Treasure Island (2012) - full transcript

Young Jim Hawkins is the only one who can sucessfully get a schooner to a legendary Island known for buried Treasure. But aboard the ship is a mysterious cook named John Silver, whose true motivation on the journey challenges Jim's trust in the entire crew.

That treasure you're taking ain't yours to steal it.
I want to know the minute any seafaring man comes down that track.
Black Dog.
There will be money in his chest, Jim.
(JIM) I heard Flint had hidden his treasure and made a map.
This is fortune.
I will set out on an expedition for this island.
Want the adventure of a lifetime? Yes.
Alright, lad? Took quite a tumble. Looking for your berth?
I am, sir.
How about I give you a hand trying to find it? Thank you.
John Silver.
I can crew your ship by the weekend.
You and I, we're gonna be thick on this voyage, I can tell.
I am captain of the Hispaniola
and I will not hear gossip from the men of our purpose.
You do not trust the men? I don't know the man.
When the time is right, we're gonna take the ship
and the treasure on that island.
We need to raid that cabin ourselves and kill the boy.
Have you stolen from me?
Where is it?! Where's the map?
Where are you standing, boy?
Quickly, there it is.
They're gaining on us.
Hurry, they're gaining on us!
Mr Joyce.
Get over!
Get back, boys! They've got our range.
(SMOLLETT) Mr Hunter, Mr Joyce, stay on the wall.
Shoot anything that moves.
What is that? Colours.
Please, sir. Please don't.
My name is Jim Hawkins.
Jim, what's Christian about you then?
What? What's Christian about you?
My name is Jim, Jim Hawkins. Like the hawk, Jim?
Like the hawk? That's right.
You have a piece of heaven on you?
Piece of cheese is like a piece of heaven, I say that.
I ain't got no cheese. No heaven then.
My godly duty is to kill all those with the devil in their eye.
There are those who come to us in devil form, stringy meat.
That old John Silver could cut into a stew, he could.
Not Ben Gunn, Ben Gunn just sizzles.
You know John Silver?
That's Silver on the beach, I saw.
Silver in the sea. Yes.
Not Flint.
Flint is dead.
You are the devils that have come to kill Ben Gunn? No.
Steal his palace?! I'm not one of Flint's crew. Up there.
Get up!
Walk on, Jim.
Walk on.
Whoa, boys, what's the game here?
You see where they're hiding, John Silver.
One lucky shot and they're taken out.
You'll have the luck of the Devil to take all six of them,
with double shot.
Especially knocking back the rum, boys.
Get out of the way, Silver. Cook the food.
It's a double shot.
Load her up!
George, we've got no powder to waste,
we've got that Squire and Captain where we want them.
Like rats in a trap.
Like rats in a trap.
Listen to Tom with that sudden burst of wisdom.
Don't go wasting your advantage
trying to shoot birds in a nest from here.
Says who? Cook the food, Barbecue.
Says your captain is what I am.
We all agreed your captain is gonna turn a blind eye
to the mutiny you started before I gave the word.
Time has passed for patience.
Because you've got Flint's treasure map now.
Not yet.
The Squire ain't got it, has he? Been taken from his cabin.
Tom, get the grill going on the deck.
Aye, John.
Everyone seems a little peckish.
Famished, John.
I could eat a horse.
We're fresh out of horses.
How about fish?
In God's name, please strike the colours, Captain Smollett.
They're acting as a mark for our position, can you not see?
If I strike the colours, I strike my authority, Mr Trelawney.
I will not show one ounce of weakness to Silver and his men.
Your posturing will get us killed.
The more they shoot with their bellies full of rum,
the more they will waste. This is absurd.
Stay where you are.
Hunter, Joyce. (BOTH) Sir.
Stay on duty, boys.
Matters are fine.
Now, question.
When you planned this expedition,
did you prepare for a relief vessel to come searching as is practice
should we not be back in Bristol by a certain date?
I did not, sir.
How long will our stores last, Captain?
Three days, Dr Livesey.
Three days.
And we have ammunition for one fight.
# There's a ghost in the shadows
# With jet-black eyes
# Run for your life, boys, Run for your life
# There will be four and 20,000
# Lumbered skies
# Run for your life, boys, Run for your life
# They can smell your fear (MUSIC STOPS)
# And they can sense your dread
# Run for your life, boys, Run for...
# Inside your twisted head
Short on melody, strong on purpose, don't you think?
What did you do that for?
I did that because buried on that island is our money.
Money we earned with Flint.
Through our honest murder and gift for thievery.
Now, you can jump around here like bloody monkeys in the trees
or we can work out how to go over there and go and get it.
Ooh, quiet, boys. There's a sober man talking.
We all know how trustworthy is a man that doesn't drink, don't we, boys?
Now, this afternoon, I'll get my council
when those intellectuals among us
were trying to shoot down a flagpole from over 1,000 yards.
What did that get us? You say it, Long John.
Nothing. Did it get us a map?
It did not.
Did it get the cannon over to that island
where it could wreak some proper damage?
Well, what do we do next?
What we do is send a spy and watch their camp
and find out where the boy is.
Who'll be our spy, John?
Can you swim, Tom? Yeah...
So, Tom is our spy and the rest of you can act like a crew!
Respecting me again as captain.
So who is for me?
See your paws.
Bloody unanimous.
Do you want to do it?
Forgive this devil for all he's done.
You see my rescue then?
You made this boat? From the skin of these devils.
It's not Flint's Walrus, but I'll be back in the colonies one day.
Me and the rescue out on the sea.
Did you sail with Flint and Silver?
'First boy I was then.'
Like you, I was.
Don't ask me no more now.
Where are you taking me?
Walk on.
Them colours, Christian Jim.
Captain Smollett.
That's where you'll go.
This stinking paradise ain't got no arms for you, boy.
Go, boy.
Go on.
Who's that?
Don't shoot, Jim Hawkins.
I've brought food. Who are you with, Jim?
No-one, Mr Hunter.
Get your hands in the air.
Who sent you? No-one.
What do you want?
To speak with the Captain.
Did Silver send you? No, he didn't.
This boy is a spy. No.
I ran away from that murderer, I've been in the island.
We should hang him for the traitor that he is.
Bind him, Mr Joyce. Sir.
Captain... Come on.
Doctor, you know me.
You knew my father. Your father is a waster, Hawkins.
A debtor.
As untrustworthy as you are.
Now Silver is your father, you will answer for it before the law.
Captain, I want to be with you now. I've done nothing to endanger...
Hold your tongue, Hawkins!
Squire, he's just a boy. Bind him to the post.
'Silver will kill you if you touch me.'
'Now get out!'
Who spoilt my treasure and cut me out?
Get out of here! I won his money.
Did he get it out the bank for his tart?
(YELLS) It's mine.
Thank you.
Appreciate the help.
Appreciate your kindness, missus.
And when Squire Trelawney's men comes again, I will reason with him.
Ask him not to evict us.
Because, Mrs Silver, my son is on an expedition with the Squire himself
at this very moment.
Which promises great reward for them all.
And with that reward, my son will be able to settle his father's debt.
Sure of it.
But I won't stay long, Mrs Hawkins.
I need to try Bristol again.
My husband's a seafaring man.
He's a good man.
I'll find a way of getting to him.
Then we are the same.
You wait for your husband, I for my son.
What do you think, Flint?
Flag of truce.
Flag of truce.
See it?
I'm waving it.
What do you want with your flag of truce, Silver?
Captain Silver, sir.
To come aboard and have a parley.
Make some terms.
Hunter, you cover the west wall, Gray take the north.
Dr Livesey, watch the scoundrel like a hawk.
I don't know a Captain Silver.
Well, since the original captain deserted his ship,
come and put his pretty little rag somewhere new,
those poor fatherless boys out there elected me in instead.
And reluctantly, I've stepped up to the responsibility.
I see you've caught one of our best.
Arrest this man, Captain Smollett.
Keep your gun and your mouth quiet, Trelawney.
Is that clear?
Flag of truce.
Pipes of peace.
You want to parley proper?
I do want to parley proper.
I want to parley proper with the pipes of piece.
Which is quite difficult to say this early in the morning.
Now, you are outnumbered.
You ain't got the ship, there's no relief coming.
You don't need a spineless quack to tell you
there's pestilence in this place.
So, we should take the map.
Hand it over and we won't kill you.
You know what I never understood about you buccaneering men?
It's not really about the money, is it?
You rob, you steal.
Get your hands on riches more than a decent man like me will ever see.
There is no contentment there, is there, Silver?
For many, that's true.
For many, it's a life.
And they die in the life.
But that's not me, Captain Smollett.
That's not Long John.
I'm gonna live out my days in fine clothes with my fine wife,
riding in carriages.
Back in Bristol, I've got me a bank account.
You stay alive and you'll see that now.
Give me the map.
We haven't got it.
We know you have it.
Then give me the boy.
Show us this act of mercy and I'll return the mercy by letting you be.
Let the boy go. No.
Let him choose.
You keep to your word, Silver.
As a captain.
Aye-aye, Captain.
Come on, Jimmy.
Just keep walking.
Take it out your pockets and we're well away.
Pleasure settling with you, gentlemen.
You've got a new family now.
I'll look after you like you were my own son.
That I will, Jim.
Captain Smollett, I have the map, sir.
Give it to me!
I stole it for him, that's what he asked of me.
But I never gave it to him because I knew it to be wrong.
It's them that are the wrong'uns, you saw it with your own eyes.
Get out, Silver!
Come with me, Jimmy.
Where you belong.
The next time I see you, you'd better come bladed up.
I will, Smollett.
I will.
Those that die, they'll be the lucky ones!
You're a thief, boy!
You're a thief!
You're the thief!
You stole me the Doctor our share of the map!
And that was thievery!
You're the thief!
Squire! Squire Trelawney.
Go on, you murdered the last man that hit you.
Gun down, sir.
I wanted to go with Silver and his men.
Cos I saw no other way to stay living
because his stubbornness and his greed
was leading us under the knives of the cut-throats.
That's enough. Cos the way you treat Mr Arrow.
I saw little difference between their law and his.
I was scared for my life.
I was scared for my life to follow this man any more.
Did you get the map?
John! Sorry, John.
He's gonna hit us as soon as he can now has no choice
which is what we want.
I want us all on the perimeter.
When you spot them, I want you all in there.
That's you as well, Jim.
Sharpen your blades, lads.
It's time to play the reaper!
Your father was not untrustworthy, Trelawney was wrong to say that.
I should have said so myself at the time.
He was a good friend, and a good man to your mother.
You should be proud of him.
Silver's got his fighting face, he's coming.
Don't tell them of Benny Gunn, will you?
Don't tell that devil about. He'll kill me as he'll kill you.
Betrayal of his crew.
That's what I am.
And when he knows that, he'll send me down to the hot place, Jim.
Don't let him send me down to the devils.
All I want is a piece of heaven.
How did you betray him?
I struck a deal with another crew, I did.
I wanted the treasure for myself.
Brought them to the island and we looked all over for days.
But they got angered.
And tired of me.
Left me alone.
Then alone.
For my punishment.
How long?
I counted 1,000 days.
But I say a quick prayer when Sunday's due.
Most of that I spent looking for gold.
Come and help us fight.
No, you'll die before you beat that devil.
But if miracles happen, tell your captain to meet me on the high rock.
And not to bring colours.
But cheese.
Tell him to bring cheese.
I want it, Jimmy.
That's all Benny Gunn wants.
I want my heaven back.
All in.
Come on.
Dr Livesey take the door, fire through the porch.
Hunter, the north side. Aye, Captain.
Gray and Trelawney, take the east.
That's where the big wave will come from.
They're all inside.
George, take half the men and go for the north.
Then sharp to the block house, Dick and I will cover.
The rest of you, go from the east, we'll pinch them in the middle.
On my first shot, lads.
Aim for the centre of the body.
Make it count.
You listen for my voice in the melee.
Don't shoot Smollett.
He's mine.
And Squire.
And don't shoot the boy.
He's mine.
Then there is no-one left for me to shoot at.
Think you can do a job for me there, Doctor?
Yes, yes.
My gun, my gun!
Get up!
Pistol, pistol!
Hawkins, hurry!
Go on, boys! No mercy!
Please no!
Bring them out, lads! Come on, let me get at them!
Take the door, man the door! Hold it, hold it!
But the weight on it!
Mr Gray!
Kill them! Kill them all!
< Hawkins.
Are you hurt?
Come on, lads, let me see them!
Fire, fire it!
Got him, yes!
What... Get...
He's a bloody doctor!
Get away.
Go on! Get away.
Out of here, get out of here!
Push them back.
Help me get the Captain back inside.
Covering fire, Mr Gray.
Long John.
Come, let's go!
Watch your step, sir.
Sit you here, Captain.
How many did we get?
Six or seven made it out.
That's better odds.
Please help me.
You lily-livered cowards.
Didn't see you fighting there, Silver.
I'm covering fire.
I've got one leg. I'm suppose to hobble them to death?
We're so near the money, boys.
Get off the grog!
Now, you two go and get the deck cannon.
That will do it for us.
Go on.
Go on!
We'll set up camp here.
I'm hurt bad, John. Let's look.
Oh, Tom.
Oh, lad.
Will you read to me, sir? Yes.
When you get home... you'll be home with us.
..tell my children their father loved them.
Say thank you to my wife.
"The lord is my shepherd."
Sir... "I shall not want."
I will tell them.
Will you see them right, sir?
"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures."
"He leadeth me beside the still waters."
"Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death."
"I will fear no evil."
"My rod, my staff, my comfort."
My son is out in the world alongside Squire Trelawney
raising all the money we need. Make your sign here, Widow Hawkins.
But Mr Redruth, you don't listen.
My son is on a venture with Squire Trelawney.
Please don't do this.
When he returns,
he should have money enough to pay his father's debt.
I doubt the wages of the cabin boy will even dent the interest.
No, you don't understand.
My understanding, woman, is Squire Trelawney's orders
were to take possession of this property while he was away.
On your way, girl, go on.
Why are you burning?
What you can't carry from this place today will be sold or destroyed
as is the law, woman.
They're my husband's clothes! They're my son's!
Make your sign.
You headed for Bristol?
I was thinking that.
You know people there?
You have money?
Your son Jim is with this Trelawney?
My John has a berth on that voyage.
I saw your son in Bristol before they sailed,
that's how I knew this was a place for me to come.
You saw Jim?
My John said he would look out for him.
He's a good man, my John.
I think he can have sympathy.
He showed sympathy when he found me.
Which was where?
Where will you go?
Where he paid for my company then took me out of that house.
I think there is a place we could stay.
At least for tonight.
(TOM) # There's a ghost in the shadow with jet-black eyes
(MERRY) # Run for life, boy Run for your life
# There'll be four and 20,000 plundered skies
# Run for your life, boy Run for your life
Dig two separate holes for these boys,
don't bundle them in with the other scum.
That's fine, sir.
You get a shovel, that's what we'll do.
The boy will do the shovelling, he's staying here.
You and Dr Livesey will go with me to get the treasure.
We'll get picked off one by one. Don't question my authority.
We can't defend this place if we don't have any shot
and I have the map which is the upper hand by any score.
And I will go hunting!
We won't follow you, sir.
He's right, Doctor.
We can't defend that place again.
Not even against seven.
Especially if he thinks they get that cannon off the ship.
There's a man who could help us. His name's Ben Gunn.
He's no friend of Silver's and he knows the island.
We think he may know of somewhere more secure for us than here.
He could hide us out somewhere. He's survived here for three years.
It's worth a try. We can't stay here.
You know where to meet him?
He told Jim of a place and said he wants contact.
I'll find it.
Take Trelawney with you. No, no.
He's good with a sword.
Sir, the Squire still has thought for only one thing.
It's a fool who looks for treasure now.
I'll go alone.
Pistol for one shot. Thank you.
Cheese like Jim said.
If he's trouble, don't think twice about binding him.
That's what I was thinking.
Jim, I owe you an apology. No.
For so much.
The simple truth is, I think...
..we're not always the men we hoped we would be.
That's the truth.
Just don't lose the cheese.
(GRAY) Silver's made camp on the beach.
He's waiting for the cannon.
He's got men hoisting it off the ship now.
We're dead if he gets hold of that.
We can't stop them.
Not with the ship so near.
Glass, missus. Thank you.
It's through this way.
Dr Livesey also leads the venture with Squire Trelawney.
He is a friend of my husband.
I know he wouldn't mind.
I've been asking all round for you.
You're one difficult bitch to find.
Trawled every tollgate, every turnpike out of Bristol
till I got wind you walked this road.
I'm leaving a silence now in our talk
because I'm angry Long John's money is not in your package.
You got it? She knows nothing about it.
Who are you? Who am I?
Black Dog. I'm your nightmare, love.
Where's his money, girl?
Oh, I'm having it.
Leave here alone!
You've got what you came for, now leave.
Get out!
I am.
I'm going.
I'm going. Get out!
Get out of here!
Who's that?
Spooks in there, Silver. I swear it.
Just sit up.
Should have never left port on a Friday, John.
It's the day they killed our Lord.
You listening to those Christian folk?
You'd be scared silly just waking up in the morning.
They're not getting that cannon off, are they?
They're hitting the bottle.
They'll be here by morning.
Ben Gunn?
Push, my love. Push, push!
> (WOMAN) David.
Was it a boy?
No-one could have saved us.
What's Christian about you then? What?
What name you go by? David.
David, David, David.
Are you the captain, Dave?
I have cheese for you.
Jim told me you liked cheese.
Should I leave it here?
There's cheese on there, then is it?
I want to go home.
We all do, Ben.
But we're in serious trouble now.
Silver has the ship and the cannon and we need your help.
We need to move from the stockade.
If you can find us a place of safety on the island, we can get you home.
I have a palace, Captain Dave.
The palace I built.
Where is it?
Is it safe?
Cold, sweetheart? It's warm in me.
Stay here.
This way.
I'm cheaper than a pint.
Hey, how much, girl?
I'm talking to you, girl. Get away!
I can't do this.
Listen, I ain't going back to this life either.
But we need money and there are rooms.
Maybe jobs in the kitchen, you can do that.
Where's the...
The thing?
Where's the...
The thing?
Oh, God. What?
The bloody thing has disappeared.
What thing? The thing.
With the mast and the sails and the occasional flag.
The ship.
The ship, the bloody ship has disappeared.
(MERRY) Where is it?
Look, Long John.
This is Flint.
This is not Captain Flint's doing.
That was Flint in the Mist, Long John.
And it was him we saw last night.
And now he's made our ship vanish.
The ship is Israel Hand's.
Israel's only fit for gallery, George.
He can't sail. Where is it then?
I don't know.
This place is cursed.
We're dropping like flies.
And if Flint knows we're gonna cheat him out of his treasure,
he's gonna come to us in the night and stab us as we sleep.
What was that for? Flint is dead!
His ghost isn't.
Flag of truce.
Where's our ship?
I don't know where the ship is. Come on, George.
Flag of truce. George Merry.
This is a flag of truce.
The law states there will be no killing now.
There's no law here. Ain't you noticed?
What I've got to say, I say to the captain.
Gentleman to gentlemen.
What I saw yesterday, Doctor, you're turning into a fighting man.
Isn't that how it went, George?
Will you come doctoring to my boys?
Fevered up and Tom Morgan needs better nursing than me.
I'll do that.
Let's parley.
Wake up, Mr Hands.
Coming up on deck?
You're gonna tell me how to beach this ship.
Where have you come from?
Ship's drifted round the other side of the island,
we need to bring her in.
Can we do it?
I'll bet you.
Israel could do it.
Just somebody to sail.
So, come on.
You want to take the wheel, Jim?
So, you're for the seafaring life, are you?
Neither was I.
I got pressed about your age.
Them Navy types, they're crooks.
You know it pays?
I heard that.
You did, did you?
You think you could cope with killing, Jim?
You've got to be man enough not to care after it's all done.
I could cope.
You've got to be strong.
In a religious way.
Or have not thought for God at all.
I could cope.
I reckon we'll be about an hour or so, Captain Jim.
Look lively there, lad.
Are we on course, boy?
Two points starboard.
Two points starboard it is.
Bring her in slowly.
I ain't got no control of that, lad.
This is good.
Bring her in straight.
We're doing it.
Don't struggle, boy. Don't struggle.
Let it come.
There you go.
Here's your test, boy.
Got your powder wet, did you?
You're gonna die now, boy.
You're gonna go up to your own place up there
just like that man in the Bible.
I'm gonna kill you, boy!
Come here!
I'm gonna cut you.
Dr Livesey?
Captain Smollett?
James Hawkins.
Boy as smart as paint.
We're not having it. (MERRY) We're gonna slit his throat.
Don't you poke up with the orders. You left us with nothing!
We ain't got not shoot. You tell him, George.
Got you the only fresh water on the island.
We came here for money that was owed.
And your captaincy ain't got us a single coin.
The boy is currency. Why can't you see that?
The boy is awake.
Where's the Captain?
Where's the Doctor, have you killed them?
< What if we have? We haven't.
Seen as the ship's gone,
that doctor traded half our stores for this stream.
Now they've gone where they've gone.
But their parting words were that they were sick of you, Jim.
Sick of you and your turncoat wanderings.
So, now it seems you're back in my camp.
Or none at all.
I won't join you, Silver.
Not now, nor any day, never.
Slit him. No.
I am your captain and I am sick of this killing.
You're still clinging to captaincy, John.
I'm calling a crew's conference.
Outside, boys.
Don't go out there, Tom. Tom!
I've lost them, Jim.
Since the ship's gone, there has been a swell of anarchy.
And your half a blank away from death, boy.
I ain't afraid to die now, John.
Well, bully for you.
But you die here and that mother of yours is all alone in the world.
Are you thinking of that?
Jimmy, we've got to help each other a bit.
You and me is all we got now.
George Merry's gonna come for me. It's in the air.
But I've got insurance.
In my pocket.
If you've got an ace in your collar, now's the time to reveal it, boy.
Cos God help me, I don't want to see you die.
God bless me for that.
Give me something so I can help you.
I have the ship.
It's beached up in the north. It's safe.
The ship? Hands and Anderson are dead.
I done some of that killing myself.
Well, we won't mention you killed their mates.
But the ship is good.
Good insurance.
< (MERRY) Come outside, John Silver.
And bring the boy.
I said you was smart.
Step up then.
What you got?
It's the Black Spot, Jimmy.
We took a vote.
It's on account of your bungling, Silver.
And your best friend, patience.
It says "deposed" on the back.
We listened to you.
Now we've got no treasure, no map.
And we got no boys. Cos you let them ride to the guns.
You were never man enough to be our captain, John.
So is it not man enough to say me and the boy have got the ship safe?
The boy knows.
And he ain't told me.
For payment he'll lead us there.
And that's the way it's going to stay.
You're lying.
Is it not man enough to say
when that fierce doctor came and negotiated this morning,
I got, through a captain's guile, possession of Flint's map?
The doctor gave you the map?
Prove it.
Don't touch.
That's it.
That's Flint's hand.
George, that's Flint's hand.
Why did you keep this from us?
What was the point without a ship?
But now I can surprise my loyal boys and say,
"Let's go and make ourselves rich!" (LAUGHS)
Let's go now.
Shall we just throw this away, lads?
(TOM) # There's a ghost in the shadow with jet-black eyes
Ah, Tom.
Get up, lad.
Got to think about what this treasure is gonna bring us.
Fine wines.
John, please. Tell me more, John.
Turkish delight.
Houses as big as fields.
For you and all your ladies, Tom.
..all white in here.
John. Tom.
It says a pointer. It'll be up, John. Up.
What did you see? > John.
What is it?
Recognise that cap, boys?
That's Allardyce.
That's our captain's pointer.
What was that?
How far is it, Silver?
It's definitely Flint, that is.
It's alright.
What's that you say?
It's Captain Flint.
Is that you, Captain?
That's not Flint's voice. What was it then?
(IN THE DISTANCE) 15 men on a dead man's chest.
That's his song.
I know that voice, that's a Yankee voice.
That's Ben Gunn. Ben Gunn, that you out there?
That's Ben Gunn.
How can you be scared about him?
He was a runt when he sailed with us and he's a runt now.
I know your Yankee voice, Ben Gunn!
> (BEN) Right, and the Devil...
Did you kill him? Didn't I?
I did, yes.
Only 100 yards now, lads.
100 yards from the pointer.
Then 12 paces from the tree.
Come on, let's go there.
Alright, hold on for your captain.
There's the tree.
That tree, that tree!
Wait for your captain.
Oh, no.
This ain't good, Jim.
Stand by for trouble, boy.
Stay close to your John.
Two Guineas.
300,000, John?
Two Guineas.
Oh, you're the man for bargaining, aren't you?
With your captain's guile.
This cripple has led us to nothing, boys!
Is two Guineas what a life's worth?!
Stand behind me, Jim.
Keep your guns on him, boys.
I'm gonna hang this mongrel from a tree.
Are you safe, Jim? Yes, sir.
I see you've been excavating before us, Dr Livesey.
Not me.
He took two and a half years to find this spot.
Looked all over the island.
Young Mr Gunn.
Should I kill the devil, Captain Dave?
Kill all devils with the slit in their eye.
No, Ben, don't. Don't.
Can someone tell me where my treasure is?
Captain Dave's treasure, it is. Maybe Jim's.
Maybe his there who's name I forgot. Don't know what he's called.
Bargained away the treasure for a cake of cheese
and Trelawney's Bible, didn't you?
It's like a slice of heaven, Mr Silver.
It's everything you want.
Is it now?
(BEN) This is my palace, Mr Jim.
Captain Smollett. I'm safe, Jim.
Good to see you, young man.
What's he doing here?
Between him and Jim, the others are dead.
Me and Jim, sir.
I looked out for him, I did. You're a mutineer, Silver.
Are you doing the adding up, Squire Trelawney?
A little bit of book work.
You're a mutineer.
And you'll be hanged as one when we get home.
I think the lad would talk of a different John Silver.
One who was forced to mutineer the crew he tried to control.
I've seen what kind of a man you are, Silver.
Silver came between me and a knifing, Captain.
He risked his neck on my behalf.
I hope everyone's listening to this honest young man.
Get that man in irons, Livesey.
No, let's try and have some better thoughts.
Words that befit gentleman.
Now, you did a deal with the professor of divinity over there.
Something about cheese and a Bible.
So he could do a deal with me. They'll be no deal with you.
I'm the only one left alive who owns this gold,
who earned this gold.
And ownership is nine-tenths of the law.
Possession is nine-tenths of the law.
That's a different law, not one I like.
I don't care what you like! I don't care about the law!
You're a thief and a murderer!
You've brought peril and destruction to this whole enterprise!
All this.
This mirror here.
These sacks.
This chest, these coins.
They're now legally mine and in my possession.
My ownership because I have taken them through my venture and risk.
The risk you took was with other men's lives.
I was talking of a risk financial.
Which does not exist separate to men's lives.
However you tried to insulate the thought that it might.
This is contraband, sir. Stained thick with blood.
When we get back to England, if we manage to get off this island,
it will be handed over as such. Aye-aye.
I have the ship, sir.
Beached up on the north coast.
There is another way to end this.
Which is perhaps more palatable to the futures of all present.
Which is we share a little of what's won
amongst all us loyal survivors.
And we share it, each according to his station.
And being the captain, sir...
You being the captain...
Put Mr Silver in irons.
He will be tried for mutiny.
In Bristol.
Been watching you, John.
Watching this last dance all the way.
I know that.
And I'll be the last thing you see
when you do your little jig at execution dock.
I was loyal to you.
15 years my captain.
Loyalty, John.
It's what you can hold in your hand.
Ben? (Now.)
(Before the others wake.)
I've been thinking, Christian Jim.
Thinking of my home and what's there for me.
This is my home.
You're coming with us, Ben.
Now that the treasure has gone, no Devils will come and hurt me.
Take my heaven.
That's what Ben Gunn thinks, that's what he'll do.
What are you doing?
Protecting you.
From a world out there. You'll do alright in the world.
I've seen them.
Blistered and starved in the bolts of their gold.
There's no heaven out there.
This the right way, Hawkins? Keep going, sir.
Bit more.
Get the nets as ballast to the quarterdeck, Jim.
We're gonna need much weight on the stern to help lift it off.
Dr Livesey, Mr Gray. Sir.
Ditch that cannon from the bow. The tide will do the rest.
(BILLY BONES) '15 men on the dead man's chest.'
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
Let's go now.
What are you doing?
Stop that!
Stop that, what are you doing?!
Any more of that and I'll snap your neck.
It's all going.
Smollett, stop him!
Let him do it.
There are two more bags to go, Jim.
Secure Mr Silver below deck, Mr Gray.
Aye, sir.
Let's get to Jamaica, we'll crew up and go home.
What is it?
There's word on the docks the Hispaniola has been seen
flying her colours off Boscastle.
Jim's coming home.
This is wonderful, Jim.
Suitable feast for our last night.
On arrival in Bristol, I'll need the assistance of sergeant in arms.
I'll need to take Silver into custody.
Are you still planning on speaking up for him, Jim?
I am, sir. I will too.
He chose to stand between Jim and death on two occasions.
You won't save him, Jim.
He's one of Flint's men.
He'll drop for that alone.
Do those potatoes like I told you?
I did.
Plenty of butter.
That's the thing.
Pad yourselves up for the chilly winters.
It's fit enough for the captain's table, this.
I've made a sea cook out of you.
When do we dock?
Tomorrow morning. > (CHATTER)
Something you can do for me.
The woman you met down the Spyglass.
My wife.
I don't want her coming to the trial and seeing me played out.
Will you see to that?
And give her this.
Take a bit for your mum.
But my girl gets the lion's share. (Where did you get that?)
I'm a bloody thief, Jim.
They gave me a load of treasure
and told me to drag it through the jungle.
Me and the parrot were thinking,
we don't want a lad with prospects getting tainted
by speaking up for one of Flint's crew.
So you don't do it.
I don't want it.
You'll make a fine gentleman, Jim Hawkins.
Look at this mashed potato, mashed up to high heaven.
Fine enough to grace any captain's table.
You can go now.
Food for a couple of days.
A pistol and powder.
(Go quickly now.)
You're a prince among thieves.
You taken your share?
You're about a mile and a half off the north Devon coast.
Jimmy, if you want help or advice... I won't be coming to you.
Yeah, that's probably best.
But if you ever want a venture, want to feel that spirit inside,
come looking for Long John.
He'll be waiting.
I will.
And keep Flint for me.
For safe keeping. (Go on, go on.)
I'll come for him one day.
Remember, Jim.
Any fast living, come looking.
I'll be there, I will.
A gentleman.
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