Tricks (1997) - full transcript

Ex-showgirl and part-time hooker Rogers loses her legitimate job at a casino because of an abusive trick. She gets revenge when she is blacklisted and her son is threatened.

( Rain falling )

( Bell ringing )
TV: Don't you understand?

I've got to go away.

No, darling, not now.

Please! Not now. Please!

( Knock on door )
Ho ho ho!

( Knocking )
Ho ho ho!

Use your key. Jesus.

( TV continues )
(Laughs) I ain't

Decorating it.

Did Joseph get his shot?

I think I'm allergic
to trees.



The shot.

The cold know,
my arthritis...

Jesus, Sarah, he was supposed
to have it at two.

I'm almost a cripple here,


That kid could use
a nickname.

Yeah, like "Joey"?

Like "Joey."

He hates "Joey." I hate
"Joey." His name is "Joseph."



(Sighs) How was school?


Good. What'd you learn?


Fabulous. We're gonna have
a great Christmas, huh?

Yeah, I guess so.

Hey, how about we go
to the mall tomorrow,

see Santa?

Umm. There's no such thing
as Santa.

Oh, yeah? Who's the guy
in the red suit with

the white beard?

Someone paid to
look like that.

Well, maybe you should get
the lights and stuff out of

the garage anyway. You know,
in case you're wrong.

You mean you got the tree?

I got the tree.

Otherwise how would Santa
know to come?

I've gotta get going.

Listen, we'll put on the lights
when I get home from work, okay?


( Slot machines ringing )
Sorry I'm late. Traffic.

That's okay. Looks busy.



Tell me, when you were
a showgirl...


What did they do when
you showed up late?

They fined US.

Oh. I'll bet that worked
like a charm.


Jackie: Hit the lights,

Okay, come on.

Much better.

It gives it some sizzle.

( Audience applauds )
Oh, don't be frightened,


Don't ever be frightened of
anything again, will you

promise me that?

I love you so much, darling,
more than you seem able

to understand.


I never really knew happiness
until I loved you. Sometimes

when I used to be afraid
that you weren't sure,

I tried to hold back,
but I couldn't...

He's asleep.

Where you headed, honey?


Who's the lucky guy?

Just somebody I met
at the shop. You know, you

should get out more yourself.

I haven't had a date
since 1971.

And what am I missing?

Reno ain't Vegas.

It's not like the old days,
when there was glamor...

And men were men.

Men are still men.

Trust me.

You know what I mean.

I suppose so. 'Night.

( Laughter, bar chatter )
( Whispering )

( Clears throat )
May I buy you...A drink?

No, but please sit down.

So, you here to gamble or play?


What's your favorite number?


Mine's a hundred.

Sometime I play seventy-five.

I don't.




( Moaning softly )
( Moaning louder )

( Pager beeping )
Oh, Jesus.


( Beeping continues )
Ohh. God, I'm sorry.

It's an emergency.

You're leaving now?

I have to.

Look, I'm really sorry.

Keep your money.

( Sighs )
( Door opens, closes )

This better be good.

Three hundred.

Good enough.

Count your blessings, Jackie.

What room?

1748. And Jackie, I don't
want to regret paging you.

Don't hang around afterwards.

Hello, may I help you?

( Jackpot bells ringing )
Man: Yeah!

( Indistinct chatter )
Man over radio: Gold jacket,

Heading towards the main


Um, I'm meeting a friend

You ain't on the list.


Oh, come on, man.

Just doing my job.

Look, I'm part-time.

I'm...I'm cool.



Hey, I've got a kid.

Christmas is coming up.

It's a high dollar suite.

You've got a real impatient
guest up there.

Thank you.

Do I have the right room?



Sure. Are we celebrating?

To life.

Sounds good.

Don't you want to do this?

I'm frank. Call me frank.

Okay, frank.

No. Thank you.

All right.

I don't do two.

Don't worry.

He's just my chauffeur,
that's all.

Lucky you.

Actually, could you
leave that on?

No problem.

Now, wait.

Just put one knee up
on the bed.

That's it.

And, like, put your hands
on your hips.

Yeah...i love that.

You look so... proud.

Can I?



How about gettin' on top?


Oh, yeah.

I'm happy just like this.

Good, baby.

You like this?


You're just saying that,

No, I don't like it.

Why do you make me do
such dirty things,

you bad boy?

(Laughs) No, no. Sorry.

I meant really.


I mean...It must be tough,
doing this.

It's all right.

Doing it with men,
for money.

That's the job
description, all right.

You're funny.


Did you do it with
a lot of men tonight?


Well, don't say that
for my benefit. I don't mind

if you did.

Well, what? Um...Do you
want me to say that I did?

You're not exactly
a little girl.


No, I'm just sayin'
someone your age should

work hard before she's
too old for the job.

Ohh. Forget it.

I'm sorry. If you'd wanted
a young girl, you should

have been specific.

No, no, no, no.

I'm sorry.

Here. Come on.

Come on.

There. That's better.

I like mature women.

You're just what I asked for.


Don't be like that.

This is a nice room...

I'm an okay guy, aren't I?

I mean...At your age, you could
be standing on street corners

giving bums $5 blow jobs.

I'm outta here.

Cut the bullshit!

What's that?

You heard me.


( Groaning, grunting )

Ohh! Ahh!



What happened to that
proud bitch with her hands

on her hips, huh?


Just stop it now.

I'm just gettin' started.

Fuck you.


Frank: Mr. Rinaldi!

Jesus Christ!

You went too far this time.

You fucking whore.

You dirty fucking whore.

You're gonna learn...

You bitch.

( Spits )
I'm not done with you yet.

Come on.



Jackie, look, settle down.

Settle down. I'll be right up.

Don't move.

Jesus Christ,
what the hell happened?

Shit! This is bad,
this is really bad.

Christ, it's all over the place.

What'd you do, try and roll him?

Look, you gotta take
the service elevator.

Get the hell out of here.

That's your cut.

Anyone asks you anything,
you just keep your mouth shut.

I can't believe you
fucked this up!

This was a sweet gig.


No, let me see.

Oh, beautiful.

Get off the floor and get her
a washcloth.

This doesn't look good, Tommy.

This kind of shit
can't go on here.

I know that. She fucked it
up, it should have been okay.

Hey...put this on your face
so you don't drip anymore.

It's okay. It's over.

She's a whore, she's not
calling the cops.

She doesn't want her kid to see
her picture in the paper.

No, it's over.

I'll say when it's over!

She's going out the back.

The trick's gone,
no one's calling the cops.

You callin' the cops?

See? She's a whore.

She doesn't want her kid
to see her. She's a whore...

(Cab dispatcher on radio)
Where to?

4227 merritt.

Nose bleed? Seen more than
one nose bleed on this job.

Let me see.

Let me see your nose.

Leave me alone.

Come on, just let me see.

Um...that's busted.

Maybe we should get you
to a doctor right away.


Look, don't worry.

Real doctor, no cops.

You got fifty bucks?

If you don't, I do.

It's Jackie, right?

Adam. Comptech 324.


I'm in your computer class.

( Starts car )
What's your view here

During the day, doc?

The back of fedco.

That's not so bad.

Cracked at the septal

What should I do?

I'd leave it alone.

But I can't breathe.

Well, wait for the swelling
to settle down and then breathe.

What's it gonna look like?

Listen, you're lucky.

There have been girls come by
here with noses that looked like

run-over tomatoes.

A little bump on the nose
isn't gonna kill your sex life.

Now keep your head up,
and no aspirin.

no lectures. Please.

No, that's not my business.

But did your friend tell you
about my fee?


Fifty dollars, right?

That's it.

Well, I feel better, anyways.

Good for you.

You're gonna be all right?

I can't go in like this.

I'd have to think of something
to say, and I'm too tired

to think.

Look, I'm on till 7 A.M.

You can hang around my place
till I get off.

It ain't much, but you can
have it to yourself.

It's cleaner than it looks.

Just don't look too close.

The couch folds out into a bed.

Clean sheets.

I don't think I'll be
doing much sleeping.

Yeah, well, just in case.

And maybe if you're around
in the morning we can have

some breakfast.

( Sighs )
Keep your head up.

( Laughs )
I mean for the bleeding.

Oh, right. Thanks.


( Phone rings )
Radio: We're back...

( Phone rings )
Triple a.

Jackie: No car trouble
tonight, Sarah.

Don't tell me...
you got lucky. (Coughs)

Yeah, lucky.

So you won't be back tonight?

Listen, give Joseph oatmeal
in the morning.

He has to be on the bus
at eight.

So don't snooze away till noon.

I don't want him missing
that bus.

Hey. I took care of
all you crazy chorus girls

for twenty-seven years.

I can get one little boy
off to school.


He'll be on the bus.

Have fun.


Sarah: Joey!

Hang on a second! Joey!


Want a...

Have a nice day!

( Laughs, groans )

I slipped and fell. I made
a real fool of myself.

Slipped and fell?

Yes, I slipped and fell.

What happened in here?


I couldn't find the oatmeal.

Damnit, Sarah.

I get confused now and then.

Yeah, you get drunk
now and then.

Did Joseph get his shot?

He got his shot.

So, now, tell me.

I slipped, I fell.


You got smacked.

All right, I got smacked.

I've already had a doctor
check it out.

What'd he say?

Did you call the cops?

Look, when you moved in here
we agreed we would help

each other out, with the rent,
with the housework, and we also

agreed that we would stay out
if each other's business.

So I shouldn't worry?

He was a bad guy, Sarah.

It happens.

Look, I'm tired,
my head is killing me,

and I've gotta be at work
in an hour.

Don't forget who you are.

What the hell does that mean?

You know what it means.

( Sighs )
Just because you're not

in the show anymore doesn't mean
you give up your pride.

( Crying )
(Slot machine bells ringing)

What happened to you?

Oh, just a little
Fender-bender. I'll be fine.

You don't look fine.

Frieda, I'll be fine.

Excuse me. What size is this?


( Tapping on keyboard )
Adam: May I sit down?


Hey, your nose looks better.


Look, if you, uh...
you ever hit a woman?




Well, you're still young.

You're pretty pissed off.

Let's change the subject,

Okay. Married?



One. My son.

How old?


That's a cool age.

Like to fish?

My son?

No, you.


As conversations go, this
isn't going that well, is it?

No, not really.

Look, I came out here
on a bus four months ago.

I met a few people,
seen a few things.

I bought a guitar, thought
I'd learn how to play,

but I haven't.

Spent Thanksgiving by myself.

And you?

I'm taking computer classes
so I can get a job in

the hotels... reservations,
management, something like that.

Make enough money to support
me and my son, fix up my house

a little.

Other than that...

I really don't know.

Like most people.

You think?

Oh, yeah.

( Sighs )
( Joseph grunts )


Does it still hurt?

Not so much.

How'd you fall down?

Joseph, I'd like to
forget about it, okay?



No problem.

So talk to me.

Tell me about your day.

Matt brought a rattlesnake
to school.

A live one?

Pickled in a jar.

It was kind of white,
and it stared at you.

They don't have eyelids.

Hmm. Do you remember
the one in Vegas?

The one that dad killed?

Came in off the desert,
curled up on the hood

of the car.

That's because they're
cold-blooded and they

seek out heat.


Yeah, and they're more afraid
of US than we're afraid of them.

Are you thinking about dad?

Honestly, I didn't know
what I was thinking about.

Guess I was just
listening to you.

You're a pretty interesting kid.

I'd better be. It's not like
I'm gonna be a big sports star

or anything.

Well, you never know
what you're gonna end up.

( Sighs )
Do you like it here?

Pretty much.


Is it on sale?

Yes, 20% off.

The dressing rooms are
right over there.

( Speaks Japanese )
I'm gonna try it on.

( Japanese )
But it's on sale!

20% off.

( Japanese )

You're making people
very uncomfortable.

Oh, come on,
he was in a hurry.

You don't look good at all.


I'm worried about you.

Take a couple of weeks off.

Do something for yourself.

Listen, I really can't
afford to do that.

Marcie's all set
to cover for you.

Are you firing me?

Not yet.

Well, if you are, I need
to know that now, not in

two weeks.

Great. So that's it.

You don't even have the nerve
to tell me to my face.

Sure, I do. You're fired.

I remember your first night
in the show.

You were such a baby.

First time in Vegas.

I was sewing for a lot
of girls then, but I kept

an eye out for you.

( Clatter )
I would have had somebody

take care of this in
a heartbeat.

Take care of what?

That guy who smacked you.

So what happened?

He was trying to get fresh with
you and you wouldn't let him?

Something like that.

I figured. Somebody oughta
clean his clock big-time.

You don't let this shit go by.

What's with all this
gangster talk?

Hey, you could use
a gangster.

Yeah. Well, bugsy's dead,
in case you forgot.

Too bad, because then
there was gentlemen.

But I know a guy. Big Sam.

"Big Sam."

Hey, he'll do what
has to be done.

What has to be done is,
you need to deposit your

disability check tomorrow.

Do you think you could do that?

You know, you're not turning
out to be such an easy person

to live with.

Hiya, sweetie.


( Both laugh warmly )
Well, as always,

you look fabulous.

Yeah, well, don't look
too close.

I've had a little work done.

No! You'd never know it.

I'll take a vodka gimlet,


It's a little bump
on the nose. Everybody

gets so excited.

You okay?

I guess so.

I don't know.

I miss the show, daria.

I miss the people,
the life. I mean, everything

else just seems so...

Tell me about it.

I thought you were on
at the lido.

Oh, I was...for about a month.

And then it was just like Vegas.

My butt let me down.

You've got a great butt.

Yeah, like a rock...
but it ain't nineteen.

Whose is?

A nineteen-year-old's.

We probably should have
been like everybody else

who jumped in line to marry
some rich guy.

But, oh, when I was up there,
it was so great.

And I just thought,
what's the rush? I mean,

we got forever.

Yeah. We weren't
so brilliant, were we?


No, and, uh, I had to go
and fall for Rick.

That was real smart.

Is he helping you out at all?

Sometimes he calls
to talk to Joseph...

From god knows where.

So who gave you that nose?

A trick.

Look, I've had my moments

You know, when I, uh,
when I first started, I thought

I would feel like shit, but
it was really weird, I, uh...

Didn't feel anything.

Do you ever think about
getting out of this town,

away from the shows?

The old life.

Yeah. Then what?

Beats me.

Ha ha ha ha!


We got company.

Jackie, say hello to big Sam.




Please, sit down.

Excuse me.

( Muttering )
Big Sam?

Don't worry.

He can get the job done.

The job?

He'll nail that bastard.

Sarah, you didn't tell him
what happened?

Of course I did.

Damnit, Sarah!

Damnit! Don't you ever
listen to me?

Some justice needs
to get done.

You had no right to
embarrass me with this.

Why should you be
embarrassed? A date turns out

to be a prick, it's not your
fault. You should be embarrassed

for going quietly like this.

You forget about this!

And send him home.

I already paid him.


A hundred bucks.

Down payment.

Where'd you get
a hundred bucks?

From the jewelry box.

That money?

That money?

Sarah, I got laid off
at the gift shop.

That's all we've got.

You're gonna have to
get it back.

Why don't you just listen
to what the man has to say?




It's a hard subject to
sort of ease into.

I know.

So I'll just tell you,
and you just tell me.

I see what he did,
and it pisses me off.


Big Sam...
I understand.

It's the human response.

You want me to smash his face
into shreds.

Look, I appreciate your...

Kindness, but I don't know
if I can do this.

You're a nice lady.

That's why there are
people like me.

If you're worried about me,
uh, maybe going over the top,

I'm always fair.

He broke your nose;
I'll break his nose.

He's not a small man.

You think I do it?

I appreciate that also.

But, um, look at me.

I'm old. I could get hurt.

Ah, well, you haven't decided.

When and if you should be ready,
I'm easy to find.

The gold dust. Ask around.

Sam, um...


( Chuckles )
I have to think about it.

Pay me when you get serious.

I'll keep the beer.

( Dog barking )
( Knocks on door )

Hello there, sweet thing.

Hi, daria.

You're a little cutie-pie,
you know that?

Come on in.

Well, happy holidays
to you, too.


Back here.

I brought sweet potatoes.

On the table.

Oh, there you are.

Love you.

Listen, you remember my
little brother Phil, the one

that had a crush on you?

Oh, god, how could I forget?

Well, he's now managing
a hotel in Tucson.

I told him you were looking
for something, studying

computers and all that,
and he said he had something

in reservations.



I just thought I'd tell you.

Thanks. ( Doorbell )
Oh, look at you! Come here!

Oh, it's so good to see you!

Both: Merry Christmas.

You look fabulous.

I'm afraid I've gained
weight, but don't worry

about it.

What have you got in the bag?

( Laugher, chatter )
You want to do your part?


Thank you, and yourself?

Fascinating! Please continue
with whatever you've been

saying, which I've only
half been listening to,

and already forgot.

( Doorbell ) Sarah,
don't have a good time.



Adam, from Jackie's
computer class.

Sarah. Jackie's dearest
lifelong, overprotective


Pleased to meet you.



Hi. Glad you could make it.

Don't let all the girls
scare ya.

Those are all your buddies?

Buddies? They all worked
in the line together.

The line?

Dancing, singing.

Showgirls. Didn't you
ever see a show?

Uh...sort of.

Sort of. Geez.

You never saw anything like her
or you wouldn't say "sort of."

Sarah. Believe me,
there was nothing "sort of"

about her. Sarah.

All right.

( TV on )
( Knock on door )

I'm awake.

Too loud?

Not really.

How's your glucose?

I feel all right.

Who's that guy?

Adam? He's from
my computer class.

He was alone for the holidays,
so I invited him.

Come on down if you want to.

Not till daria leaves.

Does daria bother you?

She thinks i'm
a real cute kid.

Wouldn't that bother you?

She doesn't have any kids
what would she know?

You okay?

All right.

( Laughter, chatter, music )
Oh, come on, sugar,

that's strip music.

I ain't no stripper.

Not yet, anyway.

( Rock music plays )
Show 'em how it's done,


All: Whoo!

Yeah! Whoo!

You get this one!


Get ready for
the real thing.

Oh, no.


You got it! Good job!

Make him into a man, honey!


Go! Go!

Oh, thank you, Adam.


( All laugh )
These look great.

Oh, thank you.

What daria was doing before,
stripping, that's not

what I did.

No, I was in the show,
the chorus.


Well, that's...
that mask is nice.

Isn't that beautiful?

Sarah made that.



When I was a kid back
in Pittsburgh, my girlfriend

and I used to go up in the hills
at night and pretend the lights

were stage lights and the whole
city was our audience.

Those pictures in your bathroom.

Those from back in Texas?


Your girlfriend?

No. Wife.

I got her pregnant, and...

We had to get married,
so we did.

Hmm. So you have a kid.

No. Due next month.

Why aren't you there?

( Sighs )
She's with her folks.

Guess I took off unexpectedly.

I like her a lot;
I don't love her.

I send her what I can,
it's not much, but...

That's the way it is.



Uh, thanks for having me.

Thanks for coming.

( Chuckles )
I'm freezing.


It's not your fault.


But I am freezing.

Better get back inside.


Good night.


Well, there's gotta be
somebody who can talk to me

about this job.

I left my name and number
yesterday, and no one called.

Well, when is the manager
going to be in?

Well, I'm sorry, there's gotta
be somebody there that who can

talk to me about this job.

No, but I am currently working
on a degree in...

no, I'm currently working on
a degree in...

no. No.


I don't understand.

You've got an ad in
today's paper.

Ahh. Never mind.

Okay, thanks anyway.

Okay, thanks anyway.

Okay, thanks anyway.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Wait... what?

What are you doing here?

I'm applying for a job.

A straight job. I got laid off
over at the summit.

I know.

You know?

Look, Jackie, you can't
be here. There ain't any

jobs in here for you.

How did you know
I got laid off?

It gets around.

You got a name now, you know.

No, I don't know.

It's all over town.

Tell me, why would I
have a name?

Well, he knows you.

You pissed off the wrong guy.

Look, I just need a job.

Check it out.

You're not allowed
on the property.

Go on. That's it.

You want me to call 'em over?

This is bullshit, Tommy.

Yeah. Well?

Aha ha!

All, right, come on.


All right, spiral.

Good one. All right,
comin' atcha. Ready?

All right, well,
that was a good one.

Come on, get it back here.

Come on. Where are you?


Good one!


That was Melanie
on the phone.

She wants US to come to the show
at the lido tonight.

She's on at the lido?

Her...(coughs)...her daughter.

Her daughter's in the line.

Do I have to go too?

No. Don't worry,
I'm not going either.

Can't afford it.

She's picking up the tab.

Can you stand the excitement?

Okay, you ready?

All right, let's go.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen,
the lido is proud to present

"Hawaiian thighs."

( Music, cheers, applause )
Oh, god.

Look at the feathers.

Try keeping them on the backing
instead of on the floor.

Waiter: Ma'am?

Minimum? Two drinks.

I'll have a vodka Martini,
up. Both of them now.

Yes, ma'am.

She's gorgeous.

Well, that'll be over
soon enough. She'll never

make it out of the line.

Definitely not feature material.

No. Not in Vegas, anyway.

Not in the old days.

I gotta pee.


Where's your date?

Do I know you?

Come on.

Get your hands off me.

No unescorted women.

That's the hotel policy.

You're outta here.

I saw a show,
I'm having a drink.

( Chuckles ) Let's
keep it friendly.

I know you from the horizon,
all right?

What are you talking about?

Let's walk. No!

Make a scene, don't make
a scene; Either way it's

going to end up the same.

This is private property.

What about the debutantes
working the tables?

They look like nice girls
to me. Come on.

Hey! What the hell's
going on?

What are you supposed to be?

I'm her friend, pinhead.

She's leaving, and that's it.

Hey! Jackie!

No, no, no!

No working girls at the lido,
everybody knows that.

Oh, come on. Unless
they're on your goddamn list.

You know I'm not working
tonight, you see that I'm with

a girlfriend. Come on.

Listen close.

Working, not working...
you're not welcome.

It's a simple message.

Don't be too dumb to get it.

Let her go or I'm calling
the police! What the hell

are you doing?!

What we always do
with friends like yours.


Jackie! Honey!

Jackie! Honey!

( Coughing )
What a way to treat a lady.

You didn't think the three
of US could get by on

a part-time job at a gift shop
and your disability check,

did you?

What are you talking about?

They throw a girl in the
pool, they figure by the time

she goes home, changes,
does her makeup, her working

night is over.

I can't work. I can hardly...
I'm not asking you

to go to work!

I'll move over with jeanine.

I'll never be a burden...
that's not what I'm saying,


I don't know what I'm saying.

I'm just trying to tell you,
that's...that's all.

I've just fucking had it.

( Sighs )
Race announcer: We now have

Four more to go.

It's a longshot.

Just for pennies comes up,
and now your favorite,


Hello there.

You said I could...

Yeah. Uh, this is Stan.

Hi, Stan. I'm Jackie.

He's happy to see you.

He's had a stroke or two.

I don't know what he's thinking,
but ask him odds,

he's razor sharp.

Maybe we could go someplace
else to talk?

Um, Stan, I got business.

You've decided.

His name it Tommy adler.

Tommy, the bellman
at the horizon?

He smacked you? I didn't
think Tommy was that kind.

No. Um...

It was a trick he set me up

I see.

I thought we were talking about
doing the guy who smacked you.

I don't know who he is.

But tommmy's got me eighty-sixed
all over town, and I can't

get a job anywhere, straight
or anything.

That can't be.

What, you don't believe me?

Tommy ain't big enough
to get you eighty-sixed

in the whole town.

Well, he's got it set up
that I can't out, have a drink,

breathe...i mean nothing,
without being hassled.

And I've got a life here.

Maybe if he knew that
there would be consequences...

What? So he can set you up
with some more tricks?

Is that what you want?

It's a nice room here.

Fills up a little
in the evening.

Otherwise it's just me
and a few of the old guys.


Say you give me a hundred
up front.

Promise me four hundred
on installment.

I'll take a walk some morning
down pioneer Avenue.

There's some guys hanging out.

Any one of 'em wouldn't mind
swinging on the guy, just for

the fun of it, anyway.

Later, I'll tell ya it's done.

What happens?

You get a warm glow?

The whole world is bright?

Or maybe you're thinking,
"I'm out five hundred bucks

and nothing has changed."

Keep your money till you can
bring me the right name.

Tommy is, forgive me for
saying so, bullshit.

TV: Double the weather
to win!

(Knock on door) Come in.

Close the door.

So, nice Christmas Eve
at home?

Guess so.

I got a date.

Don't get excited.

Do I know him?

( Laughs )
There he is.

Kid, do you want to see him?

That's big Sam?

I don't want to seem like
I'm dying to see him.

On the other hand, if I wait
for him to get to the front door

I could be here all evening.

( Big Sam grunting )
You got your arthritis


And my pepper spray.

Don't stay up, Joey.

The sooner you get to sleep,
the sooner Santa will get here.

All right, whatever.

I think I'll go watch
a little TV now.

'Night. You want me
to come with you?

That's all right.


( Knocking )
Thought y'all might be

Home tonight.

Come on in.
We're just hanging out.

Yeah? Yeah.

Hi. Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas.

Joseph, we've got company.

Come on down if you're bored.

I didn't mean that the way
it sounded.

Hey, Adam.

Hey, Joseph.

See ya later.

Hey, I got you a little
something. Maybe you'd like to

open it before I leave
so I can see what it is.

You don't know what it is?

Not exactly. Actually,
I've had it for a while,

I just wrapped it up.

What are you talking about?

Got a hammer?

Wow. A rock.

You're supposed to kind of
bust it open with the hammer.


Just give it a whack
with the hammer.


This guy in Mexico
gave it to me.

Sometimes when you bust it open
it can turn out to be nothing.

But for some reason I never
opened it up before.

Thanks, Adam.

He's asleep.

This is good.

Kind of gets to you,
doesn't it?



What are you thinking?

I'm thinking that this
champagne is making me dizzy.

What are you really thinking?

Um, the other night
when you left, I, uh,

guess I didn't want you to go.

I didn't want to go.

I thought... I've got
enough trouble in my life,

I don't need this.

You're a good guy...
too young...

and i'm...

What? You're what?

Not worth it.

How did I end up feeling
so worthless?

A lot of people like to
do that to each other

around here.

I guess most of my life

Pretty much gotten by on
how I look.

But that's all.

That's not all.

You know that's not all.


God, you're beautiful.

I don't look the way
I used to.

I don't care about
the way you used to.

You're beautiful now.

You can't stay. Joseph.

( Sighs )

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad
if he saw you with somebody

who treated you nice.

I don't need to be told
how to take care of my son.

That's not what I was saying.

I just...
what would you know

about it, anyway?

Look, I'm sorry.

This just wasn't supposed
to happen.

What does that mean?

I just can't get involved
with someone right now.


( TV on )


How was your evening?

To tell you the truth,
even I get tired of hearing

about the old days.

He looked so cute.

( Laughs )
Old Sam, he's still

Trying for it.

You gotta love him for that.

He knows all about the show.

He understands dreams.

I told him I was with it
a long time.

Twenty years at the sands.

And the bergere for
five years before then.

Merry Christmas, sweetie.

Speaking of, Sam said he had
a little present for you.

A little tidbit he said
you'd know what to do with.

He talks to a few of the girls,
and they say they heard about

a little arrangement with Tommy
over at the horizon.

There's these two girls there,
and these other girls say that

these two sometimes steal chips.

The casino won't cash chips for
any of the working girls,

so these two run it
through Tommy.

He's scamming the house.

He'd be dead in the desert
if they found out.

I want the word taken off me,

What's the matter,
is somebody watching?

Let's go outside.

We've been over this before.

You gonna call security?

If that's what it takes.

Good, that'll give me
a chance to explain how you've

been selling back their own
chips to them.

I want the word taken off.

It's not up to me.

There's nothing I can do.

Look, I like you, Jackie,
I really do.

If there was anything I could do
you know I would.

Okay. I gave you your chance.

It's the trick who did it,
not me.



He's a heavy guy.

He put out the word.

So give me a his name.

You're gonna get US both
a trip to the dump.

No, Tommy, just you, when
the casino finds out about

the chips.

I don't know his name.

Look, maybe you need some cash.

I can spot you a few bucks.

Henry Rinaldi.

That's his name.

You sure about that?

Yeah. It's Tommy
over at the horizon.

Yeah, fine, fine.

I, uh, I turned up something
I thought Mr. Rinaldi

might want to know.

(Announcer calling race)
Coming down along the inside,

but now Mali star is
coming on fast.

Mali star!

I wish you'd brought me
another name.

But Rinaldi, he's got
too much juice.

You know him?

He's the biggest
concessionaire in Reno.

Linens, glassware...the whole
town runs on his stuff.

If Rinaldi don't want you
to work in Reno, you won't

work in Reno. I'm sorry.

You won't do it?

I gotta live here too.

Woman: Yeah, baby,
that's it. Lucky seven.

Look, about the other night.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

No, no. I'm sorry.

I overreacted and it was stupid
and I didn't want it

to end like that.

I mean...

I like you.

I like you, too.

So what do we do now?

( Sniffling )
I don't know.

Don't, don't, don't.

Come on. You okay?

No. I'm such a mess.

It's all right.

God, I'm so...-
it's okay.

It's okay.

Ever been to Tucson?

Tucson? No.

Daria's brother offered me
a job there in a hotel.


Yeah, when she mentioned it
I just wrote it off.

I mean, here there's people who
knew me when I was something.

You know, in Tucson or...

Anywhere, I'd just be...


Yeah, me.

Well, wouldn't that be
a disaster.

Joseph, do you really
like it here?


Last week you said
you liked it here.

Are we gonna move again?

I'm just thinking
about things.


What's for dinner?

How about I go out
and get US some burgers?



Oh, can I have a diet soda
as well?


If people knew where burgers
came from, they wouldn't

eat them.

I know where they come from.

Yeah, but if you thought
about it...

I don't want to think about
it. I know here they come from.

They come from big, dead cows
that are raised in awful,

inhumane circumstances.

But guess what? They're not
human, so I don't give a big

one, I'm trying to eat here.

Try and understand me on this
one, Joey. Joseph. We are

the human beings, so we have
to eat, and we eat everything...

( Sarah drones on )

You fucking whore!

( Overlapping voices )
Joseph: Okay, but...

Sarah: But nothing.

We're just trying to eat here.


Jackie! Honey! Mom!

Oh, honey.

Hang on a second, honey.

She's...she's all right,
don't worry about it.

Mom! Mommy!

Mom! ( Car starts )
( Tires screech )

( Thunder crashing )
Radio: The stock market

Surged 78 points to record
levels today on rumors

of federal reserve.. 39 points.

Some analysts are predicting
a continuation of...

...and option contracts...

( Gunshot )
No, no, no!, no! Please!

Don't! No, please, don't! Don't!

Shut up!

Please, don't shoot!

Shut up! You just shut
your fucking mouth!

I'll give you anything!

Please don't shoot me!

No! ( Crying )
Please don't shoot me.

Don't shoot me!

Don't shoot me!

I'll give you anything!

Please! Please! Please!

Please, please, please!

How does it feel, asshole?

How does it feel, you
disgusting piece of shit?

You know what?

You're not fucking worth it.

( Rinaldi whimpering )

Hey, baby.

Oh, I love you, baby.

I love you, too.

It's over.

Oh, my baby.


You okay?

Listen, it looks like I can't
move in with jeanine

after all.

I thought it was
all arranged.

I don't have a choice.

Well, why? What happened?

It's big Sam.

He says either I move in with
him or suffer the consequences.

Ha ha ha ha!

He's turning out to be
a pretty desperate character.

Oh, my god.

Yeah. My mother will be
spinning in her grave.

I'm really happy for you.




( Both laughing )

Ha ha ha ha!

You little slut.

Go ahead.

Hey, Adam.

So why you goin' to Texas?

Gonna have a kid.


Hey, anything's possible.

Maybe one of these days
I'll bring my kid by and we can

all go fishin'.

Give me a break.

Hey, could happen.

So you gonna say goodbye
to mom?


Hey, be good.



You all packed?


Drive safe.

We'll be all right.

I know.

I meant that about
coming to visit sometime.

Any time.






( Car starts )