Tricks of the Trade (1988) - full transcript

Catherine's world goes to pieces when she learns from the police that her husband Donald got killed - shot in the apartment of a prostitute! To her he was a model husband, determined to ...

(MultiCom Jingle)

(soft classical music)

(muffled chatters)

- [Man] That's my point.

That's what I was trying
to tell him before.

- It has the potential to sizzle.

You know that.

- This guy comes up with this crazy idea.

- Wait, just a minute.

- I was trying to tell him that.

In '64, you were talking about--

- Wait.

- You said it's too dicey, yeah.

No guts, no glory.

- Would anyone like anything else?

- I'm fine, thanks.

- I couldn't eat another thing

but everything was delicious, as always.

- Yes, it was.
- Thank you, Frank.

- Donald, you are married
to the woman of the century.

- Oh, thanks.

Thank you, that's what I
keep trying to tell him.

- And she does tell me
over and over and over.


- Shall we have dessert in the den?

What do you say?

- Yeah.

- Sure.
- Absolutely.

- And then we can take a hot tub.

- [Woman] Perfect.

- Yes.

We have extra suits.

- Who needs suits?

- I'm game.

- Yeah, who need suits?

- Absolutely.

- I think they're kidding.

- Oh.


- I'm afraid I can't join you.

I've gotta get to the office.

- Oh honey.

- I wanna there in the
morning when Zurich opens.

Gold's going crazy.

- My God, you're dedicated.

6:00 A.M. is early enough for me.

- No, Donald is just more
ambitious than the rest of us.

- It was a good party, don't you think?

Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun.

- [Donald] You outdid
yourself, sweetheart.

- Liz looked marvelous.

She's going to that new weight
doctor in Beverly Hills.

What's his name?

I'm thinking about going.

- You don't need to go.

- Oh Donald, you gave those up, remember?

Will you be very late again tonight?

- Probably.

- Oh honey, that worries me so much.

You work so hard.

You know, Jim McCabe had a
heart attack and he's only 40.

- Catherine, nothing
is gonna happen to me.

Remember our 10 plan?

I just need to close one more
big deal and we're there.

- I'm the luckiest wife in the world.

- I'm the lucky one.

But it'll probably be another all nighter,

so don't wait up for me, okay?

- All right.

- See ya.

- All right.

Oh, your keys are on the back porch by--

- Right.
- All right.

(upbeat music)

♪ The lights are on, but you're not home ♪

♪ Your mind is not your own ♪

♪ Your heart sweats, your body shakes ♪

♪ Another kiss is what it takes ♪

♪ You can't sleep, you can't eat ♪

♪ There's no doubt, you're in deep ♪

♪ Your throat is tight,
you can't breathe ♪

♪ Another kiss is all you need ♪

♪ Whoa, you like to think that
you're immune to the stuff ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ It's closer to the truth
to say you can't get enough ♪

♪ You know you're gonna have to face it ♪

♪ You're addicted to love ♪

♪ Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪

♪ Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪

♪ Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪

♪ Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪

♪ Might as well face it ♪

♪ Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪

♪ Might as well face it ♪

♪ Might as well face it ♪

♪ Might as well face it ♪

♪ Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪

♪ Might as well face it ♪

(soft seductive music)

- Trick or treat.

♪ When the night fills up with hunger ♪

♪ The appetite you can't ignore ♪

♪ When your heart beats with a thunder ♪

♪ That will rock you to your core ♪

♪ You shake, make, or break ♪

♪ Run into my door ♪

♪ Come in, it's no shame ♪

♪ That's what the light is for ♪

Oh God.

♪ This animal emotional
is nothing you can leave ♪

Oh God, I missed you, Marla.

- I missed you too, daddy.

♪ This animal out of control ♪

♪ The way it's got to bleed ♪

♪ And there's no doubt that you
bring out the animal in me ♪

- I can't stay too long.

I just needed to be with you tonight.

- Is something wrong?

- I could use a drink.

- Sure.

♪ Stand tight ♪

Oh damn, I'm out of scotch.

I'll go to Beverly's and get some.

- Okay.

♪ You make me forget the
world outside exists ♪

Go out there but you hurry back.

- I'll be back before you miss me.

- You better.

♪ This animal emotional ♪

♪ There's nothing you can do ♪

♪ The animal grab a hold of you ♪

♪ This animal out of control ♪

♪ The way it's got to be ♪

♪ And never doubt that you
bring out the animal in me ♪

That was fast.

Thank you very much.


♪ This city is a jungle sometimes ♪

♪ Things can get a little rough ♪

♪ You know who to call ♪

♪ Baby, when you just can't get enough ♪

(police siren wails)

- I know this is difficult
for you, Mrs. Todsen,

but anything you can tell
us will be appreciated.

Where did your husband work?

- Brice Dunbar, he's, was a stock broker.

- How long have you been married?

- Nine years.

- Any problems with the marriage?

- No, no, we were very happy.

Donald was a wonderful husband.

- How often did you see Todsen?

- I don't know, once a week.

- Oh, so he was a regular, huh?

- He was a trick, Delroy.

I think you know what I do for a living.

- Maybe you liked him.

Maybe you gave it to him for free.

- He paid like everyone else.

- (sighs) Yeah, he paid heavy.

- Are you gonna charge me with something?

'Cause if you're not gonna
charge me with something,

I'm outta here.

- You're outta here when
I get good and ready

to let you out of here.

You understand that?

- Oh, fold it four ways, Delroy.

- Here.

Come on.

You set him up, right?

You pimped him.

- If you had another idea in
your head, it'd be lonely.

I don't have a pimp, I outlaw.

- Did your husband often
work late at night?

- Yes.

He was very ambitious.

He had this plan to make
five million dollars

before he was 40.

- Did you ever think he
was seeing someone else?

- No, that's ridiculous.

- Yeah.

- Why you asking me this?

- I'm trying to determine

why your husband was
found where he was found.

- Where was my husband found?

- In an apartment.

In Hollywood.

- Who's apartment?

- A prostitute's.

- [Marla] It's been a
real pleasure, Delroy.

- Yeah, well, it's been
a thrill for me, too.

Listen, stick around, will ya?

Don't take any long trips.

- [Marla] Too bad, I'm gonna have

to cancel my Caribbean cruise.

- Hey, would you be so kind

as to give this lady a ride home?

- You're a real gentlemen, Delroy.

- [Delroy] Thank you.

- Hey, just for the record,

it ain't exactly a good business practice

killing johns, you know?

- That's her, isn't it?

- Yes.

- [Police Officer] Okay, ma'am, let's go.

- Catherine.

- Miss Todsen.

- Oh Frank.

- Oh Catherine, I'm so sorry.

- Oh Frank, I just can't believe it.

- I know, I know.

- How could he do it to me, Frank?

How could he?

- I don't know, Catherine.

I just don't know.

- [Police Officer] Three shots were fired

and I'll just make sure this report--

- Come on, boys, I have a life.

- All right, Jay, I'll see you later.

Come on, ma'am.

- I wanna see where that woman lives.

- Oh, Catherine.
- Where Donald died.

- No, no.
- Please Frank.

I have to.

- That's your worst
possible thing you can do.

- [Woman] Hey Marla.

(muffled chatters)

- Not just another woman

but a prostitute.

What was wrong with me?

- Catherine, don't.

- It's like I never even knew him.

- How you like it?

- Come on, come on.

Come on, I got one quarter left.

- Hey Marla.

How you doing?

- I'm okay.

- Sorry to hear about the
flap of your john, Marla.

It couldn't be too good for business.

- Give her a break, okay Tony?

- Wasn't this one you were sweet on?

You know, the regular?

- Bite the wall, Tony.

- Yeah.

The one with the wife.

- They all got wives.

Hi Eden.

- Hi.

- I just heard.

What a shock.

I brought you some Godivas.



It's such a loss.

I just don't know what to say.

- He was such a good husband.

So devoted to you.

- I'm very tired.

- I bet you are.

- I think I should rest.

- Yeah, come on.

- We should all go.

- Why don't we all, sure.

- Call me if you need anything.

- Thanks, Sally.

- [Howard] Goodbye.

- Bye Howard.


- Can you believe it?

To have him go like that in the saddle?

- Look Catherine, I know
you don't know it now,

but believe me, things
are only gonna get better

from here, okay?

You just need a little time.

- Why don't you go
upstairs and get some rest

and I'll take care of
the funeral arrangements?

- I don't want a funeral.

I don't think he deserves one.

- You don't have to have a funeral.

You can do whatever you want.

- Let me get you some Valium.

- Catherine, Donald
made a terrible mistake.

But he worked really hard

and you're gonna be
very well taken care of.


- Mm-hmm.

- All right, get some rest.

And I'll give you a call.

- Thanks, Frank.

- And whatever you need,

anytime you call me, all right darling?

- All right, Liz.

Thank you, Liz.
- Bye bye.

- Bye bye.


- Mrs. Todsen, Stryker and Delroy.

May we come in?

- Yes, please.

- It's all right?

- Yes, yes.

- Sorry to have to bother
you at this time, ma'am.

- [Catherine] That's all right.

- [Delroy] Thanks.

- There's just a few
questions we have to ask you.

- Oh please.

Please, here.

- Thank you.

- You wanna tell us about your plans

to go down to Rio with your husband?

- What plans to go to Rio?

- Weren't you going to Rio
to meet your husband there?

- I have no idea what
you're talking about.

- You must have an idea.

I have his ticket right here.

- Rio?

He was going to Rio?


- Hey girl.

You're not dressed yet.

- Oh, I just can't tonight.

Can you take Arnie alone?

- Sure, I don't mind.

The cops just left here asking
me a whole lot of questions.

Sure hope I didn't say the wrong thing.

- I'm sure you were cool.

- Girl, I thought you gave
those things up for good.

- Things change.

- Yeah, well, you don't
look too good either.

Did you eat anything today?

- I'm not hungry.

- Not much here to cook with.

Ah, but you got ice cream.

- That stuff's not for eating.

It's for Roy.

- Yeah, I got one like that, Dave.

He uses yogurt, he's on a diet.

Now you gotta eat something or
you gonna get yourself sick.


- You know that blood
stain's not gonna come out.

But girl, I got a trick
in the carpet business.

He can get you a brand new carpet

and you can work most of it off.

Oh and guess who's back in town?

- Who?

- Tiffany.

Just finished doing
time in Bruntier, right?

On the stroll for 15 minutes

and propositioned a undercover dick.

- Bad luck.

- [Beverly] Her planets
must be real funky.

(somber music)

- I'm gonna miss him, you know?

He was the only guy that
was ever good to me.

- [Beverly] Girl, don't.

- What do the wives have that I don't?

I mean, besides the right
clothes and the right schooling,

right table manners.

- I told you a million times.

Never get involved with a john.

- Yeah, I know.

Good enough to play with.

- But not good enough to love, honey.

Men are pigs.


- [Arnie] Beverly, I need my physical.

- [Beverly] I'll be
right there, Arnie honey.

- What does that hooker
have that I don't have?

I mean, I thought I had a good marriage.

I even thought our sex
life was, you know, fine.

How could Donald do this to me?

I've always been such a nice person.

- Maybe Donald didn't always want nice.

- But I was brought up to
have good manners, you know?

To be polite, so was Donald.

- Can you really be polite

when your husband's been
sleeping with another woman?

- Well, I do feel betrayed.

- Betrayed?

You're furious.

You're just not in touch with your anger.

- No, I don't think I know how to do that.

- Then maybe it's time you learned.

- Hey fella, wanna party?


(dog barking)


- [Marla] Yeah?

- I'm Catherine Todsen, Donald's wife.

- Just in the neighborhood
and thought you'd drop by?

- I need to talk to you.

- Well I don't need to talk to you.

- Look, this isn't easy for me.

- Everything's easy for you.

- [Walter] Marla.

- [Catherine] Oh, I'm
sorry, you have company.

- [Walter] Marla.

- Oh.

- [Walter] Marla.

- Look, this is office hours.

- Listen, I just have
to ask you something.

- You wanted to see where a hooker lives.

Well, now you've seen it.

- Oh, no, no, no, wait, wait.


No, I need to know how long
Donald was coming here.

- What is this, female bonding?

- Actually I'm trying to
get in touch with my anger.

- Oh, don't tell me, you
just came from your shrink.

- Look, it's not much to ask, is it?

- Three years.

Okay, two years and nine months.

Now you can go back to your
frigid Beverly Hills life.

- It is not Beverly Hills.

It's Brentwood and I am not frigid.

For your information,

Donald and I had a
perfectly normal sex life.

- Honey, any sex that's normal
has to be far from perfect.

- Marla, I've been a bad boy.

- I'll be with you in a second, Walter.

I gotta get back to work.

Unless of course you care to join us.

- No, thank you very much.

- [Walter] Are you sure?

- Yes.


My worst nightmare.

(motorcycle roars)

What, what is this?


(dramatic music)

Hey, help, help.

Stop, stop!

(dog barking)

Down boy, down, down.


Okay, good boy, good boy.

Stay, stay.

(car horn honking)

- Can I help?

- That man stole my car.

In front my eyes, he stole my car.

- Not the best neighborhood.

I'll be glad to drive you
to the police station.

- Thank you, oh thank you so.

Oh, thank you so much.

So humiliating, my car stolen.

I don't know how to thank you.

I'm so embarrassed.

A lot of good my car alarm did.

- [Man] I know what happened to your car.

- What?

- I know what happened to your husband.

- We want it.

- [Catherine] Want what?

- You know what.

- No, I don't know what.

- Your husband stole it from us.

- Stole what?

- And you're gonna hand it over

or you're gonna wind up just like him.

- You've got two days.

We'll be in touch.

- My purse!

Oh, no, no, my purse!

This isn't happening to me.

Oh goodness.


- What?

- Somebody stole my car.

Then someone tried to kidnap,

then someone else stole my purse.

So now I'm stranded and I have no money.

- You got bad karma, kid.

- They wanted something
they said Donald had.

Now, would you know about that?

- How the hell would I know about that?

- Because maybe you killed Donald for it.

- Maybe you killed Donald for it.

- Why on earth would I want Donald dead?

- Oh, let's see.

He was sleeping with a hooker,

you're on the insurance policy.

I could go on.

- Oh, I'll bet you could.

- I see you're getting
in touch with your anger.


- Please, could I use your
telephone to call the police?

- [Walter] The police?

- Breath through your nose, Walter.

- Please.

- I'll drive you to the station.

Just promise me, you won't come back.

- I promise.

By the way, what is this you're wearing?

- A business suit.

I'll get my keys.

- Hello.

- Hello Walter.

It's just been one of those kind of days.

And thank you very much.

Ooh, is this a cute car.

I had one of these myself in college.

Who'd thought they become a classic, huh?

No seatbelts.

Oh, weird.

You know, we do a new seatbelt law.

You could get a ticket.

(tires screeching)

Look out!

Oh, oh, oh.

- What would you put the
value of your purse at?

- Oh, $750.

- Excuse me.

- I bought it in Paris.

- The value of its contents.

- Oh gee, let me see.

Well, there was a gold
Tiffany keychain with keys,

my Gucci wallet with
matching checkbook cover,

my Montblanc pen, my Cartier
compact, all my makeup,

all my credit cards, all
my cash, all the Valium.

Oh, I don't know, $2,500.

- Let's move on to the car.

Can you describe the man who stole it?

- I only saw him for a second.

But if I had to describe him,

I could definitely say he was a thug.

- A thug.

- A thug.
- Mm-hm.

- [Stryker] Sign here please.

- This is it?

I mean, you're not going to do anything?

- We'll look into this, Mrs. Todsen.

Thank you very much.

- But this other man,
the one I told you about.

Not the youngster who stole my purse

or the thug who took my car

but the one who tried to kidnap me,

him I can describe.

- Oh.

- He had beady little eyes.

Very bad breathe.

And he was wearing an
imitation leather jacket.

- You sure it was imitation?

- Mm-hm.

Now he wanted something.

- [Delroy] They usually do.

- No, this had to do with Donald.

It could be a clue.

- A clue.

- A clue.

- Walter, I hope you were good.

(mysterious music)

(phone ringing)


- [Man] Listen honey, we want it back.

You got two days to turn it over

or you wind up like
Donald, two days, got it?

- (sighs) Mrs. Todsen.

You come down here in a $50,000 car.

You got a purse worth more money

than most people make in a month.

You are a typical west side liberal

with too much money and too
much free time on your hand.

- Really?

I'll have you know I'm a Republican.

- Go home, Mrs. Todsen.

- I just don't understand this.

I mean, you're treating me
as though I'm the criminal

when I'm the one who got mugged.

I'm the one who's car was stolen.

I'm the one who almost got kidnapped.

And you two stand there so smugly.

Well let me tell you something,

it's my taxes that pay your salaries

and the least you can be
is somewhat sympathic.

- Let me tell you--

- You know, we pay taxes too, ma'am.

- My husband was a law
abiding citizen and so am I.

- Your husband came down
here looking for trouble

and he found it and we're
gonna do our very best

to investigate that.

- Can I have someone
drive you home, ma'am?

- Thank you for the water and crackers.

I can manage myself.

- Cancel that call.

- [Police Officer] All right,
come on, let's move it.

- Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry.

Oh, oh, you're chained.

- Hey baby.
- Pardon.

Well, you have the right of way.

- [Police Officer] All
right, John, move it.

Let's check it moving.

- [Police Officer] You're on 02?

- [Police Officer] Yeah, I'm
working through the night.

(tires screeching)

- Get in.

- Go away.

- Now!

- Do you have to yell at me?

- Please.

- Thank you.


Oh, there are just flies everywhere.

I'll have a chili cheese
dog with everything on it.

Onions, everything,
sauerkraut if you have it.

Piece of apple pie with
ice cream, vanilla.

Thank you.

- You always eat like this?

- When I'm under stress, yes I do.

- Oh, you mean like
when you have a manicure

and a lunch in the same day?

- You know, it's very impolite
to smoke in a restaurant.

Haven't you ever heard of secondary smoke?

You know, you have a
real mean streak in you.

- Think so?

- Yes, I do.

- Well your husband didn't.

- You see.

- What?
- What you just said.

That was very mean spirited.

- Well thank you for pointing this out.

- Well I thought since we were talking,

we might as well be open.

- Okay, as long as we're being open,

why don't you tell me what Donny was into?

- I don't know what Donald was into.

Donald never told me anything.

- I can believe that.

- Well what did he share
with you besides the obvious?

- A lot of things, we talked
about a lot of things.

For instance, he taught
me about investing.

I could be a stock broker now.

- Oh good, Frank needs a new partner.

- Look, I don't like this
any better than you do

but somebody's after both of us.

- Well then we should go to the police.

- Oh grow up.

Cops arrest hookers.

- No, the police are
here to serve the public.

Sort of like what you do.

- Well at least I don't give it away.

- I don't give anything away.

- That's what Donny said.

- I don't have to stay here

and listen to your low class insults.

- Yes you do, yes you do.

Look, I don't like you
and you don't like me.

Okay fine but we need each other.

- I do not need you.

- You don't get it, do you?

You don't get it.

Donny screwed us both.

We've gotta find out what kinda
trouble he's gotten us into

before we get nabbed by the
cops or offed by those scum.

- You mean killed?

- Oh, wake up, Snow White.

Prince Charming ain't coming back.

It's us or the freaking witch.

- You were right.

Those sweet little ladies
are working together.

- Uh-huh.

They are sweet, aren't they?

I think we're gonna follow
them wherever they go.

(upbeat music)

- I don't think I can do this.

- Look, we got people to talk to.

You walk around like Princess Di,

we'll get the royal brushoff.

Besides, around here it ain't safe.

- I just don't feel comfortable.

Maybe it's the vinyl.

I won't wear that.

I feel like a walking advertisement.

- [Marla] That's the point.

- Yes, if you've got something to sell.


- Jude, put this on my charge.

You owe me $176.


- What, they clash?

- [Marla] Will you just trust me?

- [Catherine] Well these shoes

were definitely not made for walking.

- Fine.

- I wish I'd gotten
glasses like yours now.

I feel totally overdressed.

- No, no, you could pull his off.

- Really?

- See that.

- Just this belt is binding me.

- Hey, hey.

- Oh, no, Marla.

I draw the line right here.

I will not get tattoos.

- Can you just drive the guy?

- Yes.
- Come on.

Hey Louie.

- Hey sweetie, how are the roses?

- Oh, a big hit.

- I did a dozen red, real classic.

- Oh really, where?

- Later.

- Listen Louie,

She's looking for a
guy who ripped her off.

- Can you remember what he looked like?

- Oh yes, yes, yes.

He has very bad breathe

and he was wearing a cheap
imitation leather jacket.

- Face like a weasel.

- Just my type.

- Louie use to be a police artist.

- Really?
- Okay.

Pick a nose.

- Pick a nose.

Let's see, noses.

(jazzy music)

- You sure?

That's all right.

Thanks fellas.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Sometimes the night can be nasty ♪

♪ The streets can be cold ♪

♪ Downtown on the corner ♪

♪ Something's being told ♪

♪ Stick with me and I'll show you how ♪

♪ To survive in this dirty town ♪

♪ Too rough, tough world ♪

♪ Strange things can happen ♪

♪ Stick with me ♪

♪ Stick with me ♪

Gloria, I like you as a blonde.

- Oh thanks.

- Very nice.

Gloria, this is Lorraine.

Lorraine, Gloria.

- Hello.
- Oh hi, how are you?

- Fine thank you.

- You know this guy?

- I've not seen him.

Not my type really, too pug.

- Thank you anyway, doll.

See you later.

- Okay, anytime, hun.

♪ Stick with me and I'll show you how ♪

♪ To survive in this dirty town ♪

- [Catherine] Did something die in here?

- Look close, babe.

- Oh, okay.

Hun, would you mind helping me out here?

I gotta keep the blood flowing.

Otherwise they get all stiff.

- There is no way I'm touching this man.

♪ Stick with me ♪

♪ Stick with me ♪

♪ The streets can be cold ♪

♪ Downtown on the falling ♪


♪ Stick with me ♪

- I did see a guy like that at Eddy's.

Making a Raiders bet.

- Are you sure?

- Ask your friend Beverly.

She was with him.


- My feet are killing me.

- Come on.


How you doing, Beverly?

- What's happening?
- You picking up?

- Yeah, a broke let.

This guy wanted a French girl

so here I can with (speaking
in foreign language).

What about you, whatcha doing?

Working doubles?

- New girl.

- On the job training.

- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- You know this guy, Bev?

- Why should I?

- Some guy thought you might.

- Yeah, well I don't.

- Doesn't look like one
of your regular johns.

- Yeah, well I just told
you I don't know him.

- Come on, Beverly, don't jerk me around.

- Hey, I'm working, damn it.

You blocking my action.

- Who's that?

- My best friend.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh Marla, I don't even
drive by places like these.

- You have to look like a pro, remember?

- They didn't teach
prostitution 101 at Bastyr.

- Did ever you fantasize about it?

- No.

- Somehow I believe you.

Just do I do, watch my moves.

- [Catherine] People get
arrested for doing your moves.

- [Marla] I'll keep it
simple just for you.

- Well thank you.

(upbeat music)

♪ Let me take off your coat ♪

♪ Real slow ♪

♪ And let me take off your shoes ♪

♪ Oh, take off your shoes ♪

♪ Let me take off your dress ♪

♪ Yes, yes, yes ♪

♪ You can leave your hat on ♪

♪ You can leave your hat on ♪

♪ You can leave your hat on ♪

♪ Go over there and turn off the lights ♪

♪ I mean all the lights ♪

♪ Come over here ♪

♪ Stand on that chair ♪

♪ Yeah, that's right ♪

- [Man] Want a cigarette?

♪ Raise your arms up in the air ♪

- Okay, two bills for the night.

You got it.

- Hi Marla, how's tricks?

- Everyone's a comedian, Eddy.

- Who's the new girl?

- Brandy.
- Candy.

- Candy.
- Brandy.

- Brandy Candy when you get to know me.

- Sounds sweet.

- Look, I hate to interrupt
the foreplay, Eddy,

but I'm looking for somebody.

Slit eyes, pitted skin, pointy ears.

Just a little cuter than you.

You see him?

- Doesn't ring a bell.

- Are you sure?

Someone saw him in here
with Beverly making bets.

- Sorry.

- Yeah.

That amnesia bug's going around.

Come on.

♪ You can leave your hat on now baby ♪

- Evening.

(energetic music)

- Catherine, move it!

(car horn honking)


- Hey, watch it!

- Hey cowboy, this is your lucky night.

We're having a two for one sale.

- Ooh my, what a bargain.

- [Marla] Yeah.

- A guy always dreams of
a twofer especially a cop.

Ladies, you're under arrest.

- Oh, no, there's a mistake.

I don't usually dress like this.

I'm not even from this neighborhood.

I'm from Brentwood.

- Then you can consider me your chauffeur.

- This hooker goes over to a john, right?

She says, look, for $100 I'll do anything.

He said, yeah, paint my house.


- Excuse me.

Is there a non-smoking
section I can be moved to?

Anyone, hello?

- Hey, relax.

- Hey Marla, I got some of
that stock you told me about.

It went $5 a share.

- Yeah, well you wait
until it goes up to $20,

then you sell.

- Excuse me.

Would you mind pacing over there?

I'm very claustrophobic.

- (mumbling) Ain't much.

Nobody gives a damn about it.

- Yes, well, it's your
fault we're in here.

- Hey, I saved our butts, little girl.

If we weren't in here,
we'd be in the morgue.

- Hey, I got a 32 in my purse.

Some dude starts messing with me

and he gets in the money machine.

- [All] Yeah!

- Look, I got a really good lawyer.

Here's his card.

- Oh, thank you.

- [Marla] Save it, Egypt.

She'll be out in a heartbeat.

- [Speaker] Catherine
Todsen, Catherine Todsen.

- Uh-huh.

- So long, kiddo.

- Oh, thanks.

- Take care of yourself.

- Hey, now that you've
done some hard time,

you might wanna sell the book rights.

Feel free to come back
and do the research.

We'll be here.

- Thanks, thank you.


- Catherine?

- Oh my God.

- Excuse me.

- Excuse me.

- Excuse me.

- What the hell is this?

- Oh, this.

Well, I was just going undercover.

- Undercover?
- Uh-huh.

- Listen to me.

I'm conducting a murder investigation

and you're playing dressup.

- No, no, no.

I was just trying to do what I thought--

- Don't, don't try anything.

Just go back to Brentwood and stay there.

I don't wanna see you
east of Beverly Hills.

- But Detective Stryker, I'd like you

to meet my friends, Liz and Frank.

- What happened?
- How are you?

Are you okay?

- I got my car stolen.

- Oh, you're kidding.
- You're kidding.

They didn't steal your clothes, did they?

- Oh, I can explain.

- Oh, not the Jag?

- Yes, the Jag.

Oh, Liz.
- You must be exhausted.

- Oh, I'm starving.

- Oh, maybe I have something.

- Do you have a cracker?

- Why don't I call Wolfgang?

See if he can squeeze us in.

- How about a muffin?

- That'd be fine.
- I'll call Michael

or Rebecca or something.

- This is okay.
- I've arranged bail.

We can just take off.

- Oh, let's just get out of here.

- Good, good, there's
just one other thing.

I'd like to arrange bail for Marla.

- Fine, who's Marla?

- Marla.

- Isn't she the?

- Yeah.

- Not the?

You don't mean the?

- Yeah, Donald's friend, Marla.

- Catherine, this is not your problem.

- Oh, no, Liz, you'd like her, really.

- Not that I don't wanna meet her.

- I wanna introduce you.

- No, wait, I gotta put my foot down.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

But absolutely not.

- You know, Liz is okay but I think

that Frank wears his suspenders too tight.

- Frank's all right.

- People live here?

- That's the general idea.

- Everything matches.

- Kinda like your boots and fringe.

Condolence cards.

Catalogs, ooh, mail
order is so convenient.

- Yeah, just the thing
for the woman on the run.

How many doors you got?

- Oh, Marla, this is Brentwood.

We're safe.

Donald knew those men from
your life, not from mine.

- Right, are your windows locked?

- I have a security system.

- [Security System]
House secure, good night.

- [Catherine] So Donald talked
to you about his work, huh?

- Yeah, he did.

He was a great teacher.

I think I'm gonna get certified.

Become a stock broker for the street.

- Stock broker for the
street, that sounds good.

- Oh my, fashion risk.

No pearls, what a statement.

You know, even Nancy
Reagan dares to wear red.

- Well you know, sometimes
subtle is preferable.

- Yeah, when?

Everything in this closet is beige.

Maybe that's what was
wrong with your marriage.

Too beige.

- Now Marla, who are you to tell me

what was wrong with my marriage, huh?

- Just an observation.

- All right now, Marla.

What are we looking for?

- I don't know, drugs, money, jewels.

He got a safe?

- Here in the floor.

- Where else?

- Donald told me never to touch that.

- What, you're afraid
you're gonna be grounded?

All right, the combinations
over here in the Rolodex.

Donald wrote it like a phone number.

Only he dropped the first number

and the rest is the combination.

- I won't tell a soul.

- All right, here we go.

16, 22, seven.

What's that number again, 16?

- 16, 22, seven.

- That's gotta be it.

Oh, oh my Lord!

- What, what?

- I could charge again,
Donald's credit cards.

- He lives on.

(mysterious music)

- Fuse again, I'll call security.

- Catherine, Catherine, we gotta go.

- Darn, it's dead.

- Okay, and we're out of here.

- It's safety regulated.

It's just been that way.


- Where you going?

- [Catherine] Come on.

Come on, quickly.

- [Marla] What, what, where are we moving?

- Come on.

Okay, open that window.

- Why?
- Just open it.

Suburban fire escape, catalog item.

Chuck that out the window.

- No, no.
- Come on.

- No.
- Throw it out the window.

(glass shatters)


- [Man] Ladies, come on.

- Okay, okay.

And Donald laughed at
me when I bought this.

- Hey ladies, ladies.

We know you're here.

- All right, you first.

- No.
- Go on.

- No.
- Go on, Marla.

Come on, go on.

Marla, what's the matter with you?

Are you frightened of heights?

- Shut up!
- Don't make this hard.

- Bye now.

Come on, Marla, come on.

Come on, Marla, come on.

- Shut up, Catherine!

- Don't tell me to shut up anymore.

Marla, Marla, lift your
foot, lift your foot.

- Oh God, I knew it, I
knew I was gonna die!

I'm gonna die, no, no.

My hands are slipping.

I can't hold on.

I can't hold on.

- Marla, Marla, Marla.

- Come on, let's go.

Furniture's a little tacky,

but it's got a great view.

- Wait a minute, you're
certain it's all right

for us to be here.

- Will you relax?

- Will you quit saying that to me?

I'm perfectly relaxed.

I'm just concerned.

If somebody walks in--

- We are perfectly safe.

Ralph is away on location.

He is a producer.

- Oh, oh.


Oh, you mean he produces.

- Yeah.

Chastity, now that was a good film.

The wheel of foreplay,
that was his masterpiece.

(water splashes)

Come on in, it feels great.

- Oh, in a minute.

I'm just going to unwind.

- Catherine, it's chlorinated.

- You know, Marla, I was just curious.

Have you ever?

- A film?

- Mm-hmm.

- No, I have a job.

- Well, I know that.

- I mean as a manicurist.

That I have something to show the IRS.

Also it's a great way to meet clients.

Oh by the way, I gotta go there
first thing in the morning.

I gotta talk to Beverly.

Gotta a brush?

Oh, you know, you outta go to
Donny's office and dig around.

Dig around for what?

- I don't know.

Get his appointment book.

You know, the last 24
hours of a victim's life

are the most important
when solving a crime.

- [Catherine] Learn that
from your close association

with the police, no doubt.

- I watch a lot of movies.

- [Catherine] In between clients?

- [Marla] Sometimes during.

- [Marla] Oh, so that's
how you get through it.

- Get through what?

- It.
- It?

- It.

- Drink this.

Are you interested?

- Me?


Well yes, all right, I'm
interested in how you feel.

- Well for me it's not that bad anymore.

I've got my regular johns.

It's like a job.

It's like punching a clock.

- Well, do you like it?

- Do you?

- Me?

- You.

- (sighs) Well, of course I like it.

- Always, you never lied?

- Well, maybe once or twice.

- Oh.

- But Marla.

Making love with someone you love,

someone who loves you,

well that's a lovely thing.

- I love seeing my bills get paid.

- Yes but doesn't that scare you?

I mean, it's dangerous out there.

There are diseases.

- I take care of myself.

- All right, but I still say

it's like playing Russian Roulette.

- Not if you're ready
when the gun goes off.

- Look, a john comes to me,

he plays by my rules or we don't play.

If that's all right with him,

then I'll give him anything he wants.


- Oh, I just suppose
that's what Donald saw you.

No offense.

- Are you worried?

- What?

- That he might've cared about me?

- Did he?

- Don't sweat it, Catherine.

He was just another trick.

- Did you care about him?

- You know, he told me all about you once.

He said you were perfect.

You were the perfect wife.

I was the perfect play thing.

- Well, he had it all
figured out, didn't he?

- Yeah.

But now it's our turn.

What have you got there?

- The obligatory condolence cards.

With sympathy.

With deepest sympathy.

With sympathy and understanding.

Oh good, a bill.

$225 for the delivery
of a floral arrangement.

- Good Lord, what are the
flowers made of in Brentwood?


- I suppose Donald sent these to you.

- Are you kidding?

I get flowers at Safeway for
$2.49 and buy 'em myself.

So who do you suppose he
sent these flowers to?

- Well that's easy enough to find out.


- What do I do?

- Look like a collector.

Do what I do.

- Next item is lot number
10, a very fine Bakota relic.

We shall start the bidding at 2,000.

- I'm terribly sorry,
this is a private auction.

Invitation only.

- Yes, well I'm Mrs. Donald Todsen

and my husband has the invitation.

He's meeting us here.

- And I suppose this person
is also on our guest list?

- This person just happens
to be the baroness.

- Kaminski.
- Kaminski.

- Baroness.
- Baroness.

- Quite.

- Now, if you could tell us

where we might find Victoria Van Adams.

- She's over there against the wall.

- [Catherine] She's gorgeous.

- You don't suppose Donny
was cheating on us, do you?

- Well, let's find out.

Miss Van Adams?

- Yes?

- We're sergeants Friday

and Thursday.
- Monday.

- Thursday, Monday.

- Tuesday.
- Wednesday.

- All week long, L.A. Bunco.

We're investigating an art forgery case.

Very hush hush and we need your help.

- Yes?

- Last week you were
sent a floral arrangement

by Mr. Donald Todsen.

- How did you know that?

- That's our job.

We were wondering, what is the
nature of your relationship

with Mr. Todsen.

- I run an art gallery.

Donald Todsen is one of my clients.

He wanted to sell his
collection of pre-Columbian art

and I gave him a rather
substantial advance.

- Ah-ha, there is no Todsen on my list.

You both have to leave immediately.

- Look slime eyes, don't touch me

unless you got a cenote in your pocket.

I'm a baroness.

- We were doing just fine in there

until you opened your big mouth.

- Oh, with your line of bull?

All week long, what is that?

- Oh, and what about your
proposition to that man?

- Hey, I got a proposition for you.

You're on your own.

- And better off for it, good luck.

- Oh, good luck to you.

- Better luck to you.

- Gee, I'm sorry, Mrs. Todsen,

but it appears none of
your cards are valid.

- Oh, no, no.

Now that can't be, my cards are all full.

- No, I tried.
- Every one of them.

- Well I tried them all.

They're overdue and overdrawn.

- No, that can't be.

- They've been canceled.

I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to confiscate them.

- No, not my card.

- It's policy.

- Oh, oh.

- You know, there's a
little place right down

the street called We Rent Rex.

All you need is $10 and a prayer.


- [Frank] I can't believe it, Catherine.

- There's nothing left, Frank.

He even borrowed on our
life insurance policy.

- What about that bond fund?

- No, he liquidated everything.

Cashed out everything.

What was he up to, Frank?

You're his best friend.

I mean, what was Donald thinking?

- Well, I don't know.

He'd been tense for a long time,

but we've all been tense

with this market going
up and down like this.

I don't know.

I guess he was really on the
edge and I just didn't see it.

- Well, I guess I didn't see it either.

- Catherine, I'll help
you in any way I can.

I care about you so much.

If there's anything I can do.

Look, I don't want you
to be worried about money

at a time like this.

It's hard enough.

And if this isn't enough, I
want you to tell me, okay?

- Well thanks, Frank.

- Would you please do me a favor

and stay away from that,
the, that, you know.

- Marla?

- [Frank] Yeah, Marla.

- Oh, I won't be seeing Marla anymore.

- Beverly, hang on.

I gotta talk to you.

- [Beverly] Hey, I got nothing to say.

- Beverly, you got to
tell me what's going on.

- Hey, don't press me.

Now won't you do yourself a favor

and just stay out of it.

- Please don't do this to me.

- Look, I can't talk here.

So, why don't you meet me
after work at my place?

But you gotta promise me

that you won't say I told you anything.

- Yeah.

- [Tony] Marla, you
got a customer waiting.

- I'm coming, I'm coming.

- Yeah and so is Christmas.

- Hey Beverly, looking damn good, yeah.

Hey Marla, what's happening?

- Don't tell me, change at the machine.

- Hey Tony.

You did a little cleanup, huh?

Hey, nice color.

- On you.

(employees chattering)

(soft somber music)


(detectives chattering)

- They get fed up, they get bored.

They can't find a game.

- Hello.

- What are you doing here?

Didn't you see this?

- Oh, I ducked under that.

- Uh-huh, what do you have back there?

- Where?

- Behind your back.

- Nothing.
- Let me see your hands.

- The other hand.

- Both hands.

- What is this?

- That's sentimental.

- It is not sentimental.

- This is sentimental.

- That is sentimental.

- This isn't.

- I can explain this.

Let me explain it to you please.

You see, what happens is
I think I've uncovered.

- No, no, no, stop.

- I'm trying to help you.

Now something is going on that I think--

- This is the end of it.

I warned you before.

The next time you interfere
in police business,

you are going to jail.

- Just listen to me.
- Stay out of it!

- Beverly.

Beverly, you here, hun?

(suspenseful music)

- Marla?



Ah, there you are.

But then, where else?

Marla, I went to Donald's
office like you told me to do

and I found his appointment book.

Unfortunately, Stryker walked
in and took it away from me.

- You're hopeless.

- But not before I
managed to rip this out.

Donald's last day.

Come on, Marla, give me some credit.

- Beverly's dead.

- What?

- Someone gave her a hotshot.

They wanted to make it
look like an accident.

But it wasn't an accident.

- Here you go.

- Thank you.

Come on, Marla, eat your hamburger.

It'll make you feel better.

- I told you, I don't eat red meat.

It depresses me.

- Well then at least eat the bun.

The sesame seeds are good for you.

- Yeah and ketchup's a vegetable.

- Look Marla, I know
how awful you must feel.

I know Beverly was your friend,

but you've gotta pull
yourself out of it, Marla.

Remember, it's us or the freaking witch.

That a girl.

- So can you make anything
out of this calendar page?

- Well it looks like a typical day.

- Haircut, lunch at
Jimmy's with Marguilies.

Who's Marguilies?

- He's a client.

- Oh, workout with trainer,

racketball game after work, dinner party.

Well no wonder Donny had money
problems, he never worked.

Bolero '76, what's that?

- It's a wine.

- Did you serve it that night at dinner?

- (gasps) Don't be ridiculous.

Donald brought up a '66 Chateau
Lafite from the wine cellar.

- The wine cellar.

- The wine cellar!

Donald kept bottles down there

with phony bottoms to hide things in.

He got them during the '70 for his pot.

When we did that sort of thing.

- You smoked pot?

- We gotta get to the house, Marla.

- Wait a minute, wait a minute.

You smoked pot?

- You'd never know it to
look at me, would you?

- Do you have a gun?

- Donald and I voted against guns.

- So did I but we need a gun.

- Well doesn't it take
several weeks to register one.

- Not in the real world.

- You know, Marla, I don't mind
coming to a place like this,

but I would like to kinda
serve my tapioca pudding.

Oh, oh, fortune cookies.

- Fortune condoms.

Hi Larry, how you doing?

Look, could you tell
Allen I'm here please.

- Oh, here we go, edible...

- Undies.

- Oh my goodness, look at this stuff.

Well now these are kind of cute,

these little teddy bears

with their little
matching leather outfits.

Marla, Marla, what is that thing?

What is that?

(gasps) And what is that?

That's so huge with those
things sticking out from.

Oh, you don't actually
plug that thing, do you?

- No, that would be extra.

- Oh.

What are you suppose
you use that for, huh?

- Putting out fires,
it's a fire extinguisher.

- Oh yeah.

Oh no, this, this is truly disgusting.

Look at these clothes, would you?

I mean, don't you have
something like this?

I mean, with the little
belt with the skull on it.

- Marla?

Hey sweetheart, it's nice to see you.

- Hi Al, good to see you too.

Allen, I want you to meet Catherine.

Catherine, Al.

- Hello Catherine.
- Hello Al.

Nice to meet you.

Nice place you got here.

- Al, we need a gun.

- Well, glad to see you
finally came to your senses.

I've been after her for
years to get something.

- Oh, me too.

- Come on in the back.

I'll see what I can do for you.

- Great, we got a gun.

- Yes, well, you hold the gun.

I'll try and figure out a way to get us

into the house without being eyeballed.

- Eyeballed?

- Eyeballed, you know, spied upon.

I wouldn't touch that rail if I were you.

(Italian music)

Pizza, pizza?

- Catherine, we're in.

- My house charge at
Mario's finally paid off.

- Don't turn on the lights.

- You're right.

- Someone could be watching the house.

- I think this is, yes,
this is the vegetarian.

- Catherine, forget the pizza.

Where's the wine cellar?

(phone rings)
Well admit it to me.

- Oh, the answer phone will get that.

- Okay.

- Pick up in a little bit.

- [Machine] Hi, this is Catherine.

I'm not home and Donald's dead.

Leave a message, take as long as you want.

- Yeah Catherine, this is Frank again.

Sorry to bother you but I
didn't hear back from you

and I'm starting to worry.

- Forget Frank.

- [Frank] Would you please give me a call

as soon as you get the message?

- Wait, he's worried.
- Bye.

- Dedicated.

You always work this late?

- [Frank] Who are you?

- A client of Don's.

I didn't catch your name.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

Frank Stedman, you must be.

Now wait, wait a minute.

What's the gun for?

- Gun, gun, he's got a gun.

We've gotta call the police.

- No, we can't.

Frank's on the phone.

- Tell me, Frank.

Why's Don's office sealed off?

You having trouble, Frank?

- None that I can think of.

Well Donald's dead.

- That's trouble.

Sit down, Frank.

- Yeah, thanks.

- Close friends?

- Yes, we were.

- Great, then you can
tell me who's gonna see

about giving us back our $700,000?

Your close friend, rest his
soul, liked to gamble a lot.

- $700,000?

- [Frank] He owes $700,000 gambling?

- Yeah, Donny liked to gamble.

- [Man] Yeah, too bad
he wasn't good at it.

- Well, I wish I could help.

- We'll get it, somehow.

My boss is a very motivated man.

So Frank, from now on,

you be more careful how
you pick your friends.

All right, don't work so hard.

Stress can kill you.

- [Catherine] Frank!

- What?


- Frank, are you all right?

- [Frank] Yes, I'm fine.

- He's fine.

- Good, good, come on, let's go.

- I have to go now, Frank.

- Wait, wait a minute.

Catherine, this is getting out of hand.

What's going on?

- We're disguised as pizza men right now.

- Ciao, Frank.

- Catherine, wait!

- Oh, this is just great.

I'm going to end up owing
some gangster $700,000.

(Marla laughs)

You find my financial status amusing?

- What financial status?

- What?

- Oh, come on, Catherine, lighten up.

You're not the only one
losing revenue, you know.

- [Catherine] And what
revenue are we speaking?

- All right, all right,
there's Artie on Monday

and there's the senator on Tuesday.

There's the Texas oil twins.

Oh no, not the Texas oil twins.

- I'm not broke.

I mean, all these
bottles of La Tasch alone

must be worth $4,000.

- Well there you go.

See, the American dollar
is soft against the frank

so you may not be as bad
off as you think you are.

- I could have a garage sale.

- Yeah, a garage.

- Yeah, what would I need a garage for?

- (laughs) You don't have a car.

- I don't have a car.

I don't think that's funny.

Where is that bottle of Bolero?

(gasps) This is it!

- Okay, okay, okay.

Where's the?

- It's in the bottom.

- [Marla] Oh my God.

- Bank of Bakersfield.

- What's in there, what is it?

- [Catherine] Coins.

What would Donald be doing with coins

from the Bank of Bakersfield?

- [Marla] Bank of Bakersfield.

Where have I seen that?

- [Catherine] That is the vilest
wallpaper I have ever seen.


- Would you stop with
the interior decorating?

We're looking for something here.

Must you?

- Must you?

- Look, look at this.

I've never seen one of these before.

We don't bank in Bakersfield.

- Oh my Lord.

(suspenseful music)

Armored car.

Do you suppose this as a heist?

- Bank of Bakersfield.

Tony hit an armored car.

- That's a federal offense.

Armored car robbery in Buffalo.

Armored car robbery in Brunswick.

I can't look at any more microfilm, Marla.

I feel my crow's feet are setting in.

- I got some great eye cream.

- Nothing works, I tried
everything on the market.

- Let me see.

Oh, yours aren't bad.

Mine are must worse than that.

- You?

- Yeah, I'm eventually
gonna have to get 'em done.

- Oh, no, your eyes look great.

- Really?

- Yes, I mean, if you need yours done,

then I should've had mine done years ago.

- Would you crank?

You crank.

Whoa, wait, stop, stop.

Get a load of this.

An armored car was ambushed yesterday

when the driver stopped to aid a woman

who appeared to have been
injured in a car accident.

- Taken were five million
dollars in bearer bonds.

$70,000 in gold double eagle
coins and $500 in quarters.

The suspects who are still at large

include the woman who
was apparently the decoy

and four men say Bakersfield Police.

- Four men, okay, okay.

Tony, Eddie.

- The thug.
- The thug.

- The thug driver.
- Thug driver.

- Do you think Beverly was a decoy?

- Probably.

They thought they hit the jackpot.

- Only, there's no money
and the bonds are worthless.

- Unless of course they have a broker

who can convert them into cash.

- [Both] Donald!

- Yes, yes!

- Wait, wait.

Tony and Eddie.

Tony and Eddie must've paid him off

in the double eagle coins.

- Oh yeah.

Well, if he did convert
the bonds at Brice Dunbar,

I know how to find out.

(dramatic music)

- Okay Catherine, here's
what you're asking about.

It's Donald's full commission report.

- Thanks, Frank, let's see.

Here we go, right here.

Right here, Donald converted
five million dollars

two days before we was killed.

- Yes.

- He what?

- Oh Donald was associated
with some low lives

who robbed an armored car.

- Catherine, what are you talking about?

- We're outta here, Frank.

- Aren't you gonna tell me about this?

- [Marla] Next week we'll have lunch.

- It's been real, Frank.

- Catherine.

- Five million dollars.

Where would've he put it?

His plane left at 2:40 which
means he had to hide it

somewhere between your
place and the airport.

That's it!

- His car!

- Yes!

The police impounded his car.

- Turn left there.

(upbeat music)

- Now what, Marla?

- Okay, okay, you fluff the guard.

I'll hotwire the car.

- I don't know what that
means, fluff the guard.

- Flirt with him, get his temperature up.

- Oh, no, no, I can't do that.

- Catherine, have you ever been in a play?

- Yes, in high school I
was in the Sound of Music.

- Don't tell me, you were Mother Superior.

- (gasps) How did you know that?

- Stretch.

Go on.
- Marla.

- Can I help you?

- Well, you know, I saw you
sitting in there all alone

and I thought to myself how
lonely that poor man must feel.

- Really?

- Yes, I mean, with nothing to do all day

but sit in that little booth

and look at nothing but empty
cars with empty backseats.

- It does get kinda lonely.

- Really?

- I got these chapped lips.

- Oh, that's too bad.

No, no, thank you.

- Would you like to come into my booth

and listen to some music?

I got the new Jim Neighbors cassette.

♪ God didn't make little green apples ♪

♪ And it don't rain in
Indianapolis in the summertime ♪

♪ There's no such thing as Dr. Seuss ♪

♪ Disneyland and Mother Goose ♪

♪ No nursery rhymes ♪

- We got company.

- Great.

They got company, we got company.

You want I should radio for a caterer?

- Isn't police work thrilling?

- Yeah, it's a thrill.

It's too bad I forgot
my bullet proof vest.

♪ Bring myself to feeling low ♪

♪ Think about her face aglow ♪


♪ To ease my mind ♪

- Where you going, Tonya?

- Bible study class.

- I thought we had a connection.

- Go, go, go.

- Tonya, am I gonna see you again?

Am I ever gonna see you again?


♪ And ask if she could getaway ♪

♪ And meet me and grab a bite to eat ♪

- Okay, so now where we going?

- We're going back to Al's.

- Oh no, not that horrible place again.

- No, he's an expert
at ripping cars apart.

Even did time for it.

- Oh, well, that's comforting.

- You know, you were
really good back there.

Tonya. (laughs)

- What are they doing?

- Based on 20 years
experience on this job,

I'd say they were
tearing a Mercedes apart.

- No, let me rephrase that question.

Why are doing that?

- My God, this brings back memories.

Bolts popping, car body
like putty in your hands.

- Kinda like the good ole days, huh Al?

- Don't get him started.

- Listen, you kids don't
know what it was like.

We knew how to make a
stash job look smooth.

- Yeah, well, that's what's
wrong with the world today.

No class.

- You're telling me.

No job pride anymore.

Hey, you're doing great, girls.

- Not bad, huh?

- How about I go make
us some fresh coffee.

- Oh, that'll be lovely, Al.

Decaf if you have it.

- It'd be a pleasure.

I haven't had this much fun in years.

- So, what's it gonna be Marla?

Tex Mex, Chinese, Italian?

We can order out.

- I swear, you are the most orderly

fixated person I've ever met.

- I told you, I like to
several small meals a day.

What's wrong with this thing?


- Catherine.

- Marla, look at this.

Now who's phone number
would Donald hide in there?

- Well let's find out.

- Well, we can't on this phone.

- Well, let's use Al's.

- Great.

- Al, hey Al, can we use your phone?

I think we found.


(dramatic music)

- Surprise.

- Let's go in.

- If we go in there
now, they're gonna claim

they're buying party favors or something.

Let's give 'em a little
time to make it interesting.

- Your days are up, ladies.

- Yeah, you got something nice for us?

- Not in this lifetime.

- Even if we did, you'd never get it.

You killed my husband, you murderer.

- Us?

Why would we kill him
before we got our money?

- You're lying, murderer.

- Donald was up to his ass in trouble.

Could've been anyone who did him.

- Yeah, well it wasn't anyone

who knocked off an armored truck.

- That's right, we found the quarters.

- Well how we got 'em is our business.

- I told you, you should've taken 'em.

You're a stupid idiot.

- I took 'em, okay?

Because the pinball machines

were always running out of quarters.

- Well what about Beverly?

Which one of you offed her?

- Offed?

What the hell did you do?

You said you were just
gonna keep her quiet.

- Yeah, well she's quiet now, ain't she?


- That sounds interesting.

- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Now what do we do?

- I don't know.

- [Stryker] All right, nobody move.

Everybody freeze, police.

- Everybody assume the
position, thank you very much.

- Glad you could make it, Delroy.

- That's all right.

- [Marla] Watch out!

(dramatic music)

- Get out!

- Son of a.

- Ladies.


Can you give me one good
reason why shouldn't arrest?

- Yeah, we solved your crime.

- Almost.

- These are the men who killed my husband.

- The thugs, right?

- Thugs.

They told you they killed your husband.

- Yeah, and if you're real nice to us,

we'll tell you everything.

- First thing in the morning.

- All right, 8:00 my office.

You buy the doughnuts.

- You buy the doughnuts.

I don't get up till 10:00.

- Nine o'clock.

- And decaf!

I don't believe it.

I mean, we go through all that trouble

to get a gun and then you
don't even shoot anybody.

You shoot a wall.

- I meant to shoot a wall.

Give me that number, what's the number?

- All right well, let's see.


- [Speaker] Morning clouds tomorrow.

- Yeah right, Donny was into
the weather wizard, yeah.

- All right, all right.

What if it's not a phone number?

What if it's a combination or something?

Like a combination to a lock.

Like Donald had written on
the Rolodex in the study.

- Okay, a combination to a lock.

A lock to what?

- When I was in Donald's office,

all his gym stuff was in his desk drawer.

- So, it's in his locker at the gym.

- Yes, give me a quarter.

- Okay, okay.

- I'll call Frank.

He'll get us into the gym.

- Here, come on in.

His locker's right down here.

- Now Frank, see, it's written
like a telephone number

but we thought if you
dropped the first number

and use the next six
numbers, it's a combination.

Then it would open the lock.

- Right, but you see, that's
not Don's combination.

I'm telling you.

His combination's 18, 22, 25.

- You do it, you're good with zippers.

Any money?

Beach clothes, Rio.

- Everything but the straw hat.

Well, obviously he was gonna stop here

on the way to the airport.

So let's look at this number again, think.

- Wait a minute, what if the
five is the locker number?

What if he didn't drop the
five and the rest, yes.

- Okay, five, locker number five.

- Yes and the rest is a combination.

- It's right over here.

(suspenseful music)

- Open it.

- Oh my goodness.
- Ooh yes.

- Oh my goodness.

- There was something in Donald's locker.

- Oh, Marla.

Look at this.

- Catherine, we did it, we did it!

- [Frank] Hey girls, girls.

Come on here, look what I got.

- Okay.

- Put the bag down right now slowly.

Thank you.

- Oh Frank, no.

- Not the best friend.

- Oh yeah, let me tell
you about my best friend.

You know when they came
to Don with this idea

of cash in stolen bonds.

Catherine, he thought it was great.

And then he got scared.

He was afraid he was in over his head.

And so as always he said,
Frank, you solve it.

And I said, sure, Don, as always.

But then he double crossed me.

I knew he was smooth but I
never dreamed he was capable

of anything so clever.

So, when I shot him, I assumed the money

was still in his bank account,

but apparently he cashed
it all out the day before.

So you see, I never would've
found it without your help.

What can I say?

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Which way?

I can't see anything.

Is he behind us?

- Right here, right here.

- Where, where?

- Catherine.

Come on, Catherine.

Come on out of there.

I've got a gun, don't make me use it.

(energetic music)

I see you, come on.

Go out the door and get in the car.

- You are one sick tic, Frank.

- I thought you cared about me, Frank.

- Catherine, I do care about you.

Not a lot but I care.

(phone rings)

- Hollywood Division, Drumble speaking.

Yeah, I think they're here.

Let me check, hold on.

Stryker, Delroy.

(police siren wails)

- You know, Marla, your
profession has served us well.

- So this is what five
million dollars looks like.

Say Catherine, if this was our money,

what would you do with it?

- Oh, but it's not our money.

- Yeah, but just say that it is.

- Oh, but it isn't.

- Can't you fantasize about anything?

- Well, let's see, I'd buy a house.

- Oh, come on, fantasize.

Have fun with this.

- Okay.

I'd get myself a leather top like yours.

- In beige?

- No, in a dusty rose.

How about you?

- Let's see, you know, I'd really like

to have a bed like yours.

Like that canopy bed with
the lace all over it.

I thought that was really pretty.

- Yeah, uh-huh.

- Where are they?

- In here.

- Very nice.

- This guy's alive, cut them down.

- I knew you couldn't just go
home and stay out of trouble.

- [Catherine] Well thank you.

Thank you very much.

- Well at least we called you, Delroy.

- Thank you very much.

Now if those other guys
were the thugs, who's he?

- Oh, that's Donald's best friend.

- And murderer.

- What?

- Here's a weapon.

- And five million dollars.

It's a long story.

- We're all ears.

- Well, my friend,
Catherine, really can't talk

on an empty stomach.

- In the pursuit of justice,

we have missed many important meals.

- Well come on, I'll buy
you both a cup of coffee.

What do you say?

- [Marla] How about a reward?

- [Catherine] How about an apology?

- [Stryker] Wait outside,
we'll catch up with you.

- Hurry up, I'm starving.

- Now isn't that funny, I'm not.

- Ah-ha, and I thought
we'd agree on something.

- What and spoil a perfect relationship?

- Where are my cigarettes?

- They're back there.

- What?

- You gave up smoking.

- When?

- Three minutes ago.

- Why would I do that?

- Because it's bad for you.

Come on, forget it.

So now that all this is over,

you going back to.

- [Marla] Hooking?

Yeah, I guess so.

At least until I get that
stock broker thing together.

What about you?

What are you gonna do?

- [Catherine] Well, I have
a BA in romance languages

and a masters in English literature.

- [Marla] You need a job.

- [Catherine] I need a job.

(upbeat music)