Trial (2020) - full transcript

Coping with grief, Eva questions al-Masih, but his riveting charisma turns the tables. A deportation trial becomes a political lightning rod.

[steady buzzing]


[indistinct announcement on PA]

Did you experience any pain or cramping
before the bleeding began?

[Eva] Uh, yes.

A little.

- [doctor] Do you have an OB?
- Yeah.

Did you call them?

Uh, no, I've been traveling.

I'm so sorry.

You know, first trimester miscarriages
are not uncommon.

- Many women experience them.
- [sighs] I know that.

It's not your first?

How many miscarriages have you had?

Mrs. Geller.

It is Mrs., right?

I need to know your medical history

- in order to process...
- This is my fourth.


What medications are you on?

Mrs. Geller.


- Injections or pills?
- Injections.

Okay. So you're on a fertility program?

Is your husband outside?
Do you want him to come in?


Do you need to call him?

He's dead.

He banked his sperm
before his chemo treatments.

I'm sorry.

Do I need a D and C?

It's not likely.

- At this early stage of...
- Can I go, then?

We need you to stick around
for a few hours for observation.

[Eva sighs]

- Do you have a friend you can call?
- No, I'm...

I'm fine, thank you.


[man on PA]
Dr Montel to the chem lab, please.

[woman] This is an important case
for the ACLU.

We're gonna make sure that it gets
the right amount of attention.

The judge will likely uphold the charge
of illegal entry,

recommend that you be removed.

We'll apply for relief
so that you're not deported.

You'll probably be denied bail
and detained

while we await your proper hearing.

Do you understand everything I'm saying?


I'm the best at what I do,
and I'm gonna win this for you.

God willing.

God willing or not.

- [buzz of conversation]
- [Anna] Listen to me...

[man 1] OK. Should be out of here
in three to five.

- [Anna] Go on, take a sip.
- [man 2] I shouldn't have left her.

I shouldn't have left her alone.

- [man 1] Take that...
- [man 3] Right there...

[radio chatter]

[man 1] Right now, ma'am!
Out of there!

There you go!

- We're clearin' out...
- I'll grab it now, put it on through.

- [woman] Thank you, Reverend.
- You're welcome. God bless.

[man 1] Turn it on on three. That's right.

[man 2] Give me some motion,
you know what I'm sayin'?

[woman] Excuse me.


Do you know where we can set up camp?

[Felix] You're not local.
Where are you from?


Is this it?

- Is this where it happened?
- Where what happened?

Where the Miracle Man appeared.

- Yes.
- Ah!

- What are you doin'?
- I'm posting it.

People want to know.

People are coming.

Thank you.

[helicopter flying overhead]


[man on radio] Yeah, I'm over here, uh...

going to wait a couple more minutes, so...


Uh, level B, Charlie, going down now...

[phone notifications]

- [sighs]
- [phone chiming]


It's, uh... Will... Mathers.


- I think we got off on the wrong foot.
- Uh-huh.

- Is that all you wanted to say?
- Well, pretty much.

That, and...

his lawyer just left for the day,
so if you were thinkin' about comin' in...

I'll be there in 45.

[thunder rumbling]

[Eva] Where is he?

I've put him in a holding cell.

He was most obliging
without his lawyer present.

Thought you were by the book?

No rules being broken here.

Just a little bent.

You good?


[door creaks and closes]



Are they treating you okay?

Yes, thank you.

You have questions for me?

No, I just want to talk.

I'm what you might call a follower...

of yours, as in,
I have been following you.

Syria, Israel, Jordan, Mexico.

- You're CIA.
- You get around.

It's the nature of my work.

And what is that work?

God's work.

And God wants you here?

- In a Texas detention center?
- [thunder rumbling]

For now.


Planning on another breakout?

It's not up to me.

Must be a comfort to know
that whatever it is you do...

- it's God's will.
- To the contrary.

It's a great responsibility.
He doesn't ask easy things.


You feel responsibility
for the hundreds of women and children

that you led to a border of a country
that is never going to let them in?

No one can question God's will.

Oh, I'm not questioning God's.

I'm questioning yours.

You're the one who led them there.

Before too long,
people are gonna start dying.

And that will be on your head.

You've made yourself a lot of enemies.

Speaking the truth often has that effect.


We'll get to the truth.



The more you cooperate,
the more I can help you.

I don't need your help. God provides.

You know, maybe...

I'm a part of God's plan.

- You are.
- Huh.


tell me what that plan is.

Enlighten me.

I wish it were that simple.

[Eva chuckles]

But it never is.

Is it?

It's always an idea
that's just out of reach.

And people just need to trust in you
and follow you.

You know, my job, I...

I meet people like you all the time,
people who think they have the answer,

if only the world would listen to them
and do as they say.

They become so committed to an idea,
they distort themselves.

They become the embodiment
of that ideal and...

it makes them feel special.

For a while.

But sooner or later, all of these people,
deep down, they...

all want it to stop.

They miss being human.

But they feel they have no choice
but to continue what they started,

isolating themselves...

cutting off from friends and family,

and getting further and further away
from what they know...

till there's no choice
but to go over the cliff.

And that's what makes people like you...


To everyone, including yourself.

My job...

My job is to catch you...

before that cliff.

Catchers in the rye.

What was that?

We're both catchers in the rye...

you and me.

Trying to stop the children from falling.

You are very devoted to your job.

Why do you say that?

It's Sunday.

You are a woman who has fought hard
for everything she has.

Fought hard to be recognized,
to be the best...

to stand out...

to be better than the men around her.

- That's every working woman.
- But you're prepared to go the extra mile.

Ignore your personal problems...

and drag yourself here on a Sunday...

It's what you worship.

- Worship?
- Mm.

Everybody worships.

The only choice is what we worship.

Some people kneel to money.

Some to power, to intellect.

And you?

You are an acolyte of the CIA.

And you have sacrificed everything
for an idea.

And the more you've pursued that idea,
the more isolated you've become.

But at night, you lay in bed...

and wonder if it was worth
everything you gave up.

God hears the tears that you won't cry.

You don't know anything about me.

I know you're in pain.

It will not last.

I'm just fine, thank you.

You will be, after it passes.

I can make it pass.

Your accent...

you're from Iran.

Do you have family there, friends?

And you're right.

I am good at my job.
And I'm going to find out everything...

- about you.
- You're looking for the wrong things.

[in Hebrew] "They that seek the Lord
shall not want for good."

Who taught you Hebrew?

- My father.
- You're trying to tell me you're Jewish?

It follows the mother's line.

As you would know.

Just as your mother had you.

She wants you to know
you were her gift from God.

You know nothing about my mother.

She's always watching.


and your husband.


it's okay.

It's okay to cry.

[buzzer sounds]


[buzzer sounds]

Everythin' okay?

[Eva] Yeah.

I'm good.

Did you tell him my name?

- No. Fuck.
- Here.

- I'm gonna have to take him back now.
- Fuck.

I'll be damned. [sighs]

[Eva] And I've been following you.

Syria, Israel, Jordan, Mexico.

- [al-Masih] You're CIA.
- You get around.

It's the nature of my work.

[Eva] And what is that work?

[in Hebrew] I need to close up.

[man] Do you answer your fucking phone?


- I was beginning to think you were dead.
- [bartender] I'm closed.

Get him out of here.

Give us a minute.

The boss is pissed...
he's been trying to reach you.

You've been investigated
before... we all have.

He's doing what he has to.


What's the matter? Talk to me.

I think I fucked up.

[cicadas chirping]

[car door slams]

What were you thinking?

[Aviram sighs]

[man sighs]

[boy groaning]

[Eva] We need to properly detain him, in
order to get better access, more answers.

He's not under CIA jurisdiction
on US soil.

You know that.

- Israel wants him extradited.
- He's being handled. I'm sure of it.

What makes you say that?

He can read people.
He's smart, ma'am. He's been trained.

- He... he knew things about me.
- What things?

Personal stuff.

Like what?

About my family,
stuff that you'd find in a dossier on me,

say, from a counterintelligence agency
like the GID.

Coupled with the fact
that he escaped Shin Bet,

boarded a private plane in Jordan,
and it starts to paint a picture.

It's a nice theory, but what's his plan?

Well, if he gets extradited,
nobody will know.

If we're gonna detain him,
it has to be now.

- When's the trial?
- Bail hearing's tomorrow.

I'll see what I can do.


[notification pings]

[phone rings]

- Hello?
- [Eva] Hey, it's me.


Eva, Dad.

Oh, Eva, that's what I meant.

Uh, what's wrong?

- [sighs] Nothing.
- You sure?

Yes. Why does there always
have to be something wrong?

Because you never call, that's all.

- We speak almost every day.
- Yeah, but you're never the one who calls.

I'm calling you now.

So what's up?

Uh, nothing. I'm just...

checking in.


Yeah. Uh...

It's nice that you did.

How are you?

Oh, well, I... I'm good.

I'm gonna try and come see you soon.

So what... what is it?


I miss you.

Work getting you down?

It's okay, Dad.

Hey, you don't...
you don't have to be tough around me.

I know, Dad.

I remember what it was like.

It's a lonely job.

I'm just tired.


I love you.

Me too.


[woman] A spotlight has been shone today

on the president's
federal immigration policies,

as political folk hero
and Syrian refugee al-Masih...

[man] The hearing caught
the attention of lawmakers,

as the ACLU has stepped up
to defend Mr. Masih.

Whether he entered the country illegally
or not is beside the point.

He has rights, and the ACLU is here
to protect those rights.

What about Judge Pleva?

He's a conservative,
known for coming down hard on illegals.

Whatever political or social leanings
Judge Pleva has,

he's obliged to weigh the case
on its own merit.

The federal government
has found the respondent

to be present in the United States
without proper admission,

lacking a visa
or other forms of documentation.

Miss Garcia?

Does the respondent understand
the charges being brought against him?

He does, Your Honor.

And does he admit or deny?

My client admits to the charge
of illegal entry.

However, the defense wishes
to file for protection

under the convention against torture.

Based on what information?

My client fears persecution
for his religious and political beliefs

if he were to be sent back to Israel.

Your Honor?

Ms. Lang?

The United States would like to point out

that the respondent is seen as a person
of interest, having incited rioting

and violence in Israel,
which you've surely seen in the news.

Therefore, the prosecution kindly asks
Your Honor to consider

an expedited removal of Mr. Masih,

which I would like to note
is not his real name...

Your Honor, my client is reluctant
to give his real name

for fear of retaliation
against family members

- he may have back home.
- Seeing as the respondent has fled

a foreign country already,
the court is going to deny bail.

Flight risk.

Having heard Ms. Lang's argument,
and due to the stature of the case,

I'm going to expedite the hearing.

- We're gonna lose him.
- We'll see you all here Wednesday.

- [ACLU lawyer] That gives us no time...
- [gavel bangs]


[Bailey] Best you put this to bed now.

What if we offer his lawyer a deal?

The situation's the situation, Eva.

You need to concentrate on the West Bank.


[thunder crashing]

I should report you.

You interrogated my client behind my back.

- He agreed to talk to me.
- You violated his right to due process.

Do you even care about your client?

Because right now, he's screwed.

The judge expedited the hearing
to disadvantage you.

You don't think I know that?

The only way you can protect him is
if he gets detained.

- In this country? That's no protection.
- He goes back to Syria, he gets shot.

He goes back to Israel, he gets locked up
for the rest of his life.

Now, your client was happy
to cooperate with me.

- You're the one who's being stubborn.
- Hm.

We're prepared to make a deal.

By offering me a chance
to throw the case.

I'm trying to help you.

Yeah. Thanks,
I'll take my chances in court.

Maybe you want to lose the case?

That way you still get your point
across to the media.

What is he, your sacrificial lamb?

Good night, Detective.

It's Officer.

His actions weren't overtly aggressive.

You could argue he's an activist.
Some people are calling him a prophet.

[man] Or maybe he's a terrorist,
or a religious fanatic.

Why are there only two options?
Because he's Muslim?

A Muslim can only be a terrorist
or a religious extremist?

Why can't he just be an ideologue
or a good old-fashioned charlatan?

I just think we're missing
an important part of the debate here

by focusing solely on provenance.

[man] Whatever he is, and however
he got here, he's our problem now.

[in Hebrew] This is bullshit.

This is serious.

I'm trying to help you.

By forcing me to make a statement?

Without the American here,
just tell me what was on that tape.

[distant siren wailing]

Just give me a goddamn statement.

If you don't, you'll be suspended

and go before the Security Council,
do you want that?

You're threatening my job now?

Take it however you like.

I haven't done anything wrong.

You erased an interrogation tape.

[yells] I've erased a thousand tapes.
You know what goes on in there.

- This is different!
- Because he escaped custody?

Because it's on CNN.
The whole world is watching.

It's not just your job. The Prime
Minister is on my back about this.

Do you understand?

Fuck this.

Whatever you're hiding...

I hope it's worth your career.

Keys and ID.


If I were you, I'd get an attorney.

[door slams]






[wind howls]


[baby crying]


[baby crying]

[keys jangling]

[Anna] What are you doing?

I have to go, Anna.
I have to be with him.


I can't explain it.

I think he needs me.

You've already retained this man a lawyer.

Don't you think you've done enough?

- You don't understand.
- No, I don't.


Explain to me what's been goin' on.

Explain to me what you were gonna do
the morning of the tornado.

What were you gonna do, Felix?

Somethin' stupid.

Say it.

I was tryin' to help us.


You weren't even thinking about us.

I can't keep doing this.

I can't keep silent,
wondering what you're gonna do next.

I know things have been hard

- and we haven't been happy, but...
- But what?

- Now things are gonna change?
- Yes.


Because of this man?

You don't even know who he is.

I can't explain it, Anna.

But right now, I think... I feel...

that this is important.

He is important.

- Are we not important?
- Yes.

Of course.

I was gonna burn this place down, Anna.

I just...

didn't see the point
of what I was doin' here.

I thought I lost everything.
I thought I lost my faith.

And... right at that moment...

a tornado hits and he shows up.

I know God put this man here at this time
in front of me for a reason.

I don't know what that reason was.

That's up to God.

But I do know that if we have faith...

God will guide us.

I know that.

Your duty is here right now.

This town needs you.

I have to do this.

- [sniffling]
- [car door closes]

[engine starts]

[man on radio] Need an escort
for a male lockdown,

65723, red building...

Brought you a coffee.


So, what's he doin'?

Nothin'. Hasn't moved once all day.

- [crowd chanting] al-Masih! al-Masih!
- [man]...versus the state of Texas...

Court proceedings are about to commence
on what has become

a highly anticipated trial overseen
by Judge Pleva.

[man] The trial that has caught
the nation's attention is in session...

[woman] in a trial
that is heating up the immigration debate,

not just here in Texas,
but across the country.

[distant siren wailing]

[woman] All rise for the honorable
Judge Harold Pleva.

[helicopter flying overhead]

[Pleva] Please be seated.

Miss Garcia, I received your necessary
applications last night.

What evidence does the respondent
wish to present?

Your Honor, due to the promptness
of this trial, it was difficult

for the defense to bring forth evidence
or produce witnesses.

However, I would like to make a statement.

- Please proceed.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

My client fled
the war-torn country of Syria

with thousands of refugees
hoping to seek shelter in Israel.

But they were met with hostility
and aggression by the Israeli government,

who arrested my client without cause.

My client is here as a refugee.

If the Court decides
to send him back to Israel,

he fears he would be persecuted
for his religious beliefs in Islam.

Is that your whole statement, Miss Garcia?

Yes, Your Honor.

Does the respondent wish
to make a statement?

- No, Your Honor.
- I'd like to say something.

No one decides where they were born.

Our birthplace was decided by fate.

You were born here...

I was born there.

What divides us?

A border...

is an idea decided by the lucky.

Today you sit
in the seat of the fortunate.

Just remember what put you there.


What is fate...

but the hand of God?

Ms. Lang, respondent is all yours.

Mr. Masih, if I may?

Can you tell the court
what you're doing in this video?

It's hard to tell, but what I can tell you
is that you're not praying...

at least, not like a Muslim.

As I'm sure the court is aware,
Muslims observe five formal prayers a day.

You didn't stand up
and face Mecca even once.

So how can the respondent's council argue
that Mr. Masih can't be removed to Israel

for fears of persecution for his religion

- if he doesn't practice that religion?
- Objection, Your Honor.

The prosecution is testifying,

- not questioning my witness.
- Mr. Masih, what religion are you?

You are not to question my client.

I walk with all men.


- [Pleva] Order. Order, please.
- [bangs gavel]

Order, please.

No further questions, Your Honor.

[woman] The case
is a political lightning rod

- for the president's policies...
- [man] When asked to define

- his religious beliefs...
- ...sides of the debate.

[both] "I walk with all men."

They were the words
of the man they're calling al-Masih.

His statements in the hearing today
likely to jeopardize

- his chances for asylum...
- Are you the reverend?

From Dilley, whose church was saved?
Why are you following this man?

I'm following this man because I believe
he was sent here, to us, for a reason.

Look, I'm gonna stop you
right there, Jack.

You're taking his words
completely out of context.

Uh, yes, you are.

The president is a man of faith.
He has a strong opinion about this.

From now on, if you want a direct answer,
come to me first.


- Yes?
- [man] Director Bailey

and Undersecretary Kirmani.

Send them in.

[door opens]

Have you seen this?

This is blowing up.

I want him out of the country now.

We're working on it, sir.

- It's complicated.
- Complicated.

The president didn't fight for two years
to have his immigration policy

called back into question
because of some fucking Arab.

Respectfully, sir...

the best way to make him disappear
is to detain him.

That way we own him.
We control the situation.

Israel is demanding he be extradited.
There's no way around that.

You want to send him back to Israel,

- let him create his Holy War?
- If we risk upsetting Israel,

- who knows where this ends?
- How do we protect the country?

- We need Israel's cooperation...
- Okay.


I'll solve it myself.

[baby crying]

Why did you speak?

Why did you answer her question?

Because it's the truth.

You didn't just screw this up for you.
You screwed it up for these people, too.

This is bigger than what you can imagine.

- [cicadas chirping]
- [man] What reason might that be?

[Felix] I witnessed something
that can't be described

in any other way than miraculous.

If he wants to stay here,
we should let him.

If he wants to stay here, it's God's will.

- That's what I believe.
- Miraculous?

He saved my church
and he saved my daughter's life.

He's here illegally,
with no papers, no documentation.

This man is the poster boy
for America's problems.

I mean, what,
now we're deporting the Messiah?

- We've got King Herod for president.
- [laughter]

[reporter] Standing before the judge,
he proclaimed, "A border is an idea

- decided by the lucky."
- [beep]

- What is it?
- He sat back down...

- [woman] Cameron Collier on line two.
- ...judge simply speechless, despite...

[distant siren wailing]

Cameron Collier.
To what do I owe this honor?

My apologies for the interruption, Judge.

I just want to check in and see
how your deliberations were going.

I see.

From where the president stands,

if... Israel wants this guy so badly,
why upset the apple cart?

You're a man who's not afraid
to make unpopular decisions.

Hell, the president's always been
a big fan of yours.

This would be a great way
to put a stamp on your legacy.


thank you kindly
for your perspective, Cameron.

I'll consider it
when I hand down my decision.

It's been a pleasure talking.

Pleasure's mine.

All mine.

[distant siren wailing]


[footsteps approaching]


[in Arabic] Jibril, what happened to you?

We've been looking for you for days...

[radio chatter]

[man] ...make sure to try
to double up on water, stay cool...

[man coughing]

[man on radio] Ray, can I get you over
to the reorientation program?

Starts in 15 minutes, I need more cover. stage,
come back there, rear cable,

let's, uh, get the rear cable out first,
bring in the next, uh, next group.

[crowd chanting] al-Masih! al-Masih!

al-Masih! al-Masih! al-Masih!

Please be seated.

The court has deliberated on the nature
and circumstances of the events.

After careful consideration of
the evidence which is been brought forth,

the court, which I would like to state,

stands independent
of any and all influence,

has decided to grant Mr. Masih asylum.

- [murmuring]
- [gavel bangs]

- I told you. We did it.
- [crowd] al-Masih! al-Masih!

al-Masih! al-Masih!

- Welcome to the great state of Texas, sir.
- [chanting continues]

[woman] The shock decision handed down
by Justice Pleva stunned the press today

as audible gasps were heard.

- It's hard to know what...
- What is that?

- They let him go. He's free.
- flies in the face of every decision

- this judge has handed down...
- What?

- his 40-year career.
- al-Masih! al-Masih!

It's a remarkable decision
for America and all refugees.

[crowd] al-Masih! al-Masih!

[door opens]

[woman] I brought you some meatloaf.



[chanting continues outside]

You should be drinkin' water
with your prescriptions.

Let me die in peace, woman.

Let me die in peace.

- [woman] What country will you go to next?
- [man] Why are you so special?


[man 2] Do you have a real name,
Mr. Masih?

Why did you choose Texas?

Get in!

Get in!

♪ Go your way ♪

♪ I'll go mine

♪ And carry on ♪

[engine revs]

♪ The sky is clearing ♪

- ♪ And the night
- ♪ Has cried enough ♪

♪ The sun, he come ♪

- ♪ The world
- ♪ To soften up ♪

♪ Rejoice, rejoice ♪

♪ We have no choice ♪

♪ But to carry on ♪

♪ Carry on ♪

♪ Love is coming ♪

♪ Love is coming

♪ To us all ♪