Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004) - full transcript

In 1889, the town of Rejection, Nevada, depends on a nearby silver mine for its income. Rejection has a few residents. Christine Lord runs the local inn, which doesn't get a lot of business because Carson City is the busiest settlement in the area. Pyong Lien Chang, his wife Lu Wan Chang, and his son Fu Yien Chang are immigrants from China, and they own Chang's Market. Other residents include Old Fred, Brick Walters, Stony Walters, Big Horse Johnson, Soggy, miner Juan Pedilla, and Christine's friend Tecopa. When a hot spring causes four eggs to hatch, several men who work in the silver mine are killed by whatever hatched from the eggs. Everyone is too terrified to enter the mine. No one wants to risk their lives, even if shutting down the mine would mean the death of the town. With the mine shut down, the mine's owner, Hiram Gummer, arrives in the area from Philadelphia to investigate. Juan acts as Hiram's guide. As it turns out, each egg hatched a Graboid, but 1889 was about 100 years before they were called Graboids, so Hiram calls them Dirt Dragons. When the Dirt Dragons prove to be too much for the residents of Rejection to handle, Hiram calls upon Black Hand Kelly, the fastest gunslinger in the west. Kelly brings in the heavy artillery, which proves to be absolutely useless when the baby Dirt Dragons grow to enormous size, and one of them kills Kelly. As a result, Hiram decides to leave town, while everyone else refuses to leave the place that they call home. While Hiram is in Carson City, he intercepts a wired message that the Dirt Dragons are no longer in the area where the mine is -- they're heading right for Rejection. Hiram goes to a local firearms store, and he returns to Rejection, very heavily armed. With those weapons, which include a huge punt gun, Hiram and the townspeople prepare to defend the town against the Dirt Dragons.

Awful soft dirt in here.
Make sure you shore it up good.

It's like working inside
a cow down here.

Una vaca plata that is
going to pay off my ranch.

Your ranch.

You know, it's like a woman.

It's all you ever talk about.

Meanwhile, she's taking
all your money.

And you, you spend
all of your money on whiskey.

But you're going to miss me soon.




Jefe. Jefe!

Jefe, Victor is gone.

What do you mean, "gone"?

We were working the face.

I know he couldn't have got past me.

But now he's just gone.

Jefe! Jefe!

Damn it!

Juan! Where are you?

So many people leaving.

Is everyone rejecting us?

No, Fu Yien, we're sure.

They are leaving
because the mine is closed.

Maybe we need a different name.

Perhaps it was not
the best choice, huh?

Maybe not.


Juan Padilla,

you've been looking at that hat
for a month. Buy it or don't buy it.

No, no, I can't afford it.

You take it on credit, pay us later.

No credit!

Stan Kelton is leaving.
Loading up his wagon.

Stan, too? Now we're a town
without a blacksmith.

It'll end up as a ghost town
if that mine doesn't re-open.

If everybody leaves,
who will buy our things?

No one.

And we'll go back to China.

Only way you going back to China

is if you learn how to swim.

What does I Ching say?

"Expect arrival of great conqueror."

The mine will not stay closed.

That ore is turning
out 100 ounces to the ton.

Two hundred, my friend.

Two hundred? Well, nobody is walking
away from riches like that.


Well, if you saw what I saw,
you might walk away.

You never really told us
what you saw.

I saw nothing,

but the "nothing," it was worse
than anything I have ever seen.

You're not thinking
of pulling out, too?

No, I cannot do that.

I would lose everything, like you.

Like all of us.

Listen! It's about the mine.

The owner of the mine is coming.

All the way from Philadelphia.

He say, "Low profit
from mine unacceptable.

Proceeding with all dispatch.

Will take matters
into hand personally."

Signed, Hiram Gummer.

That's a real $2 name.

I'll wager he gets this thing solved

faster than a bee
with a horse on its tail.

Bet you!

Yeah, see you later now!

The stage is coming! It's coming!

Tecopa, Miss Christine,
the stage! It's coming!

- What do you think he looks like?
- He's probably fat.

Rich people are always fat.

Oh, my word.

- Anybody in there?
- It's full of luggage.

- It's about time.
- Indeed it is.

- Pardon me, ma'am.
- Let me in there.

Can't wait to get out of this place.

That's weird.

No one got out.

Mr Hiram Gummer?

I am he.

I am Tsang Pyong Lien. Pyong Chang.

This is my market.

You're not very fat. Quiet.

You must have enough money
to burn a wet mule, huh?

Mr Gummer, I'm Christine Lord.

Proprietress of the local hotel.

Well, you're lovelier
than Fifth Avenue in Spring.

Welcome to Rejection.

Aptly named, it would seem.

I'm here to see one Andrew Beckwith,

to whom I've sent three
communiques, all unanswered.

I want to speak to him forthwith.

That might prove to be
a little difficult.

Why? Where is he?

On that. The last stage out of here.


That's just dandy. The last?

Too few passengers.

You see, the mine closed
several weeks ago.

That is why you're here, isn't it'?

Closed? The mine closed?

I feel I've not been privy
to critical,

most needful information.

You don't know
what happens at the mine?

Seventeen miners
were killed in one day.

The workers abandoned it.

Seventeen? What on earth happened?

No one knows.

Must you speak in riddles?

The only person who could answer
that question is Juan Pedilla.

Then I should like to speak
with him straight away.

Well, he's out riding his land.

We expect him back shortly.

Please, you must be tired
from your traveling.

Won't you let me
show you to the hotel?

Oh, very well.

Come, come.
I'll need assistance with my kit.

This is our bank. Closed, of course.

Our blacksmith, also closed.

- And our post office.
- Closed.

- Of course.
- Quite the bustling metropolis.


"Great conqueror."

And this is my hotel, welcome.

Right this way.

An impressive arsenal.
Are you a collector?

The miners came West
to strike it rich.

When it came time
to settle their bills,

many of them had
only their firearms left.

Now I collect payments daily.

Nonsense. Just keep a running tab.

Your man is rather impudent.

Tecopa is not my man.
He is my friend.

But this is a tent.

Yes. You're quite observant.
Which one would you like?

This one right here.

Dandy. And what time
will luncheon be served?

Well, since the mine has closed,

the supply wagons have stopped,
so our menu's a bit limited.

I could fix you a pot of beans.

Nonsense. Surely you have flour,

molasses and ginger.

I should like a ginger bread cake.
Yes, that should do nicely.

Do you want me to strangle him?

No. We need him.

Delightful music and a passable meal,

which I should like to end
with an aperitif.

Wouldn't we all?

Fu Yien, would you like that
last piece of gingerbread?


Then go to my small carpet bag,
the blue one,

and fetch my bottle of peach brandy.

Yes, sir.

What happened to the ginger bread?

I ate it, of course.

But I thought you said
I could have...

A word of advice, young man.

Anyone can be taken advantage of,
and if you can, do.

That is terrible advice
to give a child.

Someone needs to teach
the boy the ways of the world.

I assure you, he knows them.

Juan's here. He's over at the store.

- "Juan"?
- Juan Pedilla. The miner.

Oh, yes, yes.

No... The mine
is not played out. Not at all.

There is plenty more silver in there.

It's just no one wants
to go in and get it.

Seven more men go up since accident.
None come back.

My ancestors talked of spirit beasts
that live inside those mountains.

"Spirit beasts"?

Beasts from the underworld.

Blind to all, but killing.

Wow. That's scary.

Have you all taken leave
of your senses?

Juan, I want you to gather up
the remaining miners.

Hunt down whatever is doing this.

And fill 'em full of more holes

than a cabbage leaf in a hail storm.

- Precisely.
- Señor Gummer,

there are some miners
still camped north of town.

Now, I can go and talk to them,

but they are not
going to go back there

unless you pay them.

Maybe even double wages.

Pay them?
To earn their own jobs back?

Señor, I'm just telling you,
they are scared.

Very well.

To ensure that my resources
are not being squandered

by this cabal of hooligans,
I shall accompany you myself.

First thing in the morning.

Now you're talking.

What kind of gun did you bring, eh?

Bet you it's big and fancy.

I don't own a firearm.


This is the Wild West, Mr Gummer.

You don't read the dime novels?

You see a bad guy,
you gotta smoke 'em up.

Señor Gummer, your horse is ready.

Señor Gummer.

Good morning.

Señor it is a hard day's ride
over very rough country.

Well, this is
the cross-country model.

The horse can carry my kit.

Off we go!

Deplorable road conditions.

No, no, I'd like some...

Maybe just... Thank you.
Ah, very good.

Yeah, I haven't been
on a horse since I...

Since my sixth birthday party.

No, actually, that was a camel.

Oh, whoa.

- Mr Gummer!
- Yes?

This is for you.
Oh, I beg your pardon.

This is the Wild West.
Never go unarmed.

Well, no, indeed.

Thank you, son, thank you.

You really think he is
a great conqueror?

Only if he can ride a camel
better than he can ride a horse.

Let's not judge yet, Tecopa.

He's the only chance we have.

Howdy, gents.

This is our army?

These are the only ones
willing to go.

All the better. No need to waste
my money on cowards.

Men, this is the patrón,
Mr Hiram Gummer.

These are the Walter brothers,

- Brick and Stony.
- Uh-huh.

- This is Big Horse Johnson.
- Mr Johnson.

And this is Soggy.



Well, in you go.

And what?

And report back to me.

Oh, very well.

As none of you possess
sufficient leadership skills,

I shall supervise
the endeavour myself.



- Wait.
- Ah, that was Jefe.

Our foreman.

My hat.


He ain't gonna need it.

Try it on.

Thank you, Jefe.

Oh, my...

This is the end of the mine,
where Victor was.

Well, we're still alive.

Whatever attacked you,
it would seem to be gone.

Gentlemen, I declare
this mine perfectly safe.

Dang right. Ain't nothin'
in there but ghosts.

You don't need to pay them no wages.

I pray that we are correct.

Well, sun's gettin' low.
Might as well set up camp.

We can't camp here.

I need trees.

It's better for the posture.

Oh, damn. You gonna start
torturing that thing?

Helps me sleep.

And the horses like it, too.

Well, go play it for them.

Ain't my fault
you lack a musical ear.

How soon do you think
you can re-open the mine?

Post haste.

The sooner the better.


Because I need to keep working
if I don't want to lose my ranch.

I thought you were a miner.

Well, I am a miner, but...

my father always dreamed
of having a ranch for us one day.


He was killed in a cave-in
when I was a boy.

My mother, she moved us
from mining camp to mining camp.

They always need a woman

to do the laundry and the cooking.

I've been without my cook for weeks.

You always had everything,
didn't you?

Several of everything.

I'd just like to get
one of something.

What on earth?

Oh, damn, we'll be hours
finding them horses.

Soggy, you sorry sack!

I'm gonna pound you blue!

Easy, easy, everybody.

You pound him, Brick!

He's always fartin' around.

Where the hell are you?

It won't do you no good hidin'!


Do you hear that?

Soggy, the longer I'm lookin',
the madder I get!

Good Lord, what? Tarnation!

Brick! You all right?

Stony! Don't you go
shooting blind out there!


Well, where is he?

Don't know! He ain't out there!

Who's that?

Who's over there?
We've got guns over here.

What... in God's name?

You gotta shoot faster! Kill it, man!

- We've got to get up somewhere!
- Where?

Over on that rock!

Señor Gummer! Over here on the rock!
On the rock!

Big Horse! Over here!
You gotta get off the ground!

Big Horse! Here!

No! Big Horse, you can't shoot it!

This way, man! Quickly!

Get on the rock!

Good heaven.

What a dreadful odour.

I smelled it in the mine,
it was them.

They came up through the soft dirt.

At least it can't penetrate rock.

It has no eyes.

How did they find us?

It's the sound.

Every time we made a sound,
even your teapot.

That's how they hunt.

We can't just stay here.

These foothills are made of rock.

We can walk on them almost all
the way back to Rejection.


Well, unless you can fly.

Tecopa. What are you doing?

- Diggin' a spot for a flagpole.
- A flagpole?

Does it concern you that Nevada
hasn't yet adopted a flag?

We will one day, and I'll be ready.

They're back! They're back!

It's Juan and Mr Gummer!
They're back!

I'd have walked twice that far
to get away.

Those are the most savagerous beasts
I've ever seen!

Well, didn't you let loose?

Let fly'? Barrels blazing?

Old Fred, you don't understand.

When they're not underground,
they're flying.

Very fast.

Tu-Long. Dragons. Dirt dragons.

We never had them in China.

Big Horse, Juan, they tried
to shoot them, but couldn't.

You'd have to be
an unparalleled shootist.

But wait, that's it.

A telegram, we must send
a telegram immediately.

Let me do it. I know how.

Here. "Wanted. Gun fighter.

Town of Rejection, Nevada,

seeks experienced, quick-draw artist,

calm in face of danger.

Salary, negotiable."

Now, send that
to the Territorial Enterprise,

the Denver Post
and the Wichita Eagle.

You're going to hire a gunfighter?

Bien... I think that is a good idea.

But is it wise?
A gunfighter's usually mean, wild.

Yeah, that's right.

Drink, shoot inside house.

But we need someone with fortitude.

Someone with a little sand
in their craw.

Exactly. Someone who is proficient
with firearms, who can...

Shoot the nuts off
a squirrel at 100 paces.

Thank you. Someone like Doc Holiday.

Except one that ain't dead.

Doc Holiday's dead?

Okay! It's done!

Now, we wait.

Handsome, no?

Oh, very.

It's me.

Very few men
have statues of themselves.

A cigar store Indian?

Oh, a salesman gave that to me

when he couldn't pay his bill.

Well, it could be me.

Mr Gummer, I fixed your wheel.

Impossible, it's a complete loss.


Well, my... that's...


Thank you. Thank you very much.

That will be $5, please.

Five? Now listen here.

No workman would dare ask
more than two bits.

I'm the only wheel-fixer in town.

No one else 'til Carson City.

But that's highway robbery.

A word of advice, Mr Gummer.

Anyone can be taken advantage of.
And if you can, do.

Fu Yien,

I'm a trifle short of cash
at present.

May we barter instead?

For services rendered,
you may have the bicycle.

It's yours. I'm becoming quite
the expert horseman.

Dandy, Mr Gummer!

There you go.

No. Okay, here... I'll steady you.
Now, get your balance.

Now, when I push, press the pedals
and keep the front wheel straight.


Off you go.

Not bad!

Not bad at all.

How long is this bedlam to last?

Oh, a few more days.
We're deepening our well.

You know, we're quite proud
of our engine.

It's going to run our electric lights
for us one day.

If you can abide the racket.

Well, the work would go faster
if you'd help.

A man of my means
doesn't engage in physical labour.

Which brings us

to your bill.

You're running a tab.

In point of fact,
I didn't agree to that.

Mrs Lord, in any civilised place,
my name alone is, quite sufficient.

Well, out here in the rough
and tumble West, we tend to use cash.

Now, that is a $20 gold piece
on your watch fob, isn't it?

And the watch itself
is gold, of course?

And the cufflinks? Genuine diamonds?

Are you proposing
that I barter with you,

as I would some street vendor
in Calcutta? Don't be absurd.

You will run a proper tab until this,

pathetic town has a proper bank

to which I can wire funds.

Here now. What is going on?

Why aren't you riding that wheel?

No time. I'm working.

You men, you'll take forever.

Using a boy to do a man's work.

Very narrow down there.

He's the only one small enough
to widen it.


Well, the moment it is wide enough,

I expect to see one
of you clown there in his place.

And he back on that bicycle.

Mrs Lord, I should like to apologise.

The truth is my coin,

watch and cufflinks
are all I own in the world.

I beg your pardon?

My father,
in his final demented days,

sold all his holdings
and invested everything,

the entire family fortune,

in a certain silver mine.

I see.

I was rude earlier. I apologise.

Once I get the mine running,

I'll pay my bill in full

and be on the first stage
out of here.

As Old Fred would say,
that's a real gully washer.

Don't look at me.
I had nothing to do with it.

I hope Old Fred made it
to the mulling station

before this hit.

Yesterday a desert. Today a monsoon.

Once I re-open the mine,
the whole town will prosper.

You'll be able to afford
whatever your heart's desire.

And what is it
that your heart desires, Mr Gummer?

To return to the life I had.

To wake up every morning and wonder,

"What will I spend
my money on today?"

A curious philosophy.

I would venture that it matters
not how you spend your money,

but how you spend your life.

Mr Gummer.

Don't interrupt your elders.

Never you mind, Mrs Lord.

I'll amend my misspent life
when the Grim Reaper comes calling.

I recommend that you keep
that hog leg skinned.

Unless you got a desire
to be jumpin' over hot coals in hell.

And who might you be, sir?


Black Hand Kelly?

I'm looking for Hiram Gummer.

That would be me.

You posted yourself an advertisement?

I did. Yes, I did.

So, who do you want me to kill?

- That Injun over there?
- No...

It's not so much a "who" as a "what."

They spring from the ground like...

Like some demonic trout.

We call them Tu-Long. Dirt Dragons.

This stuff sure must be
a whole lot stronger than it tastes.

We're well aware
that it sounds fantastic,

but we can assure you
it's all quite true.

They're ferocious and fast.

It takes some real backbone
to face them down.

Amigo, I like to fight with
rattlesnakes just for the fun of it,

and I give them
the first bite to boot.

Hyperbole aside,
you are accurate with a firearm?

You questioning my abilities, sir?

As an astute business man,
I'm simply...

Hey, boy!

Toss me one of them apples over here.

See, I knew it. Shoot inside house.

Shut up.

Throw it high?

You throw it right straight at me.

Okay, you ready?



- We thought you'd shoot apple.
- Yeah.

Obviously, we are expecting
to see a demonstration of...

You're hired.

Damn it!

In China, no one shoots in wall.

In China, no one has gun.

Before I sign up for anything,

talk to me about that,
"salary negotiable" part.

Do you like silver, Mr Kelly?

I reckon I do.

Well, then, upon dispatching
all the aforementioned creatures,

and upon the subsequent re-opening
of the mine,

you'll be paid in silver,

say as much as you can carry on
a strong horse.

Well, now, I just bet that you could

charm a cow right out of her calf

with those fancy words.

But now, for myself, I sort of need
a little something up front.

Well, we don't have any money.

Ah, well.

Thank you for your time.

Double Eagle.

A down payment.

Tell you what.

You throw in them there cufflinks,

and you got yourself a deal.

This is one sorry collection

of lead pushers you got here.

I'm not running
a gun store, Mr Kelly.

Juan, you take this here,
big old .45-70.

Hiram, pick yourself out something

that feels right in your hand.

And, you give us all these
blue whistlers that you got.

- Whoa.
- Juan!

Take this.

Oh, but, Lu Wan,
I still can't afford it, no.

No credit, it's a gift.


What? No one goes
without a hat in China.

Okay, boys, let's jingle some spurs.

No... spurs.

In fact, no jingling of any kind.

I tell you, these things
are attracted by the slightest noise.

They could leap
from the ground at any moment.

Juan killed one right here.

Cuídate, señor.

There ain't nothing here neither.

Maybe they gone deep.

Or maybe you two boys
are playing me for the fool.

After what I paid you?

We will just have to keep looking.

Juan, if you please, some help.

Gummer, dag nab it,
ain't you got no pride?

Get up on the horse by yourself!

Should I ever again
require horsemanship,

I will engage a tutor.

Well, I'll tell you one thing.

I ain't got your book-learning
but I know this,

being full-growed
don't make you a man.


Here, here

They appear to be shells. Eggs.

Well, if that's what they are,

then they came out
of one big chicken.

Or maybe you two aren't as crazy
as I've been thinking.

This is where we pipe
the hot spring from the mine.

The water cut through
the dirt, you see?

And the eggs fell out.

Perhaps the warm water hatched them?

Juan, this tells us
how many there are.

There are four.
And I killed one already.

Three left.

But where could they have gone?

Well, we're just going to keep
on riding 'til we find them,

'cause I'm getting awful anxious

to unravel me some cartridges.

You know, we piped that hot water
out only six months ago.

Then, those creatures
grew large quite quickly.

That's a part of one of them.

These scaly things were
on their backs.


Well, maybe one of them
there "things" died.

Or maybe... Maybe he shed his skin,
like a snake.

Who is that?

It's Old Fred.
At least, that's his wagon.

Good Lord.

This does not bode well.

Now that is one
catawampusly chawed-up rig.

- As I keep saying...
- Saying.

These things
are not to be trifled with.

Old Fred?

Old Fred?

Old Fred?

Maybe we should have made it longer.

Well, I'm not toting no more rocks.

We should say something.

I didn't even know the man.

Take off your hat.

Fred was an old man.

That is why we call him Old Fred.

He drove the freight.

He had bad breath.
But I don't want to say that.

All right. All right.

"Fear no more the heat of the sun.

Nor the furious winter's rages.

Thou thy worldly task hast done.

Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages."

Cymbeline. Act IV, Scene 2.
We'd best get going.

Wait, Let's make camp here.

No... We'll go to the ridge.

Camp on solid rock.

As we have every night.

No... that is three miles back there.
That's hard country.

If you think I'm going to risk
sleeping on the naked earth...

Or we could go down
to the mulling station.

Down the canyon.

Is it safe?

Yes, there are very thick beams

on the floor, you know,
for the wagons.

There is no way these dragons
could break through them.

Might there be someone here?

No, they stopped running
the supply wagons, now that the...

Now that the mine is closed.

Yes, the bitter refrain
of my life, it seems.

We must secure
these horses with certainty.

The last time, they got away.

You just make sure
that gate is tied up tight.

Mr Kelly.

You can't see the door
if you're facing this direction.

Always be prepared.

What in God's name?

So, was that them?

No! No!

Something new.

You said to pick something
I was comfortable with.

You're right. I did say that.

What in Sam Hill is that smell?

It's them. That's the smell.

Remember, señor?

But they've changed so,
become long and thin.

There's six of them or even nine.

We'd better bring the horses inside.

Chingada! They're gone. Again!

We can't go on foot.

They'll get us for sure.

All right.

All right, that means
we have to stand our ground here.

Hiram, it's about time you learned
how to use a real piece.

That's your job. If I need
a gun fired, I hire a gunman.

If you want to bed down
with a real pretty woman,

I suppose you just hire
somebody to do that, too.

Spare me your tiresome analogies.

Hiram! Now I said this once,
and I'm gonna say it one more time.

There's some things that a man
has to do for himself,

and right now shooting
is one of them.

And give me
that stupid hideout piece.

It ain't gonna do you no good now.

Okay, Juan.

You keep your eye peeled
for them there snake things.

Pay attention, Hiram.

Now, this is
a single-action Colt Army.

This is the finest wheel gun
ever made.

Don't be holding it
like it's some skunk.

Now, it's an extension
of your hand, okay?

It's part of you.

And take yourself a stance,
like you mean it.

Mean what?

Like you mean
that every last lead plum,

that comes out of that barrel
is gonna kill whatever you aim at.

Okay, okay, take yourself a shot

at that can over there by the window.

You line up this blade
with this notch.

Then you just squeeze the trigger.

You don't jerk it.

It's all right.

They cannot break through
the floor beams.

Now you just relax.

You just let your eyes,

your brain, your hand,
your trigger finger, okay?

All becomes one.

It's all right.
You got consistency now.

This is a waste of time!

What do you expect?

You wanna learn in 20 minutes
what took me 20 years?

They cannot break through the floor,

so they are tearing it apart.

How could a snake be so strong?

Look at that! They decoyed us!

Good Lord! How smart are they?

Esta malo, we're gonna have
nothing left to stand on.

A telegraph?

Yes, but it's no good for us.

We don't know the clicking code.

Well, click anything!

Surely someone will hear us.

I don't know what it means.
It's not in Morse code.

This has been going
on for more than an hour?

Maybe a tree is touching the wire.
That happened before.

No. This is different.

But surely, the telegrapher
from Carson City

wouldn't allow such foolishness
with his equipment.

Maybe not Carson City.

Not Carson City? Where else?

This is from Carson City.

Where's that one from?

This is from the mulling station.

It must be Mr Gummer.

He's the only one out there.

When did Tecopa and Pyong say
that they'd be back?

One, two clays. Gone up-country.
Getting firewood.

All right then. I'll go myself.


Must you tap so loudly?

Let your lead fly, man!

What the hell are we up against?

They grew.

Those snakes are not snakes.
They are tongues.

Three tongues!

Each creature has three tongues.

And we saw nine before.

So, there's still only three animals.

And that's supposed
to make me feel better?

Good God, man, those things
are the size

of eight-mule freight wagons!

Well, shoot them!
That's what you're hired to do!

You got to know your enemy, Hiram!

I ought to be totin'
some eight-bore firing solid shot.

Or some damn punt gun.
Not these weapons I got.

All right. All right.
I'll tell you what we're gonna do.

We're gonna hold our fire
till they come after us.

And then we're gonna go toe-to-toe,

point-blank, full-bore,
throw all the lead we got at 'em!

And then,
maybe we'll get a lucky hit.

A brain shot. Or something!

There is not much floor left.

They'll be makin'
their move any time.

Get ready.

This may be it.

Now what are they up to?

Mr Kelly!

Eat this!

- I'm out!
- I'm out!

Christine is coming, Señor Gummer!

Christine! Over here!

Just drive the wagon!

Where's Mr Kelly?

Dead! Go! Go! Go!

Well done, Mrs Lord!

Are they following us?

I can't tell!

Yes! They are following us!


They're at their limit! Come on!

We shall see!

They're enormous. Ravenous.

Spirit demons from dark places,

eating souls that live in the light.

Part of our legend.

We put bullet after bullet into them

and it didn't even slow them down.

Oh, my god.

Will they come here, to our town?

They have to get through the pass
from the upper valley.

Lots of rocks.
Maybe they cannot do it.

It hardly matters.
The mine will remain unapproachable.

So what is your intention?

My intention?
To leave this godforsaken place,

as should all of you!

But the mine.

Are you listening? The mine is lost!
Forget the mine.

Go on with your lives
as if it never existed.

Start your lives over,
just as I will have to.

No stupid animal
is going to make me leave my land.

I can go to Carson City,
get some blasting powder.

Juan, one we were lucky. Dumb lucky.

If a man like Black Hand Kelly
is no match for them,

what chance do we have?

Pyong, why in heaven would you stay?

Take Fu Yien
and the missus back to China.

Lu Wan forgets.

China not perfect. No place perfect.

We will not leave our new home.

I shall send for my belongings.

And, of course,
I shall see to it that the horse

and equipment are returned.

That won't be necessary.

You can keep the horse and the saddle

and the rifle and the knife.

In trade for ownership of the mine.

You can't be serious.

It's the best offer
you're going to get.

When I reach Philadelphia,

I intend to sell that mine
for at least $50,000.

You will be preceded by a telegram
to the newspapers,

describing in great detail
these creatures that plague the mine,

and why it is unworkable.

That's blackmail.
You wouldn't betray me like that.

We voted.

Yeah. Four-to-one
in favour of doing exactly that.

At least one of you
has some sense of ethics.

I voted to drop you off a cliff.

Stay with us, Hiram. Stay and fight.

You're wasting your lives.

You can have the cursed mine!

Whoa! Whoa!

Mr Gummer. Please don't leave us.

Fu Yien, I can't help you.

Madre de dios!

We were wrong. They're coming.

The dirt dragons.

They got through
the upper valley pass.

I don't know when,
but they are definitely coming.

Maybe they not find us.
Keep going south.

No... they hunt by sound.

We are the only thing making noise
between here and Carson City.

What do the sticks say?

Oh, my god.

"Expect a ferocious arrival."

Well, this is it then.

The end of Rejection.

One ticket for your next train
to Philadelphia.

Sleeping car, one way.

Yes, sir.


I beg your pardon?

The people up in Rejection.

Funnier than a dancing bear, eh?

Here's one they sent yesterday.

"Giant worms have left upper valley.
May find town."

- May I?
- "Need immediate help."

"Giant worms."

One ticket...

Sir? Your ticket?

I was thinkin' maybe I could
make some kind of sled for it,

and we could pull it
behind the last wagon.

There's no room.

Time to let it go.

Juan, where will you go?

Well, there is a new strike,
down near Tonopah.

I'm thinking of heading that way.

Where will we go?

We are going to San Francisco.

And then back to China.

All our money is put in the store,
and now it's all gone.

And you are not going to work
on the railroad

like Momma and Poppa.

They're coming!

No... Wait...

They will come from the north,
not from the south.

That is something else. Or someone.

What poor soul
would be coming here now?

It's Mr Gummer!

Come on!

"A ferocious arrival"?

Well, now, maybe I'll let you
keep him after all.

Whoa! Stop! Whoa! Curse you!

You intransigent beasts!

Delighted to see you're all well.

Hiram, they're coming.
They could be here at any minute!

I know. Whatever are you thinking?

That this idyllic Western retreat

shall not fall prey
to these mindless predators.

I have here a cache of weapons

that would impress
even the late Black Hand Kelly.

One Sharps .52 calibre buffalo rifle.

One Remington .45-120, Rolling block.

One Henry repeater rifle.

Smaller calibre,
but impressive rate of fire.

One 8-gauge Remington...


One LC Smith 10-gauge
stub-twist coach gun.

And this!

A two-inch bore punt gun!

Hiram, how did you get
all of these things?

You don't have any money.

A wise friend once told me
it's not important

how you spend your money,

but how you spend your life.

Hiram Gummer, what is it you think
we are going to do?

Madam, I intend we throw our visitors

a little corpse
and cartridge occasion.

That we stand our ground and fight
these despicable beasts to the death!

Okay, that's heroic, let's fight!

We will fight!


- Really?
- Why are you staring at me?

It takes me two years
to make you leave China.

You think I want to go back?

- We do it.
- We'll stomp 'em like snakes.

We will burn them down.

We'll smoke 'em up!

Ah! Juan, knowing you,

you'll need a spare.

Gracias, amigo.

They'll probably be coming
from the north or the northeast.

Then we go out there and shoot them.

Oh, dear!

Too dangerous!

They can come up anywhere.

Yes. We dare not face them
on their terms.

We should take a horse out there
and when they go for it...

Tecopa, that's cruel!

Well, these are cruel times!

Can't we make noise
with something else?

That is a good idea, Fu-Ito.

Any noise works,

it doesn't have to be a horse.

We could make noise
on something like this,

and then when they come up,
we shoot them.

Yes, an ambush.

We will lead them
into our very gun-muzzles.

We will make Rejection
our last bastion,

our last line of defence!

Our Alamo!

Juan, we were the losers
at the Alamo.

Speak for yourself, gringo.

More cans.

Hurry up, child.

I need more cans.

I'm eating as fast as I can.

Good boy, eat as much as you can.

Hey, honey, what are you doing?

What is all this?

When they come,
how do we know they come?

We cannot see them.

Well, that is a concern.

When the ground shakes...

we know they are here.


What is a punt gun?

It has something to do
with shooting ducks.

A great many ducks.

"Pour in one pound of shot or balls.
Ram it down tight."

Won't we need the horses?

I mean, if we lose the fight?

Can't have them
making unnecessary noise.

Might spoil our trap.

And we're not going to lose, Fu-Ito.

Shall we begin?

Maybe we should try again tomorrow.

Perhaps Pyong was right.

Perhaps they've bypassed us
for Carson City.

I don't know.

The ridge at the south end
of the valley is all rock,

like a big wall.

I don't think they can get past it.

They gotta be somewhere.

No! Fu! Don't!

Get inside!

- But I wanna fight, too!
- Fu, Fu.

The store is our fort.

We can't ever leave
the fort unguarded.

You stay inside and keep guard.

Thank you.


You missed! With a cannon!

Where did it go?

Maybe that noise scared him away.

Mr Gummer, it's coming!
It's coming back!

Hiram, quick!


It worked!

It stinks!

There! Two more to go.

Take your positions!
Fu Yien, back inside!


Did it do that on purpose?

Juan, look out!

Son of a bitch.

Cannot shoot through dirt.

Come on, you son of a bitch!

Ay caramba. Tecopa, gracias.


Astonishingly clever, my man.

It take your gun. Did it know?

I fear they are very intelligent.

But not as smart as us.

No. Not as smart as us.
There's only one left.

Now, where the hell is it?
Let it show itself.


Is it leaving'?

No. No, it's circling, listening.

For prey.

What do we do?

It seems like our rifles
aren't strong enough to kill it.

Without the punt gun,
I feel we're lost.

Shut up.

So, we just stop the fight, then?
Give up?

Maybe we take traction engine.
Try to get away.

It moves so slowly.

And you would leave our town?

You have ideas for killing it?

Just play it by ear.

A man must learn
to sail in all winds.

We must do what we can
with what we have.

Well said.

You have black powder.

Maybe we could blow it up somehow.

Sure! We make big firecracker.

- I know how.
- Excellent!

But quietly.

Move very, very slowly.

Fu Yien, you go inside
and get twine for fuse.


What are you doing?

The powder for the fuse
must be very fine.

Almost there.
Just another few minutes.



I can't see the door!

Fu, Fu, stay very quiet.

Make noise!

Out here!


Why doesn't it come for us?
For the noise?

I don't know! They Keep
learning our every trick!

Mama. He's over here!

Go on. That's it, boy. Good boy!

Run, run!

Hurry up. For the wagon!
To the wagon!

Get on!

Oh, good Lord!

We'll get the rifles!

The bomb!

Pyong, you must finish the bomb!

- I need more time!
- Hurry!

We'll never have time to finish that!

I have an idea!

Hijo de puta madre!

Pyong, that big belt!

Excellent! Excellent!

Tecopa! Help us here!

All we need is some kind of hook!

I know where.

Over here, Juan!


Oh, watch out!

Mrs Lord, are you well?

All right. Are you all right?

Well, yes, I am.


Ay, gracias, amiguito.

You got 'em, Mr Gummer.

Yes, Hiram. You got 'em.


We got 'em.

Hiram, the bank
has approved your loan.

You can hire new workers.
Reopen the mine.

Well, if I recall,
it no longer belongs to me.

It's yours, Hiram. It's your mine.

We couldn't cheat you that way.

You need it worse than we do.

That's very kind of you.

But I'll only assume ownership
under two conditions.



We agree never to tell anyone
about the dirt dragons.

If word of them ever got out,
no one would ever settle here.

And the second condition?

That the first proceeds of the mine
are used to build a hotel,

and a market with real walls.

To pay off Juan's land, and...

Tecopa, what do you what?

A new statue. One that looks like me.

And to commission
a statue for Tecopa.

Is everyone agreed to this?

I am fearfully out-classed.

It's good you've decided to stay.

I shall personally supervise
the mine.

I mean, as soon as I learn
how it all works.

And I've selected
an excellent location for my home.

On high ground. Readily defended.

It will even have a basement.

That's an awful lot
of room for one person.


It won't be for just one.

Oh, I really am hopeless.

You'll get better
with a little practice.

In the meantime,

I purchased something that might aid
in your success as a marksman.