Trick O Tri: Happy Halloween (2018) - full transcript

- Pit Bull!
- Pit Bull!

- Come out, sweetie!

- Come here, boy!

Pit Bull!

- Come on, boy!
- Hey, honey, look over here.

- I'm looking over here!

- Pit Bull!

- Come on, boy!

- Come here, boy!

Pit Bull!
- Come on, sweetie!

Come on out!

Mommy's here!

- Hey, look that way--

- I'm looking this way.

I'm looking that way.

You can look that way!

- Go, go!
- Don't push me, hey, stop!

Jenny, are you sure he's in there?

- Yes, Carlos, I can
hear his bark from here!

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Can't we just... for him from here

And do what?!

Wait for him to open the door?

He's a dog.

- Pit Bull!


Babe, wait.



Babe, can't we get another
chihuahua and name him Pit Bull?

- Babe!

Wait, are you scared to go in there?

- Who's scared?

I'm not scared.

- Big Latino macho
man is scared to go in there.

- I am not, I'm not scared Jenny.

You're scared, so let's
go, cause you're scared.

Let's go! Babe!

Oh, my god, wait.

Wait, your hair!


Babe, wait!



- What?

- Jesus.

I don't know if you know, but that's

the infamous Bradford House.

- I don't know if you know,
but I don't care whose...

... house that is.

poor little Pit Bull's
in there all by himself!

- Hey, why are you crying?

You know I hate it when
you do that, don't cry!

- How am I supposed to not cry, Carlos?!

You don't love me anymore!

- Oh!

I don't love you anymore?!

Why, because I refuse to
put our lives in danger

by going into that house?!

- Really, Carlos?!

You believe all that nonsense?!

- It's not nonsense, Jenny!
- Oh!

- I've heard all the crazy stories!

- Exactly, you heard stories,

but you never actually experienced this!

- And I don't want to, Jenny!

Plus, we're two minorities,

what good can happen
between two minorities

by going into that house?!

That's a recipe for a horror movie!

Babe, wait, I'm coming!







Jeez, where is this girl?

- Carlos!
- Oh, my god!

- Are you done?!
- You just gave me

a heart attack!
- Come on!

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, no, no!

- All right, tell you what,

if you go in there with me,
I'll give you a little treat.

- A treat?
- Mm-hm.

- Wait, what, what kind of treat?

- I don't know, guess you'll
just have to find out.

- Okay, fine!
- All right.

- But if we die, I am not gonna be

happy about this.
- Come on, don't be stupid!

- Babe, babe, wait!
- We're not gonna die!

- I'm coming, wait!

- See, it's not that spooky.

- It is pretty spooky

Oh, my god, Jenny!

Pa' su madre! Let's go right now.

- Babe, settle down!

That was the wind.

- Yeah, well, the wind is really angry.

- Stop being a chicken,
help me find Pit Bull!

- Okay.

Wait, wait, slow down.

- Pit Bull.

Come here, boy--

Did you hear that?

- I want to say no, but yeah.


Where you going?
- Come here, boy.

- Jenny, don't go up there.

- Come on.

- Jenny!

No, babe, wait for me.


Do you see him?

- Pit Bull.

Come out, sweetie.

Pit Bull.

Come here, boy.

Pit Bull.


Babe, you got him?

Babe, let's just get
out of here right now.

Let's go.

Come on, Jenny, let's go.

- Carlos, what about your treat?

- My what?

What about my treat?


Right here?

- Carlos, we're Latinos in their 20s,

we live with our parents,
can never be alone,

so, trick?

Or treat?

- So crazy.

That's why I love you.


- So what stories have you
heard about this place?

- Mm-mm.

- Tell me.
- Mm-mm.

- Tell me.

- Do you want to know?
- Mm-hm.

- I heard there was a brother and a sister

that used to live here.

- Mm-hm.
- And they hated each other.

And then one night, one
Halloween, the brother snapped!

And cut his sister's head off.

He felt so bad about what
he did that he hung himself.


- I can't believe you
believe all that nonsense.

- It's not nonsense, Jenny.

It's what happened, okay?

- Mm-hm.

You're cute when you're scared.

Babe, babe, oh, my god!

- Oh, you're finally here!

- Hi Mom, how are you?

- Hi my love, hi.

- Hello Juana.

- Welcome, come in, come in.

- Hi darling.

- Oh, how cute!

- Be careful.

- Hi, my love.

- What are you doing? Help your dad.

- You're both old enough.

- I have anxiety.

- Anxiety! Anxiety at ten?
Get outta here with that.

- Come in, my love, come in.

- I made some food that
you're going to love.

- Grandma, your picadillo the best.

- Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.

- I'm glad these kids
came out intelligent.

- Like their Grandmother.

- Enjoy it because this is real food.

Not that stuff you guys eat
of hotdogs and hamburgers.

- Just ignore her.

We're only here for a few weeks.

- Mm.
Mom, the food is delicious.

- You want more? There's more.

- No. No, I'm full.

- Okay, good.

Don't eat anymore, that
way you won't get fat.

- Don't worry, we're only
gonna be here for a few weeks.


- So Mom, how have you been?

- How do you expect me
to be, son? I don't know.

- After your father's
death, I feel so alone.

- I miss abuelo.

- I miss him too.

- But anyway, now I have
you guys here with me...

- ...and I'm sure we're going
to have an amazing weekend.

- We're going to have so much fun.

- Jorge?

- Oh.

- You know how we're gonna
be here this weekend?

Well, we're actually
gonna be here this weekend

and every other weekend.

- Nelsito, wait a moment.

- Can you explain, my
love? What do you mean?

- Juana, we are moving to Miami.

- What?

- No?

- After Dad passed away, we
knew you couldn't be alone.

- And we knew you weren't
going to move to California

with us and this house mean a lot to you.

- Yes, but what about your
jobs? And school for the Kids?

- Everything has been taken care of.

We both found jobs,

and Jorge and Nora start school tomorrow.

- Now you have us forever, Grandma.

- How wonderful! Thank
you our lady of charity.

- Thank you, thank you
for this beautiful gift.

- And we also bought a house near here.

- Really?

- Yes. It's abandoned so it
needs a little bit of work.

but if it's okay if we can stay here

for a couple of weeks while we fix it up?

- Of course.

- You're more than welcome to
stay here as long as you need.

- This is your home.

- So tell me, where's the house?

- It's a couple of blocks away from here.

The Bradford house?


No! No! You're crazy!

- Why, Mom?

- What do you mean, "why?!"

- You guys can't live there.

- That house is haunted, it has demons!

- What is she talking about?

- What do you mean,
"what am I talking about?"

- Everybody knows about it.
Everybody. It's haunted.

You bought a haunted house?

- You bought a haunted house?

- Jorge, put the phone down.

Listen, she doesn't know
what she's talking about.

- What do you mean "I don't
know what I'm talking about?!"

of course I know!

- Listen to me.

Listen to me.

That house has been abandoned
for many, many years.

You know why?

Because every time somebody
wants to live there,

they run right out, because
it's full of demons, haunted.

It's haunted.


Haunted house.

- Dad, I want to
go back to California.

- Mom, you're scaring her.

- No.

- Gosh, it's okay.

There's no demons there.

- Did the realtor mention
any of this to you?

- Mm.

- How do you mention a four-bedroom,

two-bathroom house with
a double car garage,

a big backyard, and maybe ghosts?

- Listen, I don't believe
in any of that, okay?

Have you seen a ghost?

Have you seen a ghost?


Exactly, thank you.

- I've never seen a ghost,
and you want to know why?

Because I've never lived
in a haunted house.

- Well enough, we
already bought the house.

- And mom, I bought it
because it was the only

one we could afford.

- And to be close to you.

- Babe, I'm sorry.

I know you're really stressed out,

and you don't any of this right now.

- Forgive me, my love.

- I know everything you do,
you do it thinking of others.

- Now, let's finish
our food, let's unpack.

Tomorrow you guys have class.

We'll go by the house in
the morning, start work.

- Excuse me.


Santo, it's me Juana Rodriguez.


I need you to pick me
up tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.

- At seven in the morning, Santo.

Yes. We have to do a spiritual cleansing.





Hello, hello, hello.




Santo come in.

Come on.

- Come in.

- So this is the famous Bradford house?

Yes it is.

- And unfortunately, my
son decided to buy it.

- What, what, what happened?

- Santo what was that?

- There are bad spirits in this house.

- We have to start.

- Santo, what are you doing?

- Is this a cleansing or a bakery?

- I'm starving, lady,
I haven't had breakfast.

- You can have breakfast after.

- We have to finish
before my son gets here.

- Please.

- Okay.

- C'mon.

- Oh yes.

- What is going on here?

- I think that guy's a chef.

- Wait, wait, wait,

I know exactly what they're doing.

It's called a despojo.

- A what?

- Some spiritual
cleansing of bad spirits.

- There's bad spirits in this house?



- Juana.

Juana. You stand here.

- Oh, it's about to start.

- Is this diet?

- Santo, why do you have
to put me in this circle?

- Because you are the connection

Between your family and this house.


- Santo please.

- Santo please.

- Santo please.

- So, this is supposed to get rid of us?

'Cause I could sit here all day

and watch the old lady suffer.

- Quiet.

Now it's where it gets good.

- It gets better than this?

- Yeah.

- What are you going
to do with these eggs?

- Shh.

- Okay.

- I think it's time for us
to start a show of our own.

- I don't know because this
is a tough act to follow.

- See, this is why we're never
gonna be in show business.

You have zero confidence in us.

- Ah, Santo, what is that?

- What?

- What happened to that light?

- What?

- Oh, Santo.

- No, it wasn't me! It was you!

- It was you.

- No, it was you!

- It wasn't me.

- I'm scared!

- I'm scared too!

- Juana!


- Let's go, let's go, let's go.

- Hey, thanks for the show.

It was eggcellent!

- Yeah, you guys crack me up.

Make sure to get some rest.

You must be eggshausted.

- Hey, why are you guys eggnoring us?

- I guess they don't like our yolks.

- Wow, that entire exchange
of egg puns is really bad.

- Yeah, it eggscalated quickly.

What? That was good.

- We're actually gonna
be here this weekend

and every other weekend.

- And school for the kids?

- I know what I'm
talking about, of course I know.

- Haunted!


- Looks like we
got some more company.

- Again?

What's going on this week?

Come on.

- Get off me.

- It's awesome right?

Look at the size of this yard.

Come on, imagine the
landscaping right there.

A fountain right over there on the left.

- No, you're not putting a fountain

in the front yard.

- Well, at least he's cute.

- I don't think he's really your type.

- Oh, yeah, and what's his type?

- I don't know, alive?

- What are you doing?

- Got to get some ghosts on camera.

- You're gonna catch a fist
on camera if you don't stop.

- What's wrong, Ma, you scared?

Jorge Antonio Rodriguez,
don't push my buttons.

- Dad, Jorge broke the mailbox!

- Shut up, Nora.

- I was gonna replace it anyways.

Come on, let's check it out.

What happened here?

- This is disgusting.

- It's probably some kids.

- Or a ghost.

- These were not kids.

These were Santeros.

- What are Santeros?

- People who believe in Santa Claus.

- Well, then I'm a Santero,

and my people should never do this.

- Don't believe your brother, Nora.

- C'mon, let
me show you the kitchen.

- Come on, this is great.

- Oh, sick.

There's nothing there.

There's nothing there.

Scared the crap out of me, man!

- Looks like you found your bedroom.

If you need to change your
pants, the bathroom's over there.

- Yeah, yeah, everybody's got jokes.

- I like this family.

They're fun.

- Yeah, a blast.

- What's wrong with you?

- Honestly, I'm just tired of
having to scare families away

every time a new one comes around.

- Well, maybe these are the ones.

- No one will ever be the ones, Christy.

No one deserves to live here.

- Hey, is it cool if I walked
to Abuela's after school?

It's not even too far from here.

- Okay.

But go directly to your
Grandmother's house.

- Okay, okay.

- And be sure
to make some friends!

- Okay, Dad.

- Yeah, loser!

- Don't put your hand--
- He needs friends.

- Settle down, take your seats!

Take your seats!

What is this?!

What are you, why is
this appropriate to you?!

Sit down, you hooligans.

Don't any of you have mothers?

You're late!

Down now.

Go, go, go, go.

Shut up!

Thank you.

Now that you guys look like
you're in the mode to learn,

I have several announcements
that will pre-date that.

The first announcement, we
have a brand new student.

Jorge Rodriguez, would
you please stand up?

Introduce yourself to the class

and talk about what you'd
like to accomplish here.

- Um, hey, guys.

My name is Jorge Rodriguez.

I moved here from California to Miami,

to take care of my grandma,

and we just bought a house
not too far from here.

We're trying to fix it up

'cause it's been abandoned for some time.

I look forward to making new friends,

joining some clubs,
and having a good time.

- Yeah, friends and clubs, that's cool.

What else do you want to do?

Like, in an educational environment.

- I don't know yet--

- I don't know, what are some things

that children do in a
classroom, Mr. Rodriguez?

Maybe words that start with an L?

Oh, oh, learn?

- Learning, yes, of course.

- Of course, learning, great.

Okay, why don't you sit down?

- Okay.

- Now, everybody, get into your computers,

put the code into your browser,

and we're gonna start with
basic concepts of JavaScript.

- Hey, yo, Jorge.

Yo, Jorge, what's Gucci?

- What's Gucci?

- Yeah, man.

- The clothing brand?

- No, that's like saying what's
good, you know, what's up?

- Oh.


- My name's Guillermo,
but they call me Guille,

with my crew, Mark and Rob.

- What's up?

- Nice meeting you guys.

- You know, we heard you talk
about that abandoned house.

By any chance that's the Bradford house?

- Yeah, actually, it is.

- Oh, man, that's crazy.

- You do know about that house, right?

- What, that it's haunted?


- Well, have you, you know, seen anything?

- Yeah, like, apparitions maybe?

- Like, ghosts?

Nah, man.
- Oh, okay, cool.

- Look, well, you know,
Halloween's coming up

in a couple of days, I
think it'd be pretty cool

if you were to throw a
Halloween party there.

- I don't know about that.

I mean, like, the whole place is a wreck.

There's spiderwebs everywhere.

It's not even done
being painted, you know?

- Well, that's even
better, it's authentic.

- Duh.
- No need for decorations.

- Exactly.

- Yeah, but my parents would never even

allow that to happen.
- Wow, your parents.

- Well, who says they need to know?

Look, man, you're new here, right?

What's the best way to make friends?

Throw the biggest Halloween party ever.


What better place to
throw a Halloween party

than a haunted house?

- I don't know, man.

- Look, man, one of the things you said

you were looking forward
to having was fun, right?

Halloween party equals F-U-N, fun.

Well, think about it.

- Think about it.

- Jenny, I told you I never
wanted to come back here again.

- You think I'm not going to do anything

after what happened last night.

- You're crazy.

- No, you're crazy.

- Don't call me crazy, Carlos.

- Babe.

- Look.

- Here they come.

- Hi, I'm Jenny, the one
that called you guys.

- Carlos.

- Max.

- Willy.

- Okay, well, this is the place here.

We live a few houses down,

and we don't want the ghosts

terrorizing our neighborhood, so.

- Yeah, there's a lot of crazy,

wicked stuff going on inside, guys,

so, you know, just try
to be careful, okay?

- I don't know how to do that.

- Do what?

- Be careful.

- Okay, well, um, oh.
- Check it out.

- Okay, well, um, well, we're gonna go.

If you need anything, just--

- Let's go.

- Or you can just ignore me.

That's fine too, I don't care!

I don't care, did they just ignore me?

You can't ignore me!

- Don't ignore me!

- Don't touch me!

- Willy!


- What in God's name is that?

- What is it?

- Huh.

Check out their car.

- Miami Paranormal Hunters.

We don't bust 'em, we hunt 'em.

They're gonna hunt us?


- I know, right?

- You're gonna invite us in,

and not even have the decency
to come out and say hello?

- "Welcome."

- Very, very rude.

- Ahem.

Now we can do this the hard way,

or we can do this the Max way.

Either way, you're screwed.

You see this here?

This is the EGZ 3000,
the Electro Ghost Zapper,

designed by yours truly.

- Nicely done, sir.

- Thank you very much, Willy.

Now I don't want to have
to use the EGZ 3000,

well, actually, I do
'cause I can go for some

ghost toast and butter right about now.

But I won't, if you come
on out and play nice.

Did you hear that?

- Yes, sir.

Maybe we should go investigate?

- Uh.


- Okay.
- Yeah.

Yeah, that's a good idea, Willy.

Do you want to maybe
get like, a bite to eat

before we go upstairs, or...

- Well, yes, I'm kind of hungry.

- Okay, good, so--

- But maybe we
should go investigate.

- Yeah, no, no, you're right

'cause that's what we do, we're--

- Investigators!
- Right, right.

We investigate.

- It's only gerbil.

- Nice job, ghost, huh?

The old noise by a rodent routine.

Classic ghost strategy.

- They can't fool us.

- It's in my pants!

Oh, it's in my pants!

It's in my pants!

Willy, it's in my pants!

Get it off!

Get it off!

Get it, get it!

Get it off me!

Get it off!

Get it off, Willy!

Get it off!
- Hey, hey, hey!

- What's going on here?!

- Get out of here, kid!

We're working!

- Yeah, we're busy! Scram!

- I'm not getting out of here!

You guys need to get out of here!

This is my house!

- Oh, this is your house?

Welcome home.

- I hate those guys!

They're such jerks!

- I know.

First, they almost killed Gary,

and now they're keeping that kid hostage.

- Okay, we have to help him.

- I got an idea.

The hunters are about
to become the haunted.

- Okay, I see what you did there.

It was good.

- I gave you a chance, kid.

I told you to leave, twice.

Two times.

But you had to be a stubborn
little brat, now didn't you?

A little brat.

Willy, I got this.

Now I need you to

be a good little boy.

And let the big boys finish their job.

What in the hell?!

- Welcome to the jungle.

- Hunting season's open, baby!

- Get out of here!

Let's get out of here!

- We were just
starting to have fun!

- It's a shame, I had
the perfect place on the wall

to mount their heads.

- Of course.

Are you okay?


Just here to help.

Those were the bad guys, not us.

- It's like my grandmother used to say,

"Got to be afraid of the
living than the dead."

- Promise not to scream,

and I'll give you your voice back.


- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

I'm Christy.

That's my brother Chris.

- I'm Jorge.

- Yeah, we know, we saw you
with your family this morning.

- I knew I saw something!

- Yeah, that was Christy
not doing a very good

of being a ghost.

- I thought she did a pretty good job

of the whole ghost thing.

- Thank you.

- Oh, dear God.

- So, are you guys gonna be
staying here when we move in?

- Well, are you planning on
kicking us out of our house?

- No.

Okay, I didn't mean that.

Of course you guys can stay
here, just can't scare anyone.

- We kinda already did!

- Yeah, your grandmother
came by this morning.

- You scared my grandma?

She's like, a hundred!

- In our defense, she did
try to get us to leave

with some Santeria kind of things, so.


- Oh, I wish I could've seen it.

- It was good.
- Good, yeah.

- Yeah.

- So, what brings you to the neighborhood?

- Uh, we moved here from California

because my grandfather
passed away not too long ago.

And so, you know, my
dad wanted to be closer

to my grandmother.

- Oh, I'm so
sorry about the eggs.

- Oh, no, don't worry, it's fine, really.

I mean, she deserved it.

But how about you guys?

If, you know, you don't mind me asking.

- We actually do mind you asking.

- Chris.

- I'm sorry.

- No, it's okay.

It'll be 10 years this Halloween

since the incident happened.

- You really don't have to
tell me anything at all.

- It's fine.

We were driving to a Halloween party--

- I was driving.

- Chris was driving us
to a Halloween party,

and it was raining out.

A cat ran in front of us,

and since the roads were
wet, we went into a canal.

We weren't able to get out.

- Yeah, so basically,
we're here 'cause of me.

- I try and tell him all the time,

it wasn't his fault, but...

- Look, I'm so sorry.

I didn't--
- It's okay.

- I've really got to head out.

- Hey, can you do me a favor?

- Sure.

- Please don't tell your parents about us.

I mean, they seem like good people,

so I don't want them to be scared

moving into a haunted house.

- Yeah.


- Um, hey.

When will you be back next?

- Probably tomorrow.

- Okay, cool, I
guess I'll see you then.

- Okay.

Cool, I'll see you then.

- Nelson, you guys
can't live in that house.

- Mom, we spoke about this yesterday.

- Yes, I know we
spoke about it yesterday

but today is today and
yesterday was yesterday.

- And today I change my mind.

- But what happened Juana?
There has to be a reason.

- Yes, I know, but promise me
you won't get mad at me. Okay?

- Well, early this morning

I went to the house with my friend, Santo.

- The santero?

- Yes.

- Grandma, you saw Santa Claus?

- Oh stop it, child.

- Nora, please.

It's an adult conversation.

Keep these on.

- Juana, Please don't tell me
it was you that made that mess.

- Mm-mm.

The eggs? I spent 2 hours
cleaning those eggs!

- It wasn't me!

- It wasn't me!

- The ghosts threw those eggs!

- Jesus Christ, Mom!

- Yes, jesus Christ, we
need him here right now!

- Grandma, you saw Jesus Christ?

- Oh, child.
- Nora, adult conversation.

Come on.

You know this already.

- Juana, I'm sorry, but you're crazy.

- I might be
old, and not that old.

- But I'm definitely not crazy.

- How's it going? What's up?

- Abuela saw Santa
Claus and Jesus Christ.

- Nora, just go to your room, please.

- I am in my room.

I sleep on the sofa.

- Apparently, your
grandmother went to the house

and ghosts threw eggs at her.

- It's okay, laugh
at me, it doesn't matter.

- I just went to the house
and I didn't see a thing.

- You went to the house?

- Yeah, I stopped
by on the way here.

- How'd you get in?

- The door was unlocked.

- I locked the door.

- I'm glad! I'm glad!
You see? It was the ghosts!

- Grandma, please.

- Mom, please.

- Fine! I'll shut
up! I won't say another word!

- I shot my mouse!

- Why did Abuela shoot her mouse?

- I didn't even know she had a mouse.

- Why is she making
this so difficult to us?

- Babe, she's getting old.

- Yeah, Dad, she's like,
hundred years old or something.

- You guys, she's been through a lot.

- Right, like, you know,
communist and stuff.

- What?
- What are you talking about?

- I don't know, look,
what I'm trying to say

is that you can't believe
everything she says.


- Babe, you have to be patient
with your mom, especially now.

- She's got a lot on her mind.

- I have an idea.

Why don't you two go to the store

and that way we can
start painting tomorrow?

- Yeah.

Let's do it.

- Yeah, sure.

- I love you.

- I love you too.

- Hello?

Can you guys not do that in my room?

It's no kiss zone.

- Oh, really?!

- Okay.
- Ah.

Mwah, mwah.

Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah,

mwah, mwah, mwah.
- Are you playing cards?

Are you playing cards? You playing cards?

Yeah, oh, oh, did you need that one?

Did you need that one?

- I'm gonna go play.

- Or you can try helping us.

- According to Dad, I'm a princess,

and princesses don't help, so no.

- Mom, is that necessary?

- Of course it is!

- You're lucky I haven't
called the pope yet.

- Nelson, let her be.


- So we met Nora.

- Yeah, I see.

What, you guys couldn't
disappear or something?

- We thought we could, but
she could still see us, so.

- I see dead people.

- Hey, me too.

- That was funny.

- All right, all right, all right.

Nora, you need to listen to me.

You can't tell Mom or Dad or
Grandma or anyone about this.

You got to keep this
our little secret, okay?

- Give me your room.

- What?

- Give me your room!

- My bedroom?

- Yes.

- That's my bedroom, I can't.

I don't want to give
you that. It's bigger.

- Okay.

- No!

- Nope.

- Okay, fine.

You can have it.

- Well, thank you, Brother.

You're so kind and generous!

- Can you get outta here?

I need to talk to them.

- Anything for the brother of the year.

If you need me, I'll be in my new room.

- Ouch, you just got
hustled by a little girl.

- Shut up, Chris.

I used to hustle you all the time.

- No, no--
- Mm-hm, yeah.

Remember when I saw you
break Mom's favorite vase,

and I got your entire candy stash?

- That was some really--
- Okay, I need to ask

you guys a question.

- Yeah, um, but before you do,

um, I just wanted to say something.

I just wanted to
apologize for my behavior.

Lately, I've been frustrated
about some certain things

and just shouldn't have
taken it out on you,

so, uh, I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

No worries.
- Cool, cool.

We cool. Cool.

Are we good? Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Awesome.

- Oh, so, what did you want to ask us?

- Right.

So, um, since I'm new in town,

I don't really have much, any friends,

so I was thinking since
Halloween's coming up,

if it would be a fun idea to
throw a Halloween party here?

- No!
- Yes!


- Are you kidding me?

He's gonna trash the house!

- More than it already is?

- Oh, no.
- Okay, okay, listen to me.

Listen to me.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no--

- This is my house as much as it is yours.

I'm not gonna let anything happen.

- No, no.
- Nothing's gonna happen.

- Plus, it'll make up

for the Halloween party that we missed.


- Under one condition.

- You name it.

- Just keep it small?

- Done.

- Yes!

I'm so excited!

Sorry. Um.

Did I do that?
- Yeah, that was awkward

for everybody.

- Jorge!
- Coming!

I got to go.

If you're not doing anything tomorrow,

maybe I could take you out
and could look at the town,

you know, since you're new
and kind of friendless.

- Um, yeah.

- Cool.

- Are you guys having a
staring contest or something?

'Cause it kinda looked
like it a little bit.

- No, uh--

- No? No, um.
- Yeah.

- No?
- No, no staring contest.

- Oh, okay.

Just curious.
- No.

- No, no?
- Just talking.

- Oh, okay, well--

- Jorge.

What are you doing?

- I was on the phone.

- Who were you talking to?

- Friends.

- Let's get to work.

- Let's go.

- Oh lord, please protect us. Protect us.

- This house is full
of demons. Protect us.

- Ooh!
- Ooh!

- Ah!

- God bless you.

God bless you.

God bless.

- Yo, Jorge, what's Gucci?

- Yo, what's up, guys?

I've been looking all over for you.

All right, so I've got some Gucci news.

- Wait, what?

Gucci, what's that mean?

- Gucci means good, so
I've got Gucci news.

- No.

- Okay, well, never mind.

Look, anyway, are you guys
ready to party on Halloween?

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait, it's going down?

- It's going down, man.

- No, way, dude, yo!

Yo, dude--
- This party is gonna be lit.

- Yeah, I mean, the house has electricity,

so we'll have lights.

- What?

No, lit.

Lit like, good.

Like it's good.

Like it's good?

- Yeah, man, why don't you
guys just say the word good?

- But I, dude.

I'll catch up with you later, all right?

I'm a pass it around,
I'm gonna tell everyone.

- Yo, yo, wait, wait, wait.

Please do me a favor.

- What's up?

- Let's try to keep this small.

I don't want it to get
too crazy, all right?

- Jorge, Jorge,
calm down, I got you.

It's all Gucci, bro.

- Okay.

All right.

See you later.

Yo, this is not Gucci.

You look beautiful.

You look beautiful.

I think you look beautiful.

Ah, it doesn't matter you're a ghost, eh,

I can see you, that's
all that matters, right?

- Max.

Wake up. The kid's back.

Max, wake up.

- Hey, wake up!

- What happened?!

The kid's back.

- That little punk.

- Him and those stupid ghosts
think they can humiliate us

and get away with it?

- They don't know what's
in store for them.

Willy, what are you doing?

- Shh.

Scoping out the house.

- Oh, yeah?

Is the house in space?

- Well, technically,
the house is on Earth,

the Earth is in the Solar
System in space, so yeah.

- Get this thing out of my face.

- What's the magic word--

- Now!

- Not as magical as please, but okay.

- We need to find a way
to get into that house

and expose those ghosts.

- And how we going to do that?

- Simple.

How do people get famous nowadays?

- Hotdog eating contest.

- Great idea!

- What?

No, Willy, that is not a good idea.

A hotdog eating contest?

That's not even the top
25 ways of getting famous!

I'm talking viral videos, man.

Viral videos.

We go into the house,

prove to the world that ghosts do exist

by getting footage of us
capturing said ghosts,

and then we become the most
famous paranormal hunters ever.

- Yes!

And then we get our own TV
show, and then the movies,

and then comic books,
and, oh, action figures.

I always wanted my own action figure.

I would play with myself all day long.

- Hello?


You guys scared the crap out of me.

- Sorry, we're kind of used to doing that.

- What, giving people heart attacks?

- I mean, I guess.

- Oh, it's actually only happened twice.

- I mean, you would think.

- So where did my parents go?

You didn't scare them, did you?

- No.
- Oh, no, no.

They left like, 30 minutes ago.

They said something about
taking your grandma home, yeah.

- Okay.
- Yeah, yeah.

- So, you ready?

- Yeah, let's go.

- Oh yeah.
- Yeah.

Oh, no, no, you guys have fun, yeah.

- I mean, the Uber's outside waiting.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool.

- Yeah, we once tried taking an Uber,

it didn't really work out.

Just went past us.

- Stay safe!

- Who the heck is he talking to?

- Maybe he has one of
those Bluetooth headsets.

- No.

No, no, that's not a
Bluetooth he's talking into.

♪ Every little movement ♪

♪ Every little thing you do ♪

♪ Is it sleight of hand that
commands my heart to love you ♪

♪ Every little movement ♪

♪ Every motion of your hips ♪

♪ I feel the compulsion to
pull you to my sweet lips ♪

♪ See the black magic
spell you put me under ♪

♪ This miracle moment ♪

♪ Never let it end ♪

♪ Every little movement ♪

♪ Is beyond improvement ♪

♪ You are the magician I've
been wishing for forever ♪

♪ Every little movement ♪

♪ Is beyond improvement ♪

♪ You are the magician I've
been wishing for forever ♪

♪ Every little gesture ♪

♪ Is a mystical caress ♪

♪ And all of my fears
disappear into this madness ♪

♪ You could hypnotize me ♪

♪ You could put me in a trance ♪

♪ Or cut me in half laughing
at my foolish romance ♪

♪ See the black magic
spell you put me under ♪

♪ This miracle moment ♪

♪ Never let it end ♪

♪ Every little movement ♪

♪ Is beyond improvement ♪

♪ You are the magician I've
been wishing for forever ♪

♪ You could bind me in blindfolds ♪

♪ You could put my heart in chains ♪

♪ You could make the world vanish ♪

♪ But my Spanish love remains ♪

- Thanks for showing me around town.

You know, I had a really nice time.

- Me too.

We got a lot done in such a little time.

- Yeah, more than I would ever imagined.

- Yeah, seems almost impossible

to do everything that we did.

- Right?

Kinda felt like '80s movies montage.

- Yeah.


So we should probably end this

like most '80s movie montages end, right?

- How's that?

- Like this.

- Hi, Jorge.

- What's wrong with your lips?

- Yeah, my lips hurt.

- It's probably herpes.

- Shut up, Nora.

- Put some Vicks VapoRub on
it, that cures everything.

- Yeah, no, don't do that.

Where have you been?

- I was hanging out with a friend.

- Ooh, a friend, a new friend.

- How nice! He's already got a friend.

- That's awesome, Jorge.

That's awesome.

- I feel like you guys shouldn't
be that excited about that.

I've had friends before.

- Define friend.

- Hey, you guys look exhausted.

I mean, you did a lot today.

- Yeah, we've
just been hanging out,

standing around here.

- Right.

Should probably take the day off tomorrow.

- Nah, we got to
finish up, you know that.

- I mean, come on, you've
been painting all day.

It looks great.

You deserve to take a break.

I don't know, maybe a little
spa day action, right, Ma?

- Ah.

He said the magic word.


- See what you did?

- Ooh, you guys
could do couples massage.

- More magical words.

Couples massage.

Come on, we deserve it.

- Yes, my love, don't be silly

Go spend the day with your little wife.

- Mom, you always have
the perfect words to say.

- Fine, fine.

We'll do a spa day.
- Yes!

- But you promise we'll
finish up tomorrow.

- Yes, sir.

- All right, now come on, come in.

Come in, everybody.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

You feel that?

- Um, Grandma's
heavy breathing on my face?

- No, no, no.

This house is peaceful.

- Looks like it's almost time.

- So these friends of yours

replaced good with Gucci and lit?

- Yeah.

- Why don't they just say good?

- That's what I'm saying.

- I just got
finished with the backyard.

- Oh, cool, thanks.

- Yeah, no problem.

Uh, did you two have fun last night?

- Nora, what are you doing here?

- Mom and Dad are at the spa,

and Grandma fell asleep
watching soap operas.

And I was bored, so I decided
to go trick or treating,

and came back here.

- Hey, Nora, you're 10 years old.

You can't just go trick
or treating by yourself.

- Okay, cool, so at what time's the party?

- It doesn't matter
what time the party is,

you're not coming to the party.

- Yes, I am.
- No, you're not.

- Yes, I am!

- No, you're not!

- Jorge, do you see this?

I'm a princess, which
means I do what I want.

- I don't care if you're the queen,

you're not coming to this party.

What are you doing?

- I'm calling Dad to let him know

you're not letting his
princess come to your party.

- Oh, no. No, no.

Okay, okay, fine!

You can come to the party,

but you do not tell Mom
or Dad a word about this.

Not a word.

- Wow, Jorge, you just got
hustled by a little girl again.

Nice job, princess.

- Nice job, princess.

- What was that?

- Nothing.

I'm gonna go finish decorating.

- Can I come with you?


- Well, well, well,

looks like someone's having
a little Halloween party.

- That's awesome!

- What are you gonna dress up as?

I think I'm gonna dress
up as the poop emoji.

Those things are hilarious
because they're literally poop.

- We're not dressing up
like anything, Willy.

You don't see what this is?

- The perfect opportunity.

- Yes, I know...

- To dress up like the poop emoji.

- No, you moron.

The perfect opportunity
to expose these ghosts.

- Tonight we enter that house.

And we capture those ghosts
in front of the entire world.

It's gonna be a very happy Halloween.

What is this?

- It's a gift.

- No, I see it's a gift, Willy,

but why would you give me a gift

halfway through my villainous laugh?

- I thought you were done.

- Oh, clearly, I wasn't!

- Open it.

I made them last night.

What do you think?

You're speechless.

I knew you would love them.

It's okay.

Those two were yours.

I made copies.

Ooh, pow, pow, pow.


- Jeez, Jorge, you've been taking forever.

Are you almost done?

- Yeah, I'm almost done, all right?

It takes a long time to put makeup on.

- By the time that you're finished,

the party's gonna be over.
- Shh!

Hey, would you keep your mouth shut?


- Hola.
- Hey, guys.

- Mom, Dad.

- Jorge, what is wrong with you?

You've been acting so weird lately.

- Lately?

He's always been weird.

- I'm just a little stressed

about school and stuff, no big deal.

But how about you guys?

How as the spa?

- Oh, it was great.

- We're going to sleep
like little angels tonight.

- Look good, Jorge.
- Thanks, thanks.

- My princess, like a little princess.

- See, Jorge?


- Let's go.
What are you guys doing tonight?

We are going trick or treating.

- Great, you can take Grandma.

- No!

I mean, no, because it's super late

and she's probably really tired.

You know, old people.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Come on, come on.

- Hello!

- Oh, I'm wonder Grandma

- Kids!

- Kids! Where are you?

- Don't leave me!

Where are you?



- Kids, where are you
going? What's the rush?

- Grandma, we're not
going trick or treating.

- No, no, wait, what
do you mean we're not?

- Where are we going then?
Just tell me. Tell me.

- What's wrong?

We're going to a party.

- Where are you going?

- You want to go to a party?

At the house.

- What house? Where's the party?

Our new house.

- Your house? You're crazy!

I'm gonna tell your father right now!

Please, listen to me, okay?!

- No, no, no, no, no.

- I can't get in trouble
with your parents.

- Would you just listen to me?!

- You be very careful! Very careful!

- Don't you scream at your Grandmother!

- Okay.


- I'm sorry, Grandma, I'm sorry.

- Sorry, sorry, sorry.

- I just want you to
listen to me for a second.

I have no friends, none,

so I wanted to throw a
little Halloween party,

so I can meet a couple people.

Please, just don't tell Mom or Dad.

- Well, eh, you want
to go to the party too?

- You want to go to the party too?

You going to go?


Your dad is going to
kill me, but who cares?!

Let's go!
- Yes!

- Let's go!
- Thank you!

- You're the best, Grandma!

- I'm the best Grandma!

- I'm the best Grandma! The craziest too!


Let's go!

- Yo, this party is lit.

- Whoa, hey, check out the walkers.

- Hello, ladies.

Happy Halloween, welcome to the party.

Would you like some of my meat?

- No thanks, we're vegetarians.

- Oh, really?

Me too!

That's why I'm dressed like a carrot.

You know, rabbits like carrots.

Let me know when you want some.

- Yeah, we'd rather starve.

- Well, then you're not a real

rabbit, then, liar!
- Whoa, whoa, Mark, Mark.

- I didn't know loser was a costume.

- I'm a ghost.

- Yo, yo, yo, it's DJ Guayaba!

I can't hear you!

No, for real, I can't hear you.

I have these cotton balls in my ears.

I have a bad ear infection.

But you guys seem like
you're having a good time.

Let's get the party back!

- Let's do it!

- What's up?

- Hi.

- Great party, huh?

- Yup.

- What are you supposed to be?

- A ghost.

- No.

This is a ghost.


- No, this is a ghost.

Yeah, that doesn't work for everybody.

- Oh, my god.

Please don't lean on the wall, okay?

Don't spill. Oh.

All right, let's keep
this nicely attached.

All right, oh, my.

Well, it's a good thing we told Jorge

to keep it small, right?
- I know.

Have you seen him?

- No, I'll go check to
see if he's in the back.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- So I see you brought
your Grandma with you.

- Don't even ask.

- So what's this get-up you got going on?

- You like it?

I'm a ghost pirate.

- Ghost pirate.
- Oh, yeah.

- Well, as an actual
ghost, I'm highly offended.

It's not what we look like.

- What?

I thought you'd like it.

- Didn't expect this from you.

- Are you kidding me?

- You're so gullible.

- No, no.

- I don't dance. I don't
dance. I don't dance.

- Come on, Grandma, dance!

- No, I don't dance ever
since Celia Cruz died.


- I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.

- Yo, yo, yo, make noise
for Wonder Grandma!

I can't hear you!

- Whoa, whoa, excuse me!

What do you think you're doing?

- Just making the punch a little better.

- I think the punch is
fine just the way it is.

- Well, that's your opinion.

- Well, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

- Yeah?

What are you gonna do about it?

There's a ghost in the house!

- Dude, it's Halloween!

There's ghosts everywhere!

- Ghost in the house!

- Not for long.

- Hi, what's up?

Yeah, go ahead.

Hey, you got 10 bucks, dude?

You need 10--

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,

hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

- Um, what are you supposed to be?

- A hunter.
- For what?

- Maybe rabbits.

- Oh.
- What is that?

- Don't touch my Electro
Ghost Zapper 3000!

- Okay, calm down.
- Oh, my god,

I think my little
brother has one of those.

- I know!
- He does, doesn't he?

- But he's five.

- Oh!
- Oh, my god, my highlighter.

- Hey, come here.

Want you to go up there
and scope out the party.

- All the way up there?

- Yes, yes, all the way up there.

- What are you gonna do?

- I'm gonna make my grand entrance.

- Huh?

- Just go!

- Hey, Max, wait for me!

I'm coming!

Whoa, hold on!

- Oh, that hurt!

- Whoa!


Ah! Woo-hoo!

Whoa, whoa!


Hey, hey, Max!

Look, I'm body surfing!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!


Oh! Oh!

Check it out, Max!

Check it out, man!

That was awesome, right?
- That was awesome!

Oh, my god!
- Wow!


Did you see that, man?!

That was awesome!

- No, I missed it, Willy.

I missed it, you know why?

'Cause I was too busy breaking my legs!

- Oh, are you okay?

- No, I'm not!

It hurt a lot!

- Hey!

What the hell are you guys doing here?!

- Where are they?

- Who?

- Don't play stupid.

- You know exactly who I'm talking about.

- I'm not telling you anything.

You guys need to get the hell outta here!

- Uh-oh.


- Leave my brother alone!
- Nora, Nora!

- What are you doing?

- No. No.

- Back up, Grandma.

- DJ, stop the music.


Everybody back up!

Back up!

And now that I got everybody's attention,

first of all, Happy Halloween, kids!

- Yeah, Happy Halloween!

- My name is Max.

That's my little buddy over there, Willy.

Say hi to the kids, Willy.

- Hi, everybody!

- Now, as I'm sure a lot of you know,

this isn't just any house.

No, no, no, no, no, this is
the famous Bradford house,

and this house has something that we want.


- Ghosts!

Two of them to be exact.

- Two.

- And this kid right here
is in love with one of them.

- That's right.

I saw you and your little girlfriend

on your little stupid, pathetic date.


So unless you want your little boyfriend

to join you on the other side,
I suggest you come on out!

- Don't do it, Christy!

You stay back!

- Christy?

Ah, well, isn't that cute, huh?

Come on out, Christy!


Welcome to the party.

- We did what you want, now let him go.

- You see, it's not the
way it's gonna work.

You don't call the
shots around here, I do.

So this is what's gonna happen:

You two are gonna prove
to everybody at this party

that you're ghosts.

So I want everybody to
take your cellphones out,

start recording, take
pictures, stream it online,

do whatever you got to do, but just do it!

- Everybody!

- And soon, the world will finally believe

that ghosts do exist,

and we will be the most famous
paranormal hunters ever!

- Gonna have our own action figures.

- No way!
- Oh, that is so cool.

- No, no, no, no, no, no.

- We have breaking news
coming to you live now

from the southwest Miami area

where two men appear to
be holding people hostage

at a Halloween party.

- Oh no, look. Carlos look. Look!

- Oh, my god.
- Look.

- What happened, Jenny?

- No.

Call the police. Call the police, babe!

- Look!

It's Jorge!

- This whole ordeal
has been streaming live

across multiple social media platforms.

- Is that our house?!

- Catalina Sanchez is at the
scene now with a live report.

Catalina? We are live from
the famous Bradford House.

- Where a Halloween party
has turned into a nightmare.

- As you can see behind me,
the situation is quite serious.

- I am really losing my
patience with you two!

Prove to everyone that ghosts exist now!

- Don't do it.

- Shut up!

- Okay.


We can do that.

- Hit it, DJ!

- Do you two think you
can humiliate us again

and get away with it?

- This ends here!

It's haunting time!

- No!

- Jorge!

- Those are the guys
threatening all of these kids!

- Put the weapon down!

- I'm not going anywhere
until I get what I came for!

- I said put the weapon down!

- We don't bust 'em, we hunt--

- Ooh!

- Now you got busted and hunted!


- 10-4, at about how long

prior to making this call
did it actually occur?

- Oh, Max, are we famous yet?

- Shut up, Willy!

- Mom, Dad!
- Nora, what happened?!

- Those were the
bad guys, those are ghosts,

and Jorge is dead.

- What?

- Oh, my god.

I'm so sorry--

- Look.

- Are you okay?
- Jorge!

- Come on, wake up.
- Jorge!

- Wake up, man.

- Jorge!
- Jorge!

- Am I dead?

- No.

- Finally! Thank God!

- Finally.

- Now come on, let's get a hug.

- Grandma.
- I need help.

- So, I think it's time
for Christy and I to go.

- Go?

What do you mean go?

- Jorge, this isn't our home anymore.

- Of course this is your home.

This is your home, and this is our home.

- She's not talking about
the actual house, Nora.

She means here, on Earth.

- Are you guys going to space?

- Something like that.

- We've only been here this long

'cause we couldn't find the right people

to live in our home.

Now we have.

- Wait!

Am I ever gonna see you guys again?

- I don't know how this works.

I don't know if I'll get a
free pass to visit Earth,

but I'll see you up there, or
down there, or wherever I go.

- Oh, you're definitely
going down there for sure.

I'll let you know how
it is up there, though.

- I'm gonna miss you.

- I'll miss you too.

- You're like the big sister I never had,

except for Jorge, of course.

- Ouch, burned again.

Gonna need some ointment for that one.

- I'm gonna miss you too.

- You know, it's just so nice

that I'm gonna be missed so
much, you know, I'm so glad.

- I'm gonna miss you too, bud.

- Aw, really?

- Let's hug it out, come on.
- All right.


Up, down kinda thing?

- I don't know.
- All right.

All right, peace out.

- So can you do me a favor?

- Anything.

- Take care of this house
and make some great memories.

- Think I already started.

- Here.

- What's this?

- Open it.

So, should we end this like
most '80s movie montages end?

- I Wouldn't have it any other way.

- Ahem.

- Ahem.

- Let's go make some new memories.