Trick or Treat (2019) - full transcript

Greg Kielty's life is turned upside down when his estranged brother Dan turns up, claiming to have drunkenly run someone over. But has Dan just murdered a gangster's son? Or maybe there's an even more sinister explanation.

Trick or treat!

Well, I think you both
deserve a treat.

Night night.

Get up.



Come on, up.

Look at our daughter, Greg.

I know this isn't easy for you.

Well, guess what, you
men don't have a monopoly

on finding this family
life thing difficult.

I used to be queen of the
party scene, and what am I now?

A bleeding dairy cow.

Stuck at home all day with an

And that's you, by the way, not

So get yourself another
job and stop wallowing.

I should be hunting mammoths.


I should be hunting mammoths.

Yeah, with your knee, fat

Look, the music industry is

Selling advertising isn't so

I wasn't put on this
planet to do any job.

I need to do something that

Oh, please, please, do not
mention your premonitions.

I am sorry, but becoming
Mystic Greg on Blackpool Pier

is not gonna keep us in beer
and skittles.

I do see things.

The only thing you're
gonna see is a psychiatrist,

and failing that, a divorce

You're not a visionary or a
prophet, Greg.

You're just an ex-raver
who nicked too many pills.

I don't know why we came back

'Cause I didn't want her
smoking crack at kindergarten.

And our Portobello bedsit
was a mansion that's why.

There's nothing here
for us.

I feel strange.


Don't push it, okay?

If this don't stop, we'll stop.

You don't mean that, do you?

I don't know. I just...

What I do know

is that you need a wake-up call.

I love you, I really do, but
we can't go on like this.

Oh, happy birthday, Greg.

Well, almost.

A bit fucking late, aren't

Just the right time
to collect your damned soul.

Do me a favour...

Oh, I'm afraid
you've run out of favours.

You're not a bit old for this?

Death has no age.

I've been here since the

You understand me?

You're really getting
into the role, aren't you?

So, what's it gonna be?

Well, say it at least.

Oh, fuck, trick or

Cross my palms with

or face eternal damnation, come

Sorry, mate, it's all I've

You remember,.

Your road to hell is paved
with good intentions.

Where you going?

I said why, are we going out?

She says, no, I'm going out and
I'm turning the heating off.

Me and the wife, we've been
arguing about those holidays.

I want to go to Tenerife.

She wants to come with me.

Six fellas beating up my

The neighbour says to me,
"Aren't you gonna help?"

I says, "No, six should be

Christ on a bike.

What a silly example of a man.

Yeah, you.

Look at you.

You thankless twat, you're

You're about as much
use as a one-legged man

in an ass-kicking contest.

About as much use as an
ejector seat on a helicopter

or a handbrake on a canoe.

Kid, kid!

I need your help, kid.

I need your help, kid.


I've just killed


I've just fucking killed


What the fuck you talking about?

I was driving along,
driving along, right?

Had a few beers.

A little bit fucking wired.

I'm driving a bit too fast,

and this fucking bloke...

He just run out of nowhere

and I just smashed right into

I seriously fucked up.

Where did this happen?

The little lake, you know,
by the side of the Red Line.

Did anyone see?

- No.
- Definitely?


You sure he's dead?


What, you just left him there?


Where the fuck is he then?

Outside in the boot.

Why'd you put the body in the

Look clearly, man, I got out,

I go over to him, and
he's still breathing.

So I pick him up and I put
him in the back of the car.

I'm on my way to the hospital,

I'm driving and I'm halfway
there to the hospital...

And he just fucking dies there
and then.

He stops breathing there and
fucking then.

But you should have still
taken him to the hospital

'cause they could have saved


He stopped breathing.

He died, and I'm well over the

Twice minimum.

These days, you're looking
at 10 fucking years inside.

Do you understand me?

10 years inside!

Fucking more with my shit.

I don't see you for nine

and then you come here.

This is a windup, ain't it?

It's a fucking birthday windup.

There's no windup, kid.


Just what exactly do you expect
me to do?

Well, you got to help me.

You and me, right?

We're just gonna get rid of it.


In the sea, on the moors,

We'll burn the car.

We'll just tell the police it
were nicked.

You've got to drive, kid,
'cause I'm well over the limit.

No, no, no fucking way.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

After what you fucking did to

Fuck, whoever that is, I'm
not here.


Please, kid, okay?


Hi, Clarence.

A bit late for a social visit.

It ain't a social,

So London never worked out,


It was great.

Just time to move on.


Maybe move back.


You got a little one.


A little girl, four months old.

When's the last time you
had a proper bit of kip?

About four months ago.

Poor cock.

It's your birthday, is it?

Yeah, born exactly 45
years, nine minutes ago.

Hold on, you were
born midnight Halloween?

Doesn't that make you
some sort of a witch?

Yeah, something like

Very nice.

Punching above your weight a
bit in here?

Daisy never had a chance.

How is Daisy?

Like you give a shit about my

So what's going on?

Well, we're looking for your

You haven't seen him, have you?


Haven't seen him for months.

We had a fallout when I first
moved back.

That's weird 'cause his car's


Okay, yeah, yeah, he popped
'round about an hour ago,

just to say happy birthday,

He was hammered.

Properly hammered and he was
trying to drive to the Strand,

and I said no, no way, you
know, not in that state.

So I took the keys off him.

Well, they're just over there.

That's weird, 'cause the fuck
knows what's happened to them.

He then got in a taxi.

And that's it.

So the rumours are true.

You've turned into a boring


Come with me.


I didn't know there was a market
for the grunt mags anymore

with Internet and all that.

Maybe there's a certain...

He saw one kick and was sort of

You know, like hipsters
getting back into vinyl.

Fuck, lads, lads, I seriously.


Let's just give your
brother a ring, shall we?

Cock Womble.

Dear, oh dear.

We're gonna have to search your

I don't what Dan's been up to.

There's the baby and my wife's

and seriously, you don't want

I don't give a shit.

Lesley, stay and watch him,
will you?

And don't you worry.

I'll be as quiet as a dormouse.

Clarence, please, I cannot
let you go upstairs with that.


No, listen, you fucking,
you fucking touch them...

And you what?

Please, leave the weapon.

Let me go to her, please.

You are coming
with us.


This ain't up for discussion,

Boss wants to see you.

What, you mean Damo?

Damo, what, you really
are outta touch, ain't you?

Jesus, no, that guy got shot
years ago.

Now our new boss, mate,
she's something else.

You may even like her.

Welcome to my parlour,
said the spider to the fly.

It stands here.



You're a pretty one, aren't you?

But obviously a bit old for me.

That's better.

I don't like the surly ones.

Oh, the surly ones, they
bring out the worst in me.

You're gonna have to tell
me something, Gregory,

and no fibbing, mind, 'cause
I'll know,

and then things will
become less agreeable.

You need to tell me where
your brother Danny is.


Don't fucking tell me to listen,
you little fucking prick!

I'm sorry.


He came over to the house
a couple of hours ago

just to wish me happy birthday

and then he got in a cab to the

and that's all I know.

Do you know, Gregory,

there's only one thing I
love more than Ronnie here,

and that would be my son,

And the last I heard from

he was heading off to see your

to talk about something heavy.

His words, man.

And he hasn't been seen since.

And he's not answering his

and now, nor is your brother.


He left his phone at the house.

I know where he left his
fucking phone!

What he
said about Karen is true.

Oh, Gregory, you were
about three seconds away

from getting a blind dog for

Look, Clarence here tells me

that Dan's slut works over town.

So maybe, just maybe,
your story stacks up.

I would suggest you start
your inquiries with her.

Now you listen.

If my son or your brother

are not standing where
you are by 2:00 a.m.,

I'm gonna let you choose

if your wife or your
little girl dies first.

And son, don't try and do a

'cause I'll split you from here
to here.


Trick or treat.

What the fuck are you doing?

Keep your eyes on the road.

So Daisy tells me you were a
bit naughty back in the day.

Oh, really?

Found out soon enough I wasn't
built for that kind of caper.


- What happened?
- Nothing.

Nah, nah, nah, come on, tell


Tell me.

Well, one day about nine
years ago,

Damo asked me to come along
with him

to pick up some goodies.

So we drive off, meet
some bloke in the woods

to do a deal, but Damo,
he don't wanna do a deal.

No, no, no, he's got
something else on his mind.

Before anyone said a word,

he's just got this screwdriver

it's like really working him.

And I so wanted to stop Damo.

But I didn't, and that poor

he just slipped away right in
front of me.

I went to London two days after

So how's
fatherhood treating you?


It's great.

I wouldn't change it for the



Don't you miss it, the
buzz, the girls, the fun?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

The sort of stuff I can handle.

Yeah, you can't have
your coke and snort it.

You must be bored though, no?

Bored, I'm fucking bored

My life's a waking nightmare,

it's just duties, obligations,

My old man, before he got
himself killed,

did fuck all for us kids.

Didn't change a single nappie,

Went out, brought home the

Mom brought us up.

Clear demarcation of roles,

and now, I'm, I mean, it's

So, what do you actually do
all day?

I change nappies, I
sterilise bottles, night feeds.

It's relentless, it's fucking

Man like you doing all
that stuff, it ain't right.

A man like you

should be out hunting mammoths.

What did you just say?

Turn right here, park over up
the right.

Evening gentlemen, table for

Yeah, is Karen here?

Yeah, but she's a bit
busy at the moment, so...

Back room, right?

How's it going, mate?

Clarence, what are you doing

Yeah, Clarence, lad,

I thought you only
liked your kippers warm.

Ah, kippers.

You still order kippers?

Hold on a sec.

You take the piss out of me

I'll fuck you up, do you hear

On you go.

Boys, boys, boys, how's it

What do you recommend?

All of it, sir.

Even the flowers?

Maybe leave those for dessert.


Karen, I'm not really here to

I'm supposed to be finding
out where your boyfriend is.



Dan Kielty.

Haven't seen him for weeks.

Thought you guys
were supposed to be...


Not anymore.

Anyways, I was only ever
his bit on the side.


Well, thanks.

I hear he's still carrying
on with his brother's wife.

What did you just say?

He's having an affair
with his brother's wife.

It's the worst kept secret in

Everyone knows.

Everyone knows?


And I doubt the brother's gonna
be around

for much longer either.

Gonna be around?

I hear they want him out of
the picture.

And soon.

Apparently, he's a right moody

Listen, there's four boys from

turning up to eat soon.

When they're done, I'm free.

Free all night.



Don't mean you can't
have your bit of fun.

No, that's exactly what it

She was a stripper, man.

Used to light the light bulbs

And he's not heard that mad

They've actually invented a food

that stops women giving blow

Are you serious?

Seriously, it's called, no,
what is it?

That's it, wedding cake.


There's another way out in the


You look like a man
with a lot on his mind.

You have no idea.

Trust me, I've heard it all.

Not this you haven't.

Sounds serious.

I just heard my brother
is fucking my wife.

Okay, well, that's serious.

You know, my old man used to
say to me,

he said there's three sides to
every tale,

his, hers, and the truth.

My advice, don't do anything

until you know the truth, the
whole truth.

Too many men in Strangeways
doing life

because they did something

when they didn't know the whole

- Ta.
- Keep the change.


The fact that you're sitting
here right now talking to me,

and the countless
million-to-one chance

that it took to bring you into

in this desolate, lifeless

I mean, the mathematical
impossibility of it.

You don't know it, pal,
but just by being alive,

you've already won the lottery.

You're a winner.

Life is a miracle.

Don't throw it all away.

Oh shit.

Fuck, that was close, wasn't it?

You all right?



Do you remember when we were
about 12

and you said you'd seen Dad on
the pier

and that he was alive and
well and you chatted to him,

and he'd said he'd missed us?

Do you remember when I asked
you to look me in the eye

and tell me again, and you

You just ran away.

You can't lie to me, kid.

I can see right through you,
every time.

So, I'm gonna ask you two

and you're gonna look me right
in the eye

and you're gonna tell me the
truth, okay?

Look at me.

Look at me.

Okay, first question.

Are you fucking my wife?

You're joking, right?

Answer the question.

Greg, I'll look you
in the eye all night long

and I'll give you the same

Well, then tell me.

Say it.

I'm not fucking your wife.

I swear on my life.

Then why the fuck did
that human dinner plate

just tell me that you were?




Karen is the biggest shit
stirrer in Blackpool.

Fuck that.

In the county.

I'm not exactly her
favourite person right now.

She'd have clocked you
the minute you walked in,

and there's no way that she's
gonna miss an opportunity

to use you to fuck with me.

Karen, kid.

Come on.




Second question, is the
poor cunt in the boot, Baxter.



Why, Dan?


This goes no further.

Not even to Gemma, right?

Last year, I got nicked with
four Ks,

and you know I can't do that
kind of time.

And your Baxter, right,
he's heard something

and he comes 'round today,

and he starts throwing
accusations at me.

So you killed him?

I thought he was your mate.

I didn't mean to.

An accident, with a pipe.

You're a fucking prick.

You've killed us all.

No, no, no, no, no, no, you

Listen, I thought of a way out,

I've put the body back in the

We dump it near the Anderson's

Ms. Ferguson assumes it
was them that killed him.

Nothing to do with us, we keep
still, we'll be all right.

I might be able to do that,

but you, they'll come asking
for you

and you can't lie for fucking

I'm a better liar than you

A lot better.

Who's the other glass for?

Well, it's for you, innit?

I knew you'd be back at some

So, what do you think?

Well, I suppose if
this plan of yours doesn't work,

I know we'll have to leave the
UK, right?

Maybe, why, what are you
getting at?

Then maybe we're gonna
head to Europe or something.

You know, split up.

Maybe you take Gemma and
the baby, meet up later.

Something like that.

What were you looking at when I
came in?



All right.

I'm looking at bad porn.


With the little one upstairs.

You still use your
birthday every time, right?

The nasty bastard's outside.

We've got to get you and your

the fuck out of here right now.

Listen to me, I'll take Gemma's

He'll follow me, then you take
your motor

and wait for me at the
north end of Pear Lane.

I'll stop next to the south end,

wait until he parks up,
then run over to you, okay?

- No fucking way.
- Take it.

It's not a game.

We can do this.

I know I can.

It's you I'm worried about.

I'm not finished with you yet.

Get in!

Get the fuck out of here,
now, now, now!

Better get off the road.

Why, oh, why did you come
'round tonight?

Just when I thought I'd
reached rock bottom,

then you turn up.

Yeah, well, it's when
you hit rock bottom

that you make changes.

Positive changes.

What the fuck you talking

You know I'm always there for
you, kid.

You know that, don't you?

I thought you were,

till that last little stunt you

Oh, listen.

I've apologised for that
a thousand times, Greg.

In a bad place back then.


Well, I'm in a pretty
fucking bad place right now.

This life.

You know you're not cut
out for it, don't you?

Yeah, I know that, Greg,
and that's why I want out.

- Badly.
- Then do it,

because in this line of work,
you've gotta be ruthless.

No conscience, no remorse,
no guilt, nothing.

I'm sorry, Dan.

You just don't fit the bill.

You don't know how lucky you
are, mate.


What I wouldn't give to live
your nice, cosy, simple life.

What I wouldn't give to
have what you've got.

Well, you might not believe

but while I'm scraping baby
shit from me fingernails,

it's you I think about.

Oh geeze.

My next 20 years are mapped

I think about your life
and the good old days.

No responsibilities, no
mortgage, no baby, no wife,

no mundane routine.

What you have is
spontaneity, freedom, fun.

What a joy that'd be.


There's not a day goes by

I don't think about getting on
a plane

and heading off to Rio.

Just me, my passport, and a wad
of cash.

Grass is always
greener, right?

Yeah, I guess it is.

Thing is, mate, my life's
not all swimming with dolphins

and orgies on superyachts.

I stay all drunk and seedy

bunked up in budget hotel in

Oh shit.

What the fuck are we gonna do?

Keep calm.

The body's still in there,



Remember how this goes.

He'll come to your side first.

Easy does it, wind the window

and calmly explain we're
heading home after a party.

Tell him you gave up booze
three years ago, okay?

Look him straight in the eye.

Slow and stern, is there
a problem, officer?


Is there a problem, officer?


Is there a problem, officer?

Okay, here he comes.

Is there a roblem, ossifer?


Is there a problem, officer?

Well, that depends, sir.

Have you consumed any alcohol

No, sir.

I haven't had a drink in three


Well, maybe that's just
bullshit I can smell then.

And may I ask what you
two gentlemen are up to

at this late hour?

We're just brothers, just
having a chat, officer.

Licence, please.

Keys, please.

Stay there.

Some fucking gangster you are.

Roger that.

So, Peregrine Morgan of

before I breathalyse you,

I just have one further

Is there anything in this
car that shouldn't be there?

Don't think so.

You don't think so.

Definitely not.

Please get out and open the

You stay there.

In your own time, sir.

This side of Christmas would be

Was that fucking gangster
enough for you, eh?

I need to piss.

No, we need to get
the fuck out of here now.

Today's society
is blighted

by an epidemic of depression,
and it is often men,

especially those who have been

not to speak about their
feelings, they struggle to cope.

This repressed mental
anguish can become untenable

as men approach middle age

and they realise that their
dreams will never be fulfilled.

Subsequently, suicide is now
the single biggest killer

of males under the age of 45.

At Wake Up Call, we
provide a range of services

designed to read into
the client's mindset.

For example, we stage-manage
extreme scenarios

incorporating acquaintances of
the client

designed to sabotage destructive
patterns of behaviour.

You all right?


Has Gemma told you I've not
been feeling right recently?

No, I haven't spoken to her

I know she's worried about me.

Thinks I'm having some sort of

Talking about couple's
counselling, NLP,

all that kind of bollocks.

Of course, I'd never go
down that road willingly.

I don't get it.

I think you do.

No, Greg, I really don't.

Just when I'm getting fucked

with this dull life of mine

and harking back to the good
old days,

I'm suddenly shown in an
oh so fucking clear way

that the good old days really
aren't that good after all.

You've lost me, mate.

Don't treat me like a fool.

Clarence, he played it about

Might not get an Oscar, maybe a

And Ms. Ferguson, Jesus Christ.

Any hammier, I'd have
brought out the Dijon.

You think it's a wind-up?

Give me the keys, time
to get back to Strand.

It must be getting really
stuffy in there.

Are you mad?

His head's a bloody mess.

All right, if you want, I'll
show you.

Now this fellow's okay.

He's no De Niro, six or
seven out of 10, tops.

Let's face it, he's got
a fuck-all dialogue.

I was just telling Dan here

you probably shouldn't
give up the day job.

Tom Cruise isn't exactly
quaking in his little boots.

Oh, fucking hell!

Lesley, you don't seriously
think that I had something

to do with Baxter's
disappearance, do you?

I don't get paid to think.

Yeah, but that doesn't
mean you can't think

for yourself on your own
time, sort of thing, does it?

How can you possibly do that?

That would be the intellectual
equivalent of moonlighting,

and as long as I'm on company

I'll do what's required of me.

That's a bit limiting, isn't

Look, every gang needs its
silent, nasty-looking bastard,

and when I joined Ms.
Ferguson's outfit,

that was only vacancy available,
so you make do, don't you?

You basically saying we
should all

just accept our allocated role?

Not for society as a whole.

That would be akin to living
in a quasi-feudal system.

However, the corporate wheels
run smoother

if employees simply accept
their lot.

The stoics of ancient Greece

such as Seneca and Marcus

You mean that fellow in

Those fellows argued very

that to break the natural order
of things

simply results in chaos,

and that's the last
thing Ms. Ferguson needs.

Well, if she did engage that
impressive brain of yours,

you would realise that Dan here

wouldn't dream of harming

Well, that just may be,

but seeing how this
conversation on gambit

is a rather clumsy attempt
to persuade me to let you go,

your innocence or otherwise
means nothing.

Releasing you is illogical,
so we'll cease discussing it.

- Okay.
- Fair enough.

And you, dafty, no funny

I have my finger on the
trigger of a loaded revolver

pointing at the base of your

I'd appreciate it if you'd keep

about our conversation when
we reach our destination.

I'm the silent nasty one,

Baxter ran away from
home once, you know.

Just 12 years old.

I've never been so scared in
all my life.

Two days past, he still hadn't
come back.

I was in pieces.

No more balls back then, man.

I thought the little
bugger had been kidnapped.

Later, on the second day,

he comes strolling into the

Get this.

He said he'd been to look at
the sea.

But not just here,
mind, on the east coast.

He wanted to see if it looked
the same.

He'd been to Grimsby and
back, fucking Grimsby.

12 years old.

There's something special of
that boy.

Always has been.

You little prick!

Running away was a real
big fucking mistake.

That's the spirit, Clarence.

You'll get best supporting
actor for this, right?

Oh dear, you are really
gonna get your fucking...

Gently does it, Clarence.

Plenty of time for that.

Have you boys seen "Scarface?"

It's gotta be one of me

It's a classic.

A fucking classic!

You know the scene where Al
Pacino was forced to watch

his buddy getting chopped
in half with a chainsaw?

Oh, I love it.

Well, bearing that in mind,

I think we now all fully
understand our roles, hm?

So, let's begin.

Look, this joke's gone on
long enough.

Frankly, I thought his poke in
the eye

was a little excessive.

Don't get me wrong,

I'm really impressed with your
commitment to this project.

But, enough's enough, okay?

This one I like, he's got big

Yeah, not for long he don't.

Not for long he don't.

Oh, oh!

Now, Danny boy, this
is a one-question quiz.

Any hesitation, repetition, or

will result in your brother
getting mutilated, understood?

Where's my son?

Ms. Ferguson, please,

I swear I have no fucking idea.

I haven't seen him since this


And what was this heavy thing
he had to chat to you about?

Well, I'd rather not say it
out loud.

Come on, tell

You can share it with the class.

I can't really.

Fucking say it!

He came 'round to say he
thought Clarence was a snitch.

What the fuck?

Don't listen to this little

Silence, Clarence.

I've got his number.

So, you don't know where Baxter

Honestly, I haven't got a

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Rule number one, never say
honestly when you're lying.

It's a dead giveaway.

But I'm gonna give you, or
rather your brother here,

one more chance.

I have no fucking idea.

The thing is, Daniel,

why would I believe a
treacherous little shit like you?

I know all about you and his

Keep it in the family, eh, Dan?

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.

Catch a liar by his toe.


Tsk, tsk, tsk,
tsk, tsk.

This is a con.

I know what's going on.

Does this look like a con,

Or maybe you'd like another
cut, eh?

What the fuck is going on?

I've seen the website he was
looking up, Wake Up Call.

This is a scam.

I know what's going on.

Greg, no, that isn't for you.

That's for me.

I've been looking into every
way there is

to help me get out of
this fucking hole that I...

Shut the fuck up!

Oh, poor me, tsk, tsk, tsk,
poor me.

Pour me a fucking drink,

Well, I'm afraid, Gregory,

that things are gonna get a
little bit more serious now.

Once more, and this time with

where the fuck is my Baxter?

I promise you, Ms.
Ferguson, I don't know.

You sure about that,

Of course, I am.

What do you think, I'm just
gonna let...

You absolutely sure
you don't know anything?

I'm sure I don't know
anything, Greg.


'Cause I've got a feeling,

a little feeling, that
you might know something.

You might be able to lie to
her, but you can't lie to me.

Ever since we were little, I
can tell.

All I got to do is look you in
the eyes.

I'm gonna give you one more
chance to do the right thing.

Come on.

Look me in the eye and tell me
the truth.

Look at me, brother.

What are you gonna do with
that, Gregory, light a fag?

Cut him free, now.

Do you honestly think that's

How about we find out?

No, do it.

Ms. Ferguson, it's real.

I sold it to him.

So what?

Do you think this is the first

I've had a gun pointed at me?

No, but it might just be your

Cut him free.

Nice one, kid.

Go and get his piece off him.

Over there, please.


And your car keys.

On your feet, Reynaldo.

Everyone over there now.


That's better.

That's much better.

Hurry up!

Come on, in here.


Give us your mobiles, come on.

You as well, Ms. Ferguson.

This isn't gonna end well.

You do know that, don't you?

You look like
you've seen a ghost, kid.

It's nothing, forget

What the fuck are we gonna do

I don't know, kid.

Hang on a minute.

She knew about you and Gemma.

I thought it was just
Karen's shit stirring.

It is.

Karen would have told
Clarence at the restaurant

and he would have
reported back, that's all.

They fucking know where I

They don't seem the forgiving

It's not gonna take them
long before they find out

about you-know-fucking-who

Fuck me!

This makes your fucking last

look like a freaking birthday

Oh man, stop harping
on about that, will you.

Harping on about it?

I nearly got my fucking head
kicked in 'cause of you,

you fucking prick!

Always fucking trying to be the
big man.

Trying to be like Dad, trying
to be me.

Trying to be you?

A depressed, pussy-whipped

Are you fucking joking?

Your life is so fucking
awful, the only surprise is

that you haven't topped
yourself already, hey!

Fucking turn your back, you


Shit, I'm really sorry, kid.

Kid, fucking hell, sorry.

It's fine.

You know, we're gonna have
to get out of this town.

I'm talking America, Asia.

Any fucking where but here.

You're right.

We're gonna have to split up.

I'll go home, and I'll get me

and I'll meet you at Manchester

It's the only way.

Let's go.

Were you gonna grass me out
back there?

Nah, kid, just stalling for

You should have more faith,

You're not driving, not with
your arm.

And I'll take the car and drop
you off.

You get a cab to go to yours,


What are you gonna do with the

Don't worry about that.
I'll work something out.

Sorry about all this.

I ain't finished with you
yet, Dan.

I know.

So I'll see you at Manchester

Keep your mobile on.

You still get them visions, kid?

Then tell me this, brother,
how's this all gonna end?

I love you.

Me too, kid.

So, what's
it gonna be?

Trick or treat?

All right, Gregory.


Oi, dickhead.

I don't
like the surly ones.

They bring out the worst in me.

Where the fuck
do you think you're going?

Get away, Clarence, you
fucking know this is real.

Well, so is mine.

But it's a lot fucking bigger.

Now, now,
Clarence, no need for that.

Get the fuck out of
here and no one gets hurt.

Stop, or I'll shoot.

You're not gonna hurt
me, are you, Gregory?

I'm serious, fucking
stop right there, now!

Jesus, Greg, did you really
think that someone like me

would be interested in someone
like you?

10, 15 years ago maybe, but
you're old enough to be me dad.

Oops, look who's here.

Gemma, what you doing

Trick or
treat, kid.


I got you.

Maybe now you'll
appreciate what we have.

What you gave up wasn't fun.

It was horrible.

And because you never listened
to me,

you had to find out the hard

Do you really believe
you're the first bloke

to feel like this?

Or woman for that matter?

Adjusting to this stage in life
is tough.

But it's time to grow up, babes.

Oh, mate, I'm so, so, sorry
if our methods seem extreme,

but extreme times call
for extreme measures,

and your mental state
is becoming untenable.

You needed to see the past
for what it was, reject it,

and embrace the future.

Love and routine are far more

to chaos and insecurity, are
they not?

This truly is the first day
of the rest of your life.


Kid, what's happening?

I fucking killed him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what
the fuck?

- Who?
- Baxter.

He wasn't dead, he opened the

And now he's fucking dead.

What'd you do, shoot him?

I killed him.

I fucking killed him.

What, wait a minute, with
the gun I gave you, right?

It was an accident,
it all happened so fast.

What have you done with
the body?

I put him back in the

Listen, we stick to the plan.

I've got my passport
and I'm near your gaff.

So I'm gonna collect Gemma and

and we're gonna meet you at
Manchester Airport, okay?




I know
all about you and his wife.

Keep it in the family, eh, Dan?

I'm not fucking your

I swear to my life.

I'm a better liar than you

A lot better.

What I wouldn't give to live
your nice, cosy, simple life.

What I wouldn't give to
have what you've got.

Sorry sir, kitchen's closed.

I'm not here for food.

I need you to tell me what's
going on.

What's going on?

Yeah, what the fuck is going

Please tell me.

Four pricks from
Bellamy just ate raw fish

off me naked body.

Nothing unusual to report.

I thought they were from


That thing you said
about Dan, is it true?

What thing?

Is my brother having
an affair with my wife?

Oh my God.

You're the moody brother?

Shit, you really are, aren't

Look, I don't want to be the
bearer of bad news, but yes,

that little wanker's been
fucking your wife for months.

Maybe years.

You're just shit-stirring.

I didn't know who the hell
you were until 10 seconds ago.


Listen, Dan told me a story.

Happened about nine months ago,

just before me and him got

I think that's what
stopped you two talking.

He said he promised his
brother, I guess that's you,

that he'd act as backup in some

you'd had with the builder,
only Dan never turned up,

and you got the crap kicked out
of ya.

Little prick.


The reason he didn't turn up

is 'cause he was with your
missus at the Imperial

having a whale of a time,

And you know, the way he told
that story,

it's like it were a joke.

Like he were proud of
that scumbag behaviour.

I don't think you should go

There's nothing for you back

and anyway, what you need now
is some TLC.

I bet you haven't had any in


Life is short.

Why waste your time in a dull

when there's so much fun to be

Don't tell me you're
just another lost man,

whaling around trying to
work out what his role is.

I love you.

Gemma, I think Greg

We need to leave ASAP, be there
in five.

Love you.

Guess what?

Quick, come.

Don't worry about that.

Just get the basics, get a few

Get a couple of Babygros.

We're travelling light.


Are you all right?

It isn't easy, you

Greg and I...

There was a time when
it was all ahead of us,

when it was so much fun.

There was a time I wouldn't
have dreamed of doing anything

like we're doing now.

You're too strong for

He doesn't give you
what you need, you know.

I didn't change, he

I could almost see him
shrinking in front of me.

That dynamic, strong, confident

the man I fell in love
with, what happened to him?

Life, that's what.

Some people can take it and
some can't.

Look what you got instead.

Why've you got cotton
when you can have silk?

Just look at her.

She's got your eyes.

I know.

Greg's a dipshit.

He's so fucking

We could have five more and
he wouldn't work it out.

Way too pretty to be

So he's heading
straight to Manchester Airport?

Yeah, and obviously,
we're going to Liverpool.

Well, I do hope he
makes it out.

Me too.

I love you, Gemma.

I always have.

I love you, too, Dan.

I'd like to report some screams

coming from 15 Felix Stowe Road.

There's something very, very
brutal going on in there,

you should send someone over

Yeah, thank you.

What the fuck is he doing?

I don't know.

I'm going down.

No, no, no.

For this to work, he needs
to discover us himself.

Greg thinks the gun Dan gave
him was real,

and he actually shot Baxter.

It is now that he must actively
come to rekindle his love

for his baby and his wife,

relishing in you the connection
he momentarily doubted.

Our analysis strongly suggests
that the psychological gains

of this entire scenario will be

Fuck that.

We'll be here all night.

Where the fuck is he?

What the fuck?

What the fuck.

They were blanks.

This can't be right.