Traveller (1997) - full transcript

A young man, Pat, visits the clan of gypsy-like grifters (Irish Travellers) in rural North Carolina from whom he is descended. He is at first rejected, but cousin Bokky takes him on as an apprentice. Pat learns the game while Bokky falls in love and desires a different life.

Weather today is cloudy
at 60 degrees.

We've got a 50 percent chance

of rain
in the metropolitan area,

finishing with
30 percent chance of...

Afternoon, Ma'am. I hope
you'll pardon the intrusion.

I don't wanna buy nothing.

-Oh, it's nothing like that.

I just finished
the driveway up the street,

sealing up the cracks,
making it nice,

and I was on my way
back to shop, and I could see...

I'll take care
of this, Mama.

-Hey, how you doing today?

-What can I do for you?
-Well, I was...

I was telling your mom,
I noticed your driveway

is in kind of rough shape.

I got a load of leftover sealer,
already been paid for,

just gonna go to waste
if I don't use it.

Figured maybe you're looking
to save yourselves some money

-on a first-rate job.
-How much?

So fast.
It's just beautiful.

Yes, Ma'am.

We were about to get it.

Yeah, I guess it looks okay.

Hope you enjoy it.

We got a good deal.

Son of a bitch.

Is this your car?

What do you think
you're doing?

Hey, that's my trailer, buddy.

My trailer now, buddy.

I just paid that fella
$8,000 for it.

What fella?

The guy said
he was your partner.

The hell I'm paying you for?

You, stay right there!

-Hey, let's talk about this.

I'm listening.

All right.
I'm doing you a favor.

I could tell by the make,
you some cousin,

and I knew I could move it,
and we had both make out.

You got the goods, I got
this boy I'll have to drop,

goddamn match made in heaven.

Where's my money?

I got the money, cousin, $7,000.

Did I say seven?


Eight thousand
is what I meant to say.

It's right here in my pocket,
and I got it.

I've been holding it for you.
You can have it.

Little commission for me
will be fair though, cousin.

Don't you think?

You're a goddamn thief
is what you are.

I ain't no goddamn gammy guck!

I went out of the road,
like your own deal.

Man, who the hell are you?


You got north, south,
east, west.

Where you are,
all you got is ocean duties.

That's a 25 percent handicap
right there, now, ain't it?

It's been good enough for us
the past hundred years.

Yeah, but you're still
working homers

like nothing's ever changed.

Home game is history.

Move with the times.

Home games done fine by me.

Hey, don't try to tell me
what you don't know.

All I'm saying is a man
puts his mind to it,

he can really clean up.

None of this nickel
and dime shit.

Well, I already got everything
in the world I need.

It ain't broke, don't fix it.

That's what you think
it's about.

That's the way I live
my life, cousin.

You know what it's about for me?

Oh, I had a feeling
this was going somewhere.


Vision, an opportunity.


You mean like the vision
to see you had an opportunity

to sell that trailer out
from under me?

I didn't know you then.

You don't know me now.

Christ, I'll see you around,

Where are you going?

I got a head full of ways
to make money,

more ways to make money
than I know what to do with.

Sounds like vision to me.

You know what I need?

You telling me vision
ain't enough?

-What I need is a partner.

You got the gifts, son.

You and me together
can clean up.

Well, I ain't big on teamwork.

Try it.
See how it works.

Double D, thank you.

But I got to get home
for the series.

Ain't no party without me.

Hell, I'm giving you a chance
to bet on the winner.

Hey, what about my commission
on that trailer?

What do you want us
to do with it?

There's supposed to be
somebody meeting me here.

That Mr. O'Hara?

Yeah, don't you think
you're a little late?

Not if that's Mr. O'Hara.

You one of them?

My dad was one of them
after marrying my mother.

After she died,
they never went back,

said they wouldn't have him
after he left

to marry her anyway.

Reckon they go and take him
back now though ain't they.

Nothing like dying
to end an argument.

Wow, I never thought he'd
get this kind of a turnout.

Well, this ain't all for him.

We've been keeping bodies
on ice for him

since the Easter burial.

World Series and Easter

is the only time
is all of them home.


God bless you.


Sorry for your loss.

Have a safe trip back
to Philadelphia.

Are you Jack Costello?

Boss Jack Castello.

I'm Pat.
I spoke to you on the phone.

You said I was welcome here.

You said, "Thank you."
I said, "You're welcome."

Let's not make
a production of it.

What the hell
did he ever do to you?

He met my mother,
and he fell in love,

so he left the damn family.

What's the big deal?

We got a thing going here, boy.

It's our thing,
ain't your thing.

You get the fuck
on back where you belong.

Kid don't get it, does he?

He's damn well got it now.



Here, child.

How do you breathe in here?

It's starting up
to grow mushrooms.

How you doing?

I've been sick.

How you keeping?


Give me some sugar.

How's my best gal?

Lived too fast,

died too slow,

but there it is.


Well, I just come
from the funerals.

Short Legs' son
brought him back,

buried him right along
the others

like nothing ever happened.

I hope folks was decent to him.

No worse than he deserve,
outsiders got no place here.

You listen to me.

Short Legs was one of us.

He was my godchild,
with a place in my heart.

Though a man lose his way
on the dark roads of life,

if he come from the belly
of a real traveller woman,

isn't that man yet a traveller
on the day he dies?

Well, he was born a traveller
and buried a traveller,

ain't nobody arguing that,

but no outside kid
is gonna walk in here...

His wife was an outsider,
sure enough,

but if the boy's got the blood,

and blood don't lie.

Gary, what's gotten into you?

I didn't know that.

Listen to me.

I have to trips clear
to Macon, Georgia,

to bail your sorry ass
out of jail

as if I didn't have enough...

Boss Jack.

Listen, my father said if I...

Your father
turned his back on his people.

What your father said
don't mean jack shit to me.

He said I got a right.
I got a right by birth.

He said if I wanted in,
you couldn't turn me away.

Goddamn it.
I got a right.

You got shit is what you got.

You're right.
I got shit.

I got nothing.

You guys look
like you're doing all right.

I need work.
I need money.

This here is more
than a job, boy.

He said it comes down
to blood.

Fetch him out here,
see you don't...

Hold on a second.

Ain't it still us and them?

Kid don't smell
like one of them to me.

Look, I may be wrong.
I'll take the chance.

I am wrong, I'll chew him up
and shit him out.

It won't hurt nothing
to give him a chance.

He can ride with me.

You're a goddamn prize

Come on, cousin.

Let's see if you and me
can't find you a beer.


So what's all that chew me up
and shit me out stuff about?

They love that kind of stuff,

but don't think I won't.

You know what you did
at the dance,

got some brass to you,
don't you?

I do if that's what it takes
to get what I want.

Well, I like that.

I'm Kate.


Pat O'Hara.

You got nothing
better to do, girl?


You know how you were
gonna fix me with Cam?

Don't you dare.

...deep in foul,

way down the left side.

Getting that ball
like he was angry at it.

He's spanked, but...

Here we go.


You're gonna get your ass stomp
if you go messing with Kate,

and I ain't gonna help you.

She's beautiful.


So is the sunset, but you're
not gonna fuck that either.

Boss Jack is gonna fix
her with somebody

he wants her with.

And I kind of doubt
you're real high on his list.

What do you mean, "fix her"?

Man, you don't really know
jack shit, do you?

He's gonna match her
to somebody, fix her.

See, it comes down
to a marrying price.

Hell, most girls around here
get wedded up

by the time they hit 16.

That young?

Hell, yeah.

Keep horny young bastards
like you out of their pants.

It sounds stupid, if you ask me.

Well, that's how we do it.

Got us this far.

And what about you?

What about me?

Did you get matched?

Yeah, I got matched.


Why don't you just get them
dishes done?


Oh, shit.

Looking for something?


I thought you were your father.

Yeah, well,
you better be glad I'm not.

Kind of noise
you've been making.

Are you crazy?

Come on.

I wanted to talk to you.

-I just wanted you to know...

Come on.



I just wanted to talk to you,

be around,
and be a part of this thing.

I just wanted you to know that.

Do you have any idea

what you're getting
yourself into?

This here is a whole
another world

from what you're used to.

Don't think you're gonna
waltz right in.

You don't think I got it in me?

Well, I don't know,

but I guess we're gonna
find out in a hurry.

Look, if this is something
you really want,

you got to go for it
with everything you got.

Same go for everything I want.

One thing at a time.

Right now you have to take care
of what you need

to be taking care of,

and you may just find
that the rest

will take care of itself.

Think about it.

A lot to think about.

So what's the plan?

I figure we head up Greenville
while I pick up a trailer.

Play it by ear after that.

You don't even know
where we're going?

I told you, Greenville.

What, do you need
your whole goddamn life

mapped out for you?

No, I just like to know
what's going on.

Yeah, well,
I'll keep you posted.

Do me a favor.

What's that?

Don't blink.

Hand through my hair,
you got it?

Yeah, I got it.



Ah, shoot.

All I got's a 50.

I think I can handle it.

You Irish?

You look Irish,
with that red hair and all.

Yeah, I got some Irish in me.

Would you like some more?

I'm just kidding,
that's terrible, I know it is.

Just something
about Irish women.

You've been
on the road too long, cowboy.

What, you think I'm lying?

Excuse me,
could you break a 50 for me?

Sure can, but this fellow
might could do it for you.

I just gave him
all I had in a way of change.

Have a nice day.

Thanks, anyway.

Can you break a 50?

Man, if you can't keep up
with the simple shit,

how am I supposed to get you up
to speed on the rest of it, huh?

-I'm sorry.
-Oh, forget it.

Just get in the car.
Just get in the car.

Jesus Christ,
I was doing that one

when I was five years old.

Oh, my...

you know, maybe we ought
to take a drive up

from where you come from,

because I got news,
if there's any more like you,

I'll make a fucking fortune.

I'm sorry.
This is all new to me.

Just live and learn, okay?

And pay attention.

You'll get it.

I got a feeling
this here is virgin turf.

Blue sky country,
they used to call it.

Easy pickings.

I've been meaning to ask you,
what was that stuff

Boss Jack was talking about?

What stuff?

Some gibberish back at the camp
when I crashed the party.

I guess you're talking
about "The Cant".

You know what he was saying?


We all use it time to time.

Where'd it come from?

Old country,
way the hell back when.

This is like Irish
or Gaelic or whatever?

Nope, got a life all its own.

So why do they call
it "The Cant"?

Because we can
understand it, and they can't.


What brings you boys out here?

Well, we just did
a job up the road a piece,

and figured all these
outbuildings you got,

maybe you'd need
a little roof work done.

We got leftover batch of sealer
just can't getting to waste.

We don't use it up today.

Give you a hell of a deal.

You boys just the people
we've been hoping to see.


All right, roof leaks through,
wets the corn.

I'm gonna have the biggest still
in North Carolina.

Well, that's dangerous work
up there.

Have to get 300 for it.


All right, Scamper on up there
and black it up good.

I don't know anything
about this.

And be careful.

You step in it, you'll be
coming down the fast way.

You never said anything
about it being slippery.

You ever seen any old crankcase
oil that wasn't?

You never said anything
about any old crankcase oil.

I told you not to blink.

-Oh, shit.

Pitch yourself to something
solid with that,

you'll be all right.

I don't feel so good, Bokky.

You're kidding me right?

I can't do it.

Well, hell,
what good are you?

Get out of the way,
I'm coming up.

-Yeah, well, sorry don't cut it.

Come on.

Come on, get out of my way.
Get on back down there.



-You going hunting?
-Yeah, thought I might.

Some of your people
come through here last spring.

Some of my people?

I don't know what you mean, sir.

Just me and my cousin up there.

You know pretty fucking well
what I mean.

I know how you all do,

charge me $200,

seal the barn roof,

first rain all come off.

That's terrible, sir,
but it wasn't us.

Filthy black oil
running down the walls,

ruined $2,000 paint job.

Got in the ground,

got no well water,
wound up cost me $7,000.

You got to be more careful
who you do business with, sir.

I mean, some of the guys out
there, they're con artists.

Show me what
you're putting up on that roof.


-Best sealer money can buy.

Show me what's in the tank.

Sir, I don't mean to be rude,
but don't you think

your attitude
is a little uncalled for?

I mean, we can just forget
about this whole thing.

Neither of us
really need this trouble.

Let's see what's in the tank.

Son of a bitch.


-Hey, stop this!
-Oh, it's in my face!

Get the gun!

Take it!

Damn it!

You didn't say nothing
about doing the yard!

Damn you, boy!


Get the gun.
Get the son of a bitch.

-Easy pickings, huh?

Virgin turf?

Almost got us
killed back there.

Down. Get down.


Did you hear that motherfucker?

"Got in the ground,

got in the floor,

right, scram for it."



Hi, do you know who this is?

I checked this policy.

Who is it, Kate?

I've been thinking
about you, Kate.

How about you?

Kate, who is it?


I got news for you.


You better get ready
for me, girl.

I'm coming to get you.

I'll be here.

Wrong number.

Well, maybe you fell in.

No, ready to rock and roll.

All set.

You know, I keep coming
in here just to see you,

but I don't get nothing
for my trouble except

getting shit-faced
every night.

As much as I admire that
in a man...

Let him down
easy now, Jean.

Don't break nothing.

Thank you, guys.


What can I get you?

Martini, please.

So you know exactly, "The Ritz."

You wanna order
something normal?

Pardon me.
Bottle of Bud will be fine.

-Where are you from?

Just up here on business.

What kind of business
do you have?


Ain't you kind of young to be
out on the road to sell them?

My dad owns the company.

Oh, it's nice
to have a leg up, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

That's nice.

It's been with my family
for years.


It's two dollars for the beer.

Keep it.


Jewelry business
is treating you pretty good.

Well, I guess,
I like to spread it around.

That's nice.
I could use it.

Why don't you go
and set them up all around?

The rest is for you.

Thanks a lot.

-Hey, thanks, buddy.
-Thanks, man.


Real nice.

Hey, Jean,
get a round over here.

Two beers coming right up.

Oh, no.

Oh, shit.


-You okay?

My stickpin is gone,
I can't find it.

Well, it's got to be around
here somewhere.

I looked.

Somebody must have
walked off with it.

Nobody here do that.

Did you look over by the bar?


My dad's gonna kill me.

His old man gave it to him.


Listen, I'm gonna be here
for a couple of days.

I'm staying at the Sunset Motel.
You know where it is?

Yeah, sure,
it's right down the street.

Room 125.
My name is Jim Tom Clark.

Can you remember it?

Sure, Jim Tom Clark, room 125.

Listen, I gotta get it back.

I'll pay a thousand dollars cash
if you find it.

No questions asked.

Well, I'll be sure
to keep an eye out for it.

I'm gonna check
back tomorrow.

If it turns up, you call me,
I'll come right back over.

All right, remember,
thousand dollars cash

to anybody who finds it.

Go get him.

Easy pickings.

Hi, what can I get you?

Beer, wherever you place it.


That's $2.

Can I buy you one?

No, but I'll take the money
you twist my arm.

There you go.

Thanks a lot.
That's sweet of you.

Give me a shot of whiskey
on the side, please.

Two-fisted, huh?
Coming right up.

You working here long?

A couple of months.

I moved here from Martinsville
after my divorce.

I bet your husband's
kicking himself.

He was good at kicking things.

Well, right in here.

Oh, I got something here,
something for you.

Oh, smooth, huh?

The hell is this?

Would you look at that?

Scoot down.


That's mine.


Oh, yeah, I've been looking
for it all night.

My daddy gave me that pin.
It's been in the family forever.

You don't believe me?

I don't believe this.

Why did you move me down
the bar, then?

You think I want them
knowing my business?

There would be no end to it,

just be one thing
after the next.

Now, can I have my pin?

I believe I deserve a reward.

Okay, okay.
That's fair.

I'll give you $5.

That's a little cheap, isn't it?

Okay, 10.

You know what I think?


I don't think
this is your pin at all.

I think you're trying to put one
over on me.

You're starting to make me mad.

A hundred dollars.

I don't think so.

This looks like money to me.

I'm gonna go call the police.

Two hundred.

Now it gets interesting,



Hey, you just said 400.

Then I said five, six.

But now, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

Are you finished?

I'll give you $500,

and that's just
for the sentimental value.

Honey, you are as cute
as all get-out,

but you're traveling
some pretty high cotton.

Where are you gonna get $500?

I'll get it.
We got a deal?

You're some piece of work,
you know that?

Yeah, right.

-You sure about this?

Here's your change.

All right,
and good health.

You ought to be ashamed.

Take care of yourself now.


Jim Tom Clark.

Room 125.

You sure?

This...This is the Sunset Motel?

Oh, God.

There's something
about that gal, man.

She was something else.

-She was a fox.
-Stone fox.

Yea, besides that.

When she went for it,
she just wouldn't let it go.

She thought she had me.

So, I ended up telling her
a little tale,

she just didn't get it.

She thought she had me,
and she was going for it.

Got to give her credit for that.


Man, she was a fox.

Hey, nobody here
was here last night.

Bartender said
the owner canned her

for taking that money
from the till.

So much for that.
Let's get out of here, man.

She don't live
but a mile from here.

Guy gave me directions.

Come on.

You come on.



You okay in there?

You okay in there?
You all right?

I'm going in.


I'm coming in.

Everything all right?

You okay in there?
Where's your momma?

It's okay, it's okay.



We're not gonna hurt you.

-You son of a bitch!
-Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Stop! Get her off of me!


Jim Tom?


All right, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.

What'd you do that for?

It's okay, baby.
It's okay.

Are you okay?

They're not gonna hurt you.

It's okay.

Girl okay?

No, thanks to you.

Well, she was yelling
when we pulled up.

You're right,
she gets them a lot,

and I was out
getting her some medicine.

Oh, shit.

Look, I'm real sorry
about your job.

You got a lot to be sorry
about, don't you?

-Fuck this.

Give her the damn money,
and let's go, man.

-I don't take this shit from...
-Wait in the truck.

-Wait in the damn truck!

It's all there.

He's not gonna give me
my job back.

Do what you like with it, then.

Here's your pin.

You know that five dollars
you offered me?

That's about what it's worth.

So why'd you come back?

Which is funny, I guess.

Take care of that little girl
of yours.

Two of you
all make quite a pair.

This outfit here
only sells to travelling people,

some of them Irish,

Scottish travellers, English,

even some of them
goddamn raghead Turks,

and I don't think even these
guys sell them shitbags.

So what's the deal?

I can buy a trailer
for five grand.

Sell them to some hard
luck store

if you can inside of two days.

No overhead, no warning,
no nothing,

just "Thank you very much."

-What's wrong with them?

For the first couple months.

-Hey, Sammy, how you doing?
-How are you?

How you been?
Nice to see you.

Yeah, we're good.

How you doing, son?

Oh, here it is.


28-foot road rambler,
loaded, brand new,

personal crisis
requires immediate sacrifice,


You watch.

That right there is the license
to prank.

So me and my girl,
we're gonna get married,

take this kind of honeymoon trip
around the country.

So, I call home, Dan,
who's my brother,

don't tell me
she done left town,

gone to LA, wedding's off,
see you later.

What, are you kidding me?

So here I am, I got all my money
tucked on a trailer

I got no use for,
cost me 15 grand,

I know I'm gonna burned
on this thing, but shit.

Seven, forty-eight,

that's five grand profit
right there.

Two for you,

two for me,

one for Boss Jack.

What's he got to do with it?

Don't you get how this works?

He's the one that holds
it all together.

We're out running all over
God's creation.

He's at home
minding the store.

Everybody kicks in.

It's unbelievable.

Now what?

Ed's gone in a week, reckon
I'll skip on down to Greenville,

pick us up another trailer.

You stay here
and field the calls?


Well, are you gonna get up
off your lard can

and help,
or you're just gonna sit there?

Yes, Ma'am.

I'll drive you to a test.

Drive behind you.

This will put the fear
of God in ya right quick.

Yeah, except that ain't loaded,
and I don't have any bullets.

What good's a gun
without bullets?

What the hell good's a gun
with bullets?

Someone's just liable
to get hurt.

Why even keep
the damn thing, then?

It used to belong to my ex,
until he lost it.

I guess I'm just sentimental.

I guess
I'm going to bed now.

Oh, sweetie,
you don't have to do that.

That's okay, I'm pretty tired.

Give me a kiss good night, then.

Love you, baby.

Good night.

Good night, hon.

Hey, this is crazy.
This is crazy...

Why would you do anything
you don't want to do?

Hey, we don't even
know each other,

and I'm not like that.

-What are you like?
-Well, what do you got?

Oh, I believe you got it.

I believe I do.

Hey, lazybones.


I guess you don't need
much sleep.

I feel great.

Yeah? Good.

Hi, cutie.

How about you?

I didn't have
no trouble sleeping.

It's a pretty
comfortable mattress.

What's left of it.


You'd be back this month?

I'll do good good business
in Greenville.

You're gonna sticking
around long?

Well, I got plenty of jobs,

for a little while, I guess,
but not forever.


Maybe next time
I come through?


Next time I come through...

Next week?

Hell, maybe this week?

You let me know.

I'll let you know.

You just let me know.

Bye, Shane.

Wave bye, baby.

The hell
are you doing in my bed?


Smells like an outhouse in here.

The hell have you been doing?

Come on, get up.

Get your butt
out of there.

Come on, get up,
we got work to do.

Where's the list of people
that called about the trailer?

...your ass,
you'd know where it was.

What did you say to me?

You heard me,

I want my money.

I'll be stinking up this damn
bed of yours until I get it.

What the fuck
are you talking about?

Well, it's about time.

I give up.

what a vision you got?

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no.

Yes, in-fuckin'-deed.

You can run,
but you can't hide.

How the hell
did he get in here?

Thought you'd skate
on that commission, did you?

Thought old Double D wouldn't
come looking for his money?

Think again.

I mean it, now,
somebody comes up to you

and says they're such and such,

how the hell you know
he is what he says?

He could be anything.

Come back and find
the head of the damn FBI

farting in my bed,
instead of him.

But he knew your name,
he knew "The Cant",

I got no sense
to know what's right.

Yeah, well you don't know
enough of "The Cant"

to know what he knows.

What do you think?

Sweet, huh?

Breaks my heart
I got to sell this baby.

I bought it
'cause I was getting married,

we were gonna this kind
of honeymoon trip,

then I get this call
from my brother...


Honey, I don't feel too good.

Mister, I got $9,000.

It's all I got in the world.

I know the ad said 10,

but I swore I have a place
for it before the baby came,

but we've been running
out of time.

Well, I figured, you know,

ask for ten, hope you get,
I don't know, nine?

Maybe less, is that right?

-It'll be just...
-Hold it.

Two or three shy of what's fair,
don't you think?

Excuse me, you're gonna have
to forgive my cousin here.

He hasn't been himself
the past few days.

Truth is, we're gonna need
$10,000 for that trailer,

not a dime less.

You shortchange me, huh?

Ten thousand!

Pregnant lady had another grand
stuffed in a sock.

Hey, get up off your ass
and give us a hand.

Man, this is the life.

This is the life, huh?

Some kind of nice
about my life being alive,

I kind of like that.

Take it.

Won't be the first trailer
this old gal has pulled.

That's fine.

You take the truck, me
and the kid won't have no way

to work homers.

A few bucks, or change or two
in about the home game

in a hurry.

-Just killing time.
-Yeah, well, I bet your head

you're up to something real big,
ain't you?

I meant what I said
about meeting a partner

for the score.

Offer is still open.

Well, you keep hitting on me
with this partner shit,

I don't think
you got any other friends.

Why is that?

I'm picky.

Me, too.

I told you before
I'm ain't big on teamwork.

What about the kid?

Ask him.

I don't mean that.

How come you're dragging
his green ass around?

I got my reasons.

Take it.

We can talk later.

Talk to you blue in the face.

You want some company?


You best stay here and keep
an eye on that old bird.

He'll sell the damn truck
out from under

if you give him half the chance.

So, you're gonna see
that girl, huh?

I'm going to get us
another trailer.

You know,
where and when I get a little

ain't none of your business.

What's going on with you, man?

And you're giving your money
away to dick

to some local whore?

You shut up, bitch.

Well, you think I don't know,

You think I'm lucky you even
put up with me, huh?

Let me tell you something, man.
I know fucking plenty.

I belong in this thing,
maybe even more than you.

That's right, man.

I've been doing the same thing
my old man did.

And leaving the family
for a fucking woman?

You said it on top of the world
you wanna blow it all to hell.

And you gonna end
just like he did, man.

Sixth kid and stuck in shit.

Yeah, well,
that ain't gonna happen to me.

I know what I'm doing.

All right.

So, go do it.

Come on.


Where are you going?

I got to get on the road.

It's cold today.

I'm sorry you got to go.

Yeah. Me, too.

Maybe I can stay
a few days next time.

Yeah, sure.

Ooh, it's nippy.

I better get going.

Say good-bye to Shane for me.
I'll try not to wake her.


Well, see ya.

Drive safe.

Look, I'm sorry about yesterday.
You just really pissed me off.

Got a call this morning, Bok.

-Your grandma, she's real sick.


This way.

Don't you worry about a thing.

They're gonna take care
of your grandma

at least to bury in time.


you listen to me.

Aren't you sick of that kid yet?

Well, we've been
doing all right.

Don't figure you got
to keep him on my account.

Here I thought
I was doing you a favor.

I don't know why I put up with
you if I had a son of my own.

Face that you don't.

I'm the best you got.

I don't envy you.

He have any idea
what you've been up to?

Son of a goddamn bitch!

-You see a trailer here?

No goddamn trailer here!


I left it here
with that thieving son

of a whore bitch motherfucker!

I locked it, too.
Christ Almighty!

Well, maybe he'll come back.

Oh, shit!

Look at you.

Sat in here drinking, stood out
making an honest day's wage.

Where's my trailer?

I sold it for you
the day after you left.


-Coming up.
-Where the hell you've been?

You're so interested
of my whereabouts.

I'm interested in my money.

I got your money.

What kind of fella
you take me for?

Ooo wee,
you're way out of sorts.

So, where you've been?

Out prospecting
up in Louisville.

Gold's at Fort Knox,
not Louisville.

That depends on who you know
and what you know.

Then, I guess, you just move
in the right circles, huh?

I guess, maybe I do.

There's a certain Turk boss
up there,

been running hisself
a little number.

I believe success
is going through his head.

I believe he thinks his little
game can't be touched.

You got news for him?

I figure he's worth long green
if we play him right.

Jesus Christ,
you are relentless.

I told you before
I ain't interested.

You're gonna mess
with some raghead Turk,

you need your damn throat slit.

Opportunity, Bokky,
comes knocking,

you got to be there
to answer the door.

Double D,
let me tell you something,

I don't got to be nowhere
except smack dab

where I wanna be.

And I suppose
you know where that is?

I got a sneaking suspicion.

If that's the case,
the fuck you're doing here?

So, where does that leave me?

Listen, I got enough to do

trying to get a handle
on my own shit.

You ain't no infant.

I got my own life, okay?

You got yours,

I got mine.

So, when I go back to the camp,

what do you want me
to tell them?

You go back to the camp

and then tell you got
your head examined.

See you around.

He came back, what'd I tell you?

I'm glad somebody here
trust me.

You two are gonna
make out like gangbusters.

Chew him up.

All right.

Without a truck?

Hey, you don't need a truck
when you got vision.

Don't be strangers.

Come on.

Whoa! Whoa!

Don't get so excited.

Who needs him?

Let's me and you do it,
just like you said, same thing.

Listen to me.

You're a good kid,

but I'm talking
about deep water here.

And I ain't about to go
jumping in with somebody

unless I know they can swim.

What do I have to do, huh?

What do you want?
You want me to prove it?

You want me to do a few tricks?

I admit I'm a little
new to this,

but it's not all here.

It's here, too.

Hey, this is my play,

and I don't wanna do
my thing your way.

You got to respect that.

Now, give it up.

I'll give it up. But don't you
sit here and tell me

that he can handle it
and I can't. I know better.

So, you take this number
and you bring it down here

and you divide... no,

That's not right.

What grade did you say
you were in?

This stuff is way beyond me,
I'm serious.

Come on, hon.


We'll be back soon, I hope.

Take your time.
I'm not going anywhere.

I know it was getting worse.

I mean, you saw it.

You say something to her,

she just doesn't hear it

I thought she was over it,
but the doctor said

this meningitis she had
in the spring

is causing some kind
of bone growth

on her cochlea, you know,
inside her ear?

Said she's gonna go
completely deaf

unless they operate.

How much is the operation?

How are they expecting me to
come up with that kind of money?

I asked you a question.

$30... $40,000.

You got it, okay?
That's simple.


What did I say?

I can't take money from you.

The hell you can't.

I'll get the money.
I'll raise it somehow.

-Baby, a big sale

ain't gonna cut it.

Look, I got this thing in mind.

All I got to do is tell my buddy
to deal me in,

it's easy, clean, in and out.

Are you crazy?

You're here now, you're with me.

I don't want you out there
ripping people off.

This guy ain't people.

Shit, baby.
She's gonna be okay.

I think we could work you in.

Give him a piece.


Give him a piece.

I don't need him.
I got nothing for him to do.

We'll find him something to do.

Fuck that.

Do you wanna do this or not?


Here you go, Mr. D.

Oh, thank you, George.

-Thank you.
-All right.

All right, guys see
what we got here?

There you go.

Some of that shit there.

Hey, look for the big ones,
the high ones,

the high end, what do you got?

-Six hundred.

-Six? That's good.
-Seven hundred.

That's good.
We want the big shit.

Let's get the hell out of here.

All right.

I'm in the wrong
damn line in here.

I am so sorry.

Step up, please.

Thank you.

Come on. Right now.


Eight grand, goddamn roll!

What do we got to do
to get us a winner?

You guys are really having
some tough luck.

Jeez, we got killed here.

You guys enjoyed, then?

We enjoy winning what we enjoy.

Hey, everybody likes to win.

I ain't never met nobody
that don't like to win.

Listen, you guys
are looking maybe

for an inside track?

It's about close
to perfect in your...

You don't talk to me like that!

Chabad, get in here!

Come on, guys.

You ever hear of twins?

Well, I've got twin race horses.


Except one is fast,

one is slow,

opens the doors
of possibilities, huh?

I bet it does like um...
like what?

I've been running the slow
one at the park

the last few months.
It sucks, very long hours.

Oh, but the fast one flies.

Oh, fuck how he flies.

And as far as the racing
commission knows,

he don't even exist.


Switch them?


What I've got here is not...

but, Tony, if the guys,
you know, smart guys like you

who want in to clean up,

ten grand minimum bet.

Odds should go off twenty,
twenty-five to one.

Oh, all bets goes through me;

otherwise, we got
no control, right?

Your payday, huh?

You ready?

Half the payoff, that's right.

That's right.

Your ten gets you a hundred,
me a hundred.

Everybody goes home happy.

Well, it sounds great.

But the kind of money
you're talking about,

we got to see
them horses some time.

Oh, sure. We can do that, right?

-No problem.

Tell us when and where.

We'll be there.

We take you there, blind.

First thing in the morning.


They're on their way up?

I'm ready.
Just don't leave me hanging.

Come on in.

Tray's by the door!

There's five dollars on it!

Keep the change.

What do we got here?

Let's just take the money
and screw him.

Hey, there's more.

Big deal, it's bogus.

Can't you smell
that the ink is still wet?


Hey, how did you guys...?

Oh, yeah.
Sure you wanna bet.

Bet with phony money,
the pricks.

You boys are a little early,
aren't you?

Not bad.

Almost looks real.

It is real.

What kind of game you play, huh?

Do you wanna fuck, is that it?

You wanna fuck?

You wanna fuck?
We can fuck.

We can get this
over with right now.

You following this?

Follow this,

the deal is over.

Okay. Fine.

See you later.

Oh, no. Not so fast.

Maybe a new deal.


That's my underwear, Bob.

Hello, housekeeping?

You got the bag, okay?

We got kind of a mess up here.

Can you send up
some more towels, please?

That god awful press smell.

You got them fresh bills
from the bank yet?

I'm ran your errands for you.

Anything else, boss?

Don't be an asshole.

You got a problem?

You got an important part
to play in this thing, you know.

Yeah. I think I can handle it.

Hey. D's right.

Time comes,
you got to sell these shit bags.

If we get together on this,

we're gonna need
some assurances.

Let me tell you
about assurances, fuck this.

Your assurance is my money
in your pocket.

It's very simple.

You get to walk out of here
with one of my real

for every five of your bogus.

If I can play F, too, you know.

If the quality is as good
as the pay for it,

you guys are gonna try
to pass on me.

You don't think
these will pass?

I borrowed one yesterday,
they'll pass

until they don't pass.

Then one for five ain't
exactly the jackpot

from where
we're sitting down, is it?


Our guy with the plates
ain't no dummy.

Maybe something on the order

of four for five
would be more like it.

Yeah, right.

If I was out of my fucking mind,
it would.

Well, it's been fun knowing you.

Fuck. Sit down!


Hey. Okay.

All right.

The guy with the plates,
he wants to hit it, huh?

He wants to hit it all,
I'll buy the fucking plates.


His plates don't leave
his sight.

Maybe we can work something out.

Oh, man.
That shit bag is primed up hot,

and we, gentlemen,
are gonna nail his Turk ass.

It's a lot of money, man.

Where are you gonna get
that kind of money?

I'll get the money.

Where I get it is my problem.

Everything set?

4 o'clock.

-You ready?
-Of course I am.

Don't get all huffed up,
I'm just asking.

I'm sick of you guys treating me
like some kind of feeb.

I know what the hell I'm doing.

Relax, I know you do.

Well, cousins,

this one's gonna be fun.

Let's do it.

So, this is the guy.

Hey, this ain't a done deal yet.

No shit, pal.

You got my 200?

I don't see the 150.

We said 150,
it'd get you two

and a talk with the guy,
this is the guy.

Where's the 150?


Where's my 200?

You do good work, kid.

Two hundred it is.

Everybody's honest here.

Everybody can count.


Nice doing business with you.

Say I wanted to buy
the whole run,

what are we talking?

Well, it depends.


Well, I guess that takes care
of that, huh?

What I mean
it depends on the run, you know,

there's a lot of stuff,
you got paper...

Oh, paper.
You use paper?

Sure. I mean, it takes paper,

-It takes...

Do you use ink?

It takes ink.

You know,
it's got different colors,

you need different plates
with different colors and...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now,
you're making me dizzy here.

Yeah. I guess it does depend.

The A, what's it stand for?

Hey, can we just cut the crap?

The A in the circle...

what's it stand for?


Yeah, close.

Boston Federal Reserve.

-God Almighty.
-Do you know what it means?

How the fuck am I supposed
to know what it means?

-Don't give me this shit now.
-Mr. Smartass.

Mr. Know It All.

Oh, you're a real
fucking natural, you know that?

You tell me how to live my life

when you got your head
so far up your fucking ass,

you know...

What did I tell you?

Ain't they sweet?

Couple of big-time scammers.


Didn't I tell you?
Didn't I hit it on the head?

Son of a bitch.

You think you're gonna
get away with this?

You think you're gonna fuck me
and get away with it?

-What? Oh, you'll go...

What? You'll go to the cops,

-You're gonna go to the cops?
-Get your hands off of me!

Can you just let me go?

-Come on. turned out...

If I get my hands on you
and that son of a bitch...

I'll kill you!
I'll kill you then!

-Get your fucking...
-I'll kill you!

Fucking... get the fucking...
get him out of here.

Throw him down the fucking
stairs, that son of a bitch.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

Fuck you, you cocksucker.

Fuck you.

What're you thinking about?

Bloody damn money
is what I'm thinking about.

Oh, you're gonna mess
with me now.

My cut
of the shit bag's take!

The shit bag's!

Oh, man!

What the fuck?

It's all scrap paper.

He switched the fucking money.

How about this kid, huh?


You must have been shit trying
to switch this fucking money.

Yo, he gave me
about 15 seconds to pull it off.

Well, shit, I practically tore
the son of a bitch's shirt

trying to hold him for you, oh!

Giving me all his rights again!

Yeah, baby!

You're crazy if you cut out now.

This here is just the start.

Well, I ain't cutting out.
Are you kidding me?

Gets you pumped up
to get that taste

of blood in your mouth.

I'll be back.

You sure you know
what you're doing?

They need the money.
I promised it to them.

Look, I got myself
into this thing.

I'll deal with it.

I owe them that much, at least.

Just see you don't get trapped.

You worry about getting
Boss Jack his money.

Man don't bankroll shit
for his hell.

I said I'd get it to him,
and I will.

I got a question.

What's that?

Did I show you?

Yeah, you showed me.

Did I show you what a man
with a vision can accomplish?

What you showed me
is every now and again,

even a blind pig can fly.

Oh, geez.

Oh, shit.

You best get your own room.

I'll see you guys in a week.

Take it.

Do you think I can't find me

some trouble to get into?

I said I'll be back
as soon as I can.



I mean it.

Get out of here.

You read my mind.

-Do you have any money for gas?
-Get the fuck out of here!

Yeah. Hello, Park Place.


That cleans me out.

I'm always in the free parking.

-Oh, shit.

Come on.

How do you do it?

I don't know.
You just do it.

Oh, come on.

It can't be that easy
to pull the wool

over somebody's eyes.

Is it?

It can be real easy.

So tell me how you do it.

-Tell me.

Tell me.

You look him in the eye.

Something like this?


And you make him believe.

And how do you do that?

Lie to yourself.

Lie real good.

You lie so good, you believe it.

Right in the eye?

Right in the eye.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Bokky sent me.

I got your money.

Where is Bokky?

He's busy.



Doing what?

You're gonna have to talk
to Bokky about that.

I'm talking to you.

You talked to the wrong guy.

Funny how that works.


You're gonna sleep all day?
Wake up.

What the hell
is that smell, man?


Big man!

Where's Bokky?

Well, hello to you, too.

-Where is he?
-He's out back.


-Hell are you doing here?

He's dead.
They killed him.

What're you talking about?

They killed him. Somebody
killed him at the motel.

What the fuck
are you talking about?

I came back, and he was dead...
Double D.

They killed him.
Blood all over, man.

-Fuck, he's dead.
-Listen to me. Who killed him?

-They get the guys?
-I don't know.

I was afraid
they were gonna get me.

I came right here to let you
know, so you'd have time

-to get out of here.
-Nobody followed you?

-Followed me?
-You don't know?

-I don't think anybody did.




Let him go.

Anybody moves, I swear to God,

I'll splash your damn face
across the wall.

You're full of shit.

That gun ain't loaded.

I'm looking
at wide open daylight

through the fucking chamber.


Well, the bullet that's gonna
send your ass to kingdom come

is the one you can't see,

'cause it's right
under the hammer.

Now, you look me in the eye
and you tell me

who's full of shit now.

-Shane, no.


Fuck with me, bitch.

Let me show you something.

Yeah, yeah, I got you.

The money,

you can have the money.

Just let them go.

I'll tell you
where the money is.

No shit, you're gonna tell
us where the money is.

They got nothing to do with it.
Let them go.

Instead of letting them go,

I might show them a good time,
have some fun with them.

What do you think
about that, Mick?

Please, man, let them go.

If you pay attention,
maybe you will learn something.

Oh, God.

Hey, Pat.


You know how to tell anybody
how these guys eat dog shit?


I thought you were just
kidding at first,

until I got a whiff of shit
mouth's breath over there.

Fucking can't have
a dog around with some gypsy

bastard trying to stick
his nose up the poor dog's butt.

Must be one of those
acquired tastes, huh?

Nah, they're born with it,
runs in the family,

talk about unclean this
and marmei that.

They spend their whole lives
scarfing up dog grunt,

like it's going out of style.

Shut the fuck up.

Sensitive shit eater,
ain't he?


What am I gonna do
with you, Mick?

Huh, you fuck?

I don't know.

I'm fresh out of dog shit.

If you untie me,
I'll go fetch you some.

Hey, shit breath,
I got some right here

on my boots for you.

Put a bullet
in the girl's eye for you.


Right here.

Don't do it!

Clean this place up so it looks
like nothing ever happened.

Jack, I got myself
a situation here.

Well, you are a goddamn
prize sometimes.

So you keep saying.


Get in the car.

Well, I'm not sure
if I wanna go in.

You made your choice
a long time ago. Get in the car.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Come on, baby, let's go.

All set?