Treta sled slantzeto (1972) - full transcript

Studio feature films The creative team of Sredets
based on the book by Paul Vezhinov "Blue Butterfly"
Screenwriter Paul Vezhinov
Editor Freedom Bychvarova
Art director Galin Malanchiev
Composer Cyril Donchev
Emil Pavlov Choreographer Asen Gavrilov
Costume: Nicholas Syrchadzhiev Makeup artist: Dimitar Coquelin
Len, don't you see that it's a good idea?
I wonder, if we don't fly away from here,
will you say the same?
Well, anyway, there are some signs of life ...
Oh, I don't believe it.
Time to go. What are we waiting for?
Okay, okay, let's go.
What, in your opinion, is that?
I think that's a monkey.
To me, these are human-like apes.
And best of all, it stands on its own two feet.
Which is your posture.
I'm sure there may be examples prettier than us.
Do you think they know about fire?
According to Allen, the evolution of humans to the human mind
will be very slow.
And perhaps they'll even die out first.
Means to protect the they are still very small.
What can these bare hands?
Len, flee to, if we show him?
On the course, besides
In addition to?
If you do not think that we such as monkeys, as he did.
You think that their evolution has not yet reached the end?
I can only speculate.
Look, Len.
Well, they behave very similar to humans.
Look, look, they make love ...
In fact, we can help them.
How can we help?
Initially, this ...
Are you crazy?
Do not worry,
the dose is not lethal.
Still, it must be put to sleep.
Beware, Len.
Len, the female ran away.
Not even thought of my buddy.
Well, as you can see, the woman is a woman.
Allen, can you hear me? Yes, I hear.
We are in a square A6.
Made you a wonderful gift.
Then do not delay.
This is the monkey, Len?
Oh, Oh, you!
Does not look bad.
Bravo, Len, we congratulate you.
Thank you, Ray.
From the moment you left your Rhea
we first got
on another planet with such superb conditions
for the development of civilization.
In any of us
is a tragic rescue mission civilization of our planet Rhea
which threatens cosmic catastrophe.
Now software The device checks:
after the accident whether
ship in the state leave this planet,
in the third place,
in its solar system, and come back.
While waiting for the final results,
Len and hat offer us
another solution to our problem.
Tell me, Len.
Don't fret, I will be brief.
I think that we have
to preserve our civilization,
regardless of whether or die fly away
Our proposal call artificially directed mutations
the newly discovered by us apes
program and some additional achievements of our civilization.
Moreover, we do not believe These monkeys
take yourself on a path human development.
As for the monkeys,
this strategy is far enough on their paths of development.
The next generation
will be significantly different from their parents.
Little by little, if changed,
they will be forced to cover up their nakedness, using labor.
Their brain will increase significantly face change.
In short, to be like the people.
It is assumed that, precisely?
The fact that not much will be different from you, my dear Trier.
Where is the guarantee that these mutations will be resilient and adaptable?
The logical question.
The second generation will expect mainly at their parents.
But in all cases,
parents need to be fully prepared
sacrifices for the sake of his generation.
Are there any questions?
I have one question.
New mind monkeys first generation
if they do not create conflicts with the natural environment?
This is true.
But you have to take the risk. There is no other way.
If you turn into real people
at some point they will need to to fly into space.
And if they stay poluobezyanami, then we have nothing to regret.
Even if you die from their new discoveries.
I think that there Len rights.
is there a fundamental objections?
Yes, I have. Say, Huck.
In my opinion, we have no right to interfere in the processes of evolution on other planets.
If not on the Establishment One type of artificial,
isolated from their natural environment.
I want to be understood correctly.
Say for example: Monkey killed Lena stone.
This would be a great loss for us.
But it would not disappear. Life, right?
It so, if you destroy a monkey
it will not hurt on this planet.
Here is a question about something completely different.
Change forced one possible
civilization. That is, we kill, and instead plant a new one.
You're forgetting one thing only, Hook, that it - not an ordinary experiment.
We need to somehow continue our civilization.
We have to make this noble violence.
Which becomes in the inherent cruelty?
This cruelty they will inherit.
Let's look closely.
This is not a ferocity?
Nonsense, Hook. If he is suffering from something and,
so this is from excessive good nature.
Sorry, Len, what did he not kicked in the head.
Maybe then you would not have been to it so lenient.
Can you imagine this beauty a thermonuclear bomb in hand?
In a worst case scenario would be
set fire to the innocent world.
Exaggerating, Hook. He would be a man, Huck.
We are not able to give an answer on request,
until we get additional information.
Take care of data sectors D, F and K.
It affects the flight of space ship. Everything in its place.
The task force - to the sectors of information.
Lena Group - in the operating room.
When these circumstances, I believe, the experiment required.
Linen, Linen. Our friend, seem to wake up.
It is impossible.
He needs to wake up Only three days later.
Here, here. He opens his eyes.
What made me unhappy?
Calm down, Eden.
You made me a monkey?
You're not a monkey. Now you're a man, just like us.
And thou shalt be the first Eden -
one great grandparent human civilization.
No, I do not want, Len. I beg you.
What you're offering me, I am.
Whether the person, or animal.
I do not want! Told you.
I told you, Eden. You're a man.
What kind of person? Tell me, Len.
How many thousands of years must elapse that I found myself again?
I do not. I beg you, Len.
Take me back there, where you took me.
I can not do it.
You two are now linked forever.
Uh, uh, Len.
Nothing looks as Len. Kill me.
I want to. It does not look like that.
Kill me, Len. I want to escape this horror.
This path is not terrible, Eden.
In essence, this is the way all of humanity.
Len, save from this nightmare.
Calm down, Eden.
Someday, you'll be proud of yourself.
You'll go far.
Len, I do not want to. Len, I have enough to be like you as you are.
I do not want Len, no.
I beg you, Len.
What are you doing?
Nothing, Eden. Something that will help you.
You lie, you scoundrel. You want me to put down?
Len, what does that mean?
It is difficult to explain.
But what we have seen,
There is nothing unnatural.
But why wake up early?
Obviously, did not calculate the radiation dose.
He woke up early in their development,
extracts has not yet been absorbed.
At this point he is still a man of Rhea.
But all this will sink in the dusty recesses of his subconscious.
No data confirm the possibility of departure of the spacecraft.
Do not stop working!
Declare five minutes to unload.
Insert a spring mood and put on a virtual reality helmet.
Today, we have the right a small celebration.
The first experiment with the anthropoid monkey ended successfully,
and second, the ship is capable of overcome the pull of the planet.
On the first there is one little idea: propose to put a commemorative plaque
humanity. "This is your first birthday.
Your father's name is Len.
Remember his name. "
Hardly remember him.
Why, Len?
Because it will not be able to read it.
Well, then leave your portrait.
Ha-ha-ha. Only they got scared.
All the same, they are different from us.
In honor of Lena! In honor of Eden!
Include a central relay for fun.
Welcome message:
The spacecraft is ready to fly away and waiting for your instructions.
Let go of Eden.
Will only Len.
Linen, only tell you this:
Our ship will never come back to Ray.
However, software device ...
Ship in a terrible state and I gave them false information.
And now ...
What is this? Wine.
From this grape ...
Propose a toast
for the birth of a man!
And for his immortality!
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one!
I am to the resort.
Yes, I know.
You got a friend.
You - a local? I am a bad physiognomist.
And, no. You did not see me. 241 00:29:59,130 ​​--> 00:30:01,970 But one time I saw you with your race car
You then cool drove a taxi.
One time I grabbed some demons.
Perhaps this passion people disappear then.
What is passion? This. Killed.
All the murders? In your opinion, recklessness - murder?
Maybe not?
Eventually, a creature disappears.
I do not believe you from the SPCA.
Indeed, there is not. Do not see the point.
Unfortunately, it is.
You live close? Not at all.
I believe that you are out of a second home.
And, no. Why?
Your shoes are not covered with dust.
Yeah, right.
Forgot what you write detective novels.
And you know that?
It's not hard.
Anyway, flattered.
Unfortunately, I - up here. Thank you.
All - complete nonsense.
this is one death per se.
Like some kind of bomb waiting to happen.
No matter explodes
a little earlier or a little later.
Take it. With such thoughts do not live.
They are not good for you. For me - all the same.
Do not say that ... This is the only tuberculosis.
You know that I am not sick with tuberculosis.
I am sick with cancer.
Do not worry about it.
Why do you think that death scares me?
Nonsense talking about. The doctors said live.
So what? You need to go ..
Without a difference. I'm on the machine.
No, no, go.
The road becomes slippery.
You're on the same rubber ride?
At the same.
I'm telling you: You go, go.
All right.
On Wednesday, come again.
It is foolish to waste time in vain.
I'm currently working at the villa. You know, it's close.
Come on, until Wednesday. And no nonsense.
Come on.
How are you?
He knows, Doctor.
He knows nothing.
Still, he knows.
And do not look desperate ...
There was no one except you.
Patients are cunning and know how to elicit.
Is that so?
There is no hope? I want to say the exact diagnosis.
Accurate, unfortunately .. Look.
This swelling.
Do you see how much has grown.
In your opinion, how much more will live?
In good, would not think about it.
Leaving? Yes.
Rain will go. Wait better.
Do not be scared, I'm with the machine.
You have nothing to be surprised.
Everything you see - normal and present.
As the present?
Can not you see, that just now?
Is this what you do?
Could be.
Would you say that you know anti-gravitational force?
Well, at the very least experiment it shows.
Or you do not believe your eyes?
No, I always believe my eyes. And do not believe that a miracle has happened.
And yet, to conquer gravity possible only with the tremendous energy.
The energies are not limited to those that people know about them.
Now calm down?
I'm always calm.
Then, let's go.
And change the tires.
Next time I will not be with you.
Now I know why people believe in miracles.
They are just looking for that will save them from death.
Death is only the forces measure life for years.
But immortality - not the main problem.
The problem - in the other.
And what, exactly?
Well, what do you want to know.
Perhaps the very existence of
You - the earth's people?
Fun for Humanity this question?
It seems incredible to me.
What you have done,
people can make Only a couple of hundred years.
Optimism is not a bad thing.
And you get some kind of messenger from an extraterrestrial civilization?
It is logical to think ...
In fact, where are you going?
Travel, just travel
Or go into a guest?
Why not?
People like me with nothing connected.
Come on.
Sit down.
What to drink?
What to drink?
A glass of tomato juice.
A little bit of vodka?
Of course not.
You know that there is in the fridge?
And not only in the refrigerator.
Do you really know everything?
Something to eat?
No, no, I'm not hungry.
In the end, you too, like me, a man of flesh and blood.
Not exactly.
What you see, a wonderful imitation.
How can this be understood?
It is.
It's just incredible.
Did this little demonstration, to understand
what strange properties may have the matter.
Clink glasses, though with tomato juice?
For your salvation.
When you got in the car, do not know that she be buried?
No, no. Even I could not know.
I am now going to ask a little uncomfortable question. Why are you here?
In order to control us?
In no case.
Or controlled by, or help -
it's interference in your affairs.
And we just should not do it.
Would you like to help us?
You do not need miracles and faith in miracles.
You do need to reach their knowledge.
Where from?
Every day twist on the magic Circle, buzzing knowledge.
And you see, unhappiness, lies and violence.
Or do not you remember?
You are not watching. How do you justify this incarnation?
For us, the conscience and the mind the same thing.
We do not divide the two.
Well, if humanity will tomorrow before the nuclear self-destruction,
- Also did not intervene? - No, of course.
So you should avoid self-destruction.
Otherwise, the next time encounter with a dangerous folly.
We understand each other well.
According to you, we're just heading and manage, as a god of the sky.
But - it's not a human,
it - slavish thinking.
Why not help the suffering in which we are innocent?
Why not save some of disease, for example?
Already told you, I can not change anything.
Not even help my friend? The only person with the poet?
Wise dies just as stupid.
Millions are dying.
I can not be unfair to them.
But he - not a million. He's the only one.
One exception does not change the historical course of events.
Why take away my friendship?
Why did not want to reduce a little adversity?
Shut up.
You torture me. But I ...
Hello, Hello ...
Just you wait. Happened something incredible.
What? Please.
Daniel recovered? How do you know?
What's more incredible that could happen?
He recovered without my participation.
Did you see his pictures on Sunday, right? Yes, yes.
And this is today.
His lungs completely clean.
That can not be.
Just as there can be, if it is a fact?
Do you think that he was sick with cancer.
Until now, no no cure for cancer.
Yes, but the facts say different.
Tomorrow I will do another scientific report.
There is no scientific report will not do.
Because it will have the facts which can not be explained scientifically.
Do you know how many missing unexplained facts?
Yes, unfortunately so. But I ...
And you also do the same, like everyone else.
Do what you healthy sense dictates.
You know, you're absolutely right.
One fact - no not a fact.
In the end, researchers to believe in his words.
You're a writer?
Why not tell people these incredible stories?
I'll try. Only hardly believe it.
How do you know, man? Maybe that will remain in your head?
Where is our friend? There.
Come on.
Very, very interesting .. Really?
My first day
My first day
on this distant planet.
My first day
Never suspected that there is in the world
a dazzling sun.
On our planet, for our Trieux,
the sun is huge
too red.
Captures most of the horizon
And when comes the sky is dark indigo.
Where am I?
Why is everyone so deserted and untouched?
Really got to some uninhabited planet?
I never believed that I could Meet the animals.
We have gone for thousands of years before.
Looking for someone?
Looking for someone?
You are a man, right?
Yes. And I'm a man
from another planet. My name is Len.
Sorry, did not understand you. The person I am.
from another planet.
It's interesting.
My name is Lena. Lena?
Are you a woman?
You think?
We have a difference between a man and a woman is barely noticeable.
And yet, it is very impolite to make such mistakes, right?
Yes, of course.
Well, you're a man, I suppose?
Naturally. In such a dangerous trip should not have to send a woman.
Dangerous walk, you say?
How did you get here?
Maybe you know something
on the achievements of 0-space?
Yes, of course. And use it?
It's only in the laboratory.
I flew in a spaceship.
I overcame space by destruction.
I have guests.
Come and get acquainted with my girlfriends.
Stop it immediately. Go ahead.
Get out.
Only this, and you know: Get out. Dredge
Get out
Why put up with this antediluvian stuffed animal? He moved his head.
I do not want to give him more to the facility.
He - the memory of the past?
How was it?
We each chose one era.
A video monitor allows us to Travel wherever we like.
I can see it?
Since you're wondering ...
Lena, uh,
always travels in the same period.
And always returns in a bad mood.
What keeps her there, I was absolutely clear.
What is this? With Lena?
Nothing, let it be.
How do you like us on Earth?
And, well, very interesting civilization.
But I do not see any people or towns
All of our industrial and power base in the ground.
And no cities?
A long time, we have only scientific and cultural centers.
All of the Earth's population lives, as we are, in nature.
Which barely had time to recover.
I was not clear.
Lena's husband will explain more precisely, this is his specialty.
The husband?
Left me say and that the children themselves give birth?
Yes, of course. Artificial children devoid of emotion, soulfulness.
And, oh, the emotion, the intimacy.
This - not the scientific definition.
Just told you about her husband.
Do you want to go to it?
And where is he?
On the river. I think you would be interested.
This is my husband. Eden!
There is nothing to worry about.
Who'll get. Keep.
This is the most common fish.
Now bake on a spit.
Not that!
This is barbaric.
So if all the barbaric bad?
The name of your planet? Tria.
I hope there is something known and on our Earth?
Yes, of course.
We had a long and carefully
it was observed and studied.
My task
shorten the path to your
historical development ...
I am sure that there is no need in all these cases.
But what's different?
There is always a sense of humanity to be at a higher stage of development.
And in my opinion, the point is,
To change the path, and humanity itself will reach its goal.
You want to give gifts to people.
But, imagine Take away that they have the joy of
to live, to seek, to fight.
Take from them the meaning of very existence.
You were in the house,
and saw a robot
and a video wall with one only the past.
This is the result of one aid a gift made by my wife.
Even before we met.
She does not remember anything for a long time.
But nothing can erase in her soul
feeling a great loss.
I beg you, help me.
Who are you?
I beg you, help me.
Who are you?
Who I am.
And in my opinion, parenting requires ... I do not understand you.
What's your name?
I Bayan. The son of Prince Slavuna.
Bayan ... Very good name.
What's your name?
Lena. Lena?
- And you do not Byzantine? - No, not Byzantine.
In our time, Bayan, we are all from the same tribe.
But, if you are interested in my past, then my origin - Slavic.
From far away you go?
I did not come here on the road, I go through time, from the future.
As of the future?
And, oh, by the time machine.
Time machine.
Are you a magician? No, Bayan.
I am a linguist.
All is one. Why do you come?
Came to collect stories.
Why do you have stories?
It's not about me, Bayan.
Our time is in need of fairy tales.
Of pure, naive ...
You can not understand it, because never lacked.
Well, imagine for a moment, there are none.
Why not, if we come up with them?
In essence, you're right.
Tell me something about yourself.
Where do you live?
I? Here close.
In the village?
No, not in the village, I live alone.
To do everything yourself.
And become wiser. This is the will of the prince.
Aa. And what are you doing with that? What's it called?
With prey ... Eat Itself?
No. I attribute to the village.
And there I take all that I need.
I understand barter.
Where are you now live?
I told you, just come and fell into your trap.
Do not have any at home? No.
I'll let live.
Do you? It's a bit dangerous.
Why? I'll protect you.
How to proceed? I'll bear it.
I'm afraid, Bayan. Why?
I do not know.
I live here? Here.
You're very sweet.
In our time, no one I this does not provide.
Bayan, here is a little smell.
Yes, the skins. It's nice is not it? Uh-huh.
Yes, but for me the smell a little strong.
I can get some allergies.
What do you get? Nothing allergies.
Bayan, we can make out these skin?
We can, and if you go at night some rain.
From them, there is nothing left.
Well, then again their zanesesh.
Whatever you say. Wait until the light the stove.
It's warm.
Need to bake a pheasant. No.
I do not.
Well, do not feel hungry?
I have a tablet.
What? Tablets.
Throw this garbage.
With them will die of hunger.
Wait a pheasant.
When it bake
with fresh oil lickin
his fingers.
Violently ripped off the poor animal.
I have not ripped off.
Peel something alive.
I clean the feathers. All the same cruel.
I'll tell you straight out that you still barbarians, Bayan.
You should not say that word!
Barbarians called the Byzantines.
And they are more violent than we are.
We - the Slavs live fraternally and kill only when forced to.
Sorry, Bayan.
You do not have birds? Have. But do not eat them.
What you eat?
Artificial food. It is just like the real thing.
Take it, do not worry. Take it.
Good morning, Lena. You slept well today.
Get enough sleep.
I am sure that because of the clean air and the smell of leather.
Bayan, where ... Water?
The lake water as you want.
What is white? Brush my teeth.
For what? So it is necessary.
We have no one cleans teeth. Even the Byzantine?
We never do that what they do.
Slav. Why run away?
I know right? Why chasing after me?
Why are you lying to me?
Saw her? Seen.
Who is she, Bayan?
None of your business. I have not heard, not seen.
Come on.
Where were you?
Heard a noise. So what?
It's nothing. Deer.
This water is very good.
Not like ours.
Bayan, do not like to be silent.
You have an hour without saying anything. T-SSC ...
It's boring to me, Bayan.
Bored? What does this mean?
You do not have a word? No.
I thought it Slavic origin.
Something bad is? The worst thing.
A man bored when his soul is empty.
And it does not understand.
So, you have no boredom.
No, Bayan, do not kill.
Are you angry?
No. But in our tribe,
when men go hunting, women sleep at home.
What shall we eat tonight?
Why do not you take your pills? To you it will be easy.
No, Bayan, I need to get used to.
You get used to it and without it quickly.
Come on, come on.
Bayan, what is it?
Every day brings something new to me,
which can turn into a fairy tale.
I listen to her voice, and make of it little idols.
You want to hear
a fairy tale?
Tell me ...
In the old days ..
All the stories so begin.
In the old days ...
Do you?
How to cope with a fireplace?
It was not very easy. Well, after all lit up.
It's good.
What is this?
Hare. Ordinary rabbit.
Did not you promise that you will no longer killing animals, Bayan?
I did not kill him. What could I do, if he got caught in a trap?
You do not fix it.
I can not give up the hunt,
but you have to stay with me.
Bayan, Bayan, how much you do not understand.
Tell me something about your country.
I'm listening to you, Lena.
Yes. Very fine and a wonderful time with us, Bayan.
There's no one is robbed, not kill not being captured.
There is no such country.
There, Bayan.
I came out of it.
And all the people there - beautiful?
Yes, Bayan.
And all women are beautiful, how are you?
Other even more beautiful.
You see, this is not true.
It can not be better than you. In no country at any time.
You are very sweet.
You know what?
What Bayan?
It would be desirable,
that your time was scary and bad.
Why? To stay with me.
Bayan that shines there?
Fireflies. Fireflies?
Very interesting.
And you do not have fireflies?
No. Why?
I do not know. I'm sure something we mess up.
And another.
Lena, you have to stay with me. I can not.
Why? I'm bad?
You're not bad, Bayan. But everything in this world in my way.
I do not understand.
To understand.
I think you'll understand. It is not very difficult.
Since our time was from yours, I can not change it.
I mean, everything from me to you from us to you,
organized by one iron law. And if I return back
and try to change something in the past, then all will be lost.
And you
believe in these stories? Should believe.
And would you believe it, and not me?
Bayan, between your and my time
lived many sages who have thought through everything and spent a lot of centuries.
Do not lose them. They can not disturb me.
May, Bayan. One man - nothing.
And you're gone?
Yes, Bayan.
Then leave now.
Who still can not part with you. Tomorrow will not be able!
You're right, Bayan.
Lena, you came.
Hold it!
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Bayan, the woman - a witch! We have already condemned it.
As the condemned?
It should be burned on a pole.
Lying, Glories! There are no such laws in our tribe!
These are the laws of the Byzantines! Only people they burn. And even then, only enemies of the Empire!
You have no right to speak, Bayan. You're out of your mind.
And now you're out of your mind? How can burn an innocent man?
We have already condemned it.
I do not accept your judgment.
Who will cross, shall fall on my sword.
Build your mind, Bayan!
You're not going to kill anyone!
We'll get you out of the city with their spears and Pierce, once derneshsya.
Then ...
burn me with her!
Bayan, do not do it! You and no one else, should not be lost!
Will be very scary.
Leave him alone!
Come, Bayan.
Found in your house Byzantine. You have broken our most sacred law.
Not true, the Grand Duke! She does not know word of Byzantine.
But then who is she? From which country you come from?
She came to me not from a country, The Grand Duke.
She came to me out of time.
Incoherent words, saying, Bayan. Where did the time has come for you?
She came out of the time which is ahead of our own.
It can not be true that, son, that has not happened yet!
How to kill the gazelle, which is not yet born?
Do you see her? She's lying to you. She transformed witch.
Grand Duke! It may be anyone, but not a witch.
Her heart was full of kindness. She would not let me kill even a sparrow.
There can not be a wife a witch.
She pretends to be.
The Grand Duke, you're old and wise.
It has long been known the good and evil in the world. Tell me,
Tell me, have you seen the ever witch to live?
Not so simple your business, son.
-What is the girl who came from other people.
No one has the time of his wife, can not you do.
I can not live without it, the Grand Duke.
Reprove unreasonable, restrain their Force.
No need to force the Bayan.
I am a prince, Bayan, do not command, but both of you need to learn.
I love her, the Grand Duke,
She - a witch! Shut up, Glories!
Bayan rights. Do not want to wind up here Byzantine customs.
I revoke the sentence!
Do not you agree ...
Give a three-day period, that stranger was gone.
She came with good intentions.
Let go away with good intentions.
Let's go to their homes in peace.
Listen, son. You - the man. Naber courage to conquer his tribe.
One day you'll manage.
Can not edit the one who does not know how force people to obey.
Leave me alone. Three days, three days ...
Let these three days will be only yours. Go on the hunt sviristelok shoot.
Lena! Let go of me! Lena!
Let's go to another tribe. We will burn your clothing. Will put you as a Slav ...
You do not understand!
Only three days later it's over.
Come on, Bayan.
Bayan, you scared?
Who loves - not afraid.
I want to be on that night you told me all fairy tales.
All what you know.
At this time ...
With each full moon
you meet a hunter who
wanders the woods and looking up all the time.
His eyes are full of tears, Only animals and understand it,
and come close to it. But he does not notice them.
Among them,
No chamois,
with almond eyes and silver hooves.
How to find me? I found.
Of course, a professor of Chemnitz. Only you can guess what is being done.
It was not easy to find you ...
Three days wandering among the virgin forests.
Come on.
Remember, you get back immediately.
A.. if you refuse? How is it you refuse?
Very good to know how dire consequences will result your thoughtless behavior.
What will happen?
We are all in your ancient world,
nor desirable here we go, as it is now.
Any time in history - real and present.
As for what happened me: it was bound to happen.
The consequences are reflected in our time.
And do you like this primitive, barbarous world?
Probably not. But you can see that our Society has got a vicious circle.
It seems that our civilization has exhausted itself. Drying up the sources of life one after the other.
This is what art is not simply die.
- Theorists say that genres are exhausted. Is this true? - It is not true of course.
In fact, not art, but a man exhausted their emotional reserves,
As some of the dead planet exhausted and destroyed its atmosphere.
Exaggerating, Lena.
No, do not exaggerate!
I know a man who is ready to die for love! We have for a long time would not die!
Lena, you do not know what you mean. People may love recklessly.
Know. But I want to live here a man willing to die for me.
Lena, you got me angry. Do not know it's primitive feelings?
Primitive, but - feeling!
Lena, you do not understand. You do not need large, real feelings.
So I decided to stay here.
This is your last word? Yes, Professor of Chemnitz.
- I can not do otherwise. - You will soon be back to his happiness.
I'll give you happiness, Lena.
Why did you take away my love, Professor?
Professor, Chemnitz.
We are confident that this toy is safe?
Absolutely, doctor.
Soon she will wake up fresh as dew,
and reasonable, like all normal people.
She was crying.
It does not mean anything at all.
Lena, do you think?
I do not know.
Do you remember anything? No.
Then why are you crying?
I do not know.
And - on, a new Moon!
Come. New Moon.
The bright full moon of life.
Bayan, stop!
Who are you?
Do not know, Bayan?
Bayan. What's wrong with you?
I do not know. I do not know.
Then why are you crying? I do not know.
I have one request for you.
This is my first day on Earth.
Let it will be only mine.
Subtitles: Natalia Never, August 2013.
Cast: Itzhak Finzi - Nedev commander Naum Shopov - Wanderer, Len Nikolay Nikolaev - Men's monkey Pepa Nikolova - Women's monkey Kiril Gospodinov - Hat Melita Stoyanov - Hook Plamen Donchev - Dry Petar Vuchkov - Ray Veselin Borisov - Svask Evstatiev Strati - Dr. Veselinov
Ivan Manov - Poet Dobrinka Stankov - Lena Stoyan Gdev - Prince Todor Kolev - Len Svetozar Nedelchev Georgi Stoyanov Kristyan Fokov Svetoslav Peev Tsvetana Manev Ilka Zafirova Emilia Dragostinova Krasimir Apostolov Elena Zhandova Peter Chrisi