Treat Me Like Fire (2018) - full transcript

When Ella meets Abel, her life changes. In the wake of this elusive lover, the girl will discover the cosmopolitan Paris and underground gaming circles, where adrenaline and money reign. ...

- Three mozzas.
- Thank you.

- Like some bread?
- Yes please.

- I dropped my fork.
- I'm coming.

I can't serve that.
Make them again.

- Can I pay?
- Yes.

- There's no paper in the toilets.
- Alright.

I'm waiting for
the rest of the 6.

Three arancini
and tomatoes mozza?

I'm on it.


No, do that again.

Medium... as requested.

There you are.


- A table for two?
- Yes.

I'm leaving it here.

Sir... what are you doing?

We're closed.

I'm here about
your advertisement.

It's hot.

It doesn't go there.
But I'll do it.

I'll do it.


This is a nice place.

I like it a lot.

The family aspect.

Not like the big
impersonal places.

- No.
- You know what the Meurice is like?


Well, I spent 4 years there.

But frankly,
it doesn't have the same charm.

Here, you can feel the love.

Fine... OK.

You worked at the Meurice...

The "palace"?


I did everything... brasserie, bar,
hotel... the club too, a bit.

Do you have a CV ?

I'll even help out
with the dishwashing.

I'll take your number
and call you back.

Why not try me out now?

If I'm OK you keep me,
if not, you fire me.

That way you don't waste time...
it's Al set.


Come again?



My grandmother was crazy
about jazz. Ella, too.

That was all
she was interested in.

We'd spend the day smoking
and listening to records.

We didn't talk...

...but we felt good.

You'll take from 14 to 11.

Tonight, we have a birthday.
They're regulars.

We set the plates...
Drinks there. Menus on the board.

No lunch menus
in the evening.

This is Abel...
We're giving him a trial.


If you have a question,
ask Simon.

- Simon is...?
- That's me.

Bread, salt, pepper and sauces.

Moving on...
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

- From 1 to 5 is yours.
- OK.

That's your priority.

The beers are there,
the soft-drinks here.

The wine is beside
the desserts.

Have you made
a creme brulee before?

My father.


Excuse me.

You wanted someone quickly.

Next time,
make an effort.

Put on a shirt,
at least.


Is there a pin number
for the till?

I take care of the till.

And the orders?

You give it to the kitchen.
I make out the bill.

That's how we do it.
It's not the Meurice.

Two coffees.

- Some bread please?
- Certainly.

- Are you waiting for someone?
- He's coming.

- Everything alright?
- Yes thank you.

- The Perrier's for... ?
- For me, thank you.


Thank you, girls...
Have a nice evening.

Yes, Ma'am?


- Could I have the same?
- Of course.

Why is the girl on 5
looking so unhappy?

Which girl?

The blonde with clenched mouth.

She's on 2.
5 is there.

She's facing her best friend.

He's telling her about the birds
he's having it off with...

...and he hasn't even noticed
her new hairdo.

That's why she's looking
so unhappy.

Do you know them?

And them...
Why are they arguing?

It's all about inheritance.

Do you ever imagine
people's lives?

The cake's ready.

Yeah... I'll take it.

To Elias...!


Good evening.
Table for two?

How are you, Ella?
Not too tired?

How are you boys?


Great. Good night.

Good night.

I learned to swim in the cold,
in the mountains.

Good night.

You don't want it?

Tips go to the employees.

Oh, you're the boss?

Me too. My uncle's been talking me into
taking over his garage.

He even made me get
my mechanic's certificate.

Don't try.


To guess my life
in 30 seconds.

If you have to catch the last train,
you'd better go.

Same hours tomorrow.

So you're satisfied.

I shan't complain.

Why not?

Will you offer me a beer?

Then we go .

Someone waiting for you?

Are you aware there's
a 13th constellation?

Astrologers have tried to simplify
the system for centuries...

...with 12 months, 12 signs.

And there was one missing.

And it shifts everything.

What are you doing?

I discovered at 30 that I was Virgo
and not Leo. Amazing eh?

Stop that!


Lucky choice!

Give me my money back.

It's destiny.

I warn you, if you don't
give it back, I'll scream.

Go ahead!

Yes, I shall.

I'm convinced...

...if you think about
this constellation story...

...people are following the wrong sign
all their lives.

Let go of me!

In fact...

...they get themselves messed up
about who they are.

You understand?

Where is this heading?

Listen... I'll make a deal.

You come with me,
and we'll split 50-50.


You can go back with 3 times
what I took from you.


Are you making fun of me?

Give me back my money,
right now!

What's happening
between us, is a sign...


It's alright...
Stay with me... it'll work out fine.

There's nothing to fear.

I'm not afraid.

- Hi, Abel.
- You OK? I'll call you.

- How you going Jules?
- Fine... You?

Miss, I need to swipe your card.

- What?
- Your card.

I'm with him.

It's members only here.

Abel, tell her we're together.

You know her?

Never seen her before.

You'll need to pay the 80 euro
membership fee...


- I don't have it.
- You'll have to leave.

There you are.

No ID either?

I wonder what more
this is going to cost me.

Stop! That's stolen money.


500... 520.

Everyone here is bent.

Like the big guy over there... Hulk.

He loses on Monday...
he comes back loaded on Thursday.

Thanks, squire.

Where would you imagine
he got his money?

Good evening, Sir.

Marbella jewelery.
30,000, cash.

I don't want to hear about it.

- Change.
- Change of 100.

40, 50... 5 for the 100.

Here you play Punto or Banco.
You double or you lose.

Banco... that's the bank.

You play.


No, I don't know how.

There's nothing to know.

- I'll give you confidence.
- Place your bets.

On the other hand,
it's important you believe in it.

OK ?


Bets are placed.

No more bets.

Punto 9.

Banco 7.

You've doubled your money.

- Again!
- Change 100.

20, 30, 40, 5 for the 100.

Punto 0.

Banco 4.

Punto 8.

- Yes!
- Bravo!

Punto 3.

Banco 6.

Punto 5, Banco.

What'll we do now?

What's a "tie bet"?

The tie is different.
It's unusual.

But you multiply by 8
if you win.

It's when Punto and Banco
add up equally.

It's a long shot.

Thank you...
No more bets.

Punto 8.

Banco 8... a tie.

She's on a winning streak.

First time?

Is it that obvious?

Three vodkas. Shots.

My first time in a casino, at Ostend...
back when we had francs...

I arrived with 50,
and finished the night with 6,200.

I bought shoes
for my whole family.

And I went back there.

What about you?

It's something I do occasionally...
for amusement.

I'm not like him.

Finish your drink...
We'll go and clobber them!




How do we split?


Shall we get a bite to eat?

I'm famished!

I have to get
back to work.

Dad mustn't see the till.

- You don't know Forrest Gump?
- No... What is it?

You've never seen it...?
with Tom Hanks?

- It's a film?
- Of course!

The guy's completely brainless...

...and he becomes a hero
of the USA.

He runs, he plays ping-pong.

You're making fun of me!

Don't do that...
It makes me feel ancient.

I don't understand...
You wanted to be Forrest Gump or a driver?

I want to know.

I just wanted to be
top class at something.

It could be anything.

Ping-pong, basketball,
fishing, bowls...

Cars, it was easy.

We had access to everything
with the garage.

My cousin did the tinkering,
I did the driving.

We were kings
at that time.

You'll have to see it.

I don't know...

Me and car racing...

My father watches it on TV
every Sunday.

I find it boring.

I'm not talking about that sort...
I'm talking about a real race.

What you see on TV
is like poker...

Like a long dinner
where nobody cracks a smile.

The Demolition Derby
is like Punto Banco baccarat.

It's all over quickly.

You bite or you get bitten.

If you want me to take you,
ask me nicely.

Me ask YOU?

You want to invite me,
you ask me.

When you get that corn out
of your teeth, I'll take you along.

- Magic.
- No!

It's disappeared.

Attends !

It was in the salt shaker.

Have to do it on Sunday
and show the children.

Do you see it?
It disappears and comes back.


Nothing to it, eh ?


It seems you worked
at the Meurice?


They're not too
tough over there?

You get used to it.

When was that?

I don't know...
7... 7 and a half years ago.

Did you know Julien Lancerre?

I don't remember.
It's a while back.

He was the top maitre d'.
You couldn't forget him.

You never know...
So much shift-work there.

Especially as I was a shift-worker.

I was night-shift
on the reception desk.

I was with Mrs Plisson...

She was known as The Governess.

Some chicken, please.

- Some more?
- Yes.

See you.

- Goodnight.
- See you.



Beginner's luck
only happens once.

It's not only a question
of luck.

There are two, three things
you need to know.

I can teach you,
if you like.

I'm going home.
I need to sleep.

If it's so easy,
why are you broke?

Do you think people play
for the dough?

It's pretty much the idea
of games played for money, isn't it?

You think those people you saw,
like the Chinese...

...were there for the dough?

Every time, they're putting
their life on the table.

Their shop, their rent...
the food of their kids.

And when they lose,
they come back.

Because the deeper
you get in the shit...

...the more your need
to get back... the more adrenalin there is.

You also felt that rush, last night.

I saw it.

The first thing is to identify
the most addicted player.

There's always a guy who's going
down the drain, but keeps trying.

You make note of what he does,
and do the opposite.

Because he'll go
all the way.

He has to hit rock bottom
before reviving.

After, there are alternating sets.

Five of Punto, one of Banco.

Seven of Punto,
two of the bank, etc.

The Chinese are hooked on noting
everything, and working on statistics.

But it's more certain to watch
the croupier's chip-tray.

If it's full, it means
the bank's in front.

You have to bet
against the table.

But if the tray's empty,
it means the bank's down.

And the croupier asks for a flushing.

He warns his section head...

...and the section head
goes to find the banker.

The banker is the one who makes
the difference between a club and a casino.

Every morning, outsiders are sold
the right to run the tables.

It doesn't matter who plays,
but it's basically the same...

You're playing against him,
instead of the establishment.

This is it... the sleight of hand.

A non-profit concern.

No money, no profits, no taxes.

Just a little get-together
between members.

From time to time, the boss sends
security in to remind who's in charge.

The more spectacular it is,
the better.

Often it's staged.

The guy gets paid off,
and disappears.

The real menaces are the moneylenders...
the dragon-ladies.

If you don't pay them back, your family...
all of them... will take the rap for you.

And then, there are the touts.

When you're skint,
they help you...

...offering you the address of one
of many in the neighbourhood.

If you forget to pay...,
Diako comes looking for you.

He's the Satan
of debt-collectors in Paris.

I'll bring you the menu
and a coffee.

What have you been doing?
Where were you?

I'm sorry.

I can't believe it!!

- Can you take this... help me!
- Here.


I'm sorry.

This is ready to go.

- And Abel?
- What about Abel?

- ''What about Abel''.
- I've no idea.

Would you like to pay?

You got the time?

I'd say it was 7.03 since it was 7
three minutes ago

80 for you, madam.


All paid...
Place your bets.

No more bets.

Punto 6.

Banco 1. Punto.

Place your bets.

No more bets.

Punto 6. Banco 8.


Place your bets.

No more bets.

Punto 7.


Yeah... Dublin.

Beer, bagpipes, rain.
It's paradise for me.


If I was on the run,
I'd go much further.


Mexico, for example.

What would you want to do
in Mexico?

It's the perfect place
to disappear in, isn't it?

Why do you want to disappear?

I don't agree.

You yes, but not me.

I was coming back.

Cut it out!

Come here...!

Kiss me.

Do you see the little guy over there?
The nigger?

The last time I threw him out,
he was limping.

How much did you take?


Let's go.

Hurry up...
You're on... in 5.

We bet everything on 5.

- What?
- Put everything on me, double or quits.

I'm counting on you,
I really need it.

Good... go.

Keep your eyes on me,
all the time.

- Yes.
- Promise?

Excuse me.

We can't hear you!

Get going!

We can't hear you!

Go, Abel!


Abel! Abel! Stop!

- Keep back!
- Abel!

What's that look for?

That's it, there's nothing to see.
It's over, finished.

It makes no difference to me
that you lost.

No difference?

I don't care.

If you don't care,
it's coz you don't believe it.

It's OK, we can
make up the losses.

There's no ''we''.

No more ''we''.

Go home.

What are you waiting for?

You've got a job... a life.

Why stay stuck behind me,
like a little dog?

Let go.

Get lost!

Come on... leave her alone!

You like her?

You wanna fuck her?

Go to it...!
I couldn't care less.

Show him what you do with me.

That's enough...
stop it!

She's always asking for it!

Stop it!

Get lost!

Come off it!


That make it better?

Fucking dickhead!

What's that?

Is that the betting money?

Which bets?
There are no bets!

Did you see
where we were?

''make up the losses'',
''double or quits''.

He's the one
who did it for you.

There were no bets?

Why have you done that?

You deliberately lost
the race for 300 euros?

300 euros?!

You want me to go so you can recover it
without me knowing?

If you need money, ask me,
I'll give it to you.

Ask me for it...

...and I'll give it to you

If neither of you want it,
I'll take it.



You staying for lunch?

No, I'll go.

Can I make you a coffee?

It's ready... No trouble.

No thanks.


Come with me...
I'll find my son for you.

It's via the internet, isn't it?

It was me who pushed him
to register.

Otherwise, he'd stay here
all the time, working.

Well... my pleasure, Miss.

Come back whenever you like.

Make yourself at home.


Do you want me
to go with you?



But it's autographed.

It's Amsterdam, 1957.

A collector's dream.

I'll let you have it
for half-price... 250.

Turn around.

How much for the coat?

Hey! You!
Wake up!

Come on... wake up!

Abel said I could stay.

I don't care.
You're to get out.

I give him 100 euros.

It's my place...
I decide.

Gimme time to...

Get lost!

I bet 300.

I lost it all.
I had 85 left.

You can't play with just 85.

I went to a table playing Hold'Em.

I got it up to 100,
a got a chip, and boom boom.

- You screwed them.
- Yeah.

- You got it all back.
- More... 1,400.

Have you seen my son?

Look at his eyes...
how beautiful he is.

His hair's a mess there,
but he's really beautiful.

I miss him.

Abel, stop it.

- I was able to see him.
- He has a good mouth.


- Hey!
- Yes?

Don't get upset, babe. I didn't know
you were afraid of mutts.

- Hamza!
- Yes?

- Did you bet on "Amour Du Risque"?
- Sure did.

- You bet on what?
- I got a good feeling.

Abel, would you please
listen to me?

We'll be kicked out
of the apartment.

They'll send bailiffs.

Don't worry, we're good...
Yesterday, I got back on top.

The Punto was crazy.
I'll soon be taking you to Mexico.

- Go gee-gee!
- Go!

- Abel...
- Wait!

Damn, but you didn't tell me!

"Amour Du risque" wins.

I told you.

It's not like Deauville.
Deauville's quite small.

Do you want something?

Bets are placed.

I'm splitting.

Go then.

You don't understand.
I'm leaving you.

I could win this.

What did you say?

Romain's right...
you're watching me.

I'm watching you?

It's all your fault!

MY fault?!

- Greedy bitch!
- You shut up!


Go and look after your son!

Deal the cards.

- Cards.
- What are you doing?

Go ahead...
Get out the cards.

- Deal them.
- Calm down.

I'm quite calm.

Sit down.

Is the dealer cleaning you out?


Let me go!

That's it, are you talking
to me now?

Let me go!

You let them do this?

It's alright, I'm going.

Place your bets.

No more bets.


I don't know what to say.

Where are you going?
Your father's place?

It's no concern of yours.

Ella, I swear to you...

It's finished... it's all over.

Listen to me... please!


I promise it'll be good this time.

We'll go wherever you want.
Mexico if you like. I'll quit.

You're nuts.

You're officially banned.
You can't enter the country.

Could you recheck?

You're on file,
there's nothing I can do.



Could you tell her
that I love her?

He loves you.

I love you.

I've never felt so free.
I'm... feeling good.

All thanks to her.

What is thanks to me?

That I've broken the addiction.

No, it was all on his own.

Now you have to hang in there.

15 euros.

Leave it, it's mine.

- No, stop.
- Yes.

That's the money I lent you.

I've got some big news.

- What?
- We want you to be our best man.

You're kidding!

I'm serious.

I'm gonna marry you.

You don't think
you should ask me first?

Oh, say yes!
Tell her I never did this before.

I'll take care of you.
I'll work.

Even a shit job...
I don't care.

We'll have a house...

a garden...

...a big kitchen.


But no dog.

No... really?

- Yes!
- Yes?

I'm getting married.

Is that the right word?

Thank you.

Come and we'll sit down.

I don't sit down...
I go ahead!

I go straight ahead.

We march! We advance
and we retreat!

What's that there?

Hey! Never touch that...
You'll hurt yourself!

I'm not the bride!

YOU are the love of my life!

- Go fuck yourself!
- You know very well what happens!

- Hi, boss.
- Good evening.

I declare you...!

The mayor now declares you... and wife...
you pair of bastards!

And I give you the shits!

What is this shitfight?
Isn't it over

- He's getting married.
- Sorry!

- He's marrying, and I'm the mayor!
- Shut the fuck up!

Beat it, the lot of you!

We're in stealth mode,
my friend.

You're high as a kite!

Check out the bottle...
Nacim's getting upset.

Sorry, he's drunk.

I'm not drunk,
you bastard.

You looking for trouble?

You arseholes!

Let go of me!

Stop it, please!
It's nothing to do with him, Diako!

- I'll pay you back!
- That'll do.

I just need 2 days.

I swear I'll pay it all back.

Gimme a break.

Your girlfriend?

Ella, isn't it?

Tomorrow... You have my word...
I'll pay you back.

What was that
all about?

What was it about?

Sit up.

Come on...

Get up!

Hi, Dad.

I've come to get my share.

Mum's money,
which financed the restaurant...

Half of that was mine.

Did Abel put you up to this?

It's for me.
I'll not leave without it.



Not them...!

Not the chequebooks!


You can still stop!
It's not too late.

Let's talk.

- Let's talk!
- Shut up! Let go of me!

You'll let her go on like this,
even though it's making you ill?

You OK?

- We've got 3 cheques, right?
- Yes.

Good, that'll be 2,000 euros
per cheque.

The first, you go
and change into chips.

You keep the chips...
you go to the bar and wait.

You MUST wait.

Afterwards, go with the second one.

Go and change it for chips.
Keep them and go out.

In no circumstances play.

The third one the same.

Then cash all the chips
and go out.

Are you listening to me?

- What?
- Cheques, chips, cash. Alright?

Cheques, chips, cash.

Good evening.

I'm just going to get her.

Come on... please.

- You're blocking the door, Abel.
- But you know me.

Just let me call her.

I'll just call her...
She'll come out. OK?

Stop this bullshit,
for fuck sake!

- What's the problem?
- Nothing. Everything's fine.

You want to play?
Go and play!

- Give these people some respect.
- Respect... yes!

Where's YOUR respect?
Come on, let me in!

I'm just going to find her,
and leave!

Stop it, Abel.
You're not allowed in.

Let's go.

Come on, Abel!

You'll wait for me here.

Out of the question.

Ella, these are dangerous guys.

- I don't care, I'm coming with you.
- No, you're not!

You can't help me inside.
I need you out here.


If I'm not out in an hour,
you call the cops.

A clandestine club
will always draw their interest.

But... why a whole hour?
You pay and come out.

You never know what's gonna
happen with these people.

I'll be as quick as I can.

I'll be as quick as I can.

No women.

- I just want to see Abel!
- No women.

- I just want to see Abel!!
- No!

I know he's here!

You don't do the till any more,
nor the orders.

Take the menus, clear the tables,
cut the bread.

And that's all, OK?


Thank you.

So... let's get to it.

May I?

I'm sick of it...

I get so tired.

- It's going to be a boy.
- You think so?

Why is that?


I'll do it.

Short or long?

Have a nice day.

He's not here, I swear.

I don't know where he is.

He's disappeared.

He dumped me.

Well you're gonna find him for me.

Abel... what happened to Abel?

You'd know.

- Where's Abel?
- I don't know.

Not down there.

- Do you know Abel?
- I don't know him.

- Mr Abel?
- Mr Abel, yes.

He's not here.

I don't know.

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

What is it?

I need you to help me.

I've searched everywhere.
Have you seen him lately?

You're not the only one
who's after him.

Only for him, though.

Is he here?

I don't want to hear
your sob-stories.

He's here?

Get out of here.

- Nacim, I...
- Get out!

I've lost... my apartment,
my car.

I've sold my furniture.

I don't know what to do.
I need help.

That's why I'm here.

I don't know what
to do any more.

Noon... I'm in there.

I play and play...
I lose.

It never stops.

For me, it's a story without end.
I'm ashamed.

I'm ashamed of being here.

Of having no other choice.

Where I come from,
there's an old proverb which says...

...when the failure,
when the disaster is widespread... becomes more bearable.

It really does console me...

The idea that there are other people
who live the same way as me.

It helps.

Thank you so much
for sharing, Rafik.

We have a new young lady
amongst us.

Would you like to
introduce yourself, please?

My name's Camille...

I'm addicted.

I've been clear 8 days now.

Welcome, Camille.

How do you feel?


Anyone else?

I'm Jane...
Everyone knows me.

Abstinent for five years now.

I want to kiss you.



Nice place you've got.

You work?

I'm sorry.

Come here.

Take a good look.

I'm sorry.

So, Franck...

Are we going to see Madame again?

It won't work anymore.

I hope for your sake
that she'll change her mind.

Search him.
Take everything.

I'll be staying in touch
about him.

I thought it was over.

I decide when it's over.


Can you tell them
we're closed?

Restaurant Fedor...

I've found Abel.

Where is he?

If I tell you...
then it has to be over.

That a deal?


You're going to give me your guy?

I hate him
as much as you.

I don't care about Abel...

He's just a job.

For me, too.

The last.

It's me.

Like it?

I imagined you would've
gone far away.

That you would have
gone abroad.

Anywhere except this room.

I'd never have left alone.

You would've found
another girl.

There are screw-ups everywhere.

You just need to tell them
that they're unique.

Except in your case,
you are.

You've still not understood.

You're out of practice.

You're still beautiful.

What do you want?

See you... talk with you.

To ask your forgiveness.

What then?

You think it's enough
just to reappear...?

To snap your fingers for
everything to be as it once was?

So why have you come?

I wanted to know
how it came about.

How you managed to do
what you did to me.

I tried to stop myself, but...

...but I didn't succeed.
I think I was scared.

It was you who was scared?

All my life,
I've lost.

I lost my name when I found out
that the one who took me to school...

...was not my father.

Abel Massaoui, didn't exist.
He was nobody.

It went on the same
after that.

Things detached
themselves from me... an old skin,
I felt nothing.

Winning... anyone can do it.

But losing...

Most people don't recover.
It breaks them.

So when it happened
to you... had a huge effect.

But after a while it feels
like an injection.

The more you lose,
the more you feel free.

And you have less and less desire
to try to get back to the surface.

I ended up believing
that I was invincible.

Someone very special...

...who could survive anything.

But not you.

I couldn't, with you.

I've no desire to.

I know they're downstairs.

It was the only way
for it to stop.

We'll go down together...

...then you'll go back
to your life.

It'll be fine.

- Come on.
- Ella.

- Come on!
- Ella.

Go tell Diako!

Damn it!

4th floor.

Ella !

What are you doing?

What are you doing?
You're crazy!

- Go ahead, try.
- Stupid bitch!

- Alright?
- Try it!


Damn it!

No! Stop! Stop!

Ella, you OK?

Get over the back.





I just need to rest
for a moment.

What's that?

We have to turn around,
and go to the hospital.

How much do you bet
that the next car is black?


If you call, the cops
are gonna come.

They don't have to find you.

I'm not leaving you like this.

I'm not leaving you here.

Look in my pocket.

Pick... a colour.

I'll keep the black.

I'll take red..


No, no, no... Abel, wake up!

Wake up!


Wake up!
Please wake up!



Abel... don't leave me.

He doesn't stop it
when it happens

He comes from far away

He's crossed across the river

With laughter in his eyes

And then waking up
one morning,

It almost seems like nothing

But he's there
to make you drowsy

In the small of your back

The pain of living

The pain of living

That you have to live

To make life worth living

We can put it in the saddle

Or as a jewel in your hand

Damn it, it's done!

Like a flower in a buttonhole

Or just at the tip of the breast

We made it!

It's not necessarily misery
It's not Valmy, it's not Verdun

But it's teardrops on the eyelids

In the day that dies,
in the day that comes

The pain of living

The pain of living

We're untouchable,
you and me.


Whether you're from Rome or America

Whether in London or Beijing

Whether you're from Egypt or from Africa

Or the port of Saint Martin

We all say the same prayer
We all do the same thing

It's long when you have to do it

With his evil
in the hollow of your back

They want to understand us

Those who come to us
with their bare hands

We do not want
to hear them anymore

We cannot, we cannot anymore

So, alone in silence

Of a night that never ends

Suddenly we think about it

Of those who've not returned

The pain of living

Their pain of living

That they had to live

To make life worth living

And then without warning

He's coming

He comes from far away

He's crossed across the river

With laughter in his eyes

And then waking up
one morning,

It almost seems
like nothing

But that's it, it amazes you

In the small of your back

The joy of living

The joy of living

Oh, come and live it

Your joy of life

Subtitles by FatPlank for KG