Tremors (2019) - full transcript

The coming out of an evangelical father shatters his family, his community and uncovers a profoundly repressive society.


Don Pablo!

Madame is waiting for you,
but she is not alone.

And the children?

They are at doña Olga's.

Come on up, I'll take you there.

No, I'm going on foot.
Come in, they are watching you.


My son !

He locked himself up.

Pablo, open up.

Carlitos, the keys!

The keys to the room!

- It's this one ?
- I know which one it is.

This one.

My son !

Open, please.


I'm going to talk to him.

We grew up together,
we had the same education.

I don't understand how
it could happen to you.

Did something happen to
you when we were little?

Stop protecting him.

He realizes the situation
in which he puts the family?

Let me talk to him.

You know well

that all the problems
are related to childhood.

Some things marked us

and even traumatized us.

Look what state your mother is in.

Doesn't he care to
destroy this poor woman?

To destroy his father?

They are old, they don't deserve that.

And you, brothers and sisters,
it will harm you too.

We have to preserve our reputation.

Honey, leave us.

Tell me.

Whatever happened to you.

Pablo, I'm talking to you!

Abel, don't yell at him.

Hiding will not help.

Pablo, get up.

Everyone gets upset.
You are going to get sick.

Get out now.
Go see Isa.

Talk to us.

Come on.

Give them something to relax.

He is no longer part of the family.

Do not say that.

You scare him.


Drink this.

It's bitter.

Never mind, drink everything.

- Above all, don't dirty it.
- Do not worry.

Mom, sorry for the delay.
With the rain, it circulates badly.

You came, my darling.

It's good to have you here.

I was at a friend's wedding.



What did he say, Pablo?

- Where is he ?
- In his room.

And the children?

Stop with your questions.

What are we going to do ?

Do we ask the pastor's advice?

It must not be rumored.

Go talk to him.

Come on.
You are the oldest, you can help him.

What do you want me to tell him?

- Is there coffee?
- I come with you.


go talk to Pablo.


You should have denied.

You should have asked me for advice.

You know what, my son?

You should go there and deny everything.

Denies en bloc.

It can still be arranged, believe me.

Do not tell me

that you can't lie.

Until it settles.

With time,
things will work out.

Give yourself a comb.

My son,
it’s not love.

The family must be preserved.

With them,
you can age quietly.

Don't think of your happiness,

but rather the one you
can give to others.

My son...


It's a test, darling.

But you are strong.

You will overcome it.

You just have to rely on God.

Nothing happens by chance.
I'm here for you.

The earth is shaking.

It is a punishment from God.

A punishment from heaven!

Take shelter!

- Where is it, Dad?
- In the bedroom.

Get out! Quick !
I take care of him.

Pay attention !

- Pablo, where are you going?
- Look for the children.

- I come with you ?
- No, stay with the parents.

- Where's Pablo going?
- Look for the children.

Our father in heavens,

Hallowed be thy name.

You were afraid ?

- It's okay ?
- Yes.

Thank you.

Everything is fine ?

I bring them back.

It's okay ?

The chandelier has fallen.

Juampi was scared.
I understood what it was.

I cried for help.

I know why we are here.

I was not afraid.


Shut up, Juampi.
Otherwise, it will still tremble.

I know you want to leave the house.

Who told you that, big boy?


Go away please.
You're just making it worse.

Isa, come down.

You scare them.

You scare them!

Stay, Isa!


Good evening. Thank you.

A tequila, Mauro.

It's okay ?

The keys.

That of the apartment and that of below.

I don't know which one is which.
You will try.

Electricity and water,
you have to check the invoices side.

As it is furnished,

people are passing by and
are not paying attention.

You owe me a drink.

Yes, handsome kid.

It would have been easier

that you agree to
settle in my apartment.

You'll have to refresh the other.

It's not a drama either.

If you want…

Hold on.

If you want to be able to receive your children,

this apartment is much better.

You will see.

Another tequila, please.

You're okay ?

I'm glad you're here.

I assure you.

My kids know I'm leaving.

It's good. And that's all ?

It's not worse,
you will tell them the rest.

They're too small.

You will tell them
when they are older.

I screwed up.

The worst,
is that I don't feel so bad.

I am ashamed,
but I almost feel good.


I am scared.

It's normal.

Please be positive,
there is only that to do.

- What about the owner?
- He's a friend.

Shall we sign a lease?

Don't worry, we'll see later.

Let's drink in the future.

Show me.

Dry ass.


We are leaving, there are too many people.

See you, old man.

What time is it ?

It's early.

I made coffee.

We're cleaning the apartment.


Didn't you feel the tremor?
What do you mean ?

The bottles broke their mouths.

Is there coffee?

I do not know.

There is someone.

A second.

Are you okay, Paquito?

Don't drink all the coffee.
I laugh.

- You leave ?
- Yes.

Tell him I'm gone.
We will work out later.

Do you leave the keys?

I don't have them.

I open.

Your friend is gone.
He did not leave the keys.

- Its good ?
- Yes.

- I can ?
- Between.

It's okay ?
Shall we clean up?

OK ?

- Who are you looking for?
- Francisco.

It's soft!

Hey !

Are you okay, Tizón?

- It has been so long.
- Yeah.

Are you coming to take your bike?

- Yes.
- Great.

Didn't you have a super
classy green aluminum?

I got robbed.

Whore ! Where ?

I had a few beers at a party

and when he left, he was gone.

Sorry for the welcome,
but we're in the middle of cleaning up.

- We keep in touch.
- I have a tire for you.

Did you like the bull's balls?

- That was it ?
- Yes.

Doña Lucky, what a secret!

It was good.

In the boxes, apart,
there are clothes.

There may be things that suit you.

It would be good,
my clothes are dirty.

What are your tricks?

It's not tricks.
I help people and people help me.

Who are these friends who look
for you and call you all the time?

Why ? You're jealous ?

You run away.

Doña Lucky, you write that down to me.
I will come back.

Thank you. See you tonight.


Did my parents stay with Isa?

Hold on.

I'm waiting for your call, Rosa.
Thank you for everything.

- Contreras.
- Hello.

The same clothes as yesterday?

I thought a married
man couldn't go out.

Me too.


Hello, Gerson.

It's okay ?

He's been walking since yesterday.

We'll have to go up on foot.

Did you report it?

Yes, but they haven't come yet.

They must be remembered.

If I can't, you will carry me.
I have heels.

They are not very tall.



It's okay ?

- Good. And you ?
- It's okay.

Don Caesar, I present to you Pablo.

How are you, Pablo?

- Good. And you ?
- Very good.

- Are we taking care of you?
- Very good.

You put that kind of music?

Salsa, yes.

They like it, right?

Say, don Robert!

Do we have new glasses?

You should have told me,
I have friends to sell.

They gave it to me, sweetie.

Who gave them to you?

One of my admirers.

Are you jealous?

Of course.

- I go.
- Okay, don Robert.

I don't want to become like him.

Old, you mean?

You know what I mean.

Old and fagot?

That's it.

You will feel
vibrations in the back.

- You feel ?
- Yes.

- Is it hot, is that normal?
- That's the point.

- It's too hot ?
- It's okay.

I'm going down a bit.

What did she tell you, Rosa?


The children did
not ask for my news.

They are children.

What do you want them to say

Do you think they
might be ashamed of me?

I do not think so.
Why should they be ashamed?

If you had seen my
family when they knew!

I have to go to the bar to drop off stuff.

You accompany me ?

Finish the massage and let's go.

I prefer…

stop there, we'll do that again.

I really have to go.

How long does it last?

40 mins approximately.

We shouldn't have started!

You will come back another day.

Hold on.

Thank the food,

that give us strength
and make us grow.

With all the vitamins we need.

Do not thank food,
it is God who gives them to us.

Stopped !
It is up to me to bless today.

- It is God who blesses, not you.
- Shut up !


is that a pretext to argue?

Why didn't you put
the cover on Pablo?

It is important to feel
your presence at home.

My girl !

Put a plate on the table,
it is useless.

Please, Rosa.


It won't happen again.

Number five.
Be careful what you say.

Never make the mistake

compare your husband
to another man.

You ignore the destructive
power that it harbors.


Admire your husband.

Men stay

where they feel
respected and admired.


Stay calm during arguments.

The gentle response soothes anger,

hard speech excites fury.

Proverbs 15: 1.

Number eight.

You have to fight to the
end to save your marriage.


I can ?


The owner used it
as a warehouse.

I gradually arrange it.

It is well.

I'm showing you something.

It's small, but I want to
put the bunk beds there.

Children have always wanted it.

Do you remember ?

Juampi is not well.

But he asked for your news.

That is true ?

I brought you food.

I leave it in the kitchen?

Lucia made you cookies.

I want to set up this
place for children.

And let them spend
more time with me.

Are you doing something to heal?

I know that deep down
you are not like that.

I know you.

I know it.

You will reheat it in the microwave.

I read the book of
the pastor's wife.

It helps me a lot.

We have to work a lot.

Side by side.

Make efforts for the children.

They need a father
and a mother together.

A normal family.

You don't know me well.

I'm not that stuck.

I can also be curious.

Do you need more time?

I am ashamed when you look at me.

I'm going to the bathroom.

It's at the bottom.

The harm you do to
them is irreparable.


Lucia told Andrea that
Pablo had not returned.

Did you want to tell me about it?

Imagine what your parents would have said,
they never liked Pablo.

You should have told me before.
You have no one.

Pablo's family supports me.
They are very angry with him.

Family is family.

If it degenerates,
they will side with him.

Secure your back.
What will you do ?

I do not know.

It happens.

At this age,
men want to reassert their manhood.

There are people here.

You're not the
first to get dumped.

Do you know who it is ?

Is she younger?

I do not know who it is.

Find out.
Hire a detective.

Do you have a lawyer?

He will come back.

Over time, we forgive.

I do not believe.

They always come back.


You've peed in bed again.

So ?

Stop wetting it.

What are you gonna tell mom
The sheet is soaked.

That's why we can't go to dad.

It's because he doesn't want to!

- Who told you that ?
- I know it.

Mom, grandpa and granny said
you should stay away from him.

It's your fault !


What is happening ?

- He peed in bed.
- It's not true.

Go to bed.

Come on, it doesn't matter.
We're going to wash.

Sit there.

Hello Mom.
How are you ?

My son !

I am delighted to see you.

Keep your head up, my son.

Let no one see your shame.

My brothers !

Who among you really
knows what love is?

Do you know ?

Love believes everything.

He endures everything.

He supports everything.

He supports everything,
that's why we're here, my brothers.

Love knows neither
jealousy nor resentment.

Love is good.

Love does not know indecency.

But no human being

don't really know
what God's love is.

And if none of us

cannot really understand
the love of God,

why is HI asking us
to love like this?

we can all meet God.

we are going to meet God!

Which of you?

So it is, my brothers.

At all times,

do your best to find
the love of God.

Always seek the love of God!

Seek the love of God.

It is so, my brothers!

Let us applaud the Lord!

Hands up !

- You are great.
- Thank you.

It's nice to see you.

It was time for you to come back.

Let's talk, when you want.

Thank you.

Let the light guide you.
You're home.

See you on Sunday.

See you soon, Pablo.

- Where are you going ?
- At the apartment.

Watch out, be discreet.

That is to say ?

I don't want a glitch
to happen to you.

What for example ?



What's this ?

It shouldn't surprise you.

it's useless to hang on.

I have to tell you

to consider this as an
opportunity elsewhere.

You can't fire me.

I'm the best advisor in the
business, you know that.

All my clients are ready...

to keep going into debt with us.

You know perfectly

that our moral code is beyond reproach.

We don't want people like you.

Whatever !

Let go of me, please.

Calm down.

You want me to cry

and let everyone know
why you are fired?

Up to you.

- Hello. I can enter ?
- No.

- Why ?
- I have orders.

- I see parents.
- They were already there.

- My children are here.
- I can not.

- Please.
- Impossible.


What is happening ?

I cannot see my children.

They stop me.

Leave before the police arrive.

The police ? But why ?

I got fired.
Isa does not answer the phone.

I do not know.

Are you okay sweetie?

You should leave.

Rosa, come back!

I'm still your boss!

I disrespect you!

- Sir...
- Leave me!

- Security ?
- Shut up !

I'm still your boss.
Come !

Which side are you on?

Let me go !

Its good !

They are also my children.

You lost that right.

- What about your lawyers at work?
- They told the truth.

What's the matter with you ?
Let go of me !

Stop it or I call the police.

What whore are your
lawyers preparing?

It's not okay !

You hurt me.

Let go of me.
Calm down please.

That I calm down?

What are you doing to me

What about you ?

You destroy your wife and your children!

I don't want to harm you,
but I said everything to the judge.

You would be a danger to children.

- And you, what do you think ?
- Never mind.

I just want to protect them.

Take care of yourself.
God forgive you.

Isa, don't do this to me.

Children won't know.

- Pushes you !
- They won't learn it.

Where were you ?

I went to the apartment.

Since you weren't there,
I came here.

I'm with Guillermo and Chepe.

You left the door open.

Yes, but there is no problem.

I came home and you weren't there.

It is better that we see each other afterwards.

I owe you a part.

Take back your bingo card.

Stop, it's not a drama.

I went out, that's all.

The judge ordered

that I no longer see my children.

I do not have anything.

What about me?

They accuse me of being a pedophile.
You imagine ?

What kind of man have I become?

I don't even know if
I'm a man anymore.

You are a man who has problems.


who have problems are
looking for a solution.

What do you know?

You have no responsibilities,
neither family nor children.

It's not that, being a man.

To be a man is to assume oneself.

Why am I here, in your opinion?
Without anything.

Because I assume myself.

You did not assume yourself,
we forced you to take responsibility.

You pay the consequences.
You suffer them.

Does it pay to be a fagot?

Did you think it would
be easy to be a fagot?

We are not in Luxembourg!

What if I become a
danger to my children?

Think a bit,
say no bullshit.

What if we are wrong?

I know that I am not mistaken.

Mauro, I'm paying you tomorrow, okay?

- Don't worry.
- Sorry.

Excuse me.

Are these potatoes
good for mashing?

Yes, take big ones,
they are better for that.

Thank you, Rosa.

Is it you, Jules?

You could say that.

How did you recognize me?

Have you had lunch?

What do you want with me?

Is that the lady's bag?

I'm going to wear it.

Come on, let's talk.

- You think ?
- Yes, I don't bite.

The whole situation
makes him very unhappy.

It would be a nice gift for him.

I can't take them there.
They are not used to it.

Tell me where, I'll arrange
for Pablo to meet you there.

You don't realize.

Besides, Juampi would tell his mother about
it and I don't want her to suffer anymore.

Pablo says you like him very much

and you would do
anything for the kids.

I have nothing against you.

But think about what he risks
if he approaches children.

We don't even have
the right to call him.

We don't care about the authorities!

Sometimes you have to act without
thinking too much and be brave.

What would you do?

In your place,
I would not throw oil on the fire.

They're not monitoring
my phone number.

That's not the problem.
It's to talk to him.

Make up something.

Tell the little ones that
it's the recording game.

Are you still hungry?
Do you want something else ?

Doña Elsa!

What else do you have?

Chicken broth,
seafood, beef foot...

A chicken broth,
but with grilled chicken.

Serve him a good plate!

Luis, quit smoking, please.

Rather try it.

It is a restraining order.

Or rather, protection.

It protects them from
"ill-treatment, threats,


or harassment

physical or sexual. "

Pablo no longer has the right to
see neither Isa nor the children.

he should stay away from minors.

My son, do you still believe in God?

Don't mix God with that.

God is everywhere.

At church, with my group,

we pray for you every day.

To make it go wrong on
the wrong path you took.

As good believers, do you want my loss?

To make it go wrong.

So that you reflect and
resume the right path.

Your mother has nothing to do with it.
She's trying to help you.

I didn't raise you like that.

The pastor says that if
repentance is sincere,

God forgive everything.

Go see him, talk to him.

Think of the blessings
God has given you.

A bride who received Christ.

Lovely, good family.

Two wonderful children.

A beautiful life.

Why do you want to give it up?

I think if God did this to me,
it is His will.

God made you in His image.


God doesn't want you like that.

Look at me.

Don't be a humanist.

Neither you nor man
is the center of life.

The happiness of men comes
after the will of God.


I pointed out verses to you.
Read the.

Ask for help.

Make a promise of faith.

We'll help you pay for it.

Is not it ?

You remember

divine meetings of
which the pastor speaks?

With Francisco, that was it.

God forbid!

It's exactly that.

You mix everything.

You are destroying us all.

Isa's statements to the
judge are overwhelming.

I think the kids would
be better off with it.

In all directions.

It's ridiculous.

If Pablo doesn't see the kids,
we neither.

Do you really think
I can abuse a child?


You know me.

Say something.

I can ?


This office reminds me of my parents.

Too bad Pablo has never used it.

It does not only
dishonor our family.

Pablo also stains the
memory of your parents.

You gave him everything.

I don't care about the money.

If you need to cry,
let yourself go.

If you want to go somewhere,
i will take care of children.

Don't torture yourself.

You make the right decisions.

A mother must take care of the
well-being of her children.

Serve madam.

It's hot, my daughter.

Thank you, Rosa.

What time do they start school?

At 7.

I'll pick them up at 6 a.m.

And I will get them back.

Don't worry about anything.

You take them, that's already it.
I do not want to abuse.

It does not bother me.

They need a male
figure right now.

Rosa, where are the children?

- They do their homework.
- Go see them.

My girl,
you no longer need me?

No thanks.

I leave the door open.

You can ask me what you want.

I know.

Look, Pablo.

It is obvious that
you are a good guy.

It feels. I like you.

I assure you.

I find you nice.

I am happy to know you.

You're really cool.
You're a good guy.

So, Tizón,
would you like to pedal with my boyfriend?

Never !

Not true ?

He is beautiful.

I'm watching you !

Where are we going ?

I have something for you.

It's something

which is part of your
birthday present.

Juampi, tell him something.

When are you going?

I will not see it,
but it will run the recording.

Hi, dad, happy birthday.

I hope you had a good birthday.

You'll hear that
when you get home.

Recover quickly !

Good news,

I was selected for
the swimming team.

Mom takes us to another
church to meet people.

Tell him happy birthday.

Happy Birthday !

make Pablo give up

to this demon that invades his body,

to this negative desire.

You know he walks in the
valley of shadow and death.

Give him the strength
to return to his family,

to regain faith in You,

so that his actions
follow the scriptures.

Lord, he's sick.

We implore Your name to give up.

We rebuke him, Lord,
with the authority that You grant us.

Free him from this feeling that
leads him straight to hell.

We act in Your name, Lord.

Free him, Lord.
Break these evil ties.

You know this enemy is sneaky,

He fills his body with this lust,

of this desire towards another man.

We ask You, Lord,
to suppress this carnal desire...

Get away, we're going to break the piñata!

Let's go !

Hit hard !

We have support groups.

The Saturday ?

That's it.

The pastor's wife soon
returns from Miami.

I know.

His conferences are extraordinary.

She went to present her book.
He is excellent.

Read it.
I will give you a copy.

It will be very useful to you.

Thank you. Everything she
gave me helped me a lot.

Will you thank her?

I'll do it for sure.

The support group has
helped a lot of people.

Thank the pastor and his wife
for sending their children.

They had a lot of fun.
Everything was great.

I was delighted to see you.

- We see each other on Saturday ?
- Okay.

Did you like it ?


We had a good time.

She is incredible.


It must not become a problem.

And don't scold Lucia.

What's the matter ?

- Why did you do that ?
- Because.

- This is inappropriate.
- I do what I want.

Do not answer !

Go and apologize to
Andrea's parents.

It is not a question,
I tell you to go.


I miss him too.


You sleep ?

Have you seen Dad?

What are you doing here ?

Is he taking care of himself?

I did not see it.

So why were you punished?

I stole the perfume from Andrea's dad.

Why ?

It's the same as papa's.

And what did you want to do?

You're stupid, Juampi.

I wanted to scent our pillows.

Like that, we would have dreamed of him.

Do you think I'm going to
have the same illness as him?


It only happens to men.

It's because of the chromosomes.

Can we die?

I dunno.

If I die,
I will go live with grandpa and grandma.

If you go to heaven.

Uncle Abel said that
because of this disease,

papa was condemned.

I do not believe it.

Good night, Juampi.

I imagine

that it must not be easy

to bear

the weight of people's
incessant judgment.

I understand you.

Do you believe

that we have the right to be
happy by making others unhappy?

The most important,
is not to be fooled

by what we believe to be happiness.

There are moments of joy

that certain worlds can bring.

But these are sparks
that don't last.

Even though I know we would all like

may they be eternal.

We human beings

we are all great fishermen.

But what matters,
that's not what we are,

but what we do.

Thank you for the welcoming.

I didn't know if I could come
and see you in my situation.

We're going to have to analyze
your concept of church.

Are you a believer?

Yes Madam.

I don't want to know
what you believe.

My boy, you know who I am.


I have nothing against you.

My son

is lost.

He hurts himself

and in fact to other people.

It will hurt you too.

Save yourself this suffering.

Thank you for your concern, but...

for me,
suffering is part of life.

The word "gay" is said to mean "joy".

But you are right.

Behind this word,
there is only suffering.

For a couple to be happy,
it must be complementary.

I don't know how you see life,

but a life without a woman,

it is unnatural.

There must be a balance in the couple.

Someone has to bring
the feminine touch.

Pablo does it very well.

I always say it,

you raised him well.

Your massage is finished.

I leave you.

Hi !

How is it going ?
Sorry, i am late.

Forgive me.

Why are you always late?

Yes, I know, I'm sorry.

The bookstore closes in 10 minutes.

- What should you buy?
- Things for work.

- Great ! Did you find a job?
- Yes.

Or ?

At the church.

Dude, you take two steps
forward and three steps back!

You asked for a job at the church!

It's the only place you want me.

With references from my ex-boss,
impossible to obtain an interview.

It is a good opportunity.

I have children, I have to work.

Collect the tithe,
it's really a great idea!

If you saw the work that the church is doing
with this money, you would change your mind.

Basically you think
working for the church

will redeem the life you have chosen.

You are not condemned
because you suck cock!

I do not know.

And neither do you.

You don't believe in anything.

Yes, I believe.

But my God doesn't forbid
me to live my life.

The church

is a place where
fishermen are welcome.

You and I are not fishermen.

You're here ?

Do you think you are in a hotel?

No, but I don't have my keys.

You've seen the hour ?

Open me, please.

What's wrong ?

You hurt the eye.

I don't like you going out alone.

Show me.

Do not move.

Sit there.

If you want to throw up, do it here.

What happened ?
Who did this to you?

I don't know, guys.

I saw nothing coming,
they beat me.

Show me.

It will sting a little.

The requested number is not...

It's almost finished.

She doesn't answer.

I'm going to see my children.

Stay here, safe.

- I am coming with you.
- No, you're too drunk.

Go ahead.

Don't worry, it's just a jolt.

It calms down.


- See you soon.
- Okay.

Sorry to leave you like this.

- Are you opening me, Carlos?
- I can not.

Happy to see you.
Did you feel the tremor?

I am worried about children.

We took them out of the house.

As it stopped,
they returned.

- What happened to you ?
- A tinker.

Let me enter.
If it ever starts again.

You should leave, everything is fine here.

If I let you in,
I'm getting fired.

I'm going to have to call security.

Leave it, Carlitos.

You are not allowed
to come to my house.

You break the law.

I wanted to see how the
little ones were doing.

Are you leaving us for a moment?


Help me.

According to the pastor,
There is a solution.

Otherwise, I go to live in the
United States with the children.

Here people start chatting.

What is the pastor proposing?

Books, please.


Come with me.

Let’s go.

It's easy to prepare.

The morning,
you mix all the ingredients,

you make several doses

and you give it six times a day.

This is just a tool
that can help you.

You do the work,

You will feel changes.

It will help calm her libido.

He will learn to control himself.

Here is the notice.

Without wanting to insist,
it is not a miracle.

It is not quackery.

It is a tool that can help you.

If you help yourself.

We have helped a lot of people.


How are you feeling ?

Me ?

God loves fishermen.

God loves you.

What He does not like is sin.

It is good that you accompany
him in this process.

Did you invent the cure?

It comes from Chile.

We use it everywhere.
Especially in Paraguay.

Throughout Latin America.

And soon in Brazil.
Right, Mr. Pastor?

That is true. God willing.

You must sign below.
You too.


We keep a copy.

Are you the check?

I will send you everything by email.
You can recheck.

Come on, Pablo.

Do not worry.
Everything is explained in the instructions.

Don Pablo,
your phone was ringing in your room.

Thank you.

We are going to do strengthening exercises.

I show you,
and then you do it.

We're going up.

We go down, contracting.

Tighten this part well.

Legs apart?

That's it, legs apart.

Let's try.

We raise.

Contract the muscles.

Feel it.

We're going up.

We can feel it.

Do you practice oral sex?

Nothing in the Bible says
that fellatio is a sin.

As many women refuse,

men will look elsewhere.


Two mezcals, please.

Can I buy you a drink?

I'm not very funny,
at the moment.

The mezcal is very good here.

It is handcrafted.

Mauro reports it from the Gulf of Mexico.

What is a woman like you doing here?

Little one, I thought faith,

it was like alcohol.

It intrigued me that my
father loves him so much

and my mother hates it.

And vice versa.

Later, I understood

that we chose the
drink we wanted.

And I learned

that every lifestyle has
rules that must be followed.

I work with people who strive

to respect the rules
they have chosen.

I help them not to break them.

Even if the temptations are strong.

You threaten me.

Two more, please.

Not at all.

And I feel like you're
a pretty smart person

so as not to fight a
war lost in advance.

I’ll lose the war,
according to you ?

When you realize what
you are really doing,

you will understand what
it means to win or lose.

Do you really believe that
God wants us to be harmed?

Or be exterminated,
as in Chechnya?

I did not come to speak about God.

I came to make you
understand the rules.

I'm the one paying.


my father,

we come to ask You for abundance.

Plenty for our efforts.

For our sacrifices.

You know very well the needs
of each of Your faithful.

Remind them that they
will never be alone.

Help them accomplish their goals.

Help them out of their suffering

so that they know that
no suffering is in vain

if You are by their side.

Remind them

that we reap what we have sown.

How ?

Thank you so much.

How much, brother?

Two thousand.

How ?


Cash it when you want.

How ?

- It's too much ?
- Pablo will love it.

They are beautiful.

They smell good.

- You are beautiful too.
- Thank you.

Today is a great day.

She is very beautiful and well-mannered.

The women of the church,
it is not my type.

Are you drinking something?

A small glass, gladly.

I will help you.

Rosa, serve them.

Are you helping me, Isa?

I finish this side.

Luis, stop drinking.

Mom, let's party!

Leave it.
Today is exceptional.

The children's glasses are missing.

I will fix it.

Wait, he hasn't arrived.

It will cool.

Put it back in the oven.

Pablo doesn't like it
when the chicken is dry.

We'll put some sauce back.

I bring the glasses.

That's enough.

I'm hungry.

What time is it ?

Children must eat.

I'm alright.

Let them at least eat cake.

It is not a meal.

She's right, he won't come.
Serve them.

Get rid of everything.

- Even for that, he's not a man!
- What?

Stop protecting him,
here is the result!

Look Luis,
over 40 and still not married!

You are hurt, Isa.

But we raised our sons

like men, gentlemen.

Something happened to
Pablo after the wedding.

We must stop being
ashamed and speak

of your intimate problems.

According to restorative therapy,

mother prevented son from
identifying with male

because it created an
overidentification with itself.

- Who told you that ?
- Pastor.

And all this is made worse

by a weak and failed father.

Doña Isa.

Not now.

Monsieur is outside.

Rosa, children!
Pablo has arrived.

Are you in this state?

Walk right.

Make an effort.

Hello Sweetie.

How is it going ?

- Let her go !
- Calm down.

Look at you !

- It is shameful !
- It's your fault, leave me!

It's my daughter !

Calm down, Pablo.

Let her go !

Let go of her, Pablo.

Let go of her right away.

You complicate things.
Calm down.

You dare to come in this state?

Take her, Abel.

Let go of me !

Pablo, you've hit rock bottom!

You will never see us again!

I want to see my children.

The first step, the most difficult,

you have already overcome it,

because you are not effeminate.

The phase of elimination
of bad habits

is the longest.

This part is already won.

The second phase is abstinence.

And the last phase,

is to come back to women,
towards the family.

To live according to the word of God.

We are not on earth to be
happy without compensation.

We have to make
sacrifices for God.

It is the key to happiness.
You understand ?

Yes Madam.

- You understand ?
- Yes Madam !

Think about that

while you take a vow of silence.

Some of you have come to heal.

Others are there
to help you heal.

There are friends and
therapists in the group.

Anonymity will be maintained.

Hold it, don't let go!

Turn it over!

Push him away like a man!

Stronger !

Catch him by the neck,
take over!

That's it.

Don't let yourself do it.

Defend yourself as a man!

Not like fagots!

Fight !

You're not fucking!
What the hell are you doing?

We recover.

We breathe and start again.

Without touching.

Quick, we don't laugh.

I hadn't gone to bed so
early in a long time.

But I feel good.

We will get there.

Be aware of hygienic gestures.

It has nothing to do
with gestures of vanity.

They defile the soul.

The first words you
say in the morning

determine the attitude we
will have during the day.

We must first thank Him.

Let us pray.

Blessed are You, Lord,

king of the universe.

You didn't make me a pagan.

You didn't make me a slave.

You didn't make me a wife.

A bit stronger.

Blessed are You, Lord,
king of the universe.

You didn't make me a pagan.

You didn't make me a slave.

You didn't make me a wife.

Are you trying to heal?

Don't lie to yourself.

You must seek to satisfy
your legitimate needs

love, affection,
attention and approval

in men, without eroticizing them.

You understand ?

Work on it.


Let's talk about your first experience.

You remember ?

What do you feel ?


It's normal.

Listen to me and say the first
thing that comes to mind.






















Sign there. It is the discharge
of civil responsibility.

This way.

Everything will be alright.

Lift your testicles.

It will not be long.

Everything will be alright.

You can do it.

That's it.

It is the discharge of
civil responsibility.

Sign there.


You hear me ?

Yes it's me.

Good. And you ?

Yes, I am fine.

I'm sorry, I couldn't.

I didn't have a cell phone.

I was not there.

I want to see you.

Can you come to the apartment?

Yes, I'm sure.



It's part of the therapy.

I want to introduce my wife to you,

the mother of my children.

And the rest of my family.

I asked forgiveness for
everything I did to them.

I beg your pardon,
you too.

It was my duty to show
you that we were wrong.

Give up the apartment.

I don't need it anymore.

I had a gift for your children.

Information on therapy.

She helped me a lot.

Forgive me please.

Each of us has a goal of
faith, Lord.

We want to grow and
prosper in Your name.

Through wisdom.

Because You submit us to the
Scriptures, our Father.

We ask You

that all these lost sheep

come back in the right way,
Your way.

Thank you Lord !

Lost sheep are returning
to the Church today.

Thank you !

Watch over these sheep who have
remained far from the flock,

in the valley of
shadow and death.

May they regain faith,
built on the rock, not on the sand.

Lord thank you!

We know how great their pain is.

Thank you, Father.
We love You, Lord.

This praise is for You.
Thank you !

Oriane Charpantier & Nelson Calderón

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