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The 14th Congress of the Romanian
Communist Party of November, 1989,

celebrated Nicolae Ceausescu, in spite of
History and seemingly trying to make him eternal.

Palace Hall November 22,1989 Long live,
Ceausescu! All the children sing together.

Long live, Ceausescu! All
the children sing together.

Long live, Romania!
The future communists!

one month later

Bucharest's city center December 22, 1989 We want
the people to come out and bring down the dictator!

We want the people to come out
and bring down the dictator!

No more Dictator on New Year's Eve!

No more Dictator on New Year's Eve!

Free-dam! Freedom!

That's the real Christmas!

Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu,
under the pressure of protesters,

made a decision... li was
3 days before Christmas.

Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party
of Romania December 22, 1989, 12:00 That's the real Christmas!

On their way, they met General
Victor Atanasie Stanculescu,

just appointed by Ceausescu
as Ministry of Defense.

Good day, Comrade Secretary General.

There's a helicopter waiting
for you on the roof, ready to go.

Cautiously, Stanculescu decided
to put his leg in gypsum...

Is if stuck?

Break the glass, maybe you can open it.

Hit it with your gun! Do
it! They'll kill us in here!

This way, please.

Down with Ceausescu!

Don't let them run!

The people have won!

Ole, ole, ole, ole,
Ceausescu is no more!

Studio 4 of the Romanian Television December
22, 1989, 12:40 Okay, good, all right!

You make the first announcement!

You make the first announcement,
then I announce the program!

Then we have the
proclamation and the program.

- Quiet!
- Every second counts!


When we start broadcasting this,

23 million people are
going to see and hear you!

All of you be quiet! Make
the first announcement!

I'll make that!

...after that...

I introduce Mircea Dinescu,
Mo's working on the proclamation!

Yes, after that, the proclamation!

- You get a close-up of Mircea
Dinescu. - No, we're taking a break!

Are you ready?

After the first announcement
we're taking a break!


I'll say: "In 15 minutes
we'll make an announcement. "

Say: "In a short while. "

A short while! Let's do it!

Come on!

The announcement... Silence!

Let's do it! The announcement...


Mircea, I'll introduce
you and you say...

You show them you're working.

- Yes!
- Silence!

Wanting on a statement... A statement!

Let Caramitru go first
because people know him.

- Good thinking.
- Silence!

Attention, please!

We're going live in 5 seconds.





Brahms, m was he“)

we reached the studios of
the Romanian Television.

We managed to get here

behind the shield of tanks,
of soldiers and of students

and of all this people

and of thousands and
thousands of Romanians

and people from other ethnic
groups who brought us here.

Before you stands our hero,
Mircea Dinescu, the poet.

Look at him, please. He is working.

He will tell you what this is about.

Let us look toward God for a few
minutes before we speak to you!

Before we call on a“
forces oi our army.

The army is on our side in
Bucharest'. The Dictator had fled 1.!



a film by

We are happy to have in
the studio lon lliescu.

He is the son got a revolutionary,
of a patriot. He is a patriot, too.

The Snagov Palace December 22, 1989,
13:00 What's the situation at Targoviste?

So everything is quiet?
What about the plant?

Jilava Penitentiary Victor Atanasie Stanculescu former Minister of Defense
The First Secretary told him: "Come to Targoviste and we'll defend you. "

And he left with the idea:

“I'll go to Targoviste because
the steel workers will defend me”.

He has pushed the country's
social and economic situation

to the brink oi disaster,

there are political tensions
and he is, ultimately, guilty

of horrible crimes against the people.

As you can see, he fled like a coward

when the people wanted
to held him accountable.

He is irresponsible.

Others are guilty as well.

There will come the time
fora clear and lucid judgment

Put on the headset

The main culprit is Ceausescu,

this man without heart, soul or brain.

Don't listen to that. It's only lies.

He controlled this country
with medieval methods.

And who even stooped, tragically,

to opening fire, to ordering troops

to open fire on this country's workers!

And he had the gall to speak
in the name of the people!

To speak in the name of defending

the national sovereignty
and independence!

Him? The man who put the
country's fate at risk?

- We're landing? Where are we?
- In Boteni!

- No, don't land in Boteni!
- Not in Boteni!

I'm not going any further.
What if they shoot us down?

- Who could shoal us down?
- The anti-aircraft unit

I told the Air Force Chief to
tell the pilot to find a way

and make them land before Targoviste.

We didn't know how the
town would receive them

and we didn't want to start a civil war.

The commander of the Boteni
unit, Lieutenant-Colonel Suciu,

reported that he had taken
every step to make sure

that the dictator cannot
leave Romania by air.

The helicopter was sealed and grounded.

He is trying to flee the
country using the national roads.

Citizens, be vigilant!

I must repeat the message
because I was not clear enough.

Mihai Nicolae, former dispatch operator of the Dambovita
Police County I started getting reports from citizens

and from some of the
Police officers in the area

that Ceausescu family

landed in a field close
to the military unit

and were looking fora car to
bring them into Targoviste.

- Could you give us a lift to Pitesti?
- Yes, climb in.

Greetings. I am doctor Deca,
the cousin of Stanculescu

from the Party Committee.

Where do you want to go?

To Pitesti, via Titu.

The dictator climbed in a red
Dacia driven by General Neagoe

and whose number could
be 2 B 2646 or 4 B 2646.

It seems that he is
heading for National Road 6.

I ask the units...

He was seen at the steelworks.

Please allow me lo speak.

I ask the units located in the
Arges and Dambovita counties

and near the Boteni Airport

to guard the roads and
to show maximum vigilance

in order to capture the
dictator and bring him to justice

for what he has done to
us for more than 20 years.

I repeat: ifs a red Dacia
car, driven by General Neagoe.

The phones were ringing all the time

because both civilians and our
officers were sending in reports.

All those who saw them
called the dispatch

because the number was toll-free.

An agronomist from Botosani, near 'Titu,
reported via phone that, not long ago,

the car was heading to National Road 8.

All roads to and from the Arges and
Dambovita counties must be monitored.

The driver is an old man who wears a hat

I think we should go through Targoviste,

otherwise they will
cut us off in Gaesti.

Targoviste... Very well.
We'll go to the plant.

Our plant

The people's representatives

are at the headquarters
of the Central Committee.

I hope these words reach
a“ units across the country,

I hope they reach the
Securitate units as well,

because Ceausescu's chaotic clique
has pushed us into chaos and disorder.

Turn it off!

Our people must prove itself...

Turn it off!

Can't you see it's all
lies? This is a coup!

The fuel tank is empty.


Go and seek M me has gas.

I want some gas in order
to reach Targoviste.

I'll pay for it right now.

I don't have any.

Never mind that. You will
take us to Targoviste yourself.

Are you deaf?

Nicolae Ceausescu,
torturer of our people

is at the Titu Airport.
He is trying to flee.

He tried to speak to the people,

but the people booed him
and threw stones at him...

...and he fled from the Palace Plaza.

Now he's in 'Flu!

Those who are close to the
airport should apprehend him...

- Tell the army not to let him flee!
- They must catch the bastard!

Military units which are in the
area must respond to the call

issued by the new political
direction. In order to...

We must not allow the
dictator to escape trial.

He must be apprehended
and brought to justice.

Talk to the military units.

To this purpose, I order the
units of the Titu garrison...

...the Titu Airport...

...the Titu Airport and
the Air Force Command

to take the appropriate measures.

- They must not allow...
- They must not allow him to take off.

They must prevent the traitor
from leaving the country.

We left the package
behind, in the other car!

- What did we leave behind?
- The package!

Don't worry about that

We were told that the car carrying
the tyrant, the former dictator,

has the license plate number 2 DB 305...

A black one.

This time it's a black
one. h' must be followed.

h' must not be allowed
to leave the country.

License number 2 B 3005.

Not B, but Dambovita!

Dambovita, forgive me. A black car.

The borders must be guarded,

those who must answer to the
people must not be allowed to leave.

Fake passports.

There are fake passports and
other tricks that they are good at

and they must not be allowed lo leave.

You will now hear a young man,
a representative of those who...

Turn off the radio!

“Defended our freedom last night.

“defended our freedom last night.

I've done so much for this town!

The Steelworks, Targoviste

Bring me the party
secretary and the director.

Understood, sir.

It wasn't 10-15 minutes before
I got a call from the plant,

from the slag heap, the he had
been seen there, at the heap.

The car and Ceausescu.

There's Ceausescu! The
dictator! The tyrant!

Step on it or they will kill us!

If we die, you die!

It's the dictator! Get him!

Let's apprehend him!

Let's hang him!

Let's skin him!

The Communist Party's Hotel Targoviste

The Communist Party's
Hotel Targoviste Stop here.

The hotel is closed.

The hotel is closed.

Ole, ole, ole Ceausescu is no more!

See 'I It's chaos. The whole
population is in the streets.

Ole, ole, ole Ceausescu is no more!

Freedom X Freedom!

The Plant Nursery, Targoviste

- Where are we going 7
- What are you doing?

In here. It's a safe place.

The manager's wife is a member
of the Party's County Committee.

During this time, Major Mares came
into my office at the dispatch center.

He was from the army base across
the street from our police unit.

He told me:

"My wife told me on the phone that
Ceausescu family is at the nursery. "

What was he doing at the nursery?

Close to the nursery,
at several hundred feet

there was a forest.

In the forest was the reserve command
center for the Army of Bucharest.

Therefore, Petrisor did not take
him to the nursery by chance.

We ca“ on the Securitate units
and on the Securitate personnel,

as we did before, to wake
up in this last moment"

The Ceausescus.

...and distance themselves

The Ceausescus!

...from this common gang oi traitors.
They are the true traitors...

I'm scared. I'm leaving. Maybe
they're armed and will shoot us.

...not Milea, whom he killed.

Before I could get to the
CO's door, the phone rang again

and a woman told me:

"Come quickly because a car has
just dropped the Ceausescus here. "

"Come take them. "

"I'm calling from another
office. They are in another one. "

"They are alone in there, with
our boss. The nursery's boss. "

Tum off the TV!

The active participation
of the people“

Tum off the TV!

...and not of self-proclaimed rulers,

self-proclaimed people's choices,
self-proclaimed communists!

...who have nothing in
common with socialism

or with the ideology
of scientific communism.


They have stained the
name of the Romanian Party,

they have stained the
memory of those who had died

for the cause of
socialism in this county 1!

Do not believe those who
are... who are behind the coup!

Come in, you. Come in.

How dare you '.7

How dare you address
the Comrade like mat?

You have some nerve, after
having mined a people.

What do you mean 'I

We have to live so many
years without electricity,

without running water, without heat.

Nobody starved to death.

What about the 100
grams of salami quota 7

That's not true!

I have ordered to give every citizen...

If the members of this County
Committee failed to comply,

they will answer for this!

Enache and Paise were watching
TV from the 60's antechamber,

through the open door.

Sergeant Major Enache
and Platoon Leader Paise.

Enache was with the Traffic Squad.

Paise was a brave boy
and rather independent.

When he had an idea, he would
put into practice himself.

I came back after making my
report and the CO had told me

that it's not our business and
that it's nothing but rumors.

In the hallway, Paise took Enache aside
and said: "Come, Gica, let's go get them. "

Enache was a timid man.
But he said: "Let's go. "

The car had a radar system on it.

"Are you going?"

"We're going"

"Good, then we'll keep
in touch by radio. "

"We'll report our
position and actions. "

Put me through to the Pitesti
Garrison. The Pitesti Garrison!

Good day, Comrade President

Who are you?

Citizens of the Socialist
Republic of Romania,

have you come to arrest a head of state?

Take your hand off me.

We're not arresting you.
We are from the Police.

Take your hand off me!

The people found out you are here.

They are against you.

It's a coup!

We are hereto help you.
Please, come with us.

Where will you take us?

To the County Police Headquarters.
You will be safe there.


We don't know if information
is true, but if it is true,

then the people have
just won a major victory!

Ceausescu Nicolae and Ceausescu
Elena have been captured.

They are in Targoviste,
may are under arrest.

He's going to crash into us!

What's this?! Why is this happening?!

Stop the car! Stop the car!

Where are you taking them 'I

What are you going to do with them 7

- Leave us alone!
- stop the car!

Leave us, you hear me '2

Stay on me right,
man, slay on the right!

He told me: "I was rammed and
told to stop. What do I do '2"

"You don't stop. Keep going and
try to find a place to hide. "

"Get out of sight somewhere. "

He reached the traffic lights
And told me: "It's a red light'.

"Disregard it!".

They ran the red light

and the man who was chasing
them could not follow them.

He was a civilian and
they were officers.

Andrei Kemenici, former Commander Targoviste Garrison Despite
all the information that I received via television and radio,

and some even by phone,
I failed to apprehend him.

He was sighted at the
Steelworks, at the Nursery,

but I was notified with
a 15-20 minutes delay.

He would be gone by the
time the troops got there

with some means of transport
to take him to the barracks

and protect him.

Chrysanthemum, tell us where you are?

783. 783, please confirm.

The two main pawns are in
my car. What are your orders?

783, please confirm.

Chrysanthemum, where you are?

Don't tell them, don't
tell them where you are!

What are we going to do?

It will help you conceal yourself.

Take my scarf, please.

Now we feared for our boys.

So we told them to go into
the forest at llfoveni.

There's a preserve for
wild game in the forest.

They radioed me that
the gate is padlocked.

Later they told me
they were in a clearing

and waiting for further orders.

Are you on our side'!

We are on your side, but what can we do?

Take us to Pitesti.

- Pitesti?
- Yes.

We would have gone there
straight from the Nursery.

The army is better organized in Pitesti.

We can contact those in charge.

I think we should stay here a bit
longer. Maybe things calm down a little.

Can we get to Voinesti?

We can go wherever you want to.
But I thought you said Pitesti?

No... Voinesti is better.

We don'! have enough
gas to reach Voinesti.

Gasoline is also rationed.

I can't give you more gas.

We get it from the Russians
and pay them in meat.

May I smoke a cigarette '.7

What do the people have against us 7
We did only good things for the people.

The quality of lite is
poor, that's the problem.

What do you mean poor'!

They have enough to eat
and everything they need.

I gave orders for the distribution

of 700 kilograms of grain
per capita every year.

Well, it's not like that.

We, as Police officers,
guarded the grain trucks

and we heard that the
harvest was only 3,000.


What? 3,000 '.7 That's a lie.

The harvest was 3,000 kilos.

The Party Committee
Chairman reported 4,000,

the First Secretary said 56,000

and those in Bucharest
said 7, B or 9,000.

- They kept inflating the numbers.
- That's not true.

I've never seen anybody starve.

Everything is rationed.
Bread, sugar, oil.

What do you mean the bread is rationed 7

In my village, the quota
is half a bread per day.

What du we do '2?

Let's go to the Police
Headquarters, we'll be safe there.

No. Not to the Police.


And what is the problem,
anyway? I have my own home.

We can go to my home in
Petresti and stay there.

I called Enache and Paise.

I had called them before,
but they wouldn't answer.

I asked them: "why did
you refuse to answer"

"because I was getting a bit scared?"

"The Lady Comrade would not let us. "

She had caught the call-sign and
our code and kept telling him:

"Don't answer".

783, 783, Chrysanthemum, confirm.

Don't tell them.

Chrysanthemum, where are you?

We are in Bucsani.

We are safe.

Any more problems at the Inspectorate?

"Come to the headquarters,
everybody has left. "

When it started getting dark,
some of the protesters left.

Thank you. Over and out.

We're not going to the
Police. Take us to Voinesti.

This is an order from the
Supreme Commander of Armed Forces.

Dambovita County Police Headquarters Targoviste
- You say that we should search them? - Of course.

Who are you to arrest me 7

I am Lieutenant-Colonel Cont Stefan
from the Dambovita County Police.

He is...

Captain loan Boboc, Military Unit 1378.

- He is...
- Stirbescu.

- And he is...
- lonescu.

Representatives of the masses.

Platoon Leader Paise.

Begin the search!

And why do you want to
search me and my husband?

Comrade Ceausescu, you are not
supposed to carry any dubious items.

- I am not carrying anything.
- Let's see!


Comrade President, I was
ordered to protect you!

- Who are you?
- An officer of the Romanian army.

What's your name?

Major Mares lon, of
the Military Unit 1378.

- And where do you want to lake us 7
- To a nearby military base.

Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Romania December
22, 1989, 20:00 We were informed that he had been captured near Targoviste.

When the nexus is confirmed, we
will make a public announcement

He will be arrested
and made to stand trial!

Let him stand trial!

On trial! On trial!

She, too! She, too!

Both of them! Both of them!

Comrade President, I am Major Tecu lon,
of the Military Unit 1417, Targoviste,

designated CO in the
Commander's absence.

We are at your disposal in
order to protect and defend you.

What are your orders?

I refuse to talk to
you. Bring me the CO.

He cant come now. He must
calm down the protesters.


What are you planning to do 7

As I said, we are to defend you.

And who are you taking orders from'!

From our superior officers.

Fine, fine, but whose orders?

From Comrade General
Gusa. He commands the army.

Gusa is a traitor. Do
not obey his orders.

Obey the orders of General
Stanculescu. He is your Minister.

I signed the appointment
decree this morning.

lon lliescu had said the same thing.

lon Mares, former Deputy
Commander Unit 1417, Targoviste

lon Mares, former Deputy Commander Unit
1417, Targoviste To obey Stanculescu.

Both Ceausescu and lon lliescu
told us to obey Stanculescu.

This scared us even more. We
had no idea what was happening.

I was in a dog eat dog situation.
li was either him or me.

That's what Militaru
and Stanculescu told me:

"Your life is in their hands. "

"You will answer with your life. "

Those were the kind of
threats made against me.

But I was also thinking hat,
should Ceausescu survive,

it would be the end of us.

We were responsible
for holding him there,

for not allowing him to contact...

I don't know... his trusted
structures or somebody.

We had practically
removed him from his job.

I would say that Ceausescu was removed

from his position as
President, as Secretary General,

the moment he entered
the barracks of my unit.

The first thing he asked
was how he could contact

The Ministry of Defense
or some people in Bucharest

I told him the lines were busy

and that we, too, had
trouble reaching anybody.

My first concern when he entered
the office he was quartered in,

the one I showed you,
with the beds and all that,

was to prevent him
from using the phones.

I asked them if they
wanted something to eat.

Firstly they denied and
asked for mineral water.

I said: 'Where would we
get mineral water from '2"

"The stores are either
ransacked or closed. "

That's what We had heard.

Later we found out that it was no true.

But I said I should bring
them some food and he accepted.


What are you doing 7 Do you
want to kill the Comrade?

- Don't you know he has diabetes?
- How could we know that?

Bring the Comrade
President tea with no sugar

and never add sugar to his drinks again.

Comrade President, we will
leave you alone while you eat.

We're turning a new page in
Romania's political and economic life.

In this time of trouble,

we have decided to establish
the National Salvation Front,

whose main support is the Romanian Army,

and which brings together
all the healthy social forces,

without ethnic discrimination,

and all the organizations and
groups that rose courageously

to defend freedom and dignity

during the time got the
totalitarian tyranny.

The purpose of the
National Salvation Front is

to bring democracy, freedom and dignity

to the Romanian people.

I can't believe it.

After all the things we've done
for the country and the people.

And now they mock us. Organize a coup.

You know about Timisoara, don! you 'I

I wasn't me who gave
the order to kill people!

Don! pay attention to him.

The people will see that the traitors
have turned against the country.

What's your name? Where are you from?

From Pitesti.

And you don'! like
how the city looks now?

Is this how it looked
like in your parent's days?

We've done so much for Pitesti.

May I...

Go ahead.

Why did you leave the Central Committee?

I made a mistake.

I shouldn't have left

I should've stayed
and told the people...

Who's in charge now?




Who is that?

What don't you know who he is?


Iliescu... that one...

Ah! That one.

They wouldn't let me finish
him. And neither would you...

It's all your fault.

You did not let me sack Milea and Gusa,

the traitors who Will destroy Romania!

Down! Down!

Everybody down!

What are you doing, boy '2

Stay down to avoid getting shot!

Who's firing?

Terrorists, who else!

Who 7 Who's firing?

How would I know? Goddamn terrorists!

The problem was that. they appeared...

...what's their name...

I forgot...

...terrorists appeared.

Almost every night that
Ceausescu spent there,

the barracks was the target
of diversionary actions.

Today I realize they were diversions,

but back then I thought
we were under attack,

both from the high school,
the railroad station,

and from the other side,
from the blocks of flats.

But there were only
muzzle flash simulators,

there were various lights,

and the fired, untrained
and frightened soldiers,

who were carrying live ammunition,

tried to take matters in their own hands

and to become heroes
by shooting a terrorist.

All the locals started calling
every time they saw some stranger:

"I saw somewhere a man, dressed
in khakis. He's sneaking. "

Or: "There's a man carrying a weapon,
an assault rifle or something. "

Studio 4 of the Romanian Television December 22, 1989,
23:00 We call on you again to stay awake! Awake, Romanian!

You have slept enough!

Today is not the time to sleep,

but to fight and die for
democracy and freedom!

Come, brothers...

Come, brothers!

Patriotic Guards, military
units, do not sleep!

This night is not for
sleeping! This is our night!

Bring your APC's, defend us, defend...

Our future is being decided now!

Now! This day... night!

Can you provide an APC?

That would take us to the
Voinesti-Campulung area?

I want to stay in a proper house.

You are not safe. People
are still after you.

I'll give you money, promote
you, everything you want.

We can't leave.

We are surrounded by
protesters and terrorists

just waiting fora chance lo get you.

I don't know.

Let's wait for things to calm
down and then we'll leave.

Very well. We'll leave at
2-3 AM when things calm down.

Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Romania
December 22, 1989, 24:00 Nobody's firing on you, nobody has died,

despite the explosion of
incendiary devices, gas cylinders!

This is the army firing!

This is the army firing!

Thousands of bullets were
fired and nobody is dead!

Let everybody go out into the square!

Nothing prevents us from
going forward into history!

Don't leave!

Come on, people!

The revolution is within us!
Let its flame burn brightly!

The worst thing happened on
the morning of 23, at 6:05 AM.

I was in Kemenici's office
and he talking on the army line

with people in Bucharest

when the town phone
rang and I picked it up.

A very determined voice told me:

"Unless you hand over the traitors
at the gate within half an hour,"

"we're going to raze the barracks. "

"Fine, but who are you 7"

He said: 'Aren't you Kemenici '2'

"No, I'm Major Mares. ".

"Get me Kemenici. '

What traitors are you talking about?

I don't understand.

Who are you? Hello?


Who are you? Hello!

The screens of radar stations
started showing airborne targets

and the barracks came under
heavy fire from the ground.

I had never seen anything like it, not
even at the Cape Midia firing range.

Julian Stoica, former Officer Unit 1417,
Targoviste Major Tecu came around 6 AM and told me

that the CO had ordered
to prepare the two,

to take them out of the command sector,

to get them into a mobile command point

and take it to the batteries, in Area 2,

in the middle of the batteries
that were on permanent alert.

And he told me: "Think
about how to dress them. "

They were still dressed
in civilian clothes.

"Maybe they have to
leave after sunrise. "

"Someone could recognize them. "

Why have we stopped?

We're staying here.

Why don't you take us
where you promised to?

We are not safe. When we will
be safe, we'll take you there.

The driver was very scared.

"What are you up to?"

"What are you going to do 7
I don't want to be involved. "

I calmed him down. I told him:

"You stay with the car
and mind your business. "

"If we have to leave, we
will go someplace else. "

I took his assault rifle.

We spent around 30 minutes there.

It was around 9.30 AM, on December 23.

I was under the camouflage
net, gun in hand,

thinking what I could
do in such a situation.

- Is that the Steelworks?
- Yes, that is the Steelworks.

Take me to my workers there!

It's impossible! You are
inside a military unit

I have order to protect to you.

Take me to my workers!

Fine, go! Take her, but you
can't go more than 25 steps.

They'll shoot you with
everything they got,

they'll even use
grenades. Get in the car!

Watch your mouth when
you speak to the Comrade!

Get in, please!

Calm down. You are not
allowed to get excited.

Get in.

You are so young and refuse to obey
the orders of your Supreme Commander.

What's your name?

I am an officer of the Romanian army.

My mission is to defend you and
you're making trouble for me.

And I told you to keep quiet
If they find out you're here...

We should put together an armored
column and drive to Bucharest

Give me your gun with 30 bullets
and an armored carrier and two tanks

and we'll go to the Central Committee.

And to the television station.

To inform the people of
the treason that took place!

To inform the workers that
foreign agents are behind the coup!

- It's impossible! Impossible!
- This is not possible.

The situation in Bucharest is difficult.

The terrorists from
your guard opened fire.

You are not true communists.

This is an order from
your Supreme Commander!

I understand, I understand,

but I obey the orders of
my direct superior officer.

Take me to your commander!

It's not possible at this time!

I'm leaving!

- I'm leaving!
- Please!

I'll go to the road, find
a car and go to Bucharest!

Sit down, please!

Sit down!

I can't sit here while the
country is taken over by traitors!

Please! Sit down, sit down!

He needs to eat A little and often.

And he needs his medication.

Send word to Bucharest
to bring his medication.

Tecu came by with some food.

Ceausescu was hungry, he
hadn't had anything to eat.

The food we had was not okay.

So he brought some rye bread,
some salted cheese, two salamis,

the salamis of those times...

Salami! This is salami for me?

This is cheese for...

I told you last night,

we'd be happy to have salami
and cheese like this everyday.

You eat it. You haven't
had anything either...

Come on. Have some.

Do you know what the
situation is in Bucharest?

There was a TV in the mess
hall and I heard some news.

Who's in charge of the army 7

General Militaru.


He's a KGB agent!

Because of the criminal actions
taken by gangs of terrorists

trained to fight against the
masses and to defend the dictator

the council could not
work properly today.

We were forced to focus on coordinating
the fight against the terrorists.

The existence of these groups of
terrorists, of fanatical individuals,

who act with unprecedented cruelty,

shooting at houses, at
citizens, killing soldiers.

It shows clearly that the
dictatorship is against the people.

You're not sleeping?


May I?

These are tragic moments
for the Romanian people.

Look, up on the
television building's roof,

the Romanian Army is taking
up defensive positions

against the terrorists,
not against the population.

Against he thieves who keep attacking
us, but whose numbers are decreasing.

The snake is destroyed.

The army is on the people's side
and the people is on the army's side.

You came from Boteni on the first day.

We came from Boteni right on the
first day, on the evening of 22.

You had some work to do here, right?

We had a lot of work
to do from the start.

We've been busy broadcasting

and we heard some things,

but we have no idea
what the situation is.

We can't tell the rumors from the truth.

Were mere really terrorists here?

Yes, there were terrorists.

All around the television building,

in the surrounding houses...

We know that we've been under fire,

but have you captured
terrorists inside the building

as it was said, floor by floor?

Not floor by floor.

There were some downstairs,
on the ground floor.

We found dead terrorists.

Was the television building mined?

Yes, we've found mines in the basement

and we're sure

the terrorists have fired
on us from the pavilion.

Down! Down!

On the floor!

lon Tecu, former Deputy Commander Unit 1417, Targoviste Somebody
launched an attack against the base, with several squads.

We had more than 1,200
troops from 4 units.

Somebody told them to provoke us,

especially from the direction
that their window looked on.

The soldiers fire back and
the commanding officer says:

"we must kill the two because
we cannot defend them".

lon Mares, former Deputy Commander Unit 1417, Targoviste I was
summoned together with Major Tecu in the office of Colonel Kemenici

and he told me:

"lon, you shoot Nicolae Ceausescu,"

"Tecu, you shoot Elena Ceausescu"

"and then save yourselves
any way you can,

"If the barracks is overrun!“

That was the second
moment of horror for me.

My first thought was: "How
could I shoot somebody?"

How could I shoot somebody,
because I have a gun and cartridges,

somebody who's standing next to me?

A harmless man. He could
no longer issue any orders.

Julian Stoica, former Officer Unit 1417, Targoviste The
order I got on 24 to empty a clip into each one of them

matches the order that was sent
from Bucharest: "Take action. "

It was sent by Stanculescu
and Voican. I know about it

Somebody wrote about it in a book.
And they have never denied it.

The time frame matches.

The time frame of killing
the two without trial.

Andrei Kemenici, former Commander Targoviste Garrison
I have not received an order from the superior officers.

Nobody could give me such and order.

Who could order that? To kill them.

They could have ordered
it, but they didn't.

Or I could have taken it upon
myself, if I had wanted to die,

as some people think, but it's absurd.

I could have sent them
to the base's gate.

The revolutionaries
would have lynched them.

Everything that happened to us in
the barracks had only one purpose:

we were supposed to
kill them without trial.

Who screams like that?

The pigs. The pigs
are being slaughtered.

Tomorrow it's Christmas Day.

Shame on you!

The country is in such a
slate and you slaughter pigs 'I

Yes, we do, Comrade.

There are hundreds of troops in
this garrison and they must be fed.

Listen. Go and tell the
CO to give you some money

to buy me a new shin.

This one is dirty.

And tell him that today I'm going to
eat with the officers in the mess hall.

I will tell them that
the country was betrayed.

In these moments, it was found that

foreign mercenary forces
have conducted operations,

according to their orders,
on Romanian territory

in order to defend the former tyrant.

These troops attacked
the peaceful population

of several cities across the country.

Somebody said at this microphone
that there are Arab terrorists.

Ifs not true! They are Romanians.

Wait a minute, even
the television said...

No Arab was caught! No
foreigners were caught!

They are our prisoners...

It's a mistake!

They're only anti-terror troops.

Only Romanian troops!

The television said last night
that there was foreign involvement,

but it was later retracted.

A colonel, whose name
we will not reveal,

told us that Mo Indians had been caught

It's a lie!

These are your men, mister!

Your spokesmen!

Our troops speak only
through the official channels.

On trial! On trial!

No, you can't! You are not allowed!

What are you doing 7

When they see me, they
will stop this foolishness!

- I need to speak...
- I can? let you!

Hey! Hey! Comrade!

Why are you hitting
the Supreme Commander?

Help! The madman, the thief
had beaten the Comrade!

- Why are you beating him?
- What's going on?

This man wanted to kill the Comrade!

Colonel, this traitor has
hit the Supreme Commander!

I want him put on trial and sentenced!

I wanted to address the people!

I couldn't let him!

If the people find out
he's here, they'll kill him.

I request to be replaced,
I can't take it anymore.

Boboc, take position outside the door.

Understood, sir!

Stoica, you will provide
protection inside.

Understood, sir!


After he had calmed down a little,
he kept speaking to Boboc or to me:

"you would pay dearly for
your actions" and so on,

that communism was necessary in Romania.

He spoke about his achievements
and things like that

And I couldn't take it anymore after
a day full of stress and I told him:

"You know what 7"

"Communism and socialism aren't worth
anything in this country anymore. "

I expected him to have
an equally rough reaction.

It was shocking and I won't
forget it till the day I die.

He started to smile. He put an
arm on my shoulder to calm me down

and he said: "Kid" or "Young man":

"You are too young to
understand certain things. '

"Communism and socialism will
always survive in this country

through their grassroots structures. "

You can imagine that I didn't think
then to analyze the truth in his words.

But he was right, absolutely right
I can see it now, 21-22 years later.

Then he made what I call his oral will.

He said: 'After we're dealt
with, one way or another,

there will be nothing
left of this country. "

I want an APC to take
me to Voinesti-Campulung.

I'll give you anything you want.

Money, rank, anything.

It's useless.

Get back to your place!

We hadn't slept at all
for three days and nights.

And Kemenici decided then
to take them to Bucharest.

It was when he informed
Stanculescu of his decision,

on the evening of 24,

that Stanculescu decided
to come to Targoviste.

It was us who forced him to do that.

Jilava Penitentiary Victor Atanasie Stanculescu
former Minister of Defense This was the turning point.

I told him not to let
anybody near the barracks

use the forces for defense
and put them in an APC

and drive them around
for safely reasons.

This is where I was arrested
when I was underground.

They caught me once in Targoviste
and now I ended up back here.

Let's go.


A parcel from Bucharest for you.

These are my drugs,
but I can't take them.

I drank tea. I'll take them tomorrow.

Let's go!

On the morning of December
25, I was expecting the worst.

Tecu came and said:

"We're going back to the barracks.
We're taking the APC's back. "

We were back where we started.

We drove back There were no incidents.

We took them out of
the APC, cold and stiff

after spending the
night in a cramped space,

covered with blankets.

We gave each a cup of unsweetened tea.

Where are we going?

Away from here.

Stanculescu had no
flight path to Targoviste.

I would've known about it

He came with five helicopters
without an authorization.

I told to Kemenici:

"I'll make a sign with a
yellow scarf when we arrive. "

"I will be in the first helicopter. "

"There will be five helicopters and
I will ride in the first one. “

"I'll keep the scarf with
me, on the right side. "

It was the inspiration,
the cool heads of some CO's

because there were more than
32 unit commanders along the way

and they had orders to shoal on the spot

any group of more than two helicopters
that did not carry a yellow scarf.

"Fire on anything that flies.
No flying object is ours. "

"They are enemies'.

And it was with this order in mind
that we greeted the five helicopters.

Stanculescu and those in Bucharest

did not know that Nicolae
and Elena Ceausescu were here.

The soldiers also did know.

We feared for their lives.

We wanted to hand them
over to Stanculescu alive

for whatever he wanted to do with them.

What's going on '2 Who's there?

Stay calm, it's Stanculescu.

We're saved. Victor won't let us die.

There are still some patriots left
in this country, not only traitors.


Careful, we're filming!
Ready! Bring them out!

We're bringing them out.

Come on.

The Barracks of Military Unit 1417 Targoviste,
December 25, 1989, 13:00 Please, be seated.

I do not recognize any court, except
for the Grand National Assembly.

We are a court of the people.

I do not recognize any court, except
for the Grand National Assembly.

The Grand National
Assembly was disbanded.

We are operating according to
the new law passed by the...

the Council... of the
National Salvation Front.

The coup cannot be recognized.

It is a legally-established
body of state power.

Stale power is the only one
allowed to establish a body!

Only the National Assembly!

Traitors who usurp state power
end up answering to the people,

as it happened before for hundreds
of years in Romania's history!

The representative of the Prosecutor's
Office will now present the charges.

Mister President, honored court,
the defendants before us today

are Ceausescu Nicolae
and Ceausescu Elena.

They are guilty of severe crimes
against the Romanian people.

The two defendants have committed acts
that are incompatible with human dignity

and with the principles
of social justice,

acting in a discretionary,
despotic and criminal manner

lo deliberately destroy
the Romanian people,

in whose name they
appointed themselves rulers.

For the severe crimes
that the two have committed

in the name of the Romanian people,
innocent victims of these two tyrants,

I request the death penalty tor
committing the following criminal acts:

The crime of genocide, as per
Article 357, section 1, letter C

of the Criminal Code,

undermining state power, as per
Article 162 of the Criminal Code,

for having organized armed operations

designed to weaken
the power of the state,

the crime oi diversionary acts, as
per Article 163 of the Criminal Code,

by destroying, damaging
or rendering inoperable,

whether wholly or partially,
by explosions or other means,

of the industrial
installations or other property

in order to undermine
the state's security

and undermining the state's economy,
as per Article 165 of the Criminal Code,

for having either used an Organization

listed in Article 145
of the Criminal Code

or prevented the normal
operation of said organizations

in order to undermine the national
economy of the Romanian people.

Did you hear hat, defendant
Ceausescu Nicolae 'I

Did you hear the
charges made against you?

You could've shot us
without this masquerade!

We loved our people, we
still love them and we...

Why did you run instead
of meeting the people '.1

- Whats that?
- What people 'I

Those you had gathered
in the Palace Plaza.

We did not gather them
in the Palace Plaza...

The people came ol their own v:ill.

I did not run. No. I did not run.

And the traitors,
including one who sits here,

called the helicopters,
gave them orders...


No, dear, we won't rise. We're human...

The court, in the name of
the law and of the people,

gathered in secret session,

is unanimously sentencing
defendants Ceausescu Nicolae

and Ceausescu Elena

to death and the seizing
of their entire fortune

for the crimes of genocide,
per Article 357, section 1-C,

of the Criminal Code,

the undermining of state power, per
Article 162 of the Criminal Code,

diversionary actions, per
Article 163 of the Criminal Code,

and undermining the national
economy, per Article 165, section 2,

of the Criminal Code.

Do you hear that '.7

Issued in a public session
today, December 25, 1989.

Please allow me to talk
to my clients again.

No, I do not recognize this court.

Leave us.

I do not recognize this court

Not recognizing the
court is not a defense.

Thus, please note that
the ruling is final.

Those who staged the coup
can shoot anyone they want!

The court will retire! I
declare the session closed.

But Romania will live forever!

Despite all the traitors,
no matter how many,

Romania will live!

And the Romanian people v:ill be free,

without traitors!

What do we do with his'!

Stay where you are!

"Better die fighting, with glory,
than be a slave in our old country!"

Such an injustice!

Nobody said anything about the traitors!

We kept them close to us.


That was our mistake.

That's how things always go.

Mistakes and treasons come
from those close to you.

Stay there! Remain where you are!

One by one!

No! Together!

We fought together, we died together.

- Together!
- Yes!

If you want to kills
us, kill us together.

I want this to be observed.

No! Execute the order as given!

No, dear, we're going
together! Together!

There. Right now.

Do what you want. Together.

Hold! Don'! move!

What are you doing 7 Whats that?

Don't tie us! Don'!
tie us! It's not seemly!

You should be ashamed,
boy! Take your hands off me!

Don't tie us! Let go, boy!

Let go! Let go of my hand!

Have you no fear of the people?

Let go of my hands!

- Who was it that shot at us?
- No, no! Lies!

Nobody lies to us!

They were from the Securitate, not ours!

Boy! Boy, you're hurting my hand!

You should be ashamed!


We can walk... I was
like a mother to you all!

Let go of my hand!
You're breaking my arm!

Those were Securitate people,
not ours! Haven't you heard '.7

Half of our colleagues
died because of you!

Our colleagues, our
brothers! They died young!

Let's go!

They were Securitate men!
We have no power left!

We've been here the whole
time! You have the power!

Ask those who have it!

- Move!
- I have the right to...

- Move!
- Let go! Let go of my hand!

- Move!
- Come on!

- Walk, you!
- Nicule!

Since when do we execute
people in Romania?

- Move!
- But Romania will live forever!

- Hold him!
- And all Romanians will be free!

- Move!
- Not with the traitors!

- There!
- "Get up, you who are... "

- Nicule!
- "... branded by a curse"

- "You, the world's starving and enslaved I'
- Move!

- "Our outraged minds are boiling... '
- Move!

"Ready to lead us into a deadly... '

Cease your fire!

The version of the tape
which was broadcasted

does not include the actual
execution. The official reason:

"the camera would not start
because its batteries were empty".

Broadcast Studio of the Romanian Television December 25 to
26, 1989 The defendants, Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu,

were sentenced to death
and asset forfeiture.

The sentence was definitive
and it was executed.

We will broadcast a live
recording this evening.

Mister lliescu, I insist
that you send us the tape.

Don't send it tomorrow because
these people want it today.

The entire staff is here and an
officer is pointing his gun at me,

but it doesn't scare
me. Come on, shoot me!

Tell him there's a
crowd around the building

and the terrorists will
come in and blow us up.



"... not the entire tape... "

Did you hear what he said?

Have we traded the
old liar for a new one?

The Front's council censored us!

We don”t accept censorship.

If you had notified us in advance,

we could have made a decent editing job.

You didn't, so we will
broadcast the tape as it is.

We need this tape very quickly.

You must insist that
they bring the tape!

I agree. It will be here in two hours.

Damn, two hours.

We'll make the announcement.

The Romanian free television

Will resume broadcasting
in a little while.

We will rebroadcast the previous story,

with extra images,

while the tape is taken
to the editing room.

Between December 22 and 25, 1989,

957 people died from gunshot wounds,

while 5,000 more were injured,

victims of so-called terrorists.

No such terrorist has
been found to this day.

Nobody's firing on you, nobody has died,

despite the explosion of
incendiary devices, gas cylinders!

Don! be afraid I.!

The Palace Hall has room
for the entire people,

for all ma: hearts!

Nobody is firing at us I.!

Thousands of bullets were
fired and nobody is dead I

Let everybody go out into the square!

Come on!

Come, Romanians I Go
out into me square 2!

Nothing prevents us from
going forward into history!

Come on, people!

The revolution is within us!
Let its flame bum brightly!