Trener (2018) - full transcript

Contemporary Russia. After he flubs a penalty kick, a humiliated national soccer player quits the game. He flees to a small town, where he decides to coach their local team.

Krasnodar, the last game of the qualifying World Championship

We are loosing but we are still looking for our chances to come back in this game.

There is still time left

Our team is putting the ball back into the field after the penalty shot

Our captain, Yuri Stoleshnikov is taking initiative upon himself

This is a call for a penalty, my dear friends!

Great opportunity to correct the situation for our tea

The Romanian team is surrounding the ref, but it is their problem

Penalty is called.

We have to see who will be executing it

There is a rule, that the one who earned it, won't be the one

who executes it

Yes, Stoleshnikov is happy with himself, but most likely he is not going to be the one who will be executing it

Because we have a designated player for that

It is Alexei Melnikkov, he picks up the ball

But look, Stoleshnikov is taking a ball from him. He has a right as a captain

Our captain is very confident

If he is confident, we will have to believe in him too

We all know it is the most important game for the Russian team in many years

We are very nervous

Yuri, it is your turn!

What was it, Yura? Why ?!

I don't know about you, but I have only words left that you can't use in public

You have to pull yourself together and get mad, there is still time left to make it up

Our captain is back on the field with the ball

Obviously, the fans are upset, but the game continues

He pushes forward.

Center of the field

What is that for?

Our captain is loosing temper after the failed penalty kick

Red card, of course

Our captain pushes the ref

His team is trying to come him down

This is not the football anymore

Come down!

Stoleshnikov failed to deliver to his team, to his fans, to his country

He takes off his captains band and leaving the field with his head down

It is hard to imagine what is going thru his head right now

Yura, what have you done? People are expecting..

This is not a football

Stoleshnkov fell for provocation

Fans are throwing at him bottles

He received the red card, he pushed the ref

now he crossed the line with his fans

We saw similar situations in the past with other players

This will be a cause of disqualification

Now this provocative gesture

I am afraid this episode will have a grave impact on the sports career of yuri Stoleshnikov

The Coach

Subtitles by Nataliya Carpenito

I thought you will give me a chance to leave decently

And where are you going to play now?

Yura, we won't have a farewell party here, sorry

I see

Even after the disqualification you will be able to play for some team for a year or two

Why leave?


Danila Kozlovski

Olga Zueva

Irina Gorbacheva

Viktor Verzhbickii

Aleksandr Ilin Jr.

Igor Gordin

Hey, what are you doing? Move your car!

Are you all there?

Are you lost? Get out of the car!

Did you hear me? Get out of the car!

Yes, we have a situation here

Keep moving

How are you?


Now it is your turn?

We will have to leave. You have two days to pull yourself together and get back on the field

We will work for a year there and then you will come back

No, dad, I will do it on my own

I won't ry to convince a 34 year old football player

You are right, let's skip that

all right then

What's wrong? Dad, look at me, let's give each other a hug

It will be easier

Are not we related?

One step, do it for me, Dad

it is good, right?

I did not turn out to become the one like Messi. You have to accept that.

You tried, you did your best

There is crowd outside, why don't you bring the car in the courtyard

Let's go home

Open up!

You will rest, then we will have a talk

Did you see how I put in right into the center?

I knew that you will appreciate it

Two years later

Yura,give a pass !

that is enough

come down

Meteor wants to offer you a Head Coach position

Where is Meteor?

It in the South, good team, they made it to the finals this year.

Try to make more of a happy face.

If you bring this team up, then, you can think of a Premier League

My name is Larisa Volskaya, I am a President of Meteor Team

How do you do

How was your flight?

Fine, no traffic jams

Give your luggage tags to Sergei, he will bring it to you

Let's go

Now we will have lunch and in one hour we have a press conference scheduled

Is everything ready?
Yes, it is.

This is Semyon Smolin, he is a Director of the Team.

This is not Moscow, of course, but we tried to do our best to prepare for this

I will take a walk around

Walk around?

Yes, I need to think

All right, I will pick you up in 15 min

So, our dream came true, we made it to the First League

And it is not only the team, but all of the fans were hoping and believing despite everything that happened.

Team is like a family, you don't have a choice there.

Wow, Stoleshnikov!

Let's take a selfie

Put it away!

Why are you so serious? Smile, it suits you!

Give it back!
Don't worry, you will get it back.

What is going on here?

Nothing, I just wanted to take a selfie with him, and he took my phone away.

You should ask the permission first before you start taking photos.

Sure, and you put a sign on that you don't want your picture taken.

This is my sister, Varya, she is the Rehabilitation Doctor.

Rehabilitation Doctor? My name is Yuri, I am the football player.

I know who you are, let's go!

You are like always

Hey, guys!

Guys, why don't you say anything?

We are scheduled to meet in the evening. We will talk then.

We don't have to know you

Do I have to know you? Hamedzhanov, age 24, defense player, right footed.

Igor Maiskov, halfback, right footed, age 30, divorced, has daughter

How do you do?

How are you?

Hi there

Is that a Mayor?

Vladimir Anatolievich

He is proud of himself?

As everyone else is.

What about the condition of Cherchishev and Peskov?

We had to sell them due to financial difficulties

Why was not I told earlier about it?

What would have changed?

Larisa, are you an adequate person?

You are selling the best players without my knowledge, and just casually mentioning it.

Here we go, Yuri Stoleshnikov himself!

Glad to see you, how was your trip?

Thank you, it was fine.

Masha, not now with these photos.

We will chat later, now let’s go answer some questions that people have.

Dad, give us another minute to finish up here.

Try to hurry, I am leaving shortly


There are journalists there. You can be direct. "I don't like the team, I was not informed correctly, I am leaving"

I have no hard feelings against you.

It is up to you. The only thing, how long were you there with no real job?

And you will continue on the same path.

Because no other fool will trust all of this to the man of your reputation.

Good day, The question from the Kuban' News Newspaper

Yuri, please tell us if you are surprised by the invitation to our city?

I am surprised that the woman is a President of your team.

Next question. Do you have any special strategy that you are planning to implement in your training here?

The strategy is simple. We will go on the field and we will win.

And we will do it again.

Friends, let me, as a Mayor say couple of words here.

It is our honor, to have such successful man, as Yuri Stoleshnikov accepting our invitation to be the Head Coach of Meteor.

We on behalf of the City, promise to give the support to our team and our new Head Coach.

I am convinced, that the professional football player of this level

will make us to be proud of our football team in a very short time.

Is that so?

That is how it is.

Thank you

Championship of Russia, Finals, 9th tour

damn it

What are you doing? He did not have a chance.

pay attention

Bring it down, keep up with the speed

You will be crawling to your wife with that speed



I am not a superstitious man. But usually the new Head Coach wins the first game.

thank you

Good evening, this is Viktor Gusev

Yuri Stoleshnikov, Coach, and hope of the Russian Football, please tie my shoe

Shut off the music


Friends, here we have it. Stoleshnikov is leaving for Moscow

How is your spirits?


They thru bottles at me at the first game, they were frustrated that I am the woman

Then they got used to it. First game does not mean anything.

The results are at the end of the season.

Why am I the Head Coach?

Why me?

It is a simple question

You are considered retired and no one expects nothing from you.

You have no where to go. That how the miracles happen.

What do we call a miracle?

If we make it into the League for example? What exactly?

Miracle would be if they don't build the shopping center in this place.

This city does not need a team.

You came up with that.

Now it is clear.

I will go work on miracles.

Will be catching unicorns and shitting rainbows.

Don't forget about my position.

Andreevich, I will do it later, as usual.

How is everything going here?

Get on the scale

I have my shoes on

Get on it

What do we have?

74 kilos?

Is it how you write 4?

Yes, the doctors handwriting

What does he suppose to weigh?

71 kilos

I ate watermelon yesterday

Did you eat it with the rind?

Vitya, bring everyone here, we will see more of the doctors handwriting.


Did you drink alcohol yesterday?

Did you?

I was on the birthday party yesterday.

Who else was there?

No one.

Me and my wife only. It was before the game.

Who else was drinking?

Yuri Valerievich, it happens, right?

Keep up. Do you like running with weights?

Where are the weights?

Right there, you have them

Why do I need fat asses, that will be crawling around on the field?

Work on getting back into shape before playing.

Who is going to play?

Don't think you are irreplaceable

Two more full circles

Have you heard of practices when they set up

the team players to kick the ball in order to improve their coordination?

Masykov, we will be running here till the evening

Masykov, let's add one more full circle for you.

Don't run so fast


Is it plastic?

How did you come up with it, Yuri?

Did you read it in the magazines?

Who are you?

Last name is Berger, I am the kids coach

Skin has to breath, Yuri

This is too much stress to the heart

How come you did not put the gas masks on them?

so to have a guaranteed heart failure

He is from the Capital

Take a rest

We will just poke his tires couple of times, and this will be over

Go back to Moscow

Let's go have a talk

Good bye

Let's make a deal

I won't tolerate mediocrity and rudeness

I won't expect you to play like Messi or Ronaldo

But I will expect you to play at the top of your abilities

So you won't be ashamed of yourself later

And what for?

It all sounds good, but n reality it will like that

If we win or loose, we don't get salary raises or bonuses

Do you have any other interests in life except money?

For example make it into the First League?


What are you talking about? The young guys will run over us there.

Half of our team is always with the injuries

Everyone has families

It is our last season, and then we will go back to where we came from.

Maybe we will make a deal here?

Everyone knows why you are here.

You will do your time and leave

Let's do it this way, we will keep quiet, and you give us a chance to have a life.

You have to stop pushing around and catch up with him there

Are you playing for defense?

Zuev, stop pussy footing around

Engage your brain and use it on the field

Tell me what do I suppose to do with that?

What is this?

This is a description of the nature of the trauma

During his run he slipped on the unravelled plastic and received the trauma of the tail bone

Should I show this to Lara when she's asks me why Varennikov is not training today?

If we have the weight problems, maybe you should fix their menu first?

They are being fed like it is a farm here

Why are you always upset with me?

I am not upset

I am just doing my job

You did not like me from the first time you saw me

Maybe we will sit down for a talk, cool off the situation here

Sure, and I will have a chance to read you the list of traumas for the last week

It seems that they are returning from the battlefield and not from training

Everyone is suppressed

Are they coming to complain to you?

Not to complain. They are in pain. Good bye.

Why is this here? Ham?


More protein during the training sessions

Prior to the games switch to more carbs

Tell me this, my friend.

Why our menu does not get changed before the games?

No heavy meals 24 hours prior to the games

Valerievich, I need to talk

I am off

We have not finished, right?

Something substantial still has to be in the menu, right?

They are not eating for 5 hours, then game

What do you mean, 5 hours?

So they do not overeat before the game

How do you expect them to run, if they are hungry.

The last meal should be 3,5 hours before the game.

Valerievich, guys came to see me

It does not look very good here

What guys?

Our players, does not matter who

They are complaining

What are they complaining about?

Nothing special, little things here and there.

Tell me what is it exactly, stop beating around the bush.

You are insulting them, your training techniques are too harsh

Took away their days off and bonuses

It all adds up, I don't want scandals

Are you worrying about bonuses?

No, I am good there

Valerievich, you are a young coach, emotions running wild

I got it

Do you understand the goal?

What goal?

Were not you told?

Not really

We have certain players

that are playing, getting in shape, and we sell them in a year.

They are for sale then

Why do you say that?

They are good guys

The list is pretty short. This season we have 4.

I am not getting involved in the coaching job.

Maybe you should change it a bit.

What changes are you taking about?

More diplomacy, individual approach

What exactly?

You are on your own here, I am not sure.

All right then, I will look for new ways

Deal then?

Of course

Hear me

I see you don't like playing ball, so I came up with the new game

During the training session today, you will be rolling those tires back and forth

What exactly are we training this way?

Our spirit and endurance

And you will get the necessary life skills, that you will need once they throw you out of the club

Are you serious?

More than that. I am in agreement with the sea port administration.

They will support your training

I am not participating, you can fine me

Oh no, fine won't cut it here.

You are sabotaging the coaching here

Did everyone sign the contract. Article 3.1.3, do you remember it?

The player must participate in training and other activities that have been chosen by the coach

The key words are" other activities" and "must"

In case of non compliance, the contract is null and void

plus compensation of 3 monthly salaries back to the club

I am in position to decide how you should train

You can leave the club on bad terms and in debt, you choice

No, let's go!

Let's shake some fat off, and get in shape

More energy!

no cheating

looks like you have muscles

You can't do this to people

Did you want to say something, Larisa Vladimirovna?

Continue on!

Did everyone hear the President of Club Meteor?

We are continuing our training session.

put more fun to it

Let's go

Good job, guys

Mitya, take them for some rest

Are you guys hard on hearing? Don't touch the ball!

They are punished. I am training them without the ball today.

Let's run a little. How will you play the football, if you can't touch the ball?

Come on


Come on

Come on

Take the ball away

Take the ball away from him

There is a lot of you, guys

Take the ball away

get in line

Strict coach you have

Do you know why they took it away from you so fast. Because they missed playing with the ball.

My time here is from 2-3. Next time, keep on walking.

Back from the start, let's go

Championship of Russia, Finals, 14th Tour

Fans are chanting in support of the Meteor team

Harsh violation of the rules. Senseless in the middle of the field

The reaction from the ref is the red card!

Everyone come down, sit down!

Shinnik is in possession of the ball

They have an advantage with one more player on the field

Diagonal pass

Varennikov? Why is that? He is falling unobstructed

Goal, Shinnik is leading now

Very serious mistake on behalf of defender Varennikov

What caused him to fall? The field is not wet, it is not slippery

Shinnik is making a play

But Meteor defenders are not doing their job

We have an attack one on one


They are on it to ruin it

It looks like few of them are on it

The goalie and defenders

Put subs in for both defenders

So far we can only put one in.

Let's put Zuev in

Zuev, go in!

The grass is slippery, is that so?

Meteor does not have much time left

Zuev is managing to handle the ball on his own

He is not scoring, but it is very good attempt

Young man, did you start believing in yourself?

Let's skip the drama, we have to loose here, got it?

The second goal, there was one on one situation.

My calf was sprained, so I could not catch it

And you did not know that your leg was injured before?

Well, I did speak of it in the locker room

Hey there


You are here, my friend?

Why not collecting money?


Everyone, take a look at him!

He is not only screwed up the game, he also placed the bet

He made a money bet under his own name, using his passport, what an idiot!

He put a bet against his own team!

Varennikov, you are the flaming idiot!

You should go to take a nap, Yuri Valerievich!

I can't. I am thinking about you, guys.

How will you do without me.

We are not coming to the practices drunk.

I am drunk and I can do more, than any one of you, who is sober

We saw the game against Romania

Did you say this?

He is bringing up the Romanians here

Give me a ball

Get to the gates

What do you mean?

You know

We will do the bet? How about that.

He is talking about the Romanians

I will show it to you

All right, I did not score then, and I did not score now

It is all right

Let me know, what I owe you later.

You all go to hell! Platini shook my hand.


I will have one too

It is so smooth.

You are doing well here

Yes, I'm made out of steel

What about you?

What about me?

Are you always like that?

Keep pushing forward, and keep on drinking


All right, if we are having a drink here, tell me

What did you come here for?

Oh, I see, I have to say something politically correct here, right?

No, I see for myself

One against everyone

They don't care about anything

but you still care


Why are you asking?

We came here to drink, so let's do it.

I left where no one needs me any more.

Came here to win.

But no one cares about winning here.

What's next, I don't know.

What about you?


What's wrong with you. There are so many guys around and you are alone.

You didn't have to notice this.


That's all right

Because I don't need the relationship just to say I have them.

How many fingers?

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Good, we can keep on drinking

Hi there

Where is Varya?

She is at work

Varya was sleeping in my room

sorry about that

Do you want to ask me how I am doing?

I do. How are you doing? How is school.

School is boring

Thank you

Yuri Valerievich, may I ask you something?

Do you like my sister?

Do you like her like a woman?

Do you feel anything for her?

She is an interesting person.

All right, I like her

Ok, then

Do you want me to make you some coffee?

It is a strange place, to be honest.

Why here?

Look, Amin what is off side?

Is it a type of a meat dish?

I need to find a respectable place to have dinner.

I feel guilty I had to spend the night in your apartment.

So wanted to do something nice in return.

I just let you sleep there, so you don't have to wonder around the streets being drunk.

Thank you

That is nothing

Dasha's mattress need to be changed to the new one. It is too firm.

I see you made friends.

She is cool. Where are your parents?

All right then, leave it

Well, we have a dad

But since our mom died 5 years ago he left and just sends us money once a month

And we call each other for the holidays

What about you?

Everything is great

That's very descriptive to say it is great.

Would you like to add some details to it?

Not today, some other time.

How do you do?

Hi, there

You know guys, I was wrong

Let's start over again

You are the team, who knows how to do it. What can I add to the picture?

I need to get some coaching time here, so I will just come and sit at practices

You can do whatever at your own pace.

So you won't be training us at all?

What for?

Ralph, give me a ball, you don't need it.

If they ask you any questions, blame me.

Tell them I ordered you to rest before the game.

Anyone who touches the ball, pays a fine of 1,000 rubles

Are you for real?

Why not? Viktor, make sure they follow that.

Just refrain from drinking, so you don't burn the place down.

You have to be able to trust each other.

I am not going to take part in it


What are you here for?

To win

With what team?

You want to push this morons to the First League?

Give them bonuses

All of that does not help to learn how to play

Instead of giving the pass, they kick the ball in the middle of nowhere

Every man is for himself, there is no teamwork

You have 11 individuals running on the field

But I have a little brotherhood here

Until you ruin them

And how do you think I suppose to intrigue them?


They have to understand that they represent the whole region

Why do they care, if they know that their coach can leave them for Moscow at any time

You will get a better offer and leave

I won't lie, there are no tender feelings between me and the team at the moment

But you can change this

they are just like you little guys

You are working hard on your boys, and then you pass them to someone like me

and then they get broken again

Now you will have a chance to coach them all the way

If you make up your mind, find yourself a sub

and come to me to work as an assistant coach

You know, I am the young coach, with little experience

I will make the mess here, and then you will have to deal with it

Think about it

Can you do this?

What are you doing? This is not your home here.

But this is your home. It is your stadium, and it is your team.

What are you doing, except shitting around.

We are playing just as you are cheering

What are you chanting all that rubbish for?

You, for example. How old are you to be chanting this crap?

What should I do, keep silence?

I don't know.

Sing, play instruments

Dress up so you can be seen from space

Help us!

Otherwise none of this makes any sense.

So we will start singing and you will start winning

Did I get it right?

I am not sure about us, but you will

Between us, we don't have much of the chance in the Championship

many games were lost

But are you going to be with us in the Cup?

There are not so many fans at the games

Look, they came to watch our practice

Warm up

Came here from his Moscow to make the circus here

Keep working, guys, wake up!

We know what needs to be done, you don't have to tell us.


Break into two groups and start running

Come on, guys, we have a show here

Don't get distracted, keep on moving

It is boring!

Keep up!

Ralph, 1,000 fine

Sorry, nothing personal

Who is with me?

Petrovski, 1,000



What is going on here?


I will speak to Smolin

Varennikov and Masyukov will have to leave on the bad terms for their actions against the team


Your have 3 days window to bring in the new players

then it will be too late

I won't give up my old players


I like them, good guys

Yura, I came here t o support you, but you are sticking for them

What is going on?

Look over there

What do you see, what are they doing?

They are playing the football

Why? Because they want to

They want to play, Lara.


It is easy to throw them out, but it is much harder to make them believe in themselves


You wanted a miracle, so don't stop me


I have found a sub for my little guys

All right, let me go introduce you to the team

We have the new assistant coach

Berger Adolf Alekseevich

Hi, guys

Viktor Evgenievich, let's do some scrimmage here


You won't be able to sell the Senegal player

Everyone knows that he has 3 extra kilos that he can't get rid off

Do you want to keep this fat ass or you prefer 300,000 cash

All right send me the paperwork by fax

Why Zyaba is playing on the left side?

He wants to play from start, that is why he is saying that he can play both sides

But he is only good from the right leg

That one is a good player, but he keeps looking back

His son is there

He does not want to leave him home

And he is here collecting balls

Tell him not to bring him to the games

Why are you watching it from here?

I can see everything from here

What is up with Masyana?

What about him?

He is at home, on probation for his deeds

Talk to him

But on the other hand he should have been thrown out, so others would not follow in his steps

But on the other hand, maybe you should talk

No, you should throw him out

I don't want to get involved, it is up to you to decide

Do you know why I did not fire you?

When you play as a deadwood, it is one thing

But I hate to see when you burry your talent!

Do you still believe that I will fail

Help me out here

Take this team as a captain, you will be responsible for each one of them

I won't try to convince the 30 year old player

Zuev is afraid of trauma, he is avoiding confrontations

If you manage to open him up as a player, you will see the gift there

I don't know if we will be able to make it into the Final League or the Cup

But we should promise each other that we will do everything we can for that to happen

Cup of Russia, 1/32

Thank you, everybody

Let's go thank the fans!


Come here, my dear friend

Come hear, bastard

What are you doing?

I don't want to see you here again

That is enough

Go back

Go on

What was that?

Are you aware that we lost our second opportunity for transferring the players?

This bastard made sure we are behind on the payments and then reported about it to the top

I know that

Why are you so cool with that?

What do you suggest?

Get rid off him


Mayor is the one who hired him, he is the one who can fire him

Did you ever have a desire to do something against your father's will?

I did have it.

It is you.

Great choice, Club President

Vladimir Anatlievich, there are problems with making it water tight

but, try to understand, the supplier is behind on his end.

You have to finish it in 6 month.

Suppliers are your problem

If you fall behind the dates, I won't keep you

Let him through

I am sorry, but I was told that you won't be in the office till the evening

I always have time for the sports stars

What is happening?

I am asking you to fire Smolny

Why should I do that?

If I put another person, it will take time for him to catch up

Then he will start stealing, that's for sure.

Listen, I understand everything

Smolny is your man, but you have to replace him

We are doing everything on our end to be noticed

We will stop being non profitable, we will get the local sponsors

Yura, let's be honest

So you want the city sponsors support the team?

What for?

Let's say you make it to the Premier League? Then what?

Can we count on anything after that?


We will win the Cup! What is the point?

Yura, do you remember the teams that took this Cup for the last 5 years?

I don't remember them either.

And you will tell the seniors, whose houses are being flooded to be proud of the Cup we took.

Keep yourself within the limits.

Your are not the young boy, so you should understand.

Except the stadium we have the city, inhabited by the people with their own problems.

Who are you to decide where city sponsors should invest?

We have real projects here. We need new power ambulance station here.

We need more schools and kindergartens.

Football costs us 200 millions a year.

That money can really improve the life of the people.

So here is my advice.

Forget about this Cup, or go back to the Second League

Football is a torched earth with a layer of shit on it.

Nobody needs it here.

No, it is needed.

Maybe it is needed more now then ever.

I have been a Mayor for the past 12 years.

12 years! And you just got here.

Are you going to teach me how to love my city?

Who decided that the city needs Football?

The young man, that got paid 20 million a month and missed his shot?

Your tactics are great!

But your game stinks


Let's go!

I am interested to know how you think of that?

You are intimidated on the field, like it is a car that can run you over?

Or a mad dog?

No, I like dogs

Me too

Me and him had some fun in the woods near by.

Well, he was helping me out.

What about the police?

Those were not real cops

You know, Zuev, it is like that

If you are afraid, then just give up and got bitten

Varya will fix you up if needed

Hey, illegal fishermen?

Should we fill out some paperwork? All right, just kidding

We won't bother you

Are you afraid, Zuev? You are right.

You handled it well, you will be fine, you won't starve

Tell me, did you do this on purpose, to help me out?

Zuev, are you all there? Do you think that if you ride someone's bike, you will start to play like Maradonna?

If that would work I would be the coach in Barcelona.

Why then?

It is boring here, so I am looking for excitement.

Yeah, Zuev, don't forget to bring those bikes back

Did you start this remodeling while ago?

We did not get a foreign players, you know about that?

We could not get reinforcements.

We have a very short list of players.

What are you planning to do?

I don't know

Maybe I will put one young guy in, he seems to have something in him

But on the field he gets lost.

I don't know. Dad, may be you will come to take a look?

What is there to see?

You go and play.

They are printing it so small, the glasses are not helping me.

Are you kidding me?

What is stopping you? The year passed, your legs are fine, go play!

Should I go on the field, like nothing ever happened?

And what happened?

It is just a game, so go and play!

This young guy, Zuev

he is afraid of everything, acting sheepishly

I am encouraging him, "Go ahead"!

but I am the one who is afraid to look at the bleachers

I can hear what they are saying and what they are chanting

writing about me on social media

I can feel their hate every day.

Go and play, "it is just a game"

It is over, Dad. I am the coach

That's enough Dad with this remodeling

Do you want me to hire the construction workers for you?

That is not fun

Dad, You are the man

You too

My birthday is in a month, if anything

Do you know the ref that's going to be in this game?

It is my friend.

Will you talk to him?

It is Finals, the game is important to everyone

Torpedo got too far, we need to level it.

Tell him to be honest in his judging

The Cup of Russia, Quarter Finals

1:0, Yuri Stoleshikovs Teams leads in the games of quarter finals for the Cup of Russia

Stoleshikov is very emotional

Zuev is being harshly knocked down. It has to be a yellow card for the opposing team.

Zuev gets the jury and leaves the field

Meteor has 10 players on the field now

He is a player that needs confidence

He is ready to go back!

The ref makes it look like he is not noticing that Zuev wants to go back

Hey, he is ready to get back in the game! Hey!

Why did it happen, he waited for 60 seconds?

He was ready to go back for the whole minute!

Hey, judge!

Look at me, I am talking to you! You are corrupt!

How much were you paid for this?

I am asking you to leave this area

Tell me the price!

You need to step back!

Now if Meteor makes it to the Semi Finals, Stoleshnikov will have to be watching the game from the bleachers.

This will be a big loss for his team.

His emotions are vital to his players

Why did you take the money, and judge like you did not?

I will give you your money back

Did you win the lottery, or Torpedo gave you so much, you can't fit it in your pockets?

Why are you nagging me?

If you want me to tell you that someone on the top decided

that they don't want to see you in the Cup, then I won't tell you this.

Stick to the left central player, get very close to him

Make him use his right leg more, he will make the mistake sooner or later.

And then others will handle the rest

And you, don't rush, take a little pause, handle the ball

Play around him

Zuev, how is your leg?

It is all right

Can you play?

Mitya, let him play!

Give some harsh greetings to the number 15 when he gets in your zone of control

he will stay out of it

And ignore the fact that I am not on the bench, I am with you guys, watching all of you!

Go, Meteor!


There is little time left in the main time of the 1/4 Finals for the Cup of Russia

Torpedo versus Meteor, score is 1:1,there might be an extra time added

One of the last attacks of the Meteor

Pass to the right flank of the field, Zorki takes the ball

Pass to Petrovski, and he scores!

Leave us alone, please

What is wrong with you, Zuev?

Well, I was running and..

And what?

You have to play, you have a ball, and you have to score, what else you need?

I am trying, honestly.

I don't give a shit about your efforts, you have to put up the fight, and score, and don't pussy foot!

Your ankle is sprained! Do you enjoy sympathy?

Where does it hurt?

Here or here?

That is enough!

Here is your problem!

It is not in your leg, it is in your head!

And until you solve it, nothing will help you!

Neither practices, nor bike rides.

Can I see you for a minute

Did you have to put him on the field?

How long will it take to fix him? 2 or 3 weeks?

It is not that simple, just to fix it.

Yura, we are dealing with people here, they get broken at times.

They go thru pain, fear, they get offended.

Think what you are doing to this boy!

He is scared as it is, and you are keep pressing him.

Do you believe that if you will push him, he will start playing, but what if not?

What if you break him?

Hi there!


Where have you been?

I got up early and went to the market.

Varya, I have been up since 6 AM

Get ready for school, what do you want for breakfast?

Did he tell you?

Who and what?

Varya, come on, I am serious!

You are still young, I can't talk to you about it.

Don't pry, please

You fell in love, I can see it by your face

You fell in love, I know it

Finally, hurrah!!!

Dasha, we are working together.

If someone finds out, it might happen that

people will think wrong things about me.

Let's not talk about it for now, all right?

Come here

Would you like your omelette with ham or tomatoes?

I will have it plain, and you can have the omelette with ham and tomatoes


Hello, yes, I am his son

When did it happen?

Hi, Amin, where is Yura?

He is over there

How long was he here?

Yes, he has been here awhile.



How are you?

I am good

And you?

I tried calling you but you did not pick up.

I understand, it must be very hard for you now.

I am thinking about Zuev now

About Zuev?

I have to do something about him

Putting him in the Semi Finals with this injury is quite risky

How is the team, how are the guys doing? I have been away

Yura, are you OK?

You should go, I need half an hour

Bye, Varechka

Everything is fine

I told him over and over again, call me

But he thought that I am too busy

But I would have called him back every time

I went to see him and he told me to go back and play on the field

I am playing here, I am playing

That's what you wanted? I am playing.

The nurse, who took care of him

told me, that he did not want to talk about his diagnosis

in order not to distract me

from my important job here

Important job it is

Cup of Russia, Semi Final


We are all with you!

We will win!


We are together, we are stronger

Very few minutes left to the end of the final match of the Semi Finals for the Cup of Russia

0:0 so far. Will we see the time added and maybe the series of penalties?

The stakes are high. Who is going to make it to the Finals?

0:0 It is very charged game and we will be facing the dramatic ending.

Fakel is on attack, they can score now!

It is a dangerous situation!

But the goalkeeper saves his team.

Fakel has a great moment. Bragin can lead the attack of his own team

He throws the ball far off

Petrovski, pass to Grudin

Zorki, now pass to Dodin

Meteor is in possession of the ball. Good control in the center of the field

It is time for a pass


Unbelievable, will they make it to the Finals?

Igor Masykov scores at the last minute!

Everyone literally looses control on this little stadium, that now looks like Luzhniki

Yura, we are with you!

"Coach, we are with you "on T-shirts

How many games so far?

24 games. The turf is in good condition considering the end of the season

Yes, we have specialists here. High tech systems of controlling the temperatures of the field.

But you know, what is the most important?


The agronomist.

He comes at the end of the game, looks around, thinks

the he does his magic touch to the grass

He is in charge and tells us when the field can be used or just looked at

All this High tech nothing compare to him

When everything will start to rely on high tech, when the computer will be telling you about all the mistakes

Then there will be no football left.

Technology is capable of everything

But it has one problem, it has no passion

And it will never have a heart

I often see the question in the eyes of the people

Why do we need all of this?

We won, now what?

And only human who has passion and faith can answer to this question.

And can make people to believe that there is nothing impossible in their lives that they can't achieve

What you have done to the Meteor, gives me the right to trust you with something bigger

the team that will be worthy of their coach


It is time to come back home

This is a big honor

But I see that you need time to think about it alone

All right, I will be in my office

Good time, here is our hero, our winners!

Where is he? What is your name?


Masykov Igor


Great Goal! Perfect!

Thank you

Not Pelle, of course, but why not? We are as good as Brazilians

Hi there

I promised to show our pride to my visiting guests

The stadium is just the grass field. What is important is the people.

Yura, by the way, congratulations to you on moving to Spartak, the National Team!

I understand, you have been waiting for this offer for a long time.

Everyone needs to grow, but don't think that we will be holding grudges here.

If something goes wrong again, you can come back

All right, we won't interfere here, I will show you more

Really? Are you leaving us for Spartak? When?

Let's not stand here

Start running

What now?

What now, we will keep practicing

You don't have to explain anything to me.

I am not going to apologize. We set the rules in the beginning

You did not even give me a heads up, handed me over this team of miss fits, that was it.

I told you I will go back if I can, what questions do you have for me?

I am being offered to be The Head Coach of the First Team of the Country, who would refuse that?

Yura, I don't have any claims on you as a coach, don't bother proving yourself

I produced the result, we made it to the Finals of the Cup of Russia

That's what you called me here for, right?


What is the matter?

Get out!

My congratulations to you. You will succeed!

We will succeed together, Varya!

You are coming with me.

That is what you decided?

You created here something special, I have no name for it.

Something that can't be abandoned for the better team.

Varya, I am not abandoning anyone.

The team is paying, and the mechanism is working.

Maybe you are right, I am not the coach, I am the doctor.

And I am the Coach

The good coach wants to train the champions, I understand

And the doctor treats whoever comes to her.

And does not choose the patients

I will go, OK?

How are they?

They were thrilled

You see, you were right

Malya will go to Moscow

Yura, sometimes you are smart, but sometimes you are...

Do you even understand what you have done?

Now we have a team that wants to play

and the fans that want to cheer.

That was important.

If you would not come then, I would turn to be an alcoholic

Now, see?

She took me back, we have breakfasts in the morning.

You will be fine.

May be without us, but you will be fine

I was serving in the Tank Detachment

Do you know what is the most important thing in the tank?


The most important thing is not to shit your pants

Here it is

Singing farewell song

this is not a dream, this is the truth

The love always wins

Hi, guys

How is Moscow?

Moscow does not have a sea, and the parking is not free.

I am glad to see you.

Today I want you to forget about the Cup

You did a lot already

Go to the field and put on the jerseys of those famous Clubs

And just play football for your own pleasure

Like if you are the kids in the courtyard

You will be the Moroccan player, don't let us down

We will play against Spartak together

I thought, why not?

It will help to sort out the staffing issues

So be easy on me.

Respect the age.

Go, Meteor!

The most important game is the Final Game for the Cup of Russia

Moscow Spartak versus Meteor

Stoleshnikov received the offer as a Head Coach for Spartak a week ago

Yuri Stoleshnikov is coming back as a player to play against his former team,

He leaves the position of the Head Coach and becomes the free agent

Talking about the chances of Meteor, anything can happen in football

Football is the game of people

We remember the team of Iceland, of course they did not win the championship.

Portugal won, but everyone remembers

In any case we expect the exciting Final game

Legendary Moscow Spartak against Meteor, that managed in short time to get so close to the Cup of Russia

This will be the great Finals, it will be very interesting

- Hello
- Hi there

May be you will smile at least?

Or you are not happy to see me?

Of course I am glad.

Let me

I am all set, it is not heavy.

I got it.

All right then, I will go.



Can you help me with the bags?

Take one

I did not expect. I understand that you are not here for good.

Varya, what are you saying?

I came to see you.

It does not happen like that

Like what?

I know that you did not come back for me.

Not for you?

I did it for me, for the first time in life.

and not to prove anything to somebody.

You can take the second bag.

Sorry, I am just

I am stupid, right?

Hug me

I can't, my hands are full

Krasnodar, the Cup of Russia, The Final Game

The Spartak is behind this wall.

We all understand

They are stronger, they are more experienced, they are from the higher League

They have a lot to loose

Many of you think that it is not a shame to loose to the team like that in the Finals

You did more, than anyone expected from you

You have a lot to be proud about

But I am sure, that the only ones, who can influence

what is going to happen in the next two hours here, is us

Right here, in this room we have to decide who we are.

The Team that has the right to this Cup

or we are just the lucky ones that made it to the Finals

Whatever will happen there

I am proud of every day we spent together on the field.

I am proud to be your Head Coach.

And if anyone will ever tell you

that you made it here due to luck

send them to hell.

Because you deserved it.

Forget who they are.

Just play the football that you know how to play.

I want for them to see what I see.

You are in the tank, when you are on the field

and, as I found out, it is important not to shit in your pants when you are in the tank.

Go, Meteor!

Dear friends, we welcome you in Krasnodar

Here, in this wonderful stadium we will have the Final Game for the Cup of Russia

Legendary Moscow Spartak will play the rookies of this season, Meteor

Meteor absolutely unexpectedly made it to this Finals

We will see what comes out of it.

In any case the whole country will enjoy the football.

Go, Meteor!

The whistle is about to start the game.

All attention is on Yuri Stoleshnikov

He used to play for Moscow Spartak

then he was a Head Coach of the Meteor

Here is Krasnodar, we have lots of fans who arrived both from Novorossiysk and Moscow

get to the gates

Spartak is in possession of the ball in the beginning of the game

they seem to be overpowering

pass on the right

great reaction from the goal keeper

Pavel Bragin, the nick name is Maroccan

He is an important player on the team

Spartak seems to show the superiority over the possession over the ball

Pavel Bragin rescues his team

Look at the reaction of the fans and the coaches

Stoleshnikov receives the pass from the goalkeeper

He handles the ball well, goes around two opposing players

he has a block and very good pass

Cross bar!

Stoleshnikov's pass was very precise

He is tired, but he is playing smart

Spartak is in the possession of the ball again, pass on the right flanks.

Meteor is not having much luck to catch up to them

They are late for about two seconds in each episode

Red team is in control of the ball

Pass to the left, very good

Oreshkin, pass


The Meteor player scores the goal against his own team

Rafael Hamedzhanov, bad luck

Bad luck for the Meteor. It is very unfortunate.

It is all right

We have a long time ahead of us, we can handle it.

Yuri Stoleshnikov shows his spirit as a team player

Spartak, of course, is more experienced and strong team

Spartak is a favorite team on the field today.

Stoleshnikov manages to make it close to the gates

He scores!


Yuri Stoleshnikov evens out the score!

The Flag! Offside

But, wait

The ref shows that the offside was registered

I am not sure about this ref's call

I did not see it

But the ref is showing the yellow card now

There are lots of emotions

Important to have the final call of the judge

And as far as I can understand that the main judge of the game confirmed offside

Spartak fully controls the situation on the field

You can see the higher level of the players on the Spartak team

pass to the right

Meteor is demoralized


Spartak scores, 2 : 0

That's a very comfortable place to be for a Moscow team

Spartak is on the way to their next trophy!

To add another cup to their already impressive collection of the trophies

2 : 0 Meteor is practically lost

in 2007 we played against the Brits, we were loosing by one in the first half

then the coach came to us and said something

What did he say?
I don't remember, believe it?

Said something and left.

And then what happened?

We won 2:1

But the funny thing no one could remember after what he said to us

Maybe he did not say anything, just made a joke

What are you sitting here? Are you going to play or not?

Do you have any conscience?

I see you having fine talks.

What are you laughing at?

You have to do something, look around for some conscience, you might find it.


Listen to me, piece of shit

Stop suffocating my team

I will use all my connections to keep you out of football!

It is up to you to win one day today or for the rest of the life. Got it?

The 2nd period in the game Spartak versus Meteor

Spartak dominates on the field, that is supported by the score 2:0

We will see how Stoleshnkikov will show himself as a leader

So far Spartak dominates the game

Stoleshnikov has the ball

Amazing skills of handling the ball

He goes one on one

He is knocked down

What will we hear from the ref?

Why he is not making a call?

It is the penalty for sure.

The decision has not been made yet.

The game was stopped. It is important to know what is with Stoleshnikov?

Will he continue the game?

The pressure is mounting.

He had shown the great maneuverability.

Simply amazing!

We are awaiting for the judges call.

This is penalty!

Dear friends, this is penalty!

What is with Stoleshnikov? I want to know.

Because he is a leader, and he is the most important man on the field

and he is a coach.

We all remember well what was going on on this stadium literally several years ago.

Then during the match with Romania, in the decisive game for the Russian National team,

Yuri Stoleshnikov did not make the successful penalty shot.

We thought that his career was over then.

Damn it

You can do it, you won't miss!

It looks like he won't be able to continue the game.

He is going on the bench and asking for a sub.

Yuri Stoleshnikov leaves the field and goes back to his work as a coach

You can't even imagine what's going on here, on the stadium!

The whole stadium, all of the fans are chanting ' Stola, Stola!"

Of course they are upset, they know what kind of player he is.

Even the fans of Spartak are applauding to him.

Yuri thanks the whole stadium and he leaves the field

Bravo, Bravo! Yuri Stoleshnikov!

The legend of the Russian Football

Now all the attention is on the field.

Igor Masykov will be shooting the penalty.

Fedor Lyas is a goalkeeper. It is the most important moment for the Cup of Russia

So here we have it, Igor Masykov against Fedora Lyas

Meteor against the Moscow Spartak!

2 : 1, Meteor scores!

Everyone understands how important this goal is for the Meteor!

If it would not happen it would reminded us of the Game in Istanbul, the penalty by Fabio Lonzo

But nevertheless, Igor Maykov scores

Senya, you watch your area, play tight

Got it?

Number 15 is your personal responsibility.

Go, Meteor!

We are close to the finish of this game.

Spartak is still leading 2 : 1

Red team still prevails on the field

Meteor can’t pull it thru so far.

Another attack of Spartak on the left.

Good work by Pavel Bragin

Meteor confronts the opponent

We see the level of emotions

We can see that Meteor wants to save the game, trying to score, but so far

Mitya, put in Zuev!

Yes, Zuev, hurry up!

Zuev is a very young player.

He did not have the most successful season.

Yes, he does have a talent.

Very questionable call on the part of Stoleshnikov

To be honest, I was expecting something different.

I won't be saying anything. It is just a game, so go and play!

Go, Zuev!

Zuev is in the center of the field.

You can see that he is nervous.

As I mentioned earlier he is a young player.

And this is a big event, the Finals on this great arena in Krasnodar

He is being pushed out.

The reaction of Stoleshnikov is very characteristic.

It seems like Zuev is not ready for this game.

He looks lost and even scared, at least from the look in his eyes.

We will see.

The final minutes, it is a minute 87 of the game in Krasnodar

Meteor has very slim chances.

The fans are disappointed.

It looks like everything is clear at this point.

Stoleshnikov came to the very edge of the field

I don't understand what is he trying to do and what is he yelling.

His last name is Zuev!

Zuev! Zuev!

Very original call from the coach,

that is what he comes up with.



That was something!

Zuev! Unbelievable!

He evens out the score with Moscow Spartak, it is a tie now, 2:2

Stoleshnikov and Zuev are hugging!

Those are emotions and drama!

It looks like Meteor got a hold of the game.

Spartak can't get a hold of the ball.

Meteor set up the tiki-taka

the Barcelona style

The fans are charged

They are already celebrating the potential victory against Spartak

Zuev is in the Center of the field, he intercepts the ball

Zuev, he goes one-on-one with the goalkeeper!


Friends, it is cooler then Bavaria or Manchester! Meteor scored the third goal!

Meteor leads 3:2 against the Moscow Spartak

Wow, that was something!

I want to relive this game once again!

3:2, Meteor leads!

But this is not the finish, friends

Spartak has one minute of additional time

The whistle of the judge,

Free kick for Spartak

There is lots of commotion on the field

The regular guys from Novorosiysk lead against the Moscow Spartak

Spartak is getting into the position

This is an ideal opportunity for Spartak to score

I can imagine the emotions of the Meteor fans, and their coach Stoleshnikov!

He probably wants to turn around and close his eyes

The last chance for Spartak

Bragin has the ball!

The goalkeeper saves the team!

Bragin kicks the ball really high, almost in to outer space!

as far as he can, away from the gates.

That's all, my friends. The final whistle is here.

Meteor is a winner of the Cup of Russia!

This guys surpassed the Moscow Spartak in Finals.

They were loosing at first 0 : 2, but the final score is 3:2

Something that you will never see again, because

Meteor put his name in the history!

I don't know how you lived this evening, but I lived it to the fullest!

Today I am totally convinced that the Football is more than just the game!

It is the life of this people.

The Cup of Russia will be going to Novorossiysk!

And Meteor is going to play on the European football fields

It will be representing Russia in the prestigious European Tournament

Arustanyan was broadcasting for you.

This is all, that I leave behind

after I am gone

This is all

that will matter to take along with me

This is all, that I leave behind

after I go

This is all

that will matter to take along with me

The Coach

The Football is not a question of life and death
It is more important than that.

Film of Danila Kozlovski

Produssers: Danila Kozlovski, Petr Anurov, Leonid Vershagin, Anton Zlatopolski, Nikita Mihalkov

This movie would not be possible without the support of Vitali Leontievich Mutko, Sergei Nikolaevich Galitski, Roman Arkadievich Abramovich

Subtitles by Nataliya Carpenito

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