Trepidity (2022) - full transcript

During a night of partying in a deserted barn, five girls unleash a demon which jumps from body to body, killing anyone it wishes. With nowhere to run or hide, who will make it to midnight to survive.

This shit hole?


This place gives me the heebie jeebies.

Look what I found.

No, thank you.

Don't mind if I do.

You're not drinking that.

Now, can someone please tell
me why we left Hader's pad

to come to this shit hole?

Would you rather still be there?

Listen to his bullshit stories

about how he's going to
Yale to save the world?

Yeah, at least we'd be getting high.

You know who else would be getting high?

Stone fox Ally.

Listen, Casanova.

You're not going to get
down her pants anyway.

She thinks you're a prick.

She's just playing hard to get.

No, she really does
think you're a prick.

Told you.

So are you going to tell us what happened?

Old man beat the shit out of her again.

He's not my old man.

All right.

Step old man.

Why do you let him do that to you?

Can we just forget
about it and get serious?

What's the candle for?

We're gonna have a
orgy via candle light?

Yeah, that's it.

So why don't you go upstairs

and wait till we're done and no peeking.

Wait, are you serious?

Do you seriously have
to write everything down?

It helps my anxiety.

Plus, when I get older,

I can look back and see how I've changed.

Trust me, to where you're going,

you're gonna be the same
old prude you are now.

Hey, I'm just waiting

for the right person
before I offer my body up.

Speaking of offering bodies,

I have something that just
might spice up the evening.

Like what?

Oh, just something
to help pass the time.

Truth or dare?



Too cold.

Bloody Mary?

Does it look like we have a mirror?


What I plan is to call
upon the servant of Satan.

Servant of what?

You know, Satan's minion?

The one you call upon

when you wanna unleash hell on someone?

You think that's a good idea?

What's the matter? Scared?

Why would you even think of that?

Judging by the black eye,

it's not hard to figure out.

Sophie, there are other
ways to go about it.

Call the cops on him next time.

And have him free in just a few days?

No, thanks.

This will be more fun.

I don't want a demon
hanging out in my body.

Don't worry. It's all
voodoo garbage anyways.

Everyone hold hands and close your eyes.


Hold hands and close your eyes.

Hold on.

Take a deep breath and clear your mind.

We summon these servants
to claim our bodies

to help unleash fury on
those who cause us harm.

Our bodies will be your bodies

and the souls you take shall be given

to your master for all eternity.

Come, thy loyal servant.

Awesome job. The servant
blew out the candle.

Were you writing this whole time?


You didn't even have your eyes closed.

If you messed this up,
this is all your fault.

Come on, guys.

Let's pack it up and go home.

If you don't feel comfortable
going home tonight,

you can stay at my place.

Well, that was a bust.

It is pretty creepy.

You ready to go?


♪ So you call me disrespectful ♪

♪ For thinking a different way ♪

♪ How it seems like you're so proud ♪

♪ Now watch me walk away ♪

♪ You say I'm young,
better watch my tongue ♪

♪ But you're the one who's hatin' ♪

♪ Are you scared 'cause
you're unprepared ♪

♪ For all that I'm statin' ♪

♪ For all that I'm statin' ♪

♪ For all that I'm statin' ♪

All right, ladies. Here we are.

Welcome to our personal party barn.

No need to worry about drinks.

Mama brought the good stuff.

Out of all the places for a reunion,

this is what you picked?

Yeah, seriously, what is this?

Does this place even have running water?

Come on, ladies.

Use your imagination.

Think of it as a
beautifully rustic getaway

with no one to bother us.

Yeah, until a crazed psycho
with a chainsaw arrives.

Yeah, Melissa, do you
realize how many horror movies

start with a bunch of girls drinking

in the middle of the woods?

Why can't we just get drunk at my place?

Because your place smells like ass.

Tell your dad to stop
smoking in the house.

Anyways, ladies, what is
with the lack of enthusiasm?

I don't see Trish complaining.

She doesn't even know
where she is right now.

I could have been at home
watching ALF right now.

What? I like electricity
and toilets that flush.

Trust me.

After a few drinks, it
won't matter where we are.

Well when are the guys getting here?

I didn't invite them.



Whoa, whoa, freeze!

I can't believe you guys.

I went through all this
trouble to get this place.

It's great work.

I thought it would be fun
to do something different.

Come on, can we just
go check this place out

before you losers decide to bail?


Let's go check out the creepy murder barn.

That's the spirit.

Come on.


You know, when you agreed
to hang out with us tonight,

I thought that meant you would
actually hang out with us,

not just pretending we don't exist.

I told you it takes me a
minute to warm up to new people.

Okay, and you're gonna
get used to new people

by listening to ABBA by yourself?

I guess not.

Come on, we wanna
get to know you, Trish.

Trust me, I know what it's
like to move somewhere new

and not know anybody.

Let me help?

Great, this place is even
here spookier on the inside

than it is on the out.

Oh my God.

What is it?

Are you okay?


What? Did you see something?

There's words written
on the wall in blood.

What do they say?

It says...


I got you, I got you.

And I got you.


Find anything cool?

Oh, nice.

What murder house would be complete

without a giant, scary knife?

So, what does everyone think?

It'd be better with some light.

Isn't there a switch for that somewhere?


Well I think this is the worst thing

you've ever done to us.

Maybe not worst, but
definitely mixed into my top 10.

Do you know who lives
here or what it's for?

Nope, all I know is that this place

has been abandoned for
years and tonight it's ours.

I just wish you'd brought some boys.

Yeah, I agree.

Least would've made it's interesting.

Simmer down, horn dogs.

Tonight is girls night.

I'm sure we can find our own fun.

Here's to all of us
needing tetanus shots

by the end of the night.

Cheers, bitches.

Yes. Let's get this party started.

Come on, this is the magical concoction

that will make that shy
persona just disappear.


What if I told you it's mostly just juice?

Bottom's up.

See, it's not that bad.

Mostly juice my ass.

Yeah, there might have been

just a little bit of vodka in there.

Can I have another?

Oh, just like that.

She is a changed woman.

Yeah, I'll make you another.

But first, let me in a little.

Tell me something I
don't know about Trish.

Well what do you wanna know?

Well, for starters, why
don't you talk to anybody?

I guess I'm just afraid
I'll say something stupid?

Okay, Melissa says stupid
shit literally all the time

and that doesn't stop her.

What is it?


No, you can
tell me. What is it?

There was this guy I used to like

and I thought he liked me, too.

So when I finally worked up
the courage to ask him out,

when I went to speak, I
couldn't form real words.

I looked like an idiot.

His friend just stood
there, laughing at me.

And so now every time I go to talk,

that's all I can think about.

Oh, God.

What's his name?



I'm sorry, you're going to
let an asshole named Mark

affect your thinking like that?

You know what's probably going on

in Mark's head right now?

Elevator music.

Trust me.

You're better off.

It didn't seem like it at the time.

Look, I'm sorry that he made you feel

like what you had to say wasn't important,

but we can't let men affect
our thinking like that.

Especially not assholes named Mark.

I like getting to talk to you

and I don't think you sound stupid at all.

I bet the rest of the
girls would agree with me.

So, about that other drink?


Planning on taking
that shot anytime soon?

Don't rush me.

Keep doing this aiming
bullshit all night,

you're still not gonna make it.

See, you rushed me.

Keep telling yourself that.


I feel like this isn't how the game

is supposed to be played.

That's because you're
losing, bitch. Drink.

Mind if I take a guest shot?

Only you're better than Sam.

My grandma's better than Sam at this.

Yeah? You think you
can make it in one shot?

Ooh, how about if you make it

into any one of those cups,
you have to take a shot.

That sounds good to me.


There's no way I'm
passing out on this floor.

Let's make it two shots.



You don't even have a ball.


I hate you.

You know you love me.

I do, but I also hate you.

See you soon, floor.


Go on.

Floor, I'll see you soon.

You know, I feel like it's a good time

for an urban legend.

Wait, wait, wait, are
you talking about the time

when you had all three Fregosi
triplets in the same night?

'Cause that was legendary.

That was her?

Scary setting calls for a scary story.

It's not gonna be too scary, is it?

This is the story of
the servants of Satan.

Sounds stupid, but sure. Go ahead.

I'd rather hear about
the Fregosi triplets.

Shut up, Allie.

Anyways, not too long ago,
on a night just like tonight,

a group of girls came to spend the night

in this very barn.

Mm, convenient.

Anyways, as it was winding down,

they were trying to think of
fun ways to pass the time by.

Truth or dare? No, too lame.

Streaking? No, too cold.

Reciting Bloody Mary in the mirror?


Until one girl named Sophie Miller

recalled this old story she heard

about the servants of Satan.

So she told the group that
they could summon a demon

and the demon would come
and possess one body

and kill anyone around it.

But the trick is that they
don't know they're possessed

until the demon is about to kill.

So it kills, moves on to
the next body.

Who would wanna summon that?

I bet Sophie Miller did.

Anyways, Sophie led them
through the recitation

and after they finished the
incantation, nothing happened.

They waited and waited to no avail

and they just decided to call
it a night and went to bed.

The next morning, their bodies were found

horribly, horribly, mutilated

and carefully laid out in
the shape of a pentagram.

Sophie Miller's body
hung from the chandelier,

a cold, terrified look in
her dead, open eyes forever.

That's it?

That was supposed to be scary?

I don't know, I thought it was scary.

No, it's not.

It was a pot of bullshit.

Well, if it's not scary,
let's summon one ourselves.

I don't think that's a good idea.

It's just a story, Trish.

Yeah, no I'm good. Total waste of time.

Oh yeah? Or you're just scared?

I'm not scared.

This shit's not real.

If it's not real, then
what do we have to lose?

Fine, if this is how you
guys wanna spend your time.


Legend says the demon has until midnight

to collect as many souls as it can

before having to go back to hell.

Then I say we wait until 11:59.

What time is it anyway?




Everyone, close your eyes
and let's hold hands.

We summon thee, they loyal servant,

to take our bodies and use
them to serve your master.

We offer our bodies as sacrifice.

Come, thy loyal servant.

What was that?

Just Melissa blowing out the candle,

trying to freak us out.

Did you see me blowing out the candle?

I didn't do that.

Okay, then it was gust of wind.

Or was it?

The demon could be in any one of by now.

It could be in you.

Or you.

Or it could be in the nonbeliever.

One thing's for sure,
that you're just a group

of drunk bitches that'll
believe anything.

Wow, Melissa, that was so funny.



Please come back.

That was just Melissa being an idiot.

What if it's not just some scary story?

Come on, you don't really
believe in that stuff, do you?

I guess not.

Come on, my trepid little mouse.


Yeah, like afraid, fearful.

Okay, don't look into it.

Let's just go back out there

and enjoy the rest of the night.

Allison gets so funny when she gets drunk.

She gets all like lovey dovey
and tries to kiss everybody.

Come on.

Come on.

I think you've had enough.

I think you're just being
a big old party pooper.

Babe, I'm telling you
this because I love you,

but you're getting to that level of drunk

where you start licking people's faces

and flashing your boobs.

You're just jealous 'cause you're part

of the itty bitty titty

Hey. Itty bitty and proud.

Oh, I'm sorry, Sammy.

Why don't you just give me your face

and I'll give you a big old
smooch right on the lips.

No, no.

How about I just get
you some water instead?

Okay, thanks.

Hey, you know, you're the
best friend a girl can have

and everybody else thinks
you're a big old toughie,

but I think you're a big old softy.

And I mean, I know you best.

I mean, yeah, but shh.

You'll ruin my rep.



Come on, go.

Come on.


Power's out, party's
over. You bitches win.

On the contrary.

The party's just beginning.

You all picked the perfect
place to perform my ritual.

Isolated, miles and miles away from anyone

who can hear you scream.

I wonder how long it will take

for someone to find your bodies,

just like Sophie Miller.

You girls seem afraid.

What? Is this not what you wanted?

You thought I wouldn't come

after you so graciously
offered to me possession

of your physical form?

Pity. Now, whose soul should I take first?

Should it be you?

You reek of liquor.

Maybe it should be you.

No one here really seems to know you you,

so you'll be missed the least.

But then again, maybe it will be better

to get rid of the arrogant one.

No, I can hear your thoughts.

There's a clear consensus.

Who's the one that brought
you all here and summoned me?

That's who you all hate the most.

I can sense it from each one of you.

It's been decided.

Anyone who tries to leave this barn

will be met with immediate death.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Who can you trust?

That, that wasn't me.

Grab her.

What? What, no, no.

I'm sorry.

No, it's not.

It moved on, I felt it leave me.

That means it's in one of you.

What are you doing?

If that thing wants to get us,

it's gonna have to send one
of us out there to get it.

What if it, what if it kills
with more than just a knife?

What do we do now?

- Tie up Taylor.
- No, I just told you.

It's not in me.

We don't know that.

That's the whole point, you don't know.

What we do know is that
you just killed Melissa.

So sit your ass in the
chair and we'll tie you up.

What, are you fucking kidding me?

Let me go. Trish!

I'm sorry, Taylor.

Can't take any chances now, can we?

The demon's in Sam.

The demon's in Sam, let me go.

She's trying to tie me
up so I can't fight back.

Come on, you have to believe me, Trish.



So this is it? This is the plan?

You're just gonna tie me up
so that thing can kill me?

- Just until midnight.
- What time is it now?


Listen, we'd do the same thing

if it was one of us who killed Melissa.

What do you expect us to do?


What are we gonna do with her?

What do you mean?

Call me crazy, but I don't
wanna be looking at my friend's

disemboweled body all night.

Me neither.

Fine, we'll move her.

Trish, you stay with Taylor.

Yell if she does anything.

No, Allison, I'm telling you,
you can't be alone with her.

Why don't you just shut your mouth

and try not to murder anyone else?

Please, Trish. You have to believe me.

Samantha's going to kill her.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

Come on, you know me. You can trust me.

You can trust me more than anybody, Trish.

You're just trying to trick me.

What would you do if you were me?

I would...

I would think about this logically.

Do you remember in the story,

Melissa said that the demon
would move on after it killed?

Trish, you don't know what it
feels like to be possessed.

I do, and I'm telling you, it's not in me.


Are you sure?


On my life.

Hurry up.

What are you doing?

Nothing. I just tripped over something.

Well, come on, I don't wanna leave Trish

with Taylor for too long.

What's with the shovel?

Self defense.


Come here.

I don't think the demon's
in Taylor anymore.

I guess her heart just
wasn't in it anymore.

Oh, god.




You killed her.

I didn't, that thing did.


Allie, help me.

It's in her, she's trying to kill me.

No, Allie, stay back.

Don't listen to her.

Don't listen to her.

It leaves you once it
kills. It's in Samantha.

- Sammy, what do I do?
- Help me.



I can see you.
Stay back!

I said stay back.

Put the screwdriver down.


I'm not gonna hurt you.

Are you gonna hurt me?

None of this would have happened

if we'd just gone back to
my place like I suggested.

Definitely the worst thing
Melissa's ever done to us.

I don't know.

Getting suspended in the women's bathroom

for smoking was pretty bad.

I almost forgot about that.

And then she narked
on us. Fucking bitch.

Show some respect.

She's dead.

She deserves it after all

she put us through tonight.

We're gonna make it
out of here, I promise.

We're gonna make it out of here?

Or at least one of us will.


I'm sorry.


You killed her?

You killed Taylor.

Where'd you get that?

Found it on the ground next to me

after you knocked me out.

Or maybe you went outside and got it

because the demon's in you.

Maybe it's in you because
you killed your best friend.

Only two left.

I wonder who will make it to midnight.

Should I stay over here,
or should I come over here?

Tricky, tricky.

Maybe I should just be a spectator

and let you fight to the death.

Well, well look who came out of her shell.

Do it.


I don't wanna die.

I made it.

I made it.

I made it.

I made it, you motherfucker!

I made it!


I'm afraid your watch
runs a bit fast, my dear.

♪ So you call me disrespectful ♪

♪ For thinking a different way ♪

♪ How it seems like you're so proud ♪

♪ Now watch me walk away ♪

♪ You say I'm young,
better watch my tongue ♪

♪ But you're the one who's hatin' ♪

♪ Are you scared 'cause
you're unprepared ♪

♪ For all that I'm statin' ♪

♪ For all that I'm statin' ♪

♪ For all that I'm statin' ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm over how I look ♪

♪ And I'm over what I say ♪

♪ If I can't be myself ♪
♪ Be myself ♪

♪ I'm sure to disobey ♪

♪ Yeah I'm over how I look ♪

♪ And I'm over what I say ♪

♪ It may seem harsh to talk like this ♪

♪ But there are forces at play ♪

♪ And I'm done with society's way ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm done with society's way ♪

♪ Oh I'm done ♪

♪ Yeah I'm done with society's way ♪

♪ Oh I'm done ♪

♪ Hey you just realized your mistake ♪

♪ You give your opinion to me ♪

♪ Now you just got shot down ♪

♪ Think before you open your mouth ♪

♪ You say I'm rude, got an attitude ♪

♪ But boy you're mad just
'cause I talked back ♪

♪ But I'm sure you'll change the news ♪

♪ And say I deserved it ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm over how I look ♪

♪ And I'm over what I say ♪
♪ Yeah I'm over ♪

♪ If I can't be myself ♪
♪ Myself ♪

♪ Then I'm sure to disobey ♪

♪ I'm over how I look ♪
♪ I'm over ♪

♪ And I'm over what I say ♪

♪ It may seem harsh to talk like this ♪

♪ Talk like this ♪