Triad Wars (2008) - full transcript

In the midst of a violent gang war one powerful triad leader is faced with losing a grip on his power. As his empire slowly crumbles and his trust of those closest to him dwindles violence escalates as the triad starts clashing with other triads among the Hong Kong community. Face with his only option he'll resort to violent ways to regain his status and reclaim the respect of his triad.

Brother Tung!
What took you so long? Hurry up and help!

Baby Lung's First Month

Wow! Uncle Tong! No kidding?
A pint glass?

- Non-negotiable! Drink it all!
- Drink it! Drink it!

Soso! Soso! You're in this too!
Come and drink with us!

All right! Let's drink together.

Bravo! Bravo!
A woman who drinks like a man.

A true heroine!

C'mon, Big Bro, Soso, let's drink!

A challenge to drink with five Uncles
and two Grandpas!

I'll drink for Big Bro!

No.. .

No need, I'll drink it. ..

Big Bro, there's a long way to go!
The night is still young.

That's right, Uncle Tong!

- Let the boys drink with you.
- Let us help out. Let us drink it.. .

Wu, Fat, Tin Hung. ..
Let's all drink together.

Hey, Hang! Young man! C'mon and drink!

I'm not good at drinking.

Here. .. Just drink and you will learn!

Right, join us!
Hey, to Big Bro and Soso, cheers!

Lisa, you're here.

Madam Soso.

Come on.

Excuse me.

- Big Bro.
- Don't stand there, have a seat.

Here's the baby! Mummy's here.

Big Bro, let me go out and take a look.. .

A handsome guy! What a cutie, Big Bro!

- Does he look like me?
- Made from the same mould, Big Bro!

Geez, how can that be.. .

Maria, get me my handbag.

Wow! That necklace is gorgeous!
Let me help you.

You're the star of the night as well.

Thank you, Madam Soso.

You're a good girl!

Hey, Lung.

- Terrific!
- Brother Yu.

Thank you so much for your support
for all these years.

Don't mention it! Cheers!

Big Bro, that bastard Liu Chi Chung
is kicking up a fuss outside.

Big Bro, it's your big day today,
let me take care of it.

What the hell is Liu Chi Chung
doing outside?

How generous you are.

I am not that generous.

That necklace cost three million
and you've got to give it back.

You can't come in.

This is a private club.
Have you got a warrant?

A private club, so what?

Setting up an altar and recruiting newbies?

Who the heck is recruiting newbies?

What did you say?
How dare you talk to a policeman like that!

Are you supposed to say anything?

Inspector Liu, what's going on?

Originally, we came to have dinner.

But seeing so many big brothers here,
we just thought we'd check up on you guys.

It's just a baby's first-month celebration.

That's all?
Then we can go in and take a look.

No way.

You're not allowed to smoke indoors.


Oh! My dear Big Bro, you are here too?

Inspector Liu,
is there anything I can help you with?

Well, I just want to go in
and see what the heck you guys are doing.

Nothing, just a reception
for my son's first month.

Like I believe you. Show me your son!

All right, Lin Ho Lung,
you're hosting a party for your baby son. ..

I'll give you face.

But, from now on, you had better inform us
in advance of any festivities

to avoid any trouble.

Let's go.


- Sit back.
- Sit back.. .

Check your rook.. . Mate!

No need to think anymore.. .

Mate! No way out.

I've lost again.

Drink up!

Brother Yu.

- Thank you.
- No need.

You're not in my league
when it comes to chess.

Somebody's talking big.
I'll get you next time.

All right!

- Let me walk you downstairs.
- OK.

- Take good care of the boss.
- Yes, sir.

- Brother Yu, take it easy.
- OK, good bye.

Lima Mike, 1 953.

- Shall we follow them, Inspector Liu?
- What for.. .?


What's happening on your side?

Nothing much.
We only saw Soso give her boss a cheque.

- Is that it?
- Yes.

OK. Bye.

Inspector Liu. ..

Take it to Internal Affairs
and check out who they are.


These guys are so meticulous,

I doubt there is really anything
we can find out.

Cops being bribed!
Covering vice establishments

and even ensuring family safety.

Strictly speaking.. .

Is Uncle Yu a triad member?

Of course!
He's financially backing up the gang!

Just an example -
the bank lends money to the factory

but the bank doesn't run the factory.

Just arrest the murderer
in a murder case, huh?

The degree of culpability
of the mastermind is even higher.

But the mastermind is Lin Ho Lung.

If you knowingly lend money
to Lin Ho Lung to commit murder.

Aren't you collaborating?

You have a point. ..

You really want to be redeployed?

Yes.. .Inspector Liu.

I'll be in trouble if you go.

My three little girls are so young,
I don't want to work 24-7 anymore.

I understand.

You'd better be redeployed
back to this district.

Lots of good schools in this area, man!

Thank you, sir!

Thank you very much.

Big Bro,
Quartz and the guys are still talking.

Big Bro, the cab is here.

Pull up by the food stall. .. Hurry up!

If they don't take out their guns
we won't take out ours.

Got it.

- You guys stay here.
- Big Bro!

Don't move. It's show time.

Cutting up the boys like greens,
are you serious?

What a coincidence.

We're just being punctual.

Mr Law and Mr Kwok, Mr Lin is here.

Tin Hung became a hero last night!

Acted like Rambo,
took down Billy's whole division by himself!


Today, one-on-one is out!

We compete in mind and wealth!

Remind him to respect the God of Battle,
not to be the God of Battle, all right?

Wait.. . Wait. ..

- Can't you hear?
- Wait!

- You guys all right?
- We're fine.. . Fine.. .

- You sure?
- Fine.. .

- We're leaving anyway. ..
- We're fine.

- Big Bro.
- Big Bro.

- You play for me.
- Come play for a round, Mrs Lam.

Fat. ..

How come this shipment
costs so much more?

We're importing higher-end stuff.
Prices have gone up.

- Is that a fact?
- It is!

The States, Holland, Columbia.. .
Several big deals were blown by the cops.

Now, all over the world,
there is a lack of goods.

And recently, there are a few more places
that need the expensive stuff.

If we don't import more,
our turf will be taken over by Flirt.

- Won't that be expensive?
- Yes.

Buy high, sell high.. . No problem.

- Watch out and be careful.
- No problem.


Tung? You coming for dinner or what?

Can't make it.. .
Having dinner with someone else.

Was it your brother?

Asked me if I was coming over for dinner.. .
but there's dinner every day.

So, now?

All in, show your hand!

Likewise, I've a flush.



Shoot. .. I'm a bit hungry.

Let me get some food.

- Fong.
- Yes, master.

Tung, come with me.

I have something for your Big Bro.

Come on in.

Hey, the cheque you gave me bounced.

Together with tonight,
you owe me 20 million.


I've been making it interest free for you

but that's no reason for you
not no repay me.

My apologies,
I will repay it all with interest next time.

No need. Give this to your Big Bro for me.

Goddamn bastard!
Snatching things from your elder!

Have you lost your mind?
Go to hell, you punk. ..

Don't the elderly need to eat?

Goddamn it!

Janet. do you write
"Kwun" of Kwun Tong in Chinese?

Two crosses, two squares,
with "Zhui" and "See" as the radical.

I see.. . Which is?

Like the word "Kuen",
but "See" instead of "Wood" as the radical.

Oh, I get it!

"See" as the radical. ..

That doesn't look right. ..

It goes on the other side.

Oh, right! Thanks.

I keep forgetting whenever I have to write it.

Pray to God that you are never
deployed to handle paperwork.

That wouldn't matter. ..
You're just a phonecall away.

I can ring you when the occasion arises.

If that doesn't work out. ..

you and I can be redeployed together.

How about being redeployed
to guard the reservoir?

- Then we can go fishing every day.
- Guarding the reservoir? Nah. ..

There are water ghosts!


Hi, Honey.
Finished seeing the doctor?

He says the hole in Chiu's heart
hasn't got any bigger.

But you have to come with us next time.

Yes, I know.

None of the lights are working.

Don't bother,
I just need a few words with you.

Tin Hung. ..

Tong's turf is being snatched
by Flirt's man, Cowie.

Tong is old with no men and no power.

I want you to help him out.

Tong won't be able to pay much

so I'll put up an extra hundred thousand.

It's OK Big Bro.

Whatever Tong offers will be OK with me.

It's just a small favour.

Tong, you're that useless
that you asked Tin Hung to represent you?

Not really!
You said you are the master here.

I just came over to enjoy the show.

It's none of your damn business.
It isn't appropriate.

You've gone beyond your turf,
that's not appropriate either.

No one was really in charge here.

I've been here collecting my due for a month

and no one has had the balls to expel me.
That means the turf is mine.

Now I'm sitting here.
See if you've the guts to expel me.

Get out.

Remember, use threats if they won't listen,
beat them up if they're not scared,

- kill them if they still do not obey.
- Understood.

Go get someone to fix the lights.

- Come on.
- Come on.

- Five, "two".
- Five, "six".

- Five "six", open it!
- How dare you open that?

You have to drink again, I mean myself.

Drink it.

Come on, Tung

You lose.

Come on.

You can take this dog chow?

Brother Tung, I love dog chow.

Uncle, what do you mean?

- I mean you're ugly!
- Up yours.

What did you say?

- Brother Tung.. .
- Say it again!

Brother Tung.. .

- Excuse us.. .
- Come on! Take three of these!

What about us?

OK. One for each of you.

- I want one.. .
- Me too.

Open your mouth.

Be smart. You should know your place.

For real? Taking it with beer?

You're old,
you don't understand us young ones.

Is that right? Vodka?

- Great.
- Highway to hell.

Won't they react badly
taking it like that?

It's OK if they don't have any reaction.
It's more important that I get some action!

Come on, cheers!

Come on, your turn.

Big Bro?

I have a meeting with Fattie B.
I want you to come with me.

- OK, where are you?
- Just outside. Come straight out.


Let's go.

Where to?

Stop the car.


Is it true you owe 20 million from gambling?

Tung, you can't squander
like that any more.

Put it on my account.

1 0 million, 20 million?
Where do I get that sort of money from?

Deduct it from my share.. .

Your share? Even my share
has already been deducted from for you!

Tung, it won't work like this.

If we keep losing the organisation's money
this way, TT&L won't have it.

The organisation will break up.

I won't gamble anymore.

You've said that before.

This time it's for real.

What you just said is for real?

No more gambling.

Really? No more gambling?

Big Bro,
doesn't it look like Little Stone Park?

Little Stone Park is not as pretty as this.

Almost the same.

OK, if you say so.

You remember,
when I was six or seven. ..

and went to play in Little Stone Park.

I was beaten up as soon as I walked in.
Someone kicked me out.

I returned home, bleeding.

When you saw me like that,
you ran out with a stick on your own

to beat up those bastards.

From that day on,
who would dare to stop us going in?

Me first.

I'm too old for this.

Don't let anyone see this.

If those in charge of TT&L
are playing hopscotch, pigs can fly.

- You're the pig.
- I don't mean you.

How strange is that saying?

You stink!

Those wooden sheds
have been demolished for 20 years.


Big Bro.

Am I useless? Everybody relies on you.

Oh no, what's that?

Sorry. ..

What's up?

I really want to prove myself. So much.

Don't be silly, don't be like that.

I'll change. .. I must change.

Good. I know.

Don't let the bodyguards see this.

Can you see with those at night?

Of course, I'm a gangster.

Let's go.

Coming to bed?

Honey, I'm so tired tonight.

Let me get some sleep.

we haven't been intimate for a long time.

Are you mad?

It's all right. You're too busy.

As long as you have me in your heart
it's fine.

You're always the best.

Get real!

What? What did you say?

I mean we're tired, let's get some rest.

OK, good.

Honey, good night.

Good night, little baby.

Hurry up!

- What happened to that dog chow?
- What a waste!

Still have one left.
Not sure if my body strength is weakening.

Tung, did you go back to get your girls?

Nope, I felt down after talking to Big Bro.
I went home and got some sleep.

What a waste!
Hurry up!

- Something's wrong.
- What's the matter?

No message.

Tung, one vehicle is fully loaded.
You go first.

I'll stay back.

Hurry up!

That's enough. .. Let's go.

- Start the car.
- Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Damn police!

Go to hell!

What a large haul! All yours?

More than one tonne. ..

The sentence will be
more than three times life imprisonment.

One tonne? Are you trying to frame me?

Do you have something to say?

Don't waste your time.
The goods are all mine.

How did you come up with the money
for these goodies?

Sure, I've no money.

My wife is a hooker and I'm a gigolo.
Is there a problem?

Is your ass really worth that much?

Don't look down on it.

Soso, Wu is taking the heat
for a big criminal offence for Big Bro.

It's worth more than 1 00 thousand, right?

This is only the initial payment.

We will give you a settlement later.

How much?

Don't ask. Enough.

You shouldn't talk like that.
Wu could be put away for 20 to 30 years.

With so little money,
how could my family and I survive?

Are you bargaining with me?

I wouldn't dare.

My husband and I have always felt
uncomfortable about Big Bro's unfairness.

His brother can spend
as much as he wants to.

Yet we risk our lives for very little reward.

Such arrogance.
You dare to lecture Lung?

Soso, I know you'll ignore us
after taking advantage of us.

If you don't give me a reasonable amount,

I can't guarantee
that Wu won't leak out any secrets.

What could he say?

Would he accuse Lung
of being a Triad member?

I'm sure he won't.

Just that he might tell the cops,
your bank account numbers.

Oh. ..that's it.

How much do you want?

20 million, and I guarantee
Wu will keep his mouth shut.

Blackmailing me? Kill her!

But what she said
should be taken seriously.

An account number is all it would take

for the police to be able
to hack into our money-laundering system.

Does Wu have our numbers?

He shouldn't.. . But what if he does?

Do you know that a drug dealer's account

can be frozen indefinitely
by the government?

If he does talk,
there'd be no point in killing him.

Can't the money be transferred out?

It would take at least a week,
but even then we couldn't move all of it.

How much is in the system?

Four to five hundred million.

There's no choice.
Take him down in the police station.

But question the bitch first,
see if anyone else is involved.

Then kill them all!


I don't have the account number.

Still holding your tongue?

I really don't know anything.
There's no point beating me up.

I really don't know anything.
What could I say?

Tell me!

- What do you want?
- Are you really not going to talk?

I really don't know anything.. .


I'll tell you.

I'll tell you. .. I'll tell you everything.

What's the account number?

Account number. ..

Only Wu knows it.

Still lying?

I'm not.. . I'm not. ..

No.. .

What's the account number?

I really don't know.

I really don't know anything.

You're still lying?

I'm not, I'm not!

I really don't know anything.. .

How can I believe you?

I'll tell you. .. I'll tell you.

This has nothing to do with Wu.

We don't have any account numbers.

It's Ching who told me to deceive Big Bro.

Who the heck is Ching?

Which Ching?

Kwok Wing Ching.. .

Explain it more clearly!

Ching is my boyfriend.

He told me to do it.

We planned to run away
once we got the money.

That's it. ..

Let me go, please.

Do you believe her?

It could be true. What do you think?

Don't risk it. Kill Wu as planned.

- Who'll kill Ching?
- Let me handle it.

No, No! I'm not involved.

Ball, you'll redeploy in two weeks.

- Yup, slightly faster this time.
- To which department?

Looks like it'll be courier -
a chance to reduce my belly.

Great. You should treat us.

Great, let's go for hot pot.


Is there anyone there?

Who's there?

Sir, delivery for room 303.

Take it up.

Hey, where are you going?

Tin Hung, what are you doing here?

I said nothing! Don't kill me! Believe me!

Delivery to. 303.

303? Who is it for?

Tin Hung, don't kill me!

It's me.

Fat, I didn't disclose anything.

Fat, don't kill me. Fat.. .
Don't kill me!

What were you waiting for?

We are on our own.

Don't move!

Go that way.

Go away, don't try to play the hero!

By the way, how are the three girls now?

Mr and Mrs Wong were orphans,
and now Mr Wong is dead.

We'll transfer them
to the government orphanage.

Do they know their father is dead?

Not yet.

Their mother died from cancer
three months ago.

Can I adopt them?

No, Sir. You're single.

Have some chocolate.

Why don't you have one?

I don't want sweets, I don't want to get fat.

I want to be as beautiful as you
when I grow up.

I'm not beautiful.. .

You don't want to be like me at all.

Listen up,
there's a new development on Lung.

Leave your pagers and mobiles on the table.

Assemble in the briefing room at once.

- Yes, Sir!
- Yes, Sir!

Inspector Liu, the information was fake.


We're sure that WPC47653
Janet Lui is the rat.

When Inspector Liu
ordered everyone to fall in,

only one SMS was sent, and that was from
mobile number 641 73654,

from Inspector Liu's office
to another mobile, number 97446924.

The message was "31 1 -554".

I believe it's their code.

97446924 must belong to
one of Lung's party.

We didn't find anything else.

But Janet's mobile is 641 73654.

She bought it at a convenience store
two months ago.

We've been following her for a long time.

"Not replying" should indicate

there's been a development
on the Tai Mong Tsai incident.

Let's watch the surveillance tape
of the assault on the station.

We can't see
the front suspect's face in the tape,

but we're sure that the back suspect
with the white jacket on

is wearing the same type of reversible jacket
as the blown up gunman, Lam.

He was just wearing
the black side before he died.

Janet led them in to avoid
interrogation at the gate.

Let's take a look.
Here's the first floor.

And here's the second floor.

It's obvious
that they deliberately split up here.

They want to make use
of this tape as evidence.

To prove that they don't know each other.

However, Janet took it too far.

Think about it. How could you have
two strangers follow you so closely,

up two flights of stairs

without glancing at them once?

Sir, I'd request your permission
not to arrest Janet at this moment.

I'd like to leave the bait for a bigger fish.

We'll round up Lung's whole gang
at the right time.

What a stratagem of sowing dissension.

Soso likes this game too?

Fantastic shot, I know!

It's what I learnt from the tycoons.

It's good for talking in secret.

Take a look, such a big course.

Let's talk as we walk.

No one can eavesdrop on our conversation.

Unless.. .

we're carrying a microphone.

Isn't there such a thing
as a long-distance microphone?

That's right. ..

And there's the spying satellite up there, too.

You've watched too many movies.

How about it? Have you thought it over?

We have no choice.

I know the TT&L account well.

We can get
one or two hundred million at any time.

We need to put up the ransom?
It's not coming from Uncle Yu's family?

If Uncle Yu's family need
1 00 million in cash, they go to the bank.

But, forget a hundred million,
withdraw just ten million in cash

and the bank will report it
to the police immediately.

No such thing from a triad.

Cash is all important.

No credit cards accepted in drug deals.

No cheques allowed in the sex trade, right?

Let's do it!

Do you have a plan?

I know precisely how to do it.

In Hong Kong, only off-duty cops
can carry guns legally in public.

Lung always hires two cops
to protect Uncle Yu.

We have to take care of these two cops.

Then we don't need to kill them.

They're very careful.

Cops and bodyguards
never contact each other directly,

they rely on secret codes.

We have two men
dressed as cops in a Corolla.

With the code,
we should be able to fool them.

And the bodyguards. . .

We'll have to take them down.

How could they know
we had two off-duty cops there?

Not surprising!

We always change the guys we use.
Maybe someone talked.

Who would dare to do this?

Hard to say.
Maybe those overreaching mainlanders.

Don't they know chalk from cheese?
Would they dare to blackmail us?

We're the TT&L, not a bank!

Maybe this was a targetted attack -
to kick us when we're down.

They've hit the bull's eye.

If others know, it'll hurt our reputation.

You guys go out.

We can't let Uncle Yu get hurt.

How much cash do we have?

One or two hundred million. .. What for?

Shouldn't Uncle Yu's family
take care of the ransom?

How could an honest businessman
have one hundred million in cash?

If they go to the bank,
the bank will inform the police.

No such thing from a triad. ..
Cash is all important.

No credit cards accepted in drug deals.

No cheques allowed in the sex trade, right?

We pay the ransom this easily?

We do nothing
before Uncle Yu's safe return.

Did you see it?

Watch closely. ..

Three long and two short. It's our code.

There's a rat?

- When can you have the money?
- Anytime.

- I want you to go with Tung.
- OK.

What the hell?

They're not gay, are they?

Fat, who is hosting the funeral today?

- Ho.
- Yes, boss.

Why. ..?

Why do they take drugs?

Why let me make so much money?

Something wrong?

Pine called me.

Why are you calling me on this number?

It's nothing,
I just want to know if things went well.

Don't call me. It's very dangerous.
We'll call you if there are any problems.

In fact. . . I just wanted to know
when we'll get the money.

Don't ask. You don't have to know about it.

Soso, don't be so proud.

We're risking our lives. . .

We just want to know
when we're going to get our cut.

That's right.

What I mean is. ..because. ..

it's not safe to talk over the phone.

How about I come over to your place, OK?

That's great.


He called me Soso. ..

Did you ask if the boss was nearby?
Maybe he didn't hear it?

How could I ask?

If so. ..we're finished.

They'll run.

Then it'll be hard for us to find them.

I dare not take the risk.

And I don't want to take the risk.

You'll have the money in two days.
Don't worry.

No man should eat like that.

Use your fingers, both hands.

That's right. ..

Tear it off. That's right.


Don't kill me.. . I don't want to die.

I'll give you the money you ask for.

Please let me go. I won't call police.
I won't take revenge.

Help.. . Don't kill me. .. Don't kill me!

Please let me go, let me go. ..


Who am I?

I don't know.. . I know nothing.

I really don't know anything. Nothing!

Let's go to a disco tonight.

- I can't, I have an early shift tomorrow
- You can't? Are you for real?

- Are you on holiday?
- Yup.

- Keep a lookout for me.
- OK

What's going on?

- How about Lee's debt?
- He keeps delaying.

Even after we messed up his daughter.

Are you three years old?

If sulphuric acid doesn't scare him,
kill his mother.

If you don't kill his mother.. .

then kill your mother, understand?

I understand.. .

How dare they?

Kill them all!

This series of events
that has happened recently. ..

I'm sure there is something behind it.

There's a problem in this case.

Two at Tai Mong Tsai, one for uncle Yu.. .

We've lost over three hundred million.

Since the incident at the police station,

the police are frantically
messing up our businesses,

even the legal ones. ..

Saunas, bars, discos. ..

Either inspecting the license,
or checking lDs.

Even the restaurants
are being stopped from doing business.

It leaves us with no income.

I guess someone
is trying to cut off our money.

Lots of outsiders
are intruding into our territories.

We don't have enough manpower.

Flirt benefits the most.

If we don't turn the heat up,
TT&L is finished!

We should fight back
while we still have the strength.

We'll have to fight,
to re-establish our name.

How? How can we fight them all?

Fight the biggest.

Let's fight Flirt.

Guns are all here, four cases.

34 short, 1 6 long.

And also these two.

The real thing.

Brother, replace your antique gun.

Brother, let me help you.


What are you doing?

Delivery. Propane.

What propane?

That's my order.

Whores and punters, out!

Flirt wants to see you,
so does Uncle Dee.

Uncle Dee?

Give me the bag.

Uncle Dee.

Uncle Dee, long time no see.
How are you?

Getting old, lots of aging problems.

You look healthy.

Thank you!

Tung, Lung, are you OK?

You're wearing this?
It is 1 7 degrees today.

Celsius, not Fahrenheit.

Can I offer you a drink?

- Do you have coke?
- Yup, a small bottle.

It's been a long time.
You still remember?

I knew Uncle Dee was coming today,
so I purposely went to buy some.

Thank you.

Lung, let's talk business.


You don't drink?

I don't want to get fat.

I had nothing to do with Uncle Yu's death.

You can be sure of that.

If we engage in a war,
this would only benefit other rival parties.

They will benefit if we fight,
don't you understand?

It is you who doesn't understand.

Do you want us both to end up dead?

We'll see.

- Do you want another bottle?
- Sure.

You have a newborn son.


Thank you.

You're exceptional.

A baby at your age.

My granddaughter is in kindergarten.

Only one maid
brings her to school everyday.

My little daughter Fong, remember her?

Now she is a doctor in Canada.

Because of you,

I've had to call her for no reason

and told her to take a vacation
with her husband.

Do you understand how shameful it is?

Do you really want me to say,

"Your father-in-law is a mafia boss"?



We're triad, not mafia.

Mafia is ltalian.

Lung.. .

we've been competing
for more than ten years.

Fighting over a dozen battles.

Over a hundred people dead.

"Handle jiang-hu business
the jiang-hu way."

We shouldn't get the family involved.

How could I hurt your boss?

Who would believe you?

Use the straw, it tastes better.


You aren't scared of getting fat anymore?

I'll run two extra laps tomorrow.

I've followed Uncle Dee for forty years.

Forty years.

I would sacrifice my life.. .

my whole family, just for Uncle Dee.

Now it's because of you.

Now I have to bring him everywhere
just to keep him safe.

I'm just scared of you going nuts
and hurting Uncle Dee.

Then we wouldn't have any alternative.

All right.

I admit.
I divulged those two incidents to the cops.

- Which two?
- Tai Mong Tsai and Sai Wan.

You've caused me a lot of problems
these past few days.

I want to say we're even.
Let's cross it out.

But if you want to fight, I'm in all the way.

Lung.. .

beat me up or kill me if you can.

But don't wrongfully accuse me
of killing Uncle Yu.

You really didn't do it?

I swear to God!

What now?

I will not involve the family.
This has nothing to do with Uncle Dee


The Sai Wan incident,
are you sure about that?

One shipment unloaded
at two different spots.

What a masterstroke!

Take good care of yourself.

Thank you.


What do you have for me?

Uncle Yu was killed by Soso and Fat.

I overheard a conversation
between Liu and the OCTB.

In fact, they've known
who kidnapped Uncle Yu for quite a while.

Fat's men have dismembered
the kidnappers' bodies.

One of them was called Pine.

He worked for Fat a few years ago. ..

The police won't take any action now.

They want to watch the TT&L disintegrate.

When will you let me go?

Didn't you say that the $500,000 debt
in Macau has been cancelled?

You still remember that $500,000?

That debt has already been crossed out.

Now you are perverting justice, bribing. ..

Aiding a triad society
to engage in illegal activities.

You know about it but take no action.

Conspiracy to murder,
conspiracy to traffick.

You're one of us.

Are you in a rush?

Let's get intimate before we leave.

I should have realised it earlier.

Soso manages all the money.
No one would know more than she does.

With that 200 million shipment,
they ate up my share.

Import 300 million worth of goods,
and file for 200 million.

Half for us,
and half for themselves at Sai Wan.

She didn't expect Flirt to leak it to the cops.
Now both shipments are gone

They needed to get the cash fast
to make the payment.

So they kidnapped Uncle Yu
and blackmailed me.

They thought it was the best way
to get the cash fast.

Big Bro, are you sure your theory is right?

We'll find out soon.

Madam Soso and Bro Fat.

Big Bro would like to meet you
at another location.

When did he say that?

Big Bro said it's better if you call him.


Why did you change the meeting place?

No reason, just wanted to be safe.

Come over.


Let's go.

Big Bro said he wants you
to come with me.

Just the two of you.

Kill him.

Soso, where are you going?

Start the car.

Go and protect Big Bro!


Big Bro, don't chase them!
The cops are coming!

Don't follow me, go away.

So superior.

More money than me.

More people than me.

Well, now you've got
more bullet holes than me.

TT&L gangs are killing one another.

They dare to use hand grenades
in Hong Kong? Lung is doomed.

WPC47653, you will not be going out.

Why did you do it?


Are you having an affair with Fat?

Are you?

Lin Ho Lung.

What do you take me for?

Teaming up with Fat
just to sleep with him?

- It can't just be for the money?
- Money?

I didn't give you enough?

Excuse me?

Why should I need your charity?

I should wait
until you are in the mood to offer alms?

Ask yourself.. .

How much money
did you make for TT&L?

I made it all!

You have to beat other gangs for respect.
Can you scare them with your brain?

If no one is scared of you in this world,
you eat shit!

Once a hooker, always a hooker,
you only care about money

I know.. .

you've never forgotten
that I was once a hooker.

But you knew the truth when we met.

I didn't lie!

I've had three abortions.
I couldn't have children.

So, why did you marry me?

Why did you let me build up so much hope?

It's OK for you,
you found a young girl to have your son.

Did you ever consider my feelings?

Do you care how I feel?

How badly hurt I was?
How much face I lost?

I know you don't belong to me anymore.

Is it so wrong for me
to plan for my own future?

You're stupid.

Have I ever treated you
as anything but my wife?

Who dares not address you as Mrs Lung?

Mrs Lung, my ass!

That's just a title!

Brother Lung,
I've been with you since I was sixteen.

Thirty years.

For you. ..

I studied English, accounting. ..

I just had a primary school education.

I lived a lonely life
without any loved ones.

I was so naive to love you wholeheartedly

and hope that you would love me in return.

That was hopeless.

All men are the same.

I know.. .

You were so afraid of the others
saying that your wife was a hooker.

I was, too.

But that is the truth and I couldn't change it.

But don't forget.. .

When I first met you,
you were only a bouncer.

I never looked down on you.

You gambled and lost all my money.

We shared one lunch box.

We drank tap water together.
Don't you remember?

I never blamed you.
Have I ever blamed you?

It's you who taught me.

You said that. ..

you would stand condemned by God
if you did not plan for your own future.

If I have nothing to eat,
it is merely "me" who suffers.

If you want to kill me, go ahead.

Go ahead.

I never thought you saw things this way.

Maybe. ..

I really loved you once.

But.. .

it was a long time ago.

I can't remember.. .



Hands up!

Those inside, listen up. This is the police.

You're surrounded.

Do not resist.
Walk out and surrender.

- Ko.
- Yes, sir.

Tell them to jam the signal in this area.

Don't let them make any calls.

Yes, sir.

I can't let them arrest me.

You guys go out and surrender.

Who were you calling?

I wanted to know if Tung is OK.

Do you know. ..

I never believed you were the number one.

So cold.. .

Brother. ..

It's really cold. ..

You go ahead!

I'll follow you soon.

Put down your guns,
and raise your hands in the air!

Brother Hang!

Brother Hang! What's wrong!

- Brother Hang.. .
- Sir! Help.. .

What's happening? Are you OK?

Call a doctor!

- Brother Hang.. .
- Are you OK?

Sir, call an ambulance!

Brother Hang.. .

Wait here a while.

One bad move. . .

kills them all.