this road that I have taken

What's that from?

I must have read it
in a poem somewhere.

A poem?

Well, I didn't think you country
boys knew how to read.

Yes, ma'am. Why just last week I finished
Green Eggs and Hamin just one sitting.

I guess people sleep in, huh?

Something like that.

Where's the horse?

The horse?

Every one-horse town's
got to have a horse.

I'm so glad you came, Liz.

You have to change those.


He's cute, but not
that bright, is he?

Have you been having
the dreams, Jake?


Tell her what you told me.

I had one earlier.

It was like it was real.

Well they're all real, darling.


Lots of cultures believe their dream
world is their actual plane of existence.

And, this place...

- Well...
- I had a buddy like that once.

He had PTSD real bad.

Called it, sapa, or sapna...

Something like that.


Yeah, that's it.

- What's that mean?
- It's Sanskrit.

What happened to your friend?

He didn't make it.


Took his own life.

Not sure.

It's the damn doctor's fault
for giving him all that crap.

Beware the Mambo
with the miracle elixir.

Well, come on.


Liz said you'd do
a reading for me.

I just did it, darling.



When you bowled
your strike of course.

I can find a crystal ball at a yard
sale later if it makes you feel better.

Now, come on.
We need to go.

Isn't today Sunday?

Is it?

Pretty sure.

Guess you're not
a church-going-girl.

She used to be.

No morning service?

What's wrong?


My watch stopped.

What are we doing here?

This is the last place
Patty was seen.


My Mom.

Your Mom's missing?

There used to be a weekly Bingo
here, and my Mom never missed a game.

One night she drove off
to go home and that was it.

What did the cops say?

Sheriff Shaw?

"It's under investigation."

Well, how many men
does he have working on it?

It's just Sam and Matthew,
his deputy, around here.

There's got to
be something else we can do.

I've called State
Police and the FBI,

but they only get involved if they
think a crime has taken place.

Well, maybe she was kidnapped.

It's possible, isn't it?

Okay, the thing is, Jake,

look, I'm not crazy, okay?
I promise I'm not crazy...

I know you're not.

Almost everyone in the
town has disappeared.

Disappeared, left or worse.



They've had more than their fair
share of death in this town.

- Really?
- Yeah.

So, the Sheriff
has his hands full.

Come on.

I want Jake to talk to Hoss.

Is Hoss the priest?

The priest is long gone.

Little Hoss, this is
my friend, Jake.

Liz likes Jake.

That's right, Hoss.
Jake is my good friend.

Liz likes Jake.

Okay, Hoss. That'll do, darling.

Hoss likes Jake.

I like you too, Hoss.
Great to meet you.

Hon, can you tell Jake about
the last night you saw Patty?

I tells Delphi and Liz.

I know you did. But can you
tell your new friend now too?


Patty was happy because
she was winning at the Bingo.

She was winnin' and winnin'.

Patty never win at the Bingo.

She says she was winnin' because Liz's
dad tells her what numbers to play.

My dad's been dead
since I was nine.

Patty says that don't matter. He's
going to help her for the rest of time.

Hey, Del, can Little Hoss wear
his shoes home next time?

Sure, Hon. Next time
you wear them home.

What is it?

Does I have to say?

I wish you would.

Mosley says he saw Patty's car
at the old Johnson place.

Little Hoss don't
like that place.

When did he tell you that?

He said it to me yesterday.

How come you didn't tell Liz?

Liz been so sad all the time, so sad...
I didn't want to make her no sadder.

I understand.

Little Hoss didn't
do bad, did he?

No, hon, not at all. Thank you
for being concerned about me.

Little Hoss love Liz.

I love you too, Hoss.

You want to go lay down
in your room for a spell?

Little Hoss want to lay down.

Okay. Come on.

Bye, Liz. Bye, my
new friend, Jake.

Is he okay?

He'll be fine. He just gets
really emotional sometimes.

How does the poor guy
take care of himself?

Oh, don't worry about Hoss. He's easily
the smartest person in the whole county.

- No kidding?
- Mm-Hm.

He's some kind of
savant or something.

- That's pretty cool.
- Yeah.

We should go see Mosley.


- I hope we can find him.
- We'll find him.

I think after we're finished a trip to the
Johnson place wouldn't be a bad idea either.


The Johnson's were
the first to disappear.

The place has been empty
for decades. It's spooky.

I think we should go.

Yeah. Okay.

I thought you-all should have something
to eat before your journey. Have a seat.

Howdy, sheriff.

Well, howdy, beautiful.

- How you holding up, Liz?
- Hi, Sam.

I thought I knew all the
folks in Bombay Beach.

Jake Landor.
Nice to meet you, sir.

Oh, hell. Sheriff
will do just fine.

- Mind if I sit down?
- Please.

You look good, sweetheart.

I'm feeling a little better.
Thanks, Sam.

Where's your car?

Oh, she's roped to the hitching
post down at the general store.

Smelled that barbeque,
I couldn't resist.

Dig in, y'all.

Have you got anything new, Sam?

I'm sorry, Liz. Nothin'
I can go on.

Just the same rumors of some mysterious
drifter roaming around these parts.

A drifter?

Well, yeah. But, hell, Bombay Beach is just
about the drifter capital of the world.

I mean if someone wants to pick a
place to disappear this would be it.

Damn. I'm sorry, sweetheart.

That was darn
inconsiderate of me.

That's okay, Sam. I just wish we could
figure out what the hell is happening here.

I'm with you there.

Man, I can't believe how
fast the sun went down.


Gets dark fast in this
part of the world.

You all right, son?



Just saw something
strange is all.

Better get used to that.
Strange is this town's middle name.

We should get going, Jake.


Take care of yourself, son.

You give me a holler if
you need anything at all.

I'll do it, sir. Thank you.

Have a seat.
I'll be right back.

Man, I'm about done in.

A belly full of Delphi's
barbeque will do that to you.


It looks like you
missed happy hour.

Is Liz around?

How do you know my name?

Say again?

Did someone tell
you I was here?


How did you know
that my name was Liz?

No matter.

And, um, what's
your name soldier?


Are you okay?

Jake, don't!

Jake. Are you okay?

You called me Jake.

Maybe this will help.

Jake. Jake.

Jake, come on. You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Wait a minute. Let me see.
I think I'm not quite awake yet.

Nice try.

That's not something to joke
about. Are you sure you're okay?

Yep. I was just having
a weird dream is all.

What kind of dream?

It was a lot like when
I first met you in the bar.

How much like it?

Sorry, it's just... it's just
kind of disappearing.

No! Think, Jake.
Try to remember.

I... I don't know.

Was I in it?


No, you weren't
there. I think...

I think I was looking
for you or something. But,

I think Del was there.

Hey, it's just a dream.

What time is it?

I don't know. Clocks never
worked right in this house.

Okay, well, time, it's
relative anyway, right?

Hey, how come you didn't tell
the sheriff about your mom's car?

I don't know.

Do you trust him?

Yeah, I think so.


Hey, we should go.



Thank you for helping me, Jake.

Man, that's a cool truck.

I had an old metal toy
like that when I was a kid.

You want to take a look?


What's wrong?

The fire station has been
empty ever since I got here.

Well, there's definitely
someone in there.

I don't know, Jake.

I'm sure it will be fine.

Firemen know everything that
goes on in a small town.

Maybe they can help.

Come on.

- Father Tawler! Oh my God.
- Oh, good evening, Liz.

Where have you been?

Oh, just drifting around. You know,
trying to save as many souls as possible.

This is my friend, Jake.

Ah, pleased to meet you, son.

You know, I thought I better get
this place back in working order.

You never know when the fire and
brimstone is going to come raining down.

Words to live by.

Yes, they are.

Father, Jake is helping me try to
find out what happened to my mom.

I fear judgment day is upon us!

It doesn't make any sense.

Patty was the sweetest
person in town.

If anyone deserved to
be saved, it was her.

Liz told me there were a few
others who went missing too.

The whole town is gone, son.
It started long before you were born.

What do you mean?

Bombay Beach used to be
the greatest place on earth.

My mom showed me
pictures of back then.

I have some really nice photos
right over there in my office.

I'd like to see those.

Oh, help yourself, son.

Don't fight it, Liz.


Liz? You okay?


What happened?

I don't know.

You started making
that weird noise again.

Was I asleep?

Your eyes were open.

Hey, we should go.

Yeah, okay.


Thank you for helping me, Jake.

Is this Mosley's place?


Think he's home?

I've come here every day for
a week and I haven't seen him.

Well, what do you want to do?

I think I might know
where he is. Come on.

How y'all doin'?

This must be the famous Jake.

Mose, why didn't you tell me
where you were going?

I was worried sick.

This is not the path I thought.

This is not the place I sought.

This is not the dream I bought.

Just a fever of fate
I've caught.

Looks like you boys might
have a lot to talk about.

What were you doing
at the Johnson place?

- Delphi told me I needed to go.
- Tell them the rest, barkeep.

Well, she told me in my dreams.

Did she make you bowl
a game for her too?

I would have gone with you,
Mose, you know that.

What were you looking for?


I guess you don't
mean the rock band.

To be free from samsara.
Total soteriological release.

- That sounds painful.
- Exactly right, Jake.

I just didn't want to put you
in any danger, Liz, that's all.

Plus, I know you've got
your own path to walk.

Well, the Johnson place is huge.

Do you think you could show me
where you saw my mom's car?

I can't go back out there, Liz.

I'm sorry. I just can't.

What if Delphi said it was okay?

He's got to make his
own decisions, soldier.

Just like you.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Trust me.

You're not going to
have any trouble finding it.

I can never get over how it can be so
hot here in the day and so cold at night.

Is it okay if I put
my arm around you?

I mean, just to keep
you warm of course.

Well, if it's just to keep me warm,
then I guess it would be fine.

What happened to the lake?

Nobody really knows.

- What is that smell?
- Sulfur. And salt.


Yeah. The lake's left over from when the ocean's
receded here. It's a salt water lake, Jake.

The ocean came
all the way out here?

- A couple million years ago it did.
- Cool.

Yeah. We're actually way
below sea level right now.

So, has it always
been like this?


We used to swim in it every
summer when I was a kid.


Being a kid in the summer.

That was great.

Yeah. It was.

Is that a boat?

I don't know.

I think it is.

- Come on. Let's go have a look.
- Okay.

- - I'm sorry, Liz.
I didn't mean to scare you.

Oh, my God, Matthew, you
almost gave me a heart attack.

Well, we don't want that,
darlin'. Are you okay?

- Hey, sheriff.
- How ya' doin', Jake?

We're all right. What's
going on with the boat?

Some kids were out
here getting high,

and they said that some strange
looking person scared them off.

- I didn't think there were any kids left in this town.
- Well, there's not.

But, you know
how Bombay Beach is, Liz.

Kids just come out here looking
for some kind of adventure.

So, what did they say
about the guy they saw?

- They didn't say it was a guy.
- It was a woman?

You know, come to think of it,
they didn't say that either.

- That's kind of weird now isn't it, sheriff?
- Kind of weird indeed.

So, did they talk about
this... this person?


They just said he stood off in
the distance, watching them.

I hate that.

When someone
just stares at you.

So, what happened?

Well, from what they
said, after a long time,

suddenly this person just
ran at them full speed.

- And then it just leaped up here in the boat.
- What?

Yeah. It's like it
flew or something.

I mean, can you
believe that, Liz?

What kind of person can
leap all the way up here?

Yeah. Scared the shi... I mean, scared the you
know what out the damn little delinquents.

- That's quite a story.
- I agree, Jake.

They were pretty high when they came in the
station. I think it's just a bad trip is all.

I don't know about that, sheriff.
Did you see the way that they...

Anyway, we did find some evidence of
someone living out here in the boat.

- Do you know who it is?
- Nope.

Most likely it's that drifter
we've been hearing about.

- Do you think he's dangerous, Sam?
- Anything's possible.

Jake, why don't you take care of
her out of here for me, will you?


- Can I come down now, sheriff?
- In a minute, son.

Why don't you two mosey
along and let us finish up?

You got it.

I'll let you know if we come up
with any answers. Okay, Liz?

Sure. We'll see you later.

Bye Matthew.

Bye, Liz.

Jake, look.

Where the hell is my van?

Oh, I'd really appreciate that.

You bet.

Thank you, Sam.

Here you go.

Thank you.

This isn't coffee.

Coffee and hot chocolate.

How did you know?

Know what?

That was my favorite drink.

It is? Guess I still have a
couple of tricks up my sleeve.


Liz, what do you think
is really going on here?


It has something to do with those
books I saw in the bar, right?

You saw the books?

They were right in front of me.

Were those yours?

They're from the
museum where I work.

Okay, but you said I wasn't
crazy, remember?

I don't think you're crazy, Liz.

That's the last thing I think.

I don't know what's
happening in Bombay Beach,

but I think it has something
to do with dreams.



Before my mom disappeared, she was calling
me every day complaining about these

dreams she was having.

She said everyone in town
was having them.

- What kind of dreams?
- All different kinds.

But they all involved this

dark shadow figure.

And some strange
time-slipping thing.

Like losing track of time?

And reality.

Jake, what is it?


when I was a kid,

like eight years old,

I could never sleep.

So, I'd stay up all night,

with the lights off,
listening to music.

All night?


Sometimes two or three
nights in a row.

This one night, I was listening
to the Beatles White album.

Which I'd listened to
like a thousand times.

When the album finished, I heard the needle from
on my dad's old turntable track across the end.

Then, the needle picked up,

and then came back down
with a loud snap.


I'm not crazy either, Liz.

I know, Jake.

So, at the exact same
time as the snap,

my mom appeared
at the door of my room.

She said it was time for school.

So, you might have fallen
asleep and not known it.


But, nineteen days later...

I counted the days, Liz.

Nineteen days later,
it happened again.

That's weird.

You haven't heard the rest.

When I got up and went
to school the next day,

everything happened

exactly like it happened before.

Like déjà vu?



it wasn't similar.

It was the same.

Every moment.

Every event.

It was like I was living through
a movie I had already seen.

That's so scary.

Tell me about it.

I was eight.

I never told anyone that story.

Well, I'm glad you
told me, Jake.

What the hell could dreams have
to do with my van disappearing?

I don't know.

Maybe they have nothing
to do with your van.

Maybe it's just some kids
taking it for a joyride is all.

I couldn't be sorrier
for ya, Jake.

- You got all you need there, son?
- Yes, sir.

Don't you worry, Liz. I'm going to get right
on this when we get back to the station.

Everything I own
was in that van.

It's okay, Jake. It's just
stuff. We can get more stuff.

- That's probably why they took it.
- They?

We think it's Mexicans.

Yeah, they come up here in the middle of the
night, they creep into town, real quiet like,

pick out a mark, then bam!
It's gone in sixty seconds.

Your van parked out here with out of state
plates is like a sittin'-duck in this town.

Damn it. Forgot to put that
down, Kentucky plates.

You'd be surprised how many cars
have gone missing over the years.

How come we never
find any of them?

It's because it's a
big county, Liz.

Like I said, if it's Mexicans, chances are
they're just driving them across the border

- or strippin' them down to nothin' and selling the parts.
- Damn.


Is there anything else you think
we need to know, Jake?

That's about it.

Thanks for coming out so fast.

Ah, "Protect and Serve",
as they say in the big city.

You sure do make
a mean cup of Jo.

I'm gonna get right on this.
I promise you, Liz.

Well, what do you say we mosey on
out of here and get to it then?

- Leave these two kids alone.
- Thanks, Sam.

How far is the Johnson place?

- It's way on the outskirts of town.
- Can we walk?

I guess, but it would
take all night.

Well, can you get us a car?

Maybe I can. Come on.


- This place is so cool.
- Yeah.

What is it?

Oh, it's the town
founder's idea of art.

Everyone used to call him Bombay, because
he used to drink that blue sapphire gin,

so, Bombay Beach.
But he's long-gone now.

- Where'd he get all the cars?
- I have no idea.

He used to leave keys in that one, just in
case anyone in town needed it in an emergency.

Hey, you, um... want to go
the drive-in movies with me?

The drive-in? With you?

Yes, ma'am.

Well, I accept.

But, I'll have you know, Mr. Jake
Landor, I do not kiss on a first date.

I'd never think such a thing.


Have you thought about what you'll do if we
never find out what happened to your mom?

I'm gonna see this
thing through to the end.

I want you to know

I'm so glad.

Sometimes I just wish I could
run away from all this.

You know,

I saw a sign post for a little airport
a couple hundred miles outside of town.

What do you think about jumping in Bombay's
car and heading out there right now?

You know,

just kind of
disappear ourselves.

Maybe we should.

Come on. Let's go.

Jake? What?

Huh? Nothing. I just saw some
kid wondering around all alone.

I don't see anything.

Jake! It's okay. Stop.

They're closed.

What is it?

Come on. Maybe we can
come back tomorrow.

I guess when Aimee left so did
my last real connection to this place.

Like Aimee and Demi?

How do you know about Aimee?

They had a flat tire on the
dirt road outside of town.

I helped them change it.

My God.

That is so weird.

- Were you guys friends?
- Yeah.

She was my best friend
in the whole world.

Why'd they leave?

When Eaton disappeared
it just broke her heart.


Her little boy.

He was the cutest
little guy ever.

I'm sorry you lost your friend.

Jake, what is it?

I think we need to go
to the Johnson's.

- But, you just said...
- I know.

Liz, I'm sorry.

Someone has to stand
for all these people.

Well, when it's all over is
your airport offer still good?


Then let's get to it.

You don't want to stay
for the late-night feature?

- Can I take a rain check?
- You bet.

Damn, this place is creepy.

You ever been out here before?


Aimee and her friends used to come
out here when they were little.

What for?

You know how kids are. It was
always on a dare I'm sure.



I just got the feeling
someone is following us.

Yeah. Well it's no wonder
the kids were scared to death.

So, that's the Johnson's
place up there?


Stick by me, okay Liz?

Oh, don't worry about that.

What are you looking at?



Okay, but it's probably nothing.

Come on down here and take
a look across this area here.

I don't see anything.
It's so dark.

See how the ground
is kind of uneven?

Yeah? So?

I don't get it.

Okay, now. Now
don't worry, okay?

Jake, what?

Well, it looks like there could be
bodies buried there. Row after row.

I don't know, Jake.

I've spent a lot of time in the desert.
I think that's just how the ground is.


Yeah, you might be right.

Oh, my God! Look at that.

Liz... Wait!

There's my van!

My van!

- Oh, my God. There's my mom's car.
- Liz!

Liz, stay where you are!

- You hit?
- No, I'm good.

Did you see who it is
doin' the shootin'?

Nah. Good thing you showed up.

Well, we ain't outta
the woods yet.

How'd you know we were here?

Huh... Oh, I ran into Mosley. He
told me ya-all were coming out.

Got it.

Weird how he was just hiding out in that
old fire house this whole time, huh?

Yeah. Well, like I told you before,
weird is this town's middle name.

Mosley ain't never been
in that fire house.

I wish you wouldn't
have come, Jake.

I really wish you
wouldn't have come.

You killed all those people.

No. I only killed
the ones I had to.

The one's you had to?

I know you seen him, Jake.
Seen him in your dreams.

Tell me you seen him, Jake.

Or her.

It's a her for you, isn't it?

I don't know what you're
talking about.

They're the same.
Him, her, it doesn't matter.

It can be anyone it wants to be.

You got to know that, son.

You're saying something in your dreams made
you kill all the people in the whole town?

No! I told you I only killed
the ones he made me kill!

Where is everybody else?

Where is little Eaton Patts?
Where is Liz's mom?

That's why I had to do it.
It ain't give me no choice.

I didn't want to end up like Eaton.
Like all the rest of them.

Where are they, Sam?

Disappeared, Jake. Disappeared.

Only the Gods know where.

Poor little Eaton.

It just ain't right what
happened to poor little Eaton.

No! Jake!

He'll never leave
you alone, Jake.

You got to know that!


Are you shot? Are you
okay? Are you okay?

I'm fine. Liz, really,
I'm totally fine.

I wasn't trying
to shoot you, Liz.

I could never do that.

Sheriff just said to split
you guys up, that's all.



Well, how'd you get
a hold of him?

Hoss set a trap.

Little Hoss sets a trap!

Thank you, Hoss.
Thank you for rescuing me.

Hoss loves Liz.

I know you do. And I'm so glad.

I wouldn't have hurt you, Liz.

You got to know,
I could never hurt you.

I just didn't want you to end up
like everybody else...


And he promised me
you wouldn't if I just helped.

Everyone sure they're okay?


I think so.

Little Hoss okay.

Liz and new friend, Jake, okay.

Mosley okay?

Fine, Hoss.

What happened to Sam?

Sam not nice any more.

You're right about that,
Hoss. But why?


You mean like a Trickster God?

You've seen him in your dreams,
kiddo. I know you have.

What's a Trickster God?


I don't understand. What
does this Trickster do?

He pushes.

He nudges.

He suggests.

He makes people do bad things.

But, why?

Exactly, why?

Don't trust Trickster.

And, where?

- Where?
- Yeah.

Where... where
does he come from?

Nobody knows that.

Does it have to be a "he"?

It can be anybody
it wants to be.


Okay, but why do people
just keep disappearing?

- Oh, I think they're all just dead...
- No!

She's not dead.

I know she's not dead.

Jake loves Liz.

Bombay Beach might just be the
strangest place in the universe.

There are an infinite
number of universes, Jake.

Yeah, which one are you from?

I can't believe how
cold it is tonight.

Come here.

Just relax, Liz.

I'm scared.

Don't be.

If your mom is really
out there, we'll find her now.

The fire's so beautiful.

The angel of the lord appeared to him in
a blazing fire from the midst of a bush.

And he looked, and behold.

The bush was burning with fire.
Yet the bush was not consumed.

I wouldn't have taken you
for a bible-thumper, Del.

They're just words, Liz.
Words from one of your worlds.

You're quite the girl scout, Del.
That sucker's really burning.

The soul can never be cut
into pieces by any weapon.

Nor can it be burned by fire.

That smells so good.

I'm so sleepy.

Did I miss happy hour?

It's always happy hour in the
"Watering Hole". What will you have?

Um, I could do with
a burger. And a beer.

Coming right up.


- I'm Liz.
- Jake.

My pleasure.

How's the booze here?

Like a lot of things
in this town, ii-it's great!

- Tony the Tiger!
- Big fan.

That was fast.

Yeah. Time's a little
different in here.

Oh, I didn't order the fries.

They come free with the burger.

Man, I must be dreaming.

Yeah, free fries.


I mean a girl like you
in a place like this.

You're sweet.

You lost?

That's exactly what I've been asking
myself for I don't know how long.

I know the feeling.

Are you gonna eat that last fry
or are you just gonna stare at it?



I thought you said
you lived in Chicago.

I said I was from Chicago. But my mom
moved back here when I started college.


Sorry. It's kind of loud.

Yeah, I come visit
whenever I can.

I just love the people
here, you know.

I know how that can be. Have you
heard anything more about your mom?

like town gossip?

I guess. Yeah.

Well. Sure.

Gossip is a give and take thing,
and my mom is the queen.

Everybody loves her.

You want to meet her?

Oh, come on.

A big tough guy like you shouldn't
be scared of meeting a girl's mother.

You got anything planned
for the next fifty years or so?

You wanna take a ride with me?

We should really go
say goodbye to Delphi.



I must have been thinking
of another place and time.

You're kind of weird,
aren't you, Jake?

I feel so weak

To carry me away

♪ I trust the sun

♪ To find the horizon day

♪ I wanted to just know

♪ It's not just you and me

♪ It's not what you end up

It's what we cannot see

♪ We sit for hope

♪ And ever in deep blue

♪ And anyway

♪ A whole new set of rules

♪ I want to just know

♪ It's not just you and me

♪ It's not what you end up

♪ It's what we cannot see

♪ The trouble finds me

♪ No matter where I go

♪ I can't escape the darkness

♪ And I know