Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - full transcript

Autobots Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide, Mirage (aka Dino), Wheeljack (aka Que) and Sideswipe led by Optimus Prime, are back in action taking on the evil Decepticons, who are eager to avenge their recent defeat. The Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the United States and Russia to reach a hidden Cybertronian spacecraft on the moon and learn its secrets, and once again Sam Witwicky has to go to the aid of his robot friends. The new villain Shockwave is on the scene while the Autobots and Decepticons continue to battle it out on Earth.

We were once a peaceful race

of intelligent, mechanical beings.

But then came the war

between the Autobots,
who fought for freedom

and the Decepticons,
who dreamt of tyranny.

Overmatched and outnumbered,

our defeat was all but certain.

But in the war's final days,

one Autobot ship escaped the battle.

It was carrying a secret cargo,

which would have changed
our planet's fate.

A desperate mission.

Our final hope.

A hope that vanished.

One up there. One over there.

And one more down there.

What you got?

Impact detected.

We have impact confirmed.
Contact at 2250 GMT.


Get me SecDef on the phone
right away.

Mn McNamara,
the President is expecting you.

Get Bobby in here.

Mr. President, designation, top secret.

We believe a UFO has crashed
into the Moon.

We think the Russians are onto it
as well.

Well, then you tell NASA
to move heaven and earth.

We need to get to the moon.

We 're going to attempt
a manned mission.

NASA said it would take five years.

You get there before the Russians.

I believe that this nation
should commit itself

to achieving the goal

before this decade is out

of landing a man on the moon
and returning him safely to the Earth.

Ignition sequence start.

Five, four, three, two, one.

All engines running.

Liftoff. We have a liftoff

Thirty-two minutes past the hour
Liftoff on Apollo 11.

Neil Armstrong reporting Apollo 11
on proper heading.

Apollo 11 is on the way riding that

pillar of flame

from the Saturn V out there,
250,000 miles away,

where the moon is waiting

for man's first arrival.

Houston, you're a go for landing. Over.

Forty feet, down two and a half
Picking up some dust.

Thirty feet, two and a half down.
Faint shadow.

Capcom, flight.

Four forward. Drifting to the right a little.

Down a half

Contact light.

Okay, engine stop.


Tranquility Base here.

The Eagle has landed.

We copy you down, Eagle.

You got a bunch of guys
about to turn blue.

We're breathing again.

Perhaps 400 million persons
are watching this broadcast today

of the greatest event in our time
and one of the great events

of all recorded history.

I'm at the foot of the ladder.

Okay, I'm gonna step off the LEM now.

That's one small step for man,

one giant leap for mankind.

- Are we good?
- Yes, sir.

Unofficial time on the first step, 109...

Apollo 11 ? This is Houston, overt

Eagle, we're getting
a signal interference. Do you copy?

We now have had confirmation

of loss of signal

from the Apollo 11.

The Apollo 11 is, at the moment,
on the far side of the moon.

Neil, you are dark on the rock.

Mission is a go.

We have 21 minutes.

My God.

It's some sort of giant metal face.


Control, we are inside the ship.

Extensive damage.

Way too big to check the entire ship.

Everything's dead in here, Houston.

No signs of life anywhere.

These things are massive.

We copy. You've got seven minutes
on your oxygen.

We are not alone after all, are we?

No, sin We're not alone.

Go ahead, Mn President.

Hello, Neil and Buzz.
I'm talking to you by telephone

from the Oval Room
at the White House.

And this certainly has to be the most
historic telephone call ever made.

I just can't tell you
how proud we all are of you.

For every American, this has to be
the proudest day of our lives.

Because of what you have done...

We have splashdown.

..-The heavens have become a part

of man's world.

For one priceless moment

in the whole history of man

all the people on this Earth
are truly one.

One in their pride
in what you have done.

It inspires us to redouble our efforts

to bring peace and tranquility to Earth.

My hero needs to wake up.

What is that?

This is your new lucky bunny.

It's a beautiful thought, Carly,

but I don't think
it's the whole bunny that's lucky.

You see, it's just this section here.

You see,
it's just the rabbit foot that's lucky.

Well, it's just a good luck charm.
To help you think positive?

Today's important.

Come on, get up.

- Hey, wear that nice tie.
- Yeah.

You need any money for lunch?

No, I don't need any money for lunch.
I have money from yesterday's lunch.

You love it, don't you?
I'm just your American boy toy.

A lover boy toy.

You know how demoralizing it is
to have saved the world twice

and still be groveling for a job?

People don't know
you saved the world, Sam.

I mean, I do. I believe you.

The government knows. I mean,
they could hook me up with a job

right here in D.C.

I mean, I should be working
with the Autobots, otherwise it's not fair.

Come on, they paid for your college.
The President gave you a hero medal.

Thank you, man. Great job.

That's the coolest thing
that ever happened to me.

All right, guys.

- What the fuck!
- Wow.

And, as I recall, that wasn't even
the highlight of your day.

Mr. Ambassador, here.

British Embassy, you're up next.

No, you don't wear it.
See, you've gotta... The box.

I couldn't, even if I wanted to.

You're supposed to leave it
in the box, right?

You keep it in this.
What a gorgeous box.

Oh, yeah. My medal.
You know who gave that to me?

- Who?

President of the United States.

Babe, it's hard for everybody
to get a job.

I don't have time. You see, my parents
are gonna be here in a week

on their road trip Partybus World Tour.

If my dad gets here
and I don't have a job,

he's gonna spank me.
You know, it's go time for me.

All right, tonight, I'll give you a job.

Romance me with a nice dinner
and maybe you can get that bonus.

- Get lucky.
- Get him out of here.

Wait. No, no, no, no.

- Oh, he's gross!
- She's good.

They're stranded here. Somebody's
got to watch out for them.

Yesterday, that one was
in my underwear drawer.

Did research. Looking real good, too.

No need to hit me.

- You are not a normal boyfriend.
- That's what you love about me.

- Crybaby.
- We're not at the love word yet.

Maybe a little bit closer when you're
covering your half of the rent.


Frickin' shorting my circuits out here!

It's inhumane, what it is!
Make us live in a box

on a balcony, right next to a beast!
Like a common animal!

Stop, okay?

You and your creepy sidekick
can't be in here without permission.

According to who?
Miss Blondie Blonde?

Giddyup, little doggie!

- Yo, Brains, wassup?
- Doing good.

Shit, I seen this one.
It's the one where Spock goes nuts.

You know, Sam, I don't know
about moving in with this chick.

What if she dumps us like the last girl?

She was mean. Didn't like her.

Us guys got to stick together.

We are family

No, we are not family.
You're a political refugee,

and I have finally found someone
who appreciates me for me.

Well, you tell her
that we're not your pets,

and we're not your toys!

All right? We're an advanced, genius
alien race just looking for a home.

- Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.
- Didn't have to stop.

Come on.
What're they going to do, tow it?

Where is he?


- Come on, that's funny!
- Sam.

I missed you guys so much.

Sure, you did. What do you think?

- Look at that.
- Cute.

- You look old.
- Stop it.

Feel like I can see the end.

I love your little tie.
Hey, where's my girl?

- Where's my beautiful Carly?
- She's at work, Ma.

She's got a new job. You guys said
you were gonna be here in a week.

The 21st, not the 11th, Dad, remember?

We just hauled ass in this thing.

- We stopped for gas.
- This thing. The love tub, it flies.

Are we keeping you from something?
Like, say, your job?

Well, it's about time.
You had us worried.

I have job interviews.

That's good.

- That sucks.
- Stop it.

You don't have to be so negative, Dad.
You know, you're in D.C.

You're here with your son
and your family.

- I mean, it's a good time.
- It sucks that you don't have a job.

Yeah, but there's good things
to do here, too, right?

Right? Museums
and monuments, okay?

- I'll see you tonight.
- I'm bagging the gift.

Sam, I think for an interview
you should wear real pants.

I think for life,
you should wear real pants.

What happened to Bumblebee?

He's off on his missions.
I had to get this for backup.

- Your car has a job, huh?
- Stop.

What does it change into?

It doesn't change into anything.
It's a collector's item, Ma.

I got it for a steal.
It just needs some work. Trust me.

No, I think it's darling.
It reminds me a lot of Bumblebee,

if Bumblebee were a sad piece of shit.

Come on, we'll give you a ride!

In the years since our arrival,
our new home, Earth,

has seen much change.

Energon detectors guard its cities now.

Long-range defense systems
watch the skies.

So now we assist our allies
in solving human conflicts,

to prevent mankind
from bringing harm to itself

On the ground, per favore!
And stay there!

We work in secret teams
on various missions around the globe.

And all the while

we search for signs
of our true enemies' return.

I am Voshkod, General Counsel
with Ukrainian Department of Energy.

My government will officially deny

that we're having this conversation.

At one of our decommissioned facilities,
a discovery was made,

which I fear may be alien in nature.

The facility's name is Chernobyl.

Mr. Voshkod.

So, uninhabited since '86.

I hear it won't be livable again
for another 20,000 years?

At least.
Ukraine was the most fertile land.

It's a tragedy.

This way.

Gear up!
We have 60 minutes on the ground.

Watch your radiation levels.

Mr. Voshkod,
where's your protective gear?

Where's your protective gear?

It would not matter.

For me, it's only a matter of time.

Through the school.

Yuri will take you below.
And one other thing, Colonel.

In private,
there were some energy experiments.

It can wait.

Keep moving. Stay tight.

Okay, right here. I think I found it.

Optimus, we got a visual.

Looks like the object's clamped
in some kind of a metal harness.

What's this? Guys!

Why does this thing have
Soviet space program markings on it?


Energon readings, sir. It's strong.

Below us. It's coming fast.

Contact, contact!

Get topside now! Move, move, move!

- Let's go!
- Weapons up! Heavy weapons up!

Stay behind me!


Fall back!

It's circling around us!

It's taking our flank!

Get the heavy weapon!


What the hell was that thing?


is Shockwave.

Why was he after this?

It's impossible.

This is an engine part
from a long lost Autobot ship.

Pleasure working with you.

Interviews. This is so exciting.

Honey, do you want some gum?

Your breath gets really gnarly
when you're nervous.

- Mr. Witwicky?
- Yeah. Search is over.

I'm Mr. Whitley.


- Is anybody else joining?
- No.

No? You want me to move right there?

- I'll move right there.
- I'd prefer not.

Ready? Begin.

Graduated this year. Majored
in geopolitics. Minor in tech studies.

Very interested in government
and technology,

how that's gonna intersect and co-exist.

Shape the future.

Why did we bother sending him
to an Ivy college for?

Three months out of school
and he can't find a job?

Mr. Masuhisu...


- Matsumoto.
- Moto.

- Martha, can I call you Martha?
- No, you may not.

Okay, Jack,
there's two types of people in this world.

There's thinkers, there's doers.

There's winners, there's dreamers,
and there's buddies.

What about some weaknesses?

I don't...

You have a very trustworthy face.

You remind me of
like an Asian Colonel Sanders.

A man I can trust.

He's a millennial.

That means they're the, you know,
like lost generation.

Why was the FBI looking for you?

The what?

Yeah, FBI. Good of you to flag that.

It was during all that alien craziness
when you were 14.

I mean, they were very kind to me,
found me in a jiffy.

And that's all been expunged.
Obama gave me a medal, actually.

I'm just saying.
It's always good to have a medal guy

in the office, with a medal.

- From Obama?
- Yeah.

In this office,
we're mostly Republicans, so...

I'm not feeling too good.

- No?
- No.

Why don't you get a little dipping tray
and dip the dog in Pepto?

That's a solution.

I got another one. We got to go.

- Come on.
- Really?


Got myself a Mr. Sam Witwicky,
recent college graduate.

Previous experience, next to zero,

yet he has a recommend letter
from our board?

WTF to that.

- Do I know somebody on your board?
- Here's the deal.

You know who we are.
Accuretta Systems,

global leader in telecom, aerospace,
17 billion in profit last year.

We contract for DARPA, NASA, JPL,
you name it.

You perform here,
doors open for you anywhere.

First job out of college is critical, kid.

You either take a step
down the correct career path

or you fall into a life-sucking abyss.

So it all depends on how you respond
to my next two words.

Impress me.

- Now?
- Impress me.

You catch me off guard.

- I don't know where to begin.
- Impress me.

I'm an open book.
Ask me any question you like.

- So you're a go-getter, ramrod...
- Yes, sir.

...Take-charge kind of guy?

I'm a killer. A stone-cold killer.

So, take-charge guy?

Take-charge, Viking, barbarian,
of course, that's me.

Pow! I'm here.

We are not looking for that here.

No brown-nosing. No suck up.
No toolery. I...

Yes, Mn Brazos.

Why is Shontel using
what appears to be a red cup

from the red floor

-when we are on the yellow floor?
-I'm on it.

It is a visual and, therefore,
a visceral betrayal.

Stop it!

Such a dumbass.


Thank you!

It's total anarchy around here.

The e-mail I read
said administrative aide?

Nope. Mailroom.

I'm gonna go.

Do you have any idea how many
Ivy League Phi Beta Kappas

-would kill to...
- Mister, I saved your life twice. Okay?

I can't tell you how or when or why,

but I have done shit that matters

and I'd just kind of like a job
where I matter again.

So thank you, but no, thank you, okay?

You know what I think?
You want the job after this job.

But, son, this is the job
that's standing in your way.

And that's why you're gonna be
so very, very good at it.

'Cause when I look at you,
I see a younger me.

All arriving Autobots, in pan
training and debriefing in 15 minutes.

Dino, report to Bay 23.

Sideswipe, Bay 37
for weapons assessment.

Senator, I suggest you remember that

when the NSA wants funding,
they call me.

When the CIA
is gonna take out a target,

they ask first for my permission.

And when the President wants to know

which members of Congress
are politically vulnerable

in terms of, let's say,
undiscovered criminal conduct,

I'm the number he dials.

U.S. agencies say
they have been monitoring the blast.

But if in fact,
this was a covert military strike,

-no nation has claimed responsibility.
- CIA is up my ass

about this mystery raid
in the Middle East.

So, it's time to come clean.
Was your unit involved?

I'm not sure, ma'am.

All right, guys. This is how you do
a Decepticon head kill shot.

As Director of National Intelligence,

I'm a really big fan
of intelligent answers.

I can't really tell you definitively.
These Autobots are like teenage kids.

They like to sneak out of the house
every once in a while.

Colonel Lennox, are you in command
or are you not?

Yes, ma'am, I am.

Stop with the "ma'am."
Enough with the "ma'am."

Do I look like a "ma'am"?

No, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. Yes.

This gun
is my perfect invention, Ironhide.


Good, you're here!

Me name's Que.

I do hope you have answers for him.
I've never seen him so upset.

Optimus, you remember
Charlotte Mearing?

Our Director of National Intelligence?

He's in a bad mood.
He's not talking to anybody today.

What is this, the silent treatment?

- We've seen that and this is not that.
- Definitely not.

This is worse.

Prime! Make something of yourself!

He's pissed.

You lied to us.

Everything humans know of our planet
we were told had all been shared.

So why was this found
in human possession?

We were in the dark on this also.

It was Director Only clearance
at Sector 7 until now.

The bag.

- Which bag?
- Hermés. Birkin. Green ostrich!

Oh, my God.

This is a secret few men knew,
and fewer still remain alive.

Allow me to please introduce to you

two of NASA's
founding mission directors

and astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin,

one of the first two men
to step foot on the moon.

Sir? Optimus Prime.

From a fellow space traveler,
it's a true honor.

The honor is mine.

Our entire space race of the 1960s,
it appears, was in response to an event.

Our astronauts investigated
a crashed alien ship.

No survivors on board.

We were sworn to secrecy
by our Commander in Chief.

This was a mission
you will never speak of.

I understand, sir.

A total of 35 people
knew the real plan at NASA.

Soviets managed to land
unmanned probes.

Somehow they must have picked up
that fuel rod.

We believe the Russians deduced

that the rod
was a fissionable fuel assembly,

believed they had it mastered,
and tried to harness it at Chernobyl.

We landed six missions in all.

We took hundreds of photos
and samples.

We locked them away forever;

and the moon program was shut down.

Well, did you search the crash vault?

The ship's name was the Ark.

I watched it escape Cybertron myself.

It was carrying an Autobot technology
which would have won us the war.

And its captain.

Who was its captain?

The great Sentinel Prime,
the technology's inventor.

He was commander of the Autobots
before me.

It's imperative that I find it

before the Decepticons learn
of its location.

Our Autobot spacecraft
has the ability to get there.

And you must pray it's in time.

Hi. I'm here to see Carly Spencer.


- You got the job?
- This is Crazy.

- You really got it?
- Yes.

See, what did I tell you? It's the bunny.

You are so welcome.

- Do you like me more?
- A little bit, yeah.

You said you were his assistant curator,

you didn't say
the guy owns Space Mountain.

I know. isn't it beautiful in here?
And he's the coolest guy. Ever.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


Dylan Gould.

Hey. A pleasure to meet you.

Pleasure meeting you.
Carly's told me a lot about you.

Well, vice versa.
It's a beautiful building you got.

It's like the Starship Enterprise in here.

Thank you very much. It leaks.

Before Carly came
to help run the collection,

it was just a complete mess.

But now,
the restorations are back on track.

We're going to Pebble Beach this year,

and we're gonna get a trophy
for that stand right there.

You know why?
Because this woman right here

-is my secret weapon.
- Okay.

Mr. Gould, please, you exaggerate.
All I've done is get you organized.

You've done much more than that,
my Duchess.

Nicknames, that's fun.

Yeah. The Duchess.

She's adorable.

You know, when I stole her away
from the British Embassy,

I said, "It's easy to manage a country.

"Try managing
a priceless collection of art."

Take a look
at this 1939 Delahaye 165 Cabriolet.

Designed by a Frenchman.

Look at the curves.
Elegant, isn't it? Beautiful.


Built to evoke the body
of the ideal woman.

Come on.

My dad had a $10 desk and a dream,
and he built it into an empire.


We're the largest accounting firm
in the U.S.

I started up the venture side
after he passed. Invest in the future.

Try and bet on the winners.

See, collecting cars helps me
keep my sanity.

You guys look great.

That was a great day, Mr. Gould.

- I haven't seen that one.
- No. Me, neither.

Jeans are tight.

Here we go. Here we go. You see that?

Judgment. Judging a man by his car?

And you're gonna wave at him
while he's judging me?

What's with you? He's my boss.
This job pays for our food, our rent.

No, I totally understand.
I'm totally fine. I get it. I'm well fed.

And guess what?
I'm not your boy toy any more.

I got my big boy pants on.
You see them?

In the car. Thank you, Duchess.

Oh, my God.
Are you threatened by him?

Threatened? What am I threatened by?
His money? His power? His good looks?

None of the above. Check!

God! Your temper tantrums are so sexy.

Get in the car, please.

Sam, he's hardly the first man
to ever smile at me.

- I think I can handle it.
- Hold on, hold on.

It's the smiling back part
that gets me. Okay?

No more smiles. Never again. I promise.

That works for me.

Easy! Easy!
You're not gonna get it started that way.

Well, I was just getting it ready.
I'm about 32% done with my restoration.

Some chrome work,
put a spoiler on the back. Done deal.

You know, Carly's been telling me
you've been struggling job-wise.

Just so you know,

I'm on the board for Accuretta Systems,
and I put in a call for you.

Let's keep it between us, okay?
She's so proud of you.

You're a lucky man.

Xanthium approaching Tranquility Base.

You're a go for landing.

Ratchet, let's roll.

We're entering the Ark.

His levels are faint.

He locked himself away
to guard the pillars.


You're coming home, old friend.

All hail Megatron.

My master! Yes, my master! Yes!

Don't be greedy, my fragile ones.

My poor master.

How it pains me to see you so wounded,
so weak.

Spare me, you gaseous sycophant!

You know what you are told,
which is nothing.

Soundwave reporting, Lord Megatron.

And what news
from your little assassin?

Autobots have taken the bait!

They've discovered the Ark
and returned with its cargo.

You did me great honor
tracking that ship to the moon.

Your human collaborators
have served their purpose, Soundwave.

It's time to eliminate loose ends.

Laserbeak, kill them all.

With pleasure.

Is your daddy home?

-"Then Madeline said..."
- Madeline!

Hello, Mom.

Get out of the house!

- What are you doing in my house?
- Just visiting.

What is this hoochie-mama outfit?

No, this is the aerospace division!
We do not allow that here!

New guy! You see that?
That's a Latin meltdown, okay?

You ever show up in my office
with a hoochie-mama outfit, you're fired.

You got that?

Okay, you're gonna be on this cart
for two-and-a-half years, okay?

I want you to live it, love it and name it.

There's no ladder climbing in my office.
I run a tight ship. Okay?

- Yes, sir.
- Move!

I found that paper
I was telling you about.

- What are we looking at?
- Shut up!

You do that to me again,
and I'll kick your ass!


Hi, angel.

- How are you?
- Good.

I had a meeting downtown.
Was it okay for me to stop by?

I don't know.
My 500-page employee conduct manual

isn't exactly a page turner.

This is great.

Yeah, Autobots are off saving the world,
and I have organized four binders.

I'm living the dream. Come on.

Visitor violation.

- You okay?
- Absolutely.

I'm next.

Listen. Saturday.
Dylan's throwing a party at his house.

It's a work thing,
but he's invited you, too.

Did he?

I want you to come
and laugh at my bad jokes.

It would really mean a lot to me, okay?

I'd love to go. How'd you get over here?

- Car.
- You don't have a car.

- Yes, I do.
- What, did you win it in a raffle?

He gave me one.

He gave you a car?

Yeah, I think it was a work perk.

A work perk.

- What kind of car did he give you?
- A Mercedes SLS AMG.

Really throaty engine.

Mercedes-Benz SLS

-combines breathtaking performance...
- You drove this here?

That's a $200,000 car.

I know.

You know how long it would take me
to afford a car like this?

- A long time?
- Yeah, like 53 years.

He said it was for both of us.

Then what we should do is,
we should sell it and buy a house.

You're frustrated, I know.

I've been there.

It's called paying your dues.
Good things will happen.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I need some lunch time filing done, stat.

Who would like
to score some Bruce Brazos points?

Bruce, you found your guy.


The man who makes this company run.

Now, who have we here?

Is it a sister, Facebook friend,
Twitter tweeter?

- Carly, this is Bruce. Bruce.
- Hi.

I'm his girlfriend.
A pleasure to meet you. Sam was right.

You really do have
a smashing head of hair.

Well, thank you.

- Sam, I got to run.
- Yeah.

Here, your present.

Your favorite color.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Brazos.
- And you.

See you, boys.

I'm still stewing about
that binder incident, Jerry.

May I finish my Shuhua milk, Donny?

I don't care about your exotic milk.
I care about respect!

I know who you are!

Witwicky! Witwicky!

- I'm talking to you!
- Excuse me. Thank you.

Slow down, tiger.

You showed up in the background
of six different photos,

two continents, with aliens.

That was you in Egypt, right?
Because you know the aliens.

See you!

Give me my jacket!

I'm Wang. Deep Wang. Deep Wang.

You're not getting it. Deep Throat.

Watergate? I'm talking code to you...

Damn it.

They watch and listen.

I can't go to the government,
but you can!

Because shit's going down, son!
It is Code Pink, as in Floyd!

Dark Side! Why do you think
no one's been up there since 1972?

I know you're speaking English,
it's just a very strange English.

That's why I'm not...

Don't. I'm gonna hit you.

I'm gonna hit you right back, son.

It's my manifesto.

They're whacking us out,

everyone who knows
what's on the dark...

Your alien friends are in danger,
you know, the good ones. It's up to you.

Calm down.

Easy, Sam!

What are you looking at?

Yo, dawg.

Are you up in my shit?
Who are you working for?

Staredown, you and me.

Guess I won.

Moon satellites.

The Russian space program.

Experts dead.

Space program ends.

Dark side... Dark side of the moon.

Look what I found outside the bathroom.
Is it yours?

- Deal with this.
- Yes, sir.

I did everything you want!

I really think we should talk,
'cause some of the stuff...

Whoa! Knock first!

Can't you see I'm busy?

Who are you? Who are you?

You straddled me in the stall.

That's happened to me once in this life.
I wouldn't forget it.

From the bathroom stall.
You took your package out.

- You took your package out.
- Whoa! We are not boyfriends, okay?

One phone call from me
and I'll have you fired.

Yes, I will, Gaylord!

Are you okay?


Should I come back?
When should I come back?

Come back
when you learn some manners!

I don't know him!
I would never say anything!

Okay, okay!
I sabotaged the mapping satellite,

just like I promised,

I can put a blind spot in the program
as a bonus.

What more do you want from me?

Jerry, you are my favorite.

I'll do whatever you want me to do.

I know, but my superiors need me to...

- Please, you don't have to...
-...suicide you.

What did you say to Witwicky?


Who wants some chicken dinner now,

'Cause somebody messed
with the wrong Wang today!

Come on! You want some of me?

I don't need any more didactic lectures
from Chuck.


Get legal.

That's Jerry!

Come on, people.
Yes, a workmate died,

but looking out the window
is not going to bring him back.

The man was depressed.

Don't take a picture!

You can keep watching him,
but he's not getting up.

You all read "Humpty Dumpty." Okay?


I'm spearheading the press.
You clean up.

Wang is everywhere. He is in the bistro.

He's in the bamboo.
He's on the balustrade.

You see the sidewalk down there? Man!

Box up his personals.
Get his name off his parking space.

Hey, when did we get a new copier?

Listen, I'm not gonna say anything
about what I saw.

Who you share a toilet stall with
is totally your business.

This is exceedingly Japanese.

They never make it easy, do they?

- What is with you?
- This is the real deal, Carly, okay?

I need you to stay composed.
It's real life. I'll explain it to you later.

We've got an emergency.
You gotta get Colonel Lennox out here.

I'm reporting a Decepticon.
The Decepticons are back.

You gotta open that gate right now.

Easy, sir.
This is Health and Human Services.

Right. Packing M4s?

What are you protecting,
colostomy bags?

- Bedpans? Throat lozenges?
- Babe...

Where'd you get that hat from,
nursing school?

So, you're nurses
and foot-powder protectors? Fantastic.

- Babe.
- Yes.

I don't think we're in the right place.

We are in the right place.

We're in the right place
and I'm gonna talk to Optimus right now.

- You're gonna get Optimus out here.
- Sir.

Sir, you got the wrong building.

I don't know what you're talking about.

What part of "Decepticons are back"
do you not understand?

Yo! You being a smartass?

Do not hit my car! It's a collector's item!

I wouldn't do that.

You're crazy!

We got an Energon reading!

We've got aliens in the vehicle!

You move, you're dead! Out! Out!

Got aliens in the vehicle!

- Freeze! Get out!
- We're freezing!

Are you...

Are you kidding me?

Sam, they've got guns!

- I got him. Go!
- Bee! Is Bee in there?

Okay, all right!

This how you treat Autobots?
We're on the same team.

Yeah, enjoy your next job at 7-Eleven,

- That's right.
- A-hole.

How's your car now?

That's my car.

Come here.

Come here!

Come on. Sam.

What is your deal?

I know your black ops stuff
is important to you.

I'm not trying to diminish it
or guilt-trip you or anything,

I just never see you any more.

You can't come to the garage
and just hang out one night?

Sam. That makes me feel bad.

I hope you feel bad.
You should feel bad.

Look at the jalopy I'm driving now.
I feel bad every single day.

Yo, let's go, both of you.
Lennox wants to see you.

What, we not good enough
for you any more?

I'm sorry, babe.
They were very rude, all right?

And you're fixing my car.
You don't think so?

Raise your hand if you had
a flying psycho-ninja copier

trying to kill you today!

Those are my brass knuckles.

That's my anklet.
Do I have to take that off, too?

And my toe rings?

All NEST officials clear the floor.

We have 10 minutes
until attempted contact.

We've taken possession
of the five devices

that were hidden in the ship
with Sentinel Prime.

They're some kind of
prototype Autobot technology.

They say Sentinel
was the Einstein of his civilization,

so we're gonna keep these locked up

until we know what we're dealing with.

Right now, no one gets access. No one.

This Wang guy recognized me.
He told me to warn you.

He was talking
about the dark side of the moon,

-then they killed him.
- Wait a minute.

- He mentioned the moon?
- Yeah, dark side of the moon.

But why would Decepticons
want to kill humans?

I thought their war was
with the Autobots.

And that is when he made his first
quick-look science report.

That's what we want...

Who's the chick? Okay.

Excuse me! Colonel Lennox?

Director Mearing,
this is Sam Witwicky...

I know his name, Colonel.
I wanna know who gave him clearance?

Who gave me clearance?
How about Optimus Prime,

when he touched down in suburbia
looking for my house?

This is the
National Intelligence Director.

In case you...

- Hi.
- Disrespecting a federal officer?

Maybe that'll get you somewhere.
Who's she?

She's my girlfriend.

What is this, like, a date?

She knows all about the Autobots, okay?
She knows Bumblebee.

And she comes from a military family.
I can vouch for her.

Hey, I have an idea. How about
we get back to the important topics,

like the fact that I almost had
my face cut off by a Decepticon?

As a taxpayer, I'd like to lodge
a complaint, as a matter of fact.

Okay, listen, all right?

One of the software engineers
at Sam's office was murdered today.

He was involved in NASA's
lunar mapping probe.

Here's the thing, Colonel Lennox.

We cannot entrust national security
to teenagers

unless I missed a policy paper.
Are we doing that now? No. Good.

I don't care who you are.

If you breathe a word of what you
see in here, you will do time for treason.

Do you understand me?

I'll take my orders from the Autobots.
I know them. I don't know you.

You will.

Sentinel Prime.

These things run on Energon,
and he's out of it. He's in a

sort of a sleep mode.

Let us begin.

That's the great Matrix of Leadership.

He holds the only thing in the universe
that can repower a Transformer's spark.

This is incredible.

Sentinel Prime,

we bid you return.

Hold your fire!

Stop! Sentinel!

It is I, Optimus Prime!

It is all right. You are safe.

There is nothing to fear.

We are here.

You are home, Sentinel.

The war... The war!

The war was lost.

Cybertron is now
but a barren wasteland.

We have taken refuge here,
on planet Earth.

Its human race is our ally.

My ship. We came under fire.

The pillars. Where are the pillars?

You saved five of them,
including the control pillar.

Only five?

We once had hundreds!

Excuse me, gentlemen.

May I ask, what is this technology
you're looking for?

It is the ability to reshape the universe.

Together the pillars
form a space bridge.

I designed, and I alone, can control it.

It defies your laws of physics

to transport matter
through time and space.

You're talking
about a teleportation device, aren't you?

Yes, for resources, for refugees.

Refugees, or troops of soldiers,
weapons, maybe bombs!

A means of an instant strike!
That's its military function, isn't it?

It is our technology
and it must be returned.

Yes. If humans say so.

You can't just bring weapons of
mass destruction into our atmosphere!

You kind of have to clear customs first!

A little formality called paperwork
kind of separates us from the animals.

I will overlook your condescending tone

if you heed the gravity of mine.

The Decepticons must never know
the space bridge is here.

For in their hands,

it would mean the end of your world.

"Total Nightmare" file.

So, the investigation is open.
We've sent agents to your office.

And, for the time being, we're gonna
send you home with Autobot protection.

Who do I need to speak to

to get you guys to understand
that I can help, that I can contribute?

Hey, we can all help.
Want to tell you what I know?

I could tell you about the solar system,
all the fun planets to hang out in.

Get off my desk, please.

You pulling out guns?
I can't help you out now. She angry.

Oh, my God.

What do you envision for me?
I go home now?

I go back to work? I make copies?
I mean...

This is a unit
for veteran intelligence officers

and Special Forces,

not for boys
who once owned special cars.

That's a bit harsh, isn't it, ma'am?

Don't call me ma'am. I'm not a ma'am.

Well, you're a woman, aren't you?

So, are those yours?

Yeah. CIA.

I only ask 'cause I also have a medal,
from the President.

Yeah. Great.
So, it's not that complicated, right?

No one gets to work with the Autobots
unless I approve it.

You're breaking my chain of command.

Come on, let's go.
You've done what you came for.

With all due respect, young man,
I appreciate what you did.

But you're not a soldier.

You're a messenger.
You've always been a messenger.

He's a hero.

Bee, you take the freight elevator.
I'll see you up there.

This blows.
That lady officially kicked us out.

Witness Protection Program sucks.

Yeah, but we're a whole lot safer
with big yellow and his cannons.

That dog can't protect crap.


You miss hanging out?

Yeah, me, too.

That woman,
she called me a messenger.

Can you believe that? After everything
I've done, I'm a messenger.

I believe it. I tell you, Sammy,
we feel the same way.

The disrespect on this rock is criminal.

We should do something about it.

Bee, I need to know
why they're killing humans.

I say we call in the expert.

My next guest is a former
American intelligence operative

who has dared to speak out

regarding our alleged military alliance
with what many describe

as a group
of extraterrestrial mercenaries.

He is the author of the bestselling book,
Code-Name Hero.

Former special agent,
Seymour Simmons.

Bill. Big fan. Great to be here.

Now, Agent Simmons,
you would have us believe

that it is in our best interest

to formally take sides
in this so-called alien civil war?

Well, the other side wanted to
spank us for breakfast,

so I wouldn't exactly call it a toss-up.

These Decepticons are lethal.

But polls show
half the world would feel safer

with the Autobots completely gone.

Get them out of here!
We don't need them here!

I feel safer when I sleep
with a hand grenade.

Doesn't mean I'm always right.

Now, agent, here at The Factor
we have obtained documents

that show you were fired...

- Chaz, I'm doing an interview.
- Sorry, Mr. Simmons.

Downsized, Bill.

- Budget cuts. Chaz, out.
- Your psych evaluation reports

”severe delusional tendencies."

This is ambush journalism.

You want the truth
about the alien alliance?

Buy my book! Buy my book,
before it's too late, people!

You want a piece of me, Bill?

- You want to get naked? I'm ready!
- Wow.

- Interview is over! You, out of my house.
- You're sounding like a pinhead, agent.

- And I've got a suggestion for you.
-It's oven Understand?

- Damage control.
- Dutch !

You have obviously upset Mr. Simmons!

You have 23 seconds
to leave the property.

I have called the police!

You are peasant people
throwing rocks at a giant!

What's up next? What have we got?

Book signing, Midtown, noon.

Then we pitch your reality show
to the Discovery Channel.

And I have this Witwicky
who keeps calling me.

Five times today.

Kid? What does he want?

I called you
because the Decepticons are back.

I want to know why,
and I need your help.

They're back?

Well, that's good for business.

What if I told you
I know a 50-year-old alien secret

that nobody ever told you.

Do not tempt my addiction.
I have gone through withdrawal, kid.

- Dutch, is this line secure?
- No.

Don't take the risk.
I'm rich, why should I?

Do not relapse. I won't.

Do not let the demons win.

Got it.

What kind of secret?

Apollo. Moon. Aliens. Cover-up.

Future tech. Assassinations.
That kind of stuff.



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So majestic and peaceful, this planet.

Unlike the final days of Cybertron.

I've wondered what might have been

if you had fought the final battle,
instead of me.

Never mourn the past, young warrior.

Thanks to you, our race survives.

You were our leader, Sentinel.

It is your right to lead us again.

In a world I do not know,

I am no longer your teacher, Optimus.
You are mine.

You've got to break this case down.

What we have here
is an astronaut epidemic.

MIA. Dead. Died in a car accident.
Killed. DOA. Car death.

It's like these guys can't drive.

They can fly into outer space,
but they can't drive a car.

- Procured your information, Witwicky.
- Thank you, Bruce.


let me see one right now. One time.

- Quick.
- Very.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

It says NASA launched it in 2009.

See, forensics show
Wang may have messed with the code,

preventing it from mapping
the far side of the moon,

which is also the dark side.

Fucking awesome.

They infiltrate us, intimidate us,
coerce us to do their dirty work.

And once they're done,

a double-tap to the cerebellum.

So humans are working
for the Decepticons.

I don't think
this is about the Decepticons

looking for something on the moon.

I think it's about something
they wanted to hide.

Come to Daddy.

Come on, throw down.

Did you eat a lot of paint chips
when you were a kid?

He's a freak.

- Like it?
- Get back!

I'm ticklish!

Sir! We are having a pretty high-level
alien intel confab here

that I don't think you're cleared for,
errand boy.

Yeah, you're right.

- It's a bitching robot.
- I think it's time to go, Bruce.

- Thank you so much for this. And...
- Got to go, Bruce.

I'm smoking over here. Downloading
missing Russian cosmonauts.

Turns out the Soviets canceled
a manned mission to the moon.

The moon, in 1972.

And two of their cosmonauts
went into hiding in America.

And I just found them alive.

You're a genius, Brains.

That was smooth, Bumblebee.

Missed it by that much.


Would somebody care to tell me
what the hell's going on?

- Who are you?
- Who are you?

Who am I? Who is that?
Dutch! Frisk her!


No. Dutch.

Don't touch me.

- I'm not gonna touch her.
- Sam?


I was working. I'm sorry about this.

- Great. We're homeless.
- She lives here? Wow.

You had your chance to frisk her.

- I have a girlfriend.
- Really? What's her name?


We're supposed to be
at Dylan's party, remember?

I do remember,
but these are my friends.

They need me.
I have to be here right now.

So, what, the Autobots and the military,
they can't handle this on their own?

You know what I liked
about your war stories, Sam?

It's that they were stories,
they were in the past.

Look, I know you're thinking
about your brother; okay?

And you're thinking about your family.
And it's not that situation.

- No?
- No.

Why not? Why isn't it, Sam?

You think we'd rather have his medals,
or we'd rather have him?

I hear you. I get it.
Where are you taking my bunny? Stop!

Just stop for a second.

You think I could sleep last night?

And then it hit me.
No, Sam wants to be in danger.

- He doesn't know who he is without it.
- I just want to matter.

You matter to me.

I know you're worried.
I know you're worried.

But I promise you, I can handle this.

Can you? You can promise it?

I promise.

Sam, I don't want to lose you,
and I know where this leads.

I'm not ready for this.

Are you coming with me?

I can't.



Here's your foot.

The warrior's path is a solitary one.

How the hell did she afford that car?

- Her boss.
- Rich bastards!

I used to hate them. Now, it's...

Going to a gig on the hunt
for two Russian cosmonauts.

Nothing like driving in a Maybach.

Germans know how to make cars,
let me tell you.

My Dutchman,
former NSA cybersleuth extraordinaire,

tracked them down here.

So, these cosmonauts
went into hiding. Why?

Bingo. I got a match.

You're a German Shepherd, Dutch.

The thing about Russians is,
they never like to talk.

It's gonna take a little
of the "international language."

That means "good-bye."

Stay loose.

Dutch, give me something tough.


We do speak English.

Dutch, you suck.

It's a Cyrillic alphabet.

It's like all the buttons
you never push on a calculator!

I don't suck.

Agent Seymour Simmons,
Sector Eight, formerly Seven.

We know who you are, cosmonautchiks.

So what?

You were supposed to travel
to the dark side of the moon,

then it all got shut down.

The question is, why?

"Can my child smoke in here?"

Okay, all right. Okay.

Go ahead, shoot me.

I'm willing to die for my country.
Are you?


You are beautiful. Has anyone ever
told you you're beautiful?

She's a beautiful woman.


Dutch! Back in the cage.

Dutch! Hold, Dutch, hold!

Control your boy, please.
Control your boy.

Dutch, stop!

I'm so sorry. That is the old me.

Okay, let's everybody just calm down!

Let's lower the heat, lower the guns.
Let's relax. World War II is over.

You are about to see
one of the biggest Soviet secrets.

America first to send man to the moon.

But USSR first to send camera.

In 1959, our Luna 3

take picture of the dark,
the shadow side.

Sees nothing.

But in 1963, Luna 4 sees...

- Strange rocks.
- Yeah.

Around the ship. Hundreds of them.

Yeah, show picture.

With some drag marks.

I've seen these.
These aren't rocks, these are pillars.

Alien pillars for a space bridge.

We know about them
because the Autobots have five of these.

The Decepticons must have raided
the ship before Apollo 11 ever got there,

took the pillars, and hid them.

It doesn't make sense.

The Decepticons have the ship.
They have all those pillars.

Why would they leave Sentinel

when he's the only one
who can use them?


He's the one thing they still need.

We've got to meet up with Sentinel,
rendezvous with him and keep him safe.

Mearing, I just picked up Sentinel.
Optimus is 10 minutes behind.

We're coming to NEST now.

Mr. Witwicky,
I thought I made it clear to you

that I did not want you
calling this phone.

Listen, the whole thing has been
a setup since the beginning.

The Decepticons wanted Optimus
to find Sentinel

because only Optimus could revive him.

But we have the space bridge.

Mearing, you have five pillars.
I just learned that they have hundreds.

You're doing exactly
what they wanted you to do.

What do you need me to say to you?

The Decepticons are coming
for Sentinel Prime!

We're going to NEST.

We have an Energon alert.

Energon readings detected
on the D. C. parkway.

Currently tracking
three black Suburbans.

Bee, you got to get Sentinel
out of here! You got to guard him!

Oh, mein Gott! I'm fired!

Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!

Got you!

Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him, Bee!

Bee, you've got to move faster!
Faster, Bee! Go!


All right, back to NEST!

Dino, I got him!


Is there a problem?

A little Mexican standoff we got here.

Weapons down.

And we'll let you escape
with your dignity.

Drop them.

That's good.

Ironhide, watch out!

Ironhide, catch!

Behind you!

Decepticon punk!

Class dismissed.

- Get inside! Let's go!
- Move! Keep moving!

- Lennox!
- Go, go, go!

We got Decepticons everywhere.

I've got my whole team deployed
looking for them. Ironhide!

Protect Sentinel!
Get him locked up inside!

Consider it done!

Hey, you've got to guard him,
'cause he's the key to the whole thing.

Indeed, I am. What you must realize,
my Autobot brothers,

is we were never going to win the war.

For the sake of our planet's survival,
a deal had to be made

with Megatron.

- Get back!
- What have you done?

I hereby discharge you from duty.

- Bee!
- Get back!

Rally all NEST forces back to the base!
Come on!


Get a medic down here!

We don't have enough men!
Do not engage Sentinel!

Just go to the back gate.

Take cover!

Watch left! Watch left!

Let's go! Follow me!

- Director, don't go there!
- Stand down!

Hey, Sentinel!

- Director!
- What is going on?

What do you think you are doing?

I am a Prime!

I do not take orders from you.

Director Mearing, come on.

We can't fight him. Let's go.
We have to go.

Now return what belongs to me!

Oh, my God!

- You guys okay?
- Is everybody out?

Everybody, stay calm.
You're gonna be fine.

Yeah, take a look, Optimus!
This is all on you!

Sentinel hit the vault! Took the pillars.

Come on, let's go.
All right, notify the 101st Airborne!

We need to hunt this thing down!


Hot from our little campfire.

S'mores. Isn't that great?

We're really living off the land.

Mom, Dad, have you guys seen
Carly come home yet?

Excuse me. Can you knock, please?
This is our bedroom.

Why wouldn't she be at home?

We had a fight
and we might have broken up,

or be on a break. I don't really know.

- What? No.
- Look, I can't talk about it right now.

I can't go into details, Mom.
I have to find her.

Sit down. We're having
a family meeting. Family meeting!

You may not know this,

but your father and I
were not always this perfectly happy.

You know, there was a time
in our marriage

when I thought
this was not gonna work out.

- Can we please not?
- She's damaging him.

You break up with
one world-class hottie...

No. Stop. Stop, okay? She dumped me,

I moved on to something better.
That's it. I'm a happier person.

The second beautiful girl,
and you lose her.

Why don't you help me?

- They had an argument.
- One fight.

You're not gonna get a third one,
I mean, unless you have like a big...

What the... Ma!

Maybe you just don't know
what you're doing.

- I don't want to talk about this any more.
- You need the book.

- Tell him about the book.
- You're always wrong. Get used to it.

Okay. You've gotta read this.
She Comes First.

- There's some killer shit in here.
- No. No.

- That's it, I'm going.
- No! No!

Sit down, sit down! Back me up!

- Happy wife, happy life.
- Heck yeah.

Unhappy wife, stone-cold misery
for the rest of your...

- Stop.
-It's true.

All I'm saying is, do you love this girl?

- She's the one.
- Then you gotta go get her.

I mean, your dad and I,
when we had troubles,

he moved heaven and earth to find me.

Say what you said. Say it.

"I will follow you to the end of time."

Does that suck or what?

-It's like a bad sci-fi film.
- No. It is so sweet.

I want you to get out of the city. You get
as far away from here as you can.

You understand?

I love you.

My master! Such a brilliant scheme!

So when Sentinel left Cybertron,
it was to defect?

He was meant to rendezvous
with me here on Earth

before fate waylaid us both.

The only way to revive him,

we needed Prime and his Matrix.

Excellent strategy.

Mine, mine!

So he is now your partner, master?

He is my greatest triumph.

So impressive.

Commencing transport.

Stop! No! No, Sentinel!

Forgive me.

Here we are.

Fight us now.


Watch out! Move it! Move it!

Autobots, retreat!

Why, Sentinel, why?

For Cybertron! For our home!

What war destroyed, we can rebuild!
But only if we join with the Decepticons.

No, it's not the only way. This is our
home! We must defend the humans!

So lost you are, Optimus.

On Cybertron, we were gods.

And here, they call us machines.

Let the humans serve us, or perish.

You're lucky I didn't kill you.
In time you'll see.

It's not over.

Now, if I were him, I wouldn't let you
out of my sight for one second.

It's funny. I was just thinking
on the way over here,

I could really use some advice
from Dylan, and there he is.

- Can I speak to you, Carly?
- Welcome. Please, sit down.

Have a drink.

You know what, I don't need a drink.
Or a car, or a job.

I just need to speak
to my girlfriend alone.

Is that okay with you, Mr. Inappropriate?

Excuse me.

- What's going on?
- I'll tell you outside.

I really think I can help you, Sam.

I remember a talk I had
with my dad once about tough choices.

Yeah, now's not the time.
We'll set something up, though.

Of course, it was way back,
when my dad's firm was in charge

of budget review
and accounting for NASA.

You see,
the thing that he taught me was,

when it's not your war,
you join the side that's going to win.


Too direct? Or is it just me?

Certainly not you, sir.

You're mine!


- Get help!
- Sam, I can't get out!

- Someone get help!
- Good night!

Good night, Mr. Dylan.

Get me out of here!

Help! Get help!

- He's young. He will learn. Good night.
- Get me out!

It was a fun night.

You really think you're the first man ever
asked to join the noble alien cause?

Who are you?

Do you know why we've not been back
to the moon since 1972?

Because these two,

they came to my dad and they told him
to do some creative accounting.

Make it way too expensive
to ever go back. So, he and the others

shut down the American
and Russian space programs.

And they've been our clients ever since.

- You helped them kill people?
- You think they'd give you a choice?

Besides, it's not
like I personally participated.

I am a liaison. I liaise.

It's hostile takeover time, Sam.


- Sam!
- Let her go!


I've had my eye on you for years, Sam.

You're the one spy
I've never been able to provide

as someone close to the Autobots.

Sam! Don't do what he wants!

Yes, he will.

They all do.

They will slaughter her,
you understand me?

In the time it takes you to blink,
they'll do it to her and they'll do it to me.

So you show a little respect

when someone offers you a job!


You are to track down Optimus Prime,

because you're the one human
he trusts,

and you will ask one question.

How does he intend to fight back?
Strategies, tactics, everything!

Has a nasty little bite, doesn't it?
It's very high-tech.

It lets us see what you see,
hear what you hear

and it taps your nervous system.

So, if you so much as try and signal...

I don't know what to tell you, Sam.

Relationships have consequences.
I am here because of my father.

She is here because of you.

Stop, stop! Stop! Stop!

Soundwave, would you please?

Sam, do your job.

She'll be safe. I give you my word.

I'll kill you. You have my word.

Combatant Commands
are now at DEFCON 1.

Approximately 200 Decepticons
are now in hiding.

Energon detectors have been triggered

as far away
as South America and China.

The U.N. just received
an encrypted audio file.

They say it's from the leader
of the Autobots.

Defenders of Earth.

We have come
for your natural resources

to rebuild our damaged planet.

When we have transported all we need,

we will leave your world in peace.

For such peace to exist,

you must immediately exile
the Autobot rebels you have harbored.


Renounce the rebels.

We await your reply.

We'll debrief you in transit.

Yeah, I really don't see
how I can be of any help.

I mean, you guys seem pretty busy.

We could just do this another time,
I think.

I have underestimated you at every turn.


You warned us
that they were using humans.

And you knew that Sentinel was the key.


Who am I? Hey, you're the expert.
I'm just a walking security risk.

Are you all right?


- No, you're not. You're sweating.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.

I'm sweating because I'm nervous.

I'm nervous because you got me
in here with this information.

Okay, I'm a Twitter junkie.
I blog everything.

- I can't keep a secret to save my life.
- You wouldn't dare.

- That's the truth. I'm telling you.
- Director, the Pentagon's calling in 15.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing. What are you doing?

Get away from me.

It's been a remarkable series of events
today at the Capitol.

Just moments ago,
legislation was passed

to exile the Autobots

from American shores.

The U- S. military alliance with them
is officially overt

In the words
of the House Majority Leader;

the sponsor of today's resolution,

-”We cannot in good conscience... "
- Okay.

What? They can't do this.

- You gotta tell them. They can't do that.
- Okay. It's official. It's a go, people.

These are our allies. The Autobots
fought for us. They fought with us.

And where are we now?

Facing an enemy invasion

with an enemy that has the means
to deploy countless more.

If there is any more you know,

anything at all
about the enemy's intentions,

now is the time to tell.

Autobots have no way
of leaving this planet.

And that is where you're wrong.

Its name is the Xanthium.

It brought the second wave of Autobots

and it's been under NASA 's care
and study ever since.

We linked it
with a decommissioned shuttle

to maintain military control
until they're gone.

Gonna be 10,000 pounds of torque
on that itsy-bitsy bolt, not 19!

You're gonna risk the lives
of all me mates! I'll ball you!

These guys are the Wreckers.
They take care of the Xanthium.

We don't let them off the base much,
'cause they're assholes.

You gotta pull that, ya nancy wanker!

It's time to kill him!

I'm just trying to help, you know.
Just doing my job.

Just calm down. Leave him alone.
This is a human being.

- Epps!
- You are ridiculous!

- Is that you?
- What up, man?

What are you doing here?

I retired from the Air Force.

Can you let my hand go?

What the hell was that?

Now I just consult
to run interference for them.

Well, you're not helping!

No more combat and aliens shooting
at my ass. I got a dream job.

Time to get off this planet.

Kicking the Autobots out.
Can you believe this is happening?

- Where do you think it's taking them?
- Any planet but here.

I wanna talk
to whoever's in charge here!

Well, well, well. Charlotte Mearing.

Agent Simmons.
Former Agent Simmons.

So I see you survived Washington.

Washington, Egypt, heartbreak.
I survive. I will survive.

They're bringing everybody in, kid.
Putting all the intel on the table.

And if you think deporting nine Autobots
is gonna solve a damn thing...

It's out of my hands.

Moving up in the world?

Your booty looks excellent.

If you ever say a word to anyone

about what happened
that night in Quantico,

I'll cut your heart out.

You already did.

Sammy, listen to me.
Don't let them exile us.

- Don't let them take us, Sam.
-It's a Decepticon trap.

Check the nitrogen levels.
We're booking out of here.


What your leaders say is true.
This was all my fault.

I told them whom to trust.
I was so wrong.

That doesn't make it your fault.
It just makes you human for a change.

Remember this.

You may lose your faith in us,

but never in yourselves.

I need to know
how you're gonna fight back.

I know this is strategy,
I know you're coming back

with reinforcements, something.
I know there's a plan.

You can tell me.
No other human will ever know.

There is no plan.

If we just do what they want,
how are we gonna live with ourselves?

You are my friend, Sam.

You always will be.

But your leaders have spoken.

From here,

the fight will be your own.

Make it short.

We're loading up.

All right, hustle up!
We're launching at dawn.

We're gonna do whatever we can.
Make it like it was.

You will always be my friend, Sam.

I gotta be going on.

Years from now, they're gonna ask us,

"Where were you
when they took over the planet?"

We're gonna say,

"We just stood by and watched."

You should really look at this
as a partnership.

You have to stand
on the side of progress

if you wanna be a part of history.

Seven, six, five,

four; three, two,

One, zero.

Go ahead and throttle up.

You wanted an answer. You got one.

I always get what I want, Sam.
We just needed to be sure.

Sure of what?

That they would go without a fight.

- Say again.
- Tracking an incoming object.

We all work for the Decepticons now.

I need your help to track a phone call.
There's a man on this phone.

He's the head of their human operations
and he has Carly hostage.

I want you to sit down. Don't move.

Follow me.

I'm watching him drive up right now.

The call was placed en route.

I'm hacking into
the phone's camera now.

There, that's it.
That's a live stream from the camera.

Someplace-. Hold on.
I can triangulate this.

Okay, it's Chicago cell sites.
There, I've got it.

Trump Tower, Chicago.
Lower penthouse.

We're on.

- I'm going.
- You sure?

She's done nothing but try to help me,
and I can be there in 15 hours.

You're not going alone.

I still got my NEST friends out there.

I'll round them up,
we'll find your girlfriend,

we're gonna bring this guy in.

Why are you helping me?

'Cause that asshole
killed my friends, too.

They said they were here for
our resources, to rebuild their planet.

Yes, but really
one resource in particular.

One unique to our planet.


You're very smart.

You see, they can't rebuild
without a slave labor force.

How many rocks up there in
the universe offer six billion workers?

What are you talking about?
We can't transport people.

They're not shipping people.
They're shipping their planet here.

Oh, my God.

What's Sentinel doing here?

Watch. They're spreading hundreds of
pillars around the globe right now.

In just a few hours,
they're gonna launch them into orbit

and bring Cybertron
into our atmosphere.

The red one there controls the rest.

He triggers that,
it starts the whole thing.

Be gone, insect operative.
Your work is done.

Your Excellency. He's such a dick.

- You want this to happen?
- I want to survive. I want 40 more years.

You think I asked for this?
I inherited a client.

Yeah, and when Cybertron's here
and we're all their slaves,

I guess they'll still need a human leader.

Don't jinx me.
You want to survive, you listen to me.

It is time for the slaves of Earth
to recognize their masters.

Seal off the city.

Get the dogs outta here now!
Get them in the back!

I guess they didn't tell you about
this part, did they?

You think I'm at every meeting?

Look, I'm safe.

They said I was safe.

Let's roll!

We had a signal earlier.

It's not working.

This is a national emergency broadcast.

Chicago has suffered a massive attack.

Wrong way!

Get out of here! Go back!

There is a ring of alien ships
around Chicago.

Our high-range bombers
were just knocked out of the sky.

They can't get through
enemy air defenses over the city.

Our satellites have been jammed.

We have no way to monitor
the enemy's movement.

Our old NEST teams are on stand-down
holding at Grissom Air Force Base.

We're about 10 minutes from
the battle zone.

We have Special Forces
trying to gain access to the city,

and infantry is staging at the perimeter

Excuse me, excuse me,
it just doesn't make sense!

Can't we get any eyes in there at all?

They Keep shooting clown our drones.

They want us blind.

But we do have
a couple of mini-drones we're gonna try.

Well, whoever's manning
these UAV drones,

can we try to redirect them
toward Trump Tower?

The kid, Witwickety,
was on his way to Chicago.

Said some point-man human op is there
for the Decepticons!

Listen, if I know anything, I know this,

that kid is an alien-bad-news magnet.

My God.

We came here to find her
in the middle of all that?

Are we really going out there, Epps?

I'm not going in there.

No one's going in.

I am.

With or without you, I'll find her.

You're gonna get yourself killed, Sam.
Is that what you want?

Is that what you want?

You came all the way out here
to get yourself killed? Huh?

Listen to what I'm saying.

She's here because of me.
Do you understand?

Listen, if you go in this building,
that's if she's even still alive,

there's no way
you're gonna be able to reach her!

What do you suggest I do?

It's over.

I'm sorry, but it's over.



We will kill them all.

Wreckers, kill him!

This is going to hurt!

A lot!

Your leaders will now understand.

Decepticons will never leave
your planet alone.

And we needed them to believe
we had gone.

For today, in the name of freedom,

we take the battle to them!

- I saw your ship blow up!
- The ship?

We were never in the ship!
We designed the damn thing, didn't we?

We were hidden
in the first booster rocket to separate.

Splashed down back in the Atlantic,
just as planned.

We ain't going nowhere.

Yeah, no one's exiling us.

The Autobots are staying right here.
We're gonna help you win this war.

They're surrounding the city
to make a fortress

so that no one can see
what they're up to inside.

Our only chance
is the element of surprise.

I think I know where to look!

Mini-drone is on approach
to Trump Tower

You're telling me
Sam's headed into that?

Poor kid.

Probably never got close.

So, you can fly this thing, right?

What is that... What is that?
What is that? So-so?

So you so-so can fly this.
That feels terrible.

We're right behind you.

All right, we're going in!

The city is secure.

The humans cannot stop us.

As the afternoon falls,

the rest of the pillars
will reach their launch position.

This is the victory I promised you
so many years ago,

where we rebuild Cybertron together!

I have deigned to work with you

that our planet may survive!

I will never work for you!

You would be wise
to remember the difference.

I'm so sick of this.
I'm just sick of waiting.

Where is she?

Where is she?

You've got some balls.

No, Sam!

No! No, no!




Bee, fire!


Autobots! They're alive!

Decepticons, defend the pillar!

Raise the bridges! Find them!


You found me.

I'd follow you anywhere.

Form a perimeter! Let's go, let's go!

Well, you're crazy.

What is that? Is that us?

This thing's a military UAV.
Stone, check and see if it's still working.

Yeah, it's still got power.

Flight Control, do you copy?

Can... Can you rotate?
Can you do something?

I think we got something.

Epps! We got Epps!

Come on, work! Work!

All right, turn the volume up on that!

The kid!

Can you rotate or something?

Yes, yes! Okay, okay, okay.
They can see us.

Chicago is ground zero,
do you understand?

- Can you hear us? You understand?
- Witwicky.

Please listen. Sentinel Prime is here

and he has the pillars
to his space bridge.

They're on top of a building
on Chicago River.

It's owned by
Hotchkiss Gould Investments.

Now, the pillar that controls everything
is in the southeast cupola.

You've got to destroy the pillar.
You have to shoot down the pillar

or they're going to transport
Cybertron here, do you understand?

- Do you understand?
- What?

Give me a GPS on the building
and on that drone! Let's go!

Mensurate those coordinates.
Shorten the kill chain.

Guys on the tarmac, five minutes.

The southeast cupola.

All right!

We need to move
before the fighters spot us.

Wait here until we scout a route ahead.

- Let's roll.
- Ratchet, cover high.

Hey, think we could use that rocket
to shoot down the pillar?

We're eight blocks away.
We got to get closer to take a shot.

Not closer. Higher.
We need a clear line of sight.

And it's across the river. Gonna have
a hell of a time trying to sneak up.

We only got one shot.

One shot's all we need.

We got to be able to see
around that building from the ground.

Get NSA to send service specs for
any cameras in that area.

Maybe some are working.

Traffic lights. ATMs. Anything.

Listen up. You want to hit back?

We're gonna have to wingsuit in.
It's the only way to get close.

I can't promise anyone a ride home,
but if you're with me,

the world needs you now.

I'll find my own ride home, sir.

Who else?

General Morshower,

requesting diversionary action
to the south of the city.

We're coming north and low.
You guys drive them to the east.

Autobot victory! Autobot victory!

That is one scary-ass Decepticon!

They got my trailer.
I need that flight tech.

Shockwave can't hunt all of us at once.

we need a diversion.

- Let's get some!
- You got that right.

Listen, we're gonna circle around
to that glass building.

And we'll get high enough
to make the rocket shot

while you guys draw his fire.

- Let's move!
- Wait a minute!

I'm not letting you go out there
without my urban combat prototypes.

- We got to go, Que!
- Come on.

They're great inventions for kicking ass!

What are these?

Those are boom-sticks.
Armed in 30 seconds.

Grapple gloves, for climbing.

Go, go! Move your ass! Move, move!

Move, move! Go, go, go!

- Move, move!
- Let's go!

Let's go! Run!

- Hey, hey, hey. Where you going?
- No, no, no!

- Where you going?
- Stop, stop, stop! Don't leave!

You never leave a 'bot behind!
Shockwave's coming!

Go for the stairs!

Epps, this way!

Breaking right.

Bead. Rolling in.

We got another one coming around.

Coming around on the left side,
coming around on the right side.

We're going to use Willis Tower
for cover!

Once we make altitude, we jump!

- A lot of airplanes out here!
- Contact off the nose.

Mayday! I don't think
he's gonna make it.

- Mayday mayday! Six-one going down.
- Heads up! Heads up!

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

- Tally on the left.
- Got him.

Time on target: 20 seconds.

Here we go! Here we go!

Keep it tight!

Coming around.

All right, focus, focus, focus.

Threat above towel; six o'clock!


Look out! Breaking right! Breaking right!

- Watch out, watch out!
- Holy shit!

Look out, look out, look out!

Get them out, get them out,
get them out!

- Everybody out, out, out!
- Jump, jump, jump!

Get out, get out!

I'm stuck!

Now. Get them out now!
Get them out now!


Get separation.
Track away, track away!

Hard left! Hard left!

Six hundred feet.

Check your six! Check your six!

He's on our ass! Watch out, watch out!

Sharp right!

Building dead ahead!

Thread the needle!

Pun, pun!

- Come on, we're high enough!
- This is a mother getting up here!

- Get your fat ass over here!
- I'm coming.

Set up the rocket!

- They're coming.
- Weapons status?

29 Bot-busters, 20 piercing D-Bot.

There, the building with the dome.

For our brothers,
let's make this trip worth it.

Oh, God.

The building!

They're shooting at the building!

This is not a good idea.

- What?
- This is not a good idea.

- This building is unstable.
- Listen, stop for a second.

If we don't do what we came to do,
it doesn't matter, we all die.

Right? That's your target.
Come on, man!

I don't even care
if the building collapses.

I'm having a heart attack anyway.

The building is going over!

- Hang on!
- Take cover!

Keep your hands up!

It's okay! It stopped!

Guys, look!

- Incoming, incoming!
- Everybody hide!

Don't move.

Go, go.


Cover fire!

Shoot the glass! Jump out the window!


We're gonna die!

Sam, I can't stop!

Shoot the glass!


Is everybody okay?

You okay?

What the hell was that?

Driller-bot is thirsty.

- This evil thing's looking at me!
- What?

It's even got an uglier
Decepticon with it!

We have to evac!

- Sergeant Epps, the stairs are blocked!
- We're trapped!

Okay. How do we get out of here?
Hey! Come on!

Oh, Lord Jesus,
let me just get out of this alive.

Move! We got to move!

Why do the Decepticons
always get the good shit?

- Move!
- We're about to be eaten, people!

We're gonna die!

- Hold on!
- Give me your hand!

- I'm swinging that way!
- Got her!

Oh, my God!

I'm dropping you on the fire escape!


We gotta move!

I'm coming for you!


- Wreckers!
- We're coming!

Decepticons around the world,

launch the pillars.

We are so lost!

Always left out.


It's time to lay down the law.

About to bring some hurt now.

It's starting! You see it?

Look out!

Where are Sam and Carly?

We'll go this way.

I give you one thing to do,

one thing to do,
and you drop the ball on that?

I ain't signed up for all this!

Got aliens blasting at me,
running around, chasing me!

I'm ducking through churches and
buildings and all that kind of crap!

This is bullshit!
I ain't signed up for this, Epps.

I'm trying to keep it together.

- What a treat! You and me, alone!
- Carly!

Come on, come on! Run!

Okay. He's after me, not you.


You can't hide, boy!

I just love it when
your little insect feet try to run!

- Sam!
- Run!

I thought you were working for us, boy?

No! Sam!

My eye!

My eye!

Target the Decepticon!


Please, you've got to save Sam!

- You've got to save him!
- What the hell is he doing?

This better work.

D-Bots! D-Bots!

I can't see! I can't see!


It's on my hand! Grab the knife! Knife!

- I'm trying!
- Knife, knife, knife, knife, knife!

The bomb's gonna blow!
The bomb's gonna...

You human scum!

- We got 20 seconds on that bomb!
- What bomb?

You see that bomb?

- Cut it, cut it, cut it!
- I got it!

How long do we have?

I'm gonna kick you!

Cut, cut, cut!

I'm gonna kill...

Well, he's dead.

Hey, Bee's going to run with
the rest of the Autobots

-and meet us at the edge of the river.
- All right.

It sucked me in!
There was nothing I could do!

This is a total cluster...

We got to get across the river.

You see that? She said the control pillar

-was in that first cupola.
- All right.

Let's go! Move! Let's move!

Tomahawks are inbound.

E TA: 20 minutes.

I'm in the traffic cameras.

Four Autobots are captured.

Oh, my God. We're helpless.

Whatever's set to happen,
with those pulses getting faster,

it's gonna happen soon.

No sign of Optimus.

How do we get these bridges down?

Spread out. Check in there.


Epps, I've been looking for your ass.
How you doing?

Retirement is wack. Even worse,

we can't get across the river
to that building,

and the Autobots
are upstairs, surrounded.

Just pan the camera around, all right?

All right. Pan... Pan right. That's you.

Try getting into the bridge control room.

What are they doing?
They're just standing there.

Hang on. Dutch, see if you can
hack into the bridge.

Sir, SEALS are here.

It's a good day, boys! What do you got?

Got a 10-man SEAL unit, sir,
tasked with vectoring Tomahawks.

- How long?
- Fifteen.

- You're my prisoners!
- Take it easy. We surrender.

Get off me.

Get off me!

All right, you're gonna need your
40 Mike-Mikes and frags. Go full auto.

The vibrations jack up their circuits.
Snipers, shoot for the eyes.

All right, your target is up
on top of that building, that cupola.

How doomed you are, Autobots.

You simply fail to understand

that the needs of the many
outweigh the needs of the few.

Activating the bridge.

They happy about something.

We're in the heart of their ship.

Let's give 'em a little ride.

We gonna screw this ship up.

It's a 128K binary encryption code.

It's difficult.

But not for me. I'm in. Bridge down.

The bridge is coming down!
Someone's watching over us!

Come on! Let's go!

"Pleasure working with you, Seymour."

I believe you're supposed to say.

Good job, Dutch.

Get off me!

Hurry! They're triggering the pillars!

Prisoners? You're keeping prisoners?


You need to teach them about respect.

This was all business, but now
it's personal, do you understand me?

I understand.
No prisoners, only trophies.

Bee, I think they're going to kill us.

- You, your time is up.
- Wait, wait, wait!

We surrendered! We're your prisoners.

- Move it!
- Can't we talk this out?

We're all a bunch of good chaps!
I mean you no...

Why did you...

Good-bye, my old friend.

You're mine now.

Get off me!

- I got to help him.
- What?

What are you doing?

- I got to help him.
- Sam, you can't help him.

Turn around.

We... We gave 'em a hell of a run.

We did it, Brains! We did it!

Rip this ship apart!

- We had a nice run, Brains, you and me.
- Yeah, we gonna die.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, baby!
You all come with us!

Go! You guys,
follow that ground team! Go!

- Move, move, move!
- Epps, third floor! We're going to 45!

All right. Two snipers, right here!

All right, dock up!

We jump in three minutes!

Set up shop right here.


I'm downstairs.

We got five targets
and Shockwave right below us.

Stand by to jump!

All right, let's go! Get ready, get ready.


Snipers, take out their eyes.

All right, demo team, let's crank steel.

Turning steel!

Don't fire till I tell you!


Good job, kid!


- We got him!
- Yeah!

He's on the run!

Autobots, attack!

Mortar that bridge!

It's our world now!

Commence transport!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


You die!


Get down here, Sentinel!


you forget your place!

I bring you Cybertron, your home,

and still you choose humanity.

You were the one who taught me
freedom is everyone's right.

I will retrigger that pillar!

Then you'll have to go through me!

Okay, I've got to try and help.

- I have to. You stay here.
- Don't you go. Don't go.

You'll be fine, okay? I promise.
I got to get to that pillar.

Charge the pillar!

We got Autobots!


Decepticon ships, fire at Optimus!

We're taking fire!
I need those Tomahawks now!

First wave inbound.

We've got to cover for Optimus!

Decepticons, trigger the pillar!

Restart that pillar!

Trigger the pillars.

I can't hold them!
The ships have us pinned!


Inbound, 10 seconds! Danger close!

Mark-Lima-Echo-Echo, 14250!

Positive surface contact.

- Target I.D.
- Target acquired.

- Dylan! Wait!
- No!


Stop! Stop!


You can't do this, okay?

There's only one future for me.

Cybertron, you are saved, at last.

Have you come to surrender?

- Was it all worth it?
- Obviously.

All your work to bring Sentinel back
and now clearly he has all the power.

It's actually almost tragic.

You dare lecture me, slave?

Your Decepticons
finally conquering this planet,

and yet, their leader won't be you!

It will be me! It will always be me.

In any minute now,

you'll be nothing but Sentinel's bitch.



You chose sides?

You chose wrong.

Always the bravest of us!

But you could never make
the hard decisions!

Our planet will survive!


We were gods once. All of us.

- But here. ..
- Please!

...There will only be one!

This is my planet!

I just saved a whole other world.

You think you're a hero, huh?
You think you're a hero?

No. I'm just a messenger.

The pillar's still connected!

Bring it up!

- Bee! Let's do this!
- Let's go, let's go! Move, move!

Pillar's still connected!

Rip that pillar down!

Now, we need a truce.

All I want is to be back in charge.


who would you be without me, Prime?

Time to find out.

Optimus, all I ever wanted

was the survival of our race.

You must see why I had to betray you.

You didn't betray me.

You betrayed yourself.

No, Optimus!


I love you.

You're the only thing
I need in this world,

and I'll do anything to make it up to you,
I promise.

I'm going to hold you to that.

Just never let me go.

I promise.


I love this car.

Bee, you've got to slow it clown.
You got to slow way down, okay?

I'm just trying to help out.

In any war

there are calms between storms.

You fought bravely.

There will be days when we lose faith.

Days when our allies turn against us.

But the day will never come
that we forsake this planet

and its people.

That's what I call
the start of a beautiful future.

Arrest him.

It was worth it!

- Get him out of here!
- I'd go to jail for love! I don't care!

Go ahead, take me in! I want to go in!
Let's go in.

Come on, Charlotte,
take me in right now! 02:04:14,599 --> 02:04:16,284 .מחוברת לו פצצה ?איזו פצצה-
.יש עליו פצצה
.אני אטפל בזה ?כמה זמן יש לנו
.אני אבעט בכם
.הוא מת
,הוא ירוץ עם שאר הרובוטריקים
.פגשו אותנו בקצה הנהר .טוב-
,הוא שאב אותי .לא יכולתי לעשות דבר
.בלאגן נוראי כאן
.עלינו לעבור את הנהר
?רואה את זה
היא אמרה שעמוד השליטה .נמצא בכיפה הראשונה
.קדימה. לזוז
.הטילים במקום
.זמן הגעה משוער, עשרים דקות
.אני במצלמות התנועה
.נתפסו ארבעה רובוטריקים
,אלוהים אדירים .אנחנו חסרי-אונים
זה היה מתוכנן לקרות
.עם הדפיקות המהירות האלו .זה היה אמור לקרות מהר יותר
.אין זכר לאופטימוס
איך אנחנו מורידים ?את הגשרים האלו
.תתפשטו, תבדקו שם
?אפס, מה אתה עושה כאן .אנחנו מחפשים אותך, גבר-
.זמן משוגע
אפילו גרוע יותר, אנחנו לא ,יכולים לעבור את הנהר לשם
והרובוטריקים מוקפים .למעלה
פשוט תסובב קצת ?את המצלמה, בסדר
,טוב. תסובבה ימינה .זה אתה
נסה להכנס .לחדר בקרת הגשר
?מה הם עושים שם .הם פשוט עומדים שם
.'רגע. דאץ
תראה אם תוכל .לפרוץ לגשר
.אדוני, חיל-הים כאן
?יום טוב, בחורים. מה יש לכם
,יש לי עשרה חיילי חיל-הים .ודיבורים על טילי טומהוק
?כמה זמן .חמש-עשרה
.תעוף ממני
.שהמיקרופון יהיה תמיד עליכם
,לכו על הרובוטריקים .הרעידה מקלקלת את המעגלים שלהם
.צלפים, תכוונו לעיניים
טוב, המטרה שלכם .נמצאת על גג הבניין שכאן
.בכיפה הזאת
.דינכם נחרץ, רובוטריקים
אתם פשוט לא מבינים
שרצון הרבים .גובר על רצון המעט
.מפעיל את הגשר
.הם שומרים משהו
.אנחנו בלב הספינה שלהם
.בוא ניצא איתו לנסיעה קטנה
.אנחנו נהרוס את הספינה הזאת
.128K זה קוד בינארי
.זה קשה
,אבל לא בשבילי .אני בפנים
.גשר, למטה
!הגשר יורד
!מישהו שומר עלינו
."תענוג לעבוד איתך, סימור"
.אני מאמין שעלייך לומר
.'עבודה טובה, דאץ
.פריים, הם מפעילים את העמודים
?אסירים ?אתה שומרים אסירים
.עליך ללמד אותם כבוד
,כל זה היה עסקי ?אבל עכשיו זה אישי. אתה מבין
.אני מבין
.אין אסירים
.רק שלל
בי, אני חושב .שהם עומדים להרוג אותנו
.זמנך תם .רגע, רגע, רגע-
.אנחנו נכנעים
...אנחנו מו !קדימה-
אנחנו לא יכולים ?לסדר את העניין
.כולנו מכונות טובות
...אני מתכוון
...למה אתה
.להתראות, חבר ותיק
.אתה שלי עכשיו
.חייבים לעזור לו ?מה-
?מה אתה עושה
.אני חייב לעזור לו
.אתה לא יכול לעזור לו
.מעולם לא היה לנו סיכוי
.עשינו את זה, מוחות .עשינו את זה
.קרע את הספינה הזאת לגזרים
.היה לנו אחלה של מסע .כן-
.אנחנו נמות
.טוב, את באה איתנו
.תעקוב אחר צוות הקרקע, קדימה
.קדימה, קדימה
,קומה שלישית .טוענים 45
.שני צלפים כאן
.טוב, להתמקם
.עוד עשרים דקות
.נירה מכאן
.טוב, להתכונן
יש לנו חמש מטרות .ואת שוקוויב מתחתינו
.כולם לקפוץ
.טוב, קדימה .תתכוננו
.קדימה, קדימה
צלפים, תורידו להם .את העיניים
,טוב. צוות דמו .בואו נפוצץ מתכת
.הופכים את המתכת
אל תפתחו באש .עד שאומר
.יופי, עבודה טובה
!תפסנו אותו !כן-
.רובוטריקים, התקיפו
.פוצצו את הגשר
!זהו העולם שלנו עכשיו
.התחילו בהעברה
.למען השם
.אתה תמות
!רד לכאן, סנטינל
.אתה שוכח את מקומך
,אני מביא לך את סייברטרון
,את הבית שלך
.ועם זאת, אתה בוחר באנושות
אתה זה שלימד אותי .שחופש הוא זכותו של כל אחד
.אני אפעיל מחדש את העמוד .אז תצטרך לעבור דרכי-
.טוב, אני חייב לנסות לעזור
.לא, אתה לא .תקשיבי לי-
.את תהיי בסדר
.אני מבטיח .את תהיי בסדר
.אני חייב להגיע לעמוד
!שימרו על העמוד
.הרובוטריקים איתנו
!קדימה, קדימה
.תגבורת אליי
,שקרניק מספר שש .לפתוח באש נגד אופטימוס
אני צריך את טילי הטומהוק .מיד כאן
.הגל הראשון מתקרב
.עלינו לחפות על אופטימוס
.שקרניקים, הביאו את העמוד אליי
.התחילו מחדש את העמוד
.להפעיל את העמודים
.אני לא יכול להחזיק אותו
.הספינה מתרסקת
.שתי שניות להחלפת בגדים
,רביעי, לוי, אקו, אקו .אחת, ארבע, שתיים, חמש, אפס
.יצרתי קשר עם הקרקע .קיבלתי זיהוי-
.המטרה נרכשה
...חכה !לא-
.לעזאזל .דילן
.עצור, עצור
.אתה לא יכול לעשות את זה
.יש רק עתיד אחד עבורי
?באת להיכנע
?כל זה היה שווה את זה .ללא ספק-
,כל המאמץ בהחזרתו של סנטינל
.וכל הכח בידיו, ללא ספק
.זה כמעט טראגי ?את מעיזה להרצות לי, שפחה-
השקרניקים שלך ,סוף סוף כובשים את הכוכב
.ועם זאת, מנהיגם הוא לא אתה
.זה יהיה אני .זה תמיד יהיה אני
.כל רגע עכשיו
.אתה לא תהיה כלום
.הזונה של סנטינל
?בחרת צד
.בחרת לא נכון
.תמיד האמיץ מבינינו
אך מעולם לא יכולת .לעשות את ההחלטות הקשות
.הכוכב שלנו ישרוד
.היינו פעם אלים
,אך כאן ...אנא ממך-
.יהיה רק אחד
.זה הכוכב שלי
.הרגע הצלתי עולם אחר
?אתה חושב שאתה גיבור
?אתה חושב שאתה גיבור .לא-
.אני רק שליח
.זה עדיין מחובר
!תנתק את זה
!בי .קדימה, קדימה-
.לזוז .זה עדיין מחובר
.בואו ננתק את זה
.אנחנו צריכים הפסקת-אש
.רק רציתי לחזור להיות המנהיג
...חוץ מזה
?מי היית בלעדיי
.הגיע הזמן לגלות
אופטימוס, הייתי מעוניין .רק בהישרדות הגזע שלנו
עליך להבין מדוע .הייתי חייב לבגוד בך
.לא בגדת בי
.בגדת בעצמך !לא, אופטימוס-
.אני אוהבת אותך
.אני אוהב אותך
את הדבר היחיד .שאני צריך בעולם הזה
ואעשה כל דבר .כדי לפצות אותך, אני מבטיח
.אזכור לך את זה
.רק אל תניח לי לעולם
.אני אוהבת את המכונית הזאת
.אבל אתה צריך להאט
?אתה חייב להאט, טוב
.אני רק מנסה לעזור
,בכל מלחמה
.יש שקט בין הסערות
.לחמת באומץ
יגיעו ימים ,בהם נאבד אמונה
ימים בהם בעלי-בריתנו .יפנו נגדנו
אבל היום שלא יבוא לעולם
הוא היום שבו ננטוש את הכוכב הזה
.ואת תושביו
- במאי: מייקל ביי -
- תסריט: ערן קרוגר -
:תורגם משמיעה על-ידי HDSubs מצוות XmonWoW
:סונכרן על-ידי HDSubs מצוות Ghost
לזה אני קורא התחלה !של עתיד יפהייפיה
.עצרו אותו
!זה היה שווה את זה !תעיפו אותו מכאן-
!אני אלך לכלא בשבילך !לא אכפת לי
!קדימה, עצרו אותי !אני רוצה להיכלא! קדימה
!קדימה! תעצרו אותי
- :רובוטריקים 3 - - אלפת הירח -