Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! (2022) - full transcript

With Coco and kitty in prison, Mystery Inc. thinks that they can finally enjoy a break.

Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!

Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!

Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!


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Um, is that, like, a good
"ruh-roh" or a bad "ruh-roh"?

Never mind! I figured it out!

Whoa! Whoo-hoo!

Here they come.

Everything's in place.
Everyone ready?






There goes my rental deposit!

I hate cats.


Velma! Daphne! It's go time!

More like, Cat Man, don't!
Am I right, Scoob?

Good show, Mystery Inc!

You've certainly lived up to
your most formidable reputation.

Now let's see
who this Cat Man really is.

Actually, Inspector, I think Ms.
Cat Man might be more accurate.

Olive Khadka!

But why?

Your family owns the ski resort.


But my father plans to leave
it all to his new wife, Heena.

She's half his age, you know.

What do you think, Velma?
Does it match the others?

Let's find out.

to scare away skiers

and force the lodge
out of business.

And I would have gotten away
with it, too, if it weren't for...

Hey, where did
those meddling kids go?

Wow, just as I suspected.

The materials used
to make the Cat Man suit

are identical
to every other costume

from the criminals
we've captured.

Henry Bascombe's
Space Kook suit.

Captain Cutler's
ghost diver suit.

That freaky ghost clown,
Harry the Hypnotist.

All starting with the
Black Knight, Mr. Wickles.

I always thought
it was a strange coincidence

that all our cases seemed to
involve some supernatural creature.

But it wasn't a coincidence.

These costumes
were created by one person,

a secret mastermind
hiding behind the curtain

and pulling the strings
all this time.

Coco Diablo!

Happy Halloween.
I'm Coco Diablo.

I'm here for the, uh, VIP tour.

Of course you are.

Right this way.

As you can see,

we manufacture a wide variety
of popular Halloween costumes.

Classic gorilla. Silly hot dog.

Treacherous maven.
We make it all here.

Of course,
here at Diablo Costumes,

we pride ourselves in only making
safe, family-friendly products.

Of course.

We only use
the best materials here.

None of those chintzy,
disposable synthetics

other companies rely upon.

And our costumes
are crafted by true artisans.

Excuse me, Miss Diablo.

How many times must
I tell you not to interrupt

when I'm with a client?

But I've just completed
the prototype

for next year's Dracula costume.

Dracula, again!

Really, Trevor, can't you design
anything other than Dracula?

Well, I can try to, but...

Oh, my!

Try harder.

That's my apprentice, Trevor.
Don't mind him.

He shows promise.

But he's always wearing those
ridiculous hats. No offense.

Now, where were we?

I'd like to see something
a little more scary,

if you catch my drift.

Of course. Step into my office.

So, who told you about me?

Olive Khadka.

Ugh. Olive, such a shame.

I deliver
state-of-the-art costumes,

and these fools end up getting
defeated by those...

I appreciate the rec

Let me cut to the chase.

I got the inside track

that a new highway is about
to run through Winterhaven.

- And I...
- And you're looking to buy up the land on the cheap

so you can
make a monstrous profit.

But first, you need a way
to scare off the competition.

Um, yeah, something like that.

I have just the thing.


Hmm. Looks a bit constricting.

I call it the 10,000 Volt Ghost.

The cloth conforms
to any body type,

and you can adjust the current
to control the mind of anyone

you want to submit to your will.

It's my greatest creation yet.

How much?

For you, it could be free...

I'm listening.

...on this one condition.

Get rid of those meddling kids

who've been destroying
all of my brilliant costumes.

And their dumb dog, too.

That might be
a little difficult.

Oh. And why is that?

Because, like, I am
one of those meddling kids.

And I am their dumb dog.


Nice work, Shaggy and Scooby.

And as promised,
here are your Scooby...


You've just helped us
nab the mastermind

of one of the most notorious
costume crime syndicates in the world.

The most notorious.

But how did you kids do it?

It's simple, really, Sheriff.

You see, I had a hunch that a lot of
the cases we've been solving lately

were somehow connected.

Scooby and Shaggy bravely
put themselves in harm's way

time after time to gather clues.

While Velma, our resident
science whiz, analyzed that data,

which led us here
to Coco's factory.

- Humph.
- And Daphne,

well, she, uh... She, uh...

Uh, what was it again?

Fred, don't be silly.

You know very well
that I... I, um...

Come to think of it,
I'm not really sure what I did,

or what I ever do.

I see. Well, good work.

Yeah, yeah. Good work.

But you know what they say
about too much of a good thing.

Okay, time to go, Miss Diablo.

Fire away, news monkeys!
All press is good press.

Well, gang,
another mystery solved.

And with Coco Diablo locked up,

things should be a whole
lot quieter from now on.

Sounds groovy to me, man.

Yeah, me too.

But what if there really can be
too much of a good thing?

You need any help
with that, Velma?

I'm pretty good with
whatever it is you're doing.

No, thanks. I've got a system.

Okay. Well,
if you change your mind,

I'll just... just be over here.

Just what exactly are you
hiding in all of this, Mr. Humdrum?

Oh, please be
a fleet of ghost pirates

he wanted to use to scare a small fishing
village into selling him their land.

Oh! Or... Or maybe
let's just see who you really are.

Hey, what are you doing?

No, stop. Stop that.

Oh, that's my face.
I can...

Oh! Get off...

Get off of me!

Oh, my eye. Aah! Oh!

Sorry, Fred,

he was inflating tax refunds
for his clients

by claiming fake deductions,
exaggerating expenses,

and falsifying home energy
improvement reports.

But that's so boring.

Take him away, Sheriff,
or whatever.

Who cares.

Uh, not to add insult to injury,

but we don't really take people
away for crimes like these.

Now, Charlie,

do you promise to pay
back what you owe?

Uh... Yes.

Okay then, that's that.


Hey, who ate my lunch?

You know, I'm starting to think
that maybe it was a mistake...

Don't say it, Fred.

- Don't say it was a mistake capturing Coco Diablo.
- Capturing Coco Diablo.

Since we locked her up,

we haven't had
one interesting case.

But it's good a criminal
mastermind is behind bars, right?

Yeah, good for her maybe.

She's becoming a celebrity
in there.

Her book was a best-seller.

Velma, you bought a copy?


I buy every bestselling book

written by criminals
we put away.

It's a helpful way to get
insight into the criminal mind.

And Coco's prose
is surprisingly poetic.

Huh! A lot of good
that will do us,

solving mysteries
about missing socks.

Dude, the way I see it,

fewer freaky cases means fewer
freaky ghosts freaking us out.


So, let's just enjoy
this downtime, man.

I mean, dude,
tomorrow's Halloween!

I sure hope I didn't jinx us!

Like, wow, Scoob,

this is shaping up to be
the best Halloween haul ever.



Uh, Raggy, it's Ricky.

Yeah, tricky and treaty.

Our favorite candy-related

No, Raggy, I'm stuck.

- Like, where Scoob?
- Here.

- Around here?
- Uh-huh.

I'll try ringing the bell.

We'll just use our foot
as leverage.

Ooh, a raggy roor.

Wait. Is this
what I think it is?

Mm, caramel!

This house is made of candy!

Did you?
I did. You did, too?

Happy Halloween!

You thinking what I'm thinking?

Let's suit up!

- Yeah, these will work.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, looks like the gang wants to
get a head start on trick-or-treating!

Oh, boy.
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

After you, sir.

No, I insist.


Happy Halloween!

Shaggy, Scooby, look, I know
you're excited for Halloween,

but I've had it
with these rinky-dink cases.

We need a real mystery.

But how?

And more importantly, why?

I thought about it,
and I had a great idea.

I say we take a page
out of Coco Diablo's book,

and drum up
a little publicity of our own.

Not today, though, right?

I mean, today's Halloween.

Yeah, we're pumpkins.

All right, guys, listen.
Just hear me out.

What if we set up a booth

at the Coolsville
Halloween Festival today?

The exposure
could bring us new business.

- Oh!
- That's your big idea?

A booth at a festival?

What's our next case?
Judging the biggest hog?

Well, that's not all.

We could put out a guest book

so people can leave
their contact information,

or tell us about mysterious
occurrences in their lives.

But... but trick-or-treating!

And candy!

- Everything okay, Fred?
- I, uh...

I think I see my grandmother
over there.

Hi, wishing well.

Gee, I feel kind of silly

talking to a hole
in the ground, but...

I sure do wish
we had a creepy caper again.

Well, here goes nothing.

Like, I didn't know Fred
was so broken up about this.

Yeah, I never thought he'd believe in
something as crazy as a wishing well.

Must be pretty serious.

Maybe it wouldn't be the worst
thing in the world to try his idea.

Here he comes.

Sorry about that.

It wasn't my grandma after all.

So now, where were we?


Now, like, just to be clear,

the plan is we work the
festival during the day,

and then at sundown,

- we all go out trick-or-treating, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Of course, Shaggy.

Now, why don't you and Scooby
go work the crowd a little?

See if you can lead
some customers over here.

And who's to say

we don't find some
succulent snack age as well!

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

What can I do to help?

Oh, uh...

Why don't you put the
guest book on the table?


I hope I can handle that.

Oh, I guess I can.

Oh, and maybe open it

so people are encouraged
to sign it.

Got it, Fred.
It's not rocket science.

Detectives here!
Anybody need a detective?

Hey, Shaggy, look.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

You know what?

We've been working pretty hard,

Like, it couldn't hurt to stop
for a healthy snack, right?

No, sir. Not at all.

Why is no one
visiting our table?

And just how are we
supposed to compete with that?


Three, two, one, bob!

Was that what I think it was?

It sure seemed like a...


We have to tell the gang.

Hold on.

This could, like, seriously impede
our chances of trick-or-treating.

Dude, let's say nothing.

Hey, fellas,

any luck finding new
mysteries for us to solve?

What? Oh, no, no.

Not much going on, really.

Definitely no ghouls or ghosts
lurking about.

How have things been over here?

Like, any big mysteries
come our way

while we were gone?

Uh, what's wrong with Scooby?

My good bud, Scooby-Doo here,

is just so excited
about Halloween

he can hardly contain himself.

Ix-nay on the ost-ghay.


We saw a-a-a ghost!

Sorry, Shaggy.

Oh, I get it.

You're just trying
to keep our hopes up

because we're not getting
any bites.

We'll just have to hunker down.

If we stay put,

I'm sure a new case will
show up before... too... long.

I'm here for you, Mystery Inc.

Are you guys seeing this?

Ah, my wish came true.

Uh-oh. Ahhh!

My brochures! Our guest book!

Fred, it's time to run!

To the Mystery Machine!

Never mind.

If that ghoul is here for us,
I want to be somewhere else.

Wowie! Looks like
we got our next mystery,

and this one's got teeth!

Good, 'cause I
might need a new set afterwards.

As soon as possible,

we'll need to round up
a list of potential suspects,

beginning with Farmer Avery

and that suspicious goat of his.

And I'll cross reference
that list

with any recent land deals
in the area.

Great thinking, Velma.

No, wait. A ghost with a grudge
attacking us on Halloween.

There's only one person
who could be behind this.

I think it's time we pay a
visit to our old pal Coco Diablo.

I love that idea!

I mean, you know,
it's, um, hmm...

It's completely, logically

- I like it, too.
- Really?

But there's no time to lose.

Because, like,
we gotta solve this case

in time to go
trick-or-treating, right?

Before I show you even more
of the high tech modifications

I've made to the facility,

I just want to say

what a tremendous honor it is
to welcome you here.

I'm a huge fan of Mystery Inc.

Yeah, man,
you already said that.

Three times already.

Well, I can't say it enough,

given how your mystery solving
has kept my prison at full capacity

over the years.

You meddling kids!

Try not to let
any of these goons upset you.

Mystery Inc?
More like mystery stink.

Shut your trap!

How dare you disrespect
my friends like that,

you filthy crook!

It's okay, Warden Collins.
Wasn't even a very good burn.

I'll show them.

I'll show them all.


What are you doing, man?

Don't worry. Watch.

I'm free!

Watch the pretty coin of gold,

and you will do as you are told.

Invisible force field.

I designed it myself.
Gets them every time.

Oh, you got to let me show you

our new state-of-the-art
robotic chef.

You just have to see this thing
flip pancakes!

Raggy, did he just say pancakes?

Wait, wait, wait! No!
Like, keep it together, buddy.

We need to stay focused.
Remember, time is candy.

Oh, right. Candy.

I'm cool. Tell him, Shaggy.

Never thought I'd say this,

but, man, there's no time
for pancakes today.

As fun as this tour has been,

we're here
to talk to Coco Diablo.

Oh, of course.

You kids, such professionals.

Right this way.

Anyhoo, you're lucky
you caught Miss Diablo on a day

where she doesn't have
too many press events planned.


I don't mean to be rude, dude,

but we're on
a bit of a schedule here.

No, no, I got it.

Just give me a sec.

You have four minutes.

Oh, heck, since it's you,
take as long as you need.

Well, well, well.
Look who it is.


You don't seem surprised
to see us.

Word travels fast in here.

Heard you're having
a bit of a ghoul problem.

Hmm, you sure do know a lot

for someone
who's been locked away.

You were behind the attack!

Case closed.
Let's get out of here, guys.

What makes you think
I had anything to do with it?

Do you really expect us
to believe

that the mastermind behind
all our previous mysteries

had nothing to do with this one?

Did you see
any of my signature designs?

What mechanisms
did they use to attack you?

Did the ghoul's clothes
have built-in pockets?

Details matter.


Now that you mention it, we
were kind of distracted by being...

Terrified! His face was like...

And he, uh...
So we were like, "Ruh-roh!"

I'm much more observant.

There was a lot happening
at once.

Too bad. If I had been there,

I bet
I could have narrowed it down

to two or three copycats
of my work.

Wait a second. That's it!

Maybe you could help us
crack the case.

Sure, it'll be a tight squeeze
in the van,

but nothing we can't handle.


Actually, that's not a bad idea.

After all, Coco is well-versed
in the minds of criminals.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on.

We need to carefully
and meticulously consider this.

Oh, boy, how long is this
going to take?

Working with the enemy
on our first case in a year

seems like
a recipe for disaster.



But at the same time,

we haven't had a case
like this in some time,

and we could be a little rusty.

A little help might be...

- Just say it already!
- This is taking forever!

...something to carefully
and meticulously consider.

Look, the only way
I'll agree to help

is if I could be considered
for early release.

You know, for a good behavior.

And helping Mystery Inc. would
definitely qualify as good behavior.

But I'm just not sure
Coco can be trusted.

Look, Fred,

we need Coco's insights
to help identify these ghouls,

and she needs us
to vouch for her early release.

That's trust enough for me.

What do you think,
Warden Collins?

Well, it's pretty risky
for obvious reasons.

But if you teenagers think
it's okay,

who am I to argue?

But if you're leaving
the premises,

I need a safeguard.

If Coco strays out of range,

the necessary parties
will be alerted.

We just need one of you kids
to wear the matching bracelet

and serve as home base,
if you will.

I'll do it!

What? I'm curious to see
how the technology works.

You kids have fun.

Scoob, we absotively posilutely
have to speed things up here.

We've got to crack this case

before Coco and her big ideas
slow us down.

The clock's ticking!
Scoob, are you listening?



My angel of darkness!

Ahem, I mean, my angel.

Now, Coco,
if we're gonna make this work,

you play by our rules

and don't do anything to distract
from or jeopardize this case.

Or our plans to go
trick-or-treating tonight.

So, what do you think
about bringing Coco along?

Oh, is she coming with us?
I hadn't noticed.

Yeah, it's just weird,

'cause I didn't know
convicted felons were your type.

Type? Me? Please.

Who has time for a... a type?

We have our work cut out for us,

and I am focused
like a laser on...

Okay, who am I kidding!

I'm crushing big time, Daphne!
What do I do? What do I say?

Don't over think it.
Just be yourself.

Oh, yeah. Easy peasy.

Hmm. So this is where
the magic happens.

You guys really do
need help if you're driving this.

The Mystery Machine
took a big hit,

but she's still got what it
takes to get the job done.

Just like us.

Like, maybe we should take a
different car or a bus or something.

Are you crazy?
This is the Mystery Machine.

Oh, man!

I was afraid
you were gonna say that.

Come on, old girl.
Fred needs a new ascot.

Boy, listen to that baby purr.

So, where are we headed, gang?

Let's take Coco
to the scene of the crime.

She might have some insights.

Hey, now is
your chance to talk to her.

So, uh, what made you get
into the business of being bad?

I mean, not that there is
anything wrong with being bad.

Wait. Oh, no,
that didn't come out right.

Good and bad are subjective.

I don't see why innovation and
helping people solve their problems

would be considered bad.

You are so right.

You know,
one time I got detention...

Hi. Sorry to steal
my friend here,

but I need to talk to her
about anything but this.

Okay, you're doing great.

- I am?
- No.

Fred, how long
till we are there?

Uh, approximately one hour.

I guess we can kiss all that
sweet, sweet candy goodbye.

There's always next year.

Let me
set the stage for you, Coco.

Imagine an amazing
attention-grabbing booth right here.

Why would I imagine that?

Fred thought it would be a
great way to drum up business.

That was my reaction, too.

Excuse me,
I'm setting the stage here.

Anyway, there was a line
of potential clients

that stretched
all the way from here

- to the very unpopular goat-balancing act.
- Hmm.

Sky seemed to change
colors and the air smelled like...

Kettle corn!

No, it...
it wasn't kettle corn.

- It was like, um, more of a...
- Propylene.

Judging by the trace amounts
of propylene glycol,

whoever's behind this
clearly lacks imagination.

So, we can assume their
techniques will be primitive.

And since ethereal torpedoes
don't actually exist,

we're looking for
some kind of detonation device

that was triggered
via remote control.


Oh, yeah, sure.
We already know all of that.

Look, making monsters
may be your life's work,

but catching them is ours.

So, if you'll please
just trust our process.

- Now, uh, where was I?
- Hold that thought.

What is this?

Oh, that's just our guest book

for people to sign
and write down the mysteries

they need solved.


You'd think we would have
noticed something like that.

- Does that name sound familiar to you?
- No.

Whoever it is,
this Nefario is our next clue.

We are back. What did we miss?

Did you guys solve the case?

When I said we should
look into who this Nefario guy is,

this isn't what I meant.

You sure do love
boring homework.

Pfft. Not me. I hate homework.

Never done a day of it
in my life.

Or have I? Who can say?
Because I am very mysterious.

Ah, here it is.

The "Life and Crimes
of Friederich Nefario."


"Deep in his castle

high in the
Carpathian Mountains,

Count Friederich Nefario
gathered members of high society

from across Europe

to form a council
with a sinister purpose.

He called them together

because they were each
uniquely suited

to carry out his grand plan.

There was
his dear friend, Daisy,

a vain and spoiled socialite

who had everything
but it was never enough.

And Helga, a scientific
genius who knew it all.

All but the difference between
right and wrong, that is.

And finally, Craggly and
his trusted attack dog, Rudy,

whose insatiable appetites

often led them
down the wrong path.

And so, on this
fateful Halloween night,

Nefario opened
the ancient tome and..."

Wait a second.

Is it just me,

or is there something strangely
familiar about this group?

I don't see it.

Can we please
get back to reading?

Yeah, the clock's ticking.

"Nefario opened the ancient
tome and read from the sacred text,

inviting them to join
the most enticing fellowship

called Misery Company."

"Upon initiation,

they would receive
the gift of eternal life,

not only outliving
their children,

but also
their children's children

and their children's
children's children

and their children's children's children's...
"- Man, I can't take it anymore!

Let's see here.

"According to legend..."
blah, blah, blah.

Aha, here it is.

"Misery Company
got to live forever.

But in return, they were forced

to maintain the balance
of good and evil in the world."

So, like,
if there was too much good,

they had to balance it out
with evil.

Then blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah. Boom.

The end.
That's the clue! Move on!


Need I remind you
that you are in a library?


But why would this Misery
Company be coming after us?

It's obvious.

You goody-goodies
disrupted the balance.

You caused there to be
too much good in the world,

especially after catching me.

Now the ghouls are after you
to set the balance right again.

So, if I were you,

I'd keep an eye out
for this Nefario guy.

He's right behind me, isn't he?


No wires, huh?

Can't wait to talk shop
with whoever you are

when this is over.

Your technique
is quite impressive.

I'm here for you!

On the bright side,

at least Nefario's friends
from the book

didn't decide to join him.

Quick. Let's split up, gang.

I'm here for you!

I'm here for you!

Me too.

Dude, ix-nay on the Andy-cay.

Relax, I got this.

Okay, but get me some, too.



I don't know
how much more I can do.

I'm here for you!

Just kidding.

I was built for this stuff.

I'm gonna live forever!

Wow, you were able to
miniaturize the turbo pump

for the actuators?

I'm impressed.

Oh, that was easy.

The hard part
was getting comfortable

carrying rocket fuel and parts
around all day unnoticed.

Wow, I'm being myself.

Look out!

I hate coming to the
library to do my homework.


Now I have an excuse
to not do my homework!

Like, what are we gonna do?

Okay, gang, ahh,
this is just like old times.

Here's the plan.

- Let's split up and...
- We just did that!


This is all very disruptive.

I could have you banned,
you know?

We know.

So, does anyone else
have a plan?

I think we're overdue
for some good ideas.

Oh! Library puns.

I've got an idea.

Yo, ghoul breath!

Follow my lead.

We're here for you!

You know,

I expect this kind of thing
from kids these days,

but someone as ancient as you
should really know better.

You should respect the rules!

You should respect authority!

You should respect the fact
that this is a library,

and in the library,
you be quiet!

Quick, this way.

Oh, some help here, please.

And don't you ever let me
catch you being loud again.

We are here for you!

Shaggy, it's just a costume.

You're gonna need
to leave it behind.

No, I can't do that.

I can't trick-or-treat
without a costume.

And I can't get all that candy
unless we trick-or-treat.

One of the great paradoxes
of the universe.

Like, dude, that was a
lot of fun and everything.

But I don't think we're any
closer to solving this case!

Yeah, or trick-or-treating.

And now, instead of one ghoul,
we've got five after us!

What kind of dangerous road
are you leading us down, Coco?

I'm sure that Coco made
some brilliant observations

in the encounter we just had.

The cute one's right.

Esteban, show them
my brilliant observations.

Black lace. Platform boots.
Tacky cloak. Top hat.

I know who is behind this.

And I know
just where to find him.

Oh, my! A customer!

But what do I do?
What do I say?

Just be yourself, Trevor.
Your dark and beautiful self.

Greetings, seeker of darkness,

and welcome to Trevor Glume's
Boutique of...

Hello, Trevor.


My, my!
Look how far you've come.

I'm so proud of you.

Hello, Miss Diablo.

Yes. A lot has changed
since you were...


Excuse me! Those are not food!

Anyway, I finally
had the emotional space

to pursue my own personal style.

Your own personal style?

Just looks like more Dracula
costumes to me, Trevor.

Admit it! You're trying
to steal my old business model

while I was locked away,
unable to fend for myself!

I... I don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm talking about how you've been
conspiring to destroy Mystery Inc!


Where were you an hour ago?

I was here

dealing with my multitudes
of satisfied customers.

I was very busy up
until the moment you came in.

Would you mind proving that?

I don't think that's necessary.

What does security footage
really prove anyway?

Rewind it.

Rewind it more.

Rewind it a lot more.

Keep going.

A little more.


Stop. Go back.

Enhance image.

Enhance more.

Well, it's sad,
but it is an alibi.

Looks like...

- Looks like...
- Sorry.

Looks like we've hit
another dead end.

So much for that
early release, Coco.

Oh, come on.

Can you blame me for thinking

this tacky weirdo
designed those ghoul costumes?

Maybe you'll get
some real customers

if you got some actual taste.

I do have real customers.

In fact,

you should know that I received
the biggest order of my life

just last week.

Oh, sure. With who?

Goths 'R Us?

No, that was two weeks ago.

Last week, I sent some of
my finest Victorian creations

directly to Coolsville Penitentiary.

Coolsville Penitentiary?

What are you looking at me for?

Mr. Glume,

could we see the paperwork
for that order?

This is just the connection
we've been looking for.

Looks like Coco might be
giving us the runaround after all.

Trevor fulfilled a big order

for someone
at the prison last week.

And Coco just so happened to be
at the prison last week.

I'm sure
it's just a misunderstanding.

Man, it's Coco.
Just like I said hours ago.

Now, can we please wrap this up?

Ugh, what happened
to these receipts?

They're all smudged.

Haven't any of you
ever cried at work?

Oh. Hey, don't worry.

That's okay, buddy.

Hey, where did Coco go?

Okay, it's starting to look
less like a misunderstanding.

Oh, man, we still
haven't solved the case,

and now we've got to find
an escaped convict, too?

Worst Halloween ever!

Oh, no. Look!

I think it's time

we go and investigate
the old Diablo costume factory.

Wait a second.

Oh, for the love of
Scooby Snacks, what now?

If we're gonna do this right,
we got to do it in style.

This is the awesome
montage part of the case

where we spruce up
the Mystery Machine.

Can I help?

I don't know.

Oh, why not?


Well, it's not
what I expected, but...

it's exactly what I expected.

It is my greatest creation yet.


I suspect Coco tried to
throw us off her tracks

by accusing Trevor Glume.

And when that backfired,
she lured us here

so she could ambush us
at her factory.

Where she has the upper hand.

Coco has all her old
secret weapons here.

We have to stay on our toes.



Like, really creepy.

Don't worry, Shaggy and
Scooby, it's only mannequins.

Like, dude, totally knew that.


we were just practicing
for the real ghouls.

Who are probably close by.

Maybe we should split up
and look for clues.

Really? You mean it?

Dude, whatever keeps us moving.

No question about it, guys,
we have to split up.

Got any aces?

No, you took all of them.

Wait, do you hear that?

You're supposed
to say, "Go fish."

That sounds like...

It was implied.


Do you have any Jacks?

Go fish.

I think you're cheating!

What kind of fool
needs to cheat at Go Fish?


We might not be
able to trick tonight,

but maybe we can still treat!

- Oh!
- No!

No, no, no, no!

Just our luck!

Why would I even need to cheat?
You have a terrible hand.

I do?

You're just jealous
because I'm the pretty one.

Looked in the mirror lately?

Silence, you fools!

Time is upon us
to ambush those meddling kids.

Oh, no, what should we do?

Let's see. We already split up
and looked for clues, so...

Okay, here's the plan.
We need to...


We are here for you!




I always knew
I was the complete package,

but this is ridiculous.


Somebody help us!


Help! Anybody!

Zoinks! Like, is that
what I'm think it is, Scoob?

Help us!

Please help us!

- Anybody help us!
- Yeah, it is.

What do we do?


We got to do the one thing
that we don't want to do.

Oh, no.

By giving up doing the one thing

that we do want to do.

You mean...

I do!

Hey, ghouls,

don't forget about me
and Scooby-Doo.

Yeah. This whole franchise
is named after me.

We are here for you!

Oh, sorry.
Thought you were somebody else.

So long trick-or-treating.

I guess we'll never know
who those ghouls really were.


We're here for...

So if the ghouls were robots,

that means
someone was controlling them.

And I'm pretty sure it was...


That's right. I did it all.

I built the robots

and programmed them
to get back at you

for taking me down.


Oh, oh, and I would have
gotten away with it, too,

if it wasn't
for you meddling kids.





Even though I suspected
you were behind it

the whole time,

something about this
doesn't feel right.

Seems a little too easy.

And this confession

doesn't seem
like your style, Coco.

And where is Esteban?



Like, hey, I think
Scooby's on to something.

What is it, Scooby?

Come on, let's follow him.

Esteban is in here.

No! Don't look in there,

And someone else, too.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

I bet whoever that is

is the one
who's really behind this.

But, uh, just to be clear,

when we open this door,
we'll be done with the case,

and who knows
when the next one might...

- Open it, Fred.
- You bet.

Warden Collins!

Hi, Mystery Inc.

So, it was Warden Collins behind this
assault on Mystery Inc. the whole time?

Only the Warden
is technologically savvy enough

to program robots this advanced.

And, like, obsessed
with Mystery Inc. enough

to make them look just like us.

And only the Warden
had the ability to free Coco

from her tracking bracelet.

He brought her here,

then took her adorable
kitty cat hostage...

Not that adorable. order to force a
confession out of her.

But why?

You kids may not know this,
but I'm your biggest fan.

You've given me ten times
as many inmates for my prison

than the Coolsville
Police Department.

Hey, now that's cold, but true.

But after putting away
Coco Diablo,

all your cases dried up.

And when I saw
how desperate you all were

for an exciting new mystery,

I just wanted to do something
to repay the favor.

I wanted to give you

the most exciting mystery
of your young lives.

I used the technology
I perfected at my prison

to construct the scariest
ghouls I could imagine.

Evil doppelgangers of my heroes!

Then I carefully
planted clues all over town.

And when
Coco Diablo got involved,

I knew that
she would be the perfect dupe

to pin it all on

because she was already
serving hard time.

No harm, no foul.

So, this was all
just a big favor for us?


Maybe there really can be
too much of a good thing.

But you were never
in any real danger

because I could always
turn off my evil robots

with a push of the button.


That one deactivates all the
security force fields at the prison.

Well, turn it back on!

Right. Of course.

Uh, wait, wait.
Which one was that again?

Uh... Wait, wait, wait. Uh...


What's this now?

Another one
of the warden's tricks?

It's a Halloween miracle!

We're free. Free!


I think "oops" is the
wrong word, Warden.

I know,
but this is a family movie.

All right, gang,

it looks like our work
isn't even close to done.

Maybe you should try
not to look so happy.

You're right, Shaggy.

That's something
that I'm working on.

We've got to do something.

But we're no match
against so many villains.

Yeah, you'd have to have
some kind of super powers

to stand a chance.

But don't worry, kids,
Coolsville Police Department...

I might be
able to help with that.


Like, Scoob,

maybe we didn't miss out
on Halloween after all.

Uh-uh, no way.

Like, come on, Scoob,
it's the only costume left.

Come on, Scoob,
you're ruining it for everyone.


Give it to me,
you little banister biter!

Hey, you didn't say

Ha-ha, too easy!



Okay, gang, let's split up,
and nab us some convicts.

Hey, there's one now.

Hope you miss prison food

because you're going
right back to...

Oh, apologies.

You have
a very convincing costume.

Have a great night.
And stay safe.

Geesh. Grown-ups. Go figure.

Come on, gang,
let's get to work.

Hello, children.

Not much exercise in jail.

That candy you're holding
looks quite valuable to me.

I'll appraise it and offer you
a competitive price for it.

What are you talking about,

It's called stealing, kid.

Wait! What's it worth?

if I were an escaped convict,

where would I hide?


Hey, Mr. Wickles,
what a night for a knight, huh?

Is this that karma

always talking about?

Huh? What the...

Oh! It can't be!

Sorry, Captain Cutler.

Didn't mean to dampen
your Halloween spirit.


Oh, Henry Bascombe,
you were always such a scream.

You want to
give me all your candy.

We want to give you
all our candy.

Wouldn't you rather
teach this evil doer a lesson?


No. No!

My work here is done.

Hand over all of that
there candy or else.


Oh, such a sweet little

Yes, you are.

Forgot I'm allergic.



look at us. We did it.

Coco's costumes
sure were a big help.

When you use these costumes
for good,

they're not all bad.

Okay, time to take this
riff-raff back to prison.

Now, when I call your name,
please say...

Not so fast!
Empty your pockets!

Do as the scrawny
hippy commands!

You know you can't
eat that candy, right?

It's stolen.

But, like, didn't you say
good and bad are subjective?

Only when it applies to me.

- Oh, so close!
- Yet so far away.

For some reason,

everyone thinks
I'm wearing a costume

and keeps giving me candy.

I'm on a strict liver
and goat-milk regimen,

but I thought
you two might enjoy it.

You know, Trevor,

despite your dark
and gloomy exterior,

deep down, you're a
golden ray of sunshine.

You... you really think so?

Like, no question about it, man.


Well, how about that?
You were totally right!

Catch you dudes later!

Thanks for your help today.

I'd like to think that under
different circumstances,

we'd really get along.

Oh, really?

Oh, there I go
saying the wrong thing again.

No, it's just that I thought
we got along great.

Do you know
how rare it is for me

to like someone
other than myself?


My glasses.
I can't find my glasses.




So, I've been meaning
to talk to you, Freddy.

I was thinking about,
you know, my role in the gang.

What do you mean?

No offense, Fred,

but I think I should be
the leader of Mystery Inc.,

not you.

That's a strange thing to say.

I'm sorry. I know it sounds
crazy, but I just feel like...

But, Daphne, you've always been
the leader of Mystery Inc.

Wait, seriously?

You remain calm under pressure,

you're the person that
everyone turns to for advice,

and you make it all
look effortless.

That's what a true leader does.

Inspires others
to do their best,

and leads by example.

I have a much more important
and prestigious duty

of driving the van!

Like, if tonight
has taught us anything,

it's that you really can have
too much of a good thing.

Right, Scooby-Doo?

Another great paradox
of the universe.

Well, with this case
all wrapped up,

Coco Diablo back behind bars,

and the prison
getting a new warden...

Wait, Charlie Humdrum,
the tax accountant?

I'm used to
working with criminals.

I guess things will go back
to being pretty quiet again

in Coolsville.

Not necessarily!

I got to say
whatever magic this is,

you did a bang-up job.

I wish for more cases,

as many cases
as you can throw our way.

Big cases, spooky cases,
wild cases, we're ready!

Thanks, wishing well.
And hey, Happy Halloween.