Tredowata (1936) - full transcript

"Social Leper"

You love me?

I do not know.

I think so.


Edmund Bromnicki,

I take you

Stefania Rudecka

by wife.

We will have to...

tell our parents.

Wait a minute.


Now I don't have time, my daughter.


There are strange men with my father.


...kiss me.

How dare you talk like that

to a lady?


Do not.


I don't have much experience yet.

I'll touch you something.

Why so sad?

But beautiful.


The harvest was bad.
There were many unforeseen expenses.

You are in ruin, Mr. Rudecki.

So gentlemen, what will happen?

We will wait a month and then

we auction your goods.

That will happen!

I believe that...

I have come at a bad time.

Tomorrow you will
talk to my father.

Maybe we have rushed a little.

I think you will understand me.

I do not understand.


that your father

he was reputed to be wealthy.

- And a marriage without a dowry...
- Let's talk clearly.

Did you expect my dowry?

Have you been disappointed?

Do you want to back down?

So be it.

You can go now.


What's wrong?

Are you worried about your
father's problems so much?

No mother.


How could he?

He told me he loved me.

That he can't live without me.

Mr. Prontnicki!



I have to get out of here.

I have to forget.

I don't want to see it anymore!

I will go, I will go far, to Warsaw.

To Warsaw?

With what money?

And more considering our situation.

I can keep myself!

I will be...

I will be a piano teacher.

It's childish...

You will see!

I will manage very well.

I will write you letters.

My dear parents.

Things here in Warsaw
are going very well.

I earn a lot of money

and I'm happy.

I am happy with my flat.

I have a very sunny room,

with good bathroom

and a stylish bed.

From my window

I have a beautiful view of the park.

My landlady

a nice and very polite person...

Wow! I have no luck
with my tenants.

We are going from bad to worse.

Miss just sighs.

But the sighs won't pay me the rent.

In a few days I will fix it.


Giving a class for 2.50?

Maybe I'll find something...

Do you see?

Respectable person,
of good family,

Let him speak French,

It is required as a teacher in a chalet.

Interested go to the European Hotel,
room No. 112.


Please, ma'am.

I come for the announcement.

Is that...
I'm looking for a serious person.

Oh, I am very serious.

Maybe I don't appear...

Come closer!

I really don't know if he will
get along with my daughter.

It is very capricious

and very spoiled.

He is still 16 years old

and so far no teacher could take it.

All have fled.

Well, you give a good impression.

- Sit down.
- Thank you.

It's about the trip, Miss Natalia.

- My name is Stefania.
- Nothing of that!

Here all the governesses

they are called Valeria.

And every teacher,
to differentiate


My maiden name is Michorowska and I live

in the residence of the Michorowski

in Glembowice.

It is a beautiful

and historic mansion.

Surely he heard about her.

I hope you know who the Michorowski are.

After the death of my husband

I have moved to the
residence of the Michorowski.

I live there with my father and daughter.

That all

it already belongs to the residence.

In a moment we will arrive.

How nice! True?

The park is beautiful.

Everyone envies us.


I have had a great
trip chatting with you.

Good morning, Antonio.

Where is Miss Lucy?

Miss when she saw through the window

his car and

he locked himself in his room

and he doesn't want to talk to anyone.

Don't you want to welcome me?

The lady is angry because
of the new teacher.

He says he doesn't want any teacher.

I thought so!

You have to talk to her, Miss Natalia!


Miss Stefania.

I don't want to see her

that to reprimand him

I'm too tired.

show the teacher your room.

Then you take her to Miss's room.


- Miss...
- What do you want, Antonio?

My mother came.

Yes, Miss.

A new "Miss Natalia" also came.

Well, you can leave now.

I don't even want to see her.

The lady has sent me,
to introduce her.

Then enter.

"Faster enters, faster exits. "

I'll talk to the lady myself.


I am your new teacher.

What do I care?


Why are you rude to me?

I want him to be angry
as soon as possible

- and let him go.
- Oh...

So you don't want to study?

Good good...

Of course I want to study!

I want to go to the city,
to a real school

like all the girls my age.

But no!

For being the baroness's daughter

and granddaughter of Mr. Michorowski

I can not mix with the rabble!

That's why I have to rot
here with French and music.

Is that why you don't
even want to look at me?

I know very well how it is.

An old spinster,
rigid and with glasses

and uglier than a monkey.

My girl...

yes I have glasses

Because I'm so old,
I don't see anything.

I'm ugly...

because God wanted it that way.

I'm spinster...

Because I was not
lucky to get married.

But I am not rigid!

Look at me!

You will see.

You are very pretty!

It seems to you.

Surely he got mad at me.

No, nothing.

Is what I expected, do we kiss?

Lucy you know what?

You did not welcome your mother.

We would have to
ask for forgiveness.

You're right.

So let's go.

Better if you stay here.

The talk with my mother can be


Excuse me.

I thought I was alone.

It is I who asks for your forgiveness,
my daughter

for watching you that way

and without your permission.


I was surprised at your resemblance to...

You are...

identical, but...

like a young lady.

I met her many years ago.

Who you are

- my daughter?
- Rudecka,

Miss Lucy's new teacher.

I am Michorowski

nice to meet you.


How similar!

My mother is delighted with you.

She says you are a young
woman but an old teacher.

I promised to change and many other
things that I will not fulfill...

And you?
He was getting bored right?

No, I met the Lord.

Have you come?

I was here just now.

Then you are delighted,
bewitched and it reached your heart.

He is a very kind old man!

The old man?

Is my grandfather!

But he doesn't send here anymore.

Now sends Waldemar Michorowski.

We call him Waldy

He is charming and
very dear to everyone.

- He will lose his mind when he meets him.
- Do not worry.

And more if it is not.

But it will come back.

And it is not far. An hour from here, at his
grandmother's house, Countess Podworecka.

Mr. Waldemar!

Mr. Waldemar!

You've fallen...

You have hurt yourself...

We will blow.

Already! It does not hurt.

It doesn't hurt, right?

- Mr. Waldemar!
- Ah! Miss Rita!

Is that you

he always finds me.

I didn't want to bother him.

The duchess sends me.

Grandma? And what do you want?

Awaits you very impatiently.

I'm coming, my precious messenger.

Fake compliments don't make me funny.

And sincere?

You do not say them.

Come on,
the countess is waiting for us.

You finally arrive, Waldy.

Where have you been?

Excuse me, grandma.

I have been held by a beautiful young lady,

I tried to flirt with.

What lady is she?

- The gardener's daughter.
- Oh, Waldy...

I already asked you so many times

don't bother my maids.

I apologize, grandma.

That young lady

has only

4 years old.

That is something else.

Despite that,
Miss Rita was jealous of her.

Imaginations of yours.


Do not bother her...

She is in love with you until the bars.

Listen to me, Waldy.

I would like to get married.

With Rita?

Please, no jokes.

Loves me!

It is of our class.

It's his pupil, then...

Our class has many levels...

Mrs. Michorowska has to
belong to a very good family.

Like yours and mine.

For example...

For example...

Countess Barska.

- Ah! It's about her.
- It will like you.

The last carnival was idolized.

The Barski have drawn conclusions.

Listen to me, Waldy.

What do you think if
we write them a letter.

What you think?


I already wrote it.


The invitation of the duchess,
is within three weeks.

That means that the
young man has decided.

I think.

Is he leaving?

Is he leaving?


I won't bother her anymore.

I like it when it bothers me.

I shouldn't get where they
don't call me, but...

Is marriage with Barska this...


That seems, Miss Rita, that seems,

But you also have wedding plans...

I? Ah, you mean that idiot, Baron Trestka.

Have a good morning, sir.

Goodbye, baron.

I come and you leave.
What a bad luck.

I hope to see Miss Rita.

I have allowed myself
to bring some flowers.

Nothing better to calm a woman,
than a bouquet of flowers.

Well, I don't bother him anymore.


My respects.

My dear sir.


My dear Miss Rita.

I apologize

to come without notifying her.

I'm getting used to it.

I can't live a day

without seeing her.

And as a pretext

I have allowed myself...


They were wild flowers!

I would like to fall in love.



But there is no candidate.

Waldy doesn't count, it's family.

The only hope is in the
new practitioner...

Maybe it will be worth...

For what?


It's just for talking...

It is about to arrive from the station.

Why are we not going
to receive him?

It is the best time to walk.


Okay, let's go.

- Oh! a squirrel!
- Where?

Do we play "you catch me"?

Hide yourself!




Where are you?

I can not find you!

I can help her?

And you...
Where did it come from?

Of the way.

Do Grembowic?

He has guessed well.

So, you are the
practitioner who came today.


Well... you came to practice,
in Grembowice.

I? Practices but...

Aaa! You are right.
Clear. To practice.

You allow me.



This is my new teacher.
Very nice, right?

- But Lucy!
- But now we have to go home.

My mother won't like it if we're late.

Goodbye, Mr. Wuyalski.


I hope that

see you soon.

Who knows?


And who is late?

Waldemar! Of course.

I asked him so many times.

If you want to eat with us, be punctual.

That disorganizes the house.

When you see Waldemar you
will be very surprised.

And because?

Good morning.

I already told him!

- Sorry for the delay.
- Well, you have no choice.

Good morning, grandfather.

- Good morning Lucy.
- What's up.

Lucy's new teacher, Miss Rudecka.

- We already know each other.
- Yes? And from where?

He introduced us to a friend
that we have in common.

Mr. Wuyalski!

Do you want some coffee?

- Thank you so much Mrs.
- Yes? Do not?


- So, will the piano play a little?
- If you allow me.

It's been a long time since I played.

Miss Rudecka is a very good pianist.

He even taught.

I can imagine, that

- it plays very badly.
- And why?

It is too pretty.


Do you believe?

It plays very well.

Thank you.

May I sit next to you?


This is your house.

Doesn't it bother you?

No matter.

In the forest he was
so funny and kind...

And now...

It freezes me with my eyes.

In front of Mr. Wuyalski,
the practitioner,

It could be fun.

Now I have to respect
the border that separates

the simple teacher
of the Lord himself.

I can't play with the right!

Touch with the left.

I will help you.

I have made a mistake!

You were wrong from
the first moment, sir.

I get it.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Baroness Cwirecka with the daughter

and Miss Szejrzanka.

- What a nice surprise!
- Hello!

How are you?

The Lord plays the piano!

Only he knows how to play so pretty.

Well, she's Lucy's new teacher.


It is true.

Listening better,
it shows that it is challenging.

Where is the lord?

In his bedroom.

He said he was very busy.

It's true,
the lord is very busy.

Welcome ladies.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning, Miss Rita.


Miss Rudecka.

Lucy's teacher

Well, let's go inside.

Nice to meet you!


The practitioner arrived.

Will the lord receive it?



They call me obligations.

Have you known the
Lord for a long time?

I met him today.

And are you already getting so intimate?

Oh, those modern girls...

Forgive you.

Well, sir.
I think he will be happy with me.

Your server.

You? Here? How?

I am selling medical practices.

Life keeps us surprises.


Do you know each other?

We were neighbors.

I don't bother you anymore.

I didn't expect it, but

what a nice surprise.

" Dear Parents: "

" I feel here very well. "

" The old Mr. Michorowski "

" he loves me a lot. "


This name has not been pronounced
in our house for many years.

We will write you back home.

And for what reason?

I hope you don't want to tell him

That old and bitter story.

" My student turned out to
be a sweet and nice girl. "

We're done, I've learned everything,
we can continue with Cyrano de Bergerac.


I will be the Roxana

and you Cyrano.

" Let's do a study of "

" What really is a kiss. "

- And you? Have you kissed someone yet?
- Lucy!

I never kissed anyone.

- But I have little left, you'll see.
- We continue?

I think it's something very nice.

Shut up now!

" Let's do a study of "

" What really is a kiss. "

" An oath "

" A sweet promise "

" Confession "

" Safe and without negative response. "

And a pink dot

after the word

I love you.

The mystery

not to the ears

but to the lips revealed.

A way to enjoy and feel the heart.

To taste the taste of the soul


the lips.

You are spying on us!

It is rude.

I unwittingly witnessed

his poetic treatises on
such a pleasant subject.

Do not! Do not!

You are spoiling me
with your compliments.

Madam, they are not compliments

It is my admiration for you.

You forgive me.

I have to go to work.

But... You will visit us more times, right?

- For example, today night ?
- With pleasure.

I'd rather Miss Stefania not see us.

He doesn't like me talking to you.

He doesn't know my bunnies yet.

This is my pupil.


What a beautiful thing!

Kiss the lord!


- Do you have a little while?
- Okay, yes.

I would like to teach you something.

I'll carry it.


If it's not too far...

At first

I didn't like him, right?

I couldn't stand him!

And now?

And now...


it stopped raining
and we can go home.

Where did Miss Stefania go?

I do not know.

He stayed with Waldy in the altana.

In the altana?

In our area

Miss Stefania was also

very popular among gentlemen.


At last!

Leave us alone!


Miss Stefania

what do those night getaways mean?


the Lord

he proposed a ride

and we were surprised by the rain.

Did you propose a ride?

He could refuse.

I should refuse.

Miss Stefania!

Miss Stefania!

What happens to Miss Stefania?

Ah, Waldy, Waldy...

Leave her alone.

You hurt him a lot.

Miss Stefania!

Cheer up a little!

Tomorrow we will visit the
house of Duchess Podworecka.

You'll see! We will have a good time.

Lucy's new teacher is very nice.

The girls have a good time with her.

Even I want to run on the grass.

But I'm too old.

Oh duchess...

He is younger than all of us.


And Waldemar takes care of Barska...

We danced until dawn

and then you disappeared.

And you can't forgive me.

So far he did not apologize.

Miss Rita!

I hear you.

I tell her officially,
that I love her.

And gone I ask for your hand.


I wanted to say: gone for his love
I officially ask for his hand.

The Lord

the Lord

I'm sure he will marry Barska.

The others are for him as toys.

Miss Stefania!

The blindfold dropped the blindfold.

I dropped the bandage...

Excuse me!

Miss Estafania caught him.

Now you have to put the handkerchief.

But ladies, ladies, no...

Well, if Miss Rita will
escape in front of me...

I haven't done anything else for months.

I have you!

And I will not let go!
Until receiving a kiss.

If you want, we will escape
from all over the world.

I propose a small walk.

With pleasure!

Our couple

he already walked away.

I think I'll still meet my great grandson.


How romantic!

Want to row a little?

If you wait for me,
I will row here in the romantic boat.

So lonely and so thoughtful?

I think

I should leave here.

Do you want to run away from me?

Run away?

From you, from everyone!

From my own heart!


Don't touch me, please!

I will not be your toy!

Where is Miss Stefania?

I want to go home.

The park...

One day,
in that park I was declared

Duke Podchorecki.

And now Waldy...

Did Miss Barska accompany you?

Well of course.

Do you come back alone?

Not because of me!

What does this mean?

Where is Waldemar?

There you have it,
with Miss Stefania.

Miss Stefania and Waldy?

Lucy hold me that I fainted.

The Lord left today very early.

He she left?

He went to Warsaw.

In a very bad mood.

In his office the
light was on all night.

Antonio told me that he was not
doing anything other than walking.

Ah yes yes!

We almost caused a scandal.

It took a lot of work o explain to Barska...

Excuse me!

I'm looking for Lucy.

Lucy is on the terrace.

Go here,
through the portrait room.


He is the father of the Lord.

It is posthumous.

But here there are only
portraits of the dead?


This is the old lord's wife,
Waldy's grandmother.

He was very unhappy.

He spent his life crying.

Apparently I was in love with a young man

but it was lower class to the Lord

and the Lord could not
forget his old love either.

I put my hand in the fire

that even now think of her.

And who was it?

A noble journey to less.

More or less like you.

They loved each other
but couldn't get married.


The Lord?

And that commoner?

What are you saying!

A month ago

that Waldemar doesn't pass through here.

Does not come back.

Neither gives signs of life.

What a sadness without him, right?

Grandfather! Wady arrived!

How could you not write a word!

Dear grandfather! How are you?

Good morning, young lady.

You have forgotten us completely.

Not so completely, if I'm here.

Waldy, did you bring me
something from Warsaw?

- You are right.
- Something nice?

You are spoiling my dear.

And for my dear grandfather

An old cigar maker.

For your collection.

Apparently he is 300 years old but

seems to be 20.

And for my aunt 12 new

French romances.

I couldn't bring them in my pocket.

- They occupy the whole suitcase.
- Thanks a lot my dear.

I also remembered you.

This is for you, Miss Stefania.

I am very grateful with you.

But I...

Miss Stefania, don't reject it.

We have all received the gifts.


Thank you very much sir.


Tell me about Warsaw.

In eternal memory. W.M.

Will you help me put it on?

What are you doing?

It is hard to put it on.


Please go to your room.

I forbid him to keep seeing Lucy!

Do you forbid me?

And with what right?

I am her teacher and
I am responsible for her.

I also know very well

you can't expect
anything good from you.

I advise you to take better
care of your morality.

The birds are already singing

that you are

Lord's lover!

How do you dare?

Follow me please!

If I wanted to resolve
that issue with honor

It could damage Miss Stefania's reputation.

That's why I will treat you like...

A simple servant.

- But sir...
- Silence!

You have a week to fix your things.

The remaining time will be
installed in the foreman's house.

Do not dare to step
on this house anymore!

You can go.

I just fired Mr. Pradnicki.


How? What?


He disrespected Miss Stefania

What things!

Miss Stefania is the
most important person.

We have finally found

to a good and nice young man

that had interesting conversations

And he says goodbye

for looking badly at the teacher.

Besides that young
man so nice and good

try to conquer Lucy.


That's impossible!

- Amazing!
- Aha!

You also worry about Lucy, aunt.

What? Why Lucy?

How for Lucy?

Oh yes, sure, of course for Lucy.


Aunt! What's up?

I'm worried about my girl's future

and you ask me
what's wrong with me!

I love him so much!

I will die of despair.

And you eat jealousy because
you are also in love with him.

Is that what he told you?

Yes! He told me!

And I thought you were
in love with Wademar.


They all say!

There's nothing wrong.


Do not Cry!
My heart breaks with sorrow.

I did not mean that.


The party dress for the lady.

What do I need a suit for now?

If everything is so bad!

What if I looked at the suit?
Miss Stefania.

What do you think?

And if you need touch-ups?
When would it be?

How beautiful!

This dance is in
honor of Miss Barska.

I think it will end in co-commitment.

Why are you not dancing?

At the moment nobody asked me.

Mr. Count!
Your daughter is beautiful!

Waldemar loses his mind.

Thank you.

Was it declared?

Not for the moment.

And what are you waiting for?

- The next dance is for me.
- For me!

Not all together. By order.
I already booked them a dance.

Grandpa! You look younger.


Why does Estenka call me?

Why do you look so much...

to a young woman who was called like you,
and whom Estenka called her.

Miss Rita!

I would like to be that fan.

To refresh myself?

Yes, well, no...

I would like to heat it.

With what could I heat it?

Asking me for a dance.

May I have this dance?

There are so many young people...

I'm not here as a guest...

You are the sweetest guest,
who stepped on this house.

Miss Countess...

Waldemar is so bewitched by you...

Yes, I already realized.


And now again Waldemar
dancing with Miss Stefania!

Everyone is watching it!

He is in love with her!

Forget about her!
He will marry you!

Yes, and in the meantime
I am exposing myself.

He kissed her hand!

Is not too much?

Mr. Waldemar!

She makes me sad.

He deserves a good deal.

You can't marry her.

It is not right to woo
her without wedding plans.

I promise that

I will not woo

no wedding plans.

Miss Stefania!
Is he having a good time?

And you?


I have finally found it!

I love her!

But, Duke...!

It surely feels

very strange here.


Why did he suddenly find himself

among the best in society.

I am enjoying it.

I learn good manners

in every sense.

Who is too tall

it often fails.

Who is deceived by appearances

it always fails.

What are you talking about?

We had a very nice talk.

I enjoyed the good humor of Mr. Count

and his lucidity.

What a character!

Who are you talking about?

Of the governess.

Miss Rudecka deserves greater respect.

Talk about her as if
she were one of us.

He deserves it.

It is not so easy to enter our society.

That person for us

it will always be

the leper!

The leper?

What a dirty expression!

Dear Mr. Count!

Did Count Barski disrespect you?

What did he say?

The truth.

Forgive me, but now I can't dance.

And why can't you marry her?

Things like that have already happened.

My daughter didn't think
it was good enough.

And now that... "Miss."

We could...

If the anonymous didn't
give me so much disgust

I would write

two words.


he gave her a bracelet

with the brilliants of that size.

A very rare dedication

in this bracelet.

" In eternal memory. "

To always remember me.

Just as I will never forget her.

What a beautiful night!


Hot, aromatic...

As in Cyrano de Bergerac.

Like the poetry he read.

We will make the treaty

what is it really

a kiss?


How do you dare?

I don't know it myself.

I love you!


Please! Let me go!

... upon passing this border
there is no return...

Miss Lucy lost this letter.

What does it say?

Miss allows me...

I don't know...


The gentlemen allow...

" My dear Lucy! Tomorrow I'm
leaving forever. Try to see me. "

- And with what tone he spoke to me!
- Stop!

I'll say goodbye to the duchess.

Do not!

We're leaving without saying goodbye!

Stop the horses!

I already have everything ready.

Let's get away.

And no one can refuse our marriage.

I don't know...

Do not trust me?

I trust, but...

Lucy, I'm only yours.

- I am...
- Unfortunate!

Fear not, Lucy!

I will talk to her.


Right now you will come with me.

Miss Lucy will leave
here whenever she wants!

- Lucy!
- Please!

He is not ashamed!

Take advantage of the
innocence of a young lady.

Miss Lucy loves me.

This time he found a very fat dowry.

And the family?
Will you approve it?

He will have to do it.

I will threaten them with a scandal.

Then blackmail!

Sometimes a blackmail is worth a lot.

- Lucy!
- Please, I didn't touch myself!

Miss Stefania, let's go!

We are not done yet, Miss Stefania.

Miss Stefania!

You have to promise me,
nobody will know what happened!

I swear.
I will not say a word to anyone.


Now change and to bed.

I will say that your head hurts.

Mrs. Duchess...

Thanks for coming.

Nice to see you.

Where it was?

I walked through the park and...

And lost the bracelet.

I missed...

In the park?


Thank you.

What a scandal!

What an offense!


What happens?

The Barski have left
without saying goodbye!

Well, it's gone.


Talk about the best candidate for wife.

Do you know what left?

One hundred so many millions!

One of the best surnames of this country.
Not to mention relatives...

But let's leave the subject, because I feel,
I'm going to pass out again.

You have lost your mind, son.

- If you really love that girl...
- I love her crazy!

Then you should leave
it as soon as possible

and not destroy his life.

But destroy mine!

Oh God! You punish me
very hard for my faults.

Look what I found!

Inside there is something written.


It is a bit erased.

Where did you get it from?

If I'm not stealing it...

I was on the floor.


It's from the lord.

"Go back home daughter. We are very worried.
We ignore bad tongues, but better avoid them."

"...that marriage has no future. That is what the old lord knows.
And also his maternal grandmother. He informs him... a friend."

The whole neighborhood is already talking
about Waldemar and Miss Stefania!

We have to get her out of here.

Father, if you think otherwise...

I think the same.


Thank God!

And why, if he has so much love?

Of course, and for that reason.

I'll talk to her right now.

It can?

Yes please.

I would like to speak with you.

You allow me, Mrs. Duchess...

I received a letter from my parents...

I have to return home.

I would like to leave today.


Yes, if possible.

What nasty news, Miss Stefania.

We will be disconsolate.

Well, nobody can calm Lucy.

Lucy! Do not Cry!

We will remain friends.

We will write letters!

Poor me without you!

What will Waldy say?

The car is ready.


Oh yes, okay. You can retire.

Who is going?

Miss Stefania.


And nobody informed me?

Darling, I hired her

she was my daughter's teacher,

what would I have to inform you about?

Very well!

Prepare me a car!



Well, take the car...

I only care, let him go.


I will accompany you to the station.

What will people say?

Isn't it more important than we think?

You love me?

Do not talk about it!

You love me?

No no! Please...

If we won't see each other anymore.

And because?

We have a lifetime ahead.

All the world...

I would like...

forget all

and to all.

Going from the conventions...

Trample them.

Do not...

Do not!

For that

I love him


- My happiness!
- No no.

If it's our last time...

The last time...

It's here.

Paulina, read!

Good morning.

Do you leave too?

Do not.

I only accompany

to Miss Rudecka.

To my girlfriend.

Good trip, Stefania.

Give memories to your parents.

I'm coming soon.

Trust me!

Trust me.

So he told me!

What a strange way to declare!

On a train!

It doesn't work for me.

But... You'll see!

It will come here!
He will ask for my hand!

Then very politely and firm

you will reject it!


Do you know that my mother
was engaged to her father?


With Michorowski?

Now I start to understand

that anonymous letter.

Then there were anonymous.


There was one.
I already threw it away.

What a pity!

There will be more!

You should save it for the
rest of the collection.



Why do you talk to me like that?

Why don't you want to
believe in my happiness?

My girl!

Do you think they will accept you?
What will welcome you at home?

I don't know...

I don't know...

Until his grandfather

Maciej Michorowski, not your consent.

Until his grandmother,

Duchess Podchorecka do not bless you,

I forbid young Michorowski
from entering this house!

And for that,
fulfilling orders of the Countess,

we have gathered here, dear Waldemar,

so that you recover
your common sense.

I mean...

Make you think about it.

A kind of family committee?


Now your uncle has the floor

Count Podchorecki.

With that marriage you will
hurt your whole family!

Think of the disgust

what will you do to your grandfather.

In anguish

what will you
provoke in my mother!



will make you reflect...

I have finished!

I will listen to your reasons, grandfather.


to some

they won't like what
I'm going to say.

Many years ago

I loved one


It was good and respectable.

I had wedding plans...

But I listened to my family.

I broke the commitment.

I spent the rest of my life unhappy.


Maciej Mochorowski,

I bless your marriage, Waldemar.

Thank you!

Thank you very much, grandpa!

And you?

And your grandmother?


Will you agree?


Everything repeats!

Everything repeats!

The newspaper.

" Your love, kisses, promises... "

" All was a lie. "

" His last letter... "

" Dear Miss Stefania. "

" After reflecting, I understood, "

" It would be better
to forget everything. "

" Maciej Michorowski. "

She called Stenia!

I look like her!

" His last letter, "

" It is a cruel truth. "

" I'm praying "

" And I want to die soon. "

I know him well.

He is proud.

It will not come first.

It won't come asking me.

And for what?

He is the owner of his will.

Can get married

who do you want?

And when he likes it.

True? Rita.

- Why go around so many times?
- Because it hurts.


What they want

of that girl?

If everyone speaks very well of her!



Waldemar would not choose anyone.

And he will marry her!

And he will be happy!

And I won't see it anymore.

Because he won't come here first.

And me

great grandson see.


Wouldn't it be better

call the young lord?

My child!

You are here!

You have forgiven me!

Thank you.



" Dear Sirs "

" Rudecki "

" Wruczajew. "

" I have the honor to ask for
your daughter Stefania's hand, "

" for my grandson, to Waldemar Michorowski. "

" Podchorecka "

Oh Waldy!


Countess Xawera Podchorecka

and Maciej Michorowski,

they have the honor of
communicating the commitment

from Waldemar Michorowski

with Miss Stefania Rudecka!


You promised me the address of
the Grembowice practitioner.

I think it was Mr. Prontnicki.

Yes, yes. I have it here pointed.

And for what?

I want to do someone a favor.

Lucy, we changed address.

I will not stay in this house!

But mom!

How? Here? Where I was the lady
and she a simple teacher...

Now she will be the lady and I...

one of the family.

A bit spoiled. Oh no!

- Thank you!
- But mom. Miss Stefania is good.

Depends with who.

Depends with who...

Dear, sweet, nice Miss Stefania!

Dear little girl!

Welcome to this house!

My parents...

Welcome, ma'am.

Nice to meet you.

We all love Miss Stefania very much.

I come to speak with you in private.

Is about


I care about him.

For our class it will always be

a leper.

This marriage for him
will be a disgrace!


if he really loves him

it should disappear.

But I don't believe in his selfless love.

Please get out of here!

Just a moment.

I had an affair with

and at the same time he
was seeing Prontnicki!

Is a lie!

And this bracelet?

They found her in Mr. Prontnicki's room!

There are witnesses.

Is a lie.

" I swear "

" I won't say a word. "

Will it end this farce?

It will go?

Then Waldemar will receive the bracelet

with a letter explaining everything.


Blessed Virgin!

What if...

if he?

Will believe you...

If he abandons me?

I can't tell the truth!

I have sworn!


This is our wedding!


Why this silence?


no one?


" You are for them "

" a leper "


You will believe me!

Is it for Stefania?


How beautiful!


What do you think, grandpa?

Show me it.

Do you remember, Lucy?

He didn't want to receive
a simple bracelet...

And now... Now I will give you
all the jewels of the world.

A telegram for the lord.



What happens?

It is from Stefania's parents.

What happens to Stefania?

It has a high fever...

It's bad?

The doctor says...

It all depends on God.


He knows!


He will say it!

I am not Lucy.

It's me!



He knows!


He will say it!

As a step?

Countess Barska was here.


They talked a long time.

And then Stefania left home.

We found her

in the chapel, meaningless.




Talk about a bracelet

and what is

a leper.

A leper...

And after Prontnicki.

He is our old neighbor.

And from Lucy.

And what else?

Now all the time repeat

" Lucy will tell. "

He already heard her.

I will let Lucy know.


What day is today?



What day is today?



We would have married.


Yes, Stefania!


I only

I loved you!

Do you believe me?


Yes, Stefania!


Now I will sleep a little...


It seems a little better, doctor.

He spoke meaningfully.

We are doing

everything possible.

How is Stefania?

Today a little better.


I would like to talk to you.

- With me?
- Yes.

Lucy, listen to me.

They sent me

Stefania's bracelet with a letter.

A very offensive letter.

Stefania said

" Lucy will tell. "

What does this letter mean?

Lucy, tell me!

The fault is mine!

What a scoundrel is Prontnicki!

Can Stefania be seen?

Now he is with the doctors.

Just a moment.

I will reward you.


God willing


When, God willing, improve.



Our father

that you are in heaven...

hallowed be thy name...

Blessed be your kingdom...

And do your will

So in Heaven as on Earth.

Stefana Rudecka.
Waldemar Michrowski's girlfriend.
He died prematurely.