Trespasses (1987) - full transcript

A man swear revenge over two drifters for killing his son.

- Things were lookin'
rough that winter.

We were having to feed
more than we could afford,

and still we were losing cattle.

But, my boy was coming
home from school

to pitch in with me.

And between us, we were
gonna hold things together

until they took a
turn for the better.

I started feeling
hopeful about it all.

Matter of fact, I found
myself saying it out loud.

Things could be worse.

And sure enough.

- Hey Johnny!

Say fellow, what're
you doin' back home?

- Couldn't stand
bein' away from those cows,

I guess.

- Sh-yeah.

Wouldn't they put anything
in that head for you

back at school?

- I don't think so.

- All right man.

Say hello to Mr.
Ramsey for me, will ya?

- I'll do it.

Come in and see my dad?

- I think maybe I should
wait for a better time.

- Thanks, baby.

I'm sorry.

I better go.

- You will be back, won't you?

- We'll get all this taken
care of, and I will be back.

I promise.

- I love you.

- Dad?


- Come on in here, boy.

Look behind that
chest and see if

that bottle of whiskey's
still back there.

- You never will make much
of a drinker, will ya dad?

- There hasn't
been a lot to celebrate

around here for a
long time, fella.

- How bad is it?

- Not so bad we can't
work our way out of it.

- Well, work didn't
seem to stop the cattle

from gettin' sick
and dyin' last year.

- Well, I'm more worried
about your Uncle Herschel

than I am us, got too much
pride to come in with me.

He's tryin' to solve his
problems with a whiskey bottle.

God knows, you sure can't
afford to hire anybody

to help you work these days
with the price of cattle.

- Don't you have an
agreement with Mr. Klein

over at the bank?

- Yeah, I do, and August
is good for the money too.

Boy, he sure has been
sick a lot lately.

You know, sometimes I
think the only thing

that keeps him hangin' on.

He's afraid this town
won't survive without him.

- Yeah, who's
managing the bank now?

- Richard.

- Richard?

Sharon Rae's husband?

- Yeah.

- What're
they doin' here?

I thought she hated this place.

- Yeah, she does
like the city better,

but last time August got real
bad, they both came down.

- Well, Cathy
sends her love Dad,

says she'll be down here
when semester's out.

- When we get this behind us,
I want you to get your degree.

- Why, so I can be a yuppie?

- Yuppie, what the
hell's a yuppie?

♪ Too many times

♪ So she fills the world

♪ Where love would
hardly shine ♪

♪ Searchin' for the
key to her pride ♪

♪ She found the love that
her mind had long denied ♪

- Excuse me.

- Excuse us.

- 3.99.

♪ The day when we met

♪ Our hearts set
out on the road ♪

♪ She traveled before

- 69 cents.

♪ Where only love knows

♪ If you're searchin' for
love, love's what you'll find ♪

- Is there a gas
station open in town?

- No, can't say as there is.

Well, can you tell me

how to find one?

- Yeah, there's a couple
out on 35, Texacos, Shell.

- All right.

Do you have a bathroom?

- Yeah, right in the back.

♪ The day when we met

♪ Our hearts set
out on the road ♪

♪ She traveled before
where only love goes ♪

♪ If you're searching for love

- We were thinkin' maybe you
could give us a ride somewhere.

- I'm not going that way.

- We didn't say which
way we were goin'.

- Look, just get outta
my way, I'm getting wet.

- Can I help you?

- Can we help you?

- Let's go, kid.

- Ya!

Go on, you wanna go to Klein's
with me in the morning?

- Why you goin' over there?

- I'd kinda like to
hear Richard's ideas

on how he thinks a
bank oughta operate.

- Why don't you
just meet him at the bank?

- I've got too much work to do.

- Uh-huh, Sharon Rae's
bein' over at the house

wouldn't have nothin'
to do with it, huh?

- No.

- Is that all you're gonna say?

- Well I was gonna say that
while you were being so nosy

that you've ended up standin'
in a pile of fresh cow shit.

- Remember kid, don't get mad.

Get even.

- This is where I belong.

- That's why I'm so
glad you're here.

- This is
the one, come on.

- You sure this isn't
too early for Richard?

- He'll have to get used to it

if he's gonna deal
with ranchers.

- It's cold in here.

- I'll
put on the coffee,

and get some wood if
you'll build a fire.

- I don't wanna build a
fire, turn up the heat.

- I'd like a fire.

- The wood'll be wet.

- Daddy always keeps
it under the shed.

- Okay, I'll build a fire, okay?

- Don't forget to call
your mother today.

And we need to let Robin know

what time we're
coming in tomorrow.

And we should have
brought her with us,

she'd like it here.

- She'd hate it here, it's
cold, and it's boring in Texas.

- Why don't you
start the packing?

We might not have enough time

when we bring daddy
home from the hospital.

- She is pretty in the
morning, isn't she?

- You shouldn't stick your nose

into other people's business.

- Richard!


- Sharon.

- Richard, Richard!

- You see this, you see this?

- Don't kill her kid,
she'll be no good.

You don't want my want my friend
to kill ya, do you, honey?

Put it away, kid.

- You remember this, huh?

- Oh
yeah, kid, go ahead, kid.

That's it, kid, that's it.

- Oh god.

- Boy, I hope Sharon Rae's
got some coffee ready.

- Morning.

- Frank!

- Let's get outta here, kid!

- 10:30
and time now for the

mid-morning market report.

- Maudie, don't change that.

- Yeah Maudie, man
with a future's

got to get a future's report.

Don't you know

- Sit down and behave, Arnold.

- Over
600 pounds were 50 cents

to a dollar lower.

- Six months
later, things were back

as normal as they could be.

I was handling it, more or less.

- More for you, Herschel?

- Won't hurt.

- Sharon Rae's
daddy was on his feet again,

back runnin' the bank.

- Best go home and
clean up, Herschel.

You gotta look like a
banker to get a loan.

- Oh, well he looks
like a million dollars.

He's all green and wrinkled.

- What do you want, Arnold?

- Oh give me some eggs
and some dead steer.

Long as it ain't one
of Franklin's steers.

I want it dead,
not sick and dead.

- How's it goin', Arnold?

- It ain't, Franklin.

- August was
fighting to hold his health

and the bank together
at the same time.

Looked like he was losin'
ground on both fronts.

- Morning.
- Hello, sir.

- Morning.

Morning John Joe.

- Morning, August.

- August, don't you dare!

Now don't you start
givin' me trouble too.

- Wanna take a ride?

- August and
I'd been able to deal with

everything from
droughts to floods.

But when it came to
someone harming our kids,

we didn't seem to be
able to talk about it.

I guess we looked
at it differently.

He just wanted it to go away,

and I just wanted
one more shot at 'em.

- How's your girl?

She ever comin'
home from school?

- She's just fixin' too.

What'd you have on your mind?

- Richard got Sharon
Rae a home computer,

got it hooked up to
the department store.

She can shop, never
even leave the house.

- Things not goin' right
for Richard and Sharon Rae?

- Oh, they're goin' splendid.

Sharon Rae takes to the
city, she always has.

Richard's a good man,
knows his business.

Hell, he's been warning
me for years, he says,

"Worst thing a banker
can do to a man

"is lend him money
he can't pay back."

He called me a gut lender.

Richard looks at the
numbers, credit analysis,

does it with a computer.

They teach that now.

I just know how to do it
the way I've always done it.

The way I always analyze credit
is look into a man's eyes

when he talks to me.

Hell, that's the way
I built that bank,

givin' people credit
when nobody else would.

But, times are different now.

I guess my time has passed.

- What happened?

- I flat let this town down.

I tried to get Richard to
come down and take it over.

He won't do it as
long as I'm around.

Would you?

- What'd that bank examiner say?

- Oh hell, I'm all
outta compliance.

It's close down the
bank or turn it over

to some Dallas bank
for a write-off.

They're gonna make
me do it, Franklin.

And I can't do it.

- What?

- Stop loaning, call
some in, foreclose.

You don't look too bad,
Franklin, but Herschel does.

Franklin, be a
friend to Richard.

He doesn't understand
take some, leave some.

Talk to him.

- Let's walk some more.

Come on August, I need
to get you back to town.

- Aw, just leave
me here, Franklin.

- I can't do that.

- Breaker nine.

- This is Lambert
Three, go ahead, breaker.

- This
is Franklin Ramsey.

Call the hospital, tell 'em
I'm bringin' August Klein in.

Looks like he's goin'
into a diabetic coma.

- 10-4.

- I said no,
Franklin, I said no.

- Dr.
Kerr, come to emergency.

Dr. Kerr, come to emergency.

- Take him in, tell Dr.
Kerr to crack his chest,

I'll be in directly.

I'm afraid it's
too late, Franklin.

Nurse Johnson,

please come to emergency.

- Shit.

- Mama, what is that place?

- That's where
people get baptized.

- Oh.

♪ Abide with me

♪ Fast falls the eventide

♪ The darkness deepens

- Mama, I gotta go
to the bathroom.

- Honey, you'll have to wait.

♪ When other helpers
fail and comforts flee ♪

- Mommy, who's that man?

♪ Oh, abide with me

♪ Amen

- May we bow in prayer please.

Our dear heavenly father,

we thank you for your
servant, August Klein.

Watch over him now,
and give him his rest.

And watch over Sharon
Rae and her family.

We ask these things
in the name of the one

who taught us to pray, saying,
our father who are in heaven.

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come,
they will be done,

on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who
trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the
kingdom, and the power,

and the glory, forever, amen.

- Well you're so welcome.

- I'm awfully sorry.

I wanted you to have this hat.

I hope this is not
the wrong time.

I hope it's not too hard
on you livin' out here.

If there's anything I
can do, please call me.

- Honey, you might wanna
pack your stuff tomorrow

so you'll have
somethin' to play with,

but we have to put these
up, they're just to look at.

- Why, I'm
not hurting them.

- Well, your grandma
took care of these dolls

all her life, she wouldn't like
to see 'em out on the floor.

Honey, hop in and get the
Windex, under the sink.

- Is that a problem?

- Your tuition's
never a problem.

I'll just sell your calf.

- I know it takes
more than a calf.

- Texas
Department of Agriculture

in Austin, Texas now
playing in the grain market.

Today we're slightly higher.

- What if ranching doesn't
work for you anymore, Daddy?

- I haven't lost it yet.

- Yeah, but what would you do?

- I don't guess there
is anything else

I really wanna do.

365 and 3/4, up 2 1/4,

December wheat, 361, up three.

- It's cost me
from time to time.

But I just can't
help myself, I guess.

231, up 5 3/4.

December corn, 332
and 3/4, up 5 1/2.

September soybeans
closed at 766, up 18 1/2.

October beans 782,
that's up just a quarter.

And December beans at 789
and 3/4, up 20 and 1/4.

- Sharon Rae, I'm
sorry about this,

but people kept quiet
on account of August.

And now he's gone,
and you're back.

Things aren't gonna be
easy for you around here.

People are gonna talk and
that's just a bur in my saddle,

knowing this thing isn't solved.

- Don't you think this
is a bad time, Sam?

- Franklin, aren't you the
one who's been on my ass

for six months?

All right, well I put out an
APB for the tri-state area,

and I moved it nationwide and
we still don't have anything.

Hell, to be honest with you,

they could be in Mexico
or Canada by now.

But I want you two to know
I'm not givin' up on it.

So anything you might
remember, could help.

- I've told you a
dozen times over.

- Sharon Rae?

- I can't think of anything.

- Well maybe your husband
might remember something.

- No, I told you,
he wasn't there.

- But he was in the
store the night before.

- Yes.

- So he might be able
to tell me something.

- Might be able to.

- All right, let's
take this from the top.

You and Richard pull up,
and you notice these two

hassling Johnny's
girlfriend, what else?

- What
do you say, want in?

- No, not at the present.

- Morning, everybody.

- Mr. Kimbrough.
- Morning.

- I hear your coffee's
the best in town.

- Well, that's 'cause it's
the only coffee in town.

To go?

- I guess it was
his first day at the bank

that Richard got reacquainted
with the Gibson boy.

- Aren't you Gibby--

- This is John
Joe Gibson, Mr. Kimbrough.

- That's right.

I noticed your charts,
they look good.

Do you keep a
commodities portfolio?

- Well, my
degree's in finance.

- Dr. Laswell needs you back.

- You work with Dr. Laswell
over at the sale barn?

- Yeah, for the present.

- Most
people didn't think

Gibson amounted to much.

But we all thought
he was harmless.

- Uh, there's your man, I think.

- Yeah, thanks, keep it.

- Thanks.

- Right back through here, yeah.

Right around here.

Office in the back, did
you have a good trip down?

- It was
a great trip.

- Yeah, Franklin Ramsey, is
my feed ready to pick up yet?


You been to the bank yet?

Examiner's in there.

She looks every bit

as good as she did 20 years ago.

- She can't be that old.

Count back, old timer.

- Yeah, all right,
I'll be there directly.

- She sure is hangin' on to it.

- Now, you wouldn't
wanna be plowin'

in another man's
field, would ya?

- Boys, have a little respect.

- I don't know what
August was thinkin' about.

Non-productive for seven years.

It's got to be foreclosure.

- See Arnold, you
oughta be happy.

She wears the same little
pretties your wife does.

- Boys.

What'd you have?

- I don't know, here's too much.

- Don't you dare
give me that much.

- Too late, it's done now.

- I'll
get you for that.

- Ma'am, Miss Kimbrough!

- Arnold, I'll tell your
wife on you!

- You follow through,
that loan deposit register

should be back in line in
about six months or so,

you can start lending again.

- That's about the
timetable I was looking at.

- Mr. Kimbrough, I
went out on a limb

to keep this bank open,
because I thought a man

with your credentials
would apply the program,

hope I'm gratified.

- Well, if you face
up to the facts.

- You got a tough
road ahead, Richard.

- That's the only kind
that interest me anymore.

- We all wondered
how Richard would fare

with the examiner.

August seemed to think Richard
knew how to handle things.

He was modern.

- Good luck,
Herschel Ramsey.

- I appreciate it.

- My pleasure.

I mean, I'm glad I saw 'em.

- Did you buy these for me?

We haven't christened
this house yet, you know?

- I don't feel well.

- You know where
it is when you do.

- Are we ever gonna
have another baby?

Why haven't I been baptized?

- Do you wanna be baptized?

- I'd like
to go with you, hun,

but I've got a board
meeting tomorrow,

and there's a stock
deal I need to jump on.

- It's all right,
are you worried?

- No, I got it under control.

I know what they want but
they don't know what I want.

That's how they can get you,

when they know you
want something.

Here's the traveler's
checks and the cash.

You sure that's all you need?

- I think so.

- You sure?

I mean we can tie
everything else up

in that stock deal tomorrow.


- I didn't make any.

- What?

- I just wanted to look
to see if they're any

new places to stay,
does that bother you?

- Babe, take it easy.

- I'll probably
stay at the Hilton.

- I'll
call a reservation.

- Don't.

- You don't have to
stay there but you'll have it.

Have a good trip.

- It's all right, Joe.

- Can I come in?

- Maybe you better not.

Sharon Rae.

It's just that maybe
you better not.

- Again.

♪ When you're happy and
you know it, clap your ♪

Clap, clap.

- Yes, has Mrs. Richard
Kimbrough checked in yet?

Are you sure?

She didn't.

- Bacon and biscuits?

- You don't
have to do that, hun.

- I know.


- I'm sorry, honey.

- What're you doin'?

- Figuring.

- Figuring what?

- How much money it's
gonna take me to operate.

You know Herschel's trying
to go this thing alone,

he's always had that problem.

I'm just trying to figure
a way to give him a hand

through it all.

He's not gonna like that much.

But maybe he won't
needle up about it.

- Maudie said there's
bad talk about the bank.

Herschel wasn't a surprise,
but after the way they did

the Henards, nobody
knows what to expect.

- If they feel like loanin'
me that money, they will.

And if they don't, they won't.

A man has to be
taken at his word.

- Let's go there
for the weekend sometime.

I found this great
place to stay.

Oh, the furniture's gonna
come sometime tomorrow.

- Where did you get it,

so Kim can get one just like it.

Daddy, you should knock.

- Honey, he doesn't
need to knock,

it's his own room.

- Yeah, but--

- Well you need
to go to your own room

if you're gonna change.

- See what
Kim taught me?

- When'd you see Kim?

- She came over.

Come and see on the tile.

♪ Because he was her man


♪ He was her man

♪ But he does her wrong

- Hello.

- Hello?

Are you there?

- Yeah.

- I have a terrible
time on the phone.

When can I see you again?

- Mama, my tap came
off, can you fix it?

- Sh.

- Mama.

- Sharon Rae, I just
can't live like this.

It's not my way.

- Don't, not like this.

- Ma'am I have to.

- I need for
you to tell me in person.

- I don't think we better.

- I'll try.

- Who was that, Mama?

- It was about
the drapes, honey.

- Here's that check Mr. Ramsey
wanted to talk to you about.

- Did you write this
check knowing you
didn't have the funds

in your account to cover it?

- Yes, I did.

- Why?

- 'Cause my word is good.

- Well, can you cover it?

- I've got some savings
bonds at home I can bring in.

- All right, we'll honor it.

- I'm goin' to sale
early next month,

and I can make my payment.

I need to get this loan started
just as soon as possible.

- Mr. Ramsey, we just don't
have the money to loan.

- But it takes
money to make money.

- Until we get the
bank back on its feet,

the money's just not there.

- Without you, we're
out of business.

Without us, you're
out of business.

- That's absolutely
my point, Mr. Ramsey.

We'll have to hang together
through this period,

find some alternatives.

- Can you go with the
same amount as last year?

- I wish I could.

- Well, I guess I'll
bring those bonds in.

I'd just come home from Austin,

been tryin' to scare up
money, without much luck.

- I have to trust what I feel.

Please don't send me away.

- It's not that I want to.

It's that lies poison a man.

- It isn't a lie.

For the first time in my
life, it wasn't a lie.

- I guess I don't know
what to do, Johnny.

The last time I lied to
myself about that woman,

it cost me you, I don't know
what it's cost me this time.

- Lazarus State Bank.

No, he's not.

- Thank you.

- Well hello
Sheriff, what can I do for you?

- Mr. Kimbrough, the Dallas
police have two men in custody

that fit the description
of your wife's assailants.

And they'd like Sharon Rae
to identify the suspects

as soon as possible.

- Thank you, I'll take
care of it right away.

Right away.

How's the cattle market?

- Not good.

Sale barn looks like a whore
house on Easter Sunday.

- John Joe.

- I need to understand
the cattle operation.

I could use a guy like
you to show me around,

explain how it all goes.

- Sure, anytime.

- Looks good.

Let me get it.

Maybe one of these days we can
get somethin' goin' for ya.

Thanks John Jay, I'll
drop by the sale barn.

- Some you
have to quarantine.

Some they pack for dog food,
if they don't lose it all.

Some lose it all.

Here, take a look.

- Gibson.

- Excuse me.

- Get in touch with
that Roshenberger bunch yet?

He's waiting to hear from you.

- I was going to,

but I had to show Mr. Kimbrough,

Mr. Kimbrough's our new banker.

- Mm.

- You should meet him.

- Yeah, I'd like to.

Mr. Kimbrough.

- Dr. Laswell.

- How are you?

- Fine, how are you today?

- Good to meet you.

- Nice
to meet you, sir.

- Hope
you enjoy it here.

- Thank you.

- You Joseph Anderson?

- Yes, I am, come in.

- What do you want?

- Thought we
might do some business.

What kind of business?

- We're not lookin'
to get busted again.

- An associate
of mine recommended you.

He said you were just
released from a police lineup.

- No positive ID.

- What's that got
to do with anything?

- Let's just say you're
good at not getting caught.

- You're a cop, right?

He's a cop, right Burt?

- Could be, kid.

- No, I'm not a cop.

- Come on, I know you're a
cop, your face pisses me off.

- I assure
you, I'm not a cop.

- And we're suppose to
take your word for that?

Who are you?

- A business man.

Look, you boys
could do me a favor,

and I'm willing to pay for it.

Half now, half when
the job's done.

- What's the job?

- Keep 'em.

I've got a gut
feeling about you.

I've decided that in your case,

I need to operate
more like August did.

I'm gonna give you
the full amount.

- Thank you for betting on me.

- I'm not.

Go ahead, give her a try.

- All right.

- We get this bank
back on its feet,

get you some operating capital.

- Back on its feet?

- Go ahead, fire her up.

Play the right card
at the right time.

- Daddy,
do you wanna talk?

- What am
I suppose to do with this?

- What
the fuck am I, a doctor?

Come on!

Ah, shit!

- Come
on, this one fuckin' bit me,

I say we take what
we got and split.

- Just shut up and
get goin', come on!

- What's wrong?

- I'll be back in a
minute, stay here.

- There's somebody comin'.

Go around the other
side, hurry up.

- Daddy, watch out!

- No!

- I've never been
touched there before.

- Ah-oh.

- What?

- Robin, get your clothes on.

Kevin, you'd better go home.

Hurry up.

You sit right here until
your father comes home.

- Hi honey, I'm home.

Hey, honeybee.

- We have to talk.

I found Robin with Kevin.

I just think we need
to do something.

- Well, like what?

- She doesn't have
any structure.

- What does that mean?

- You just let her
get by with anything.

- So it's my fault.


Oh Sherry.

- Don't touch me.

- Forgive
me, I forgive you.

- He knows.

- Are you all right?

- He's my husband.

I'm sorry.

- In obedience
to our lord, Jesus Christ,

and on public profession
of your faith in him,

I baptize you, Robin Kimbrough,

in the name of the Father, and
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Buried with him in
baptism, rising to walk

in the newness of life.

- Heh, get outta there.

There was a lot to be done now.

Hauling cattle to the vet to
get the test done quicker.

Keepin' 'em in separate bunches

till we could get
the results back.

Get up there, yah!

But some how things
just didn't add.

I decided to have
another look around.

Well, the weatherman says

it'll be sunny and hot today,

with the high in the upper 90s.

- Here you go.

- Here, you play.

Presently under clear skies

it's 96 degrees.

- I'll have
it day after tomorrow.

- Hey now.

- I'll have it, okay.

♪ Be my slave

♪ Think of the
memories I saved ♪

- Did you get those samples yet?

- Yeah, just fixin' to run 'em.

- All right, where's
your bathroom?

- Through here, take a left.

♪ For a little while

♪ Don't be sorry for me

♪ Reckon I got as
well as I gave ♪

♪ Just because she's

- Mr. Kimbrough, please.

♪ Don't make her
got to be my slave ♪

♪ Think of the
memories I'll save ♪

- Mr. Kimbrough?

We got the means
sittin' right here.

How do you wanna proceed?

Look, let me call you back.

- When was the last
time somebody was out

to test my cattle, John Joe?

- Three or four
months ago, wasn't it?

- Yeah.

- It's over, Franklin.

You know, if you
would've called Franklin,

I'd have told you I don't
have the time to talk.

- Don't have
time or won't take time?

- Now don't
you start with me.

- Sam, are you tellin'
me you don't have time

to give me 10 minutes?

- Franklin, I'd
give you 10 hours

if I thought it was worth it.

The God's honest truth is

I think you're
beatin' a dead horse.

Morning, Billy.

- Well, good
morning, Sheriff.

- You know, if you'll just
get shed of this thing

Franklin, we can close the
damn book once and for all.

- I don't want the book shut.

I want somebody to get
to the bottom of this.

And if you're not
gonna do it, I am.

- Dammit
Franklin, those two boys

broke into Gibby's office
and stole that positive tube

meaning to put your ranch
under, it's plain and simple.

- Why?

- Hell, I don't know.

Who knows how long a pair
like that can hold a grudge.

- That's the biggest bunch
of bullshit I ever heard.

- I got work to do.

- Hey Sheriff, have
you heard from my lawyer yet?

- I'm sorry Miss,
your time's up.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- All right, lock 'em up.


- All right everybody,
back in your cages.

- No more!

- It's gettin' too
hot for me over there.

- Want somethin' cold?

- No, coffee's okay.

- If
you're lookin' at the weather

forecast, looks
pretty much the same.

Looking hot today, with
the high in the upper 90s.

- What's goin' on?

- He lets one more nickel,

they're gonna lower
the whole shebang.

- South
at 15 miles per hour.

96 degrees outside, here's
Miss Kimmie Carlisle.

- Is this about Franklin?

If anybody's good
for it, Franklin is.

You think I can get
this out of his hide?

- Listen, I'm still
workin' on those samples.

- What's goin' on, Gibson?

- Just had
to make a phone call.

- There's some bad business
stirring around here

young man, and I expect
you to tell me what it is.

- I'll get 'em, just went
to get a cup of coffee.

I don't know, I'm not sure!

- What you do know, you
will tell the sheriff.

Do I make myself clear?

- Phone for you.

- Who is it?

- John Joe Gibson, I think.

- Yeah.

- I've done my
part, now I want the money.

- Listen, this is
not the right time.

- I don't know how
you do things up in New York,

but around here, we do
what we said we would.

- John Joe, the
money's just not there.

- Oh, there's money there.

And you will get it for me.

I know what you did.

- What I did?

- I saw you take it, and I'm
prepared to tell 'em just that.

- You think that's
a problem for me?

- Would you like to try it?

- I can't raise it that fast.

- Just depends on
how bad you want to.

- But why now, it's gonna be
over before we ever get there.

- Where is Kimbrough?

- Daddy, don't drive so fast.

- Shut up, Robin.

- Hello.

- I know I don't have
the right to ask,

but Richard and Robin
haven't come home yet,

and I'm worried, would
you help me go find them?

- Well, I was coming in anyway.

- Thank you.

Please find him.

- You were there, you've
known all this time.

What's stopping you now?

- As we forgive
those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the
kingdom, and the power,

and the glory forever, amen.

- Daddy, what're
you doing in here?

- I was thinkin' about putting
hay in here for the winter.

I guess I was thinkin'
about last winter.

Must've been in
here a hundred times

and never thought about it.

I guess I wouldn't let myself.

This place is a part of Johnny,

which makes it a
bigger part of me.

I wouldn't let myself see
that for the longest time.

- I don't understand
it Daddy, any of it.

- You're not suppose to, honey.

You just pick up the
pieces, and you live.

You don't run from it, and
you don't tell yourself

it never happened,
you just go on.

- I love you, Daddy.

- I love you too, Cathy.

I came to tell you that
there's somebody outside

that wants to talk to you.

- Okay.

♪ Amazing grace, how
sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost

♪ But now I am found

♪ I was blind but now I see

♪ It was grace that
taught my heart to fear ♪

♪ And grace, my fears relieved

♪ How precious did
that grace appear ♪

♪ The hour I first believed

♪ Amazing grace, how
sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost

♪ But now I am found

♪ I was blind, but now I see

♪ Amazing grace, how
sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost

♪ But now I am found

♪ I was blind but now I see