Trial by Fire (2008) - full transcript

Kristin Scott is wrongfully blamed for the death of her father just prior to his retirement as a Captain with the fire department. Along with being the only female firefighter on her squad, this puts her at odds with the other members of her team and she resigns. To prove herself she tackles the grueling training of smoke jumping. This is a rugged type of firefighter who jumps out of airplanes directly into the flames.

What is he saying? - I understand
nothing of it, too much interference.

It is an explosion,
all go away immediately!

Here with Tanker 77.
We come flying out and we

have an order for you.

Tanker 77, here speaks fire captain Scott.

you're there. We were waiting for you.

I did too, although I've seen it 100 times.

Just come with me.

Mike, look if you can find his family.

Come on, these people had 15
minutes ago should be gone.

Fire-Team 1, over.

We are almost, captain,
about 1 off two minutes I cut the line.

You just said that you are about 1 to 2 minutes
a line get cut. What is that supposed to mean?

First we need to create a path of
some 90 centimeters from the bushes.

And all the fuel away from its path.

And how long will that last about?

Sorry, "I forgot...
- Never mind, I know it.

The answer is that we will be
busy here for quite some time.

So... - Kristin Scott fireman!

How does it feel being the
only woman among all men.

I do not know if you've
got a lot of brothers.

It seems to be quite a tough gang.
How do you earn your respect?

I'm sorry... - Do not worry, happily!

Next time I hold you, baby!

You asked for respect?
- Come on people, move!

You have things to do before you can quit.

That lucky I am again...

The fire has already penetrated exit
62, Deer Lake is closed.

I know that is not good,
it's a pretty big city.

I get my people there on time.
They have to do more than enough.

If there is no road goes, there is
one option to turn off people there.

© Success!

The fire goes against the mountain. as
long as the wind cooperates, we have fire

at night time, enclosed.

They are going to pour water or do
they want to smother the flames?

Neither. Those are Smokejumpers.

Smoke Jumpers are the absolute Elite
at the fire department. Is that right?

That one says, Yes. Excuse me...

Fireman Crandell?

Oke, cut!

What could imagine?

Crandell has tried three years
ago at the Smoke Jumpers.

For your time.

I did not know that.

It also talks to like about it.

Why he made it with?

[He says ha] provided.
- I heard something else.

Anyway, he did not make it.

Now the wind is blowing downhill, sir.

Â???? We need to withdraw and
deposit wait for the water.

Roger. Pull your back.

I send you air support.
- OKA © people, pull back!

Wait, where are the reporters?

Damn it, Josh!

Damn me not! Rather call
the fire department, please!

Great, I'll be back!

If it can, hurry it up!

They can be anywhere!
- We should at least try it!

What we prove?
You're so brave as your father?

If we are trapped, we die!

Then go to your men and I
will keep them busy with me!

You know as well as I
do that I can not leave!

Then you have a problem, Crandell!

Help her, five minutes, no more!





Can anyone hear me? - Down here!

Down here!

Are you OK?

Then see it? I broke my leg!

© Oka, a moment. We get you out.

If I find out, how it must come down...

fall down I do not recommend!

I would take a rope.

Ever descended?


Then this is your first time

Should not you do that?
I have never done that.

How much do you weigh? 54?

56. And I 85.

I understood.

There she is!

Help me to turn her over.

Tell me if you need more rope.

One foot after the other, small steps!

Very good!


Irregular pulse,
they should go directly to the valley!

Here with Donahue. We have mentioned need
transportation for medical emergencies.

© Oka, there is a standby rescue vehicle.

- Say Scott, the five minutes are up.

Scott, come here with Donahue.


Everything good? - Yes!

It's working! - Good job!

Scott, come in! She does not answer.

We'll get you out of here. - Thank you!

We help you be fine.

Is it so?

Very good!

The Carabiner have stuck!

I'm pretty scared! - © OKA!

We can! - That's gonna hurt!

Hopefully Kristin found the cameraman.

Put her but in the car and then you leave.

Will you stay here?

Staying here is better,
and in come the captain without Kristin.

I owe you something.
If I can do, just say it!



I got him!

Where is Kristin?
- Crandell looking for her.

Get out, come on!

Almost saved! - OKA ©...

Just a little!

Give me your hand. Well done!

Not bad for the first time! - Thank you!

Where is Kristin? I do not know.

Get in!

The wind has blown me off course.
I gotta get back to my team.

Take him with you? - Yes I will.

Besides, Kristin Scott.

Ray Kalhanek.

We go, come on.


What were you thinking, Crandell?
You let your people never alone.

And my daughter at all!
- I've searched for her!

You were not hard to find, when I 'thought.

Thank God...

It's time. You scared me pretty!

Congratulations! - Yes...

People congratulate me all the time.

In addition, I'm just doing, which I love.
There is nothing special ..

Maybe that's just the special way!

Krissy, be aware that your father did
take, before the guests arrive.

I love watching him!


A wonderful woman.

What they all had to endure.

I can really lucky me!

A?? Speaking of luck, I'm very
proud of you that you need to know!

Thanks Dad!

I never find the right words, but...

I just wanted to say that...

"We're here, Dad! - Hey Chels...

Hi Meredith, come here!

You're grown significantly since last week!

Look! Come with me!

You drink beer?
Are not you afraid you get drunk?

I'm just kidding...

As always, Dad?

Miss pleasant retirement.

You'll never guess what it is!

Open it! Then it has chosen,
he thought that this was the best of all!

Where is Dan? Should we wait for him?

No need, he will come later.
His boss wanted a few clients' fish.

And then they had to bring
Chat Hain at the last minute.

25 years old!

That's why we bought him so
long you been in the fire!

Which claimed at least 100 weevers!
- Oh, whatever.

I said to Dan: my father
is not too expensive!

He finally retires!
- Very nice, but it is 26 years, right?

Naja... - No, you're right!

He remained a year longer to
look after my little sister!

He is the best father in the world?

Thank you.

I love you so much dad! - Me too.

What do you think, Meredith I
- That's the best house ever!

Thank you!


Too bad I must leave early,
but Meredith needs her beauty sleep.

© OKA. Glad you were there. And thanks
for the Scotch, that was not necessary.

No problem, congratulations once again!
- Yes thank you...

Chelsea Barbara helps with the cleanup.
- Well, then to Sunday.


Hello, old man! Nicely, you've made it.

Something let me do not overshoot!
- Do you want a beer?


Kristin always wanted to be a boy.

I remember when she was once home crying,

because no boy wanted to play with her

What are you talking about?
I remember nothing...

But I do.

Once I really wanted to help her

and suggested,

they had to play the sister.

A perfectly logical idea.

Mom, do you remember what she had said?

For that matter, I suffer Alzheimer.
Can not remember...

This is a brand new
house, with construction.

Yes, Meredith.

Barbara and I like to sit out here

and see our granddaughter play.

So a quiet life. I bet you're
already looking forward to it.

It will be a major change.

One thing I can already tell you now,

without you, it will not be the same.

Thank you my friend.

Really, Dad?

I'm like not done a long time.

It is a kind of therapy.

What are you doing here?

I work. For the money
that the city paid me.

Until today, I'm still on the payroll.

You could be on your last
day not to come here.

You know, it's bad luck.

I do not believe in such nonsense.

You know, if I stay at home,
you're mother is crazy.

They will have to get used to it.

You're retired.

Since today.

Go home!

I just lucky.


My son's in there!
Please, help him, please!

Try to calm down.

Get him out!

Get him out!

We do well

Ma'am, what's your son?

Johnny! - And where is he?

In his room. - Where is that?

Where's his room?

End of the hall. Second door on the left.

Crandell! - Ja?

Give me your bottle. - you do not trust me?

You are now taking the lead.
Get used to it.

Would you really do that?
- Are you kidding?

I've been way too long not done.

Keep the free part under water.

Ma'am, you must reverse.

Ma'am, if someone can take out your
son, it's him.

The roof could collapse at any moment.

You do not have to tell
me what I already know!

Stay there!

To move! To move! Faster! Come on!

© Okay, kid, you're safe.

Johnny, my boy!

Where's Hank?

Pap! Pap! Pap!

He's still inside!

Barbara, if we can do something for
you, please let us know.

Thank you, Bill! I appreciate that.

Want to eat something?

I'm not hungry, Mom.

© OKA. - Thank you.

Come on in.

OKA © treasure, but more is not there.
- OKA ©.

Are you leaving? - OKA ©.

That was it. - Let alone. I later do.

No, I prefer to do it right.

Was a beautiful funeral, right?

So many people.

Most of them could not even him.

Yes. Dad was a hero.

Everyone wants a hero
to pay their respects.

Oh, dear.

I will never forgive Kristin.

Mom said, that Grandpa is now in heaven.

She's right in.

Is there fire in heaven?

No. Only in hell.

Maybe they make an exception for grandpa,

because he could fire bestrijden as well.

If you do not like grandpa, aunt Krissie?

Yes, I loved him.

Just so, if you love your father.

Why did you kill him?

Why do you say that?

That said mom against dad in the car.

It was all your fault.

How dare you?

If you have something to
say, say it to me in my face!

Kristin, what's going on?

You've told Dan that I killed dad?

That is not true!

Certainly, Kristin, it's true.

Now I've said it to your face.

Stop it, both!

He has his work a year
longer exercised by you!

Actually, he should be out in Meredith

and enjoy his retirement.

Not you! - Please! Not today!

That's not the right time.

Your father was in the fire.

It was in his blood.

He has done that he loved.

It's that simple. no one is to blame.

No, Mom.

You'll just have to help me, Tim. Honestly.

I do not really fit. - Do not fit...?

You do not come back, Scott.


You do not come back.
You're not welcome here.

Then nothing changes, Crandell.

That was a year ago, even so.

I stay.

Get used to it.

See you in two weeks.

Hank was very good!

One of the best.

He only made a stupid decision

and that cost him his life.

Stop it, Crandell.
She has been through enough.

I do not think she has a
long, if he's gone,

in order for her to get
the coal from the fire.

At least longer than you've
been keeping the Smokejumpers.

I promise! - What did you say?

You heard right.

Listen to me. Your father is dead,

because he has the wrong trusted.

And if he had not been so stupid...
- Shut up!

Want to tell me what happened?
- State all in the message.

I know, I read the message.

I want to hear from you personally.

Look, Hank was a good friend of mine.

But I need fighters in the fire.

But no fighting among themselves.

Thus you get a normal investigation

or even suspension.

As for your conduct in the
house, everything is ready.

You saved the child's life.

And Hank knew what he
risked when he went inside.

As we all.

But what was this morning,

Crandell was, is another matter!

Will never happen again sir!
- It sure will not.

The statements of the
boys all agree or not?

I do not hear, you contradict them.

I have no one to pull. And certainly
not because Hank was your father.

I understand.

Six weeks without pay and two weeks.

Six weeks?

A little free time you will do well, yeah?

In such a time, you should not work at all.

You need time and the boys.

So they can trust again.

They've never done.

Well, maybe not.

But I do.


Your food smells delicious as
always, Barbara.

Thank you, Dan. Nice everyone is.

What do you do so all day?

Oh, this and that. I stay busy.

Looking for a new job?

Why? - Just a question.

I do not understand much of the fire, but

when you, your boss in
normal life selling a blow,

you'll promotes fast.

First, he was not my boss

and secondly,
he has always asked for a year.

© Okay, I thought, I ask again.

Come on, Meredith,
we help grandma to set the table.

We just play.
- Make it spe! Another time off.

Here comes relief. - oka ©, super.

She did not do evil to you, you know?

She wanted... - The best for me.

I know.

She told me a hundred times. - Yes I know.

Fact remains that she is your
sister and you have very sweet.

When you start again with the service?

About seven weeks.

And what do you do until then?

My doctor says, as I do in the winter
physio, I'm ready again next season.

Excuse me! - Can I help you?

Yes. I would like to
fill out an application.

We nebben on time just need a secretary.


Is something wrong?

No. I can not believe what you just said.

Pull you do not care,
he tells anyone who asks.

Also against the boys.

Have descend practiced in the meantime?

Not really.

Unfortunately. Looked really promising.

Thank you.
Much has happened quite recently.

I heard about your father. Sorry.

I was happy to come to the
funeral, but I had to fly to Juno.

State on your website that
you accept applications.

We are always looking for qualified people,

but that closes you off.

Yes? Why?

You does not even meet the
minimum physical requirements.

A Smoke Jumper is at least eenvijenzestig.


And one hundred and twenty pounds.

It looks after,
as if you have fallen since we met.

I did not draw much lately.

Then you need to change quickly.

Go do a bit of fitness,
come back and we'll talk.

That's stupid sexual
politics, and you know.


This rule has only one
reason: to exclude women.


This rule should exclude
people with the requirements

one of the toughest
jobs, nothing can begin.

I can do the job just as
well as any other here.

Prove once.

Count on that.

I can make more if you want?

No thanks. Only a little bacon.

I'm glad you're hungry, Kristin.

Are you pregnant? - Hold on!

I have not even a friend.

Oh yeah?

You obviously do not have it anymore.

By coming together. I heard at least.

You worry too much.


A mother may.

How do they compare with
those of your father?

Yes I know.

No one will ever like your father.

Mom, I have some questions.

Does it make you some if I stay a few days?

Of course not.

Stay as long as you want.

Probably gradually being too quiet.
So without work.

I'm not going back to the fire.


Nobody wants me to come back.

They never forget what happened.

Kristin. You can still regain
the trust of these men.

That will take time.

So when they looked at me. No!

And then?

I have something.

It is hard to get. And they said
that I am not also qualified.

Do not listen to them. What do they know.
You can be whatever you want.

I know. - Good.

Which job are you?

I want the Smokejumpers.

Sorry, but I only need my heart medicine.

Mom, I'm serious.


I was 26 years a nervous wreck,

because I was afraid of losing my husband.

Now I told my daughter,

them from the plane,
immediately wants to jump into the fire!

And then I do not care?

Mom, please, listen to me.
- What if the parachute does not open?

That is of course better to
land like a burning tree.

- How could you do that to me. Honest!

Mom! - Unbelievable!

I'm sorry I overreacted.

But I was serious, I said,
you can be what you want.

And if it should be the
Smokejumpers, then...

I support you!

Even if it meant more gray hairs.

I have lost anyway,
so I need to make more jokes.

Thank you mom! - Naja.

He was completely out of you.

He would have been very proud of you.

And he can tell you exactly what to do,

that you get the best for these people.

Whether it is pancakes or firefighting

I will never be your father.

But I know what he gave you on board.

Find someone you can trust.

That's not sexist, but bureaucracy.

The government has fixed it so that people,

who are not physically fit, lose weight.

So you have to be fit.
- Yeah, but you told anyone.

It is easy:

With 90 pounds you run 11/2
kilometers under 14 minutes.

Does not sound so easy.

Did you want to tell me that,
if I have the physical fitness,

I can work in Smokejumpers?

I mean exactly that.

Why do they have to say with equal?

Because it is the gender-neutral point.


What is it?

And if you want to be Smoke Jumper,

when you run into the round
with bags full of dog food?

Yes, exactly.

I spoke with a friend.
He flies to parachute school

and say that you jump
three or four times a week.


You can only jump soon.

So it would be nice if you
were interested in that.

What are you going to do now?

I do not think I've gotten so far.

What are you talking about?
It was YOUR \ dee.

I know. And you know it too.

But when your sister comes out,

what I do here,
broke in my house hell loose.

What then? - deny everything.

Then had to fly again. An emergency?


Imagine, to Idaho Falls.

He called me when I picked up Meredith.


But it's best that I now have
to pick up the camping equipment

For our weekend camping.

I have not the faintest
idea where I should obtain.

Moment, Moment. Slowly.

Did you just say "camp"? What you?


I know.

But Meredith wanted necessarily camping.

She has him simply wrapped around
her finger and that was it.

I will survive. There are worse things.


What am I gonna do with you?
Are you not sat that bickering?

I do not know. Apparently not.
It was always so.

I understand. You should be ready,
we have about three minutes.

She has put her heart on.
And the daughter of her father...

When she gets something in her head.

A Smoke Jumper, unbelievable.

Maybe we can talk her from there.

Or maybe Dan. She still listens to him.
I do not know why.

How wish you a skydiver happiness?

Break a leg,

but I think is very appropriate,
with a view to the situation.

I agree. whose me luck, okay ©?

© OKA. Good luck! Out with you!

I do not understand her. I've never been.

But why they do not do anything
normal, like other people.

You know, I've tried everything.

I have her tied to certain guys.

They were dear boys, Mom. Friends of Dan.

But she challenged them to arm wrestling

and who are most can push up and so on.

I bet she has won.

I know. And that was the worst.

And? they bite today?

Then I call the same and
stop an idea in his head.

Maybe he has an idea on the return trip.

Then Laterin.
- Hi. Beautiful you are right answers.

Hou, Chels.

I hope I did not disturb you.
I'm just here with Mom and...

Chels, I can call you back?

Man, that was fun!

Who was that?


That sounded like a woman's voice.
What is going on there?

I lay you out later when I'm back, Chels.

No, you put it out right now.

Chelsea, calm down, it's just me.

Kristin? What are you doing with Dan?

He's in Idaho Falls.

What is happening there?

He flew with me to skydiving, Chels.

Please give me my future ex husband.

Hello Darling! - You lied!

Nice that you have survived the
jump, because now we're both dead.

Chelsea, I'm sorry. It was all my idea.

That's not the point.

But he's a grown man
and he gave it priority,

behaved like a little boy,
because he lied to me.

I had told you.

When, then, Dan? Next week? Or next year?

I just want to know why
you did it behind my back.

Because I wanted to help her.

I wanted to support her a little.

What you can not think of
anyone in this family claim.

Rather support your wife, Dan.

I try to help her a new job

to get, so they do not perish, as they...

As what? As I've killed Dad?

I did not say that. - You wanted it!

© College, College ©.

First calm down.

It is at least not with a broken
neck somewhere in the woods.

You know what your problem is?

What? - You're jealous

my good relationship with Dad.
As it always was.

At least I have not tried a long life,

Danny replacement in Daddy's eyes.


Did you think that you
could replace his son?

You did not save.

Now quiet! Both!

Begin never talking about when I'm there!

If your father were here,
he would be ashamed of you.

I know I we! m.

Someone has to pick Meredith.
Do you do that please?

I have!

Be right back.

Unbelievable, you also come
into the picture every time.

Is that the best you got?

There you will not score much.

We say that I want?

I do not know.

Can you tell me why you're
with a woman who is only

want to talk? Or did you just come here,

to eat some fries.

No, I did not, but not a bad idea.

I had just jumped in a big fire.

I tell you à © partement thing.
A few days there in the hot sun

and you only want only a cold beer.

That's all?

Just about.

You really seem to want to come.

Not really.

You apply anymore. Wise of you.

Did I say that I give up? I had a light.

A lighting?

Yes, I spoke with someone
who is in the position,

to know that stuff.

He says that, legally,

I have no one to keep, to apply.

Not even by size by weight.

I have trained six weeks.

And I can pass the test, I know.


You can run under 11
minutes with 90 pounds?

What elf? I'm 14?

Thought wrong.

Why will necessarily be Smoke Jumper?

Everyone knows that you're a good fireman.
What do you want to prove?

Good is not good enough.

I want to be the best.

And Smokejumpers are the best.

You can laugh at me and make fun

and let it drag me all day long 90 pounds.

But I do not give up.


© College.

If your Monday with this attitude appears,

will be held for long.

Wait. Am I there?

You get at least a chance.


If you knew what to expect,
you would not thank me.


Damn it, Ray, are you crazy?

Shawn calm. I had no choice.

They knew everything about her rights.

What idiot told her then?

No idea.

She babbled something about it, "legally".

Maybe they know a lawyer.

Hold on, Shawn. Calm now but.

I do not turn me on. - Yes, you do!

Yes, it is!

Listen, maybe that's the best.


How much beer do you drink at the bar?

Listen to me!

We keep her from everything.

Let them now have a lawyer,

or go to the press,
which would be even worse.

They strike with sexual
discrimination, idiotic thing.

Just look around. Not à © partement woman!

Even though it is not quite right
with this discrimination against...

The media does not interest it.

You mean, then, that we should adopt her.


Komop, Ray.

That love which is not full. That you know.

And that's the beautiful thing.

If she fails in her terms.

We are debt free.

You are the two toughest
weeks ut your life.

Ninety percent of you and that's no joke,

will not save even the basic education.

Will only reach the finish the strongest.

And to be quite honest,

I can not imagine at all
that it will be much.

To start you follow all
the commands correctly.

Als je een vuur bestrijden
en de bevelen niet opvolgen,

kan iemand sterven.

We beginnen met een aantal tests,

die bepalen, of jullie de minimale
physische vereisten hebben,

om aan de basistraining voor
Smokejumper te kunnen deelnemen.

Als iemand van jullie
er niet toe in staat is,

een test te doorstaan, gaat die naar huis.

We gaan 25 opdrukken.

A Smoke Jumper is always
exposed to a certain risk,

sure as he performs his job.

But accept the risk,

spare not, that it is frivolous.

And you must realize well.

Seven pull - ups and true.

The great danger,
all just flying in the air.

Are you Kristin Scott?


Yes. Why?

Trees can explode.

Ga! Ga! Ga!

Because you are changing the rules.

We are paratroopers with a tough enemy.

Just so you know,
some guys find it nothing.

Moving! Go!

No worries, I think the best.

People faster, faster!

Thank you that reassures me.

Sometimes a solution seems insane.

But hot can save your life.

Move you people.
Do you sleep at home. Here we go!

In 1949 died nearly 13 Smokejumpers.

But one has survived.

He knew that he and his
men could not escape.

He had to make a quick decision.

It was clear to him that
something had burned,

could burn more.

He took a match and lit the
grass on which he stood.

There he was,
in the midst of the fire circle

and shouted to his men
that they had to come.

But they thought he was crazy.

And à © partement after
another died in the fire.

And finally you run one
and a half kilometers

90 pound pack on your back.

At the end of the track is a marker.

Who within 11 minutes there, go home!

Moving people.
You are already close to the target!

Here we go! People moving, moving!
Or do you want to go home?


Not bad. It's alright!

Come on ladies, move!

10:58. You made it. For today.

Drafting, come on!

We end the week.

And I must say that you are
by far the worst start group

I've ever seen.

You will have to give a little more gas.

The competition today is an individual.

Those with the best of
times, have the weekend off.

They can go home to see Mom.

And five with the worst of times, stay here

and cleaning the camp
to the last crumb clean.

Draw up. Single row!

You heard it!
Drafting, single row! Come on!

Ladies first, Scott.

Come up!

Come on guys! Movement! Faster, faster!

Down! Move! - Hurry up!

Komop! And.

Come on. Hurry up!

'Damn! - Stop!

Great Scott!

Once a woman... - Shut up!

That was totally unacceptable.

One of you will not Smoke Jumper. And now,

are you dismiss.

Grab your stuff.

You are going home.

What? I? - I caught you!

But sir, I k... anyway I saw good.
Get out of here!

All others grab the mop!

This weekend one free.

But you, Scott, you're free.

But sir, I can help anyway.
- That's an order!

Yes, sir!



Were you at the fire also such a problem?

No sir, even worse.

Do not say anything, Ray. - I will not.

Out here you do not even receive.

Honey, you can do it again 5
minutes without save that thing?

We would do without it.

I call Mom only briefly.
To let them know that we are on the

Willow Glenn "- his site.

She still is always worried.


We can always sleep in the van.

No no. It's just a long time ago.

Need the user manual?

Well, do not.

Meredith! Please stay here.
It's getting late.

Good evening everyone!

I collect the demurrage.
That's 15 dollars for the car.

It seems that it is not quite
succeed, sir, I'll help?

No thanks!

OKA © people, then a lot of fun.

And watch your fire.
It is very dry this year.

Thanks ranger.

Beautiful. What have I done now?

Nothing. I wish you only invite to dinner.

Food, like eat or should
it mean something else?

Yes, the last...
But let's not make too much of it.

Can I first outline. - Tuurhjk.

Will not you come in?


How long can such a thing last.


Is that good?


We go?


© Oka, yes, yes. Understood.

What I hear about a train accident?

An hour ago. Up in the woods.

A few kilometers Stevens Burg.

© College.

A few tanks are isolated "xplodeerd.
They have destroyed a huge area.

There has been extinguished from the
air, but one has to walk out fire

got their grip.

With a pair of running fires,
we would just like to save.

Hopefully. Because if the wind
turns and puts it all on fire,

then the fire quickly walk across
the highway to Stevens Burg

and cross the road all on fire.

No worries. We get there grips with.
- Watch out!

Of course.

That become a dangerous jump.
You might even say a rotten jump.

If I had known we were going to play pool,

I held my jeans.

That's why I had said nothing.

Another à © à © n?

No. I'm on call. One © n is enough.
We set the rules here-minded out.

Well, I would actually have to report.

You take bribes?

We are still and hour of the drop zone.
What neb for me?

The aircraft are constantly above
with water pouring on-going.

With 70% probability flying up
there soon everything in the air.

One thing is certain: the fire
will reach 100% sure Stevens Burg,

if we put it out quickly.

And we will probably also
get wind gusts of 72 mph.

If you guys save close to
land, it is a miracle.

I believe in miracles.
You should also be in this profession.

I suggest breaking it down.
But for that I'm not qualified.

But you're the boss. You decide.

I've never printed anything for me.

Talk to you when we're on the
ground, Crawford.

Roger. Oké.

If a woman puts on a dress,
you can at least ask her to dance.

Your wish is my command.

Tell me, Ray,
why are you actually Smoke Jumper?

That is a bit of a family.

My grandfather was Smoke Jumper,
à © partement of the first.

Really? - Yes.

Dad felt that he did not meet
the expectations of his father,

So he came here.
He has a ranch in Idaho Falls.

And you?

You always here was already in Rawlings?

Born and raised.

Brothers Sisters?

A sister.

I also had a brother, Donny.
But who died when I was little.

He drowned. - I'm sorry.

It's a long time ago.
I did not really know him.

But Chelsea. She knew that
he really liked baseball.

Of course you wanted him
with former baseball records.


Last week I wanted to
take my sister's head off,

because she said.

But somehow correct it a
bit, as I'm honest.

Perhaps. Who will know.

You do not have to be ashamed of anything.

Moreover, you à © partement
of the fittest women I know.

And with me seriously.

Not in the physical area,
but where it is important.

And I mean that seriously.

I bet you say that to all women.

Hopefully that neither your
wife or your girlfriend.

I hope so.

I heard that you like to
sell your manager a blow.

Ray Kalhanek.

I am coming.

What is it?

You have dinner here take credit.
Have just put on full standby.

My house is on the road.

I mat is there your.

If I'm in 2 seconds to
outlines, can I join?

Of course.

I've heard it's pretty windy boys.

We are driven apart by the dismount.

Are you ready?

Milligan has not reported in.

And the others?
Does that mean that no one has reported?

I try to make you just plain.

What he doing here? She is a novice.

Beginners should also know how
the team works on the ground.

The train accident happened here.

The fire is moving to the north,
with less than half kilometers per hour.

That is 3 to 4 times faster
than an average fire.

As someone once attention.

Tower Six says we have winds
of 120 kilometers per hour.

Milligan jumped under such
circumstances and became not adrift?

He also was.

Norris, is that you? - Yes.

Where is Milligan?

Since you ask me what.

Most of Milli Gans men meet again here.

And who's that over there?


When you tried to reach him?
Every five minutes.

Try again, Crawford.

Central Rawlings.
Notice to Milligan. Sign please.

Notice to Milligan. Sign please.
Notice to Milligan.

Milligan, come in please.

Central, Milligan here!

Milligan, Thank God.

Once put the speaker.

© okay, how are you doing?

It was a bit better, I'm in trouble here.

Hang an approximately 60 meter high rock.
Armen broken, ribs as well.

Do you view your crew? I have them
registered in the neighborhood close to you.

Negative. I do not see them.
I see nothing at all.

Crawford Wait, I see them.

Norris, Norris!

Norris, sign.

I did not sign confirmation.
No sign confirmation. Please answer.

What is he saying?
- No idea. Is all so distorted.

Norris, you need the other way.

Norris, here's Milligan. Turn around!

Soon everything explodes!

Crawford, she did not hear me.
I can not do anything.

Try a different frequency.

Get the hell out of here, now!

© OKA. Good. I bring him up to date.

The plane is refueled again. We can start.

You stay on standby.

What are you talking about?
You need me and the boys send off.


Yes, that goes, Crawford. Give us the
order and we start. That's how it goes.

I can not do that.

Can not you or do you want to?
- What you just want!

Is the same.

The fire must be stopped. - You're right.

But I'm not six men
before sending in death.

I had been warned to Milligan wind.

Those men are dead,
because he has taken a wrong decision.

And if there starts a plane, I decide.

And my decision is: No!

And while the men have no
chance to extinguish the fire,

is there anyone in the fire.



He is right. You know that.

I stood up for you,
so that you were included.

Did not you. I have worked
me the fuck to participate.

We'll see what happened next week.

Are you angry because I agree with him?

He just wants to limit the risk.

We Smokejumpers. Risk is our business!

Someone once said,
because Smokejumpers entering any risk,

do not yet mean they are frivolous.

These men were my friends.

But what you're proposing
will not bring back their Ray.


Yes darling?

I have already.

© okay, sweetheart.

Well, let's go.

Honey, that's the second time.
Do you know why?

First I had to.
But now I have not, I believe.

What not? - Nothing.

Nothing. Be sure the next time that
you have before you wake me up.

© College.

Please. We go back to sleep, honey.

Then, dear. It Smells of smoke.

© OKA. - I worry.

Honey, it's a campsite.
Here also made fire.

But at half past five,
yet makes no more fire.

Smoking still all night.

Believe me that's all. And as long
as the tent is not fire, I sleep on.

You do know what happened.
We can no longer think about it.

We mourn later our friends.
Now we have work to do!

The fire is moving towards Stevens Burg.
We have to stop it!

Kristin Scott today jumps along
for the first time with us.

She will lead the search
and rescue operation.

Denn Milligan and his
crew are still down there.

© Oka, we land. Let's do our job.
It's that simple.

© Okay, let's go!


Today I have some sad news for you.

We have just learned
that five Smokejumpers...

tonight to have died.

In an already record-breaking
fire all season,

there was à © partement
of the worst fires ever.

Station à © à © n, Crandell here.

Yes sir!

That was the chef. Time for our
contribution. On to Stevens Burg.

What is camping fun.
Whose idea was it anyway?

Why hovers so much smoke?

Being around here fire. We must leave.

Last night I tried to warn your
father, but he did not listen.

I have?

Wait, Meredith.

But Mama! - We gotta get out of here!

Then, you have the tent? - Yes.

Meredith, we have to drive!

Do you have it? - Yes.


Where is she? She was there just yet.

I... - Do not you pay attention?

We have to leave! - I thought you oppaste!

Meredith! - I still get caught!

Meredith. - They can not be far.



Probably a shock!

How we krijgen him out of there?

As once worked with a rope?

Meredith! - Meredith!

Have you seen a little girl?
Blond hair and a tail. She's seven.

Meredith! - I'm in here!

I'm here! - Meredith!

Then, listen! - Mom, Dad, here I am!

Meredith! I am coming!

Open the door! Wait!

Which does not open.

He clamps! Wait, I'm so...

Honey, go away from the door.
Go while sitting on the toilet.

Are you sitting on the toilet? - Yes mom.


Everything will be fine, I'm there.

You and your sister,
you have more in common as you think.

What are you doing here?
You would long way...

What's going on here?

That was the case.

Let me now bags, you certaintly.

Risky is it only when we bevrijden him.

Whether we take him to pull the line up.

Want to get caught up
and pulled down with him?

For every à © partement rope.

The fire has already reached
the other side of the highway.

We must take the old Houtstraat.

But I must warn you,
at the exit become a bit haarig.

What do you mean?

I would say that little
more can close her eyes.

And maybe she.

So people, we need to work.

Divide you, make a row. Then we save it.

© College?

More rope!

I'm here.

© College.

Shot, what are you doing here?

Provide a little annoyance.
Do you have a problem with that?


I hope that you're the type that's hateful.

That will know you as.



Thank you!

You're welcome.

© Oka, pull up!

Hopefully Smokejumpers get
everything under control.

Otherwise, we have a big problem.

Enough talk! Concentrate on the job.
I do not want to hear.

Come come.

© College.

Mommy, I'm scared.

I know that. But we are so at home.

But you were well!

I stopped her. Where are the others?

Behind the hills.

Back, all back!

Oh my God! Get out of here!
Here everything explodes soon!

Oh, my God, Dan!

Dad watch out!

Here is Pete. I am old Houtstraat
and have a huge problem.

What should we do now?

I just knows. I am thinking.

Report to Kalhaneck. Please confirm.

Yes, I confirm.

There Campers trapped.

Willow Glenn Camping.

That's near the old Houtstraat.

You please go quickly to your people there?

How he imagines that "for?

We can anyone miss.

We have been too few.

Calm but Barbara. The chance that she
isolated "evacuated have been quite large.

What's with Kristin?
Was the news that the Smokejumpers just...

Kristin is a novice. I can not imagine,

jumping someone without at least
to have a week-long training

If I could ask, to ask me a moment to date?

With whom I could talk, what do you think?

Yes, I know Kristin Scott.

She is currently not

and we have just a
pretty intense fire to ..

Listen, I just wanted to know.

Novices may jump out at you? Is that right?

Usually not,
but she jumped at the Stevensburg-fire

if you wanted to know.

Mrs? Are you still there?

Yes. Can I just ask something, please?

Yes, if it is fast. I have a clear path.

Have you heard of the National Park?
My other daughter is there.

Then I can connect with
the park leadership, Madam.

Thank you. - You're welcome.

What am I here?

Now the mothers call already.

What am I glad to see you.

Behind namely stuck an entire family.
Over there!

I will take a look.

Oh my God, Chelsea!

Notification of Scott.

Here plant.

I need reinforcement from the air.

As soon as it can.

At Willow Glenn "Camping.
The old Houtstraat.

The tankers are all in use.

I can only offer a helicopter.

When he zijn here?

In 12 to 15 minutes.
He flies back just to get water.

Ten minutes is too much, Crawford.


What are you doing?

Quick, get out! Fast!

Come quick! - Come on, baby!

Here's Heli Tack à © partement.
We are on our way to you.

And now?

Wait here!


Then? - Everything will be fine!

Are you crazy?
We burn a hurry and you make a new fire.

Come here! You have to trust me, Chelsea.

We quickly go. - The fire everywhere!

Listen. Something that has been burned,

can not burn. You understand? Go now!

Come quick!

Are you OK? - Yes, it is.

It's so damn hot.

Stay down.

Stay down.

Remain very quiet.

Barbara? Peg Berry. You look at this?

Where to, Peg?

Oh my God...

I thank God that we are
alive and that we are saved.

We now want to go home alone.

We are now under contrde, chief.

Here, the fire will finally succumb.

Well done. Your men can relax now.

I have just been informed.

The Smokejumpers have the
fire under control 90%.

You are kidding me!

Nowadays in the US about 400 Smokejumpers.