Triad (2012) - full transcript

The 90's were the glory days for the Hong Kong Triads, an underground order that has stood the test of time, stemming from an offshoot of the Shaolin monks that fought as a resistance to overturn the government during the turn of the century. These gangs ruled the Hong Kong night for decades, through controlling prostitution, drug trades and illegal gambling. It was during the 90's when their lifestyle came under threat as the Hong Kong handover to China drew near... This is the story based on real events of a college graduate who chose a life of crime over a future of boundless potential to push the Triads through the tough times during the 90's into the new millennium.

Only the ruthless ones can dominate this world.

Not cruel enough? Simply eliminate the strongest.

Tell the world you are the cruelest of all.

It's so hot. Who are we waiting for?

Hey isn't that Kuen, the boss of the Huo Gang?

What about him?

Look over there!

Dinosaur from the Lok Gang is here too.

I heard he knows our Boss Mun very well.

Brother Ming is now dead.

His second-in-charge, Kin,
should replace his role now.

You forgot about Sister Irene?

When she joined the gang, she and Ming
build up their kingdom together.


He's not good enough.

Who's that?

Must be some big shot,
everyone is waiting for him.


That's Patrick, Mun's favourite.

That's him who took over Yau Ma Tei long time ago.

An old man outwits the newcomer.

First bow!

Second bow!

Third bow!

Very juicy oranges, only 10 bucks for 3!

Look at the size of them...

Hey pretty lady!

Just finished school?

Come seat down.

- I'm really tired. - Let me take care of it.

Rest for a while.

It's so hot today.


Wow! You sold many oranges today.

Business is good.

- What's up? - What are you doing?

Protection fee, kid!

What protection fee? I don't even have a license!

How dare you say no!

Don't fight please...

Don't hit my son...

Stop! Stop hitting my son!

- Do I care? - Please stop!

None of your business! Fuck off!

Don't hit my son, please!

Let go of my mom!

Don't hit my son...

lam sure William can help you.

Shit! Someone is beating up William!

Which one?

The one in the white shirt!

Brother Patrick

My mate is in a fight, please come help!

At the Women Market, come now!

Beat his ass!

You piece of shit!

Beat him to death...

Hit him!


That's enough! Stop it!

Stop! Get up!

Mind your own business! Who the fuck you are!

Who am I?

Patrick from the Heng Gang. Not heard of my name?

Show some respect and call me "Brother" Patrick.

What a joke!

This is my turf, I am Nine Dragons!

You wanna talk about turf?

I will take two of your streets

and take your turf before we talk.

He is not in your gang,
why are you protecting him?

So what!

He's a friend of my brother
so I will look after him.

I like it!


I can do whatever
I want in your turf, Nine Dragon.

William, get up.

It's Ok now.

You bully a widow and a kid.

It's wrong to take money from them.

Shame on you!

If you keep acting like this,

I'll take up this turf of yours.

Don't you worry about the protection fee?

This is over now, get out of here!

Go! Go!


Get the fuck out of here!


It's ok.

Look after him, it's ok now.

Auntie, get up slowly...

Sit down...over here...

Get some rest

Are you Ok?

Did you hurt your back?

Take this.

I can't...

It's ok

I buy the orange from you.

Thank you.

- Derek, clean up the mess. - Will do.

Come on, come on

Cheers, cheers

Cheers! Cheers!

Thanks so much for your help last time.

Don't talk rubbish.

Have some chicken.

Brother Patrick

I want to work for you

Don't joke about this...

You think it's fun to work for me?

I want to protect my mom.

Protect your mom?
You can study hard and earn more money.

Then she doesn't have to be a hawker.

If I join the triad, I can also earn a lot...
if I work harder.

Brother, he's got a point.

Which of your brothers went to school?

He is a real scholar.

That's right.

If you could study,
I wouldn't have to work so hard.

What about me?

I've all the men I need, to negotiate,

to fight.

What you've got to offer to join the gang?

Why should I take you in?


And I am smart.

Brother, William is more than just a book worm...

He is loyal

When we were young, we used to peep at

Our neighbour Ah Ping in shower.

William got caught one time and
mentioned nothing about me!


Derek, speak no more.

I know what you are getting to.

I respect that.

Kid, listen up.

I'll take you in.

Because of your intention to protect your morn.

Yes, Brother

Cheers, cheers...

To Brother Patrick!

Come on, cheers!

Bottoms up!

"Thousands of brothers crossing the bridge."

"You and I are of no difference."

"One made the bridge for the other to cross."

"You are never a stranger but my brother."

You love your brothers or money?

My Brothers!

Brothers or Money?

My brothers!

Get down, you fatso!

Keep pushing.

Too much fun?

Look! It's all over the place now.

Pick them up! Quick!

Brother Patrick is so capable.

Why he only look after the fruit market business?

Let me tell you something.

At that time when Mun became the Dragon Head,

he let Brother Patrick
handle the businesses in Yau Ma Tei,

but Patrick chose to work here
at the fruit market instead.

Only then Ming made his way up
in the organization.

Shit! All you heard is rumors.

Fruit market is a profitable business...

Fruits are only the cover...

Check this out...

- Where's the drugs?
- What are you looking for?

There's gotta be something hidden in here...

Drugs your ass...

You idiot!

What's up, kid? Why aren't you home studying?

I'm working for you.

Here, take some pears home for your mother...

Thanks Bro Patrick.

Quickly take the boxes in.

What's up?

Is it your or William's birthday?

He's the one not drinking...

Come on William.

- Drink it. Here have mine... - Oh, no!

Bottoms up.

I can't!

- One sip... - Just one sip...


Just for you guys, cheers!

Happy Birthday!

Thank you...

This one is yours.

You guys have fun.

Hang on, I gotta pee.

Are you Ok?

What's wrong?

I'm... dizzy

Are you drunk?

I think someone spiked my drink.

Who did it?

Tell me, I'll back you up.

Bring me to him, go

Can you walk?

Who did this to you?

Back from the toilet break?

Finish your drink here first.

Have some manners.

It's none of your business, kid.

Did you spike her drink?

What are you talking about?

Do you know who I am?

A rat?

Say it again!

Who are you? What do you want?

What are you shouting for?


It's my birthday today, let's forget about this.

Have a drink on me.

Just for you William.

Get a hooker, rather than
spiking on the gals' drinks.

What did you say, asshole?

If I wanted, I can fuck
all three of you right here!

FUCK you!


That's enough!

Get the fuck out of here!


I can't, I have to stop...

Take a rest.

Who's that guy? Those are his gang?

I have no idea

I just heard that they... called him Prince Kong

Prince Kong?

Sorry for dragging you into this.

It's ok.

I said I would help you.


That guy Derek broke his head is

the son of the Sun Gang boss.

He is Prince Kong, Cheung Sing's son.

A bar brawl

has now lighted up the conflict
between the two gangs.

Because of this, the Sun Gang

has sent hundreds of its gang to Jordan

to make Brother Patrick hand over Derek.

Listen! By all means search all
over YMT, TST and MK

and hunt down those three kids today!

You hear me?


Tell me which guys are not into chicks.

But because of one chick and offended a gang,

it's not worth it.

I say...

we hand them over...

Uncle Nine.

The 3 of them are my brothers,
I have to protect them.

It's just kid fights, no big deal.

If I hand them over easily,
I will lose my men in no time.

Hundreds of guys are looking for you.

Can you handle it?

Don't surrender so easily

and ruin our reputation.

Are you new here?

It's not about how many thugs you have.

Bro Ming is like your cousin, he is here to help.

How about this.

You can use some of my guys to help out.

My guys are tough enough.

I don't need your help.

Thanks though, Sister-in-law.

It's Patrick's brothers who created the mess.

Let them fix this.

Since Patrick says no problem,

we should trust him.



This is about our reputation.

Please handle it appropriately.

Don't worry, Bro Mun. I will take care of it


I've arranged a boat for you to go to Taiwan.
You better leave soon.

Just hide out for a while.

No, Brother. I...

Shut up! You broke his head.

Do you know who that guy is?

Prince Kong is a bully.

You think this is as simple as handing you over?

He won't let you off.

Take this.

Take it!

I'll ask you to come back when it's over.


Just hide for a while


What's wrong with you two?

Consider it a trip to pick up hot chicks.

Stay focus on your studies...

And you, don't start trouble out there...

You too.

Alright go now, men!

Start the boat.

Where is he?

Couldn't find him yet. I'll call you when I do.


We've been waiting here and
this is what you came up with?

Are you up for the game?

You Sun Gang have over hundred people to
search for one guy.

Who wouldn't hide away!

It's not surprise that I can't locate him.

I won't be able to hand him over.

So it's up to you to talk
this through and start a scene.


Stop this shit!

This is the rule.

Wait until the boss picks
the toothpick out from the tea.

Brother Patrick is still tough as ever...

With the quiet life at the fruit market,
you're still so malicious.

I'm not so hot temper.

It doesn't mean I've no temper.

Fine, let's hear you out.

If you can't convince me,
don't blame me for what will happen next.

That depends if you're a reasonable person...

My brother saw his woman being bullied.

It's understandable he came up for her.

You've over hundred men there against them.

How could this make Derek at fault?

Give me a good reason, Bro Sing.

Are you saying I asked for this?

I should apologize instead?

I didn't mean that

Prince Kong you are a smart fella,

never run out of women.

You just can't tell who is single and available.

How about this

I'll arrange a banquet as a friendly gesture

and put this behind us.

How does that sound?

It's better than people
start rumors about Prince Kong

and talk behind his back.

After all, you dare not to fight.

I think it's better off we defeat your gang.

A big victory for us!

Sure let's fight!

I don't have big businesses like you guys do...

I can close down the fruit markets anytime
if I wanted to...

We can even close it all tomorrow.

Let's start the fight early tomorrow morning

from dusk til dawn all day long

until we alert the anti-triad police force

and wipe us all out.

Let's see who is the bigger loser.

Fine, throw this banquet as a treat for my gang.

Let's go!

Brother Patrick finally settled the mess.

But 3 of us went our separate ways...

After Edward and Kathy got married,

Edward kept working for Brother Patrick and
became his right-hand man.

Soon their baby boy came.

Derek called from Taiwan once in a while.

He said things are going well for him there...

Looking good.

Party all night long with his boss.

Soon after that,

my morn got sick and passed away.

Miss, would you take a photo for us?

With Brother Patrick's support,

I managed to graduate from the university.

You don't have to thank me.

You're back.

How's everything?

Where is Bro Patrick?

He is not around

Not here? Let's go out then.

Come eat something.

Come on!


Welcome back, Derek!

And congratulations to William
for graduating. Come on,


Thanks Brother!

Dig in.

Derek, this one is for you.

I know how tough it was for you in Taiwan...

Who said it was tough?

With the talents I have, I can survive anywhere.

To be honest, I miss Hong Kong...

I still want to work for
Bro Patrick and Godfather.

After a few years away, you have matured a lot.


You've grown up


Remember, we must not forget our roots.

I'm happy your heart is with the gang.

I'll definitely back you up!

Thanks Godfather!

Come on!


So William is a college graduate,

Bright future.

So what's your plan?

Come back and work for you

When you have a choice...

you've to choose the right path

I've already chosen mine when I met you

It's a good path


You want me to change job?

That will be disastrous.

I would get 36 lashings by breaking 36 vows,

and each hitting rod must be broken!

College boy really knows his stuff...

How do you remember all this?


Times have changed

It will do us good to have a graduate in our gang.

Edward has worked with you for a long time

and went through thick and thin...

You should give them a hand,

Let them three work their way up.

Most important is Godfather approves it.

Thanks Godfather! Thanks Brother Patrick!

Come on, come on!


Brother William!

Watermelon Juice.


How much?

I'm sorry. We don't have change for big note.

What kind of business doesn't give change?

Hey, can I buy you a drink?

I've small change, let me pay for you.

What're you doing?

Just giving you a treat.

Don't turn me down

Sorry Brother William.


I honestly have no change.

Bro William, she is your friend?


No problem then...

My treat...

No way. How can I let you...

- It's fine... - No way...

I don't like to owe people money...

- Hello... - Hello...

Hey William, you can get us in first?

Okay, these two!


Thank you


Bro William!


Nice place.

You're leaving?

Just getting some fresh air

Go, then


Don't be long

- Brother William! - Hey, how are you?

You said you're gonna drink with us last time.

I'm sorry.

Let's drink now

Maybe later...

I'll catch up for a drink with you soon.


Bro William, someone is making trouble.


What are you doing?




Long time no see.

Beer!... my treat!

Calm down!

Take a seat...

It's been two years since I met you last...

It's a long time

How are you lately?

It's ok, hard to say.

You work here?

I work for my Brother


Actually there is something you can help me

Come on, I'm gonna introduce you to someone

Mr. Wong, let me introduce
my friend to you, William,

my classmate from university.

Mr. Wong. Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you.

He can help us.

Take a seat.


Since you are Bobby's friend

Let's speak frankly...

Our company has a bad debt

so I want to ask for your help.

You got to help me, think of something.

If I can't get this money back,

I'm gonna get fired.

Please help me out.


I think I can.

But I need an advance of $200,000
as the service fee.

After we collect the money, I get 50% of it.

No problem!

I just need these people to know

they can never run away with my money.



You scared me

You are here...

looking for me?

Tell me...

I've an old school friend.

His boss wants us to collect a bad debt for him.

What do you think?

Times have changed.

I can't expect you to go to Giorgio Armani store

with pots of orange to collect protection fee?

You guys are big enough to decide.

There is no need to ask me for permission.

But call me... if you need more manpower.

Brother, we got that covered.

But you gotta remember one thing.

Don't go overboard.

You are working under our company after all.

We've a share of what you make, understand?

Got it!

The amount of stock our group holds

is almost reaching the target price.

We expect to sell in the first quarter

and saturate the market.

You get my drift?

Don't worry, Bro Ho!

I'll take care of those property by
end of this year.



Hi Mr. Wong!

William, what's up?

That money you wanted, it's all here.

Efficient and effective, I like it.

You've talent kid!

Come, take a seat.

You know Mr. Ho?

Yes, he is such a famous tycoon.

Nice to meet you. I'm William.

Oh I'm so sorry.

I'm very sorry, too.

Hey! What are you doing?

Here is your share.

Thank you Mr. Wong.

Whenever my friends need help in future,

you'll be the first one I call!

Sure. Glad we could help.

Mr. Wong, Mr. Ho, please excuse me.

Put it on my tab!

What are you doing?

Is this how you run a club?

I don't need you to teach me how to do my job.

I am teaching you now!

Am I not qualified to teach you?

FUCK you!

Here is our own club and

this chick has no manners.

Tell me, what should I do?

Sister Irene.

I am in charge here.

She is my friend.

Please let her go this time.

I've to beat up someone no matter what.

I don't care who... it's up to you.

That's enough.

This is a lesson you need to learn.

Never go against your own gang for someone else.

This place belongs to the Hong Gang, not yours.

Out of respect for Bro Patrick,
you can leave this time.

Kin, let's go

I'm sorry.

Who was that just now?

You mean that woman?


She is Irene.

My sister-in-law and my Uncle.

That woman is your uncle?

She has the same ranking as my Bro Patrick.

That's why we called her Uncle.


Still dare to splash drinks on people?

I can do it myself.

Go back to your boss!

What boss?

Mr. Wong

Mr. Wong...

is your boss.

But he is my father.

You go clubbing with your father?


Now you know I am your boss's daughter.

You scared?

Why so serious?

It's just routine procedure.

That girl splashed wine on me in our own club.

If it was you, what would you do?


William reminds me of you.

He'd rather to be beaten to protect the girl.

The girl I protected

is now a big Sister.

He suddenly didn't care at all,

so I could only rely on myself.

Do you love your brothers and sisters or money?

Our brothers and sisters!

"With this drop of blood,"

"Only you will know."

"And if you tell,"

"All your family will end up in hell."

Offer the incense now.

If it was me,

I wouldn't have gone that far.

Was I?

You were the one who killed the two top gangsters

and took over the entire
Yau Ma Tei territory in a night?

Tell me who has gone extreme?

Did you know?

Just because I went too far,

my brother got killed.

Because of your brother's death

you can drop everything,
hide out in the fruit market.

Why can't I do the same for my husband Ming.

Why can't I choose my own path?

I say what I do and I do what I say.

You should learn that from me.


Since we had settled Mr. Wong's bad debts,

three of us started to change the way we work.

We help the rich to solve their problems.

We then earn our first million.

Sir, you like that watch?

I can give you a discount.

What about that one?

You've a good taste, that's a very nice watch!

Perpetual Chrono watch, about $600,000.


What about the one next to it?

The latest Rolex, just over $20,000.

- I'll get the Rolex then. - Thank you!

Wrap it up for me.

How about this one, it's nice and big.

Do we need such a big house?

We only have one kid on the way.

What happens when we've a dozen later?

Go, get in.

You think I'm a pig having lots of piglets?

Although the financial crisis
hit Hong Kong pretty hard,

our business on the other hand was blooming,

and we started to build a name for ourselves.

Hi, do you have a reservation?





You lost weight.

William, my boyfriend.

Mable, Waye...



Did you graduate from LA, too?

I graduated in Hong Kong. HKU.

What do you do?

Some small business.

Business must be well

driving a MR2 with the bad economy now.

What kind of small business
would make such profit?

Small business only.

Business is good of course.

William helped my dad to collect debts

and he earned a few hundred thousand.

So William, why are you free tonight?

No need to collect debts for your clients?

Not if your dad didn't make any trouble today.

Today is my day off.

Those old farts...

Frank, listen up!

Even a university graduate
would work for the triads.

He deserves everything he gets.

So if you ever have any trouble,

remember to call William for help.

Problems are guaranteed to be solved, ok?

Not everyone is born into a rich family like you,

having a rich dad to support you.

Good to see Michelle with
her boyfriend, let's drink.

- Yes. - Cheers.





Hey you!

Don't worry about what Kit said.

He talks rubbish all the time.

I'm fine.

Actually what he said makes sense,
just a little strident.

What do you mean?

Just ignore him.

I never liked him when we were at school.

I didn't know he is here today.

Or else I wouldn't have come.



Run... call Derek.

Brother Ming wants to talk to you!

Get out of here.



- Derek... - Who are they?


Someone took William.

You doing big business now, are you?

You idiot! Dare to collect money from my boss!

How would I know he is your client?

Fuck you.

Still talking shit when you can't save yourself?


Brother Ming.

Let's talk this through? We are like cousins.

He ruined my business, what's there to talk about?

If we don't settle this,
get ready to buy him a coffin.

You've gained the upper hand already.

What will it take for you to let him go?

Are you threatening me or begging me?

Things change.

You think you can still suppress me?

I can end you... right now.

Hold it!

Edward, Derek

- Go! - Back off!


Hang in there!



Forget it.

William, don't be like this.

Are you okay? Let me see.

You see me now?


This is how people treat me, like scum!

Get out of here.


Get out of here!



Leave him alone, let him cool off.

I thought I was on top of the world.

But I was wrong,

it doesn't matter how much money I make.

Those rich kids still look down on me.

Those triad still treat me like a dog.

So I swear, I must be the most wicked one of all.

No one will ever look down on me!


Did you have a fight with William?

Don't think dad didn't know.

William is after all a small bully.

Even if you like him, don't get too serious.

Got it?

White board!


Green dragon!


Red dragon.

Ming, sometimes we don't need to go that far.

My uncles,

you asked me here to play mahjong or reprimand me?

Not reprimanding.

Your gang is getting out of control lately

so we wanted to talk to you.

Bro Mun, We all need to eat.

That kid screwed up my business,
I can't do nothing!

I taught the kid a lesson, was I wrong?

You, the boss, always give good cards to Patrick.

You're always right, everything I do is wrong?

I also give you good cards.

Ming, enough is enough.

Don't go too far

I don't need your good cards.

You're always the dealer, I got to rely on myself

and become the dealer.

Ming, have you gone mad?

What did you say?

Ming, don't take a piss in here.

You can't fool around with Bro Mun,
he is the dealer.

Shut up you two old farts!

Whoever is competent can be
the dealer role in the company.

This is not a family business.

He can be the dealer for three terms, why I can't?

That's right.

The dealer has to be competent.

But you've got a bad attitude son!

It's hard to find players to start a new game now.


I lost, so no point to keep playing here.

Better go to somewhere else.

Somewhere else? What do you mean?

Don't try to rule just
because you've the manpower.

Obviously we count on manpower, what else!

You guys are getting old!

If this is not your game, play again next time!

But sometimes, things won't change

just because you want to change.

We'll see.

Get out of here!

Bro Mun, Kin got his men to make trouble out there!

I pay you a fee every month to
avoid having this happen to me.

Don't worry Mr. Wong!

I will settle it sooner.

He is making trouble in our own clubs.

Ming must be out of his mind?

That bastard just wants to take my place.

Knowing he doesn't have the votes,
he wants to start his own gang.

How could he?

I say we take him out!

If all of us agree

then I have no objection.

Let me take care of it, Brother.

Let me do it.


You guys are like cousins,
might not be a good idea.

Don't worry, Brother.

I know what to do.

Talk him out of this silly act.

I know Ming better.

If he sets his mind to do something,
no one can stop him.

He is messing with our own clubs.

Don't you think it's too much?

He is getting the way he has been treated.

I married him.

Because he is aggressive, he has guts.

I will support him no matter what.

Think again, there is no turning back.

You reckon there is ever turning back in life?

The company has made the order.

Send more people to protect Brother Ming.



Godfather gave the order, it's time.

Brother, we will take care of him.

This is about our reputation.

You gotta make it look good for the gang.

We know, Brother.

Three of you, listen up.

Keep him alive. You got me?

Got it.

Got it.


Move on.

Cheung, start the car.


Stop! William!

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Patrick said to let him live!

If I don't kill him, there will be consequences!

What do we say to Bro Patrick now?

Let's get the fuck out of here!

Set the altar!


"All types of animals are gathered on your left."

"All kinds of beasts are unified on your right."

"Red Baton"

"Alias 12 base, is a fighting warrior."

"Amongst 426's, 'Double Red Baton' ranks the highest."

"Straw Shoe"

"Alias 9 base, is a communications officer,
responsible for manpower."

"White Paper Fan"

"Alias 10 base, is a tactician,"

"oversees the gang's finances."

We are grateful to all the uncles

that we are promoted today.

We will stay loyal with the company.

When there is problems, I William

will be the first one to stand in.

When there is a fight,
I will be the first one to defend.

When in need of money,
I will be the first one to give.

We will make the company renowned in Hong Kong.

All the clients will support us.

All the brothers will have a good life.

Only the ruthless ones can dominate this world.

Not cruel enough?

Eliminate the strongest, tell the world
you are the cruelest of all.



Greet Godfather.


William, you guys take
Godfather to rest in the car.

You still remember Ming as your brother?

If I don't consider him as my brother,

I wouldn't have stopped him.

You can do anything for your brothers and bosses.

Ming is your brother too!

I didn't mean to take his life.

That was really an accident.

Does it matter now?

Ming is dead...

From today onwards, no matter what...

I'll do whatever it takes to justify Ming's death.

Although I gained a lot
after killing Brother Ming,

sometimes I still think if I did it wrong?

Stop the car.

Two days, just two.

Two days? How long have you been stalling?

FUCK you!

Give me a chance...

Bro William.

Give me two days' time.

Bro William.

Give me two days, just two days.

I will have money, I promise.

Do you recognize me?

No, I can't remember, Brother.

I can't remember, really sorry.

Give me two days.

- Take this. - What? Why?

No need, really.

Treat it as medical fee.

I'm fine. See I'm fine.

I'm ok. Two days...

I don't need it. Two days would be enough.

You will need it very soon.

Two days would be fine... two days.

Kick his ass!

Go on!

Don't beat me...Brother.

Enough... Brother, don't beat...

Stop, Brother please.

How is little Edward these days?

That kid likes to sleep and play.

Just like his father.

They are driving me mad.

How about you?

Still haven't got back with William?


Didn't you mind that Edward is in the triads?

I knew it when we met.

If I really mind it, I won't wait till today.

Not to mention I grew up in a poor family.

Now, I've a car, a house and maids to serve me.

What more can I ask for?

I can't control

what Edward does for a living.

But he's fighting out there with
other gangs everyday.

Aren't you scared for him?

I am.

But I love him.

The most important thing is... he comes home safe.



William said he hasn't seen little Eddie for a while.

Let's bring him out to the barbeque
on Saturday, shall we?

Come join us if you are free.


Am I also invited?


Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law, Brother.

Got it?



Have you changed your taste?

For Italian food, of course
I've to bring an Italian girl with me.

If we are having curry today,

are you gonna bring an Indian girl here?

Good idea!

I haven't an Indian chick before.

Just go online and pick the girl you want!

What are you doing in front of the computer?

We are a debt collecting company, get to work!

You got that money back yet?


I'll be home when I finish work here...

Pretty soon.

I've set up an account for you.
Let me show you how to use it.

You can check the stocks on the menu page...

Enter the stock number...

then press this button.

- And then?
- This is what we called touch screen.

It is all about status in this world.

Since we got promoted

the clients we meet are richer.

Mr. Chan, Mrs. Chan, please come over here.

I will take them all!

Langharn Place opened this year.

It also meant the old way of operating the triad

had come to an end.

What will follow this

is a new era that belongs to us.

I never thought Portland Street

would be home to such a big shopping arcade.

All the brothel and pimps are gone.
Portland Street has lost its charisma.

Times have changed.

We will be obsolete
if we don't change with the world.


Uncle Ho.

A smart guy indeed.

No wonder my people keep praising you.

I am flattered.

What can I do for you this time?

Take a guess.

Of course, we are here to talk business.

The most profitable businesses in Hong Kong

are none other than

stock market and property market.

I am not quite into stock market.

As for properties, which I am involved in

collecting lands and properties.


I've found the right person.

I suggest to set up a company under your name.

As for funding, I'll line up for you.

We keep our bookkeeping neat.

After 3 years, we'll make
the enterprise a listed company.

I will give you 20% of the stock.

Sol require my partner who is capable of

handling any threats that might come in the way.

We are businessmen after all.

Just don't want any trouble.

I just want things to run smoothly.

I understand.

Don't Worry, Mr. Ho!

Hey brothers.

We all know,

I only have 2 months left as the Dragon Head.

The term will be over soon.

I gathered you here today to discuss about

the next Dragon Head for the new term,

and see which of
you are interested to get elected.

I think Kin is the most suitable candidate.

Good. If any of you are interested,

tell me by end of this week.

We will gather again on the 16th of the next month

and vote for the it.



How nice of you to visit.

Brother, I need your help.

Are you kidding?

You need my help?

You're a big star now, who doesn't know you?

Come on William,
I should be the one asking for help.

I want you to nominate me for the election.

Why? Dragon Head is a damned job.

After Brother Ming died, Irene sees us as a treat.

You know that.

She must nominate Kin to
be the potential candidate.

If Kin becomes the Dragon Head,

he would do anything to shut us down.

We would come to a dead end

and company will divide.

But if I were the Dragon Head,

the gang will grow with stability.

I could bring my own business

to the company.

But the shit.

Just talk about yourself.

What's really in your mind?

After the three-year term as the Dragon Head,

all my business dealings will take off.

The business will be publicly listed by then

and we can be real businessmen.

Being a graduate, you really outsmart the others.

It's good, you can help Derek to start

a new chapter for their future.

By then business will be listed

you won't have to stay in the fruit market.

There is a sea view office waiting for you.

Offices aren't for me.

I like it here.


whatever you need in future,

just call and I will back you up.

People or money, you just name it.

Hope you like it!

You shouldn't have, William.

Are you happy-

As long as you like it.

So I will count on you.


Sister Irene,

Uncle Chuen is against us
making troubles at the clubs.

He won't make up his mind.

Call Chuen for me, I will convince him over dinner

and talk to him directly.

Sister Irene, we just heard that

Uncle Tin and other uncles
have decided to vote for William.


We can't let him become the Dragon Head.

Go find mainlanders to do the job.

We have been fighting all this time,
would people think it's us?

The uncles would know that it's us.

The more they think that way,

the least they would suspect us.

If you're happy, I'm happy.

- Brother. - Brother.

Kit, send Uncle Tin home.

Be careful.

Alright, go home.

Yes, Brother.

Walk that way.

Edward... Edward...


Come in, come in.

Open the door!

Let me hack those bastards into pieces!

Come in!

Open the door!

No one can pass through here!


Police is coming.



"I don't trust fate, I fire with steady hands"

"I owe no one, my life is without regret"

"Just pull through, stay calm and serious"

"I protect my loved ones and friends"

"Don't fritter away the rest of my life"

"Are we friends who will die for each other"

"Come with me as I seek myself"

"Do you cry and mourn fate all daylong"

"You may whine, or look at the big picture"

"This is it, we fight, we rely on each other"

"Don't ask who's insincere any more"

"We've given it our all, we enter the battle"

"Although we've sacrificed everything"

"Times go too fast, the world is too noisy"

"I do not fear heaven's baptism"

Baby, are you tired?

I can tell, he's a great fighter.

Tell me. What should we name our baby?

Your name is Edward.

How about little Eddie?

Little Eddie?

Great, just like me.

Kathy, I've transferred
some money to your account.

Just call me anytime if you need help.

Thank you.

It is you that killed Bro Ming that day.

Now you want to be the Dragon Head.

If not for you, Edward won't die.

You know how bad I feel about his death.

If I didn't kill Bro Ming,
where would you be today?

Don't say as if you did it for our sake.

Brother Patrick told you to spare his live.

You killed him anyway!

Use your brain for once!

You really think I want to be the boss?

If Kin became the boss, you, me,

the entire gang will be over.

Fuck you! Save the speech.

I know you are sucking up to the rich fellas.

You want to be the Dragon Head and
do business with them.

What? The cat caught your tongue?

From now on, we are not brothers.

You go your way and I go mine!

"This is it, we continue, we rely on each other"

"In the chaos I stubbornly refuse to die"

"injured, I become stronger"

"This is the only time to turn things around"


Brother, are you ok?

48 hours in the shithole, what do you think?

Brother, all our places were raided by the cops.

Mr. Cheung is furious about this.

I told that bitch not to start so much shit.

How are we gonna keep this up?

What time is it now?

Do you have a light?

Those bosses won't let me go

and wanted to talk business.

What am I gonna do, not go?

What about those hitmen?

They all fled back to China the same night.

As for me, I was questioned up by the police.

And those uncles keep buzzing around me.

It's all fine now.

Wah, you go arrange another group of hitmen.

Not again, are you?

If William really became the Dragon Head,

We won't be able to touch him at all.

Not to mention all the money we would lose.

Are you retarded?

If you keep doing it

even the blind will know it's us.

Pissing off the cops and
scarring all the clients away,

all our brothers will eat shit?

How dare you talk to me like this!

Don't forget who made you what you are today.


You are using me to kill that bastard.

And it will be me who takes the blame.

It is you who want to revenge for Bro Ming.

Don't bother me and my guys with your troubles.

Have you forgotten how Ming died?

Oh please.

He is dead.

A widow like you shouldn't play with fire.

So your brother's death means nothing to you?

When he was alive, he was my brother.

He is now dead and means nothing to me.

If you behave, I would
still address you as Sister-in-law.

But if you keep starting shit,
I'm not gonna be as nice.

You bastard!

Ming and I treated you like a part of the family.

How dare you guys go against me now?

No point getting upset.

I am the person in charge for our gang now!

You are either with me or against me.

Let's Go!

I heard you are with William again.

It's been a while now,

haven't you had enough of fun?

He will die on the street some day,
don't you worry that?

I'll tell him to quit.

If he is willing to quit the gang.

You go to America with him.

I'll let him take care of my businesses there.

If he refuses,

Then you've to go back to America alone

and cease any contact with him. You wanna bet?

Ok, ok.

But I should give you a warning.

With his personality, I bet he will refuse.

This kid...

Stop fighting for the Dragon Head post!

Edward's already dead.

Is it really that important to you?

Answer me.

Do you love me?

I do.

Then swear in front of the cross.

We will get married right now

and go to America together.

Just give me some time.

No, I can't.

Stay away from me.

Come on.

Come on.

Don't stop.

Come on, one drink.

That's enough, Brother.

I've drunk a lot.

You poor drinker.

Come on, drink.

The election is the day after tomorrow.

How do you feel about it?

I gave it all.

Plus Edward's life.

I can%lose.

Have you seen Derek recently?

Why don't you just talk to him.

We are brothers.

Will talk after it's all over.

He'll understand.

Come, drink more.

I should get going, Brother.

I got dinner plans.

Why are you rushing?

Who with?

A group of lawyers.


Just remember.

The most dangerous moment of racing
is before the finish line.

Be careful.

William, please keep low profile these days.

Don't let the shareholders lose confidence in you.

Don't Worry, Mr. Ho!

After tomorrow, I'll be the new Dragon Head.

No one will be able to fight with me.

Get rid of him before sunrise.

William's phone has been turned off.

Even his driver doesn't know where he is.

Send everyone out to look for him.

Tell him to come back right away.

Got it, Brother Patrick.

Any news?

I heard someone has hired the hitmen.

The boat owners don't want to say anything. So?

Stop it.

We don't know anything, Brother.

I just want to find the hitmen.

Give me the information I want,
and all of this is yours.

I'll make sure you all leave here safely.

Let me tell you a story.

Long time ago, there were two gangsters

striving to be the Dragon Head.

One spent all his money to buy the votes.

The other one had bought
few boxes of egg rolls to visit those uncles.

Who do you think was voted to be the Dragon Head?

The one bought the votes.

Yes, he did become the Dragon Head

for two days.

He was arrested by the police.

In the end, the one with the egg rolls

took his place instead.

Don't worry, Mr. Ho!

The info I've on Kin is good enough
to keep him behind bars for 10 years.

I'm the one who bought the egg rolls.

Tell me, where're the hitmen?

I don't know. I just took care of car arrangement.

I just know the car number is EY1178.

That's enough.


Get him up.

Take it

Send him to the hospital.

Yes, Brother.

The car number is EY1178.

Tell William's driver to come and fetch me.

Spread the news that I'll have supper with
William in Dragon House



I've already lost a brother,
not another one again.

- Brother. - Brother!


Bastard, you fuck with me
the night before the election.

Beat up whoever you see, mess up all the clubs!

See who has the guts to
face the Godfather tomorrow.

- Move! - Yes!


- Bro Derek. - How's it?

All the people we sent out
were attacked by Kin's gang.

Fuck him!

Find him, get to the car!

Start the car.

Go first, I'll get my car there

Yes, Brother.

Go back to the fruit market! Quickly!



How's it? What is the situation?

We've made a mistake.

Those hitmen were here to kill Kin.

Are you sure?

I saw it myself.

Without Kin, William
will be the Dragon Head for sure.

William, call me back.

I'll wait for you in the fruit market.

William, Kin has just been killed.

It's all fine now, come to the fruit market.

Patrick and I will have the champagne waiting.


If you don't come before dawn,
I'll be gone to America.




Give me 3 years.

I will let go of the gang matters after 3 years

and go to America with you.

Run! Run!


Do you love me?

I do.

"This is it, we fight, we rely on each other"

"Don't ask who's insincere any more"

"We've given it our all, we enter the battle"

"Although we've sacrificed everything"

"Times go too fast, the world is too noisy"

"I do not fear heaven's baptism"

"Exhausted, don't care if I make it or break it"

"Obstinate, I never retreat at dead ends"

"Not inferior, I fight the times, the powers"

"I'll die anyway, I've never"

"retreated, backed out, feared death"

"Are we friends who will die for each other"

"Come with me as I seek myself"

"Do you cry and mourn fate all daylong"

"You may whine, or look at the big picture"

White board!


Bro Mun, I've settled things on both sides.

I'll give Ming's turf back to the company

and never come back.

Well done.

3 circles.

Hold it! Game!

You win again.

It's just dumb luck.

Those young guys keep saying
we should change with times.

If we let them change the era.

How are we going to survive.


True, they are too young to rule.

We just treat them as investment
every three years.

That's right!

Go on, go on.

Only the ruthless ones can dominate this world.

Not cruel enough? Simply eliminate the strongest.

Tell the world you are the cruelest of all.