Tree of Knowledge (1981) - full transcript

As a group of Danish children pass into adolescence, gradually the most popular girl becomes an outcast, for trivial reasons that she never understands.


Yes, and this is the view
from Manhattan.

To the left of the picture the UN
Building can be seen,

and to the right, New York's second
tallest building, the Chrysler Building.

Mrs. Andreasen, how tall is New
York's tallest chimney?

I don't know, and I think we're getting

And this is the Empire State Building.

It's the world's tallest building, and
has over six thousand windows.

Who is that man?

He's the window washer!

No, he's my uncle. You can try
calling over and asking.

Stop it with the horseplay!

Yes, and this is 42nd Street.

It's where the big companies are,

and it's also where the Empire
State Building is.

Stop, Jørn!

Elin. Elin!

Mrs. Andreasen! There's someone
throwing paper balls.

- I don't know who it is...
- You must stop now!

I will not continue showing slides
unless you behave.

Willy. Willy!

Yes, and this is where Fifth Ave.
and 42nd St. meet.

It's an important junction leading to
the underground.

And 42nd St., it was that street,
we looked at it before.

Stop it right this second! Jørn, stop!

Well, that was the crossing between
Fifth Ave. and 42nd St...

Mrs. Andreasen, there's a dog
down on the floor.

Jørn, stop it with that nonsense!

Yes, and this is the Statue of Liberty,
associated with entering New York.

It's seen from a long distance,
and it's the first thing one sees,

when coming to America.

Is that an ice cream cone she's

Stop it with that nonsense!

Mrs. Andreasen, that resembles
an ice cream cone.

Yes, I couldn't care less about what
you think it resembles,

but it's actually a torch!

What in the world are you doing
down there?

I lost my eraser.

You have no need to use
an eraser, you know that very well.

This is very rude!

I won't show slides unless you can
learn to behave.

Niels Ole! Look at me!

Be seated.

I'm seriously afraid that someone
has misunderstood something here.

Even if you only attend secondary
school, this is a high school,

and not an ordinary municipal

You are therefore taught by highly
qualified high school teachers and...

esteemed primary school teachers
like Mrs. Andreasen.

That's why it's a privilege to go here,
which is why I'm so surprised,

that one of you is so undisciplined
that a complaint has been waged.

What do you intend to do about this?

Does anyone have a proposal for
how we can deal with this nuisance?

Yes, Anne-Mette?

We must try to behave a little better.


Does Willy Bonde have a proposal?

Who, me?

I think the same as Anne-Mette.

Does Niels Ole have a proposal?

Yes, Niels Ole?

Couldn't we make a fine system?
I heard there was in other schools...

We could give each other fines,
if we don't behave.

Yes. That's an idea.

Yes, Elin?

I also think it'd be best,
if we ourselves could handle it.


I think it's correct, what Elin says,
and what Niels Ole says.


I agree with what Niels Ole says, and
what Elin says, and what Mona says.

Elin, can I carry your bag?

Yes, you may.

You can also take mine.

Hey, Jørn. You can also take mine!

Don't you like Jørn a little?


He's crazy about you.

But there are others I prefer.


I don't know. But there are others I

Niels Ole?

Hey, you know who I like? And why?


Søren Roland, and because he
smells so good.

Where do you know that from?

From what I can smell!

Who's in love with Willy Bonde?

Willy Bonde? At any rate, not me!

Think about it, being named Willy

That must be awful!

Willy Bonde.

He's probably cut with an
electric razor.

Imagine if I was married to him,
I'd be named "Elin Bonde."

What do you think of "Lene Bonde"?
Phew! Ha!

"Anne-Mette Roland." That sounds
good, at any rate.

... and that smells good!

Anne-Mette, telephone. It's Mona.


Does she know we're hanging out?

No, I said I had to do homework.

Hi, Mona.

Yes, just a moment.


Yes, we have to start from page 120,
so read from there on.

No, we don't have anything for that.

Yes, yes. Goodbye!

I'll bet she knows we're hanging out!

Leave me alone!

Helge: 2 cents.

You shouldn't be unhappy about
that, Helge.

Willy: 2 cents.

What, did I get one again?

Willy: 4 cents.

That's a lot of fun, huh?

Willy: 6 cents.

Willy, you aren't making things better!
Just go along with the rest of us!

How come Anne-Mette can say
something and I can't?

Willy: 8 cents.

Anne-Mette: 2 cents.


Hello. You may be seated.

My name is Mrs. Scheel.

You were to have Mrs. Andreasen
at this time,

but she has fallen ill,
so I'm here as a substitute.

You may do as you wish,
as long as I have complete silence.

Am I understood?


Ro. It's a town in Siberia.

Excuse me?

Ro. It's a... town in Siberia.


Willy, you owe 8 cents.

8 cents.


Helge! You owe 2 cents.

"Fine rules 8th-9th grade:

The penalty for talking when you
have not been called on:

2 cents.

The penalty for putting things on the
teacher's desk: 4 cents."

It's spelled "teacher's dask," that's
a mistake.

Hey, Niels Ole.

If I pay for half of my fines,
is that okay?


What can I do for you, baby?

Who has a pencil?


What do you need it for?

It's a secret!

"Butt tape is included during bathing."

"Insert the ticket into the slot...

of the lady."

Hey, shut your mouth!

Who took my bathing suit?

Lene, can I borrow your soap?


Leave me alone, Jørn!

All non-swimmers get over to me.

Bak, Bak!

I forgot my bathing suit!

Then you have to swim naked!

And here's that partition,

where the fox's body divides into
two parts:

into an upper and lower part.

Yes, it's normally called...

is there someone who knows
what it's called?



The diaphragm.

Yes, that's correct.

Here we have the heart and the
lungs, and down here,

we have the intestines. The intestines
and other parts.

Yes, the intestines are... peeled out.

Does one of you know what...
is located here?

Here! Mr. Særlang. The liver.

Mr. Særlang, how old is it?

I would call it... a young fox. And
here... here we have the heart.

Does one of you know what the large
vein coming from the heart is called?



Yes, that's right.

But I have no money.

But Anne-Mette says she has
enough money.

I'll have a red cake.

Yes, thanks.

I'll have that too.

Will you also have one?


I'll have a red cake too.

Then you'll have one.

Here you are, that should be enough.

Should I take all these 2-cent notes?


A crown and twenty...

Hey girls! Is the whole gang here?

You're fine, but I don't want
any animals in here!

Take it easy, it won't eat. It's dead!

What will you have?

What will I have?

I'll have two red cakes.

Where is Elin?

She had to go home early.

Ah, here comes Suckup.

Ah, it's typical! Suckup always follows


Hey Mona.


- Flemming, come on!
- I have to get a red cake.

Have a pleasant time!

Here you are.

What's with the legs?

What's with the head?

Oh, Jørn!

Let's make two rows. Gentlemen and
ladies opposite each other.

I'm taking Anne-Mette.

Gee, this is nice!

... and it may do you good!

Let's go, gentlemen.


Hey, Elin. You might not know him
very well.

Let's go over here.

Mmm, it smells good here!

Shut up!

And we take the lady by the hand
and march forward. Now!

Yes, thanks.

Let's even out the space better,
and prepare for the English waltz.

I'll show basic steps first.
It's like this...

Heel, toe, toe.

Heel, toe, toe.

Let's be lucid, the gentleman with the
right foot. Ladies with the left.


Heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe.

Heel, toe, toe. One, two, three.

Right turn...

Now! One, two, three, four, five,
six. Forward.

Yes, thanks!

It looked awful!

Will Carsten and Lone be so kind as
to show us how it should be done?

One, two, now!

Yes, thanks, Carsten. That was

Remember how it's done.

Heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe.

We're clear.

Right foot, gentlemen. One, two, now!

One, two, three. Heel, toe, toe.

One, two, three. One, two...

Yes, thanks! Here we have
a late-comer.

Come here...

Yes, let's see. There are two girls
over there.

You must bow for one of them.

Yes, we're waiting breathlessly!

Yes, now let's relax with a kwela.



[in German] "A young man wanted to
spend his friend Bluhmen.

"Much mon..."

Yes, it's pronounced "send."

"... send...

"He didn't have much money,
but he went in the one store...

"with the placard in the


"... Shop-window..."


"Bluhmen spoke. The florist said...

" 'For a mark? I fear it's hardly
becoming to hear that.'

"Hardly becoming!

"Becoming to hear that."

Yes, thank you!

Will Niels Ole translate this, please?

"A lot of money... he had... not.

"But he... went in...

"In the shop!

"... in the shop."

I don't think you should play around
so much, when you haven't prepared.

Hallelujah, hallelujah.

Baby Jesus!

Good! Then we can go on.

Two verses. But remember now: be
careful. The texts are very different!

Let's go!

Each sorrowful soul, become sound
and glad,

shake with your heavy pain.

A child was born in David's town...

to comfort every heart.

Don't, don't: it's far,
far too sad!

Read the text, however: each
sorrowful soul, become sound...

and glad, shake with your heavy

A child was born in David's town
to comfort every heart.

Let's do it again.

Each sorrowful soul, become sound
and glad,

shake with your heavy pain.

A child was born...



Come in here. I just have to try
this on you.

Mother, there's something I need to
talk to you about.

What is it?

It's like this. We have a fine system in
class, and I have to collect the fines.

I decided to spend some of the

What do you mean that you
have a fine system?

That means, if we talk out of turn,
or forget to put our chairs up,

it costs 2 cents or 5 cents.

And how much money have you

About 17 crowns.

And how much had come in?

The same.

That is, you've used all of it?


But, Anne-Mette, I can't help you.
You've gotten yourself into a mess.

But we must spend for the Christmas
bazaar. I have to buy presents...

But, I can't help with anything.
You've made a mess for yourself.

But I wasn't aware of how much
I spent...

But, you used all of it...

You'll pay it back after Christmas.
We'll take it out of your allowance.


25 cents for a number. Five for a
crown! The middle school's raffle!

It's simply close, ladies and
gents, to the school's best raffle.

25 cents per number. Five for a

The main prize: a ready-cooked

It goes to number one, and then
there's food until Christmas Eve!

Come dance at the Den of Vice. We
have an exciting partner for you!

Come dance at the Den of Vice. We
have an exciting partner for you!

Come get your last Christmas

It's simply close, ladies and gents.
The middle school's raffle!

Niels Ole! Don't we have to go right
into 7th-8th grade?

We have to go right into 7th-8th

God, it's nice here.

They've put this together really well.

Are they burnt?

What do they cost?

One for 25 cents and five for a crown.

Well, then I'll have five.

But none of the burnt ones!

Only one plate, because we don't
want to wash extra dishes.

Oh, you're just lazy.

Who's the girl with the blonde hair?
Do you know her?

That's Majbritt. She's in 7th-8th

Who's the other one?

Well, she's her friend...

I think her name's Ina, or

Ina? Is that a name?

Yeah, I think so.

Niels Ole, do you want to go to
the Den of Vice and dance?

Yeah, just a second...

I just want to finish eating first.

Hey, it's over here!

We'd like to come in and dance.
What does it cost?

One crown to come in.

One crown? You think I'm a

Ah, but an exciting lady is
included with the price.

What about the girls?

Well, for them we have an exciting
gentleman, too.

What do you cost?

Ah, I'm not for sale.

Can't we dance together?

Yes, you may, but it's two crowns
for that.

Hey, can't we just go in to take a

No! You can't let the light in.

Ah, that's how it is.

Yes. It's also for adults only.

That's fine. We're old enough...

Hey, can't we take a peek?
Just a tiny bit?

Okay, as mercy on your small
vulnerable souls.

I wouldn't give a crown for that!

Who the hell is he?

Baby Jesus lay in a crib,

although the sky was his possession.

His pillow was made of rubbish and

dark it was over the manger!

But a star stood over the house,

and an ox kissed the baby's foot.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,

baby Jesus!

Each sorrowful soul,
become sound and glad,

shake with your heavy pain.

A child was born in David's town

to comfort every heart.

To the child we will come

and become children in soul and

Hallelujah, hallelujah,

baby Jesus!

Elin, I'd like to talk to you.

My father just got a job in America,
so we leave after Christmas.

But I thought you should have this.

This is an American silver dollar.

- God, Elin, what did you get from him?
- Can't we see it?

God, it's beautiful!

Is it a Christmas present?

No, it's because he has to go to
America. This is a silver dollar.

Elin, where is this from? Where?

Where is this from?

It's... I just got it... from a boy at

One from your own class?

No. One from the upper classes.

A boy named Carsten.

A boy named Carsten?

Yeah. A boy I sing together in chorus

But, Elin, we don't want to have you
going around accepting presents.

You can't just go and accept
something from foreigners.

Why did he give it to you?

Because he had to travel to America.

And so he gives you this medallion
because you sing together in chorus?

No, because he had to travel.

But you don't give something like
this for that.

You don't want it then, do you?
Elin, why did he give it to you?

I don't know. I haven't done anything.

But, then you must give it back.

We don't want to have you going
around accepting presents.

I can't do that, because he left.

Elin, listen well:

You dared accept presents from older
boys, and nobody else did.

So you must be so good as to take it
back at once.

I can't, when he's already left!

Yes, I don't care about that!

Then you must find out where he is,
and send it over, because...

I don't want to have this in the house!

Let's catch Niels Ole.
He's over here!

He's over here!

- You're it!
- You're it!

Niels Ole, did you see? Majbritt is
here. Majbritt is here.

Who's it?

That's Helge, because he was
caught first.

No, Søren Roland is. He was caught
over in the corner.

No, it was after you had been

No, I'm it! I count to ten:

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten!


Will you play tag with us?

We just have to put on our skates.



Caught! Søren Roland, you are it.

You are it!

I'm fed up that it's always
Niels Ole who decides.

Aren't you?


Are you going home?

Yeah, my skates don't work!

Come on!

You're it!

Hey, Niels Ole!

Smooth guy. Smooth guy!

You can also put your skates there.

Take off your coat there.

Elin, who is this?

This is Helge from my class. I've
invited him for cocoa.

But, then you must come into the
living room to drink it.

I don't want you to be alone up
in your room.

Hey, mom!

No, there will be no discussing it. You
can come in with the rest of us.

Yes, thanks. Just a little bit, Elin.

Yes, thanks.

Mom, I'd like to have some new
skates. They don't work anymore.

I'd like that as a birthday

Then you should ask for some
Hudoras. That's what I have.

Oh, are they good?

Yeah, they're the best ones.
If you don't need dancing skates.

But they're very expensive, no?

Yeah, they cost over 100 crowns.
I can't afford that at any rate.

Well, but it's also a lot of money.

Why haven't you wished for a pair
as a Christmas present?

But, I didn't know I would need them
at the time.

Alright, but you could have saved up
some money yourself to buy skates.

I saved for mine myself.


Niels Ole, they have all left.

Is this Majbritt you're staring at?

Yeah, she's really cute. Don't you
think so?

Can't you understand I'm crazy
about her?

Hey, you two. Get behind, we're
making a snake.

Come on, Gert!

What's your name?

My name is Niels Ole.

... and Gert.

I can't control it!

Hey, can't I see it now?
Come now, Gitte. Gitte...

No, leave me alone! No, I don't want

He's so horny, Kurt.

Allan, damn it, come and light it up!
Come with the bicycle.

Come on and light it up, damn it.

I'm getting pissed off.

Let me see it now, Gitte. Gitte!

Gitte, damn it.

Allan says it's nice.

Let me see it now, Gitte.

I'm getting sour.

Very well. There are doctrines within
congruent triangles. How many?


There are five theorems, and what's
the one you will speak about today?

Number one.

You will speak about number one,
and what is it called?

It states, "the square of the
hypotenuse of a right triangle...

"is equal to the sum of the squares...

"on the other two sides."

- Very well, and that's what you will
show for us. - Yes.

"Dear Elin! Shall we not meet
and go on a secret trip?"

That is, we have something that is
possible, and we must prove it.

So you'll draw it.

Yes, then I will start with drawing
a line.

- And then I have to measure how
long it is. - Helge!

Yes, it's excellent, Søren Roland.

You've done well, and by
the way, what is Elin so busy with?

What is that letter you have there?
Can't the rest of us hear what's in it?

"Dear Elin! Shall we not meet and go
on a secret trip?"

Aha. Who wrote it?

Nobody has.

Is there nobody who has written it?


Who would like to go on a trip with

Nobody answers. There's nobody
who wants to sign up?

I must ask apart from the class:
who would like to go with Elin?

Jørn knows that!

No, Helge knows that. Helge!

Hey, we don't want to hear
Chris Barber anymore!

Anne-Mette, can't we try to dance
in darkness?

No, I don't dare. I don't know when
my parents come home either.

We can quickly turn the lights back

Lene, don't you also think we should
try to dance in darkness?

No, I haven't promised to turn off
the light.

Can't we just try a single dance?

Niels Ole, wouldn't you dance
if we turned off the light?

Yes, that sounds good.

- Wouldn't you, Anne-Mette?
- Yes.


I won't do it.

They can see it from the street,

Couldn't we pretend the light was
turned off?

No, you know what? Couldn't we just
dance with our eyes closed?

Yeah! But then we all have to do it.
So, Anne-Mette? Are you with us?


But then we can't cheat. We have
to all close our eyes.

Then we can't see anything. We'll just
collide with each other.

Oh, you're being childish. I think it's
a good idea.

Can't we try?
What about it, Anne-Mette?


So, nobody can cheat.

Torkild, you have to close
your eyes too.



Oh, you're being childish.

Oh, is everyone cheating?

How did you fall?

With my legs spread out.


How do you do that?

Well, you just have to hold your
fingers like this... and blow here.

Like this?


Is it you who's humming?


Do you have the cooking pan?

No, Gert has it.



I had to tell my mom about you.

I thought it was supposed to
be a secret?

But she always knows where I go

I don't like that.

My mom can't know where I go over.

But she generally thinks you're a
sweet boy... and well-mannered.


Well, but my parents shouldn't know
what I'm doing now.

They like to meddle.

Did I tell you what my father said?


He said, if get a girl pregnant, I can't
expect to get support from home.


Yeah. It's nothing to laugh at!

Yes it is.

It's just him, he's stupid. Just like
Niels Ole.

He's also mentally deficient. Don't
you think so?

Besides you, if I were in love with
another, I'd be in love with Niels Ole.

Do you really think so?


I think he's a showoff. That he likes
to control us.

Can't you see that?

I like Søren Roland much better.
Or Torkild.

Why does your dad say that if you
had kids, he wouldn't support you?

Well, it doesn't matter. He's just

Why does he say it?

I don't know. I can't answer on his

Well, but it's kind of a strange thing
to say...

Hey, do you know what's over here?

What? Don't you know what it is?


Hey, Helge, throw it away!
It's disgusting!

It's outrageous.

Hey, throw it away, Helge.


Where are you going for the rest
of the summer?

Skagen. For two weeks.

We have to go on a trip to Germany.

Is this your garage?


Does it work?

What did you say?

I asked whether the lawnmower

Yeah, I think so, probably.

You have to remember to oil it.
Otherwise it just sits and rusts.


Hey, Elin, I've spent the whole

I'm not like this.


Like this, like you say.

I didn't say anything about
you. I said something about me.

No, you don't have permission for

What do I have permission for?

You have permission for nothing!

One each!

Elin, bring some for us.

As you probably know, you also have
me for Natural History in high school,

so I'm teaching you at field studies
alongside Mrs. Andreasen.

Field studies is from August 27th to

but you'll receive more information
about that later.

I'll only say now that the packing
lists must be learned in advance.

You'll split up into 3 groups
consisting of 3 boys and 3 girls,

so get together and work with
the different tasks.


You must form the groups, but there
must be 3 boys and 3 girls each.

- Yes? - Mr. Særlang, can't there be
four girls in one group?

No, there must be three boys and
three girls in each group.

- Elsebeth, I'm in your group... I'm
part of it. - Mr. Særlang, when is it?

From the 27th to the 30th of August.

Mr. Særlang, does the school party
happen during field studies?

No, field studies is a week after
the school party.

Mr. Særlang, can't we be four girls
in one group?

No, it's arranged so there are
exactly 3 boys and 3 girls each.

Any more questions besides that?

Yes, this is Kaj, who's to be in
your class from now on.

You were from Aalborg, didn't you
say so?

No, Nørresundby.

Stop, Jørn!

Stop, Jørn!

You might as well start it off.
You're also the oldest.

But, I have nothing against it either.
I just don't want to dance with Jørn.

Who will you dance with, then?

I don't know. Just not with Jørn. Also
because he has a bet with Helge...

Well, but, what then with Helge?

No, I don't like him.

Who do you like then?


Søren Roland?

Hey, Elin, you're the oldest.
You might as well start things!

Yeah. Just not with Jørn or Helge.

No, I don't want to dance with you.

Hey, let me, Elin.

No, I don't want to!


Don't hit me.
Don't hit me.

Don't hit me!

When we're done eating, let's all go
to the "troll forest,"

where we can try to find a so-called
"eye tree."

Team 1 will help Mrs. Rafman cook,
team 2 stays in the bog with me,

and team 3 goes with Mrs.
Andreasen to church. Any questions?


I'll say to those going to the bog,
be careful, you might get swamped.


do you know what PTH means?


Can you guess what PTH is?




Do you know what PTH means?


If you come over here,
I'll tell you.

What did you hear?

Lene, what does it mean?

You have to ask Helge!

Yes, here we have the "eye tree."

An old superstition has been attached
to it.

They thought one could be cured of
rickets by climbing through it...

Hey, there's a plaque on it!

"On July 21st, 1952, our three
little princesses

crawled through the tree, to avoid

Do you speak English?

Hey, I dreamt I was in a wrestling
match, but then I woke up,

and then it was just my blanket, I
was lying and clutching it.

No, I understand, Gert. I know
what it was you were dreaming of.

What does Elsebeth say to this?

I don't know. But anyway, she's the
cutest girl in the class.

It may well be, she's the cutest in
the class, but not in the school!

We should make the "Secret
Slow-Dancers Club," invite-only.

Elsebeth, will you be part of the
secret club?

What was this one called?

Little bell.

And this here, it was called rain
fan, no?


Elsebeth, will you be part of the
secret club? I have to ask for Gert...

No, he doesn't have to!

I just danced with Gert out of pity,
and I'm regretting it anyhow...

Then I think you have to say it to him.
You can say it was misunderstanding.

Why did you take Gert?
Shouldn't you have taken another?

Elsebeth, if you will meet me secretly
in one hour...

Oh, I think Niels Ole has gotten so
silly ever since he liked Majbritt.

She has ugly legs...

and vulgar taste!

What was this called?
Wasn't it a rain fan?


Take the thread, take the thread...

- What rhymes with "glue"?
- Flu... blue ...

- What are you doing?
- Something for the evening entertainment.

- What rhymes with "flowers"?
- Powers... showers...

Field studies is a lot of fun

from early morning till sunset

we press flowers and make poetry

and look at churches
all day long

we make the food
it's pork sausage

it's hard--like a stick

we appraise the sauce
it's like glue

but hunger is now the best cook.

Thanks to Elsebeth, Anne Mette
and Lene for the good song.

Mrs. Rafmann is managing
the next number.

You all have to put your hands
under the table.

I'm sending something around. You
mustn't look. Just send it on.

Is that clear? Good.

I know exactly what it is!

Help! Help!

- Help!
- Out!

- Have you seen what Elin's staring at?
- Who? PTH?

Gert... Elin would like to
borrow your pocketknife.

Elin, come right up here.
You should borrow my pocketknife.

Remember, it's to use as a can

It's to use as a can opener, Gert.

Elin? Do you know
what PTH means?

Can you make a good guess,
who PTH is?

- How typical of PTH.
- What does PTH mean?

Portable Travel Hooker.

- Elin? You don't want to go?
- No.

- Joan, you don't want to go?
- No, I wouldn't like to.

- Elin, you're not going along to the
beach? - No.

- Why do they hate you so much?
- I don't know.

It's especially Jørn and Helge.

You mustn't pay any mind.
They're just childish assholes.

What does PTH mean?
They keep saying it.

I don't know.
It's something Helge came up with.

Somebody has to find that plaque,
from the eye tree.

I'm not saying it's anyone here, but do
you know anything about it?

- Jørn?
- No.

- Thorkild?
- No.

- Gert?
- No.

- Flemming?
- No.

- Søren Roland?
- No.

- Niels Ole?
- No.

- Helge?
- No.

- Willy?
- No.

The boys have all answered no, so we can
be assured that it's not one of them.


The handle is over here.

- "... and the echo..."
- "The echo sounds."

"...blades saw far, saw far..."

"...under each tree
in the white room ..."

"...seems to us very green."

"That flows from the spring."

Can you translate something there,
that rhymes better with "helj"?

" ... probably still so bright."

"I call after PTH."

Elin, why don't we see anything
of Anne Mette anymore?

- I don't know.
- Or Lene?

It's because they've all
ganged up against me.

And you're totally sure,
it's not your own doing?

- My own doing?
- You haven't been too provocative?

- No, that's not it. - I heard
something along those lines.

- From whom? Who is saying it?
- You might both be somewhat guilty.

At any rate, it's a lie.
I've never done that.

You probably don't get that there only
has to be a little for people to talk.

You might also be a little self-
absorbed. Why is Helge not good enough?

Because he's the meanest boy
in the whole class.

I think you try to be more of
an adult than you are.

That's why you're not in harmony
with your class.

Try to calm down about it and not
make it so much about yourself.

I wasn't invited to
Niels Ole's party either.

He only invited Anne Mette's friends
and two girls from the lower classes.

- Congratulations on the confirmation.
- Thank you very much.

Congratulations on the confirmation.

You don't have to try very hard,
they can't see it well.

Shouldn't we go over to Sonia?

That's it.

- Who's turning off the light?
- Elsebeth, turn off the light.

Do you think I'm a big shit if
I take Elsebeth? I can do it.

I don't know whether I may be
face to face with Gert.

It's also annoying that
Ina took Thorkild.


No, I think I'll go to the dance
with Flemming.

- Do you need any help?
- No, I'll take care of it.

I'll take the dishes straight there.

- Well, is everything alright?
- Yeah, they're almost ready to leave.

- I'd like to go on a trip with Kiki.
- It's a good idea.

- Where should I put this?
- There.

- Shall we dance?
- Can't we have a little moment alone?

- Well, it was you, did you have to,
Kai? - Take one of Thorkild and Ina.

- That's good!
- What did they do?

- There could be six, at the most.
- Did you remember your records?

Where is my bag?

Goodnight. Thanks for tonight.

Thanks for tonight.
It's been nice.

Well, was the party nice?

- Gert, where have you been?
- I went on a trip with Kiki.

- How many are there of you?
- We're missing Elsebeth.

I'm coming now.

- Are you all there now?
- Yeah. The rest is taking a taxi.

See you later.

We have to use the same road, so
we can take a taxi too.

You can take the tram.
Then I'll follow you through the forest.

You don't need that.
We called a taxi.

Oh, what a sweet dog.
Doggie, come here!

Are you a sweet doggie? Huh?

Do you have to itch behind
your ears?

What is it called?
You have some nice eyes.

You are a sweet doggie.
Can you play?

The last tram leaves at 12:30.
I can follow you through the forest.

- No, we can take a taxi just as well.
- I want to go.

See you later, Niels Ole.

It's strange. I didn't know
Flemming was so cowardly.

- Don't you think he was cowardly?
- Yes.

You know what? There's something
I want to ask you.

Don't you think Elsebeth
did it in order to test me?

No, Gert. I don't think so,
you have to expect it.

Whatever makes you happy.

You have Mai Brit. She's a
really cute girl too.

Send some pictures over here.


- Are they from your party?
- Yeah.

Elin? Come straight in here.

Come in and sit down.

What, did you hold a party?
Do you think it was a good idea?

- I didn't think they would come.
- Rubbish! Of course they would.

I think you should have talked
to Anne Mette about it.

- I'm not neat.
- Yes, you are.

Invite the best ones from your class,
we're having quite a nice little party.

- I wasn't at their party. - From time
to time you must be a little cold.

That's how it is, Elin.

Anne Mette?

I must hold a party on Saturday.
Who should I invite?

- There should be 10 guests.
- At any rate, not Gert.

- Well, who should I invite then?
- Flemming.

We don't want to bring
Ina and Maj Brit together.

I don't think Niels Ole
and Maj Brit are going out anymore.

What about Thorkild?

You can bring Ina along.
We have five girls with Lene.

- And Niels Ole and Kai.
- And Flemming.

And Helge. That makes 10.

- Because it's a minus-bracket.
- Yeah, then the minus varies...

- Minus times i by something else...
- Yeah.

It's still a minus-bracket.

- 2x...
- Yes. The big one is coming now...

This has been squared. What has
been squared on the equation?

The square on the 1st element
plus the square on the 2nd element -

- plus or minus as much...

... alright.
And this has been squared once...

Hello, it's Elin.






- Yeah?
- It was Anne Mette. They can't.

They forgot, they had to
go to a party with Mona.

What do you say?

It's her, she's called "suckup."

Balling Jørgensen...
He's not here. The door is open.

You mustn't glide down this.

- Hello? Is somebody at home?
- Hey, Mona!

Hey, Mona. So many staircases.
I just had a coke.

- Hello, Flemming.
- Hey, Elsebeth.

- What did she say? - Nothing but
yes and no and goodbye.

Why, where was I, goddamnit.
I'm not calling again.

Hey, Mona, you slender girl!
Shall we have a dance?

I brought along some beers to
speed things up a little.

- Have you seen my new jumper?
- Real smart, Willy.

It's red.

Hey, Willy. Hey, Mona.
Helge is coming now, too.

Niels Ole, won't you put that
air-mattress pump away?

- Why are you always with Mai Brit?
- You said 87, but it's 187.

- No, I said Kingosgade 187.
- You said, it was Kingosgade 87.

We were invited to coffee with a
plumber, if only we took shoes.

Jørn, will you just help me?
Then we can dance over here.

- It isn't what we do regularly.
- Where do we turn out the light?

Over next to the door.

Come here, Mona!

It's good, it's good.

That was taken by a photographer.
It's my dog. Isn't it cute?

- It's called Carlo.
- Carlo?

That's what you can call
a dog then.

Isn't it sweet?

That consists of a drop of whiskey,
a little gin, brandy, port -

- and half a glass of red wine.

It will taste very good,
if you put the end of a cigarette in.

There are herrings, liver pâté,
meatballs, eggs and a fish fillet.

Let's try the meatballs.

It's probably their Sunday food.

- I fell right through the chair.
- Take it easy. It's happened before.

Shut up, man.
You messed up everything!

No, Mona. It's my beer!

Mona, my beer!

What's happening here?

- Like in a nightclub? - Yeah.
Hang the clothes in the wardrobe.

What's up, Thorkild?

"The 21st of July 1952 crawled
our three little princesses -

- through this eye tree to avoid

"But it's a..."

"It's a lie."

"the tree is...
is stronger than man."

"Work... has killed 3000, -

- but nobody thinks about it."

"The work at sea..."

Now we're going to morning song.

Not something with water!

- And it's wet...
- No, don't do it!

What the hell did you see in Maj Brit?
She's a real bitch.

- Aren't you going out?
- No, we probably just broke up.

She was dating a guy from another
school the whole time.

- No.
- Yes, yes. The more, the better.

- She's like that. - Where did
you hear that?

From her. And then she plays a
trombone in the drum majorettes.

She said she could be with me
at the same time.

But I didn't fucking like that.

- Who can draw best?
- Here!

Now you just have to see here.

Here is a bridge...
here is a thicket...

Here fly two seagulls...
and here are four hunters...

They forge after the seagulls.

No doubt about how you'll have
to be punished.

Niels Ole, will you be kind enough
to wipe the board?

Are you clear? Take each other's hands.
The Polonaise has begun.

11th grade, are you clear?

Where is Willy now?
Why isn't he coming? Ah!

Elna, come now!

Ah no! He's in knickers!

- Who is to have this then?
- That belongs to Kai.

- Isn't there any room for us?
- No, only if you made reservations.

- Who is to sit here then?
- It's reserved for Mona.

You might have ordered at the same
time the rest of us ordered.

- Who is to have this then?
- You are.

- Who will dance the lancers together?
- We will, along with Lene and Helge.

- Where is Helge?
- He's eating with his parents.

Should I take it with liver pâté?
I ordered three pieces.

I've never understood what you have
against her. What has she done?

- Helge started it all with PTH.
- We all laughed at it.

I really think she's the cutest girl.

- Let's dance with her again.
- You'll never get Helge to agree.

So the rest of us can do it.

She probably doesn't go to high school.
She seems way too young.

Have you already started eating?
Can I sit here?

- I ordered two pieces.
- Flemming, pass it, please.

- Shouldn't you have more?
- No, I only ordered one piece.

Where did Jørn have to go?

Anne Mette, did you see? Jørn and
Elin are dancing cheek to cheek.

Right over there. She's completely

What is it?

You know, you're ridiculous, okay?
I think you have to know it.

- Because you're dancing with Jørn.
- It isn't me who will ask to dance.

- It's him, he will dance with me.
- Only to make fun of you.

- Just ask Anne Mette and Lene.
- I don't give a shit about you.

Then ask the others. You don't
think he's crazy about you, do you?

- I don't know.
- He knows, you are willing.

And so what? You just stand here like
a hypocrite. You're envious.

Me? Envious? Who should I be
envious of?

- Elin...
- Let me go! Suckup!

I said, suckup!
Let me go!