Trick: The Movie 2 (2006) - full transcript

Ueda and Naoko accept to hear a proposal from a young man (Yuta Hiraoka) living in Fumo-mura village. The proposal is to bring back his childhood friend, Misako (Maki Horikita), who was taken away by a psychic, Hakogami Sawako (Nagisa Katahira), 10 years ago. Upon request, the pair head for Hakogami-jima where Hakogami lives. They succeed in bringing Misako back, however, it incurs the wrath of Hakogami and they are sucked into a situation that takes the pretense of a paranormal phenomenon. Naoko manages to see through the trick, and Sawako kills herself as a result. The incident reveals Sawako's sorrowful past as she was one of its victims as well.

During World War II,

Many European countries were being invaded by German Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler.

There was one English magician who stood up.

His name was Jasper Maskelin.

Maskelin pleaded to the Prime Minister at that time, Winston Churchill.

Please let me serve in the army. I'll defeat the German Nazis with the power of magic.

Maskelin, who was sent to the North African battle front, confused the German army with his eccentric ideas.

One day, Maskelin's superior called and asked him

"Port Alexandria is being bombed by the German army."

"At this rate, we won't be able to maintain our supply lines."

"Is there no other way we can protect the port?"

"Why don't we make the entire town of Alexandria disappear at night-time, when they try to bomb us?"

"That way, the Germans won't be able to bomb us."

The tricks Maskelin used to perform those miracles are still an important military secret in England today.

Oh, Maskelin!

So there's no way you people will believe in my spiritual powers, is it?

Okay then. Let's see...

By tomorrow morning, I'll move this huge rock up to the top of that cliff.

All by yourself?

Yeah, of course.

Without any machinery?

I don't need such things.

To prove that I didn't receive any help,

You can leave me alone on this island tonight.

All of you can go out to the sea in your boats and see what's going to happen.

Note: Japanese greeting. It means "best regards".

Note: Japanese greeting. It means "best regards".

Note: Japanese greeting. It means "best regards".


Two-beat? Young B? Ikuyokuruyo?
(Names of Japanese comedian groups)

Sounds interesting.

If you fail, we're gonna make you leave this island.

Sure, with pleasure.

Note: Utopia is the name of a comedian duo. The "yoroshikune pose" is one of their gigs.

Utopia! It's utopia!
Note: Utopia is the name of a comedian duo. The "yoroshikune pose" is one of their gigs.

Note: Utopia is the name of a comedian duo. The "yoroshikune pose" is one of their gigs.

Hey, you guys get on too.

Is this everyone?

No one is left out.

Yoshi, ikuzo! (Okay, let's go!)

Yukiguni! (Snow Country)

Note: There is a singer called Yoshi Ikuzo, so they are shouting out his songs.
Yukiguni! (Snow Country)

Note: There is a singer called Yoshi Ikuzo, so they are shouting out his songs.

Orera tokyosa ikuda! (We're going to Tokyo!)
Note: There is a singer called Yoshi Ikuzo, so they are shouting out his songs.

Note: There is a singer called Yoshi Ikuzo, so they are shouting out his songs.

Jouen! (Flames of Passion)
Note: There is a singer called Yoshi Ikuzo, so they are shouting out his songs.

Note: There is a singer called Yoshi Ikuzo, so they are shouting out his songs.

Ore wa inaka no puresurii! (I'm the Presley of the countryside!)


Kaikyou! (Channel)

Sakeyo! (Oh Sake!)

Hoshikage no Waltz! (Waltz of Starlight!)

That's by Sen Masao!

Note: He shouted out a song by another singer, so he's beaten up.
That's by Sen Masao!

Note: He shouted out a song by another singer, so he's beaten up.

That's impossible!

My name is Yamada Naoko.

The most prosperous magician in present day.

So every time I get up on stage, the crowds are always

This is my mother, Yamada Satomi.

She teaches Japanese calligraphy to kids in my hometown of Nagano.

For some reason, many people believe that my mother's writings hold special power.

So during election periods, many famous politicians come to ask her to do a poster or sign for them.

Thank you very much.

- He's crying.
- Do your best.

I'll do my best!


She got overconfident and decided to run for an election herself.


Because of town-village annexation, pretty soon this village will be Kita-hamaraya town.

When I become the first mayor, I'll use the power of letters to grant your wishes.

The power of letters to Kita-himaraya!

Yoroshikune! Here...

Here, these are good luck charms. It's for your protection...

To get a piece of my fame, many famous magicians come and request to co-star with me.

Depending on the pay, I may let them be my assistant if they want.

When I cast a spell,

This beautiful lady will be teleported to a different place instantly.

Beautiful lady? She's flat-chested!
This beautiful lady will be teleported to a different place instantly.

This beautiful lady will be teleported to a different place instantly.

Hey, flat chest!
This beautiful lady will be teleported to a different place instantly.

This beautiful lady will be teleported to a different place instantly.

Flat chest! Flat chest!

Flat chest!

Hey, you people...

Please observe carefully.

Okay, now I'll cast the spell.

What the?

Ueda? What are you doing here?

I heard about the "Instant teleportation of a beautiful lady" so I came to watch.

But where the hell is the beautiful lady?

Besides, if you're running, it's not instant teleportation.

Note: Darauma is the name of the character Ueda is holding.
Shut up, Uedaruma!

Note: Darauma is the name of the character Ueda is holding.

He he, Yamadaruma.
Note: Darauma is the name of the character Ueda is holding.

He he, Yamadaruma.

I get it.

You can't get any audience by yourself, so you had to go against your own will and work as an assistant?

Get out of my way, Daruma!

The daruma has been split in half!

Please observe carefully.

She has disappeared.

The beautiful lady has been teleported to the faraway balcony over there!

Where? Where is she? I can't see her.

Look! She's running up the stairs!

That's not magic!

You just ran up there! You flat chest!

What is this, Maggie? This is no magic!

You're too slow. Slow! Slow!

You're fired!

So I got fired from my job,

And return to this same old rundown apartment.

Yamada! What are you doing?

How are you?

You promised to pay your rent today, right?

You said you found a good paying job, didn't you?

Yeah, but the amount was too large so I had it deposited directly to my bank account.

I'll go and withdraw it later.


What are you doing here?

How dare you show your face in front of me!

And this is my room! What do you think you're doing?

Calm down.

I thought you might be depressed after losing your job so I came to check on you.

So you do feel a little bad about what you did.

In that case, treat me to a meal.

You must be desperate.

Of course!

If I don't pay rent by today, I'll get evicted from here.

Okay, see you later.


I'm only here to see how you're doing. Watching people in trouble is my hobby.

You jerk...

By the way,

Actually I heard an interesting story.

If it works out, we may be able to obtain a fortune.

Sorry, not interested.

Just listen to it.

Yesterday, a man from Fumou Village paid me a visit.

Top Horizontal: Japan Science and Technology University
Vertical Banner: Robots to Congress!

Mr. Aonuma Kazuhiko?

I work at a small construction company in a place called Fumou Village.

Fumou Village? (fu = wealthy, mou = hair)

Those are characters to represent a word phonetically.

Note: In Japanese, fumou land means a barren land.
Actually, our village is called Fumou Village because the land is too barren for crops to grow on.

I've read these books that you wrote.

In these books, you said that there's no such thing as paranormal phenomenon.

And if you ever see one, you'll uncover it in an instant, right?

Of course.

Then...there's someone I want you to find.

A girl who went missing ten years ago.

Her name is Nishida Misako.

The cute one is me. This over here is Misako.

You know, Misako, I'm thinking about going to Tokyo when I grow up.

Height-wise, aren't you already big enough?

That's not what I mean.

I'll be successful in Tokyo and come back to the village with a lot of money.

When that time comes, will you be my wife?

Then, close your eyes.

Let's play hide and seek.

After you count to thirty, you can open your eyes.

If you can find me, then I'll become your wife.

That's the last I saw of Misako.

Seven was left out.

- Did you find her?
- No!


Maybe she fell into the swamp?

No one can make out of this swamp alive.

Look, it's bubbling. It'll melt everything away.

But recently, I found out that Misako is still alive.

Do you know of a place called Hakogami Island?

Hakogami Island?

It's a small island on the sea of Atou.

It is ruled by a spiritualist named Hakogami Sawako

and her cult, "Destiny Partnership, Utopia of the Box".

Misako was taken to that island ten years ago.

Please take a look at this.

A construction worker who went to the island six months ago,

got this letter from a lady he met there.

"Pretty soon, I'll be killed."

"Please help me."

Hakogami Sawako is a frightening spiritualist.

As a matter of fact, the construction worker who delivered this letter died in a mysterious accident.

Like this!

Professor, please save Misako!

In our village, we have treasures handed down through many generations.

If you rescue Misako, I'll sell that treasure and give you the money!

Pl...Please, I beg of you!

Then why don't you go by yourself and get that treasure?

I'll be fine as long as I get half of it later.

Yamada! Rent!

Oh no, the bank has closed already!

Which bank is it?

Jammy is really clever. He said I should check and see if you really have an account or not.

Are you lying to me again?

Hurry up and get the money from the bank!

If you come back empty handed,

This whole apartment will be gone!

No way! Like "Sen to Chihiro"? (Anime movie: Spirited Away)


Translated by: Yealomonky

Timed and edited by: Ueda Jiro & athaclena42

TRICK: The Movie 2

This... Final...

Note: Hand is pointing at Hakogami Island. Beneath it is the Sea of Atou.

Let's switch over in ten minutes, okay?

Why are we using a rubber boat?

The sea is so great.

I bet you've never seen the bottom of the sea before.

That means you don't know half the world.

You've seen it?

Of course.

When I went to Sicily on a business trip,

they were holding a diving competition.

I tried it out and won with a record of 203 meters.

That's impossible! How?

I tried my best, that's all.

The runner-up was some French guy named Jack Mayor.

Stop sleeping!

Let's go.

We'll hide the boat over that corner.

Seiko... Mu?

Is there anything I can help you with?

Who are you?

Capture them!

You'll regret this! You're already dead.

Destiny Partnership, Utopia of the Box?

This island was originally going to be developed into a resort but the plan failed,

so we bought the abandoned hotel.

I see..

You're not gonna play?

So you want to serve Lady Hakogami Sawako?


If my relatives find out that I'm here,

there's a chance that I might be taken back.

I see.

You're not gonna play?

But you don't have to worry about that.

Lady Hakogami Sawako will punish anyone who tries to take you back.

They won't leave this island alive.

Then let me introduce you to your guide.


Yes, Mr. Saeki.

I'm Isano Ginzo.

I'll help both of you become great son-in-a-box and daughter-in-a-box respectively.


What do you mean by son-in-a-box and daughter-in-a-box?

That's how Lady Sawako calls the people who serve her.

It shows how much she cares for us.

I see.

How are both of you related to each other?

I'm a scholar from Tokyo.

This is my 108th helper.

Am I the bell of jyoya? (Bell that's rung 108 times at New Year's eve.)

Then I bet you must have a lot of your books published.

Of course.

This became a nation-wide bestseller and sold over a thousand copies.

You can find most of it in Book-off. (a used book store in Japan)

What's great about my book is that whoever reads it wants to tell other people about it, so they bring it to Book-off.

And this here, is my...

Are you sure about this, Ueda?

To tell you the truth, I didn't believe in the power of Lady Sawako until three years ago.

Actually, I was on the side of kicking her off of this island.

If you fail, we're gonna make you leave this island.

But after watching numerous miracles performed by Lady Sawako,

Finally, a scale peeled off from my eyes.

Let's move on.

It peeled off?

Hey, the third fella. That's your opposite leg!


It's just training.

Let's move on.

Take a look.

Lady Sawako brought this rock up here all by herself.

It seems real.

Of course it is!

It's impossible to use a crane on this precipitous cliff.

Without a doubt, this is spiritual power.

And take a look over there.

Construction workers came to re-develop this island six months ago.

This is a sacred island.

If you try to damage it, you'll be punished by heaven.

That's ridiculous!

Hurry up and get to work!

They started the re-development work.

But the next day, the field supervisor fell with a mysterious illness.

Supervisor! Supervisor, what happened?

And strange accidents kept occurring one after another.

The construction work was cancelled and all the workers fled the island.

Shall we move on?

Hey, don't act so freely!

What is this, Mr. Ueda?

Don't you think it has an awkward shape?

It's smooth here.

You two!

Everybody, last time I told you that on this island, there's an entrance to the world of heaven.

Then where is that entrance?

It's actually everywhere.

When Lady Sawako creates a box and prays, she can create that entrance whenever and wherever.

Now, look over there please.


Everyone, please give us your regards.

I have returned from the world of heaven.

Ms. Yoshida

Yes, I'm Yoshida.

I gave the letter that you wrote, to your deceased husband.

Didn't my husband have a grudge against me?

That day, I had a terrible fight with my husband.

My husband shouted at me, "Moron!", so I replied,

"What did you call me?"

"If I'm a moron, then you're a caterpillar!"

"No, you're worse than that."

"You're lower than bacteria!"

My husband got mad and ran out of the house.

And right after that...

He got hit by a car!

You thought your husband was hiding something from you.

That's the reason why the fight started, right?

Yes. That bastard never says anything.

Every time he gets a new girlfriend, I go crazy and go after him, but he keeps quiet about it.

I'm sure he was doing something with that nasty looking girl called Judy and...

Ms. Yoshida

Your husband wasn't hiding any girls from you.

Your husband entrusted me with his secrets.

"Featuring: Crab of Nasakegamo. This is not edible."

This is it.
"Featuring: Crab of Nasakegamo. This is not edible."

"Featuring: Crab of Nasakegamo. This is not edible."

What the hell is that?

This is...

It was almost your 20th wedding anniversary, right?

How old are you!?

Your husband was preparing a gift for you in secret.

But you doubted him so he got mad.

"Please tell my wife that I still love her."

He wanted me to tell you that.


How did she know?

They probably did a background check beforehand.

We were questioned a lot too, remember?

I'm a scholar from Tokyo.

Lady Sawako, will you deliver this to the other world?


This is an engagement ring, is it?


My fianc' passed away from an illness before I could give this to her.

Even this small box can be an entrance to heaven.

There seems to be people here who doubt me.

Someone is thinking that I'll put the ring in this box and pocket it later.

Fine, I'll return this ring for now.

The string of heaven.


Please tie the ring to the tip of this string.


Now it's impossible for the ring to leave this string.

[Casting a spell...]

With pleasure.

What's going on?

That's nothing but a magic trick.

What is it?

You two!

Is there anything you want to say?

If so, you should speak up instead of talking so quietly.

Oh no, it's nothing.

I know such things are hard to believe when you first see it.

So for the two newcomers, I'll show everyone something special tonight.

When people die, they are put into a box called a coffin.

That's because the box becomes an entrance to the other world.

Let me prove that to you right now,

by risking my own life.

I'll set it on fire.

Please put on these hoods. Ladies should wear a mantle as well.

I'll set it on fire now.

Lady Sawako! Lady Sawako...

Lady Sawako should have transported to the other world before the box was lit up.

A box! Build a box!

Lady Sawako, please come back.


Sit down!

Please don't act rebelliously and give me trouble. It'll be my responsibility.

Sorry about that.

She has a habit of putting in a cha-cha (interrupting others) when people are speaking.

Just ignore everything she says.

Cha-cha? Who am I, Ishii Akemi?
Note: Ishii Akemi is a popular singer in the 80s.

That's "Cha-cha-cha".
Note: That's the title of Ishii Akemi's popular song.

I think it's best that you show your faith through action.

Through action?

Donate all your properties to Lady Sawako.

Happiness that you obtain through money is nothing but an illusion.

I donated all my kid's as well as my savings.

So they were after my properties after all? Rotten people!

You have no 'properties'.

Shut up! Don't switch off the light!

But how was she able to disappear and then appear again in an empty box?

When she first appeared from the box...

I think she was hiding behind the curtains beforehand.

And after the rear of the board was shown, she jumped onto the board.

It looks ridiculous if you look at it from the back.

Then how about the time when the ring disappeared?

The string, that had the ring tied to it, was attached to a rubber string that goes up her sleeve.

Right when the fire was lit,

She pulled the string, with the ring attached, up her sleeve and then droped another string that had nothing tied to it.

Nobody realized that the strings were exchanged because of the flash from the burning box.

Just as I thought.


Stop clicking the lights!

The sweat on my forehead feels refreshing.

This is pretty healthy for a deceitful religion.

But that rock...

I wonder how she brought it up there.

I understand now...

How she lifted the rock up there.


You ate it?

It's physics, Professor Ueda.

They're keeping the lights on...

to prevent an escape?

I'm gonna kill you! Kanchi...


We're going to look for Misako.

Note: She's imitating Sadako, from the movie "The Ring".


You! Bite this!


You dare disobey Lady Sawako? Bite firmly!

Don't come close! Don't come close...

You'll fall if you come close.

Okay, take this!


It's Misako. Keep quiet!

Character on door: Strange/Suspicious

That door looks suspicious.

Hey, lights! The lights!

What's this? Storage for boxes?

Is someone there?

What happened?

I heard a voice from inside.


That's strange. Maybe they hid in one of the boxes.

There can't be anyone here. It's just your imagination.

That was weird.

It seems as if Mr. Saeki didn't want Mr. Isano to search this room.


What is it?

I thought I heard a chopstick break.


Fried flying fish... Fried octopus... Taro tumbles... No doubt!

You must be Nishida Misako, right?


Who are you?

We were asked by Mr. Aonuma Kazuhiko of the Fumou Village,

and we came to rescue you.

This is the proof.

That was you ten years ago, right?

Why are you eating?

I lost my parents when I was little, so Kazuhiko's family took care of me.

So Kazuhiko is like a brother to me.

On that day ten years ago...

What are you doing?

You're gonna get your clothes dirty.

Come here...

Come here!

Seven was left out.

I was taken to this island.
(Let me go! I want to go home!)

Everyday I cried, longing to get home.

But every time I tried to escape, I was captured and brought back to this narrow room.

Lady Sawako said to me

You have the potential of becoming a spiritualist.

You must become my successor.

From that day on, I trained to become a spiritualist.

That's not right.

Yoroshikune training, fortune telling, seeing through cards...


But I couldn't do well in anything.

Misako, in your letter, didn't you mention that you were going to be killed soon?

I have no potential in becoming a spiritualist.

That's not true.

This time...

I'm thinking about putting you into a coffin and setting it on fire.


A true spiritualist will be able to find the entrance to the other world.

I think Lady Sawako gave up on me.

Misako, I'm a physics professor who uses science as a weapon.

Now that I'm here, everything's going to be all right.

We'll leave this island and this room which is only as wide as my shoulders together.

But if we get captured, you'll also be...

Don't be afraid.

Trust me.

Trust me...

and the truth inside my eyes.

Note: The word that's appearing in his eyes is the kanji for "Truth".


Why believe him so easily?

Which way?

This way?

Okay, this way.

This way!

It's this way!

Watch your steps.


Are you okay?

We're here.

The boat is right over there.

The boat is gone.


That's odd. I'm positive we landed here.

Maybe the plan was exposed?


What's that? A festival?

Fool! They're after us!

This isn't good. Let's flee!

Flee? This is a dead end!

Oh no! They're coming!

Misato, this way.

Hide over there!


Over there! I see someone!

There's only one way out of this.

Ouch! It hurts! Here's the traitor!


Ueda, you're gonna betray me?

Her actions were suspicious so I pretended to be her ally to keep to an eye on her.

It hurts!

Is that so? Okay, let's get her!


That was dirty. You should be put into a box and burned!

Let me go!

Ueda, when you said a "way out", you meant only for yourself!?

You traitor!

I said you could kick me anywhere but the stomach! It hurts!

You better remember this!

I'll never forgive you!

Is it okay to do that?

Don't worry. This is part of the plan.

Please stay hiding here for the time being.

I'm good at that.

It's okay.

Wonderful gentleman.

We put a rock on the rubber boat and sank it.

Once you become a daughter-in-a-box, you cannot escape from here.

You're wrong if you think you can keep up with this deception.


That's what you want to believe.

I won't say that I'm a saint or woman of virtue.

I've been betrayed many times in the past.

And I lost what's most precious to me.

I've hurt other people and contemplated death many times.

Out of everyone here, I'm the filthiest one.

But because of this, Heaven blessed me with this power.

Why are you telling me this?

Because we're the same kind of person.


I can see the real you.

Your ancestors were spiritualists who protected an island for generations.

There's no such thing as spiritual powers in this world.

There is.

You're just afraid to admit it and know about your true self.

If spiritual powers don't exist,

then how was I able to lift that huge rock to the top of the hill?

You used the principle of pulleys.

You had your subordinates transport small rocks to the top of the hill and bag them.

Then you made a rock-floating device by measuring and setting up a rope, hiding it with dirt.

That day, when you're alone,

you tied the string that was attached to the bags, to the huge rock on the bottom of the cliff.

With that, all the preparations are complete.

Then, when you're pretending to pray,

you set off the device with your feet and dropped the bagged rocks on the other side of the cliff.

The rocks on top of the cliff acted as a pulley and the reactionary force brought the huge rock up the cliff.

So much time and effort.

That's why there are so many small rocks and cloth bags on the other side of the cliff.

How about the time I made it out alive from the burning coffin?

For a long time, magicians have been challenging far more dangerous escape acts.

Then I'll ask you to do the same thing that I did.

This person claims that what I'm doing is nothing more than magic tricks.

Therefore, I'm going to ask her to perform the same thing as me.

Die! Flat-chest! You should die...


This man begged us to let him carry out the execution himself.

Please give me your regards.

You're willing to go that low to be saved?

I was a fool.

I actually made a promise to marry this filthy woman.

Excuse me?

However, that was a mistake.

As a goodbye, I'll kiss you one last time.


I was mistaken.


Stop it, Ueda!

Okay, now it's gone. I feel so relieved.

All right, this is goodbye.

Don't move!

I would have let you stay with me in my super-high-class mansion only if you'd changed your mind.

Don't move!

Stay in one place! Stop kicking!

Get in there!

You're stepping on my feet.


What the...

Don't pull!

Hey, I told you not to pull!

Quit biting!

Hey, stop moving around in there!

Build a box over there.

She couldn't make it after all.

It seems that woman has died for sure.

Oh, the sun is coming out.


Now you know why I was pretending to be your enemy, right?

It only worked out by chance.

I almost lost my life, you know that?

Why did I have to kiss you?

When did you say you'll let me live with you?


Hey! We have to go to Misako's place!


Everything's fine now.

Everyone thinks that she's dead.

Let's go.

Then what about the boat?

You forgot that our boat was sunk?

This is bad.

Anyway, let's sit down again.

The boat is down there, right?

Then let's just salvage it.

Are you stupid?

The boat was sunk by a huge rock.

How are we going to move that?

We'll use a rope to tie the rock that sank our boat, to that rock which Sawako brought up there.

And if we drop that rock to the other side of the hill,

the reactionary force will pull the rock out of the water.

The rock is at the bottom of the sea.

How are we going to tie a rope around it, eh?

Mr. Ueda, you said you won in a diving competition, right?

Here you go.

Is that true?

Wonderful gentleman.

I like you.

Will you do the ultraman?

Please pull a bit more!



Drop it, Yamada!


Become a man!

Become a rain of rocks!

We did it!

We did it!


All right!

What is the professor doing?

No idea.

Professor Ueda!

Misako, I did it.

The boat...the boat is right here.

You didn't have to blow it up underwater.

Or couldn't you have tied the rope to the boat as well?

This is bad. The air is escaping!

- Hey, don't let the air escape!
- Why is the air escaping?

Nature is great!


Everything is alive!

So this is the case happening at the scene?


These are real leaves!


Everyone live!

Wow, look at that huge insect!

Isn't this rare?

Damn, it's scary! I can't touch it! I can't touch it!


Keep it up! I'm with you! Do your best, nature!

"Do not litter!"

Mr. Yabe, why do we have to come here?

Can't we let the local police handle this case?

What are you talking about?

Fumou Village? What a great name!

"Spring of Fumou; 16 km down the hill"

Spring of Fumou?
"Spring of Fumou; 16 km down the hill"

"Spring of Fumou; 16 km down the hill"

Spring of wealthy hair?

Let's go.

But the Fumou village is...

Sign: Fumou Village; 8 km
But the Fumou village is...

Sign: Fumou Village; 8 km

Wait... The case... Mr. Yabe...
Sign: Fumou Village; 8 km

Wait... The case... Mr. Yabe...

Sign: Spring of Fumou

This place is far.
Sign: Spring of Fumou

Sign: Spring of Fumou

Look, it says here: "Place for police officers to stop by".

Everyone in the hot spring!

Please elect me, Yamada Satomi, for the mayor of Kitahimaraya Town.

Power of letters and clean water!

This is Yamada Satomi. Please vote for me.

Gentlemen over there, please vote for me.

I know you! You're the mother of that fake magician!

Like mother like daughter! You're not from this town! Get out of here!


Shut up, you fool!

Get out of here!

Here you go.


This way.

It's windy here.

It's been a long time since I last saw that fire tower.

24% oxygen concentration?

Isn't that too dense?

This way.

"Campaign poster of Yamada Satomi"

"From here, Fumou Village"

"We have clean air"





Misako, I'm so glad.

I wanted to see you so badly.

Yellow handkerchief.


Thank you so much!


You have caused us trouble.

Excuse me?

This was delivered to my house last night.


It's from...un...gami Sawako.

That's "Hako".

We will be coming to retrieve our lost maiden.

Resistance will cause a disaster,
and the village will disappear. --Sawako Hakogami

What the...

We contacted the police,
and they said they'd send someone right away,

but no one has arrived yet.

Thanks to town-village annexation,

we were just about to be promoted to a town!

Do you realize what you have done?

Our village is finished.

Chief, how can you say such a thing?

Misako might have been killed if she stayed on that island.

I'm sorry!

I guess it'd best if I returned to...

Don't be foolish!

If you return, you'll be put back into that narrow room,
and who know what Sawako will do to you?

Hurry up and ask them for the reward.
If you return, you'll be put back into that narrow room,
and who know what Sawako will do to you?

If you return, you'll be put back into that narrow room,
and who know what Sawako will do to you?

I know!
If you return, you'll be put back into that narrow room,
and who know what Sawako will do to you?

If you return, you'll be put back into that narrow room,
and who know what Sawako will do to you?

Excuse me, everyone.


Aren't you forgetting one important thing?

That's right... You're right!

We have the professor with us! The professor will protect us.


Guys, Professor Ueda here is a very distinguished scholar.

He published many splendid books.

Paranormal Phenomenon Is Coming, Part I, Part II, Part III!

That's Come On! Paranormal Phenomenon.

And also, "Do your bust"!

Best. It's "Do your best."

Also, Come on! Paranormal phenomenon, Part IV is coming out, and--

Ueda, this is not the right time!


There's no way the professor will lose to Sawako,

so please, don't give up on Misako!

Very well.

If you say so, we'll entrust this matter to Professor Ueda.

Professor, please protect our village.


No probl...

Professor Ueda, thank you very much!

You can hang on my arm.
I have no problem with that.

You're just like Daddy!


Boring village, right?

All you see are similar looking hills
and woods everywhere you go.

Sometimes even local people, monkeys, and bears get lost.

Monkeys and bears too?

Is this the only entrance to the village?


The oxygen is really thick.

It is, isn't it?

Isn't it about 27%?

Maybe a little more.

What's this place?

Don't go in there!

There's a labyrinth-like cave all around the village.

That's right!

I remember when we were kids,

grown-ups told us that if we went in here,
we'd be eaten by a monster.

This is the Fumou swamp.

Legend says that a monster lives here
and protects the swamp.

As you can see, it's constantly spouting out some unknown gas.

It's almost like a hot spring.

What are you talking about?

If you fall in, you'll never make it out alive.

We're guessing that this swamp is preventing crops
from growing in the village.

And this is?

You can draw the swamp water with this.

Some lady who is running for the next mayor came and built this here.

We're having an election since we're gonna be combining with the nearby village to become a town.

Because of that,

a lot of things are becoming healthy...

Ah, I made a mistake.

Becoming wealthy.

Becoming wealthy.

Becoming wealthy.

Fumou Swamp.

Note: Fu means "wealthy". Mou means "hair".
Fumou Swamp.

Swamp of wealthy hair.
Note: Fu means "wealthy". Mou means "hair".

Note: Fu means "wealthy". Mou means "hair".

We can use this name.

We can promote the village by making a hot-spring bath here.

Mrs. Yamada,

there's no way this swamp can be good for your body.

Originally, the "fumou" of Fumou swamp was derived from "fumou" of fumou (Barren) land

so this swamp is a barren land's swamp and...

You're too roundabout.

There's a case where you dilute poison to make medicine.

Let's do an experiment by diluting this with warm water.

You, scoop it up!

Scoop it up!

Excuse me but I'm not Kume. This is Kume. Come on Kume, come here.
Note: Kume means 'scoop (a liquid) it up' but it can be also be someone's last name.

Scoop it up!

Come on Hiroshi!

Note: There's a Japanese actor named Kume Hiroshi.
Come on Hiroshi!

My name is Akira! No...
Note: There's a Japanese actor named Kume Hiroshi.

Scoop it up! Scoop it up!
My name is Akira! No...
Note: There's a Japanese actor named Kume Hiroshi.

My name is Akira! No...
Scoop it up! Scoop it up!

Scoop it up! Scoop it up!

Is this where we played hide and seek ten years ago?

From that time, you disappeared.

Kazuhiko was counting over there,

and I was about to hide behind this cliff and'

It's bubbling.

Goodbye, Kazuhiko.

Watch out!

What happened? Did the gas from the swamp get you?

No, I'm all right.

7 was left out.


Were you able to figure out what Sawako is up to?

I think she's just bluffing.

It's impossible to make a whole village disappear.

I don't think so.

That woman always achieves what she says.

She can start a forest fire around the village or she can put poison in the well.

There are lots of ways.

If she resorts to those methods, how can we protect ourselves?

I know a good method.

A method where she won't be able to make the village disappear.

We'll make the village disappear before she does?

That's right.

If Sawako is going to make the village disappear,

we'll make the village disappear before she does.

I think Sawako and her gang will go home in shock.

But if we make the village disappear,

won't we be the ones who're gonna be troubled?

That's right.

We're just about to escape from our financial difficulties, thanks to the annexation.

The sumiyake cabin is...

What's gonna happen to my two-generation loan?

Anyways, we don't want the village to disappear!

Don't worry. It's not really going to disappear.


However, I will require everyone's help.

Th-They're here!

It's the people from Hakogami Island!


Everyone! Charge!

Hey, that's mine.

You two should hide in one of the houses.


Go! Kill them!

Isn't it difficult to move around in those?

Isn't it bad to kill?

The helmet is mine.

Lady Sawako, Fumou Village is right under that fire-tower.

24% oxygen concentration!

Start the smoke bomb.

Roger that.

It's starting to get foggy, isn't it?

This isn't a fog. What is this?

Signboard-moving-team, move the signboard.

Tree-moving-team, move the trees.

Bring out the device!

Who are you?

Didn't you die?

I was resurrected.

First of all, my real name is not Yamada Naoko.

Note: 'Mado' means 'window' in Japanese.
My real name is Spiritualist Madogami Madoko!

Please give me your regards!

Madogami Madoko?

Take a look.

Fumou Village is beyond this window.

If a window exists, I can freely cut out that space

and transport it to anywhere I want.

Hey, put your head down!

You think they'll be tricked by this slanted mirror?

Listen, the real village is over there.

But from where they're standing, the village is reflected onto that slanted mirror

so it looks as if the village is right in front of them.

Now, I'll put it back.

Let's take it apart.

When I'

When I'

Open this'

When I open this'

Stay low!

The village'

has disappeared.

Please give me your regards.

This is ridiculous!

You thought we'll be deceived by this bogus?

Let us examine that window.



Don't 'why' me. So it was a bogus, huh?

There's no use in examining it.

Get out of the way!

Stop it, Saeki.

Her spiritual powers are real.

It's true that the village has disappeared.

Lady Sawako.

There's nothing we can do.

Let's return to the island.

Get it? Never show your faces here again!

No, I'm sure you'll come to see me again.



Please give us your regards.

We did it. We can achieve anything if we work together.

Did Sawako and her men really believe that the village disappeared?

People who call themselves 'spiritualists' are usually vulnerable to other person's deception.

I see.

So shall we talk about the reward now?

I see.

Deception, huh?
I see.

Deception, huh?

The reward'


The village' is gone'

It disappeared for real.

Yellow handkerchief... No doubt our village used to be here.

The fire-tower that protected our village for 100 years is destroyed.

It was the symbol of our town.

Eiffel tower...

That's impossible!


'I'll bring it back whenever you want me to."

Please wait! Hold on, please!

Let her down.

Guess I'll be going.

What happened?

Please give us back our village!

We beg you, please!

I hope this is a good lesson for all of you.

This world is full of frauds.

Oh, professor. We meet again.

(Casting a spell)

The village has returned to this world again.

The village has returned to normal.

Can we have these?

Message: A gift from Lady Hakogami Sawako
Can we have these?

Message: A gift from Lady Hakogami Sawako

Of course, it's a gift.
Message: A gift from Lady Hakogami Sawako

Of course, it's a gift.



This is not some kind of cheap magic trick.

This is true spiritual power!

How dare you lie to us!

Look! A kyon from Hachijyou Island!
Kyon: a deer-like animal

What's a kyon? Where is it?

Damn! What's going on?

That's what I want to ask. You made me look like an idiot.

So that's how it is.

They probably used fake trees like us.

I preformed the magic trick with the mirror over here.

When we were returning to the village from here'

The entrance to the village was hidden with fake trees.

'People who call themselves 'spiritualists' are usually''

So we kept on going straight.

This is probably where we made a turn.

This is the place.

This is where they put the destroyed fire-tower.

And now they removed everything.

So much time and effort!

Is Misako okay?

Hold this.


Mr. Aonuma.

Mr. Aonuma!

Mr. Aonuma!

Mr. Aonuma!

Mr. Aonuma!

Mr. Aonuma!

- Hang in there!
- Are you okay?

Hang in there!

Who did this?

I got hit on the back of my head out of nowhere.

Where's Misako?



"Toilet will clog."

Misako is probably taken away by the people from Hakogami Island.

They couldn't have gone too far yet.

I'll go search the forest.

Will you try and persuade the village people to cooperate with us again?


Ueda! I got it!

Lady Hakogami!

This is the treasure of our village, passed down for many generations.

Diamonds and gold.

- Diamonds and crystals.
- Diamonds? Treasure?

Diamonds and nickel.

It may not be much, but in exchange please forgive us.

We meant no harm to you from the beginning.

But now that you've seen the power of Lady Sawako,

let's go to Hakogami Island together.

Please give us your regards.

Please give us your regards.

Hold on a second!

Don't be fooled.

No matter what they say, their aim is to get that treasure.

I can see everything that you're trying to do!

That was cool!

What are you?

I was supposed to get that treasure originally.

Please, bring them here.

Her spiritual powers are real.

There's no use going against her.

Aren't you guys ashamed of yourselves?

Leave here immediately!

Like Hamtaro?

Wait a moment.

You're going to call me a fraud no matter what?


Then let's have a match one last time.


Please give me your regards.

With pleasure.

I'll go into this box first.

Please open the door after one minute.

I will be transported to the other world and no longer be here.

That's not true.

You're just trying to hide somewhere.

If you think so, you go in next and shut the door after I disappear.

The box will be set on fire after a minute.

Try to figure out where I hid within that minute.

I'll admit that I'm a fraud if you can find me.

But you'll be burnt to death in this box if you can't.

Is that okay with you?

Fine with me.

I'm getting pummeled.

Me too.

"Thirteen Unique Wonders". Please give me your regards.
Note: It's a winning combination that is very hard to pull off. Also known as "The Thirteen Odds".

"Thirteen Unique Wonders". Please give me your regards.

Ghost comes out after you cut.

Why you!

Are you all right?

Professor Ueda

Ms. Misako



Let's go!



It's been a minute.

You, open the door!

Don't try to run away!

Go inside.

Ms. Yamada, you don't have to do this.

Start the fire after one minute.


One minute has passed!

Start the fire.

Fire! Fire!

It's burning!

Smoked salmon.

I'm making it worse!

Open, you' Open!

Of course it won't open. I'm sitting on it. Stupid me!

A cave?

Where are you, Hakogami Sawako?

You lost!

Very impressive.

I knew you'd find the way out.

Actually, I made it easy for you to find.

Go straight this way and make the first right.

At the next fork, you make a left.

At the third intersection,

you might think you're going to make a right but you'll make a left and you'll see and underground pond.

If you cross that pond and make a L-turn on a S-shaped curve,

you'll find yourself in the forest outside.

If you leave this village without saying anything, I'll let you go.

And if I say 'no'?

I'll make you go this way.

If you go this way,

death will be waiting for you.

So you admit being a fraud spiritualist?

Didn't I tell you?

I'm much more of a filthy person than you.

In the past, I was deceived by someone and incurred a huge debt.

When there's a troubled person,

many swindlers and frauds approach her with a mask of kindness.

I was stripped to nothing and begged for help.

But no one helped me out.

So I decided to take revenge by doing the same thing to everyone else.

You said that you threw away something that was most precious to you in the past.

Didn't you just want to retrieve that and'


Which way are you going to choose?

No matter how many excuses you make,

what you are doing is no different from any other swindlers.

I gave you a last chance for nothing.

You can't blow it out!


Death is waiting!

Please give me your regards!

The devil's fruit?

Note: From the animation "One Piece". One will gain special powers after eating this fruit.
The devil's fruit?

Note: From the animation "One Piece". One will gain special powers after eating this fruit.

Rubber Rubber'


Let's hurry!

Oops, I went off track.

Looks like you're being hung.


Let's go!

So wonderful.

No, if you go in there, the monster will'


Fake matrix!

- Wait! - Let's go!

Inavaua! (Name of an ice-skating move)

Left: Brazil. Right: Exit

Brazil? Exit?
Left: Brazil. Right: Exit

Left: Brazil. Right: Exit


Why daruma~!

It's bubbling!

Hey! Lanky!

They should be up ahead!

Where are the voices coming from?

I'll go take a look. Please wait here.


Lanky! Where are you, lanky?

Left: Brazil. Right: Exit.

Brazil? Exit?
Left: Brazil. Right: Exit.

Left: Brazil. Right: Exit.


Yeah right.

Please give me your regards!


If I can make it to that hole'



Why did you come here?

I should be asking why you're here!

Ueda, the pulley is about to break.

It's making cracking sounds.

This is not good.

Two people are too much to handle.

I weigh 85 kg and you weigh 50 kg.

Together that's 135 kg.

Hey, I don't weigh 50 kg.

Last time I weighed myself, I was only 47 kg'

only 43 kg.

Stupid! Stop being vain.

I'm including the weight of what we're wearing.

Anyways, I'm not 50kg.

Shut up!

Anyways, the pulley is not going to hold.

What should we do?

I got it!

There's one way out of this.

You've realized it too?



You ready? Let's go!

All right!

Let go, flat-chest!

Note: Another way of saying 'big penis' in Japanese.
You let go, big-root!

Let your fingers go! Let these fingers go!

Fall! Fall!
Let your fingers go! Let these fingers go!

Fall! Fall!

Hey, where do you think you're kicking me?

I told you to fall!
Hey, where do you think you're kicking me?

I told you to fall!

Wait, I got another idea. There's another better method.

The principle of a pulley!

When I give the signal, we let go of one rope and each grab onto a different rope.

Our weight difference will bring you up and bring me down.

I see.

When I get to the top, I should run away by myself, right?


You pull me up, okay?



Let's go!

Ueda, hurry up and come up here!

Hurry up and pull me up!

You're more tenacious than I thought.


Go submerge in the hot spring!

That's not a hot spring!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Let her go!

What are you doing? You can't be in a place like this.

They're over there!

What's going on? That woman is still alive!

We found a huge hole underneath that box!

And you were trying to push her down with that stick.

I saw it with my own eyes!

The village people saw it too!

Lady Sawako!

Lady Sawako!

Get them! They're all frauds!

Hey! Help me!

Hold on for a moment!


Get out of my way.

You have nothing to do with this!

I remembered'.

My arms'

Ten years ago'

The day you took me away.

My arms'

Childhood memories are mysterious.

I've changed it around into a way I wanted it to be.

I wasn't from this village.

What are you doing!

That girl called Misako is a big difficulty.

Ever since she came here, there has been nothing but misfortune in this village.

We can't do anything about it. It's not like we can kill her.


I wonder who abandoned her in front of the Jizo statue.

Maybe it's that suspicious samurai?

Maybe it's'

Don't be ridiculous! That's only your memory error!

'Don't be ridiculous!'

Do your best!

That's what Kazuhiko said to me that time.

Don't be ridiculous.

There are no such parents who would abandon you.

Then close your eyes.

Let's play hide and seek.

You can open you eyes after you count thirty.

If you can find me, I'll become your wife.

It's bubbling.

Goodbye, Kazuhiko.

What are you doing, little girl?

You can't come to a place like this.

It's dangerous!

7 was left out.

You're' my mother, isn't that right?

17 years ago, you left me in front of the Jizo statue.

I was your daughter-in-a-box.

What are you talking about?

So, after you made it big as a 'spiritualist',

you wanted to take back Misako.

But you couldn't tell your daughter that her mother was a fake-spiritualist.

That's why you'

But Misako was about to be put in a coffin and be burnt to death by that woman.

She wasn't planning on killing her.

She wants her to be her successor by putting her into a burning coffin

and making it look like she came back to life.

You were listening?

Is that true?

What are you talking about?

I was'

only trying to see if you possessed real spiritual powers.

I am...

a filthy person.

I've done many things I can't tell others.

There's no way I can be your mother!

My powers are real.

I'll prove that to you right now.


I'm sure your mother is a'.

much more wonderful person than me.

Ms. Sawako.

Let me go.

I am a true spiritualist.

I'll resurrect for certain!


Mother! Mother! Mother!

Mother! Mother!



We told the people on the Hokogami Island

to build a box and wait for Lady Sawako.

They will keep on waiting.

For five years or even ten years.

Aimlessly opening and closing the box everyday.

Opening and closing...

This is what you have done!

Start walking!


- Yoroshikune... - Walk!

There's no reception here.

I can't even use my PHS.
(Personal Handy-phone System)

This is heaven.

How about the case?

Then you want to go show our faces for a little bit?

What the... Mr. Yabe...

Our bodies are turning black.

You're just growing hair.

No, actually, I'm losing hair. Only my skin is turning'

All my armpit-hair is completely gone.

Mr. Yabe, you have a clean-shave too!

Over here'

and over here too!

It's fluffy.

It's fluffy'

This is a serious matter.

I like you.

I like you.

I like you!

3rd generation!

For the first mayor of Kita hirayama town, Mr. Umesuke who ran as an independent, won with a landslide.

Mr. Umesuke is famous for doing a gig using law as a topic.

Yamada Satomi - 82 votes
Mr. Umesuke is famous for doing a gig using law as a topic.

Mr. Umesuke is famous for doing a gig using law as a topic.

He also taught in a cram school and taught kids '

How could I be defeated?

It's impossible for the power of letters to be defeated.

Impossible! Impossible!

Kita Hirayama town?

Kita Himaraya town?

I made a mistake!

So long, Ueda.

There's nothing good when I'm around you.

My clothes get dirty too.

Don't ever come around me again.


"Dear Yamada. we finally decided to rebuild the apartment. Take your belongings and leave. We took your turtle. The mouse ran away. ~ Landlord Haru"

Ueda, you knew about this, didn't you?


I have to go around.

There he is!

Don't leave, Ueda!





I have no where else to stay today.

Mr. Ueda?

Ueda! Who am I, Q-chan? (Japanese marathon runner)


When we did that cutter-kiss,

didn't you say you'll let me live with you?

Hey! Hey! Ueda!

Wonderful gentleman!

Ueda! Mr. Ueda!

Ueda! Come back!


Here we go.

Here we go.

It feels good today.

Oh, if it isn't Yamada.

Don't 'Oh, if it isn't Yamada' me!

You knew I was running!

Yes, I knew that.

But I thought you were working hard by yourself to lower your weight to less than 50 kg,

so I was pretending to not notice.

My weight is less than 50 kg.

That's not my weakness or anything.

Stop having such a big attitude.

Actually, attitude is not the only thing that's big for you.

What do you mean by that?

How could you say that kind of thing in public? Little kids might be listening.

Let's go. Walk!

Don't boss me around!

Where are we going?

There's one thing I need to tell you.

Even though I was acting,

you used what I said when we had that cutter-kiss as an excuse to come live with me'

What are you talking about? You said so.

That was my first time I said that kind a thing too and you know umm'

What are you trying to say? I can't hear you.

What I'm trying to say is, let's go to Nagano.

Eh? Why?

To ran in an election to your mother'

You're not using proper grammar.

You knew about it? Don't mention it again. I have nothing to do with it.

I have something to do with it! Politicians and scholars are like relatives.

What are you trying to say?

I'm just saying in general.

You said relative?

Oh, it's noon already.

What? Lunch time?

I said noon.

I'm hungry. Treat me to some eel-bowl.

Stupid, it's going to be deluxe pork cutlet-bowl.

Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".
Stupid, it's going to be deluxe pork cutlet-bowl.

Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

Don't call me stupid! Stupid!
Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

It takes one to know one!
Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

Let's leave the stupid master and keep on going.
Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

We're almost at Namidaboshi.
Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

I'm not stupid.
Note: The word on the field is "Finish" and at the corner, it's "Maybe".

I'm not stupid.