Trench Road (2004) - full transcript

Matti Virtanen is trying to get his family back by buying a house.

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Are you ill?
-No, my back aches again.

Soon we'll get our own apartment
and can move out of Sirkku's place.

But dad won't be coming.

Because he hit you.


You'll get your own room.
Isn't that nice?

I already have a room at home.

Poor Matti. Sini's fine.

You can meet her,
but we are not coming back.

I'll get you a restraining order.

If you think that won't happen,
you're mistaken.

Ipity and hate you.

And even if I could stop hating you,
I can't live with you.

I want a divorce.

Don't you like spaghetti?
-Yeah, dad's spaghetti.

Sini ! Goddammit!

Come and eat your food at once!
-Helena, leave her be.

She only wants
the master chef's grub.

Matti knows just how much
fennel a vegetable soup needs.

I can't even boil potatoes anymore.

It's not Sini's fault.
I shouldn't shout at her.

Is it him?
-He received my letter today.

I'm too tired to talk with him.
I'll call him tomorrow.

Am I an impossible person?
-No, you're not.

Am I overreacting?
-No, you're not.

Matti had never
laid a finger on me.

I know I made him angry,
but he had pissed me off first.

It was actually good he hit me.
Now I have an excuse to leave him.

I couldn't stand his cringing eyes,
his inane ramblings about -

how some senile general's
mouth should be taped shut -

because he's talking patriotism
during an ice hockey game...

I'm sorry. You've heard
these things a thousand times.

you're at the end of your tether.

Go to sleep. I'll give you a pill.
-They're not working.

Even though I take one,
I always have this nightmare -

that the room is full of octopuses.
I'm flailing my arms around -

and then Matti comes and hits me.

The largest mammal in Finland.
-A moose.

Correct. Matti: In 1950, there
were 3,400 divorces in Finland.

Was the number in 2 000
7,000 or 15,000?

Seven thousand.
-Wrong. 15,000.

Torsti, you're the strongest link
and you can decide who 'll start...


Second round.
This riff-raff has only 320 euros.

Tapani, you were the worst player,
but the votes will decide it.

You are the weakest link.
Get going, loser. Goodbye.

Mervi: Who has created the musicals
Cats and The Phantom of the Opera ?

Lloyd Webber.

Torsti: What are the national
symbols for Finnish vehicles?

Warehouseman Matti Virtanen,
so you're saying -

that feeding your family
does not create stress?

Of course not.

You can prepare
good, healthy, tasty, Finnish food -

cheaply and quickly.

Even without resorting to the
food industry mafia's ready meals.

You sound like an expert.
-You can use little personal tricks.

Altering the setting and herbs
gives character to everyday food.

That's great.


How was the kindergarten?
-I don't know.

Did you have fun?
- Yeah.

We 'll find out after the break
if there 'll be voting results.

Sini won't let me watch ice hockey.
-Sport sucks.

That's right.

Crunch. How do you and your
family meet everyday challenges?

How do you start your day?

Crunch lets the sunshine
into your life.

Oh God...

God, my back is so sore.

Working overtime is killing me.
-I can rub you later.

I bought this new
Italian tomato-garlic basil.

And I substituted
egg-milk with bouillon.

Are you listening?
Did you hear anything I said?

I'm dead tired
and my back aches.

What am I supposed to say?

Okay, I'll give your mush
all my five Michelin stars.

That was unreasonable.

You know nothing about reason.

Your life is full of yoghurt
chicken and macaroni casserole.

You don't have a clue about us!
Baking buns is all you do.


You don't understand a thing
about me or my needs!

Your needs?
What about my and Sini's needs?

That's the problem !
You don't have any needs!

You idle away in the warehouse
and drive your forklift -

and then you come home and
comment on some stupid quiz shows!

Matti, do something with your life.
Go out once in a while.

You're not a man anymore.


Finland's power-play.
Hentunen has the puck.

Hentunen scores. Finland leads
1-0 at 3.15 in the third period.

Jukka Hentunen is the scorer.
Excellent power-play -

ends with Hentunen scoring
the opening goal for Finland.

He beat the Swedish
goalie Mikael Holmqvist.


Burn in hell... slowly.

Helena !

It was an accident!

Helena, open the door!

Sirkku, tell her it was an accident.

Helena, open the door!

Helena, it was an accident.

Axelsson has the puck,
Lindbom is with him.

Two against one...
A goal! Sweden leads 3-1.

That's it.
Finland has lost the game.

That was a cold shower.
I hate to say this, but we're done.

Johan Lindbom is the scorer.

Building a house
begins with its foundations.

The house will be built on that.

It's important to make
the right decisions at this point.

You have to be
cautious and careful.

Tell me, Matti Virtanen,
what are your foundations like?



Jesus! You almost
gave me a heart attack.

The showing is at 11 o'clock.

Showing? You have jam on your tie.

Oh yes...
We have a house showing.

Is this for sale?
-Jarmo Kes?maa, Real Estate World.

How much is this?
-Let's not get carried away.

You have to see the interior first
to assess the renovation needs.

The renovation will be finished
when Helena and Sini arrive.

I beg your pardon?
-How much are you asking for it?

The starting price
is 230,000 euros.

1,400, 000 marks.

It was Real Estate World
and Kes?maa...

Here's my card. You're welcome
to look at the house later.

I'll get back to you.

A memo for the seminar on the ferry.

We don't sell houses,
we sell images.

A veteran house.
Granny was put in a rest-home -

the heirs sell the house.
Young family, one child.

The parents migrated
from the country.

The finishing touch which
will make them buy the house -

might be the toys the real estate
agent left in the sandpit -

or the picture of a guardian angel
covering a rip in the wallpaper.

Hi. Was mum mad
at me being late?

Are we going home?
-First we're going shopping.

Do you want pancakes
or ice-cream?

First pancakes, then ice-cream.
-Okay. Give me a kiss.

And another.

"This was a new world. Whomper
didn't have words to describe it."

Didn't the Moomin family move away?

I don't know. We'll find out.

Mum said that we'll be
moving to a new home.

-I don't know.

Why can't you come there, too?

I don't know.
Because, said Santa Claus.

Did he have a red hat?

Could you read on now?

Kes?maa 's asking price is 230,000.

I can get it down to 220,000.

I'll get 100,000 for my apartment.

I'll get a loan of 180,000
for the maximum term.

Loan servicing and maintenance
costs are 1 200 euros per month.

M y take-home pay is 1 500,
including overtime.

300 euros per month for living.
Less than 2 000 marks for 30 days.

60 marks per day. That's 10 euros.

Tinnedpeasoup, porridge -

stealing shampoo from
the indoor swimming pool.

Hand-rolled cigarettes,
Rizlas from Tallinn.

I will have paid for
the house in 2024.

Matti and Helena Virtanen have
now paid the final instalment.

Matti Virtanen, the house is yours.
How does it feel?

What did he say?
-What are we going to do now?

There's no place
like your own home.

It's not a problem, not at all.

I'll wait here.

Good. Thanks.

Jarmo Kes?maa, Real Estate World.

This is Matti... Puikkonen.

We met a couple of days ago.
You had a showing.

Yes, I remember.
As a matter of fact...

I want to make an offer.
A million marks -

and we can close the deal tomorrow.

I've already sold the house.

And for the same price
you just mentioned.

But we have several
similar houses...


Good day, and welcome.

What's the little lady's name?
Don't say. It's Veera.

Reiska, a playhouse would
look good in the courtyard.

If only we had money.
We can't afford it for a long time.

I just talked with Veera
about the guardian angel.

We could frame it
and put it in Veera's room.

Let's go in.
-This way.

The papers are on the table.

Where the hell is he?

Hi !

Dad wants to talk with you.
-I don't want to go.

Sirkku, go and tell him
that I'll call him later.

You should have gone
when dad asked you.

Hello, Matti.
-Are you the messenger or what?

Helena can't see you now.
I'm sure you understand.

How are you?

I miss my family.
My wife and my child.

Could you close the door?

Look what dad gave me.

Pippi and Piglet are still there.
Do you know what dad cooked?

Spaghetti. It was so good.
-I'm sure it was.

I ate at least two servings.
Dad has sold all the stuff.

Stuff? What stuff?
-Furniture and such.

But he said not to worry. He has
packed all your things for moving.

What on earth is that man doing?

Jani, this is wonderful.

Do you like the bathroom?
-The tiles were in good condition.

Are we taking this?
-If we can afford it.

Your dad promised us 30, 000,
and a loan covers the rest.

Let's make an offer.

Where's your workmate?
-Matti went out for a cigarette.


-Looks fine, but the price...

How much can you pay?
- 105,000 euros.

I've had an offer of 115,000.
-It's too much... for us.

We're workmates, after all.
Let's close the deal -

but you won't get
the apartment until November.

Do you want time to consider?
-No, it's a deal.

"Then they put Hemulen's yellow
mittens on the veranda rail" -

"and went inside to sleep
and wait for the spring."

Read The Cone Woods.
-I'm too tired.

And I hate the squirrels
Niko, Tiko and Tuitsu.

You're stupid. Dad has read it
to me at least a thousand times.

Really, I'm too tired.

I'll read it to you tomorrow, okay?

I'll leave the door open.
Go to sleep.


Those men at dad's home are funny.
-What men?

Dad has naked men there.
Dad rubs them.

Dad rubs naked men?

No, he massages them.
They pay dad with lots of notes.


I'll show him rubbing.
I'll rub him out.

No answer, damn it.

Sini told me that Matti rubs
naked men in our apartment.

What in God's name?
-For some fucking reason -

he's begun massaging people.

When he was younger,
he took massaging classes -

and during the depression
he earned money that way.

Shit. I need something
to calm me down.

Do you want some?
-No thanks.

I don't give a flying fuck
who he massages and when -

but Sini doesn't need to see
naked and sweaty geezers.

Did you see what Matti looked like?
-No, why?

How would I say it...
He's changed.

He's lost a lot of weight.
-He's lost his marbles.

Shit, I overslept.
Did I miss something?

No problemo.
One Russkie lorry stood us up.

This place is
as quiet as a graveyard.

Matti Virtanen, sit on your ass.

I noticed you've
set up a practice.

How do you know that?
-I read it in the paper.

I was looking for a legitimate
masseur and saw your number.

I can't remember phone numbers.
-No, not the pushbuttons.

But I remember
the old-fashioned phone numbers.

Do I need to make an appointment?

My shoulders are stiff.

I'm sitting here, doing nothing.
And it's draughty.

My left shoulder is worse.

Yeah, it's stiff.
I won't charge my workmates.

But you need money
for something.

I've been looking for a house.

Don't do it.

I've thanked God
twice in my life.

When I got rid of my wife
and when I got rid of my house.

Yeah, that feels good.
Oh my God...

Put your finger deep inside me.

Just a second.
I have to answer this.

Don't stop, not now.

This is an emergency.
Keep yourself warm.

This will only take a minute.


Hi. Sorry it took so long.
It's wonderful to hear your voice.

What do you mean?

Sorry. Those two customers
came unexpectedly.

Hey, come on.
This is respectable work.

What do I need the money for?

I'll tell you
when the time is right.

Social workers?

Call the cops, call the army.
You'll only make a fool of yourself.

Our forefathers
fought for this country.

That's all they ever did.

They left us with monosyllabic
clauses and the fear of women.

Me, I'm a...


Am I a man?

The fiercest battles were fought
in the Continuation War.

Everyone fulfilled their duties
without grumbling. So did I.

Laundry, cooking, cleaning.

Us against them.

A bedtime story every night.

1,500 bedtime stories in total.

All this without getting irritated.

I did it all for our marriage.

Isn't that enough?

A battle plan: I have to know the
enemy's reserves, plans and morale.

Kes?maa and Real Estate World.

The situation of the civilians
in the occupied area.

Before the offensive, I have to
find out the enemy's weaknesses -

and be prepared
to outflank the troops.

Matti Virtanen -

are you thinking
about using wood?

Yes. Wooden frame,
wind shield boards, drop siding.

Interior boards, wallpapers
and saw dust for insulation.

Sounds a little old-fashioned to me.
-A proven, breathable structure.


I have nothing to add to that.

Call me from Rovaniemi,
you old stud.

We'll check out
a couple of papers.

I'll get us coffee.

And Danish pastries.

It's over now, Riitta.

That was a hard trip.
-Yes, it was.

The hardest part was looking at
certain gentlemen and ladies -

who don't know their limits.

Look at you.

I talked with some
of the girls on the ferry -

and Seija said that this
cruise had one highlight.

Guess what it was?
Your speech.

She said it was thought-provoking.

This was the most satisfying
cruise she's been on.

That I can believe as she was
fooling around with Pulkkinen.

What about you, darling?

Are you satisfied?
-Maybe, maybe not.

Jarmo Kes?maa, Real Estate World.

This is Jorma Talvi. Is this
a bad time? I hear you're driving.

No, I have a hands-free system.
How can I help you?

I'm driving on the autobahn
towards Cologne.

I'm looking for a house
at a reasonable price.

I'm sure we have something for you.
Listen, I'll pull over -

there's a service station nearby.
Hold on a second.

Sorry about that.

There are good family
homes near Helsinki -

and the prices
start at a million marks.

I'm prepared to pay a little
over million, but not more.

What would be the
the best way to proceed?

You could give me
your contact information.

I'll get back to you
or your office. Goodbye.


Yeah, you do that.

Lipstick on your tie.

Jarmo, it seems you had
a productive cruise.

Yes, it was. But that's
strawberry jam. Go on, taste it.

Should I sell this all and go back?

Where are you going now?

Don't be daft.
-The sky over Ylistaro is endless.

As a boy I thought that the sky
began in Lapland and ended in Hanko.

And above our barn
it was at its highest.

Jarmo Kes?maa, Real Estate World.
Good day.

I mean, good evening.

Yes, we do commissions.

A veteran house?

Thank you.
I'll get back to you.

Another son sends his father to
a rest-home by selling his house.

I can't do this much longer.
-Yes, you can.

Jarmo Kes?maa,
mid-fourties, early fifties.

Apparently, has been in the field
more than ten years.

Low stress tolerance.

Lecture on nostalgia,
follow-on to the spa seminar.

When selling old houses -

there's another name
for happiness: nostalgia.

We don't sell houses,
we sell nostalgia.

A concrete example:

I middle-aged couple
comes to a showing.

Their eyes wander,
I tell them about the renovations -

but they don't listen to me.

They listen to the creaking
stairs leading to upper floor.

This creaking takes
them back in time -

to the late 1 9 5 0s, early 1 9 60s -

when they were children -

happily oblivious to
the many crises to come.

His skin is scratched,
his appearance untidy.

His skin is silk-thin, wrinkled.

His body is plump,
does not exercise.

He is exhausted with his work,
but keeps himself on overdrive -

by selling one-family houses,
because the commission is good.

Regards himself
as a comedian, but is not.

Aggression is building up.

We go outside
to the glazed veranda.

The wife says that it would
be nice to drink coffee there.

They'll do that only
a couple of times a year -

but the veranda is one of main
reasons they want to buy the house.

They'll buy an unrenovated house
for a quarter of a million -

because of creaking steps,
veranda and birch firewood.

The selling of old houses
is not based on reason -

it's based on feeling.

Ability to concentrate limited,
even low.

But hardly a home front veteran.

Dad made a great swing.

I'll check if the food's ready,
bring the ladders.

And check the drain,
it still stinks.

Did you forget that?

Ulla and Reino Nieminen,
Horsmakuja, please.

-This is... Lauri Rehunen.

Sorry to disturb you this late.
-That's alright.

I'm not buying anything.
-No, I'm the one who's buying.

I heard your house is for sale.
I'd like to come and see it.

No, our house is not for sale.
Where did you hear that?

I heard people talking
at your corner shop.

There's been a misunderstanding.
We are not selling our house.

Okay, enough chitchat.
I'm the man -

who marked his territory
by pissing on your lawn.

What nonsense is this?
-This is not nonsense.

Didn't your daughter tell you?
I pissed on your moss-ridden lawn.

With this revolting act, I wanted to
thank you and leave you a souvenir.

Dad, mum's crying.
-Ulla, what's the matter?

Veera, was there
a strange man in our garden?

-Why didn't you tell us?

I was too scared.
-What did he do?

He peed on the lawn
next to the swing.

What the fuck?
What kind of man?

-What? A nigger?

He had black clothes.

This is Risto Siikavire from
Sokos Hotel, good evening.

Are you Mrs. Kes?maa?
- Yes.

Sorry to disturb you, but your
husband left his tie here -

and I wanted to know if you want
me to send it to your home -

or if I should keep it here
until next time?

Mrs. Kes?maa?

I knew you were here.
-I was looking at this contract.

I had a horrible phone call.
I had to come.

Merja is calling.

I was just about to phone you -

and say I was going
to sleep at the office.


Tikkurila's Sokos Hotel?

I'm at the office, believe me.
Phone me here...

There, you see?
Alright, I'll call the hotel.

It's some kind of mistake.
Calm down, darling.


You called your wife darling -

just like you call me.

So did the caller.

A man called. I thought it was you,
because he also said ""darling"".

Then he threatened me
and mumbled incoherently.

And then he said that
we have a lousy website.

There are plenty of loonies.

He said that he knows
where we both live.

He's a nutcase.
The police can track him down.

Darling, I can come to
your place, if you are afraid.

No. And don't call me darling.

I'm going home.


Jarmo, you can't get rid of
your Ostrobothnian woman.

She's your ''mama'',
or how do you say it in Lapua.

''Mummy"". In Ylistaro.

Good night.

Taisto Oksanen"s wooden
detached house from 1 9 48.

Location: not close enough
to the town to matter.

Condition: not a single bit
of renovation done.

Idyll: if some treehuggers value
the house 's original condition -

then it's idyllic.

The plot is too small
for property development.

Demolishing the shack
would cost at least 5 0, 000.

The old man's son called
the office and warned us -

that his father
is not willing to leave -

even though the house
must be sold. A bad start.

The son and his wife have
been softening him up -

but I have to convince him.

And I need to find
the right angle -

a valid argument
for selling the house.

What's the matter?

Pertti wants to sell the house -

and put me in a rest-home.
Pertti gets scared so easily.

I've stumbled a couple of times
and had some heart problems -

and he wants to hospitalise me.

Now that you're gone, Martta,
Pertti thinks I can't cope.

I'll wear your scarf and sit in
the potato crib in the basement -

if somebody comes
to look at the house.

I'm not leaving my home.

I ran away from the Russkies,
but not from these people.

What's the situation?
-Bad. I can't contact fire control.

There's a tank at the tree line.
It will steamroll over us.

Unless someone can stop it
with a satchel charge.

I'll go.
-A grenade killed Kosunen.

There's not that many men left.
-I'll go.

Give this to Sini and Helena in
case something should happen to me.


Keijo... Keijo!

It was such a good job.
Here's some extra for you.

Ready-to-eat pancakes, yuck.
-Listen, Sini...

What did you do with dad last time?

Did dad ask you not to tell?

Did he massage any men?

No. We went to see a house.
-A house?

There were people
who wanted to buy it -

and I swung on a swing.

What's the situation?
I guess I fell asleep.

Not to worry.

You've been tired lately.
And you've lost weight.

I guess I've been training too hard.

You have been training?
-Yeah. For the Stockholm Marathon.

I admire Finnish
long-distance running.

Your wife called.

When did she call?

She wanted to know
what I think of you.

And is everything alright.
-What did you say?

I told the truth.
That everything's okay.

''Mother ran to the door
to meet Father and the kids.""

"""Good heavens,
where have you been?"""

"""I found these sparkling eyes
playing with little owls."""

"""I think they had an adventure",
said Father Squirrel.""

""Niko, Tiko and Tuitsu
didn"t wake up for breakfast.""

"""Do you still feel like going on
a nightly adventure", asked Mother.""

Is this really a good idea?
-Give me a break.

You"ve been inside all this time.

You're going to the movies
with your female colleague.

You can't feel guilty.
-I guess not.

Are you sure you're
going to be fine? Sini?

I guess so.

Hello, I came to visit.

Sirkku, it's him !

You can't come in.
-I want to talk with her.

You have no business here.
-Let me talk to Helena and Sini.

Helena, call the police!
You're not coming in here.

You don't decide
when I can meet my family!

This is my apartment.
Call the police, he's not leaving.

Why can't dad come in?
-Shut up now!

You're disturbing the peace.
-I want to talk to them !

Oh fuck!

He's coming through the door.

What about the police?
-They said that they'd come.

A romantic.
-What did you say?

This man is short on marbles.
Ring the doorbell.

He's deranged and dangerous.
-Dad's not dangerous.

Well, not dangerous,
but he needs help.

One hit, right?

Isn't that enough?
Should I let him hit me?

Of course not.

A person who thinks like that
gets beaten up again and again.

Do you want to press charges?
-I don't know.

Should I?

Do you know
what he did to the door?

Luoma, bring it here.

That was some story.
Now, my dear friend...


And now... A roof-wetting party.
-To the house.

That whippersnapper is coming today.
He's already called twice -

and rescheduled the whole thing.
I won't sell the house, goddamn it.

And is it worth it?

Will you get anything for the house?
-Pertti and his wife need the money.

If I don't sell, Pertti will
place me under guardianship.

What do you want?

Good day. Matti Virtanen.
I'm looking for a house.

Behind me is a house,
but it's not for sale... yet.

As long as I can hold this,
the house is mine.

I mean you no harm.
-What do want, then?

I want a house like this.

Martta's gone
and you want a house.

I've killed men,
but I never saw their faces.

I can see you,
but I won't kill you.

There'll be another one waiting.
There's too many of your kind.

The time for my kind
is running out.

This is not for sale,
and if it's going to be -

then it'll be for Kes?maa.

Jarmo Kes?maa? Real Estate World?

The stick rises, the heart beats.

Restraining order,
visiting rights, refuge.

Old veterans didn't know
anything about those terms.

They had read a different
kind of dictionary.

Vanguard, artillery bombardment,
front line, rebuilding.

Saving the fatherland
took all their energy.

After the war they started homes -

which they didn't have any
interest in breaking up.

The stick rises, the heart beats.

The stick rises, the heart beats...

Veterans did what they had to do.

Their leaders wanted Karelia back,
I want my family.

Warehouseman Matti Virtanen,
here we are now.

What's going on?

We agreed to do
that cooking show today.

We haven't agreed anything.

Get the hell out of my home!

There's no need to yell.

And put your trousers on,
for God's sake. Leo, let's go.

Now we got you,
you fucking paedophile!

Pena, be careful!
-Where did he go?

He disappeared.
Let the fucker go.

A sharp picture.
That motherfucker's recognisable.

He's fucking busted.
-Let's show this to Veera.

This man pissed on our lawn.
-You won't show her anything.

Are the cops coming?
-They asked if it's an emergency.

I said that we'll keep our end up.
They'll come in the morning.

What does this contain?
Should I open this?

No, you shouldn't.
Fingerprints, you know.

This was left on our lawn.
I'll read it before the coppers.

You don't have your glasses.
Let me.

''Dear people. You live in a house
I don't want. So rest easy.""

""I pissed on the wrong lawn.""

""At first I thought you live
in a house built by a veteran"" -

""sleep in a bed
that is for my sleep"" -

""eat porridge that
my stomach hungers for"" -

""warm up the sauna
that my body needs"" -

""and vote for the Green Party,
because it"s fashionable.""

""Now I think that they came
from the dark into the light.""

""They walked as highly-strung as
the strings in a Sibelius symphony. ""

""Impatient and covetous"" -

""they rushed between the legs
of their wives and to warm stoves. ""

"""I want some meat.?"""

""Architects designed them rows of
houses on the outskirts of town.""

And all the houses were similar.

A kitchen, a living room,
and a bedroom downstairs.

Upstairs there were
two tiny bedrooms for those -

who were conceived by
the holy deprivation of sex.

""One and a half floors for those
whose sky had been a firestorm.""

""Now you live in their houses,
even though you"re from the light.""

""You don"t know that
darkness still begets those"" -

""who want a warm stove
and some meat.""

That"s all. It's not signed.

A nutcase.

But a good letter.
Nice style. Interesting.

A paedophile has a nice style?
He should be in prison.

It was written during a brainstorm.

This is my denunciation letter
and a plea for help.

I'm afraid of my husband.

M y ex-husband, Matti Virtanen.

I'm afraid that he 's
going to hurt someone.

Maybe himself, maybe others.

And by doing so,
he 'll hurt me and Sini.

Our girl.

Matti is no longer Matti.

When he tried to break
into Sirkku's apartment -

I saw his eyes.

Matti was no longer
behind those eyes.

It was a strange man.
Strange and dangerous.


I've always wanted
a detached house -

and now Matti thinks
that by buying a house -

he 'll get me and Sini back.

But we are not coming back.
I can't help Matti -

but somebody has to.
Somebody has to stop him.

Taisto and me.

Taisto got another chance. A plot
and a blueprint for a type house.

I got an education and a forced
transfer to a block of flats.

Taisto has wood heating,
I have central heating.

He has an old lady,
I have a woman.

He went to the school of life,
I went to vocational school.

He has a stick, I have a carrot.

-I beg your pardon?

You're welcome.

Are you Kes?j?rvi?
-Kes?maa from Real Estate World.

I came to look at
the house and the plot.

And to value it, so that the house
will be sold before autumn.

The house is still
in good condition.

That's right.

And the plot... Yes.

There's enough space
for another house.

Our garden. Did you hear, Martta?
-I beg your pardon?

I was just saying that
I have coffee waiting inside.

No thanks. I have heartburn.

I just drank three cups of coffee
and ate raspberry cake.

Yes, yes.
This is in good condition.

I can sell this.
We'll add some nostalgia extra -

and the price will
be 1 , 300, 000 marks.

That much?
-Yeah. I have the papers ready.

Your son checked them and said
that you should sign the papers -

and then you'll get to play
solitaire in a rest-home.

No more miserable living
in an old draughty house.

If I'm going to move somewhere,
it'll be a one-room flat -

near my son's family.

This house was built in 1 9 48 -

next to a rock.

We painted it yellow.

Me and Martta looked
at it like it was a temple.

I think I owe an apology.
That was a limp choice of words.

On my property,
no-one limps but me.

There you go.

What? I didn't even bet.

I placed a bet for you.

I said you'd win in the long run.
-Thanks. This comes in handy.

Can I take the rest of the week off?
-If you have to.

It would be fucking helpful
when buying a house.

Are you buying a new house?
-I'll close the deal at the weekend.

You have my condolences.

How's Helena?
-Everything's okay.

Jarmo Kes?maa, Real Estate World.

I'd like to make
an offer on a house.

Who's this?

Taisto Oksanen's real estate,
an old veteran house.

Oh that. Unfortunately, there'll
be no showing until Sunday.

Not a problem. I know what I want.
I want that house.

Naturally, you have pushed
the price sky-high.

I'm willing to pay 900, 000 marks.

We have pushed
the price up to 1 ,2 00, 000 -

and considering its location,
it's a reasonable price.

If that's the case,
I'll have to meet your wife -

and give her the photos I took
and the conversation I recorded.

Don't make me do it.
-Who are you?

-I can't do it.

If Merja finds out, then...

This is going too far.

If you will not lower the price,
I'll talk to Merja.

And I'm not calling
from my own phone -

I just want that house.
-The situation is like this:

If you want to do me a favour,
send the tapes to my wife.

And one more thing. Screw you !

What an asshole!

He calls himself
a home front veteran.

I wrote the letter after Matti's
visit, but I didn't send it...

But you decided to bring it here.

You're not worried about
yourself and your daughter -

but this Matti.

But those things are tied to
each other, because we're...

Yes, you are a family,
but you want a divorce.

Yes, I want it.

But you can't have a divorce
just by clicking your fingers.

Of course not. We won't
take any immediate action.

I'll keep this and
I promise to check -

how your husband is doing.

To make sure he's not too crazy.

Thank you.

I handed you the letter, so...



First she releases
a healthy mink into nature -

and then she gives a description
that fits half Northern Helsinki.

According to a health magazine,
I'm 44 pounds overweight.

Suhonen lost 48 pounds in a year
by drinking water -

and eating crispbread,
cottage cheese, tuna and cabbage.

But Suhonen sold only two-room
flats with a good location.

It's easy to sip water
when apartments are selling.

People pay too little attention
to the mental side of dieting.

It's easy to lose weight
if you're not pissed off.

How long are you going to keep your
legs crossed because of some nut?

Phone the hotel to end this.

I'm sure they'll lie for
their regular customer.

Good evening. Matti Virtanen?

Can we come in?
-Please do.

Do you want doughnuts?
I baked them last night.

Do they have jam inside?

I can take one.

Do you want a glass of milk?
-No thanks.

This is good. Crispy crust.

Do you have a family?

My wife and daughter
have moved away temporarily.

And now you jog and do collages.

I saw one where there was
a house, wife and a daughter.


We'll go... for now.

Please try to behave yourselves.

How about grilling some sausages?

Let's watch the video.
The one with Meryl Streep.

Bridges Over Madison County?


Dear Helena,
you'll get a letter from me.

Photos of the house I bought us.

Kiss Sini for me.


I'm alright.

What's wrong?
-I can't sleep.

Those are photos of dad's house.
-That's right.

It's a wonderful
house and location.

Can we go and see it sometime?

I don't know.

We'll see.

Maybe we can.


You could have gone
elsewhere for the showing.

I can't. Somebody has
to keep an eye on the dog -

so that he won't
scare off the buyers.

Even though he's harmless.

V?in? brought the dog when I told
him that somebody had been here.

You have cleaned up, Taisto.
-You noticed.

Listen, Martta.

If we get the price
Mets?maa promised -

what I'm going to do with it?

Give it to Pertti. He needs it.

Yes, of course.

He's going to buy a minivan.

He needs it because of his son.

H is son has surfboards,
skis and whatnot.

Pertti said that they
won't fit in a station wagon.

Don't talk nonsense, Taisto.

Maybe I should wear the green one.
-No, you'll wear this. Scoundrel.


When will we be going?

First we'll eat porridge
and dress up nicely.

Can I wear my yellow dress?

We can both wear
our yellow dresses.

Can you plait my hair and
put on the blue ribbons?


I wonder what dad will say
about my dress?


Good day. I'm sure you remember me.

Where's Viki?
-The dog?

He was angry.
I had to put him to sleep.

Did you do something to him?
-Nothing bad.

I came to buy the house.

Here's the sales contract
and the down payment.

It's 1 00, 000 marks.

Here is 1 00, 000 for you, Oksanen.
You'll get 800, 000 tomorrow.

The price is 1 ,2 00, 000.
-No fucking way. It's 900, 000.

For a home front veteran.

A home front veteran.
I'm a home front veteran.

After the war, you got a plot
and a blueprint for a type house.

I've read some history.

Nobody gave me a house
on the outskirts of town -

even though I gave my
best years to my family.

Let's have a swig, Oksanen.

Then you'll read
the contract carefully.

Great terms, don't you think?

I can't...
Have the watch and the money.

Don't you mess this up.
Let me read it.

''Taisto Oksanen can live in his
house for the rest of his days.""

""He will live upstairs,
in his son"s old room.""

""The buyer has agreed to prepare
two meals a day for Oksanen.""

""Oksanen has the same rights in the
house as the buyer and his family.""

What do you think?
This is an official document.

You goddamn bastard !

Let"s sign it together, then.

""Taisto Oksanen.""

Now the deal is done.
It's time to eat.

And later in the evening
we'll have some coffee.

I know what tough-as-nail men eat.

Meat soup.

I came here early
to shoo away the owner.

Riitta, talk to you later.


Hello, Kes?maa.

You came ahead of time
and yet half an hour late.

What is this?
-This is a sales contract.

Oksanen sold this house to me.

That paper is illegal.

Our company has an agreement.
And the showing won't begin until...

Who are you, anyway?
-A postman and a moneyman.

Where's Oksanen?
-He's sleeping.

I will wake him up.
-No, you won't.

You haven't heard the last of me.

Yes, I definitely have.
Say hi to your wife.

These vigilante posters
are unacceptable.

It's the police's job
to send out arrest warrants.

Even though this
confirms our suspicions.

Do you want to press charges?
-Hell yes.

He belongs behind bars.

A call from Trench Road.
A real estate agent claims -

that someone has broken into
a house owned by Taisto Oksanen.

The culprit has
barricaded himself in -

and taken Oksanen hostage.

Do you like it?

I'm warming up the sauna.
We can go there later -

when Helena and Sini arrive.
I sent Kes?maa home.

I'll go first.
You go behind the house.

Saulinen and M??tt?
will seal off the area -

to keep the civilians away.

I know that man.
He's not dangerous.

Stay calm. Don't do anything
without my permission. Okay?

Excuse me, what has happened here?

Some lunatic has taken an old man
hostage. The police will handle it.

Matti Virtanen, this is police
sergeant Marita Kalliolahti.

Fucking great.

The police have arrived.
They'll mess up everything.

They don't care and
they don't understand !

They don't know jack.

They think that
I'm here to harm you.

We'll take care of this.
Do not worry.

Matti has never harmed anyone.

If I talk to him, he'll come out.

It's not possible.
-It could be.

He could be armed.
Lahtinen will cover you.

He's not armed.
He's not that kind of person.

Let's go, Mrs. Virtanen.

You have my identification disc.

You stole it from me.

Shame on you.

Matti, this is Helena and Sini.

Come out, Matti.

My wife Helena and
my daughter Sini are here.

Just in time for the sauna.

Taisto, I'll go and
bring my family home.

Drop your weapon !

You came.

Sub ripped by: *.VILPPU BR.*

Subtitles: Janne M?kk?nen