Trespass (2011) - full transcript

Kyle and Sarah Miller have it all: a huge gated house on the water, fancy cars, and the potential for romance in their relationship. He's just back from a business trip (he brokers diamonds) and their teen daughter Avery is sneaking out to a party, when four thugs in security uniforms and ski masks stage a home invasion. They want what's in the safe: cash and diamonds. Kyle stalls them, trying to negotiate for Sarah's freedom. Over the next few hours, the back stories of the four robbers (two brothers, a girlfriend, and the representative of a local drug kingpin) as well as the fault lines in Kyle and Sarah's marriage come into play. Is there room here for heroism?

[incidental music]

(Kyle) I don't understand why we
can't continue construction.

We could
become partners.

Well if you finish
it, we can sell it.

You Te being

Look, you Te
bleeding us dry!

Don't twist. Everyone knows real
estates in trouble. Come on!

We sell,
everybody wins.

I-I'll get you
some money.

Na, don�t hang up.

[dialing and ringing]

Mr. Kaplan,
Kyle Miller again.

Yeah, hi. I'm calling about the
golconda diamond that we discussed.

Well I have a buyer.
I know we haven�t done business before

but I assure you I can be
an asset to your company.

Let me show you what I
can do with this stone.

No, I won't take commission. What do you have to lose?
It's my contact and my risk.

I guarantee
it's 100% reliable.

If this goes upside down,
it's on me, okay?

Hang up. Hang up.
I'm calling him now. Thanks.

[metallic clinking]

[engine roars]

Emile Strewart?
Kyle Miller. How are you?

(Avery) Hey, Mom,
can I go to a party?

(Sarah) Come on, Avery.
Nat tonight.


It's at this guy Jake's house.
Everyone's going.

Who's everyone?

Friends from school.

Why are you being
so vague about it?

I'm not. Hang on.
I'm getting water-boarded.


Please? It's
no big thing.

Yeah? Well if
it's no big thing,

why can't you tell me who
you're going with? Hm?

So, that little
daydream we discussed.

Yes, the flawless one.

Well, it turns out it could
be yours provided that, uh--

Just a minute.

Provided that you come up
with a less insulting number.

No, you're gonna have to do a
little bit better than that, Emile,

or my seller's
gonna walk.

It's just a party.

With Kendra?

Why do you have such a
problem with Kendra?

Avery, I just thought we could have dinner at
home tonight as a family. Your Dad's back.

I thought
it'd be nice.

I don't wanna have dinner.
I wanna go to a party.

Well, I said no.

(Kyle) Emile. Emile.

Fine, I'll ask Dad.

Okay. Ask him.

Emile, Stafford's offering two
percent above your price.

Yes! That Stafford.
Carl Stafford.

Mom's being arbitrary
and inflexible.

Oh, come on.

I need hugs.

What difference does it make if
Carl said it or he didn't say it?

The point is you're
getting a damn good rock.

Uh, just a minute.

Did you wear
that to school?

Can I go to
a friend's party?


I have to go with
your mother on this.

No! I wanna
meet with you.

You don't know what we
we're talking about.

Yes. We were
talking about Kendra.

That means boys,
probably older,

and that is every father's worst nightmare.
I'm sorry, Sweetie.

Yes, yes. I�m back.
No, tonight is fine.

Uh, I could be there
in 30, 45 with traffic.

Whatever you two are going through
treating me like a child,

isn't gonna make
anything any better.

Are we going
through something?

I don't know.
Are we?

Look, I'm sorry about all this.
it's just--

it's just a bit crazy
here at the office today.

Yes. Well, I don't think
you're really hearing me.

Emile, this is
the flawless.

It's whiter than the
snow an Mount Fuji.

Are you cartooning me?
This is a 2A diamond

so clear you will weep.
You will just weep.

I mean, in any other circumstance
a four karat golconda

is 1.5 million dollars.
I mean, this is a steal.

I'm inviting you to steal from me.
Yes, cash.

[muffled voice]
This is a basement price.

I'm not even taking
a commission.

No, it has to be cash.

Thank you. Thank you, Emile.
I'm glad we could come to an understanding.

And you won't be
disappointed. Good-bye.


[incidental music continues]

[buzz and beep]


[suspenseful music]

Kyle ?

I'm on the phone.

I just wondered if you wanted
something to eat before you go out.

Uh, no, I'll pick
something up.

[suspenseful music]

Please don't say it's all because you
love me and you're worried about me.

Honey, you have
to eat something.

I'm not hungry.

All right.
Well, I'm just gonna leave it here.

It's yummy.


Avery, you're so pretty and
you're so smart and you--

You just don't have to be
in such a hurry to grow up.

I love you, baby.

I know, Mom.
I love you, too.

[suspenseful music continues]

[suspenseful music]


[pop music]


They think you're
a bad influence.

They're right.


You know, I'm
actually pretty sure

that my mom is having sex
with her divorce lawyer.

Do you have his number?
My mom's gonna need one.



[brakes screeching]



How was Houston?

Just supplying diamonds for oil
men's mistresses. [scoffs]

How's Avery?

Oh, she's still in her room.

She hates me.

No, she doesn't hate you.
She hates both of us.

Uh. I found this.

Do you think
she's smoking?

I hope not.

It's not just this.
There were cigarettes out by the pool.



I'm worried
about her.



This guy's only in town tonight, otherwise
the whole deal, just, you know?

You look so beautiful.

I do?

What I do, that I leave,
that I can't always be here,

it's all for you
and Avery.

To take care of you.
You know that?

I know.

Hey. Hm?

I have to go.

I wonder how many times
this has to happen before

[sighs] I'm not really
gonna care anymore.

What does that mean?

[phone ringing]

Yes. Hello?

Mr. Kyle Miller?


Sheriff�s Department,
Mr. Miller.

May we came in
to speak with you?

What's this about?

How many people are at
your house at this time?

My wife and daughter and myself
Is there a problem, officer?

Kyle, what's
going on?

Sir, we 're talking to all
the families in the area

because there? been
a rash of burglaries.

Get Avery.

Mr. Miller?

Yes, all right. All right.
Just- just a minute.

[suspenseful music]


[rattles doorknob]

Avery come on,
open up.


Come on,
don't be silly.

Avery! Come on! it 's locked!

Well, will you just get her to open it?
I want her down here now.

Yeah. Yeah.
Avery, come on!

[doorbell ringing]

She's gone!

Sarah, run!
Run, Sarah!

Shut the fuck up.

Don't fucking
do anything.

Get her!
Get after her!

I'm will put
a hole in you.

Don't fucking look at me.
Get the cash.


[starts engine]

[tires screeching]

[shouts and brakes]


I told you
it was happening.

What is happening is
you almost killed us.

Do not embarrass me and
go acting your age.

What age
should do I act?


[loud pop music]

What up, ladies?

I'm glad you all
could make it here.

My name is Jake.
Welcome to my party.

Hey, Jake. I, uh,
I invited them. Jake.

Yeah! It's all cool.

Follow me, please.

I would absolutely love to show you something.
Check this out.

In your
fucking knees.

Face down.


We need that
in case security calls.

Okay. Let's all get really clear
on one thing here. All right?

This is my house now.
it's my house, it's my rules.

Daddy's home!

Kid's gone.

So, do you have any idea where
your underage daughter is

and when
she is coming back?

No, I don't know.

Don't you just
love surprises?

She'll be back.

Hey, 15 minutes.
In and out.

No bullshit.

All right.
Cell phones on the floor, now!

Now! Cell phones!

I don't have one!


I don't
have one on me.

You don't have one?

All right.
We'll see about that.

Shall we, Sarah? Spread.
Oh, that's a nice ass.

Do not--

No! No! No!

Don't you ever fucking
do that again, Kyle.

If I see a gun,
if I see a hand,

I will fucking
put a hole in you.

Do I make myself
clear, asshole?

Shut the fuck up!

They're feisty.

[phone ringing]

Okay. Get that.
Get it.

Kill it.
And the rest, too.

[phone ringing]

All right. Let's
try that alarm now.

After all, we wanna know when
little Avery gets home, right?

You'd be surprised the things
I know about you, Kyle,

and what I don't know,
you're gonna tell me.

Like, what's
the alarm code?

What's the alarm code?

[thumps and crashing]

You know, Kyle, I'm sorry,
I couldn't hear you.

What did you say
the code was?

I can't hear you!
What's the fucking code?



7465? You sure
about that?


All right. You sure about that?
You're sure about that.

I just wanna be sure because we
really, really hate surprises.


Wait! Wait! Wait!
Wait! No!

Wait! Wait! Wait!
No! No! What?

What? You hear the cops?
You hear anything? You hear a siren?

I don�t hear a siren.
You know why I don't hear a siren ?

Because there are
two codes here, Kyle.

One that's real and one that acts
real, only it calls the police!

Nam we happen
to know your code.

And we happen to know a
lot about you, Kyle.

Please don't fucking
underestimate us, okay?

Don't waste your time.
Get up. See?

This is what we call a
little trust exercise, Kyle.

Now, relationships are
essentially built on trust.

And once that
trust is broken,

it's very, very
hard to get back.

Isn't that
right, Sarah?

What do you
want from us?

I don't know. Why don't we
start with everything you got?

[beeping sound]

Old man has no idea
I know the combo.

Do you want some blow?

See that?

There's 100K in there
and a stash of cipro

just in case
the terrorists

completely destroy
the financial universe

and mail him some anthrax.
it's unbelievable.

You want
some of this?

Oh, no. I'm okay.
Just gonna go see

what Kendra? doing
maybe or something.

Look. I know.

I like you, too. I do.

And I know you just met
me, but I can tell.

You want this.
You do.

And, you know, maybe
neither one of us

exactly saw this night
going like this,

but you gotta ask
yourself, I mean,

do you really want tonight to
be about what could've been?


[chuckling softly]



Yeah. I'd
like a taxi.

One moment please.

Picking up
at what address?

Where are you going?

I can throw up.

Well... I got a bathroom.

Watch out
for the kid.

Leave me!

Baby, just do
what he says, okay?

You know what, Kyle?

Isn't this a little bit obvious?
You have a safe behind your picture.

It's-it's aesthetic.


It's not about hiding
it from people.

It's a... there's not
a giant safe staring--

Ten minutes.

[whispering] What
are we gonna do?

You know, Kyle?
I'm impressed with you.

You have a Benelli
pointed at your forehead

and you still have the
audacity to condescend to me.

Your either really, really
stupid or you're suicidal.

Come on,
open the safe.

Open me safe.


Open in

Now, this doesn't have
to be hard, all right?

Just get in there
and open the safe.

Hell, you can probably claim
whatever you get in insurance.

You'll get the cash all back, so
it's a win-win situation, right?

Now, the combination.


[cocks rifle]



One "no" is not
an option, Kyle.

Please. Don't make us
be obvious about this.

I don't know it!
I don't know it!

What do you expect
to find?

We know things about you, okay?
I told you that, asshole!

We saw you sign for diamonds.
Lots of them!

I know you've got diamonds in there
smaller than my pinkie fingernail

that are worth more than
a Porsche, all right?

I don't give a shit
what's in the safe

as long as you fucking open it, so
I'm gonna ask you one more time

really nicely.
Open the goddamn safe, pretty please.

Please. Please! Kyle.

[suspenseful music]

Who's cutting them?

You gotta be
kidding me.

These diamonds,
who's cutting them ?

Kyle Miller.

You really don't wanna
get smart with me now.

You really wanna stay as
stupid as fucking possible.

I stay stupid,
you go to jail.

So, I assume you have someone
to deal with the inscriptions?

Eight. minutes.

Tell me you thought this through.
You came here to steal diamonds.

You must know
something about them.

What does it take to shut
this prick up, Sarah?

Yes, I'll shut up, because
there's another way.

You can learn about the
micro-laser inscriptions

when you Te being arrested for
trying to pass off stolen goods.

We're wasting time.
[cocks rifle]

Wait. No. I wanna hear it.
I need to hear it.

No more talking.

No! Don't hurt him!

Anyone with a jeweler's loupe is gonna
know that the stones are stolen

and who you
stole them from.

Every diamond on the market
in the United States

is registered with the Gemological
Institute of America.

The weight, the
shape, the grade,

and ownership

are documented, filed,
etched into the stone.

You get caught trying
to pass off my diamonds

how soon before they
connect you to my murder?

Open the safe.
No one gets murdered.

Wait. What's he
talking about?

Just-just let him talk.
I need to hear this.

[deep sigh]

The only way to sell stolen
diamonds is to change the shape,

shave off
the inscription.

Even so, if you try to sell recut
diamonds without a certificate,

the buyer's gonna know they're stolen,
he's gonna be the bell of your bought.

And yes, yes, there are several
hundred thousand dollars

worth of diamonds in this safe.
But how much do you think a bunch of, you know,

pardon my French, hooligans
are gonna get for them

assuming you can even find a buyer who's
interested in stolen goods to begin with?

Huh? Ten thousand? I doubt it.
Ten hundred? Maybe. Probably not!

In your hands, they go back
to being nothing but rocks.

Just-just pretty,
shiny little rocks.

[sniffs] So, I'm
gonna ask you again.

Who's cutting
them for you?

Every minute we stay
past the first 20,

ups our risk 10%,
which is

six minutes
from right now.


[suspenseful music]

Why are you
telling us this?

Because I'm that guy.

I'm the one who can get the stones recut
without anyone tracing them lo us.

We'll be partners.
I'll sell the diamonds, give you the cash.

Report them stolen,
claim the insurance.

[panting] Everybody wins
and everybody lives.

That is fucking brilliant.

Let me get this straight.
We take the diamonds

and then we give them
back to you?

[scoffs] Look.
We do not need this asshole

and whatever bullshit he is selling
because there is cash. Okay?

I don't know how much but it's enough
to give this disk jockey a workout.

It's enough to make us tonight's
fucking lottery winners.

Fuck the diamonds.

Let's get the cash and
get the fuck outta here.

[suspenseful music

All right.

You had your show.
You made your offer.

I refuse.
Now, open the safe.

You don't have any rope, handcuffs,
nothing to tie us up with.

I know what you're
going to do.

Open the safe.


You son of a bitch.

You son of a bitch!

Please. Please!

Please. Please. Please.

Just put the gun down.
Let her go and I'll open it.

Four minutes.

Do you have
any last words, Sarah?

Kyle, give them what they want.
Please. Open the safe!

They'll kill us, Sarah.
They'll just kill us if I do.

It's called trust!

Okay? Trust me, Kyle.
Trust me.

And trust that I will fucking
kill her, right now if you don't!

You promised me!

Stay there!
Just open the goddamn safe!

If you let her go!

That lock is the only
reason we're still alive.

I open it, we lose leverage.
We lose leverage, we die.

I want you to look at this
very pretty face here, okay?

Now, can you imagine what
a 125 gram hollow point

is gonna do to this?
it's gonna fucking destroy it, all right?

We are moments away!
How about that for leverage?

This is a negotiation.

You have the power to take our lives,
but I have the power to make you rich.

Let her take the car and
drive away and I'll do that.

I'll open the safe
and make you rich.

Oh, her? You sure
she's worth it, Kyle?

A million dollars?
Yes, that's right, kid!

You did it!
You hit the motherload!

You saw me sign for a
million with your own eyes.

And it's right there
just inches away.

All you have to do
is just let my wife go!

And then, come on
down and grab it!

Come on! Elias!


No! No! No!

Of all the stupid mistakes, that
man just about said your name.

So you get your people in order!
You let my wife leave.

And then I'll give you
what you want.

Hey, go get
the magic wand.

[suspenseful music]


It's a paralytic.

On the operating table

it makes you think that someone
else is getting all cut up

instead of you.
Now, it's a hell of a kick

and this much
would kill you,

but with Papa Bear
and Mama Bear

and little Baby Bear,
it's just about right.

It'll knock you flat,
give you a hell of a ride

but it won't kill you.

So this is the rope,
the handcuffs

which I have
to say, Kyle,

are a little bit kinky,
don't you think?


But he was good,
though. Huh?

Wasn't he good?

You are
a piece of work.

'Get your people
in order!"

The man's a born
deal maker.

[young Avery over TV,
chattering unintelligibly]

One minute.

Come on, hero.
You open that big guy up, okay?

I'm gonna stick you with this shit.
You'll fall asleep.

By the time you wake
up, we're in Mexico.

This is all a bad
dream with insurance.

I want you to listen to me,
listen to me really good, okay?

You may have noticed that I don't really
have control over the big guy, okay?

So you have to ask yourself why
I'm gonna bring someone like that

to a job like this.
Maybe I don't have a choice, all right?

Now, I don't wanna
hurt you or your wife.

But he does
and he will.

I'm not giving you anything
until after you let her go.

Come on, man, don't
do this to yourself.


Time's up.


[suspenseful music]




Kyle! Kyle!

[suspenseful music continues]

Leave her alone!
Leave her the fuck alone.

What the fuck
are you doing?

Keep his dirty fucking
hands off of her.

You agreed
to shut your mouth.

Please, help me.
Help us.

You told me nobody was gonna touch her.
You promised!

You're gonna shut
your fucking mouth.

Did you take
your pills?

Yes, I took
my fucking pills!

Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck you!

[panting] If you touch her,
I will fucking kill you.

[all panting]



[suspenseful music stops]


[growling and pounding]

[sobbing, pounding, panting]

(Sarah) Well, the contractor
keeps calling and calling.

I don't know what you
want me to do here, Kyle.

Come one. This is
what you wanted.

I thought we were happier
in the old house.

Don't yell at me.

I was just asking, Kyle.
What do you--

[sighs] Okay. Okay.
I'll talk to you later.


[eerie music]



Um, no,
I'm sorry, I--

I couldn't
help overhear.

Are you-you okay?

Yeah. Yeah,
yeah, I'm fine.


Did you design this whole
place by yourself?

The house? Yeah. I did. [sniffs]

You are very talented.

Thank you.

It's a little bigger
than we needed, but--

Well, if you're gonna
dream, dream big. Right?


I'm all finished
here today, so.

Well, thank you.

Well, I'll
see you tomorrow.

[crickets chirping]

[eerie music continues]



Take that off!

Oh, did I remind you
of someone?

Take it off!

It's not yours.

It is now.

Are you sure this is
the right location?


Look, if it's about the money, I'll
take you where you want to go.

No, no, my my house
is right here. I'm fine.

You sure?

Uh-huh. Thank you.

No. No. No.

I'm taking Sarah for a
little walk with me.




Come with me.


You know, you don't see a lot of
biometrics on home security systems.

Fingerprint scanner?


[suspenseful music]

You know, you're gonna put your thumb
on that thing sooner or later.

The only question is, whether it
will still be attached to your body.

[suspenseful music]

Serve me.
Serve me.

Pour me some wine.
I want you to serve me.

Would you serve me?

Would you serve me?

Like you served
my baby brother?


Yes, you recognized
him. I saw you.



No, I didn't.

Drop the fucking thing.
Don't even try.

Drop the fucking knife or I'll
bite your fucking ear off.

You know why
we're here, Sarah,

because you fucked around
with my little brother.

And for that reason, I have to tell
you something. You're gonna die.

And I think you know deep down
inside you that you deserve to die.

And I need you to tell
me "I deserve to die.�

You go to hell.

Not go to hell, Sarah.
Not go to hell.

I'm not doing this
for me, Sarah.

It's for you. There's a reason they
send priests to guys on death row.

It's their last chance for moral clarity.
Let's get really clear on one thing here.

Only you can save
your husband

and your little girl.
We will come back for your little fucking girl

and she doesn't deserve
to die, does she?

No. No.

So, I need you
to say it.


I need you to say it.
I deserve--


Say it.

Say it.



to die. Say it, Sarah.

I deserve

to die.


Good girl.
Good girl.

Now, you're gonna help
me get that money, okay?

How do I do that?

I think you'll
find a way.

And I will make sure
that your husband

and your little girl are taken care of.
And they will never have to know--

You promise?

Yes. And I think
you'll find a way

'cause I think you know your
way around men, don't you?

Now, you
come with me.

I'd prefer not
to make a mess.

But I do
when I have to.

Nothing personal.

I'm a collector,
you see?

I'm here to collect on a debt.



Hey, I don't owe
you anything.

Who said
it was your debt?

Sarah! Sarah!

No. Kyle. Yeah.


[man downstairs]
Tell me where they are.

Tell me where
they are!

Mom? Mom?

[Kyle shouting]
Run, Avery!

Run, Avery!


[intense suspenseful music]



Where did you go? Huh?
Where did you go? Sweetie?

Did we scare you?


I promise
we won't hurt you.

Where the fuck are you?


All right.
Come on.

[Avery shouting]

Avery! Avery!
Oh, my God!

Avery! You shit
fucking animals!



It's all right.



[Sarah groaning]


It's all right, baby.
It's all right. I got you.

[Avery sobbing]

[Sarah and Avery crying]

Okay, man. Okay, okay. Hey. Hey.

You know what?
You did good. All right?

You did good.
You held your ground.

Now it's just your bad luck that
your little girl showed up, okay?

I'm glad that you feel
this way, though.

Now you know
how I feel, man.

I'm a family man,
too, okay?

That's why we're here.

My Mom--

My Mom got herself
beat up every night

by her drunken,
asshole husband.

Because she thought that
if she was getting beat up,

we weren't
getting beat up.

And she got beat and she
got beat and she got beat

until she got
renal failure.

You know what that means?
She needs a new fucking kidney, Kyle,

which is where
you come in.

I got a broker that's
gonna get us one

but it's gonna cost us
$180,000, all right?

So, I have a choice.
I have to leave here with a $180,000

or a new kidney, and I don't care
which, but I have to tell you, man,

the younger the
kidney, the better.

You're full of shit.

No, I'm not, man.
Why do you think

I brought the guy with the
knife and the tranquilizer?

Now, for her sake

I'm gonna ask you
one more time

open the fucking safe.

Open me safe.

[suspenseful music]


You're a motherfucker!

I'll shoot you up with this
and you'll never wake up.

Isn't that what you said?
So you let my daughter go.

I swear to God
I'm gonna do it.

Somebody shoot her!

Five! Go away.
Come on, let her go.

You're all gonna
fucking die with me.

Come on, Avery.
Go on. Two!

[Avery shouting]


No one's killing
your girl.

Nobody 's killing her.

(Sarah) Avery get up.
Came on, you gotta run. Run!

Don't you fucking
touch her!

Kyle! Run!

What the fuck
are you doing?

What needs
to be done.

Avery, baby,
I need you to run.

Run, baby. Run
as fast as you can.

Go! Go!

I can't, Mom.

You can do it.
You can do it, baby.

Run! Run!

Now, drop the needle,
open the safe,

or I bring her back.

Open it, Kyle.


Open the safe!

Do it! Or we can all die because
I don't give a fuck anymore!

[suspenseful music]

Atta boy.

[buzz and beep]


Let go.


No, no, no, no, no!

Na fucking way,
you motherfucker!

You motherfucker!
Where is it?

(Elias) Shut up. Shut up.
Just shut the fuck up!

[all shouting]

Where is it, baby?
You said--

Shut up!

Okay, let me think.
Let me think.

Kyle, put your hand
against the wall.

Ah! Oh, fuck!

No! No!

No! Get off!

[Kyle shouting
in pain]

Damn you!


It's the second time
you lied to me, Kyle.

There's not gonna be a third time.
Where's the money?


I have no money.


Fuck that.
Where's the stuff?

I put it all in my
house, in my family.

No, no, no, no! No fucking way
he spent all of that. Okay?

That was too much fucking cash, Kyle!
I saw--

I got it, I got it! I got it!

Where's the
fucking money?

[groaning] There is
no fucking money.

Everything is mortgaged.
It 's all borrowed.

We never owned this house.
It owned us! We're broke.

Bullshit! Bullshit!

It was a family business.
I'm not family. Honey, they fired me.

They found someone
that could do it cheaper.

I-I was just trying to save something
before the bank took it all.

No. No.
I saw you!

Yeah, we saw
you, asshole!

Yeah, you saw me, fucker!
I mean, I just drive

and hustle and drive and
try to make some money.


Hone y, I'm sorry.

[suspenseful music]






What's all
this, then? Huh?

What's all this?

Where's the money, Kyle?

Oh, my God! I have no money.
I have no money!

Hey! These are diamonds.

Each one of these is a diamond, so
you're gonna tell me where they are.

Have a look at it.
Tell me where they are!

How am I supposed to read
without my glasses, asshole?

Where is it? Hm?

Where is the money?

You tell me where
each of these are!

Uh, this one's
in Houston, I think.

Sarah. Sarah.
I'm not asking for me, okay?

I am asking
for us.

Uh, Albany, maybe...I don't know!
I don't have these!

I never owned them!
I'm a middle man living on credit.

(woman) Baby, what's he talking about?
What are we gonna do?

You! You are a fucker!

You said that there was millions here.
This is your fault!

Fucking amateurs.
Look what I found, huh?


[sobbing] Baby, baby,
did they hurt you?

What the hell has she got
to do with any of this?

Well, yeah. What do you call it?

You call it
leverage, right?

If it's a kidney you want,
then take mine, ass fuck!


Really? You 're
really ready?

Yeah. Do it, shithole!

You ready for that?
Now this knife,

does it have to be
sterilized or is it good?

You might want to turn away.
Get some ice!

Okay. That's the way
you want it, yuppie.

Are you...


Don't look,
Avery. Avery!

Okay, the kidney's on this side, right?
Brace yourself.

[suspenseful music]

Two. Three!

[Sarah and Avery crying]

You thought
I want your kidney?

My Mom, she died because
she was a fat ass drunk.

It's okay. It's okay.
[phone ringing]

I'm still here.

I don't know.
Let me ask him.

How're we doing?

Under control.

It's under control.
That's what Elias says.

We'll be there.

You got an hour.

(woman) No. No. No, no, no, no.

No. No, baby.
He's lying.

Fucking look
at this place.

Look at it. The y 're fucking rich.
You Te lying!

You are lying!

Get that girl
under control.

You said you have
things under control?

Get it under control.

[panting] We're not the
only hostages here.

Fuck you.


Help us. Please.

Help us.

[metallic clanking]

(Elias) Baby will you
stop it? Stop.

(woman babbles)

It's not...You're not
fucking helping me.

Baby, there's a fucking car.
It's a Porsche.

We can get money
for the Porsche.

What are we gonna do with it?
Have a fucking yard sale?

I don't know, baby.
I'm really scared.

I just wanna
get out of here.

I wanna go, too.
But you're safer here with me.

They can't get you
here. All right?

Tye is gonna
fucking kill you.

Don't worry about
Tye. I got Tye.

Please. You can't
die on me, okay?

I'm not gonna die.
Do I look like I'm gonna die?

I'm not gonna
fucking die.

I don't know what I'll
do without you, baby.

Please, this is fucking wrong.
Let's just go.

We can be in Mexico.
At least, we can, we can..

We can just get away...

No one's running.

No. No. No.
No. No. No.

No, man.
No one's running.

running anywhere.

[music intensifying]

Tape 'em up. These two.
Not Sarah.

You're gonna show me where you're
hiding this little number.

Hey! Fucker!

You heard him.
Get up.

Get up.

Dad. Please.


(Elias) Oh, yeah.
How much is this thing worth?

You promised me.
We had a deal.

What's this
thing worth?

We had a deal.
You would let my family go.

No. You
stay here.

You take her downstairs.
I'll care for her.


It's gonna be fine.
Take your fucking hands off me. Go.

Go! Go.

[sobbing] What is
he gonna do to her?

They're just getting
the necklace, honey.

You know what they're
talking about in there.

They're gonna
kill US.

So what?
Shut up.

They're gonna kill us.

[suspenseful music]


Now, you know what
happens next, right?

I'm begging you.
Please don't hurt my daughter.

Please. She's just
a little girl.

She's not a little girl.

Please. Please?
Maybe you have a child.

Are you a mother?
Do you have a child?

Maybe you know
what I'm talking about?

You don't know
shit about me!

Hey! All right.
All right. I got her.

[all shouting]

They'll kill us. That's what he said.
He's gonna kills us.

No, he's not!

[arguing, muffled]

I'm won't let him.
He's not gonna touch you.

What is she
saying to you?

Shut up!

[whispering] I have a
lighter in my right pocket.

Can you find it?

Can-can you do it?

[mumbling] Can you do it?
Can you find it?


Okay. Put it-put it
in my hand.


I'm going to help you.
I'm going to help you, okay?

You'll save her?
You'll protect Avery?

You'll help her?
You'll get her out of here alive?

[background chatter
of young Avery on TV]


[suspenseful music]


Okay, this-this
is gonna hurt.

[sucks in air sharply]



I need
to tape you up.


I'm gonna
tape you, okay?

[suspenseful music]

If you save her, I'll do
anything, anything you want.

You know that,
don't you? Huh?

Don't listen to that bitch!

I know you're not
like them, are you?

Can-can you--
Are you a bit loose?

Yeah. Yeah.

Babe, where are you?

You up to this?

Good. 'Cause you made a fucking mess.
it's time to clean up.


[men's background voices]


[whispering] You Just get her out
of here alive and I'm yours.

What the fuck
are you doing?


What the fuck
are you doing, huh?

Where's your
fucking mask?

He has his mask off.
Don't look. Don't look.

Close your eyes. Just close your eyes.
Don't look at him.

Look down.
Look down.

You got what you needed, all right?
Let's go.

Yeah. Okay, you go and
get the security tapes.

I'll finish
up in here, okay?

You'll finish up
in here?

No. Nobody fucking
touches her, okay?


Okay. All right.

Or the kid.

[breathes heavily]

Okay, go get
the girl, Pet, now.

Run. Run. Run.

All right?

I swear to God--


You hurt her
and I will kill you.

I'll kill you!

Do I look scared?


[suspenseful music]



On your knees.

[soft music, birds chirping]


You're a stupid asshole, you
brought this on yourself.

I didn't want it like this. Okay?

So you can
save yourselves,

but how much do you care
about your daughter?

You can
still save her.

I told you.
We have nothing.

[cocks gun]

That's the way
you wanna play it.

I'm gonna
take the necklace.

I'm gonna leave
three bodies.

If you're gonna kill me, why don't you
fucking look me in the eye, you coward!

It's fake.

Come again?

The necklace.
It's fake.

The stones are
cubic zirconia.

Ninety-nine bucks a pop
on the shopping network.


Fuck you.

Are you okay?

Don't fucking worry
about me, honey, okay?

You sure? Because I know where
my Mom hides the Vicodin.

Do you expect
me to believe

that you bought
your wife fakes?

I sold the real ones.
That's a copy.

Do you know anything

about the etymology
of the word �diamond?�

Why don't you
educate me, asshole?

It comes from the Greek
adamas meaning 'unbreakable'

'cause real ones
are so hard

they won't break.

They won't break.

All right.

[cocks gun]
We're done.


Hey, man,
it's still my show!

It's still my show.

Then wrap it up.

Does that look like the hardest
substance in the world to you?


You know what?
This doesn't save you.

Hey, Kyle.

You know, your loving wife,
she fucked my baby brother.

That's why we're here.

That's why we picked you.
[chuckles softly]

[clicking tongue]

Kyle, he's lying.
Look at me.

It's up there.
You want me to get it?

What? And untie you?
How dumb do you think I am, huh?

[shouting and crashing]


Stupid bitch!
You fucking bitch!

Get that
tweaking bitch.

[alarm going oft]

[alarm continues]



I'm getting a lot
of money to do this.

And you...

[bones cracking]

You, I'm gonna do it for free.
You, I'm gonna enjoy.


[alarm continues,
phone ringing]

[alarm stops]

[phone ringing]

[phone continues ringing]


(woman) Good evening, sir.
This is Guardalert Security.

Uh, we're gonna
have to call you back.

Am I talking now,
Kyle? Huh?

Huh? No more
bullshit, Kyle?

I don't hear
you talking.

[suspenseful music]

You know what else they use
that needle for? Huh? Huh?

Lethal injection. Yeah.

See? It paralyzes you
but you stay conscious.


your lungs collapse
and you die.

Before that happens,

you're gonna get to watch me
slice you to little pieces.

[both grunting]




[fixed phone ringing]

Good evening, sir, this is
Kaylie with Guardalert Security.

We have an indication there's an
alarm incident at your residence.

I think you have the wrong number.
This is the Miller's residence.

I need to speak to either Kyle,
Sarah or Avery Miller right away.

Hang on a sec.

[suspenseful music


Get up.

Don't fuck with me.

Drop the gun.

How about you
drop the gun? Hm?

You, too, sweetie.

Except that's not even a nail
gun until it's turned on.


Yeah, sorry about that.
Who did you say you were looking for?

Sin I've alerted
the local authorities.

No, no, no.
Hang on. Hang on.

Avery, can you
talk to this woman?

It's something
about your alarm.

Yeah, hi,
this is Avery.

Hi. You having a bit of
a party there tonight?

Yeah, um, sorry.

That was Brad and he's
emotionally retarded.

How can I help you?

Well, your alarm went off
so I need you to provide me

with the password
to this account.

If for any reason you feel
like you can't speak--

No, no, um, um,
it's-it's 'diamond.

[suspenseful music]

That's right,
isn't it?

Yes. Yes, it is.


Patrol cars have been
dispatched to your location.

The officers will need
to verify...

No. Please don't do that.
My parents have no idea I'm having this thing.

If they find out,
um, I'm dead.

I mean, this is
my first party here,

and-and we're gonna clean
up and everything.

And you have
the password, okay?


Okay? Please?

Sure. Sure. Okay.

I'll let it go
this time, honey.

Have a good time.

Thank you.

You're a smart
girl. Okay.

Let's start over.


Oh, my God!

No! Stay there, dammit!
I'm fucking sick of you yelling all the time!

Shut up, Sarah!
Shut up!

It's your fucking fault!
I got it. I got it, bro. Okay?

Just trust me
for a fucking moment.

Everyone just
shut the fuck up!

And let me concentrate
for a minute.

Avery, shut up.

We 're just gonna
sit for a minute.

[suspenseful music]

You know what?
When I was a little boy,

you know what my mom
used to say to me?

I'd get these headaches.
I'd be screaming and she would say,

"Elias, would you shut up?
You're taking all the air out of the room.

Air that other people could
be doing good things with."

I was never any
good at anything.

I mean, I had a
few jobs, you know,

nothing that
stuck, though.

Avery, quiet, okay?
Daddy needs to concentrate.

[Avery crying]

There was one thing I was good at.
Selling dope, okay?

When I had
the product,

everything worked.

I was so good at it, man, that they
decided they were gonna front me

$180,000 worth.

When they said that, I thought,
hey, this is too much, man.

I can't handle this.
But then I thought about it.

I figured, fuck it, man.

The world's been against
me my whole life.

It's time I back
myself and my girl.

Hey, buddy.

I want you
to listen to me

because I'm
telling you a story.


See? Somebody
jacked my shit.

$180,000 worth.

[general shouting]

No, no, no.

No. No.

Hundred an eighty.
That's a whole lot of money you owe.

Yeah. We're
getting it.


Never mind how. Okay?
We're getting it.

He has
a pretty face.

It would be a shame to
cut up a face like that.

And there's some
of us, you know,

we can't turn around
and just say,

"Hey, man, I'm sorry. I'd love to pay
you back but I'm bankrupt, bro."

Which is why they sent
the big guy along.

Because I owe his boss
a lot of money.

So, guess who they're
gonna blame for that?

You know, it's really bad
mojo to cut the tax man.

So I'll tell
you what, man.

Get me some cash.

And then we'll get this thing seen to.
All right?

[whispering] I'm-I'm worth
more dead than alive.

Baby, look.

I guess I'm not the only one
you've been holding out on, huh?

You knew all along about my
baby brother and your wife.

[mobile phone ringing]

Hey. No.
No, it's me, man.

Well he-he can't come
to the phone right now.

I'm getting your goddamn
money, that's what I'm...

Yeah. Okay.

No, I'm sorry.
I'll-I'll be there.

I'll be there.

Hey, man.

I'm sorry.

How's that leg doing? [sniffs]

I'm sorry about this.

Looks like you had enough
problems before we came.

You know, you're not the
only one bleeding, man.

You could have saved us
all this fucking hassle.


Stay away you whore!

[Avery crying]

[both grunting]

Back off.
Back off.

You're a coward.
You know that?

You're a fucking coward
and you're a fuck up!

What the fuck
did you expect?

Look. Look around you.
Could this be any more fucked up?

Oh, yeah.
It could be, man.

Like if someone
was here,

if someone was here for
something other than money.

What does that mean? Huh?
What does that mean?

You're not even
supposed to be here.

No, you're not coming.

Why the hell I'm not?

You can go somewhere and get
yourself seen by a lot of people

and I'll call
you afterwards.

How about I save you
the trouble of calling?

I'm here for the same
reasons and you know that.

You're not faking
your medications.


You're not faking
your medications.


That trick again?
Let me look at that.



[spits] Man, you have
an asshole of a doctor.

He prescribes
tic-tacs for psychosis.

[fixed phone ringing]

Stay here.

Hey, it's a little late for
house calls, don't you think?

I apologize, Mr. Miller.
It's officer Kelly, from Guardalert.

We had an alarm
incident earlier.

Oh, yeah, yeah!
That was my daughter.

She had some people
over without asking us.

We worked it out.
She is being punished.

Let me assure you.

Sorry but the police
summons was canceled.

As a matter of
Guardalert's protocol,

I just-I need a signature
from a family member.

How about we just all
get some sleep, huh?

I mean, thanks
for stopping b y.

I will have
to notify the police.

Give me a sec.

Kyle, I love you.

I love you.

It doesn't matter.

You have to know,
this is--

It doesn't matter.

Believe me, please.

It matters to me.

[doorbell ringing]

Look, I'm sorry
to trouble you.

I just need a signature
from a family member.

Yeah, it's no problem.

I'm just sorry you had to come all
the way out here for nothing.

Where do I sign?



Are you fucking psycho?

You fucking psycho!

Look at yourself. Huh?
Tell me who the psycho is.

Me or the guy talking lo a rent-a-cop
with blood all over your face?

Get the fuck
outta here.

I knew this guy.
He took my shift tonight.

554 to dispatch.

1098 at the Miller
Residence. All clear.

[background police radio]

[soft incidental music]

[suspenseful music]

Game over.

[suspenseful music]

No, no, please,
stop, stop.

I can get you your money. $200,000 cash.
Maybe more. Please. Please.


Baby, come on. We gotta go home.
Just do it. Come on.

Don't you get it?
There is no home.

There's no money, There's no nothing.
End of the line.

Please! Please. This kid.
This kid, Jake. He has cash.

Stacks of it.
Stockpiled for the next 9/11.

She's messing
with your head.

Na. He showed me.

[suspenseful music]

I'm not lying.
Mom, I'm not lying.

I-I can get you
bricks of cash.

Please. No alarms
and no security.

Where? Where?

Twenty minutes
from here. Please.

Twenty minutes.


Listen, I know what I'm doing.
I know what I'm doing, okay?

Are you seriously
buying this?

No millions of dollars,
no diamonds,

so we'll just have the
teenage girl go to the ATM.

What, you got
a better idea?

You run. You don't
come back for us.

You hear me?
Don't come back for us.

Avery! Avery!


Take her upstairs.

[Sarah crying]
Avery, no.

If you see people, if
you tell them anything,

I'm gonna kill
your parents.

And I'm gonna do it as
punishment and then you'll know

it wasn't me that killed your parents.
It was you. Right?

Now go
Get changed.

Honey. You rich people,
you don't smoke.

Sarah, you don't
need to worry.

I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.

I will take care
of you and Avery.

Okay? The way
he never did.

You know,
you're right.


He's right.

Come on, you don't
really believe--

That you're a part of this?
That I'm a cuckold? What?

That your filthy lust
invited them in? What?


Jesus. He's insane.


No, I'm-I'm sorry.
I-I couldn't help but overhear.

Are you okay?

[suspenseful music]


Excuse me.
What are you doing?

What are you doing?

You need to get your things.
You need to leave.


No, I'm good.

I have the whole
afternoon off.


[suspenseful music]

You have to leave.

You have to go.

Sarah. Sarah. Sarah!

Please! Please.
I asked you to leave.

I need you
to go. Please.

Really? Is that
what you want

or what you just you
think you should say?

What are you
talking about?

This is good. Okay?

No, this is insane.
Please leave.

Be honest
with yourself.

I am honest, I...

We could be so fucking
good together.

No. I'm gonna call your supervisor
if you don't get out right now.

I'm gonna call him and tell
him what you're doing.

You don't need to.

Please. Come on.
You're scaring me.

I need you to leave.

Listen, you do not
have to be unhappy.

I'm not unhappy, I...

I love my husband and I want
you to get out of my house.


Get your stuff
and leave.

I will go.

Oh, God, please
don't touch me.

You know I'm right.

Do you love her?

And she loves me.

Well, good.
Because that stuff

your brother was gonna
shoot her up with?

They use it for executions.
Did you know that?

Yeah. Yeah. That was the plan.
To execute her.

So if you love her, take her,
find Avery and get out of here

before that
jackass kills her!

Baby, you know you
can do this, right?

I'm gonna
take you to Mexico.

And we're, we're gonna get her...

We're gonna her out of foster
care, I'm gonna marry you,

and what are
you gonna do?

You're gonna get
clean, baby.

[whining] I'm gonna get clean.

But if it turns out that this party's
bullshit, what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna kill her.

I would never...

Never leave Avery, I know, which is why
you have to go with him now and get her.

Sarah, come on.
Sarah. Sarah. Come on.

What are you waiting for?
Go. Go.

Come on. Sarah.
Come on.


If you love me,
you go.


[suspenseful music]


So what's your
little plan, princess?

This guy wants
to have sex with me.

And he's gonna pay 100K just
for that little privilege?

You think you're
worth that, huh?

Do you think you're worth
that much more than me?

You know my plan, huh?
You wanna know my plan?

Stop it.
Stop it.

I'm gonna go
in there

and I'm gonna blow
everybody's brains out.

All your rich fuck friends.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Off with their
fucking heads.

Then I'm gonna take that cash
money and I'm gonna turn around

and I'm gonna
blow that smug

superior look off
your fucking face.

You know what you're
gonna do about it?

You're gonna do shit!
Because you can't do shit, can you?

You can? do
shit, can you?


Come on, let's go.
Let's go.

Let�s go.

Come on.

[suspenseful music




[both grunting]




[breathing desperately]

What the fuck
did you do that for?

You can't fucking
hurl my brother.

Why are you
protecting him, man?

He's the reason you're in this mess.
Think about it.


How did you think they
knew where you were going?

Where you were
taking the dope?

That's right.

He sold you out.

He's fucking lying, okay?

So you'd have
to come here

[breathing heavily]
to get his queen.

That's bullshit. Okay?

It's bullshit!

How the fuck
would you know?

(male voice)
Go. Go. Go.

I was there.

We got our dope back.
We owned your ass.

And your brother
got ten grand.

No, man! No, no, no!

Shut up!

No, it's not true.

[panting] Ain't family a bitch?

He's lying.
He's fucking lying.

He's fucking dead, man, that's what he is.
He's fucking dead.

[door creaking]



Go. Get the police
and find Avery.

No, I'm not leaving you.


Hey, I got something
for you, fucker!


[Elias groaning]



Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!

[loud thump]

Ah, shit.

I told you that
there was cash!

You fucking people.


Man, you could have saved us
all a lot of aggravation.

You would have
ki-ki-killed us sooner.

Oh, well, you know, it
all ends up the same.

Any last words?

Get out of our house.

Where's Petal?

Where is she?
What did you do with her?

I'll kill you.

Not before I kill
one of your parents.

So which one 's it gonna be?
Huh ? Who ?

I'll tell you what I'll
choose for ya. Mommy.


[loud thump]

Oh, fuck.

You see, Sarah,

he didn't love you.

He knew you'd
leave him for me.

Right? He saw divorce
and decided to cash out.

Why, Kyle?

You were just
gonna cry poor

and screw your
family in a settlement?

I was saving it
for my family.

Something the bank
c-couldn't take.

It's the money
from the necklace.

I hid it to get us out of this.

Oh, well, thank you.

Thank you,
for all of it.

Sarah, do you wanna
help me with this cash?


What? Kyle.


No. No. No!


Kyle. Kyle, no!

We gotta go.

No! Kyle!

Sarah! Sarah!

Take Avery.

Kyle! Kyle!

Avery I said
run now!


Run, Mom, please.


Come on.




my family




No! No!

Get out of the way.

You're gonna
have to shoot me.

I would-I would never hurt you.
I love you.

If you love me,
give me the gun.

Help me.

Help me.
Help me.

Give me the gun! Please.


I knew that you would
come back for me.


Yeah. That's right.

I love you.
Come on.

Give it to me.
It's fine. Yeah.

I'll help you.

You're a liar!

You're just trying
to protect him!

If I'm dying, you
are coming with me.

Okay? We
belong together.


[suspenseful music




I'm sorry.


Your necklace--

No, it doesn't
matter. Please.

I had insurance
for when I'm gone.

You're not
going anywhere.

We need you.

I need you.

I need you.

[approaching sirens]

Mom! They're coming. Dad!

It's all right. Mom!
They're coming. They're coming.

They're coming, Dad.
You're gonna be okay.

They're here.
They're here.

You're gonna
be okay, Dad.

[voices shouting]