Trapped! (2006) - full transcript

A weekend vacation turns terrifying when computer scientist Samantha (Alexandra Paul) and her daughter are lured into the hands of a killer. Kidnapped and held hostage, Samantha is given a choice: she must use her expertise to help her captors carry out an unspeakable crime, or let her daughter die. Nothing is as it seems in this twisting thriller, where high-stakes and high-tech collide for an edge-of-your-seat movie experience that will keep you guessing until the very end!


(gentle music)

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(eerie music)

(keys clacking)

(man panting)

- 50 seconds.

(suspenseful music)

10 seconds.

(computer beeping)

(guns banging)

(tense music)

(eerie music)

- Yeah, I completely
understand what you're saying.

Well, I'll tell you what,

I'm gonna keep ya posted
on all the developments.

So, don't worry about it, okay?

All right, thanks for your help.

All right, talk to ya later, bye.

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] This morning,
federal authorities

moved reputed Serbian mafia
kingpin Sergei Koltzev

to an undisclosed high-security courtroom

in Downtown San Diego.

Convicted of racketeering and extortion,

Koltzev now faces the death penalty

for the execution-style
murder of Aleksei Andreeva.

Prosecutors are confident
he will be found guilty

as the crime was witnessed
- Good morning!

- Hey, good morning, babe.
- by Andreeva's

eight-year-old daughter.

Both daughter and Andreeva's
widow have been in

the Witness Protection Program
- Hmm, you're up early.

- [Reporter] since the crime was committed

over nine months ago.

- [Reporter] The widow and daughter.

- Yeah, one of our
servers isn't responding.

- Oh really, which one?

- Seafarer Cruises.

I called a tech to go
out there and fix it,

and I haven't heard anything.

- Who'd you send out?

- Steven.

- He's green, you know him.

He's not gonna check in

till he's dotted all his
Is and crossed his Ts.

- Listen, I should, um,
I should probably go

before Gwen gets up, don't you think?

- Oh no, sweeties, don't do that.

I don't want you to feel like
we gotta sneak around here

like some one-night stand.

I love you.

And Gwen is just gonna have
to get used to the fact

that we are together.

Oh, I have a great idea!

Why don't you come to the spa with us?

- Uh, no, no, I, I don't think so,

after all the eye rolling

and heaving sighing at dinner last night.

I think the two of you could really use

some good mother/daughter quality time.

Besides, somebody has to mine the store.

Speaking of which,

I think you're gonna
be going by Santa Rena,

so I called Seafarer
Cruises, and I thought that...

- And you want me to
stop and check on Steven.

- Do you mind?

I mean, it's such a short detour,

and besides, they know you're coming,

so you'll have no trouble getting in.

- Sure.

- Thank you, that is a load off my mind,

and I do have to go.

(Samantha groans)

I love you.

- I'll miss you.

- I'll miss you too, have fun today.

- [Reporter] The widow and daughter

of murdered business man Aleksei Andreeva

will finally have their day in court

to face the man accused of the killing.

The eight-year-old child
allegedly witnessed the homicide

and will testify today.

If found guilty, Koltzev faces
death by lethal injection.

Known as the Bastard of Bosnia,

Koltzev has controlled
the Eastern European gangs

since the late 1980s when
he emigrated to the US.

In business news, the
Dow was up 114 points

and the NASDAQ up 27.

- [Announcer] Tonight at
9:00 p.m., Too Close to Love,

based on a true story.

The man she's marrying is
actually her long-lost brother,

separated at birth.

- [Reporter] And previously convicted

of money laundering,
racketeering, and extortion,

Koltzev has controlled
the Eastern European gangs

since the late 1980s when
he emigrated to the US.

- Can we not listen to the news?

♪ Straight riders, West Siders ♪

♪ Real Gs, niggers like me ♪

♪ Rollin' from the ghetto ♪

♪ Yellow, blue, green ♪

♪ Bing, bing, chickety ching ♪

♪ Rollin' with my gat and my gat ♪

- Well, we can't listen to this.

♪ Broken hearted ♪

♪ Now, I broke your ♪

- Let's not listen to anything.

- You're gonna love the spa, you know?

Seaweed wraps, mud baths, massages.

It's gonna be a weekend of
pampering for the birthday girl.

- Coulda just gotten me an iPod.

- I thought it would be nice for us

to spend your birthday together.

- I was gonna hang out with Denise.

- You can hang out with Denise any time.

- You know, Dad would've let me go.

- Gwen.

- You know, he actually
lets me make decisions.

He treats me like an adult.

- Okay, so when you're
living with your father,

you two can do whatever you want.

You're gonna have a good time, I promise.

(Gwen scoffing)

- Yeah, wow.

A business trip to the middle of no where.

- I know, I'm sorry.

It's just one stop on the way there.

You know, these are new clients,

the field tech didn't show up,
so David kind of asked if...

- Yeah, of course you do everything

that David asks you to do.

(gentle music)

- Is this about David and me?

Is that what this is about?

- No, Mom, this isn't about
David and you, actually.


My point is that you do
everything everyone asks of you,

except for me.

- We need gas.

- Whatever.

- [Woman] Can you fill it up?

- [Man] Uh, yeah, ATM?

There, the tires, please?

- [Man] It's right around the side.

- I'm gonna get somethin' to eat.

- Thank you!
- No junk food.

- Good morning, ma'am,
what'll it be today?

- Uh, just fill her up, regular, thanks.

- Okay.

(phone ringing)

- [Man] Uh, yeah.

- David Easter.

- [Samantha] Hey, it's me.

- Sam.

I hadn't heard from ya.

You know, I was actually getting ready

to call Search and Rescue.

- (laughs) Yeah, I'm sorry.

It's Friday afternoon traffic.

- You know, Steven was supposed
to fix this a long time ago.

- Oh, it's not a problem.

You know what, I bet I can
have the server up and running

and still be at the spa by six.

- Speakin' of which, how's it
goin' with the birthday girl?

- Oh, not as well as I'd hoped.

Please tell me we weren't
this bad when we were her age.

(both chuckling)

(David sighs)

Uh, listen, I'm gonna call you
when I get the server, okay?

- [David] I miss you, Sam.

- I miss you too, bye.

- What, no fruit?

(horn honking)

Teenagers, huh?

- Yeah, have a nice day.

- You too.

- [Attendant] That'll be 32.20, please.

- Okay.

Keep the change.

- Thank you much.

(eerie music)

(Gwen sighs)

- Are you not gonna talk
to me the entire weekend?

- Well, what's there to talk about?

(tense music)

- Oh, I'm sensing a little resentment.

- Mom, you're sensing a lot of resentment.

- About your birthday?

- No, about you.

(horn honking)

What the hell is his problem?

- [Samantha] I'm just gonna let him pass.

- Mom, just let him...
- Hey, just pass!

- Go ahead.
- Look, pass.

(horn honking)

What an idiot.

You, hey!

Hey, stop that!

- [Gwen] What is he doing?

- Just go around!

- I'm gonna call, I'm gonna call the cops.

- Honey, make sure your seat belt's on.

- Go around!

I'm scared, what is he doing?

- Hold on, I can't...

(Gwen screams)

- Baby.
- Mom!

(horn honking)

(Samantha and Gwen gasping)

- Oh, sweetie.

Are you okay?

- Yeah.

- Good.

Did you get the plates?

- No, you?

- No.

I need my phone.

- I'm sorry, I dropped it out
the window when you swerved.

- Okay.



- Well, what's wrong with it?

- Damn it, I don't know.

- I'll, I'll go flag down a
car on the side of the road.

- No, Gwen, you stay with the car.

I'm gonna see if these
people have a phone.

- Mom, I can just go to the...

- Gwen, stay with the car, okay?

Just do what I say for once.

I don't wanna fight anymore.

Just stay there.

I'll be back.

(eerie music)


Damn it!



(tense music)

Is anybody here?

- The resort is closed, ma'am.

(Samantha gasps)

- Oh, you scared me.

No, I know the resort is closed.

I just need to borrow a phone.

My car broke down.

- Pay phone's disconnected.

- Yeah.

- I have phone in office you can use.

Please, follow me.

Be careful stepping, watch,
some nails and broken glass.


- Thank you.

Some idiot ran us off the road
and now my car won't start.

There's smoke everywhere.

- You want something to drink, some water?

- Ah, yeah, that'd be great.

- [Dispatch] Roadside
assistance, how many I help you?

- Oh, hello, yes, um,

I'm at the resort at
Hidden Cove in Santa Rena,

and my car is broken down outside.

- [Dispatch] Okay, we got it.

Someone should be there
with a truck in 20 minutes.

- Mm, thank you so much.

- [Dispatch] You're welcome.

- Okay.

(tense music)

(sighs) Thanks for the phone.

So, you renovating.

- Tearing down.

Building condos, 40 units, all ocean view.

They say this view,
worth a million dollar.

- Well, it's quiet. (chuckles)

- Some people like isolation.

Are you okay, ma'am?

Something wrong?

- Uh, no, I'm fine, I just, I don't feel,

I think I'm gonna get some air.

- Ma'am!
(Samantha groans)

- Come on, where the hell is everybody?

(dramatic music)
(muffled screaming)

(tense music)

(Samantha sighs)

- Hey, I'm locked in here!


(Samantha sighs)

(suspenseful music)

(Samantha screaming)

Oh my god, oh!

Oh, oh!

Oh Steven, oh my god, oh my god, Steven.

(phone ringing)

(Samantha panting)

- [Adrien] Hello, Miss Reed.

- [Samantha] Who is this?

- By now, I assume you found
your associate in the tub.

- Why is Steven dead?

What are you doing?

Why am I here?

- [Adrien] Do as I ask, and I promise you,

this will all be over
in a matter of hours.

- Do what?

What the hell is going on?

- Take a deep breath.

That's better.

Now, I'm going to turn on the television.

(Samantha gasps)

- [Samantha] Gwen!


- [Adrien] Listen closely, Miss Reed.

Follow my instructions,

then you and your daughter will live.

- Please, don't hurt her.

Please, let her go.

- We understand each other?

Miss Reed, do we understand each other?

- Yes.


- Excellent.

There's a computer on
the desk in back of you.

The top of the desk.

That's right.

Now, open it up.

Turn it on.

- [Samantha] Okay.

- The battery is only half full.

That gives you 85 minutes

to complete the task I'm
going to give to you.

Open the internet browser.

- What is it?

- [Adrien] It's a database

that contains the information I need.

As you can see, it's encrypted.

I'm relying on your
expertise to break the code

and retrieve the information.

- [Samantha] What kind of information?

- You have till 5:25 to finish.

That is when the battery dies.

- [Samantha] Wait, wait,
what kind of information?

- That's not important.

And before you have any ideas
about doing something heroic,

you should know, I control
all the phone lines

and the computer network.

If you send so much as a carrier pigeon,

I will slit your daughter's throat.

(Samantha panting)

- Why me?

What makes you think that I can do this?

(Adrien laughing)

- You are a remarkable woman, Miss Reed.

You manage one of the largest

computer networks in
the world for a living.

This should be a walk in the park for you.

- What about Steven?

Is that what you told him
before you killed him?

He was just a kid, for Christ's sake!

- Well, for your daughter's sake,

I hope that Steven's boss
is better at doing her job

than Steven was at his.

- I...

(phone clicks)

(Samantha panting)

I have to get out of here.

(tense music)

I'm gonna get you out of this, Gwen.

(Gwen whimpering)

(Samantha gasps)

(Samantha yells)

(speaking in foreign language)

- The car is hidden.

(speaks in foreign language)

(tense music)

You're sure she can do this?

- [Adrien] She's doing it.

- They move Natalia at six o'clock.

- Materialists and
madmen never have doubts.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

(phone ringing)

You seem troubled, Miss Reed.

- This is a 2048 bit encryption.

It would take a single person

working 24 hours a day,
seven days a week 50 years

to decode this information.

- [Adrien] I'm not interested
in problems, only solutions.

I need information contained in that.

- It's a mathematical impossibility.

I just don't have the processing
power to break the code.

- Perhaps if you use the
same zeal to break the code

that you used to get
Seafarer Cruises as a client,

you will succeed.

(Adrien chuckles)

You see, Samantha,

there is no such company
as Seafarer Cruises.

It was all, how do you say in
English, it was all a sham.

- This entire thing was a
setup from the beginning.

- Yes. (laughs)

And I assure you, I have
prepared for every contingency.

I could kill you right now
and not lose a bit of sleep.

I am, however, disappointed

that you would risk the life
of your daughter so willingly.

Goodbye, Miss Reed.

- Wait.

I might be able to do
it, but I need something.

- [Adrien] You've mistaken
my concern for compassion.

- Since it's in both our best interests

for you to get what you want,

I need access to my office server.

- You are in no position...

- Do you want the information or not?

Look, with access to my office server,

I will be able to assemble an
entire cluster of computers

to decrypt your precious information.

- You have two minutes, but betray me,

and I will slice off

one of your daughter's delicate fingers,

perhaps the one with the ring

that you gave her for her birthday.

Very good, Miss Reed.

Now, I'll enter the access code.

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

- Did she break it yet?

- [Adrien] Not yet.

I've given her access
to her office server.

(speaking in foreign language)

She's very smart.

She knows that laptop isn't strong enough

without the help of the other computers.

One minute, 30 seconds.

- [Samantha] Almost there.

(Samantha sighs)

I must be too far from the router.

- One minute, 10 seconds.

- Come on, come on.

- [Adrien] One minute, five seconds.

- So, you really gonna
chop off her finger?

- We do what we must and
call it by the best name.

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

- You and those damn quotes.

- What are you doing?

Miss Reed, I asked you a question.

- I'm busy.

- When I ask questions, I
expect them to be answered.

- Fine, you ever heard of a
Beauty and the Beast email?

- No.

- What happens is you get an
email with a photo attached,

usually a scantily clad woman,

and when you open the file,

the hacker who sent you the email

is able to hijack your processor

and use it to run complex programs.

It's called zombifying a computer.

- Combining all the single computers

into one super computer.

- That's right.

Instead of just this laptop
working on the algorithms,

I'll have thousands.


As each person opens my email,

my program hacks into their computer,

using it to help me break the code.

- [Office Worker] Huh?

My, my.

- [Boy With Orange Shirt] Whoa!

- Whoa!
- Man, nice legs.

- A little bit too skinny there, you know?

- Yeah.

- Big tits.

(tense music)

- [Man] Aw, check this out.

- [Man] Oh, all right.

(man laughing)

- Done.

- [Adrien] That's very impressive.

Now, don't disappoint me.

(tense music)

- You're a very pretty girl.

(Gwen whimpering)

If I remove your gag, promise
to be good little girl, hmm?

Thought you might be hungry.

(Gwen groaning)

- Where's my mother?

- You don't look like you're 16.


- [Ivan] Adrien.

- [Adrien] Hmm?

(speaking in foreign language)

- That idiot!

- Shh!

(Gwen whimpering)

No noise.


(Gwen whimpering)

(Zlatko groans)

- Zlatko!

Get out.

Did he hurt you?

(Gwen whimpering)

(Gwen panting)

You'll not be alone with him again.

(tense music)

(Gwen sobbing)

He touches the child again,
I'll kill him myself.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(tense music)

- I realize the system is unstable.

That's why I went ahead
and upgraded the chip set.

Listen, I told Abernathy last weekend

that if we continue to
produce off of D series,

we were just asking for trouble.

Yeah, well, I would like
Samantha's approval on it too,

but she's up in Santa Rena on a job,

and she'll be back on Monday.

We'll discuss it then, all right?

I don't know what you want me

to say here, Spencer, all right?

I am not a miracle worker.

(eerie music)

I gotta call you back.

(office workers chattering)

Hey Rich.

- Yeah?

- Get me somebody on the phone
from Seafarer Cruises now.

- [Rich] Okay.

(dramatic music)

- Please tell me you got that email.

(eerie music)

Oh my god!

Oh no.

(Samantha panting)

- [Dispatch] Agent Randall,
this is dispatch, do you copy?


- [Randall] This is Agent Randall, over.

- [Dispatch] We've located
the computer hacker.

Proceed to DataViznet Corporation,

170010 Broadstreet Avenue, top floor.

- [Randall] 170010
Broadstreet, we're on it.

(suspenseful music)

- No, I tried information, LexisNexis,

nobody's even heard of Seafarer Cruises.

(loud knocking)

I gotta call you back.

Can I help you gentlemen?

- I'm Special Agent Randall,
this is Special Agent Hergott.

We're with the FBI Cyber
Investigations Unit.

- Is there a problem
with one of our products?

- Actually, one of your
employees, Samantha Reed.

- Could you shut the door, please?

- Yeah.

- So, what do you need
to know about Samantha?

- A week ago, we first detected someone

who was trying to access
a secure federal server.

The FBI and the NIPC

set up a tracer system
in case they came back.

- 15 minutes ago, we
intercepted an intruder

trying to gain access to that network.

The intruder was trying
to decrypt information

using several of your internal programs.

- These are DataViznet core
securities, aren't they?

- We license our technology
to hundreds of companies,

including the government.

- We're aware of your products'
applications, Mr. Easter.

- These particular programs are stamped

to throw an internal thumb
print, username Reed, Samantha A.

She's been hacking

into the FBI's Witness
Protection database.

- Well, I just spoke to her an hour ago.

She's on her way up to
North County, Santa Rena

to visit a client, so obviously,

somebody else is using
her login ID and password.

- Client?

- Seafarer Cruises.

- So, she's there right now?

- Running a little bit late.

- Could you get Miss
Redd on the phone for us?

- Sure.

(phone ringing)

(tense music)

- [Samantha] Hi, this is Samantha Reed

and I'm not available, so
please leave a message.

- Obviously, somebody's lying here.

And if it's you, you better pray to God

I don't find out about it.

(David sighs)

- [Samantha] Hi, this is Samantha Reed

and I'm not available, so
please leave a message.

- [David] It's David, I
got that email you sent me,

but it's all garbled, I couldn't read it.

And the FBI was just in my office

asking all kinda of questions about you.

What the hell is goin' on, Sam?

Call me.

(phone ringing)

- Sandy, the telephone.

Sandy, get the telephone!

- Yes, yes.
- The telephone.

- Yes.

- [Travis] Yes, yes.

- Santa Rena Sheriff's Department.

- [David] Yeah, I need
to speak to an officer.

- What?

- Hello, this is Officer Erik Erickson,

Santa Rena Sheriff's Department,
can I help you, please?

- This is David Easter from
DataViznet Corporation.

I just need to know if anybody's
reported any accidents,

broken down cars, anything like that.

See, one of my employees

is in Santa Rena on
business with her daughter,

and nobody's been able to reach 'em.

- Sandy, has anyone reported
any accidents today?

Nah, there's nothin' here.

What's the girl's name?

Reed, Samantha Reed, R-E-E-D,

and her daughter's name is Gwen.

- What kinda car was she drivin'?

- It was a red 1997 Ford Taurus.

- [Travis] And where was the meeting?

- It's a company called Seafarer Cruises.

- Seafarer Cruises.

All right, I'll tell ya
what, if you email a photo,

I'll show it around, okay?

- Okay, sure, what's,
what's your email address?

Uh huh, all right, I got it.

I'm gonna do that right now.

All right, thank you.

(tense music)

(muffled speaking on radio)

- Hello, Sandy.

I said, hello, Sandy!

- Hi, Sheriff.

(Donald laughs)

- Hey, check this out,
35-foot motor yacht.

Sleeps six, it's got a twin
8.1-liter 425 horsepower.

I took for a test drive this morning.

- What'd you hit the lottery or somethin'?

- Hey, a man can dream, can't he?

- Yeah.

- So, what'd I miss?

- I just got a call from DataViznet Corp.

They think one of their employees

might've had an accident or somethin'.

She didn't show up at her meeting

and they never heard from her.

- Life in a small town, huh?

Where was she goin'?

- Seafarer Cruises, you ever heard of it?

- Mm, nope.

You got a picture of her?

- I do now, just got an email.

I'm gonna print it out.

There we go.

Huh, a mother and daughter.

(tense music)

(Gwen panting)

- We've isolated the source
of our serve break-in.

- Is it Reed?

- Possibly.

From the looks of the line,

it's definitely commercial,
not residential.

- Where?

- Right here in San Diego.

- How long before we get an address?

- Minutes.

- I want teams standing by
ready to intercept on my call.

Any movement on the Reed house?

- Stakeout reports zero
activity in the last 30 minutes.

- Good, let's rock and roll.

- [Travis] Okay, Sandy, what do ya got?

- Well, I've checked the
Small Business Administration.

- Mm-hmm.
I've checked

the Chamber of Commerce.

- Right.
- Then I checked

the Better Business Bureau.

But no one has a record
of Seafarer Cruises.

- [Travis] No on, huh?

- [Sandy] No.

- [Travis] You're sure?

- Certain.

- [Travis] All right, Sandy, thank you.

(muffled speaking on radio)

- What's goin' on?

- [Officer] 6047.

- What's goin' on?

- Hey, oh!

Come here, check this out.

I ran a check on this Samantha Reed,

turns out she's in a lotta trouble.

- [Donald] You ran a check?

- [Travis] Mm-hmm.

- Aw, come on, Erickson,

the woman probably ran out on her husband.

- Listen, the feds got
a brick wall around her,

bank accounts, phones, everything.

- Feds?

- They're all over this!

- Yeah, look, that's
good, let them handle it.

- Hey, she could be in a lotta trouble.

- The last thing we need
today is a lot of feds

crawlin' up our ass, ya get me?

- [Travis] Hey, come on, Chief,
I'm tellin' you, something...

- Drop it, Erickson!

Just drop it.

I'm goin' out for a bit.

- Yes, sir.

- [Officer] George is in route to 496.

(muffled speaking on radio)

(tense music)

- [Reporter] This morning,
federal authorities

- Good morning.
- moved reputed

Serbian mafia kingpin
- Hey, morning babe.

- [Reporter] Sergei
Koltzev to an undisclosed

high-security courtroom
in Downtown San Diego.

Prosecutors are confident
he will be found guilty

as the crime was witnessed

by Andreeva's eight-year-old daughter.

Both daughter and Andreeva's widow

have been in the Witness
Protection Program

since the crime was committed
over nine months ago.

(phone ringing)

- [Adrien] Something wrong, Miss Reed?

- What are you gonna do to her?

- So, you've made progress.

That's excellent.

- [Samantha] Tell me.

- It's none of your concern, Samantha.

- This is the Koltzev case, isn't it?

She is an innocent woman.

She has done nothing to you!

- [Adrien] You know, we have
very similar jobs, you and I.

We are sent in to clean
up other people's messes.

- Her daughter is nine years old.

If you think that I'm gonna
help make her an orphan...

- Oh, there will be no orphans.

- You bastard!

- I need her name and address.

- I will not be part of
this, do you hear me?

I will not!

(Samantha panting)

- A woman and her daughter will die today.

I'm just giving you the luxury

of deciding which two it will be.

(Samantha panting)

(Adrien sighs)

Where is Ivan?

- I don't know.

- [Adrien] I need some fresh air.

(eerie music)
(Gwen panting)

(Tara chattering)

- Tara?

Honey, you gotta come inside.

The men are coming to pick
us up in about 30 minutes.

- Five more minutes, please?

- Okay, but not one minute more.

(Samantha sighs)

(Samantha panting)

(Samantha laughing)

- I have to tell you something.

You're awesome, you know that?

(Samantha and Gwen laughing)

- No one else is gonna die today.

(Gwen panting)

(phone beeps)

(phone buzzing)

(phone rings)

- [Operator] 911, what's the
nature of your emergency?

- Help me, I'm trapped in a
hotel room in Santa Rena, I...

(phone buzzes)

Damn it!

(Gwen panting)

(phone ringing)

- Hello, Santa Rena Sheriff's Department.

- [Operator] Officer in charge, please.

- [Sandy] Hold on.

- Hello, Officer Erickson.

- [Operator] Yes, this is
San Diego Emergency Dispatch.

We got a call from a unit
you might wanna know about.

- Let's hear it.

- [Digital Voice] 4:39 p.m.

- [Operator] 911, what's the
nature of your emergency?

- Help me, I'm trapped in a
hotel room in Santa Rena, I.

- Did we get a trace?

- [Operator] Negative.

- Okay, thanks a lot,
I'm gonna look into it.

Sandy, we got a phone book around here?

- [Sandy] I think so.

- Right here, Sandy,
Sandy, right here, okay?

Listen, I'm goin' out, okay?

- What am I supposed to tell the chief?

- [Travis] Tell him I went
out for a burger or somethin'.

(tense music)

- FBI is here.

Our hacker's in the internet cafe.

- Go get her.

- San Diego Sheriff's Department.

Everyone move away from the computers now!

- We got her.

(eerie music)

- What are you doing?

- I might as well have some
fun while sit here on my doofy.

I don't see what's such a big deal.

The mom is doing the work.


- It is a man's own mind,
not his enemy or foe,

that lures him to evil ways.

The Buddha.

(suspenseful music)

(Gwen panting)

(Adrien sighs)

(Adrien sighs)

- Light's busted.

- Light's busted.

- What the?

- [Dispatch] 22 and 15,
one-five, traffic accident.

- What the hell happened, where is she?

- This is all we found?

- A router?

- She could be anywhere.

(Randall sighs)

- [Dispatch] Unit four, a pregnant woman...

- Thanks for your help, Sheriff.

- [Dispatch] The mall, corner of

- Dead end?
- Third, code three.

(Randall sighs)

- It's time to sit on the boss.

- Unit three,
- Let's go.

- [Dispatch] Code 633, West.

- So, um, Samantha Reed and her daughter,

they haven't checked in yet?

- Mm, not yet.

Um, I get them down for the
mother/daughter spa package.

- Mother/daughter spa, all right.

If they do show up, would
you give me a call, please?

- Oh, sure, um, should I
tell them that you came?

- Nah, just, you know, call me.

- All right.

- All right?

- Sure.

(suspenseful music)

(eerie music)

(Travis sighs)

- Come on, come on.

Where are you hiding?

- We've got company.

- It's probably just a patrol.

- No one's been down here for a week.

I don't want to risk it.

- I told you, Ivan, don't
worry about the police.

Just stay on schedule.

- I don't like it.

(tense music)

(Samantha sighing)

(muffled speaking on radio)

(Samantha sighs)

- [Adrien] Ivan.

(Adrien whispering)

(Samantha panting)

(Gwen panting)

(Samantha panting)

- [Samantha] Come here, come here.

(Samantha panting)

(speaking in foreign language)

- He's seen something.

(engine revs)

- You see, I told you there
was nothing to worry about.

(tense music)

(loud crashing)

(Ivan screams)

(Samantha grunts)

(Samantha screaming)

- Damn it!

- Where is my daughter?

- She's still alive, that's
all you have to worry about.

- You son of a bitch.

- Get back to work.

Okay, you've got 10 minutes.

(Samantha panting)

- [Sandy] Santa Rena Sheriff's Department.

- Yeah, Sandy?

- [Sandy] Oh, hi Travis.

- Yeah, is the chief there?

- Erickson, where the hell are you?

You were supposed to be
back here 30 minutes ago.

- Listen, Chief, I think
I found our missing woman.

- [Donald] And I thought
I told you to drop it!

- I need you to meet me up at Hidden Cove.

- That dump?


- Just get me some backup, come on, Chief!

(tense music)

- Do you wanna tell me what the hell...

- Shh, shh, quiet.

- What the hell is goin' on here?

- We got a situation inside there.

- Let me tell ya somethin', Erickson.

Nothing that's ever happened in this town

is even remotely qualified as a situation.

- San Diego Emergency Dispatch,
they got a call from a woman

claiming she was being
held in a hotel room.

- Do you know how many
hotel rooms there are

between here and San Diego?

- I saw three men in there

and they didn't look like the gardeners.

And from one of the windows,

I think someone was trying
to send me a signal.

(eerie music)

- Wait here.

- Where are you goin'?

- Wait.


Anybody here?

Santa Rena Police Department!

- Enough of this.

- [Donald] Hello?

(Gwen panting)

- Here!


Over here, over here!

(tense music)

(Gwen grunting)

(loud clattering)

Help me, help me!

- Gwen!

- Help me!

(gun bangs)


Somebody please help me!

(Samantha groaning)

- Come here.

Come here.

Damn it!

(Gwen screams)

(Gwen panting)

(eerie music)

- [Adrien] Get the damn address already.

Time is running out for
you and your daughter.

(dramatic music)

(Gwen panting)

(Gwen screaming)

Help, help!


(Gwen screaming)

(Gwen screaming)

- Give me one of your hands.

That's it, I'm gonna pull ya up.

You ready, let's go.

All right, there.

(Donald panting)
(Gwen sobbing)

You okay?

All right.

- These three men,
they've got my mom inside.

I (screams)!

That's one of them.

- She says three men are
holding her mom inside.

- I guess we should do
something about that.

- No!

No, no!

Let go!

- Shut up.

(suspenseful music)

(phone ringing)

(speaking in foreign language)

- We have the girl, Ivan.

- Son of a bitch.


- [Donald] Erickson, what are you doing?

- Let the girl go!

- Erickson, everything's under control.

- I said, let her go!

- Lower your firearm.

- I won't ask again, put it down.

Put it down!

(Donald screams)

(guns banging)

(suspenseful music)

- The little bitch got my phone.

- Forget the phone, get her!

You wanna make a Donna a widow?

You want your little boy to
grow up without a father?

- Put your gun down!

- Now, come on, Travis!

I'm not gonna shoot you, we're partners.

Come on!

(tense music)

(guns banging)

(suspenseful music)

(Donald groaning)

(tense music)

- [Adrien] Get the damn address already.

- Idiot.

(Gwen panting)

- Zlatko.

Zlatko, what's your status?

What's your status?

- The girl got away, can't find her.

- [Adrien] Keep looking.

I don't want any loose
ends running around.

- Yes, sir.

(phone ringing)

- Hello, Officer Erickson.

- Travis, I got San
Diego 911 on the phone,

said it's the young woman in the hotel.

- All right, put her through.

Hello, this is Officer Erickson.

Are you the young girl I saw in the woods?

- Yeah, yeah, thanks, um,
for helping me get away.

- [Travis] Yeah, you tried to signal me

with the light, right?

- Yeah.

- [Travis] You're a brave girl.

What's your name?

- Gwen.

- Okay, Gwen.

Where are ya now?

- Um, in the old gym.

- [Travis] Are you alone?

- Yeah.

- And your mother?

- [Gwen] I don't know.

- Okay, listen, Gwen.

Stay where you are, okay?

I'm gonna get you out.

Just hang in there.

- Okay.


- Sandy, ya still on the line?

- I'm here.

- Listen, call Oceanside and Leucadia.

I need backup ASAP.

- Where's the chief?

- Just do it, Sandy!

(Gwen panting)

- I'm in.

(suspenseful music)


You better see this, David.

(computer beeps)
(tense music)

- What the?

- [Rich] Yeah?

- Rich, get me somebody from IT.

- What is it?

- She's got it.

She's got the address.

- Rich.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, listen to me.

I need you to MapQuest the
fastest way to Santa Rena.

- [Rich] Will do.

(suspenseful music)

(Gwen panting)

(Gwen screams)

- Wow, just in the nick of time.

The address, give it to me.

- We had a deal, I wanna see my daughter.

(gun bangs)
(Samantha screams)

- I won't miss next time

Give me the address.


- Please, I've done
everything you've ask for!

I just wanna see Gwen!

Please, no!

Let me out of here!


(eerie music)
(Gwen panting)

- Mom?

(Gwen panting)

(suspenseful music)

- That's him, go get him.

Going somewhere, Mr. Easter?

- He's still looking for the girl.

What about the mother?

- Kill her.

(Samantha panting)

(Samantha screaming)

- [Travis] Freeze, you're under arrest!

(suspenseful music)

(tense music)

(Gwen panting)

(Gwen grunts)
(Zlatko gasps)

(Zlatko gurgling)

(suspenseful music)

(Samantha yelling)

(Samantha screams)

- Mom!

- Gwen, Gwen!

- Freeze, stop!

(Ivan groans)

(Samantha screaming)

(Samantha sobbing)


(dramatic music)
(Travis groaning)

(Ivan screaming)

(Ivan groans)

- Are you all right?

- [Travis] I'm alive.

You must be Gwen, right?

- Mm-hmm.

- If it wasn't for her, I
might not found you in time.

- [Gwen] Mom, I'm so sorry!

- It's okay, it's okay, sweetie.

Are we safe?

- One of 'em got away, but don't worry.

We got police comin'
from two nearby towns.

- It's gonna be too late then.

- Too late for what?

- Do you know where Larson Way is?

- Sure, why?

(tires screeching)

(Natalia gasps)

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

- [Natalia] Tara, Tara, come on!

- [Tara] What?

- Run, come on!

(tense music)

(Natalia panting)
(Tara whimpering)


- He's already here.

- Listen, I need the two of
you to stay put, understand?

- Look, I gave this address
to that son of a bitch.

- Listen, I don't care, you're not comin'.

- Hey, I wanna go too!

- [Travis And Samantha] No!

- Get back in this car.

- Go on.
- Get down,

get in the backseat, get down.

And you, cool down.

- Get down.

(tense music)

- Psst, hey!

Get down, get down, stay here.

(Tara sobbing)

- This is Natalia Andreeva's safe house.

She's the star witness
for the Koltzev case.

- Get backup here immediately!

- There's Gwen, that's
Samantha's daughter.

- [Gwen] Yeah, I'm okay.

- You stay here with them.

I'm gonna check it out.

- Okay.

All right, we need backup right now.

(tense music)

(Natalia panting)

(Natalia screams)
- Shh.

Get 'em outta here.

Get 'em out.

Santa Rena Sheriff's
Department, put the gun down!

Put the gun down!

(gun bangs)

- I'm FBI Agent Randall.

This way is clear, I'll
be right behind you.

(Travis yelling)

- [Travis] FBI and police
are all over the joint!

Give it up!

- I can't do that, I'm afraid.

As I told Miss Reed,
someone has to die today.

Unfortunately, that someone will be you.

(Samantha screams)

- [Samantha] He shot you.

- I'm good, I'm good,
I'm good, I'm good, yeah.

I'm all right.

(muffled speaking on radio)

- [Dispatch] Units 22 and 15,

- You guys okay?

- traffic accident on 130.
- Yeah, I think so.

She's okay.

- There she is, arrest her!

- [Samantha] Hey!

- Mom!

- [Samantha] David!

- Sam, Sam, it's all right.
- What are you doing here?

- What do you think you're doing?

- [Randall] Who the hell are you?

- Who the hell are you?

If it wasn't for her,

Julie and her daughter would
probably be dead by now.

- Yeah, it's true.

- That's right, if you go to
the resort at Hidden Cove,

you'll see they had computer hardware

and surveillance equipment.

That's where Samantha and Gwen

were bein' held captive
for the past two hours.

- Held by whom?

I don't see anyone else here.

- She whacked him!

He's unconscious in the house.

- Check it out.

- Yeah, check it out!

- Mom, Mom.

- Oh, sweetie.
- I was so worried,

I was so scared.

- It's okay.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

- Sweetie.

Hey, it's okay.

- I'm sorry, you're gonna
have to come with me

and answer some questions.

- Don't worry, Sam.

Don't worry, you'll be fine
once they find the hotel.

You'll be off the hook.

You saved my life, sweetheart.

Nice swing there.

- I'll take care of it,
it's okay, it's okay.


(sullen music)

- [Dispatch] Dispatch to Emergency,

on their way to Central City Jail.

(siren wailing)

(suspenseful music)

- [Adrien] We are moving to plan C.

(eerie music)