Trek: The Movie (2018) - full transcript

Trek follows a young Mormon teenager named Tom and his friends on their handcart journey. Along the way they try to smuggle in unsanctioned food, battle sibling rivalry, encounter a "...

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Well, he's your dad.

I mean it is his rule.

Anyone who sleeps in late...

Run, run, run.


Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Are you worried about today?

I'm taking 150 teenagers
into the wilderness

for three days.

What's to worry about?

You're right.

There's nothing there to lose sleep over.


What are you listening to?

General Conference.

You're not supposed to have that.

Mind your own business, okay?

'Cause like sacrifice is for losers.

Hey, that's mine.

Gotta get down to the church,

for all I know they could high diving

into the baptismal fountain by now.


It's a stake activity, you really think

anyone's gonna be on time?

See ya in three days.

Make sure you
match the code on the sheet

with the one on the envelope.

We got it, mom.

We're gonna
have to wrap this up.

Hey, David Reader, is that us?

That's right, Jamie, we had to use

some of our own family history.

How many of these
did you end up doing, gran?

150, one for each trekker.

Brother Pratt wanted to make sure

that each of the kids
has someone to represent

who actually crossed the plains.

They mentioned that at
orientation, right Tom?

Oh, I don't know, grandma.

Well Brother Pratt,
he is such a great man.

That's why it makes me so sad...

Hey, hey Tom, have you
finished packing yet?

We need to be down to the
church in a half an hour.

The activities they plan
for the young people nowadays

are so special.

They come back with
such strong testimonies.

You'll be all ready for you mission Tom.

Oh yeah, that.

Have you thought
about where you want to go?

Yeah, I was thinking Brazil.

Teaching among the Lamanites, wonderful.

I was actually thinking
about all those nude beaches.

At least we know your grandmother's

pacemaker still works.

Yeah well, would you
rather I told her the truth?

All right, just go get your pack on.

I'll take you to the stake center.

No, I'm not going.

Why not?

Because I don't want to
pull a simulated handcart

for three days so I can have a simulated

spiritual experience and
gain a simulated testimony.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you had

a great experience at
youth conference last year.

Yeah, but that's when I thought

all that stuff still worked.

Listen Tom, I know it hurts...

Oh, no I'm not.

Forget about it.

I'm going back to bed.

Tom, just wait.

Just give this a chance.

I mean spend some time with your friends

and hang out in the
trees and the fresh air.

Look at the stars.

I really don't want to.

All right, no pressure here, but dude,

it's a camp outwith girls.

Dad, please don't ever
do that again, it's scary.

Seriously though, if
you go on this trek,

I'll pick up your ski pass this season.

Deer Valley?

Don't push it.

Okay just...

Are you gonna
carry that thing the whole way?

Her name is Elizabeth
Barton, and I call her Lizzie.

And yes, mothers carry their
children across the plain.

That's because they had to, okay.

It's not like they sewed
one just for the trip.

At your level of spiritual development,

I don't expect you to
understand it Sterling.

Shauna, I have more
spirituality in this pinky

than you do in your entire body.

You know you can't
wear those clothes, right?

Yeah, well
what I know is that you

can mind your own business.

Oh my freakin' heck!

Good morning Susan.

Good morning.

Hey, do you have your test strips?

Right in here.


Your blood sugar gets
low, you'll let me know.

I know, I will.

Okay thanks, have fun.

You Pratt?

Ms. Needles?

Mr. Pratt, nice to finally meet you.

This is Wendell.

He drives the supply truck.

Oh great, hi.

So this your rodeo?


Well I'm the medic...

Are you the trail boss or not?

Well I don't think
I call myself the boss

that title belongs to my wife.

We're looking for the
guy who can make sure

nobody goes potty on the trail.

Yeah well, then I guess I'm your guy.

Morning Sister Bartlett.

Good morning, Brother Crabbe.

Outstanding day, isn't it?

It is a really sunny day for a long...

It reminds me of midsummer Reykjavik.

The sky doesn't get any bluer.

Yeah, Wes is gonna love
your hair after you've slept

on the ground for three days.

Get lost, you little creep.



You look great.


Oh yeah.


Oh hey guys, I didn't mean.

Oh, I can't tell you
how long I've waited

for that to happen.

Hey what happened to ya?

I had to buy oranges.

I thought you already had bought...

Don't ask.

Hey Brother Pratt.

Yo dude, looking good
with the whole you know hat

n'stuff like that.

You look like one macho Mormon trekker.

Well at least my face ain't
gonna get fried, gringo?

You allowed to post that
'cause they don't let you

bring electronics on this.

Dude, relax.

It's all good, okay.

Brother Pratt asked me to bring it

I guess to make a home
video about it or something.

That's chill, that's chill.

Just leave me out of it, okay?

No worries, you're gonna
bring down my views anyway.

That's harsh, man.

That hurts my feel goods.

Yeah well guess what, I hope it does.

Hey look Tom came.

I thought Tom wasn't comin'.

Hey Tom!

So what they give you?


You know the parental
units, what did they give you

to join this ritual of misery?

Right, last we talked
you were binge watching

The Walking Dead this weekend.

Season pass, Park City.

Sweet man, I wish my parents
would give into bribery.

- Hi guys.
- Hi Brother Pratt.

Got three days worth of batteries, Mike?

Okay, the three of you look great.

The two of you look
decidedly 21st century.

Sister Bartlett has all kinds
of hats and vests and things.

Go take care of it, will ya?


And, here we are folks already

stepping back into history.

Check out these
bandidos peligrosos.

Say hello to history, boys.

Okay, we're done.

Turn that off.

Hey Amanda.

Hey guys.

Hey Amanda.

Who's your friend.

This is my cousin Anna.

This is Mike, and these are

The Beverly Hillbillies.

Howdy fellas.

Hi, I'm Tom.

Are you ready for this
bizarre cultural ritual thing?

Let's call it Mormon cosplay.

Nice, I like that.

That's funny.


I'm Sterling by the way.


So Mike,
you're going to video us?

Yeah, Brother Pratt you
know he actually asked

me to bring it, and so I brought it.

And, yeah.

Cool, cool.

Oh, come on Anna.

I want you to meet Marsha.

She knows everything about everyone.

Okay dude, she's gone.

You can reconnect your brainstem.

I didn't know anyone would
look that hot in gingham.

Okay, okay listen 21 Pilots
three weeks from Friday.

I got the tickets.

She's not gonna come if you don't ask.

I know it's just she can
get any guy she wants and so...

Yeah, yeah, she can okay.

So you gotta convince
her that that guy is you.

It's you.

I know I just, I know...

Do you have a stutter?

Okay, what are you talking about Mike?

You've been waiting to turn
16, so you can ask her.

Yeah, when no one's actually
gonna have a heart attack

when you hold her hand.

Listen, she has three
days where she can't

even check her Instagram.

Get it done.

Hey Marsha, I want you
to meet my cousin Anna.

Oh my heck, that is such a cute dress.

Did you make it?

No, it was my Aunt Elaine's.

She made it for the road show I think.

Oh, well this was my
sister Jill's dress.

She wore it on a trek like
this I think three years ago.

Well anyways, when she got back, it had

all these spots on it.

Turns out it was chicken blood.



All right, thanks for gathering around.

Let's get this thing started.

Now, all of you got the list, right?

You know what I mean?

You remember the list?

The list of things you can
and cannot take on trek list?

Okay now listen, we're serious about this.

In order to keep this reenactment
as realistic as possible,

we're gonna stick to it.

So there will be no extra
or unauthorized food,

no technology of any
kind, no iPhones, iPads,

Androids, Kindles, earbuds, you name it.

Those of you with medical exceptions,

you know who you are...

As for the rest of
you, get your bags out.

Judgment day's at hand.

Thank you Brother Crabbe.

Hey, just gather your things.

We'll meet kindly under
the awning over there.

Thank you.

Oh man, I am so hosed.

Guys, what am I going to do?

Uh, start eating, man.

Look, it's not funny, man okay.

I got like $100 worth of food in here.

Go ahead, make my day.

Hi guys, I'm sorry, but
you're not really supposed

to have those.

Hey, I need that.


Whatever happened to free agency, huh?

The world's gonna hear about
this, hashtag satan's plan.

What do you want?

Look okay, we can open her head

and stuff her full of food.

That's sick.

That's like cannibalism or something.

Look you can stitch
her up in two seconds.

Nobody's gonna know the difference at all.

If sacrifice is for
losers, than that makes you?

Okay, okay, look it's just a doll, man.

I'm making you an offer.

What do you want?


I get to drive your car anytime I want

for the rest of the summer.


No, no, no, you just have your learners.

Okay, you're going to crash it, no.

Sterling, we're not negotiating here.

Okay, okay, okay, just do it.

Oh, and you're paying for gas.

No way.


Okay, okay.

Oh, come on.

It's 7:00 am. for heaven's sakes.


Is this something I should worry about?

It's all taken care of.

Jesse's keeping an eye on them.

Maybe this is an inspired activity.

All right everyone,
before we hit the road,

let's have a word of prayer.

Mike, would you offer that for us please.


And brethren, hats off.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank thee

for this beautiful day.

We thank thee for the
opportunity for all of us

to go on trek.

We're grateful to be out
here in this beautiful place

with good friends.

And please, we ask, Heavenly Father,

that thou will watch
over us and be with us

on the river today.

Please bless Lehi doesn't get scared

and cry on the river.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



Alright everyone, let's load up.

All right, now we're
about to head out on trek.

Let's find out what everyone has to say.

Hey Lehi, do you think this
trek will be hard for ya?

Oh come on, these things are gonna have

like wheels, and there's gonna be

like 10 people pulling 'em.

What's the big deal?

True, true, true.

How 'bout you, Brad?

What are you expecting out of this trek?

I hope 10 minutes in it starts raining,

and it keeps raining
for three days straight.

That would be lit, right?

Am I right?

True, true.

How 'bout you Bobby, you ready for this?

I don't know.

I'm gonna miss my phone.

Ah, he's gonna miss his phone.

Miss Anna, what are you expecting

out of this trek?

Ah, I honestly have no idea.

Me too, actually.

How 'bout you Shauna?

Worried about any snakes?

There are gonna be snakes?

I'm out.

I can't do this.

Me neither.

Amanda, um, sorry, what are
you expecting this trek?

I don't know, maybe lose a few pounds.

I think you're fine
just the way you are actually.

Well thanks, Mike.

Mike, shut it off.

I don't even have all my makeup on today.


Look into my eyes, Mike.

Three days.

All right
everybody let's load 'em up.

Three days.

Come on, come on.

Let's go.

I've got one question, what
the hell are we doing up here?

What you want to go down?


They'll think we're a
bunch of weenies right now

if we go back down.

See you in the river.

Oh crap.



Tom, it's time to go.

All right everyone, listen up.

All right, let me turn some
time over to Ms. Needles

for a few last reminders.

She's the head of Another Man's Shoes

Living History Reenactment Excursions.

So please everyone, listen up.

As of this moment, we
are guests on federal land.

And, they expect us to
follow a few simple rules.

Number one, stay on the designated trail.

If you get separated,
follow the white cow skulls.

That's what they're there for.

Number two, no fires
except in designated areas

at designated times.

Number three, don't leave trash

of any kind behind.

So if you drop it, pick it up or someone

may very well make you eat it.

Okay, that's, thank you, Ms. Needles.

All right, I need the following people

to come up here and form a line please.

Jeremy Wright,

Chelsea Martin,

Tom Jensen,

Amanda Peterson,

Anna McDowell.

Do they know, I'm not...

Don't worry about it, come on.

Sterling Bennet,

Marsha Hegstrom,

Mike Sandoval.

All right, in the past
your leaders have been

the parents of your groups.

But, we feel there's an opportunity

for you older kids to learn things

a little bit differently.

Your leaders are still gonna be with you,

but this time you're in charge.

Anna, can I see that envelope?

Thank you.

Now, there are two
envelopes of each color,

one for the ma, and one for the pa.

Inside is the rest of your family group.

Your job is to help the
company, keep 'em happy,

make sure they drink plenty of water,

and rub their feet if they get tired.

Except you Sterling.

All right, find your partners.

We've gotta move quickly.

We've got a lot of ground
to cover, all right?

Always knew I'd end up with someone

tall, dark, and handsome.



I guess you and I...

Yeah, I guess.

In each of your
envelopes is the biography

of someone who walked over 1,000 miles

to join with the saints
in Zion in the 18408.

A lot of people gave up their
lives to make that journey.

But, sacrifice is a very
personal experience.

And, no one knows really how they're gonna

react when they're asked
to give up something

they never imagined they'd lose.

These people did, and
maybe there's something

they can teach us.

Okay, it's a beautiful morning,
got a long day ahead of us.

Let's walk.

So you Amanda are cousins?

Yeah, I'm just visiting for awhile.

Where are you from?

Los Angeles.

Oh wow.

You ever do one of these before?

Ah no, I'm not, I
don't go to your church.

Oh you, oh.

So my cousin when she did trek,

she had the first day a blister
on the sides of her foot

like the size of a quarter.

And then by the next day, it was like

the size of a dollar.

And, then I swear I'm not joking,

on the third day, it
was like half her foot.

Isn't that crazy?

Hey Amanda?


So I was wondering
you know if maybe you...

So who was Mary Thompson.

Ah she, I was born in England in 1822.

Me and my husband Daniel,
that would be you,

were taught the gospel by someone named

Hebrew C. Kimble.

We crossed the ocean in
1849 to join the saints.

Oh my gosh.


Along the way, we lost two children,

a six year old boy and
a three year old girl.

Our provisions have grown so scarce

that we have to suck on the
seems of the flour sacks

in a final attempt to draw the last dregs

of nourishment from the threads.

That's so sad, you know?

I mean what would you even do.

Just so...

So helpless, so alone.

You know what's
so cool about fires?


Everything around us just disappears.

I mean like there's no
trees, no rocks, no water.

It's like we're completely alone.

Well you think you're
alone, but really anyone

who's within five miles can see you.

Well you see that's what's so cool.

Like we're alone, but we're not.

Let's break.

Chow! Just pull your
carts up here along the fence.


Ah, what's this?

That's lunch, eat up brother.


Like this isn't lunch.

It's not even a snack.

You don't want it?

No, I don't.

I mean I want it, but like
you don't have any more, do you?

Son, are you a priesthood holder?


Did I just have my personal
priesthood interview?

Hey Shauna, how's the baby?


You know the baby, the
one that has my stuff in it?

Geez, you don't have to make
it sound like a drug deal.

Well hey man, okay, I'm dying here.

You're pathetic.

Thank you.

- Sterling, Sterling.
- What?

Hey, come with me will ya?

We've got a lot of
blistered feet to deal with.

And, you've got your first
aid merit badge, right?



- Hey.
- Hey.

Come on.

I've seen that.

Amanda's really pretty, isn't she?

She's, yeah.

Have you thought about
maybe asking her out?

She can go outwith any guy she wants.

Mike, any girl here would be thrilled

to go outwith you, any of them.

Don't make it so hard.

You think so?


Dating should be fun.

You know find someone you connect with

and just let things happen.

And, do me a favor will you?

Whoever you choose, don't just text.

Hold her hand, look in her eye.

You know that's pretty
old school Sister Hanson.

Yeah well, don't knock
it till you try it.

Care for another
orange, Sister Bartlett?

Oh, I don't know.

Is it legal?

Well, if you were a teenage
boy who needed to learn

about discipline and sacrifice, maybe not.

But, since that isn't the case.

Thank you.

That's what I love about this church.

Every activity, every
interaction is designed

to help us realize the truth within us.

Have you been in the church long.

473 days, best year
and a half of my life.

How did you first run into the church?

I was in Cartagena doing
electronic surveillance

on an interest I can't disclose

when two young men in
white shirts and ties

knocked on the door of my bungalow

and introduced me to a
new way of viewing life.

So what were you before that?

I was a pagan animist.

I'm sorry I'm not familiar
with a pagan animist.

Mostly I worshiped snakes.

Come on, gather around.

Let's go.

Hey you've got the pair?

All right people, we've got a few hours.

Let's get rolling, come on.

So why are you doing this?

I was visiting Amanda.

I guess I could've stayed there

and watched Amazon Prime.

And instead, you're
walking for three days

and going without food.

Why are you doing it?

My dad said he's buying me a ski pass.

Why would he do that?

I think maybe he thinks it's going

to improve my attitude.

What's wrong with your attitude?

What are you a reporter or something?

Yeah actually.

I'm studying journalism
in college in the fall,

and you didn't answer my question.

Look, let me tell you something.

You hang around Mormons long enough,

you find out that
everybody knows what's true

and what's right, and
they're all just waiting

to help you find it.

So wanting to help you is a bad thing?

Yeah it is if it's all just made up.

I don't know how anybody knows

What's true about anything.

Okay, so the Three Nephites,
they're out there

preaching, saving lives, right?


Okay, so what I want
to know is what they'd do

in their time off.

I don't think they get time off.

Well they got to get a day off,

so what did they do?

Go water skiing, play video
games, get a smoothie?

They have visions, bro.

Like they see the whole
history of the universe.

Super Smash Brothers ain't
gonna cut it with these guys.

But, the prophet's
seen movies, hasn't he?

Maybe PG movies.

- Or PG-13, shoot.
- PG-13, shoot.

Is this child you
carry, Elizabeth Barton?


We gather together
today to mourn the death

of baby Elizabeth Barton,

Hey have you seen Shauna?

- Shush dude, it's a funeral.
- A member of Edward Martin's

Handcart Company who was
only 1 and 1/2 years old

when she passed away in her mother's arms

on July sixth, 1856.

Lizzie's father, William
Barton, followed her in death

on September 30th leaving
his wife, Mary Anne

Wait, what are they doing?

and her other daughter Mary Barton

to finish their trek by themselves.

No, no!

No, you can't do that!

Wow, he's really getting into it.

Better put some rocks on that grave

to keep the wolves from
getting to the body.

But, but...

Dude, it's just a doll.

Sorry bro.

Come on Sterling, let's
just try to walk it off,

shall we?

What do I want to eat?
Fried chicken,

potatoes and gravy, and a giant lemonade.

That's what I want.

I want a big half pound burger

with lettuce, tomato, ketchup.

Homemade scones with butter
and my mom's apricot jam.


Porterhouse Steak, medium rare.

Pizza with pepperoni and sausage.

Blueberry pie.

Strawberry shake about this big.

Sushi, like crunchy spider roll.

There's not actual spiders in it.

Bacon with anything.

Okay everyone, since we're all here,

I guess we can eat.

Sister Hanson, would you
please bless the food for us?

Our Father in heaven, we thank thee

for delivering us safely to
this place of beauty and rest.

We thank thee for this food
that we are about to partake of

and ask for a blessing upon it.

Help us to feel thy holy spirit
and follow its promptings.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Am en.

All right
everyone, we have hot soup

and rolls for you tonight.

Anybody hungry?


Is that it, really?

After that long day, nothing?


Let's go get some food, come on.

All right.

So how'd it go for you guys?

Oh, it was great.

You know I got to bandage people's feet

today which was awesome.

And oh, I watched my
Hershey Bar get buried alive

which is awesome.

And yeah, when that wasn't happening,

I had to listen to Marsha
Hegstrom talk my ear off.

So I don't know, eight out of 10 today.

You know I think Marsha's kind of cool.

Oh man, that girl can
talk paint off a wall.

How 'bout you?

How's Amanda?

Look I was kind of busy
with the whole video thing,

so I really haven't had a chance to just...

No, no dude.

You have to talk to her, okay?

She's not gonna say yes if you don't ask.

Listen, I will.


How 'bout you with Anna, Anna?

You guys spent all day together.

Yeah, yeah, she's very cool.

She's not Mormon.

Shut up.

Hey wait a minute.

Doesn't that kind of complicate things?

I don't know, does it?

Yeah fight, like you're gonna go

gallivanting off with a no-mo.

I might.

You know your mom
would freak out, right?

Well, I'm through
obeying all these rules

by some guy I don't even
know who invented them

to save me from being normal.

Whoa dude, just chill out.

No, you chill out!

Not everyone's trying to turn themselves

into some Later Day droid, Sterling.

Man, what's your problem?

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have said that.

Could you hold this for a second?

Thank you.

Oh you know I could
never stay mad at you.

You crazy.

You're getting soup on my pants.

Yeah so when my sister did trek,

they just murdered chickens.

Nice pants, Tom.

I mean so the soup was
like really a luxury.

Did I tell you about
the spots on my dress.

I mean they were everywhere,
and it turned out

it was chicken blood.

So what's going on with you and Tom?

Did I see something happening there?

I don't know.

What's he like?

I think Tom's a great guy.

You know he's sweet, and
he thinks about things,

not just cars and football.

He just...


Well there was an accident last summer,

and Tom's best friend,
Brother Pratt's son,

he was killed.


Yeah so...

Attention campers,

if you haven't noticed,
dinner as it were, is over.

So before you bed down for the night,

you may want to spend a few
minutes taking in this wonder.

Oh, and watch out for rattlers.

Imagine when it was
like this every night,

no Netflix, no internet, just this.

Not a bad show.

We sure don't get skies like this in LA.

Look you can see the Big Dipper.

Wait where?

It's right there.

You see the Little Dipper pointing to it.

Ah, you can find
whatever you want up there

if you look hard enough.

Look you see that little
group of stars over there?

You know what that is?


That's a jacuzzi.

Oh a jacuzzi.

All that warm water.

I can feel the bubbles on my toes.

All right, it's time to get some sleep.

You've got another long day tomorrow.

Brethren, you're with me.

Let's go.

We'll call it 220
yards south, southwest.

So, do you two want to get
back to where you belong,

or should the three of us
kneel down and pray together?

Good morning, girls.

How does she look so good?

Doesn't it make you sick?

Tracey, did your boys top
up their water cooler yet?

Yes, they did last night.

Okay, thanks.

In the fall of 1856, the Martin Handcart

Company hit trouble.

They'd walked hundreds of miles.

They'd run out of food.

And, at one point in a
place called Devil's Gate,

Wyoming, it began to snow.

Heavy, wet flakes fell for hours.

And, as they watched that
path ahead of them disappear,

they knew that freezing and
death were just hours away.

How do you think they handled that?

Did they blame God?

Did they curse heaven
for being left so alone

on that empty, frozen desert?


That morning, those 250
men, women, and children

gathered together, and they prayed.

They prayed.

And, then sang the Spirit of
God like a Fire Is Burning.

Though I hate to break
this to you, but there's

a Devil's Gate waiting out
there for each one of us.

Probably not today or
tomorrow, but at some point,

God will push us to the very edge

so that we can learn what it
is that we really believe.

And, I hope at that point that we'll have

the faith that they had to look eternity

in the face and to know
that He really knows us.


Let's walk.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

We're supposed to get going soon.

Okay, great.

Is there anything that I can...

There's nothing
anyone can do, but thanks.

Come on.

So Amanda, I got these
tickets to 21 Pilots,

and you know I was just
thinking maybe if you're

not committed to doing
something with someone else

that night that you know
maybe you and I could,

yeah that's great.

Just commit.

No, I should be committed.

I'm a freakin' idiot, man.

You know what I'd like to see?


A pioneer's foot.

I mean could you imagine the
callouses on that sucker?

Guarantee they're an inch and a 1/2 thick.

Maybe a couple toes frozen off.

Yeah, that'd strengthen
my testimony for sure.

Oh man.

Oh, great.

Oh, my heck.

Whoo, gird up your loins.

Yippee ki-yay, whoo!

Okay everybody, ready to go?

All right, let's do it!

Come on.

Come on, guys.

Let's go, let's go.

Keep pushing, come on.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.

Remember it's not the
strength of your muscles, son,

it's the strength of your faith.


All right next one.

Sterling, you're not even pulling, help!

Marsha, not the time.

Come on, Sterling, pull!

Shut up Marsha.


Thank the maker.

Good job, girl.

You all right?

- I'm okay.
- You okay?

I'm okay.

So is everyone in your family,

do they all go to church?

Everyone in my family goes to church.

Everyone in my family
always goes to church.

And, you don't like that?

No, it's good mostly.

It's just it seems everyone is so busy

going to church that they don't really see

what's happening.

Like what?

You want to know why I couldn't listen

to Brother Pratt this morning?

It's because I already
know about Devil's Gate.

I've been there.

Sister Hanson, Brother
Pratt, Susan's sick.


Susan, can you hear me?

Lehi, go get some juice.

It's in a cooler in the truck.

Okay, Susan, all
right just take it easy.

You'll be alright.

Hand me the bag, check her meter.

Let's get her up.

Take that.

I'll help you out.

Okay, all right.

Okay, you're low.

Juice'll help.

I'm okay.

Sure, you are.

We'll have her on her feet in no time.

This just happens sometimes.

I'll be all right in just a minute.

You'll be fine.

What are you talking about?

She's gotta go home, man.

She'll be all right,
Tom, she'll be all right.

No, this is stupid!

Let's all just keep walking till nobody

can think straight, and then maybe we'll

all be so confused that
we'll actually think

we're feeling the spirit!

That's enough, Tom.

That is if we're lucky
enough to be feeling anything

at all, not just drop dead first!

No one's dying here, all right?

Okay, let's just,
everyone, take a breath.

Hey you guys, I'm okay.

That's great.

That's just...

I'm outta here.

Nobody's makin' you stay, Tom.

You want to go, go.

Susan, maybe you should go home too.

No, I'm having so much fun.

I just let my blood sugar
get too low, that's all.

I never get to do anything.

You're not gonna make me leave.

Oh, that's great.

You're as crazy as everyone else.

Shut up, Tom!

You don't know how I'm feeling!

This isn't about you!

All right, just cut it out.

Let's just calm down here.

Okay Susan, you can stay,
but I think you should

ride with me in the
truck for a little while.

In an hour, we'll test your
blood and see where you're at.


Tom, make up your mind
what you want to do.

You can wait for the Needles' truck,

or you can come with us right now.

Or, you can stay and pull
your share of the weight.

I'm just gonna drive
you up to the dinner camp.

I'm sorry, everyone.

I apologize for raising my voice.

Come on everyone, let's get going.

When are you gonna stop
beating yourself up, man?

So I'm guessing that
was about last summer.

Yeah, Tom's not usually like that.

Till that trip last summer,
he was like my big brother.

Do you think the
water's gonna be anything

like it was yesterday?

Bobby, that's why we came here.

Oh yeah.

Don't worry, man.

I'm gonna get you through this.


Yeah, I promise.

All right, listen up everyone.

Today's gonna be a little bit different

than it was yesterday.

The water's gonna be a little faster,

and the rapids are gonna
be a little bit bigger.

Translation, today's
gonna be a lot more fun.

Exactly, three laws of the river.

Never leave the boat,
never let go of the paddle,

never stop paddling.

Say it with me.

Never leave
the boat, never let go

of the paddle, never stop paddling.

All right guys, life helmets,
life jackets, let's go.

Alright, guys.

Hey you guys, I'm sorry
about going off like that.

I'm just...

Well, I don't know
about the rest of you,

but I thought it was brave.

It's not easy to stand up to someone

especially when they're leaders like that.

Even if I made a total idiot of myself?

No, Anna's right.

Everybody knows you were
just thinking about...

Thinking about what, about Kent?

Yeah, I guess I was.

But, I still shouldn't
of yelled like that,

so I'm sorry.

That's not what you
should apologize for, Tom.

It's not?


What you should apologize for
was when you almost left us

to pull that freaking
handcart up a mountain.

Remember that?


You guys hear that?

Let's go see what it is.

All right, that was wonderful.

Listen, no pioneers day
was done without kicking up

a little dust before the end of the day.

So brothers, I see a lot of
wonderful sisters out there.

So grab a partner before
they're all taken.

Let's go.

So nobody told me
Mormons like to have fun.

I know.

It's shocking, isn't it.


You want to dance?


Do you want to dance, Amanda?

It's boring.

It'll work.

Hey Amanda, do you want to dance?


Come on.

Well I got a burning in
my bosom that tells me

if a guy wants to score something,

you guys are the ones to talk to.

Am I right?

Okay, okay.

What can I get for this?

Dude, it's good for 50 meters underwater.

It's gotta be worth something.

Have you seen Sterling?

Oh well, Sister Bartlett
told him that he was

supposed to clean up dinner tonight,

but I don't know where he
went, so I had to do it.

So how's your video going?

It's going good.

I mean kind of hard
when you only have footage

of people walking, walking,
and just more walking.

But, I did get this pretty
cool shot of Brother Crabbe

as the angel of death.

Yeah, he was born to play that part.

Hey, you know I think your
YouTube channel's pretty cool.

You watch it?

Yeah, I mean I love that
one where you have the dog,

and you got it on a snowmobile.

How did you get it to do that?

Funny story with that.

So I got dog food, right?

And, I just smeared it
all over the seat, and...

Do you just want to dance, Marsha?

Yeah sure.

You gotta be careful though
when you dance out here

'cause my sister Jill when she did trek,

she danced into a cow
pie the size of Orem.

That's amazing.

Samoans rock!

Thank you.

So what about you, Anna?

What about me?

I don't know, why are you really here?

I told you I was visiting Amanda.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

You just planned a visit while your cousin

was going on this three
day trek in the desert.

I'm here because my
parents are getting a divorce.

They ignore each other all
day, and they scream all night.

I figured if I was
going to feel all alone,

it'd be easier without all the screaming.


I'm sorry.

I'm going to school next month anyway.

It's just hard finding out that something

you really believed in isn't
what you thought it was.

Yeah, I know what that's like.

Oh yeah.

It's so good.

Thank you.

Thank you everybody.

It's now time to get some sleep.

Go back to your campsites.


Goodnight, Tom.

Hey Brother Pratt.

I'm really sorry about earlier.

Tom, I'm sorry too.

What do you say we just
forget about it, shall we?





A skunk just licked me in the face!

It's not funny.

Oh no, ding it and dang it, no.


All right everyone, last day!

Let's go!

Looking good.

Everything all right?

Right as rain.

Listen, we're gonna drive
on back to the trail head,

make sure the trail's shipshape.

You all right with that?

Sounds good.

See you tonight.

Don't touch poison ivy.

Don't touch that.

Don't touch it.

My leg, my leg, my leg.

Oh my heck Sterling.

This happened to my cousin
when he was on trek.

His ankle swelled up like a balloon

and then turned a color
that our mouth gets

when you eat too many grape popsicles.

Marsha, you don't need
to be doing this right now.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

All right Sterling, what happened?

I just fell on the ground.

I twisted my ankle really bad.

I blacked out, and I don't know.

I just woke up on the ground.

And, it hurts.

It hurts.

It hurts.

It hurts really bad.

All right, let me see.

Let me see.

- Is it this leg?
- Yes.


This one?


Okay, yeah no.

Don't, don't, don't touch the shoe.

It's gonna blow up like a balloon.

Don't touch the shoe.

It's fine.

This ankle?

Okay don't that's really hurting.

Just put me in the truck.

Just put me the truck
and give me a Twinkie.

Just give me a Twinkie
and put me in the truck.

I'll be fine.

In the truck?

Okay, right.

All right.

Hey guys, could you help lift Sterling

into the truck please?

Whoa, stop, stop!

Don't move.

Okay Sterling, shush, Sterling.

Okay, don't move a muscle.

There's a rattle snake.

No shush, don't breathe.


All right just.

Sterling, Sterling, listen.

Slowly, slowly turn
your head to the right.

Slowly turn your head to the fight.

I don't want to hit you with this.

Oh Sterling, watch out!

That was too easy.

I'm glad you're okay, Sterling.

What was that Brother Pratt?

His ankle will be fine.

That's not funny.

Come on guys, I think
it's time for Sterling

to pull the cart by himself!

Come on.

Oh no, come on, it was a joke.

Yeah well, it wasn't funny.

It was funny.

I thought it was funny.

No, it wasn't, Sterling.


I bet there's gonna
be a big turkey dinner

once we get back to camp.

I'm gonna eat so much food.

I'm gonna stand up
straight, and then I'm going

to throw up.

I don't think that's quite the point

of this experience, Brad.

Hey are you okay?

Sister Hanson, Sister Hanson!

I think Susan's sick again.

You're gonna be alright.

All right, this has slowed
you down a little bit,

but the Needles are bringing
up the read in their truck.

No problem.

We'll need to get Susan back which means

you're in charge Tom for real.

I got it.

Drink lots of water, and
we'll see you at dinner.

All right.


Good to go.

You're going to be alright.

We'll see ya.

Well, let's go.

What are you doing?

He took my spot.

Whoa, whoa guys, stop the cart.

Listen, do you hear that?


You know what I'm thinking?

You guys, I don't know.

It'll be 10 minutes.

It'll be quick.

Yeah, just put the cart right there.

You can see the trail from there.

Let's go, let's go.

Okay you guys, we better get going.

Five more minutes.

Yeah, five more minutes.

All right, I gotta get
Susan off this mountain.

I'll be back in a couple of hours.

You got everything under control?


Alright, I'm grabbing a couple things.

Make sure she's ready to go.

I'm gonna go try to find something

more substantial to eat, okay?

Thank you.

You poor, poor thing.

Here, lay down.

She is hot.

Here, this might help.


There we go.


Seriously guys, that
turkey's not coming to us.

Mmm, turkey.

I think I can smell it from here.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.

Man, I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed.

No rocks.

No bugs.

No, Lehi snoring.

I do not snore.

Lehi, you snore like a goat with a cold.

Oh come on, you gotta be kidding.

It's true, it's true.

That's ridiculous.

Hey Tom, how far did Brother Pratt say

we were from the last camp?

He didn't say.

When was the last time
anyone saw a cow skull?

I haven't seen one of those since...

Since the creek.

They were so dirty by the third day

that when they got out of
the shower, it was like...

Has anyone seen any wheel ruts?

Well, the ground's
been pretty hard packed

right here, so we
probably wouldn't see it.

It's too dark to see anything.

It can't be much further.

Let's just keep going.

tell ya, the butterflies

in the Venezuelan
rainforest are astounding.

Big as your hand, gorgeous colors,

reds, yellows, blues, almost
as brilliant as your eyes.


Thank you.


Ow, ow.

Are you okay?

- Yeah.
- Are you all right?

Can you walk?

Come on then, let's go.



We need to talk.

About what?

What do you want to talk about, Brad?

We just need to decide...

Decide what?

What that we're lost?

Okay yeah, maybe we are.

The only thing we can
do now is to keep going

and look for some light, so let's go.

I'm really cold.

Look, you're gonna be alright.

Susan didn't leave
any food behind did she?

Look, we're going to be fine.

We've just gotta keep going.

Now come on.


Hey, you didn't happen
to see Tom Jensen's group

at the end of the line, did you?


We were way back behind the last group.

I didn't see anybody.

Come on you guys,
just a few more feet.

You set down, put it down.

Get a rock.

Brake the wheels.

You got it?

- We're good.
- Hang on.

- Okay, we're good.
- Got it?

Where are the lights?

Where are the lights, Tom?

It can't be much further.

Look, there's a ridge up that way.

I bet we can see the camp from up there.

You want to go all the way up there?

Do you want to
find the camp or not?

Tom, for all you know,
we could've been going

in the opposite direction.

We could see Colorado from up there.

No, no, we're not that far off.

You don't know everything, Tom.

Yeah well, I know enough to keep

from tripping over my own feet, Lehi.


You know what, forget
you man, all fight.

I'm going back to the trail.

I'm right behind you, bro.

Come on, hey stop.

- Stop!
- Get off me!


Lehi, get back here, Lehi.

Shut up!

Way to go, Tom.

Way to go!

We've gotta stay
together, Lehi, come on!

So we can listen to
you complain all night?

Yeah, no thank you.

Shut up, Lehi!

You're not the boss, Tom!

Yes, I am.

Brother Pratt told me
right before we left.

Yeah, and you've done a fantastic job

so far, haven't you?

I told you to shut up, Brad.

Do you realize that people are gonna die

because of what you're doing?

I said shut your mouth.


Guys, the cart!


The cart!

Lehi, look out!


No, no, no.

On three.


Don't do it!

Don't do it!


Kent no.

Here take it.

We can do this.

You okay?

Where's Kent?

Where's Kent?

I don't know.

I am so sorry.

Do you see him?

Anyone got eyes on Kent.

Grab your paddles.

There he is, there he is!

Lehi, Lehi!

Lehi, talk to me.

Talk to me.

He's alive.

He's alive, hey, hey, hey.

Where does it hurt?


Hey guys, listen up please.

Has anybody see Tom Jensen's group?


All right if you haven't
heard back from us

in two hours, call the county sheriff

about getting a search
team up here, all right?

All right.

Everyone, good luck.

He doesn't look so good.

He's half in shock right now.

We need to get a fire started.

Who's got some matches?

Brad, don't you have some matches?

There's like two left.

All right, well we're gonna
have to make do with these.

Let's gather some stuff to make a fire.

The sage is still green,
so don't use that.

Look for things like you
know paper or dry grass.

You know anything to start a fire.

Tom, Tom, what about the cart?

Oh, I am going to enjoy this.



Do you think maybe we ought
to pray before we try this?

Yeah, okay.

Brad, will you say the prayer?

You do it, Tom.

Lisa, would you mind saying the prayer?



I want you to do it.

Father in heaven,

Father in heaven, if you're out there,

if you can hear this,

we're in trouble here.

It's my fault.

This is my fault.

But, that is no reason that these guys

should have to pay for it.

We need help.

We can't do this on our own.

Come on, Tom.

You know what to do.

We need to be found, Heavenly Father.

We need to be



This isn't right, we
shouldn't be down here.

We need to be up there.

We need to move this.

Set him down.

Stop please.

Lehi, let's never do that again.

You think that was bad?

I'm 30 pounds lighter now
than I was on Thursday.

Wait, wait, wait, hold on!

Don't light that!

Father in heaven, we have
some kids lost out here tonight.

I need your help.


Now, we're talking.

Okay, try that.

Light that up.

Feel that?



That works.

Thank you.

One, two, three.

So what do Mormons do
when you get in trouble?

Mostly we just eat.

♪ The spirit of God ♪

♪ Like a fire is burning ♪

♪ The latter day glory
begins to come forth ♪

Hey guys, shush.

Do you hear that?

Do you hear that?


- Hey!
- Hey!



It worked.

Brother Pratt!

You okay?

You all right?

You're gonna be all right, Lehi.

So are you, Tom.

Here you go.

You know what let me grab you some water.

He got the can, he sprays it.

The fire explodes.

You did good out there today, Tom.

I got us lost, and I
nearly got Lehi killed.

Sometimes, it seems so...

Do you ever feel...

That day on the river.

I prayed so hard, Brother Pratt.

I tried so hard to believe.

Tom, I wish I could tell
you why Kent died that day.

But, I can't.

There are things that happen here

that may never make sense.

But, this I know.

That day on the water Kent gave his life

to save someone else.

I mean isn't that what
we're supposed to learn,

what God sent his son to show us.

So when those days come,
when it doesn't make sense,

when it feels so alone,
I try to remember that.

And, I hope,

the next time,

I see my son,

he's as proud of me
as I am of him.

So that would be plate number?

This, broseph, is plate number four.

Oh, hey that thing earlier did you do it?

You asked?


Hi Sterling, hey scoot.



All right, all right.

Cool guys.

So good.


I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

We good?

Yeah, we're good.

All right.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Do you mind if I join?

Please sit down.

Okay, it looked a little full.

Everything tastes so good.

Even the peas, I hate peas.

These are incredible.

It's just one crazy thing
after another out here, huh?


Yeah, speaking of crazy, what happened

out there on that hill tonight, Tom?

Where did that idea come from?

I think,

maybe we weren't as alone out there

as we thought we were.

There was a huge hill.

I ended up using this hairspray

that I found in a makeup
bag to start the fire.

We had like one match left.

We were so worried.

Hey guys.

You came!

I was so worried about you.

I'm glad you guys are home.

- Yeah.
- Group hug.

- Oh group hug
- Good to see you, yes.

Oh Tom, you smell so bad.

You guys stink so bad.

That is... ew.

Oh okay,
put it away and give me a hug.

Come on.

I'm gonna miss you, Carol.

miss you too, good job.

Thank you, I tried.

You did it.

You did it, right?

- I thought I was gonna die.
- Didn't think you could.

Oh there you go.

How does it feel?

You are now in the camera.

Hey Brother Pratt.

I just wanted to say thank you.

You're welcome.

You should come over some time.

Cindy would love to see you.

Yeah, yeah, I'll do that.

Thank you.

Been a pleasure, Sister Bartlett.

Goodbye Brother Crabbe.

Sister Bartlett, I
was wondering if perhaps

you'd care to join me in my home

for a scripture study some Sunday evening.

Oh, I'd probably be up, oh.



Oh, I look horrible.

Oh my gosh, don't look at me.

Turn away.

Stop it, please.

You are the most lovely, most striking,

sensitive, tender
creature I have ever seen.

All right, Brother Crabbe,
you want to knock that off?

Here you are.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

This belongs to you.

It does.

Another adventure in the books, huh?

I'll see you Sunday.

You two, be good.

One heck of a vacation, huh?

Yeah, let's see I
got seven new blisters.

I got to see a compound fracture up close,

and I ate quite possibly
the best turkey dinner

that's ever been cooked
on the face of the planet.

So not bad for a long weekend.

Yeah no, that's not bad.

Well hey,

it was nice to meet you.

Maybe I'll see you around in the fall.


Oh the school I'm going
to to study journalism,

it's this private school.

It's actually broadcast journalism.

I don't know maybe you've heard of it.

It's called Brigham Young University.


You mean you're going...

You know Provo's just down the road.

Shauna, slow down!




What are you doing here?

Sunday school started like 10 minutes ago.

Yeah, I know.

Sunday school's for losers.


Let's do it the hard way.

Thanks guys, the worth of
the soul is great, even his.

No problem.


Oh man.

All that spirituality in your pinky?

This is for your entire soul, Sterling.

Don't you guys need to be in like

Sunday school or something?

Sister Anderson sent us to find you.

Relax dude, she brought us treats.

You didn't think we were really going

to keep it, did you?

You guys, rock!

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