Trick or Treat (1986) - full transcript

Hard rock idol Sammi Curr burns to death in a hotel fire. His biggest fan, Lakeridge High School student and resident metal head Eddie Weinbauer is devastated by the news and turns to local radio DJ "Nuke" for emotional support. After a heated discussion about the deceased rock star, Nuke presents Eddie with a rare demo record, the last ever recorded by Sammi and the only copy in existence. Overwhelmed by Nuke's generosity, Eddie accepts the gift without hesitation, unaware of it's dark role in things to come. After constant humiliation and a near drowning at the hands of school bully Tim Hainy and his sports jock friends, Eddie becomes enraged and vows revenge on all those who have wronged him, much to the dismay of love interest, Leslie and best friend, Roger. Alone in his room with feelings of rage and retribution racing through his mind, Eddie places the new record onto his stereo and is shocked to discover that he can communicate with the deceased rock star when it is rotated backwards. Playing upon both Eddie's loyalty and emotional vulnerability, Sammi instructs the teenager on how to get back at those who have caused him so much pain, instructions that the easily manipulated Eddie carries out, prompting the usual 'underdog gets his own back' results. At first it's all fun and games as Hainy and his cohorts get their just desserts, but when Hainy's girlfriend is nearly killed by supernatural forces, Eddie realizes that he is nothing more than a pawn in a much more sinister plot and wants out. When Eddie tries to destroy the record, an evil version of Sammi is resurrected (complete with supernatural powers) and goes on a rampage at the high school Halloween dance, turning Eddie's involvement with the devilish rock star into a spine tingling nightmare not only for the young headbanger, but for his school and hometown as well. Can Eddie stop the demonic Sammi before he sends the entire town straight to hell? One thing's for sure, the teenagers of Lakeridge High are in for a Halloween they'll never forget.

Go, bear these tiding to great Lucifer.

Say Faustus doth surrender up his soul.

So he will spare him four and twenty years.

To give me whatsoever I shall ask.

To tell me whatsoever I demand.

To slay my enemies and aid my friends.

And always be obediant to my will.

Me again. Ragman.

Well, the song remains the same.

Total conflict.

Them against us.

I can't believe they
canceled the Halloween concert...

It's like you say,

rock's chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse.

Airheads and brain-deads are everywhere.

Who needs them?

What have they got that I need?

Okay. Just one thing:


Sometimes--actually alot lately--I
think about some pretty radical things.

I mean, I have thoughts in my head
that only you could understand.

Why not just end it, be done with it all?



But you know something?

The only thing that holds
me together is you.


You get it, man. You went to this
fucking school, and you rose above it.

And now you're on top.And you can look
down at the anthill and smile.

I gotta go.

Your friend forever...


Good evening. i'm Maggie Wong Hernández, and these are tonight's top stories.

Our special tonight examines
Sammi Curr, a controversial man.

Despite a large teenage following, Sammi Curr,

has recently been the target of much criticism...

for his suggestive lyrics
and onstage theatrics.

Locally, he was the center of a raging controversy just last week

when the town council denied him permission...

to appear at Lakeridge High's Halloween Party Festival Saturday.

Curr graduated from that school
and wished to return to his alma mater.

A move that was very popular among students.

The counsel blocked the attempt, citing obscenity

and violence in Curr's music.

Tonight with us is Ms. Sylvia Cavell,

head of the Lakeridge chapter...

...which blocked Curr's appearance.

- Mrs Cavell..
- Thank you, Maggie.

I've been a teacher for 37 years.

And there is an addiction that is reaching
epidemic proportions in our school.

I am refering to rock music.

I have seen my share of sexual
attitudes and young rebels.

And I know how to deal with them.

Eyewitness News has obtained footage
of Sammy Curr...

before a Senate Committee inquiry of Rock Pornography.

If you were a parent

would you want your kid to grow up with rock music, rock musicians, that kind of values?

Would you want your kid growing up around politics, politicians, and those values?

Mr. Curr, this is not...

You can not legislate
morality, or music, or people's minds.

- We'll bring you down, man.
- I have a teenaged daughter...

We will bring you down!

Again, Sammi Curr, rockstar,
victim of a fire in a hotel,

dead at the age of 38.

Wake up, sleepy head.

It's party time! Yeah!
This is old Nukesterop coming at you right here!

On this fine Rocktober morning!

It's the sweeping sensation that's sweeping the nation,
and I'm gonna do it to you right here, right now. Wow!

Hey, Ragman!

Hey, kid.

I can't believe it.

Well, live fast, die young, I guess.

He made up some great songs. He spoke to us.

Still does...

alive or dead,

doesn't matter.

Hey, hey, hey, Eddie.

Eddie, he wasn't a God.

- This "rock warrior" bullshit...
- No one understands like me.

Eddie, you didn't know him.

He was angry. He was always
angry, even in high school.


It wasn't him.

He stood up for what he believed in,
and they nailed him for it.

He wanted to play the high school, right?

But no, no, they stopped him.
They--they banned him!

They tried to fuck him over everywhere he went.

And I know what that's like.

Eddie, he did this to
himself, don't you get it?

He started to believe his own hype.
He did it to himself, Eddie.

Goddamned equipment! Can you
believe it? Nothing ever works!

I got something for you.
You know what this is?

It's the last record

of the Curr legacy.

They tried to ban him, but they couldn't stop him.

He's in here.

- Are you going to play it?
- At midnight on Halloween.

That was Sammi's ideai.

- Why's it so heavy?
- It's an acetate. A studio demo.

Eddie, what you've got in your hands
is the only copy in the world.


Alright, come on, let me have that back.

- Here.
- No fuckin' way, man!

You said you gotta play it on Halloween.

I will, I have it on tape.

This is unbelievable!

I think he would've wanted you to have it.

You know?

This is very cool.

This is very cool. Very cool!

Hey, Eduardo.

You had me scared when you didn't show up for Trig.
I figured the Sammi Curr thing had you bummed out.


- I'm okay.
- For real? You're okay?

- I'm okay, okay?
- Okay, I'm okay if you're okay.


You're Eddie, right?



I have something for you.

Tim and the guys, sometimes
their humor is a little...

I know.

- Hey, what are you gonna to do?
- So, are you going to the pool party tonight?

The pool party?

Yeah! Oh, yeah, sure. It's the pool
party... The party at the pool.

Why don't you come by? Around
8:30, right after they close.


It'll be fun.

I just might be there.


What are you doing here?


Then how about getting the fuck out of here?

I'm meeting someone.



You got ears, dildo?

Wait, I just want to
ask him something, okay?

- Blast off, dude.
- Kim.

Look, doesn't it get tough being this
continuous level of creepiness?

- Creepiness?
- Get lost, metal head.

- Why can't you act normal?
- I don't know what you're talking about.

Wait. If you weren't so creepy,
you'd know what I'm talking about.

Get him the fuck out of here.

Are you interested in running for student council?

Hey! Hey!

Stop, you bastards. Leave me be.

Let go! Get off me!

Hey, metal head! You're in the shallow end.

Way to go, Leslie!



I don't want to talk to you.

My mom's on her way with the car.
If I had known...

Well, that's just tought shit, isn't it! Let's just
all fuck with Eddie, 'cause that's real fun, huh?

- Bunch of fucking assholes!
- I'm sorry.

I'm gonna nail every one of those bastards!
I don't know how, I don't know when...

but I'm gonna nail them.

Let the big fish hook himself.
You're the bait. The bait is you.

- Can we talk about last night?
- You set me up.

Hey, it's Aquaman.

- Hainey?
- Yes, Edward?

Eat this.

You're dead!

Get him!

Grab him!

Get him!

This way!

Come on. Come on.

Grab him!

Move it!

There he is!

Die, sucker!

Let the big fish hook himself.
You're the bait. The bait is you.


What do you think?

It's loud, fast and thrashin'.
Little bit short on the melody, but...

No, no, Roger. The message.
Come on, man, what do you think?

I think it's just ordinary, run-of-the-mill
backmask message.

Just like on "Fuck with Fire,"
"Burning Metal" and, uh...

"Torture's Too Kind."

Come on, this is not the
same thing, man. Look at me.

You see...

this message is meant for me.

Look, why don't you zoom on down to
Hunan Gardens, pick up some fortune cookies...

then plan out the rest of the week?

Okay. Okay, then explain this:

I do exacty what the message says.
And I nail those assholes the first time ever!

- Just coincidence.
- No, no, that is not a coincidence!

Friend, you have fallen for the biggest
gimmick in the record industry.

Someone exec thought up
the idea of hidden lyrics...

so that pinheads like Eduardo Weinbauer...

would fuck up their records playing them
backwards and have to buy more.

Dude, wake up. Look, I gotta jam.


Eddie, your cage is starting to shake loose.
Now if you want to talk, I'm around.

Maybe I am nuts.

Na... Namgar.


Un-fucking real.

This is Ragman.

I have a question.

The message yesterday was for me?

All part of the plan.

Alright. Okay, now we're talking.

Okay, there's a plan.

What is the plan?

Nail them all, remember?




I remember.

After yesterday, how can I forget?



Eddie, who's in there?


I mean I am.

Would you get to bed? It's
after eleven o'clock!

Damn, wish you would just
leave me alone?

Okay, now em... the plan. You
were going to tell me the plan.

What's the plan?

Metal Machine, 6-6. Crush.

Metal Machine, 6-6. Crush.

6-6. Crush.

Hey, Eddie. We spent the entire
morning on janitorial detail.

You'd be amazed at what people
stick under the desks.

Did the head-banger bang his head?

How can you listen to this shit?

Huh? Huh?

Where're your balls today, Weinbauer?

Do you think I'm a putz?

Do you think I'm a fucking wussy?

No, I think you're confused.

Because you're not gonna get away
with the shit you pulled yesterday.

Oh, shit!

Shut it off!

Turn it off, Weinbauer!

Turn it off!

Turn it off, Weinbauer Turn it off!

Are you okay?

It's not over yet, man.

It's not over yet!

No, not yet.

6-6. Crush.
6-6. Crush.

What do you say there, Sammi, my man?

You and me, man. You and me!

Stop it!

I was...

Your clothes. I was putting them away.


They're clean.

They banned him from playing his
old high school. Lakeridge's own Sammi Curr.

He is the subject of our special midnight
tribute tomorrow, right here on WZLP.

"Tim, A peace offering. Eddie."

Edward, hey... Edward, where you were
this morning? You missed the midterm.

- So? I'll make it up.
- You can't. You flunked. Double goose-eggs.

- Big deal.
- Get a grip on yourself, man.

Forget this vendetta thing.
Dude, this is total Darwin.

Survival of the fittest. You wanna live,
you suck up to the fittest.

No. Never again.


Hi, I heard about you and Tim.
Are you okay?

Am I okay?

He doesn't remember it.
Traumatic amnesia.

This outfit, I love it. What are those?


They're you.

Gotta go. Ciao.

Later. I gotta go.






And next week we'll have in the studio
a fine talent and beautiful personality...

Miss Muffy Singleton.

Now we're back with evangelist and moral
crusader Rev. Aaron Gilstrom...

who's stopped by with some visual aids. We're
talking today about Rock Pornography.

I have to agree with you. We have
some pretty ribald stuff here.

Those rockers really have a
strange sense of humor.

I don't think it's sense of
humor. I think they are sick...

and they're trying to make everyone
who listens to their music as sick as they are.

Reverend, let me ask you.
This album, "Do It Like a Dog"...

This has to be about animal
behavior, is that right?

Let me give you an example. I have one
of the lyrics. Tell me what you think it's about.

Go right ahead.

"Gonna drive my long steel
missile down on your love channel...

Deep, deep, you'll beg for more.
Raising hell and serpents score.

"Feel me, feel me." Now what does that
mean to you? To me it's just a sexual act.




Son of a bitch, what did you do to her?
What the hell did you do to her?

What do you mean, Tim?

She's in the fucking hospital, man.
You could have fucking killed...

You did something to that tape.

I don't know what you did, but you're
getting into some weird fucking shit, man!

I want you to stay away
from me, okay?

Just stay the fuck away from me!

Eddie, who was that?

A friend.

What happened to Genie?

I have to know what happened to Genie.

Cheap thrills.

I'm really starting to get worried.

Tell me. What did we did to her?

What did we did to her?

Nail them all.

Come on, man. She is in the
hospital. This is very serious!

We can't just go and...

Nail them all. Nail them all!


I think we should end it.

I don't wanna do anymore.

No end. No fuck metal.


No, it's over now.

No more, okay?




What did you say?


Oh, man, come on. Leslie
has nothing to do with this.

She set you up.

No, no, she didn't. She had no idea!




No, not now.

Let her in. We'll nail her too.

Tim Hainey's father is on the phone.
He wants to talk to you.

Take a message.

What am I, your secretary?

Mom, I can't talk to anybody now.
Please, just go away.

Mom, can you come in here?

No, don't come in.


Mom, do not come in here.

Please come in, Mom.

Please, do not come in here, Mom!
Don't come in!

Please, go in.


No, Mom. Don't! Look, I can't do
anything right now, alright?

- You're sweating. Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine. You know, I'm tired.

- But you have a fever.
- No, really, I'm fine.

- I'll get some aspirin.
- No, Mom... Okay, aspirin. And soup.

Demonic beasts! What happened to the
good old, smiple love songs?

I love you. That's a good word. Nowadays, they
have to write sickness. Sick and bizarre...

and I'm going to do my utmost best
to try and stop it now!

Anything you'd like to say in conclusion?

These evil people have got to be stopped!

You should be loyal to your hero.

They can turn on you.




What have you done to your stereo?

I wanted a new one.

Mackus residence.

Roger, it's Eddie.

Hold please.


Roger, Roger.


What the fuck is going on?

We just got call waiting.
Pretty cool, huh?

I feel like a total bigwig.

Roger, I really need your help,
okay? It is incredibly important.

- What is it?
- Tim has a cassette tape, probably in his car.

What about it?

I need you to go get it.

- You've got the death wish. Why don't you get it?
- I can't go get it! Okay, listen, Roger...

If I leave the house, I'll really blow it with
my mom. I'm grounded through Halloween.

She's freaking out!

About what?

I'll explain later. The tape is
really shiny. You can't miss it.

And when you find it, you've got
to destroy it! Do you hear me?

And if you don't find it, call me
back, okay? I'm counting on you.

Okay, I'll wait for your call.
Okay, Roger. I'll talk to you later.

Okay, bye.

Hi, Mom.

I am gonna get killed.

I am gonna die.


Roger, did you get the tape?


Did you destroy the tape?


You did? Oh, Roger, man. I owe you my life.

What's the big deal with the tape?

It's kinda hard to explain.

It was something pretty awesomely unbelievable.

Listen, Edward. I gotta go.

Okay, well, thanks again.

Okay, bye.

That guy is a quart low.

Not so abnormal.

Hey, Rog.

The reports indicate that Gilstrom
died of a cerebral hemorrhage...

...leading to speculation that he may have...


I am a big fan of yours. I have all your records.

Shut up.

Play my tape for me tonight...

or die.

- Lady Cavell?
- It is a very sad day for us.

But as a teacher...

Dude, you got it, absolutely.
And what a great album it is...


Alright, guys and ghouls, Halloween is here.

And hang on tight, because
we're gonna rock you tonight.

Die, commie pig.

Mom, Stan's here.

What a hunk! I love it!

- You sure you're alright?
- Fine. You go out and have a good time.

You're still grounded, but we'll start
with a clean slate tomorrow.

Honey, pass out the bowl of candy
to the little trick-or-treaters.

- Okay.
- You're an angel.



- Leslie.
- Are you playing some Judas Priest?

- Great costume.
- Oh, thanks.

- Where's Eddie?
- Eddie?

He's not here.

I mean, I guess he's not
here. Have not you seen?

- No, I asked you.
- No, I haven't seen him.

Okay. Well, have a good time.

Death is preferable to this shit.

- Trick or treat. Smell our feet.
- Come back tomorrow.


Hi, it's Leslie. Happy Halloween!


Are you coming to the party tonight?

No, I... I'm sick.

Oh, sorry.

I was thinking of going pretty soon too.

My costume is unraveling.

What's that?

Well, it's kind of this...

No, the music! What's the music?


I don't know. Something Roger put on.



Trick or treat, smell my feet!


Going to a party?

I don't think so.

No, no! Get out of the way!


Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?

Excuse me, may I have your attention, please?

- Eat it, Wimbley!
- Yeah, Wimbley, eat it raw!

Could you please turn that off?

Turn it off!

- Thank you.
- So long, wormbag!

I'd like to welcome all of you
to our annual Halloween dance.

I'm sure those of you in my
class are tired of listening to me... we'll go on with our live entertainment.
Without further ado, here they are. The Kickers!

How you all doing?

Rock and Roll!

- This is great!
- Better than the real Sammi!

What are you doing here?

I have a question for you.

Are you making it with Weinbauer?


Oh, man. Roger, what did you do?

Roger, where's Leslie?

He tried to kill me!

The he put Genie in the hospital with his
voodoo-witchcraft or whatever it is!

I just don't want to see you
get hurt too, Leslie.

Okay, listen, you gotta go in there,
and find the main breaker box...

...and throw the power off.



Please, Tim. Stop it!

Come on, Leslie. Come
on. You did it once.

You are such an asshole!

You okay, Leslie? Hey, Leslie, look...



- Tim?
- Weinbauer?

What are you doing?
We have to get out of here!

Weinbauer, stay away from me!

Oh, shit! Come on! Now!

Come on!

Look out!

- We gotta find the circuit breaker and kill the power!
- Why?

- So we can stop him!
- Who?

Wait. Wait a minute. That's it.


We had a deal.

You and me, man.



- Forget it! It's too late!
- Let me get one thing right!

Run, Roger!


Oh, my God. Roger!

Roger, man. Oh, man, Roger!

He's dead.

Actually, I'm not.

Oh, God, it was awful. This guy was
shooting stuff out of his guitar.

And people were running...
My very best friend, she was...

- Okay, what did this suspect look like?
- I told you, it was Sammi.

- Who is Sammi?
- Sammi Curr, the Rock singer?

Sammi Curr died last week.

Looks like we better
check out the party punch.

It's crazy. Wierd stuff's
been happening all week...

Excuse me, could we get
some help here, please?

Hey, that's the guy right there!
Eddie Weinbauer!

Hey, you!

Hold it! Hold it right there!

- What are you doing?
- I'm coming with you.

- Why?
- I don't know!

Wait up!

Come on. Let's start from square one, alright?
I want to know the whole story.

Alright, okay. Fine.

You've heard of raising spirits from
the dead by incantations, right?

- I guess.
- Alright.

- I did that by playing a record backwards.
- You're kidding.

- I knew you wouldn't believe me.
- No, no, no, I believe you.

- Where is he now?
- I don't know.

He only comes out when I play the record
backwards, and I destroyed the copies.

So he's gone?

I think so.

Where did you get this record?

Nuke. There's a midnight tribute. Come on!

Operator, connect me to WZLP. It's an emergency.

- What time is it?
- 11:59.

This is an extreme emergency!
Extremely extreme!

What happens if he plays it over the air?

I don't know. He can come out of
anything that picks up a signal anywhere.

A radio, stereo, anything.

Come on. Nuke!

- Alright, we gotta get over there.
- In what?

My mom's car. Come on.

It is midnight mayhem with the Nuke,
on the mighty ZLP.

Tonight in our midnight tribute, we're
do something just a little bit special.

We have got a treat for you,
a world premiere!

The only Sammi Curr album never released.

So here we go, in the true spirit of
Halloween, the eve of the dead...

...we're gonna play this first cut
backwards. Crank it up!

Oh, no.

Did you hear that?

Where's it coming from?

Come on!

This is 7 Baker requesting
backup at 4th and Chester.

Have visual of suspect matching description
of Edward Weinbauer and female companion.

I also have one strange son of a bitch...

Freeze your ass, buddy, or I'll give
you a jolt you'll never forget!

I don't see him.

...your latest fixation...

Go upstairs and get my keys.
They're in my pants. Hurry!

Jesus, couldn't you have just opened
the door? I almost had a heart attack!

- Did you find the keys?
- No.

They must be in the bathroom.

Okay. Alright, I've gott'em.

Oh, my God.


Wait here.


- Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

Follow me.

- Look out!
- No problem.

I've always wanted to do that.

Come on.

Eddie, this is suicide. He could be in there.

You don't understand. I
started this. It's all my fault.

- I've gotta do something. You wait here.
- No, wait.

My God, what is this?

- Where's Sammi?
- I don't know. He could be anywhere.

You know what he's doing now?
He's protecting the tape.

Goddammit, I let this happen!

Come on.

Okay, this is what I need you to do.
Stand here and count to 100.

If he comes out after you,
you'll have time to run.

If he doesn't, I need you to run
in there and destroy the tape.


You'll be alright if you do
what I say. You have to.

Okay. What about you?

Maybe I'll see you later.


What do you mean, maybe?

Alright, gentlemen...

...start your engines.

1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi,
3 Mississippi...

So where are you?

What's the matter? You're Rock's chosen
warrior. Now, show me your stuff.

I know you can hear me.

16, 17, 18...

How about that toilet, huh? You
looked a little flushed back there.

You sure you feel okay?
Huh, dead man? Come on!

40, 41, 42...

I realized something tonight.

I don't need you anymore.

You need me. 'Cause what
are you without your fans?

Who's gonna buy your
records when we're all gone?

What're you waiting for? Come on!

54, 55...

Come and get me, man.
Come and get me.

56, 57...

I can't believe this! Where are
you? What're you waiting for? Come on!

You want to kill me? Here I am. Kill me!
It's just me against you now, man!

What are you afraid of?

Rock's chosen warrior is nothing
but a fucking wimp poser!


99, 100.

Hope you can swim, sucker!


Wake up, sleepy heads.
It's party time.