Treasure of the Four Crowns (1983) - full transcript

A group of adventurers are gathered together to retrieve some mystical gems which are in the possession of a deadly cult.

-[bird squawking]

[door screeches]

[bird squawking]


[bird squawking]




[floor squeaking]







[rapid footsteps]





[soft chuckle]

[soft grunt]







[loud moaning]






[laughing continues]



[loud moaning]



[thunder rumbling]


[thunder rumbles]

How ya doin', J.T.?

[J.T.] You know,
you're supposed to be my friend,

and you lied to me.

Well, you sure as hell left out

a lot of important details.

That place was a nightmare.
You almost got me killed.

[man] Hey, I told you.
I told you there was a legend

surrounding the existence
of the key.

But no, no,
you didn't want to listen.

You said,
and I'm paraphrasing now,

that you didn't
believe in ghosts,

and that legends
were cow excrement.

Ed, I want you to do me a favor.

Just give me my money
and I'm gonna say goodbye.

Well, you still haven't told me.

Did you get the key or not?

I got the key,
and when you pay me, it's yours.

[horn honking]

[vehicle drives away]

Wait here.
I'll get the professor.

Do you have the key,
Mr. Striker?


The crowns!


[Ed] This is one of
the four golden crowns,

created by the Visigoths
in the sixth century,

sometime after
their conquest of Spain.

[professor] Legend dictates
that the gold balls
atop three of the four crowns

contain secrets to unleashing
incredible powers
of good and evil.

After centuries,
they passed into the fabric
of myth and legend, until 1887.

[Ed] When an archaeologist
discovered them in the mountains
outside Toledo.

[professor] But when the Arabs
invaded Spain,

three of the four crowns

The fourth fell
into the Arabs' hands.

In attempting
to unlock its secrets
without using the key,

they destroyed the gold ball.

Three years ago,
I learned the location
of the key,

but there was no sense
in recovering it,

since the crowns
were still missing.

Until this crown,

had surfaced.

of a Sherpa mountain climber
in Nepal,

and convinced him
to sell it to me.

And now, we shall see.

The very existence
of this scroll
supports the legend.

And where are the other crowns?

We know where they are.

[man] I want you to taste
what I taste!

I want you to hear what I hear!

I want you to see what I see!

I want you to feel what I feel!

I want you to be what I am!

And if you won't,
then go to hell!

[crowd chanting]
Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!

[Ed] Leo Green,
born in Brooklyn, New York.

Served seven years in Sing Sing
for armed robbery,

where he claims to have
experienced religious vision.

-[Ed] When he got out
he borrowed a hundred bucks

and became one of those...
those mail-order ministers.

And he ordained himself
Brother Jonas.

When his small, store front,
cult following began to grow,

he complained
of political harassment.

The, uh, government
claimed tax fraud.

He's got the crowns.

This guy is an animal!

We're not talking about some nut
who thinks he's the Messiah,

or a bunch of brainwashed kids
in robes bugging you
in an airport.

This maniac
recruits for a purpose.

A power base
for his chosen people.

The sick, the desperate,
the lonely.

His apostles go out
and round 'em up
like they were stray dogs.

Then they ship 'em off
to his private
mountain fortress.

You look at this place?

It's supposedly
to keep people out, huh?

The truth is,
it's to keep the apostles in.

Hell, they even have cells there
if you disobey his laws.

Welcome, my children.

Welcome to the city of love
and unity,

I have prayed for the day
when I would see
your face before me.

The face of loneliness!

"Here you are needed,
here you are loved" bull,

and turns them against
everything and everyone
they've known.

That's his indoctrination squad.

until they're walking zombies.

They turn over their money,

Last count, he had 15,000
of them working the airports,

shopping malls, streets,
all over the world.

Each one of them can turn
in between 60 and 90,000 a year.

Now, you figure that out.

That's close to 900 million
a year, tax free.

He must be stopped, Mr. Striker.

For Jonas, the crowns are
a source of destructive power,

weapons of fear.

But I want to
preserve that power

for the future of mankind.

They're part
of an incredible legacy.

I must have them.

Let me ask you something.

Why, do all those people
have Halloween masks on?

Those are the only photos
to have ever come out of there.

They were taken
during the height

Everyone in the cult
but Jonas wears a mask,

because the individual's
identity is insignificant.

Only he's important.

So what's this
got to do with me?

We want you to help us
steal the crowns.

Forget it.
Just give me my money, will ya?


Here's your damn money!

I don't believe you.

Help us get the crowns!


And the two of you,
sittin' in this big room,

believin' in that fairy-tale,
magic potion crap.

And you?
What you went through
for that key?

That was a fairy tale, huh?

Nah, nah, that was damn real!

We got diagrams,
photos, blueprints.

All we need's a few good people.

Ed, you lost it!

[door slams]

[wind blowing]

[music playing]


Would you happen to know a guy
named Rick Martin?

[woman] Yeah, I know him.

He staggered out of here
a couple of hours ago.

You say staggered?
[scoffs] Terrific.

Would you happen to know
where I could find him?

-You might try his cabin.
-And where's that?

If you've got a few minutes
I'll draw a map for you.

-Yeah, I'd appreciate that.
Thank you.
-You got it.

You hear what she said?
She said, "staggered."

You know what that means?

It means a guy can't walk.

[J.T.] Listen, why don't you
just worry about the planning

and making all
the little gadgets.

Let me take care of the team.

[Ed] Hey, we're talking
about staggering, huh?

I mean, that's somewhere
between stumbling and crawling.

Ed, cut me a break, will ya?

[Ed] Cut you a break?

[door creaking]

[door shuts]


-I don't want to jump
to any rash conclusions...

-Can you hear me?
-...but I'm a little dubious...

-Rick, get up! C'mon.
-This guy's gonna be
a great help.

-Don't do this to me!

Why don't we put him in charge'?


What the hell's goin' on here?

[blows raspberry]

Well... you see,
I've been thinking normal, J.T.

I just can't do it.

Just can't handle it any more.

I'll buy that.

You're the best I ever seen,

and if you could stay
sober for three weeks,

you could climb anything.

That's the problem.

I... I haven't been able
to stay sober for five years.

Look at this.

What is it?!

A platypus.

No, Rick.

That's a $100,000
and a way out of this mess.

If you could just
stay sober for three weeks.

What do I have to do,
spell it out for ya?

If it doesn't come in a bottle,
I'm not interested.

Have you lost
that alleged mind of yours?

-This guy's gonna get us killed.
-[Rick moaning]

[J.T.] Look, he'll be all right.

-[Rick] Just can't...
-[Ed] What are we, AA?

This guy can't climb
a flight of stairs.

Look, I can take care
of his drinking problem.

He hasn't got
a problem drinking.

He's got a problem
staying sober.

Look at him.
He's practically paralyzed.

[J.T.] Don't worry about it,
he'll snap out of it.

I've seen him like this before.

First person to snap out
of a terminal coma.

Oh, boy.

Nothing serious. DT's.

That's it for me, man.
That is it for me.


[high-pitched whirring]


[whirring continues]


It's trying to escape!


[whirring stops]


[upbeat music playing]

-[siren wailing]


[men yelling]

All right, c'mon, Socrates.
Get her up!

-Up, up!

That's it. Now around.

'Round again.

All right, now down.
Let her down.

All right, all right,
that's a wrap.

Kill those lights,
kill the music.

Well, it stinks,
but maybe it'll work.

[man on radio indistinct]

Before you start,
the answer is no.

I've gotten too old
and too smart.

How'd you find me, huh?

You got a real
first-class act, Socrates.

I just followed the crowds.

-Do you mind, Popo?
-Uh-huh. I'm leavin'.
I'm leavin'.

How you doing, buddy?

How's it look like I'm doing?

-And Liz?

Now cut out the small talk.

You found me.


A job.

There's a lot of money in it.

What do you call a lot?

A hundred thousand for you,
and a hundred thousand for Liz.


So... talk.

Well, well, J.T. Striker.

[both laughing]

How you doing? Hi.
How you doing?

So, what are you here for?

-Business or pleasure?

Well, he doesn't go
anywhere without me.

I told him we'd listen,
and if we don't like it,
we walk.

[laughing on radio]

I'll be back in three weeks.

Mm, I'm sure you will.

You know, always said J.T.
meant trouble.

Yeah, well,
this time he means money.

A lot of money.

You can't do
this kind of work anymore.

-I'm as strong as ever!
-Except for your heart.

[applause on radio]

I ain't kiddin' myself.

I'm lucky if I got six months.

But Liz,
she has the rest of her life.

Gotta do it for her.

She has a right to know.


I'll hold you to that.

Brother Jonas's small cult
did not begin to flourish

until he gained
possession of the crowns.

When so-called
political harassment

forced him to flee America,

he bought Hog Mountain
in the Pyrenees.

The mountain's massive cliffs

make it invulnerable
to those who wish to get on,

and hold captive
those who wish to leave.

Mr. Martin.

The only things on the mountain
are this 700 year old village,

called by Jonas
the City of Love and Unity,

and this stone temple
named the Temple of the Crowns.

He's turned the place
into a sort of shrine.

[mechanical whirring]

[professor] One crown,
Scintilla, Spanish for diamonds.

It holds the power of evil,
disease, famine, human despair.

The other crown, Adamus,
Latin for diamond,

the power of human goodness,
a key to eternal happiness
and peace.

[Ed] And to protect them,

he's turned the village,
and the temple,

into an armed fortress.

You see these white lights?

They represent
armed watchtowers.

Those green lights
represent the checkpoints

for roving bands of guards.

How we gonna get by that?

In two weeks, the brotherhood
will be in the last day

of its annual baptismal rituals
for new converts.

From sunrise to sunset,
they observe this night

with celebrations
and indoctrinations.

That's your cover.

That still doesn't explain
how we get past the guards.

Look, a year ago,
two of Brother Jonas's
top organizers

abandoned the cult.

We got to them
before his assassination squad.

They sold us blueprints,
diagrams, the works.

They even smuggled out a key
to the castle's main entrance.

The temple doors,
are secured by
two electronic locks

which can be activated
by an intricate series
of sound impulses.

We've established
that it's 180 feet long,
30 feet wide,

-and 50 feet high.

Twenty-five feet
down the corridor

is a floor-to-ceiling,
wall-to-wall iron grate.

It has a gate,
but the whole thing
is electrified with enough juice

to kill upon the...
upon the slightest contact.

And now,
the most challenging problem.


Drop this into the temple.

[alarm blaring]

The floor and walls are embedded

with countless hundreds
of laser eyes.

Break their beams,
and you set off an alarm.

And those are the problems.

And we have from midnight,
when the temple closes,

until dawn, when it reopens,
to solve them.

So we got about six hours.

But it might be less.

Because we can't
hit the temple...

until the ceremony's
at its peak.

So that could leave us
just two or three hours.

Those laser beams,
can they be taken out?

Yeah, once we hit
the end of the corridor.

In the cupola above the statue.

But they're protected
by thick iron bars.

Why don't we just
cut out the bars,

and you lower me
through one of those windows?

We can't,
because the entire roof
is pressure sensitive,

and it's tied into
the laser eye alarm system

that goes up the whole corridor.

Maybe you ought to get serious.

[Rick] All right, pal,
let's get serious.

You got a tired old man,
an inexperienced female--

And you? What about you?

Just calm down, honey,
I'm saving the best for last.

And you, a guy who thinks
we can get ready for this job

by playing with these
Tinker Toys.

And me.

A guy with 90-proof courage.

And you want us to do this?

Every time I get involved
with you, J.T., it's problems.

How the hell are we gonna
pull this off?

He's right.

We can't walk on the floor,
we can't touch the walls.

-And we can't climb on the roof.

How the hell
are we gonna pull this off?

We fly.

And with this...

those crowns are ours.


Oh, brother.
Here we go again.

[high-pitched whirring]

[droning sound]



[whirring continues]

[grunting continues]







[whirring stops]

[J.T. panting]

What happened?

It was nothing...

unless you believe...
believe in ghosts.

[bells jingling]

[animal howling]

[birds squawking]

[people marching]

My lungs.

My... my lungs aren't working.

Ah, c'mon.
We're having a good time, man.

Let's go.

[bird squawking]


My children...

you are blessed.

For you have entered
into the kingdom of heaven.

For my light
is the divine light.

For my way is the divine way.

For my power
is the divine power.

For my life is the divine life.

Believe in me,
and you will live
in eternal bliss.

Stray, and you will perish
in the flames of hell!




[J.T.] Go on.

We've only got four minutes

until those guards pass again.

Everybody remember,
once inside the door,

there's only 18 inches
of safe space, okay?

[Liz] Okay.



[rapid beeping]





Ed, if you don't pick it up,
we're gonna get caught.

Ed, you hear me? C'mon!

Will you stop telling me that?

Makes me nervous.




-Ed, you're a genius!

Let's go.


[lock clicks]


This place is really blanketed
with laser beams.

We don't even have room
to take a deep breath.

[J.T.] Yeah, but does everything
check out with the diagrams?

-[Ed] No.
-[J.T.] What do you mean?

[Ed] We only have about a foot
of clearance between the beams

and the... and the grill work.

After that,
pressure sensitive floor.

Oh, Ed, that's a problem.

Need any help with those?

How much time we got?

It's 3:05.

Two hours
and 55 minutes 'til dawn.

Everybody got that?

All right, buddy, let's go.

All right, Liz.
It's all yours.

Okay, Ed. It's play time.

[bells jingling]


Now remember, our work space
above the alarms
is less than ten feet.

Now we're counting on you, okay?


[J.T.] Here's the wrench.




[door creaking]



spot check like that
all night?

If they do, we're in trouble.

Let's go.


If I touch the grill,
I'm fried.

[electronic whirring]

[door unlocks]


[dog panting]


[J.T. whispering]
You're doing fine.

Go on, easy now.

Stay in the clear.


Watch it.




[bells jingling]


This is a stray lamb.

She has left the flock.

So she was
stricken with disease.

She repents her sins,
and wants to come home to me.

With divine powers,

vested in me
through the crowns,

I will destroy the pain,

and allow her
to return to the fold.

My divine strength
will heal this sick creature,

but you must help me.

You must believe in me,


Are you okay?

-What's wrong?

Uh, nothing.

You sure?



Oh, my God!

Get me up, man! Get me up!
Get me up, man!

-I'm gonna drop!
-Get him, get him, Rick!

C'mon, Rick.


C'mon, Ed, what's wrong with it?

-How much time do we have?
-It's late.

Move it, Ed, it's now or never.

[electric whir]

[woman whimpers]





Help me, help me.

Relieve me from sin,
don't let me perish.

Heal this lamb!

Take away her pain!

[tambourines shaking]

Here I come,
you magical son of a bitch.

[mumbling indistinct]

Heal my suffering.

Take me back into the fold.

Let the power of the crowns
come in!

-Heal! Heal!


-[girls] Heal!
-[Jonas] Heal!


-[all] Heal!

[all] Heal! Heal!

Heal! Heal!

-[woman yelling]
-[all] Heal! Heal!

Heal! Heal!

-Heal! Heal! Heal!
-[yelling continues]




My pain is gone.

You are the divine power.



[all] Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!

Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!

Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!

Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!

Jonas! Jonas! Jonas!


when this thing's all over,

Why don't you just save me one

from that flask
you've been hittin' on?

Everybody ready?

Okay, Ed.

Knock 'em out, man.


This remote-control unit,
it's not working.

What do you mean
it's not working?

It... it... it's not working.

I mean, it's not working.

I can't knock out the lasers,

I can't knock out the alarm.

-What do we do?
-Well, J.T., what do you say?

We go for it.
Now, you two, hit the window.

Let me down slowly.



[Liz gasping]


I'm okay.

Go to the window.


-[J.T.] Liz!

Do what he says, Liz.

-[J.T.] Go on!

-[J.T.] Ed, 'get the blowtorch

and help her to the window.

-[Liz] No!


-Rick, are you all right?


[electronic whirring]





-[alarm blaring]

The crowns!

My eyes!

J.T. J...
J.T., c'mon on, man.

-J.T. J.T., c'mon,
pull yourself--
-Get the crowns!


Go get the crowns!


[electronic whirring]


[droning sound]



[bells jingling]




-[door unlocking]





Kill him! Kill him!





J.T., don't hurt me, please.



[electronic whirring]



[breathing heavily]




Come in, Mr. Striker. Come in.

I am one minute
from pick up position.

one minute from pick up.

Are you ready?

Come in, Mr. Striker. Come in.

Are you ready?

We're ready.

[professor] Mr. Striker...
did you get the crowns?

Mr. Striker, can you hear me?

Come in, Mr. Striker.

-Mr. Striker,
did you get the crowns?
-Yeah, old man...

-Mr. Striker, answer me.
-...we got 'em.

The crowns;
did you get them?

Their magic, their power,

their potential
to benefit mankind is enormous.

Disease, plague,
and all the evils of the world

can be relegated
to the pages of history.

They're our greatest resource.

They can determine the future
of the universe, Mr. Striker.

Mr. Striker!

Can you hear me, Mr. Striker?

Mr. Striker!

[electronic whirring]



[thunder rumbling]