Tribulation (2000) - full transcript

Tom Canboro is a police detective with a Christian sister, Eileen, a brother, Calvin, a wife, Susan, and eccentric brother-in-law, Jason. One night, Jason seemingly goes insane and tries to kill Eileen, calling her a "hater". Tom soon realises this may be a conspiracy going as far as devil worship, but as he speeds in his car to get help, he suddenly loses control and crashes. Waking up in a strange hospital, he finds years have passed and people all over the world are wearing the mark of 666 on their right hands, and all those who don't are being killed off. Franco Macalusso, the believer in world peace Jason was fond of, now controls the world, and is trying to bring the world together as it was at the tower of Babel. Meanwhile, the "Haters" or Christians are hiding out and airing TBN tapes on the air for people to realise the Messiah is really the Antichrist, but their leader, Helen Hannah, is arrested...



C'mon Eileen,
what's taking so long?

Yeah, Eileen!

What's taking so long?

I'm almost done.
Just hang on a sec'.

You said that
20 minutes ago.

Yeah, you said that
20 minutes ago.

Look, we want
this to last,
don't we?

The least we can do is take the
time to do it properly.

Well, hurry up.

Calvin looks like he's about to
wet himself if we don't go soon.

Yeah, hurry up.
Calvin looks like...



Now listen carefully, guys.

I know you like to play
in the forest after school.

But mum's afraid that
you're gonna get lost.

So I told her I'd make sure
we had a place to meet.

And this is it.

This is the tallest tree
in the forest,

and I want you to come here if
you think you ever might be
lost, okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can we go now?

Yeah, can we go now?

One more thing, guys.

Give me your hands.

Come on, gimme.

Dear god, please protect this
tree and let it stand tall

So that if any one of US loses
our way, we have someplace to

Thank you. Amen.

That wasn't so bad, was it?

Well, looks like you took too

Oh, Calvin. Come on, let's go.


Calvin couldn't wait.
And he just wet his pants.

You hear that?

It never happened, Suzy.

Tom's makin' it up.

Tell her, Eileen.

Well, I don't know, Calvin.

You know, I've heard Tom's
version so many times

that I don't remember
whether it happened or not.

Perfect, perfect. Thanks for the

It was Tom that wet his pants!






Suzy, has Tom taken you
to see our tree yet?

Yeah, he takes US out there
for our anniversary. Picnics.



How ya doin' today, brother?

Everything okay, Jace?


What's going on?

Is there something I should
be concerned about?

No, no. I just hadn't seen you
in hours, wondering--

I'm fine,
thank you, sis.



Can I ask you
a question?

Sure, what is it?

What does
Genesis 11:6 say?


I think that's about the tower
of babel.


I think it might be important.

Jason, everything
in here is important.

Okay, let's see... we go,

chapter 11, verse six, okay.

"Behold, they are one people
and they have one language.

And this is only the beginning
of what they will do.

And nothing that they propose to
do will now be impossible for

So Franco macalousso's right.


Franco macalousso.

The head of the European unity

What are you talking about,

Franco macalousso wouldn't
know a Bible if you sat it
right in front of him.

He doesn't need a Bible.

He has something better.

The truth.

You see, we can all do the
kinds of miracles that god
and Jesus can do,

but first we have to
come together.

That's what they tried when
they built the tower of
babel, and they were wrong.

Okay, Jason.

Why don't you explain
to everybody here

what macalousso's theory about
world unity is, huh?

It's not a theory, not even

This is scientifically proven,
all of it.

Come on, share it with the

I will, and I'll share it
with these guys too.


Let me ask you a question,

Have you ever heard of Dr. Emiro

Uh, no.

Have you ever heard of the isle
of manchi?


Well, that's no accident.

Sure, this may be one of the
biggest discoveries in the
history of this world,

but the powers that be have
worked really hard to keep it

What kind of discoveries, Jason?

Okay, listen to this.

In one research project,

they're on this island
discovering the behaviour
of monkeys.

Now, this isn't just any island.

No, this one's different.

This one has a huge volcanic
mountain dividing it right
down the middle.

(Breaking glass)



You couldn't get from one side
to the other, not without a
helicopter, okay?

Now, these guys over here,
okay, they're layin' out pieces
of fruit, all right?

For the monkeys.

They want 'em to come out of the

on to the beach where they can
see them, and study their

Now, the problem for the
monkeys, of course,

is that the fruit had to be


So, they can smell it.


But they're on a beach!

(Dishes clattering on floor)

So the monkeys are eatin'

...more sand--more sand,
because there's no peel--than
they are bananas, right?

Until one very smart monkey
comes along, and he has an idea.

He decides to take his banana,
and dip it in the ocean.


And look!
It works.

Now, it doesn't take long
for this to catch on,

and before long, all the monkeys
on the beach are dippin' their
bananas in the sea.

All right...


So what did he prove by that?

Monkey see, monkey do?

Oh no, there's a lot more
to it than that.

Because one day, one more
monkey comes along.

He sees what all the other
monkeys are doin', and he
decides to give it a try.

And whattya think
happens when he does?

It's incredible.

At that very instant, all the
monkeys over here on this side
of the island,

they start doin' it too.


Really. Not only that,
all around the world,
monkeys start doin' it too.

That's cool.

Oh no, it's not just cool, Tom.
It's incredible.

Think about the possibilities.

If we can get enough people
to think about world peace...

...think about it.

(Cutlery clattering on floor)

You know...

...Franco macalousso has it

If we could just find a way
to come together,

anything we can believe...

...we can achieve.

Thanks, Jason.


I've told you before, honey.

Your brother needs professional

No way, I'm not letting those
idiots at the psych hospital
near him again.

He was fine before they started
pumping him full of drugs.

Remember last year when he spent
two weeks at Christmas time

thinkin' the aliens had invaded
the u.N.?

He's--he's much better now, you
know it.

Aw, you're hearing me,
but you're not listening.

Right now he's thinking if he
can get everyone to agree with

that one day we'll all wake up
and believe whatever he

So? He has... imagination.

He's not hurting anyone.

He's just making a world
that he can enjoy.

(Telephone ringing)

Sounds like Eileen and
her born-again buddies.

You know, creating a world
they all can enjoy.


Well, you don't have anything
to worry about, Calvin.

'Cause if ignorance is bliss,
you're already in heaven.

(Telephone ringing)

Suzy canboro.

Hi Suzy, it's me.

Hey, Helen.
Did you get my message?

Oh yeah, the one about
the Bible prophecy guy?

What's his story, anyway?

That fire from heaven
is gonna destroy the earth?

Better than that.

This guy is saying that
millions of people are going to
suddenly vanish into thin air.

You mean their souls, right?

No, no. That's what I thought.

No, this guy's talking
about body and all.

And--this is the best part--
apparently every Christian
believes it.



It's called, um...

Hang on.

Hey, Eileen?

What's that thing in the, uh,
the book of revelations,

you know, where everybody
vanishes off the face of the

It's called the rapture.

Yeah, it's called--

and it's not
all the people.

It is only the believers.
And it's not the book of

It's the book of revelation.

Thank you!

The rapture.


I mean, some of the things
you guys believe really amaze

You sound like Jason, you know?

Jason, I love Jason
with all my heart.

But I feel like he needs
to be in a hospital or a home.

Maybe if he knew god--

oh, come on!

You're missing the point, here.

Jason's got a head full of
imaginary friends, right?

God would just be another one.

Tom, help me out, here.

I mean, why is it that when
somebody believes they can talk
to an alien,

we consider them insane, right,

but when somebody believes they
can talk to god, somehow that's

I mean, I don't really see the
difference here.

That's because you haven't


And neither have you.

And I just hope you get around
to it before it's too late.

Oh, you mean before everybody
disappears, right?


Okay. Okay.

I'd love to stay and continue
this fine conversation.

But unfortunately there's a
whole city of people out there

that don't find much comfort
in god or clean bananas when
they're bein' shot.

Blind faith isn't enough,

It's not blind faith, Tom.

You do have to open your eyes.



So tomorrow night's
the biggie, is it?

Wanna see how big?


I couldn't afford to give her
the ring she deserved
when we got married.

So I've been savin' a long time
for this one.

Not bad.

Looks like you're really ready
to make a big commitment, you

See you later.


I'm goin' to the station.


You be especially careful
out there tonight.

I want you fully intact
for tomorrow.


What's tomorrow night?

Wait, how could I
forget tomorrow

We've been together ten years,
and that is a miracle my dear.

Oh, I am so looking forward
just to time alone, just the two
of US.

Me too.

No one's gonna find US
on rat lake.

Such a terrible name.

Why do they
call it that,

So people won't
go up there.

Wait, are you sure you haven't
told anybody about that cottage?

No one.

Especially not Calvin.

I mean, if he finds out about
it, he's gonna do some huge

Yes, I know.

No, no one knows.

This is gonna be
our secret.

And I have a very special
surprise for you tomorrow night.

You do?


Tell me.


Oh, come on, come on!

I'll kiss you some more.

C'mon, tell me.

Can I kiss you some more?

Yes you can.

Tell me.

Suzy, perhaps you don't
understand the meaning
of secrets.

Yeah, yeah...

Suzy. Suzy.

All right, all right. Let's
break it up, in here.

C'mon, this isn't high school
for cryin' out loud.

Okay, you be careful...

--Careful. I'll buckle my
seatbelt, yes.

Biter-boy, you're parked
behind me. Let's go.

Don't call me that!

The real goal is the realization
of the tremendous potential
that lies within US all,

tremendous potential that
lies sleeping within US.

You see, if we can open our
minds together, then anything
that we believe can be ours.

But unity is the secret to our

Because unity is the key that
will unlock the doors to this
enormous potential.

Anything we believe we can


He cast US out of heaven for
daring to question his

It was a battle he won.
Now the war begins.

Now our powers increase,
and the final conflict

Jehovah god, you're going to run
away again, aren't you?

You did it once before,
at this very tower.


But this time, the glory of

(Beeping computer)

...will endure.

We will win.

(Beeping computer)

We will reign. And we'll do it
all by uniting your own creation
against you.

Agent Morgan, who's going to
give US a glimpse into the other

His name is Tim Tucker.
He's a college professor,

and I think, the perfect test

He teaches a night course
in psychic phenomena.

This guy's mind is wide open.

Just as they all will be soon.




Tim? Honey,
what's wrong?

(Groaning in pain)

Tim, what's wrong?

The book...


(Breaking glass)

Oh Tim,
what are you doing?

There's no room in this world
for lies like those, Diane!

Don't you see?

Stop it!

It's people like you that are
holding the rest of US back!
Holding US back from unity!


You're scaring me Tim!

Yours is not the only way!

The time has come to free the
world of the haters, "honey".
All of you must die.

Attention all units, we have a
a report of a domestic
situation at 95 Nelson.

Car 21, what is your location?

Dispatch, this is detective

I'm one half a block away.
Show me the domestic.

This is officer Kenny rice.
I'll back up.

(Siren wailing)

(Banging on door)

Police. Open up.

Haters! Haters!

Where is she, where is she?
She's a hater! Where is she?
Where is Eileen?

You know where she is!

I can see your hands!

Where is she!
Where is she!


(Smashing door)

Stop it!

Hold it!

(Crashes, screaming)

Stop it! Get up.

Get back. Get back!
Get back!

Franco macalousso will win.

We will beat him
this time.

What are you
talkin' about?
Beat who?


That's fine. But right now, I
want your hands behind your



Take it easy, don't hurt her.

Let's terminate.



Gimme the gun! Now!

(Gun thudding on floor)

(Groaning in pain)

Where are you going?

(Glass shattering)


(Car alarm whooping)

(Screaming, sobbing)

Jason! My god, what is
the matter with you?

They found me. They found me.
They weren't supposed to be like

I knew they were out there.
They weren't supposed to be like


Is everything okay?

They wanted me, they wanted me
to kill Eileen.

What's going on?

Jason, come on--hey, hey!

Take it easy, Jason. It's just
me, Mike from next door.

I would've done it! I really
would've killed her if she was
here, I swear!

I'll phone the cops, okay?

Don't call the police, please!




(Sirens wailing)

Yeah, the lady was so broken up,
I could hardly get a statement.

I've been on the force 20 years,
and I've never seen anything
like this.

Listen, that knife was 20 feet
away from him.

It was unreachable.

I looked at the table where the
knife was, I looked around the

I look back at him, the knife is
in his hand without him moving.

So I'm standing there getting
ready to witness him slice her
from gullet to gut,



But something happened.
He dropped the knife.

I saw...A snap in his eyes.

Then he ran across the room
and dove out the window.

Well, according to his wife he's
really been into that occult
stuff lately.

Who knows what we could be
dealing with, here.

Well, if the devil's at work
here, I'm sorry you weren't
there instead of me.

You're the Christian, Kenny.

Kenny? Tom?

We've got another 10-52.

This one's your address.


I'll look after
things here, Tom.

Okay, let's check it out.

(Tires screeching)

(Siren wailing)

Are you okay?
Come here, come here.

It wasn't him.


it wasn't Jason.

I came as soon
as I heard.

Eileen had just left, I was in
the kitchen and Jason just


And so I went up
into his room,
and he was...

...yelling and ranting and
raving and just going completely

he was really upset.

Well, whatever upset him, he's
going to the right place.

It was different
this time, Tom.

Explain that.

It was like he was another
person, like he was
someone else.

Well, maybe the
aliens finally got him.

This isn't funny,
okay? I'm scared.

It was so...

And he was
playing with this.

Oh, wow. I haven't seen one of
those since I was a kid.

Well, maybe it wasn't the aliens
that got him. Maybe it was

Look, I know about these boards,
and it was like he hooked into

oh, no, no, no.
No, don't start that.

This isn't your t.V. Show.
We're not looking for the best
dramatic interpretation we can

Your brother is mentally ill.
It's nobody's fault.

It just happens. Now, when are
you gonna learn that?

No, this was different.

Now, you can think
that Jason was insane.

That's your decision.

Do you think that
I'm insane, too?

Of course not.

Then don't just dismiss
what I'm saying!

I'm not dismissing it,
I'm just--

you haven't
even heard it!

I'm sorry.
Tell me again.

It's just the way he was
yelling, and the things he was

He was talking about that
macalousso guy and he was saying
"haters, haters"--


What else did he say?


Explain this.

Two guys who don't even know
each other, ten blocks apart,
suddenly both go crazy,

both saying the same things,
and both leap out a window.

I mean,
can you
explain this?


Oh, good.

Like to talk to you about your

We've given Jason something to
calm him down.

But he's going to need a
complete examination.

One of our psychiatrists will
talk to him in the morning.

No, Suzy!

Don't let them
keep me here, please!

What if they're
not who you think
they are?

Can't I just bring him home with
me, and then I'll bring him back
in the morning?

Please, Suzy!

Please don't let 'em
keep me here!

Jason jumped through a window.

That makes him a danger to

Legally we have to keep him here
for at least 24 hours.

Okay, why don't I sign a
release, and that would ensure--

I'm sorry. It's out of my


I gotta go talk to him.

I just heard what happened!
Is Jason all right?

He will be, when someone gets
inside that head of his and
tightens some loose screws.

Well, I wanna talk to him--

stop right there. I know where
you're going.

I know what you have to offer.

But that's not what he needs
right now.

I know this religious stuff is
important to you.

But that doesn't mean it's the
answer to everything.

Jason has a very serious

And he needs a doctor, not a

How do you know what he needs
when you haven't even heard what
he has to say?

Anybody that starts a sentence
with "ufo", "extraterrestrial",
"alien" or "Jesus Christ",

I don't have to listen to the
rest. Because I know what's

If you would just let one person
finish one sentence once, you
might learn something!

And you might change just a

change? Change my what, Eileen?
My life? My mind?

If you could just sit down
someday and listen to what you
tell these people to believe!

Tom just because you don't
believe in god does not mean
that other people don't have

no, no, no. No! I never said
I didn't believe in god.

Oh. Well, do you believe in
god? Huh?

That's a complex question.

It is not a complex question.

When was the last time you
opened a Bible?

You don't have to open a Bible
to believe in god.

That's your problem. You
believe all that stuff is real.
It's not.

You're wrong, Tom! It is real,
all of it is real.

Yeah, what about Noah and the
ark? What about that guy that
lived in the belly of a whale
for a week?

That guy named, uh...



Well, it's time for you to get a
grip on reality!

That's a storybook, not a
history book.

How would you know? You haven't
even read it? You haven't
given god a chance.

Listen. It's been a long night,
and uh...

I apologize for being too
aggressive with you.

I'm just spent on this...

Let's pretend we never had this

But next Sunday, you and I will
go to that church of yours


You promise?

I promise.

Whoo! And you get on the phone
to that god of yours,

and tell him I'm gonna be there,
faith chapel, Sunday night.

And tell him to have some of his
best stories ready.

Because your brother Tom is
comin' to church for the first
time in his life.


You promise me that if I sit
there with you a whole hour
and listen with my eyes open,

you'll get off my back about

Okay, deal.



I am so sorry, Jason.

It's just that the doctors are
concerned about you, and i'm
just trying to do what's best
for you.

Then listen to what I'm saying.

They took control of me.
That wasn't me talking.

I didn't want to kill Eileen,
I didn't want to jump out the
window, that was them!

And they're gonna come looking.
Do you hear me?

They are going to come looking!


...but Jason, they're afraid
that you're gonna try and--

you're not listening to me! If
I really wanted to die, I'd want
them to find me!

Jason, relax. You're gonna be

I need to talk to you.


Suzy, you have done your best.

Now we need the doctors. He has
created a world he cannot escape

But I'm just not sure that a
bloodstream full of drugs is the

He's my brother, he has had a
bad night.

He needs family, not thorazine.

Tom, let's just take him home.

Can you just hold on with that
for a moment, please?

But ma'am, we need to calm--

but I need a few more minutes
with my brother before you do
whatever it is you think you
need to do.

Let me ask the doctor, then.

What do you want?
What do you want?

Oh, I think you know, Jason.

Oh, thank you. I think you'd
better see this.

I've been doing this a long time
and I've never seen anything
quite like this.

I want the whole world to
believe what you believe

This is a scan of the normal
human brain, the green areas
show the active brain cells.

Normally you see 10 to
12per cent of the cerebral
cortex active at any one time.

This is Jason's scan from when
he first came here.

You see, Jason, it's not that
the message was wrong, it was
just early.

You were in the right frame of
mind at the wrong time.

We're talking 75 per cent, here.

If I weren't seeing it for
myself, I wouldn't believe it.

This man has activity in parts
of his brain that...'s just impossible.

The world's not ready for what
we have to offer. At least, not


(Choking, gasping)


(Gasping for air)


Can't you see him? He's right

What will you do when she's

He's right there, can't you hear
him? Can't you see him! He's
right there!

Please leave me alone!

Leave me alone!


I promise...

...i won't tell...I promise
I won't tell...


Can you just give US a few




Poor Jason. I hope they find
out what's wrong with him.

Oh, it's so hard to see him so

He thinks someone's talkin' to
him from that stupid little
board he has.

What's wrong?

Never mind. Jason's not the
only one that jumped out a

The other guy jumped 14 floors.
There's an autopsy goin' on
right now.

I'm gonna go check it out.

(Groaning in pain)

Jason? Jason, I got this

Now, I was gonna wait for your

But she said it was for

(Gasping for air)

Oh, give me that...

Thank you...

They're still out there. I'm
not makin' this up.

These guys are for real!

I know they are, Jason.

Suzy, we've gotta get him out of

Oh please, Suzy...


Oh, you're gonna love this.

It was Suzy canboro's brother.

Did he get the whole thing?

Sure sounds like it.

Apparently he just jumped out a
window, just like Mr. Tucker

Unfortunately it was a ground
floor window.

You mean, he's still alive?

We can't let--

whoa, whoa.

Zack's on his way upstairs to
put to an end to it.


Taxi over here!


Where is he?

Who are you?

We're federal agents?

Well, what do you want with
Mr. Quincy?

Well, that's really not your
concern, now is it, officer?

So if you'll just tell US where
he is, we'll stop wasting your

Well, he's up in X-ray.

Well, perhaps I can ask you a
few questions while we wait.

That's not gonna be a problem is
it, officer?

No, just tell me what it's
about, and I can.

I need to know who might've
heard that nonsense Mr. Quincy
was shouting.

Uh, according to the ambulance
driver, Jason was talking

thank you, doctor.

The ambulance driver heard it.

What about back at the house?

Did anybody else hear what he
was saying?

The man's rambling on about

He's a psychiatric patient.

Don't go away.


Hey, I just got the rundown on
that guy in there.

What, the cop?

He's more than a cop.

What do you mean?

He's the brother-in-law.

He heard everything.

My associate tells me that--



(Hurried footsteps)


(Engine starting, squealing

(Siren wailing)

Dispatch, this is detective
canboro at St. Joe's.

There's been a 10-99,
an ambulance attendant in the
parking lot.

C'mon, c'mon!

Thanks for calling Tom and

We can't come to the phone
right now. Leave a message
and we'll call you back.

Suzy, Jason was right.
Get out of the house.
Get out right now.

(Tires screeching)

(Truck horn blasting)

(Steering wheel clunking)

(Siren wailing)





(Coughing, retching)


Can anyone hear me?

Shh! Quiet.

Don't let 'em hear you.
Get back in bed, don't let 'em
know you're awake.



How come?

They're gonna put
the glasses on you.

What kinda glasses?

The glasses.
The goggles!

Where you been?

I don't know.

Hey, listen to me.
Listen to me!

You can't trust anybody here. No
one, you understand?

Not your family.
Not your friends, no one!

If they put those glasses on
you, you either come out one of

or you don't come out at all!

I, uh...I need to talk to my

Have you seen my wife?

Your wife's not here! I'm all
you've got. Now listen...

I've been drugged since the
vanishings, but they found me
last night,

and now the glasses are on the


(Slumping on floor)

(Beeping computer)



So how long have we been waiting
for the other guy--

no! Let me go! Let me go...




Hello, Evan.

Franco macalousso.

You're the Messiah.

My arm.

This is impossible.
How did you do this?

Oh, no, no.
That's the beauty of it.

I didn't do anything,
You did.

That's what i'm
here to show you.

You see, that's what most of the
world saw. The day of wonders.

Now, there's a few of you left.
A few of you who refused to join
our side, for whatever reason.

But when you do--and you
will--you will experience...

...power such as the world has
never seen.

But I've seen everyone who put
on the glasses that day.

They seem so--


Yes, committed.
Committed to a world.

Bringing together
a unified mind.

Think about it, Evan. A world
where anything you imagine will
be yours.


Take my Mark.
And anything
that you want... can have.


He's awake.

Now if you haven't already
pledged your allegiance
to the unification of mankind,

then get ready to see the light.

And if you have, then get ready
to shine.


--Don't be fooled, my friends.
When the prince of darkness

And we are up.

We have the regional feed from
the font hill transmitter.

What's the range, Jake?

About 1,200 miles.

Now that should give US a
potential audience of...

(Tapping computer keyboard)

...almost 20 million people.

Not bad. Not bad.

Yeah, except that it's too late
for about 19 million of them.

I think what you meant to say
is, good thing it's not too late
for almost one million of them.

Don't forget, macalousso doesn't
have everyone on his side.

I know, you're right, you're

It's just...

...i wish there was some way we
could transmit to the whole

Hey, we're still waiting for you
to come up with direct access to
the satellite.

I'm still workin' on it.

(Alarm beeping)

They've started the tracking.

How many relays this time, Jake?

We've got 13, but they're
gettin' pretty good at this.

(Alarm beeping)



Looks like they've figured out
our routine.

Let's get ready to roll the
minute they cut US off.


Why can't you idiots find a way
to stop these treasonous

They're fast, sir.

And by the time we get there,
they're gone.

Well, we'll just have to be
faster, won't we?

What is it, agent Morgan?

Sir, do you remember the cop who
burst in on our tests before the

The guy in the coma.

Yes, sir.

He's awake.

Excellent, is he on side?

No, sir.

You mean he actually chose to

No sir, they never got the
goggles on him.

They found his bed empty a few
minutes ago.

Well, we know who he's looking
for. Suzy canboro.
Find him, find her.


(Elevator door bell ringing)

In the not-too-distant future,
an incredible time will come.

It will be a time of delusion,
deception and trickery.

And it will be the most
dangerous time that this world
has ever seen.

The prophet Jeremiah said in
chapter 30, verse 7,

"alas, for that day is great
so that none is like it."

Jesus added, Matthew 24:21,

"for then shall be great
tribulation such as never was
since the world began."

(Static on monitor)

We are experiencing technical
difficulties. Please stand by.

How long?

Four minutes and 53 seconds.

Yeah, that's our best yet.

Yeah, I just pray somebody heard

Oh, I know somebody heard it.
I just hope somebody listened to

Look, we better
get goin'.


You, stop! Stop!




(Intense gunfire)



(Doors clanking shut)


(Doors clanking shut)






(Crashing glass)


O.n.e.! Freeze!


No more fence-sittin', pal.
It's time to make a choice.

All you have to do...
...Is believe, Ronnie.

All you have to do is take my
Mark, and anything that you
imagine, anything will be yours.

The goggles, they're just a way
to let people see what's
possible in a unified world.

Miracles are taking place.

Healings are happening. And
once the last of the unbelievers
are removed,

then your powers will blossom
forth, like a wondrous Rose.

Nice speech.

I can see why so many people
have fallen for your pack of

You've always wanted just one
thing: To kill the people of
god. So go ahead.

Do what you will with this body.
But my soul?

The only thing you really
want... ...You can't have.

(Growling, hissing)

(Groaning, moaning)

Serves him right, eh?


Serves him right
for not takin' the Mark.

What Mark do you mean?

You know, the Mark.

"666"? No, um...

What do you mean,
you don't know?

I do know,
I do know.
I gotta go.

Hey. Hey, lemme
see your hand!






They're all gone now.


Millions of 'em.

I remember. I remember...



Show me your Mark.

Should I send for the goggles,

Never mind.


I mean, do we really want this
filth stinking up our world?


(Cocking gun)


Come here, filth.



(Manhole cover clanking)

(Telephone ringing)

Please identify yourself.
Please identify yourself.
Please identify--

Glory to man.


Glory to man.

Glory to man,
glory to man.

I need to use your phone.
It's very important.

And your, uh... phone doesn't work.

My wife I need
to talk to.

Let me see your hand?

Excuse me?


(Cocking shotgun)

Hey, I've got one!

I've been marked.

I'm okay.


Aw, would you give me a break,
Charlie and just--

just listen to me, will ya?

Listen, please--

(phone clicking shut)


Hey! Watch it!

He doesn't have a Mark!

I saw his hand, he doesn't have
a Mark.

Hey you! Hold it right there!
Hold it!

(Telephone ringing)

This is the police department,
who would you like to speak

Kenny rice.

I'm sorry, sir. There's no one
here by that name.


Uh, I've known Mr. Rice for 19
years, I know he works there,

I've been here for 25 years,

and there's never been a
Kenny rice at this precinct.

(Phone clicking shut)

(Rapping on door)

Hello, Suzy?


(Glass breaking)


(Door clicking shut)



(Clicking television on)

As you can see, the crowds have
not subsided at all

since last week's execution of
hater thorold stone.

All of them are anticipating
the arrival of Franco macalousso
for tonight's worldwide telecast

and his compassionate outreach
to the world.

For the uncommitted, he has
promised enlightenment.

For the rest of US, he has
promised that the powers we
have only begun to taste

will blossom beyond anything we
can even imagine.

But with the true Messiah's
message now only hours away,

one can only wonder what havoc
the haters might be planning.

Top o.N.E. Officials have
assured the world,

however, that secure satellites
will be used to ensure that
no treasonous messages of hatred

will interrupt this important--


--There will be many reasons not
to follow Jesus Christ in this
time of great tribulation.

But remember that the rewards of
heaven far outweigh the pain
you may endure here on the

The choice you are making will
decide your eternal destiny.

Heaven, in all of its glory, is
worth it.

Make sure you choose the gift of
eternal life that only a belief
in Jesus Christ can give you.

Don't delay another moment.

Make the decision now, and give
your life to Christ.
Only he can save you.

If you don't come in with the
simplicity of this gospel to
just believe in the lord Jesus

and to allow that faith and then
bring you to a place of

and a saving knowledge of who he
is, if that, if that doesn't do
it for you...

...and, and you're saying
"well, this is too hard"... doesn't get any easier
than this.

It doesn't get any better than

God will not be any more
merciful, ever.

Brother will turn against
brother, children shall turn
against their parents.

The frightening thing is that
they'll think that they are
doing the right thing.

I cant imagin a world so
decieved and diluted that they
believe that peace, love

and unity will come from killing
those who stand in there way

there won't be a safe place
on the entire planet for
believers in the true god.

The son of Christ will have
complete control over the entire
world revelation 13-7

(door sliding open)

Look what we found.

Helen Hannah.

We are experiencing technical
difficulties. Please stand by.



Hey Mike, it's me.


I thought you were
in the hospital.

Well... ...They let me out.


Show me your Mark.

Oh, okay.

This is hard to get off.

You know, when I came in here, I
heard somebody upstairs.

(Head thudding into doorway)


Where's Suzy?

You don't understand.

(Cocking gun)

Where's Suzy?

Forget Suzy!


(screeching tires)




(Quiet footsteps)





Nothing. He may have been here,
but he's gone now.




Good news. He's totally




I never thought
I'd see you again.


Lemme look at ya.

No Mark.

Quick, get in here before
anybody sees you.

I don't have the memory of what
happened to me in my accident.

Where's Suzy?

I haven't seen her
in a long, long time.

But believe me...

I wanna find her just
as much as you do.

Eileen. Where's Eileen?

Sorry, who...

...who's Eileen?

Eileen is our sister.

Oh, look...The doctors said
something like this might

I mean, you had a very severe
head injury.

We don't have a sister, Tom.

We have a sister! Her name is

Don't tell me that.

We all grew up in this house,
you and me and Eileen.

And we ate every meal in that
room. Who do you think this is?

It's you and me.

No, it's you and
me and Eileen.

Where's Eileen?

What you have you done to this

What did you do to these

There's no Eileen? Where's

I can remember everything about

I remember her telling US that
we could talk to god if we
believed in him. You remember?

There's no Eileen. Forget about

And it doesn't matter.

What's goin' on, what's goin',

Tom, I want you to sit down.

I'm gonna go find Eileen.

No, you're
gonna stay here.

Tom, you're gonna
sit down, right now.

Sit there. Sit.

Look, this is our father's
chair, this is dad's chair, you
remember that?

I mean, Tom, it's gonna...

It's gonna take awhile for you
to get it all together after
your head injury,


...the important thing is,
you're still alive.

And you're here with me.

That means there's still time.


What is that? How did you do

It's just the beginning.

Why can't you just tell me
what's goin' on?

This is just a taste.

A taste of the wonderful powers
that are sleeping inside all of

No, what powers?

Genesis 11:6

"once the people are one,
nothing will be impossible."

What does that mean?

Here, just put 'em on.
Everything will make sense.

You'll see the world in a whole
new light.

I said I don't want to.

All right.

We got a big problem here.

Don't you think you're taking
this a little far?

No, not in this world.
You don't realize what's at
stake here.

I think it's time someone shared
it with me.

It's the only way you're gonna
find out the truth.

And you know the truth?

Yeah, I do.

Then why don't you save US some
time and tell me what the truth
really is?

Because I think you should hear
it from the true Messiah.

Is that who you think is in

Yes, in person.

Did he give you this helmet?

And a whole lot more.

What about the three sixes you

didn't that raise a red flag for

What are these for?

The war on hatred.

I got enough firepower in there
to blow up every church in the

Think about what's goin' on,

You have three sixes burned
right into your hand.

You're holding a loaded gun at

You can't remember who Eileen

I'm the one with the brain

but I'm beginning to think the
rest of the world is insane.



No, the rest of the world just
woke up.

And Lucifer has come.

Lucifer, the only one who had
the real interests of mankind at

he's come to show US the path to

You know you're talking about
Satan. The devil.

Bad guy.

No, he's not the bad guy!
Not even close.

Lucifer is an angel who figured
out god's secret.

You see...

...we can all achieve godhood.

But obviously god didn't want
that to happen.

So when Lucifer found out, god
just threw him right out of

That's not what the Bible says.

Actually that's exactly what it

Maybe if you'd read it, you'd be
able to make the right decision.

Put it on.



It's your decision.

Don't go.

(Empty chamber snapping)

Do you remember the commandment
"thou shalt not kill"?

Eileen used to tell US that.

You're shakin'.

I feel bad for you.

Okay, I'll put on the helmet for

Just pick it up for me.

(Body slumping on floor)

Oh, my. Oh my, oh my, oh my...


It's time for some real faith
now, don't you agree,
miss Hannah?

This should be easy for you,
shouldn't it?

This god of yours, where is he

I'll tell you. He's off and
running with his tail between
his legs like the coward that he

And perhaps more importantly,
he's doing absolutely nothing
to help you.

I'm in.





Thank you,
I knew you'd find me!

I didn't find you,
Tom. You found me.

And it's not me you should be
thanking. It's god.

Thank you.


Eileen...looks like god did
protect your tree.

Is anyone there? Can you hear
me? Is anyone up there?

I am.


Who are you?



You look great.

It's great to
see you, man!

You scared me.

I didn't think I'd ever see you
awake again.

When did you wake up?

How did you find me here?

How did I find you?

How did you find me?

I haven't been
here in years.


...i guess we have
Eileen to thank, huh?


Or god.

What's happening
in the world?

Everything Eileen
ever talked about.

Okay, uh...The rapture.

I don't know if it
was the rapture.

I mean,
she disappeared...

...and millions of other people

Tom, it was incredible.
I was right there.

I mean, you should've seen it.
I mean...She was there,

and she was standing right next
to me one second, and then the
next, gone!

And then all of a sudden,
Franco macalousso, he comes out,

and he stands up and he says
he's gonna save the whole world.

And I believed it.
All of it.

Until I saw what he was doin' to
those people, that is.

What about Suzy?
Is she all right?

Suzy is okay.

Okay, where is she?

I, I have no idea.

Well, how do you know she's all
right if you don't know where
she is?

Well, I saw another one of those
uplinks this afternoon.


Obviously, you have a lotta
catchin' up to do, buddy.

I know what an uplink is.


"For god so loved the world that
he gave his only begotten son"--

--to spread a web of lies.

Prepare for enlightenment,
miss Hannah.


Welcome... your day of wonder,
Helen Hannah.

It's not going to work.


...but it is.

Why is it that
people can't remember?

Calvin can't even
remember Eileen.

I don't know,
it's this weird
mind thing.

It happened to
all of 'em.

And macalousso claims
to be Satan?

That's right.

Please. Don't underestimate me.

Tonight, the whole world will be

And those that won't come
willingly, well...

They'll be mine anyway,
because they won't have a

Remember that story I told you
about the monkeys washing their

That was yesterday?

Maybe to you it
was like yesterday.

That's what he's doin', Tom.
I figured it out.
That's the big plan.

You know, you get enough to
people to believe your story,

and then voila, just like the
monkeys, we all believe it too.

And we don't
have a choice.

That's what tonight
is all about.

What do you mean?

What do I mean--i mean this
stuff really works!

And not just
on monkeys!

What do you think happened to me
the night you had your accident?

I remember I thought--

oh, you thought
I was nuts!

You thought I was delusional.
You thought I was makin' things
up, right?

You wanted to put
me in a home.

Well, they planted
thoughts in my brain.

Why do you think I carry this
for protection, okay?

I wanted to kill Eileen, for
cryin' out loud, Tom!

Listen to me,
I had no choice!

Well, you're
forgetting something,

One soul with god
is a majority.

You can unite every mind in the
world, you can meditate, you can

But when it comes down to it,
one soul who believes in god

is more powerful than every
demon, than every deceived soul,

and yes, even more than powerful
than you.

(Laughing hysterically)

Revelation 13:

"And the whole world wondered
after me, and they worshipped
me, saying

'who is like unto me?'

and it was given unto me to make
war on the saints.
And to conquer them"

so why is tonight
so special?

If they can change US by
thinking about it, why haven't
they converted US already?

Well, that's the
whole point!

That's what's
holdin' em back.

They don't have enough people
thinkin' together.

Okay, they can spin coins and
move pencils.

You know what they want?

They want the promise from the
book of Genesis.

You may have power over our
earthly bodies, but you cannot
steal our souls.

And that's what the real battle
is all about.

So why fight it, when you know
you can't win?


You have no idea what the real
battle's all about.

Everyone who takes my Mark will
be with me forever,

because I want lots and lots of
company in that eternal lake of

Genesis 11:6,

That's the big one
for these guys,

and I guess for
all of US.

I mean, even god admits that,
right there, in black and white.

He says if man could just come
together, unite as one then
anything we can imagine,
we can have.

That's impossible.

So is millions of people

Every soul that I win will be a
soul that he loses.

And to me, that is the greatest
victory of all.

Do you think that I care about

They're nothing but meaningless
pawns in a game as old as time.


You see, I used to sit up there
in heaven, right next to him.

I was the most glorious angel of
them all!

I was a bright and shining star!
I was a twinkle in god's eye.

Then one day, I made an
unpardonable sin.

I suddenly realized that I was
just like him.

You're nothing like him.
God loves the world.

He died for his world.
You just want the world to die
for you.

And now you're deceiving people
into giving up their eternal

just to get even with god.


Isn't it great?

Why didn't you
put on the goggles?

Were you scared?

I was lucky
I was scared.

When I saw what was happenin'
to all the other people who were
puttin' on the goggles--

I mean, you saw what
happened to Calvin.

I mean, this is a confusing
world, but there's one thing
I know for sure,

is anybody who puts on those
goggles comes out some kinda


(Maniacal laughter)

You see, already 95 per cent of
the world has my Mark.

Tonight is gonna be so much fun.

Imagine, all these people united
by a common thought...

...believing that they are going
to unleash their divine powers.

Instead, they're going to be
rejecting god.

And when they do that--


--The doors of hell will open
wide, and the war against his
saints will start,

until we kill every last one of

Do you really think you're in

Because you're not.

That's something you've never

God gave everyone the freedom to
choose their own destiny.


Well, now's the time for you to
choose yours.

I've already chosen mine.

I'm going home.

(Blade sliding down)


(Grunting in pain)

I guess Eileen
was right.

What do you mean?

Well, look around.
You see what's happening?

God, Satan, the rapture.
The Mark of the beast.

I remember, we used to tell
Eileen if god would just show
himself to US, then we would

I guess we did.

Yeah, we did, and now it's all
out in the open.

And I'm startin' to believe that
we asked the wrong question.

What question?

"Does god exist"?

We just assumed that if he
existed, that was enough.

But that's not enough.

We were askin'
the wrong question.

The right questions are
"do you believe him?"
"Do you accept him as god?"

Well, everybody
knows god exists.

Yeah, but 95 per cent of the
world still don't believe him.



Hello, Calvin.

Forgive me, Messiah.

I failed you.
I let one get away.

Oh, you failed me,
all right.

But not just me. Not just me.
But the whole world.

You see, you let
the wrong one get away.

I'm tellin' ya,
it's too late!

Calvin already made
up his mind!

He's my brother.
I'm gonna do somethin'.

You're wasting your time!

You wait here.

This is going to
be a battle, Calvin.

And unless you are willing to
win this battle, then you...

...are in the way.


And you know what happens to
those that stand in our way,
don't you...





(Smashing glass)





Oh, Calvin.
Eileen was right.
Eileen was right.


(Screeching tires)



(Cocking gun)


I wonder.
Did you beg for mercy?

(Cocking gun)



(Clearing throat)

No, nothing.

The haters fell
for our trap, sir.

The transmitter?

They stole it from the satellite
station at font hill.

Once they realize what they
have, they'll have no choice

but to try to interfere with our
Messiah's message tonight.

And to do that, they're gonna
need Suzy canboro.

Is everything set?

It'll pinpoint their exact
location, sir.

And if we can get this within
100 miles of where they are,

not a single soul will hear a

Sir, our communications
monitoring network picked up a
stray transmission coming from
your offices.

It was a big one, sir, and it
appears to have come from miss

The boys at the tracking station
think... might've been a video

Well, where did the signal go?

They couldn't
isolate it exactly...

...but we do know this:
They're somewhere up near
rat lake.

The cottage.

Well, go!

Looks like we won't have to wait
for that transmission after all.

Miss Hannah's done it for US.

But I get the pleasure of
killing every last one of them.


(Car roaring away)




Okay, there's gotta be a way.

We're talkin' about a global
broadcast, here.

We may never get another chance
to reach this many people.

And the way macalousso's been
pumpin' this thing, I doubt
there'll be a soul on earth not

Okay, we've figured out the
ground-based relays for the
regional stuff, why can't we...'s only a high-security

Look, let's not get frustrated,

Let's just keep workin' on it.

I know that we can figure out a
way to do this.

Helen's sure convinced there
is--she's been talking about it
all week.

Shouldn't she be back by now?

Yeah, I was just thinking about

When was the last time we heard
from her?

Right before the last uplink.

Well, I hope she gets here soon,
because whatever it is she has
planned for tonight,

I sure don't know what it is.

(Car whooshing past)

(Owls hooting)

We can't be late.

(Distant gunfire)

Come on.
Come on!


It's comin'
from over there.

Let's go!

There's no point.

That satellite is completely
locked up, and without the



Oh, Suzy.
Thank god
you're alive.


We gotta get
outta here.

Macalousso's guys have found
rat lake.

And they're going from cottage
to cottage shooting anything
that moves.

I tried to divert 'em, but what

this is very touching, but I
think you want to shut up now!


Well, well, well.
If it isn't the rest of
Helen Hannah's ugly little web
of hatred.

So, um...

This is what it's all about for
you guys?

This little book written by a
bunch of ignorant fisherman?

Well folks, the time has come to
ask yourselves the really
important question:

Are you ready to die for it?

I mean, you all talk the tough
talk, don't you?

Denouncing our Messiah every
chance you get,

telling the lord that yours is
the only way.

Well, let's see how tough you
talk now when everything is on
the line, hm?


(Safety catch clicking)

How 'bout you? Are you ready
to die for god?

I had a hard time understanding
god's love

until I saw my brother livin'
without it.

Then I saw the world without it.

And I'm happy to say thank you
god, for givin' me another

And you can do what you wanna

But the truth is, you're too


How about her?


You, then?

My brother.


And you. You can leave
or you can die.

...oh, no, no...


No, no. I don't blame him that
old book of fairytales certainly
isn't worth dying for, now is

Jason, come on.

I can't.


I really can't.

Then I suggest you leave before
I start shooting.

I'm sorry.






(Van rumbling away)


(Cartridges clinking on floor)

Forgive me folks. I'm on your

What are you doing?

He took the Van!

Don't worry Suzy.
No one's gonna catch him.

Look folks, my name
is Steve Jones.

I'm really sorry to have had to
do that to you, but I've got
something extremely valuable,

and I couldn't take the chance
of macalousso having one of his
spies in here.

Go ahead.

I've got a way to communicate
directly with the main o.N.E.


You've got the password?

No, even better. With this
thing, we don't need any secret
codes or frequencies.

Macalousso's in the middle of
his address right now,

and if we can cut in, we can
reach the whole world.

Are you sure?

I don't believe it.

I wish all the
news were good.

Helen Hannah's dead.



I think you'll find all the
answers you need on your

(Tapping computer keys)

"Dear friends, I have fought a
good fight.

I have stayed my course.
And I've kept my faith.

Please be strong and remember
what we're fighting for.

God bless...


And there's a video file after

What is it?

It's a videotaped confession
from the big man himself.


Yeah, that's right.

And even as we speak, he's busy
telling the whole world what a
great guy he is.

But thanks to Helen, they're
about to see his true colours.

What is that?

It's a transmitter.

Now that thing can send a signal
directly to the o.N.E.

from the satellite station at
font hill.

Yeah. How did you know?

It's a trap.



There's nothing down here.

Just give me a moment.

They've got a jammer.
And I don't know where it is,
I don't know how it works,

but they're expecting US to send
a signal, and they have all
intentions not to let it get

Well, how can we stop them
from jamming the signal.

There's gotta be a way.

I'm hoping I have it covered.

Hold it...

This is it!

All right, get him.

Citizens of the world, our
moment has finally arrived.

Together we will unleash the
unlimited power of our

Together we can rid this world
of hatred.




...awaken the powers within.

Is the tape ready, Selma?

All set and ready to go.

What is that?

That is the image of the beast.

That's what's waiting for
everyone inside those goggles.

And that's the tape that Helen
gave up her life for.

The image of the beast?

Revelation 13.

"And he had power to give life
unto the image of the beast,

that the image of the beast
should both speak and cause
that as many would not worship

the image of the beast should be

Macalousso used to try to
infiltrate the resistance with
spies who had tiny cameras

in their contact lenses.

Helen finally put one of those
things to good use.

Helen's about to show the world
the real Franco macalousso.


(Van door banging shut)

And the truth is very simple:

You have the power of god.


(Doors slamming shut)

It looks like we're not gonna
need this jammer.

Gentlemen, if it moves, shoot it
till it stops moving.

Well, this scared god very
badly, because he, he tossed US
out of heaven.

Not just me, but many, many

(Rapid gunfire)

(Hail of automatic gunfire)

(Massive explosion)

(Flames crackling)

Let's roll it.

You see, we're in a great war...

It should just be a few seconds,
and we'll be on the air.

...and that you are going to
spend eternity in hell, which is
simply not true!

(Burst of static)

You have no idea what this
battle is all about.

This one's for you, Helen.

I want lots and lots of company
in that lake of fire.

Because every soul that I win
will be a soul that he loses.

And to me, that is the greatest
victory of all!

Do you think I care about them?

They're meaningless pawns in a
game as old as time.

You're nothing like him.
God loves the world.
He died for his world.

You just want the world to die
for you!

And now you're deceiving people
into giving up their eternal

just to get even with god!

Isn't it great?
Already 95 per cent of the
world has taken my Mark.

Do you really think you're in
control? Because you're not.

It's something you never

God gave everyone the freedom
to choose their own destiny.


They're at it again.

They're at it again, you see?

Spreading hatred.
Hatred, hatred and lies.

Citizens of the world...

...don't listen to them,
come back.

Come on, come back.
Come back to me.

Don't go away. Don't go away,
come on! Come back!


Come back! Come back!

(Screaming) Come back!

We are experiencing technical
difficulties. Please stand by.

What day is it?


I have somewhere to go.


May I see your
left hand?


Oh, Tom...

This ring symbolizes my love to
you, forever.


And in eternity.



I have to go in there.

You take as long
as you need.




(Sound of approaching vehicle)



Oh, ja--Jason!




I'm here because I have a
promise to keep to my sister,

and I'm late, I'm really late.

But I want to get to know you.

I want to learn to open myself

I'm not good at saying prayers,
'cause I never learned how.

So I'm gonna talk to you like
you're right here.

Because now I know you are.