Trick or Treats (1982) - full transcript

A baby sitter is stuck watching over a young brat on Halloween night who keeps playing vicious pranks on her. To add to her trouble the boy's deranged father has escaped from an asylum and is planning on making a visit.

- What time will you
be home this evening?


Oh, don't get up, dear.

I'll get it.

- We're here for Mister O--

- There'll be some
papers that...

- Malcolm, hi.

We want you to come
with us, Malcolm.

Okay, there's no need for--

- Who is this?

- There's no need for alarm.

- Nothing, just a short ride.

- Just calm down.
- Who are you?

- We're going for a
little ride, Malcolm.

- I'm not going for any ride.

- We're going for a little ride.

- Joan, who is it?

- Malcolm, now just calm down.

- What is going on?

Let go of me!

- Calm down.

- Joan!

Let go of me!

- Cut him off!

- Ah!

Ah! Ah!

- Calm down, Malcolm!

- Stay away!

Who are you?

- Slow down now.
- Stay away from me!

Stay away!

Just stay away!

- Malcolm.

Come on, Malcolm.

Malcolm, come on.

Get the cuffs on him!

Hurry up!

Malcolm! Help!

- Put him down!

Put him down, Malcolm.

Ah! Wah!

- Eh! Oh!


- Get the cuffs on him.

- Oh! Oh!



Okay, get the cuffs.

Okay, where's the jacket?


Hold him.

I'll get the jacket.

Now calm down.


Get him up.

At least get him.

Come on.

- Joan!

Ah, ah.

- Calm down, Malcolm.

It's all right.

Roll him over.



All right.

Fuckin' idiot.

- Joan!





Ah, ah, ah.

Okay, help him up.

- Ah, no!



- Just calm down.

Slow down, man.

- I don't wanna go again!

- Come on!

- Joannie!

No, don't take me!

Don't take me!

Why are all taking me?

I don't wanna go!

I don't wanna go!

Joan, help me!


Help me!

Oh God!

* If you need someone to love

* To get you through
another day *

* I'm the one your thinking of

* I will make him pay

* For the pain that he's done

- Bon jour.

Oh, hello.

Can you talk louder?

Oh, oh, tonight?

Well, if you really
need me, see.

Yeah, but, girl, my boyfriend,

he's opening a play tonight

and I was planning on,

I see.

Well, do you think maybe
you could get somebody else?


Yeah, I know.

I know.

How about if I came
a little later?

I see.

All right.

No, I can't take the
address down now.

I'm in the shower.

Look, I'll call you
right back, okay.

Yeah, thanks.


* Help is on the way

* I will love you

* Help is on the way

* I won't desert you

* Help is on the way

* Help is on the way

- Ello?

- Hello?


- Oh, hi Brett.

I was just practicing, um,

the French for that
yogurt commercial

in case I got it.

- Oh hey, yeah, that was great.

Hey, listen.

Linda, look.

I got a seat for ya
right down front.

- Brett?

I can't make it.

- What?

Baby, it's my opening night!

Look, I'm counting on you!

- I know, but the agency
says I have to work

or they'll fire me,

and I can't afford to lose them.

It's the only way I
can have my days free

to get my acting jobs.

- Don't the parents
take the kids out

trick-or-treating or somethin'?

- Yeah, but some
people are running off

to Las Vegas for
a surprise party.

So if I don't work, the
agency will drop me.

- You don't need 'em.

- Oh, you'll support me then?

- Look.

You know I'm not really
in a position to do

that right now, you know?

But I will be.

- I need this stupid
babysitting job.

These rich people pay too well.

- I need you here with me.

- I want to be there
with you, but I can't.

- Look, how many times you gonna
get to see me play Othello?

- Oh, you're too
young to play Othello.

- Yeah.

I'm lowering my voice.

- Oh, Brett, I do love you,

and I want to be with you.

But I have to work.

Ah, but I know.

I've got the address
and the telephone number

of where I'm going
to be, and uh...

Why don't I give it to you
and you can come over later?

I mean, nobody's
gonna be there except

me and the kid.

And he'll probably be asleep,

so we could have some fun.

- Okay.

I'll see ya, I gotta go.


- Hey!

Hey, baby, listen.

You know where this
ah, take it easy.

You know where this
421026th Street is?

- Uh, yes.

It's just a couple
blocks down there.

- Oh, 'cause they keep changing
the streets around here.

- Yeah, I know,
it's really hard.

- Hey, listen.

I'm going to this party.

- Yeah?

- Why don't you come along?

We'll have a ball.

- Oh, no, I gotta go to work.

- No, I mean it.

- No, really, some other time.

- Come on.

Some other
time, I promise.

- What's the matter, baby?

Don't you like to party?

- Christopher, are you in here?


I'm putting
on my Halloween costume, sir.

- Oh.

- Christopher?

You turn that light on.

And you come out here now.

Well, you're not putting
on your Halloween costume.

Why did you lie to Richard?

- Well, I was
about to put it on,

but I was just trying
on some ghost makeup.

- In the dark?

What have I told
you about lying?

- All right, Joan,
lighten up on the kid.

- Excuse me.

Have you finished packing?

- Well, I just
thought the kid could,

ah, never mind.

Forget it.

You know?

- Now clean up this room.

- Well, can't you take
me out trick-or-treating?

You know
that Richard and I

have to go to this party.

It's business.

- It's not business.

It's a party.

It is business.

- It's fun.

- Ah, now Christopher,
you've got to learn

that everything in
life is not just fun.

Now give me a kiss.

Now you be a good boy.

- I'll be a good
boy if you give me

the Wizard of Siam trick.

- I'll get it for
you when I get back.


- Joan Adams?

- Mmm.

Ah, excuse me for
being in a such a rush,

but we haven't
finished packing yet.

All the trick-or-treat
candy is there.

If you'd do me a favor
and please feed the dog.

The dog food I left
out on the counter.

Christopher should be
in bed by 11 o'clock.

I left a list of all
the phone numbers

up in on the dining room
table of where we'll be.

We'll be back by tomorrow.

- Great, okay.

- Thank you.

- Mmm-hmm.


- Hi.

- Have you got everything?

- I think so, sure.
- Oh.

Have you got the
airplane tickets?

- Yup, right here.

- And the address?

- Yup.

- And the credit cards.

- No, you have them.


I wonder what made
the Newtons think of

inviting us to their
Halloween party this year.

- It's because we're
such a charming couple.

- Mmm.

- Mmm.

- Why don't you go down
and fix us a drink?

- Okay.

- Oh.

- Ah yes.

Here they go.

Thank you.

See you there.

- Now it's your move.

You're gonna lose again, Bert.

- I guess I'm just a born loser.

- I gotta get out of this place.

I'm gonna bust outta here,

and this time I mean it.

- You've been here for
four years, Malcolm.

You should call it home.

- I had a home once.

And I'm gonna get it back!

Hi, Doctor.

- How are you doing, Malcolm?

- Fine.

When am I gonna get
out of here, Doctor?

- Oh, any day now, any day.

- That's what you said
a year ago, Doctor.

- Be patient, be patient.

- I am a patient.

- Now why did you
say that to him?

You know he's as
mad as a hatter.

- You have to humor these
people, Nurse Reeves.

They're crazy.

- Yeah.

- Heh, heh.

- Thank you, Farley.


You know what day this is?


- That's right.

- There are costumes and
wear different clothes

and things like that.

- Right.

- Disguises.
- Yeah.

- Perfect night for me to bust
out of this bug house, Bert.

- You're crazy.

- You're crazy, Bert.

I'm mad.

- Well, hello there.

- Hello.

- You must be Linda.

- Yes.

Mr. Adams?

- Please call me Richard.


- Would you, ah, like a
glass of brandy, Linda?

- No, no thank you.

Are you sure?

- Mmm-hmm.

- Not even a little sip?

- No, no.

- Come on.


- Just a little.


- Ah, this is really a
fabulous place you have here.

How did you happen to find it?


You might say I inherited it.

- Mmm.

- Come here.


Definitely your stone.

- This is really beautiful,
but my birthstone is the ruby.

- Huh.

Well, ah,

would you like to
see my tap dance?

* Da da da

Tell me, how did you
happen to inherit this place?

Um, brains.

Brains, my dear.


Which is something ah,

you may or may not
know a bit about.

- Oh!

- Ah.

Well ah, darling.

I was just showing um,

ah, Linda...

this present

I bought for you.

- Oh, darling, it's gorgeous.

Get the bag, will you?

- Certainly, sweetheart.


- Mmm.

Actually it's the only
reason I married him.

- Oh yes, he's a real charmer.

- Help yourself to anything.

- Thank you.

- Richard, we're
going to be late.

- Oh, wait.

I haven't met your
little boy yet.

- Oh, he's around somewhere.

You'll find him.

Or he'll find you.

- Goodnight, Linda.

You look so good.

Now listen, try not
to get arrested, okay?

- Christopher?

Christopher, where are you?


- You're cute.

Are you the babysitter?

- Well, you're not cute.

That's a stupid thing to do.

- It's Halloween!

- Doesn't matter.

You could hurt yourself!

- I won't.

- Well, you scared me.

Can you get out of that thing?

- Yeah, sure.

- You be careful, young man.

- Hey, I'm cool.

Trick or treat!

- Oh!

Oh, what are you?

A policeman?

Yeah, the
local policeman.

- Oh.

Here you go.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

A witch!

- Yeah.

- Ooh!

Happy Halloween.

- Thank you.


You little brat!

What was that?

- Magic trick.

Don't you like tricks?

- No.

And do you know what
I do to little boys

who are practical jokers?

- Hey! Hey!

What are you doin'?

I'm sorry.

Let's be friends.

What's your name?

- Linda.

- Pleased to meet you, Linda.

- Okay, that's it.




- Sucka!

- Hey baby, all right.

- Mmm, hot.


- Now I gotta
remember this place!

- That is the most disgusting
thing I've ever seen.

Now I told you to play
with your toys nicely

and what are you doing?

Stop it!

- It's my turn, my turn.

- You quit playing
with yourself.

- Hey, I won!

I won.

- Ah!

You know, I've been
thinkin' about it, Bert.

I'm formulating
my plan of escape.

- Malcolm, you're--

Malcolm, you ain't
gettin' out of here.

You know, I tried it and
they knocked my teeth out.

- Oh, I'm gettin' out, Bert.

And when I do,
I'm gonna get her,

her lawyers, and that two-bit
gigolo she's married to.

- Don't forget the doctors.

- Oh, I'm gonna get
the doctor, Bert.

- Are you going tonight?

If you can't play
nicely, I'm not going to play.

All right?

- As soon as it's
beddy-bye time,

it's adios amigos.

- Gee, Malcolm, I didn't
know you could speak Spanish.

- Amigos.

A me goes.


Come here, Bert.


- You can help.


- You wanna know how?


- Snore.


- Like that?

just like that.

- Yeah.

Just like that.

- Oh god.

Oh, that kid.

- Ah!

Oh, you!

You stop it now!

Or I'll put you to bed!

- Now that's the best
offer I've had all day.

- You're impossible.

- How about incorrigible?

- That too.

Ooh, another little
spoiled brat.

Why me?

Why do I get them all?

- 'Cause they love you, Linda.

- Is that you, Cleopatra?

This is the men's ward.

Say goodnight to Marc Anthony.

- But were I Brutus,
and Brutus Anthony.

There, there would
an Anthony would turn

the stones of Rome
to rise in mutiny!

- Unrise, Mr. Higginbottom.

You're all alone now.

No! Oh!


Oh! Oh! Oh!

- Oh!

Oh! Oh!


I'm going fast.

I have no regrets.

- Do you know the story
about the boy who cried wolf?

- Are there any Indians in it?

- No.

Once upon a time
there was a little boy

who lived in a village.

And his father gave him the
job of watching the sheep.

And he said, "Son, if
you ever see any wolves,

"you must yell wolf, wolf!

"And all the villagers
will come to protect you."

So the first day the
little boy was on the job,

he gets very, very bored.

And he says, I think
I'll play a joke.

And he yells, "Wolf, wolf!"

And all the villagers come
running with their weapons,

only to have the little
boy going, "Ha, ha, ha!"

He was only playing a joke.

So the next day the little
boy's back out there

protecting the sheep,

and what do you think he does?

He gets bored again and
he yells, "Wolf, wolf!"

And the villagers
come from all over,

only to have the little
boy laugh in their face.

So the third day

the wolf really came.

And just when he was ready
to pounce on the little boy,

the little boy
yelled, "Wolf, wolf!"

And none of the villagers
came to help him.

And the wolf ate the little boy.

He, the wolf ate the
little boy all up.

Do you understand what
I'm trying to say?

- Yes, I understand, Linda.

- Good.

- Wolf, wolf!

- Excuse me, nurse.

May I see your ID, please?

certainly, officer.

- Oh, that little monster.


- Hi, honey.

It's me.

How is your evening?

- Oh, awful.

I've got a mean, little kid here

that's giving me a bad time.

- Mmm, lock him in his room.

- He'd escape.

He's Houdini Junior.

- What do you mean?

- Tricks, costumes,
practical jokes.

I mean, his parents
must've given him

carte blanche at
the magic store.

- Yeah.

You'll be able to handle it.

Look, ah, I gotta go.

I'll see you after
the show, okay?

- I've got my own
show going on here.

Oh, gotta go.

More goblins.

- I love you.

- I love you, too.

Break a leg, huh?




Damn kid.



- Thanks for the kiss, baby.

- Oh! Ah! Ah!

- You wouldn't hit
a kid, would you?

- Why are the lights
on if nobody's home?

- Yeah, we oughta tip
over their garbage cans.

- Shoot yourself
again, Christopher.



Get off that phone.

- See this knife?


Take off my mother's nightgown.

- Oh, shut up!

- Mmm.

- Hello?

- You wanna loan
me a little money

to go back where I come from?

- Take it, take it, take it, go.

Here, here, here, take it.

Take more, take
more, take more, go.

- Do you remember me?

- Yo lady, is this
your car over here?

- Huh?

- The car.

- No.

No, no.

- Hey, lady.

- Ah!

Help! Help!

My finger!


Help, my finger!

My finger!

- Oh no, Christopher.


I'm gonna lock you in your
room, you little monster.

- No locks on my doors.


- You've got a basement.

- No.

- You must have a rocket
I could shoot you off

into outer space.

- I've got a rocket,
but you can't have it.

- We'll see about that, buster.

I'll deal with you in a minute.

Just a minute, please.

Trick or treat!

- Boy, that lady's crazy.

- Yeah, looks like she
might've seen a ghost.

- Yeah?

- I'm coming home

to take care of you, darling.

- Christopher!

I've had enough of this!

- Hello, Linda.

I want to suck your blood.

- Christopher, will you
please stay off the telephone.

- I wasn't on the phone.

- How can I believe you?

You can even
disguise your voice.

Hold up.

I gotta a homey.

- Hi, sweetheart.


- Don't talk to me.

- Oh, don't be so shy.

- I don't like to be touched.

- Oh, now, now.

Would you like to go have a
little drinkey-poo, maybe?

- Oh, no, I, I've--

- What do you say?

Just you and I.

- No thank you.

- What, just you and I.

- No, no, I don't want to drink.

- Come, drink some alcohol.

Oh, just a little,
maybe a drink.

You and I together,
what do you say?

- Just maybe a little bit.

- Hey!

- I want to check
on Christopher.

- Hello again.

- Hello again?

Linda, this is Joan.

Is everything all right?

- No.

- What do you mean?

- Your son is a holy terror.

He committed suicide
about four times.

He tried to drown me.

He set off explosions.

He had me chase him
all over the house.

He played tricks on me.

- Well, dear.

Christopher is an
amateur magician.

- Yes, well I don't want to
be the magician's stooge.

- Oh, he's perfectly harmless.

- Oh, and some screwball
keeps calling me on the phone.

Is the kid a ventriloquist, too?

Well, he might be.

Did he wreck the house?

- No, but that's probably next.

- Oh, don't worry, dear.

- You know, you
shouldn't buy your son

everything he wants.

- Oh, I believe more
harm can be done

by denying the creative mind.

Surely you can
understand that, Linda.

- Then maybe you oughta
sign him up with the circus.

- Well, goodnight.

- Goodnight.

- Christopher is
being a perfect angel.

- Trick or treat!

- Okay, there you are.

A refill, ma'am.

And I'll be right back.

- Thank you.

Thank you.

- Christopher!

You get in this
house right away!

- Trick or treat!

- Aren't you too old to
be trick-or-treating?

- We're drunk.

- Wait, wait, wait, now.

Okay, okay, you got it.

- Come on.

- Here you go, yeah, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.

Okay, there
you go, here you go.

No, that's okay.

- Why don't you come with us?

- Later, okay?


Oh, bye.

Trick or treat.

- See you later.

Bye bye.

- Oh yeah?

Well the same to you, jerk off!

- Come on.

- Hey, take it
easy, take it easy.

- Hey, there's nothing in this.

- I got something.

- You drank it, oh.

- I'll go get some.


- Why don't you get
us another bottle?

- Get me some.

- Get us another bottle.

- Give me some money,
give me some money, man.

- It's right down at the co,

I'll give you some money.

I'm gonna give you.

- I got some money
too, you know.

- Quarter.

I'm gonna give you 40, 42 cents.

- You give me 42 cents?

- 42 cents.

- You don't get as much.

- I probably don't.

- I'll see you later, huh?

- Where you goin'?

Right around the corner.

- Cha.


Hi, buddy.

- Hey, lady.

You shouldn't be down here.

- Take off your clothes.

- What?

- Take off your clothes.

- What are you gonna do?

Rape me?

Take 'em off now.

Shut up.

Just take your clothes off.

- You got it.

- Come on, take 'em off.

- Well, hi, honey!

Hey, take it easy.

Shut up,
take your clothes off!

- What are you gonna--

- Shut up!

Take 'em off quick!


I'm doin'
it, I'm doin' it.

- Back it up.

Not you, stupid!

- My shoes.

I want
everything taken off.

- Everything?


- Give her it.

Take it off!

Give her
all your clothes.

You want the shoes?

- Yeah, everything!

Come on, take it off.

Come on, take 'em off!


- Just take 'em off.

You shut up!

- Sorry, sorry.

- You want my underwear?

- Take 'em off!

Hurry up, come on!

What, you never
seen tits before?

Take 'em off!

All of 'em!

Take everything, everything off.

Aw, shut up.

Just back it off.

- The blood really looks fake.

- Fake or not, these horror
pictures give me the willies.

- It's only a movie, Andrea.

- Look, Connie, I love movies.

I love editing.

I love making movies
more than I love eating.

But these horror movies,

they make me scared to
drive home alone at night.

- I know what you mean.

They don't exactly turn me on.

- Do you think people
will ever get tired

of these films?

- Nope.

I think people are
always interested in

the latest monster
that will pop up

or how much more
blood can be spilled

or how many more guts
can be whipped out.

- And the producers will
keep pourin' 'em out.

- Yup.

How's that scene coming along?

- Here, come take a look at it.

Tell me what you think.

- Yes, the arm is


Nurse, give me head.

- The head?

- Yes, the head!

- Here's the head, Doctor.

- Thank you, nurse.

Do those nerves
look okay to you?

- No, no.

- Carotid artery
look okay to you?


- Pick up the sheet.

You're in my light.

And now you who have for so long

been bound to the most narrow

and materialistic views,

you who have denied
the virtue of

transcendental medicine,

you who have derided
your superior,


- The brain.

- What?

Oh, the brain.

Yes, I forgot.

I've done it!

Quick, the brain!

- Dah.


- You know, it works.

- You think so?

- I think it's brilliant.

I mean, this movie's gonna
be made in this editing room.

- You know, it's
obvious those jerks

don't know what they're doing.

- Like that segue you
did in the second reel

in the montage sequence?

Sure genius!

- And that dumb director's
gonna get all the credit!

- Exactly.

- We make the pictures

right here.

- You're damn right.


Just a minute.

It's Linda.

- Oh.

Hi, Linda.

- Hi, how is everything going?

- Well, we're almost done with

the rough cut of
The Monster Strikes.

- Oh great.

Listen, I talked
to my agent tonight

and he needs that scene I
did by tomorrow morning.

Did you transfer it to video?

- I sure did and
it's right here.

Why, wanna come by and get it?

- Well, the problem
is I'm babysitting

and I can't really
leave the house.

- Well, where are you?

- I'm in the Wilshire District.

- Well, that's right
next to my hairdresser

and I'm going there so
I'll drop it by to you.

No problem.

- Oh, could you?

I was hoping you would.

- What's the address?

Trick or treat.


Here you go, guys.

Have fun.

Happy Halloween.

Thank you.

Today's sports
with Stu coming up next.

- Thank you, John.

A dangerous lunatic,
Malcolm O'Keefe,

ex-millionaire industrialist,

has escaped from
Western State Hospital.

An all points bulletin by
the police is out tonight.

I'm here at Western
State Hospital tonight

to talk with Nurse Almeda.

- Reeves.
- Reeves.

- It was vicious
and savage attack.

The work of a maniac.

He jumped me as I
leaned to tuck him in.

He threw me on the bed

and then jumped on top of me

and put it in my mouth.

- Ah, put the gag in
your mouth, you mean.

- Yes, yes, he put
this in my mouth

and I couldn't cry out.

He, he tied me up and
took off all my clothes.

I've never been so humiliated.

- Well now, he--

- I tried to escape once and
they knocked my teeth out.

- Sit down, would you?

- Now Malcolm O'Keefe,
who was committed

to this institution
many years ago

has just been recently
made a trustee.

Isn't that right?

- We.
- Yes.

- We are not crazy.

- He was normally a nice man.

- Yeah, we don't belong here.

- Oh, shut up, you're all crazy.

- Thank you very
much, Nurse Reeves.

Oh, get down!

- And right now we'd
like to show you

a picture of the
escaped patient.

And if any of you out
there have any information

with regard to this man.

We're not!

- Please call the
Western State Hospital.


- Or your local police.

Well, we're not crazy.

- When he jumped me,
when he jumped me

I found, I found that he,

he responded to me in a
way that no man ever has.

I have to go
to Wilshire, near Labrea.

- You wanna go to

That's 35 cent, boy.

Sit down.

- Are you here, kid?


All right.

That's two, little creep.

No! Stop.

All right, inside the house.

I've had it with you and I'm
gonna tie you up in your bed.

- I'll escape.

- Look, just stop.


I'm tired.

Why don't you take a break?

Leave me alone.

Why don't you dress
up like the other kids

and go around the neighborhood?

You might get yourself
some poison candy.

- I heard what you said!

That wasn't very nice!

- You're right.

I don't know why I'd
have such a thought.

- I'm a cannibal and I
bring you human flesh

to eat at night.

- You're probably a midget.

- I wonder if I should
put her in a zigzag box.

Or saw her in half.

- Linda?




Linda, it's Andrea.

Where are you?

I've got your tape.

Magic tricks.


Are you playing some kind
of joke on me for Halloween?

Well it isn't very funny.

Now say something.


Linda, I hear you.


- You're not Joan.


- Nice try, Linda.

Now you're gettin'
the hang of it.

- Hmm-hmm.

- Can I have my
cat back, please?

- Go to your room!

- Hey!

How about you pouring
me a glass of that wine?

- Screw off!

- Linda?

- Oh, Brett.

I'm sorry.

- What are you so mad about?

- Obscene phone calls.

Rats, cats.

You name it.

- Well, I wish I
was there with you.

- Oh, it's all right.

I found the wine.

- You're getting
obscene phone calls?

- Mmm-hmm, a few.

Some weirdo keeps
calling and tells me

he's coming over here.

- Maybe, ah, maybe you
should call the police.

- Oh, right.

You know, I never
thought of that.

How's the play going?

- Oh.

Desdemona's wig
slipped a little bit,

but other than that
it's going great.

It's a great audience.

- Well, they all got
in free, didn't they?

- Yeah, yeah, they got in free,

but they're good, you know?

I mean, they're good.

Oh, I gotta go, I gotta go!

I'll talk to you, bye!

I gotta go!

- Forget her!

- Hello, police?

I'd like to report a strange
man who's been calling.


Well, he's threatening
to come over

to the house where I am.

there's nothing we can do

until he actually shows up.

We can't station a
man out at your house.

We get a hundred of
these calls every night.

Just keep your
door locked, lady.

- Oh, yes, I understand.

Thank you.

The little practical joker.

- Trick or treat!
- Trick or treat!

Here you go.

Happy Halloween.

- Thank you.

Where's Christopher?

- Oh, he's upstairs playing.

- I have some paper.

- Probably making a bomb.


- There's some paper to me.

- Oh, here, I'll
give you some more.

There you go.

How's that?

- Let's go.

- Thank you, bye!

Oh, well, what's
the matter, darling?

Got a sore throat?

Well, get a good night's sleep.

- I'm home, Joan.

- Christopher, I
told you not to--

- Don't look at me!

I've changed.

I can see you haven't changed.

I'll bet you're surprised
to see me back here

in my home.

You've moved all
my things around.

It doesn't matter.

I have a little
thank-you for you.

For all the misery that
you put into my life.

Clever of you, Joan.

Very, very clever the way
you put me out of the picture

as soon as you were tired of me.

Except, except

I have a little punishment

for you for what
you've done to me.

- Why don't you--

- Shut up!

Shut up.

I'll do the talking, okay?



It's time for you to suffer.

I loved you, Joan.

And look what you
did to my life.

You destroyed it.

- I--

- Now I hate you.

Do you hate me?

Oh, come on, yes, you do.

'Cause you do, you
hate me don't you?

- Stop!

- Oh! Oh!





- Ah!

- Where are you going?

On a little trip, huh?

You can't go anywhere, huh?

Are you going on a
little expedition?

Won't start, huh?

It won't!

Going on a little trip, are ya?

- Hello, police?

- I must've dozed off.

Is it still Halloween?

- Somebody's in the house.

- A ghost?

A killer!

- You mean the guy
with the big knife.

- Maybe one more trick.

How does this thing work?

- Usually magicians
never tell a secret.

- Oh, ssh!

Come on, help me move it out.

- Uh, unclip those clips

and take off that red thing.

- Can this thing really cut?


Uh, okay.

Oh, I wish this gun was real.

Raise the blade.

That's good.

That's real good.


He's coming.

Can you hear him?

I don't hear him anymore.

Do you hear him?

I don't hear him anymore.

Where is he?

Oh! No!


- I'm sorry for what
I did to you, Linda.

I promise I won't do it anymore.

No more tricks.

- It's all right.

Come with me.

I have to call the police.

Hello, police?

I'd like to report a death.

Trick or treat!

* If you need someone to love

* To get you through
another day *

* I'm the one
you're thinking of *

* I will make him pay

* For the things
that he's done *

* And you can tell him
I'm gonna give you *

* Help is on the way

* I will love you

* Help is on the way

* I'll never hurt you

* Help is on the way

* Help is on the way

* Mustn't cry

* I will dry your tears

* We will cut him down to size

* If it takes a hundred years

* He can't do things he do

* And you can tell him
I'm going to hit him *

* Help is on the way

* I will love you

* Help is on the way

* I won't desert you

* Help is on the way

* Uh, oh, oh

* Help is on the way

* All my lovin',
all my kissin' *

* Give all my lovin' to you

* Help is on the way

* Yes it is now

* Help is on the way

* Ow, ow

* Help is on the way