Trädgårdsgatan (2017) - full transcript

Eric and Elin meet as adults and reminisce about when they met for the first time. Their parents were addicts but for a couple of months they lived together as a family. This time together still defines who they are and what they became.

I do not think my dad is coming, Eric.

When I go to the boat.

It resolves itself with Peter. He is coming soon.

Or will you join the boat?

Are you hungry?

If you want to eat?


-What are you doing? Smearing a little.


I have control.

-Is everything ok, right? -You! You are not my boyfriend.

And not my father. I pay you to protect me and drive me.


Elin! Come on!

You're late again. -I know. It is the starter.

-And you're sober, or? -It's clear. Because I shall fetch Eric.

Okay, I do.

Shall I take it there?

-Who is he? -Peter son. Eric.

... hurricane season. It went over the Florida ...

Are you going to help? -No no.


... all that lay in its path. Close to 2,000 people died.

Wrap up the incisions.


Grandma ... Are you going to stay here now?

Yes, honey. I will.

Turn off the television, please.

... rescue has been honed.

It has done its best to arm themselves against future disasters.

One has gone further

-but inhabitants of New Orleans has not forgotten ...

Eric! Tenk that he came to the funeral.

Take the damn kid then!

-Its Dad up to death. -Stop it!

-Elin ... That's a long time ago!

-Ti years. Hey, Eric.

I'm Linda's mom. -Jenny, Eric's girlfriend.

So nice they are.

You are also nice.

Nice clothes. As if we were twins.

You always had so strange clothes when we were little.

You looked as if you had fallen into a UFF container.

-You stayed here the whole time! -Yes. But I'll move to the fall.

Maja, my little sister.

-Should you do not have them? -Yes.

One for me?

Come one!

You hit him so often, what?

His mother is a witness.

Jehova's witnesses.

How the hell happened ?!

Yes, you ... Teddy hugged Pooh Lisa little extra that night.

Be in ...

The bit I have control over, thanks.

It was more the way forward to the klemmen-

-which I thought of.

-Forspillet? -No!

How you were together! Fool ...

Everything was different then.

She had run from the church. I had a job at a construction site.

She was 17 and I was 20. It was ours.

Him I meet only occasionally.


Mamma his and her husband.

Yes, but ... What do you want?

What will you be when you grow up?

-What animal do you like? -Dogs.

-What did you say? -I like dogs.

I also love dogs!

Fireman. Maybe.

-What did you say? I'll maybe be a fireman.

-I'll be vettrinær. -"Veterinarian."

-See you. -Yes.

Went well?

Hello, wait!

But wait, then!

If I did not call you, so you will not get into. Ok?

Why the hell did you do with your fucking young? There is no road trip.

Skip forward.

Eric, jump off!

Today, or ?!

You did not know my dad was race car driver!


Good night.

Sleep well.

It's turning into a hurricane;
Katrina, which Will hit on Tuesday.

Surely you do not want wine?

...already damaged the infrastructure.

All traffic heading in and out
of New Orleans has been stopped.

I don't need to tell you this,
but if this turns into a hurricane-

-a lot of people are going to lose
their homes. The mayor...

I thought we could do it in front of the mirror.


Come on, it's a little porn.

500 extra.

Have not I been brown?

A little help on the way.

You get enough help me a little at first.

You are so nice, Linda ...

I'm thinking of educating me.

Teacher, maybe. Or a lawyer.

Kom an!

You can not be a lawyer! -What? I'm actually good at school.

I do not want Elin to have it that way. Stay in a car ...

Kent had a job to me.

Brushing up a farm by the sea.

There was staying there while working.


I said no.

Stay there all alone ...

-Located you with Pilla? -No.



I've never heard anyone say that in real life.


I just thought ...

We move onto the farm. You and I.

-Okay ... -We move into.

I resolved never Linda sold himself.

I do not know if I made it, Mom told a few years ago.

And you have been my dad and everything.

- "And all"? -Family, liksom ...


And you have a little sister.

Who's daddy? -An idiot.

They have no contact.

-Coming he at the funeral? -Do not think so!

-Why you wonder? -Do not know.

I'm just wondering.

-No replaced Peter. That had been the last Linda needed.

So yes...

An estate that will be in foreclosure.

But they'll fix it up first.

The ports should be fixed. The planks should be replaced and since it should be painted white.

And see it beams. You have to clean off. Much is rotten.

Fus for this!

Elin and your stuff.

Everything is fixed on the job, so you can start tomorrow.

Are you sure now?

HAM, that is. -Yes.

Yes, yes ... It is you who choose to live like that.

But you should show more respect and think about Elin.

Elin deserves better, Linda.


Think about Elin and move home to me.

-How do you think this goes? -Abrupt.

As with the previous type and he before that?

It's different now. No, not the jot different.

When it goes to hell so I call child welfare, and then they take Elin.

Hey, Grandma! -Hi! Hello, darling.

And I mean it. -Call then.

-Linda ... Elin need security. -There she gets.

She needs a home.

As ... As I had, you mean?

In ...

Just exactly why ...

So she should not be like me.

Yes, it was well there.

Try to stay in the glow now.

What the hell ?!

When the summer holidays?

It has just begun.

Rooms washes once a week, windows sanded once a month.

-Hi! -Hi!

The living room.

Hey, Karl. Linda, Lenas daughter.

She must wash here. -Hi. Welcome.

It should be fun to start working here. -Håper you will enjoy your stay with us.

Then we go on.

-What are you reading? Series.




Today? No, we said no.

Come on, Linda's youth is here.

What the hell, I've slept!

Stop it! One day from or to make hell no difference!

No, but take the damn kid then!

-Where are you going? -I'll fix a thing.

-What kind of thing? -Only one thing!

-Getting I join? -No!

Should you join, you have to undress you. Disrobe!

They are all right. Keep them on.

Wake up, lazy slob. We'll get Linda.

I'm hungry!

-Hi! -Hi.

-How are you? -Eric fills years today.

-Make he? Should we take him? I do not think Anna will not have him.

-They do not celebrate birthdays. -So sad. When he gets no company.

-Good bye! -Good bye! See you tomorrow.

It is sick...

Medicine cabinet key is in an unlocked drawer.

-Always the same place. -Toe.

Morphine, benzoic ... Take a little of ourselves, so we can sell a little bit too.

But what if someone discovers me?

We never money to buy drugs when you can not hear anymore.

Will you, or?

Kom an!

-Hi! You must be Elin. -Hi.

-So cute she is. -Elin is a little pee penetrated.

-See you tomorrow! -Good bye!

-I do not pee! -Yes. In you go now.

-Hi. -Hi.

I thought you had gone. That I had.

But my daughter had to go to the toilet.

Hey, Elin. Meet Karl. -Hi! Karl called me.

She's a little shy. - Let's go!

-Good bye. -Good bye.

Thank you fit on us and casts out evil from our lives.

And thank you for a wonderful summer.

-Amen. -Amen.

Did you have a good time with Peter?

No more jam now.

Now? Eric?

-One may well respond to prosecute? 'Mats ... Can not we just eat?

You can go to your room.

Yeah, it was nice with Peter. -It's a little late for that now.

Go to your room and stay there until you learn to show respect.

Must it always be like that?

-What are you doing here? -You know that.

He will not hit you.


Calm now. You are not welcome.

Hi! There you are the. Are you going to join to the farm?

-May I? -Do you want?


Can I come in now? Wait!

-What? Wait, I said!

Sure he will live UTI hundred years.

From all of us.


What a nice thing!

Stop it!

Can I get more soda?

What did you say, boy?

Can I get more soda? -Yes.

It's just taking. It's in the fridge.

Why he does not celebrate birthday? -Only Jesus will celebrate a birthday.

Holy shit, so unfair!

-Not true, Elin? -Yes.

He does not have any television game-

-comics, no soda.

I'll leave now. -We take one more.

No, I'm going to fucking run! -You, we have time to take one more.

-Give you ... Come with them! -Take them. Are you stupid or something?

Let me go!

Linda, what happened an accident here. Can you handle it?

I was just going to get the medicine to ...

Sit down.

Sit down, girl.

And then you will be there.

Like that.

-Is that all? -Yes.

-Certainly? -Yes!

He's not good for you. It knows well not you.

Ok ... You're not good for each other.

He is the only one I have.


You have Elin and then you have yourself.

-Mister I work now? -Agneta has promised not to say anything.

But you can not keep on like that.

Are you going to call Child Welfare? -No...

This job is your chance to get on your feet.

Now move back home to me. You and Elin.


-What are you doing? Packages.

-Why? -For that this does not work.

-I and Elin will move to Mom. -What are you talking about?


What the hell are you talking about? -Au! What are you doing?

-Au! Hell! -You touch me not! Back!

Ean you not think that it does not work? -What?

-It is over! Are you slow or what? -What did you say?

-Turn me then if you want! -Hell!

-Stop it! -Open it! Open, I say!


We get this Eric of the way.

Jump in.

No, I say. No.

He can have it with Peter. -Please, Anna!

It is his soul we are talking about! No job to punch in and out of.

You of all people should know that. What is it for?

So hot that SMHI has issued a class 2 warning

-on because of the increased risk of fire.

A total ban on open fire prevails now throughout the country.

What is actually implied by this Class 2 warning?

This means that the risk of fire is very large.

It is dry in the fields, and it has been a long heat wave.

-How dangerous is it? -Brannrisken is unusually high.

One must be incredibly cautious. Disposable barbeques do not use.

Is there also a risk that things may ignite spontaneously?

Well, it's ...


-What do you want? What the hell do you think?

It has to be we. You and I.

Can not we stop the drug and tablets?


You must believe it! Do you love me anymore?

-You need to mean it! Yeah, I mean it!

This, us, everything?


Work is not just work. There are crafts.

As prayer, but without words.

Hei, Mats.

Excuse for last.

-So nice boat gets. -Yes...

But it is not the goal, but the way there that is important.

The thought probably not Noah.

-I need to get Eric. -Jaså?

Have you talked to Anna about it?

Yes, yes ... This ham that.

Are you going to join to the farm?

It is good between me and Linda. It was just bullshit.

Are you sad?

Want Ostepop?

We have sodas too.

-Was it cold? -No.


What ... Are you playing tough?

Do not you think I look at you it's cold?

Think you're tough? Your little jerk!

From dust!

Do not you think that I see that you freeze?

Pass cigarettes!

Can not you sleep?

Not so!

You came. Lie down.

Sleep now, tough guy.

Seriously ... Is this all you've managed to get done?

There has been little piece ... Will you crayfish made?

How long do you live here? -To Peter has refurbished finished.

-So you have nowhere to live, or what? -It will be alright.

It does, yes.

Stings! -That's me.

What have you done?

Have you picked away all this?

"Further ahead, in a clearing, shuffled a solitary boy forward."

"Troll Fog stopped quickly, but the boy had already seen him."

And boy asked, "Who's there?"

No, but ... So fun I have not had-

Page grandmother sat tits caught in the clothes roll.

That's what happened!

No, my God, do not let me interrupt.

What happened to the grandmother's tits?

We should have krepselag tonight. If you want to come?

You also come if you want.


What the hell?!

What are you doing? To open!

What the hell have you done? I will not stay in the car.

You do not stay in the car. You can stay under the car.


Have you saved the pieces?

-Do you have more jobs? -No?

Maybe the whole summer holidays. -Your little shit ...

-Well! -Hi.

Mom! Hey, sweetheart!

Is that good? -Yes.

It has come loose a lot of mosaic in the bathroom.

Have you talked to Kent? -Japp.

What he said then? That there exists as it is.

We will stay until it is clear.

Come on, Eric!

-Go! -I won!




-Hi! -Hi!

Hey, Elin! How pretty you are!

-Elin! -Nice visit!

Is not she lovely? The picture was taken shortly before she was diagnosed.

She had been to the hairdresser and made themselves nice to your hair.

-How is it, Eric? -Abrupt.

It is good.

She has been hyper since Mom died. Does she have nothing to do, she cries.

Do you remember that really so ... romantic?

Forthcoming ours was addicts. I might just nostalgic.

My dad let other men fuck your maternity

-to pay their heroin.

You are so pristine. As if you have shut off completely.

What do you want me to say? That everything was piss?

I know what I do not want you to say. I will not listen adventure

-about Linda and Peters epic fucking love!

It's adventure, Elin!

I do not wanna hear about the fantastic dad Peter was.

What are you doing? To open!

What the hell are you doing? -It was not me!


Mom! -Hi.

What is it?

It has loosened mosaic in the bathroom. it's going to take a lot of time.

Have you talked to Kent? -Yes.

-What did he say? It is as it is.

-Just like that? -Yes.

We'll hurry and fix this before people start coming.

Hey, honey ... Give me some love. -Stop it!

-Stop it! -See!



-You suppose not go all? -Yes. I'm not good at fixing.

-Come on! -No...

It was fun to come and see the farm.

It was fun coming.

-Let her, damn it! -Stop it.

Karl, I'm sorry.

-Have it, Karl! -For a fool you are.

Let me go! Peter!

Stop it!

Nice visit!

He is not the clock!

-If I'm alkis you're there too. That's what I'm saying.

Therefore, I would like us both to go to the meeting.

-End! I try to talk to you. -We can talk and fuck.

-You hit me! What the hell? It was well ...

Yes, yes ... I'm sorry, then.

You should join.

This is so Svensson ...

I've fucked nasty old men while having waited in the car.

Where are they?

Let me in! I will stay in your stomach!

Ouch! Are you crazy? Do not like candy anymore?

They should be at the meeting.

Was that licorice? -Yes.

Give me it.

-What kind of meeting? -If alcohol.

Shall we spy?


I've been sober for 12 years. And I've managed a week.

I have nothing to add. -Thanks, Gustaf.

Hi, I'm Linda.

I am an alcoholic and drug addict.

Hello, Linda.

I'm here with my girlfriend who I like very much.

I've just been drug free for one day. -Abrupt!

Yeah ... What should I say? I feel ugly.

I'm in the way. I feel like I can not.


When I drink, it feels as if everything is just going to burst.

That I shall die, sort of.

But really there is a greater risk that I die when I geezer.



It is difficult.

But it will be well easier with time, I guess.

Thank you, Linda.

-My name is Peter. I am an alcoholic. -Hi Peter.

I take everything. Shoots time.

Call me junkie. I do not care.

I am here for Linda's sake.

I have not so much memories of my boyhood.

But I'll remember when his mother stabbed his girlfriend in a fill revel.

That it could be so much blood in an old drunkard!

Her mother ended up in prison

-and I got to be with the little brother to his father in Jonkoping.

Dad was a teetotaler and nyfrelst.

He lived with his wife and his kid.

I save up the bed, took me by lillebror-

-Ba evening prayers and made me.

But after a month they threw me out. There was too much trouble.

I moved to my alcoholic grandmother. -Elin, stop!



Are you all right? Did you hurt yourself?

I pray so much apologize.

Are you okay?

Shall you not working? -Paint must dry.

Do something, then! Stings and buy ice cream.

-Ice cream! -Take the kids.

You too, Eric.

An ice cream to madam and a lord.

-So you've been tobarns dad? -Stop it...

It's a long time since you were with Kenta. And you never past the kiosk.

Is this an interrogation?


-Are you ready? -Dont touch me!

I should ... I hate when people touch me!

Stop it! Peter, let go!

Neimen ... Hold up!

-What happened? -Peter began to fight with an old man.

Then came the police.

What the heck are you doing? -I know...

You drink away the children!

It worked out. -No, it worked out not.

I'm ashamed. Really.

Is this good enough?

You will not fix this.

But it do you? I try at least!

You're not even trying! Do not you think that it is tiring for me too?

I'm drug free, Peter. You are drunk.

So, yes! I gotcha.

You intend to go. Is that right?

Just like last time.

It gets a little hard, and then insert. Is that right?

You do not get a chance this time.

I'm outta here, take Eric with me, and then you see us not ...

... ever again. Not Elin either.

No, I'm not going to go.


Mum has provided a space for you in a care.

It's just for a little while.

And Linda needs some peace and quiet.

Now it is as it is, you see.

When Peter comes back, you can also come back.

You said you would not stay here.

Samuel has got your room.

We could not know that you would show up as jack in the box.

Good night.

This goes no further. I can not.

His dad have to take him.

The father called evidently Peter Persson. We'll look for him.

My little pyromaniac.

Like that. Thank you very much.

Do not forget to submit this form before Tuesday.


-When I say good luck. Good bye. -Thanks. Hello.

-Hi. -Hi!

-Hi! Congratulations apartment. -Thanks!

-Hi. Congratulations. -Thanks.

-A gift. -Top!

Is it alcohol, or? I'm kidding only.

Hi, Lena!

These were not so stupid.

Yes certain ... What then? They were fighting fine.

These were fine!

I could try them.

So good!

-These are well at least just as well? -No...

These were clearly the best.


Look at me!

I can not afford your shoes too, Elin.

Replace the there. I can not buy two pairs of shoes.

-Elin! Go to bed! -I will not!

You can not stay up anymore.

Why does Eric shoes, but do not I? He is not your real children!

Elin! There were grim.

Why should he stay in my room? -But...

Tax ... Is it so important to have a separate room?

Come on.

So. Sleep well, honey.

-Hi. -Hi.


Have you talked with Mats by it with the boat?

He can take it with Jesus.

-Should not you talk to him? -Why?

-Iblant will speak. -It will not.

I think if we were to paint the living room.

It does not in a sublet. Come an ... Sure, you can.

That's fine as it is.

Large girl ...

Soon I so old that you can drive flossing at me.


When I and Linda are old, you and Eric take care of us.

-You can stay at mom's job. -Forget it!

Try me.

Gap like a monkey!

Sleep well, Eric.

Like a swallow wings ...

Law that everything will be as it was before Dad came.

-Good night, darling. -Good night.

-So big Elin has become. -Yes.

Eric too. But special Elin.

I need to talk to Mats. Eric must have hit his mother.

Mum has fixed a job for you.

What then for jobs? -Download containers at a port.

-Ok ... I can not. -You teacher.

-Where is it? -I Norway.

We've got the nice apartment here.

It's not working.

I'm just too crazy for you.


You will find some that are much nicer and smarter.

-Morsommere ... -Keep up!

I wish we had met each other when we got through shit separately.

It's not working.

Come ...


I promise.

Now go to sleep.

-Are you not ready? Where's Linda?

Peter and you get well in Norway.


When I was your age ...

... were taken I from my mother.

At first I thought I would get a new family.

But it turned out that they did not want me.

My own father I never got hit.

When I got you ...

When I swore that I ...

That you would never be deselected as I was.

Are you listening?

I choose you.

We get it good in Norway.

I'll just pay as we go. Do you want something?

-A soda. -Okay.


What are you doing here?

Come in.

You're completely wet! What have you done? I came back as fast as I could.

-Are you cold? -No.

Are you hungry?

Come on.

Sit down.

You must have gone to fight far!

-What? -It was worth.

-You're my horizons. -What?

Ugh ... Nothing.

-No! -Eric ...

Do not try you even fucking!


You are so pretty...

Norway, then ... What was it?

After less than a year, Dad died.

What? What happened to you?

Mom did not want me, so it was foster family.

I moved from there when I was 16.

-The morning you came back ... Yeah.

I was awake all the time.

-Hi. -Hi.

He is sleeping in my bed.

He will be with you.

We've all talked about this. The answer is no.

I'm fighting all that there is. I can not have two children.

You're his daddy.

Do not you understand? His mother does not want him.

And me he relies not on. He has chosen you.

How happy I should, so I can not. It is enough with Elin.

We can try again ... -Please!

-I can not do that. -You have no choice.

It's too damn your son! You have to take care of him.

-Do not try to give me guilt feelings. -I do not.

-I do not. -Yes you do.

-No! -Eric ...

-Don't try, dammit! Mom!

It was not Peter who forced you to Norway.

It was the dad said, but I thought that he lied.

Although he did not show it, so loved Peter you.

Hey, Sebastian.

-Peter! Phone for you. -Okay.

-Peter. -Hi it's me.

-Linda? Yeah, who else?

There are many girls who call you at work?

What do you want?

Can not we try again?


-Are you still there? -Yes.

It has to be we.

I love you.


I mean, I love you too.

Come home.

-Now? Yes, now!



Are you sad?

No, I'm not sorry.

-All going to be fine now. -What?

It will be a surprise.