Trendy (2017) - full transcript

Richard, a 30 year-old teacher, moves to East London, where he discovers gentrification: hipsters meet cockneys and immigrants in a tense environment. Richard is looking for a fresh start. ...

Building's being refurbished,
uhh, you've got an intercom.

Now lift doesn't work I'm afraid...

...well at least that'll keep
you fit you know?

Yeah the area's lovely;
leafy, green, got the canals.

Yeah got a lovely pub The Anchor
on the corner, you'll like that.

Especially on a Friday night...

...actually there's a nice good
night in there.

Reggae night actually.
Not only...

Is the property incredibly

...also benefits from the latest
improvements... terms of, er, security...


Welcome to the palace!
As we all call it.

Watch out for the boxes there bro.
Careful there bro!

Walk sideways yeah.

Walk sideways! Sideways!


I mean true calm.

Is the feature of the flat.

-Is this, er...
-Don't worry about that damp...

...we're going to get that sorted.
Do you want some water?

Bedroom's this way.

Yeah I'm just going to take
a diagram.

Just careful now, really nice
and there we go...

...there we go...

What'd you say this house was?

Well I think we've covered

...shall we head back
to the office?

Yeah, just a minute.

-Next room?

I've just got all the details
there, so shall we go?

Yeah, I'm just drawing a plan.

It's the restaurant extractor.


The bedroom! With a fabulous
view of the London Eye.

London Eye?


Right there.

See it?

You just- put your thumb up
like this, yeah.

If you just blink a bit...

Yeah, do it, go on.

Do you see it Mr Ali?

Do you see the London ,Eye?

Here we go!

Seriously it's almost impossible
to find...

...such a great space
in East London.

Probably heard
about the area...

...I mean you've got bars,
clubs, galleries.

You're minutes away
from the overground...'ve got twenty four
hour buses.

The surface is about six,
six-twenty square feet.

But you're facing south... you've got light coming
in continuously and...

Just a minute...

You have underground storage.

You're French aren't you.


You sell flats in London?

Well, you know there's about three
hundred thousand french people... London, so agencies like
to have a guy like me around.

You know to make
French customers comfortable... know show them around...
And the trust...

-Makes sense.

Makes sense.

-Thomas by the way.

Nice to meet you.

Can I, erm, can I have these?

Yeah sure, sure.


How're you doing?

Ok, I'll have the er...

...chick-an-sala- lamb...
Lamb donner please.

Any sauce, any salad?

Um, yeah I'll have the...

I'll have all the salads.
And... Er... Ketchup.

And a Ribena.

I just moved in over the road...
this morning.

Six fifty please.

Take a seat,
I'll bring it over to you.

When did you move in?

Just this morning.

Go on, have a seat.


Sorry about my brother.

Oh, no.

He's a bit tired tonight.


What do you think about the area?

Oh, not much, erm...
I've read a few things...

What did you read?

That it was trendy...


Yes that's what they call it now.

Ah, it was completely different
when I first came here.


Well of course it depends...

...from whose point of view
you are looking at it.


How long you been in the area?

Er, about, more than thirty years.

-Thirty years?


Why do you talk to him like that?

Another drunkard.
I don't have time for them.

He's a customer. You don't
know him. Be respectful.

You like it?

-Yeah it's really good.
-All right.

Should make this my regular.

"Afiyet olsun."


"Afiyet olsun", it's Bon Appetit
in Turkish.

Thank you.

Not at all.

It's six 'o'clock on Tuesday
the 30th August, Good morning...

...this is the early show with
Justine Reed and Samiya Hadid.

The headlines this morning...

Home secretary Amber Rudd
is expected... dismiss a suggestion...

...that migrants could apply for
UK Asylum while still in France...

...when she meets her
French counterpart today.

And we'll hear from British
lorry drivers...

...who say they've been attacked
by some would-be stowaways...

...on the outskirts of Calais.

Oi, oi! Oi!

Come in.



Olivia Latham.

I erm, I recognise your voice.

Well. It's good to meet you.
Take a seat.


-Can I put, that there?
-Yeah, put that down there.

Get comfortable.
Put your stuff on the floor.


So, thank you for coming in early.

Thanks for, erm,
offering me the job.

Erm, I'm really,
I really appreciate it.

Did you manage to find
somewhere to live?

Yeah it's, erm...

-Redcote street do you know it's...
-Ah, I know it.

I'm sure you will love
living there.

Listen what I wanted to talk
to you about...

Let's talk about it.

I'm ok.

I know what you went through.

I'm not sure you do know.

Well, no.

But I can imagine that
it was hell...

...and that you don't want to
go through that again.


From a legal point of view you've
been cleared of all charges...

The trustees are behind you... hundred percent,
so there is no problem.


Great, well we're all good.

Let me show you around.

Thank you.

So sorry to interrupt,
I'm er Richard Allen.

Nice to meet you Mr Allen.

-Hello nice to meet you.
-New, new in maths?

So, er Norfolk?

-How are they?

Oh, not very curious.

Just wanted to talk about
X-Factor, you know.

Should see some of the specimens
we got here.

I don't know bro that's why I'm
trying to... Where's Mr Robins?

-You're Mr Allen though...
-That's our normal teacher.

Do you want a free pass?

Oh, I'm ok thanks,
I'll just quickly...


You'll get a free drink...



Can I help you?
Sorry, the girl outside...

...said I could...
-No, no I mean erm, you know.

Can I help you with the picture?

Yeah. Sure.

Do you know much about
abstract art? And...

A bit. Erm, TV.


No I can help you. I'm Chloe,
I manage the gallery.

Chloe, I'm er, Richard.

Nice to meet you.

So have you been here before?
You look kind of familiar to me.

I live nearby.

Maybe I've seen you.

-Hey Chloe.

I have to go, erm,
take one of these.

-And, it was nice to meet you.



-Who are you?
-What are you doing?

-Who are you?
-What the f..g hell you doing?

-I'm just putting my rubbish out.
-Between six and seven!

Otherwise the street becomes
a f..g sewer.

Do you see that?
Does that look nice?

Does that smell nice?

Now pick it up and go home.


-Famous gig?
-No no, hall of fame.

Top three cricketers
of all time, go.

John Mackinnon?

-No, no wait, Jimmy Cunners?

Jimmy Cunners, er,
John Mackinnon, er...

-Mackinnon, no... erm...


Cricket. Cricket.
Crick... Ball... Bat...

-Hi, sweets, thanks.
-Don't know anything man?

Three ninety please.

Erm I moved in, uh, over the road.


Next customer please.

Would you like to try it on?

I think you can take it a little,

No. I prefer it like this.


I'm Richard.
We, erm, we met last week.

Yeah we did. Erm, sorry remind me.

That's fine, I'm the guy
with the thumb thing.

-Yeah I remember.

What did you do, again?

Erm, I'm maths.
Erm, I'm doing a PHD in maths.

Hm? So you're kind of a genius.

This painting is, it's terrible.

D'you like it?

-Er... No.
-So bad.

Where are you from?

Erm, Dereham?
No one's heard of it.

-It's a small village...

...west of Norwich.

So why the big move?

Erm, I needed a change.

-To East London.

-Do you like it here?

I don't mind it.

Can I ask you a question?

-Bit weird.


I... How do you get to know
people around here?

Yeah I guess it's kind of hard,

It's impossible.

It's impossible.

Why is it impossible?

Don't know there...

The shopkeepers and
the bartenders, the people here.

Erm, there's like there's
this screen.

Between me and them and...

It's like there's this secret

...that i'm not allowed to learn
it and they won't tell me it.

Yeah I can see that.

So, erm.

Do you want to see some
of the better ones?



You're coming with us?

-Er, where you going?
-House Slim.

What's that?

Beano down the road.

-A beano?
-The Beano.

Yeah, dunno what a beano is..

A party.

Uh I've got work, erm,
tomorrow so...

No, I'll... I'll come.

I mean do they sell drinks
there or...

-House flat-.
-Yeah, the penthouse flat...

...and he's bought so much art
and it's gorgeous..., I, just I love your work
it's amazing...

Yeah the art, the couches, just
the rugs. Everything. Everything.

Everything is just like perfect
and goes together.

Ah, it's...

-We'll come afterwards.
-Yeah, yeah.

Bruno's here.

-Uh huh, it's going to be fun.

-Go on babe.

All right. Thank you.

Thousands of pounds it was,
like revolting.

What do you think?

I think the music's very loud.

-Hey hunny!

Ah, shut up!

This is Bruno,
he organises the houses.

Thank you very much
for inviting me, I'm, I'm...

Thank you.

Do you like the music?

Well, I was just saying...
What are you doing?

You're not homophobic are you?


Get off man, get off.

You're not a f..g homophobe
are you?

You're not a f..g homophobe
are you?



-Nom nom Mrs.
-Thanks, babe.

Nom nom.


Come on.

Is this yours?

I asked you a question,
is this yours?

Stand up.
-Ah, what you doing man?

-Is this yours?
-It's not mine, man.

This is serious,
do you think I'm stupid?

Look, it's not mine.

Just leave it. Leave it.


Well where's the proof though?

Proof? I saw him.

-Ah, go back to your desk, man.
-Excuse me?

This is not the end of it.


Now, go in the kitchen and I'm sure
non will make you...

...something nice to eat.

Uh, you hungry?
Hey. How are you?

Tamer's daughters.

Why do you always eat
the same thing?

We've got lots of other stuff.

We've got kofta, we've got shish,
we've got chicken, we've got veal.

-I like this one.
-Ah, ok.


How's the integration going?

-No it's good.


I've got a girlfriend.

Now we're talking.

I started going to these,
erm, basement parties.

Halcyon, do you know them?

You should be careful
with these things.

-Well, it's not my place... tell you what to do.
-No, go on.

You know.

Be careful.

Well, I'm just getting used to
the local customs.

Yeah local customs,
you sound like Tamer.

Yeah he used to say like that
when he was younger.

Now he's wasting his life.

What do you mean?

There are a lot of customers
for what he sells.

And it's easy money.
But he's putting everybody at risk.

Like his wife, his daughters, me...

Can't you erm...

I don't know just talk to him,
get him some more work here or...

Well he works here every now and
again but he falls back into it.

Hm. Anyway I erm...

I shouldn't be bothering you
with all this stuff.

No, no. It's alright, it's alright.

So, you want to get used to
the local customs?

-What are you doing on Saturday?


Come with me to the fights then.

-Nah, not boxing.

-What then?
-You'll see when we go there.


I've got to go now.
This coming Saturday.


That was before you were starting
to rent... How're you doing?

That was before you started
to rent the flat.

-If some calls...
-How're you doing, buddy?

-Allright, trouble?

-How're you?
-I'm good man!

-Top form!


Yes. No no no,
your f..g bike, man.

There's your f..g bike, there's
the things you leave on the window.

It is your f..g tennant, I know.

By the canal in the night.

Anyway, Alison's cafe was there
for years and years and years.

Sold out to a betting shop.

Betting shop couldn't take
any money...

...because everyone's betting
online nowadays.

Now it's closed down, now they turn
it into some, what they call it?

They call it an Eastern European
pickled cabbage brasserie.

There you are brasserie,
it's a brasserie.

Anyway whatever they call it, a cup
of f..g coffee it cost me ?4.95.

-How much?
-A fiver.

-A fiver for a cup of coffee-...
-Don't get coffee from there...

...what are you complaining?

This areas getting richer
there's money coming in.

Richer? Wha... Who's richer?
Are you getting richer?

Yeah, I ain't getting richer, there
saying you're getting richer...

...'cos you're still in the lira.

Yeah, yeah f..g hell.

Mitch is, Mitch is getting richer.

He's getting richer all the time,
he don't say a word.

F..g hell, man.

Should have put my last on...

Yeah I saw the football son,
thought it was a load of b..s.

They had one season didn't they?
One season, and that was about it.

Carroll, what a lazy b..d he is.

A one legged midget
play better than him.

Bobby's missus
play better than him.

And her a..ehole's almost touching
the ground.

Which ones, erm, Carroll?

Why did you laugh if you don't
know what we're talking about?

I don't...

Ah leave him alone, he's alright.

I tell you what, Hasan,
I ain't coming here anymore.

-Why not?

This ain't a pork sausage.

It's a bleeding beef sausage.

Leave him, he's joking.

What's wrong with beef?

At least they can fry
an egg in here.

Not like the last time you took us,

What was that?
Chicken, pigeon or dead dog?

I can't tell the difference.

Come on let's f..k off out of here.

Thank you.

Is that life in the U.K.?


How's it going?

It's all right.

I already failed the test once.

Well, I'm, I'm a-a teacher,
and so...

If you would like some help,
I could, maybe I could...

...I could get some books
from my school, if it would help.

-That'd be great.

Thank you very much.

No problem, no problem.

Fourteen Twenty please mate.


Fourteen quid for coffee and beans.


Yes, mate.


Put these in one bag?

Do you think I'm stupid?

-What's the problem?
-You're trying to rob me.

You gave me four eighty
instead of five eighty...

...and you thought,
I wouldn't notice.

No, I made a mistake I'm sorry.

Yeah yeah yeah,
'course you f..g did.

Like I said, I gave you
one coin less. I'm sorry.

There you go.

You f..g Paki's,
you come to England... steal from us,
and you think we're...

Don't you ever step foot in this
shop ever again! You hear me.

I'll burn the f..g place down,
you c..t!

Yeah, I was born in England,
you f..g p..k!

I'm not frightened of them c..ts,
let me go!

What the f..k it's got to do with
you, it's none of your business.

This is my f..g Manor.


This is f..g full of them.

You enjoyed the fight
on Saturday didn't ya?



By the way, at the fight
I saw you erm...

Selling stuff...

Yeah, at the fight I just saw
you sell...

-What, what's your prob...
-I wasn't...

I'm not going to do anything
about it.


You're a friend of Hasan's,
aren't 'ya?



I don't sell any weed or lazy s..t
like that...

...I sell medicine.
I sell prescription pills.

Medical stuff.

I don't sell to clubs.

I don't sell to parties either.

There's enough f..g hipsters.

I don't want 'em mating
with each other.

Know what I mean?

Richard? Richard? Richard? Richard?

You've got a thing.

Eight thirty.

I'm really sorry.

I had an issue with my flat.

This is the last time.

-I'm paying my rent every week.
-No you're not paying.

My brother was living here for ten
years they never raised the rent.

-Well things change.
-I'm not earning any more money...

...I can't pay you one quid more
-Listen it's very simple...

...either you sign the contract
on Monday, you accept the raise...

...or you're moving out next week.

I've got tons of people waiting
and they're ready to pay twice... much to be at this place.

Honestly I'm doing you a favour.
Pure f..g man, man.


I'm not a f..g charity, am I?

Hey, hi.

Follow me sweetie.

What is it?


Smells like Trimipramine.

How'd you know
what that smells like?

Was taking some last year.

I went to school together.
No you should come.

Oh, no I think I've heard of a,
a house.

What're you doing?
What are you doing?

What the f..k's wrong with you?
What are you doing?

-Who's this?
-Don't touch me.

-I love you.
-What the f..k is wrong with you?

What have you taken?
The f..k have you taken?

-I love you.
-F..k off, what are you doing?

What you ask for.

-How did you get it?
-Do I ask you questions?

Do I ask you why you take
the stuff? How you take it? Do I?

-Well then don't ask me anything.

All I'm telling you is, you be
careful how you take that stuff.

It'll do your f..g brain in.

Do you see what I mean?

-Did you tell them?

-Did you tell them?
-I didn't say anything.

It was me who wanted to keep it
between us.


People looked you up.

You were supposed to protect me.

Do you understand that?

They're not going to say anything.

They want to keep their jobs
as well.

It's not going to change much.

For you.


Have a good day.

Listen to this.


What is it?

Do you like it?

Why do...

Do you like it?

If you don't like it, just say so.

No, no it's not that I don't
like it. It's just if you...

If you can tell me what it was
then I could listen to it at home.

And then get used to it.

Stop trying so hard.

Never ask me for this stuff again.

I don't like selling that c..p,
it makes me feel guilty.

You sure you want to be carrying
that much about with you?

Well it's not for me.

Suit yourself.

Look at these people.

Look at them, they think they own
the Manor.

A few years ago they wouldn't
have set foot 'round here.

Someone ought to show them
they're not welcome.

I was watching this program
on the TV last week...

...about the ebola virus,
do you know how it spreads?

What I got from it.

Was that when it gets into
your blood...

...the first thing it does is
hides nicely.


Then it triggers an illness, which
is totally unrelated to ebola.

It's an illness which has made
your cholesterol increase.

So you think, you're living
too fat and too nicely.

So you eat less.

And then as your body gets weaker.

This is when your immune system
kicks in.

It realises there's a problem.

And it sends out cells.

To destroy the ebola.

But this ebola's a clever
little f..r.

Cos it hides
within the very cells...

...your immune system is
sending out to eradicate it.

Your immune system's
sending out cells all the time.


Everywhere, every part
of your body.

So in a way...'s the immune system which is
causing the virus to spread.

Do you get me now?

Do you see how I'm feeling
when I look at these f..g idiots.

Knowing that it's the locals that
making them welcome.

Just because they supposedly bring
some money into the area.

I hate them.

I hate them with a f..g passion.


I've got your thing, can you,
can you pay me back tonight?

You've got something to tell us
first, don't you think?


We know.

Know what?

What do you?
-Richard we know.

What did he tell you?

Why don't you tell us?

I think it's time you told us
the truth, don't you darling?

-Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
-Ah, f..k, get off me!

What the f..k is this?

-That's Chloe.
-You can't have this here.

Come on. Half the people in here
have got that up their nose.

Are you f..g kidding?
Give it back, argh.

-Is Hasan here?
-He's at the back.

Come in! Richard!

What happened to you?
-Oh, I started boxing.

-You did?

There's a club at my University.

How's it going?

Well, ok.

The kids won't answer their phones.

My wife's angry with me
for some reason.

My brother's in trouble.

I haven't been better.

-Tamer again?
-Yeah, of course.

What happened?

Well he hasn't been around
for two weeks.

And no one knows where he is.

He left...

The keys to his house
and some money.

Uh, but his wife and kids are
staying at mine.

That's Tamer for you.

Can I talk to you?

Yeah, what?

I just, ah, could...

Really do with, you know.

Just talking to someone.

Have you eaten?

-Go and grab a table.

I'll be with you in a sec.

I've got two more slices left.


-Not at all.

Voil?, tu continues ? hurler...
tr?s bien.

Je vais raccrocher. Tr?s bien.
Je t'emmerde.

-How you doing man?

How's it going?


Sit down.

Sit down.

So how's the flat?

-It's good.

You know I got good feedback.

Yeah the neighbours are happy, man.

Apparently there's no music.

No parties.

How long you been here for man?
You've been here for months.


Look listen, honestly, if you want
to make friends or whatever.

If you want to meet new people.
Just give me a ring.

I'll introduce you to some people.

Can I ask you a question?


Meats are ready.
One of you care with them.

Where do you get your hair done?

-You want to get a haircut?
-Look who is here.

My favourite estate agent.

How many people have you
managed... stuff into the same
s..t hole today?

Did you send anyone back to Syria?

The Russians are not coming yet.

Oh yeah, very funny.

Ah, oh, did you hear about Terence?

-Go on.
-Who's Terence? Who's Terence?

Terence is the guy, the old guy.

He's got the, the shop
on Beccle's street you know?

Opposite the newsagent.

-Yeah, what?

..sold to Marks and Spencer.

-No, he didn't.
-Oh, yes, he did.

No he didn't. He said he would
never sell to a big company.

You see, we can't all be you.


Yeah, next thing you know
there'll be like a...

...a Tesco instead of Partise shop.

-Come on man, wouldn't you do it?'

No way. No way.

Until someone comes along and
gives you an offer for this like.

Amazing kebab shop.

You will turn it down?
-Over my dead body, no way...

It's simple.

-No it's not.
-Now no no, it is simple. Trust me.

I know what i'm talking about here.

Someone is going to come
and make an offer...'re going to study it.
If it's bad you say no...

...if it's good you say yes
and you get the money.

Listen, this is not an investment.

All right, this is
part of my life.

I've got my friends here.

My children grew up here,
the smell of it, the look of it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you mind
if I answer like, point by point.

You say this place is not
an investment? Sorry.

This place is a commercial venture.

It's not like a, a sentimental
you know, placement.

It's not a house in the south
of France is it?

It's supposed to make money.
You say your children grew up here?

Are you really proud of that?
-Yes I am.

You're boasting about this?

Are you seriously boasting
about the fact...

...that your children grew up
in a kebab shop.

Wonderful environment, huh?

-I'm going to call Terence.
-Come on man, Hasan I'm just...

Taking the piss out of...
-Where's my telephone.

-Oh, come on...

...where's your sense
of humour, man.

Yeah you can call him if you want.

I don't know maybe he's not
picking up the phone in Spain.

Irritating f..k.

-Oh, got a date?

Four ninety nine please.

-Where's Aneek?
-Er, Anak.

-He's gone.

-He's gone? Where?

Bangladesh, they kicked him out.

Uh, why?

Well... He and his wife's visa
ran out...

...a few months ago
and they estate agent...

...called the immigration services.

He wouldn't leave his flat.





Have a good one.

-F..k off!
-What the f..k...

What are you doing?

What the f..k is wrong with you?

What goes through your mind?

We are not together.

-Wait. Wait please. Please.
-F..k off!

I need to f..g get out of here,
I need to get out of here.

I'm just trying to call
a f..g cab, all right?

Call it from my place.
It's freezing.

I'm fine, thank you.

I've- I've got some more
of that stuff, if you want.



How much do you have?
-Lots, I haven't used any.

All right.

Just here.


Can't believe I'm in your flat.

I mean, it's tasteless.

It's not as bad
as I thought it would be.

I'm really happy you're here.


You're my girlfriend.

No I'm not.

I think it's time
we had a little chat.

You make people uncomfortable.

No one wants you hanging around
them, wearing...

...the stupid f..g jacket
you always wear.

And everyone laughs about it.

Do you realise that?

You don't have any friends.

-I have you.
-No you don't.

-I'm not you're f..g girlfriend.

I'm not even your f..g friend,
I never think about you.

Where's the ket Richard?

Get out of here! Get out of here!


Get out of here now!

Now! Get up!

Get up!

Get out!
-You're done.

Shut up!

You, Tamer!

Who were they?

Were you listening?

What did they want?

Can I talk to you?

Not the best time.

-Tomorrow, I'm in trouble.


Don't you have things to do? Go.


You should go.

Have you seen Chloe?

Word to the wise, forget her.

She doesn't care about you.

Have you seen her recently?


She probably went away
with some guy.

You know, went off to Africa
to save the world.

Yeah, she does that a lot.

Rich parents.

She can come and go as she pleases.

Life's little butterfly.

Tell her I said hi.

I, sell them, a consumer good.

I'm just setting my price
according to market.

Like if some rich kid, trust fund
comes through here...

...and wants to spend like
humongous amount of money.

To live in f..g Dalston
so he can ponce about... an all well groomed
like caveman.

That's his problem.

I am right to set my prices high
as a I possibly can.

This is how I make money,
you understand that?

You know what? People pay.

They accept the raise.

They make an effort they find
a f..g solution.

They want to live here,
otherwise they would...

...f..g move out
and they don't.

Mais quand m?me il y
a bien un moment...

...o? t'es all? sur l'historique... t'as regard? dans
mon ordinateur... t'as bien vu des trucs,
tu vois?

Donc c'est...

Mais non j'ai pas...

J'en sais rien moi je
sais pas...

Je sais pas quand je les ai...

Hm. Yeah.



...non mais vas-y mais fais-
toi plaisir...

Mais baise qui tu veux j'en
ai rien ? foutre moi!

-Who was that?
-My girlfriend.

You want a drink man?


Why wasn't she here?


She's got the flight tomorrow
at six am... in Heathrow
and she's neurotic... when she flies
she needs her space or whatever...

-You live alone?

Never shared the flat with anyone?



I definitely heard someone,
are you sure there's no one here?

Can you hear that?

Finish your whisky mate.

It's late, I'm tired.

You know, you're right. I-I don't
have many people to talk to.

I-I don't have many friends
-Ah, don't say that I mean...

No you're right.

Listen I was just joking with you.

I'm going to play you a song.

Nah, listen mate another time.

You're going to love it.

Nah, no it's not the right time,


Ah, you can't play music.
There's neighbours.

No that's too loud, got neighbours,
man. No you... no you can't.






Did you hear about Thomas?

What happened?

He was killed.


I don't know.

All I know is he was found dead
in his flat.

And they say...

...he's murdered.

-Do they know who did it?

Well, they didn't say anything.

What did you say to them?

He came here sometimes.

What else?

I'm not surprised.


I'm not surprised. He, he had it
coming to him.

Why, what do you mean?


No one liked him,
everyone hated him.


He was a p..k,
he was a heartless p..k...

...and he- he put people out
on the street.

He didn't care he joked about it.

You even said so yourself, I mean
how many times have I heard you...

...tearing him apart.

Don't you have respect
for the dead?

No it's not that, it's just...
You're being a hypocrite.

He was a p..k
and he deserved to die.

I don't want to hear this.

-He deserved it...
-I don't want to f..g hear this.

You don't care.

Ok, can you,
can you please get out?

-Everyone hated him...
-I don't wan't to see you.

Can you, can you get out?
-He went around joking about it.

Don't... get out,
can you please get out?

-Why are you such a f..g hypocrit?
-Get out! Get the f..k out!

Get out you disrespectful s..t.

That's the last ones, I can't be
getting you anymore.


-Because it's too risky.

Everytime I pick them up...

-I'll pay you more.
-I don't care about it.

I need these pills.

For my health.

Well then go and see
a bloody doctor.

I can't, they won't give me
what I need.

I don't give a f..k what you need.

No more pills, do you get it?
Now get out the car.


What's wrong with you?
Don't you understand English?

Get out of the f..g car...

You need to give me more pills,
if I need more pills.

Who the f..g hell
do you think you are?

I'm not your f..g doctor.

Get out the f..g car.

Give me my f..g pills.

I don't want to see you again.

Do you hear me?

You forget my number.

Sort yourself out
with your f..g head pills.

Look I've got loads of hours
of footage on the CCTV.

Can I come in?

All right.

I'm sorry about last time.

I was upset.

It's all right I was upset too.


Yeah, come have a seat.



Who's playing?

Turkey and Brazil.

Oh, come on!

Do you want a beer?

-Erm, yeah?
-Yeah, ok.

I didn't know you drank.


And you thought I lived in a tent?

And came to work on a camel?

I have five wives all with burkas?
Is that what you thought?

No, it's nothing like that.



Five wives...

I would be so lucky.

Always the same thing.

We play better.

But we lose.

The police were here again.


These murders.

What did they say?

They don't have much to go on.

They said...

Keep an eye out.

I don't know.

Do you want Raki?

-Haven't you heard of it before?


-You're kidding me?


The best drink in the world.




-"?erefe." That's right.

Means cheers.

Not all at once.

One sip at at time.

Saw you at Newington.

Oh, yeah.

Eh, my nieces.

They are...
-What did you ask her?

-Olivia, what did you ask her?

What are you talking about?

What do you know about me?

What you told me. You er...

Teach at the University. Erm...

You have a girlfriend.

And you believed me.

Why not?

I was accused of child abuse.

Is it true?

Do you think?

Do you think I could do that?

Never. I never even saw her...

I didn't even know
who she was.


Didn't know her name.


I went walking through
those woods I...

Like I always did.

And the next day they,
they came to the school.

And they pulled me out of my class,
and they asked me questions.

They took me to...

...the station.

And that's when it all started.

The rumours.

The looks.

Backs turning on me,
people glaring.

I couldn't cope.

I went to the hospital I...

They took care of me.

It took months.
Before they cleared my name.

One article.

Page nineteen
of the local newspaper.

But it was too late.

I'd lost everything.

My health.

My reputation.

So I...
I moved to London.

For a fresh start.

And then...

It just happened, all over again.

The same thing,
just different faces.



Do you know
what it's like to have...

Every single person
in your life...

...turn their back on you.

Do you...
Do you know what that's like?


Where are you going?

Just to have some water.