Tri-Star (1996) - full transcript

A priest hears a prostitute's confession, a tale which has a 200,000 HK$ debt as its centerpiece. The prostitute accidentally leaves behind an envelope with her address in the confessional. Concealing his true occupation, the priest rents another room in her apartment and begins to straighten out her life. But then the prostitute starts to fall in love with the priest...

Mr. chen junnan,

will you marry miss bai xuehua?

I will.

Miss bai xuehua,

will you marry Mr. chen junnan?

I'm a priest.

Many people ask me why I become a priest.


I caught a strange disease
when I was ten years old.

I prayed to the cross
over the head of my bed.

If god could cure me,

I would dedicate my life to him.

After seven years' theology
lessons plus practice,

I become a priest.

I have a cousin called Mary.

She studies psychology in California.

Her mission is...

Why do you come here?

I hope you can resume secular life.

She has a bad habit.

She likes to analyse people.

Do you know that from the
way you drink the soup

then I'll be able to tell about
your sexual behavior.

Father John, blowing your
soup before drinking.

That means you have sexual desire
but you fear that it's too exciting.

Spit out the soup means you want to try
but don't want to take responsibility.

Spit out the soup means you want to try
but don't want to take responsibility.

Drinking it fast means
you usually do it very hastily.

Drinking it fast means
you usually do it very hastily.

You will give up halfway.

This is a kind of excretion.

Are you feeling better now?

The one who got spit at will
feel even much better.

She has a problem.

She always gives hormones to others.

She is very busy even though
she has not graduated yet.



Don't know if they have guns

fa, I'm sorry.

I don't put sugar when I drink coffee.

The white one in front.

Got it...

Keep calm, keep calm. It'll be fine.

Want to escape?

That bloody truck is blocking the way.

Watch out, fa.

The horn of your car isn't working.

I have just changed it.

It will work. See?

But it's as slow as you.

Move away!

Quick, quick.

It's already very fast. Don't disturb me.

Why are you driving like this?

Chase him, chase him.

There are two white cars. Which one?

Either will do.

Have you written down the
registration number of his car?

I'll write it down now.

Have you written it down?

The one on the left or
the one on the right?


Stop when the light turns red.

Then get off and catch one each of us.

You'll catch the one in front
and I'll catch the one at the back.

What if he doesn't stop?

Keep going!

Faster. Overtake them.

Don't overtake them. We're turning.


I got... carsick.

I got carsick.

There is one more white car.

Where are there so many cars like this?

That one.

Which two of them?

Any two.

Is it 3747 or 9288

or 6400, 74287?

that one, that one.

3721, 3372, right.

No, 5... 5...

Forget it. Just chase any one of them.

There are white cars in
front and at the back.

I chase people or people chase me today?

All of them the same color.

It's very confusing.

What's wrong with you?

Don't you know how to drive?

Have you read the registration number?

Stop, stop. Get off.

Police. We want to use your car.

Get off, quick. Go.

White again?

Almost the same.


I'm a cop. I'm chasing a thief.

Don't run!

Fa, fa.

I thought you don't have time.

Hurry up! Otherwise, it'll be too late.

It's in front, fa.

Quick, quick.

I want to smoke cigar.

Alright, I'm trying to find it.

Shit! What bad luck! It has broken down.

Don't. Not now.

He went up the hill.

You have no shoes on, fa.

Shoes, fa.

- How is my hair?
- It's ok.

- Father Robin.
- Yes.

I think you'd better get ready now.

I've taken my robe to the laundry.
I don't know if it is ready yet.

Let me go and check it out.

I'm sorry, father Robin.

Why are you so late today?

I ran into a woman who
was going to give birth,

so I sent her to the hospital.

Let's go.

Please be seated.

Welcome to Mr. ma jiahua
and miss lin minyi's wedding.

Welcome to Mr. ma jiahua
and miss lin minyi's wedding.

After that couple's wedding,

now it's Mr. zhao hualun
and miss ye qiuyi's wedding.

You are here today in god's holy temple

to wed before god and the church,

your parents and relatives.

You should remain a devoted couple
to the end of your lives.

Now, please declare your
will in front of us all.

Now, please declare your
will in front of us all.

Mr. zhao hualun,

will you marry miss ye oiuyi?

Yes, I will.

Miss ye qiuyi, will you marry Mr.
Zhao hualun?

Miss ye qiuyi?

Miss ye qiuyi?

Will you?

Will you?

Will you marry me?

Yes, I will.

God bless us!

The one you're going to marry is me!

Police, don't move!

I told you not to move!

I'm a well-known crazy shooter,
my gun is as fast as the lightning.

I can't even control it myself.

So you'd better keep calm.

Keep calm...

He is the one I want!

Look at you two, one is like a thief,

the other like a gigolo.

You took a priest for a thief

and took a superintendent for a suspect.

We doubted whether he is a real priest.

Did you also suspect that
I'm not a real superintendent?

You also think so?

Damn it! Go to hell!

You're blocking the road.

The road is not for cars.

Nor is it for whores.

Damn you!


You're getting more and more outrageous.

Don't go too far.

Don't let the customers
have too much expectations.

Otherwise, when they see the real you,
all their hopes will be dashed.

Am I really going too far?


Your boyfriend is here.


Where have you been these few days?

I have a lot of things to do.

Speak it out straight.

I don't love you anymore.
I want to split up with you.

No matter what you're going to do,
I won't see you again.

What are you looking at?

You must be joking. You naughty boy.

What sort of perfume is it?
Smells just like insecticide.

Let's talk about it when I get off.

The customers are waiting for me.

No... we can talk about it on the phone.

I can't stand you anymore.

Don't behave like this, okay?

Sign here.

I'll take it out and have
a look when I have time.

Then I'll think of your face.
I hope there will be a turn for the better.

- Alright, I'll write it bigger.
- Okay

- so you can see it more clearly.
- Okay.

Okay. Well, go home

- see you.
- Kind have a look at it as soon as possible.

I'm only dreaming.

Be happier.

Where are you going?

To put on some make-up.

Let's go in.



Baiban, come.

Let me introduce to you

this famous dinosaur, brother long.

Everybody asks him for help
whenever they are in trouble.

What's the matter, tai?

I just want to ask about the
I just want to ask about the

I just want to ask about the
200 thousand dollars you owe me...

What? 200 thousand?

How come? I only owe you
100 thousand dollars.

It was still 100 thousand this morning.
But you're too generous.

You've signed another 100 thousand
dollars' bill for your boyfriend.

I haven't.

You haven't? It's in black and white.

Don't you recognize this paper?

That man with a leopard skin jacket
is called dinosaur.

He is the leader of the prostitution ring,
a scoundrel.

They must be talking about...

Something concerning the prostitution ring.

Of course.

Remember, you have to pay me
two thousand dollars each day for interest.

Two thousand?

Remember, you have one week to pay me back.
I'm going now.

Remember, you have one week to pay me back.
I'm going now.

Have a good chat with long. He'll help you.

Enjoy yourself.

Will you help me?


I know you're in trouble
and I like to help others.

I know you're in trouble
and I like to help others.

Money is no problem
if you're willing to work.

Take it.

If the problem isn't solved,
you won't be able to work happily, right?

What do you do?

Exporting foreign labor.

Exporting foreign labor?

Why me?

I think you'd better go to a trip,
have a vacation.

I think you'd better go to a trip,
have a vacation.


I'm organizing a tour to the middle east.

Look at you.

I think you need five years
to recover from the trauma.

A five-year-contract,
extendable, okay?

Go to the middle east to work as
a whore for five years?

Go to the middle east to work as
a whore for five years?

Why should I go there to work as a whore?

Why should I go there to work as a whore?

Do it yourself, idiot!

She won't go to the middle east. Alright.

Give her some pressure
and she'll listen to us.

You see it

if we follow this whore,

we'll know who is the next target
to be blackmailed.

You haven't paid me that
$2,000 interest for today.

It's ready. I'm in a hurry now.


ten dollars. Drive.

Hey, follow her.


Why are you so slow?
Start the car and wait for me.

You can confess now.

What? I come here for refuge.

Right, we can help you solve any problem.

God will help you.

So can you lend me 200 thousand dollars
to repay the debt?

I don't have that much money.


why do you want to help me?

You must be lying.

God won't lie.

You owe others such a lot of money.

Why are you still so happy?

My senior told me...

Don't let others know our true feelings.

Don't let others know our true feelings.

If you're sad, you should laugh.

What do you do?

I'm in the entertainment business.

A singer?

I'd love to be, but I'm not.

I'm a club girl.

I'll sleep with customers sometimes.

This is also a kind of
entertainment business, right?

Why do you sell your body?

Which is worse, to sell
your soul or your body?

To sell your soul.

You are qualified to be a whore too.

It doesn't matter anyway.

I have no future.

My boyfriend ditched me.
No one will care about me.

No money. No love.

All I have is debts.

Why are you always aiming at me?

Forget it. Nothing can be helped.

I still have a week's time.

I'll go to the middle east to work as
a whore to repay the debts.

I'll go to the middle east to work as
a whore to repay the debts.

I don't need god's help.

Bloody shoe!

Fa, I don't see her.

Of course.

Will a whore come to the
church to thank god?


Fa, look.

She comes out from the confessional box.

Move away!


you again?

What did that woman say to you?

A priest won't reveal the secrets of
other people's confession.

We're police.

What did that woman say to you?

Can you ask another question?

Can you ask another question?

We're investigating this woman.

You'd better tell us what she said to you.

The world here is different
from the world outside.

I don't have to tell you
whatever you want to know.

You're interfering with our investigation.

We can catch you.

Don't you know another woman
is waiting to confess?

Don't you know another woman
is waiting to confess?

I can drive you away too.

Ask that woman to come out
and inspect her ID card.


Ask that woman to come out
and inspect her ID card.

Ma'am, can I exchange the
salt cellar with you?

Yes, please.


My daughter, beibei

sent me a postcard from L.A.

The one she sent us this month...

I dare not let you see.

Asking for money to pay tuition again?

All of us know that you have presbyopia.

No, your daughter said
she wanted to buy a car.

Director of an accounting firm?

Why do you have such a
good memory suddenly?

I just want her to have more confidence.

I just want her to have more confidence.

You have really given much
thought to the matter.

What's it?



We send bei to study so that she can
take care of us when we're old.

All of us pay for her tuition.

We need to invest money in an investment.

Easier said than done. What about the debt?

I've already agreed to bear
the responsibility for all your debts.

Just saying, don't be so wary

from tomorrow, we have to work harder,

if we charge $1000 for each customer.

If each of us has ten customers per day,

each will have $10,000.

After one month...

The four of us will earn
1.2 million dollars per month.

The four of us will earn
1.2 million dollars per month.

But there are a few special
days that we can't work.

We can make up for the
loss by some other ways.

Right, ten customers per night.

We don't have to go home,

so we don't have to pay the rent, right?

If it's so easy to make money,

why are we still so poor?

Go to sleep.

Go change it

fa, it's too obvious.

Women know nothing about hi tech.

Just say this is my new design.

Excuse me,
can I exchange the salt cellar with you?



You left a detectaphone.

You eavesdrop on our conversation.

I'm a cop.

You're a cop?

I'm the director of an accounting firm.

How do you do?

I work in a legal firm. I'm a barrister.

How do you do?

I'm a doctor, head of the cerebral surgery
department in the hospital.

I'm a doctor, head of the cerebral surgery
department in the hospital.

How do you do?

This is my patient.
He's got the same problem as you.

Incorrect split of brain cells
and irregular form of sleepwalking.

Oh... the detectaphone.

- I'm sorry.
- The bill, please.

He'll pay.

Wrap it up.

Any reservation, sir?

Yes, a table for two at half past seven.
My name is zhong.

Mr. zhong, a table for two
at half past seven...

You are one hour early, sir.

Would you like to go to
the bar or stay inside?

What time is it now?

Half past six.

The hand has fallen down.

I like to wait inside.

Okay, this way please.

Have you got any glue?

I want to fix my watch.

Wait a moment.

Can you give me a glass of water?


Damn it! I forgot to send it back to her.

Please sit down, ma'am.

What would you like to drink?


You arrived one hour earlier.
Why are you so anxious?

What day is today?

Wednesday! I forgot that
it was Monday when I invited you.

You have waited for two days!

Four more days. Let's go!

What's the hurry? Can we
finish the food first?

We've got no time!

Excuse me!

Are we going downstairs to get a room?

Right, that's it.

No need to come here. We
can do it in my house.

I can't do what I want to
if I go to your house.

He shows the most primitive self at last.

Hey, that priest!

That girl is a whore?

Shame the priest! Come here with a whore.

She doesn't look like a whore.


A whore will change her image
according to the needs of customers.

I said she is a whore.

Well, she's a whore.


Where do you work, babe?

It's private. Not for sale.

I'll go for you later when I'm free.

Be careful. I've already told you
not to come to this kind of place.

But I know how you feel now.

Don't try to analyse me.

You don't know what I'm doing at all.

Those are residence. This way.

You come here to take the TV away?

Have you asked her? She'll
think that I took it.

I'm her boyfriend. I can
take whatever I want.

Take it. I don't want it.

Does she work in a nightclub?

He cheated her?


Bring back the TV.

Want to hide his sense of
guilt by snatching the TV?

Hey, sir.

Don't run. The TV is not yours.

You can't take other people's thing.
Take it back.

Wait for me, cousin.

So fierce. Want to exhaust energy?

I've seen through you. You can't escape.

Listen to me.
Give me the TV. What are you doing?

Don't take away the TV. It's not yours.

Let go!

Delicious bananas. Three dollars a bunch.

Buy one get two free if you like.

Who is the one selling it, you or me?

Give it back to me!

Guess which is harder, the car or the TV?

It doesn't matter. Government property.

Is your banana delicious?

How about yours?

Stop it! I'll buy the TV, alright?

Two thousand dollars!


stop it!

Why do you give him money?

You have no excuse now.

What excuse?

You've got the TV now. You
can't escape anymore.

Why do I have to escape?

I can't talk to you now.
I'll sit there to wait for you.

What are you doing?


Grandma? Call me grandma?

I have no religious belief.

We are mormons.

Don't touch my door.

Shit! They don't trust god

nobody lives in these two rooms.

Rooms to let.

My friend, we are mormons.

I'm a catholic.

We can't convert you, right?

Let's go home to sleep.

Go away! I have no religious belief.

Ma'am, I'm not coming here to preach.
I want to rent a room.

And I'm returning this TV to you.

You brought it back? How smart! Come in.

Over there.


Put it down.

What do you do?

A sacred profession.

Sex, isn't it? Sacred?

Look at you. You're either a procurer
or someone sponging on women.

The last room.

Two months' deposit, one month's advance.

Water, electricity, gas, telephone
and other fees are not included.

No cooking is allowed.

Have you got any dogs or kids?


Good. I hate dogs and kids.

Where are other residents?

Gone to work.

Don't think you don't have
to pay the whore here.

Make it clear. Whoring is not included.

I won't do it. I promise my
interactions with them will be sacred.

My boyfriend also said
so when he chased me.

But I think you're not going
to live here very long.

You'll move into one of
the girl's room sooner or later.

Even if you live here
less than three months,

I won't give you back the deposit.

Is the room alright?
If it's alright, give me the money now.

Nine thousand dollars for three months.

He took my wallet! I'm
not renting it today.

You and that man with
moustache are just the same.

Where did you put the detectaphone?

I put it inside the pot in the living-room.
Am I smart?

You're smart but the priest
is smarter than you.

He moves into the brothel...

So that no one will find him so easily.

But he is a priest.


Well? Does it fit?

I just want to look like
an ordinary person.

I wore it forty years ago.

It was very ordinary at that time.
Don't you think it's ordinary?


I don't want to look too serious
so that I can get closer to her.

But it turns out to be such a mess.

I'll come back to the church

as soon as I save that girl.


Take it as a trial.

But remember not to expose your identity.

If they ask you,

don't lie to them that you're not a priest.

You must follow this regulation.

I'll wait for you to come back.



An Elvis antique.

Go away. Otherwise,
his steps will knock you down.

He says this is good...

Haven't sung enough?

He says this is beautiful.

The more you sing, the
more beautiful you are.

Hey baiban!

Three more days before settling the debt.
What shall we do?

No problem.

I'll have my friend dinosaur to help me.

I'll just have to get used to eating curry.


You will know 3 days after, good night.

Where did you put the detectaphone?
Why is there no sound?

There are some noise.

What is that?

Zipping. When a whore meets her customer,
she'll take off her clothes.

Why is she zipping up and down?

The zip sticks.

Aim at it more accurately.

Can it come out?

Use your finger to pick it out.

How can they do such a
thing in the living-room?

The customer is demanding.

There is more space in the living-room.

We can even turn a somersault.

Use my finger then.
I just cut the nail. It won't hurt.

Relax... relax...



Try harder. That's it.


Yes, it comes out.

Feel much better now?
I've told you to pick it with your hand.

- Why don't you aim at it more accurately?
- Thank you

- see what a mess?
- You're welcome

I'll clean it later.

What? You put it on your face?

It's so greasy.

I use it for cooking.

People say if you put this on your face,
it will look smoother.

I'll leave some for you to eat.

How can I eat it when you have used it?
Use another one.

Where can I get it?

I can use it to grow flowers.

You like growing flowers.
You can make some when you're free.

See if the flowers
will become more beautiful.

But you have to apply it twice a day.


Many people do in this way, give it to me.


Why is there no sound?

We've been working so hard the whole night.

Let's take a break.


Seven o'clock!

Damn it!

I can't stand the light!

I haven't got up so early
for more than 20 years.

Quick! The shade.


That's a clock.

There's something on the table.

One for each person. There are names.

Baiban, a letter for you.

Who is it?

It's more important to unwrap this.

Remember, whenever you feel frustrated,

tell yourself not to give up.

Don't give up.

Say it 100 times,
1,000 times until you won't give up.

Nan! Nan is back!

What is it?

So ugly!

Nan! Nan is back!

Nan! Nan, you're back at last.

Don't leave me alone.
If you don't love me, no one will love me.


Stay with me. I'll do anything.

What's it?

Who brought a customer here?

Was it me?

We came back together.

I've never brought any customer back.

Not me?

There is a customer in the room. Who is he?

Hi, I just moved in today.

I want to treat you to breakfast.


Shiny beads? So cheap.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Take some breakfast.

My name is zhong.

- My name is dongdong.
- My name is nannan.

- My name is xixi.
- My name is bai...

I know. The presents on
the table are for you.

You can write down the
things you do every day.

You wrote that letter?


All of them become fair ladies?

Landlady, have breakfast with us?

Of course. This is my house.

If you like,

I can make breakfast for you every morning.

Why is he so kind to us?

We're having good luck.

What are you doing?

It happens again.

Don't mind her.
She is different from other people.

When she is happy, she'll cry.

When she is unhappy, she'll laugh...

Laugh her head off. Very strange.

Don't be silly.

You have to work very hard
in your line of business.

Our line of business?

Entertainment business, right?

There are all kinds of
customers in those clubs.


He knows everything about you.
He must a cop.

I'm not a cop.

A cop! Let's hold a meeting.

Why do they hold a meeting?

I think they want to discuss
how much they should charge you.

But I've already paid the rent.
Why do they charge me again?

You think you can have anything
for free once you pay the rent?

Anyway, you're a little bit better than
baiban's ex-boyfriend.

He never pays any rent.
He just sponges on her.

I have to make it clear!
I won't do such a thing.

However, I'll consider it
if the pay is reasonable.

However, I'll consider it
if the pay is reasonable.

He must be a cop.

He knows so much about me.

He really knows a lot about you.

Not just about me, all of us.

We can't let him stay.

not to mention having 10 customers per day,

even one is impossible.

A cop is just a human being.

Let me seduce him?

Perhaps he will let you go.

Leave me to think about it, alright?

Are you crazy?

What I'm saying is not
what you're thinking.

What I'm saying is that if he catches us,
we have to go to jail.

Who is going to support your daughter?

Before kicking him out,

can you let him cheat me first?


Don't miss this chance.


Do you think he can cheat
two people in one night?

You're crazy!

What I'm saying now is to kick him out.

I'm the big boss here.
Will you listen to me?


That's fine.

The first step is playing mahjong.

What? Can we kick him
out by playing mahjong?

Of course.

What's wrong with you?

Don't you know how to play?

Are you crazy...

Discard a "ten-thousand"...


You bitch...

What sort of an attitude is that?

You dare to throw the tile...

There is a big hotel in Hollywood

three fatty women learn to play football

learn to play football

you kick, she kicks

falling into the river at the end!



How much?

What are you saying?

I'm leaving.

Leaving? Go!

I'm not sending you off.

Don't cry...

How successful!


There is a big hotel in Hollywood

three fatty women learn to play football

do you mind if I watch you play?


How many tiles should each of us take?

You like playing mahjong so early?

I just started to learn the game.

I don't like such a noisy game.

It'll disturb other people. Right?

You said you'd sing.

I forgot.

You're playing mahjong to kill time, right?

Let me take you to a place.

Going out? I'll go and get my handbag.

You wear these clothes for your work.

Change them. Don't make them dirty.

These are just ordinary clothes.

You think they are not grand enough?

Did I pronounce it wrong?

No. It doesn't matter anyway.

- Hey... listen to me first.
- Okay.

Now, I'll help you borrow
money from the bank.

I'll be the guarantor.

So you can have money to repay the debt.

Sign it.

Sign it?


Last time I signed, the debt increased
from 100 thousand to 200 thousand.

This time if I sign...

How cunning he is!

He wants to cheat all four of us at a once.

You don't trust me?

Yes... I trust you... you're so reliable.

Well, I'll sign for you.

But you have to repay the money yourselves.

How to repay it? How
much to repay each time?

Listen to me.

I have calculated it for you.

If you borrow 200 thousand
and repay it in two years' time,

each of you only have to repay
$3,000 or $4,000 every month.

You'll be able to repay it
even if you have an ordinary job.

- So little?
- Yes.


If it's so easy to borrow money,
why do people go to the usurer?

We have to check it out clearly
if this bank is owned by a usurer.

If I knew we can use his name to
borrow the money, we should ask more.

I want to shop around in Europe.

You'll get the money one week later.

So quickly? How wonderful!

I want to have a face lift.

I want to go to Japan for singing lesson.

I just want to know what's in his mind.

Greed often causes loss, idiot!

I know you have a daughter
studying in America.

I can help her apply for a Grant.

But I'm not helping you for nothing.

There are prerequisites.

What's it?

He says there are prerequisites.

Sisters, let me...

I know he's not a good fellow.

Be honest.

We're accustomed to sleeping with men.

But if you want to shoot dirty
movies or photos, don't bother them.

But if you want to shoot dirty
movies or photos, don't bother them.

I'll do it.

Don't misunderstand me.

Working in the nightclub is no easy job.

I want to find another job for you.

So you can change jobs.

Change jobs?

Damn it. Look at her mouth.

What bad luck!

What shall we do?

Tell me.

Have you seen my robe?

I hanged it here.

Father, I've done something wrong again.

I fall in love with a man again.


Can you tell me something
which I want to know?

For example... something
about that dinosaur.


I can say whatever I want
in confession, right?

That's right.

But you must understand.

There are a lot of people
who want to confess.

God is very busy.

Just tell me your
relationship with dinosaur.

Just tell me your
relationship with dinosaur.

How do you know about dinosaur?

He is god. Don't you understand?

God is everywhere.

Understand? God knows everything.

So speak it out quickly.

Otherwise, god will punish you.

Don't talk about dinosaur.

If you like dinosaur so much,
don't be a priest.

What are you doing inside, sister?

I am here to confess.

You shouldn't confess here.
Please come out.

There is no sign.

Ma'am, you can't smoke here.

Who did the confession with you just then?

The priest with beard.

We haven't got such a
priest with beard here.

Maybe he's god.

A priest with or without
beard is not my concern.

Tonight is your last night here.

You don't have to laugh anymore
when you're unhappy.

You don't have to laugh anymore
when you're unhappy.

Right? It's a tough job.

A tough job? I'm already accustomed to it.

If 1 laugh more, things will become easier.

I don't think so.

People laugh only when they are happy.

If you've to laugh even you're unhappy,
the muscles will twitch.

You won't be able to laugh
when you really want to laugh.


No wonder my muscles keep twitching.

I'm laughing happily or unhappily now?

Let me see.

It's painful.

Not bad. Not numb yet.

What advantage will I
gain if I laugh happily?

W ait for me here.

Excuse me, what kind of flower
should I buy for a girl?

Excuse me, what kind of flower
should I buy for a girl?

Any kind of flower will do.

Want to look pure and innocent?
Buy her lilies.

Want to look cordial? Buy her carnations.

Want to ditch her?
Buy her white chrysanthemums.

Sure she'll be yours?
A bunch of grasses will do.

Slept with you already?
No need to buy her anything.

Which type?

None of the above.

I buy her flowers just to encourage her.


What does that mean?

I've already borrowed money from the bank.

I can repay all the money
to you in two days.

You think I'm the bank?

Do I have to send you a letter
to ask you to repay the debt?

No more bullshit!

Dinosaur has a plan.

He wants you to seduce some rich men
and extort money from them.

After that, your debt will be cleared off.

I'll page you again.

Who do you think you are?

Who are they?

Friends from the mahjong association.

They come to congratulate me
that I'll be free after tonight.

Why is your face so red?

Is it? I don't know.

- Yes, it is.
- It's alright.

They said that I look pretty.
I'm so happy that my face goes red.

The flower is very beautiful.

I've said if someone
sends me a roomful of flowers,

I'll be very happy.

But this flower you send me
already make me feel happy.

Because it's the first
time I receive a flower.

You should appreciate yourself
like you appreciate this flower.

Then you will do things more easily.

What you said is very meaningful.

It's so unusual.

I have to go to work now.


- Bye.
- Bye.


Are you blind?

I come here to see loan shark tai.

He is the first person who
calls me by that name.

Shall we close the door?

Are you crazy?

You're loan shark tai?

Why do you want to see me?

I want to talk to you about bai xuehua.

You come here to negotiate?

No, I hope you can give her one more week,

then she'll be able to pay
you back all the money.

Nobody asks you to sit down!

Since you dare to sit here,
you must have powerful backing.

We're from zhongyi gang.
Which gang are you from?

I'm from St. Francis Xavier's.

Have you heard of it?

No. Perhaps a new gang.

How should I address you?

Zhong guogiang.

He may be a representative from China.
We should be careful.

Who is your big brother?

Big brother?

Your leader.

The archbishop.

Maybe it's an old gang in rejuvenation.

How many brothers do you have?

We have more than 1 billion brothers
and sisters all over the world.

There are about 100 thousand in Hong Kong.

No gang ever has as much
as 100 thousand members.

The police say there are

20,000 members in "13",
30,000 in "hetaolu",

10,000 in "baojitang".

Less than 100 thousand
members all together.

You said there're
100 thousand members in your gang?

Are you kidding?

I say I have 1 million members!

What are you doing?

I know you will ask.

We have registered.

You can call this government
department to check it.

Their number.

We've got more than ten
knives and a gun here.

If you want to get out of here,
call your big brother.

Ask him to get you out.


Can you point it at this side?
I've to make a call.

I'll dial for you but he
may not have time to answer the call.

He looks so calm. Maybe
he has reinforcements?

Shall we send for more brothers?

It'll be too late if his reinforcements
are already outside.

It'll be too late if his reinforcements
are already outside.

Hello... can you hear?

- Police.
- Police.

Move to one side.

Search them and see if there's anything.

Here are police


we suspect that you're a loan shark,

you claim to be a triad member, and...

Possess weapons. We
officially arrest you now.

Any evidence?

We use fruits to treat our customers.

It's not surprising that we have knives.



Since you dare to sit here,
you must have powerful backing.

We're from zhongyi gang.
Which gang are you from?

This is evidence.

I'm from St. Francis Xavier's.

We've got more than ten
knives and a gun here.

If you want to get out of here,
call your big brother.

Ask him to get you out.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Otherwise, we can't arrest them.

My superior asks you when you'll be free.

How dare you inform the police to catch me!

How dare you inform the police to catch me!

Call dinosaur and ask him to bail me out.

You need not say anything now, but...

Take him to the car.
Why such a lot of bullshit?

He won't listen.


The police are very efficient.

Why don't you catch dinosaur too?

If you do so, bai xuehua doesn't
have to prostitute herself.

Hurry up!

Don't stop her doing it.

These two things are contradictory.

They're not.
We've already caught dinosaur's hechman.

Don't you understand?

If dinosaur knows we've caught
his henchman, he'll come out.

To avenge him.

So leave that girl alone at once.

Don't interfere the police. Thank you.



Look. Tai was caught by the police.


We don't have to repay the money.

It's great if we don't have to repay it.

My friend agrees to give
you a job interview.

Let's go.


Brother? You must have mistaken
me for another person.

We saw you negotiate
with loan shark tai last night.

We saw you negotiate
with loan shark tai last night.

You're great.

Brother don't like flattery.

I've told you that
you have mistaken me for another person.

Stop it.

Brother gets angry.

We look after this place

but can't make much money.

Let us follow you.

Alright... stand there.

Bow to whoever passes by.

Yes. We can withstand all sorts of trials.

Let's go.

Yes, brother.


- Hi.
- I'm afraid that I can't do this job well.



If you want to develop
photos, press this button.

To develop the next photo,

press this button.
Press this again for the next one.

This is a new start.

Don't feel frustrated
even if you don't like the job.

I'll help you.

We'll try our best, right?

Can we change it?

Let's carry on.

Press this button to develop photos.

Press this to develop the next one.

If you want to change the color
of the photo, press this.

There are three colors for you to choose.

If you want to change the yellow color,

press the yellow button.

I don't understand what are they doing now.

Maybe they want to develop
the photos themselves.

Open such a big shop
to develop photos to extort money?

Open such a big shop
to develop photos to extort money?


Look! That bastard!

- Right. That bastard!
- Excuse me.

Excuse me...

I don't know how to serve women.

Ask her to go away.

Wanna remove the centre part



It's you.

Where do you like to go usually, sir?

Please sit down.

What kind of service would you like?

I want to buy a roll of agfa.


What do you want to drink?

Come, let's play.

I come to buy films.

Want a back massage?


Let me do it.

Are you alright?

Yes, go ahead.

How much, sir?

Want me to massage your neck?


Five hundred, okay?


This way...

So happy!

I'll report you.

Ma'am, will you give massage to customers
like those girls there?


That means it needs money.


I just want one roll.

One roll? So few?

You look so smart.
Buy more films to take photos of yourself.

Fa, you can get a Teddy bear for free

if you buy 3 boxes of films.

If that's a goldsmith,

you'll have to ask someone to help you now.

I've got you.

Take them with you. Don't put them down.


Father John, I can come back soon.

Father zhong.

I've brought you all these things.

Don't call me father here.

Don't wake me up if not necessary.


Hi, zhong.

I have something to talk to you.

I also have something to talk to you.

Sit down over there.

I have a present for all of you.

You give yourself to us?


Come out.

You like singing so much.

Why don't you form a band?

Sing some good songs.

And win an award

in singing.

This will the best present for me.

"Working hard for our dream"

"being motivated"

"don't panicky, getting through
every barriers with you"

"believe even the bad girl will be good”

"three two one gq!"

"We should be self-relianced"

"won't feel lost if you are by my side"

"please forgive me if I was wrong"

"let the good will shower us and be strong"

"find the direction and sing"

"sing strong and happily"

"Is illusion or delusion?"

"We walk through the path with you"

"forget the trauma and change your mind"

"believe even the bad girl will be good”

"three two one gq!"

"We should be self-relianced"

"won't feel lost if you are by my side"

"please forgive me if I was wrong"

"let the good will shower us and be strong"

"find the direction and sing"

"sing strong and happily"

"we should be self-relianced"

"won't feel lost if you are by my side"

"please forgive me if I was wrong"

"let the good will shower us and be strong"

"find the direction and sing"

"let's sing happily"

"everyone fight hard"

"everyone work hard"

"getting every sweet and bitter"

Get some water!

Carry on practicing. I'll
get some water for you.

Hold it.


how can we sing without water?


Why are you here?

Because I know you're here.

I rented the landlady's room
by paying three times the rent.

Your cousin is a big spender.

Things are getting more
and more complicated.


Tell me

it's me who makes you leave the church.

You move here

to wait for me!

- This woman...
- I'm sorry...

This woman is so fierce,
fiercer than that four whores.

Fa, that girl moves into the house too.

What makes the priest so attractive?

The priest wants to open
a large scale brothel here

the priest wants to open
a large scale brothel here

so as to monopolize
the pornographic business in this area?

How smart!

How smart!

Thank you!


Why does it take so long?

Has he forgotten?

Don't you know the experiments
have made you insane?

Don't you know the experiments
have made you insane?


Go home.

I know there are four women here.

If you won't let me stay here,

I'll tell them that you're a priest.

Alright. You can stay.

But don't tell them that I'm a priest.

Don't give them any medicine.

Why does it take so long to get the water?

Let me introduce to you a new tenant.

My cousin.


A little girl?

My cousin has studied too hard,
so she's a bit crazy.

What a pity!

Right, the kids nowadays
have to study really hard.

The examinations are very difficult.

My daughter has to buy a
pair of shoes every day.

- Where is your cousin?
- Where is your cousin?


Don't touch our things.

Want to hide and fool us?

Come out quickly.


Hi, everybody.

What a change!

Which club does your cousin work in?

Sisters, how are you?

We've already quit.

Why don't you ask her to quit as well?


She won't be able to do any other jobs.

Look at her. Just like a whore.

Why don't we follow those four whores?

Why just follow this girl?

Fa, have we changed our target?

Is the girl alone now?


Why didn't you tell me?

You're blocking my view.
I can't see anything!

Fa, you want to go to visit her?

Say once more?

You want to go to visit her?


Who are you looking for?


I don't know you. What do you want from me?

You just do regular customers?

I see. Come in.

Do I have to close the door?

No, it won't take long.

Don't worry. I'm very healthy.
No problem at all.

Just a routine. Stick your tongue out.

Out more.

Hold it.

How much do you charge?

Three thousand.

I don't need full service. I'm in a hurry.

Just the same. Three thousand.
Take the medicine.

The medicine will help you.

What is it for?

This medicine will help to

reduce the stimulation of secretion
of the lower hypothesis cerebra.

Anything to do with sex?

No, it has something to do
with the blood pressure.

Do you feel that you're
not so aggressive now?

Yes, not a bit aggressive at all.

Normal. This is the normal
reaction of orang-outangs.

After taking the medicine,
within four hours,

your aggressiveness will decline to zero.

Take this prescription.

Whenever you have sexual
desire, take one each.

You'll be fine then.

It can help you become normal again.

Those $3,000 are consultation fee.
Come again if you have problem.

So quick?

Yes, don't you want to try?

Be careful. Hold him.

Are you alright?

He'll be fine.

Why are you so late, zhong?

My watch is broken.

I'll buy you a new one so
that you won't be late.


1, 2, 3, 4.

"My love to you keep running like clock”

"thinking of you in every second"

"hope my true love will come in my dream"

"wish my dream comes true”

- "listening to your voice"
- Zhong.

- "Is like flying through clouds”
- Be careful.

You're still thinking
about the things I did?

I told myself to laugh happily.

I can see that you've been
unhappy these few days.

I know you won't tell
us where you're going.

I am a loser.

I can't stop you from doing
what you're doing now.

But you've already done so much

for the brothers and us.

Don't force yourself to prove anything.

- I have always wanted to tell you...
- Don't talk.


You have something to tell me.
You must come back.

Let me speak first.

Remember to come back.

You're the most important person to me.

"Falling in love makes me naive"

"afraid of the dark without you"

"please show me direction to be with you"

"thinking of you in every second"

"but I don't know how to make you happy"

"thinking of you in every second"

"loving you makes me forget who I am"

"dream will come true and falling for you"

- "two become one"
- We've bought you a watch.

"Only heart to heart"


Cousin, have you seen zhong?

I saw him this morning.

But he has moved. Didn't he tell you?

He has moved.

You said he has moved? To where?

He comes from the church,
so he must have moved back there.

Which church?

He asked me not to tell you
when he was guiding you.

But he has already finished
what he ought to do.

I can tell you now.

You said he came here to guide us.

I'll take you to see him.

I just want to know if he's a priest here?


Yes? Really?

You're his superior. How do you teach him?

He always tells us
how he cares for us and loves us.

But now he disappears!


The love we talk about
here has deep meaning

and a wide scope.

For example, if I care for you,

I can say I love you.


Your medicine doesn't work.
Maybe it has expired.

Shall I come to visit you when you're free?

I want you to give me a body check.

My time is fully occupied by a patient.

But since the medicine
I give him is not suitable for him,

I'll let him stop taking it for a period.

I can give you that period of time.

"The love I given"

"the word I spoke could not withdraw"

"the one in white shirt and black hair"

"shaking my heart"

"the couple yesterday"

"could have broke up today"

"deep inside my bleeding heart"

"ll am not letting go"

"times could only prove our love is true"

"but my true love is not you"

"can't help thinking your smiling face"

"can't help thinking yesterday"

"we broke up and forgot each other"

- "everything is just like"
- Everybody tells lies.

- "The same and nothing change"
- Priests tell lies as well.

I will no longer trust anybody.

When will I become normal again?

To cry and not to laugh when I feel sad.

"Who don't want to be happy and desperate”

"and forget all the sadness behind"

"but why do you shuttle"

"behind your laughter”

"love like fairy tale"

"is not what we could ask for"

"just want to hold you tight in my memory"

"it is all I could do"

"deep inside my bleeding heart"

"ll am not letting go"

"times could only prove our love is true"

"but my true love is not you"

baiban, the bad guys coming.
Get up quickly.

I have already paid you back.
What do you want?

But that newcomer made us
get caught by the police.

The $100,000 bail should be on your bill.

Aren't you afraid of our friend
who has got over 100 thousand brothers?

Over one hundred thousand brothers?

St. Francis Xavier's is a church.

You got cheated because you're too stupid.

Those one hundred thousand
dollars plus interest...

If you can't pay it back,
we'll find dinosaur.

You're trapped.

The middle east is far away.

If you don't want to go abroad,

you can help us

seduce those men who mess around
without letting their wife's know.

They have no conscience.

We'll teach them how to be good.

We'll teach them how to be good.

Their wife's need not
be so worried anymore.

They'll live together very happily
and raise their children well.

The community will become more stable.

See how important our mission is?

You want to extort money
from them, isn't it?

Okay, I'll help you.

But you must help us repay
the debt to that bastard.

It's very complicated.
Sort it out yourself.

I'll wait for your call.

Brother, will she collaborate
with the police to fool us?

You think I'm as silly as you?
I'll manage it.

If she can fool me so easily,
I won't be called dinosaur.

She seems to be a lunatic.

It doesn't matter. What I want is her body,

not her brain.

Brother, your favorite song.


I'll go myself.

I'll go myself.

Shut up!


Normally, after a man and a
woman enter the bedroom,

they will do it within ten minutes.

Once we get in, I'll find the
camera and you'll catch the whore.


Why didn't you tell me
that you've got the key?

You didn't ask me?

What's that?

If I know, I must be abnormal too.

Check if he has ID card.

You're their target? Mr. superintendent!

Why do you come in?

Go out. Go.

I have never seen such an old man naked.

Don't you know you're in danger now?

Dinosaur will come to catch you
at any time. Don't you know?

To catch me?

Every wedding anniversary, my wife and I

will celebrate in this room in this hotel.

All the people in the
police station know it.

Right, I know it too.

Why didn't you tell me?

You didn't ask me?

Why didn't you ask me to ask you then?

I really saw baiban walk into this room.

I'm sorry, fa.

When did you come into this room?

I went to take a bath as soon as I came in.
I don't know anything.

What about those two dolls?

How did you know?

You must have entered the wrong room.

This room...

No more bullshit.

Dinosaur's coming up to catch you.

Go to another room to hide.

Where are you taking me?

Don't use the front door.
Use the side door.

This is the front door and
that is the side door.

Why didn't you tell me early?

It must be a headline!

A naked police superintendent with two men!

Take photos!

What are you doing? Stop them!

Get it done quickly.

Get it done quickly..

Remove the film! Remove the film!

The cops use violence!

We'll call the police...

You two listen. Go back
to pack your things.

I'm going to fire you!

Superintendent mai, any comments?

I have fooled you this time.

Bitch, what are you looking at?



She isn't there.

Zhong, baiban has disappeared for two days.

We don't know whether she's dead or alive.

Let me go!

Why did you tie me up?
That doesn't concern me.


You played tricks last time.

You collaborated with
the police to fool us.

Shall we use her to make bloody Mary?

I don't hit women.

Women are used to make money.

Don't you know who you hit last time?

She is superintendent mai's wife.

I've told you not to hit people at will.

Well done! Well done!

You've made such a mess of it.

Someone has complained about you.

Wait to be called before the court.

I've warned you not to hit people.

Lock her up for three or four days.

When the situation is not so tense,

send her to the middle
east by ship to whore.

Make her work around the clock.
Gain or loss,

I don't want to see her anymore.

Three or four days? Too long. No.

This doesn't concern me.
I'l be on annual leave from tomorrow.

It's your duty to find baiban
before you take your leave.

I just have to hand over my work.

Father zhong.


Someone saw loan shark tai take baiban

to dinosaur's karaoke lounge.

Let's start out.

Who is the cop? You or me?

Bloody Mary

we're closed. We're not serving you.

Even if we aren't closed,
we won't serve you. Kick them out.

Catch him. Don't let him go!

Playing hide-and-seek?

Call their superintendent

and ask him to catch them all.

That girl is here. Call the police?

This place is so big.

Lock her in the room and
they won't find her.

Watch that room upstairs.
Don't let them find her.


Father, you're so cunning.

Any other tricks?

Baiban is upstairs. Go and save her.

Leave it to us.

Right, leave it to you.

There're so many people on the stairs.
We're fired and have no guns.

We can't do anything. Let's go.

Leave him here alone?

You've got no guns?

Close the gate.

Shoot if you have guts.
There will be bullet holes.

The police will find you.

It's very high tech here. I can change
the pattern of the bullet holes.


Strike back...

How are we going to
strike back without guns?

Why so impatient? We have the key.

Help me... quick.

The priest shouldn't be smarter than us.

Shit! The door closed.


What kind of bottle is it?

Is it unbreakable?

An ideal weapon for fighting.


Broken? Good. I wanted to break it.

Fa, a bit too short.

The longer the stronger.

The shorter the weaker.

Since you understand this too,

let's analyse it.

They're in a dangerous situation now.

Do your duty.


Justice has a long arm.

You can't escape.

Believe us.

Don't be afraid.

Surrender yourself to the police.

Give me the gun.

Don't be nervous.

Give me the gun.

You think I'm an idiot?

Have you worn any bullet-proof vest?


Have you worn any bullet-proof helmet then?

Don't turn around.
Otherwise, I'll shoot your partner.

I don't have to turn around.

Fa, I am here in the middle


Fa, you missed. You hit his chest.

Push once it opens.


They dodge so swiftly.

Hold on.

When did you call back
to the police station?

Ten minutes ago.

So the police won't be here so soon.

Why do they arrive so soon?

The police station is just opposite.

Brother, you've said

the most dangerous place
is the safest place.

That's right.

Keep watch. I have to go to the toilet.

Brother long.

You want to escape?


I won't.

If I escape, I will take you with me.

You're in trouble.


Open the way. The police are coming.

We shall win, isn't it?

Let's go.

Who put such a lot of things
here to block the way?

I'll ask someone to clear
them away tomorrow.


What's it?

Go and see how they're doing downstairs.

But the police are coming.

They won't be here so soon.
I'll go and open the door.

Inform the brothers at once.

- Go...
- Yes.

If the police come, fend them off.

Why doesn't anybody open the door?

Maybe the sources are wrong.

But someone has dialed 999 to report it.

Let's wait for a while.

How come we can't go out?

Have we been cheated?

Try my luck.

I'm free. I'm free.


You betray me! You betray me!

Come, let's go back to the Jurassic park.

You're stepping on my tail.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Who is it?


Why do the police come?

What a beard!


Baiban, I miss you. Where have you been?

Zhong, thank you.

What's wrong with you?


Such a lot of flowers?

Who sent them?


No need to thank me.

I bought you the flowers.

How's it? Are you happy?

I cheated you last time. I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

I won't do it again.

I have made some money.

Don't believe him. He is fooling you.

I owe you too much.

I know I won't be able to repay you.

To show my sincerity,
I come back to propose to you.

I'll correct my mistakes.

Marry me.

You won't regret it.

I'm a whore.

I should be very happy that
someone asks me to marry him, right?

Unless I have another choice.

It depends on how you
feel about each other.

I'm a priest.
I can only hold the wedding for you.

I can't say anything about your marriage.

Very well.

Hold the wedding for us.

I'm getting married.

See you.

Being cheated again.

You're here today in god's holy temple.

To wed before god and the church,
your relatives and friends.

Since this is god's will,

you should remain a devoted couple
to the end of your lives.

Now, please declare your will
in front of us all.

Now, please declare your will
in front of us all.

Where's dong?


Where's dong?

Damn it!

She must have turned right
when we turned left just then.

Go and look for her.


will you marry miss bai xuehua?

This is just a formality. Okay.

Miss bai xuehua...

Father zhong.

I want to ask you a question.

Do you want me to marry this Mr.
Chen junnan?

Hey, don't ask him.

He can't make the decision.

If you speak it out, I will listen.

Police... police...

I took the gun out too quickly just then.

It was robbed by the thief.

Get down...

Danger! Get down!



You can't escape.

Please don't disturb us.

I told you not to disturb us!

Well, father?

Do you want me to marry him?

I listened to you. I didn't give up.

Do I deserve

to get an honest reply from you?


Please declare in front
of god and all of us

your will.

Answer me.

Answer me.

I don't want you to marry him.

It's our wedding. You have
no right to say this.

The church is so big.
I've told you to hold my hand.

There was no church here in the past.

How come there's a church here now?

I've come here before.


What's the hurry?

It's baiban's wedding.

This way.

How lucky they are! They
get married at last.

She's not marrying him?

She and that bastard...

Thanks for saying that
you don't want me to marry him.

I know your love has
a very wide scope and is great.

I'm just an ordinary person.

I don't care how deep in meaning and
how wide a scope your love has.

I just want you to tell me once

you love me.

I love you.

I know you said it honestly.

I will never forget it.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Baiban, where are we going?

Go home to change.

You're not getting marry?

No, I need some more time.

Well, brother zhong?

What are you going to do?

God knows everything.

He'll arrange it.

Father, let's go back to the church.
There's still 5 minutes' time left.

Enough for you to hold a wedding for me.

You really want to get married?


I'm afraid we can't make it.

If you don't mind there's no music,
we can hold it here.

Alright, let's start.

Will you? You will.

Will 1?

I will...

Thank you.

Let's go home.


You haven't exchanged
the wedding rings yet.

I'm sorry.

I can't wait any longer...